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Disney+ app received 123 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Disney+? Can you share your negative thoughts about disney+?

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Tbh not as great as NetflixPersonal Opinion ratings from 1-5, lowest to highest respectively below. Content : 1 Algorithm of suggestions : 1 Accessibility from main full screen: 0 Content search ability: 1 Browser playback : 1 Explanation, Cancelled Netflix to get this and was happy for the first few days. Until, the browser playback always exits full screen in the laptop so I had to manually fix it every-time, episode to episode. Then the episodes didn’t play automatically. The content is very much for kids and the very little adult content is very hard find. Even if you find one to watch Disney + doesn’t know where I stopped watching, say between my laptop and I pad. And on full screen I can’t easily access all the seasons and or episodes so I can quickly change to the one I want. Overall, my suggestion is Disney being a big owner of content and a company should probably purchase Netflix and share adult content on Netflix and keep all the stuff they already have on Disney +. That’ll make me happy. Just quit Disney plus to get on Netflix again..Version: 2.3.5

No longer supported on iPhone 6Thanks for not allowing older version to run on iOS. The iPhone 6 is no longer comparable with Disney-.Version: 2.3.5

Only good part is the actual moviesYes the app has great content because it’s Disney, but everything else is terrible. Doesn’t load unless u have great wifi, doesn’t save subtitle/language preferences, hard to navigate, often looses progress, and the worst part is there are no error messages explaining what goes wrong, it will just freeze. Another big problem is navigating between episodes when watching; there is no way to view the episodes without going back to the home screen, and there isn’t even a skip to next episode button. Insane potential, terrible design. You want my advice? Go look at how Netflix does it. If u can make the app more user friendly it’ll be a five star because being able to watch all the Disney/Pixar movies in one place is definitely five star material..Version: 1.4.4

Ongoing issuesA lot of movies won’t play when streaming from the app to the TV. There’s sound but no image so can only play a small handful of movies. Also the streaming button disappears/glitches so I try to shut down and restart the app to try get it going with no success. We usually use Disney+ through chrome cast however every time we have a power outage we can no longer get Disney going again (it says not connected but the internet and other apps work fine). We try trouble shooting but it still doesn’t connect. Last power outage we had, we couldn’t get it to work for over 6 months and Disney+ customer service weren’t helpful at all. Unfortunately it’s been a massive headache and waste of money for us..Version: 2.3.5

It’s way to slowEvery time I try watching a video it just says there’s an issue connecting.Version: 1.1.5

Awful app and help centre isn’t helpfulDownloaded app, signed up for 7 day free trial - can’t access anything on any device as stuck in loop of having to complete subscription despite there being payment information loaded on the account - haven’t even received a confirmation email that I’ve even subscribed to service. Not impressed. If I cancel it will still cost me a month..Version: 1.1.6

Needs improvement but a lots of moviesIt is disappointing not to be able to see if the movie is available in the language needed before to start it.Version: 1.2.2

Disney+ is trashUnsubscribe they don’t care about the user just about money. There are so many issues and so many movies have issues.Version: 1.12.3

Cheap appTerrible when using offline. Doesn’t stay signed in and requires wifi to log in. And deletes downloads when is signs itself out. I expect much better from Disney..Version: 2.3.5

Frequently causes issues with connectivityApp works great through non-iOS devices but locks up about every 20-40 minutes on iPhone or iPad. Not just the app itself, but most other apps lose connection to their servers as a result despite that several speed tests show the device is still well connected to WAN. Doesn’t happen with any other apps and is consistent across multiple devices. I’d suggest the devs look into how Disney+ handles data traffic on iOS because having to turn WiFi off and on several times an hour is simply aggravating. Also, regardless of connectivity… it would be an absolutely smashing idea to make it easier to access the main menu for recently-watched series (I.e. the page that lets you select seasons and browse episodes). I’m sure it’s either an oversight or perhaps too difficult to implement basic infrastructure changes, but so far, users only have the option to restart the last series episode from the home page and exiting with the “<“ option at top left just brings you back to home. Wouldn’t it be especially nice to not have to click through multiple menus to find the series you were watching (for me it may have been seconds ago) every single time you use the app (aka what customers should and do expect)?.Version: 2.4.5

Good selection but too many bugsThere are many great movies to watch however, when you download movies or shows, you expect to watch it peacefully but sometimes, downloaded movies and shows would buffer, or not load which makes absolute no sense. It would also just turn off and lose which minute I am on and start from the beginning but still refuse to load sometimes unless I turn my data on. If I was on a plane, that would outrage me. Also, for those who use data and not WiFi, watch out. It takes too much data than is necessary. I watched a 20 minute episode of The Suite Life on Deck and it took 1.6GB. Netflix won’t take that much for a 2 hour movie. When watching episodes, the continue watching would be on an episode you watched a few days ago and the rest would be shown as not seen yet; even though I have watched them. Because of this, I have to find where I am up to. Also, what bothers me a lot is that the show or movie would continue playing out of no where even if I exit the app and lock my phone. It’s very annoying. I wake up and something has been playing. Makes no sense. It loses where I am up to. Plus right now I am trying to watch something and it just won’t play!!!!! And it’s downloaded! I have full bars of service which I don’t even need, since it’s DOWNLOADED!.Version: 1.6.1

#justiceforjohnnydeppI actually only downloaded disney plus for pirates of the Caribbean, i’ve now unsubscribed and deleted the app when i found out how they treated Johnny Depp. none of the series is worth watching without him. he’s the star of the show..Version: 2.5.2

My Honest ReviewYour new movie sucks so much. literally so much. a boring plot that has been repeated thousands of times..Version: 2.5.0

Casting LagsI think I’ve figured the casting problem to Chrimw cast. Somehow the app keeps changing the resolution of the video quality when it thinks the internet speed is fast or slower and it results in a major lag when the internet speed can’t keep up. Netflix do the same but their one is so seamless and it doesn’t lag. Please advice your team if they can fix this issue ASAP because that’s the only problem I’ve had with it so far other than that, it’s lit asf!.Version: 1.1.6

Good, not greatReally disappointed by how much stuff is missing from Disney+ in the UK compared to the US. I can't do a full MCU watch through cause the incredible hulk and both spiderman films are missing (plus most the one shots but I'm not as fussed about that), Frozen 2 isn't on there neither is Onward, plus there are definitely a lot of smaller TV shows/lesser known ones that are Disney owned that aren't on there that I was hoping to look back at for nostalgia. Plus with the app being a bit glitchy I feel like the UK has been sold a half finished product. Definitely worth at least a month or so if you’ve got kids that can watch the same film on loop every day, but for everyone else I would suggest waiting a few months before investing..Version: 1.5.1

Not too happy..Extremely glitchy app. Never wants to play the show/movie I wanted to watch. Have to restart app 3 times to get it to load. I have more than enough space of my device for it and I have high-speed internet. Wish it was cheaper because of this. Might get rid of it..Version: 1.3.1

Great service bad appAs a streaming service Disney plus is very good but as an app it is bad. This is not a review of the service but a review of the app. One of my points for Disney plus being a bad app is that it crashes randomly and will not open for a bit after it crashes. Recently my power went out and since I had a lot of stuff downloaded on Disney plus I thought I would watch that until my power got back on. But when I opened the app it went to a dark blue screen and then crashed I tried again but the same happened. Then I tried to restart my iPad and try again. When I opened up Disney plus after I restarted my iPad the same thing happened. So instead of using Disney plus I had to use Netflix. When my power got back on I had to delete Disney plus and redownload almost 100GB of shows and movies. The reason I’m writing this is because just now a few days after I I redownloaded Disney plus and all my shows and movies the same thing is happening I thought it would be solved with the new update but no. I have not found any way to stop this and I am very mad. Disney plus needs to put more work into there app and it’s quality control. If anyone from Disney plus is reading this please help me and thank you to every one who has read this..Version: 1.5.1

Outils de recherche limitéDifficile de trouver un film en français. Le titre peut être en français, mais l’option du doublage non-disponible. Après quelques mois d’utilisation, nous avons toujours les mêmes problèmes avec le moteur de recherche. Plusieurs titres de Disney ne sont pas disponibles non plus..Version: 1.3.0

DON’T UPDATEThe new update restricts air play..Version: 2.3.5

Supports child abuse.Canceled my subscription due to supporting child endangerment and abuse..Version: 2.5.2

Good shows but…For the amount you pay for Disney plus you would expect that it still had things the cheaper networks had… for one Disney plus does not save where you are up to if you go off a show or movie in the middle of it you will have to fast forward and find where you were up to… and two every time I turn Disney plus on to watch something the subtitles always turn themselves on which is VERY ANNOYING… other than this annoying things Disney plus need to fix it does have a whole lot of great shows and movies that other networks don’t have but they really need to fix these issues.Version: 2.6.5

DécevantLa plus part des vieux film sont meme pas en francais , tres plate pour les enfants au prix quon paye 🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 1.1.6

Great content, very poor parental controlsThe look and feel of the app is great. The content is fantastic. The real let down is with the parental controls. I can set up different profiles and selects which ones are kids, but that is as far as I can go. There is ‘kids content’ or ‘all content’. I have an older kid (who could watch content for under 16’s) and a younger kid (who could watch content for under 12’s). With Disney+ they both have to have the same account permissions - there is no flexibility which one kid losing content or one kid having access to inappropriate content. Similarly, we share devices in our house so my kids might watch Disney+ on my phone, iPad or the Apple TV. This means they can bypass the kids app by selecting my profile instead of theirs - proving access to all content regardless of age rating. A simple ‘parental pin’ would resolve this issue, where the main account holder can set a pin that must be entered to view content over a specific age (of my choice). The ‘pin’ feature would also resolve the younger/older child content issue, as my older child could have an ‘all’ content account, they would a pin to access content over a certain age (for example 12+)..Version: 1.4.2

Great content, terrible user experienceThis app and subscription has great content. There’s no doubt about it. However, if I want to watch this on my tv’s it’s a painful task trying to get it work. There are far too many loopholes of compatibility and models of tv it doesn’t work with. When I try to connect my iPhone 11pro to the tv with a HDMI cable, the videos just fail with an “oops something went wrong” message. They work fine on just the iPhone and my iPhone can connect to the tv for other Apps and show video...very disappointed for a great concept to be held back through technical limitations. Disney really should have just licensed the package out through the Netflix platform as a bolt on package..Version: 1.4.3

If I could leave a zero I wouldI am absolutely disappointed in Disney for the fact you have to pay per movie for Premier Access. This is absolute price gauging. The fact you can go to the movies and pay $10 versus $36. Yes you can watch it over and over again and then the movie is eventually released to all, but that doesn’t really seem fair that each movie costs $36. Premier Access should give you continued access to exclusive content. There should be one flat fee especially because you are paying the standard subscription fee per month ontop. This is a flawed system and has left me not feeling “magical” in any way. The fact that other streaming services release new movies for free as a part of their subscription - this is just an absolute flaw in the product and is bad member experience..Version: 1.16.2

It’s been a year...Okay Disney it’s been a year and you still haven’t fixed all the little issues that make the app quite annoying to use. Please please please fix all of these: 1. Resume viewing. There exists a continue watching section, however when clicked on, the movie/show you were watching will begin from the start and NOT from where you left off. 2. Next episode. Only online does there exist an option to go to the next episode once the episode has finished. On the app you have to go back to the title and select the next episode. No option to skip between them either. 3. Skip into/recap. The button is there yes but if you don’t click it after a few seconds then it disappears and you’re stuck watching the recap or intro. 4. The sections. Under each section is listed always the exact same titles. For example the “New to Disney +” and the “Disney + Originals” have the all same titles under them except one. You should probably have the older Disney originals there so they differ. 5. Continue watching 2. Most of my titles under the continue watching section have less than 4 minutes left. That is because the movie/show is over and only the credits remain. You do not need to keep every single movie I’ve ever watched on the continue watching section because there’s 4 mins left of viewing. Surely it’s about time to step up your game..Version: 1.11.1

Doesn’t work£60 for a yearly subscription yet the app doesn’t work. If I’m lucky enough for the app to actually open then it won’t play anything. It will either come up with “oops something went wrong” or it will play seconds of something and then buffer for what seems like eternity (for example I got 7 seconds into the latest episode of The Mandalorian and then the buffering started). The picture is also way too dark and the sound muffled. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled so many times in the hope of actually being able to use the service I am paying for without having to wait for something to download. Shouldn’t even be advertised as a streaming service! I have reported this issue numerous times but nobody has ever contacted me or bothered to reply to social media messages. I’m sorely tempted to ask for a refund but I don’t think anyone would get back to me about that either. It amazes me that a company as big as Disney can’t be bothered to deliver what their customers deserve. If you haven’t subscribed yet and are thinking about it I wouldn’t bother. Save your money and just get the DVDs or Blu Rays. Unless this gets a massive overhaul I won’t be renewing when it comes round..Version: 1.11.1

La langueMalgré le fait que l’application ait été vendue comme ayant les films en français, plusieurs ne le sont pas. Cette application a donc une limite de langue frustrante. Étant donné le choix limité pour mes enfants, nous cesserons l’utilisation de cette application lorsque le mois payé sera terminé..Version: 1.2.1

Amateur mistakesHaving lived with the unstable car crash that was “Disney Life”, was hoping for something far better than this. It’s as if they’ve looked at Netflix and how that works, and said “nah, why we want to do it like that?”: - autoplay is at times pointless. Truly bad. It is utterly pointless if it only works after the very end of all credits, in all languages. So let’s say the kids want to watch a few in a series of 4m length shorts. Can’t just leave them to it, because 1m30s of that is actually just credits. Norwegian is my favourite. Then, after all that, and the kids bugging me like crazy to come back and make the pain stop, it will “autoplay” the next 3 minutes of content. This is laughable. Who the hell signed off that decision?! - just as annoying in the long run - the app (at least on Apple TV) gives zero indication of where you’ve reached when watching a series. Again, who signed off on “hey, should we make it intuitive and easy for people to jump back into where they’d reached, you know, like every other reputable streaming service? .....nah.” Fix these, you’ve got an app that is as good as other established competitors. Without it, infuriating nonsense..Version: 1.4.2

So frustratingThis has probably got to be the most frustrating streaming platform I have used. It constantly stops to buffer or the video freezes while audio continues and then skips back to when the freeze occurred! I don’t have this issue with any other platform, only Disney+ and this is when used on both my mobile and PS4. I can see based on other reviews I’ve seen on Facebook that this is happening to a lot of people. Would be SO good if they fixed whatever issue this is!.Version: 1.4.2

Novelty wears off quickly / app and UI issues never addressedOnce you have binged a few things worth watching, you will realise that the quality falls off very quickly. While new programs are being added to the catalogue, it still doesn’t match up to other streaming services. This is incredibly surprising considering how much content Disney owns. The app is intermittently incredibly frustrating. It’s been several years and they have still not fixed the continue watching feature that has been reported to death. The lack of rating system also means that the recommended list is about as exciting as a not from your boss late on a Friday afternoon. Do yourself a favour and don’t sign up for the full year. You’ll be bored in 3 months frustrated in 4..Version: 2.5.2

If you’re going to take people’s money...You guys make so much money you’d think you’d be a ale to create a decent app. This is so clunky & clearly cheaply made. You’re taking our money but where is it going not on the running if this app clearly? You need to talk to your design / UX team pay them more or something it has so many errors. You’re Disney for goodness sake you should be embarrassed to have such a terrible app attached to your name. I’m currently wanting to go back into watching Frozen 2 but it’s coming up saying Oh no! something went wrong! Plus when ending a movie it continues to play and the whole user experience isn’t great. Hope you sort it out because otherwise it would be great!.Version: 1.7.0

App won’t load without wifi (what’s the point of offline download?)I tried to load disney plus without a wifi connection. I had previously downloaded a few shows to watch offline so I could watch later when away from my home wifi network. When I load the app, it just… doesn’t load. What’s the point of offline downloads if the app won’t load what I have downloaded? Also, this app keeps forgetting which episode I left off at. If I start a new series and finish 3 episodes, the next time I log in, it says I can continue watching from episode 1, from the beginning..Version: 2.3.5

App needs fixing!Loved the amount of content available but my app is currently not working and the watchlist is not displaying certain things, yet displaying multiple of others. Frustrating! Went to live chat to get help, they estimated 10minute wait, half an hour later and still nothing. I even deleted the app and reinstalled it, still nothing. This happened just after I subscribed, thinking about cancelling as other small issues with the app, as well as the watchlist, have already started to appear..Version: 1.1.6

Good but needs workApp is pretty good and catalog is extensive. One thing that has been frustrating us is that none of the short titles seem to support automatically moving to the next episode. When the kids are watching this means I have to be poised to hit start every 5 mins to get to the next episode. This seems limited only to short titles (2-5’ish minutes). Like a lot of other users comments i’ve seen it would be good to get a ‘resume where you left off’ or ‘start from beginning’ prompt when you select a title to play. This results in us often selecting a title to watch and the title starting from the ending credits meaning we either have to back out and find the title by some other means to play from the beginning or rewind through the entire title to get back to the beginning. A ‘start from beginning’ option in the menu while playing a title would also be good. Really this stuff is all just teething issues, but they do detract from the experience, especially when it’s young kids that we have the service for and using it starts to become an inconvenience (eg. having to manually start the next title in a series of short films at short intervals).Version: 1.2.2

Painful to use. App needs a lot of work.Sometimes when you try to continue watching something you didn’t watch all of it has no recollection of you watching it. Often it cuts out in between episodes. And it ALWAYS annoys you during auto play. Sometimes it just chooses to not auto play, but usually if you’ve watched something before then it will auto-start it where it auto-finished. Which is of course during the end credits. So when you have a 4 year old trying to binge watch something they have already watched then they usually get between 4-6 episodes where they just see finishing credits before auto play finally starts something from the beginning again..Version: 1.7.0

Buggy and annoyingOften it just bugs out and continues playing show audio while i haven’t been taken into the show and even if i leave the app it won’t stop until i close the app. also it makes you wait a weird amount of time before you can watch next episode, i do not care for the credits thank you.Version: 1.2.1

Disney+ is Okay.Disney plus is an app you have to buy, for an app you have to buy it has some low points. To start with is the thing that I hate the most. You can’t use the Disney+ app when it needs an update. Disney+ takes up sooooo much storage already and when it needs an update you have to wait until you have enough storage on your device! I also had to keep the Disney Now app just so I could watch new episodes of currently airing shows which is REALLY annoying and takes up more of my storage. I also hate the fact that a few shows, like Andi Mack, don’t have the entire season! It’s like starting a movie and skipping an entire hour of it! It is also quite annoying that there are the 1st and/or 2nd movie in a three movie series on Disney+. I watched the first mighty ducks but the second and third one are not on Disney+. I do however like the fact that they have all the original Disney movies that you have to buy on your regular TV. This is a good app for someone who is into only the older Disney movies and shows. However, it can be quite annoying for someone like me who likes old and new Disney shows and movies..Version: 1.9.0

Disney plusWell what can I say got the 7 day trial and behold it won’t play it says sorry something went wrong so my 7 day trial will be 4 or maybe 5 if I’m lucky completely a waste I’m only giving it 1 star because I have to.Version: 1.1.5

Disney+I really enjoy watching because it has a large catalogue of movies so you can find a movie that anyone can enjoy. Disney also owns Fox so I don’t understand why it puts all of the tv shows and movies on there because children can just have it on the child mode.Version: 1.4.4

ADD MORE CONTENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!There is a lot of great old shows and movies and some new stuff but I would really appreciate it if you would add more new stuff like Gabby Duran And the Unsitibles, Bunk’d, and The Owl house. I think these are shows that the targeted audience of Disney plus like to watch. DisneyNOW has all these shows but sometimes there isn’t the full season of shows that are slightly older and it never works very well. I love that you have National Geographic shows on it because I cant really watch those any where else except for the National Geographic channel and a few on Netflix. I really enjoy watching the shows that you do have and I would really appreciate if you would add more Disney Channel shows. Please tell me why you do what you advertise and don’t let me watch all the Disney shows. I got Disney plus because DisneyNOW didn’t have very much content of shows that I didn’t watch very much but Disney plus doesn’t have most of the shows I do watch and now I have nowhere to watch Disney shows because it is almost impossible to get DisneyNOW to work and it is even harder to find Disney shows on the internet. I am begged you to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add more Disney Channle content. It would be really appreciated by me and a lot of other people my age. Also please make the internet on DisneyNOW work, it is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3.0

The app needs updatingContent is not the issue, it’s the functions of the app that are poor On the iPad it does not remember its place if you close out of the app you have to manually search for your last place also if you press the home button on the iPad to make the screen small to do something else it’s plays for a bit then the app closes. To be honest I am surprised that a Disney is having so many issues with the app ,I am hoping for an update soon Come in Disney you can do it :).Version: 1.1.6

I’m annoyedI’ve downloaded this app and gotten to the subscription part of singing up and the app keeps saying “no in app purchase allowed” so I click (ok) then it says “if this issue occurs again check your credit card details” so I go do that and I try get the trial again and it says the same thing. I’ve tried calling but it doesn’t work. I’m getting quite frustrated with this app..Version: 1.4.4

Lack of original contentGot the year long subscription to this app based on the investment they were making for new content. So far a few episodes of Mandalorian only thing worth watching. Great if you have kids who will repeat watch Disney content but disappointing if you were looking to discover new content. They have not even released in the U.K. the content they have in the US like frozen 2 and Onward, I think they need to do this especially as cinemas are shut to make people value the app. As it stands I expect I will not even use for months at a time until the odd new content drops. Also app not yet available on now tv so have to watch on iPad and not TV. Got kids get if not my advice is wait 12 months until enough content then dip and out.Version: 1.4.4

Good content but the app is very buggyThe have a lot of great stuff in the app but the app itself has a lot of bugs. When the screen pops up that says new episode, I try to press it but it does nothing. While playing a video, you have to be careful where you touch or else it will exit out of the video even if you touched nowhere near the back button. The play button buffers. Not the video, but the button itself. There are times when I want to pause the video/movie and I can’t because I have to wait for the play button to buffers. Sometimes the app just crashes for almost no reason. I’ll be watching something like The Simpsons and the app will just crash. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad app, it just needs some major improvements. They do have a lot of stuff on there. I personally have watch led a lot of their classic movies and the Disney+ originals. I recommend The World According to Jeff Goldblum and High School Musical: The Musical - The Series (i am a big High School Musical fan). I think Disney just needs to make some much needed changes to the app and fix all of the current issues. Also, in my opinion, they should add some of the ABC shows like Once Upon a Time or Blackish or Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They should also make certain shows like The Simpsons the original aspect ratio. With certain older shows and movies, you miss some key details showing it in a 16:9 aspect ratio rather a 4:3 aspect ratio..Version: 1.5.1

Love hate relationshipFirst off I love all the amazing movies from the past and The Mandalorian Is soooo good! But recently the customer service has been sub par. On all my devices, as of two days ago after the few months it has been working fine is no longer working when on my home Wifi. Restarted router, uninstall reinstall all apps and support says it’s a WiFi issue. To test that theory I wold start a vid on data then quickly switch to WiFi and it works fine... I would even Fast forward/rewind pause and play to make sure it wasn’t just saved buffer and it all worked just fine. When I would exit out and try to resume the vid it then gave me an error message saying not able to connect... all customer service continues to do is say it is something on my and even after stating the facts then has yet to respond or give any details even requested a call back they said some one would respond in 10 days... My computer can stream just fine when on WiFi when I stream through there website so this is another indicator this is an app issue but no one wants to look into it or address this it seams. If they would make more of an effort I would not write this review. 100 some bucks isn’t a big deal for a year but it’s the principle of lack of accountability and assistance. A few other friends scattered around my town and local towns have had the same issue....Version: 1.2.1

In FrenchThe movies are in English, but anything, like The Title of the movie, letters or messages in the movie, are all written in French. And I don’t speak French. Kind of frustrating. Both Onward and Brave that I’ve watched this morning have those issues. Please fix..Version: 1.4.4

Terrible and full of bugsEvery time I wish to view content via Apple TV I have to restart hardware to reset the app. Seems it gets locked in continue watching previous viewed episode and does not give me any options other than to continue. App often fails to launch requiring hardware reset. Watchlist items are not selectable without jumping back then reselecting watchlist. I could go on.... given the popularity of the content, why can’t they produce a functional app?.Version: 1.6.1

OK when it works, but seems buggy on all devicesWe have this installed on two iPhones and an iPad, and use it to stream to our TV using Apple TV. It's usually OK, but if you have to pause something for more than a few minutes the app forgets where you had got to in the program (we have got used to making a note of how many minutes are remaining) and it often resumes in a different audio language (it seems to just play audio in the first language in the list, usually German or Danish for us). We're English speakers in the UK, and usually watching programs in their original language, and all our location settings show UK or English, so it's always confusing how this happens to us. Doesn't seem to be a problem whenever we use mirroring to send other apps output to the TV..Version: 1.12.0

Make your app betterIt never remembers your place, auto play sometimes doesn’t work, it’d be nice if auto play worked on phone standby mode for those of us who sleep with background noise. Fix perspective of old Simpsons and please add Futurama since you own it. I’m seriously considering canceling my subscription solely based on your terrible app..Version: 1.11.2

Needs a lot more improvementsWhy does it lag so much? Then downloading is another issue, trying to down load the movies to watch later, always ends up Retrying Download or Delete Download. Can someone fix this? Is this going to be fixed in more updates? Why does it take so long to watch a movie on PlayStation? Always buffers then says Error has occurred. Love it as a new app, but it needs help.Version: 1.1.6

French text!Great app overall, except for the incredibly stupid French text, even though the language and subtitle is set to English. What is up with that Disney? We want the English version of the movies, with English text, audio, and subtitles -NOT English audio, subtitles, and FRENCH movie text and titles! Ww are NOT in Quebec!!!.Version: 1.4.4

Disappointed....The app is really easy to use, smooth navigation, looks good. But their is a problem. For us UK viewers who have patiently waited months longer than people in USA, Australia, Netherlands etc we are still being subjected to the drip feed weekly release of the new episodes of Disney originals. Mandalorian, HSMTM, Clone Wars S7...only available to watch episode 1 or 2. Not a full box set even though they have been live in other markets for months. No mention of this release schedule when subscribing for the 12 month up front option. Pretty duplicitous. I understand that licensing deals for IP can prevent all Disney owned content being on the service at launch, but the original shows they are promoting as the unique selling point of the service should all be available at launch for £49 up front..Version: 1.4.1

Doesn’t chromecast onto vizio tv’s and shows don’t resume where I left off.Disney should have worked better in advance of their launch to ensure casting is available on all major brand televisions. Secondly they need to allow shows to resume where they left off. Every time I return to the app to watch another Simpsons episode I have to manually search for the season and episode I left off on. 1/5 stars for poor user experience. Willing to adjust my ratings when improvements are made..Version: 1.1.5

Okay content, Woeful AppThe content is alright, some really great things but not a whole lot of variety. Most stuff I can find between my Stan and Netflix. It is new and I know there will be a whole lot more content as it grows. The App however is super buggy, adding things to your list continues to delete older things to make way for new ones. It also repeats itself so you’ve got the same movie five times. The worst thing is a terrible design flaw!! There is no way to work out what the hell you were watching or where you were up to. So everytime you get out of it or stop something you have to research for it and work out what episode you were up to. It doesn’t even show you what you have and haven’t watched. Needs some serious work pretty quickly..Version: 1.1.6

.Won’t let me AirPlay to my Apple TV. They should make it compatible to all Apple TV’s not just the newest generation..Version: 1.1.5

Not enough content Canada delays in contentIn Canada we pay $8.99 a month and with all the properties Disney Owns there sure isn’t very much content to watch on Disney plus .. maybe it’s because we are in Canada and we are limited on content due to region “restrictions”? It’s not worth the money, we have been on it since the start but are now considering cancelling it. Also why the USA gets frozen 2 early and we don’t is very puzzling..Version: 1.3.1

Good video library and content but lousy software and experienceThere’s an excellent library of content in here. However the constant frequent mandatory required software updates are ridiculous. I’ve never had an app that mandates a full software update as often as this one. Disney is wasting my time and bandwith. I’ve been a subscriber since day one of the service and there’s been over 15 mandatory updates in 18 months. Also it’s very difficult to see my own selection of my titles that I’ve saved in my favorites because Disney chooses to only let us see its graphical icons of some movie poster rather than just presenting it in text. Also, I add movies to my favorites list and Disney remove them whenever they want. It’s my list of my favorites, but whenever Disney take something out of its library even temporarily remove my favorites from my list. That’s just horrible customer service and their idiot buyers who make decisions on what movies to add and delete should look at their users favorites list first and not screw over their customers. How about Letting users sort their own favorites list alphabetically or by category or by date of release of the movie. Instead Disney only lets us see the list using it’s ridiculous movie poster blockbuster VCR tape icons that are hard to see and often have dark lettering on dark backgrounds..Version: 2.2.0

AvailabilityWhen I first heard that Disney is releasing their own app with every movie ever made i was so excited. I couldn't wait till it was out. but im extremely upset by the fact that its only available in a few countries around the world. my only request is if you can make it a world wide app, because there are millions of Disney fans all around the world who are upset that they cannot use Disney+.Version: 1.4.3

Works, provides, but what is up with the volume?I am not the only one in my household or group of acquaintances who currently has and pays for this Streaming service. And while we enjoy what it has to offer, one question is brought up every chance it has; What is up with the volume?? I went to watch Captain Marvel the other night, and had my television cranked in the mid 50’s volume-wise. Normal volume for any non Disney plus media is between 8 and 16. But just to hear words on any Disney plus media, one must turn the volume up so obscenely that any unforeseen action sequence might blow out someone’s eardrums if they had just turned it up even more unreasonably to try and hear dialogue just before. Or, as is far more the likely case as I have witnessed it multiple times, an individual turns their volume up to 50 to hear talking on a Disney program, then switches to another service on their television. Want to know what other streaming services sound like at Volume 50 and above? I wouldn’t know because all I hear is ringing now. And after spending 20 minutes discovering there is no audio settings for this app... I guess it’s up to you Disney. Your move..Version: 1.11.1

Poor UXNot loving the fact that to watch more of the same shows I have to hunt for my watchlist, change the season to whatever one I’m up to and without any real indication of what I have or haven’t seen find the episodes and download them from there. Where is the info button on the continue watching tile to take me to that seasons worth of content? Content is great but the above is a UX journey made almost every day and it just takes way to long..Version: 1.2.2

Great contents, too much glitchEverytime I watch something it would click off, also when i press the 10 seconds replay it would take too long to actually replay, it would load for a long time even though my wifi’s good. Please fix this and make it smooth like Netflix!!.Version: 1.2.1

Can’t see anything wrong with the app.I love this, I enjoy watching agents of shield on this. The reason I put 3 stars even though I love it so much? Sequels. And bad movies with sequels. Bad movies are already... well, Bad, And sequels, Ohohoh- That a whole other story. Sequels are terrible, I would love if disney could make a movie with their OWN ORIGINAL IDEA (Many of the films are basically stolen) and when they make a sequel, MAKE IT ACTUALLY GOOD. Infinity war was good, End game was terrible. The original star wars series where amazing, The 2 new ones (TFA (The Force Awakens)) where literally the worst films I have ever watched, I’m not even kidding. Thank you for reading my review, And if you did, Thank you for accepting my opinion..Version: 1.13.2

Where did the French Canadian go???Hi! I subscribed to this service to be able to watch disney movies in French and they seem to have been removed from the options.... fix it please :(.Version: 1.2.0

Love the content pity about the reliabilityWhen the app was first launched I was not overly interested as it did not have movies relevant to the family. This all changed when I saw what was on offer with Star. I readily downloaded, subscribed and then chose my shows to watch offline. That was where my problems started. The App will close unexpectedly, the pic in pic option often does not work and my pet hate is when I am part way through an episode, stop and then when I return later (be it 2 minutes or 5 hours) and click on continue it goes right back to the start of the episode. Infuriating doesn’t even begin. So whilst I love the content the application itself does not work as expected- it is not my phone. I have checked all updates, connection etc..Version: 1.13.2

Keep Crashing on AppleTVCan’t airplay from iPhone to AppleTV, keep getting error messages.....Version: 1.1.5

TruthI am kind of disappointed in how long it takes the episodes on Disney+ to download on my phone . A whole 7 mins and 30 seconds to record one Simpsons Episode. I do understand the size of the episode may mean the download is longer however a 218Mb shouldn’t take that long which is disappointing. Netflix congrats to Disney Plus as there are more genres and series to watch. Disney is limited on shows as it only streams the old TV shows I couldn’t watch like TRON legacy or Star Wars clone wars. But after a while the variation of shows aren’t much as they are limited. I just hope for more shows to watch But do just hope theirs more shows to watch and download speed time is faster. For that is why it is 2 and a half starts but it’s doesn’t do half a star.Version: 1.5.1

Unable to mark off what you have watchedAfter watching a movie especially in a series the app keeps making recommendations for movies I have already seen, this is really annoying especially when you are trying to watch a series in order. Googling this issue it was brought up back in 2019 but still this issue has not been resolved which is really quite pathetic for such a large organisation. Also when you message Disney + you get no response, it is particularly annoying when you make available only some movies from a series, as well as the second movie from a series but not the first movie, again very annoying..Version: 1.14.0

Content is mostly what you expect, UI is dreadfulIt’s pretty clear they are hoping to coast on the popularity of the brand, and it will probably work. My kid likes Disney enough that I’m willing to jump through the hoops. Still, there is a ton of stuff that is not available because of prior licensing agreements, which is extremely frustrating when the only thing the service has going for it is the promise of a comprehensive repository. They definitely should have waited until they had reclaimed all their content, or offered an extra service where they handle explaining the intersection of greed and intellectual property to my crying toddler who just wants to watch Tinkerbell. As an app, it does a fine job of providing the underwhelming experience it’s tasked with, so I didn’t knock off all the stars. The service itself has been very slow to catch up to the basic experience other streaming options offer. Overall the whole service and app feel like they were rushed out in beta and are only now beginning to resemble a finished product, which is disappointing from a company that has all the resources it needs to do things right..Version: 1.7.0

NoThey dirtily thought they could overcharge me and I wouldn’t notice it. Looking at my bank statements, $11.99 was coming out for this no issue. Then all of a sudden they started charging $13.50 for the same thing without notice or warning. Nowhere does it say that they’ve increased their price yet they were overcharging me. And don’t even get me going on the functionality of this streaming service. It is garbage compared to everything else out there. Also, they flagged this review to have it deleted. Scum..Version: 2.3.5

MISSING many shows (and languages)I grew up watching many a Disney shows. Signed up for Disney, most of them are not available. The ones that are, not available in my language (or a decent selection at all.. Ebglish and Spanish only, really?)There are official dubs that were aired on public television DECADES ago already, and Disney+ only has English for most of the shows IF they are even on there to watch. At least they finally have the Clone Wars (magnificent animation as always Tartakovsky is magnificent) but I had to wait for that as well. The app will crash/freeze if you hit the rewind button too often (not for people that like watching specific scenes again and again), and there is no option to either loop a video (Yes, I would like to have Biomes and Vehicle on in the background while I work/sleep), or to make it stop asking “are you still there” so at some point it will stop playing and if you have loud neighbors throwing on Dinsney+ to tune them out whilst you sleep is not an option. The quality of the videos themselves is top notch though, (volume could be louder, but visuals are GREAT). But, seriously, why own the rights to all these shows and not let people see them or make them available anywhere else? I want my nostalgic throwback to before. 3 STARS: because they’re sitting on the content they own, and deriving people of content that used to be readily available decades ago (used to be with basic cable for free, and now you get to pay and not see them).Version: 2.3.5

Old movies are not in high quality.I’ve noticed that old movies from 80s and 90s are not streaming in high quality. Some of these movies are also aired in cable tv, and they seem are in a higher quality than what the Disney app provides. This is not about the internet connection as I have finer optic cable internet. So it’s not about latency or internet connection. Also, like I mentioned before, it only seems to be the case with older movies (80’s & 90’s) Disney app seems to have uploaded and provided their older movie archive (particularly star brand movies) in lower quality. I only wish they uploaded/ upgraded all their collection of movies to high quality HD level..Version: 1.14.2

Great app but could be better!!The content is great all my childhood favourites right at my fingertips but, Being a new app there is bound to be some issues. It would be great if there was a continue watching bar that allows you to pick up a movie or series where you left it. It would be great if there was a recently added bar so we can see new content as it’s added. The issue I would love to see fixed is the watch list. I have added a whole bunch of movies but my watch list doesn’t display them all but if I search the movie it says it’s already added to my watch list. Also the content that does show on my watch list is doubled so movies show twice. If these things could be added/fixed I would definitely rate 5 stars..Version: 1.1.6

Not really much to offer.I’ll be honest, I wanted this to be much better than it is with all of the hype. Number 1 - no trial period, and hiding content behind a pay wall is a really poor business decision. There’s no direct way to make an informed choice about whether this is worth getting. Number 2 - it’s great you’ve updated your privacy data via apple, but there is no way your company needs to know this much information about a customer. Using basic network tools, the data you are obtaining makes it look like you’re a data mining organization. Number 3 - The content itself makes the entire service looks like the TV & Movie industry stopped in 1994 at a Blockbuster, and the only thing since then is Marvel & Star Wars. Number 4 - This is not worth the monthly price, or even downloading the app..Version: 1.14.2

No Parental controls!!!!!I would of given this app a higher rating if it weren’t for the massiv child safeguarding oversight on Disney’s part (which considering that Disney’s core business is children’s entertainment is shocking) that there is no child rated content look out functionality!!!!! All other apps that I use for watching movies and programs etc has age appropriate filtering such as pins, passcodes etc. Whilst Disney + gives you the opportunity to Fraser age appropriate profiles, it has nothing to prevent a child from accessing the default account owners adult profiles and watching older child/adult content. Bit of a big thing really when you have kids under 10.Version: 1.6.1

Hi!I’m a young girl, and my account is on adult because I’m just 8 and the kids accounts are way TOO childish. Netflix has a better kid aged account, since they added red yellow and i think blue lines and music as an intro, and I thought that was pretty cool. Disney + now has STAR that they asked should they put my account to 18+ on my phone. I was puzzled. I tapped the button that was supposed to say No thanks, but then they changed it to 14+. That is fine, but I think if I kept Kids, they might have said 10+ then I said No. then it will say Your now 8+ and that would be amazing. Despise that, this is a great app and I prefer you to download it! My favourite movie is Pete’s Dragon. Have a nice day..Version: 1.13.3

Probably the worst streaming app.We have just about every streaming app you can think of, and as much as I want this one to be my favorite, it's definitely the worst and the most unreliable. We use Disney+ every single day since we have Little's that NEED to watch Encanto on a constant loop, however myself and my husband are huge Marvel fans so we use it just as much as the kids do. My kids lost the remote to our TV last week, and I have stripped this house bare trying to find it and can't. So we have been relying on screen mirroring and casting. Disney+ is the only app that we have that refuses to work. When we did have our TV remote and could use Disney+ it would ALWAYS (about every 30 minutes) kick us out and tell us our internet was working. So we would just exit the app and go back in and it would be fine. We just moved into a new home and I was hoping the connection with the app would be better. Nope. It still times out about every 30 minutes and tells us there no internet connection when everything else in our house is working just fine. Basically when this happens you would have to exit the app, then return and if MIGHT start to work. The only reason I haven't deleted this app already is because my daughter HAS to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..Version: 2.5.2

Cool but not quite thereThe app is cool and all and has a variety of shows to offer but while watching a show there’s no button that allows you to skip to the next episode or a button that allows you to quickly view all the upcoming episodes. It’s quite annoying having to go back to the previous menu..Version: 1.11.1

Happy, but improvements are neededThe content Disney+ is amazing and I have found so many childhood favourites that I have re discovered and has a blast reliving that good old Disney magic. Sadly, particularly on the console version (less so on the Disney+ phone version), the audio and visuals are constantly out of sync. When I open up a film either the visual skips ahead and pauses until the audio catches up. Sometimes this even happens in the middle of the film several times in a row. I hope that this can be fixed on all devices, if so I would rate the service 5 stars, but as it’s such a persistent and to be frank such an annoying issue, I have rated it 3..Version: 1.7.2

I love the app , but sometimes it doesn’t workWhen i try to log in , it says that the account isn’t working , or when i tried to watch something it said that the account info was wrong and that i had to log out and back in.Version: 1.1.6

Disney should be bannedDisney should be banned for promotion and indoctrination into kids to become gays and lesbian , this company and it’s employees are sick to the core ! Will never use Disney app again nor will see their movies ever …. It’s a Sick company and people should be ashamed working for Disney.Version: 2.5.2

Buffers all the time very frustratingHas good content and good price but is so frustrating. I am yet to watch anything without it buffering several times. Could also do with a continue watching ability, everything just starts again from the beginning when you go back to it.Version: 1.2.0

My Honest Opinion 👀 (please read)Disney+ is a pretty good app especially for hardcore Disney fans. But there are way too many issues for an app that you have to BUY. To begin, the volume quality is the worst for me. My hearing isn’t the best so I tend to turn the volume for things all the way up. I did this on my NEW computer, and NEW iPad and the volume was very low. The iPad volume was a bit better but still not as loud as I wanted and/or anticipated. Furthermore, it keeps recommending the same few amount of shows, movies etc. I want to be able to find new things to watch easier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hardcore Hamilton fan and I am pleased to see it on the main page, but everything else keeps getting recommended on and on and on. Continuing from Hamilton, this is not a necessary addition but I would like to see more musicals. It already has Hamilton and Newsies, and I enjoyed them the most out of anything on the app. But like I said this is an option and I know it’s meant for Disney things, that’s just what I want. There are a couple of more issues but I’m going to leave it on this final opinion, which is the 10 second fast forward button. Most of the time when I fast forward with the 10 second button the screen is just frozen. It happens on all of my devices and it’s quite annoying. Using the scroll bar with mostly my finger is not fun. That’s really all I have to say so I hope you, the reader take these notes into consideration. Take care!.Version: 1.7.2

Great content, App Needs improvement1) Progress through an episode is regularly lost. So I have to guess where I watched to. This is particularly the case when I’m air playing to Apple TV. It also happens if I close the app mid episode. Or if the app is disturbed, such as a phone call. 2) Poor navigation for TV series. Unless you want to play the next episode, you have to again click what series you want, then click the episode. Netflix is better in that it keeps the navigation in the series first, then goes out to other series if you require it. In addition to this, unless you are actually on the next episode, the “continue playing episode” feature in the home screen will put you back into the end credits of the previous episode. It isn’t smart to know when to watch the next episode. Again you either have to navigate to the current series then the next episode. Or load the credits of the previous episode and hope that the “play next episode” pops up..Version: 1.4.3

NeedsAwesome but is missing the progress/continue watching. Quite an annoyance that it doesn’t keep track of your progress. There should also be a continue watching section..Version: 1.1.5

Nice content but needed update...This review is more geared towards the developers...I love and appreciate all of the disney content on this app but the app seems to only push specific series and not any that are tailored for my experience. It would be much better to see suggested series or movies instead of the same few disney originals that Disney wants to push so often. It makes it kind of hard to see or consider watching all of the content that is on this app unless I specifically search for a title to watch on my own. Along with this, I have had the same problem with this app since the day that I’ve downloaded it and i’m hoping this bug gets fixed soon...Every time I press the reverse/forwards 10 second button the movie will reverse/forwards to where it needs to be, but the loading animation would stay on the screen. The problem with this is that it prevents me from pausing or reversing/forwarding any other time after this one time because the loading animation would still be on the screen if I attempt to do so. The buttons do not reappear. It doesn’t obstruct the view of the streaming media and it’s only there when I tap to attempt to pause but it prevents me from taking any other action after i’ve done it once before. I hope mentioning these things has been helpful and I look forward to this bug being fixed soon..Version: 1.2.2

Rendered unwatchable by dark screenThe app has a good selection of movies, tv series and documentaries. However, just tried to watch various films and some tv series like ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘WestWorld’. Only to find that the brightness levels are so low it render them all unwatchable. I thought Netflix was the only one that had these issues. However, Disney+ is as bad if not worse. If I had to pay for this service (it came free with my broadband subscription) I would have already cancelled my subscription, like I did with Netflix. My advise, don’t bother until they figure out how to make their service bright enough to watch. Which will, if Netflix is anything to go by, be a very long time in coming. After all, these streaming companies are expecting you paying for a premium for an unquestionably ‘substandard’ service..Version: 2.5.0

Could do with some improvementsI would not disagree with people saying that it's worth the wait as I've waited for this for quite awhile. Even though some shows and films are missing an installment of the franchise or numbered wrong episodically, but I think I'm being generous with 3 stars if I'm honest. However this is my list of improvements I would hopefully like to see in the future: - As I'm running this through my playstation I find the main menu clunky (scrolling through the shows and films) as Netflix scrolls quite smoothly. - No bar to show that you've seen the show, maybe Disney+ could do a little blue bar on the episode so the viewer can see that they've already seen that episode or film. - No review system. This could be a good feature because if you've seen a show or film that you didn't like Disney+ would be able to suggest less of those things and more of the shows or films that they like. - Episodes disappears within a few days. I find this annoying because I'm the type of person to come back to a show after a few days. Maybe Disney+ should keep the show on their "Watch Later" tab (unless it's removed or disliked- just like Netflix)..Version: 1.4.4

All the favorites, one small problemEDIT: Lowered my rating to 3. My previous issue was fixed but now the color in everything looks washed out. Whether I’m watching Hamilton, a marvel movie, or a show, it all looks as if the colors have been washed out. All of my other streaming apps work and look just fine when I’m casting it to my chromecast but Disney+ doesn’t. Any help here, Disney? Just like everyone else here, I was very excited to use Disney+ and watch all the old favorites along with the new original shows. I’m very happy with the service thus far but I’ve been having an issue with the auto play feature since the release of the app. I use my iPhone X to cast Disney+ movies/shows to my Google ChromeCast. When watching a show, the app will stop streaming after the second episode. It’ll go back to the placeholder screen that says “Ready to cast” but it won’t let me select the next episode. I have to disconnect my phone from the ChromeCast, close the app, then re-open it and reconnect to the ChromeCast. After that I can play the next episode but the same thing happens again after the second episode. Not sure what the issue is, this doesn’t happen when I use other streaming apps like Netflix or HBO GO. A fix to this would be appreciated. Other than that, Disney+ has been great..Version: 1.11.1

Needs a continue watching sectionNeeds to have a section showing you what shows/movies you’ve already started watching so you can easily jump back in.Version: 1.1.5

Major thing!! Please read {very important}!!!!The Disney+ app isn’t allowed in my region and if it Would be allowed internationally and in Middle East it would make the app more successful, every year I travel to California for vacation and I use it there but when I get back home I would want to continue what I’m watching but it’s not allowed, don’t get me wrong I love the app but it would be so much better if you can change it for people to use internationally and every country and city should try this app! This would mean so much to me, I grew up watching Disney Channel on tv and some shows and movies are better on the app because their shows and movies that have finished their finale are in the app... I miss so many shows but I’m unable to watch them on the app, if it would be allowed in the Middle East I would have put 5 stars and if there were 100 stars I’ll do it but I can’t since I don’t use the app here. Since COVID i can’t go to California obviously, I don’t go out as much and I get really bored at home and Netflix is just adding unnecessary stuff which I don’t like and this app is kinda better than Netflix and it would be the best to watch it here, I hope that you take this into consideration that you’d fix it..... thanks...Version: 1.14.2

Some title miss languageLove the app. Love the 4K. Just multiple title miss French. Or sometimes I watch something in French and in the same day the same movie don’t have it anymore Seriously I watch wall-e at least 20 times in French and now it’s gone.Version: 1.1.6

Very low brightness on 2020 iPad ProIt’s great but every thing that’s HD/ Dolby vision is SOOOO dark even when I have the iPad brightness on 100%. If you could add something that disables those things or an in app brightness setting that could brighten the media that has those two things or a way to disable it so I can watch it with proper brightness.Version: 1.14.1

Very buggyDifficulty playing on Apple TV..Version: 1.1.6

From 5 stars to 1Okay. At first I thought the app was good, I’ve run into too many problems. Firstly, after you watch something, it doesn’t indicate that you’ve watched it (unlike Netflix). So if you’re watching a series it’s hard to tell where you stopped. Secondly, you cannot skip to the next episode while watching something. You have to wait about 5 seconds after the credits to skip to the next episode. Sometimes it doesn’t even work so you have to end up going off the episode and searching/scrolling for the next episode. Most of the time I come off of the app it just restarts. Which can be annoying. There are many movies/shows that are not available to watch yet (literally not available for months) but you can still see the title and picture on there as if it is. I don’t get the point of that at all. It’s not like this is a new app from a small company. They need to fix up....Version: 1.4.2

I’m not impressed :(The content isn’t the bad thing, it’s the app. It ALWAYS take absolutely ages to load even if you have amazing internet. Also it takes you back to the start of movies and episodes of you leave for too long. It’s infuriating on mobile because if you click the top ANYWHERE of a episode or movie not even the exit button it takes you back to home page. Annoying. I was sure a multi-million company could at least make it not infuriating..Version: 1.12.1

Great selection but app is annoyingly buggyNow that Star has arrived and I have Grey’s Anatomy back in my life, this app is on all time! Great movies to watch and came just in time as I was going to cancel. The only reason this doesn’t get a 5 star rating is due to the app. Sometimes it takes a long time to load, it often loses where I got to and starts again from the beginning, if you try to skip through, it just won’t let you. Lastly the weirdest one is that my iPad will randomly play the music from the credits of Grey’s Anatomy either in the middle of the night for no reason and sometimes when I’m actually watching the programme! Very annoying as it will always do it at maximum volume too..Version: 1.13.4

Good, but lacks quality settings.For all the great content it’s a shame quality can’t be turned down on wifi. Anyone on a data cap (ie 120gb mth) will find it uses data like no tomorrow. If you have a fast connection it will stream at high resolution and use your data very quickly..Version: 1.2.1

Heaps of bugs!Don’t get me wrong, Disney + has some GREAT content but it is not a great app! For starters, was watching a TV show on one account, but when I switched to another account for another family member to watch, the audio from the other TV show kept playing! The same thing happened when watching something on the other account! Now, whenever we go onto Disney + on that particular device, we can just here audio from other shows playing! Also, often when I go to the continue playing section, it hasn’t updated to where I’m up to and I have to go through the episodes to find where I am up to. There are also some Disney shows that doesn’t seem to show up when I search for them (e.g. Mighty Med, A.N.T. Farm) which is very irritating! Another major issue, is that whenever I fast forward or rewind, the loading symbol just appears in place of the play/pause button, leaving you no way to pause for the rest of the movie/TV episode! I really expected better! There are many good movies and TV shows on the app, however PLEASE fix some of these bugs - they are EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! Compared to what I’ve seen on other streaming apps, I definitely excepted better from Disney..Version: 1.2.1

Apple and Disney don’t know their customers, but do they careIf your family is anything like mine iPads and iPhones get handed down to the kids when they can be upgraded. This app not working on IOS 11.0 and lower and not at all on the internet had us rethinking our purchase of a subscription. ALL our kids iPads and iPhones are old enough that they can’t get IOS 11.0 so now our sole reason and what would think is Disney’s target audience can’t use it. If Apple and or Disney can’t swing something we will be done when it comes time to cancel and we will go back to watching what we can till Netflix and Stan lose their Marvel and Disney content. Very sad that someone high up didn’t think this through before releasing it as an app only subscription and only on devices with IOS 11.0 or higher. For the record four iPhones and four iPads so we can’t afford to replace them ALL just to get Disney Plus..Version: 1.2.1

Probably the worst app for Apple TVProbably the most painful movie watching experience I endured on Apple TV. Impossible to find how turn on or turn off subtitles. When fast forwarding or rewinding a movie app automatically changes the language, seriously you go back few seconds to rewatch the scene and now you are watching this scene in some other language randomly selected by app, although German seems to be favorite. When using Siri only phrase like “turn english” seem to work while more appropriate “change language” does not yield anything. Native Apple TV settings for language, disabled accessibility (voice over), subtitles etc do not work in this app. Fast forwarding and rewinding in itself is a pain. Support is automated and I was not able to find solutions to any of these problems. Complicated to find the movie you have not finished watching (would expect it to be offered). So not too consumer-centric approach at the moment. Hope they would look at apps of their competition and improve its own. On the positive side they did great sorting of Marvel movies so you can see chronological or story-line orders. Lackluster experience overall. Waiting for upgrade and will be happy to give better review when improvements are made..Version: 1.14.2

Content great performance rubbishThe title content is ok but somewhat limited due to the marvel & Star Wars franchises. The performance of the app is absolute rubbish. In TV series, it does not maintain what episodes you have watched & starts at any random episode in any season. Also, after 3 episodes of a season, it just stops playing the series with no option to keep watching. Just turns off & you have to manually select where you are at because of the first problem. So, limited but watchable content (unless you are a kid) & rubbish performance, I think the money I spend would be better redirected to 10 litres of petrol considering something in the budgets got to go. There aren’t too many updates for this app either so I guess Disney believes it’s good name means it doesn’t really need to offer an app that is as user friendly as Netflix or Stan..Version: 2.5.2

Where is Continue Watching??The streaming service is good but there is no continue watching or anything that tells me what episodes I’ve watched or what episode i left off at. I have to remember what episode i last watched? In 2019??.Version: 1.1.6

Not that goodAll thou there seems to be a lot of shows, after a while you begin to notice a loop of the same 30 to 40 shows looping around, The app does not seem to be capable of remembering where you last left your show and resumes from the very beginning, thus if your watch a 3 hour Marvel movie and needed to leave it, it will reset back to beginning. Possible improvements, recommend shows and movie that are at least similar, stop recommending items that have already been viewed. Give people a feature that allows them to dislike item and stop it from reappearing in recommendations list. Give everyone the chance to clear Continue Watch list plus the ability to pick up on a movie or show where you left it last..Version: 1.14.1

Content is fine but the app is terribleThe User interface is really messy, hard to find what your looking for. I made a profile for my kids only to find half the kids movie don’t show up in their profile... even kids movies like “ home alone” so that feature is a wast of time. Now my kids are using a normal profile where everything shows up not what I wand and not what I expected from Disney! You should also know that Disney + only works on 4th Gen and up, Apple TV’s. so if you don’t have the latest you’ll be watching on your phone or iPad, that’s not fun. I’ve tried using airplay to my 3rd Gen Apple TV but that only works intermittently which is super frustrating. The end of the story is I really only signed up to watch Manderlorian, I got up to the 5th episode and when I try and watch all I get is a message saying “oops something when wrong please try again later” The feedback options in the app are joke, the perfect example of incompetence. End rant..Version: 1.2.1

Great content, frustrating app incapabilitiesThe content is great, plenty of things to watch. However, the fact that you have to sit through 5-6 mins of credits before getting to the next episode of a show is frustrating. If you manually skip to the next episode, the previous episode remains in the continue watching list at the credits. It should load the next episode a few seconds after the credits start. And it is quite slow to load. If I need to go in and rewind a couple of minutes, it takes several goes for the time bar to register that I am trying to move it. I have a new device, and other streaming apps do not have this problem. Really simple things that need to be fixed, and it would be a 5 star review..Version: 1.13.2

App suxxxxxDisney turned an $8.5 billion profit in 2021 and still can’t figure out how to make their app work….okay. I’m sticking around because the content is great, but the app is literally the worst streaming service I’ve ever had. 1) The app does not cast properly. I have to first “cast” the app alone, and only then can I put a show on. It always buffers and usually takes two tries to get up on the TV. 2) None of my progress saves. Whether I watch one episode or four, the app never shows my progress and I have to manually go through and figure out how far I’ve gotten in a show. 3) On that note, the episodes don’t update properly. It always shows 1 to 2 episodes BEFORE I finished watching, hence why I have to manually look where I left off. Stop an episode halfway? Tough. You have to manually figure that out, too. It is SO ANNOYING compared to other apps that just work well. That said, the content is great so of course I’ll keep coming back. But come on, Disney! You can totally afford to update your app and these fix minor issues..Version: 2.3.5

Decent app, security not so greatMy issues with Disney+ was that my account got hacked, the password was changed and I changed it again after realizing it was hacked. However, THE EMAIL WAS CHANGED TOO! WITHOUT ME EVEN KNOWING! How that was possible, I don't know. After calling customer service and being on the phone the first time, we changed the email and password, only to find out by the first not helpful representative, that they don't give the option to sign everyone out even though you are the administrator of the account, so changing everything was pointless. He basically states that the people who hacked the account will still have access even though I changed all of the login information. I was ready to quit the whole Disney+ until I called customer service again the following day and spoke to Shay, her kindness and helpfulness convinced me to stay with Disney+. She revoked the account immediately and then helped me make a new account. One thing that should be added is better security. For someone to take over my account so easily and change the email and password was a horrible experience. Another thing that should be added is being able to log everyone out as an administrator of the account. The app is decent because of the shows it offers, I do not encounter any buffering and so on; however, the security and privacy isn't that great. ..Version: 1.2.2

This app is terrible - save your moneyThe app fails more often than it works. Have tried to use it on our Apple devices & PS4 and we are yet to be able to watch a full movie without it failing to load either right at the beginning or part way through and often, more than once too! Doesn’t seem to make a difference if we download it first and then try to play the movie, it still fails more than it works. Have had this app for 3months now and will be cancelling our subscription. Shame because there are some good viewing options but it’s not worth the $. Needs to work as easy as the likes of Netflix before we would consider resubscribing..Version: 1.7.3

Just MY opinionHello!! So Disney+ is an amazing app, where you can get MANY MANY shows whenever u want at anytime and there’s many old shows and that’s great!! But the app itself has many bugs and sometimes it just doesnt open or it gets closed automatically which I understand isn’t easy to make an app but if you are gonna make me pay at least try to fix it. And now we are going to my biggest problem. Idk if this happens to other ppl of it’s just my acc, but sometimes for example I wanna watch “Bia an upside down world” and I’m so excited because I saw that it already came to Disney+ and I was like “omg yasss finally” but then when I got into Disney it just doesnt show, it only shows the first season of the serie not the movie and it made me pretty sad bc I saw that it came on February 19th-21th. So basically idk if it’s my acc, or my country or what??? Please let me know!!!!! (It also happens with many other shows). And now the last problem; You have to PAY EXTRA to watch some movies. When we are already paying, for example to watch Cruella you have to pay. And it isn’t coming to ppl who doesn’t pay till August. So I think thats so unfair in my opinion. And well that’s all hope you can fix the problems. So sorry for making this feedback but I had to..Version: 1.16.0

Too many errorsI think the available titles are awesome, unfortunately, with this new rolling out of star, my experience has gone downhill and I would no longer recommend a subscription until things are sorted. Parental controls were automatically attached to the account of my husband and I- we have no kids and there is no reason for this. We could not remove them ourselves, and neither could customer service alter our account for us- I was told that about a week later I could make changes. This meant no access to WandaVision or the Mandalorian- the two shows we were watching the most. I contacted support and mentioned I'd like a refund for the time lost not being able to use the service as promised. The customer service experience in itself was very frustrating, and I didn't receive any of the follow up mentioned about my case. Apparently they took this as a cancellation of subscription... this is not what I wanted (more just a pro-rated amount for time lost, with a continuing subscription) but anyway, we reopened a subscription last night. All seemed fine and we confirmed the age for our profile content should be 18+... today, excited to watch some movies, we see our profile is set with access of 14 years and below. WHAT? again? And we can't even change it. So frustrating. Not worth paying for something you can't use..Version: 1.13.2

Needs workIt’s awesome but always cuts out. My internet connection is fine yet I try watch any of the movies or shows and have to restart the whole app at least 3 times just to finish a movie. Gets old really quick. That being said I do love the content!.Version: 1.9.2

Apple TV app has issuesI have just updated my review and downgraded it to 1 star...I appreciate that this is early days, but you would expect a Goliath media company like Disney would have their app fully sorted before release. - Unfortunately though there are a couple of issues I have found on the first day of using. Firstly, the volume on the Apple TV app is very low. - I have to crank the sound bar up to 60 to get the same volume that I get at 20 on all other apps. The app also crashes frequently when using the menu and has to be restarted and now won’t even play any of the content at all even after restarting, deleting and reinstalling the app. - Shame as I was going to subscribe to this service after the free trial is due to end in a few days, but now will definitely not be doing so given nothing works..Version: 1.1.6

Needs Some refinementI love the app, but I am getting a bit sick of having to have so many subscriptions in order to have access to the relative handful of things I want to watch... Firstly, the app doesn’t feel very Disney, it’s a very basic media library, which is a very disappointing... The app doesn’t seem to track when you stream programmes or movies to my TV, been watching the Mandalorian and the app has only registered 2 of the 6 episodes I’ve seen, the rest are only showing as either part watched or not played, it is a bit frustrating, the same thing is happening with movies and other shows. As stated previously though, the main issue is that the app isn’t great to navigate, please work on it!.Version: 1.11.2

Buggy App + Unhelpful Customer SupportIt was working during 7-Day trial until we decided to pay for it. Since then it hasn’t allowed us to log-in when on wifi. Only when we use our mobile data. We’re so disappointed. We tried customer support, tried everything they suggested but nothing worked and they ended the conversation before we could solve it. Searched online for instructions to fix the problem and after all the trouble shooting, re-installing, logging back in, still not working. Gutted..Version: 1.2.1

Mediocre systemI love Disney movies and shows as much as the next person, but this app is simply missing the basics of a streaming service. There is no option to “Continue Watching” or to view the movies and shows you started if you have to close the app for a bit. To resume, you have to search up the movie or show you were just watching & fast forward to the part you left off at. Can’t give this a one star because the movies and show selections are amazing, but the overall system is just ok..Version: 1.1.5

Good but not perfectNeed to fix buffering issue Need video “progress” feature so we know what we have seen or not I think the “continue watching” group is missing too.Version: 1.1.5

Mostly good but...It’s mostly good, you can watch classics on here. However there are some major issues that affect viewing experience and are not limited to me. This includes a strange glitch many including myself are experiencing that randomly fast forwards in places meaning you have to constantly reverse the program. Apart from that, there are just some difficulties in navigating and the layout is a bit poor. There’s no easy way to change episodes from within an episode as you would with Netflix. There’s also a lack of content, markedly mature content which I can understand but I think by not releasing certain shows they own such as family guy they are massively reducing their viewer base. Tens of thousands of people would buy it just for family guy..Version: 1.6.1

Great content, lots of bugsI can’t fault Disney on their content, they truly have done better with their launch than Apple did and its at a great price too. Here are the issues. There are lots of bugs in the app and to me it feels like the built in player is still in beta. I’v so far come across screen resizing to the lower third of the player and not being able to rapidly hit the jump forward button with out it thinking I’m waiting it to close. The controls are temperamental when watching films/ programs and when I decide to google something while watching, it turns into a flip of the coin on whether it will work or not. There are lots of bugs more than I’v mentioned here and it’s a shame, but it’s not just confined to the app. I admit there are fewer bugs on pc but I find the web site limits it to non HD, it’s confusing to me as Netflix and prime video have this nailed. I know disney is the new comer here so I hope they can improve all aspects off their service as it’s nothing sort off amazing content. It’s just a shame they didn’t flush the software/ app out first a little. It almost feels like the software was rushed, just like Apple rushed to put tiers out with little to no content at launch. My personal experience has been tainted by these constant annoyances and it saddens me to give them a 2 star but I feel it’s justified for now. If they can get the app/ software working smoothly then I believe they have a great finning formula..Version: 1.4.4

Cancelled my subscriptionI’m not supporting a company that censors Gina Careno and fires her for using free speech, while simultaneously rehiring and supporting directors that have abused women. Good app, good movies, horrible management..Version: 1.12.3

Content is great - app practicality is a downerBeen loving the content that’s on Disney plus for months now but really disappointed with the app itself when it stops working on the tv, doesn’t load on my phone and continues not to work via the website itself and is just a black screen. Went onto live chat to get some help with them continually telling me I don’t have a subscription when I’ve had one for way over 6 months now. They then ask me if I can log into my account on different devices, which I can’t as that was the original issue..., they proceed to end the conversation as they cannot locate my subscription and I’m left with a paid subscription with no solution and no access to Disney for over a week now. What a waste of money with no help and solution in sight. Please sort out your technical issues Disney !.Version: 1.13.2

Not renewing$30 CAD price hike….Version: 2.3.5

Not workingHi there, App installed, credit card accepted however always shows a message that I am not connected or having a hard time connecting to the Disney network. Please advise..Version: 1.1.5

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