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Online bookingI am fraid. This review is going to be somewhat disturbing for you , as it is annoying for my clients who are trying to book appointment online, unsuccessfully. If they successfully book appointment, it does not allow them to place their phone number in case I need to get in touch with them. It is very annoying to me. I am actually getting very upset that I have to answer the telephone, while I am with another client, they should be able to book online easy as ABC. Something has to change. It has been going on for awhile now, please look into it. regards.Version: 320.1

ElleysoapFinally I manage to convert. My FB and Instagram business page totes 😊.Version: 268.1

Just Keeps Getting Worse 🤦🏾‍♀️This is one of the worst apps on the planet. If the other app wasn’t broke why try and fix it. And if you were going to change it, you should make sure it’s better than the once you replaced it with. I no longer get notifications that a client comments or booked an appointment. I can’t see my photos like before. So if a client ask for a picture I have no way of getting to them. This app is garbage and should be thrown in the dumpster. This app is costing me to lose customers. Also some stuff I actually have to log into Facebook to do on my own page. Had this crazy feeling like I should be able to do this from the app. But guess what you can’t. I’m sick of this mess. Go back to the drawing board and try again. And until you figure out the issue. Give us back Page Manager..Version: 245.0

Loving itSo far I’m loving this app for all my Facebook and Instagram needs. It’s easy to schedule post, create events and other types of content. What I really like so far is the PLANNER (which that was feature tan at the bottom) but it lets you schedule your post, story, or ad and what really cool about the planner it shows what national holidays are for each day to give you ideas for content. No longer do I have to search the internet for these days. They are built into my planner. I haven’t tried out the LIVE feature yet to see if it post to Facebook, Facebook Group, and Instagram at the same time (would really nice if it does). Overall, I’m happy and can’t think of any suggestion..Version: 305.0

Absolutely awful 😩I’ve found since the change over from Page Manager I’m using this app less and less, it actually makes things harder not easier. Keeps telling me I have messages but I can’t find them, I don’t understand why all messages are lumped together as it’s really confusing. I find it more time consuming to use this app than to do things individually on FB & Insta. The only good thing I do like is being able to schedule my posts..Version: 253.0

Business suit not greatSince they have changed from page manager to “business suite” there is so much you CANT do! It is very restrictive very in-user friendly. And quite frankly it’s feel they have messed up big time. Can’t see my page as it would look to others can see limited insight. Can’t invite people who have “liked” posts. It is stressful to use and well I am now looking at alternative ways to deliver to my clients as this platform is to hard to navigate or the simplicity is well to simple to allow for proper usage..Version: 241.0

Easy to schedule postsIt’s easy to schedule posts, prefer using the business suite as I capture FB and Instagram.Version: 232.1

No useful photo or video functions, but ad management okYou can do advertising ok & post on your wall (hence 2 stars), but as for actually managing your page, it’s pretty poor. You cannot edit photo albums, move photos between albums, & rearrange photos within an album. Also, the help page menu does not fit on the screen. The app is pretty poor with regards to functionality — especially where artists are concerned, because when your page is predominantly visual imagery, aside from ads, the photo & video section is basically where you spend most time. On that note, I could not even find the video section. I’m not even really sure why this app exists, because you can achieve almost everything in the original facebook app (doing so would take much less storage on your phone), and the original facebook app looks nicer. Combine them! It makes sense. But please add the ability to edit photos and videos!.Version: 272.0

Stopped workingI used to love this app when it was pages manager. I do love that it now syncs Facebook and Instagram. But as of this morning I have been unable to click on the date and time of the booking to change it. So unless I want to book a client I’m for right now it’s useless! Please fix it! I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it along with Facebook and restarted my phone and I cannot book any clients in still!.Version: 224.0

So close yet so far…It is good primarily for me to use it for the auto post on Instagram since I have a job and don’t have time to post when I work. My issue I notice immediately is that when it auto post the photo, it completely deletes the caption under the photo and the hashtags too, that is a HUUUUUUGE problem I have since it is pretty darn critical for Instagram photos. The other thing I am not liking is the fact it keeps logging me out of Instagram through the app to post/schedule stories, like it quite annoying to go back and forth with log in, schedule then do it all over again… so please please PLEASE fix that since it is a good app and that the major thing that need to be fix. Ty!.Version: 278.0

Useless!!I use my phone to post to my business page all the time. Got informed to update business pages and the business suite came instead. Just rubbish!! I can’t upload photos at all on iPhone 12. Just a waste of time. So now I have to do all work for my business page on a desktop. Total waste of time. Not happy!!.Version: 221.0

It’s good but needs improvementFor a free app, it works really well. It even trumps some of the paid apps. I have issues with the notifications lagging - the notification itself coming through and marking it as read. I have to force close the app and jump back in for it to register that the notification has been read. I think the planner would be easier to navigate if it were a calendar, and if you could bulk move to another day, post reels and if it refreshed quicker. There seems to be a general lag in refreshing everything altogether, including your followers stats. Apart from this, which should be easily fixable, you can select both Facebook and Instagram from your mobile (most programs require a computer), schedule posts in advance, track how they are going and reply to comments and messages within the app. The planner needs some attention, and if those lagging and notification issues it would be a 5 star review..Version: 282.1

Unable to shareSince the last update I am no longer able to share my business page post anywhere! Not even my own page!!! Big fail on this one facebook!!.Version: 246.0

Have to close app and reboot all the timeEvery time I get a new message I have to close the app and reboot the page every time to be able to see the message. Very frustrating when I'm in a hurry and trying to run a business! This whole app needs to be fixed! I don’t like that I am unable to choose and album for my photo to be loaded into. I used to be able to group my pictures into styles of cakes in different albums to keep them together. All the photos now go to the time line and I am unable to access my albums to find photos.Version: 231.0

Not good!I was using the classic Facebook Page app and then all of a sudden this took over. Badly designed, you cannot control the items you’ve put online and worst off I can’t book appointments. Paying for advertisements regularly I am disappointed with this app, I’ve contacted Facebook many times to see how I may go back to the previous app I was using - but no replies. I have been online and followed all instructions to go back to the classic app to no avail. When something isn’t broken, please don’t fix it Facebook!.Version: 269.0

It's good but I can not write Auto answer in next version.It's good but I can not write Auto answer in next version..Version: 257.0

Not goodI have the app as I am just starting my own business. Yet when ever I click on it when I get a notification to say I have a new message (now says 10) I can’t locate them any where. I have even tried to contact Facebook to ask for their help and not heard a thing. How are people supposed to make a business take off when they are potentially loosing clients as they can’t get their messages. And yet we have still have to pay for ads and boosting and promoting and we can’t even access the free stuff ridiculous..Version: 233.1

So easy to useWhat I like about the business suite is I can do it all on my phone brilliant!.Version: 264.0

Lack of supportI’ve read a lot of these reviews and completely agree with all the points on functionality and glitches that the new app has. In some ways this is to be expected on new apps but the worst thing about the whole process is the lack of customer support that Facebook offers!!! I put a lot of money into Facebook each month for advertising so when I have an app that doesn’t work, I have no one to contact. At last Google gets back to you relatively quickly!! Bring back Pages Manager!.Version: 227.0

Great for the growing Page!A sleek little app that keeps you organized and consistent. Three Cheers!.Version: 324.0

Facebook business suite problemThe Facebook business suite app is a brilliant concept. However one of the problems I have found is that when I create a post for my Facebook and my Instagram which are linked in the app, I get to the point where I can tag others and at that point is where the problem is. It will let me tag others in the app and also let me post my content but for some reason the tag does not follow through to the post and then I have to manually go to the individual app to add a tag. Please advise if I am doing something wrong or you can fix this. Thanks.Version: 264.0

Would be faultless if it didn’t freeze when Location is addedThe app freezes when I hit the location tab. Frustrating when I’ve created a whole post and then it freezes at the end of creating. Even if I close and reopen the app, it still freezes. I have to click on another account first, wait for it to load completely and then switch it back to the account I want to add a post to, in order to add the location successfully..Version: 287.0

Needs an update!I’d like this app more if I could still access my photos and videos previously posted on my page without having to scroll back through. Being a photographer, I like to show people what I’ve been up to using my phone, I used to be able to go straight to photos and videos to show them..Version: 235.0

Business Meta suiteWould just like to have an option to call support . Sometimes when we are stuck, it takes forever to find a solution and sometimes I can’t even find one.Version: 320.1

Ruining my relationship with customersAs usual in typical Facebook fashion they’ve found a way to inconvenience their customers. Facebook is a truly awful company with the worlds absolutely worst customer service but they found a way to sink lower. I use to engage with my fans a lot using polls and since Facebook took that way a lot of my page fans have become quite upset. Next they took away being able to be post backgrounds for our post. Smh. It’s watered down junk now. They made the UI a tiny better but took away everything else. Update: Business sweet is ok. Not great. It needs to have the ability to share products from your shop to the page. All you can do is edit 2021 update: Once again Facebook has proved why they are worst platform in all creation. They removed the option to tag products in post. Something that made it convenient for customers to buy from a post. So sick of them.Version: 229.0

Terrible.This app is terrible. I am the manager of a small business. Currently our Facebook page has over 40,000 followers, so communicating through Facebook is extremely important. This app never opens the messages. I receive a notification but the app will not load the page to show the entire message. Extremely frustrating. The only redeeming quality of this app is that it is now linked to Instagram. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make a difference because you can’t open the messages. We have this app on several cell phones and each employee has the exact same problem..Version: 224.2

Convenient but a few little bugsThis App is really convenient on the go, I just have been having some consistent trouble with the messages not loading correctly. It takes a while for them to load through and always seems to say ‘waiting to reconnect’ other than this the app is great, it’s easy to manage if you have a few pages going..Version: 256.0

Fix the bugs please!!My husband and I both own our own businesses and use this app everyday. Every time we get a message from a customer it takes forever for us to actually see it. The only way we can access our messages is through messenger and switch to our business account to see the message that a customer sent. When we click on the message through business suite it always says waiting to reconnect. It literally takes like 2 hours for us to access the message and that’s not cool since we work with customers 24/7. Please fix this bug or whatever the issue is please. Thanks.Version: 278.0

Good appActually a great app to manage the social media without having to be on the social media apps. The notifications are a bit annoying as you have to open one by one to mark off but it saves me time as a small business owner to post/respond my brand’s socials without wasting the inevitable time scrolling through the feeds..Version: 265.0

Saved reply feature disappeared!I use this app heavily for my business. All of a sudden the “saved replies” icon/shortcut disappeared. The saved replies still are saved and exist but I can no longer access them, unless you edit a saved reply , copy and then paste it back into the chat. Which is not practical. The saved reply shortcut has been replaced by a video icon. Please bring back the saved replies icon! Being able to save replies is useless if you can’t access them. Apart from that it’s a five star app!.Version: 265.0

Nice app, but it blocksIt’s a good app from facebook, makes your marketing job a bit easier. Unfortunately when you try to see who’s shared your post it blocks / you can’t go back(+other occasions). I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, so you can fix it. When you see who liked your post, you have to scroll down 100 names to see who you need to invite. It would be easier just to have those that needed invitation in one place. There are a few other things that need fixing. It bans certain products for no reason. If it blocks, your only option is to delete it and download again.. you can’t share one post on more groups at once, which takes ages, it doesn’t let you edit drafts you saved.. etc Thanks for this app, it has great points to and it’s really worth it because it helps you be closer to your audience/ customers..Version: 238.1

Incredibly inconsistent# 1 likes on the page do not stay consistent. We’ve counted and there are at least 50 likes that have disappeared. Another problem people who liked the page early on in 2013 have been suspended so their likes not being shown and we can’t re-invite them. # 2 scheduled posts made on the computer allow extra photographs to be added after the post is created but not on the app. There’s no way to add captions to pictures before it posts. # 3 Scheduled posts made on the app for iPhone do not post. We have to go in and manually post them. # 4 Editing posts scheduled or published on The app is almost impossible. Every time we try to make a change the adding within sentences is almost undoable and names of people who liked the page pop up in odd places and are very difficult to get rid of..Version: 287.0

Downgraded and UnreliableWhat an absolute joke. With all the money and technology Facebook has they have made business owners who use Facebook change to this piece of garbage. The app won’t let us book clients in anymore and trudges up old messages from years ago at random. If we can’t book clients and have a reliable platform to communicate with them then we seriously have to look at giving Facebook the flick and find a platform that is interested in helping us run our business....Version: 224.2

Bien mais peu mieux faireIl ya toujours des ralentissements et quelques bugs à corriger malgré les mises à jour..Version: 320.1

I find this app extremely useful but it does lack some functionalityFor a free app it’s very good and super helpful for my business. A few things however on my wish list are: •I wish you could plan an Instagram post with the “Add Collaborator” feature. To make these posts I have to be creating it within Instagram, it can’t be planned ahead or scheduled like everything else. •I would also love to be able to schedule reels. Since they’re become more and more popular it seems only right they too should be able to be scheduled rather than sitting in the Instagram app as drafts and then having to remembering to manually post..Version: 296.0

Disgusted with Facebook customer serviceI am a long term user of Business Suite and Pages as it was before. I have spent thousands of pounds advertising and boosting posts. They have not replied to any of my messages as they have disabled my ability to boost posts and pay for adverts. This has been done wrongly and has been going on for over a year now however there is no way of speaking to anyone or having this resolved either by email , help center or phone. They have lost revenue and more importantly I the customer have lost revenue. Very disappointed in this and I’m sorry but this level of incompetence cannot be blamed on COVID 19. A multi billion pound behemoth that cares little if anything about the customers who use their platform..Version: 265.0

Great but can be confusingHave loved Facebook business page. It’s really all I need. I do find it difficult to keep the personal and business separate and wish there was more separation. The new changes aren’t as good for me..Version: 311.0

It is good but need to improveI being using this app to manage my little business for one year it is good and help full have some features that can used better on Samsung phones but no In iPhone , like when I book a services if is new I have to back to the facebook page and create and then back to msg and book , now doesn’t appear the booking for the person in iPhone but in Samsung is easier you can add the service straight in the same conversation I don’t understand why the different feature for each Mobil device, should be allow you to move everything in your page like sharing you thing in groups directly in the app , if I want to share something I have to go to Facebook app so it is couples Of things need to improve but in general it is better to have it that nothing ..Version: 224.2

Facebook PagesI do not like this new format at all. I don’t know what the thought process was behind these changes, but this is nothing but ridiculous. I use to be able to post anything, anytime, anywhere without a problem. Now it’s a real process! If you manage more than one page, all your photos from all the pages get dumped into one place. Same with forms of payment. If I want to place an ad, I have to be very careful which card I choose to make payment. I also have to worry about other admins having access to these forms of payment that may have nothing to do with the page they’re helping to manage. I realize these business pages are free but Facebook could be doing a much better job of laying these pages out and making them more user friendly for the people who rely on them. The older format was 100% better!!!.Version: 235.0

Landscape viewPlease need landscape for iPad because the new one isn’t good for this.Version: 220.1

Helpful, but needs work.The app is helpful for managing both instagram and Facebook, but using both the Facebook and Instagram apps is actually much more helpful within their individual apps. Don’t get me wrong, I i th still use the meta business suite out of convenience but the issues are actually inconvenient. Example: messages sent via MBS aren’t updated live and it’s difficult to “refresh” the app to update the messages that have already been sent and received. Example: updating photos is actually terrible. You can choose which photos you want to upload but you have no idea how the photo is going go look after you post it. I posted a picture of a guest from my podcast and from his neck to his head was cut off completely. Sure, I could’ve made sure the photo fit the dimensions of FB and Insta, but I didn’t and I ended up having to delete the entire post and repost it after having already received likes and reactions to the post. I hope yall would make the meta app just like the apps that it represents. That’s the biggest issue that needs to be resolved..Version: 303.0

Very disappointedUsed pages manager for several years with no issues. On first glance business suite had changed several settings without any notifications. It’s also now impossible for me or clients to book an appointment through the app. I’ve trolled in fine detail through the app to see if there’s anything obvious. All seems fine. I’ve been reporting the problem for the past several days with no joy. Use at your own risk..Version: 224.2

Awful appThis app is complicated, can’t seem to be able find all the photos in grid form that we used to be able to view when in the menu. Clunky and I get no notifications at all.Version: 221.0

Bring back pages app!!Since changing from pages to business suite it’s driving me crazy! If you make a mistake on a scheduled post and try to delete it the whole app just turns off on me. If I go into my business page to enable me to share it via my personal Facebook page I have to actually make the effort of choosing via a drop down menu where it’s posting. This takes more time which is not what is needed in business. Also you can no longer just hold your finger on the screen and get the option to copy the text. You have to double tap, and then spread the box out of the text, and yada yada yada! It all takes longer. What a rubbish app, bring back pages please this has taken us backwards !!!!.Version: 224.0

Making our life easierLove the new features to make drafts for stories as well. This is what we call a full circle optimization and excellent tool for every entrepreneur..Version: 323.0

Getting betterI have to say the Meta Business Suite was a little scary at first, because only one of my two business’s moved over. And FB was a bit sketchy on what was left. But now both businesses have crossed over and I’m getting happier. It allows me to post to both FB and IG plus events I’m hosting to at the same time. (All in one post) which is a big time saver for me. The pics seem to be sharper on the meta suite than on FB so I’m happy with that. I was also able to adjust my settings on all of my groups easily. One problem I’m having, that I’m not able to rectify is that when I first switched over to the Meta Suite one of my posts was applied to the wrong business (I’m sure it was due to only one of my businesses moving over to Meta). I am still unable to remove the post from the incorrect account..Version: 302.1

Business SuiteInitially I thought it was quite good but then I published a post and after that point I couldn’t access my photos again ( other than the ones I used in my previous post) I reported the problem but no response. I have asked my family to look into it for me ( as more technology savvy) but they are flummoxed as well. We have encountered other problems but this one will give you the flavour. I hope they sort..Version: 224.0

Keeps getting worse and worse!When I first got this app, I loved it, but it started going downhill real fast. I don’t always get notified anymore so I had to make it a habit to check it throughout the day. I constantly have to close it out and reopen it for it to get rid of items that I have deleted. The worst one yet though, I use it to keep track of inventory and I mark things sold out throughout the week and delete them through the app notifications when they’re paid for. I have thousands of items. Now all it’s showing me is the comments and not the actual post so I can’t delete it. Comments on videos are the same. I can’t tell which videos my customers are commenting on. It’s become pretty much useless at this point..Version: 271.0

Used to be perfect 😩I’m using this app for years and made my life so much easier!When i was booking my clients,we both used to get an instant appointment confirmation which is extremly important also there were options like i could add it to my calendar and see the details making this app a real treasure for a business and so easy to use,well NOT ANYMORE!! Now I’m booking a client and we are not able to see anything!, we don’t get any confirmation,nothing,is just blank!!This is SO SO SCARY as it will be so easy to mess up the appointments and loose clients! Please fix this ASAP ,this app was perfect before! Also in the new business suite i dont have a “Home” page and can’ t see the likes or send people invitations! PLEASE BRING BACK THE PAGES!! Awful and disapointing....Version: 224.2

Good but could be betterIt’s a good app, shows a lot of insight info to help you grow your social media presence. And it’s certainly great to be able to create and schedule posts which can appear on Facebook or Instagram...or both at the same time. But there is soooo much more this app should be able to do but it just doesn’t. Find myself having to go back to using the Facebook app or desktop page just to do simple changes or page maintenance..Version: 229.1

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