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Intermittent issuesThere is issues with status that goes amber or offline even if you are online and regardless of changing status manually or resetting it sometime doesn’t work .. rebooting app helps but sometime you need to reboot laptop . Understand if this happens once in a while but this is quiet frequently happening and then if you switch meeting call from mobile to desktop it’s shows to other audiences that you are leaving meeting ..Version: 5.8.1

Great EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE THING…Ok, so I broke down and downloaded the app to my iPhone sometime during the summer of 2021 because I supervise a lot of people and babysit the rest of the office so I was constantly being hounded by every method possible (texts, calls to my cell and desk, emails, and Teams). Every time I stepped away from my desk for even five minutes there was a crisis I had to handle immediately so I wasn’t able to see or respond to missed Teams messages until I got back to my computer. I would’ve given it a full five stars BUT, several months ago the emojis just vanished from my phone app. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and logging out and back in, but alas, there’s just empty black space where the emojis should be. I’ve discovered that if I tap on a random place in the blank space, it DOES throw an emoji up for me but I have no way to know which one I’m accidentally choosing! I’ve seen other people post that they have the same issue but that glitch has been there for months and Microsoft hasn’t fixed it yet. For an industry giant like Microsoft, that’s unacceptable. A lot of people may think it’s no biggie but I use emojis a lot to soften what I’m saying when I have to inform one of my staff that they screwed up. People appreciate that more gentle approach. So yeah. I’m done with my rant now..Version: 4.1.0

Good meeting tookGreat way to catch up with people and can see there faces online. Easy to use and easy to communicate worldwide..Version: 3.20.0

Multiple organisations supportedUnlike the desktop app you can have multiple organisations which all receive push notifications and calls. The desktop developers seem adamant on torturing consultants who work with multiple companies because you have to sign out and back in each time..Version: 3.12.1

Great appWhen I first downloaded this to my phone it took a lot of attempts to log into my account. Now it’s working I can’t fault it. As a teacher now working from home due to the pandemic the teams app has allowed me much more freedom to do stuff away from the laptop but still stay in contact with my class and colleagues. My only request for improvement would be the ability to pin a post on the channel threads. Currently once you have posted something it gets lost when other comments are made in new conversations. It would be handy if you needed to see something like reminders or instructions for your team that it would stay pinned in view until you removed it or changed it..Version: 2.0.5

IOS improvementsThe iOS version of Teams isn’t great. There are too many places all over the screen to click on, and everyone sees your arm moving around the screen until you turn the camera off (which requires you to move your arm around the screen). Just put all the controls in one strip, which a user could move to either the top, bottom, or either side depending on preference. And keep the strip up all the time - having to tap on the screen to activate controls is super annoying. Additionally, one should be able see whoever is talking while looking at other things, so just put in a “half-screen slider “ that lets you scroll over to the attendee list or comments or files or whatever. And then make it so you could continue sliding either direction so you can either go back to a full video screen, or forward to a full screen of “other”. Doing this would make the app much better to use!.Version: 2.0.8

I love this app!We went virtual over the last quarter of school and teams was awesome! It gave me notifications and the calendar was an awesome tool. I like how if you forget about a class it gives you a notification that tells you the class has started. And how the messages work like, well normal text messages. I also like how you can message your teachers about class work or anything! Maybe even just a thank you, and how you can message class mates but not strangers from other schools. I have never had a single lag! Oh and I like the new feature of being able to see more than four people on your screen. This works great as a collaboration app, an app for virtual meetings, even school! I am trying so hard to think of any criticism or something back right now, I am searching every inch of my brain. It’s like when you ask Siri and she doesn’t give you an answer. Well since there’s nothing bad to say, thank you for reading my “constructive criticism” comment. -Liv.Version: 2.0.22

Working with teamsIt is a pleasure for me to have a share. Because I am remote, when I join I feel like part of the family. I learn more about what I should do and how to use the tools we have each time. But it also helps me to appreciate the massive time you all spend translating articles, scripts and recording as well. I also have learned from recent meetings that the GB has shown love and thoughtfulness to the Motu public in approving the translation of public magazines. What a blessing!.Version: 5.11.1

Teams for the exec.So this tool stratus to tie file, conversation and meeting all of not one place. It is a great tool. Now here is the push for Microsoft teams engineers. I need more. Their is not a tool on the market that gives me enough of what I need. Here are some examples. Looking for things I have done like files and conversations that hook to meetings. A way to trace My Day back to a meeting by clicking on the meeting. You can get there with the tools but it is still not easy enough to do so and I end of flipping through a number of screens to find what I need if I can find it at all. Here is another one. In a big company their are a lot of people. A way to fav a employee in a meeting and write a few notes about him would be powerful. Maybe tag his name based on key words in meeting title. The tool is great and I expect it to get better I just ask that you survey power execs to see how you can help them as well. We expect everything at our finger tips with little effort. Keep up the good work you are going on the right direction. Thanks.Version: 3.14.0

:)Ok,so I like teams and all but I have the 12.5.5 iOS and I putted a cloud on it(cuz it was vacation) and I tried to reinstall it but.. it didn’t work so I don’t know what happened i clear(ed) all of my memory but still no luck,BUT I heard something when I was in teams ‘please update this iPad we will no longer support 12 iOS’ And I ignored it-(DONT ask) and I went to google wrote ‘does teams support 12 iOS?’ But I found nothing(useless google) and when I always reinstall it always said ‘unable to download item please try again’ so I hope some one will tell me about this ;-; Yea so I hope they will respond cuz I’m scared Bc my mother is gonna kill me I am PRAYING FOR SCHOOL TO BE GONE- cuz I’m still doing this “reinstall” thing (this is a story now... ;-;) PEACE!:D (Tell me if I did something wrong ;-; cuz I don’t know!) 👆old message...:^ uhm it works now BUT ITS STILL 4 STARS I mean.. if it still didn’t work heh- Well it’s a 3 stars... :).Version: 3.20.0

Teams app is much helpingIt has the ability to message or talk. You can send files or photos easily and this may be to a specific one or general to the group. It is easy to learn and easy to apply..Version: 5.5.2

Battery Drain and no auto dark modeThe functionality and feature parity of Teams is really good across platforms. But the quality of the apps is pretty poor. Whilst I can handle some rough edges the main deal breaker right now on iOS is the battery drain - it’s terrible, my iPad was burning through it’s battery (usually it’s great) and when I checked the battery usage it was about 70% Teams which was very unreasonable since I’d only had a short audio call and otherwise the odd text chat. My other general annoyance is the theme switching to dark is very clunky - it crashes and reloads the app by design! And this doesn’t seamlessly switch like most native apps when iOS switches. Overall I wish some more care was put into the native iOS app - that battery drain is a serious issue - I need to use this on the go with confidence and I can’t right now..Version: 2.0.11

Just one major bugThis app is really helpful and I love it. But for some reason no matter what image I use I can't change my profile picture. I have even tried doing another way which was updating the profile picture on office 365 since teams and office 365 are connected and nothing has worked. I try to do this at least once a weak but nothing happens. Even when I press that check for updates button . I still doesn't register anything. Also when you update the profile picture though office 365 all the office 365 apps related to it are supposed to update their profile picture and none have updated. When i go into the edit profile picture settings in office 365 it shows that I have saved and I has updated the photo. I have had a look on the internet and I have found that a lot of people are having exactly the same issue. So I would nice if you could try and fix the bug. Because that would be a really good feature to have when you have multiple people in a meeting and you will be able to straight away tell who it is. Apart from that the app is perfect. That is why I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars..Version: 2.0.11

It’s okayOverall it’s pretty good and it’s easy to navigate and the design is simple which makes it effective, but why doesn’t it notify you when there is a live meeting? I’ve missed live meetings multiple times because I didn’t even know one was going on right there and then and even when you’re on the app you will only know that there is a live meeting going on if you are actually on a specific page. I wish this app would notify me when there is a live meeting and when you are actually on the app say that there is a live meeting or something like that. Thank you.Version: 2.2.1

Love Teams!This app / program makes life as part of a working team much easier. As a team in a construction business we’ve managed to reduce the number of emails simply by using Teams. We have a number of specific channels which keeps all correspondence for our systems together in a single place. This makes it easier to keep track of comments, questions and answers rather than trying to trawl through a list of emails in a folder somewhere... Highly recommend this tool (I haven’t even mentioned the fact that you can use it for video and voice conferencing, it connects with your Outlook calendar as well!). LOVE TEAMS!.Version: 1.0.67

I have to write this for school 😕To be honest this app isn’t great because when I try to join a meeting it kicks me out immediately and if somebody calls me into I press join and it kicks me out it allows students to mute and kick out whoever is in the meeting my younger sister uses this and it always says somebody in the meeting removed you and I wish it said who. This app is not great but I have to write this for school which isn’t great either. Also when I write a message to my friends or teacher it autocorrects to something completely different like if I say hi did you get the answers for question 2 I’m stuck on that then it would say hey I want the answers for 2. I don’t understand this app. Also it drains you battery like if I have to use my phone for school if my laptop is dead then I use my phone but if I have it at 100 then like 5 minutes later it’s at 1 and it’s annoying. That’s all I really have to say about this app 😕 I wish I could give 2 stars.Version: 3.12.1

AmazingI’m founding really useful, really enjoying learning more about teams! It is so much to know..Version: 2.0.8

Great app but…Microsoft Teams is a great app except for 2 things. The first thing I will say is said many times in the reviews, it drains so much of my battery. If I forgot to plug my iPad in during the a meeting I have to switch to my laptop and that takes a few minutes, usually I get in trouble with my teacher because they think I’m skipping class. The second thing is logging back in my account. When I try to log back in it takes me millions of tries to back in. It kicks me out of the app and then after doing that lots it takes 20 minutes to finally get in. Other than that I love how you can text friends, share screens, have groups of teams and breakout rooms. Good luck for fixing these things..Version: 3.22.0

10/10This app is amazing and is a great way to do schoolwork and communicate with teachers but there is only two things I would change, I wish there was a way to see all of your assignments in one instead of having to look at individual classes to see what you have to do. I also wish there was a notification to tell you about a meeting that you have before it starts so we are on time but apart from that it is fast and has not crashed. It has amazing speed and can deliver messages as soon as they are sent with no delay 💯.Version: 2.0.8

Needs to be updated with meetings functionalityWith teams replacing the Skype for Business app on the desktop, this app needs to be updated with the appropriate functionality. Right now, if I switch over to using only teams on my desktop I end up receiving all my notifications on my phone with Skype for Business. I can’t delete Skype for business because the teams iOS app has no functionality to join meetings..Version: 1.0.56

Solid InterfaceOnly two criticisms is the fact when you delete channels, you can’t name a new channel the same name. When you delete a channel it should delete all data associated with it. Only being allowed to change the privacy setting on a channel during the creation of the channel is inefficient, especially when considering my first grievance. If you mistakenly forget to change the privacy setting upon creation, you are forced to delete the channel, but prior to doing so you’ll need to rename it, so you can use the same name when creating the new channel with appropriate privacy setting. Suggestion 1: Make it to where a channel is deleted all data associated with the channel is deleted so you can reuse the name. Suggestion 2: Add the capability to change the privacy setting during any point of the channels lifespan..Version: 3.11.1

Love Teams! Needs a few things to be perfect!Teams has been an excellent communication tool as all coworkers are working remote now. Very easy to collaborate, create team calls, screen shares, etc. A few updates would be the cherry on top. 1. As a creative team we are always dropping files into the chat function to share progress shots, inspiration images and comps. I, and a lot of my team uses the same file naming structure for these images - so there are multiple files with the same name. Teams will not let you upload 2 files with the same name without a pop up window asking if you want to keep both files...and if I click yes it renames them xxxxxx(1), xxxxxx(2) and so on. Please make it so it either let’s me keep both files with the same name without asking or renames them automatically without asking. 2. When an audio call comes in via Teams it only shows the person initiating the call. If John Doe is calling through a multi-user group it only shows up as John Doe making team calls vs a single user call indistinguishable. A “John Doe via Project xxxxxx Group” would be all it needs. 3. More customizability within chat groups. We use chat groups 99% of the time vs broader team group windows. Would be nice to be able to change sounds, chat group avatar, background image, etc. Other than that love the app and it’s integration into Outlook calendar and contacts!.Version: 2.0.10

AmazingI do online school right now because I have lockdown in australia central coast I’m 8 years old and I think this is a great way to communicate with my teachers and friends ok I need to say if I didn’t have teams I would not have been able to find my work and I don’t have to be online all day I just look at my work and do it. You should get teams and it is free.Version: 3.12.1

Assignments feature 4/5This is a great app for online schooling. My only issue is that the assignments feature on mobile is a little hard to use, if I wanted to go through all my teams assignments to see if there are any more I need to do before I start my weekend, I have to pick each team one by one, going back to the assignments menu each time. And worse, if a teacher hasn’t even assigned anything since they started the team, I get the ‘if your teacher makes any assignments they will be posted here’ page, and from there I need to restart the app in order to look at my other assignments. I would love to be about to swipe left and right to go to my next team’s assignments, and clicking Next after selecting a team to view assignments for seems like a useless extra step. And I definitely don’t want to be barred from viewing other assignments just because I looked at a team who hasn’t set up assignments yet. Please clean up the assignments tab and make it a bit more user friendly!.Version: 2.0.7

GoodGood, and very handy for purposes but a bit slow sometime.Version: 3.4.1

Worst app I’ve ever seen with my eyesWorst app that ever exist.Version: 4.2.0

I like the video call feature.Something for bigger groups would also be good. At the moment meetings with more than 4 cannot show all participants in the one screen..Version: 2.0.10

Swift and smooth experienceMTeams is so easy to use. It’s amazing how many functionalities are accessible to a user at the same time and how easy one can navigate through. I used Teams for my job and can connect to my team from home or my phone. The ability to access files and high level meetings from a single app without connection issues is awesome..Version: 3.7.1

Delete chatsOverall is a great app but I would be great to be able to delete chats, the ones that you are not longer using. I don’t like seeing a huge list of chats where I am no longer participating, and I don’t like hiding them..Version: 3.12.1

Really good butTeams is really super, but it desperately needs to be a multiple document interface style application where you can have multiple things open at the same time. If you’re having a meeting and reviewing a task list, navigating to a document that you want to discuss, you have to navigate back to where you were and that’s all too clumsy. If you had the ability to minimise what you’re looking at, follow a link, bring up a calendar, etc. and just tab between the open items within the app, it would become super useful. Otherwise, I say the concept is great and it occupies a fantastic place between an inbox, calendar, shared folders, workflow manager and IM. It is everything that an actual team needs. One last thing… please make it possible to change the privacy settings on a team channel from team-wide to private or back again, or to have it team-wide plus guests or team-wide minus exceptions..Version: 3.12.1

Honestly the best tool Microsoft hasComing from a person who is not a big fan of Microsoft’s clunky suit of products and poorly laid out operating systems, this is a big thing! I love teams and can’t see why any business wouldn’t have it at their central tool for communication and collaboration. It works well within an organisation with quick chat abilities (+fun emoji & gifs) or more structured teams with conversations and integrations with SharePoint. The quick and easy way to add virtual meetings in outlook internally or externally puts it in competition with the big boys in virtual conference the market. The ability to add external companies (via your IT admin) makes it a great tool for collaborating with customers, clients or suppliers..Version: 3.16.0

Revolutionised our OrganisationThank goodness we moved to Teams about 9 months before COVID! Our levels of document collaboration and use of video chat tied into our filing and messaging has been life changing for the business. The more we rely on it the more we need better training and structure to our use however as things can get lost (documents in particular) between Chat and Files - this is about how you use it not a flaw in Teams itself.Version: 2.0.20

Good tool for workSince COVID our Team of 30 plus has had to work remotely. We work for a large organisation and we are not allowed to use Zoom because of privacy issues. MS Teams has enabled us to catch up, chit chat, plan/host events and collaborate with others. I have had to host and manage training sessions and multi agency meetings. The breakout rooms have been a great addition, but the only downside is that only the meeting organiser can manage these rooms. I recently had to host a meeting with 3 of our teams managers, with 5 breakout rooms for staff. The managers wanted to nip in and out of each room, which I could do as host by assigning and unassigning. It would have been so much easier if I could have made them CO-hosts, like you can with Zoom. Please can this be looked at? Apart from that the app is great and I don’t know what we would have done without it in the past year. Thank you..Version: 3.5.0

More than 4 people on a screenWould be great to have more than 4 people in a group on the screen at once, maybe something similar to how FaceTime is when you have multiple users it makes the person talking bigger on screen but has everyone floating around. Otherwise a great app!!.Version: 2.0.10

Missing feature?!To start with, teams is an amazing app and very convenient for work and schooling. However, in the screenshots used to show off the app in the App Store we can clearly see a chat button and working chat feature. However, once the app is downloaded this feature is nowhere to be seen, and I even had the feature for about a week when it was first implemented before it randomly disappeared with no warnings or updates. This feature was one of the most useful features and I see absolutely no reason for it not to be there. Until the chat option is re-added, there is blatant false advertising for this app using a feature that is no longer included..Version: 1.0.68

Teams is great and the app is mostly great.When my computer died and I started working from my iPad , I was worried I would loose a lot of my functionality in Teams as my organization works almost exclusively in Teams. I’ve been pleased to find that for the most part, the app offers the same functionality and even has a couple advantages. In a multi person call, the app will automatically shift from a multi view to a main speaker (talks more than 30-60 seconds without interruption) and back as needed. The down sides are mainly small such as you can’t have chat open and see the video feeds of others in the meeting at the same time. The only major piece of functionality that is missing is the ability to start a video call in a channel or a chat with yourself (which we use to record and share presentations.) Developers: Please add this function to the app and you’ll have a 5 star rating from me. :).Version: 2.0.22

BahaNot all these 8th graders coming to try and dent the 4.8 customer review with their “I hate school” reviews. Anyways, this is a pretty cool app. It’s better than zoom, imo. It is tricky to get the hang of at first though, mostly because of the lack of training before the district had our school use this as our live classtime platform. The only issue I have is recently it’s been seriously bugging out. Yesterday classes had to be cancelled and due dates delayed (which is cool, yes, but not for when we still have to do the lessons crammed into time later.) today, most of the students could get on but this morning the app on my ipad stopped letting me in. I’m about to see if it let’s me in now that I’ve redownloaded it, but if not I’ve lost my backup plan for when the school’s *global protect* stops working again. Edit: no it did not let me in. Microsoft, please fix this, or if there is a way to troubleshoot that would be cool..Version: 2.0.24

Great app for communicatingSo after Covid started, my school started using zoom at first but then once everyone found out that this pandemic was not going to last a few weeks, but more like a few years, everyone went to teams because these reasons: 1) You have more virtual backgrounds (which many of my classmates and me enjoyed playing around with) 2) There is a schedule that can sync with outlook calendar so if you get this app, it’s best you also get outlook with it. 3) Teams is more like academically based so you can get literal assignments from your teacher with a deadline that you have to meet, and your teacher/whoever is giving you the assignment to complete can give you feedback and you can undo hand in if you have a few mistakes to correct. Overall, I think this is a wonderful app to use and I highly recomend it!.Version: 4.15.0

Best app for web meetings…Teams blows Skype out of the water! It’s 100% better, very clear with no delays or voice with video synchronization problems. No snow, and I’ve been in meetings with over 75 people logged in to Teams without a glitch or delays! It truly is an amazing app for web meetings. We tried to utilize Skype for our platform with NC DEQ, but it never went anywhere, people just quit using it. There was problems just trying to do a small group of maybe 3 to 4 people, and Skype could not handle it. Most times we just defaulted to audio because video was a nightmare! Going from Skype to Teams was like going from old dialup internet to fiber optics speed and quality, no joking! I really can’t see an app for web based meetings working any better, plus it’s very user friendly. I know there are other apps out there, but these are the two NC State has tried as far as our agency goes. Thanks… -Devin Brisson.Version: 3.17.0

Teams ReviewGreat easy to use communications and productivity tool that gets better and better with each feature release. Has made working remotely much earlier..Version: 3.13.0

Great app 👍🏾Teams is a great app which helps teachers set homework for kids at any time including on weekends, after school or even in the holidays. Another great feature about teams is you can chat to people on there about thing including your classmates. You can make different channels for different things including one channel for work and one channel to chat on. Teachers can set a due date for you to finish work and all you need to do is press hand in to give it to your teachers. If your teacher doesn’t think your work is good enough, they can hand it back to you. Well done developers. Great work.Version: 2.0.25

Reviewing to end the prompts for my review of TeamsI like Teams! Prefer it to Zoom because it’s a bit cleaner and minimalist in its functionality. Love the way that it integrates with Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint (of course) and you can extend it with a variety of third party Apps (of which I’m particularly liking Lucid Chart and Break Thru). Video filters would be fun but I see no benefit in attending an online work meeting as a banana. I would like more group meeting settings - such as a court room, Houses of Parliament, funfair carousel/rollercoaster, etc. - but again that’s just me being flippant and killing time until we are all wearing VR headsets and sat in my living room (virtually). Hey! Microsoft? Is that enough? Can I go now?.Version: 4.18.1

APP of all functionsQuite impressed to see most of the collaboration function imbedded to Teams..Version: 2.0.3

The new form of communicationOur company started incorporating more advanced Microsoft products at the end of 2019, including Teams. What a time saver! No more jumping on planes and living around the notion that every meeting has to be done in person. From a global company stand point the first half of 2020 more effective meeting and forward progress on collaboration was done than any other year. Many things are integrated into Teams to make it as seamless as possible. Some of these include video meeting, screen sharing, multi screen control, calendar management, sync of calendar, multi device sync, controlled notifications, text message integration, user group creation, profile management, in meeting management like mute for those who don’t know when to mute microphone. In all very well thought out app. If you can’t do some of these things, it’s the administrative person that hasn’t given user rights. Watch out Apple because Microsoft has created one meeting management App for the modern work place so people can work remotely in this COVID era and any other future eras..Version: 2.0.25

Stop the waiting room!I’ve been using teams since year 8, i’m now in year 10, and it worked fine (still school so kinda sucked, but the app itself was good) but i think it was a new update that added the waiting room, which is the most irritating and annoying update ever. basically, i can understand why it might be useful to a teacher but as a student, it is extremely unnecessary. if i join in my phone at the start of a lesson, but then want to switch to my computer, i have to go through the entire process again, and let the teacher know that they have to let me through. additionally, most teachers don’t constantly watch the chat, and i’ve been stuck in a waiting room for 15 minutes at least! my suggestion: make it optional!! now, i’m not a teacher, so i’m not sure whether it is currently an option or not, in which case this review is pointless. but if it isn’t optional, can you please make it so that it is???.Version: 4.1.0

Status is showing away even we are onlineFor sure this is a issue when working it is not updating status.Version: 4.14.1

All starWell done Teams Team. I can easily access across the devices I have. That is great when working specially off site or home office..Version: 3.13.1

Good butI support teams in a SME environment. It’s a great app & this review is not so much about Teams itself but M365. There is widespread confusion in our organisation about what Teams is. The fact that you can use Teams as a way to navigate to files stored in SharePoint & then open those files inside in Teams makes people think the files are in Teams when they aren’t. A lot of people don’t understand that when using Teams to find files that those files should then be opened in SharePoint & not in Teams because if they are looking at a document in Teams, that document hogs the App & if they need to join a team meeting in Teams they then need to abandon the opened document. There is also confusion about the OneDrive app, which keeps your local OneDrive & Synched SharePoint folders synched with their cloud counterparts and OneDrive Personal File Storage. After almost 3 years of working with OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams some people still don’t get it..Version: 5.5.2

Something is missing,I hope you can helpSo I’ve been using this app for a month and a little bit for school work because we’re in lockdown, it is very good and has helped me manage my time better than before. The thing I need is something a little bit like my homework app(SMHW). I need it to show me all my assignments all at once because I am lazy and really can’t be bothered to go into every class I am in , I have over 15 which I’m in and it’s really hard to do that every day. It would really help and I’m pretty sure everyone prefers an easier way rather than hard. My homework app does it by date, the one which is due the nearest at the top and the one which is due later is at the bottom. Another problem is that when I’m on a call and my teacher shares his screen with me and I go to post the shared screen goes and all I hear is them talking therefore I have to wait until the teacher posts the PowerPoint. When I’m on a call and go out and back in again it also won’t let me.I have rated it 4 stars, as soon as you get that in I will rate 5 stars. I hope you can cooperate and understand what I mean. Thankyou.Version: 2.0.8

App works well for businessTeams is a great tool for working and has so much that can help make communication at work very helpful. One thing I would like to see though is a potential App Clip version. On my work devices I’ve got teams on for work related things but if I were to have a call that needed to be over teams in my personal life I’d need to download the full app to my personal device. If a link to an app clip version was available when sending out external invites it would mean that people wouldn’t need to download the whole app for what could be a once in a blue moon use of teams and just make that experience a bit nicer all around.Version: 4.17.1

Good but can be betterI use this as a volunteer. Several training sessions and meetings that I get invited to each month. I have used it on my iPhone and and laptop. Thanks to a mistake on my part the laptop that I use now takes several minutes to load teams. I prefer the laptop because it is easier to see shared information on screen. I can not setup any groups on my iPhone unless I send an invitation immediately. As the team lead, I wanted to have everyone in a group before setting up an event. I prefer to organize things so I just click on a group, send the invite, and then work on other things. If there is a way to do this, the app is not very forthcoming with the info. This also why I do not like being hounded to do a review when I have only just started to work with the app for myself instead of clicking the invites sent by others..Version: 3.8.1

UpdatesIn our teams chat, we update and share content, but when there’s new updates to posts, I don’t like how it shifts to the bottom, I’ve mixed up my roster a few times (mostly my fault) but would make it easier if what is posted stays where it had been originally posted. Hope that makes sense ☺️ Besides that, it is for the most part a great app and I would recommend..Version: 4.1.0

OMG!This app made me lose my virginity!! ❤️😘😍🥰.Version: 3.14.0

More features neededI would like to see more of the full features from the workstation/PC version being brought to the mobile version of this product. It would would a huge positive impact on the usage by mobile users. Also, The workstation version needs better diagramming tools built in to it..Version: 3.18.0

Open two instancesI’d like to be able to run two versions so I can view tabs while doing chat. Seems I can only do one function at a time..Version: 2.0.23

Great and usefulGreat during this pandemic. For online classes. <3.Version: 2.0.10

This app is great but I have a slight suggestionOk so since the 2020 incident, or sixth grade year, or last year (we had to use zoom in fifth grade) I’ve had teams, and I really enjoyed it! Except for the fact that we had like 2 months straight of quarantine, anyway, one of my friends had some friends they knew from a different town, and was good friends with one of them and I decided to become friends, eventually they started being really rude, which is a big NO NO , so my point is I wish you could block them, BUT this also runs into a new problem: teachers. There should be an option to NOT be able to block teachers, as I don’t really like school, but I feel it’s so important to learn. Anyway you could give an option to teachers to have a different email so the teachers pets can’t act as teachers. Thanks for reading this and I hope you fix this!.Version: 4.4.0

Easy to use!Quick & easy to use, very handy!.Version: 4.4.0

Sturdy App - Please Add a Feature!I’m a student who has been using Teams for online learning for the past year and a half. My parents are teachers and both sued it over lockdown - took them a while to get used to it but it seemed fine for them. The introduction of the assignments tab in September/October 2020 was an absolute live saver. I would give the app 5 stars if we had a way to add our own mini ‘to-do’ assignments ourselves, for example if I need to revise for a test or just remember to do something by my own personal deadline. Other than that, can’t find fault with the app! It’s been tidied up really nicely over the past couple of years and it’s pretty good. EDIT: I mentioned I’ve used it for 1.5 years for online learning, but I’ve been using Teams in general with school for 5/6 years pretty low-key..Version: 3.15.0

Slack you just got beatI was a slack lover but I won’t be going back. New features and notifications are awesome and it’s integration is great.Version: 1.0.25

Channels issueThe app is great for communicating in channels, however for some reason there’s no option to change an existing public channel into a private channel. This means that you have to recreate a channel that would be private which means all the files on your public channel have to be manually moved over to the new private channel. I think this is really counterproductive and wish they come out with a new update to fix that..Version: 3.11.1

Great, but limited multi-organisation supportTeams for iOS is great. I’m a consultant / contractor and work for 5 or 6 different organisations at a time, though. Being able to switch between organisations is brilliant - you can’t do this on the desktop app without logging out/in every time. BUT - if organisations requires Mobile Device Management (MDM) rights then you’re stuck. If you have conflicting MDM requirements then you have to choose just one, and the ‘winner’ will be the only one you can access across all of the 365 apps (including Outlook) which is a deal-breaker for me. I end up having to use a mix of Microsoft and Apple apps to work, which isn’t ideal..Version: 2.0.8

A list of problemsThis app could be just as good as Slack but I’m constantly annoyed by many things: (note! I frequently swap between the desktop and iOS version, this is my experience using Teams in that way) No Download progress bar, no button to open recently downloaded files, no list of recently downloaded files Teams renames uploaded / downloaded files When changing status the icon doesn't immediately reflect new status color--this is confusing Not nearly enough notification options Notifications disappear, if you're not looking at the screen at the right time they won't be visible which makes them pretty useless a lot of the time Notifications will blow up the mobile version of teams even when you're actively using the desktop version of the app. This makes no sense. Why would I need all those mobile notifications if I'm active in that discussion on the desktop client. More notification stuff. Sometimes the desktop app will keep sending my notifications of chat messages when I'm actively engaged in the chat on that same desktop app. For example: you're in a meeting. Typing in chat. But every reply / message is still triggering a notification. Even when that chat is on screen, even when you're typing in that chat. This feels so incredible sloppy and redundant..Version: 4.21.3

Awesome for collaborationFinally everything in one place! Chats are great for one on one or live streaming events. All works great including screen sharing, free hiccups to start so recommend a few trial runs beforehand but no complaints with the technology overall. Integrated well with outlook email calendar when scheduling new meetings. The channels are perfect for specific project work with different groups and feature chats and live file sharing for multiple people to edit the same document live. We had a staff training session with a Microsoft Teams manager who then set up a channel for Q&A’s to help us out for a couple of weeks after. This was brilliant, he was so friendly and helpful and I would recommend for larger organisations who are hosting live events especially. Has helped stopped isolation setting in over the past 6months by helping to stay connected to friends and colleagues which has been the best benefit of this software. Highly recommend!.Version: 2.0.22

Useful to be mobile but tweak a bit pleaseHi - I find it very handy as a part time worker to be able to catch a meeting on a day off without having to sit in front of a computer and stop my other plans. E.g. I washed up today while catching a meeting that keeps me informed. I have finally got almost used to finding the chat function - there is a menu that I hunt for chat frantically and can’t find it - but it’s only when I’m out of the menu and tapping the screen that the chat option reveals itself. So for me counter-intuitive and frustrating. Thanks for asking!.Version: 3.15.1

Teams preliminary evaluation (first week)Praise: Internal integration of various technologies (Skype, Sharepoint, Outlook Calendar, etc.) and external connectivity with Office 365 constituents is seamless and functional. In particular, remote meetings capabilities, including chat, desktop share, audio, all work well within our corporate network. Also, client-based app and web-based app have essentially the same functionality and look-and-feel, which is definitely preferred. iPhone-based mobile app works well so far. Very good compliment to the main Teams usage on my corporate Microsoft Surface Pro. Criticism: I was never a fan of the Sharepoint-based file presentation and interface. Windows Explorer in details mode using libraries, shortcuts, etc. is preferred for file management. Maybe Sharepoint file presentation is needed for tablet devices. I’m a longtime laptop point-click user. Also, in meetings, it was not obvious how to re-display the control bar (enable mute, for example) once the control bar disappeared automatically. I learned how eventually, but guidance on such important items should be more prominent. I had to hunt for a solution..Version: 2.0.18

Incredible!!!This app is amazing!! It is incredibly helpful with my school work and my teachers love it too! It makes it so much easier to see any assignments teachers have given and to communicate with others when working together. This is especially useful to talk to the people who don't have WhatsApp. It is less of a hassle to check my timetable and the other 'apps' withing Teams are genius!! It is much better to just open my phone when I receive an email rather than spend he next 15 minutes trying to turn on my laptop to see. However, the only things that I don't like is the CONSTANT notifications coming on Outlook. I don't want to get an email every time someone messages me. I have tried turning it off but I haven't worked it out. Other than that, this app is amazing and deserves more than 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.0.82

For the love of god!I’ve googled and googled and googled (google > bing) for a way to order the chat in your team in a different order, I.e all new traffic at the bottom, but for some reasons the devs have flat out refused to implement this much requested feature. I use teams on a regular basis for professional use, under a healthcare setting and having the ability to transfer a meeting from my laptop to my phone to my work laptop to my home PC to the ISS then back onto my phone is a great idea, and is very well implemented, and the overall user experience is really good, apart form the lack of chat organisation. Overall better than zoom by a mile (yes, they are for different uses but still function of a core use) and has good features, the devs just need to listen to the massive government institutions that are paying tens thousands of pounds per organisation for mass Microsoft licenses and services..Version: 2.4.1

MS TeamsAs an organisation we are required to use MS Teams. I have to date found it very useful. I am aware of its potential, but have yet to find the time to really explore what MS Teams can bring to my work effectiveness..Version: 2.0.12

A very good app for to connect from anywhere, anytimeSo I got introduced to Microsoft Teams when my school explained that they were going to use it as their mode of classes during the pandemic. Before this I never knew that there was an application like this. (School or Work account) When I started using Teams, everything was crystal clear and I could easily access documents or links uploaded anywhere. The in built features like activity, calendar, files and tasks helped me organize all my work and kept it easy to stay on top. But I think you could fix an issue in where assignments is not loading if I go to it directly making it cumbersome to go though each team and check the assignments. (Personal account) I have only used this feature recently and it was just great. All you need is an email account to sign in. It was really smooth and I accessed any material in my groups instantly. We could create as many groups as we want without confusion and schedule meetings and call others anytime from around the world. I personally liked this app as it was par to many leading chat apps like WhatsApp, telegram etc..Version: 4.7.0

Requires a little time to self-teachIt’s a little tricky to start with but once you understand it it’s fantastic.Version: 2.0.2

Brilliant... butThis app has come such a long way. Thank you to everyone involved on the educational side of things. What would be amazing is if staff could upload a students homework file (file or photo in the same way a student can) from the staff account in the event a student doesn’t have the option of uploading when at home (lack of device) but have done it on paper. I could then upload it and provide feedback online. My whole mark book and results are then in one place. It would be doubly awesome to also have the grade book in the app too that is available in the web app..Version: 2.0.23

Bad UXWhile this is one of the most helpful tools, but it would probably be one of the worst as well. The individual chat screen sometimes becomes full screen with no way to return to the chat list, and it also doesn’t handle landscape/portrait switches as would any tablet user typically use a tablet. I really wish they improve the UX of this app; we are using this every day for work. These UX glitches are not easily ignored..Version: 3.20.0

Nice, just a couple issuesI’ve been using Microsoft teams due to lockdown and I do find it quite good to use especially as it’s easy to set up and working teams. The only thing I would say is that the calls often drop out and something sometimes you get a notification on your screen saying connecting all that your Internet connection is lost which is annoying because that means you miss what your teachers just said. Also Microsoft teams is great and we do use it as a school but it’s just not very reliable and obviously we just find it’s not very useful sometimes. Also sometimes teams actually moves people so I will be trying to get in One meeting and the system will move me to a completely different area. If you fix this then this app will be really great.Version: 2.0.15

This is great!This is a very good app; it is literally the best app for communication and work. Students as well as teachers love it because you can upload assignments very quickly and you can create actual chats for your different classes. This is important for organising events like work meetings and even class discussions. Teams is basically like a hub for chats, calls, and any necessary online meetings. This app is essential for every single school since it is the best app for online learning. I never have a problem addressing issues to a class chat or even uploading assignments because the notifications appear right away in the activity section. This is much than having to open up my laptop to upload an assignment; my phone can do that in just under a minute, which is good because I won’t get detention for not uploading it at all. Teams, like other Microsoft 365 apps, allows you to sign into your account on multiple devices, therefore you can communicate anywhere, anytime. I would definitely recommend this app..Version: 3.20.0

Excellent app, just needs one minor additionThe whole entire Microsoft teams service is an absolute game changer, and is much like having Skype for business & Slack integrated into the same application. Screen sharing is lightning fast. I cannot fault the collaboration side of this service! The only thing which is quite frustrating, is the inability to have more than four people on screen when in a video chat. To make matters worse, you can’t swipe to a new page to see any other connected caller's video. Sometimes this can be problematic if a few people are talking at once and the active speaker who you want in the foreground doesn’t automatically show on screen. I was very happy to see this was updated on the macOS app and the Windows app. If this feature was added into the iOS app also, 100% would be a 10/10 piece of software which doesn’t compare to any other platform or service. Minor issue, but aside from that, it’s an excellent service provided by Microsoft.Version: 2.0.11

Flexible TeamsIf you delve into Teams’ advanced features, you quickly discover a huge range of useful add-ins that let you do just about anything from within the Teams UI. It’s almost an entire operating system specifically aimed at collaboration with your colleagues. And the best bit is my emails have dropped from hundreds to tens per day as well. It is taking over from Excel as my all time favourite piece of software, and I’ve been using Excel since 1996..Version: 2.0.12

Difficult to look at files and chat at the same timeSame happens on a tablet or desktop so it’s very difficult to hold a meeting while discussing a document!.Version: 2.0.20

IndispensableOutstanding. Quick to pick up. Everyone benefits from it; expert and participant alike. Excellent for exploiting visual, auditory, and participatory learning and collaboration. In my experience as of April 22, 2020, multi-person editing (one person per paragraph) while on audio is a hysterically productive madhouse of rapid collaboration. It’s like watching Lionel Messi and the whole Barcelona football team do rapid-fire one-touch triangular volleys ending in a goal. However, at the moment, PowerPoint allows only one person at a time per text box (wish it could be one per bullet), and for some reason I can’t edit Visio in Teams(wish I could). Best I can do at the moment is share my screen and watch someone else edit my file while I point out things with my mouse. Bummer, since Visio is my main tool for Business Process Modeling and Notation..Version: 2.0.7

Great but a few things neededThis is a great app that I have been using for my school work and it has helped me manage my time but also have a way to communicate with my friends about school work. However it would great if I were able to see all my assignments at once and if you were able to give a little comment with your assignment when you hand it in in case you handed it late and wanted to say why or just weren’t quite sure of something and so when the teacher hands it back they can have answered the query about the work. Apart from that though, this app works really well and I’m not sure how I would cope without it..Version: 2.0.11

It’s good but could use a little tweakingI used this app daily when my school was in lockdown and it was absolutely brilliant! The section off the teams for files, all the chat features were excellent. My teachers could force mute people and it allowed us to teach the lesson properly. However, I found that sometimes the screen share didn’t work properly so half the class could see the presentation but all the other half could see was a black screen. It was also a little bit buggy at times but all round a brilliant app to use regardless of your needs! I was very pleased to be using this feature throughout lockdown and, shall I need to find a program to communicate with others, I will definitely use Teams..Version: 3.16.0

It’s great but I had a problem...This app really helped me when I was remote learning but when I didn’t need it anymore I used it to call my friends but one day when I was trying to call a friend it clearly said that she was available but when I called her it always always connected to voicemail and it was so frustrating and when it connected to voicemail it said that she wasn’t currently available which she definitely was so I don’t know what the issue was and I was so frustrated. It had worked for me before so I didn’t know what the problem was. In the end I couldn’t call her I was very frustrated..Version: 3.8.1

Teams is so goodI have linked with my work computer. Works so well.Version: 4.16.1

Cannot receive call on iPadHello there, Microsoft Teams is a really good app, for which we use for online school during this period of hardship. However, for I do not have a laptop I must use an iPad to do calls, the problem arises: when other people call in a group, I cannot receive it on my iPad... for some reason it does not come through (yet I can on my computer). Please address this problem for it is causing some inconvenience. Thanks..Version: 2.0.20

Easy and functionalSimilar to messenger, easy to use interface can’t complain.Version: 4.2.3

Teams is excellentTeams is a revolution in collaboration, the functionality is much more effective than the old SharePoint. The MS Office suite is very well integrated, you can have lots of different people working on the same file at once, you can chat directly about the collaboration in the file. The meeting functionality is great, call quality is excellent and having the App on your smartphone means you’ll never miss a meeting again. If your team isn’t using MS Teams yet, then you’re working in the ‘stone age’, email is dead, persistent chat is now!.Version: 1.0.75

Toggle for NotificationsHi team, Let me just say, I’m loving this app using everyday for work and it’s amazing. But I just have a request for a possible new feature to have an actual toggle for Notifications to be turned ON and OFF. Right now, from the profile menu even after setting at Status as “Offline”, messages keep popping up and creates alerts/notifications on the phone which can be bit annoying post-work hours or on weekends. Not blaming colleagues but just disturbing a healthy work-life balance. And currently to deactivate the notifications there’s a bunch of toggles that have to be turned off to stop receiving which makes it bit tedious to do everyday. So instead of showing Notifications as On on glance, it would be amazing to have just one single toggle to keep the notifications turned off and on to control the entire app irrespective of what the Status is. Please have a hurdle on this and see if it can be achieved. You devs are seriously amazing! Cheers, Giri.Version: 4.10.1

Just one problem...Teams is wonderful! It helps me with my school work during COVID-19! But, there is a few problems. For example sometimes people echo, whether this is just because of their device or because of Teams I am not sure! I have been on laptop for a long, long time but am trying the mobile app now! A couple of times It has just me leave meetings which is confusing... the chat option is very good! I must say though, it is annoying when people do the option (that is near the hand up) of a reaction! Constantly you are getting reaction after reaction! I think there should be an option to delete you messages not just edit it! Altogether Teams is and amazing app though!.Version: 2.4.1

Works well but...I find the app very convenient and love that I can run my video and sound seperate from my computer, also my computer fails at Bluetooth headset mid meeting the app on iPad and iphone does not I would prefer the focus screen to option to be under the the same menu as the computer app uses for ease of use and consistency I had to go search how to focus on the shared screen rather than pay attention to what was being shared I would also like to see the whole calendar (day, weekly monthly) across the screen until I select an appointment to view details then be able to go back to the overview.Version: 3.12.1

Best app for video conferencingReally , this app deserves 10 stars . Very good app , I have installed both in my IPad and computer . It has many features like you can add background effects in your background, share your screen , record the call , add subtitles and invite participants and even guests! In chat , you can not only write messages but edit it like a champ! You can post in multiple groups , not allow people to reply and much more . You can also attach files and give praises and create a poll! in files column , you can upload files , make folders , download them , sync them , you can also make assignments and give grades ! and the new features just made me drive off ! The opening in new windows and together mode , raise hand , and quick meet option are just great! I don’t know why the foolish people are disliking this app , but I like it very very very very very very very very much..Version: 2.0.18

So many after school detentionsI don’t hate this app it works great my problem is to do with how I need to get into documents it forces me to download them over and over again and whenever that is not an option (not enough storage or I’m just not on a newer version) it stops me from doing my homework which teachers at my school do not like so in total I have had about 7 hours of after school detentions not fun. This isn’t me saying it’s a bad app I’m just saying it is a pain how often I need to update this and download hundreds of files yearly.Version: 4.20.1

Definitely An ImprovementWe, as a business, used WebEx and Skype Business historically, which worked well but evidently was 20th century technology. Teams is slick; it interfaces really well - as you may expect from an integrated MS offering; I really love the way files can be added into you application easily and recovered from you preferred cloud space seamlessly in the office or, indeed, on the go. The down side, sometimes the sound isn’t great. I think it could be easily remedied by applying a ‘compression’ algorithm to ‘open’ I.e. unmuted lines. In effect the compressor closes the channel whilst the open line is dormant and then decompresses once audio is applied... we do it on live stages all the time and this is exactly the same issue. Anyway, is a great platform. Thanks MS 👍.Version: 1.0.90

Mostly good but needs some upgradesThere needs to be a way to delete a message I’ve sent without Teams posting a note saying ‘message deleted’. I’m not sure what the purpose of letting people know I’ve deleted a message is? I deleted it because I no longer want them to see the message. Now they will ask why I deleted the message and want to know what the message was..Version: 5.7.1

We love it!My small team of 5 is quite impressed by the app and the product in general. Meetings, chats, notes, wiki. The only thing we don't have is screen sharing which I hope is in the pipeline. We were never keen on signing up to another collaboration software because. HipChat was ok but not good enough for us. Never tried Slack and probably won't ever have to now that this is making our work lives so much easier. 4.5 stars because there's no screen sharing yet. Otherwise, it's a 5 from me!.Version: 1.0.23

Really Good! Just a few issuesHi! We first started using teams back in October for school and I have enjoyed the experience this app has given. Although the app is very good, there are some issues... e.g •when you try to upload an assignment, sometimes it says it has uploaded when, in reality, it hasn’t. Another issue in relation to the last point:•the file size is a major factor in whether the assignment can be uploaded or not. There are many positives when using this app though. You are able to use teams for your personal life as well. I just hope that the team working on this app can try to improve some of the points I made in my statement on the issues of the app. I would definitely recommend to anyone!!!🤩🤩🤩😜😜😜.Version: 2.3.1

It’s good but could be improvedI’ve only just started with MS Teams. I’m an avid user and advocate of being able to work remotely and on the go so mobility is key for me. The teams app is useful but I have found limitations and some I would expect others I would not. I would of thought I’d be able to upload a file from one drive but on iOS I have not been able to do so as of yet. I’ve had to uploaded it to Files on my phone and then add it from there or do it from desktop. It’s a useful app to keep up-to-date with activities and be part of group conversations. It’s functional but could be improved in some areas..Version: 1.0.48

This app is greatThis app is amazing since it helps with work so well and makes online school so much better. However, there are still some improvements. Firstly it should show all the homework at once and assignments so you don’t need to go into each class and secondly when you hand in work you should have a little box at the bottom where your can write something so your teacher can receive your work and read what u have written, eg. I didn’t have enough time to complete it. It would make it so much better than emailing them or making a word doc with that in.Version: 2.0.12

Doesn’t support MFA & Azure conditional access policy wellI have a situation that my Teams client on iOs14 kept getting blocked by azure conditional access policy that requires both MFA and limited access to Teams service and its dependencies EXO, SPO, Skype4B. The login failed to pass the conditional access policies because the Teams-T4L application only recognised single factor authentication and got blocked by MFA requirements at Microsoft Teams Login Service. Meanwhile on the same phone using Safari browser I can connect to Teams web app successfully. Way to go!.Version: 2.0.25

Great app for collaborationWould be great if you could add chapters or place-marks during a live call. Otherwise this is a great app for communicating and collaborating with the team..Version: 4.14.0

Team challengesThe app is awesome to keep the connection with other contestants..Version: 4.8.1

All good exceptOn the iPhone 13 if you open an activity the app stops working and the only way to get out of it is to close the app.Version: 3.21.1

Good appDoes great videoconferencing- with 7 people as good as zoom I’d say. Better than hangouts. Chat works great. Only troubles I have are intermittent notifications and the design is very cluttered and not thought out well. But it works great for the most part, and across devices too..Version: 2.0.5

Pretty goodOk so we all know the global pandemic has bringed us to do everything at home. I am a student that uses this app DAILY and i really like it, but recently they did this new update that changed everything but not a lot because you could still understand everything that u have to do in the app so over all i liked the update. BUT there is this section on Microsoft Teams called assignments ( keep in mind that i have been using this app for YEARS)(*with no problem at all*) this section let you see all your assignments that you have to do and they’re due dates, how much they’re worth, etc. And this section was divided by every class, teams, group, etc. For example: if you went to assignments it would appear a list of all of ur classes, groups, teams, etc. And you have to click the class that you would like to see the assignments. I really liked how they were divided BUT now in the new update all of the assignments are put together and i REALLY DONT LIKE THAT because i like to keep everything very organized and i dont like that the assignments are all mixed together. Overall i like this app a lot and its very easy to use is just the little things that bother me a tiny bit..Version: 2.0.22

Simple and effectiveGives more of a live connection to team vibe.Version: 1.0.82

Display glitch makes this app unusableI’ve been using this on an iPad Pro 12.9” and the experience of the few versions has been terrible. It would only use half of the screen and if you tilted it it would disappear completely. Totally unusable as it stands. You can’t end a text because the prompt is below the screen line. Looks like the developers have got landscape and portrait mixed up somewhere. What I can’t fathom is after all this time they haven’t fixed it. Poor job Microsoft no wonder I don’t use your software outside of work 🙄.Version: 4.10.1

Phone version works fine, but pc version is full of glitches.I put this on my phone, and it works great, but when I tried the pc version on my laptop, after a few months it started taking a full ten minutes to load, as well as randomly crashing and saying I had messages when there were none. Now I just use the phone version, but I’d like for the pc version o work a little better..Version: 5.4.0

Keep crashingMy app keeps crashing after the latest update. Please fix.Version: 2.0.17

Switching devicesThis app keeps my day on track when I’m away from my pc a lot. Quick access to calendar or chats is easy. There’s a bug when you switch devices, the video doesn’t show to your caller but you can see that it is on. Clicking video on and off, changing device settings doesn’t fix it. You have to hang up and call again..Version: 4.19.0

Amazing for online workI do my German lesson on here and it’s so easy to communicate and my teacher is able to teach the lesson really well. There’s lots of options so our teacher doesn’t make us talk while in a meeting/lesson as we have the option to use the chat but we can also talk and ask questions if we want to. It’s really easy to sign up to your meetings/classes as well. In this time of quarantine this has been the best way of learning. Especially for my age because I’m going on to doing a levels next year and this app is so easy to communicate through. I honestly love this app for meetings/online school..Version: 2.0.12

Best app ever! I have a special thanks and 1 issue!!Hello! I hope you are having an amazing day/night, I just wanted to say a massive thanks because it’s been very hard for people to work but with this app they can do it from home whilst talking and keeping the meetings that they planned! One issue is that it’s very laggy when I try to get on. Most the time it takes me off about 5 times then it turns me on the meeting. This may just be my WiFi so that’s why I kept it 5stars! Just again, thanks. (Even though I’m not a adult it’s really helpful to my family and others and it helpful for me to do me class meetings!) Thank you so much, have an amazing day/night! And enjoy ur wonderful app yourself! (Maybe if u go on it you will see some bugs then you can fix it!!!).Version: 2.3.1

Very good school/work app.The reasons why I give this app a four star rating is because I find this app very easy to access all my school work, it is very useful and it saves all my work, I like how the calls are set up whenever we have a class call for lockdown. But a reason why I gave this a four not a five is because of the muting system, yes it’s good for teachers so there students don’t say whatever they want, but if I want to communicate with my teacher/class to get help on some work, I can’t get any help, the muting system has its goods and bads, but I’d really it rather not be there, I understand that it is there for a good reason, but I can’t communicate with my class members about work if it’s muted as it’s a lot faster than emailing or calling..Version: 3.13.1

It’s ok, getting there (please sort “do not disturb”/snooze notifications!)The Do Not Disturb function deactivates itself, apparently as it pleases, and users start getting disturbed by notifications again. (I’ve just had a sick colleague woken by work chat, despite having activated “Do Not Disturb”. I’ve experienced the same in the recent past, myself.) I used Slack previously, and when I was off work, I could tell the App to snooze notifications until the next day. And it did. I could also tell the Slack App to snooze notifications for 20mins, an hour, four hours. This was great, if I was about to drive home, and my colleagues were about to start a long discussion. Far safer driving if I’m not having my phone buzzing away beside me. So, the biggest improvement I need from this app is Notification Snoozing that works. Having to disable and re-enable notifications for the App in iOS settings is inelegant. (Slack’s being able to advise people that you had Notifications disabled when they were trying to message you is really smart, too.).Version: 1.0.76

Awesome!Okay, so I got Teams on the 1st of May, and it’s great! I can easily text my school friends, since we’re in lockdown, and, thanks for adding the recording in calls feature to mobile, because before I had to go on my PC to use the recording feature, and it was annoying. So, thank you Microsoft for adding recording in calls to mobile! Only one thing I’m confused about though, when I first got Teams one of my school friends said there was an auto-correct feature? I checked on my PC and on my iPad, but I didn’t see anything. I’d love if you’d reply as soon as possible Microsoft. Thanks for inventing Teams!.Version: 2.0.11

Where is call?I missed the call and meet button i used to call my friends after Online school but now the button is gone.Version: 4.10.1

What I have been waiting forFor about four years I have been looking for a collaboration system to get away from the burden and inefficiencies of email. I have been using Whatsapp for work projects but then I was introduced to TEAMS! So well thought out, adaptive and easy to use. The desktop, iPhone & iPad layout are all user friendly. Our organisation has only been using it for four weeks but it is already streamlining workflow, response times are shortened and there is improved engagement amongst project members. Well done Microsoft..Version: 1.0.82

It grows on you ... like ivyI have used Teams almost since it came out (Disclaimer: I am a contractor at Microsoft). For our team, it replaced Skype for Business. It's better than Zoom for presenting PowetPoints (I want to say, "Duh!" here, though it's common knowledge that not all Microsoft products play nice with each other). This is true whether you are presenting or watching a presentation. As a presenter, you can see your notes on the same screen as your slide, and use a laser pointer to highlight. You can also write/draw on the slide. I think the coolest presenter feature is the ability to insert yourself, like a TV meteorologist. As an attendee, you can have content presented in high-contrast if you're taking the meeting from the beach. You can also enable captions, when take your meetings at the airport, for example. If the presenter allows, you can move forward and backward through the deck without affecting anyone else. The best part of the mobile app is the rainbow theme they call Pride. Most posts and chats are basically monochromatic. The theme givea you rainbow tools. Everything is not rosy. It can be awkward to switch between a presentation and chat. Also there are sufficient differences between the mobile and desktop that sometimes finding what you need tap is challenging..Version: 4.17.1

Amazing and super easy!!This app does its intended purpose perfectly. We are in lockdown at the moment and are using teams for our live lessons, it has a calendar to show you when your lessons/meeting start and end, as well as a place to check for assignments your teacher/boss has set you. Teams allows your teacher to contact you (although you could use outlook for that) and can send you notifications telling you when your meeting starts and how much longer until you can join. I really like this app as it does its intended purpose perfectly..Version: 2.2.1

What an awesome app for workHaving MS Teams on my phone is great. It helps me easily keep up to date with work colleagues which is especially important during the current COVID lockdown. Being an app it also doesn’t have some of the limitations of my laptop, for example I can quickly reply to a message whilst being on my treadmill. Doesn’t keep me stuck at a desk. Overall quite a seamless and easy to use app.Version: 2.0.5

Uses Gigabytes of storage even after clearing downloaded files and app dataTeams was the fourth most app using storage on my device (2.9GB of Documents and Data plus the app) and using the Clear downloaded files and Clear app data options within the settings multiple times had no noticeable affect. After completely deleting the app and reinstalling it, it is now using 49KB of Documents and Data plus the app. It seems the two Clearing options within Settings need some attention as they don’t seem to work as intended..Version: 4.5.1

Microsoft TeamsThis is a really great app and perfect for school and work respectively. My son has been using this for his school and he enjoys it and says it is a great way to learn and submit work. I use it for my work and it is also great and allows me to communicate effectively with my co-workers. Although there are some flaws, you can’t keep multiple tabs open of this as it freezes and the assignment section in the app is very disorganised and is time consuming to use. I would suggest to just display all the pending assignments in this section and the group/ subject respectively. Otherwise it can be a bit haywire to find what you have done and what you have not..Version: 2.0.11

I love Teams!Teams is a really great way to communicate with others! You can send images, emojis, GIFs and attachments, make group chat, have an audio or video call, chat with lots of people and use an app that’s actually organised. There are many tabs that have different features, and the app is super functional and easy to use. Only downside is that it takes up a lot of mobile data and storage on your phone, so I would advise using it on your laptop..Version: 5.6.0

FantasticOur company has been using this during COVID, a group of around 100 people scattered around the country and it has made it so much better One downside is the Windows app and the iOS app seem to be lagging behind each other when a call is coming through, and it doesn’t know which device to send the incoming call notification to; but impart from that great work..Version: 2.0.5

App is very intuitive an easyWhat’s nice about the app is that it seems to work even better than the desktop version. I can’t think of one time that I’ve had this app on my phone. Give me any kind of issue with locking up or shutting down however, with the desktop version, at least once a month, I find myself somehow in a situation that will require me to reboot my PC! I do know that this could be so many things that it may not even be the program itself. I would be a great tester because the feedback I’d provide I think would be very helpful again not on this app but on the PC I don’t like to try and start a recording of a meeting finding the button is opinion I feel like I have to search for each and every time I go to start a meeting and I don’t understand why it’s not more prominent, the start button that is for recording..Version: 4.17.2

5 starHi I am writing a review about this app I think this app is wonderful because it’s good to communicate with students work there are a lot of good things about this app I think this is very useful to everyone and everybody and this review is thank you to me and it is used to all adults and kids and children but this is a great and communicating app and I’m very grateful that for this and this review goes on Microsoft teams this is a very great app I think I recommend it to all of you who need it like for work or like a student you should get a passcode and then write it this is my first time with you and thank you for listening and I hope you guys have a great day okay bye see you later..Version: 4.21.4

Great but needs couple of improvementsThe calendar section needs to be able to show old calendar appointments. That would have be having to switch to Outlook. Another issue is how when I use my phone for a call, it massively zooms in on my face so the person on a PC on the other end of the call gets a closeup. This happens to everyone I know. It needs to be more mobile friendly and out or have a visible on-screen guide on how far away the phone should rest so other call participants aren’t talking to a nose..Version: 2.0.18

User interfaceIt should be easy to search and find like slack.Version: 2.3.0

Meeting improvement requiredIt's really great experience while switching from mobile to laptop and other way around. But during the meeting, options list remain with main window while using with mobile phone. So if you can manage to hide it which will help to watch full view of shared screen..Version: 3.6.0

Good but could be greatJust started using this through work. Have the phone app and windows App. Have no major complaints. I’d like to see the ability to add custom backgrounds in video conferences and also turn off the auto away status. I’d really like to set my own status and keep it. Also when my laptop is closed and opened again, it seems to disconnect and will not reconnect until I open the window and let it load..Version: 2.0.5

Problem with notificationsLately i see multiple notifications over the app , example 12, while i only have 1 new notification. If i open the app those 12 notices go away. Then i get a new message and again the notification count is higher than the 1..Version: 2.0.22

Super impressed with this AppI have been using Microsoft Teams since I started a new job on 10 January 2022. I am super impressed with the App. Everything I can do on my desktop computer screen, I can do on the App, if I am out and about. One of my favourite features is, if I am running to answer a call, I can just grab my phone and answer, then I unlock my desktop computer while I am chatting, and seamlessly transfer the call to my desktop computer screen! I am super impressed. Everything just works! Well done developers and keep up the good work..Version: 4.8.1

Awesome... but better notification handling is neededLove the app. It’s awesome. Works great across multiple platforms with great features... but... The notifications on mobile can get pretty overwhelming. Particularly when you’re not using the device. For example when your IM’ing from desktop you still get EVERY notification on your phone. You can sleep the phone notifications but you then need to remember to re-enable them. General notification handling could be improved for message flood conditions too. I am part of several larger organisation group chats. When there are multiple people discussing in the thread there can be dozens of notifications in short succession. An implementation similar to FBMessenger would be great - you get a sound and pop up for the first one and then any notifications comin in short succession (say within 30s-1minute since the last notification) are delivered quietly..Version: 2.0.11

Best Microsoft app in a decadeIn a world where young innovative companies having been running circles around time-honored giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, it is rare to see one of the “80’s companies” produce an application that is (to put it bluntly) - relevant. Microsoft Teams puts Microsoft back on the ‘must-have’ software map, and could become the bridge the connects the old world with the new world. Unlike past product offerings, Microsoft Teams has made it easy to integrate newer (non-Microsoft) apps side-by-side with trusted enterprise apps like Office365 and SharePoint. Imagine a team collaboration “home page” where topic-based chat rooms, instant webcam meetings, private cloud file storage, mobile productivity apps and trusted office documents, live side by side in perfect harmony. For companies who are trying to make the transition from old to new; from Gen-X to Millenials and Gen-Z, Microsoft Teams provides an easy and intuitive way to get there. (Five stars).Version: 1.0.65

File access needed on AppI love the way Teams brings the many groups I work with, right to my desk, and even my pocket! It would also be good to access files on the App, so I can review video recordings of meetings when away from the office. It would also be great to have access to just the audio from video files, saving on data while still accessing the audio side of messages. :).Version: 4.16.0

Teams appThis has been very help keeping in touch with our team of 20+ service tech during Covid19 restrictions.Version: 2.0.7

Getting better than slack :-)A few feature requests to get to 5 stars: 1) Add chat to myself - Please let me start a one on one chat with myself. This lets me quickly dump files or start draft conversations or notes to myself for picking up in teams later. 2) Add more emoji reactions - the current set is super limited when responding. Please add more..Version: 2.0.7

Great app for businessThe phone is a great tool for ensuring you can still access your meetings and collaborate effectively when you’re away from your desk. However one improvement I would like to see is the ability to access the chat functionality while also on a teams call. Currently if you’re on a call there’s no ability to read or respond to chats in teams..Version: 3.14.0

Fantastic AppGreat functionality, easy to use and makes working from home and out of the office a lot simpler. Able to connect with the team easily and keep up to date through the chat function and The connection and quality of calls have been consistent and high.Version: 4.2.3

Need Search in chat featureWould have been good if there is a “search” functionality in individual and group chat..Version: 2.0.6

Improved attendance at meetingsDuring lockdown and following on, the practice of holding meetings via Teams (wholly or joint live/virtual) has meant that people who couldn’t usually attend meetings have been able to join even if only briefly; it has therefore improved communication and joined up working. The ability to record and transcribe seemed like another benefit until discovering that while Teams picks up every utterance including hesitations, some of the wording produced was never part of the meeting and so there has needed to be very careful editing and there is a lot to get through despite how practiced and succinct you try and make them. Practice improves how it’s used but there have been changes which can be disorienting however it is relatively easy to set up meetings and teach others who are less confident with technology or are used to FaceTime and WhatsApp but less used to the ones organisations are using..Version: 4.17.2

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