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Love it now that I got help with how to use itAt first I was ready to cancel because I couldn’t figure out how to easily photograph receipts to keep track of businesses expenses. I have a jewelry business selling on Etsy and at Art fairs and wanted something that would let me enter expenses by photographing receipts and a way I could keep records on my iPhone and iPad rather than a computer. This program works very well for that . I contacted customer service and they told me I could enter receipts by going to transactions then either add expense manually or add income manually. This allows me to enter the amount then take a picture which stores the receipt. Perfect! The app will also track you mileage as you drive which is great for my purposes. I can quickly add income as I get checks and as I do an Art Fair. I also connected my Etsy account so it automatically imports my income and transaction fees. This is just what I was looking for..Version: 4.43.0

Nothing less than amazingQuickbooks is the only way to go when it comes to running a small/micro business. You have all your accounting needs right and your fingertips! And it’s so EASY!!! And beautiful. The only thing it could do is make people pay invoices faster!! 😂 Couldn’t recommend highly enough! 😍.Version: 4.34.0

A Business Essential!Using this app has streamlined all my needs - money in, money out, mileage, etc. - into one location. Having it all in one place AND being able to set rules for reoccurring transactions has saved me a lot of time which, as a business owner, in invaluable. Sending a customized invoice is a breeze and it even allows you to see when it’s been viewed and resend if necessary. Takes a lot of the awkwardness out of having to follow up with clients about payment for goods and services. I love being able to see all my transactions in various charts and graphs for a quick visual of my spending/earning ratio as well as a quarterly tax estimate to keep you honest with the IRS. If you’re an entrepreneur - particularly a solopreneur - I would HIGHLY recommend using quick books self employed!.Version: 4.22.3

Got worse.. then it got better.Started out really easy- everything worked- now...after two recent ‘updates’- can’t split transactions, crashes, hasn’t received emailed receipts- nightmare!! FIX IT!! UPDATE: since the last update, things are working again, and I’ve since learned there was an outage... I would love a ‘raw materials’ category or a ‘consumables’ category, but apart from that, now, things are easy once more..Version: 4.32.0

AwesomeLove quickbooks.Version: 6.4.1

Pretty great for small businessLove this more than other apps tried. Receipt functions including emailing receipts and quick photos are great. Love the swipe function for filing. Only complaint is that there needs to be the option to change/add expenses categories. Options do not include sections for tools or job materials.Version: 5.0.0

First timeI was hesitant to use it. However after about a year I wouldn’t have it any other way..Version: 6.4.1

Self employed - highly recommendedLove this app. Is especially helpful with mileage tracking, and being able to email reports on expenses and mileage. Linked bank accounts also helps to sort transaction. Love this app A+++.Version: 4.21.1

Helps me tremendouslyI am a childminder, a small business in which I work from home. I really wish I’ve done this before instead of having a manual accounts book. It’s so easy to use and with just one snapshot of your receipt, it records your expenses. It’s also connected to my accounts so it records all your business and personal expenses; it then calculates the tax you have to pay at the end of the tax year. It also tracks your mileage use when I transport children to and fro or days out and or meetings with parents including all your personal trips. The only thing I would like is if there could be an option of 1/4 and 3/4 split between personal and business expense instead of just split into half. Otherwise I will highly recommend this app. Thank you quick books you made my life so much easier x.Version: 4.31.2

QuickBooks Self Employed - It works!Put simply - this App works really well and the promise of simplicity is real and true. I commenced QB SelfEmployed last July 1st. I have flown a Boeing 747B Flight Simulator (with no training) and found it WAY easier than using my previous software supplied by the big competitor (you know who - M_ _ _ ). To make things even more insulting, I was paying 8.5 times the price of my present QuickBooks SelfEmployed monthly fee and could only use their (disappointing) prescribed Card Reader which cost $200 and performed like a petulant child. (I now use a $19 reader from Square - still learning & suffering with that - but the price is far less painful - in fact the price is a pretty true reflection of the current quality!). As a nice little addition, I’ve also enjoyed some quality, useful Webinars facilitated by QuickBooks - at No Cost. For my specific needs - a struggling Sole Trader electrician - QB SelfEmployed is, thus far, near to perfect..Version: 4.28.0

Developers seem to care.Thought this would be a useful app, installed it and it was no good, I would open the app and it just crashed all the time on iPhone 7. Credit to the developers, they soon fixed the problem and replied to my review telling me what had happened and they had fixed it. I have not used it much yet but all ok so far. Having now used this for a while it is invaluable to me and would recommend it to any self employed person. It’s simple to use and easy to understand. Saves so much time!.Version: 4.27.2

Much easier than I could have imaginedAs a sole trader, I always found accounting too complex and expensive for my needs. This is affordable and so easy to navigate, saving me hours of book work compared to my old manual system.Version: 4.36.0

Great appMakes life n business so so much easier. Keep up the great work.Version: 6.4.1

User friendly but some options neededI really like the app but I have so far been unable to figure out how to turn off the numerical badge showing how many notifications there are. Also unable to delete vehicles from my vehicles..Version: 6.4.6

So far so goodI’ve been using QuickBooks for 2 months, as long as my business has been in existence. It deals well with my turnover, ins & outs etc. I had a small business previously which had almost no overheads, minimal outgoings and a small income so I was confident I could do my tax returns myself, this time there is more money changing hands & just a completely different business & I felt I needed help keeping track of it. So far I’m happy that QuickBooks is making my life easier. I’d recommend the app, it hooks up to your bank account, it checks your email for related receipts, you can make up invoices etc & it records trips in your vehicle which is really useful. I think it’s great..Version: 4.34.1

Helping me with Tax time 2018Such a great app, the feeling of taking a photo of my receipts and having them in a safe spot is such a big weight off my shoulders. Love how the app is matched to my bank account really makes it easier to keep track of my spending habits 😀 9 years later I realise there’s an easier option for working for yourself and keeping track of everything. Thanks Guys 👍.Version: 6.1.5

Fairly usefulAfter taking around 3 days to transfer from paper records do quickbooks I have found there are several annoying flaws in the system. 1 upload a receipt and it automatically doesn’t often match to a transaction so when you sync with the bank you end up with two transactions and then have to use a laptop to delete the receipt transaction. 2 Frustrating That you cannot save customised messages and payment receipt messages. I don’t want to use the Americanised one in the app which starts ‘Hey Joe Bloggs’. I want the app to save my own own customised message for use each time. 3 The mileage feature was the main draw to using the app for me but it took over a week of it not successfully recording trips and lots of messages to the support team to finally get it working (for now) 4 I subscribed via iTunes for £2.99 for 6 months. I was not offered a free trial as advertised. Neither the app developers or Apple support are able to tell me how much the app will be after the 6 months period. Apart from the above I am finding the app useful so far and would recommend to a friend if they would not be bothered by the above mentioned flaws..Version: 4.40.0

Finally able to to it all in one appI was dubious that it was safe and capable of doing all that it said on the Tin. So far I’ve put my entire tax year of online bank transactions and a months worth of receipts on to the app and it took about an hour and a half. Then I forgot to put my mileage in for a training trip and the app had automatically calculated the journey and left me a notification to file it. Very impressed so far, let’s hope the accountant thinks so too at the end of the year. If anything it’s going to save me at least £100 in his filling fee for all the old invoices and receipts he normally has to organise and file over..Version: 4.31.2

Makes running a business easierSo glad for this product. With no financial background I don’t know what I’d do without it..Version: 6.4.2

Self employed dog walkerI use the app for my business. I do a lot of travelling to and fro and this app helps me to monitor my Milage. I also take a lot of payments that are ad hoc so again this helps rather than send lots of invoices I can just note it as income. The invoice part is easy to use for all my regular clients, I only need to add what services and cost each time not theirs info or mine. This is a great all round app that quite frankly I couldn’t do with out..Version: 6.3.4

Great for SALove this app! It’s got some great features, especially the one that stores receipts. However, I think the mileage tracker could be improved. I would prefer to be able to ‘Start’ tracking manually as I set off and then end the trip once I arrive. I don’t like that I can only auto track or insert details manually. A half way house would be much better. Also, the mileage tracker would be better if I could add more than one stop on my journey rather than having to follow the rout determined by the navigator. I sometime have to drop off staff on the way to meetings and this isn’t being included in my mileage at the moment, or I have to add multiple trips. The auto tracker didn’t work because I was stuck in traffic this morning so it decided the beginning of my journey was where I was stuck in traffic rather than my home address where I had set off from. This would be addressed with manual ‘end to end’ tracking. Still really useful! Thanks!.Version: 4.34.3

Great for small businessI’ve been using for 3 years. So easy to use and keep track of the finances. Fantastic tools to keep customers up to date with invoicing. Would be perfect if there was a quoting function..Version: 6.4.6

Easy to use and upload documents on the goI use this on a daily basis an entrepreneur and rideshare driver. It’s so easy to take photos of receipts straight in the app or track mileage on a daily when I’m driving for multiple rideshare services. I’ve had no dramas with it this far even though I’ve been using it only for a short period of time. Thank u.Version: 6.1.3

Life saverI didn’t have any idea of online invoicing platforms before I found this one, and I’m glad I did. It’s help me tremendously and just that quick add on to the bank accounts to submit your feelings and costings for profit and loss for taxation purposes is an amazing little tribute to this app thank you.Version: 5.0.6

Fantastic app but pls perfect with a few tweaksI only got this today and it has been amazing for getting my business organised and relieving me of that pressure of a tonne of tax “bricks” on my shoulders. I am definitely on my way to getting set up and lodges. Unless I am using it wrong for some reason I have to manually go in and classify every single existing transaction, once for category, and once for GST. The rules I set only apply in the future. I get that. But even a “select all” or a “mark several” option would do wonders. Or an apply rule button to all existing bank entries in a date range... they would save hours of tapping away. I guess the phone is supposed to supplement the computer. But my business is mobile and I don’t even have a computer. Lol. Very minor suggestions but all in all a fantastic way to get your taxes and business under control and see exactly what goes in and out and where. Some additional categories would also be invaluable there too or the ability to add custom ones. E g I would really like to list fuel separate from other car expenses..Version: 4.40.0

Fairly accurateCould use some fine tuning but all in all a great starting point for easier taxes!.Version: 6.4.4

We LOVE this ap- THANKS, QuickBooks!This application is absolutely perfect for our small company. It is so easy to learn and easy to use and keep updated. We adore the feature of connecting our bank accounts and being able to mark certain places or for the same assignment each time automatically. There are some places that, quite frankly, we will only get our inventory, parts, business services and whatnot and it’s nice to have those automatically assigned it to a business category or as a personal expense without us manually having to do it. I really love this application and it’s ease-of-use! We HIGHLY recommend this for any small and medium-size company. It will make the tax filing an absolute breeze this year, which has been an absolute nightmare in previous years that I deplore doing each time..Version: 4.44.0

Keeps crashing - fixedCrashing issue seems to be fixed. Look forward to seeing how it functions from now on. (2 days ago downloaded app, spent a couple hours sorting out my personal vs business exps, been trying all day to open app but it crashes with a second or two on opening it. I’m sure it would be great if it worked lol).Version: 4.26.0

Easy to useFor a very small fee of $10 a month, this program saves me so much time in storing receipts, generating invoices and automatically tracking where I drive among other things. It’s so incredibly easy to use and it literally would save me hours of work each week. There is a display screen that shows you your income against your expenses for the financial year/quarter making it easy to track an estimate of how much you should have put aside for your tax. Linking this with my bank account to see all transactions in and out make it so easy for me too instead of entering manually. I recommend it to everyone out on their own..Version: 6.2.8

QuickbooksGreat for keeping on top of all your business expenses..Version: 4.31.1

IOS 11 compatibleIt seems to work perfectly now after the last update. I use this to keep track of my rideshare mileage and to separate personal from business income and expenses transactions. IMO, it’s a complete all in one app that gives you what you need every tax quarter or season. My only gripe is that, and it may just be personal preference - but I wish the maps for each trip showed the actual route taken from point A to point B. If I were auditing, I would question a log that’s 55 total miles with what looks like a 5 mile separation from point A to B on the map. The in-between trips and round a bouts in town are not very transparent -not sure if this was intended. It is possible to track routes- there’s only one app in the App Store that actually does this well, but it’s not as complete as this app..Version: 4.21.1

It makes my accounts so easy.I've been using it for over 12 months and I'm loving it. I've imported all my transactions from before I started using it and any new ones automatically get registered. I can see the current picture with my accounts any time and it made my final accounts for last year so easy. I'll be ready to submit my tax return for this current year as soon as I’m allowed to by HMRC. It makes this side of things so easy..Version: 4.27.2

Love this app as a super valuable business tool!I love that this app will track my trips and that I can also auto categorize many of my typical business expenses! I get so overwhelmed with a paper mess, and the ability to snapshot my business pertinent receipts is a wonderful space saving feature! My only disappointment as some one that commutes ALOT between job locations is that this app does not yet have the ability to auto categorize certain locations as business trips. It’s currently the middle of November, and I have over 500 trips to categorize! I just can’t seem to catch up! 🤪 I called CS a couple months ago and was told auto categorizing trips was a feature in the works. I’m hoping that it’s released before the end of the year! Overall though, I am very pleased with this program as an invaluable business tool and look forward to using it for years to come!.Version: 6.0.6

Great App, and could be improvedI generally really like this app. It’s user friendly, very easy to store receipts and clear overview of the general business expenses/incomes. One thing that really frustrates me is when I am sending the invoice by email through the app: I just cannot see what I am typing. I’m sure it’s technically very easy to fix and cannot understand why after all the updates no one saw this. If someone is readying this, could you please have a look? Other than that it’s a good app..Version: 4.45.1

Simplified, Basic Self-Employed Accounting - Great for receipt archivingI use QB Self Employed as a simple back up to my quickbooks desktop. It automatically downloads transactions from Etsy, PayPal and many banks so I can get a quick overview of my financials. The most important feature is to upload and store digital copies of my receipts. The AI technology is amazing at scanning receipts and pulling data from them. The $12 a month price for the service is good deal for that feature. Plus I also like how I can keep track of my personal expenses to make better budgeting decisions. I love how the app keeps me up to date with my current financial overview. But any proper small business will need to use a more advanced version of quickbooks with full chart of account and balance sheet reporting. That is not available with Quickbooks self employed..Version: 6.2.0

QuickBooks Self EmployeeGood.Version: 6.4.4

Indispensable!I’m truly amazed with what this app can do. I’ve only had it for a few days and I’m already getting to grips with all the paperwork I’ve been putting off - I actually want to organise all those receipts! And all this functionality for such an astonishingly low price. It’s a really easy app to use and does so many things. Tracking my business mileage is a real bonus. I really feel that I will have more control of my business finances and a clearer idea of actual profit and future tax liabilities now that quickbooks calculates it all for me and displays it in a clear graph format. Say goodbye to the spreadsheet. Fabulous, thanks!.Version: 4.33.1

Organised!!Can’t believe how easy this app is to use. I’d wait months before doing any bookwork and then it was a real drag.... but this app prompts you to categorise your transactions on a daily basis which takes seconds!! I’m loving it. Tax time won’t be such an issue from now 😃.Version: 5.2.1

Been very helped (I wouldn’t be who/where I am without himI appreciate the ability to differentiate spending , I travel for work LONG distances ,I interviewed and choose a pet/house sitter . It costs me about 700 a month to make sure they are taken care of ( is otherwise be able to do it myself ) please let me know if I should be doing anything at all, all I have is a picture of her I’d and ss# she agreed sign stub ment🙏🏼if needed of rage of pay start sayy ,was through day of and day after returnwill be paying 40/day plus tip to insure respectful but fearful tactics. I’ve been a supervisor before a mix of fear and love will get you a fAr way ILOVE questbooks selfenployed. Snow and jbgs I would not know I do , it’s help netwoand move on the direction of my life I CHOOSE not told to go🥂even if if doesn’t last I know today I will wake up with more money In my account than when I fell asleep but I work hard and QB helps me delegate finances so I am forever grateful 🤞🏼.Version: 5.0.5

Where have you been all my life? :)Pros: Tracking expenses- This app is amazing! If you’re a “paperwork challenged” person, this is the app for you. I had my receipts everywhere, in my car, drawers and it was always a thing stressing me in the back of my mind(i missed a lot of them)..but, with this app you just take a picture and they are added immediately, so amazing. I’m up to date with everything. Very easy to use and a lot of stress and chaos has just dissapeared.. The milage deductions is just brilliant! Very mild Cons: The milage auto-tracking needs a bit of work as it kind of does its own thing (i switched it off) the invoice creator needs to be a bit more easy to use but, to be honest I do my invoicing separately anyway due to my type work, maybe i haven’t tried hard enough...🤔.Version: 6.0.6

Great but could be betterLove the app and it's definitely helping keep track of my expenses and millage. However, every time I have a trip to review and I swipe right to choose personal, it takes me back to the dashboard after every individual trip I select. This is really annoying when I have multiple trips and have to keep going back from the dashboard to review trips to select the next trip again and again until all trips have been categorised. Also a feature for the overall cost of national insurance would also be very useful if that's possible? Fantastic app and really enjoy the simplicity of it..Version: 6.0.6

Best & CheapestI’ve tried invoice2go and every other invoicing application under the sun. For $5 a month this is by far the best and most feature packed mobile invoicing & accounting application. Beautiful interface and easy to use..Version: 4.44.0

Totally amazing incredibleI am a builder/ bathroom fitter and this app is just incredible . I have literally just categorised an entire year of transactions after connecting to by business bank in 2 hours ! Allows sub contractor wages/ all expenses and tells you exactly where your at for profit in real time , still waiting over a month from my accountant to do what this app has helped me do in hours !! Using the app to track my job / month turnover and profit , can’t recommend enough ! Thanks guys.Version: 6.2.2

Ease if use and ideal interfaceBy far the best app i have every downloaded for ease of use, everything is where you want it, its like it reads your mind , everthing is laid out the way you would want it 10/10, if they could develop a new os for microsoft that would be super!.Version: 4.45.0

Mostly fantasticJust about everything on this version is fantastic. If I had to provide changes to really help they’d simply be: - At Transactions also allow Category to be Sorted in the order of your choice. Eg so all your Business Income etc can be straight after Multiple Transactions instead of having to SCROLL to the bottom passed all your Personal. - At Taxes also allow Last FY to drop down so you can review your data without having to email it to yourself to review. - at Invoices, allow a quote to be created then converted to a Tax Invoice. Otherwise this is a fantastic App 💚.Version: 6.2.8

Great time saverUsing mainly for expenditures and mileage and it saves me hrs with logbooks and transactions. Only criticism is that milage tracker isn’t really accurate. Even my home address changes house number on any given day. Suggestion: include a client address book that the tracker can link to so we can present a more accurate report for the red tape junkies..Version: 6.3.7

Great but needs iPad capability!Quickbooks is an amazing software and works great and easy from iOS to Mac. But the one major thing missing is support for the iPad. As one of my daily drivers it’s sad to see that the app is not optimised yet unlike other accounting software such as Xero. Once this is done you’re looking at a perfect app..Version: 6.0.5

Could be improvedEasy to use app. Would love some tweaking though. The app needs to be able to input to record odometer readings, I need to be able to reconcile my purchases into custom categories as pretty much all of the categories are not relevant to my business (I am a hair and makeup artist so most of my expenses are in ‘other business expenses’ which won’t help me at the end of the year) and the app should send a receipt to my client when an invoice has been marked as paid..Version: 4.32.0

Great but...I’d like to see the following: I want to change the date that a client pays their invoice. I also have issues with splitting my phone bill from the amount used for my business and personal. It’s so frustrating..Version: 6.4.6

Keeping on top of day-to-day finances made easyAfter initial crashing issues which customer services dealt with and fixed very quickly, this app has proven to be very good and does exactly what you would hope it would; keeping your accounts up to date and giving you a useful overview of your business finances. The receipt scanning is incredibly useful and undoubtedly the key feature for most users. It is worth mentioning that the speed of processing receipts is in part reliant on network speed but processing, once uploaded, seems to take around 10 minutes per receipt... it would be great if this were faster but the accuracy seems great at the moment with around 30 receipts scanned so far..Version: 4.26.0

Great tools to have for self-employedThis App is very useful not just with rideshare individual. It can be useful for other occupations as well as regular workforce personnel. It does all the math on your receipts, auto categorize it, user can import/export email data. Track your earning, expense, mileage. As well as pre-fill your tax form. Link your bank, created invoice for payment. There is a feed for using invoice services. Which i dont understand, because ur paying a subscription monthly. Which I assumes it should be free. I guess $10/month is not enough. If your generating 10/20 invoice a month. Your subs just became more than $10 already. Also. “Your Name Are Your Business Name by default” because you pay taxes under that social security. If you choose anything other than your name. You will have to register and get a business EIN..Version: 4.32.2

MRJ BUILDINGQuickbooks is so easy to use, enables real time balance of credits and debits to be seen. Mileage allowance to be accurately entered and even future planned journeys can be entered. Well worth the monthly cost especially as it is also tax deductible. Should have changed to QuickBooks’s sooner, leaves me more time to concentrate on the business. Also the added benefit of the self assessment criteria is broken down into costings. So hopefully no need for an accountant from now on as QuickBooks’s HMRC compliant. 1st Class....!.Version: 5.0.3

Good app*****Update*****the problem I was experiencing below has been fixed. No longer crashing when switching to miles. Still only 4 stars as there are some things I would love to see added or improved. ......................... I was loving the app but a few days ago every time I try and access the mileage tab the app shuts down. I’m not sure whether to delete and reinstall or wait and see if they fix it. I don’t want to lose the trips that are in there waiting to be processed. I’ve read through their responses to everyone else with the same problem and it’s quite disappointing they aren’t understanding the problem. The app is tracking the trips and miles, I can see the number of trips going up BUT when you click on mileage to view the trips the app CRASHES. You can’t access the mileage portion on the app. It’s broken! Obviously with so many people reporting the same thing the problem is with the update. Please take action to fix this..Version: 6.3.1

Graf DesignGreat app has made my book keeping a breeze! Also no more log books needed with the auto track feature which can operate even when the app isn’t running..Version: 4.32.2

Start up companyStarted my first company this year ! Did not realize how much paperwork was involved when it comes to dollar’s and cents . This app is a real game charger just put in all your information and it walks you through everything and if you get stuck there bot messaging service is there 24/7 just type in what you want to know and get a Instant reply QuickBooks plus TurboTax package is well worth it makes filing and paying your taxes quarterly very easy . If not sure if this is for you they offer different packages if you want to Star off small . Just remember if you upgrade from QuickBooks to QuickBooks/ TurboTax it takes 45 days to gather and combine all your information. I highly recommend this app for the small business working people that actually do the work makes life a lot easier ! If you don’t like it cancel at any time . You won’t !!.Version: 6.4.0

More Than One BusinessThis App is one of the easiest to use and for the most part meets my needs; however, I’m one of those business owners that actually has 2 different small businesses. This app currently doesn’t allow for me to identify expenses and/or income for each company individually and appropriately throughout the year. This leaves me having to spend hours dividing everything out at the end of the year prior to filing my taxes. If there was an option to allow business owners to enter more than one company, that would be huge! Also, I currently operate both businesses out of a home office. This is mostly because I’m not large enough to need other accommodations at this time, but now with the COVID Pandemic, I personally think our society will be changed forever. With that being said, I feel we could use some additional (more descriptive) categories under “Business” such as those in the “Personal”. For example, I provide equine therapy services, so I’d love to see (all) the categories under “Personal” made available for selection under “Business.” Thank you, Small Louisiana Business Owner.Version: 6.2.3

Great AssistantI love having the app Along on all my trips. It is great to “file” receipts along the way and most importantly it Does the Math! Awesome way to keep on track!.Version: 6.4.4

Serious time saverI have always hated doing my accounts and am rubbish at keeping receipts and track of invoices when they are paid. I’ve only had this app for about 3 months but can say for the first time my accounts are 100% up to date! The journey recording Mileage is good but I find it takes a while they tend to appear in batches. But for someone who does 30k miles a year it makes it a lot easier than writing it all down!.Version: 4.45.1

Won’t workApp isn’t working .. I try to sign in and it the app won’t let me... please help.Version: 6.4.0

Easy to useThis app is simple or easy to use. I like the fact that it tracks mileages and store tax invoices. The only thing I’m not sure of (because I can’t find it) was if it’s capable of automatically upload the transactions from your bank account since I connected it to the app. At the moment, I can only see my bank balances but I can’t see the transactions and allocate it accordingly..Version: 4.40.1

OwnerEasy and affordable to use for a small business owner. Tracking which invoices are paid is simple and organized. You can't beat the "capture receipt" function either!.Version: 4.21.0

Best appBest app, if you are self employed, you don’t have to worried about anything.Version: 6.4.7

Ideal!A few more functions would be great. But otherwise this app is a dream. No more stacks of receipts everywhere🤩.Version: 6.4.6

Super HelpfulKeeps me very organized and so simple to use!.Version: 6.4.1

GoodGreat for business and people who want everything all done in one place.Version: 6.4.6

Intuit coming back with another great productProbably the best app and a must if your self employed. Keeps track of all expenses by connecting your bank account and it even tracks your mileage. This is a MUST..Version: 6.4.1

Great for a Musician Business With Only One FlawI having been using QuickBooks Online for a while and think it is great. As someone who is a self employed musician, I love the ease of being able to store contacts in it and have quick access to create invoices and keep info when giving estimates for my overall price for the gig. However, I didn’t have the ability to count the miles to and from gigs that is where QuickBooks Self Employed came. Once I downloaded the app using the free trial offer, I saw that I could track my miles to and from my gigs and that caused me to sign up along with being able to see my income as my profit. The only thing I do not like about the Self Employed version is the fact that I cannot save my client’s info, give estimates, or create different categories. Overall great product..Version: 6.0.4

Great tool for my lime businessThis app works perfectly for my small Lime business. Tracking the kms when delivering and the ability to send the invoice right after you deliver the product is easy. The reports are very helpful too..Version: 5.2.3

Best thing since sliced breadI hate doing my book work until this came along and now I could do others easily and make sure all the people I know either get it or know they should be using it. Using my iPhone when I have a spare minute makes it so easy to keep up to date. Photographing the receipt and attaching it to the system and transaction is so seem less and has a feeling of getting things done. I just wish I had this years ago..Version: 4.40.0

Do it!You need this app! I am a one-man operation and this app is really amazing. I've set up everything that I need to for my business online and it's like that oven on tv where you "set it and forget it". I teach private music lessons and I don't have time to waste on handwriting everything and remembering who paid and who didn't, what I spent etc. I trust this company, as my dad used intuit software in the early 90's, and neither he nor I have had any issues with hacking or viruses. This is a very safe app to use (especially if you're linking your bank account). The mileage tracker is pretty darn close to accurate, however, for some reason all gps mileage trackers will say you drove if you go for hike/walk. So just be aware of that. All in all, these programmers know what they're doing and have done an excellent job creating a USER FRIENDLY app. Get it..Version: 4.23.1

Great until a recent updateAfter the recent update of the app mine will open for a second or two and then shut down. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it no luck. My question is what do I now do about my data that I can’t access? Please fix. Update: thank you very much for the quick fix. Very well done. 5 star..Version: 4.26.0

Bug fix caused errorsI really like this app and for the past 5 months has worked well for my business but a couple of days ago I noticed I couldn’t connect to my banking details. I just realised there was a bug fix 4 days ago so hopefully the developers will fix this so it doesn’t keep happening.Version: 4.28.0

Very useful & easy to use.Works great! Useful for a “one stop” place to keep my records straight..Version: 6.4.2

Very Poor Customer ServiceI would give give the app 5 stars, but I’m (suppose) to be receiving a free subscription because of using TurboTax. In December, it asked me to renew my subscription to log in. So I did it, and in January, I got an email from Intuit saying the subscription renewal request was an error and I’m still under the free subscription. It refunded me for the month I paid. Then I got the same renewal request last week when I tried to log into the app. Based on when I filed my taxes last year, I should have a few more months left on my free subscription. I tried to contact Intuit, but they don’t have a customer service phone number where you can speak directly with a human. And the rep I chatted with online only provided a link that wouldn’t even open. I’ve used TurboTax for several years, but after this experience, I’m about done with Intuit..Version: 6.4.0

Super value!I sell online and started out with a small business tax program that required me to manually enter every single transaction. I used to get so far behind, it was a real headache :(. I found this app and as it syncs with my bank and Paypal, I was able to back-date all transactions to the beginning of the financial year saving me hours (days?) of work! It’s super simple to use and they update and improve all the time. At then end of the financial year I can choose which reports I want, print them and hand them over to the accountant. Its a relief to know that at tax time, all the information is accurate as they stay up to date with any changes to the tax laws. If you have any problems it’s easy to get help, they are super quick to respond and are very helpful. Highly recommended and well worth $5 a month..Version: 4.22.3

Great appEasy to use, well organized and huge time saver.Version: 6.4.3

Great app, only missing few featuresThis app has really made it easy for me to do invoices and store purchase information. I would give 5 stars if it also had a matching estimate template. At present I use google docs to design my own and send estimates from there instead. - this would be a handy feature, all it would need is company logo, estimate no, date and address info same as invoice template. Then just an open text box for estimate details. As I also want to send up to 10 invoices to a customer at once I have to physically export all the ones I need onto my pic then send that way . It would be great to be able to send more than one invoice at a time through the app. Lastly when entering details of job description into invoice, it would be helpful if text box were to hold more characters, as I nearly always run out or have to continue in a new box below it. Keep up the good work! Rikki (Electrician).Version: 6.4.4

Bug?It was great until my bank account stopped syncing. Lost a lot of transactions because of it by the looks of it! I deleted my bank account on the app and attempted to reinstall it again, yet it keeps saying that log in details are wrong, which is 100% not the case. Please fix this ASAP because otherwise this app is a life saver!! 👍🏽.Version: 4.24.0

A great business relationship with a few hiccupsThis app is the best I’ve ever used to help keep my business up to date and efficient. I would recommend it to any sole trader or small business owner. The only issue I have is the bank transactions and the travel kilometres don’t come up until 3 or 4 days later and then I get a bunch of them at the same time. Other than that it’s still does what I want it to do..Version: 6.4.1

Great but I wish the invoice options were betterI love the app! Everything runs smoothly between the app and online. The only thing I don’t like are the invoice options. I use a different app to send customers invoices because this app doesn’t let you create one invoice and split the payment options and dates. I require a deposit immediately before the actual due date but I’d have to make 2 separate invoices instead of just one with the option to split payment. I also don’t like that when I create an invoice it doesn’t give the option to save. You HAVE to email the invoice to save it. I don’t use this app to send invoices I use square but I want to insert my potential income in QuickBooks as well. I would definitely like the option to just save an invoice without having to email it and maybe an option to be able to connect with the square account like it connects to bank accounts and PayPal..Version: 4.44.1

Perfect app to keep track of business finances!This app makes keeping track of invoices and expenses so simple and straightforward! Connect it to the bank account and you can quickly categorise expenditure and income, it tracks mileage for you to enable correct claiming of additional business expenses, and shows you at a glance how your business is doing. Being able to create and send invoices on the spot is brilliant, and as it ties in with the web based version too you can access your business figures wherever you are. I love the self assessment calculations it does too - no more head scratching and confusion on that one for me!.Version: 4.21.1

I like itJust one problem when I close one of my bank account I lost all expenses on the app it was f.... . Totally I really like the app and I recommend to everyone.Version: 6.4.3

Self Assessment Made EasyAs a programmer myself it is rare I find software I like. However, QuickBooks as a whole; from the app to the online software, is brilliant. The workflows through to the simple interfaces. This is the first time I have used this, normally use a spreadsheet and scanning receipts for my accountant. However this system I can do most of this, and have my accountant check over this at the end to make sure everything is in order. If you are looking for accountancy software to help with this element of your business, then look no further. I also use the QuickBooks system for a business as well, where we used to have the complexities of Sage, however with QuickBooks it really is simple accounting. Please note I am NOT affiliated for in any other financially influenced by QuickBooks or other companies from Intuit. It is simply great software and the engineers, designers and all the team should be proud of such great software..Version: 6.1.5

Makes managing my finances EASY!Being a self-employed DJ, this app lets me manage my income and outgoings with literally the swipe of a finger. And the auto-categorisation means I don’t have to go through swiping the same monthly costs all the time. The invoices look professional and can be sent out directly on the app, meaning I can write them out as soon as I finish my gig. The tax estimation also makes it easier to prepare for the end-of-year tax return. With less worry about how big my bill is going to be... All in all a great app and well worth the monthly cost!.Version: 6.1.3

So far, so good!I just started my small business and got things up and running this month. I wanted an easy solution to track my expenses and revenue, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about QuickBooks. So far, I really like it! Both desktop and mobile version have been proven to be super straight forward and user friendly. I thought I would be stressed with tax season next year, but with this, I can’t see why it would be... Lastly, I love that it has the option of separating taxes on your business expenses, and the receipt feature is seriously gold!.Version: 6.4.0

Great app, mileage tracking uses too much battery.I’ve been using this app for about a month now, it’s been extremely helpful however there are some issues. First I wish there was an iPad app, but that’s no big deal. Biggest problem is the battery usage. If you have auto mileage tracking on, it will use 10% of your battery. It’s using your gps location 24/7. For most self employed people, your battery is important! Perhaps they can devise a better way to auto track miles without killing the battery. For example, Google maps records and logs my locations without draining my battery. Or perhaps if you could set it to only track miles when Bluetooth is connected to a specific vehicle? I think this would be extremely useful, because it wouldn’t track miles if I was in somebody else’s car. Anytime I get in my car my phone is connected to it via Bluetooth..Version: 5.0.0

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