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Good but not as user friendly as you’d expectThis is a handy app especially as it can link to Apple Watch and you can add reminders that way. However, it’s not always easy to navigate. How do you delete a recurring item permanently? All it seems to do it delete it for that week. After trying seemingly every option I can access I still can’t find it, meaning I can’t permanently delete a reminder for a task which I no longer need to do, reducing the usefulness of the app. It needs to be easier to do simple things..Version: 3.9.2

Upgrade buyer bewareIf you are upgrading from Things 2 to Things 3 because they are removing sync support from Things 2 to force you to upgrade, please be aware that this is no longer an integrated application, you are forced to purchase the iPad version separately. It is also really just an interface tweak on Things 2 and does not introduce much new functionality for the price of the upgrade. Disappointing change from a good developer. Use the free apple reminders instead..Version: 3.10.3

Few things I wish they would addIt’s ok but I wish 1) there was a way to add headings to a list; not just a project. 2)Also, I wish that undone items from Today would roll to the next day if not checked off. 3)I would really like to be able to add attachments to projects..Version: 3.15.15

Restore this optionI used to be able to have Things open with Today. However, now it opens at the full menu list. Please restore my original option. I am unable to get it in Settings..Version: 3.15.2

Almost...Overall this app is highly flexible without being overly complex. As I’ve been capturing my tasks, I’ve noticed a couple oddities and omissions though. Two things I’d like to see in future iterations are the ability to collapse a section header that has content tasks in it, and perhaps see a progress indicator or count of complete vs open tasks in that group... I use those for phases of projects so tracking completeness is helpful there... The feature I’m really looking for is setting a due date (as opposed to assigning a date to the todo items and ending up with a bunch of past due items). Maybe an accomplish view like the upcoming that breaks things down into sections like today, this week, this month, eventually, etc. sometimes things are so nebulous in my to do life just knowing what I have to accomplish and what’s immediately important in a week is super helpful..Version: 3.10.5

Fairly good but missing some featuresI have tried many task management apps, from simple checklists all the way to very complex ones, and Things3 lands in the middle. It is certainly more capable than a basic checklist, it has a number of nice features, and a nicely crafted UI/UX. It is a definite plus that the app is one-time-purchase as opposed to a subscription like so many others have become. (Some apps are worthy of being a subscription but a to-do list isn't one of them.) On the other hand it is missing some other features that are now standard in other to-do apps. It also lacks some basic features that would benefit most users and not complicate the user experience at all. Unfortunately the company behind the app is notably quiet about features it is considering, working on, or that have even been put on a ‘roadmap’. This approach is a shame when many other similar apps/services are more communicative & transparent these days. TLDR; All in all, watch the promo videos for Things3 and be aware that that is all are getting before you buy. It is pretty good but it has limitations..Version: 3.13.8

App Looks GoodThe app has lots of promise, a nice layout, and the features I like. But the functionality of it is limited in that I cannot sync to a windows machine. For that reason I won’t use it as much as I would like..Version: 3.2.4

A meh app that is inflexibleThis is a bit of a meh app. Looks nice, but functionality is lacking. Tag implementation is woeful as it has been from the days of Things 2. No smart lists or saved searches, which is the biggest let down. Add to that no ability to prioritise your tasks (no, a star is not prioritisation) makes this the hardest task manager to manage your tasks. If you don't work by areas a huge chunk of organisation is lost and it's not easy to repurpose. As nice as it looks, I find it hard work to narrow things down and to organise the way that works for me. CulturedCode have one way of managing tasks. If you're not happy doing it their way then you won't like this inflexible app..Version: 3.13.16

A little buggyThis could be an amazing app unfortunately it gets a bit frustrating at times to use. Trying to add notes or edit reminders sometimes requires 10 or more attempts to get the keyboard to show up. Would also be nice to have a calendar view of upcoming events to give a better overall snap shot of upcoming events rather than having to scroll down to see if there is anything planned on that day. Price is steep at $14, $8 seems fair for what the app does and also compared to other apps that do similar things. Other than that the app is great and is still the best daily organisation app I have found amongst the competition..Version: 3.3.1

Not badBeen using tick tick for a number of years now and though I’d give THINGS 3 ago as you can purchase it outright. So far it’s not to bad. One massive miss for me though is the ability to attach files//images ((unless I’m missing something?). This would improve the app no end as I use this app for projects that I need to save photos and PDF. I know I can add a link to Dropbox etc which I have been doing but that’s just a whole lot of double handling. Thanks for the app though, it looks much prettier than things 2..Version: 3.9.6

What on earth were they thinking?This would have been a nearly perfect app for its purpose except for one colossally stupid design decision that users have been complaining about for over 4 years with no movement at all from the developers to correct the problem (and yet the geniuses at Apple made it an editors choice). For many of us our lives are filled with tasks that should be done not any further in the future than a certain number of days after the task has been completed. But most of the world tries to complete at least some of our tasks before that next date. We need tasks to repeat (for example) a certain number of days after we did the thing, not a certain number of days after the originally scheduled time. Things 3 has no way to mark such a task complete until the next time some stupid template regenerates at some future date that is no longer useful to you. And they have been told this for years with no attempt whatsoever to fix the problem. Things 3 is otherwise basically perfect but this brain dead refusal to fix the inability to handle one of the most common events in all of task management renders it completely and utterly useless in my life. But nobody has cared with regard to the numerous requests for this to be fixed that are scattered all over the Internet. What on earth were they thinking?.Version: 3.12.6

Editable sharingHi guys. Just purchased things 3 and love love the app BUT what I didn’t realise is I can’t collaborate my lists with others ( husband) I just assumed I could as all lists really require others inputs. Our lists are travel plans, education plans as well as just stuff we need to get done. Without my husband to build and action on this list in the app really takes out how I need to use it. Huge disadvance to the app and just expected this as a feature. Pls pls look into it as I love the app but it really doesn’t suit me now as these are lists I need us both to own and manage ( modern working family).Version: 3.5.2

Good, but could be great.I’ve been through most todo apps. I downloaded this, tried it for a week, then had to switch back to 2Do. The app is missing crucial elements like the ability to set repeating reminders outside of numbered time frames. For example, you can repeat every x days, weeks, months, etc but not, say, every Tuesday and Thursday every 2 weeks. It also has no location based reminders, which the developers don’t seem to provide good reason for. Finally: there are no reasonable ways to attach things or url extensions easily. Even adding basic support to link a contact later so you can make a reminder like “text Steve later” and have that launch messages is something other apps can do. Overall it is a beautifully designed app, but until it’s functions match 2Do I can’t justify purchasing any more of the suite..Version: 3.8.4

Pretty GoodI would definitely recommend adding support for pictures or scans. I wish there was an option for iCloud sync instead of your servers..Version: 3.13.4

Just use Apple’s Reminders appThe layout doesn’t make sense, the Apple Watch integration is unintuitive and you have to buy the app again for an iPad or a Mac. I saw the high ratings and the description sounds good. Basically, you can add tasks to today view in the iPhone and see them in the watch, but the other tasks are not available. If you add a task from the watch, it doesn’t appear on the watch. It just feels like a poor effort. Maybe they don’t own an Apple Watch? Checking recent reviews, I see that the large number of high ratings came earlier. Then I explored Apple’s Reminderss app and found that it is quite powerful now. And everything is accessible on the Apple Watch, iPad and Mac, the way it should be. Update: I checked the Apple Watch help on the website and it just says what I already did. You only see today view, not other tasks and adding after adding a task to the watch, it disappears from the watch. With multiple taps it can be added to today and according to the dev, you can make adding to the today view a default. Anyway, the app isn’t for me and not interested in reinstalling again. Reminders does all that I need and is included for free..Version: 3.13.11

On big problemI love this app, however unless I am missing something it has a major failing. It does not display my tasks in the time order, i.e. if I have a task due at 8am and a task due at 10am they can appear with the 10am task listed first, for this reason I keep going back to iOS Reminders app..Version: 3.15.4

Poor support and price planningI’ve been using Things 2 for awhile and I’m wondering there is no support for Things 2 it doesn’t look nice in iPhoneX and there is no upgrade plan! You’ll have to buy the new version for full price. And when you buy on one device you’ll have to buy on all other devices otherwise you won’t be able to keep them synced!!! iPad version sold separately!!! Without having more features! It makes sense to sell the mac version separately as it is a different source and binary but for the iPad! It’s same binary or at least it can be! iPad version costs you twice an iPhone version!!! Why?! I’m totally disappointed and looking to find another app out there!.Version: 3.2.5

ThingsCloud? No thanks...Why would you require a things cloud account to sync the watch to the iPhone. You are not entitled to my data. Looking for an alternative....Version: 3.12

So promising but Apple Watch app uselessThis is a really great implementation of the getting things done way of time management. And if an app is good, I can justify spending the money for multiple platforms. However, in an ecosystem where stuff “just works”, getting Things to sync with your Apple Watch is nigh on impossible. Upgrade iOS install uninstall; what is this, Windows-level troubleshooting? Love the app on every platform, but highly disappointed with the pretty much useless iPhone “sync”..Version: 3.13.16

Wish there were pop-up alertsPretty good app - I'm looking for a better solution than Reminders for iPhone, as the Reminders app is buggy and sketchy performance. This app, Things, is neat and well-arranged, with nice checkboxes to clear items from your to-do list, etc. which I appreciate. However, you have to go into the app to see what's next, with no alert pop-up anywhere that I can find. I need tasks to pop up and remind me to do this or that, sometimes at a specific time, and often more than once. Like a bill I need to pay, which I may remind myself a week before but need to wait to pay it until a few days later, so I need to have a second reminder so I don't forget. Bills are just one example (still haven't found a good bill-pay app, either) - it could be a purchase I need to make but now I won't have time today after work, so I have to postpone until tomorrow after work. Or it may be a phone call I have to make at a specific time. Overall, very good for keeping track of tasks, as long as you remember to look at it..Version: 3.3.2

Ok..It’s ok, very expansive for what you get but better then subscription. I will never pay for a subscription to a to-do list.. paying 100$ plus to have it on all devices is crazy excessive. Would be really nice to have a windows app included, well for another 70$...Version: 3.15.15

It's great, but no non-mac supportI bought this app as I was in search of a great to-do list and this has great reviews. It was, hand on heart, the most expensive app I've ever bought but I felt it would be worth it. I can confirm it's a well designed app that is quite easy to use, HOWEVER, 1. They only support Apple devices. So if you only have an iPhone but otherwise use PCs you have no other way of accessing your list. Not even a web interface. This is a giant pain not only for easy accessibility but also it's often easier to see things on a bigger screen to see the bigger picture, move things around, plan, etc. I'd rather use my phone for quick entry and my PC to categorise, plan, set deadlines, etc. 2. I can't find a way to pull up a list of ALL my outstanding items. Maybe not something most people would want but I find it useful. So for me it's just not the app I need. I hope someone else finds this info useful before they drop a fiver on an app with limited portability..Version: 3.8.4

In this day and age stand-alone apps aren’t acceptableGreat app, but this isn’t integrated on web or windows which means it’s a useless app. This app might have been fine 10 years ago, but these days everyone has different devices and ways of working and the app/service needs to be flexible. This most certainly isn’t flexible, and therefore I’m unable to fit this into my workflow. If your workplace uses Mac then lucky you, but if you’re like 90% of businesses that uses Windows then you really have to go out of your way to use this. Hopefully they change tact, but I doubt it… Apple developers seem to very stubborn in their “Apple only” approach..Version: 3.15.15

Sadly, this won’t quite do it for meThis is a beautiful app and I love how it approaches tasks and projects which is why I give it 3 stars instead of less. But there isn’t enough functional integration with calendar to make this useful for me. I can see my calendar items but can’t open them or do anything with them which leaves me to have to jump to another app to work with meeting invites and other calendar items. This is a fatal flaw with this app for me, sadly. I’ve been on Informant Pro for years since that app integrates calendar and tasks so well. But have been trying to find something else that is more elegant and simpler. I thought this was going to be it until I discovered how severely limited it is with respect to calendar. Oh well, the search continues, and another $10 down the drain. Edit: I’ve come back again to Things 3 because it seems that I’ve become sort of hooked on how extraordinarily well it handles tasks. I’ve decided to try to live with using a separate calendar app along with Things and see how it goes. Hopefully in the future the authors will consider adding at least some ability to edit or even open calendar items in Things. Meanwhile I try this setup..Version: 3.7.5

Great app BUT...I’ve been looking for a good todo list app for a while now. After searching and researching, I have come to you all. I am happy about that and will use the app! HOWEVER! An $80 buy-in to use across platforms?! That is steep. It’s more than most video games and more than a tank of gas for most vehicles! The easy thing to say is that you don’t have to buy it on all platforms, to which I say you are right, but for productivity’s sake it shouldn’t be that difficult to enter in. So two things: 1) Lower the cost of entry. I understand making the app for different platforms takes time but the iOS (and future iPad OS) should be made to work with both iPhone and iPad WITHOUT paying $30. I understand the work and coding needed for the macOS app. But maybe up the app to $15 or $20 and allow it to work both on iPhone and iPad WITHOUT SEPARATE PURCHASE. 2) Location-specific/Geofence Tasks. This is amazing and the one thing that you app doesn’t do compared to both the Reminders app and my current todo app of choice: 2Do. Being able to do this would be appreciated and work well as a reminder for those that travel to separate work environments with separate tasks at each. It'd help with keeping "things" in line. (see what I did there?) Overall a great app. I believe these tweaks will help though..Version: 3.9.2

I wanted to like Things 3 and the company but..I’d be wary of spending your money on these apps from this company. It seems to me these are really a subscription in disguise. They’ve disabled Things 2 and not provided bug fixes for this basically forcing people to upgrade. When I questioned them on this and how long Things 3 will work they said we can’t provide any length of time that it may stay working. So basically your buying an app that at any time could stop working and you may have to then pay to get the new version to continue using. At least with a subscription service like Todoist you know much it’s costing you and that it will stay working..Version: 3.10.6

Love it. Almost perfectThings is essential to me. It’s almost perfect. I just wish there was a more efficient way to move from one to-do to another. To move to the next to-do, you need to tap out of the existing one and tap in again. This makes the ‘weekly review’ that’s part of the David Allen method not very fluid. I would love to be able to swipe between to-do ‘cards’ and, on the Mac, simply being able to use arrow keys to move between the items..Version: 3.8.7

End of an era?I’ve used things pretty much since it first came out. It is right up there with the best task managers. However the trend at present is moving to subscriptions, while I understand the need for income, the reality is that with so many apps on our devices, if you add the cost of all the subscriptions it really mounts up. The word is that Things 4 will follow suit, and it does that will be the end for me. I’ve already paid for all the Mac and iOS versions but will happily delete them. Frankly I find Apple Reminders is all I need these days. Response to developer: if you read my post you will see I refer to the next upgrade, Things4. If you are saying you will not go down the subscription path then I am wrong. Can you assure users of this?.Version: 3.11.3

Great app but for me, missing connectivityThere’s no doubt that Things is an amazing application and well thought out. For my workflow, I’d really like the ability to work on tasks with others. Currently, you can only send a list. You can’t collaborate. Also. I love the “evening” feature BUT you can’t include it with your repeatable todos. So each day that I have to manually assign my evening todo to the “evening” category. This should get fixed. Another suggestion: be able to use natural language in the main section of the todo. Currently you have to first select the calendar picker to do this. And, while on the subject of the calendar picker- let’s have a “tomorrow” button in addition to the others. Now, those are my suggestions, but there are many, many things that are great in this app. Hopefully some of my other wants will be included in a future release..Version: 3.2.4

Looks good so farI like the clean interface. It’s new to me so I’m looking to find all the functions as fast as possible which seems easily able future to be done. Looking forward to the app developing in Future.Version: 3.11.5

Big Things missing.It’s good. Pretty. But, just good. No collaboration. None. You can share your things with people and it sends it in a big text. They also offer a sync option, that is free (for now), and if you wanna collabo, then you have to sign in to the same account on two devices. That is super lame and I know that things knows this, cause why else would you offer this weird sync thing for things? I really do like paying up front for an app. This is a good model. I am going to keep things installed and I will keep adding to this weird list thing that doesn’t seem to be helping me with planning out my giant honey-do list and collaborating on it with my amazing wife. I’m trying to bring her in on this thing, things. It’s just not working though. Maybe I’m using the wrong app for my needs and I get that. This app is pretty tho. Like reallly pretty. I just want to find it as useful as it is pretty. Crossing my fingers for some serious rethinkin’ on collaboration. 🤞🏼 Edit - while I still have things installed, I’m not really using it anymore. I am using Todoist (free version) and am able to collaborate with my incredible and awesome wife. I’m still holding out hope for things cause I’m pretty sure I’d pick it over Todoist if it had collabo. Exporting your things from things into other apps is a nightmare btw. I’m starting to wonder what things is for besides looking nice..Version: 3.13.2

Great app, but still missingReally like this app. Extremely useful and good for productivity. It is quick and easy to use and very straightforward. But I would prefer to have the option to group more things together and put the Area folder into another folder, more filing option. It would also be nice to be able to customize the whole interface to fit with what i prefer, something as simple as changing the color and theme of the UI would be a nice touch to the whole experience..Version: 3.6.1

Only One Day View on my Watch?!?!?I took the plunge and paid the $9.99 for this app and immediately regretted my purchase. Wanted a to-do app that would sit in my complication area of my Apple Watch that Uses Siri to enter to-do’s. Che k, it does that but.....and a big but...it sends the to-do to an “In Box” on the app on my iPhone. I did see that I change from In Box to Today but it’s not easy to switch between them on my phone as the lettering is tiny (smaller than other words and sitting just above the task-that’s too easy to tap). Then you have to go to your phone to move it to a day, and the app asks ‘are you sure you want to move this?’ Adding another few steps and time to a simple entry...that’s self defeating. Then I CANNOT see anything beyond the current day’s to-do’s on my phone....I find that very limiting. I need to be able to scroll down to at least a week’s worth of to-dos. So I can PLAN for those events before that day...not a far fetched idea. This app could be useful but at the moment( in my opinion) this app is better suited to the iPhone and NOT the Apple Watch. I wish I could get my money back on this one. Doesn’t do what I need or enough for the cost..Version: 3.8.5

Disappointing to a long time Things 2 userI’ve used Things 2 for many years and finally took the plunge and purchased Things 3 because of its ability to integrate with Calendars. I have to say- I’m very disappointed. Cons: 1. The Today view in Things 3 now looks like a big cluttered mess because To-Do’s in different areas aren’t divided off into different sections. You can’t even change the font color. So, things I need to do at work and things I need to do at home aren’t easily and quickly visually distinguishable when looking at my day. This is a big set back from Things 2. 2. There’s a nice new feature to move To-Dos to “This Evening.” But, after the end of the day, things that were scheduled for evening, move back to the same cluttered mess with all the other to-do’s. I’d really like to see an upgrade that allows scheduled recurring to dos to be created under the “this evening” heading. For example, I always go to the gym at night. I’d like that reminder to appear there rather than have to move it every day. Pros: 1. The calendar integration is very well done 2. The ability to set alerts/alarms within a to-do is great. Previously in Things 2, I was unable to do this Overall: If you really like Things 2 and aren’t sure whether or not to pay $10, don’t do it. I’m going back to Things 2 unless they update this app with some options to change the appearance of different Areas and fix some other bugs..Version: 3.4.3

Beautifully designed but..This is by far the most beautifully designed app I’ve ever used to manage my to-do-lists without sacrificing functionality. The feature I find most helpful is the ‘Upcoming’ tab where you can set up the app to pull data from all your calendars and list them chronologically in a compact color-coded format. I would have given the app 5 stars if the Upcoming tab listed ALL the future month’s tasks. Unfortunately, as of now, the Upcoming tab only lists the first 14 tasks/items which makes this app unusable and pointless to look at usually after the first week of the future month in my case. There is not even a way to expand the list to see the rest of your tasks beyond item # 14 when you are in the Upcoming tab, which is probably a bug. I would have given this app 4 stars if it was closer to the usual $3-4 price range but for around $9 I expected much more..Version: 3.8.6

Love the app but why no iCloud??I love the new things app. However, please bring back the option to backup to iCloud instead of your own servers..Version: 3.3

Issues withiPhone versionI have been using the iPad version and really like it. Better than previous to do apps I have used, particularly with building projects of tasks - works well for travel planning. On upcoming to-dos rather than show the day of the week I would prefer the date to stay there. BUT, I have then purchased the iPhone version and have issues. Syncing fine with iPad, but is not allowing me to go into existing to-dos and edit the words I have written. If I create a new to-do on the iPhone thy is fine, but then get same issue if I want to go back and edit the text I can’t..Version: 3.10.4

Good but drop off in new v3Over all very good app which supports effective working. Would have given 4 or 5 stars except in latest version (v3) has made presentation difficult to see wood for greed. In v2 the areas were listed without the all the projects but in v3 the projects are listed as well. In v2 you could expend the areas to see the projects and there was a separate projects line that you could expand to see projects grouped by area. This I feel was better. Now, because of all the projects being listed I can’t do easily navigate and focus. I assume this is easily fixed. When it does I look forward to giving the app 5 stars. Ps. There are good additional features in v3 but not good enough to outweigh the negative step..Version: 3.2.2

By far the best tasks/reminders app, but...I feel really guilty giving this app only 2 stars, to be honest. Things 3 is clean, fast, easy to use, efficient, and quite frankly makes more sense to me than any other reminders app. The widgets are better than Apple Reminders widgets, too! However... my iPhone is not my only device, and this app is NOT worth the $80(!) it costs to get it on all my devices. $50 for the Mac app, $20 for iPad, AND $10 for the iOS/watchOS version? It feels absolutely ridiculous and greedy, considering it’s the SAME APP just blown up for different form factors. If you have an Apple Silicon Mac you’re better off just running the iPhone version of the app on your Mac. Until this is resolved, I just can’t bring myself to switch wholly from Apple Reminders to Things 3, no matter how much better the interface is - I need the ability to have everything sync across all my devices. I’m just absolutely not going to spend $80 to get that functionality..Version: 3.13.7

I prefer TodoistThis app is expensive and not as useful as Todoist. The killer feature of Todoist is that it runs everywhere, including Windows and in the browser. This is critical when you need to quickly get a thought out of your head and into the list. On my work PC I use the browser app because I don’t want to install anything personal. On my home PC I have the Windows app and it’s a quick global shortcut to open up a dialog to add a task, no matter what application I’m in. And of course there’s the iOS, iPadOS and Apple Watch apps when those are convenient. The other thing is that Todoist has a free tier which still covers basically everything I need, ad-free. Things is pricey. Buying it once isn’t too bad, but then you want it on another device, and another, and my wife wants to install it, etc. And in the end you’re paying a small fortune. Take a look at how expensive it is on Mac and convince yourself that either it’s worth it or that you’re comfortable just always having to reach for your phone or iPad every time you want to note something in the list, where it’s more difficult to type and paste links etc..Version: 3.15.1

Over HypedFor what this app does, I really think it’s over priced and over hyped. It has some nice features like I can see my today list on my apple watch. It does what it says but its not really more than a simple list todo app. I really wish there was a calendar view. Like in ‘Upcoming’, if you could tap the calendar icon and actually see a calendar. There’s no way to see details more than a week in advance. So if you like to plan out your month, this isn’t the app for you. Also, when I am scheduling a repeating task on a specific day for the next week, the app doesn’t recognize the day. It always wants to repeat on Wednesday and I have to change it. Its minor, yes, but still annoying. Same thing with repeating a monthly task. It doesn’t recognize the date and I have to manually put it in. Honestly, I regret buying it. There are cheaper and better options on the app store..Version: 3.3

What am I missing? No NLP, no shared lists, no …I tried Things3 a couple of years ago and asked for a refund as it was lacking a few essential functionalities such as natural language, shared lists, etc. So I went to Todoist and later TickTick. Couple of years later, tried it again and SHOCKED to find nothing seems to have changed. The AppStore blurb still calls it all new except it’s been “all new” for a few years now. Aside from that, still no natural language entry, still no shared lists, no integrations, etc. I’m summary, nice UI still (if a little dated) but far far away from the features of competitors such as Todoist and TickTick. Oh and the whole buying separate apps for different devices is bizarre. I mean I get that it’s a one-time cost but given there has been very little development over the years, I’d happily pay a subscription if it means the team and afford to remain up to date..Version: 3.15.1

What happened?This app used to work flawlessly until widgets was implemented. Every time a reminder pops up on my screen as a notification I press it to hit complete and when I go into the application later it does not reflect as if I completed it and sometimes I wonder about some of the tasks that I have done. Apple Watch app works the same way if I complete a task on there it does not reflect as completed on my iPhone..Version: 3.15.12

Not compatible with other iOS devicesI purchased the Things 3 app for iPhone after Wunderlist was discontinued and I needed a new organization and task management app. $14 for an award winning app seemed reasonable. However, they fail to tell you that this is for the iPhone app only and you would not have access to the iPad app or Mac app, which are separate purchases. It’s another $28 for the iPad app and $63 for the Mac app. So a whopping $100+ for something that most other task organization apps offer for free across all platforms. Their justification is that these apps take more time to develop... what a joke. Just because their app is more aesthetically pleasing, it does not justify needing to pay $100 to use it across all of your devices when you can easily just use a free one. I’m all for supporting developers, but this is excessive..Version: 3.13.9

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