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Meta Ads Manager App User Positive Comments 2022

Meta Ads Manager app received 32 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about meta ads manager?

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Meta Ads Manager for Positive User Reviews

Awesome appAwesome app to manage your ads.Version: 257.0

FavorableJuste top comme gestionnaire des pub sur les pages Facebook.Version: 247.0

Excellent Adverts ManagerThe Adverts adverts manager is excellent. It is easier to keep control of the budgets and keep a track of the daily spending. The adverts manager allows detailed campaigns performance like video views, website leads and manage campaigns and gives an accurate impression of adverts returns. I highly recommend the app for monitoring adverts performances. It is always good to create adverts in the Business Manager. Thank you Meta - Facebook, the best social media platform in the whole wide world. Appreciate 😉🥰.Version: 284.0

Très efficaceBelle application qui est en constante amélioration..Version: 242.0

Can’t connect my IG accountI’ve used fb manger many times before and it’s worked amazing but it changed recently. I keep trying to re-connect my business IG account to Facebook ads and every time I do it marks “unknown error occurred, please try again” . Please help?? Other than that I’ve loved using Facebook ads manger in the past. I don’t know why it won’t connect anymore. Any suggestions are welcome!! :).Version: 149.0

UnwantedApp is really easy to use and straight forward 👍.Version: 259.0

Solid App - Confused By Negative FeedbackWe’ve used the Facebook Business Manager App for well over a year now, and normally don’t leave reviews, but since they’re most negative, we thought we would. Do not go in thinking this app has full web functionality, it doesn’t, and why would you want it too? We’ve never wanted to make or create complex campaigns within the app, thats what the web platform is for. The app is useful for setting budgets, viewing real time results, and being able to close and open ad sets that aren’t performing as expected. A recommended improvement: the only slight frustration is that when you’re in the app, if you pull down to refresh, it doesn’t actually refresh anything. You have to restart the app, or select home and then go back to the ad account you want for your Ad Spend and Results to update. It would make sense for the refresh feature to automatically refresh these results, which at present isn’t the case. Overall, really think the app has good value, just be reasonable about what you’re looking for, still 5***** for consistency..Version: 174.0

Great appFantastic!.Version: 255.0

Great app! Works as intended. No performance issuesHonestly, I rarely give reviews, but I felt inclined to review here because I highly disagree with all the one star reviews. This app delivers everything the website does. Of course the layout is different and it’s a bit of a learning curve to relearn where everything is but that’s expected when going from a complicated website interface to an app with a limited screen size. Great app, helps me navigate and monitor my ad performance when I’m away from my computer. 5 stars! Y’all 1 star reviewers just need to be more grateful..Version: 166.0

Adverts long windedThere has to be a simple way of filling out your adverts on fb you tell me my ads have stopped running when I check that says still running but I know there not running.Version: 278.0

I don’t understand the reviews?The app is fine as an on the go dashboard. It allows you to monitor performance, change ads from active/in-active. I’d not expect the complexity of the web UI to fit onto a mobile app and the web UI on mobile is horrid. This serves its job..Version: 165.0

It’s a good appI don’t know why the rating for this app is so low. I honestly really enjoy the app and it’s really easy to use. The app is very modern and for Facebook ads it’s really good..Version: 222.0

Lots of useful information.I’m enjoying this app. I’ve recently put out a few ads for my business Facebook page and Instagram account. Some have skyrocketed in effectiveness, others not so much. I wanted to see exactly what I did with the most effective ads, and I’d forgotten what audience criteria I’d chosen etc. This app gives me a lot of great data so that I can now repeat the effective set up of an add..Version: 88.0

Simply.. WOW!Not sure why all the negative and like-warm reviews on here are hating on this app. It is simply AWESOME. Hands down one of THE most useful apps currently in my arsenal.. not only allowing me to work on the go and totally laptop-free, but I actually PREFER it to Facebook’s own web interface. Seriously! Get everything done SO much faster now. Now, if only Google’s ad manager was this cool...Version: 161.0

HORRIBLE DO NOT DOWNLOADI was running ads smoothly on Instagram until I can across this app. I get banned/disabled for no reason. Every time I send a request for review and it gets enabled but then I send an ad from IG and bammm DISABLED. I regret downloading this so much, not sure what I did wrong that messed up the settings. PLEASE SONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I’ve lost so much money. I usually sell $1,200 with Ig ads daily, now I’m at $180 tops..Version: 178.0

FacebookFacebook is the greatest platform on the earth! I really wouldn’t know what to do without Facebook! From organic to marketplace, groups to paid ads you can get maximum exposure to your business. Hands down there is no better platform or company to do business with. Thank you so much Facebook. Wouldn’t know what to do without you. Priceless!.Version: 269.0

GoodGood.Version: 231.0

I prefer viewing data on this app over desktop!Don’t know about all these 1 star reviews 🤨 But this app works amazingly! The way the data is displayed is beautiful, clear and easy to read 👌🏼 Plus you can check your ads from your pocket! One small change that I can’t believe they haven’t added yet thou is to allow users to *CHANGE THE ORIENTATION* from vertical to landscape🙏🏼 I’ve got multiple ads running and when I compare them, landscape view on iPad would be perfect as opposed to vertical. Good work overall dev team 👍🏼.Version: 213.2

FB ADsFantastic user friendly way to market on Facebook Very happy.Version: 263.0

Convenience!Love making changes on the fly..Version: 253.0

It’s actually pretty decentI expected the worst when I saw the reviews before downloading this app, but was surprised by its functionality. Since I have the app, I often find myself omitting the desktop ad manager when I just want to check in on ad performance. It’s nice that custom presets (added on the desktop version) are also listed in the app. The ad creation or editing functionality is limited, but that logical for a client on a way smaller screen..Version: 182.0

Great app, same as website ads managerThe poor reviews may not understand Facebook ads manager. This app complements ads manager wonderfully, allowing me to track changes, see updates on the go. If you use ads manager, this is great!!!.Version: 197.0

Good for newer advertisers.This is considered a light weight interface of the Ads Manager platform. You can run an ad from it, but don’t expect to truly be able to optimize your marketing unless you are using the desktop version of ads manager. My advise, is do your research on Facebook Bluepages and Facebook for Business to get the most out of your marketing experience with Facebook..Version: 119.0

So Convenient!! So far so good!Don’t know why the reviews are so low. Just downloaded the app and I already have access to all my Facebook ad information without needing my computer! I can tell this is going to really be a useful app. Probably can’t replace the desktop website version, but is very supplemental when I don’t have my laptop :) Thanks facebook developers! App is very easy to use and visually appealing..Version: 135.0

AdsDon’t mind paying for all these ads etc if it actually made a difference to the video views.Version: 257.0

App not workingLoving the app but since updating to v122.0 I get a message saying failed to load on every tab. Sorry to write this here but there wasn’t any help on the support link. I’m definitely logged in and have an internet connection..Version: 122.0

Easier than the site in some waysI am still learning the ads manager interface, and think the app is easier in several ways. It automatically organizes active ads at the top of the list and some editing features are just one or two steps to do instead of going to multiple areas in the more robust online interface that has multiple areas. Well organized app- generally..Version: 255.0

DO YOUR RESEARCH❗️FACEBOOK BLUEPRINT❗️ First and foremost I’m not one to do reviews. However, after reading the reviews for this app I have found that everyone who has negatively reviewed the platform has not done their research. Facebook provides a full data base of videos, articles, question and answer and step by step process of how to use your ads effectively. Acceptable format is also very detailed..Version: 133.0

Facebook Adds Manager 5 stars !We here at KE&I,LLC have been running our adds on Facebook for a long time ! We always get great results far greater then any other platform such as google adds or bing ! Stick with the platform you get results on !.Version: 259.1

A Good App - If You Have a Heartbeat And Half BrainI normally don’t even feel strongly about apps. But man, oh man. These reviews are pretty unfair! This is a great app for anyone who’s comfortable with basic decent graphic design, knows how to create an audience, and read metrics to improve the performance of their advertising. I’ve worked as both a part time social media manager for a nonprofit organization on a university campus, with upwards of 1.8k likes on the page being added to my tenure with the effective use of the ads and the Ads Manager. I’m now a supervisor at an authorized dealer of prepaid wireless service, and I use the app to run the promotions for a store in the Inland Empire region in California. Using the audience parameters, I’ve been able to increase our sales with very limited and strategic use of location-based advertising. It’s a good app. Keep it up!.Version: 104.0

Needs work1) Confusing interface 2) doesn’t update campaigns at all 3) can’t access nearly all data and account info 4) very limited.Version: 146.0

Fake bots, Fake likes, Fake followersI was using Facebook ads until I noticed my sales decreased even though I was running thousands of dollars of ads. Facebook ads was sending fake bots to my page while charging me for real traffic even. Facebook ads charged me money to send fake bots, fake followers, fake likes, fake interactions and fake website visits. Facebook ads is a scam. I bought 1,000 followers/likes from Facebook ads but when I post only 20 people see my posts and no matter how many ads I run my sales decrease! Please take my advice and advertise elsewhere. I contacted support and they hung up in my face. Their support is terrible! Also they started charging my debt card for small dollar amounts everyday. My bank statement had a million small charges cause Facebook ads wants to be paid daily not to mention they started overcharging me cause they noticed I wasn’t paying attention to their ads. That’s also when they started sending a lot of bots and overcharging on the price..Version: 210.2

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