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Great app but...I really like the app and I was excited when it came out. The quality is great and you get a large variety of movies and series that you can binge on. However, there is a few issues that I’ve noticed that aren’t too much of a problem but can be a little disappointing. One issue that I’ve noticed is that sometimes when I watch a series and there’s a ‘skip intro’ button it sometimes doesn’t pop up until halfway through the intro which is kind of annoying if you don’t want to listen to it over and over again. Another issue that I’ve had is that I started watching a movie and I didn’t finish it so I thought I’d continue where I left off in a few days but when I got back to it it was taken off my ‘continue watching’ list. This app has great potential and I love it but there are some features that need fixing..Version: 1.4.3

Pls add spider man moviesPls add spider man movies to Disney + and the other marvel movies like the Incredible Hulk.Version: 1.13.4

Stop being stupid people just enjoy the app.The app is perfect, but these crazy reviewers are the boneheads ..look people right now there is no feature of “what I watched last “ or history the app would slow down you want that go back to netflix and stay there. Just because you can add 7 people to your account is does not always mean you should. You really trust those 7 people with your account info? Remember only 4 streams allowed and You have should known that you have to have control over these devices. If your password gets changed it will be your fault deal with it. Then you free phone deal will not matter at all. The movies could and will edited if Disney sees fit you should have know this. 4.3 ? No no no 5.5 and nothing else . The app engine is pure and clean cues up easy , logo guides are clear to understand and easy find. Pick Your items then play them from the largest Disney library of gems no worries 🎥🎧🎬 Before anymore stupid comments or ideas come to past here read FQA page please! To anyone else read the fine print know what you paying for people. This pure Disney can not get any better than that nuff said . 🇬🇧🎸🔥.Version: 1.1.6

I Love ItI love Disney I’ve been so addicted to high school musical series just stresses me when I have to wait for another episode to come out lol but yea it’s awesome also when ever I’m watching a movie in full screen and if my finger accidentally touched the screen it would exit me out can you fix that so it won’t exit me out plz.Version: 1.1.6

Love this App No Cap 🧢 🚫Ok this app is the best, I’ve been deciding to buy it or not then I finally did and it was the best choice ever if ur a Disney channel fan there’s so much to choose from if your a Marvel fan (like me 😉) it’s the best they even have the Marvel Universe Timeline so you can watch all the marvel movies in order amazing! Better than Netflix’s 💯% and it’s perfect for kids! (And adults) amazing honestly there’s no words to describe this amazing child-friendly app :) definitely recommend worth every penny 💵 never been so happy with a purchase before 👍🏼 and having Disney + is also a big trend! 😆, just stop wasting time ⏰ and buy it! It’s so good you won’t regret it honestly it’s too good! ❤️.Version: 1.13.2

Disney+I love Disney + and I can’t what for star to come because I’ve always wanted to watch dead pool and titanic plus I’ve really wanted to get this app on my tablet because my dad and I wanted to watch Star Wars but he was watching them in the wrong order.Version: 1.13.2

I am shocked! 🤨So the main reason I got Disney + was to watch agents of shield because it’s an amazing show. I was on season 5 episode 10 and THE NEXT DAY it was gone! This is outrageous, it’s unfair. Apart from that small misdemeanour I absolutely love Disney + as it’s so easy to use and has a lot to watch, however it would be 10x better if agents of shield was back. It’s also don’t like how on some shows (such as Rapunzel’s tangled adventure) it only shows one out of the 3 seasons. This makes it less enjoyable. It doesn’t feel equal that some people can watch all 3 seasons just because they are in a different country, because we are all paying the same amount for the service. Overall I do enjoy using Disney + however if it included all seasons and put agents of shield back on I would be a lot happier. 😎.Version: 1.13.4

Great content but some technical glitchesIt’s good but I’m finding it slower than Netflix and Prime Video - downloads take a while to kick in and the app doesn’t like slow connections. I’ve tried switching servers (I have a few) but then the app gets arsey and thinks I’ve moved countries and tried to block me. Content is great but a bit hard to find - why can’t we create our own categories on these apps to show content in a different way? The Simpsons is the main draw here followed by Toy Story films and a series of Disney classics. And the best but is that everything (almost everything?) is downloadable so no need to stream. Good effort Disney..Version: 1.4.2

The Issue I haveI love disney plus love it but one thing that annoys me is the fact that ever since i maximised my downloads from my brother i cant download anything I hope you fix this because my whole family cant download anything and also can you please fix the fact that you cant use the app on laptop ETC on my laptop I have to use the website other than that love the app 4 star from me.Version: 1.9.1

Love it but 1 issueI love this app and have had it for a little while now. All my favorite Disney channel original movies in one place, talk about a childhood dream come true! The only issue I have had that doesn’t seem to have been addressed in the update, is that my watchlist isn’t working right. Currently, it’s missing some shows and movies that I can look up and see that I’ve added to my watchlist already, though it’s not showing up when I open the watchlist. The watchlist is also duplicating the items that do show up on the list. I’m not sure if this is connected to the other problem I noted above or if it is a completely different issue. Obviously, I still love the app and have even recommended it to a few people. I just wanted to mention this issue that I am having as the other reviews I have read didn’t seem to mention this. I hope this is an easy fix, as I do think this app is great. Disney as a company is amazing! I am so grateful that I can watch all the movies and shows I love that are more recent, while also having the option to revisit some old favorites that I grew up watching (and loving)..Version: 1.1.6

Missing ThingsSo im 10 so ive been watching old stuff like wizardsofwaverlyplace and thatssoraven and shakeitup and goodluck charlie but cory in the house is missing,also please add picture in picture mode for laptop or computer when your adding another google chrome tab overall i love everything but bunkd season 4 is missing and ravens home season 3 is missing,picture in picture mode pauses when your entering a game on roblox or you going on imovie to edit a video,but the app is awesome,spiderman movies are missing,idrc about tobey maguire or andrew garfields movies,cuz they arent marvel,but tom holland’s should be there.Version: 1.9.0

Worth the wait!!This app has EVERYTHING!! All the classic to modern Disney animated films, Pixar films, Marvel and Star Wars. They even have classic Disney Animated short stories such as Mickey Mouse’s debut as “Steambout Willie”. The app has the original movies from Disney Channel, as well as the TV shows. One of the categories that it has is Disney through the decades from the 1940s to now. I’m looking forward to watching the original programmes such as “The Mandelorian”, live action “Lady and the Tramp” as well as the upcoming Marvel TV shows. My only complaint ( which I’m sure everyone else is thinking) is that I wish Disney releases original stories as a whole season, rather than to wait weekly for the next episode. But that’s just a small thing. This app is a must have for Disney fanatics. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 1.4.2

My feedbackI love that who have all the old shows but I didn’t like that there is no cory in the house and you guys didn’t add the new shows or the new episodes of ravens home but other then that loving it.Version: 1.2.2

Not quite thereIt’s a fantastic app but with a major flaw. The inability to change streaming quality on console devices. Wouldn’t be an issue if we all had access to unlimited internet but unfortunately I’m rural with no phone lines so our 500gb Internet is a luxury that’s since Tuesday is being chewed through by the Disney app. Other streaming services allow you to set the quality across all platforms, Disney needs to do this as well. They also need to fix their search function eg The parent trap is there in an adult profile along with the first Princess diaries but if you go looking for these two titles amongst others in a kid profile they don’t exist..Version: 1.1.6

FanamanalThe best app ever!!!!! I love that they have a-million things to chose from..Version: 1.14.1

A must have for any fanI’ve been waiting for this to come out in the UK for a good while now and finally all Disney and related content can be viewed in one place whilst I don’t agree with having subscriptions for everything you cannot deny the low price of £5.99 per month is a great deal. The app itself has all the essential features you need and feels triple A, it is set out very similar to competitors so it’s nice and simple to follow, interface is clean and well designed. Not much bad you can say really so far..Version: 1.4.1

Disney +It had so many films and of course Disney is amazing. It also has alternatives and supports younger and older kids. However, It would be great if Disney could show all seasons of Violetta and miraculous etc. Also, this isn’t really app related but we would all really appreciate if more films and episodes could be made and filmed. Maybe a new thing. We’d really appreciate a new Tinkerbell film with Terence in more!!!! Basically, please update and make sure you have recent episodes but otherwise it’s so amazing and has so many movies!!! Also oh my goodness PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put Jonas and Jonas LA back on!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.13.4

Great catalogue but buggy appThe catalogue of movies/shows is outstanding, however the app is not very good at remembering where you stopped playing and instead of resuming, often just starts the episode/movie again (especially when for example switching from tablet to chromecast). It’s odd because the episode/movie resume status can be seen, so the software knows where we left off, but instead of picking up there it just starts again. Also the overall AI regarding finished viewings could be improved, if an episode or movie is stopped when near the credits, instead of showing played (and if an episode, skipping to the next episode when resuming) it will just think that’s where we left off. Also, skipping credits and recaps seems not possible on Chromecast. If these software issues could be fixed the app would be perfect 👍🏻.Version: 1.13.3

Needs improvingGreat app overall, how ever can the tech team take into consideration of certain movies still showing some violence, in an update are you able to add in a block button where as a parent you can block certain movies or tv shows that you do not want your child to watch. Also add in a parent password protected block list so if in the future you want to allow your child to watch the movie again you have the option to choose to do so.Version: 1.11.2

Good, but there’s always room for improvementI love Disney+ and use it a lot. I can watch it on the go now with the app on my phone! It’s a great app and I love a lot of the shows and movies. Every movie night, I use Disney+ to watch a movie. Overall, it’s awesome. However, when I used to have Netflix, I could give a show or movie a thumbs up or thumbs down. If I gave it a thumbs down, it wouldn’t suggest that show or movie and it wouldn’t suggest anything like that. Now, if I gave it a thumbs up, it’d continue to suggest shows and movies similar to the the one I liked. I wish Disney+ could have these buttons. In my opinion, that’d make the app better. I get tired of tv shows I don’t like, appreciate, or approve popping up for me. For example, the offensive and terrible show, The Simpsons, always pops up in “suggested for you”. I wish it didn’t though because I really don’t like the show. There’s some other movies that pop up too that I don’t really care for and I wish I could find movies that I’d like easier. I wish shows and movies that I might actually like could pop up in my suggestions. I feel that with a button or chance to rate a show or movie it could really help improve the app. Other than that, I think the app is great..Version: 1.13.4

One little thingAlright, so this is going to be short and sweet. Disney plus is amazing, I use it all the time to watch my favorite movies, and recently I’ve been binge watching the marvel movies. It works out pretty well for me. New episodes come out within a few days (which is pretty awesome), you get to watch anything owned by Disney, and it’s just awesome. (Especially The Mandalorian) But there is one thing that could make it better, and I’ve seen other people make this suggestion too. Disney plus should definitely have a “currently watching” section. It’s the one thing left that I need. Otherwise I have to look up the movie that I’m watching, find the right one, and hope it starts off where I ended. And it does, but I think it’d take a little less time and effort if you put a currently watching section right on the top bar of your home screen. That way I can click the app, scroll down a tiny, tiny little bit, and click the movie or show that I’m watching. So yeah, my suggestion (which you should totally add) would be a currently watching section. Otherwise, Disney plus is basically perfect for me..Version: 1.1.6

STOP ACTING LIKE BABIESSTOP ACTING LIKE BABIES!!! Like seriously your taking Disney classics and baby proofing them way to far like seriously centering our boobs all woman have them kids see it on there mothers every day lilo in the dryer every kid has done that at least once and switching it to a pizza box are you serious and don’t have who framed roger rabbit on a freaking kids streaming site that movie is clearly for adults like what’s wrong with you use your head for god sake don’t rune the movie and same thing with Marvel like you know there gonna be fighting and maybe people die or get hurt big deal things like that happen in real life do what Netflix does and make a kids profile don’t change perfectly good movies just because there’s a little somthing wrong and don’t put the dam Simpson’s on there what is wrong with you that is an adult show at first I thought it was cool but and thought they were adding adult stuff but now I know you guys are just being babies and omg use your head the genie wasn’t saying “Sex” in the song you really think that be in a kids movie smarten up little kids don’t even know half the things they see that’s so called wrong.Version: 1.13.3

MagicalWe all have waited and you had delivered. I thought I would rush in and watch all of the new she content and movie content. But I was wrong I have been pulled to all the documentaries, and they are amazing!!! Especially in Australia where the magic is so limited because you can’t go to the parks. To watch the holiday magic be put into the parks and I’m about half way through the imagineering series! I now have a better comprehension on why a park wouldn’t draw enough to be sustained here, but it’s nice to see the magic ❤️ I know this platform will only get better. The only problem is there is too much to watch!.Version: 1.1.6

YupDon’t remember be this stoked and estatically happy about something since my kids were born 😂🤷‍♀️ only downfall it doesn’t have a continue watching section so while it starts off where you left off you have to go hunting for it. Amazing though even the new release movies are on there. My kids are stoked I’m stoked we’re all stoked..Version: 1.1.6

Updated review.Much improved. Now picks up where you left off and has a continue watching. Just needs a recently watched and we’re perfect. Well done for evolving the app quickly from user feedback..Version: 1.1.6

What I love most about Disney +!“I Love how Disney + has all of the Star Wars movies, TV shows. I also love how Disney + has almost every Marvel movie, and I hope they are all on there someday! I also really like that Disney+ has all of the Disney TV shows, from the 90s, and all the way too 2020!! However, and I’m sure that you know this, but I hope that Disney + get the movies, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman Homecoming, and I’m pretty sure that Disney+ will add Spiderman Far From Home, Dog With a Blog, and anything Else do you have yet to add. Oh, and how could I forget that the first thing I thought of when I heard of Disney+ was, I really hope that there are no adds, or commercials like, the app Disney Now, and I am glad that there aren’t any. I’m also looking forward to more movies, and shows, that Disney+ will create in the future. I think you’re doing a great job with all of your Disney+ originals, and I can’t wait for more. I also like how Disney+ is only $6,99 per week! Even thorough I got it for free, for an entire year, through Verizon. I’m also shocked that a streaming service like Disney+ would ever be created, but I’m so glad it was, and I couldn’t ask for anything better, then, Disney +! And this show’s every reason that I rated Disney +, five stars!”.Version: 1.8.1

I loved this animated short film!I was searching for a good film when I saw a short animated film. It was Party saurus Rex. I clicked on it because I did not know what is was about. I also clicked play. I loved it! The toys were having a big party and they did not mind that the bath was going to over flow. It was the best short animated film. I also watched another one about a 13-year-old girl who was autistic. At first, I did not understand. My mum had to explain what was wrong with her and then I understood it. After that, I watched another one called Out. I did not understand it at first. Mum had to explain to me. It was about a man who was to embarrassed to admit to his family that he was gay. I really enjoyed these short animated films. Partysaurus Rex was the best of all of them..Version: 1.5.1

I luvv you’re game or appI Like the app but like it’s annoying that zombies two is not in this app so please add it because that’s is my issue seriously 😑 like WHEN IS IT GONNA COME OUT IN THE APP I a little bit angry but still luvv the app umm 😐 zombies one ☝️ is a little boring but keep it the movie has cool 😎 things and the makeup is great love you’re app cool texture at the cover love it I’m booing at the the avatar looking thingy I don’t really know what is it called so had great day made in Sunday 3rd of May 2020 by: Mia.Version: 1.5.1

4 star due to one issueDownloaded this app and at first sign up I found this considerably easy and the subscriptions on offer were quiet reasonable the selection of films and animations were quiet interesting and good over all 9 out of 10 as the only issue with this app is while watching films or animations the viewing screen is abit small and the free spaces (top and bottom of screening in black) make me feel like this app only caters in wide screen which I find truly annoying cause I would rather the picture from the film or animation to be nearly full screen to full screen.Version: 1.4.2

Great app! Only minor things to adjustDisney+ is an awesome app! It has all the movies I’ve always wanted to watch. The only thing is I’m hoping they can update the app so that the movies pre-load before playing the movie just like Netflix does. Nothing is worse than when you’re watching your favourite part of the movie and it decides to stop and buffer every few seconds. I did notice it does have the ‘resume’ button however when I cast it on my TV it goes right back to the start. Hopefully these get updated soon because I really do love this app! Just the small things that need to be done as it is new..Version: 1.1.6

Disney +Just to start off , Disney + is a really great streaming app to watch old disney shows and movies and they also have disney + originals like HSMTMTS and Be Our Chef and they have something for everyone but they are some faults for example when you’ve finished an episode and you come off the app , it doesn’t say that you’ve watched for example on Netflix it has a red line underneath the episode indicating how much you’ve watched but on Disney + it doesn’t have that. Also some series aren’t in order for example Phineas and Ferb, the episodes aren’t in order. They haven’t put the pilot episode as the first episode, they have put it further down so i have to search what the correct order is for the episodes so that i can watch it properly. Overall i think it’s a great app for the family and obviously it’s a new app so there are gonna be some faults. All Disney has to do is fix those bugs and then the app will be 10x better..Version: 1.6.0

Subtitles and “continue watching”The app is great but i have some suggestions. The first is to make the subtitles more accurate. I’ve noticed that the subtitles sometimes get rid of some words, or even whole sentences. The second is to automatically remove movies from the “continue watching” row after the movie/series is obviously finished, after you’ve left the “screen” (eg when you leave the screen and it’s only the credits and there’s no extras or when you leave the screen after 5 seconds of watching the credits). It just really bothers me seeing movies and series i’ve finished watching still in the “continue watching” row, even when there’s only credits left, as it can get a bit unorganised after some time..Version: 1.9.1

BufferingI love this app so much but always seem to experience constant buffering whenever I cast to my TV and watch a movie or tv show. If I watch it on my phone it’s alright but I rarely do that because it’s annoying to hold my phone, if someone could tell me how to fix this problem that would be awesome.Version: 1.2.2

Disney plus iconsHi I am really likening this app but I wish there were more Disney icons from the movie Example With Cinderella there could be Gus/jaq, merry the mice and with beauty and the best there could be chip and Mrs clock and with Alice In worldland there could be Dinah the white rabbit and the queen of hearts that’s all I wanted to say and everything else is fantastic and my family and friends are really enjoying this app so thank you so much also since Star has been added its so fun and is amazing but I have 2 movie suggestions The Little Princesses and Hot pursuit that stars Reese Witherspoon . So please add these 2 movies please I think it would be good . So please think about other than that I really love this app so much it’s amazing and I have never had a problem with it ..Version: 1.13.2

My review...Merry Christmas everyone 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏You have come around at the most important time of the year, especially now that we are all dealing this horrible COVID-19 virus! I’m grateful for this app and your services. I pray that you all Stay Healthy, and please be safe in your travels ❤️.Version: 1.11.1

I’m so happy my fam got this! But...So my family has gotten this and it is a great app! But the only thing is a minor bug. So I was bringing our iPad on a car trip, and before we went, I downloaded some episodes of my favorite Disney TV show so I could watch them offline in the car, and I stared watching them on the way to our carpool mates, and I noticed that it wasn’t as smooth as it was supposed to be... So I just thought, “Oh, this happens all the time with Netflix, so it shouldn’t be a big deal with this. I can fix it later.” So we dropped the iPad off at our house, and a few hours later, we came home, and I started to watch some more of the show, and it was still... Grainy, if you know what I mean? So I went to my dad and asked if he could fix it, but he didn’t know how, so I tried restarting the app, but it wasn’t smooth still. I tried restarting the whole iPad, but it still wouldn’t fix. So I finally figured that if I delete the app and then get it back again, it would be fixed. And we signed in again, and it worked that time... Quite an annoying situation, but it was... Kind of an “ easy” fix, but maybe you guys could fix this problem for an update. Thank you for your time! Fan.Version: 1.2.1

AmazingI love this app but I think I would be amazing if you could link up with others and watch it together from different locations. But this app is amazing.Version: 1.4.1

Amazing movies and tv showsEverything about it is amazing! The only problem is that not all of the marvel movies are on there. Maybe they’ll get added soon?.Version: 1.1.6

Well doneGreat user experience, easy to learn and remember, well categorised with a refreshing amount of content. I could only access the content from two devices...bit of bummer there.. but overall, I’m impressed The app should however be compatible with pre iOS 11 devices, similar to what is offered by Netflix..Version: 1.1.6

Over all great but could use some fixesOverall I love Disney plus. There are so many shows/movies to select from that it’s hard for a Disney lover to decide where to start. Since today was launch day I know there will be some kinks that need to be worked out. I just wanted to list some issues or recommendations that could/should possibly be addressed in a future update. I saw one review mention that stuff they were adding to their watchlist wasn’t saving. I ran into that same issue. Another issue I ran into was my auto play wasn’t working. I have that setting turned on but when watching a series it does not automatically play the next episode. I also noticed that an episode was missing from season 1 of the little mermaid series. My recommendations for possible updates are: (1) add a “continue watching” section that shows what I was last watching and didn’t finish. (2)when watching a series have the episodes that users have watched marked in some way that shows they’ve been watched. Currently having to remember what episode I left off on. (3) maybe add a DCOM section so all those are in one place. Overall, I love Disney+ and I’m so excited to keep streaming all my Disney favorites.Version: 1.1.5

Great content but glitchy appDoesn’t sync between devices. Doesn’t resume play if I stop in the middle of something, which means I’ve watched the first five minutes of The Mandalorian six times already because after that it just endlessly buffers. Assume these bugs will be ironed out pretty quickly but would be super annoying otherwise, to the point I wouldn’t bother sticking around after the free trial. Hope it gets sorted, as those 29 seasons of the simpsons aren’t going to watch themselves!.Version: 1.1.6

To good to be true!!❤️❤️I’m obsessed!! I love Disney+ because it has everything! Like i remember on Netflix i would be watching girl meets world and then before i even finished watching the series they took it off the app and i was just like REALLY YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME 😡 so then i downloaded DisneyNOW and i would watch an episode of something but then have to wait like 2 weeks to see the next one and it wouldn’t even go in order! I was like JUST PUT SOME STUFF ON THERE PEOPLE COME ON!! So i just deleted both and then Disney+ come out and i was like HALLELUJAH!! One thing i will say is there is a lot of glitching like when I’m watching the show will stop and pause randomly and then you have to push the button twice. Also when i turn my tablet around it will turn the screen but instead of like turning sideways it goes into the corner, i don’t think that made any since like AT ALL lol 😆. (Im tryin here lol 😝). Other than that this is just amazing i love it so so soooooooo much!Thank you guys so much for this you are such a blessing!! Thanks a million! God bless!!🙂🥰.Version: 1.2.2

Disney+ deserves five starsHi please listen. Do do you ever wanna watch Disney movies or tv stows but you don’t know what do you want to watch or do you ever want options between Star Wars or Marvel? If you have that problem then I have a solution for you get Disney+! I have Disney+ and I love it! One reason why I love it is because I can have it on my tv iPod, iPad, or phone. Also if my sister is watching tv and I want to watch Disney+ then I can go on my iPad and watch. It’s awesome!! Another reason why I love Disney+ is because I can choose from so many different Disney movies or tv shows. Also I can watch all shows like Hannah Montana. Here’s one more reason why Disney+ is awesome. The quality is excellent! It’s super cheap and it’s so great. What I mean is there’s so many movies and TV shows I can watch and it’s not a lot of money. I can watch a new Marvel movie without going to the store and paying for that movie to buy it. I Disney+ I can just watch it and there’s more options! I can just watch the movie the fort so I remember and then watch that new movie so I can remember what happened before! Thanks for reading this and I hope you love Disney+ like me..Version: 1.6.1

Forget NetflixJust kidding.. but really Disney+ may be a competitor to Netflix but since I started my free trial & now Verizon promotion subscription - my family & I have been watching Disney+ non-stop. Of course being that this is a new app there are some small bugs but nothing that isn’t going to deter a Disney fan from loving this app anyway! Some of the movies listed aren’t available until certain dates like January 1, 2020 or sometime in April but it’s not all of the movies and I think for the most part most the hit movies are available to watch. It would be nice to have an open platform with all the movies available but you know what? For only $6.99 a month you can’t beat that. Thank you Disney for being a millennial-friendly subscription - all your movies especially Pixar have grown with my generation in mind. We appreciate you! If you have a Verizon unlimited plan definitely enroll in the Disney+ promotion it is so worth it not only for those of you who have children but sometimes us adults need some Disney magic in our lives as well - pretty sure Walt Disney himself said something of that sort at one point. Don’t come for me if he didn’t but I’m pretty sure he did :).Version: 1.1.6

All my childhood came back to lifeJust like many others viewing this app, my childhood was filled with amazing movies and tv series from Disney. Now that my wife’s due in less than 2 months. Disney+ could not have come at a better time for me. So keen to show my son the same spider-man series shows that i saw growing up. Oh and that’s not just it, there are literally all the Simpsons episodes ever released. I know,right? Exciting. But what you haven’t read yet, is that there is also every star wars movie ever on it. Seriously this app is a no brainer. The quality that i am getting on my tv with ps4 is 1080p60fps. There are a few 4k options, but i am sure it’s only going to increase. 5 stars without even thinking twice for Disney+ and a very high recommendation . A must have for families with kids,teenagers and students.Version: 1.1.6

Amazing but needsIt needs a continue watching section so I don’t always remember what episode I’m on.Version: 1.1.6

Bringing more languagesAwesome app! I love all the Disney Movies and the new shows are pretty cool as well, but it would be so nice to watch the movies in my native language again (Portuguese-BR). Please Disney, include more languages in the app soon..Version: 1.2.1

Options???There’s great options but in my opinion they should add more Disney channel series onto this app. It’s a really good app, great content but options for teens and sometimes kids aren’t that great. I love how many original movies they have though!.Version: 1.4.4

Brought back wonderful Memories!There’s so much content on one platform. Being a big Disney and marvel fan I’m happy with how this streaming service turned out. From launch day I didn’t find any problems with the app like some other people did around the world. So many great films and tv series to binge watch and I’m just happy the Suite life of Zach and Cody and Wizards of Waverly place are on the service because those two Disney channel shows are my ultimate childhood. Great job!.Version: 1.1.6

Update SuggestionsSo our family of Disney-lovers find Disney+ to be everything we wanted it to be! Can’t wait for more of the original content to be released, also! I just have a minor suggestion for a future update that would make things a lot easier for us (and I’m sure others). Our son LOVES to watch the Mickey & Friends shorts. So much so, that we re-watch them constantly. However, after an episode is over and it’s continued to auto-play, if we go back to a previously played episode, it stars playing at the credits. There is no “play from the beginning button”. That leaves me scrambling to manually hold down the rewind button. Now it’s not so bad to have to rewind something, but the real problem is once that episode that I rewound is over, it will auto play the next episode and (because it was previously viewed) starts playing that from the credits again! It’s extremely frustrating considering the episodes are only 3-4 minutes long. On the Disney Now app, if the episodes were played to completion, any rewatches go back to the beginning. PLEASE MAKE THIS A FUTURE UPDATE! I fear my sanity and productivity are in jeopardy until this is fixed..Version: 1.1.5

Amazing Content, some issuesI love the app, i’ve had it since it came out in Australia, and its the best streaming service i have ever used. One issue i have found is that in series, it says skip intro, but the button shows up after the intro has started, which can be really annoying. And also, when streaming on my ios devices, if u go off the app for like a second, it resets and everything goes away. Besides all this, everything else is amazing and i will rate it a 5!.Version: 1.4.4

Love itI truely love Disney plus it takes me make to when I was three I know I am not an adult but this is such a smart app I come home from school and sit down and watch muppets and Simpson’s with my dad I consider people should start using this app. It’s creates a new magical world in your head it’s amazing for little children even though there are adult movies I still consider people getting on it and monitor . This is a great app of memory’s and fun! WARNING this is my opinion.😁.Version: 1.2.1

Fantastic Menu, fantastic selectionFirstly I must admit that I was a little disappointed with having to wait for the U.K. release of Disney+, however the content and aesthetic truly fixes that downside. Upon opening the app, similar to the app on the Fire Stick or on a games console, you are instantly warmed by the deep blue menu. It’s neat, easy to manoeuvre and simple to find the thing you want. It truly brings the feeling of Disney to your phone screen, even before watching any shows or films. The film and TV Show selection is truly mind blowing - I still can not grasp how much there is to choose from, so much that I find it hard to decide what to watch. You can watch the very early content, such as steamboat willy, the golden-era such as Cinderella, or modern content such as the Incredibles or Coco. With the added benefit of Disney owning Fox, Nat. Geo, Pixar, Marvel AND Star Wars, there is an unmeasurable array of entertainment to eat up your time - especially if you’re on lockdown. Disney truly has introduced a true competitor to the streaming-world, and has arguably the best selection to choose from..Version: 1.4.3

Quality setting pleaseWe enjoy Disney but would love to see a select quality setting. We have to pay for our data and with everything in HD or better it uses up our data so we don't get to watch much Disney..Version: 1.9.0

Great libraryThe service seems great so far but I’ve experienced an issue when popping back into the app after switching apps where the audio language of the show I was watching will change..Version: 1.1.6

It’s SOOO gnarlyThis app is SOOOOOO gnarly I love it so much and Disney is getting so big that they’ve bought marvel Star Wars fox (I think) but I hope they'll add bunk’d to it because bunk’d is my FAVORITE all time show ever and it has been for the past half of my life (literally half of my life IM NOT KIDDING!!!!) and I want them to add the new episodes to like the one with Peyton coming back, and the ones with Trevor, because like seeing how much the cast has grown is so awesome I mean like Malory when she started bunk’d she just looked like a little baby and now she like a teenager and like the same with Alejandro and Will. I love Disney+ so much and it has shown me shows And movies I’ve never seen before and ever since WandaVision came out any time there is a new episode I watch it three time till I know every word to it! I love Disney SOOOOOOOOOOOO much and I’ve watched bunk’d so much that when I’m watching it I’ll say what the actor is saying because I memorize their lines! I hope one day I’ll be able to act in a show for Disney because it is my DREAM!!!!!!!!! And I hope Disney will take over the world one day and show Disney haters how good their shows and movies are!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃.Version: 1.13.2

Great content but lots of bugsThe content of this app is great but there’s a few issues particularly with episode shows like the simpsons or family guy I have it on auto play for the next episode which worked fine until around 3 weeks ago now it won’t play the next episode unless I physically press the play button I also can’t skip intro as this freezes it. It’s just had a bug fix update but this doesn’t seem to have made any difference at all. It’s a shame that these minor issues let the app down so much as there’s a lot too watch and enjoy..Version: 1.13.3

GeniusWhoever decided to come up with this app is a frickin genius😭, like I’m so inlove🥰.Version: 1.1.5

OutstandingDisneyplus is absolutely amazing with all of its wide range of movies and easy to use system. Especially with so many options and movies to choose from when you’re from Australia, is so much better. So far, it is really good and hoping many greater things to come. Even for them to stream 29 seasons of The Simpsons says a lot about this apps amazing capabilities and functions. One thing however that should be fixed, is that every time I rewind or fast forward a movie, a loading screen comes up and I can no longer pause the movie or rewind/fast forward. please fix this issue. Love the app..Version: 1.2.2

Amazing app but...The app its self is amazing it’s got a wide range of movies like Star Wars or Marvel and it’s even got some documentaries but the thing that is not great is when you download something it’s sometimes plays the movies at different times and messes it up which I’ve had many problems in the past but other than that it’s a great app you really should by it I know it’s gonna get fixed so you should by it.Version: 1.11.2

Great valueI wasn’t a huge fan of Disney gobbling up so many great intellectual properties. That said, this service is EXTREMELY well priced when you look at all you have access to. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pixar, Marvel MCU, National Geographic, and so much more. Oh yeah, and practically Disney’s entire catalogue, spanning almost 100 years now. Plus they’re adding new stuff all the time (Fox...), and the original content like The Mandalorian and the upcoming WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, means you’ll never run out of great things to watch! I’m serious about that too...the depth of content is strong with this one. When you consider it’s priced similarly to or less than almost any other premium streaming service, the mouse is unbeatable. You may or may not like the fact they’ve been collecting other studios like Thanos collecting pretty stones, but hey, if they hadn’t, you’d never have had an opportunity to subscribe to one service and get literally many of the biggest blockbusters and most beloved movies and television shows - animated and live action - ever made. Stop reading this and just subscribe already. I have an LG OLED TV, an AppleTV box, and an iPad Pro 12.9”, and watching on either device has never been a problem. I can’t speak for others, but this is pretty much the most glitch-free streaming experience I’ve ever had - it’s at least on par with Netflix, technically. Like I said, just get it, try it out, and see for yourself. Cheers..Version: 1.11.1

Great Service, Missing One Key FeatureMy wife and kids and I love the service so far! There’s tons of stuff for everyone to watch and we’re enjoying showing them the classic movies we watched as kids. The app works quite much better now that they’ve squashed some bugs and added the all important continue watching feature. The app is still not perfect however. After using the app more, I’ve noticed some peculiarities that don’t make much sense. The first is that when someone watches something on their profile, it will often show up on the continue watching list on my profile even though I’ve never watched that show on my profile. This happens quite often with my son’s episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The other weird thing I’ve run into is that Moana can not be found on a child’s profile. This means my 5 year old who loves Moana must have an adult account that is more difficult for her to navigate in order to watch her favorite movie on the service. Overall, we’re very happy both with the service and the app. Once a few minor tweaks are made, I think Disney+ will be able to play ball with the big dogs..Version: 1.1.6

Truly wonderful, but needs a few adjustments.I absolutely love Disney+ it has brought me back to my childhood and that’s a wonderful thing to give to the world right now. All the Disney channel originals i could never find anywhere else is all right here and it makes my heart so full of happiness and nostalgia. But there’s a few issues as others have said. First, why does it have the second movie and not the first one for some titles not all but I have been noticing it with a few movies. Like with National Treasure for example, the first one’s not coming out till April 2020 what was the thought process there?! Second, when you go to rewind a movie with the touch screen in your phone it’s not accurate at all. I’ll go to a certain time take my finger off gently i might add and then it either jumps way ahead or behind of what I actually chose. Third, like others said the continued watching section is terrible why do i have to go back and search for where i was on some movies I’ve never seen, that’s just asking for spoilers just like the rewinding situation. I think with some adjustments you have yourself a truly fantastic app and a gift to the world. Thank you. 🤍.Version: 1.1.6

Dear Disney +I love the app didn’t give me an option for a free trail witch kinda bummed about as I would of lime to have trailed it first but oh well and also one of the movies you have on your app call “onward” witch I have been wait for it’s realise on the app for over a month now it say that “this title is not available on Disney+ but will on the 24 April 2020” it’s now the 24 April 2020 and it’s not give it me the option to watch it I don’t know if you guys only go by overseas time but it would be nice for people like myself with different time frames if you could clarify that on your app but over all good app.Version: 1.4.4

A MUST HAVE FOR MARVEL FANS!!As a die hard marvel fan this app is nothing short of EXCEPTIONAL for me!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!.Version: 1.13.3

Love Disney+Very organized, affordable; great choices of films and tv shows. Thank you!.Version: 1.1.5

I Love Wanda VisionWanda Vision is my new favorite show. It’s sad that the real Vision is dead so that makes me think. Who is that other Vision and is Billy and Tommy real or fake. Idk anymore so did Wanda really have kids or what because I don’t know. But I really love this show I know this has nothing to do with Disney+ but I have sooo many questions. One thing a bit about Disney+ is the new episode come out every week or two weeks. Also who was that bee keepers and why was he in the sewer and did Wanda use her power to rewind that part. I think Wanda can control what happens kind of. I wonder what will tommy and billy will look like when they get older will they grow fast or no. I have so many questions but now I have like a few more if Vision is dead well Vision dead in end game or something I think it was end game or infinity war. Anyway if Vision is dead is that like Wanda’s memory’s of him or something and who was the person talking on the radio. Last question how many more episodes are there going to be. Welp that it for now byeeeeeeeee I feel like I just made a video lol.Version: 1.12.1

Disney pls considerSo I have an idea Disney the chances of you seeing this very rare but recently you’ve put tinker bell on and I’ve read all the books watched all the movies had all the teddies since I was little and have always had an obsession with fairy’s and I’m 16 and still to this day do so I have an idea for the next movie is where you make one with Terrance again because I would like to see more of him and his relationship with tink do they just stay friends or more , another laugh from a baby and a new fairy appears and tink looks out for him or her I would really enjoy 1 or 2 more I really enjoy them.Version: 1.13.2

Amzing but has some bugsI am only Young so I can’t say anything about the cost because well I don’t pay it but from what I have heard it is reasonable I mean u have all marvel,Simpson, Disney Channel,Pixar and Disney in general movies and series plus more at your finger tip I can honestly say it is a great app that being said there are a few glitches like the loading issues pretty much it takes to long like it is very slow it and before u say must have bad internet u are wrong it is very good and my friend has the same problems other wise it is very amazing and I would highly recommend side not I have dyslexia and am below 15 so I apologise if the spelling is wrong anywhere in this Review and have a good day.Version: 1.7.0

Great streaming service but glitches oftenWhen you download a show it often doesn't actually work offline. Also sometimes you'll tap play and itll play the sound but not the video! Other than that it's great love the shows and the movie would highly recommend.Version: 1.1.6

Overall, this is my best to-go streaming service!Disney+ is one of the best streaming services of all. You get to watch five tv companies for only $6.99 a month! But, I want to give a recommendation for the kids profile. I would add a teens section since not a lot of teens (and I mean A LOT) wouldn’t want to watch only like Mickey Mouse or Disney Junior. Instead you can find some teen appropriate stuff for us teens to watch! Like I know some movies aren’t on the kids section because they are not mature enough for that, but I know some movies on the adult section would still be able for teens. And my sister (10) would love to have a tween section because a lot of movies or shows they wouldn’t like because Disney Junior because, well it’s for babies to young graders. And because they have to see more stuff for their age or else they will still be sucking on a pacifier by the time there 10! Or if you don’t want to do that, maybe if the child types their age, age recommendations for their age would pop up and they could watch it! I hope this is helpful for you so your streaming platform will grow a lot! -Your favorite streamers on Disney+.Version: 1.11.1

Content is splendid, but app sometimes app doesn’t respondWith older devices like mine, aka(iPad Air 2) can sometimes take longer to respond and to load. When I was watching a film it froze. I tried to click the home button and power button for 1 whole minute, then it crashed. I go on my iPhone 7 and it works just fine, everything is perfect and goes smoothly but the problem with my iPhone 7 is that it has a small screen. That’s why the iPad is a better decision to watch on, but it keeps crashing! Compared to Netflix, I watch nearly everyday and there’s not a single moment it crashed. Netflix and Disney plus are nearly identical apps but with different titles and films. I hope that Disney plus should work and perform like Netflix and other streaming apps. Other than that great app and great movies, it was worth the buy!.Version: 1.2.2

Great app but...Here is the thing, I love Disney, my family loves Disney. Everyone young and old loves Disney. I think it’s an amazing app, with some even better features, and yes it has a bunch of glitches (which I’m not stressing about because in time those would be fixed), there are some things missing, (again could be fixed in the future, maybe something’s just need to be developed better, whatever the case may be). Those things don’t bother me. This is what I don’t like...,, ...The majority of the people who’ll be using this app are people who aren’t tech savvy or children. They aren’t always using the most up to date device or software, some children that are using Disney plus (which o can attest to) are children using gen 3 iPads. Or iPhone 4s. Things that are Easy in the hands of children. But unfortunately the app doesn’t support those devices, as they are too old for use. It would be fantastic if it was, I think they would have a lot more viewership but at this rate it’s very hard to use such a wonderful app on such an old device. I mean Netflix does work on things that old. Disney please consider this. Not everyone can or will upgrade a child’s device just so they can watch Disney movies..Version: 1.1.6

Amazing but.....So Disney Plus is literally the future. All of my all time fave movies are finally all in one place! INCLUDING Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar. Now this one little app is all of the BEST movies out there. I can’t even begin to explain how easy this makes life. I can watch Aladdin AND Avengers on the SAME platform!! While this is incredibly mind boggling there is an issue I think they need to fix or spread awareness about. I have one account for the family and I decided that I wanted to make an account just for me. So I looked up weather it would cost more money, and everything read that it would be no extra charge to make up to seven accounts. I thought this was great so I made a new account; a few days later it showed a little banner overhead my account saying that it would up my charge starting the 28th. This made me so MAD that every website I went to said this would be free when it wasn’t. I do understand that this was not Disney Plus fault, but I do want them to spread awareness that some people are saying these things. Even if It wasn’t their fault it still made me mad and that’s why I have the four stars. Thank you for reading my review! Have a great day!.Version: 1.13.2

Great, but please add the Indian languages tooIt’s a great app and i love it but please add the Indian languages for the shows and movies too!.Version: 1.14.1

GreatI definitely think this app is so amazing its very cheap too! The movies are really good and don’t seem to be having many problems yet... but the one this is our Apple TV is to old to download the app because its 4 years old I don’t know if you can fix that , so i will just stick to watching on my iPad!.Version: 1.1.6

Not enough timeI love disney +. The only problem is not having enough time between work and life to watch everything..Version: 1.11.2

Some improvements neededWhen you are watching a movie and stop half way you cannot automatically go back to where you left off, you must find your place. I would recommend a continue watching bar where you can go back to where you left off your movie’s series etc, it would make things a little easier. :).Version: 1.1.6

Awesome if you are in the right countryI really enjoy Disney plus, but having moved to the Philippines, now I have no access to any of this content. Netflix still working just fine, but of course there isn’t any Disney or Marvel content on any other streaming services now. Please expand to the Philippines!.Version: 1.13.4

GOODBYE NETFLIXI wish it showed where I left off on the episodes but overall it’s the best..Version: 1.1.6

Wonderful App, Perfect fo Disney FansSo, this app started off with a few bugs and glitches and not that as many originals. Now, it has 60+ Original Shows/Movies to watch, a few movies from the Fox archive, along with a tonne of movies and TV shows from the Disney Company brands including Marvel and Star Wars. It also lets you watch something in the streaming service with up to 6 people, which is awesome for the times that we are in at the moment. This is a wonderful app and I will be keeping this streaming service for the next year. I will be renewing my subscription in March 2021 for Year 2. This is a great streaming service with lots to offer. Looking forward to the adult/mature content to be added onto the streaming service in February 2021. Thank you Disney for this great streaming service. It was truly a genius idea..Version: 1.11.2

Why?Hi, the app is great and all with loads of series and movies to watch but how come some series (Specifically Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D) don’t have all the seasons? I’m trying to watch the other seasons somewhere else but I just can’t find it. Can you try add it to NZ Disney+? Thanks..Version: 1.11.1

Content is fine but app itself needs improvementsI’d like to address two issues I have with the app. Firstly, when i scroll down through ‘Home,’ in the app, it tends to slow down the more I scroll. I’ve only had my iPad for 11 months and it is the latest model. Secondly, when I’m trying to watch the movies from my ‘Watchlist,’ it takes at least 2 minutes to show all the movies on my watchlist. My internet connection is always good, so there should be no reason as to why my ‘Watchlist’ is still loading to show all my movies..Version: 1.11.2

Missing featuresI love the service, however find it misses some key features. - tracker of which episodes have been already watched (visual indicator of how much of episode has been watched) - an easier way to re-watch a movie (ie start from beginning button) - the service does not keep track of watched content on multiple devices.Version: 1.1.6

Great catalog of movies and tv shows but issues with the appDisney+ offers a great catalog for kids and even for adults with favourites like Simpson’s and new things to watch like The Mandalorian. Though it has a great catalog there is a lot of issues with the app it self like how if you exit the app sometimes the option in which it allows the movie or tv show to continue playing outside of the app doesn’t happen and when you log back into the app the progress you have gotten into the movie or tv show is gone (e.g. if your 30mins into a movie and you log back in it goes back to 0mins). Overall Disney+ could be the best streaming service with just minor gripes which needs to be fixed👍.Version: 1.1.6

SimpsonsMake season 31 of the Simpsons please.Version: 1.4.3

It doesn’t have everythingI love this app, it is what got me through lockdown, the only problem is that it doesn’t have everything, it has the movies and Pixar, marvel, Star Wars ecetera, but I wanted to watch a tv show from my childhood that was shown on playhouse Disney, I couldn’t find it anywhere else and it was implied that everything by Disney is on Disney plus, so I spent a long time looking around on it for the show and was kind of disappointed when I couldn’t find it (something for the creators to fix) despite this I’m giving it 4 stars because I’ve had it for a long time and it has never glitched and all the movies and series are great quality and I can watch something on my phone and finish on another device from the same place. Ps. The show was called Johnny and the sprites, it would be really cool if you could add it. :).Version: 1.11.2

Get this streaming service now!When I still had Netflix there wasn’t much stuff that was interesting. Now with Disney+, we usually have movie nights just about every single time my parents finished watching their show. Just overloaded with movies and I’ve always wanted to watch the Mandalorian! Just a few glitches fixed and Netflix is gone!.Version: 1.4.1

5 starsThis app is amazing!.Version: 1.1.5

Nice but plz readI like the Disney channel but I can’t watch it at my house so I watch it on Disney plus. There is a couple suggestions I have to say. I am a fan of the series Amphibia but at the end of season one there was this giant cliff hanger and then I herd there was a season 2!!! And I’m wondering why season 2 is not on Disney plus!!! I would like it if you would add the season 2 so I could get my money’s worth!!! Also I have a suggestion for the group watch. When I try to get on with my friend that is logged into the same account on Disney plus it is very hard for us to watch it together because I have an iPod touch. So I don’t have my friends phone number. I have to type in her full email so I can invite her. It ridiculously hard. There needs to be a way to be able for people to join you bye getting on group watch and press join me if you are on the same account. Also it won’t let me update the app and I’m pretty sure I have enough space. That is all I have to say for now so I’m want you to contact me back if you can..Version: 1.12.2

Pure Nostalgia!!You sign in, and suddenly you’re transported back to your childhood! Seeing all those titles, all at once, (and knowing you can watch each and every one of them at that very moment).....you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a wee bit excited!! Just think....MORE amazing content is coming! It only gets better from here on out :).Version: 1.1.5

Absolutely love it!!!I LOVE this app and have really enjoyed introducing my kiddos to all of the classics! I feel like I am a kid again and am in 7th heaven when I come home and ALL of the Disney movies are just waiting for me! My kids love it and everyone has a new favorite show. All of our other streaming services have officially been forgotten so thank you Disney for saving my hard earned money and for putting all of the most amazing movies in one place!! Please do not remove older shows due to older views and fear of offending people. I love all Disney movies and appreciate them for what they were and acknowledge that views have drastically changed over the decades. Some items may be offensive, even to me as a African American woman but as so many other have pointed out these are better used as talking points for our children. We cannot alway run from the offensive history that we have, it happened, and it is better to learn from it than pretend like it has always been perfect (which it is far from perfect today). Also, I really hope we can an area that shows what we are “currently watching” and when I open up the movie it could have the bar that shows how much was completed. I know we have a “watchlist” but it doesn’t help having to search each time..Version: 1.1.6

Great (I already wrote a review it disappeared) pls fix watchlistPlease fix watch list ABOVE 50. I like collecting films in my lists, but this one seems to have a cap and removes them. Pls fix. I will forget about them and not watch! Or spend time! HELLO PLEASE FIX WATCH LIST! I added all my favs in there and now they’re not showing up. And I don’t want to add anymore as it will apparently remove some. No fun. I like collecting and going through it all adding things I like. And the ones I like have disappeared!!! Please also have an internet browser! I just ordered a new laptop from Apple and it comes in 2 weeks and it won’t let me update my ipad to support the Disney app! (I haven’t updated in awhile as it takes forever)! It is making me consider getting apple tv to watch on my projector..Version: 1.11.1

Almost completeThe service is off the a great start and I have no doubt that Disney will continue to add more movies, shows, and shorts as it continues. However, while there is a lot of stuff in the service at launch, much of it feels like filler material and some of the things not included can felt. Such as not a single Indiana Jones movie, or the fact that Disney now owns all of Fox’s catalog but only include the Simpsons and avatar. No alien or fox X-men movie? I know these will probably be added later on but I feel like a streaming service that wants to truly compete with other platforms like Netflix should have many of these films already included to form an unbeatable backbone and then continue to support the platform with original content and other new releases after their run in movie theaters. Otherwise you get what we have now, which is a service that has a couple of main classics here and there, and a few originals, but is mostly made up of Disney channel original content and lots of live action D-list filler movies that only someone who grew up with would enjoy watching for nostalgic reasons..Version: 1.1.6

Great but not perfectThere is some really great options on there. As the platform is still new of course there is still many more titles that can be added. Not being able to continue watching a show is a little bit annoying but I’m sure that’s a feature that will quickly be introduced. I love that I can have a profile for all members of my family as Netflix and Stan are limited on only five profiles. Being able to choose icons is amazing. I’d love to have an option to see upcoming additions like Netflix so I know when a new movie or show is added and when it comes out. The option for a yearly subscription is perfect. Looking forward to some of the new marvel series..Version: 1.1.6

My Heart is BrokeI know Mulan was probably a expensive movie to put together but I already have Premier Access so why do I have to pay for the exact same thing just to watch one movie? I know you guys still have to make money during the pandemic but I’m not gonna pay 30$ just to watch one movie and your probably gonna do this again and make everyone who had payed 30$ for Mulan pay an extra 30$ to watch another movie. I was so excited to watch Mulan because I had Premier Access and I didn’t understand that I had to pay for it twice because the wording of it was weird all I understood was “Avaliable with Premier Access” I asked my mom if we had Premier Access and she said yes. I waited until MIDNIGHT to see if I could watch it and when I saw I couldn’t I nearly broke down in tears. No joke. I searched when it would be available and it turns out I have to wait an extra 3 months before getting to watch it. December 4 is a long way off and with school starting it’s gonna take even longer. The more bored you are at school the longer the year is gonna take. Which means by the time It’s December 4 I’m probably gonna forget this movie exists and I’m gonna go on to Disney+ and be saying to myself “I’ll watch it later”..Version: 1.8.1

Disney Plus Review!!!This app is amazing and my whole family loves it! Unfortunately, the first movie I was searched for ‘The Little Mermaid’ was not on there... Is it because the new movie of it will be released soon? I’m not completely sure why it’s not on there as Beauty and the Beast has both movies on Disney Plus. Please let me know if anyone has answers. Otherwise, really enjoying the app 👍👍👍.Version: 1.1.6

I love it butI love this app so much but the only downside is that it’s very laggy when you’re trying to watch something when it’s hooked up to the tv, takes ages to play the program normally without it failing behind while just having the voices going but picture lagging. Otherwise it’s very good!.Version: 1.2.1

Next episode AutoPayCan you please change the auto play feature from the end of the credits to the beginning of the credits because Netflix has the same feature that you can do it automatically at the start rather the end because I really don’t like sitting though the credits but some people do so can you please change this feature please as soon as possible.Version: 1.2.1

Whohooooooooooo!Hey guys, I’m Rion and im 9 years old. I have used Disney + for a little bit now and already in my opinion it’s MUCH better than Netflix where you have to pay £12 a day I think or month, but this one is MUCH cheaper than that! At the minute, my two favourite films on Disney + are avengers infinity war and wreck it Ralph. I don’t like the classic movies because their too old, obviously since I was born in 2010. The only thing I’d say about this app is that can u put Spider-Man (avengers) on here pls even if it’s Sony ‘cause he’s in avengers 3. Ooooh, I can’t WAIT to watch a Christmas carol this Xmas eve!.Version: 1.4.4

Amazing start, few improvements neededOne massive feature Disney plus lacks is a “continue watching” feature or something similar. It’s quite annoying having to research everything that you’ve watched and sometimes it doesn’t start from when you were watching. So please consider that! And another small thing is that when you’re watching a Tv series on a laptop in full screen when the next episode starts it automatically goes out of full screen which is kinda annoying. Love it though but needs improvement.Version: 1.1.6

Disney +Couldn’t hold out - kids love it!.Version: 1.1.6

Fixed the Bug so YAYOLD REVIEW: So, I gave this four stars because I do love the app and would love to give it five stars if only this one problem would be fixed. I was initially annoyed about the no “continue watching” feature but with the update that fixed my problem. Or so I thought... when I first got the continue watching update it worked on all of my devices. Unfortunately, now- no matter what device I am on- it restarts the episode that I was on. The continue watching will show me my show and say 7 mins remaining, or something like that, but when I click on it it will load to the beginning of that episode. This is not the worst because I will fast forward to where I was, but I do feel it is an inconvenience and would love for it get fixed. Again I would like to emphasize my love for this app and getting to rewatch all of my favorite Disney shows and movies. Please fix this little bug so I can change my review to five stars. NEW REVIEW: I love the app and have changed my review to five stars because the bug mentioned above was fixed. Thank you Disney+ this app is amazing..Version: 1.2.0

Getting betterAddendum: They added a continue watching and a recommended for you. Increased to 4 stars, now just waiting for new content to see how it goes. I got this app for the bew star wars stuff coming out which is awesome. And it has things from the vault, old cartoons. It has sub sections: star wars/disney/marvel etc. that being said. Theirs things to work on. Theirs no continue watching, you need to either add it to your current watch to the watchlist or search every time. And it wont always remember where you left off especially for shows itll just replay ep 1 however i havent had this issue with movies, it remembers my place most times. It freezes often requiring you to close and reopen the app(ps4) havent had freeze issues on tablet. Itll also freeze and then go back a minute replaying things as it tries to correct itself. The current library is very limited to older disney movies. As i believe other streaming oroviders have current contracts for certain movies they prolly wont be able to add them to disney+ till other hulu/netflix movies are done with their contracts example is a limited marvel movie selection. They have plans to add more shows/movies so i think itll be like netflix where they add and remove shows and movies. When its less buggy I’ll prolly give it 4-5 stars at that time..Version: 1.1.6

Great content but one major glitchLove the app content, love the UI but one big glitch messed everything up. I had downloaded one episode of Falcon and The Winter Soldier so that I could watch it during my flight. But when I tried playing the episode on airplane mode it just timed out every time. Please look into this! Great job otherwise.Version: 1.14.1

💛💛💛💛💛This app, THROUGH THE ROOF! There are soo many films on here, if you want National Geographics, princesses, short movies, Marvel (RIP) anything Disney you can imagine! I definitely recommend this app, so enjoy it as you will! But the ONLY problems I have with this app, is that you can’t really watch it if your on the go because you don’t have Internet. The second problem, is that if your on an Xbox (like moi) it takes a long time for it to load when you are at the search bar. That’s all from me, I definitely recommend this, so yea, bye!.Version: 1.11.2

There is a continue watchingDisney+ got updated and now they have a continue watching which I’m really happy about. The movies are great and the tv shows as well. If you’re a fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic then you will love this..Version: 1.1.6

Few glitches but amazingWe are so excited to have all the movies we didn’t have before! Netflix wasn’t cutting it. My kids (and I, let’s get real) are extremely excited to have all the BEST movies and shows to watch! We have been having a few issues, with a brand new launch I’m not surprised. Many features we get the “Disney + can’t connect right now” message and things like making a second profile for my daughter just aren’t working..Version: 1.1.5

FantasticI love the app I am sharing with my family and we can all watch things at the same time. I knew there would be lots of amazing things there would be to watch however there are so many Disney movies I haven’t even heard of some. You get every Star Wars movie plus tons of mini series including the mandolorian. You get 30 whole series of the simpsons as well that’s like nearly 1000 episodes. There are brand new movies and traditional classics. So finally I say this:👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎🤩🤪😀😂🥳 I would recommend this to everyone..Version: 1.5.1

Love it so far but needs continue watching sectionSo far I’ve really been enjoying the app so many wonderful movies from my childhood I can now rewatch ( some I only own some on vhs tapes) .. however one thing I hope that is added is a continue watching /currently watching section as it is not an option at the moment .. so I can see what shows and movies I’ve started watching and continue them when I have time after work etc.Version: 1.1.5

Fantastic all-round service, now with STAR!When Disney+ first came out it was a great place to find everything Disney: The subscription cost was cheap (and still is) the interface is easy to navigate and all of the movies/tv shows can be found in the highest picture quality. They even upscaled movies like Star Wars for the service. My problem with Disney+ when it first came out was that there wasn’t really any adult or original content. What was on there was everything you’ve basically seen 1000 times already; only thing worth it was ‘The Manadlorian’. But it’s getting much better. Now that they’re starting to really push out original shows, like Mando season 2 and the Marvel shows, it feels like Disney+ is really pushing ahead. They’ve also recently added STAR which has dropped a load of mature movies and TV shows for us to enjoy. It’s now no longer something you just buy for the kids, everyone can truly enjoy it and there’s way more to look forward to..Version: 1.13.4

Streaming IssuesMassive Disney fan hence the rating but there are issues when I stream. The app constantly buffers. Not good to watch content this way. Please Disney.. fix this issue. I’m going crazy having the stream stop and buffer every 10-30 seconds. I would prefer to have an option of just selecting my resolution and let it do its magic and I just want to stream without the constant buffering.. I’m on NBN 80 - so this doesn’t make any sense.. Love Disney but the constant buffering is killing me and my family..Version: 1.1.6

It’s a very nice app, but still need some workI have an account and like I didn’t want to be selfish so I let my friends come on it since you can add up to 7 people. The thing is, what if one day I decided I don’t want them on it anymore but they refuse to leave. I can’t do anything abt it except cancel the subscription but then everyone else would be effected by just one person . The owner should be able to have more control. Like the owner can do stuff with other profiles and manage stuff more and ppl who aren’t the owner of it shouldn’t be able to like change or go on other ppls profile unless allowed or something. Like you can go on the owners profile even if your not the owner. The last thing is, I trust my friends so I gave them the password to it so they can login but what if for some reason(I doubt the ppl that are on my account would do this bc they are my closest friends) but one day they could just decided to change the password because even if your not the owner of the account, you can still change the password which isn’t right. But that’s all I have to say.Version: 1.1.6

Great serviceBeen using this service sent it launched back in 2019 and in 2021 with the launch of star it’s truly a service for everybody The grandparents kids and everybody in between with the new parental controls you can make sure that your kids don’t get into stuff that they’re not supposed to or that is more mature great to see how Disney+ evolved and I Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.Version: 1.13.2

Good but some faultsI really love all of this app! I love how I can stream stuff on my phone then continue it on my tv. However for movies and stuff like that, I’ll finish the film and be in the middle of the credits and it stays on my continue watching list, it’s really annoying because then I have to scroll through a bunch of films I’ve finished, instead of being able to find what I want easily. Also, Netflix had a feature which let you remove stuff from your continue watching list, it helps if you start a series then don’t want to watch anymore, if that was added I could remove the films I’ve finished (which are still on the continue watching list for some reason). It’s kind of annoying when you can’t find your place in a film or series, for example, I was watching a film and had to go about 40 minutes in, when I came back to it, it said it had 12 minutes left, which it didn’t when I left. when my phone is in my pocket, it starts playing randomly which is annoying. I know it’s new so I can’t judge that hard, but if they fixed those faults it would be so much better!.Version: 1.7.3

New update Feb 23, 2021Just updated the app and I noticed you removed the A to Z category. Please bring back this ability to search movies and tv shows by A to Z. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to watch and want to see everything and not have to go through each genre one by one. Thank you!.Version: 1.13.2

Fantastic!So happy to see all the old Disney movies on here! Can’t wait to share “Old Yeller” and other Disney classics with the kids. Would absolutely love to see the original series of “Wonderful World of Disney” added. Wonderful memories of listening to Walt Disney explain his take on the world as a child on a Sunday evening in Australia. Really impressed with all the content, fair price and the app works great for us through AppleTV. We’ll be continuing on a regular subscription for sure..Version: 1.1.6

Disney + rocks butDisney + is amazing !! But I’d love if you added this Disney movie and Disney show. If its not a big hassle I’d love you to add stuck in the middle from Disney channel and zombies 2 also from Disney channel. Also it would be a dream come true if you added Nickelodeon shows even just shows like ICarly,the thundermans , zoey 101( although it’s old ) and victorious oh and Nicky,Ricky,Dicky and dawn . If you can do this that would be great! I’m not complaining but I don’t have Nickelodeon on my tv and netflix only does the first series of iCarly and the thundermans but zoey 101 and victorious but over then that this is one of the best apps ever !!! Btw if the creator of this app adds these show I’ll tell my friends about Disney+ oh I give this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.6.1

Disney+ is AWESOME!Disney+ is a treasure and at such a great price. It’s like access to the Disney Vault. On Free Night I like to Put on a Classic Disney Movie I have or haven’t seen before. It’s so great. I never would have how great the under rated Cinderella 3 was and goof troop is also pretty good. We also get the entire Lilo and Stitch legacy and it’s all great. I plan watch The rescuers down under on the next opportunity. One Request I have is to Include Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (Both the Movie and the Series) as it was SOOO good. But either way I highly recommend Disney+ Keep creating Dreams Disney!.Version: 1.3.1

Great content but...Love the app but annoyed that despite paying for the year up front mandalorian and a few others are being drip fed alot better content than disneylife and loving how mucb has now been made into 4k. My only other real gripe is showing all the credits at the end instead of jumping straight into the next episode especially annoying on some of the kids shorts where the credits are 30seconds long and the video only lasts 2-3 minutes. Very annoying and wasnt like this on disneylife so dont know why theyve done it like this now..Version: 1.4.2

Amazing but..I love this app it’s truly one of the best apps i’ve ever downloaded. It’s only about £6 a month and includes most of your favourite disney movies and shows. However, the only thing that disappoints me is that not every movie or tv show is on Disney +. I was expecting Sonny with a Chance this April as it was announced it was coming i believe April 3rd. Now when i search it up, it only shows things related to this incredible show. Overall, it’s a brilliant app great for family movie nights but i think it just needs to update regularly for shows and movies we were all waiting for since the beginning of this release..Version: 1.4.4

Escapism without the sugar rushWhen life’s getting you down, and it all seems too grey to be believed, the Disney+ App subscription is the unmediated tonic to most woes and downers. Somewhere in the cavernous archives of film history, the immense library of original and now owned brand Labels such as Marvel, Star Wars or Lego, to name but a few, alongside Mickey, Mary Poppins and the gang, are practically guaranteeing to lift those spirits. Currently the monthly subscription is fair but any proposed increases should be reconsidered by those in the Disney Corp. as it may be good, but it’s not that good, so be cautious if it’s the time of year when tariffs tend to go up. The algorithms that track what you watch and star and come up with further recommendations is pretty spot on, and it certainly hit the right spot for a recent day of gloom and managed to force a well hidden explosion of laughter inside a very depressed body! Give it a try. If you buy certain technology ‘toys’ it might even be free for up to a year too!.Version: 1.11.2

Good content, lots of problems!I use Disney plus all the time to watch all of my favorite Disney shows and movies. There are a lot of problems that will HAVE to be figured out! But the one that upsets me the most, actually two or more: one; if I switch devices it will often forget where I was in an episode and restart it from the beginning forcing me to skip to where I left off. Also unlike a lot of other streaming platforms, there is no PROGRESS BAR per episode, to show how far you have watched through an episode. If you open the show it will not automatically place you in the season you are watching, you have to go and choose season and scroll to the correct one. On the mobile app there is no way to view episodes if you click on the resume watching box, unlike a lot of other platforms! My mobile device will also often not automatically play the next episode, when I was a kid I dreamed of the day it would automatically play the next episode and guess what everyone else has figured it out! I like the blue circle around the play button about 5 seconds, but it is often not there! So frustrating! I like the idea and content but the curtain should have been held as we say in show business, before release!.Version: 1.1.6

Some usability issues but not bad for first release.Content is fantastic of course but the app needs some work. Casting drops out after two episodes which is extremely irritating on shorts such at the star wars shorts and the "up next" prompt covers pretty much the entire episode of blips. Also there's no way to continue to the next episode quickly, you need to either wait it the credits or exit playback and manually start the next episode. No doubt they'll sort these soon enough and then it will be five stars.Version: 1.1.6

So fantastic butWish they would include a continue watching list. It’s very difficult to find where I am in movies etc when I come Back to something. Love it overall 🥰.Version: 1.1.6

Great, but...I love it! I’m so happy that they put hamilton on it (really the only reason I got it) and I have let my little sister use it and she loves it! The only thing wrong with it is that it does not save my progress on my phone and MacBook. I was watching newsies and I had to close the window, then I went to go back to it and it didn’t save my progress, same thing with hamilton (i wrote down the times) other then that, it’s great! I’ll never have to watch hamilton slimes anymore 🤩✨🧚‍♀️💖.Version: 1.6.1

Amazing! But a few thingsI wrote a review a couple months ago and they fixed things! The app was missing a couple tv shows but we’re making progress as far as getting them on Disney plus. Slowly but surely 😊! A couple problems I have is sometimes when I reload the app it won’t keep my place in the episode and I’ll have to reload a couple times to get it back to where I was. Also sometimes for no reason I can’t see the episode clearly. 😫 I really want to enjoy my sitcoms with no problems whatsoever. And there is one major problem that is getting on my nerves. Some of the shows I watch it’s incredibly obvious that the episodes are out of order. For example in Kickin’ it one of my favorite tv shows almost every episode in season two is out of order and a few of the episodes in season 3 and 4 of Kickin’ it are also out of order. I don’t know if this is a problem with just my device or if multiple people are having this problem but it is very aggravating. And it’s not just Kickin’ it I’m having this problem with a lot of other shows. For example it’s also a problem with Shake It Up, Austin and Ally, Bizaardvark, and Lab Rats. If it’s possible I really hope you can fix this about the app. Other than that totally love it!!! ❤️.Version: 1.6.1

UmmLove it but one thing is that my tv dose not have disney+ on it so i tried to mirror it and it didnt work and i tried it on my projector and it did not work again I would recommend that you allow screenshare or mirroring because unfortunately for some of us we got our TVs before the app came out so we cant update or TVs anyways good app.Version: 1.9.0

Perfect!All my memories came back on Disney+ and I have made some memories too! Disney is my life and it will definitely always be my favourite! I was just wondering do you think you could maybe add two shows to the Disney Channel list: “Mighty Med” and “Gamers Guide: to Pretty much everything” I just really want to watch these so much and I have no where else to watch it on! I love Disney+ so much though, I’m currently watching it right now! It basically has everything though, and so many different categories to choose from! I highly recommend you get Disney+ to start watching amazing movies and shows! ❤️.Version: 1.4.4

MARVELlousOne of the main reasons I got Disney+ was for the original Marvel Studios series that were rumoured to air before Disney+ was first launched and now that WandaVision is finally here, it’s beautiful 🥺 I’ve had time to enjoy a lot of childhood movies that had a lot of memories come back but also managed to watch movies like Mulan 2 and many other movies that I never got to watch growing up ! Real cheap too !.Version: 1.12.3

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