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FuboTV: Watch Live Sports & TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

FuboTV: Watch Live Sports & TV app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using FuboTV: Watch Live Sports & TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about fubotv: watch live sports & tv?

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FuboTV: Watch Live Sports & TV for Negative User Reviews

A couple features away from being top classWhat I love: fuboTV is the only streaming service available that carries local broadcasts of my favorite team. For this, it’s a clear winner...when baseball in in season. What would make me a year-round subscriber: The cloudDVR really needs some critical feature improvements. 1. Added options for storage retention. Right now if your storage space becomes full, future scheduled recordings do not get recorded. Retention policy options needs to be added for series and individual recordings so that old recordings can be auto-deleted to make room for new scheduled recordings. I’m frequently having to manage recordings across all my profiles to make space for important shows. If I don’t pay very close attention I end up missing important shows when my storage becomes unexpectedly full. 2. Add feature to be able to record all televised games for a specific team (similar to how series recordings work). Currently we have to search the team and individually add each game on the schedule to the recording queue. This feature is fairly standard across streaming competitors and a valuable time and effort saver for users..Version: 5.5.0

LameDon’t waste your time with this app. Very limited content in Canada. DAZN is a much better option.Version: 4.5.2

Issues, issues , issuesAlways having signal issues , please Serie A , change the network for next season.Version: 6.5.8

7 Channels$15 dollars a month for 7 channels. It's garbage sports channels or some soccer channel. It doesn't offer more, I can't find any. What a waste.Version: 6.3.0

REPLAYS NEVER LOADI want a refund If you play an on demand game and want to continue it later, well you can’t because it won’t load So I’m paying for nothing, whuch is stealing, which is illegal, so I’m going to sue Fubo.Version: 6.5.5

Use to be greatFubotv use to be a great streaming service but they seem to have issues keeping channels. About a year ago they lost FX networks and after months they returned now recently they have lost lifetime and several other popular channels. So twice in a years time multiple popular channels have disappeared with only a very few coming back. Fubo doesn’t want to cut the price of service despite loosing channels and the service seems to give you the huddle up we’re having issues from the source we’re working on it many times daily. The service has gotten to the point of not worth what you pay. The company keeps rocking in stocks so they could lower the cost or pay what the broadcasters want to keep them, I could care less how much the CEO makes but without customers he will loose money. Leave the channels alone and stop being cheap and trying to pay them less people choose you for what you offer they leave you if you stop offering what they need. This is another company that wants to get rich from screwing customers.Version: 6.3.2

Audio problemsThe audio is always late. You have a 5 sec delay. I tried to contact several times the customer service but no answers. From what I read there is a big difference between the Canadian and American app and I can confirm it. DAZN is way better and I hope they will retake SERIA A matches for next year. This app is fraud..Version: 6.5.4

Scam!!!!Worst app ever. Says it shows “la liga” in the previews. But when you go to check on the search button nothing shows up for la liga matches. I wanted to watch the Real Madrid game today but it definitely doesn’t show any Madrid games on here. So disappointed! Biggest scam!!.Version: 6.4.1

App works ok... butThe app offer replays of soccer matches from the past 2 days which I find to be a very cool feature. However lately there has been some issues with the replays from Univision and TUDN( the sports channel from Univision),issue here is that Univision channel doesn’t allow to rewind or fast forward but TUDN does. Now, when you try to watch the soccer match replay, even though the app offers the replay from both channels it will only show the replay from Univision. So I’m left with having to watch and not able to fast forward 30 minutes of pre-match commentaries. Again this used to not be an issues but now this is happening very often. I understand there is a recording feature that this app offers. I just find it very annoying that the app offers something that doesn’t work properly. Also some other shows on demand won’t play..Version: 5.8.0

SCAM - DOES NOT WORKUnfortunately I live in Canada and don’t have access to Serie a without this app. DAZN was SO much better. The apps servers are just terrible and I couldn’t even watch my team play this weekend. I tried to troubleshoot but came to the conclusion that this platform just sucks. I don’t understand how a company like this gets away with owning the rights to such a big league when they can’t deliver the service. Isn’t that a breach of contract? I’ve tried to contact their customer service multiple times and nobody is able refund me. This app is a scam. DAZN is better, hopefully it comes back soon..Version: 6.4.1

Content is great. Customer Service sinks the shipI loved being able to watch as much soccer as I could handle, as well as paying a little more for RedZone. Sometimes there were streaming issues, but that's to be expected. I was under the impression that my account would auto renew. One day, I wasn't able to log in anymore, so I figured it didn't auto renew, and I decided that I didn't need to pay for it anymore. The next month, I got charged $49. I figured it renewed itself late, so I tried to use it to watch a soccer match. I cannot get into my account. I emailed asking for either a refund or access to my account, and was told by Elvys that I didn't have an active account. Which is obviously the issue I was emailing about. I was then told that I couldn't get a refund, which would be fine if I had access to my account, which I still do not. FuboTV is a well run scam, with non-existent customer service. Do not pay for this, because you may not be able to stop paying for it when you'd like to..Version: 3.39

Almost PerfectLove this app. I canceled my cable. There are two things that neeeeeeeeed to be changed. 1) When fast forwarding, it needs to show where you are in the program so you know when to stop. 2). When I’m finished watching a recording, in order to select another recording, I have to use the up arrow to get to the top of the screen again to select recordings, then I have to arrow down to the series I am watching, then I have to arrow down to the episode I was just watching, then hit enter to open it, then select delete, then enter again to confirm delete - then I can hit enter on the new episode and then hit play. Really? Not every TV is the same and not every remote is the same - build in functionality that works with ALL “back” buttons. When I hit my back button, it asks if I want to exit Fubo. Do SOMETHING, please. :).Version: 5.6.4

Cant register on appUseless.Version: 6.3.0

False advertisement.Signed up to watch hockey based on a Google search. Their ad said they were streaming it and to sign up specifically for the IIFH games they were streaming now. No hockey was on. Blatant false advertisement..Version: 6.5.4

Don’t waste your timeAll around garbage platform, missing episodes in tv series and commercials! If you want to pay money to watch commercials….Version: 6.5.2

Whoever thinks this is a good serviceI expected this to be a good service but once I subscribed the reality is no soccer matches u want to watch. Response was it aired in some channel... tried it later if the some other game was airing in some other channel... waste of time. With all the service fee not a single good customer support, wonder where all the money goes 🤔. Ad showed ALL the major football league matches will be aired but expect nothing more than few that they have access to. I think i paid because I wouldnt have to ‘go looking for it’ rather just lets not watch it cause FUBO DOESNT HAVE IT. What a disappointment, UNSUBSCRIBING this month. SLING IS MUCH BETTER... already tried for a week ... BOOOOOO...🤥🤥👎👎👎👎 More Disappointment ... wanted to watch leicester city vs man u on 12/23, contacted fubosupport via twitter asking what channel was broadcastin the match ... didnt even bother to respond till today Wants to watch chelsea vs brighton today .... match is not there ... is this a joke ?.Version: 3.40

No La Liga!!! Need access to your location every time!Update: as a returned customer, this year they don’t have La Liga!!! Please be aware!!! I only found out this after signing up a new yearly subscription because there is no way to check which leagues they have before getting a subscription. The website show they have bein sport but it doesn’t include La Liga. This is a fraud. Why does the app need my exact location every time? The IP address should be efficient to determine my region, like the fubo website or any other stream apps. I am worried about the privacy issue. Tip: Use iPad safari instead..Version: 6.3.3

Too many things too difficultCalling for support is useless. They tell you to open a support ticket and then hang up. Poor customer service. I thought fubo would be much better than directv and other than price I was wrong. The help system isn’t useful and if I have to call them every time I have a question that I can’t find in help, then it might just become too much of a hassle. I use this on my iPad 90% of the time. Here’s what is frustrating: 1) there is no way to delete a recording schedule without opening the schedule and deleting each future recording. What a pain. I’m not sure the schedule is gone but maybe only the future events it currently displayed. On directv you select the schedule, delete it and it’s gone. I don’t have to select every individual event it’ll record. How hard can this be on ios? A slide to the left or right and select delete. 2) I thought about transitioning my parents from directv to this but I’m not sure they’d make it with the interface. The directv guide interface is great but this interface on appleTV for them might be so confusing they’d give up. If they tried to delete a scheduled recording they’ve never figure it out. They need to beef up the interface. Needing to select 20-30 episodes to possibly delete a recording schedule is too much..Version: 5.8.0

Do not download!Tried to use this garbage app to watch “the match 4” golf tournament because it claimed it had it available to stream which was a total lie. Just wanted people to sign up to charge them the monthly fee. Absolute waste of my time, do not get this app. Save your time.Version: 6.3.0

🤬🤬🤬Do not download, I was disappointed when they didn’t have NHL. I canceled my subscription but they did not give my money back!.Version: 6.5.0

Please make freeI really don’t understand why you have to pay it’s so dumb because I just want to live stream and it’s annoying because if you don’t like the team that is near you [in any sport] you can’t watch you have to just look at the score there should be a way where you should be able to watch your team with no pay I don’t understand why you have to play to watch your favorite team. I thought that Fubo would let me do it for free... but nope I have to play. I’m a Miami dolphins fan in NY and I can’t even watch my own team play. I always have to watch REDZONE and they never show the dolphins game. Can you just please make it free I really don’t understand why not like more people would get it then or at least just the dolphins games PLEASE. And don’t give me a “developer response” saying just call and SUBSCRIPTIONS SUBSCRIPTIONS is all I hear when I try to contact please please just make free it’s not that hard😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺.Version: 5.7.0

Get rid of the adsAt first when my parents told me we were getting rid of the cable and getting smart tvs I was upset. One reason is because I couldn't watch any SpongeBob. Yea I'm kind of childish. But then I realized they had SpongeBob on Fubo then I got excited because all the episodes I wasn't able to watch were there. So I pressed a episode and it said I had to watch 3 ads first so I was like "ok I can wait". Then after those 3, it said 4 more ads were gonna come on then I was like "ok I'll wait again". AFTER THOSE 4 it said 6 more ads were gonna come on. So I started to get frustrated and said "if another ad comes on, I gonna get off fubo" because the show didn't even come on yet! Those 6 ads played, then like two seconds later more ads came on. I watched 16 ads in total before I turned it off, and the show didn't even start yet. I would've gave fubo five stars if it didn't ruin my day like that. Now I don't use it. So please do us a favor and get rid of all those ads..Version: 5.0.13

“NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SOCCER”I first subscribed to Fubotv in 2015 to watch soccer when it started streaming and was extremely disappointed because most of the soccer games like the Premier League, Champions League and other European league games weren’t on their subscription and I unsubscribed. A month ago I saw FuboTV ads and promotions every where so I thought they must have upgraded the channels so I subscribed. And it was a “HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT” because it was the same old story. They still don’t have the rights to stream the major soccer channels so it was the same old NBCsports(which you can stream for free online). Right now when you subscribe and sign in they ask you to pick your favorite channels like skySports, Beinsports and foxsports and it’s very misguiding because they don’t have access and rights to show those channels. Still very disappointment and very gutted and i wasted my money subscribing this whole month. If you love GOLF and Baseball this is the right app but for soccer never ever please subscribe to FUBOTV! Their advertisement and promotions about soccer is very impressive but I will not recommend it if you want to watch soccer. Very upset and disappointed! They don’t even deserve one star but I can’t send my review if I don’t give them the minimum rating..Version: 6.5.4

Not helpful!Honestly I would have given a higher rating but my experience with their system and customer service was appalling. I signed up for a 7 day trial one day because I wasn’t at home and wanted to watch a game and the app that I normally use didn’t work, I was going to see how it is and decide if I was maybe going to use it when I stop using cable. So I cancelled my trial and I thought I was safe but I was wrong I still got charged even after I deleted the app from my phone, I tried calling customer service about it and I even sent a screenshot of my browser history that showed when I cancelled it but she still said that I couldn’t get a refund. You can keep the money and I hope the $44 will make a big change in your revenues for the year, just know that you just lost a potential client but then again it seems like it doesn’t matter to you. I’m subscribed for one more month but I’m not gonna use this app, I this point I just donated money to Fubo so you’re welcome..Version: 4.5.8

User friendlyYou need to make this much more user-friendly. Get a group of retirees and have them try to use it and try to make it more friendly for them and then you’ll have it made. There are so many seniors out there right now if you’re sitting at home watching TV but if they or their families are trying to figure out how to work your system they’re like we just cancel it because it’s too complicated for the elderly to use. However if you can streamline this and make it more user-friendly for them I think that more people will want to have it. You need to model this more off of what DIRECTV has. I don’t think my dad ever had any problem using his DIRECTV. We left DIRECTV because they were owned by AT&T and AT&T is just too difficult to deal with..Version: 5.7.0

Just okThe app could needs to be a lot better. A major problem is that it freezes a bunch as then you have to restart the app entirely. Also, when I go from pip back to full screen it freezes every time and tries to reload. It also always puts the controls back on the screen (play/back forward 15 sec). Just return to full screen playing without the controls and get it not to reload. Second thing I would love to change is that when you close the app and go back into it, why not have most recently watched as the first option so I can go back and watch instead of searching again. Doesn’t make sense. On my tv it literally freezes every 15-20 minutes and then have to force restart the app and sometimes it won’t even load up. I have checked my internet connection with other devices and no issues. This is borderline unusable. Wish I could get refunded fully!!!.Version: 5.7.1

SCAM FALSE ADVERTISEMENTFALSE ADVERTISEMENT SCAM: This company is falsely advertising that you can watch local sports games that are blacked out. I had the NBA League Pass on Sling TV and Fubo TV runs advertisements during live basketball games that falsely advertise that local "black out games" such as the Cleveland Cavaliers on Fox Sports 1 Ohio are available on their platform. (Let me reiterate —> FUBO TV advertised on commercial breaks during live NBA games that you can watch black out games. The commercial says verbatim that their streaming platform has black out games.) This is not true and you cannot watch those games with their NBA League Pass and local sports channel added on for an additional cost. It will still black those games out. The agent said there was no remedy to this situation, other than emailing their engineer team and putting my name on a call back list. I will be blasting this company on all platforms that I can as well as looking into filing with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency. Edit: The developers in their response can try to twist the truth however they want to…but that doesn’t change the fact that they ran commercials that verbatim said black out games were included in purchase. DO NOT TRUST THIS BOGUS COMPANY..Version: 6.5.3

Skeptical due to poor reviews for CANADIANSHalf star if possible. Thank god for reviews. When more than 2 reviews say the same thing then it is likely true. 3 things scare me. 1. Cancelling trial and still get charged is my problem. I don’t want the risk. 2. Appears you are charging Canadians in USD. Conversion fees and every mth my cost will fluctuate due to foreign exchange.Unbelievable. Who does that ? Does Amazon charge Canadians in USD. What about Apple ? This is the dumbest thing ever and it is a scam to extract more money from Canadians. 3. 8 channels, how many are BeIN? 3 or 4. It will take a lot of improvement to restore your reputation. Because of all these risk and cost to Canadians, Ill take a pass...I’ll rather sacrifice La Liga. I can watch EPL, NFL, WTA, Rugby, Cricket, Serie A from DAZN for CAD 150 / yr = CAD 12.50/ mth. ...Now that is extreme value... Replays, highlights and shows too. Get the currency fixed and annual payment option, then start thinking about a proper product for Canada with several more worthwhile channels and 4K too. Enough said. Update: The fact the developer did not even attempt to answer any of my qts 1-3 tells you a lot. Maybe he will pass it to his “team” and in the near future some attempt to address the qts and to let me know. Even if you can assure me some way I won’t be charged during/after the 7D trial, I will try your service. As it stands, it is “hit/miss” and that is not worth it. No one likes billing issues, let alone foreign currency conversions. The product for CANADIANS really needs overhaul..Version: 5.6.1

Rediculous95% of American content is missing and they want $15/month? Garbage..Version: 5.7.1

Average TV streaming appI will say that FuboTV seems to be just average. I thought I’d give them a try after noticing an NHL game I wanted to watch was only on NHL network. The fuboTV description states, “you name the game, we got it” and “never miss a minute of action again”... well I quickly discovered that was a lie. I can only watch about 25% of NHL games that occur, and only if they are on one or two particular channels. From the description and all of the times fuboTV advertises “watch the NHL” in almost every advertisement, I would consider it almost misleading that they don’t in fact offer NHL network. I would’ve even paid extra for a package with NHL network, but they don’t offer it. It’s a very cheap-channel provider, and doesn’t seem to have any real quality channels, beyond the standard everyday offerings. I will give credit where it is due though, FuboTV seems to stream a LOT smoother than DTVnow, but the interface and guides are harder to use comparatively. I also can’t browse the guide while streaming the channel, it stops automatically. Maybe this is why it is smoother. All in all, I will be cancelling my trial when it ends, and finding a provider that better suits my needs. I’ve had FuboTV for 12 hours and am already tired of it. Please research exactly the channels you want, and make sure FuboTV offers them before you purchase!.Version: 4.5.8

Bad company, false advertisingThey advertise NHL games but they don’t have anything. The only hockey they have is a documentary named “Flin Flon”. Bad company and false advertising!.Version: 6.2.1

False AdvertisingBuyer Beware!!! I strongly urge people not to use this app. I purchased today so we could watch the NFL Super Bowl (advertised as available to watch on this app) had to buy 3 months in advance, only to find that the Super Bowl cannot be watched through this app. I canceled within 10 minutes, and will be disputing this charge on my credit card..Version: 6.5.6

Limited Canadian Content*Subscriber Beware* I have contacted Fubo as they are displaying the American App advertising as of July 18/19. In January my husband saw it and tried to sign-up failing to read the subscription terms when directed to the website to sign up. He missed the differences in the number of channels provided to Canadians compared to the app advertising of 85+. When he downloaded the app there was so little content he thought he messed up the sign-up for the free trial. Unfortunately it was my credit card and I did not notice until 6 months later that he had in fact succeeded an it automatically started to the full cost monthly subscription fee :( I contacted them as my husband could not even remember what email he used, I was able to finally access the account via online chat and cancel my subscription when I realized there was nothing much more than soccer to watch, no TV shows or movies. I then read the app and the app reviews and realized what happened after discussion with my husband and people complaining about false advertising. I went back to chatting online to inform them of the false advertising, they requested screen shots and verified I was indeed logged into the Canadian App Store. He then said they would have this issue escalated and fixed as soon as possible. Until it is fixed I am hoping to save other people the hassle of signing up for this unless they provide the channels and sports you want (read carefully about their Canadian content). This app has so much potential but being north of the border cuts us out again..Version: 5.0.8

No LG TV app - airplay keeps freezingI only use the app to airplay to my LG TV as there’s no Fubo TV app on LG. The streams constantly freeze, leading to a poor experience. I have a great connection and I don’t suffer these issues with other streaming services such as DAZN and Netflix! Please launch a Fubo TV app for LG, preferably before the next season of the Premier League….Version: 6.7.0

DisappointedDon’t mind paying the money when product works. It’s unreliable..Version: 6.5.8

Not a fanFirst we don’t watch a ton of regular season sports so it’s $60/MO just to watch censored movies and local tv and news. As far as news goes, No CNN no MSNBC but lucky you, they carry neoconservative loony conspiracy takes from NewsMax and OAN, etc. Their splash screen even features Hannity and Tucker. Something’s foul here. customer service is awful. Sent two emails to the customer service email got back not one but two form automatic responses for each. Needless to say Canceled before the next month but in time for super bowl. All of a sudden my saved email and password is no good. Well needless to say found another way to stream the big game. Save your money even cable is better than this. At least cable company will get back to you about your issues and they generally don’t billboard garbage pail Q spiracy friendly stations and “personalities”. So many reasons to earn a 1 star. Good only if you’re addicted to sports and baseless conspiracy claims. Peace out FUBO (for us by other?)EDIT: Don’t bother replying to this review. Put that manpower on the email machine replying to customers Conscerns before it comes to this..Version: 5.7.1

Twice as expensive as DAZN and ten times worseCanadian Version Extremely limited options - only la liga and Ligue 1. Absolutely nothing else worth watching. Still paid the premium to watch one game per week and...... I start experiencing non stop technical issues. Immediately canceled this rip off.Version: 5.7.1

RobbedI tried cancelling my subscription and the link they sent didn’t work and now they won’t refund me..Version: 6.3.0

Not for CanadiansSame here as Someone else said: nothing for us here. Just European football. I thought I would at least get american football from being sports, but no. I would qualify that as false avertising. At least I just paid a month before canceling, not more..Version: 5.6.1

Way overpriced for inferior serviceI currently have their best package and pay about $85 monthly but I’m done. The service constantly locks up to the point you have to exit the app several times a day. Very frustrating when your watching something and end up missing parts so when you finally get back to it you have no idea what happened and are left in the dark. If you are fortunate enough to be able to watch something for a period of time and want to rewind you just have to guess how long to rewind because it doesn’t show what’s going on as you rewind/fast forward you literally just get a bar shown on the bottom for reference on where you were. Don’t get me started on the serious lag when you try to look through the guide. No more shooting up 20 channels in a second. It’s so SLOW. I laugh now at the fact I actually pay more between my internet and this crappy service than when I had actual cable and internet in a package and the cable was FAR superior to this. This is my first streaming service so I’m gonna try another company first but I’m really thinking about just going back to cable. I should also note I have xfinity blast upgraded to the fastest service available so it’s definitely not my internet..Version: 6.5.5

Serie AWell, i had to call to cancel my subscription as the serie A content is limited in Canada. Its too bad, because DAZN used to air every single second of every game! I’ll just do the IP TV, that way I’ll be able to get everything for 60$ a year!.Version: 6.4.1

SCAM ALERT!! Dead lifeless robot for customer dis-serviceI've had the Fubo app for YEARS, given them HUNDREDS of dollars, had maybe 18 months of a good working app- now suddenly... dead. Nothing. I had been getting an automaton robot sending the same doomsday 'problem with your card...' and says to 'log in to update' and that's it. No response to emails. See, the card problem is a card REPLACEMENT from the bank- it has a new expiration date. I've had this app for so long that it was linked to an OLD work email and so the robot email (which sends to a GOOD CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS) has ZERO ability to work to resolve the problem. Too bad. If they can't be bothered to answer customers issues with simply TRYING TO HAND THEM MONEY... there's always competition that will try to. I'm currently on hold with customer service and my 'channel package' price has 'disappeared' somehow! They offered me a package price with a jump from $120/ year to $660/ year!!! All because they managed to dodge the request for customer service for a few weeks! ...45 min of arguing with customer service managed to get it to $240/ year! Because THEY managed to avoid helping customers- SCAM ALERT.Version: 5.0.8

Customer service issueI signed up for the week long free trial so I could use red zone while I was out of town. I attempted to cancel my service the day before I was charged over the phone but there is an issue where the the automated service will list you off numbered options but no matter what number you press the automated service just repeats itself. After about 7 or so attempts I figured I would try again in the morning. I call back (now with my bank account charged) and after a few more attempts out of aggravation I press the number repeatedly and to my surprise I’m finally put through to an actual person. Upon explaining my issue I had with their phone service and the rest of the details I am informed that I can cancel but cannot receive a refund because there was no attempt online to cancel. After explaining that even Apple was unable to help me via customer service I was issued the same response. These penny pinching practices and inability to own up to a flaw in their customer service system that cost me money shows me this service although useful as a whole does not care about their customers but more so about money..Version: 5.0.12

FuboTV Rips People Off And neglects to Refund The Customers That They Do Business With!!FuboTV Rips People Off And Neglects to Refund The Customers That They Do Business With!! I cancelled my subscription, and asked for a refund, after an extra month of testing their service out, and I did not like it at all one bit!! I asked to speak with a manager or a supervisor, and again they neglected me the right as a subscriber to speak with a manager or supervisor!! Do not trust this company!! They will rip you off, and you will never see your money that you paid for their service ever again!! Their Customer Service Representatives are also awful as well as they are!! Do not trust them!! Their company is located in either India, or Afghanistan, not in the United States of America, in the land of the free, and the home of the brave!! They deserve no star rating at all!! That is how horrible they are!! Good luck dealing with them!! They are all major idiots trying to rip you off!!.Version: 6.5.3

Worst streaming service in CanadaPoor customer service, poor quality streaming. Waste of time if you are planning to watch a game. Poor quality image, constantly reloading, jumping out of the game are just few of the issues. Don’t waste your money on these guys..Version: 6.5.6

Not a great app. Lots more work neededI originally downloaded this app to watch the AFCON matches, but it turns out they were not showing all of them. I decided to be patient because I also had a separate beIN sports connect subscription so I could watch the games there as well. After the tournament, I wanted to cancel my subscription but I saw that they’d be showing the Club World Cup so I kept my account. Finding out that the premier league would be moving to Fubo tv in August 2022 was another reason for me to potentially keep the app. Imagine my disappointment when I ran into serious technical difficulties trying to watch matches in the CWC. I tried multiple devices but the video would not play. I don’t think this is acceptable. I understand brief technical difficulties but this is not brief at all. That said, FuboTV has a long way to go to establish a pleasurable viewer experience, because as of right now it is basically garbage. TL;DR: Save your money until they make drastic improvements to their service.Version: 6.5.6

Replays NEVER loadApp is nice and easy to use but recorded match replays NEVER LOAD on my phone. This is a massive issue and very disappointing for a paid streaming service. Not satisfied.Version: 6.5.1

Good App Not a Great CompanyOn around February 27th 2020 I decided to switch from SlingTV to FuboTV. I went with the Latino package so I could watch La Liga and EUFA Champions League for which I had to pay 3 months in advance ( 60$ ). Around 2 weeks into my membership coronavirus started spreading fast and matches were postponed with no further notice, I only got to watch 2 games. Now Obviously this is not FuboTV’s fault and I wouldn’t expect or ask for a refund. I called Customer service and all I asked was for my prepaid time to be put on hold until matches started again but they said they couldn’t do that, they told me that there was other stuff I could watch after I had already said that I only got my membership to watch soccer games. I asked if I could at least get an extra month for free, they said no. I told them I didn’t want to cancel and that I understood that I was going to have a loss because we we all impacted by the virus in some way or another, all I wanted was for them to take some of the loss not just me the customer. After talking on the phone with a representative for maybe 10min ( he was a very nice guy ) i knew that we weren’t going anywhere so I emailed corporate. They responded saying the same thing, that there was nothing they could do, I replied and they never replied again. I think I was being pretty reasonable, I wasn’t asking for much just a portion of what I paid for. Those 2 games cost me 60$. I cancelled my account..Version: 5.2.4

They demand you let them track and profit off you.You have to let them access your location. And as the app details state they use this to track you, which usually means they use it to profit off you by selling that info to advertisers.. they also sell things like what you watch and search for.. Look at some of the other reviews, with people not only having a terrible streaming experience, but also are unable to end their free trail, then after no responses for a while, and being charged for the first month, get told that it’s canceled only to be charged for a second month.. Doesn't help that their responses to reviews completely ignore the complaints and offer solutions to things people didn’t ask for.. or offering help only after a bad review.. just seems like such a scummy company, is this really who you want to trust with your personal info? Edit in response to theirs: You say you don’t sell users info.. cause “that’s private”.. but you certainly use it and profit from it. Diana Horowitz, SVP, advertising sales at fuboTV: "Marketers understand that CTV is an extremely valuable advertising medium, combining the power, reach, and the big screen experience of traditional TV with capabilities like first-party addressable audience targeting — all in a premium, brand safe environment. Now they can prove the value of CTV campaigns using Kantar’s CTV insights.".Version: 6.7.0

Want to try a free trial but couldn’tI wanted to try this app and it advertised a free 7 day trial but when I tried to do a 7 day trial. I was given the options of a yearly subscription or quarterly with no free trial option included with either. Not going to happen. So disappointed. It had potential but I am not trying something blindly for $30 minimum..Version: 6.5.5

Login/signupThere is no way to signup only long in in the app.Version: 6.5.6

UnsatisfactoryI wanted to watch a WC Qualifier game but no one was showing it live on any cable channels. Then I saw advertisements to stream on FuboTV. I download the app and am offered a 7 day free trial, which would have been perfect considering I only wanted to watch one game (also considering the absurd $60+ they charge for a monthly subscription.) I click the link for the free trial, and suddenly the 7 days is only actually a 1 day free trial. I’ve been mislead, but i still get it regardless, it’s only 1 game, and 1 day, I can surely cancel after I watch the game. So I get the free trial, open up the app, and the 1 game I wanted to watch was not there. Nowhere on this app was it being shown, despite seeing “Watch this game on Fubotv!” on their website. Frustrated, I go to cancel the subscription. Suddenly, they offer me $5/month per subscription just to not cancel. It makes me wonder, do people cancel often, which is why they charge so little in hopes I wouldn’t cancel? Nonetheless, I was left very annoyed after being constantly mislead. However they do have quite an array of channels and sports, they just aren’t my cup of tea. It’s not a bad app, but is frustrating and constantly misleading..Version: 6.5.8

Very BadDans leur description, ils disaient qu’on peut regarder le Superbowl, toutefois ce n’est qu’après l’inscription, qu’on se rend compte qu’on ne peut pas le regarder sur cette app. They said in their description, that we could watch the SuperBowl, however you cannot watch it on their app and you know it once you subscribe.. I recommend DAZN instead, it’s much better.Version: 6.5.6

2 years later Canadian content still lackingI signed up to be able to watch International, World Cup qualifiers and European leagues football….Aka soccer. The content is very limited. I can watch French Ligue 1, but zero International World Cup qualifying matches and ZERO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE MATCHES. FAR TOO EXPENSIVE!.Version: 6.5.0

Terrible. DO NOT BUY / SUBSCRIBE- Every single time you open the app it requires you to sign in - Most live soccer matches won’t load - Sign in takes over 1 minute - All round not better than DAZN.Version: 6.5.6

UnreliableThere seems to be a lot of issues with FuboTV with bandwidth. The service is pretty reliable until an NFL Sunday or for other big sporting events. On those days the channels often don’t load, or cut out and rebuffer almost constantly. I was very engaged with Fubo support who generally pointed the blame at others. At first they told me I probably don’t have a fast enough internet plan. I’m fairly tech savvy and have bandwidth meters running at the router and modem level. Bandwidth was never an issue. They also blamed the networks themselves and suggested I download the individual network apps and stream through them. At that point I bailed and went back to YouTubeTV (I had left them spring of 2021 because they didn’t carry NESN which run all the Red Sox games) and surprise surprise, all my issues went away. If Fubo can get out of their own way and fix their issues they’d be a fine streaming service. Until then, I’d recommend avoiding them..Version: 6.5.0

Free Trial & CANCELOverall channel selections are not bad. Definitely cannot watch local or regional basketball games. They will show on the guide as available but come game time it will be blacked out. Frustrating but something you can look past. Payment and customer service is a debacle. I decided to end my service because I was not getting as many sports games as I hoped. Their “don’t go” offer promoted to stay another month for $15. I decided to stay for one more month, accepting the $15 offer. Sure enough that offer was not applied and my account was fully charged. I reached out to customer service stating that the account had been fully charged. I received go around answers such as “you did not make the change before the billing cycle” and “you made a change to your account delaying the promotion to next billing cycle”. Both statements were untrue. I was a little annoyed but decided to let it go until the next billing cycle. Next billing cycle, full charge again. Response: “you made a change to your account”. The promotion will be applied next billing cycle. I haven’t touched the account since accepting the promo $15 offer. This is where I just cancelled the service. Make sure to monitor any promotions and pay attention to your billing cycle..Version: 6.5.8

UnhappyI am very unhappy the MotoAmerica coverage has ceased and my subscription will do the same very soon..Version: 4.3.4

Don’t fall for the lieI purchased this with a feee trail I had on Xbox but you also have to chose a plan so I had to choose 3 months at $29 it said it had 85+ channel's and I opened the app after I got it and it basically has 10 and mostly soccer and no way to get a refund I am in Canada so hopefully I can help someone not make the same mistake I made and save you some money.Version: 6.5.6

One star is too manyI agree with all prior reviews. Can’t believe CRTC allows this False advertising. Billing without authorization. No way to contact and cancel. Best is to challenge billing on your credit card, even that is suspect. Ya know fubo, all ya gotta do is deliver what you advertise, not difficult. What you do is fraudulent and thievious. Not impressed.Version: 4.5.2

The football leaguesThe show football matches from leagues no one watches like the turkish league and the mexican league yet they dont have the Premier League of England or the BBVA of Spain.Version: 6.5.5

Not goodI recently read that fuboTV has acquired rights to premier league games for coming seasons. Please get your act together, an app that does nothing except ask you to sign in won’t cut it..Version: 6.5.5

Absolutely terrible appSubscribed to this app to watch on my iPhone rather than having to find games illegally online. Turns out you can’t watch games unless you’re on Wi-Fi. Did not have any problems with DAZN last year. And now I’m again searching for games online for free. Makes no sense how I can find my team play for free online (with plenty of advertisements) but this PAID subscription can’t load anything. Spoke to ‘technical’ support and all they can do is add the game to my recordings to watch later on my mobile device. So essentially I’m paying to watch a recording if my team. Save yourself the money and google the game you want to watch..Version: 6.4.1

Trash!Subscribed to watch AFCON games live as advertised but the games didn’t air live! Some games just aired 6 hrs after!!!! What kind of garbage is that?.Version: 6.5.6

Won’t let me create an accountThe only option it gives me is sign in even though I don’t have an account and when I press learn more nothing happens the only thing I can do is sign in.Version: 5.7.0

The worst streaming platform aroundI was thinking about signing up for a membership but the app is extremely difficult to use, every time i open it to watch the one show i’m watching it takes a while to find because they don’t have any “continue this episode” section on their home screen so i have to manually search it every time and scroll to try to remember what episode i was on. On top of that, the amount of ads for the free trial is disgusting, I understand needing ads to cover the free trials but there are times when you’ll watch 7-8 ads in one break and 2 of them will be the exact same ad playing over again. And, if you have picture-in-picture on when an ad comes on, it restarts the whole episode so you have to scroll back to where you were and watch another 5-7 ads. It’s honestly infuriating because you can tell that the company doesn’t care about the customers just the money they make and I definitely will not be continuing the free trial to a membership..Version: 5.8.0

SCAM!I needed a tv service other than cable and saw that this one had a free trial so I thought I would give this one a try. During my first attempt to watch something it froze on me about 30 times and one time for about 15 minutes. I was on WiFi that’s pushed online gaming daily with no issues. So I tried to cancel my trial but their systems were down. Attempted 4 different times to cancel this with no luck. I finally sent an email asking them to cancel it and they said there’s a problem with my account and please call them. By the time I got the email response they had already charged my account. Convenient right? So finally they agreed to cancel my subscription at the end of the current 30 days they charged me for but not refund me for the charges that came AFTER multiple attempts to cancel but their system not allowing it AND emails asking them to do so. A couple weeks later I wanted to watch a football game so I figured heck since I was charged for it why not use it to at least watch this game. After multiple times of it freezing and buffering and a few that were so bad I had to completely back out of the app and restart everything(and once where nothing worked to get the game to stream for over 20 minutes) I finally gave up. Well what would top off the perfect scam? Just over 3 weeks after promising that my subscription was cancelled and I would not be charged again….I got charged again!!! Save your time and money and look elsewhere.Version: 6.5.4

Sucks in CanadaDo not sign up it’s 2020 and the company has not fixed the problem crappy service crappy Chanel’s no choice ..Version: 5.5.1

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!Do not try to do a trial service because they will take your money. I was actually really excited to try the service as this is something that I definitely wanted to have in the future and figured I would try it out for golf tournament that I wanted to watch. Well, I canceled the service on the seventh day but still was charged. I tried to call them and was on hold for 20 minutes after being told that I will be on hold for three minutes, only to be hung up on after 20 minutes. Then I went to their live chat support and after 15 minutes of still being eighth in line I Was given an automated response that I need to email them. Seriously you need to get your “stuff” together. It’s a decent service but haven’t help you if you need to contact the customer service because it doesn’t exist. It is quite literally a figment of their imagination. I’m definitely looking forward to my email. And hopefully eventually my money back..Version: 4.0.6

Great content but service down on big gamesFuboTV has me a bit disappointed as of lately. I love that they provide access to all the soccer channels that I love. Even BeInSports Connect Channels. At least almost all; no Fox Sports and thus no Champion’s League without paying for a bunch of other non-soccer channels. But that is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem I have had is that I pay FuboTV for La Liga games and World Cup qualifiers. Imagine my disappointment when when trying to watch big important games such as El Classico or big important World Cup Qualifier games and the service comes down. Their excuse as per their customer support? Didn’t expect the surge in demand. Well, if I can’t watch the games that I want to watch and that I am PAYING FOR, what good is this service? They should increase their capacity to be able to provide all their customers for the content that customers are paying for. I am very upset..Version: 3.35

Don’t use if in CanadaBought this to watch golf and football. Still the same as cable tv. Don’t waste your money.Version: 6.4.1

BullSign up for a free trial then immediately get charged.Version: 4.5.6

So bad it’s embarrassingIt’s almost like they invented a sports streaming app so awful that they designed it to be that way. Between the extremely inconsistent video connections to the random glitches and bugs this app has, I can’t imagine a worse app. I can’t stream a game to my tv without having to reconnect every five minutes. When the season started they didn’t even have all the fixtures available and I’m assuming it’s because they weren’t ready or were busy dealing with all of the other issues this service had. Please don’t waste your time and money..Version: 6.5.8

Ok on tv horrible on mobileFirst off tv seems ok except if you record something and watch it while it’s still recording you can’t see an image of where to stop fast forwarding when its done recording you can see the image to see where to stop i figured a work around by counting how long i fast forward but still that shouldn’t have to be a thing. ok now for the trash my one main thing was watching on the go but if you decide to fast forward even the 15sec it loads for about that much time and goes no where then if you try to scrub let’s say 15 minutes it once again thinks about it and then starts back where you originally tried to fast forward from and if you keep trying it might start from the beginning and of course the problem starts again. Complete trash if using on mobile unless you want to watch straight with commercials and everything and tv is way better just still doesn’t make up for lack of mobile..Version: 6.3.3

Awful AppIf you like having to re-cast a program every 30Mins, have live sports restart from the beginning half way through a game or have to disconnect and restart every time you want to switch games, then this abortion of an app is for you!.Version: 6.7.0

PainfulReally hope DAZN gets Serie A again!!!! Had DAZN for over 3 years and never had a problem. Had Fubo for a week and after 20 minutes watching a game I literally give up!!!! Always buffering!!! And no it’s no my Internet connection otherwise I would have the same problem with DAZN. It’s gonna be a painful year !!!.Version: 6.5.3

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