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Did desktop. Now online.First year I got desktop version. One time purchase and no monthly subscription. I thought it was a great deal and safe being off line. By the end of the year I was so deep behind on every aspect of book keeping realizing desktop version is the same as steering a massive cruise ship without any crew to help. Big mistake. I got online subscription now and most of the book keeping now is automatic. Not to mention I have instant access thru internet from anywhere in the world, on any device I have on hand at a time. Now my invoices go out automatically each month on time, expenses and income organized, and getting taxes done each quarter became a nonevent. I can finally enjoy running my business instead of worrying about paper work and book keeping..Version: 17.11

Anyone who can open a computer can use thisIf you need a great simple accounting of finances use QuickBooks.Version: 21.02.2

So much effort!!Downloaded this to try and make my life easier but setting it up is so much hassle!! Can't add my bank account for some reason though I believe I'm typing the right details in - zero replies to my emails for help and whenever I've called for help I end up speaking to someone who obviously has no clue about the app for 30 mins - why is it so difficult?! Don't bother..Version: 5.5

Great accountingAllows me to manage everything on-the-go. Powerful software for small and medium size business..Version: 5.5

Best investmentVery easy. Unbelievable how much info you can put in and get out. Up to date with today’s tech. 5 stars..Version: 21.04.0

Saving heaps!We changed over from MYOB, March 2016, so have been using this ever since & we are saving huge amounts of time & therefore money everyday. Intuit was & is cheaper per month than the other software, they converted my old data file over for free & all worked from day one. The book keeper actually works on the accounts 40% less (time to complete same tasks), saving our business lots of $. And I can input/complete invoices from all my devices! No matter what operating system they are using. We can’t recommend this software enough, 10 out of 10 Intuit (QuickBooks).Version: 17.9

My business in my pocketA bit pricey but more portable than an accountant.Version: 21.03.1

Great user interfaceI like using Quickbooks online because it is simple and effective. Easy to use and uncluttered..Version: 4.3

THE BEST APP OUT THERE BY FARThe App is excellent for anyone on the go. Easy to upload info from the app. User friendly. Tried a few other book keeping apps and found this to be the best by far. Every update includes a very useful useable option. 👌🏽👌🏽.Version: 17.9

Great supportI love the support you can get when having difficulty or when trying to find a more efficient way of doing things. I just wish I could load more than one photo at a time as I often attach 3 or 4 before AND after photos and that is very time consuming..Version: 19.1.1

Excellent Program & ServiceAs a small business owner we never have enough time. QB makes account quick and is very easy to understand. $15/ month (which is a tax write off) is a great deal. Think about what you'd have to pay a CPA to complete all of this paperwork. My accountant can easily sign in at the end of the year and get the necessary information. The customer service line is MORE than helpful. I've thought about going to QB training classes but there is no need to pay someone else to teach you about QB. With their helpful videos and attentive agents I've been able to learn and understand the program quickly. I've gotten 2 other business owners to use QB and will keep spreading the word!.Version: 17.9

Jon GCouldn’t be happier, no other way to go.Version: 21.04.1

Please add the option to enter billsHaving just started using the online version of QB, after 25years of desktop, I thought entering bills would be so much easier as I could take a photo on the app. But, no. Only ‘expenses’ can be entered which means invoices that are paid on the day they’re issued. Not much help and I’ve wasted a lot of time entering expenses only to mess up my VAT report. Please, I don’t want any more graphics, just the option to enter bills..Version: 20.01.0

NOT AN UPGRADE FROM QB SELF- EMPLOYEDIf you are running QB self employed and you are thinking about upgrading to QuickBooks then be aware. These are two entirely separate apps. Even though QB sells it as an upgrade it is NOT. You will lose your mileage tracking. The mobile version is not near as perfected. And the worst part is none of your info will transfer over automatically. There are some benefits to it and I am learning how to use it but, it’s very glitchy compared to self employed, I get a lot of duplicate/ inaccurate transactions, not near as user friendly, etc. All in all there are some features that if you need them there is nowhere else to get them. Just very disappointed since I based it on an “upgrade” rather than as if I was switching softwares..Version: 18.5

New business/userI began using Quickbooks Jan 2018. I took a little while for me to get it set up and running. I watched some of the videos that they link too and that was helpful. I also contacted one of the Quickbook Expert Bookkeepers in my local area. She came to my house and we did 3 hours face/face which has been invaluable. We got through our first tax return easily and I’ve been lodging my own BAS with no issues. I find it very easy to use now, and consider it vale for money. I especially like the way it links to my Bank Account and Paypal, making the monthly reconciliation a breeze. I would recommend it, and recommend a session with an expert Bookkeeping to help with set up..Version: 18.12

Cloud Attachments - Well Done!I've been waiting years for the ability to attach files to an invoice from a Cloud-based source and it's finally here in this release. Thank you! Now my computer usage is 99% iOS, independent of a desktop..Version: 5.5

Changed the way I workReally love Quick books. I used to invoice at the end of the day and it took ages. Now I invoice each job as it’s completed, send a professional looking invoice and have a record of what I have done for each customer. Invoice menu items that I can set up and save are real time savers. A proper product that does exactly what it says 👍🏻.Version: 21.07.1

Small BusinessI have been using QB for two years now and I am very satisfied with what the program can do for me. I like the flexibility of being able to use it on my Tablet, Computer or my mobile phone..Version: 20.01.0

Big learning curve to start, but very powerfulIt was hard work to start with (owing to my limited knowledge), but good online tutorials and support helped a lot - very happy with the package now after a few months of getting my head around it!.Version: 5.5

Very Easy to UseI’m in the construction trade and love the ease of use of QuickBooks Mobile as I’m always away from my office and need to access customers estimates/invoices and payment history frequently. There are some things on the mobile app that should be fixed that would make it less time consuming such as: -after saving an invoice or estimate without leaving the saved page, any changes that are made while staying on the same page will not be recorded so it will need to be changed a second time in order to be recorded. It’s extremely frustrating when many changes are made after the initial saving and having to do them all over agin for a second time. -Multiple files or attachments should be able to be added to the estimate or attachment instead of each individual file or photo. It’s too time consuming and wastes a lot of time. -sometimes I require a down payment after an estimate has been accepted and the only way I’ve been able to record the initial down payment is to convert the estimate to an invoice even through the job has not even been started. - a digital signature should be allowed or accepted for the estimate through QuickBooks instead of customers having to print the page, sign it, take a picture of it, and then sent back to me in an email or text message. This is extremely time consuming and could easily be solved if a tab was created at the signature line allowing customers to sign it digitally..Version: 20.12.1

Awful programGlitchy... no help at all from customer service, I paid my fee and they used it to open a new account instead of paying for the one I had. “Unable” to refund me... I spent three hours on the phone today with three different people, absolutely no help, no service, no one has any idea what the hell they’re doing, a very poorly run company. Disappointed.Version: 19.10.1

So much potential!I went from desktop to online. What a nightmare! Well, I’m really liking the speed at which I can create and send/print an invoice now that I’m getting used to it and have SOME of the kinks worked out. BUT......There is so much more this app should be able to do!! The accounts are not updated. When I do transactions on chrome or safari, the app is about a month behind even though the balance is correct. Transactions just done shoe!? You can’t do ANY transfers between my accounts. I have to go onto safari and then there is a whole other set of issues! Even when using chrome on iPad Pro you still can’t see the whole page or “buttons” to click to save something....over all I’m getting better at using the mobile version but it REALLY needs work for iPad version to flow like it does online on a laptop! (Which is what I’m trying to get away from) Anxious for a good BIG update..Version: 18.4

Unusable on IPad ProWas intending to transfer all of my business computing over to my more than capable IPad Pro. Intuit seems to have other ideas. Unable to run my business with the QuickBooks software with the app or through the browser. A very unsatisfactory situation having my computing need dictated by intuit. Will change software as soon as practical..Version: 19.5.1

Good to recommend to small businesses ownersAlready set up four companies files on Quickbooks. Initially got a little bit problem with bank feed. Receipt function got some room to improve. I am trying to use 3rd party e-invoice app these days with no luck to succeed but this is not really intuit problem. Quickbooks local customer support is pretty strong. Telephone support is quick and efficient. Cost of the subscription is the main reason I chose Quickbooks over Xero. Basically you need some basic accounting background to set up your file which you always can ask your tax accountant..Version: 20.11.1

QuickBooks online and App make a powerful toolQuickBooks online website experience is my preferred way to use QuickBooks, but this is great when I’m on the road . I can do most of my day to day logging of expenses, invoice creation and check my bank account for transactions I’ve not yet added. The only thing I can’t easily do that I’d like is transfers between bank accounts (this may be possible and I’ve not found it). This is a minor niggle but enough to knock one star off. If an iPad app appears with more editing ability I may even look at not using the web app myself and just using it with my bookkeeper for the genuine “accounting” things (reconciling) than day to day stuff (expenses, invoices etc).Version: 20.06.5

Awesome app!Great product, has everything our small business needs, saved us a lot of time transferring from one program to this. Reconciliation is a dream, so simple and easy to work out. Have had no issues whatsoever and am very happy with the change over, has made life so much easier. 👍 thank you.Version: 18.4

My experience has been mostly positiveWith Quick books based upon the fact that I only use the basic service for sending out invoices. Biggest problems have been not being able to sign in a couple of times and having had both good and bad experiences with help desk personnel. I use 2 accounting apps. Square, which I run all cash, credit cards, gift cards and tax based revenue through. Quick books Is only used for my non-taxable customers who get invoices and pay by check. This keeps things simple for me as Square is hardly ever any problem and I have workarounds with Quick Books when problems arise. Since QB handles no money for me they cannot hold my business hostage at any time. And since both programs have numerous reports this also makes my tax requirements easy. However, one other thing I dislike about QB online is their constantly changing the program. Everyone likes their Apps kept up to date but I hate when they change things just for the sake of touting “look we made another improvement “.Version: 17.9

The best management app on the marketQuickbooks is an absolute must have..Version: 21.04.1

Clean and intuitive.QuickBooks is a great accounting software. I struggled for years with “the competitor”. But QuickBooks is the complete opposite, the screen is clean with only what you need in view rather than everything there in a visual nightmare. The only complaint is the incessant pop up encouraging me to use a new product within the software. I either accept it (which I don’t need as i don’t claim mileage expenses ) or put up with the badgering..Version: 20.03.0

Great app when it works properlyWorks great half the time then randomly says the invoice you just created has been paid and deposited mean while the invoice hasn’t even been sent or received and read by the client go figure on how that works !!!! Trying to get an answer or help is like trying to make love to a door knob ! I can Guarantee everyone will have trouble with this app eventually ! Don’t understand why you don’t simplify your apps not everyone that uses these apps are normal everyday people not Accountants that have time to sit down and sort through your apps errors and miscalculation’s how that even happens I’ll never know ! All in all super easy to write up invoices and separate costings income and business expenses..Version: 20.09.0

Easy to learnEasy to learn good support. I would like to be able to upload invoices sitting in my iPhone PDF or iBooks app, or even better, directly from my email attachments, into the QB app when I am entering expenses. Currently I only have the option of entering a photo. Best wishes, Dee.Version: 5.5

So efficientQBO is so easy to use. Any query I have, the support team always responds within a couple of hours and the way they explain things is in a way that is so easy to understand, and they are just so helpful.i always recommend QBO to anyone that asks what software I use..Version: 17.11

The answer to our prayersWe switched from managing our personal and business finances in several different accounts and life hasn't been more wasy for my husband and I. We are much organized and able to communicate the state of our finances to one another without having to talk all the time. No more logging into the different bank accounts and online credit card accounts to paying bills. No more managing our cash flow with excel docs, no more logging into two different mint accounts to manage our budgets. It's all in one place and I'm so thankful for that! Great job with making the online application easy to use and robust enough for the business owner and family on the go!.Version: 5.5

Network problemsSometimes it says it has network problems and you have to cancel every data you just put in to try saving again. It can be two or three times that happens and that is really frustrating..Version: 18.4

Great On-The-Go Accounting AppI use it to manage my personal finances and self-employment income. It helps that I can enter documents as I soon as I get them..Version: 21.03.2

Mobile app yesI love being able to use the mobile app for quickbooks. You can't do everything you can online but it's great being able to knockout some tasks on the fly and I can show results in an instant, which is a good motivator..Version: 5.5

Awful supportMy account went down on a Friday, with no support available over the weekend and my account practically unusable I contacted QuickBooks support at 8am on Monday. After spending 30 minutes on the phone and being told this was an Apple issue. 30 minutes later Apple told me it was a QuickBooks issue. QuickBooks then confirm after a further 20 minutes I am subscribed and don’t actually know why my account is not working! Not acceptable and costing me thousands by not being able to issue new invoices and check existing ones have been paid!.Version: 18.5

The best thing since sliced breadIt makes doing paperwork a pleasure, even for me with my lack of bookkeeping ‘know how’. I would gladly recommend Quickbooks to anyone running there own business. It’s an intuitive accounts package with a very responsive online support. From invoices to matching receipts with bank statements, doing the wages to running numerous reports as required and so much more. The best bit is, at the end of financial year my accountant will just click online and access everything. Pretty cool....Version: 18.12.1

For a guy who is running his own business this is GOLD!Love how easy it is to invoice and snap receipts on the go. Tracks all my invoices so if those subcontractors don’t pay I’m onto them straight away! Cheers for making it so easy!.Version: 18.12

Balpreet SinghIt is very good. But it can not be connected with bank.Version: 20.04.1

Excellent but to expensiveExcellent but to expensive for small businesses, also too many changes without knowing …….Version: 21.04.1

My experienceQuickbooks is a system designed for people in business to streamline there activities. In doing so allowing their accounting processes to flow more effectively. Quickbooks has changed my business dramatically. Thank you.Version: 19.5.1

Loving it!New business owner and this app has made my life so much easier. Easy to use, its organised , and remarkably the fastest way to send invoices and quotes. Links to your bank for matching transactions , can provide everything you need at your fingertips..Version: 20.03.1

DirectorI've been using quick books for a year now and it has really helped me out, easy to use..Version: 5.1.1

Subscription does not workAfter 1 month free trial (in which I never been interested as I was happy to pay from beginning) the app stoped working. Payment is demanded, unfortunately on iPad or iPhone version either it is not possible to make a payment/subscription or the instructions are not clear enough or there is an error. To subscribe should be made as easy as possible..Version: 18.4

Excellent Customer ServiceI have been using Quickbooks for a short while now but have found the app to be very user friendly and easy to use, one thing I wanted to mention was the OUTSTANDING customer service I received when I spoke to Tom on the phone when setting up my account, he was very helpful and gave me faith that Quickbooks is a platform that I will continue to use and feel like I have my own little team behind me helping every step of the way! Thankyou so much!.Version: 19.10.0

Quick Books onlineI have been a QuickBooks user for many many years and generally like it. It has streamlined my paperwork. I have recommended QuickBooks many times. My problem with it just this year is that it automatically renewed for a year in January as I expected, now QuickBooks does not recognize the renewal and stoped my service. When I contacted QuickBooks they say I should contact Apple as they are a third party service, when I contact Apple they say I should contact QuickBooks as they are a third party service. All the while I paid the Year subscription and provided the receipt. It’s been a week and I can’t seem to get answers, and I cannot save and send invoices. I have been looking at other accounting programs after using Intuit products for more than thirty years. Mark.Version: 20.04.1

Efficiently EffectiveWe are using QBO Plus. Although there are some slight data reporting limitations QBO is continually updating reports; and, there are plenty of apps available to fill-in any other gaps. If you’re starting out or looking for a better small business accounting solution then QBO is the standard that will create value since it’s so well known, used and recommended by many accounting firms for their clients. We quickly found answers and solutions to all of our questions and gaps in setting up our operations. Everything was—and continues to be—easy-to-understand as well. QBO is more of an appreciating asset than it is an expense. This is a general nudge to move forward with your choice as there are other reviews that dive into more specifics. To that point: We wish we had made our move to QBO sooner....Version: 20.08.4

FeedbackThe app would be better if you were able to enter bills not just expenses. Very annoying to have to also use my desktop computer to finish my book work..Version: 18.7.1

Engaged User Who loves the productTeam QuickBooks, I think you have one of the better products on the market. I would really love to see Payroll support on the App or available on mobile devices with your online product. I like the simplicity of your product and the user experience I think is better than others on the market. PLEASE deliver either a mobile browser supported payroll feature or even better a APP solution NOW......Version: 19.10.0

App is great. Suggestion though..It would be nice if when posting transactions I could take a photo of the receipt in this screen at the same time instead of have to go through the snap photo icon. Other that that the app is awesome. Super simple and easy to use..Version: 21.02.2

Not as god as desktop or web accessI’ve been using QuickBooks online for over a year and while it’s ok, it’s really lacking in a lot of areas. Also, the mobile app can not perform a variety of common tasks that the computer app and web interface can do. For instance, I cannot edit certain invoices on mobile if they have expenses included. Once an expense is added to an invoice, only the desktop app or web interface can edit it. Also, as many have said, if you’re used to the traditional QuickBooks PC or Mac software which has been available for many years, the hosted version can be difficult to adjust to. It’s not capable of everything the older software can do, and a separate paid subscription is required for every company file you maintain. I am self employed with fairly simple invoicing needs, and I still have to use the most expensive subscription in order to simply link expenses to invoices. The hosted services leave a lot to be desired, but they do have som me positives as well. For instance, I’m able to provide my outside tax accountant with web access to my company data 24/7 from anywhere. That’s probably a big time saver for me and many other small businesses..Version: 17.9

Easy accounting for all business typesWe are only and small to medium plumbing company and I don’t have time or the patients for book work I can see anything I want to know in a couple of clicks invoice in about 40 seconds vat return takes minutes I love it and recommend it to everybody that asks me what I use my accountant does year end in no time and cost so much less than previous years of giving him piles of paper work try it and you won’t regret it.Version: 20.11.1

Easy to work withAbsolutely love QuickBooks, made the switch about 6 months ago wish I had done it sooner ..Version: 20.12.2

Ok ButReasonably happy with it but so many of my customers are also suppliers so I really would like an entity database where an entity could be both a customer and a supplier rather than having separate customer and supplier databases which necessitates the creation and therefore data entry for the same entity twice..Version: 5.5

Completely changed my business - love the cash flowGame changer.Version: 21.03.2

Pretty goodThis is in addition to the comments I made a year ago: I now discover that any Suppliers' invoices added as Bills (not Expenses) via the online system are NOT visible when they are looked up within the App!! This makes the use of the app a very second-rate experience, only useful for adding expenses. The so-called all singing and dancing online version is still clearly a Beta version!) It would be very handy when I'm on the move, but is IN NO WAY a replacement for the desktop or on-line versions. Also, be aware that if QB has been used for any work between the times you've last used the phone app, be aware it will spend some (considerable) time to update the app database on the phone - so have a STRONG wifi signal or you'll be waiting for ages! The ability to scan/photo receipts is a useful feature - but again trying to add a scan of a paper invoice, logged as a Bill, is not possible directly - as Bills are not viewable !!!.Version: 5.5

Very happy!I have not used another application but I don’t feel a need to. This doesn’t everything and more. Perfect for small business like myself. Could not recommend more. Thank you for a quick and easy process guys..Version: 20.11.1

Great easy to use program. Concerned about proposed price increase.Great program to organise the books for my little 2 person company where our needs are simple. A reasonable price too. Unfortunate they are considering adding a per person charge for payroll 😏 perhaps include a couple in the price and charge for medium size companies?.Version: 20.12.0

Easy to navigateVery user friendly. Allows me to balance my books and not get lost. Great app.Version: 20.11.1

Does everything I need.If I could see my outstanding bills on the dashboard, I would say it was perfect. But even though QB have chosen not to include this requested feature, I am still happy to recommend..Version: 18.12

Small Business - Excellent AppMy experience so far with QB online and the apps have ben excellent so far. The website and apps have seamless integration and connects to your banking accounts easily for reconciliation. Pros Simple, easy to use (and working) app and web pages that allows easy customisation Future development suggestions Would love to be able to add/edit photos for items on device/app and not just on web-page a customisable item for unique items such as surcharges (% of sales based) would be good as well. No regrets with the subscription..Version: 5.5

A great projectHave been using now for about 18 months and would like to say that QuickBooks is really good and with every update it makes it better and better. Loving the new way you can search for items in old invoices making it very easy to check previous prices charged. Wish they would add something in to make statements and make it easy to add links to all overdue invoices or attach copies of outstanding invoices..Version: 20.10.1

Best ap and program for home businessI trailed several other programs before QuickBooks. It allows me to split an expense between personal and business which others wouldn't. The ap is easy to use and love that I can take a photo of the receipt. No more loosing receipts/having them fade etc..Version: 5.5

Requires : Raise PO to Supplier functionMissing few essential functions the app: Ability to raise Purchase Orders to suppliers in the app: with ability to turn this feature on or off in app. Link / Allocate Supplier Orders (purchases) to Sales back orders. Flow Chart from Sales Po - Purchasing of stock against Sales Inv or Sales PO - and linking of Purchased shipments’ tracking info. It would be good to be able to pull up the relationships between items clients orders of both sales and purchase and actual shipping info via tracking number and APi to view the flow of supply against sales orders etc. SAP has this ability (minus some of the features mentioned) Allocating ordered stock (purchased) against Sales Orders to have a clear indication on how much of the ordered stock is pre-allocates and how much is extra stock for shelf. Link with shipping programs by entering dimensions and weight and to book from with in or through APi. That would make the program ACE!.Version: 18.12.1

Great applicationThe QB application is fantastic for small business while I would like to see function with payroll, overall the features for a lite version works well. Especially the ability to click and add a receipt..Version: 20.12.3

What a breezeUsed MYOB for years, been using QuickBooks since March and what a difference. It is so easy to use. Some initial input but what a breeze in comparison. I can’t work out why people are having problems and errors. Never had an error. So easy to use. Have it on my mobile, iPad and windows system laptop. All work really well. My accountant can link in and my tax is done. On the road take a photo receipt input some data and bang it’s done. Have more time now for doing what I want to do. Thank you quickbooks 👍👍👍❤️.Version: 20.07.2

Could be betterThe latest desktop version always signs out after some minutes or after a network change. That's not good because I need to use it continuously. It was not like this in the previous versions..Version: 19.5.1

Bank transferThis is a great app with some unfortunate flaws. First, I love that they’ve added the mileage feature. I had to have the self employed app as well just for the mileage tracking. However, it is not always accurate and doesn’t always auto track. It will also put a random address and if you try to change the address, it doesn’t correct the appropriate amount of miles. You have to delete and manually add it. Also, you have to put in the right amount of miles when manually adding; it doesn’t calculate from the starting and ending point. So, if you don’t know the mileage off the top of your head, you have to go to another map and find out the distance. Second, I don’t recommend using the bank transfer feature. They hold the check for at least 4-5 days before releasing to your back so you’re looking at 7 days before the money shows up in your account..Version: 19.11.2

Simple and effectiveI’ve always found the Quickbooks support team to be very helpful and quick to reply to any question or issue. The app doesn’t do everything that you can do from a desktop, however the basic functionality works well and is simple and intuitive to use. I’d rather have functions that work well consistently. Some navigations could be improved on to reduce the number of clicks but this is minor compared to the benefits of being able to do the essentials on the go..Version: 18.4

Easy to useMy account has me using QB. I’m not the best at software stuff especially bookwork but this app is so easy to use. You can connect your square reader and receipt bank too. Never had an issue with it..Version: 20.04.0

I love this app makes life pretty easyHaving everything mobile with me is great. The only thing I’m disappointed with is the reliability of the receipt downloads. With many vendors and receipts our bookkeeper has suggested that we use another program for receipt capture. Too bad, but we gave it a 10 month trial..Version: 21.02.2

QuickBooks online + AppQuickBooks Online is making my business accounts so easy. The bank connections feature allows you to sync online accounts straight into your account records. When new transactions are available, you can view and add them straight into your accounts, made easier by Quicbooks match feature that marks transactions with previous similar transactions. Support during setup period has been excellent which has made switching from another online accounting software quite an easy process. Very impressive so far..Version: 17.11

AmazingIs a great app, I love doing all our book work from my phone. Anywhere anytime. Only down full is I can't do the pay run on the app or phone internet. I need a laptop or computer to do it. Other than that, GREAT!.Version: 17.9

Loving QuickBooksReally enjoying QuickBooks. I use this for various organisations I work for as well as the Self Assessment version for myself. One little thing is that on the online small business version there is no option to send a payment receipt directly from the paid invoice that I can see, as there is in the self assessment version. Is this something that can be added or am I just missing it?.Version: 21.10.1

Very usefulI've used a few invoice apps in the past for Subcontracting. Now I have my own business this has made things so much quicker. If you spend a few hours to get familiarised and use the bank mapping tool it will quickly log everything that's going in and out of your account and put it in the correct categories ready for your accountant. Plus you can add your accountant so they can access your books at any time which then frees up more time. Genius in my eyes..Version: 5.5

Employee time sheetsOne major problem with quick books is that my employees are unable to fill out their weekly time sheets on their mobile phones on the go. This is a major problem as not everyone has a computer/laptop. This could be a very easy and manageable feature but really does need addressing!!! Working in construction our guys are always on the go and have their mobiles on them at all times. It could be so easy so sort out. Please make sure this feature happens soon!!.Version: 18.9.1

Quickbooks has served me well, minus a few key thingsI run a dairy distribution company that demands quickbooks 5 days a week. When I originally bought the company, the owner was still doing invoicing by hand. It’s 2020, not a chance! I figured out how to make quickbooks work for me and I’ve never been happier. I’ve listed all my products in the app and each store I go into, I can create a separate invoice and list all the product and quantities I bring into the store. However, there are a few issues with quickbooks that I wish they could take into consideration to improve my job even more 1. I wish quickbooks would remember each product that specific store sells. I have to search every single item, twice a week to create an invoice. How rad would it be if I could walk into the store and only have to change the quantities of the product? 2. Quickbooks has a feature to have the customer sign the invoice, but it doesn’t show on the email. I emailed 95 percent of my invoices to the customers and for some weird reason it doesn’t show. It does me no good that the signature shows up on my end and not the customers. 3. It would be a lifesaver if you were able to send statements to your customers through the iPad..Version: 20.09.2

Preview invoiceI haven’t been able to preview invoices for about 2 months now, there have been multiple updates and I had been expecting that matter to be resolved by now. Could this problem be fix please!.Version: 20.06.5

Good FunctionalityI’m getting everything I expected from Quickbooks. I’m looking forward to the connection with my bank..Version: 17.9.1

Keeps me focused on busienss not accountingPortable, convenient and easy. I can do everything from invoicing to recording expenses from anywhere and it is all in sync instantly. I’m not an accountant but this program helps me to focus on what I do, while providing all the information my accountant needs..Version: 20.11.1

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ItsDeductible Positive Reviews, comments
ItsDeductible Positive Reviews

ItsDeductible is an easy way to keep track of your donations and get back the maximum deductions you deserve for your ch...

QuickBooks Desktop Positive Reviews, comments
QuickBooks Desktop Positive Reviews

Are you a QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus or Enterprise customer? Save time with receipt and bill capture to...

TurboTax: File Your Tax Return Positive Reviews, comments
TurboTax: File Your Tax Return Positive Reviews

America's #1 Free Tax Prep Provider. Over 40 million returns were prepared last year with TurboTax. YOUR TAXES, YOUR WA...

Money by QuickBooks Positive Reviews, comments
Money by QuickBooks Positive Reviews

Best for new businesses or freelancers, Money by QuickBooks helps you manage business money with a mobile bank account a...

QuickBooks Time Kiosk Positive Reviews, comments
QuickBooks Time Kiosk Positive Reviews

The QuickBooks Time Kiosk (formerly TSheets Time Clock Kiosk) is a simple digital time tracking tool that operates like ...