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StubHub: Event Tickets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

StubHub: Event Tickets app received 136 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using StubHub: Event Tickets? Can you share your negative thoughts about stubhub: event tickets?

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StubHub: Event Tickets for Negative User Reviews

PainfulApple pay doesn't work, payslip doesn't work. Can't update accounts if you move to another country. Generally painful!.Version: 7.9.2

Very high feesStubhub is reliable which is important for a re-seller platform but the fees are very high. I just made a purchase of 2 tickets for $736USD and was slugged a $218USD service fee which is exorbitant, particularly when they already take a healthy fee from the seller for the listing. JT.Version: 14.2.1

Bad Communication and Customer ServiceWhen I posted my tickets for sale, the ad was taken down without sending me any notification why. So I reposted the tickets, and it happened again. I reposted a third time, and then figured out they were actually being accepted by buyers. The app didn’t give me any notification by text, email, push notification, or even any kind of message within the app. It just moved into a different queue without telling me (and I double checked to be sure my notifications were turned on). Since the same tickets sold multiple times, I had to say I didn’t have the tickets, so my credit card was charged the full amount of each listing. I had no way to dispute this with customer service during the time because their phone lines were down and all I got was an automated voice message with no inbox. This seems borderline illegal and I’m very upset with the app. The primary function of the app is to connect buyer with seller, and it failed. This is the apps fault, not mine. And writing a 1 star review is the only way I could find to communicate my problem. Hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else..Version: 74.2.1

Rubbish, crashes all the time.Used to sell the odd ticket on eBay, now you have to use StubHub instead. Download and install the app, try and list two tickets, CRASH, all data lost. Try again to list two tickets, half way through, CRASH, all data lost. Absolutely rubbish, deleted. Not much point in an app that constantly crashes and prevents you from listing tickets, it also doesn’t fill you with any confidence for the StubHub platform either. Also, I added my PayPal details, why do you need a Credit Card? Not sure „so we can bill it in the event of a dispute“ is acceptable..Version: 7.9.2

Australia Don’t Bother.Thought I’d give it ago to see if Australia was supported for buying/selling tickets for sports mainly. Few NRL & A League teams were there to my surprise. But when clicking on the teams that was playing on the day, comes up empty events. Then whenever you hit the “search nearby location” it Crashes every time. Deleted!!!!.Version: 7.1.0

Too many hidden feesWas charged an extra $100 in fees that I didn’t agree to..Version: 83.2.4

How do they not have Apple Wallet supportSo ridiculous that they don’t let you store tickets in Apple Wallet..Version: 85.2.4

PaymentHad to message a Moderator on the community website to activate my home address... frustrating when there isn’t many tickets left.Version: 18.2.1

I did not received my ticketsI have never had a treatment like this one! I purchased five tickets for soccer game, first of all i had conversations with seller about my tickets to make sure that all information are right ( every things was okay), so two days before the game I tried many times to call them and mail them without any answer, they really wasted my time while trying to reach them, which make me going crazy with mailing, massaging and calling them, finally they answer, after this they told this is normal situation, “you will received your tickets within 24 hours “, the next day i am in the stadium waiting for them to send me anything but nothing been received, so i massaged them with ( the game will start about in 2 hours) they told me ( 100% that your tickets will received before the kick off ),and 10 minutes before the game I texted them the game will start in about 10 minutes and i still not having the tickets they replied me sir we apologize about that we can refund your money before the kick of and you can buy ticket in front of the stadium, i told them okay refund my money they replied me we have requested a refund for you, and i’m still waiting for my money. That’s really bad from you “Stubhub” to not letting me watch the game and without my money back..Version: 14.2.1

Actually GoodWhen I was first buying my tickets, I was using Ticketmaster but they all sold out before I could get some. So I came to StubHub and found a lot on their. At first I didn’t hesitate to buy them because I had heard of StubHub and thought they were legit. So, I bought my tickets, which should’ve been around $400 but after the taxes and stuff it came to $690. The price on StubHub is insane, especially if you buy on the first few days of the ticket release. Anyway, I got a confirmation and said I would receive my tickets sometime before the concert. But then I started seeing all of the reviews and horrible experiences and thought for sure I wouldn’t get my tickets. Luckily I got mine that same evening and I was happy and everything worked great from there. I would give it a 5 star, but with the price I paid I can’t. Don’t be like me and panic buy tickets on the first day, wait until a week or so before and buy them for much cheaper prices..Version: 100.19.48

If I could give 0 star I wouldPurchased concert tickets through the app. These tickets were confirmed and “guaranteed” on their app. What a complete joke. I never received my tickets and upon contacting customer support they tell me they cannot fulfill the seats that I purchased. They offered an “upgrade”. The upgrade was either lawn seats or terrible “VIP” seats that were not anywhere near the seats I paid for- further away and on the far right side of stage. The seats I purchased were originally center stage and not as far back. (Or they would issue a refund - for a concert I thought we had guaranteed seats ). All of this happened the day of concert and there was no consideration for the money I spent on these tickets. To top it off… they tried to get me to pay for venue parking. $10 for parking and an $11 processing fee. I did not do that and upon arrival to venue learned the parking was FREE! If you use this company beware of the consequences and potential loss in money. Would never recommend..Version: 100.19.48

For Scalpers; Not FansDONT USE; BUY DIRECT. Wow. $100 for two $10 tickets. I thought this was an app for fans to buy tickets. Boy was I wrong. It’s the night before my wife’s little brothers first home football game for Campbell university and I trusted Stubhub to offer tickets at a decent price. They’re price was $10 more than SeatGeek but I thought “Hey stubhub has been around I can trust them” Turns out these apps only function is so scalpers don’t have to actually go to the stadium anymore. 12 hours later I print the tickets and see that their price is only $10... AND THEIR ARE SEATS RIGHT NEXT TO OURS STILL AVAILABLE FOR $10 EACH. I’m still on hold waiting for stubhubs customer service that has wait times at a minimum of 1.5 hours. In the end I suppose I should’ve done a bit more research, but I thought stub hub was an app for fans.. in the end it’s a place for people to gouge tickets, even to your small local university games. After Stub hubs fees we paid $100 (5X the ticket value) when we could’ve bought direct for $20.. learned my lesson. Hope this review gives you some direction and saves you some money..Version: 11.2.5

MANY issues with the website/app.I bought a ticket to a football game that I later on realized I couldn’t go to, so I wanted to sell the ticket. No where on the website did it tell me I couldn’t use a prepaid card to list, so I made that mistake twice and got locked out of my account both times and had to sit on hold with customer service TWICE for an hour. Then, I was trying to put in my credit card info to list the ticket and got locked out AGAIN! So I called again and the lady said it was because I had put my info in wrong (which I didn’t). Now, it won’t even let me put in my credit card and just keeps saying error. I realized that the first time I called customer service they had deactivated my listing so now I have to reactivate it. However, when I try to reactivite it, an error screen keeps popping up. I tried on both my phone and computer, and even cleared the cache. Although customer service has been very nice and understanding, it is ridiculous that I even had to call this many times. And I might even have to call again if I can’t get this ticket activated. Absolute mess..Version: 65.2.2

New update ruined the appThe new update makes this app almost unusable. Buttons are unresponsive, it’s slow to navigate. Can navigate to see what’s in your town. Just ruined..Version: 73.2.1

SCAMI listed tickets to lollapalooza on here hoping to resell. I got an email that they sold and that I needed to ship them by August 2 (today is 7/28). I got an email that the order was canceled and that I would be charged $450. I called customer service asking why and the service was awful. They told me that they sent reminder emails to ship them, which they did. But these emails never gave me a new date to ship by. These emails said “ship urgently” but no new date which has a ton of grey area. They used these reminder emails as justification to cancel the order. The buyer didn’t even cancel the order, they just canceled it because I “didn’t full the order in time” but the date they gave me to fill it is still 5 days out! Basically I ended up PAYING $450 for tickets I didn’t sell. at the end of my call with customer service she told me to repost my tickets and hope someone else buys them. My response was “why so you can cancel the order and take $450 from me again” and her response was literally “yeah”. This platform is a complete scam..Version: 85.2.4

Faultless App but rip off merchants!Downloaded this to offload some tickets for a game I couldnt go to at thr last minute, expecting a small comission (10p or something) on a par with ebay to use their service, to find an astronomical £14 charge on a £120 pair of tickets. The app is excellent but i cant for the life of me see how that can possibly be justifed..Version: 7.0.3

Doesn’t workTrying to sell tickets on the app is a nightmare. Got to the ‘face value’ section of the listing but I can’t seem to go any further as there are no buttons apart from the ‘back’ button! Very frustrating!!.Version: 24.2.1

Printing tickets???You need to physically print the tickets. App belongs in 2005 with the iphone 1.Version: 6.6.2

No way to get helpNeither the app, nor the webpage provide any way to contact them for help. Enormously frustrating..Version: 100.19.48

Will never use StubHub in the futureI recently purchased tickets from StubHub for an Inter Milan soccer game (I travelled to Milan from US to see the game) but unfortunately, the tickets were never delivered. Despite reaching out to customer service multiple times, I was only notified of the issue an hour before the game, and when I was sent a link to replacement tickets, there were none available. As a result, I had to miss the game I had planned for and incurred significant expenses related to my travel and accommodation. I was extremely disappointed by the service I received from StubHub, and I urge the company to take steps to prevent similar situations from happening in the future. While the representatives I spoke with were polite, they failed to provide a solution to the problem, the only answer I was getting “nothing to worry about, you will get your tickets or better before the game”…. They had received nothing at the end. I believe that the company needs to do better in terms of delivering on its promises to customers. Overall, I would not recommend StubHub based on my experience, and I hope that the company takes this feedback seriously and works to improve its customer service and ticket delivery processes..Version: 83.2.8

Can not loginUsing the same email and password as the website and it is isn’t recognised (no issues logging in through the website) so app is utterly useless to me.Version: 14.2.1

I got a blocked ticket and wasted so much timeMy ticket is been blocked this time. If I want to get my money back ,Stubhub need me to get a organizer's official paper certificate, what???? The organizer told me they have no idea about the ticket from stubhub.Version: 18.2.1

The fees are absolutely awfulBought some tickets by mistake (my bad there). Of course, no refunds. Stubhub will happily collect $70 in fees on the $200 tickets. So, only recourse is to sell them at a similar price. Relist the tickets at $200, another $15 in fees on each ticket. Enjoy the money, you ridiculous bozos! Thanks for literally nothing! Whoops, just kidding, the tickets can’t be relisted from the app or their website either! Guess I’m stuck with em. The customer service is friendly. They attempted to relist the tickets for me, but also encounter an error with no explanation. Now the issue has to be escalated because *news flash* the app isn’t capable of doing half of the things it’s supposed to do. What a grand old time I’m having. Hopefully, pending the actual sale of said tickets, I will only have paid $100 for nothing instead of $270 for nothing. Overall, would not recommend unless you own significant stock in this company..Version: 7.9.8

Terrible SupportRecently purchased tickets to a football game , reached out to Stubhub on 3 occasions unable to view my tickets. Each time was directed to call back in a couple days and if it still wouldn’t work I was promised a refund so I could get myself new seats. This dragged on for 2 weeks. Last time I called I was not rewarded a refund which was promised , and all they told me was to try to go to Will Call at the event and they “should” be able to get my tickets. I’m from Canada and the event is 8 hours from me. Now I’m concerned with showing up to no tickets. Very disappointed in my experience with stubhub and will not be getting my future tickets from here again. Continued promising to refund my tickets so I could purchase new ones and not have to worry was very disappointing..Version: 9.2.0

AwfulNot one to leave reviews but.. 1 day before the festival (today is Friday, the festival starts tomorrow), StubHub got in contact to say that the seller of the Weekend Ticket was no longer selling the ticket (we purchased them the other week), and that they could send a Saturday ticket and a £50 voucher for a Sunday ticket (they are much more than £50). How is that fair? Or financially reasonable!? That close to the festival, StubHub should take responsibility for it! Not making us pay more! Absolutely awful 🙅🏼‍♂️ won’t use again!.Version: 10.2.1

Watch out for venue changeI bought seated tickets to Madness via Stub Hub that we near the front and cost more than £200 for the pair. Then the event changed to all standing and tickets were still available from the promoter for less than £50 - contacted SH customer service and they did nothing saying that refunds due to changes to venue were not available. Despite the fact that the promoters were offering a refund on the whole or partial cost.. They should have taken the tickets back so the original buyer could have got a refund. Very poor service watch out !.Version: 7.8.2

Selling Tickets on StubHub (Don’t Do It)I’m not sure how good of a service this is on the purchasing side of things, but if you are wanting to sell your tickets I highly recommend NOT using StubHub. As you would expect, everything works very smoothly when listing tickets and finding a buyer. When it comes to StubHub paying you, you will be left to worry. There is absolutely no communication in regard to when you will receive your payment and the 5-8 business days (needed for processing) is a complete lie, it will take significantly longer. You can’t reach a customer service rep and will just have to play the waiting game to receive YOUR money. I bought tickets to the Field of Dreams game for $900 total and sold them for $2600 total. Now I’m out $900 (I’m already a broke college student) and waiting for a payment that I have no idea if/when I’ll receive and on top of all of that, StubHub claimed $400 of my profits. So I’m paying them $400 for HORRIBLE SERVICE. I feel as if I’m being robbed by StubHub..Version: 59.2.1

AvoidUsed only once to sell two tickets. What should’ve been a straightforward process turned into anything but. Both tickets sold, however their value only barely covered StubHub’s “fees”, all of which were debited from my card long before any payment came through for the tickets. In the end I may as well just have thrown the tickets away rather than pay their value to StubHub for their extortionate fees. I emailed StubHub to enquire why their fees were unexpectedly so expensive, however when they eventually replied they were completely unhelpful. My advice - stick to the more mainstream ticket resale sites like Ticketmaster, who are very dependable. Don’t waste your time (and more importantly your money) on this useless site/app. I certainly won’t be using it ever again..Version: 13.2.3

Complete scamScumbags. They put senseless conditions and charge crazy fees. I didn’t have the options I needed to sell the ticket and I’ve been charged. Stay away from this scam..Version: 7.2.0

Fraud company, they steal your moneyYeah, my worst experience with an app and company is stubhub. I sold the tickets there but after talking with more than eight times and calling them, sending the approval of my bank statement that they didn’t pay me, talking with twitter and Facebook account of them and just get same thing from all of them that we paid but actually they didn’t, it is just in their app and your profile that you are paid. Nothing will be transferred to your bank accounts by them, even with their provided reference number I talk with my bank CIBC and VISA, they couldn’t find any trace of payments by stubhub there. I checked twitter with stubhub hashtags and yes so many people had same issue. They just steal your money, time and make you annoy. I suggest never use this app and if you can sell or buy in more trusted way or go and enjoy your tickets that you bought from some where else..Version: 82.2.2

Horrible. All a scam.I used stubhub to purchase Ari Lennox tickets and bought the tickets a few hours before the show. It had me pay with Apple Pay and it seemed legit and the app seemed high quality. Shortly after buying it said my tickets were “delivered” and to check my email because they would be coming from a third party sender and not from stubhub. Told me to find their email and “accept” the transfer. Well there were never any tickets sent. I checked my junk Mail, my inbox, and my Ticketmaster account which uses the same email as my stubhub account and nothing ever came. I realized this all when I was in the Uber on the way to the concert. I ended up contacting them after because I had gotten to the concert and ended up just buying tickets straight from Ticketmaster, and they told me since I didn’t contact them the day of the event they couldn’t issue me a refund or do anything. It seems wild that you can just “buy a ticket” and stubhub will let you do that without even verifying first that it actually exists and will be transferred to you. Why are they trusting third parties to do this versus stub hub just getting it from the third party first and THEN transferring it to the buyers so they can verify and know that the transaction will be complete without issue. Yeah, I'm never using stubhub again and will be telling all my friends and family to avoid it like the plague. Thanks for nothing!.Version: 83.2.4

Issues with address verificationIt took me ages to pay as the address would not be accepted even though it was correct..Version: 7.1.1

Poor customer serviceI was so excited that I could buy a ticket to see Hamilton the next night while visiting Cleveland. When I got to the theater, I was shocked that the show had already started. After the show, I checked and Stub hub had given me the wrong time for the show in at least three different places (email, text, etc. ) Three people next to me arrived late too! Although Stub Hub claims to “guarantee” their tickets “100%”, it was really hard to find a telephone number to call them about this problem. I spent hours on the phone and was offered a lot of apologies and a credit for the fees that I had paid to be used on my next order. After a lot of back and forth and asking to speak to this manager and that manager, they agreed to give me a cash refund for half of the ticket price. I’m not sure if they really did or not. It was so annoying that It took hours of work to get a partial refund. They should have offered it right away or agreed to give me a credit so I could see the part that I missed! I would not use this service again!.Version: 7.7.77

Poor updateNew update has rendered this app useless and essentially unusable.Version: 73.2.1

JokersUtter rubbish and take people for fools never ever would I even look at stub hub website think they are the business when actually they rely on honest people to cream off UTTER DISGRACE.Version: 7.11.0

StubHub Failed BIG TIMEHorrible experience! We bought my daughter tickets for a concert 6 months prior to the concert. I got a reminder email a few days before the concert saying my event is coming up. This is my daughter’s favorite singer and she hasn’t stopped talking about the concert since we bought the tickets. So we drive two hours to the venue, pay for parking, buy food to sit on the sidewalk and eat so we can get in line 4 hours early because seating is first come first serve. I couldn’t find the tickets in the app but was assured by StubHub that my tickets would show up at least an hour before the event. About 2 hours before the event I got an email saying the seller failed to transfer the tickets to me. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! We were in line!!! We drove two hours!! We looked forward to this event for SIX MONTHS!!! And we are notified two hours prior that we never had tickets?!? A seriously poor excuse for a company. My daughter was beyond disappointed and fought back tears the whole way home saying, it’s ok, it’s outside of our control, nothing we can do. It’s a terrible day when a little girl has to choke down her tears and try to stay positive because StubHub if a miserable failure. Beware anyone who purchases with StubHub, this is their policy and it can happen to you too..Version: 100.20.16

It’s a scam.After being charged American funds for a Edmonton show from StubHub Canada. I was confused. After the show was cancelled. I’m at a complete loss. $278 not returned for a cancelled show. I haven’t been able to prove the show was canceled. So I’ve been disputing the charge with visa for two months. Maybe they have worked in the past. I believe I bought tickets previously that’s why I tried this time. In contact they said they have people looking into it. Only they don’t. One search would show the venue for the night had changed..Version: 100.16.12

Don’t lose your money to an errorI wanted to buy tickets for a Los Angeles Dodgers game the day before to avoid buying them at the stadium as I usually do. Redownloaded their app to buy the tickets, after finding them, had to update my new address and card info, but the tickets were for the wrong date. There is no any to stop the transaction. Called the immediately, even though it is difficult to find their phone number on their app. Talked with their rep about what had just occurred, and was informed that there is nothing I could do about date. I explained to them about the error date, keep in mind that the game had already started and I live two hours away, even though I did attempt to stop the transaction, once checked out they will not do anything about the situation other than offer to resale them for less than half for what I bought them, remember game had already started, who was really going to buy tickets after an event starts and make to see it. Won't be using them and don't recommend anyone to them..Version: 7.9.8

Absolute garbage appHow does this have 4.8 stars? I apparently need this app to view my tickets. Of course there’s no good reason for this to be the case. So after I have already given Stubhub my money, I download this app and load it and it crashes almost upon start. For some reason I have to sit there and watch “Stubhub” be written out for 5 seconds - why??! - and then it shows a map and crashes. So now I have to contact technical support and wait in the queue just to get tickets that I already bought because an unnecessary app wasn’t even properly tested..Version: 22.2.2

Says you can resale the tickets…But nope! You can’t. Too close to the (sold out) event… even though they gave me the option. (Over 24hrs away) Bunch of money grabbing awful people. Just Terrible customer service..Version: 100.16.12

Your app is terribleSince last using your app I have changed address and received a new credit card. I was unable to update my address via your website or via your app, if that facility is available it’s really unclear, I had to call up and then the chap took my postcode down incorrectly. It is still incorrect on your system. I tried to pay repeatedly via Apple Pay and the prompts when my payment was declined were unclear. Some of it was to do with my Apple Pay account but your website is shocking at providing a steer to customers whose payments fail. A terrible struggle to get the tickets I wanted, an awful customer experience and an extremely frustrating app. Also your search function isn’t fantastic, I’m based in London and it kept bringing up Wolverhampton..Version: 7.9.1

Horrible InterfaceI have been using this app for years and with the latest update it is almost unusable. When selecting custom dates, you need to go into the calendar at least twice because it assumes the first date you select is your end date, not start date. The app is much slower than it was before the update. Now if you want to select by zone, you have to go into the filters and select. Just awful. Not user friendly at all..Version: 73.2.1

Bad customer service and bad app serviceI bought tickets for the monster jam of your app and I agreed to buy 3 tickets for my wife, son and I . I had put 3 tickets but it only purchased one. I screenshot the picture showing that i purchased 3 . Check my email and said I only got one ticket? So I called stub hub customer service to see why i only got one ticket. When I got a hold of them they hanged me up. So I called again and they hanged me up again . On the 4th time they finally didn’t hang me up. I started to tell them why are you hanging me up and why do I only have one ticket when I agreed to buy 3 on your app? So I had to purchase the other 2 tickets through the phone .not only that it doesn’t say if kid go in free at a certain age. My son is 1 and 9months and just found out he could go in for free. So I just got frustrated and mad and paid for a ticket i didn’t have to get because you guys lacked the information in how old kids have to be to go in for free. The first and last time Ima purchased anything through you guys. FYI I got the screenshot saying I purchased 3 tickets.Version: 7.9.5

DisappointingI am not inclined to write reviews but have been very disappointed with Stub Hub. The major issue is with updating prices in the app. When I type in an updated price it does not update my new price after I save it. It does work when I use the bar to adjust the price but when I want to go above their suggested range the bar selection is not useful. Use a Desktop to manage your prices. I’d also find it useful to have a countdown to event time- when i have unused tickets it would be helpful to get a notification so I can drop the price more dramatically to get a sale. It is also good to know that when an event’s official start time begins the listing is removed. Is this necessary? Sometimes people will pay to see part of an event. The final issue is that reposting the same tickets you need to be careful- they will not allow you to do this without a “review process” which takes an unspecified amount of time. This happened when I had 4 tickets listed and wished to give one away, reposted the remaining 3 tickets within 24 hours of game time. Don’t do it. That being said I like stub hub overall- just beware of its limitations..Version: 6.6.2

Keep asking for verification codeI have entered like 20 times now with new verification code each time but still unable to log in nor use the app. Terrible..Version: 7.9.0

Buggy appGreat website but the app is buggy, at least on the iPhone X. Often when trying to list tickets for sale even though I've ticked all the boxes and completed all fields the "next" button doesn't appear or it just won't complete the listing. It's good for reviewing listings or buying tickets but useless for listing new tickets for sale. Needs work..Version: 17.2.1

Can’t log inSo apparently an error message keeps appearing informing me that the password and email address don’t match.... strange however as I tried it on a browser page and it worked fine! Don’t even bother!.Version: 22.2.4

DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!A few weeks ago I had a truly awful experience with this app, I’ve been too devastated to even talk about it but I don’t want this to happen to others!! In November my boyfriend used stubhub to buy us tickets to the Olivia Rodrigo concert in Philly in May. The day of the concert we never received the tickets and he spent a total of 5 hours either on the phone with them or on hold. We traveled to philly from nyc just to find out we where not getting the tickets. All day they said they would make sure we got “tickets of the same value.” My boyfriend got us pit tickets but since it was now like two hours before the concert was going to start they tried to put us all the way in the back for the same price as the pit tickets. We didn’t take it because that’s ridiculous to have to sit in the back for the price of pit tickets because stubhub did not deliver and give us the tickets he bought MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Everyone we spoke to on the phone was very nice, but it is entirely stubhub’s fault that something I looked forward to for months was ruined. I will never get that experience back of being in the pit for her first tour and I am truly heartbroken over it. Making it so the tickets are only available the day of is just asking for issue. If you don’t want your event to be completely ruined day of, DO NOT USE STUBHUB!!!!!!!.Version: 70.2.5

Worst Experience Ever!!!!!I had the worst experience ever! I bought my ticket 3 months before the concert to be ready and have my ticket. After I bought the ticket it said it was going to be ready the day of the event and got my anxious all the 3 months because I didn’t had the ticket on my hand. The day of the concert came and it was already 10 am and didn’t had my ticket. I chatted with the customer service several times to get my ticket but at the end I couldn’t get the original ticket I paid for. Customer service was available thank God and they responded fast. I was already in the theater when they gave me the option to replace my original ticket with a new one. The new ticket was cheaper (when I was looking for the best ticket, I saw the price) than the one I bought since it was more far away :c but at the end I had the option that replace it or get my money back. I felt really sad at the beginning looking all the people laughing and enjoying while they were in line and I couldn’t do the same because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to enter to the concert. I do not recommend to buy your tickets here people! Customer service was great but if you are buying your ticket for an event you always dreamed to attend don’t risk it! I had physical effects (I suffer of anxiety) too, due to the lack of responsibility. I still think if I had had my original ticket I could of see the singers really close like I wanted my whole life. DON'T BUY FROM HERE!!!.Version: 100.20.16

What Happened?This App is unusable… what happened to looking at events over a period of time? Terrible….Version: 83.2.4

Never received my ticketsI never received my tickets…they said no longer available the day of the concert after taking money two weeks earlier….poor customer service as well when I called….Version: 100.19.48

Brendan OBrienMitchellThe app is easy to use. The tickets should be available in Eticket. A bit disappointed they are not. The app also wouldn’t accept my bank card only PayPal. Also another let down but everything else was great..Version: 18.2.1

Clunky app but AVOID StubHub altogether!Imagine this... Use the app and buy tickets way before the event. Book a hotel to stay near the event. Get excited for the event. Queue to get it to the event. Produce printed ticket from the app...told the ticket is fraudulent and you can’t come in. Sent back to hotel disappointed. But it’s okay. StubHub will refund the tickets! (Eventually after many many emails and complaints).Version: 7.9.8

Terrible interface and supportFirst, let me say I’ve used stubhub multiple times to both buy and sell tickets, so it’s not a first time lack of familiarity issue. Their app glitches, and in my for sale page didn’t show any tickets (meaning my attempt to list them didn’t work) This continued to show this way so I simply sold the tickets another way. Day of event, stubhub is calling saying they sold the tickets that were never even showing up as listed. They charge me for non-delivery. I call three different times, get 3 reps that all tell me they will escalate, that someone will call back same day, no one calls back. Every time I call no notes have been taken so I start over. Finally someone says they get approval for a refund, give me a case number. When I call to check the case number they say that it doesn’t exist and we start. All. Over. 3 months, no resolution and their staff have no idea how to document or escalate. And they refuse to send you any written confirmation or documentation of any of the concerns. I used to like this app. I’m done, and Ticketmaster does a nice job themselves now anyway. Don’t waste your time on these scammers..Version: 74.2.1

Can't explore by "location"App closes everything you try to search for events via "location".Version: 6.6.4

Got scammed, StubHub did nothing to helpBought tickets for a show through StubHub, only to find out upon scanning the tickets that they were for a different (significantly sub-par) show at a different date and venue! StubHub did nothing to help in the moment and even afterwards would not refund my money so I had go through a dispute through my credit card company to get my money back. Quite the guarantee… Avoiding at all cost..Version: 83.2.8

Almost unusableI had to switch devices twice to actually buy tickets - both in the app and on the mobile browser form fields are misaligned and don’t scale to fit on the screen. So I’m tapping in blank spaces on the screen trying to activate the right field in a form - and when I finally complete the form I can’t save it because I can’t get to the save button! Bonkers..Version: 7.1.0

App is trash.This football season, the StubHub app has been a complete nightmare to use. I have sold multiple tickets for multiple games from my season tickets. Literally for every parking pass I have sold, the automated shipping label sent to me issues an error and I can’t print it. EVERY TIME, I have to call the customer service and get issued a new shipping label. Even after I ship the pass immediately, I receive automated messages telling me I didn’t ship the passes and am threatened with a fee/charge. I then have to call again to make sure this doesn’t happen. After all of this, I still never receive payment after the event and I have to call again. As far as the actual football tickets, I sell them using the barcodes. So thankfully, there are no shipping label issues. However, I still have payment issues after the event has concluded and I have to call again. Last year, I had absolutely no issues with the StubHub app. This year, it has been a complete and utter nightmare. Every time I have called (literally over 15 times), I tell them what my issues are and how I have repeatedly experienced them. Still haven’t fixed it. Completely trash experience. FIX YOUR APP..Version: 74.2.1

Terrible companyTried to sell a ticket with them, and the event date is not listed, So I requested via email and telephone them 4 times, they said 24 hours it would be listed, but it's been two weeks. Each time I call them the same thing, it will be listed in 24 hours. It's an appalling service, I wish I never got involved with this rubbish company..Version: 6.5.8

Worthless GuaranteeStubHub claims to offer a guarantee for its tickets (I.e. if your ticket has problems, they’ll get you a comparable or better ticket), and I had relied on that promise in booking with them in the past. But today I learned my lesson - the guarantee appears to be a sham. After searching across multiple sites for several hours, I purchased front row seats behind the home team’s bench for an upcoming preseason football game from StubHub, to ensure my daughter could see during her first time at a game. But when I received my tickets, they were completely different from what we ordered - we were roughly 20 rows back. I called StubHub and informed them of the issue and was told they’d send over an offer of comparable or better seats to make up for the mistake. But when they sent over the options, all of the proposed options were nosebleed seats. I explained to StubHub that the seats they proposed were by no means, comparable, but StubHub simply said if I didn’t like it, I could simply request a refund for my tickets. It refused to offer any discount on the seats, even though I paid for front row seats and didn’t get them. Terrible experience. Terrible policies. Will never buy from StubHub again..Version: 100.16.12

Awful serviceAdvertising tickets they haven’t got . Spent most of the day trying to order tickets and kept getting messages saying tickets no longer available, went onto different devices and tickets were showing as still available. Total con.Version: 7.9.5

Painful user experienceAwful experience trying to sell tickets. Enter PayPal address and boom .....cannot progress to complete selling details. Had to logon to website via PC to complete selling details. Don’t waste time with this app.Version: 7.8.2

Did not get the tickets advertisedWill never buy from this site again. I bought tickets in a specific section to surprise my father for Father’s Day and was sent tickets at the other end of the field. I paid $40 in service charges (the price of an extra ticket) because this was the only site that showed tickets in his section and then didn’t get that section anyways. Completely unacceptable. Would NOT recommend. Go to ticketmaster instead..Version: 85.2.4

This app is terribleWhy can't I just select a section and see the price!? It's bizarre that whoever designed this thought I might want to see a cheap good value seat in the nose bleeds when I'm selecting a court side ticket! And what's with the pop ups!? No, I don't want you having access to my media, so stop asking, you prying weirdos. Guess I'll use another branded app instead..Version: 6.2.0

Fraud-STAY AWAY from this companyI will never use Stub Hub again due to a misleading ticket sale. The supposed tickets I purchased turned out to not be tickets to the show, but instead an early access pass labeled as a ticket. When I realized that there may be an issue I immediately called their customer service team. (This was before the seller was aware of the sale.) Instead of making the situation right and acknowledging where the information was misleading, they provided only an option of selling. The early access passes have not sold even at a reduced price. As much as I believe we will enjoy the show (bought actual tickets from another more reliable vendor)it is not a venue or a show that ANYONE would ever need early access for lawn seats. I wish I had looked online to see how shady this company is. Had I read the reviews in advance I would never had used them. STAY AWAY! You can probably get cheaper tickets elsewhere and at least you will know they are actual tickets. Stub Hub will not make it right if there is an issue..Version: 70.2.5

IPhoneApp is hopeless on an iPhone - it takes ages clicking about to add further tickets, drop down options on restrictions didn’t have my option but the click through email form didn’t work (as no ‘send’ button). Needs a laptop to get it all to work properly I imagine.Version: 12.2.2

Took ages to take detailsWouldn’t accept the apple details even though I added the correct details several times. It kept saying update state (optional). There’s no state option on UK app and if it’s optional why is it an issue?.Version: 7.9.1

UI not clearThis app cost me thousands of dollars. I posted tickets incorrectly and tried to fox it and in less than 180 seconds the wrong tickets were gone and I was liable to lose the selling price AND pay the price of the replacement tickets. Thanks for nothing..Version: 85.2.4

Payment ErrorsIt seems as if there is a minor issue with the address it just tells you that a field is invalid, with no indication which one. Frustrating when you are inputting the same address you do for all your other payments on other sites. If there is a problem, it would be appreciated to get specific clarity - I spent 45 minutes trying to figure it out..Version: 18.2.1

Very disappointedI’m very disappointed in Stubhub and how insensitive they are being during this pandemic. They do not care at all about their customers, only their bottom line. I bought tickets for a concert on March 28th in Austin, TX for our wedding anniversary. The concert got rescheduled to May 29th because of the Coronavirus. They are now several reasons I am not able to go. The main reason being because in light of the uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus I am uncomfortable making the trip but also because originally the concert was on a Saturday and we had no problem going down for it but now it’s on a Friday night at 7:30 and we are not able to take off work to go down considering it will take us 6 hours to get there. Regardless of our reasons, Stubhub is not trying to help us at all because “they are not responsible for rescheduled events.” Their only suggestion is to sell our tickets. No one is going to buy tickets for anything right now in light of the circumstances and Stubhub is fully aware of that. They are just trying to take advantage of their customers. I will never buy from Stubhub again and I highly discourage others from doing so. I don’t suggest supporting corporations that do not care about their clientele. Find somewhere else to buy your tickets that won’t take advantage of you. And to Stubhub: do better..Version: 25.2.3

Horrible do not use this appRecently bought tickets to a melanie martinez concert as a little birthday treat for myself. purchased the tickets april 5, they were supposed to be delivered that exact date but then the seller changed it to june 14 ONE day before the concert, AND then changed it again to the day of! , i called multiple times about the concern i had about these tickets possible being false due to me finding out later those seat did not even exist, i was brushed off multiple times when i called they claimed they would email me with a replacement ticket and a month passed by with no contact back from them. i called multiple times leading up to THE DAY of the concert where i called and they said they couldn’t get a hold of the seller and they have to get me replacement tickets so i agreed, the lady ashley who i was speaking to kept reassuring me that she WOULD be able to get me replacement tickets, but when it came down to it she said they were completely out of replacement tickets and the only option was a full refund and a dumb “voucher” from them. this wouldn’t be the case if they had listen to me when i called them 10+ times about my concerns. never using this app again they allow people to input false information about the tickets and brush off your concerns until it’s too late!! beware of this app and don’t do any purchases!!!!!.Version: 85.2.4

NEVER AGAIN!!!StubHub is running a major scam and I hope they are being investigated. They “guarantee” your ticket purchase to get you to buy, but then do NOT fulfill their agreement. They lied to me multiple times to try to get out of their “guarantee.” I bought Taylor Swift tickets and they were not delivered. When I called customer service multiple times, they put me off until the date of the concert saying they were finding replacement tickets. The tickets they offered me were all significantly worse than the ones I purchased and they claimed they couldn’t offer me similar or better tickets because they wouldn’t be available right away. They talked me into accepting worse tickets with a tiny StubHub voucher as a last resort (because I already traveled to another city for the concert) and said the tickets would arrive immediately. They said I should accept the tickets and then contest the transaction on the back end. They claimed they put in a claim for a partial refund based on my terrible experience. When I called back for a status the next week, they told me my refund was being processed and asked me to provide a debit card for the money to go to. I called back a few days later (because I had received nothing) and was told they would not provide a partial refund and would not allow me to speak with anyone who could consider my request. There was no option provided to have my complaint elevated and no explanation for why their reps lied to me on multiple occasions..Version: 83.2.4

Check out was flawedWanted to know my State, not everyone lives is the US!!!!! Useless made check out difficult and convoluted..Version: 7.11.0

App update is buggy and awkward.Old version of app was fine outside of not being able to view a continuous list of concerts in my area — it would always start repeating shows after a few dates. The new app is very awkward. It’s as if I’m trying to use their desktop version of their website on a phone (which is never ideal). Buttons and options that should be bigger (like specific shows I’m looking for), are very small. Apps should be a quick, intuitive version of their website; this doesn’t feel like that. The feature to be able to see a list of all events in an area is completely gone. To be honest, I’m far less likely to discover shows and spend money with StubHub without this feature. The only way I’ll know if a concert is going on is if it’s a favorite act of mine where I’ll already know they’re coming to town. “Spur of the moment” concerts are dead with this change. I think it’s more beneficial to see when and what shows are happening as opposed to just a list of artists that I could be interested in seeing..Version: 73.2.1

Don’t trust the sellersThe seller didn’t give the ticket until an hour before concert which I had to buy them 2.5 times more expensive and the StubHub didn’t even return the same Canadian dollar amount. Don’t ever risk your convert plan and but the ticket from main seller website instead of StubHub. There call centre is terrible and waiting time is 1.5 hour. I missed the first hour of the concert before I could find out there will be no ticket for me from StubHub! There is no guarantee to get your ticket and no compensation in my case that I paid 2.5 times more!.Version: 100.19.20

Buying my Ticket ExperienceI was trying to buy concert tickets from stubhub. The first time for some reason under my own account my debit wasent able to go through when it has no problems or information wrong. The next day tryed to buy the tickets with my credit card, 4 times putting the cards information and personal information in (each separate time) they denied my credit card. Calling customer service, then to have the employee UNLOCK my card that had no problems to then see if, for the 5th time, purchasing the concert tickets. He apologized for my experience and then said he would transfer me over to the buying department to make sure I was able to get the tickets. My call was then dropped from Stubhub somehow getting transferred. Calling back Customer service again as I tryed to purchase the tickets. I was then finally able to buy the tickets the 6 time entering my information, with no help from the customer service employee. Very disappointed in my experience as I have used Stub Hub before with no problems. Very unprofessional and hassling this whole process was..Version: 7.2.0

Never got my ticketsBuyer beware they are selling tickets that are not verified and your not guaranteed to get your tickets. I’m deleting this app. Way better apps out there with out extra fees where you actually receive your tickets. Bye bye Stub Hub.Version: 83.2.4

New update makes this app worseThe new update of this app makes the experience less enjoyable. Couldn’t find out how to confirm I sent tickets to the buyer and almost lost the deal. Also, it makes it harder to see where your tickets compare to other tickets that are for sale and the old version had that and a suggested selling price. Please revert back to the old version - this new version Is much worse.Version: 74.2.1

Didn’t deliverDidn’t send my tickets - even though they say they are delivered, the Royal Mail tracking number says they haven’t even tried. Event is tomorrow and I can’t afford the time and hassle to try and get it sorted. Bought them as present so had to buy two more (this order). Shocking profiteering. Won’t be using again and will make sure everyone I know knows. Better to buy from a tout outside. Bet I don’t hear anything..Version: 7.9.1

AwfulScam.This app is so cheaply developed and low tech on purpose. Beware when you are trying to resell tickets bought on their platform…. Doesn’t work. I just wasted $200 on tickets I can’t resell, get a refund for or transfer. There is ZERO customer service with stub hub. 1800 is endlessly on hold because there is none..Version: 85.2.1

Horrible customer serviceI bought watsky/hobo Johnson tickets in 2019 (way before the pandemic) and the date got moved as usual and eventually watsky decided to cancel his concert because he didn’t see a point in the concert if it had to keep getting moved and postponed even longer and he felt bad. So stubhub sent out an email saying “you could click on this link to get 120% credit sent to your account or you can do nothing for this email and don’t click the link to get your money refunded” naturally I wanted the money back, I have a 4 month old who requires a lot so that would’ve been very helpful. I NEVER got it. I went to the websites help center and it said oh well just click on “request refund” if you didn’t want your credit, on the appropriate credit you have, well that wasn’t an option. I tried multiple times, and I wasn’t going to sit on the phone for 4 hours to wait to be told the same thing over and over. So I @ them on Twitter and FINALLY I got help. Or so I thought. They made me jump through so many hoops, only for them to say “this is stressing us out and we have other people to help” BUT I WASNT HELPED?? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP OTHERS IF YOU CANT HELP ME?? So I kept talking to them, and we ALMOST got somewhere to fix the problem. Then they just stopped talking to me all together. I will not be using this credit, I DEMAND my money back because I was told I can get it, and I will NEVER use stubhub again..Version: 63.2.1

Process of selling is AWFULAlright. So I bought two tickets to a preseason game, cheap, 6 bucks a seat, makes sense because it’s preseason, and because I bought the tickets over a week in advance. There were plenty of tickets and at the same price, at the time. The process takes 7 days or so for the seller to transfer the tickets to me, so it would be September 30th by the time I’ll get the tickets. I call Stubhub October 1st saying I hadn’t received the tickets. They said that the app was wrong and that I was actually supposed to get the tickets that night by midnight. Now at that po int, when I called them, it took over 2 hours to get support for the tickets. After they told me it would be completed by midnight, they said not to worry because I will receive replacement tickets for no extra cost. Now, October second, the day of the event, still no tickets. I call as soon as they open (8AM EST) because the game is in 6 hours. I luckily got in fast because I called right as they opened. The woman told me that I will not be receiving the replacement tickets that I was promised the day before, but that I’ll receive a refund… A REFUND? I waited over a week and now it’s the DAY of the event, and the tickets are no cheaper than SIX TIMES the price I paid. Stub hub needs to find a better method, and I got totally screwed by them..Version: 62.2.1

Never buy tickets for music festivals from this appI bought my ticket for what was supposed to be EDC Las Vegas 2020. Fast forward to October of 2021 and according to the StubHub website, my EDC package was supposed to be delivered on a Wednesday just less than a day before I had to leave to go to Las Vegas. According to the StubHub website there was supposed to be a last minute service center in Las Vegas. One representative over the phone said there is while another said no. The StubHub website even says there’s a last minute service office in Las Vegas. I waited all day on the Wednesday before leaving Thursday and my EDC package that contains my ticket or “wristband” NEVER arrived. I confronted the representative over the phone and was literally blaming me that this is my fault. The representative over the phone said my package will be sent to the hotel in Las Vegas that I will be staying in the weekend of EDC Las Vegas October 2021 and promised me over the phone it’ll be delivered on time. IT NEVER SHOWED UP and I had to end spending another $465 on another GA for EDC Las Vegas 2021. Because of StubHub, they stole $540 from a customer with serious disabilities..Version: 83.2.4

Possibly the worst customer experience of all timeI was gifted tickets for my birthday to a concert yesterday that had a listed showtime of 8pm. When I arrived, the concert was already finished. The tickets showed the wrong time and I couldn't have known that the show started earlier as I didn't purchase these tickets in the first place, they were a gift. When I called StubHub they first told me I couldn't be refunded because the show had already happened. They said "as a courtesy, we'll give you a 20% coupon". WHAT?? Take responsibility for YOUR mistake and refund the tickets! But of course, their policy wouldn't allow for it. Fine. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told to hold... 30min later the agent said "someone will call you within an hour". Why did I have to hold for 30min in the first place then? Fine. 2.5 hours later I still had not received a call. I call them back and they say, someone did try to call you. Um no, did not get a call and now I'm being lied to, again. Fine. Finally after more holding I get to speak to a supervisor. They decide I can get a 40% coupon. No chance, won't be buying tickets from stubhub again. After telling them about the experience I've had they don't even attempt to remedy it asides from saying sorry, we'll look at this internally. In the end I receive a 40% refund because of THEIR mistakes. Just brutal..Version: 75.2.11

Fraudulent companyThis company is absolutely terrible to deal with. They scammed me out of my money for a ticket sale due to them misposting my tickets for the wrong price. When you go to call them you get sent in circles with no recourse. What a headache this company is to deal with. Please never use this platform. Learn from my experience..Version: 75.2.11

TerribleSome tabs on the app are blank. Why have a blank page of nothing. Terrible design cannot access anything.Version: 73.2.1

Hate StubHub!First off I bought tickets that were fake years ago. Secondly I tried to sell tickets last week on stubhub forgetting the whole fiasco years prior. I went to sell blink 182 tickets because I couldn’t go and I knew this a week and a half before the event. Put the tickets up for sell, they sent me the buyer info which was missing a first and last name of the buyer so I couldn’t sell them. So I canceled the sale and then they charged me 405 dollars!! Are you kidding? They made a mistake and I get charged. Good luck with customer support, they hung up on me. Called back and then told them the whole thing again and said they would get back to me in 7 days with another departments decision on if it can be resolved? And they agreed they saw the seller information was missing. Therefore the tickets could not be transferred. They know it was their mistake and it still is going to take 7 days for them to decide if they can resolve it? What a JOKE of a Company! Stay Clear of StubHub!.Version: 85.2.4

UselessI can’t think of a worse way to buy tickets. This app and company is a compete farce. The app, has no contact information (the cowards at StubHub don’t want to be contacted), the help desk does not exist - I have proof. Can’t buy tickets, can’t ask for help…why does this company exist?.Version: 100.20.16

Quit changing the delivery method.I wanted printed tickets for this game. There is a chance I won’t make it to this game and printed tickets would be easier for my father to sell to someone than mobile tickets are. My father is 82 and does not have a StubHub app. Only certain seats had tickets available in printed format so I limited my search to only printed tickets (a more limited seat selection). I bought and paid for my PRINTED tickets and then StubHub didn’t send my father printed tickets, they changed the delivery method to mobile. If I had known StubHub was going to require us to receive tickets via mobile app then I would’ve searched for mobile tickets seats as well and might have gotten better seats. Plus I now get to try to talk to my dad on the phone from a different state and try to help him load the StubHub app and MAYBE access the tickets. And good luck getting an air-breather on at StubHub on the phone to discuss this .This is unsatisfactory, StubHub. You should’ve given me the option of selecting mobile tickets instead of forcing it on me. OK, my rant is over..Version: 11.2.5

Go back to Previous Version !!!!!Go Back to Previous Version !!!!.Version: 73.2.1

ShockingBought a ticket from here for wireless and the seller pulled out and they didn’t notice me until the day, instead of trying to find other tickets because they are legally obliged to as I have ordered them they gave me a refund without telling me, absolute idiots.Version: 7.2.0

Totally overpricedSo I choose an event and bought tickets. Unfortunately, I forgot to check them Ticketmaster. Basically, they sold me same tickets, but +100$ to the price. Btw, your tickets will be placed literally on the ticketmaster. And you cannot just refund them. I will never use StubHub again, and I wish you the same..Version: 85.2.4

Confusing, False, gave me a panic attackThis is the WORST ticket selling app EVER. I don’t know why it says it has 5 stars because I only saw 1 star reviews. I purchased tickets through the venue of the concert, not stub hub. I was not going to make it to the concert so I listed tickets on stubhub. It was confusing and not legit AT ALL. I’ve never used the app before and it somehow let me list my tickets, not only in the wrong section, but it also did. Or ask for verification. Someone ends up buying the tickets and they’re saying they don’t have them. Customer service calls and was a complete b!tch. I not only am not able to use the tickets, but now I’m being billed for the buyers. That’s $200 GONE. I ended up bawling and having a panic attack over the phone with the girl. Why the fnck would it let me list tickets and tell them i transferred them?! Stubhub should not let people buy or sell tickets so illegitimately. It didn’t ask for any proof that I had the tickets either (even though I did). Literally anyone can list and sell false tickets or false section tickets. The girl had no clue what she was saying or doing either. She kept asking me the same questions..Version: 62.2.1

Covid showed Stubhub’ true colours.I was travelling to Chicago from Vancouver, Canada April 22-28. I was planning on catching an iconic Cubs game while in town. However, with the coronavirus pandemic my flight has been cancelled due to borders being closed. Stubhub expects me to show up to the game if it is rescheduled otherwise sell the tix for an obvious loss. Who is going to buy cubs tix with coronavirus and social distancing in effect. Stubhub is effin pathetic! Ban these losers..Version: 26.2.1

Confusing AFCan’t find orders, see status. Super confusing app. I can’t tell if the person received their tickets or not. Used to be easier. What happened?.Version: 85.2.4

New updateNew update sucks, they completely ruined the app. Some sections show no seats however you can find seats in those same sections through the list. The navigation is slow and frustrating. I don’t know why they had to update the app, the old one worked perfectly fine..Version: 73.2.1

UselessWhat a waste of time the app is, downloaded it for easier use during the day on my phone, both times I’ve wanted to use it to sell tickets it tells me ‘to sell tickets for this event go to the website’ Er how about no, that’s why I got the app to my phone for such ease, waste of time don’t download it 😡.Version: 7.9.2

Used to be good. Got slow for no reasonStubHub used to work fine before this new update. Now every time I click on a new section in the stadium it takes at least 20 seconds to load up tickets. This shouldn’t be a problem.Version: 73.2.1

Deceiving pricesThis app is pretty sad. I guess they fixed my previous concern but after not having used it in a long time it doesn’t even show what is being offered near by. I put in San Francisco and it shows me a couple sports events and shows then a list of things happening in aurora illenois and New York like who cares? Idk maybe they are saving a ton of money on programmers since it’s a monopoly the product doesn’t have to be any good TM/LiveNation/StubHub is the only game in town and will get your money like it or not. The worst part about this app is if you’re going to a concert they will sell you a Fast Pass to skip the line to get in and they make it look like that is all you need. But you need also to have another ticket to get in. The fast pass description even says section GA as if it is a general admission ticket. And they list it as the starting price of going to the show. They know what they are doing and they are trying to trick people because they probably don’t sell many of those fast passes. I think it’s dishonest..Version: 78.2.3

AVOID!I recently a bought ticket with them and they sent me the wrong one. Their customer service took ages to reply and they made me pay for tracked postage even tho it wasn’t my fault. So basically I wasted time, lost money and got nothing at the end, joke of a company.Version: 14.2.1

Worst Experience EverUnfortunately the tickets I was going to sell got stolen and I contacted ticketnetwork to see what I can do. They told me I can request a Will Call and have the buyer come pick it up. StubHub doesn’t support Will Call saying they don’t want to give the Buyer a “bad experience with Will Call.” The makes no sense! It certain situations they should make exceptions because this is something beyond my control. Now they’re causing a bad experience for the seller which they took a $45 fee from my sale. If you’re going to take a fee you should accommodate me in some way. I finally got ticketnetwork to resend me different tickets and I sent them via shipping label StubHub provided. They sent me an email saying my order got canceled due to no delivery and charged me $120! Then 2 days later, I got an email from StubHub saying the tickets got delivered and that I will get paid. How does that make sense?!? I didn’t get the $120 fee back and no one in customer service can help me. Just terrible. I would never do this again. Btw this is happened before the event so the buyer was fine. Smh.Version: 10.2.1

Buyers bewareI purchased Blake Shelton tickets for tonight's concert and still haven't gotten my tickets. The sellers received my money and were suppose to download the tickets yesterday. I have called StubHub for the last two days and now the best they are offering is to stand up or a refund bc the only available seats left cost more than the tickets I paid for. It's not my fault..I wanted the tickets I paid for. They need to charge the seller for the cost of upgrading my tickets. I for one can't stand and my daughter's present is ruined if they don't make this right. We are suppose to leave in an hour and I still don't have tickets and I'm out a few hundreds of dollars. And one soon to be disappointed daughter when she finds out we dont have the tickets. This was a gift for her and also something she's looking forward to after taking her SAT test all morning. Way to go StubHub for not caring about your customers who have no control over what available tickets are left a few hours before the event. Guess you rather have empty seats than to make this right. TicketMaster will be my go to from now on. This was suppose to be a fun mother/daughter night..Version: 7.0.2

This app is an scamI want my money back and I have to sell a ticket!!!!🤬.Version: 85.2.4

Littered with bugsCan’t sell tickets. Typing information into the boxes and the button to proceed disappears. Absolutely worthless rubbish..Version: 7.9.1

No HelpI purchased tickets for the San Jose Sharks season opener. I then received an email saying that my tickets were no longer available but that they had even better seats awaiting and that they would be emailed to me. I was checking my email constantly to see if I could have the tickets because I am the type of person that likes to be prepared. The email stated that I should be checking my email and that they could even come the day of the event or “soon” I saw on their website that if the tickets had not arrived by 10 AM the day of the event to call the helpline. I did and was waiting on hold for over an hour. When I spoke to customer service they said that the tickets have been emailed to me. Which they had not been I’ve been checking my email constantly as well as my junk and my spam boxes… no tickets! I then was informed that I would receive a refund to my StubHub wallet and I would be able to access these funds for new tickets within 30 minutes. The event is for this evening and I still do not have my refund in my StubHub wallet. In fact the email with the refund information says that I will not receive this refund until five business days… so really they just wanted me to fork over more money so that I could buy new tickets..Version: 63.2.1

Unhappy with latest updateUsed to browse shows sorted by date and find artists I wouldn’t have seen based on low pricing for an event…I can’t see any of that on the front screen anymore. Unhappy with latest GUI and hope to have more visibility on pricing and easier sorting for the iPhone app. I like stub hub I do not like the latest version of the app and have stopped using it where it was a daily visit for me in the past..Version: 74.2.1

ScamI had bought $300 worth of tickets to a comedy show for me and my friends a month ago and received a confirmation email stating I was good to go. Well the day of the event I went to my stub hub account and they had my row and seats and a confirmation number once again, but no tickets or a link in order to get my tickets. I got on the phone with customer service for 45 minutes until I finally got a real person to talk to! This was 10 minutes before the show so I thought I was going to be okay. Well, the rep dropped the call while he put me on hold for another 5 minutes and when I went to call back they told me the next available rep was a 35 minute wait. So I went up to the box office and had to spend $150 on the only available seats left at the venue and me and my friend did not get to sit by each other. So not only did I never receive the tickets I originally purchased, but I spent even more money for worse seats than I paid for. I will never buy or use stub hub again. When I asked for a refund on the original tickets I had bought they said the tickets were “delivered on time and would give me a 20% discount on any upcoming tickets.” Use ticket master instead everybody. These people will scam you take your money..Version: 100.19.48

Lots of Scammers and StubHub will not help youGot scammed on here buying a concert ticket They will do nothing to help Avoid at all cost.Version: 100.16.12

Could be great, but changing credit cards on a phone is a problemThe app is good, but it all falls down when you realise the credit card you used needs updating. Then you get yourself into a loop and it wouldn’t allow me to change the credit card (same number different expiry) as it was being used by another account. In the end I used PayPal to complete the booking. So needs sorting..Version: 15.2.1

Stub Hub is a complete joke and so is it’s fan protection policyBought tickets for an Eagle’s 10/30 game back in June! Suspicious of my tickets right away but waited patiently for them to be delivered. The day came and went of when my tickets were to be delivered so I called to inquire. I was told that there was a minor issue with the barcode but I would have them in the next 24 hours. 24 hours came and went and nothing. So I proceeded to call again, with 3 days until my event I was getting more and more concerned. The next lady told me that yes they were still working on fixing the problem and I would have them within 24 hours of the event. The day before came and still NO TICKETS! So I proceed to call for a 3rd time, got hung up on because I wanted to talk to a manager because she told me to give it until 3 hours before my event when we had travel plans in place for this game!!!! Obviously no trust in them at this point! I call for the 4th time, with no resolution I was told I could either pick different tickets or refund, however the tickets presented to me under the bogus “fan protection” were nose bleeds when I had paid for club level seats! The manager was supposed to call me and never did then I get an email that they just canceled my order and will submit a refund! Will NEVER use stub hub again! The employees are rude robots who provide no help and they definitely do not care about their customers! Disgusted!.Version: 75.2.10

Terrible, Terrible App and Technical SupportI am done using StubHub. I listed a ticket that is second row from the stage. It should draw top dollar. But the StubHub app and website have a map of the venue which shows my ticket in the wrong section. As a result, people do not realize that it is an excellent ticket, very close to the stage. If they look at the erroneous Stubhub map, potential buyers will think the price is grossly inflated, as the ticket is far back in the venue. I have called and spoken with Stubhub three times. I can barely understand their representatives. And they clearly do not understand what I have explained to them repeatedly. They assure me the issue has been escalated, but nothing has changed over the course of two days. I asked if someone would call me back or send me an email. They said no. They said the onus is on me to continue to check the website to see if they have corrected the map. I am not the only one being adversely impacted by Stubhub's incompetence. I am going to delist my ticket and, going forward, use other ticket services to both sell and buy tickets. StubHub clearly does not care about its customers, and its customer service is as bad as it gets. Trying to deal with Stubhub is nothing but aggravating. At this point, I would rather eat the cost of the ticket or give it away then to sell it and allow StubHub to make any sort of commission off the sale..Version: 100.20.8

They stole my moneyI purchased tickets for an even. They sent me the wrong tickets and when I contacted them they promised a refund. They never sent me the refund and now won’t answer me… they stole my money!.Version: 100.19.48

Never got the ticketsWe were supposed to get tickets to go see the golden nights hockey game and the day of we checked and never got the tickets. Its really complicated to get reimbursed and we couldn’t go to the game or had to buy tickets at the arena which were really more expensive and almost all sold out. Really disappointed wouldn’t recommend because its individual sellers. Not reliable..Version: 81.2.1

Worst Service EVERI had purchased tickets for a hockey game outside of the state we reside in( our state doesn’t have an NHL team) a month prior to the game. In between that time, I was put on a 5 week travel ban by my doctor due to being considered high risk for contracting COVID19, as well the area in which the area is at is now considered a hot bed of infection and are now starting the process of shelter in place lockdown. The NHL has currently suspended all games, and we can no longer travel at this point in time. Stubhub REFUSES to offer a refund, even with me offering to send them my doctors signed statement and statement from the arena that the game that we would have attended will not be happening, as it’s in two days. We have tried three times to speak with customer service as well as a supervisor and were denied any kind of refund or service outside of Stubhub offering to re-list the tickets for us ( umm re-list tickets for a game that isn’t happening and with all public events being closed??) This experience has BY FAR been the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had. My family and I will NEVER be using StubHub’s services again..Version: 24.2.1

Stole my moneySold my tickets and it’s been 5 months and still did not get paid they say it’s processing but there is no proof that they actually sent the money… Scam!.Version: 100.16.12

Not much helpThis is my first experience with using your app to try and resale tickets that I am stuck with. I am not happy with how your company is taxing me and the buyer for every purchase. Y’all get us at buy and at the sale. That’s called double dipping and frankly it’s just not good business. I have very little faith that by using your app I will resale these tickets I got stuck with. I feel that your sliding scale is in place so your company can sale your tickets first and not give your clients a fair opportunity to sell there’s. I don’t like how your company puts a best deal sliding scale on each ticket being sold directing the potential buyer to avoid a purchase. I can go on and on. I think you need to hire me to come in a re organize this much needed money pit you call a company. I’m on the outside looking in and from what my experience has been and from what I see i can tell you that I will never purchase another ticket from this company again. Oh and one more thing. I don’t come cheap. So be prepared to pay for my Creative ideas when you decide to hire me on to fix this broken machine you call a company. Thank you Douglas J Abshire Jr.Version: 7.9.2

Stub Hub is a complete & absolute jokeBought tickets for a game that ended up being farther away then expected. That was on me, but when I tried to return them it wasn’t an option & I had to resell & eat up fees, which are also ridiculous by the way. Almost half the price of the tickets. Anyway, I listed my tickets & days later it tells me they’re listed incorrectly so I go to fix it. Tickets sold right away, but in the email I received it stated that I wouldn’t be paid until 5-8 business days after the game. Its been well over that & I still haven’t gotten paid. I called customer service & it turns out my payment was declined because the info was entered wrong… again! I literally fixed it with the exact same info & now my payment is pending. When I asked the rep about the procedures & why there wasn’t better communication or immediate notification he went around my questions & concerns. When I told him how complicated the website & app are to use he completely disregarded me & said well it looks like your payment should go through within 5-8 days & if you don’t get it by this day then call us back… like what the actual F***!!! Horrible app! Horrible customer service!!! A total scam!!! Don’t use this app to sell or buy tickets ever!!!.Version: 85.2.4

Huge fallStubhub used to be by far the best reseller. You can no longer reach anyone or get support. They’ve been blown away by gametime/ticketmaster.Version: 74.2.1

Extremely overpricedTickets on this platform are from resellers. Go to the event spaces website to purchase directly before purchasing through this app. Tickets on this app are very expensive in comparison to face value. Use only as a last resort for sold out concerts..Version: 100.16.12

Not working wellEvery time I try to list for selling my tickets the app crashes on me. It’s quite frustrating please do an update soon..Version: 10.2.1

Not sure?Don’t seem to be able to sell using the app for some reason telling me to use the website which when I click takes me to the app!.Version: 7.9.1

New AppSorry but you new app is really hard to use. Cannot find features such as section and zone purchasing. Needs some tweaking for sure..Version: 74.2.1

Bad service, Outdated appOver 3 months I talked to stubhub 7 times about the tickets I had bought, always assured it would get sorted out. 24 hours before I called and they told me the best they could do is a refund and invited to buy more tickets on their website instead of just replacing them (my tickets went up in balance so I was offered nosebleeds in exchange for great center court seats). I will never use this service again and wouldnt advice anyone to. Now to the app. Overall it’s quite outdated and clunky. One of those apps that even with perfect wifi and a relatively new phone will still take a long time to load anything. Somewhat reminiscent of an app from 2015 ish. Its hard to emphasize how slow this app is even for basic functions. The “coupon system” was broken so they couldn’t transfer the money I spent to just get new ones. Supposedly I’ll get my refund in about 8 days. All and all I would advise all to stay away if you are buying tickets you need to depend on..Version: 75.2.11

New UI is Too ComplicatedI used to like the simple UI but now everything is too complicated. Too many clicks and scrolls, too much thinking on which “group” the event falls into. Example is ‘Cirque du Soleil.’ They have a show in Toronto and I had to manually type it in the search field to find it—it doesn’t show up in any of the groups. Worst change of all, you now have to go through each event schedule to check the prices, unlike before where you can see it all at a glance..Version: 73.2.1

Apple Pay problemApple Pay not working on app. Keeps asking me to fill in “State (optional) in my contact information and rejects payment. Apple Pay works ok for me for all other online and offline payments. Putting me off using StubHub now and in future. Sort it out please..Version: 20.2.1

App Super GlitchyI’ve used Stubhub for over a decade and the app and website have run smoothly. Now it’s super glitchy. It’s making it difficult for me to search for seats in a particular section and it thinks I selected seats that I don’t want and won’t let me use the back arrow to remove the selection and start over. I’ve shut the app down a few times, gone thru the website instead, and even deleted and reinstalled the app and am still having problems. Please fix these bugs. In addition, I know you’ve been having issues with MLB tickets. Given you’re an official partner of MLB and we’re in the thick of MLB season, you’d think fixing these glitches be of highest priority. Also, you used to list MLB tickets until right before game time. Now, 2 hours and 40 minutes before first pitch, the listings are gone. You used to be my go to app for buying MLB tickets. With all these glitches, tickets being delisted, and inability to reach someone on Twitter or by phone, I’ll need to look elsewhere for Mets tickets. Also, given concerts, games, and events take place on weekends in the Eastern time zone, you’d think robust customer service would be available on weekends..Version: 74.2.1

LiarsMy wife and I went to a game at Fenway Park. I hadn’t been in over 25 years. We bought tickets advertised as being in the first row of the section. This was perfect as we wanted to see batting practice from the front row. When we got to our seats they were in the third row. I called immediately and spent 40 minutes on the phone. Therefore missing batting practice. I requested that they reseat as I would not have purchased these ticket if I had known they were in the third row. I offered to pay the difference. The customer service person told me they could not reseat me because we had already used the tickets to get in. How would know the tickets weren’t In the front row without going into the stadium? I decided to call the next morning again since I wanted to enjoy the game after missing batting practice. When I called the next morning they told me I should have requested that they reseat. Which I explained that I had requested. After another hour on the phone I finally gave up. They claim to have a guarantee about the seats you purchase but they do not honor it. Shameful!!!!.Version: 9.2.0

Where is my money?I ordered montreal hockey tickets 16th November, and the ticket price was about 133 CAD. But I checked my bank account, 176.55CAD was charged. What is going on? I didn’t see any explanation about this. I want my money back about 43CAD.Version: 15.2.1

Doesn’t work wellI listed tickets to sell. Whenever i go to “my listings”, the page flickers a few times and goes blank. Terrible app. You would think with all the fees they charge on tickets they could come up with a decent app..Version: 75.2.11

Don’t Waste Your TimeI purchased a ticket Thursday, October 5th, they took my money immediately, it’s now game day on October 7th & I don’t have my ticket. Nothing but automated responses. I strongly recommend other apps..Version: 100.19.48

Scam ServiceWill put you on the hook for tickets 100% once you post them. There’s no deleting the posting in anyway. If you sell them separately you cannot take down your post. You will lose money using this website..Version: 100.16.12

THEY JUST TAKE YOUR MONEYTotal of 6 hours on the phone with them up to hours before the event … still no tickets … straight up lie to you to get you off the phone !!! Tell you they will call back but never do … Don’t purchase tickets from here !!!.Version: 85.2.4

Be very careful!!I got a very bad experience. I bought a ticket for me and my friends for this concert. We were so excited. Don't get me wrong we got a good deal and a good buy. It never come to my mind cause it look like legitimate and with their assurance thing. I told my other friends to buy it here cause it was a nice deal. But...... good thing we went there early cause we found out that our ticket was a fraud. It was one of the embarrassing moment in my life. We were escorted to the front desk. They took our ticket. People look at us like a theft. I called their hotline but no answer. I used their 24/7 online chat but after waiting and waiting.. they disconnected me. I was so embarrassed to my friends and to the people that i told them about it. I end up buying the expensive ticket and my friends ticket.... So lesson learned.... be very careful. After complaining since jan 1. I got my refund just right now after two calls and ofcourse another waiting game. One star for the refund. Hopefully this will help you. Dont get fool about their assurance that it is legit... call the office or call the company....Version: 7.0.2

Worst experienceThey stole my money and they did not answer.Version: 6.6.2

Brutally frustratingBought 4 tickets for a baseball game, thinking prices were shown in Canadian currency seeing as I’m in Canada. Bought them, turned out to be USD. Immediately contact customer support who tell me I cannot get refunded even tho I have not yet received my tickets nor been charged for the and tell me that I must now put them on stubhub to resell them. Now I need to try and resell them at a much higher rate because I was charged over 20$ in fees and taxes per ticket which will also be included to the price of tickets I sell to the seller. Incredibly frustrating process that puts to light how ticketmaster/Gametime/ stubhub who seem to be all connected are greedily monopolizing ticket sales market at the expense of their customers..Version: 74.2.1

Why fees. Always feesFees are too high.Version: 7.9.5

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