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Formula 1® App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Formula 1® app received 164 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Formula 1®? Can you share your negative thoughts about formula 1®?

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Formula 1® for Negative User Reviews

Dumbed down,less user friendlyPost Ecclestone F1 shouted it would be more accessible to the fans in this multi media age. So what do they do? Completely dumb down the live timing, giving us less information and in a horrible format. Die hard fans pay for subscriptions and die hard fans want information. This update makes it impossible to view standard racing information and some info missing entirely. Well done. Bring back the old timing..Version: 11.0.0

Better, but needs to be much betterUpdated 2 April 2019. Team radio works now, but either the teams are on radio silence during practices or the app isn’t picking it up deliberately. The timing screen changes deliver less information and different information than the old F1 app. I guess I can live with it, but for the high subscription price I expect more. The text commentary has disappeared completely, and it’s something I used when live audio was inappropriate. So, while the improvements are welcome, this app is still not nearly as useful as the old one. Original review: Far less information than the prior version. Live timing is way behind the actual real-time event, at least 15-20 seconds. Team radio seems to not be present at all. Driver tracker map is out of sync with the telemetry. I might as well just watch the ESPN/Sky Sports coverage as the app no longer adds value. Fortunately, thanks to other critical reviewers they have done a standalone live timing app, “F1 Live Timing” that is the old version. Get that. The app in general is very much non-intuitive to navigate. If it does not improve massively I won’t be renewing my annual subscription..Version: 11.5.1

OLD APP AVAILABLE! OCT 2018Update: Liberty have listened to fans and original F1 timing app now available (search same developer) Thank you! Great, quick response in time for Suzuka. I have moved this review from 1 star to 3 stars as I can now use the alternative, better app. Had this app for years to provide live timings which can be synced to streamed F1 coverage. This latest change has removed 90% of the functionality of the app. The ability to see all 20 cars and their sector times has gone. The waste of space leaves just around 5 cars displayed at any one time (75% of grid missing). Who knows where the quick cars will be running in qualifying for example, HAM and VET could easily be more than 5 rows apart both on hot laps. The ability to sync back appears to limited to around 1 min only, some near real-time streams can be up to 5 mins behind live and therefore this is not enough. It appears any gap information and total time behind leader is also missing. For serious F1 watching, live timings are a critical part of following strategy of the race. This update simply does not provide the single screen of 20 cars and data needed to follow the race. If the app needs to be dumbed down for new fans, please add a tab to the original screen layout for serious people..Version: 11.0.1

Go back to the old versionThis new version may be better for people who forgot their glasses with its large font, but the old version of much better for F1 fans. This new version looks worse and doesn’t give you as much information. The old app was beautiful and fun to use. The new app feels like an iPhone app blown up to fit on my iPad. I paid for the old app, not whatever this is. Please go back to the old version or at least something close to it for next year, otherwise there is no way I will belaying money for this next year..Version: 11.2.1

Scam - you cannot watch race liveI downloaded this app and the f1 TV app so I could watch the race live. It said I needed to subscribe for £2.99 to get all races etc, then I tried to watch the race, it then said you need a pro account, so I logged into my App Store and upgraded my subscription to PRO, so far I’ve paid £2.99 to join and the £5.99 for the pro subscription. I went back to watch the gran pri, then a message comes up saying you need to upgrade to a premium account in order to watch the race. But you cannot get premium on the website that they tell you to go to. So I ended up having to get a £9.99 day pass from Now TV. To be clear, you cannot watch the race live with these apps, if that is your intention, don’t waste your time..Version: 11.16.0

No streamWhat a shame the F1 TV doesn’t work in New Zealand. There are a lot of fans over here you know!.Version: 11.4.0

Subscribed since day 1 but 2019 is a disaster. Getting Foxtel.Don’t be fooled. The high ratings are from previous years. 2019. Complaints get you nowhere. Started off very messy this year; obviously a ‘hip’ young group of programmers who were out to change the world. ...This year they decided to use spoilers, so watch at 3am in the morning if necessary, because if you try to watch later, they insist on showing you the first three placegetters. I’ve complained but they couldn’t care less. Seriously, what professional organisation would deliberately use spoilers on a website? ...For most of this year, particularly at the latter end, the screen and commentary aren’t synchronised. So I have to coordinate with watching the ipad and listening to iPhone. ...There have been good innovations, however deliberately using spoilers - what are you thinking? Or maybe you’re not thinking. And lack of synchronising commentary and screen by three+ minutes. And yes, I always update the app and iOS. Don’t really want Foxtel, but I prefer that to what’s going on with the app. ...Sad - I used to love it. Will have Foxtel in a week. Looking forward to a much less disappointing year for F1.Version: 11.12.1

Major Downgrade!This is a major downgrade of the app. The developers are clearly not F1 fans and do not understand the needs of F1 fans. The live timing screen, which is the main reason for buying it, is now completely useless. It only shows 7 cars instead of the whole field. To keep an eye on all cars to scan for green and purple sectors now needs constant scrolling even on a large screen iPad. Maybe the developers didn't realise F1 is a fast moving sport. If this is a sign of things to come from the new owners it doesn't bode well; a major dumbing down. This is an expensive app and needs to be rolled back to a proper working version as soon as possible or provide an option for a refund.Version: 11.0.0

Mostly Good.I don’t actually know if the developers read this, but after updating to iOS 13, and with my app all up to date, the embedded links within any feature article are way to sensitive. So but touching lightly on a link while trying to scroll up the page, the link opens instead of scrolling. It never used to do that before. You had to firmly press the link to open it. Quite annoying after a while..Version: 11.10.0

Warning: Race Spoilers possibleI like using the app notifications to remind me when the race is, because in my busy life, I sometimes need that. However, if you turn on notifications, they do more than just remind you that practice, qualifying, or the race is about to begin, they also send notifications when the results are posted. Usually, they are cryptic “Come see who came out on top!” type notifications, but not this weekend. Now, as a Ferrari fan, I didn’t mind the results telling me how Ferrari was fairing in practice, as I knew I probably wasn’t going to go back and watch those—I have a busy life. However, the spoilers remained through Qualifying and the race. As someone with a F1 TV subscription so I can watch the race either when it airs, or after it ends (due to other more important engagements on Sunday’s that sometimes prevent me from watching live) I was quite peeved that the notification I received told me the race results. The banner notification should let me know that results are posted, so if I want to spoil the race for myself, I can, but not give me no option about it. After being very good for the entirety of the race and not opening timing and scoring, so I could go home and enjoy the race later, the F1 app ruined it for me. I’m deleting the app. It’s not worth it to me, and I suggest others do the same, or never download it in the first place..Version: 11.6.0

I’ve cancelled my subscriptionThe old version of this app used to be the most expensive app I paid for. And I paid every year because the live timing data and news were presented excellently and really added to the experience of watching the race on TV. But I’m cancelling my subscription because the quality of this app is so poor, and they have not listening to all the dreadful feedback from the fans. I won’t repeat what others have said, but just look at all the recent reviews. The UI designers are so poor - I work in IT and if I had produced this app I would expect to lose my job. Here is just one example ... the password field when you login is a rich text field (it should be a plain text field) and that doesn’t allow you to paste in your password from a password manager (but does allow you to indent your password 🙄) . Did you guys test the app properly. Sorry, F1 might be the pinnacle of mechanical engineering, but clearly it’s at the bottom when it comes to software engineering!.Version: 11.5.0

So much potential but so disappointingI am a fan of F1 and, even if the app is expensive, was happy to pay for it. With this new update, I have lost a lot of things that I could have before. Why can I enter the leave race info just before it starts? Before I can ear the radio before which was great. The layout is horrible for the race as I cannot see all the drivers on the screen and having the position on the circuits. What did you do Liberty, created a new app that is for the none F1 fan and forget about the people that follow it for decades? Also, really annoyed with this new F1 TV app. Living in the UK, I cannot see the different between the two App before I purchase the F1 TV App. Why it displays properly what is the added value for me between the two apps instead of trying to sell me on the screen? So, the new app maybe looks great but it becomes more like a social media tool without less relevant info for a F1 fan. Hopeless and tot expensive for what it is. Liberty please fix that as I will really question the need to purchase it for next year as it is not cheap what so ever..Version: 11.1.0

Functionality needs work!The basic information such as race calendar and news works okay, but the rest of the app and website is really slow, buggy and incredibly frustrating. The F1 Fantasy functionality in particular is just awful, keeps reloading and sending you back to log in pages and won’t reflect the updates you’ve made. For a multi gazillion dollar sport run by a media company, you’d think their digital assets would be fantastic, but it’s just a dog. Please fix it..Version: 11.23.1

Remove ad from short videosEvery time I’m forced to watch a 15sec AD even before a 10sec video. Make no sense.Version: 11.15.0

No soundThe app is user friendly and well made. However, most of the time that I try to play a video, the sound won’t work, which is pretty annoying..Version: 11.21.3

Waste of money it made me join twiceWaste of time and money something that should be so simpl made into a headache It’s so easy for you to pay and then it says you can’t watch the live qualifying or race so you must upgrade to f1 tv pro another application wich should be so easy and they make it very difficult then when you go to cancel well that’s even more difficult For an app that should be so transparent and easy to use they make it so difficult Not fn happy f1 tv.Version: 11.15.0

DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!This new “update” is a progression backward down the field after a trip to the garage for a new set of tires! We were racing along quite nicely in a Mercedes or a Ferrari, with the old app, maybe a Red Bull if in my opinion the old app just needed a line for the fastest lap with Driver/Lap Time/Done on Lap XX. This app now sees you flying down to Williams or Toro Rosso with no hope in hell of doing anything. It’s unusable, it has no good driver tracker, poor timing tables and a utter regression in terms of commentary needs. The developer needs to stop thinking they are king for getting money for a pay driver attempt. They need to go to the Simulator and see what is actually needed after spending enough time in the design suite on CFD and they have spent enough time in the wind tunnel. Simple route would be to go back to the previous release and bring back a good car and get back into the podiums again, development of the old car is needed, find the speed from that and just hone your driving craft. Just give us back version 10..Version: 11.0.0

Love timing is garbageFor those of us who don’t want to shell out the extra cash for the full app the new live timing in this version is abysmal. The original live timing was already short on information and the new version is ten times worse, you can’t even see how much time is left in a qualifying session or see lap times only time behind the leader. The rest of the app is descent and a little more simple (in a good way) and easy to navigate. The live timing feature needs serious improvement, let some people have some more involvement in the race who may not be able to catch the race on tv and don’t alienate the people who don’t/can’t pay for the full version..Version: 11.0.0

Doh!This app was fantastic; the live stats were crammed full of data that was well presented, making maximum use of screen space regardless of device. The latest update has completely killed it... now only shows half the information visible at the one time, totally wastes available screen space, loses some customisation and forces the user to constantly browse through multiple tabs to get data that used to be configurable on one. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Or at the very least have the foresight to take it on the chin & go back to the old interface. Not impressed that this was changed half way through the season, when I had already paid for a whole years access!.Version: 11.0.0

Log in issuesApp will not let me log into my account. Just crashes.Version: 11.23.2

Upgraded app horribleNew app looks shinier than previous version, but the live time is ten steps back from previous. Every season despite its technical quirks I had no problem to pay for another season. For next year I don’t think the app has enough value. The only reason I use tha app for is live timing during racing. It looks like the app was redesigned by people not having a clue what hardcore F1 fans need and the focus was too much in making the app look modern. The previous mobile app was great, the iPad version’s live timing even beter. This version is a hoge dissapointment and misstake. Please give us back the previous version..Version: 11.0.0

EVERYONE READ!!!If it’s the timing part of the app that you quite rightly find hideous, there may be a saving grace. How they’ve managed to ruin something so much is quite beyond belief. The old app had all the information during the race on one page with the ability to see all the drivers at once rather than having to scroll down. Such simplicities made it so much better! Anyway, if you type in F1 into the App Store, as well as this app, there is an F1 Timing app made by the same developer. It seems to be the same timing app as before. I’ve only briefly tested it this morning with qualifying replay but we can but hope!.Version: 11.0.1

What have you done?!UPDATE V11.0.1: Latest update fixes nothing of the below - live timing is still fundamentally broken and unusable. The new version of this app is a travesty. Surely the developers realise that the main reason for people having this app on their iPhone or iPad is to use the live-timing features during the race? Why then, has this feature been rendered completely useless through a combination of poor layout choices and dumbed-down functionality? That is assuming you can even find it any more which, let me assure you, is no easy feat in itself. Guys, you need to step back and really think what you’re trying to achieve with this because I assure you that nobody is going to want to use your app if you persevere with this frustrating misfire of an update..Version: 11.0.1

Live Timing Information Ruined by Latest Update - Please restore previous versionThe latest update (September 2018) has completely ruined the experience of using the live timings on this app. Previous versions provided excellent interactive information, easy to follow with all stats to allow you to follow drivers that were not shown on the tv feed. Now I am unable to see information for all 20 drivers and I spent more time trying to understand what it was telling me than watching the tv coverage. You can’t rewind the time back far enough to sync with any delay from pausing live tv. Also annoying pop up of setting information, wind speed, temperature everything I tried to scroll the screen to see other drivers, not just the top 7. Gave up after qualifying session one of Singapore. Very disappointed with the update, it now no longer enhances my F1 experience it’s actively distracting and annoying me. Please restore to the old version..Version: 11.0.0

Could use a little more clarificationDid some research on the web on this, and this app indicated it could show full race replays for past races. Not so, thats another app..... Would have been better to have found that out BEFORE I bothered to set up an account with that app and pay for a year’s subscription (which Ive since asked for a refund thru the obtuse and opaque website) Please make it very clear which apps give which feature. Its not a matter of the difference in the subscription fee (which Ill now wait to see if I get a refund) but the time wasted thinking Id be watching the early season races by now, but wasted an hour looking for the race links..Version: 11.16.1

Dysfunctional appBetter effort than last year but still not as good as the dedicated timing app which is no longer supported. Very limited settings and looks like when you are reviewing a Past race you are going to see the result. For most users in Asia we will watch a recorded race and it is great to see the past record of the timings as you could with the old app. Needs to have a “hide spoiler” setting like the old app had.Version: 11.5.0

Race resultsIt would be nice to watch a replay of the race and not have the race results posted on multiple areas of the app and the website prior to getting to the place that allows you to watch the practice, qualifying and the race. Nothing better than knowing the end result before you start. Kills the excitement of watching sporting events. Think this through and redesign the way content is accessible. Maybe it could be a setting or a link on the home page to bypass the race results. Also make the results at least one page deep on the app so that you must click through to see. I am seriously considering cancelling my membership because of this..Version: 11.0.1

Manufactured DramaThe incredible spectacle of F1, long the premier motorsport of the world, is now dead. The mantra of “let them race” doesn’t work without adherence to the agreed upon set of rules. This season was a dumpster fire of manipulation from every conceivable avenue. Pre-season changes that were meant to hobble the perennially dominant competitors is understandable for the sake of tightening up the competition. But major rule changes that were strategically deployed to significantly favor certain competitors mid-season to ratchet up the drama is disgraceful. Making rule changes (as well complete reversals of previously established rule interpretations) mid-race, multiple times, is appalling and unacceptable. Appeals from many teams to maintain long established standards of sportsmanship, safety, and professionalism were ignored in favor of boosting ratings via contrived drama, dangerous driving & tactics, harassment campaigns, and enabling a particular team principal’s petulant behavior to override safety procedures. This sport has become a farce..Version: 11.21.8

Old App Much BetterThe old App timings displayed all the cars on one screen. The new App displays only the first 7/8 cars, need to scroll down to display the other cars. Will not renew for next year..Version: 11.0.1

Can't find way to unsubscribeCan not find option to not resubscibe..Version: 11.23.2

SuggestionNeed to be able to switch between which on board camera your watching. Would love to watch from behind then switch to the front low wing camera. Also should be able to pick your own 3 frames to watch instead on what the app chooses.Version: 11.21.3

What the hell have you done?I have used this app for a few years and it used to be fantastic. I had it all set up on my iPad so that I could see all the timings and also the live track positions: basically all the information I needed as a fan of F1. Then some idiot decided to modernize it - who did they ask, someone who hasn’t a clue about F1?!!! Now I can only see the lap time and gap of about 6 drivers at a time. I have to continually change pages to see the info I want whereas before it was all right there on one page. I paid good money for the season’s use but I won’t be doing so next season. It is an utter pile of crap compared to what it used to be..Version: 11.0.1

Disappointed in 2019Since about Malaysia the live timings never worked which was the main reason I paid for the subscription. I tried every race but gave up after summer break. I tried using both iPhone and iPad and neither worked. Not even reinstalling which meant it was not me. I did try contacting technical support but they only have a survey type way of contacting. I do feel I am owed a year subscription, but I have better things to do than spending my time claiming this. Won’t be renewing that’s for sure..Version: 11.10.1

Unjustified access to private dataThis company has no business knowing my browser history and all sorts of other private information about me - not good enough - I have deleted the app and will I not pay to subscribe.Version: 11.23.2

I paid for TV Pro and no content was deliveredI’ll be disputing the purchase..Version: 11.16.2

Doesn't work.The app doesnt open. It simply goes to a blank screen! Not ideal...Version: 6.052

Video issues not the only thing weekend with this app.Not only are the videos poor quality but also lack sounds when played from the news menu. That's right, it's completely silent and without sound. To make matters worse, they've added 30 seconds long ads to go over a 1 minute video. The sounds so work however if played from the video menu only. Yet I still get 30 seconds ads, that's long enough for me to come here and write this review. Everything else is great on the app but the videos are such a disappointment that I cannot give more than 1 star..Version: 11.21.4

No doesn’t work in NZAfter working for me (but with a 14 day delay) with this update now doesn’t work... and you just go in a login roundabout and get no where. My account on a computer does still work so it’s just an app error....Version: 11.6.0

OMG - This app is SO crap!!!What have you done to this App, it’s completely rubbish compared to the previous version!!! Where are all my options? I cannot see real-time gap updates now (only across SF line!) I cannot see speed in MPH, I cannot make audio selections, I cannot re-size track, I cannot view track+times together, I cannot re-size driver times list (I used to be able to see more than 7 cars at a time... There are so many things wrong with this App I cannot list them all here. And what about the updated theme/livery design, it looks like it’s been designed for a freaking 5 year old!!! I will certainly be canceling my subscription at the end of this season. I my opinion Liberty Media are ruining F1’s online image and brand, please come back Bernie!!! (Don’t even start me this year’s website design...!!).Version: 11.0.1

Live TimingWHY? Why do you put the result at the top of the page that you go to to replay live timing? Having been out until after the race finished, I looked forward to watching the whole race from a recording alongside replayed live timing. (Only an hour and a half after it finished) Open app. Go to section for timing. Spoiler.... here’s the podium. Fed up! Oh, and now having pressed on the replay live timing it doesn’t even work. Whilst writing this review I’ll mention that, although toned down since my earlier review from last year below, the blinking is still unnecessary and distracting. Previous Review: The live timing part of this app (Pretty much the only reason I use the app) is now dumbed down to look pretty. Most people techie enough to want to view this info are not going need it simplified. I loved having the same info the pit wall techs had. (I could read a race almost like reading the Matrix!) However, the blinking sector times now distract the eye too much and if I had any form of photosensitive condition I would not be able to use it at all for risk of seizure. Very disappointing..Version: 11.16.0

F1 current viewingIt would be great if you can provide a option to watch extended highlights.. 6 minutes for race and qualifying highlights is not enough.. when you allow 25 minutes for post race session .. it would be great to have extended highlight option and even a full race option.. free or pay as you go.. You offer something f1 tv I am reluctant to purchase as there is not enough information about why you actually get.. It would be good if you teamed up with now tv and offer a race package at a discounted rate to watch through app.. provide clear choices.. and options - Like so many I can not afford Sky.. but now only watch f1 occasionally if I happen to be in a bar.. or I watch a 5 minute race on this app.. it’s a shame, as formula one is not that popular if I go to a bar and if football is on even some random league the bar will show football.. f1 is not a sport that is easy to follow in a bar.. Provide options so people can actually follow the sport.. keep up with the times Enjoy watching a race without having to spend a small fortune to watch.. I would rather spend the money on a beer than buying sky sports f1 mega package.. Like I imagine so many others.. F1 Your loosing touch - the app isn’t bad though.Version: 11.0.1

Great app minus one big flawThe hyperlinks within articles are WAYYY too sensitive. I can’t scroll articles without accidentally clicking the links within at least 4-5 times in one article. I’ve never seen this issue in other news like apps - so I assume it’s some config thing. Don’t get me wrong - I love this app, does what I needs to - albeit I only use for following news, videos and standings (not the live race timings)..Version: 11.10.0

Can’t turn race commentary offThe app won’t turn off the audio commentary and crashes when I try to do make the changes. If I do make the selection it then defaults back to “international” and ignores my previous section of “No Commentary”. Very frustrating..Version: 10.042.1

Just Updated - wish I hadn’t!!This is now useless for finding out if a race will be on tv or not in Britain. The old app - click on race, scroll down, it told you whether channel 4 showed highlights or it was actually live. The new app - click on race, scroll down, click on how do I watch f1, wait while it loads the f1 website outside the app, scroll down very far to United Kingdom (yes no one thought to put it at the top like most organisations for ease), click on c4 (which is small so you click sky by mistake). This takes you to the c4 website which is just tv listings which is preset to the day you are currently on, then you forget which day it was that the race was on, go back to the app, do all the previous loading again, spend much time scrolling through the channel 4 listings for the whole day finally finding the f1 listing at which point it tells you if it’s highlights or live. So guess which one took less time!! That fact that someone was paid to create this app is incredible - the whole point of f1 is to actually watch it. It should be one of the 1st things you see on the specific race page. Please just change it back, it was so easy last time!!!.Version: 11.0.0

Why can’t i use the app without giving it permission to track me across different platforms?Title..Version: 11.20.3

Completely RuinedWhat a disaster! The developers have completely ruined this once great app. If the powers that be think this is a step forward they need to had their heads examined. The stated goal was to connect with the fans and enhance the race experience and this update has removed the positive app experience and replaced it with a dumbed down child like experience. To think I paid good money for this rubbish. I will not renew my subscription next year for this. This was an excellent app with a lot of good data to enhance the race but now it’s virtually useless. No full page driver comparison, no option to zoom and rotate the track map, no track map detail, no useful pit or tyre history, ruined the race replay option which was great for races like Japan that are live in the early hours in Europe. A complete shower. THINK AGAIN F1.Version: 11.0.0

A joke..Most confusing app I own, constantly locks up or shuts down... A complete joke.Version: 6.002

Didn’t renew my subscriptionSeriously f1, you have received so much criticism about the app you would think that you might accept the fact that you messed up... change it back to the original and I, as will 1000’s of other people will probably renew our subscriptions. Until that time I’m out.... and by the time you do change it I’ll probably have gotten used to my life without it... it’s already been over a year.Version: 11.5.1

One of my most used apps!Since I love F1 this is a regularly used app. Often however the sound doesn’t work which is a major disappointment..Version: 11.21.4

Update 2.1 massive backwards stepYou have ruined it! I loved the app before now there with the latest update to the app has half the information that the old one had. There’s so much space between the information and it’s much harder to capture what’s happening with this update. Commentary was about 6 to 20mins behind the data. The old app 10 times better. You have totally destroyed my formula 1 experience!!!! Change it back PLEASE!!!!.Version: 11.0.1

Love what the app has to offer but…I am new to F1 and have enjoyed everything this app has offered but here are a few reasons I give it a 1 star. First, as a yearly subscriber to watch all of the F1 races I believe it is absolutely ridiculous that when I watch any highlights within this app you force ads on us. I believe you should unify all of your apps into 1 as well. Found it strange I need an app for news, app for f1 tv, app for the programme, honestly there is just way too many apps. But everything in one and I will be happy as well as most other fans. You should also be able to skip ahead in a video by the push of on screen button. Jump 15 ahead or a better scrubbing feature is definitely needed. I also have issues with AirPlay to my Apple TV. And to my last complaint, why isn’t there a dedicated Apple TV app? Apple makes it easy for you to make your apps work across all of there platforms. This is just lazy design and and greed from the developers. Offer a free tier of your app that shows ads and offer an ad free viewing experience for the dedicated fans willing to give you money every year..Version: 11.21.2

RogerThe Airplay function does not work. So I canceled my subscription. But otherwise good product..Version: 11.21.4

App’s not working anymore :/The app crashes immediately on start, tried to contact you guys, but it looks like the only option for support is a FAQ :shrug:.Version: 11.17.0

It used to be greatAgain another feature disappears. In one of the older versions of the app there was an option to add the next scheduled event to the face of your Apple Watch. It was awesome. All I had to do was look at my wrist to see exactly when, in my time zone the next event would take place! One day the app updated and it was gone. Ok, that kinda sucked but at least they had a widget that would almost do the same thing. Not anymore. Stop talking away the stuff I use the most. But if you guys are doing it on purpose you should either get rid of the news section or the time zone conversion in app since those are the next two things on the list for me. Cheers!.Version: 11.0.0

A bad app.Recent update adds a bunch of annoying notifications. Previously, I would get one notification about 10 minutes before each session. Simple, to the point, and that's all. Now, in addition to that notification, there are several additional notifications for each session. Unnecessary, and always written in the annoying style that has overtaken F1 branding since Liberty took over the sport and realized how dire the situation was to convert F1 into a relevant brand with an image of being cool, fast, hip, and modern. Now the notification is not just "Qualifying starting for ___Grand Prix," it's gotta be like "The SHOWDOWN for Pole Position IS. ON. NOW." or something. Each event gets at least three such notifications, at the start, during, and at the end. Wholly unnecessary. There are no discrete settings for these notifications, only settings to toggle off Breaking News notifications or to toggle off all Race notifications entirely. I opted for something much better: I uninstalled the app. Thanks for nothing..Version: 11.0.1

Impossible to watch a historical raceThis update is not only useless for seeing enough data on a phone (which I’ve done for as long as the app has been around - even when it was free) but now when I try to watch a race AFTER it is live, there is no start button and it seems (Singapore race) to start about 5 minutes before the race so I can’t synchronise the green light on my tv and app! This is a really basic feature that they just broke . Did anyone actually teat this Update?.Version: 11.0.1

Makes F1 more frustrating than excitingThe app is not at all user friendly. It is almost impossible to get through even 10 minutes of a race if you are interested in switching cameras. Switching cameras will always lead to buffering issues and at some point you will get kicked out of the race you are watching, then you will need to fast forward to try and find your spot. Also, there is no support for AirPlay to an Apple TV. You have to screen mirror and the video is always poor compared to apps with built in AirPlay support. All in all, great concept, very poor execution. With all of the time on their hands currently, I would hope an update is in the works. If the app is the same by the time my subscription expires, I will not renew it..Version: 11.14.1

Don’t show me ads after I payThis app actually works very well. A lot of time has been spent on making the app run well and smoothly while their regular updates make catching up on content a breeze! I’m giving the F1 app 1 star because after paying for a full season membership I’m shown ads before content starts. I paid you money. There are ads EVERYWHERE in Motorsport anyway. Making me watch ads before every video after i’ve paid for a subscription is greedy, bad service and won’t last long in the era of the internet. I’ll happily torrent your races next year if I am still forced to watch ads. Companies are becoming so greedy now paying them directly isn’t enough anymore. Get with the times or we’ll all go back to torrenting the races and I’ll leave my money in my wallet next time. No ads & free..Version: 11.20.1

After Update - rubbishHow to kill an app. Follow the formula that F1 is using. 1/ make it mandatory the registered user must log in again with the new update. Caution here for developers- make sure it is complex and rejects the hapless user several times without reason. 2/ if the user somehow manages to pass the login greet them with a colorful screen that manages to convey the dud upgrade as a better app that is designed/aimed for the audience of the years 4+ to 6 and possibly 99+ and upwards. 3/ if you get to point 3 then you win and the sucker who purchased the app deserves everything he or she will not find. Postscript: it was a good app, no a great app that I would settle down with and consult as the race progressed. The developers have ensured that I can now save my annual subscription to spend on toilet paper..Version: 11.0.1

Where has the old app gone?I don’t mind getting updates for my apps but the latest updates for the F1 app have ruined it. Why has it got to have this ‘cartoonish’ layout? What was wrong with the detailed layout? It is now slow and harder to follow whilst watching the race weekend. My biggest annoyance has got to be down to if I forget my password. Oh my god !!!! Don’t forget your password people!!! You sit down on a race weekend, the weekend of one of your favorite races. You log in to the app and you have to enter your email address and password. (Maybe you had to reinstall it after your device started playing up or you got a new device). You know your email address because you use it a lot. But your password is not being recognized. It is ok, just select ‘forget your password’ to reset it to a new password, it is easy. WHY DO I HAVE TO ENTER MY OLD PASSWORD????????? The reason I can’t enter it, is because I CAN’T REMEMBER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 11.3.0

Disastrous version updateOMG! Never seen such a horrible major version “update” in my life. The race timing screen is a complete and utter disaster, compared to the older version. This app became a complete garbage, in this condition it’s not worth any money, much less the pricey yearly subscription price. The old screen was very informative, well designed color scheme with very good information density (i.e. a lot would fit on the screen). The current version is ugly (which of course is subjective, some might like it), but beyond any argument, only about 25% of the info , compared to the older version, fits on the screen. If something is not done immediately I’ll have to cancel my subscription. I really need to figure out how to downgrade to the last 10.x point release, which , of course is most likely not possible any more. ....... oh, boy.....I’m truly disgusted..Version: 11.0.1

FrustratingLike a lot of F 1 fans I surmise that they would like to see the times and perhaps what order they will be on the grid. But oh no this app instead has ‘news’ and the timings and places can not be found. It is is piss poor..Version: 11.7.0

SoundVídeos on the Latest updates have no sound.Version: 11.21.3

Just fine if it works.Using the live timing to listen in with a paid subscription and with 10 laps to go there’s a system error that shut down the app. Upon restart I am unable to rejoin live timing. No error codes no way to report the outage. Only a “ Sorry something went wrong” Not the first time this has happened. They know how many people pay to use the service and if their app can’t handle that traffic then that is an oversight, purchase at your own risk. The archive is fantastic and I do enjoy that feature, and I’m sure the articles and other feature are great but if your looking for live race coverage. Be weary..Version: 11.21.7

Paying subscription for this rubbish? Not anymore.F1 app used to have a wonderful look and feel. Able to see all timings and jump between different views. MOST of which were useful. NOW, the app looks like rubish on an IPAD. Huge blocky text that you can see from across the room. thing is, I am right in front of the screen. I want to see the extra detail, the meaningful stats. The main news page is unusable... no easy links to details and stories I want to see. Old version didn’t do it very good before, but this is a step backwards now. I couldn’t find anywhere how to find results of FP2, EVEN though there was a push message saying FP2 results are available. Driver tracker is stupid. Can’t trust what you see there. According to driver tracker, it only takes 25 seconds to do a lap in Singapore.. Cannot select a driver and see comparisons of lap times anymore..Version: 11.0.0

Why destroy the great app I paid for?This makes no sense... the app was phenomenal... huge amount of info elegantly presented. Allowed a user to enter with basic understanding, but lots of options to gain much deeper, complex insight. Now that has ALL gone. So much blank space on a screen, only minimal info available on a minimal number of cars. This isn’t just destroying an expensive app, it destroys the whole F1 experience if you derive pleasure from the data and strategy. The other reviews this week show I’m not alone... Liberty Media need to take a long hard look at this. Why alienate your sport’s diehard fans for some strange idea that you can attract new ones... an expensive zero sum game. Awful app now... awful..Version: 11.0.0

Was adequate, now brokenUsed to be OK, but in its latest ‘update’ on iOS 15, has been broken. It only ever presented a form of the F1 web-site so was just slightly easier than opening the browser and surfing to the site. Now it demands to pester with notifications, tells you that it wants to use cross-site tracking with no opt-out option (something I’m fairly sure is not allowed under App Store rules), and then, at least on my device, fails to even show any news stories on its “Latest” tab. That may be related to my use of 1Blocker to prevent in-app tracking, but I’m happier blocking tracking using 1Blocker for an app that doesn’t offer opt-out than I am using an app that provides no additional value to simply using a web-site. Easy deletion from my device..Version: 11.21.4

F1 TV worst pay for subscription app on the market. 100% Fail.App rarely connects to the server. All you can watch is partial replays of the broadcast feeds and then only a day after the race. F1 TV refuse to honour rebates because they accuse Apple of being the responsible re-seller. No help, no support, no service, no signal, NO GOOD! Save your money, don’t buy this app. Where is the middle finger Emoji?.Version: 11.17.0

DisappointingDo not install it!! Once installed you can't get rid of it... Average app with the potential to be much better..Version: 8.102

No result updatesSince last update the practice and qualifying results are not updated anymore. Expect better then this for an organisation that makes multimillion dollars. Very poor performance... fix this now!!.Version: 10.062.0

Live timing ruinedCan’t understand why they have “updated” the app and made the live timing completely useless. You can no longer view live gaps and sectors of drivers to see if drivers are actually closing gaps or extending them. You can only view limited drivers compared to previous app as there is a stupid banner that takes up most of the screen. This app has been designed and made by someone that clearly hasn’t got a clue about f1 or what people actually want. If you want big bold letters and complete lack of timing data then it maybe for you but if you actually want live timing in detail then don’t bother. Don’t waste your money, it won’t make your f1 experience any better..Version: 11.0.0

No soundNo sound for videos and no volume control to try and reactivate it.Version: 11.23.2

Scam artistThey ended up charging me 40$ for a 10$ subscription to only tell me that there is nothing they can do and end up with no subscription..Version: 11.21.2

Doesn’t workThey recently upgraded to a more modern version which now is not user friendly, not as good as the old version, which was not great but ok, and last night the commentary continually dropped out for long periods. In the end I gave up. Cancelling my subscription after I write this review. As it was my only option I will not being able to follow F1 anymore due to restrictions in my country and no more free to air viewing. Can’t blame new F1 management as this started with Bernie but it has continued on. Sad to go but not wasting any more money..Version: 11.0.0

Not what's advertisedThis app does not do what it claims. No audio commentary, can't hear radio messages, timing pages not customisable, no track temperature or wind data, restarts several times during a session. Annoying..Version: 7.012

Good news content, bad video playbackI like having the news content in an app instead of just accessing the F1 website for it. However I haven’t been able to hear any sound from any of the videos linked from the news articles. Furthermore, if I exit a video and re-click it, the ads that play before every video plays again, so I get shown the same ad a bunch of times. Finally, I haven’t found any easy way to jump to the web-based videos from inside one of the articles, so there isn’t even an easy workaround..Version: 11.23.2

Update failThe most recent update is no good. It wouldn’t load the live leaderboard. I tried both connected to wifi and without. I left it sit and think about it for a while, it just sat there loading. Also, have you restricted content to the free app as well? I could see driver tracker in the old version, now I can’t. I love F1, but not enough to subscribe to this app. What was accessible to the free version before was enough for me. Please fix the live leaderboard..Version: 11.0.0

VNo content.Version: 11.21.3

Amateur releaseWas this tested at all before release? Terrible transition for existing customers. You lost my login and after multiple attempts finally your system agreed that I was already a member. Lots of Blank screens and logging in again, and re-login multiple times. I gave up. Seems like less information and less intuitive to find anything. Why not upgrade bit by bit? This wholesale change has made too much change and I have not appreciated any upgrades. And I bet you guys s have not enjoyed this big upgrade either. A positive is that the timing data is much better (when it works). I like the fast refresh it is more real time. I think you’ve lost my money next year. I won’t be renewing..Version: 11.0.0

Sick of being told the result before I get chance to watchI use this app to track the cars and sync with the tv when watching the race after the event. Can’t watch the race live as it’s on too late where I live, so watch it the next day. Every time I go in the app it displays the top 3, I’m so sick of this..Version: 11.15.0

‘Improved’ app is anything butThis used to be a great app, and I happily paid a subscription every year. Now it’s like a useless toy. Cartoonish graphics replace the detailed 3D circuit maps, the driver tracker has to focus on one driver, you can no longer change the size of the map to look at relative positions, and most of the time the driver you select isn’t follows at all, it just shows the pits. Tried to view Bottas in Q1, spent the whole lap looking at the pit exit. Massive text in the timing screen means you can only see 5 drivers at a time, rather than the zoom that was available before, and all the race information is split across a number of screens. The old version mimicked the screen all the teams use on the pit wall, this version is useless, as you constantly have to swap between screens to get information. I seem to have wasted my subscription this year, and I won’t be subscribing in future for this idiotic version of F1, as we don’t get the F1TV live video in the UK because of Sky’s exclusive deal. A rip off..Version: 11.0.0

F1 Fantasy needs improvementThe fantasy GUI needs to be improved, so non user friendly.Version: 11.24.9

Hugely Frustrating UpdateI understand what the intention was here - a simple clean interface, which should make it easier to access and digest F1 content. Sadly, for those already subscribed to this app, it feels like a huge downgrade. Plagued with sign in issues - eventually you will get into the app (seems like the original account does not migrate over to the new platform properly) Once in, the interface makes more sense on iPhone than it does on iPad. Track map does not update smoothly as it did before - dots/cars jerking around the track. Audio works as before apart from the inability to close the app and continue to listen to the audio - no option in the settings for this (there used to be). iPad sorely needs an interface update to make better use of the screen real estate - only 7 cars displayed in leaderboard view was a large oversight. Frustrating and disappointing - it’s an insult to injury blow to any location that is unable to access F1TV, this app used to be a way of getting coverage anywhere at anytime - not so much anymore. Hope an update is being worked on VERY fast, as if the season ends with the app like this, then many many many subscriptions will not be renewed for 2019..Version: 11.0.0

Customer service really badI purchased this app with the understanding that I could watch live racing. I was residing in the Virgin island and found out the service wasn’t available in this region. I asked for a refund and got charged for the following month. So now I’m answering emails for 3 1/2 months and they the response I received was it’s past the 2 week refund window. Zero credit or refund. The best they could do was a 50% off discount but they don’t realize there service isn’t offered in my location. I’ve wasted countless hours on email and zero phone options. Extremely frustrating and exhausting..Version: 11.21.3

Dumbed down versionI never write reviews but this last update has made me so angry that I had to get this off my chest. The app used to work, the interface was clear and I could track all the data in the timings screen. There was a clear difference between iPad and iPhone the former having more real estate to see the data. Now I’m forced to update to the new version with the awful branding. Gone is the clear overview of data and instead we get a very clunky heavy user interface. On the iPhone the menu takes up nearly half the screen leaving very little space for the timing data. The data itself is so small it’s almost unreadable. They have removed a lot of the tracking data we used to have. Those hoping the iPad version would be better ... forget it... it is just the iPad version again with the over sized menu. The driver racket is worse as it now doesn’t show the timings for all drivers only the one you select. It’s also very slow change screen and it takes an age to reload rotate your screen and again wait forever. Very disappointed to see the dumbing down of this app. I certainly won’t be renewing this again....Version: 11.0.0

It’s ok, but more content more oftenI like the app and the functionality is okay, but I think for a sport with such depth there should be way more content on all aspects of the sport. I.e. team specific, technical/ engineering, content about the drivers and an ability to tailor the content to our preferences. I like the progress that has been made but just give us more!.Version: 11.2.0

Hope you never need supportI tried to upgrade my subscription from TV Access to Pro and it is just a nightmare, updated it on App Store, got charged (of course) but my subscription never got updated in the app, tried ‘restore purchase’, uninstalled and installed, log off and logged back in, and of course cancels my subscription and subscribed again, nothing works and if you try to contact support you never get an answer back from the chat, got a message 3 days later asking me to re-do everything I’ve done. And of course my money still there with them!.Version: 11.20.1

Crashes on sign inNo way to sign into it. Every time I do, it immediately crashes.Version: 11.21.6

Quit when video ads startAds before each video are a major annoyance so I quit the app whenever one starts. Just read the text headlines and stories, and scroll past the text-embedded ads. Far, far less annoying. Or use a browser with adblock..Version: 11.19.1

Update disappointingThe new design for the iPad is poor. The live timing screen redesign on the iPad is disappointing. The previous design had much more information. The app should be able to show information for more than 7 or 8 drivers..Version: 11.0.0

What have you done?I have used this app for years to view live timing during a race and this recent update has completely ruined that for me! I’m an app developer myself so this will be quite technical but you are clearly just loading the live timing in a webview which makes everything unresponsive and the scale is way off! One third of my iPad display is taken up by the navBar and headers, leaving no space for the actual lap times and what area is left can only fit about 7 drivers, the old app was native and far superior! I could easily fit all 20 drivers on screen at the same time. If anyone from FOM happens to see this then I strongly urge you to think about what you are doing! You may be saving some development time and money by doing it this way but the subscribers you are going to loose will way outweigh the savings!.Version: 11.0.0

DisappointedI like this app normally. I use it a lot when watching a race, I love seeing the live timing and had subscribed to renew it annually. Yes it is pricey, but to me it was worth it. However I was very disappointed to find that whilst there is no F1 at all due to co-vid 19, I was still expected to pay for the app! Surely it would be fairer to not charge anyone for this app whilst we can’t watch F1?? For me, this was money grabbing and left a bad taste. It’s the fans that bring the money to F1, without us there would be no sponsorship or advertising, or money! Please don’t forget that! Provide this app for free whilst there isn’t any F1, you can always start charging again when the world returns to normal.Version: 11.14.1

Winner?Will this update tell us the winner you want of the 2022 season? Just want to know before I waste my time watching for a predetermined winner by FIA. Thanks for letting us know..Version: 11.23.0

ADS! ADS! ADS! & MORE ADS!Waaay to many ads. Ads in app. Ads before videos. Ads everywhere despite the fact that I’m a subscriber..Version: 11.21.6

Lots of content doesn’t work in 2018 updateI enjoyed it last year even though it had a few glitches. But with the 2018 update it’s practically unusable on iPad Air over a decent broadband connection. Most features don’t load or display, video is patchy. Goodness only knows if it’ll be fixed before the first race. In its current state, for what it costs, it’s lousy value. Adding this note September 18. Most of the issues above have been fixed but....after the most recent ‘improvements’ the old live timing has been replaced with an utterly useless data screen. The main reason for subscribing has been trashed. Unless the old version of live timing is reinstated I won’t be coming back. Don’t you have any idea what F1 fans want?.Version: 11.0.0

Update made me unsubscribeI’ve been paying for a subscription since the timing stopped being free years and years ago but this recent update has finally made me unsubscribe. The timing layout now is woeful as only half the field is visible and there is now a ‘simplified’ sector view which just leaves you wanting the original. The videos in the news section are always glitchy and the new style of writing is repetitive, every story is about someone ‘hailing’ or ‘rueing’ a result. Let me know when you completely scrap this and start again so I can restart giving you my $42 a year..Version: 11.2.1

STOP PUTTING SPOILERS IN NOTIFICATIONSPossibly the least sport friendly app? It went through a phase where they wouldn’t give away race results in notifications. Looks like they’ve gone back to their old ways. I don’t always get the chance to watch the race live, like a lot of people. It’s infuriating when a notification pops up immediately after the race finish displaying the result without any warning. At least make the result one tap away from the notification window for those who don’t get a chance to watch the race live. Bad form and unsporting F1!! This is a big problem for me and its made me uninstall the app before a couple of years ago..Version: 11.5.1

Not good enough.....Talk about dumbing a great app down. Please reinstate the old version. Far superior to this version.Version: 11.0.0

Complete garbageI’ve been using the live timing app for 5 years or more and everything was fine apart from last years update that then had to be reversed. I tried to download this year’s version to find I needed iOS 10 or newer, which my old iPad had not got. I bought a new iPad on Friday £300 and then downloaded the app. Why did I bother? It is totally useless, unreadable fonts, things flashing at you all the time, freezing every few laps, just hopeless. It is safe to say that the screen the teams use will be the best, not what some work experience geeks think is best. Total waste of what has turned out to be £320 now. I thought Liberty was a media company, they should know better.Version: 11.5.0

Always make my phone hotThe app always make my phone hot, very bad.Version: 11.9.0

Slow and hard to navigateThe layout is good but it crashes often and the fantasy is not intuitive at all. It’s also very laggy and slow around race day. I expect more from the official f1 app. Bring back the v10’s..Version: 11.20.1

ScamThis app is a scam. I paid for the pro version to watch the livestream but when I went to watch the livestream It said I needed to upgrade to pro which I already had. I’ve paid for a product that just simply doesn’t work. Never subscribe if you want to actually use this..Version: 11.21.6

Why did you ruin it!The old app showed the same timing screens that are used by the teams at the track, if it’s good enough for the teams why deny the fans? The timing screens only show a third of the field, for what gain? Bigger borders, rounded boxes around the numbers, really guys surely this is a bad joke. For the fans, log into the website and get your timing there, it’s not as good as the old app, but you can at least see most of the field. For the developers of the app, please restore the old version, or at least add a toggle to use the standard f1 timing screens..Version: 11.0.0

Car tracker now uselessBest thing about the app was the car tracker and being able to see ALL the cars on the track at the same time. A big downward slide with only being able to see one driver. Can’t see where other drivers are in relation to the one you do want to follow. This versions update on news feed is better, but the car tracker is now just gimmicky with a single driver and what the steering wheel is doing..Version: 11.0.1

Version 11 is rubbishAfter finally getting the app working nicely after several years, you have completely ruined it now with the 'new' version 11 update. Has this been designed by toddlers with crayons.? This app is utterly terrible now. I used to be able to watch all the live timing of all the info I needed and all the driver on the one screen. Now I see a bit of info and have to constantly scroll all the time. The high res of the iPad is now lost. The app is now a bunch of oversized text and crappy icons. I certainly won't been renewing my subscription after many years of buying this 'buggy' app. I have been extremely tolerant of all the bugs and lockups (considering the money involved in F1) this major update is terrible and this is an absolute major step backwards. What were you thinking? I'm disgusted..Version: 11.0.0

New version is massive step backwardsThe new late 2018 version of the app is slow, buggy and even when it works is a poor cousin to the previous version. The loss of the map and ability to see all drivers including split times on one single screen is disappointing. Now you can only see split times for the first few without having to constantly scroll or change pages, all of which risks you looking at a blank screen for ages. MASSIVELY annoyed that app has lost so much of what made it great. In fact it is so useless I am cancelling my long held subscription with immediate effect..Version: 11.1.0

Cant even watch racingIn this update theres nowhere to actually view the race. Absolutely terrible.Version: 11.21.7

Pay good money to see nothingCan't connect to network is the only message I see during a race. Avoid at all costs..Version: 9.022

Problems with Latest UpdateMost recent updates to this and F1 TV apps give us no sound, without wearing headphones. Every other app on my iPad works with sound to the speakers but F1 app has nothing without headphones. Also, in both apps, the opening screen won’t go into landscape mode, but when you hit a video, it does come out in landscape mode, when you’ve just turned your iPad back into portrait mode because it wouldn’t work on opening screen!.Version: 11.2.1

Needs workThe app is great and the race/live timing part is awesome. The news feed is really buggy and almost unusable, content doesn’t load or flickers on and off...please fix it!.Version: 10.022.15

Why the WaitIt is 2 days before the start of the 2019 season and I still can’t access any driver information. When you select Drivers, it only gives you last season. I want to be able to see who is in which team. A bit poor. Should be all up there by now. I would have liked it to have been up for testing. Really!!.Version: 11.5.0

Don't buy the upgrade if you want to sync to recorded or delayed replay as the main use.The app does not perform its primary task of live and replay of sessions at all well. It seems the software engineers have not understood the primary reason F1 fans buy the app and have not tried the app for full race or replay distances to get these primary functions working correctly. There are many useful new features such as the team radio and the commentary but until the main functions are corrected they are just a distraction. The main issue for me is that the time delay control does not work reliably and does not even keep real time once a delay is set most of the time. Then once the race has progressed then delay time becomes a small % the control snaps to live and the short delay cannot be set again. Very bad programming to have a snap control when the delay will be less than a pixel!!!! Then the downloaded races do not even play in real time or delay well once the delay is set. Yesterday I tried to run the China qualifying "live session " delayed by ~ 30 mins because I missed the start and that was a disaster and I had to give up until the live sessions had finished. I then downloaded the full qualifying session and that did not even run correctly at 1 to 1 speed so it slowly got behind the real time on the TV and then sometimes it jumped back by 10 minutes or more. Its replay speed error large, in the order of minutes after only 1/2 a Qualifying session so it was completely useless as an aid to watching recorded F1 coverage. Another issue was joining part way through the live session. I was watching the race live today and at one time I had to restart the app. The data then displayed was not correct for tyre usage ( all the front runners went to the same value even though Hamilton had 4 laps fresher tyres and the rest were different, the positions made or lost since the start were wrong, as it seems that the basic grid positions and pit stop data are not resent correctly or often enough when joining the session to allow that to be calculated. For the timing it may be they have not tested on different versions of IPAD but that should not be the case I have an older IPAD2 which ran last years Soft Pauer app fine..Version: 6.072

Commentary and data are out of syncDoes my head in - why is the commentary out of sync with 5ge data? It makes no sense. Commentary team going bla bla bla about events that were shown on the app 60 seconds earlier! Being 2 to 5 seconds out of sync would be poor but 55-60 seconds is unfathomable..Version: 11.21.4

F1 TVWaste of money, can’t access live stream due to region restrictions. I want to enjoy the racing and an un-vetted access to all aspects of F1. Stuck with Sky F1 in Australia and no alternative choices, Sick of British biases, the love festival with Lewis Hamilton is tiring, put any one of 10 drivers in a Mercedes and you don’t have that many world championships going to one driver......Uh..Roseberg.. Need better representation of commentators from different nationalities to better represent.......... and the rants continue... just let us watch what we want ... F1 I have Kayo, Optus sport, beIN sport, prime, F1 TV, Foxtel, Netflix.... and pay for all of them still can’t get good coverage..Version: 11.15.0

HorrendousThis app is horrendous, and not even worth opening. The one decent feature - the countdown timer widget - is outdated and I’m not sure even works for the 2021 season as it hasn’t started counting? Literally just give us a new format widget with a countdown timer for each session and leave it at that. Is that too much to ask for? I could pay a developer a $500 to knock that out in an afternoon. Why can’t you?.Version: 11.20.1

Pointless - has become worse over timeIf you want to check results then forget about downloading this app. I don't know how a sport with so much money can make an app worse than the previous year. This was a great app about 3 years ago but is just absolute rubbish now. The only good thing is to check to see what times the sessions are in your local time. Okay a year or two later and this statement is still true. Seriously change your developer and if they are in house then outsource it because the app is an absolute joke. Zero logic to it and that’s if it is working. I have helped customers with far more complicated models produce something far more simple and user friendly than this..Version: 11.5.0

New app is crapOne star because you cant give zero. Presentation of live session is now useless since update. There is more info on the tv. Where as all the details gone? Was it too confusing for some? Treating F1 fans as brain dead infants. You do not understand F1 fans we are not Indycar fans. App was good to have something to look at too whilst the tv cameraperson, who are bored, show off the zoom skills on car side pods too much. With the new TV changes too, music for dramatic effect or silly sound effects especially for the fastest lap announcement every lap. Monthly subscription now cancelled for good. Very sad but F1 is now aimed at the very very young kids with all changes to app and tv making it a very simple sport to follow and looking like a computer game. So as a mature fan it is finished for me will take my hard earned money elsewhere. I pity those who purchased 12months..Version: 11.0.0

IPhone 5s getting very hotI've upgraded and the app is still chewing battery and the phone is getting very warm! Great app if my phone could last the GP before dying..Version: 6.052

Thanks for ruining my enjoyment of F1 - SPOILER ALERTPrevious review which you supposedly took into account when redesigning the app this year. PLEASE BRING BACK THE NO SPOILER OPTION NOW. It’s not fair to spoil the result. What is the point of being able to replay the timing when the result is shown on the screen before you watch. So apart from all the other people who have told you to put all the info back on one screen so the app actually allows you to follow RACING, you ruined my enjoyment of F1 by telling me the result of the race before I watched it. You removed the “no spoiler” function. I bought this app so I can watch live timing when I get the chance to watch the TV recording I make on my Sky+ System as I spend Sunday’s with my family not watching TV. So I am forced to take this unwanted upgrade then I open the app and there on the previous race page, BEFORE I CAN RERUN THE TIMING YOU SHOW ME THE RESULT... BRING BACK THE NO SPOILER MODE or refund my subscription..Version: 11.5.0

Ad on Formula one AppDevelopers, I would like to place my concern regarding the app. The Ad appearing on the app for a free subscription makes a lot of sense and I agree with that however for a premium subscription user seeing advertisements after paying a lot of money for F1 Tv is a bit concern. I Understand both are different platforms however both F1 TV and F1 App using same credentials makes it as a bundled platform. There should be a way to combine both the app credentials and make advertising stop for premium subscribers. As a Fan of Formula 1 which is a pinnacle of motor sport in the world is a disappointment in technology having an app which pushes advertising content for premium subscribers. Step up with your game!!!!!.Version: 11.23.2

Very Hard to Use and Lacking in ContentWith multiple updates the website has improved from the first release, fortunately, but it is full of pictures and lacking on information. The tech analysis is very good, but I would like more of the technical. The navigation is horrible, it seems the website designers wanted to be creative and unique, that is not helpful to a user and why I gave only 1 star. I have years of experience in software and website design, and this design is difficult to use (and that is being kind). The historical data is nonexistent. There is no short or long term data, or at least I can’t find any. Short term being detailed race data, each driver, each lap time showing each driver’s fastest lap, pit stops with times, etc. For long term data there should be detailed data back to the beginning of F1, all races, all drivers, etc. I have been an F1 fan for many years and especially love using live timing during the race. They finally have useable Live Timing data, but to include track position you lose essentially all the rest os useful timing data. (The previous F1 owners had a much better design. 1 star website, it needs a lot of improvements..Version: 11.10.0

Updated VersionRegards to the live, timing the updated version of this app for the new season (2019) is a small improvement on the shambles that was introduced towards the end of last season. There is still not as much information and detail as we used to have to look at, to compare lap times and strategies etc for those of us that wanted to. The map of the circuit is still ridiculous, just a bland line marking the racing line, no details regarding corners, the pit-lane and which drivers are where on the track etc. This updated version still hasn't got anything over the original app and will need many more updates to follow on the live timing to even get close, for those of us that like to have all the detail and info to hand during a race..Version: 11.5.0

CANCELLED SUBSCRIPTION - BRING BACK OLD TIMING APPApril 2019 Update: now that you have removed the old live timing app this new app timing screen is still terrible. After many years of subscribing I have cancelled my subscription. Please bring back the old timing app. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!!!!! Late 2018 Update: a new dedicated F1 Live Timing app is now available which is the old live timing feature in its own app now. Original review: You have ruined a perfectly good app. I pay £20 a year to use live timing and it is now useless. User interface looks like a 5 year old designed it. It’s not even optimised for iPad screen size. Just looks like zoomed phone app. Please bring back the previous version we all loved. I used to be able to see all 20 cars timings and live drivers on track map of the whole circuit. Now I can only see partial timing info for 5 cars....on a 12.9” iPad screen! Come on guys....get a grip!!!.Version: 11.5.1

Am I missing something...Had the app a few years now and it worked well allowing me to watch races later in the evening but for some reason I can no longer access live timing without race spoilers, making it extremely frustrating. You spend hours away from social media, sports news etc and then sit down to watch the race, load the app and BOOM, there in full technicolor detail, the headline you don’t want to see for another 2 hours, “Hamilton wins”! Also tried it on the iPhone X this evening and definitely some format issues there with the top bar. Reading reviews I’m not the only one with issues. Deffo won’t renew if there is no solution on the race spoilers for those watching catch up..Version: 11.8.1

Cookies policy settingsWithin cookies policy settings, when “no, manage policy” is selected, one can’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to save settings or reject all. GDPR compliant?.Version: 11.21.3

Okay but...Really annoying the way it asks every time you open it whether you want to subscribe to the season pass - lose the nag please plus what's with the constant downloading core update dross? Flashy but has no substance..Version: 6.012

Friday 13th release is bad luckNo live feed, no screen control, no telemetry, I've spent $34.99 on a subscription for Melbourne and it is too full of bugs to run. Give my money back F1 and the unnamed owner!.Version: 7.012

Total scam!All the cool stuff advertised on the website for the premium paid subscription are lies. The driver comparison data does not work. Absolute ripoff. Don't pay for it. 2017 update. Still a joke of an app. Still showing 2016 standings. No race results. No wonder F1 management had to change. Let's hope they fix this soon. BBC is so much better..Version: 9.022

No SubscriptionSigned up to F1 TV and no matter what I do my subscription won’t work in the app. Can watch in the browser fine. Pointless downloading the app and by the other feedback here it’s not great once you finally get in anyway.Version: 11.14.0

Live Timing is AwfulI was a long-term fan of live timing until the latest update absolutely ruined it. I enjoy using the app as a second screen while watching live on TV. iPad app looks like a copy of the iPhone app, with massive text instead of the additional information we used to get- now it’s an inferior copy of what you already get on TV. Heaps of features removed from the old version- they’d better fix it quickly or I’ll be cancelling my subscription..Version: 11.0.0

Horrible for FantasyI know the fantasy portion of this app isn’t its complete use, but it’s so incredibly hard and annoying to use with a handful of glitches for a business of this magnitude I would think it would receive some attention. The fact that you have to dig through the app to find the fantasy section is difficult enough, but then that you have to login every time you hit the back button seems overly secure for an app that has no financial features. You can’t change your team name because of a glitch the blocks the view of the type box. It’s slow beyond belief, the leader boards don’t update usually for more than 5 hours after a race and it’s overly clumsy to just move about the fantasy section. It’s actually a discussion every Sunday for the years we gotten together to watch F1… it’s amazing to all of that it can be this bad. It takes away from the whole experience just a little. I’ll speak for all us that we hope some effort and attention can be put into these features of the app for future use!.Version: 11.23.2

Was sucking my Battery when open in backgroundSeems to have an issue and can’t be left open in background without excessive battery usage. No idea if it’s notifications or the live race countdown clock or just my iPhone XS, but something is up so just decided to delete..Version: 11.15.0

Needs much improvementThis is the worst app I have ever used, primarily due to the poor and unintuitive navigation. Eg why doesn’t touching/clicking the logo take you back to the home screen. Even the 12 year old kid next door knows to do that. Whose idea was it to put the live timing indicator at the top left of the screen? That’s where most people expect to find the most important nav button. If live timing not available, why no message to that effect? The app designers need a few lessons on ui usability. The kid next door designs and builds better apps than this and he is only 12. I hope F1 didn’t pay more that $800 for this disgracefully poor app..Version: 11.15.0

App is good IMO but not perfectI honestly have almost no issue with this app. The interface is nice and simple to use. You guys are great at immediately putting up a practice, qualifying, and race once they’ve aired. My two biggest issues are 1) The commentary cuts out randomly for a few seconds throughout the race in any race video you watch and 2) Why can’t you guys update the archive and start putting races from previous seasons? I’m paying monthly and I’m only able to see a handful races from each year if that. You really need to start updating the archive. That’s what sold me in the first place. I’m satisfied and contempt with the app/service cause I can at least stay up to date on current races but you can improve. The archive is honestly my biggest thing.Version: 11.0.1

The worstApp frequently crashes. The video player gets stuck and skips constantly. App has become un-useable. Fix it..Version: 10.082.2

Not sure what changedThis app is terribly glitchy. For F1 fantasy, very difficult to navigate. It’s like the app wasn’t meant for a mobile phone screen. Lots of stuff is off the screen and not able to be clicked on. Not sure what to as changed between last season and this one, but it got way worse. For such a popular sport, why does the app have to be so difficult. Other sports apps are much more user friendly. Maybe make an app strictly for F1 Fantasy only..Version: 11.23.1

F1 SubsMy Visa shows payment for upgrade and App Store says I am subscribed, yet F1 app doesn’t recognize my payment. I think Apple and F1 need to improve their interface because a search shows I’m not the only one with this problem. I suggest use users to subscribe from F1 site and NOT use App Store to subscribe.Version: 11.23.2

Latest update has ruined it - zero stars. Do not buy.I’ve subscribed to this (expensive) app for 4 years now, it started poorly but has been slowly improved. Always glitchy but give some great detail race data, especially the sector splits and ability to track a drivers progress and detail timings against everyone else. Screen could be custom sized to get all of the field onto a single screen if I wanted. Could even just about follow a race fully without the TV coverage. So all in all pretty good and while never worth the money at least gave me something I couldn’t get from the TV coverage. Until now. The latest update -it m looks pretty but it is utterly utterly useless for anyone actually into F1 - Dear Liberty that is anyone willing to pay the over the odds price for the App in the first place. I wouldn’t even recommend this if it was free. No longer can I see intermediate splits, no longer can I see all the field on a screen. No longer all the cars locations on the circuit. No longer can I access the timing screens that are shown at the circuits. No split screen ability. No use whatsoever for a fan looking for race detail. Whoever released this is one coupon short of a pop-up toaster. Didn’t anyone think to consult the people who follow F1 and use this thing before such radical change?. Liberty media please get your act together and be quick about it. Hopeless..Version: 11.0.1

AdsSeems good so far but am surprised, with a f1tv subscription, that I have to watch ads on the originals videos within this app. It would also be nice if the two apps were, either the same app, or more integrated. Pretty good UI, great content and intuitive.Version: 11.23.2

SubparThe app is great for reading news stories. Keeping up with the calendar, and other things. However, when it comes to viewing live timings the UI animations are so sluggish. Not only that, if I click on a link in the live commentary section to read the article there is no way to go back to live commentary without having to close the whole live timing section and reopening. I don’t mean to insult anyone but huge oversight. Also, can you please tell me how I can submit feedback or report issues? Thank you..Version: 11.15.0

F1 app - or Lewis Hamilton appIn terms functionality there is a lot to like. Practice laps, results etc - all well done, no question. My issue is with the journalistic bias towards Lewis Hamilton. If Lewis qualifies in pole there is massive discussion and analysis - fair enough. The problem is when anyone else does well it is still all about what went wrong for Lewis rather than whoever drove well. The natural assumption of the F1 app is F1 is full of English fans. Good luck with that!.Version: 11.16.1

BrutalThe app seems to determine at random which videos will have sound and which won’t.Version: 11.21.1

Old app great, new app APPALLING!I am a long term subscriber to the F1 timing app, having used it to great effect to enhance my enjoyment of each race for many years. Unfortunately this new app substantially reduces the quality, usability and functionality of the timing data, to the point where it really is basically pointless, doesn’t show the information in a useable manner and therefore no longer adds anything at all to the experience. It is also almost impossible to access the timing replay data without finding out the race result first; a TOTAL DISASTER! I thought Liberty were going to be enhancing the F1 Fan experience, not detracting from it! Poor, Liberty. Very poor. Shame on you. I only hope you don’t get the new racing format as wrong as this app! PLEASE, PLEASE return the functionality of the old app, this one is simply a waste of money and I will not be subscribing again. No stars.... it doesn’t deserve any..Version: 11.0.0

Avoid this appDownloaded this app as recommended through the the F1 site, overall disappointing, it did not reveal the cost of the app until after you purchase then I now find there is a monthly charge, poor all round F1, avoid at all cost!!.Version: 10.082.2

Latest update is a huge step backwardsI've always thought this app was an invaluable part of the F1 experience but this update is a major step backwards. 50% of the screen is used for the banner. Font is enormous so you have to continually change pages and scroll up and down to see more than a handful of drivers. Did anyone actually interested in F1 have ANY input into the app development. Is was very useful, it’s now awful..Version: 11.0.0

Getting worseSince the update every time I try to sign in it crashes..Version: 11.21.1

Great app… but videos don’t play sound?Odd that the videos don’t have sound. I’ve looked around for a setting but it’s a mystery..Version: 11.21.8

Disaster of an App updateThe previous version needed a little work, but generally gave you Key information on one screen during the race and qualifying: lap times, sector times, and during the race, gap to the lead, interval between drivers and the ability to turn on driver radio transmissions. The new app shows lap time, gap to lead and interval between drivers on one screen but only six max drivers at a time. With the previous app, I could see the entire field on my tablet. I have to go to a 2nd screen to see sector times (really annoying during qualy) and still can only see the top six, missing drivers who have just gone out on track and are setting competitive early sectors. Graphics and color choices are also poor and inferior tot he previous version. I also found that my “no spoiler “ alert had been reset, so when I tried signing on the app with my phone during the race I the hopes of avoiding screen switching with my tablet, I was shown the Singapore (current race) results totally ruining my enjoyment of that race. Terrible update. This should have gone to a Beta release with a representative sample of fans! I will cancel my subscription if this is not fixed- actually worse than just following broadcast. - F1 fan for over 25 years.Version: 11.0.0

Latest update a massive failI enjoyed the previous incarnations of this app and have paid for this service for many years. As the F1 races have been moved later this year I have been recording them (I’m in Aus) and watching them the following evening. The latest version tells you the result of the session as you load the live timing session. This completely spoils it and means I won’t use it at all now. The previous version had a no spoiler option which worked brilliantly in this sense. The other major flaw of the new update is that you can only see a few drivers details on the live timing page at any one time. Having to scroll up and down is frustrating. I like having my iPad set up in front of me as a screen allowing me to view the entire field without scrolling. Much like how you would view the data in the pit wall at the race. How can you see (or tell...) things happening in live timing if it’s below the field of view. Unless F1 fixes these two things I certainly won’t be paying the price to resubscribe as it has become useless to me. I really hope you address this as there are plenty of passionate F1 fans like myself that feel the same way!.Version: 11.0.0

Too many spoilersWhere I live I am unable to watch the race live. I always watch it the next day. I try to avoid anything that will give me any info on the race but it’s hard to avoid this app giving me notifications which either reveal the winner or spoil the surprise of the race. At least put an option we can select to avoid spoilers in the future.Version: 11.21.3

Pretty Graphics, Poor User ExperienceWhy do I have to close and reopen the app in order to see the latest news? Why doesn’t this app have a swipe down to refresh? Also, why I’m am being shown advertisements when I’m signed in with a PAID subscription to F1? The annual subscription is not an insignificant cost. Update: I’ve now found out the app refreshes on its own schedule. This caused me to lose the Eddie Cheever podcast I was listening to. I paused the podcast thinking I could finish listening the following day, but it was gone and since the app has NO SEARCH feature, I can’t even be sure of that. When I need to app to refresh, it won’t. When I don’t want it to refresh it does. Brilliant..Version: 11.15.0

Poor functionality and controls ruin great contentThe F1 app has improved over the years but still has a long way to go. Simple things like video controls to skip back and forward in time, the ability to remember where you watched up to without having to start again, watchlists, scroll lists that start from your last selection are all missing. Most of these features have been found in media playback apps for years and nowhere to be seen here. Even the basic functionality of the slider at the bottom of the phone is tiny to operate and is so low on the screen it conflicts with activating a swipe up function on the iPhone X series. The ability to swap between timing, broadcast feed and onboard is a great idea and if it wasn’t so sluggish going between them it would be a winner. In time, if this app is really taken seriously to be improved I would have no hesitation paying to watch the races through this subscription (instead of Sky) for better coverage..Version: 11.15.0

Sad demise of F1The recent update has ruined what was a great app. Previously we had very similar views of live timing data to the actual F1 teams on the pit wall. Now we have very limited views of live timing data and a significant reduction in use ability. The previous app effectively allowed the user to ‘watch’ races albeit without actual visuals and the cynic in me feels that the changes have been designed to remove this facility and drive fans into subscribing to either F1TV or SKY. I suspect the opposite is more likely and from a personal point of view a lifetime of F1 ‘fandom’ will come to an end after the last race of this season. Subscription cancelled and will remain so unless this app is returned to the functionality originally purchased..Version: 11.0.0

Please stop race result notificationsImmediately after every race the app pushes notifications that give or allude to the results of the race. I don’t end up watching every race live so I don’t know joy race spoilers that is why I removed the app. At least somehow allow people to disable those after race notifications..Version: 11.21.3

Bring back the “No Spoilers” optionIt’s really very simple, not all of us are able to watch every GP live, so we record it, avoid the result and watch it later, we also download the ‘timing data’ and use that whilst we watch the replay. I’ve done this since the app was launched. We can’t do that now because you show the race result on the screen used to get access to the timing download! This is just bad design! It was simple and easy previously, I can’t understand how you could not be aware that “No Spoilers” is/was a key feature for many many fans. I’ve requested a subscription refund from apple until the issue is resolved..Version: 11.5.1

Shocking!What in God’s name made you think this new update was a good idea. Crap doesn’t do it justice. I’ve started watching the race an hour in and where before I could start the app and rewind the live running back to the race beginning I can’t do this now. Also on start up the first thing that appears on the opening screen is the latest race leaderboard. Thanks for that too! So I can skip the first 25 laps of the race! Brilliant! Whereas we could watch the position of all the cars and have the latest leaderboard timing screen as well, that option seems to have disappeared too. That’s just for starters! If this abomination isn’t sorted before the next race this is one subscription that will not be renewed. I actually came back to the App Store to check I hadn’t somehow made an error to be using a different, inferior app as this one is so bloody awful! Congratulations on winning the worst app update ever! You should be ashamed of yourselves and sacked immediately! So I on reflection two weeks on, I’ve cancelled my subscription! F1 races can be pretty dull at times and using the old app added a real something to the spectacle. Now you’ve taken that enjoyment away, I’ve taken my money away!.Version: 11.0.1

What a waste of money bad upgrade to say the least!!I’ve been using this app for 5 years and paying a premium compared to other apps, but now you have gone too far with this ridiculously bad upgrade that was obviously designed by a graphic designer not a developer with F1 racing experience, please listen to all the users that are experienced in F1 racing and revert back to the old app. I will not be wasting my money in the future if this is the way the organization in heading, get your act together guys for 🤬 sake..Version: 11.0.1

Should be listening to Canada GPBut this stupid app doesn’t work so instead I’ll just post this review. This might be the worst app from a major sporting organization. Sometimes the live timings work sometimes they don’t, can’t exit out to play in the background, timings usually go live right as the race starts instead of maybe 15 minutes prior or something like that. Audio is only available in English for me which is odd for an international sports organization. No other sports organization makes it so hard to follow them. Honestly this app is bad it makes me want to watch nascar but the only time so many confederate flags should be in the same place is at a klan rally..Version: 11.6.0

PffffRipoff.Version: 7.022

Ads paradise even for Pro customersDoesn’t matter how good the app is, Unless you stop giving ads for Pro customers I will keep my 1 star rating. It’s like ads paradise..Version: 11.21.0

One of the worst functioning apps.Issues: Forgets log-in information all the time, makes me watch 30 second ads on videos for an app that i’m a “pro” paid subscriber on, there is no Airplay for videos…that’s insane. When an ad is playing, you can’t get out of the ad without quitting the app. I really don’t get that, when you click a link to another F1 article within the app, it will open the link in safari and not the app….??? why? that’s such a clunky user experience. why not just open the article within the app? I literally can’t say anything good about the app with the exception that it lets me watch F1. That’s it. Please make it better..Version: 11.21.3

F1Refund requested can’t watch live reason for purchasing. Don’t bother.Version: 11.5.0

Can it get any worseYou have totally ruined this app. Bring back the old one. The tracking map was so much better in the old one. You can’t see all the drivers on one screen along with you have to flip between screens to see all the information that used to be on one screen. That is just the beginning. App is totally useless on ipad and iPhone. Have to use PC now which is only slightly better than the phone and pad. If it stays like this definitely will not be renewing subscription..Version: 11.0.1

Broken news feedStories just flash and constantly reload so are unreadable..Version: 10.032.1

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