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QuickBooks Workforce App User Positive Comments 2024

QuickBooks Workforce app received 52 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about quickbooks workforce?

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QuickBooks Workforce for Positive User Reviews

Simple, quick, and reliableThis App is simple to use, quick reply, and reliable. It is accurate and easy to track your hours..Version: 4.10.3

Doesn’t sync or show accurate accrualsMuch better than old spreadsheets but still has user issues.Version: 2.121.1

Awesome!Really easy!.Version: 4.15.1

Customer service is #1Let me just tell you about how I made the mistake of giving permissions to users for job entry. I assumed that the adults in my business had common sense, I was wrong. One of my users deleted an entire job folder! I thought my day was over, that I was going to have to recreate weeks worth of time sheets. I called customer support and got Monica on the phone. She listened to my story and told me not to worry. Within moments she fixed the whole folder! I can go back to life as usual! (After I revoke everyone's permissions to job entry.) Thank you Monica and thank you TSheets for making a stellar product. I'm especially love the system log, which made tracking down who made the mistake a breeze. This whole program has made my life incredibly easy!.Version: 2.62.1

Love itI love everything it does, just wish that what I capture in TSheets could automatically upload to invoicing in Quickbooks.Version: 2.90.1

Very nice!I really like this time sheet app. It is much easier to switch between jobs than others I have used. I like the fact that even if I forget to clock in I can change the clock in and switch job times as I clock in, rather than having to go back and edit the sheet later. I really like the tracking in background feature. At first I thought it was a little too invasive but I have used it to figure out what time I arrived on job sites even if I forgot to clock in at the time. I used to use a separate tracking app for this. Overall the ease of editing and tracking make this a 5 star app..Version: 2.50.1

Excellent support Australia time 10:28Wow the support is excellent. Using just a live chat message service my issue was resolved. The biggest surprise for me is the time. It is after 10 at night on a Friday night of all times. I have used the support for our more complex set up during the normal Aussie work times but to access support when things actually go wrong is amazing. Lets face it, it always goes wrong on a Friday when every one has knocked off earlier then normal. Thankyou very much. I am looking forward to all the time Tsheets will save me. A special thank you to Jen D.Version: 2.42.1

As an Forman in the fieldThis app is great. So far with the few things I have used it is working well. The scheduling on the employee side needs a little help. It is confusing and lacks a few things that would make it a bit more streamlined for the employees. Other than that so far pretty good. ***** Update requested. ***** So you’ve sent me an email about my suggestions on the scheduling side of the app. To start I think a monthly, weekly to daily planner view for the employees app would be a good start. To help organize the schedule and divide up the schedule. Right now my employees get confused on what is what. Also I would like to see an app for scheduling I’d really like to see an app for admin. I do a lot of the scheduling in the field and it’s a pain from the app and real hard to attempt online from a phone. It would be nice to see some of the same options as the web site in an app version. Another thing is floating jobs. Or an unscheduled job list. Able to be sorted by age of job, name or work order number. Also roll over jobs. We usually schedule jobs for two days to 6 weeks with multiple and changing employees. If we could add and remove employees from the job list and have separate duties for each employee without creating a separate schedule that would be amazing. I found this app through a construction company we were working with. Therefore I believe more companies would be interested as well..Version: 2.53.1

Love ItSpewing I hadn’t found this app earlier! Makes my life so simple and my techs much more accountable.Version: 2.69.2

Practically perfect in every wayTsheets is amazing. I own an IT company with 10 employees and moving over to tsheets is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Fantastic integration with quickbooks allows us to set different rates for regular vs after hours work. Descriptions of work performed by each technician seamlessly transfers to quickbooks. My customers love seeing full details of the work performed on their invoices, too. I would highly recommend this for any service company that needs to not only track time, but also details on work performed for customers. They are also constantly improving the product. I love the ability to see where everyone on my team is scheduled for the week. I’m always on the go and would love to see a specific mode within the app for managers so we can track how many hours our employees worked today, this week, and this month..Version: 2.58.2

Best App and Time Tracking Service! Amazing fast Customer serviceWork with Jen D through the desktop live chat this morning due to a sync issue with Quickbooks. It was solved in a matter of minutes and now we’re back to running our payroll for today! I researched this company and they gave me a trial with that trial it turned into years of commitment because of how easy it is to use. If you are a business owner like me and have employees, this is the best investment you can make for payroll. It’s easy to set up easy to learn and you can even track GPS location of the employees to the phone through the app. We use the kiosks a lot for our tablets in each vehicle. Now they have face facial recognition for clocking in. So they cannot clock other people in and out! Also if you ever have an issue the customer service especially the live chat through their website is the best. Wait time is practically zero and correcting the issue is almost under five minutes. They also help you set up everything and train you for no additional cost!.Version: 2.35.2

Date of pay stubsOnly thing is i would like to to be less difficult to find put where my first couple pays are i don't like the system or at least have an all time option so i can scroll down and see my first couple pays from the company i work for.Version: 4.19.1

WorkforceThe app works great n has been doing just fine.Version: 4.16.2

Does its job fine 👍🏽It does what you need to do fine. Nothing special..Version: 4.19.1

HappyAbsolutely spot on very easy to use.Version: 3.86.2

T Sheets Live ChatHad a great and very helpful chat with Kelsey T, 1st class knowledge and advice as well as fun and friendly, looking forward to my next problem lol Thanks KT.Version: 2.35.4

Works well but an improvement I’d like to see…Would love to see a brief preview of notes I made on the general view of timesheets. Sometimes I forget to do it and it would make the end of week easier, so I know what days I missed and need to add information too. Alternatively an icon that says there’s a note attached..Version: 4.22.1

Payworks/IntuitWith a unique feel and clean design, this app takes away anxiety and brings on a feel of calmness. It’s simple, yet effective and easy to use. All employers should use this system..Version: 4.11.1

Extremely usefulLoving this app,I’m self employed,very good to count hours you work in multiple places! Very recommended!Very simple to use !.Version: 2.113.1

CommentIt’s been excellent and reliable..Version: 4.20.1

STOPPED TIME THEFT DEADShawn was SO great on the phone explaining all the details, features and robustness of how TSHEETS is designed to stop time theft dead. We have lowered our time expenditure by 30%. It really works!.Version: 2.34.1

Great appI really like the app formatting.Version: 4.19.1

Thank you for (sort of) acting on our feedback!OK, so y’all seem so ‘bent’ on never bringing back the fabulous ‘Red 1’ method for notifying users when they’re on or off the clock... WHY? Please give us a real explanation as to why this is suddenly an unachievable request. It was so elegantly simple, and I’m still trying to believe that your users are your #1 focus. Hit us with the tech talk; some of us will understand if you would just EXPLAIN! As further incentive to answer this question... it may just shut me up! (Although I can’t promise that) Thank you! Ever since our company started using TSheets, we were all used to seeing that ‘Red 1’ on the app’s icon. Then, after a recent update, they decided to do away with that feature! Time over-run’s started occurring and missed clock-in’s. We grumbled & persistently submitted our dissatisfaction. Now, rumor has it, they’re fixing it & bringing that feature back! Thank you for listening & keeping your loyal users at the forefront when development makes changes! I can hardly wait to see that ‘Red 1’ again... keep up the good work!.Version: 2.47.2

Outstanding customer service!Once again I am proud to say I use T-sheets bc this time Dustin saved the day! Each time I call in I learn something new and more details about the digital functionality of my business tracking gets smoother and smoother! And that’s not bc I’m techy at all!!! But thanks to their diligent help to make sure they understand how my business functions we are little by little setting even my QB to function better. I know how things work on paper but the transition into programs has been a steep learning curve. Honestly TSheets doesn’t pass the buck when it comes to making things function and breaking it down so you understand. As much as I hate overhead the combination of QBO, T-sheets, and Expensify has simplified my life so much! Once again one of the great employees at T-sheets, this time Dustin, held my hand as I was trying to understand how to customize my invoice. Then when he had exhausted his capabilities he helped me prepare how I should ask for further assistance with QBO. Bless his heart! 2+ hours and now I understand how these programs should function together and what result I am looking for. So excited! We are getting somewhere! Thanks Dustin!.Version: 2.35.4

Instant and knowledgeable!!!Great experience from the guys over at T Sheets (I recommend speaking to Kelsey), this app does exactly what it says on the tin. Prepare yourself to save loads of time!!! Michael.Version: 2.42.1

The baddest bish around Miss Ashley TIt was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but inside I was dead. You see Friday night was full of debauchery and I was seriously hungover. Unfortunately I had to work but I didn't want to use my brain. This is when Ashley steps in, can I just say - she a angel! She helped me fix my schedule screen, I had been doing it wrong for too long. She made it better, she made me better too. Ashley's joyfullnes brought so many laughs to our conversation. I almost forgot I was dead. Her impeccable knowledge bombs about every question I needed answered were answered as if they were prayers. I don't know what I love more at this point smashingly Ashley or TSHEETS! Thanks for all the help and getting me through my scheduling issues..Version: 2.63.2

Great app easy to useGreat app easy to use.Version: 2.72.1

It worksWorks very well for our companies needs for tracking time..Version: 4.25.1

Great appAwesome.Version: 4.17.1

Easy trackingThis is such a great way to keep track of my hours and materials used and can be used to help mentor my colleagues and share ideas on how to problem solve with photos and details..Version: 4.16.3

Amazing customer serviceI had just recently download this app to track my hours as an employee for my job due to my boss being unable to keep track of them due to time issues, so i started off with the free trial. I had started using the app and tracked my work and break times. The features are very helpful in making sure my hours are correct and break times are deducted from the original work hours. The next day, to my surprise, I had received a phone call from one of your employees at customer service and was told that i could upgrade from the trial version to the full version for absolutely free and was told about many other helpful features that this app can provide. Very impressed with the quick and very helpful service and i would recommend this app to employees/employers who are in a similar situation as I am in..Version: 2.71.2

DecentTook a star off because you won’t stop asking me to rate thegosh darn app.Version: 2.117.2

Highly recommended!InLet Management.Version: 2.53.1

Best Time Sheet Program & SupportI rarely review a product, but I have to say that Tsheets is incredible. I currently am a sole proprieter doing consulting and needing to send bills with Quickbooks. I was often forgetting or trying to piece together where i was and when. This program is always there in your back pocket, and the integration with Quickbooks is perfect. When I grow to have more consultants working for me, I will pay for the product happily. That's the other amazing thing... i am on a free version... FREE, and yet whenever I have a problem, I am able to call their tech support and speak with a human quickly who solves the problem efficiently. The last time I had to call I got Dom Cooper on the phone. He knew the product inside and out and got me through the finish line perfectly. That has been my experience with Tsheets since the beginning. It works... if it doesn't they help you solve your problem with a smile and confidence that wins the day. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.33.1

App is automatically in BetaI forgot to clock in at work a couple times and wrote a comment in the app saying to clock me in at x time. Come to find out no one received my comment and I almost got fired. Turns out the app automatically puts you in the beta version where the comment feature doesn’t work. I don’t know why a time keeping app for work AUTOMATICALLY puts you in a beta version where some features don’t work. Have people opt in if they wish, but do not put people in the beta by default for something that tracks people’s hours for pay..Version: 4.3.1

Easy to useI am very happy with TSheets which I introduced to the not for profit organisation I work for in October 2018. As team members are often out on the road visiting clients we are able to track their whereabouts to ensure they are safe as well as the distance travelled for mileage reimbursement. It has become second nature to all the team to switch activities, jobs and add notes when they need to as TSheets is on their phone. Our old paper timesheets were often left to the last minute to be completed, in arrears and not always accurately, which often delayed payroll processing..Version: 2.71.1

NiceVery nice.Version: 4.16.3

T sheetsVery easy to use and comprehensive..Version: 2.60.1

Great app! Small suggestion/issueT sheets is very easy to work with and visually appealing. When submitting times for payroll, it’s truly seamless. Unfortunately, the small business that I manage had to make the decision to switch to Homebase simply because of its MESSAGE BOARD. Staff communication is very important and if it were to be included in T sheets, this app would be everyone’s go to I’m sure of it! I think I understand that T sheets works within its niche of clocking hours and syncing well with Intuit. Simple is usually better. We already use Quickbooks and Intuit direct deposit forms and a message board update would be so perfect. so Please consider adding a message board! You’ll have my business utilizing your services through and through..Version: 2.119.1

August 2023As an employee, the app is super easy to use and able to learn the functions very easily with no struggle. Would recommend this for small and big businesses.Version: 4.7.1

App has saved me a lot of timeThe people at TSheets have been fantastic to work with, extremely helpful & patient. App is extremely easy to use - processing payroll takes a fraction of the time as we were using paper time sheets. There is a definite learning curve like with anything new but it seems like they are always trying to find ways to improve & they appreciate customer input. My only complaint is that they updated the site which changed the configuration of my printed time sheets & they cannot put it back. :( I would dock them 1/2 a star for that if I could. Other than that, this App has been a lifesaver - thanks TSheets & thanks to your many wonderful customer agents you have working in Idaho..Version: 2.56.2

Simple and to the point.I am a very small-time user, but it does the trick. I think a ‘pause’ feature would work well, instead of having to clock out when you go on a short break (unless it has this feature and I simply have seen it). Otherwise ace..Version: 2.60.1

Max HI use the live chat option and was directed to Max H. He was very good at answering my questions quickly and efficiently and allowed me to get on with what I needed to do. This software is well worth the money for any contractor with who has employees and needs to keep track of jobs the support is excellent and I highly recommend it Jay Seel AARC Drywall.Version: 2.34.1

Love itLove it.Version: 4.19.1

GoodGood.Version: 4.20.1

Finally found the one!I have been trying out timetrackers for years and even when I think I am set, I end up finding some major flaw and am back at square one shopping around again. T Sheets is awesome - easy to use and is set up for quick jumping around between tasks with minimal clicking. I also love that I can trust the data because it will not allow you to overlap time entries and things like that. This is essential so I know I’m not over billing my clients and also saves me so much time not having to double check all of my entries. And it’s free for a single user!! Can’t go wrong!!.Version: 2.74.2

Excellent!Very helpful and the interface great.Version: 4.19.1

T sheetsChanged the way we communicate as a company we all think it’s awesome.Version: 2.85.1

French pleaseIt really need to be in French we are 20 employees and they speak all French. I love the app tho..Version: 4.11.2

Workforce changes not improvingOne of the greatest features of this app was the geo tracking. We use it on daily basis to see where our employees are / how long they have been on a job and it helps with time tracking to complete payroll and billing. When they changed the app to workforce the geo tracking stopped. I have called several times and am. It given any time line for this bug to be fixed. It has been a month since the bug was first reported and still no update. No projected time for fixes. Extremely disappointed 8-1-23- after writing this review I was contacted by one of the developers Nathan and after some clarification that our problem was with the mapping functionality not the geo tracking as I had written above we did determine that there was a setting in the app that was causing this issue and he walked us through how to change that which has corrected our problem. I’m sorry it took the writing of a bad review to get someone’s attention but glad it got fixed. If anyone else is having mapping issues you need to switch to the live version of the new update out of the beta version- it’s under the wand settings in the app. Thank you to Nathan for helping us fix this issue 😊.Version: 4.4.1

Mr Colin KempTakes a bit of getting used to. Easy to forget to clock on & off. Therefore, glad to be able to edit time sheets..Version: 3.43.1

Works great but it requires location tracking to ALWAYS be on...No complaints about the software itself. It does what it needs to do and is very user friendly. The location tracking on the other hand... you can’t use the app unless you set it to track your location at all times. As an employee I feel violated by this feature. I completely understand turning location services on while I’m clocked in and using the app but there’s no reason it needs to know where I am at all times. Every few days I get a notification saying “TSheets has used your location 31 times in the background over the past 3 days”. Please change the location requirements and I’ll have nothing but great things to say about the app.Version: 2.77.1

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