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Brainly: AI Homework Helper Negative Reviews

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Brainly: AI Homework Helper App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Brainly: AI Homework Helper app received 84 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brainly: AI Homework Helper? Can you share your negative thoughts about brainly: ai homework helper?

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Brainly: AI Homework Helper for Negative User Reviews

StupidI was trying to register but it won’t let me register at this time, hate this app don’t use it 😡🤬🙄🤮 really annoying….Version: 4.25.0

Good, but not workingIt’s a great concept ask for help, while helping others with homework. It works on pc but the app won’t let me login with Facebook..Version: 4.7.0

NoI understand making money but this is a little much. Not everyone is willing or has the money to pay almost $30 a month for the plus version of Brainly or even $95 to talk to a tutor!!! I also find it extremely unnecessary that you limit your users to a certain number of viewable answers. I gave the stars because it is a decent app. You get answers when you need it but it’s also incorrect sometimes. I have taken pictures to get a question answered and it didn’t even have the answers for that question, at all! It would load in an entirely different equation. Personally if your patient and can wait for your next round off free questions then go for it but other then that no..Version: 4.22.0

Difficult to cancelThis app is very hard to cancel the subscription..Version: 4.73.0

Purchased Tutor Pass but not satisfied, and no unlimited questions!I had paid 140 for the year of tutor plus community questions but this is definitely not worth it, as it is a scam. Tutors aren’t available half the time, or at all for certain subjects. Although in some subjects it is very convenient, most of the time they aren’t available. And if they are they either can’t answer, or give very bad answer. Along with this it is advertised that you get unlimited community questions. This is FALSE. You still have to earn your points by answering other people’s questions. Please please don’t purchase the yearly membership!!!.Version: 4.20.22

I would rate 5 stars but...I would rate 5 stars but for some reason brainly app isn’t linked to the website so (I have more points on the app) and also why can’t we make friends on the app? Why on l’y on the website? And also y on the website can’t u text ur friend? It doesn’t make sense. Also for some reason the app thinks I’m in college when I’m not. And also why can’t we delete our own notifications in our inbox? I have stacks of notifications and I can’t delete them also why can’t we delete our own questions? Also you can’t choose brainless if there isn’t more than 1 person and also I wish u could change your username at least once. Pls fix these stuff and this app would be great..Version: 4.19.7

ShockingFirst of all you can’t sign in properly and then you go on the internet to get a quick answer ang go on there horrible website you have to download the app to see the answer money grabbing git’s Don’t even bother downloading waste of time.Version: 4.17.5

Very Worried and ConcernedLet me start with the appreciation of brainly; the app and the website has helped me tremendously when needing an answer for school and also helping others. When coming back to school this year and realizing that I needed help again, I would try to open the app and it always says “error…please try again” no matter where I am, how many times I’ve shut down my phone or computer, how many times I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app, it still says this error message! Although that I can use the website, it takes longer to type in the website, login, and find the answer I need whereas with the app I can easy take a picture and I’m given the answer. Please brainly app developers take this into consideration and fix your app!.Version: 4.20.39

Don’t waste your timeI’ve had this app for a while and I’ve hated it. Absolutely hated it. Most of the time you don’t get your questions answered when you post them or look them up to see if anyone else has the same question. Sometimes when you do get an “answer” it’s someone putting random stuff to get points or whatever so you get it wrong. And you have to pay to get a tutor and an answer straight away. I’m not doing that! I’ll get an answer to my homework question a month after with some weird porn link or dating website for an answer. And in order to post a question, you have to answer other people questions, which most of the time I don’t even know what the heck other people are talking about. So don’t get this app…. There’s other apps that I think would be so much more helpful and faster. Thank you….Version: 4.20.39

It won’t let me create an accountI made an account on google but it won’t work on my iPhone 7.Version: 4.17.6

IT HAS TOO MANY PROBLEMSThis app is amazing when it comes to finding ur answers and helping you out understanding things. But every time i try to take a picture of the question, it loads and then says something went wrong. It keeps doing this and sometimes works. I use this app on a daily and it’s not helping me at all with things I can’t understand because of this problem. I can’t use this app at all and if i try to type the question it tells me the exact same thing. Y’all keep updating it but nothing is really ever fixed. There always seem to be another problem. Please fix all the bugs and glitches in this app. Im trying my hardest to fix it. I also bought the membership for a whole year and it still asks me to watch add sometimes. There’s way too many problems. PLEASE FIX!!!.Version: 4.17.9

App is basically broken at this point.I’ve been a Brainly supporter for years, I’ve been here since the early days. The moderators are extremely slow at removing in inappropriate content and the tutors half the time don’t even give you the correct answers. You cannot really access anything without a paywall and while I do understand this is to eliminate the need for ads, the app doesn’t even work half of the time. Shuts down mid use, there’s so many bots, you can’t even click on the notifications button half the time. But that being said, I’m assuming these people are volunteering their time, if they were being paid they shouldn’t be. Lol. The mods are extremely nice and the community when there is no bots is very nice. I love this app to tutor some kids I work with and my little sister uses it sometimes for homework help. This app could thrive if it just worked out a few glitches. <3.Version: 4.20.52

You can’t find the answersNot helpful at all.Version: 4.19.6

UselessIt's a cute little app to have, but it's been my experience that you need to wait about 2 hours or a day before someone answers your question. By the time they do it's too late. Someone else may have better luck then me though. I doubt anyone wants to help solve a grade 11's algebra ..Version: 2.8.0

ScamJust wanted to see an answer online and you can’t unless you download the app, okay fine then, downloaded the app, oh of course you now need to create an account, no. Didn’t go further than that but then no doubt you’ll have to then subscribe after giving away all your info. Fed up of every website and app and advert thinking they are entitled to your information. Just another scam app collecting data and forcing you to accept cookies etc etc, typical scam like most things are these days..Version: 4.48.0

Can't answer questionsGood app, can ask questions and see answers, but can't answer questions. Have to go to comments to post answer..Version: 4.5.5

The answer system is weirdGetting answers for my work is so easy to get to and 90% of the time is right which is great. I’m not complaining it’s not 100% because I’m still getting high grades and scores. The way it can read the question I get just from a photo and find post a like is amazing. The getting answers is definitely a 5 stars….. now the answer system People will put the wrong answer under questions I’m using and I can’t find another post to help me out. I’ll figure out the question and want to post it so no one else has the same problem. But I CANT, no matter what I do. Even commenting under the wrong answer to explain how it’s wrong is hard. I tried to and got a message that said “comment won’t post this question was posted too long ago” huh? I’m using the question now though. Then I figure out how to answer but it’s random post not the ones I know the answer to. How can I answer RANDOM questions. I want to answer questions I’ve reviewed myself. Would love for this to be fixed I feel like it’d help people a lot to get the right answer 100% of the time! :).Version: 4.32.0

HORIBLE APP I HATE ITThis is app is completely unless and I have instantly deleted it WARING DO NOT GET THIS DUMB APP.Version: 2.6.5

It’s uselessWhen u search for the answer on the google it show have an answer but when u open app and search the is no answer related to it even.Version: 4.26.0

This app was fine until it stopped workingI love this app, it’s been really helpful and I love helping other people but I’ve been trying to ask a question and it will not let me. It crashes every time. Please fix this!.Version: 4.9.2

FraudI downloaded the app , and then I deleted it on the same day .. even I hadn’t subscribed but still this app deducted 33$ from my account.. I am trying to report through apple report to get the refund.Version: 4.18.0

I don’t have an edit profileOkay i only put one star so that brainly hopefully sees this, i love this app but I’m very upset and stressing out because i have a yearly subscription that just got renewed and I’m about to lose it because i don’t have an edit profile button and before you say i don’t know where it is, trust me i have searched for miles trying to find it i swear. I don’t remember my password or email and I’m getting a new phone so i need that information and i literally swear it’s no where. My edit profile has walked off and disappeared. It’s not by my avatar or on my profile page, i even asked brainly “where is the edit profile” and it was not helpful🥲, it’s like the whole universe has that button besides me no joke, please someone respond and it best not be a robot cause i have had enough of ‘is this helpful?’ No robot person, it wasn’t helpful at all. But thank you for trying your best😐.Version: 4.20.49

App is poopyApp doesn’t work well at all..Version: 4.20.50

Yes…but noI loved using Brainly without getting the plus, as it gave me answers when I needed them and it worked fine until I started seeing Turks “5 answers left” thing on my screen. Sure I ran out of answer and it’s like the free version serves absolutely no purpose. Every time you ask a question the “get Brainly plus” thing will be sitting right over your answer. And I mean literally every single answer. It’s annoying and I feel like it’s slight false advertisement as when I looked it up Brainly themselves said “have access to the basic functions of Brainly with the free version of Brainly”. I guess the basic functions are asking a question and having it un answered cause it won’t show you another answer until you buy Brainly plus. Which is pointless because if you don’t want plus you’ll just have to deal with un answered questions. They might as well have you pay when down loading the app so everyone who gets it can already have plus.Version: 4.20.10

HorribleI got the subscription trial to see if brainly plus was for me. I decided it wasn’t because I didn’t use it much during the free week. I didn’t want to pay money for something I didn’t use often. Unfortunately I forgot my password, so I did the forgot my passcode thing. It didn’t work. So I email them, ( I would rather call but they don’t have a customer service number), telling them that I would like to get into my account and the forget my password thing wasn’t working. They email me back saying to use the forget my password option. I email again saying that I wasn’t working and if they couldn’t get me into my account, can you at least delete it so I wouldn’t have to pay for 12 months of something I can’t use. They emailed me back telling me to go to account setting to delete my account. So, I email them again saying I can’t get into my account. Can they please delete my account or cancel my subscription. Again they tell me I can delete my account in my account setting that I can’t get into because I can’t get it to my account. Their customer service is horrible and as soon as I can I will be deleting that account..Version: 4.17.2

This app is trashThis app is trash and does not work, I don’t know if it’s just be but it’s gotten all my homework answers wrong and it does not help at all, Just going to keep it short and simple don’t download it wastes storage and it does not help, thanks.Version: 4.20.25

Good but doesn’t workGreat app if only it let me post answers to help others..Version: 4.8.1

Traumatizing to say the least... (trigger warning)IDK WHAT IS WRONG WITH YALL MODERATION TEAM (you guys probably don’t even have one and it is sooo evident) but i was shocked and disturbed this morning. i was finishing up an answer under a question i was doing only to see a image of something. i couldn’t see it clearly and a small part of me was like “hey this is something you probably don’t wanna see” but i wasn’t too sure and i already had clicked on the picture while that thought was going through my head. i must say it REALLY TRAUMATIZED ME, brainly was the LAST app i would ever expect to see gore on, it was so explicit and graphic but i won’t explain what i saw in detail, the most i can say is it looked like the victim got their neck and above smashed. a great majority of us are on there for hw help but on this app there’s a plethora of people trying to hack and surprisingly post gore. brainly needs to do better, i can’t imagine how much gore is on there that isn’t getting moderated properly, and also y’all let people have meaningless conversations on there, the brainly team needs to be precise and detect nonsense on the spot, there are children on the app. regardless of age no one wants to see images of that nature. you could say twitter and brainly are synonymous at this point because anything finds its way there....Version: 4.20.15

Very badHeck heck heck.Version: 4.60.0

Do not downloadVery bad to use.Version: 4.20.37

It’s alright.I’m in grade 11 math and every equation I scan for an answer doesn’t even end up giving me an answer. I’ve tried different subjects of math as well just to be told it doesn’t compute with my questions..Version: 4.20.40

Notification isn’t workingMy notifications on this app won’t show up..Version: 4.15.3

RidiculousBrainly would be great if you didnt have to pay. Why am i paying for brainly plus if brainly developers arent even the ones giving me homework help. Im getting help from people who are most likely the same age as me and its absolutely ridiculous i have to pay you guys to get help from someone who isnt even getting paid. Like im saying im paying you (the boss) for an employees help, who doesnt even get paid. Like they are working for free. It’s narcissistic and quite frankly disgusts me. Its like im throwing money in the garbage. Another thing is that you only get like 1-2 free answers a day. Like seriously? I got so fed up with it that i just went to another website that is FREE to get help from fellow peers and there isnt a subscription required or anything. Yall just look free hw help up and you guys could definitely find a much better site than brainly..Version: 4.43.0

Quite annoyingSometimes it doesnt work which is very annoying, and sometimes whenever i ask a question it will have it on safari but not in the actual app🤦🏼‍♀️ im not satisfied..Version: 4.17.8

Why :(This app is great for helping other and for getting help, I’ve been using it for almost 3 years now. This app was my go to whenever I couldn’t solve this problem. As a homeschooled student, I am not able to ask teachers for help so I really depended on this app. Until about a week ago. Whenever I downloaded the app on my new phone, I was let down to see that I would now not be able to ask questions without having to pay (money that I don’t have). I understand that the company has to make money but I wish that they had executed it in a different way.... I think that it would be a great idea if they had ads every so question, but also allow people to get that no ads membership. In all honesty I think that them doing that, would allow them to make more money then “forcing” people to buy that membership. I was really let down to see that the app that was my go to... could no longer be my go to. The people on this app are really nice as well as helpful. And the way that this app is easy to use is another thumbs up. But I’m taking away two stars because of their execution of making money was a big let down. Thank you to the company if they do read this. I strongly trust that this company will better their app... Have a good day :).Version: 4.19.6

UselessEvery time I find the answer I’m looking for on line it says to keep reading this answer I need to download the app. I have the app downloaded and a subscription when I tap the thing it sends me to the app and back on the site I can never see the answer..Version: 4.20.55

LocationI don’t have my country name in it ..Version: 4.10.1

Idk if I get points for writing thisI think I should a point for writing this review cuz I should be doing my hwk rn and it's 11:48 and it's due in tomorrow so I'm really annoyed rn. I cant rate it too much cuz it glitches and won't let me answer or ask or set my age or post a screenshot or picture of my work or send messages or get notifications. I get notifications two weeks late and then I don't need it so it doesn't work well. But it might work well for you so u should try it anyway. :).Version: 4.6.1

Won’t let me post questionYour app won’t let me post a question but it will let me post random letters? Make it make sense please.Version: 4.19.1

Worst app ever..I was just looking for an app that can help me with my history homework and this just made me so angry :( I don't recommend this app at all..😭 it made my anger issues come back, like they dont even answer you questions ¿ When an app is bad I usually give it a minimum of 3 stars but this one is so bad I want to give it a 0 but I cant so I give it a 1 🥲 Anyways dont download it..Version: 4.20.52

Kind of DisappointedI have been using Brainly for help on my Edmentum assignments that I don’t really understand this entire school year. Everything was going great and I was getting the help I needed, I didn’t have the money to pay for a yearly subscription because I am a high schooler that can’t get a job yet. My parents can’t pay for it either because there’s more important things. And that was alright because I was able to watch ads to get answers I needed, that is, until recently. It’s trying to force me to get premium to continue getting answers and doesn’t give me the option to watch ads anymore. If this is a bug, please someone let me know. But I’ve considered deleting the app because of it. Truly disappointed and I hope it gets fixed..Version: 4.20.1

Terrible applicationWasted my times with creating account just not to see get what I want.Version: 4.42.0

SOMEBODY HELP ! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!I have tried many questions apps and website that help if you have any questions or problems but not any one have found a solution to my problem so brainly owners or staff please help. I decided to try brainly 7 day trial (on website) they made me put the card info in and that was it , it didnt tell me to make an account or anything so i thought i was set till 2 days ago i wanted to cancel it before it ends so i dont get charged but when i tried to search up how to cancel it people were saying you have to cancel it through an account but I NEVER MADE AN ACCOUNT !!! and i have emailed brainly but no response and i also tried to look into my subscription but its not showing probably because i did it on the website and not on the app so PLEASE HELP me . Im not the owner of the card i used its my parents so i really need to cancel it before it starts taking off money and its expires tomorrow..Version: 4.17.7

Don’t RecommendI saw the answer to a question I had on the Brainly website but to actually access the answer it told me I had to download the app and sign in. However, when I did this and went back to the website and pressed view answer in app, it would take me to the app for a slight second only to redirect me back to the website, never actually showing me the answer..Version: 4.46.0

App won’t openIt was working fine this morning but now every time I try to open it says “the operation couldn’t be completed”.Version: 4.15.4

DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!!! PLS 😭😭When I saw the add this gave me a so happy look until this happened..It asked about my email and password I was kind of scared but now days we have hard work so I had to decide if I wanted to do it or not. Few days later I did it so I tried it...It never worked tho I tried everything swiping it checking if I messed up something....but it still didn’t work 🙄 so now when I told my friend she said it was going fine and then I showed a pic of my homework and then she told me the answer. I also thanked her (next day). I got the wrong answer instead but it was the same question. And that’s when I knew my friend started to hack so I could get the wrong answer. So I blocked her but it said I was dead scared about that...few days later again I tried it so I could get the answer bc it’s to hard and it worked but then it shut down my phone and then it restarted all over again. I was dead mad 😭😣🙁. DON’T DOWNLOAD THE APP PLS YOU COULD GET HACKED!!! 😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 4.19.4

Won’t let me login inSo I made a account on the website because I couldn’t make a account on the app So I thought I could login in but it won’t so can some one tell me why and pls fix this.Version: 4.17.11

Membership subscription is a spamWhen I try to cancel Brainlyplus subscription I find there is no cancellation button in the app, while the robot repeats telling you to click it. If you keep asking the app will suggest you to logout. I don’t know how to stop this subscription. Never download and pay for this app..Version: 4.24.0

Unacceptable!This app used to be really good to me, but now, I’m heartbroken and sad. To start off this review, the people who answered my questions gave “okay” answers. Now, I returned to using this app weeks ago for my homework. This app is fairly slow or fast on answering your questions based on the difficulty and the chance people will answer your question. Just to beware, anyone can answer your questions and the answers can be really unused and off topic. So yesterday, I reached my goal of answering 100 questions and I still needed more points for the rank Expert. This morning, I needed help on homework and was looking for answers. Turns out, someone deleted all my answers and reset my points to 211 instead of 711. My Brainiests was also deleted from 11 to 0. This is really unacceptable and leaving this app forever. It turned from an angel to a devil throughout the years and I couldn’t make anything out of this app anymore. It also offered a free trial and Brainly Premium, something like that and I could only view 15 questions for free. I saw wha Brainly Premium was for and I was shocked! I could post questions, get good answers and much more with it, but it is not use. Whoever is reading this and wanting to download this, don’t!.Version: 4.18.0

Won’t work wellWhen I want an answer to a question on safari or chrome it says I have to download the app. But after I download it it keeps going back to the browser and I can’t see the answers. Also, if i look up the question on the app it doesn’t show up! Very disappointed.Version: 4.66.0

Good, but a stupid systemIt gives me answers but runs off of a point system, which is fine, just install an ad blocker before using this app if you want to use it a lot without paying for premium, but that’s not the problem. It doesn’t let me watch adverts to get answers after I run out of free adverts anymore, and I can’t access answers anymore. Overall a decent app for the first month.Version: 4.19.8

A few concerns and questionsIt’s a really really good app !! But I am unable to view any of my notifications or anything on the “Me” section... please help !! I need the answers to my questions !!.Version: 4.15.2

Very difficult and doesn’t work sometimesWhen the app works it’s wonderful; however, when scanning the app different questions come up then what you scanned. But when you use google or another app and brainily comes up the right question pops up with the explanation. this may sound like a good thing…. NOT! They do not let you see it unless you sign up or pay. Well what if you already have? It says download the app… What if you have the app? you click view in app and it jumps to the app just to open back up in your browser to the same thing. This allows you to never see the answer. There’s no way around it iv tried everything. Very disappointing. oh and ITS EXPENSIVE!!!!.Version: 4.62.0

App ReviewThis is a very good app to use if you’re doing an online class. If you’re not sure about the answers on assessments or tests and want to get the correct answers in order to get good grades. Although, it could be better. The app only lets you look at a certain amount of answers before making you upgrade and pay. I believe that they should at least let you see 1-2 answers ultimately without paying. Students that cannot pay for the subscription but would like help in their assignments can’t use this app for very long. You can watch an ad but it did not load for me. In my opinion the app should be free for anyone but only allow 1-2 answers. People who cannot do the subscription or do not want their parents to pay for it the app is basically useless..Version: 4.20.25

Dont waste your time1 star is generous it don’t deserve to be a thing.Version: 4.20.54

ReviewIt stops you from seeing the answer of the question. I have deleted it because it wants you to pay. But it was good for 5 min but then they don’t let you see the other answers until you pay..Version: 4.19.9

"URGENT: Issues with Brainly Tutoring Services - Please Address Immediately""I urgently request that the issues I am experiencing with Brainly's tutoring services be addressed immediately. I have encountered numerous problems with the platform's tutors, including a lack of expertise compared to other platforms, as well as issues with tutors quitting, leaving, and doing internet glitches. Additionally, some of my questions have been reported for no apparent reason, which has resulted in a significant decrease in the number of questions I have received help with. I am extremely upset, sad, and angry about the situation, as I have been unable to get the support I need and have had many questions go unanswered. I have found it difficult to report these issues or communicate with customer support, which has only added to my frustration. I urge you to take immediate action to address these problems and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Brainly platform. Thank you for your attention to this matter.".Version: 4.64.1

Used to be goodBrainly supports more than 150 million users per month. And there are thousands of experts, teachers and moderators who offer explanations for free. Brainly is probably the world's largest social learning community, where more than 150 million students trust and learn with wisdom every month. Yes, I know that's 150 million study buddies to help you with any school subject, such as Math, Science, History, Algebra, English, Foreign Languages, etc. The best thing about Brainly is, it's 100% free. There's unlimited access anytime, anywhere. Also, questions are answered and monitored within minutes by the moderator. With Brainly, you can ask homework questions, search for homework answers, practice for exams, essays and research in the following subjects - Math, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, Advanced Placement, Geography, Health, Arts, Business, Computers and Technology, French, German, Spanish, and World Languages! In addition, there are special sections featuring "preparation questions" for SAT and PSAT exams! Brainly covers primary school, middle school, high school and college. The learning community is reliable. The quality of answers and explanations for homework is guaranteed by a dedicated team of moderators who check everything every day. But that's also why I only rated Brainly one star. It's a very good thing that the moderators checks the quality of the answers every day and deletes some bad answers. However, they have recently inexplicably deleted a lot of my excellent, high quality answers which has gained a lot of user's approval. And, to top it all off, they somehow deducted my points. For example, I used to have hundreds of points, but somehow they "lowered" my points to about 170. After that, I worked really hard to answer the questions and finally "raised" my points to about 300. But when I came back the next day, they literally "dropped" my points to 100. So I didn't dare to answer any questions that day. But when I looked at my points the next day, I found myself with only 25 points left. I just don't understand it!!! Sometimes, maybe I thought what I wrote was good, but the moderators felt it wasn't good enough and lowered my score. But I didn't do anything that day, and they still lowered my score. In addition, they lowered it by 75 points!!! I am really disappointed with Brainly and will never download this software again..Version: 4.12.1

SuckyDoesn't let me post answers so essentially useless.Version: 4.8.1

IT DELETED EVERYTHINGIt deleted all of the answers I have gave over the time for no reason! Wtf is with this app?.Version: 4.16.1

Problem with BrainlyWhen the question was typed in the search engine, Brainly popped up and once you clicked into it they ask you to open the app to see the answer but the moment you click onto that, it takes you to the app and then back to the website asking you “open the app to see full answer” again. Additionally, if you were to directly type it into the app, the question doesn’t even exist in the app but it is on the website. As a result, you can’t even get help with the question..Version: 4.20.36

Loved it till I did notThis app was great I met great ppl, had great answers, and got big points. But the mods ruined the whole thing, being over strict with their contents. Blocking ppl who gave free points over the pervs on the app. One day I joined a question that wasn’t completely appropriate just to tell them that they should be doing that in an educational app. I started getting lots of warnings that my account would be deleted. So I spoke up and challenged them on the app. They deleted my account, what’s saddening is that I was already at ace heading for the next level. They are trying to censor people just because they don’t agree with their way too strict controls. BRAINLY you lost an user, and you will lose many more if you don’t put a stop to your over aggressive controls. Spread the word pls! Hope same thing doesn’t happen to u guys! And the whole system is great, it’s just the mods who are ruining the app..Version: 4.19.9

I like it, but...It really helps and it’s a good tool, but if your question doesn’t get answered soon, it gets forgotten and you never get your answer. Also, the app won’t let me log into my account, saying the password/username is wrong even if I typed the password I recently changed to. I don’t remember my last password. And I can’t create a new account to ask the question because the app always has some sort of network error, even if everything else on my phone works normally. Please fix the network error thing and maybe have mods answer the questions that have been left unanswered for the longest! Then this app would be perfect! Other than those flaws, this app is fantastic and super helpful. The answers are usually clear and everything is perfect..Version: 4.14.8

It’s badPeople keep like they are doing another answer and it’s not right even tho I gave 100 points. They just want free points!!!!.Version: 4.20.8

RubbishI’ve been trying to sign up for about 2 months now and it still won’t let me I’m over the age and should be allowed to join my friends told me about how good this app is because i struggle a lot with homework I just wish I could actually see for myself.Version: 4.19.0

No one answers anythingI gave this app a two star because of all the lack of questions being answered. There a couple of times when your questions get answered right away but 90% of the time, no one even looks at your question..Version: 4.20.24

JE RÉDIGE MON AVIS SUR CE CITE DE TRICHE :)Bref du coup bah ce cote est génial j’ai 9 ans et j’utilise ce cite pour m’aider sans mes darons parce que du coup bah je comprends pas trop ce qu’ils disent bref quand j’ai téléchargé le cite on m’a demandé de demander le compte e-mail je leur est dis que c’était un cite d’aide aux devoirs et pour nous expliquer à comprendre les choses dans n’importe quel matières génial ! Mais des fois je ne tombe pas sur les réponses directement malheureusement… donc je suis obligé de demander aux autres puis c’est urgent des fois donc je dois me débrouiller seule … bref je valide le cite avec 3 étoiles sur 5 car on ne tombe pas directement sur les réponses et ils y a des chances communes de tomber sur celles ci je vous recommande ce cite à fond malgré les réponses qui ne tombent pas directement du ciel … :) CORDIALEMENT signé et approuvé par Mįrübī. Signé et approuvé par le lecteur ………….. . Regarde en bas là⬇️👉👌🛌🥵🥛.Version: 4.20.35

(Приложение хорошее .Только есть одно НО ! Я хочу зарегистрироваться (в первый раз скачала ), а он пишет " слишком много регистраций через это IP-адрес" А так ООООЧЕНЬ ХООЧУУУ сделать ДЗ и помочь другим, но ведь надо же ЗАРЕГИСТРИРОВАТЬСЯ- а вот фигушки зарегистрируюсь (((!!!.Version: 4.5.1

Very RudeRemoved my account without letting me know why..Version: 4.4.2

I WAS SEXUALLY HARASSED ON HERE DONT LET KIDS USEUsually brainly is amazing and I love it, but up until August 9 at 3 AM A man messaged me on here (brainly) and was telling me very inappropriate sexual things. not only is it inappropriate and was telling me these things in the comment section of the math comments, he had the audacity to put a very explicit, extremely inappropriate, sexual image of two people having s3x. I tried to report one of the comments he made but it wouldn’t allow me and I believe he hacked something where, it just didn’t want me to report it. he keep spamming the comment sections on my other previous questions for homework. I have screenshots of evidence and proof of this incident if anyone does not believe me. if you do choose to use this app please be careful and do not have a profile picture of yourself and don’t use your name either please!!! pick a user name other than your legal name. brainly i hope you respond to this and take it seriously!!! i’m very disturbed..Version: 4.20.17

Не могу зарегатьсяЯ не могу зарегистрироваться!!! Он мне выдаёт что слишком много заходов с этого айпи адреса!!! Хотя я токочто закачал!!! Исправьте.Version: 4.5.0


Not that badSome questions need Brainly plus and I can’t sign up could you fix it please. I keep on entering the email but it says can’t register..Version: 4.20.36

The adsOverall this is a great app I’m just hoping you do something abt watching a ad to get answers like I get that u want to make money off of it but some people that use this app don’t have money like that and some of them are children and I kinda don’t mind having to watch and ad bc I get u wanna make money but y do it has to take that long like I’ve been waiting for ad for like five minutes and it’s really tiring and just y and some ppl probably really need the answer and their future depends o it and while their trying to pass high school the app I’m going slow as I don’t know what and that could probably cost their future all I’m saying is plz do something abt this or you star rate is gonna go WAAAYY down sorry.Version: 4.19.2

Facebook sign in?I registered my account on my computer and linked it with Facebook, how do i login with Facebook on the app? Please make it available to do so.Version: 4.5.4

Not very goodIt used to be good however, it removed my account for no reason then when I signed up again, it wouldn’t let me see the notifications or the answers so it was completely useless..Version: 4.15.2

Great app but glitchesI switched from the web to the app and was trying to log in through the app because I find Brainly really helpful. But because I had signed up by using google, I didn’t have a password and whenever I tried to login through google again, it kept telling me to make a new account, username, and everything. Now I lost the account that I already had, it’s extremely annoying when it doesn’t let me log into the account that I already have. Please fix this..Version: 4.20.32

It doesn’t even let me log in/sign inI can’t even access the app. I tried it months ago and it takes me through the sign up process. Once I get to the end where I’m being asked if I’m a student or not, I get sent straight to the start. I had hoped it was an issue with my phone so I downloaded it again today and the same issue occurred. I even tried on the website and the same thing happened so Brainly, you have disappointed me majorly..Version: 4.20.29

BakwaasBekaar app bilkul kachra app.Version: 4.20.8

Terrible customer service, basically a scam for tutor help!I bought brainly tutor so that I could get immediate help on a chemistry question I had. I asked my question and didn’t connect with a tutor right away which was understandable, but after a whole day I never got an answer to my question. I asked my question multiple times and not once did I get connected to a tutor nor have them answer and explain at a later time. I emailed them asking for a refund because I was dissatisfied with the subscription I paid for when they claim that you could be connected to a tutor and have them answer faster than the general public. If not, I would of just asked my question for free on the public forum. I waited 7 days for a response and they only responded to my question asking “how long will it take for a tutor to answer my question?” I emailed asking for a refund before the specific time frame AND THEY NEVER answered my email! what a scam!.Version: 4.44.0

Good but.....This is a great app to help me with my homework when I am stuck but the app says it is a four plus. I ᕼᗩᐯᗴ ᗩ ᑭᖇOᗷᒪᗴᗰ ᗯᕼᗴᑎ ᗰᗩKIᑎᘜ ᗩᑎ ᗩᑕᑕOᑌᑎT When I put my age in one, one; it says it is not able to register atm! WTH IT SAYS IT IS A FOUR PLUS AND I AM OVER FOUR.Version: 4.19.10

Have to pay for premiumIve used this app quite a bit at this point and now the only way of ever getting an answer is having to pay for premium, which is a stupid system...Version: 4.20.6

Can’t sign upThis is a great app but I can’t sign up. I did my dads email as well. Whenever I try I get “we cannot resign you right now” or something along those lines. I’m sorry to say but I need to be able to sign up to ask pacific questions. I don’t know how to spell that word so I said it to the thing that when you say it, it comes out as how you said it and I don’t know if it’s the same 😂😂.Version: 4.14.2

Worse app everMost of the time answers are wrong People write their stories between essays,or others Worse app ever Crashes most of the time.Version: 4.26.0

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