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ReelShort app received 160 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ReelShort? Can you share your negative thoughts about reelshort?

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Has potential but….This app has lots of potential, reminds me of the story writing apps I used when I was younger and wanting to see them as shows or movies. The only problem is that no one’s patience is that long unless they are a child to sit and watch so many ads for short clipped episodes. It took me an hour to watch twenty 50 second clips due to watching ads to unlock them. Then I thought about buying coins but if the series has 60 episodes and each are mostly 40-50 coins that’s around 3000 coins I’d have to buy just for one series. The shows are awesome so are the actors and the stories I would watch these all day at work. Maybe If they were to have monthly plans and make the episodes longer or even increase the amount of coins for refills. Or maybe the first ten clips make them longer with ads and the rest can be shorter with ads….. Or maybe when you unlock the episodes with coins you bought the episodes are longer compared to unlocking them with ads..Version: 1.1.02

A little frustratingDownloaded the app, watch an episode only to find they are 20-30seconds long then have to pay Or watch an add for the next free episode. Not really something I’m keen to do all the time! Story lines could be ok if I could manage to get a few more in! To be honest I’ll probably end up deleting the app soon.Version: 1.3.00

Don’t do it!So, I finally managed to watch one short story. It took 3 days, I had to watch 34 long adverts, log in for 2 days and agree to receive emails. Definitely not worth it, but I was stubbornly determined. The story was actually pretty poor and not even enjoyable. Might have been okay if it was possible to watch it not in 30 second segments. A total waste of time and I actually feel quite ashamed of myself. Please do yourself a favour and don’t do it!.Version: 1.1.07

Don’t waste your time or money!So I see a brief story line that interests me, I click on the ad to watch it and with in 5 minutes I’m disappointed and aggravated. The first five minutes maybe played out nicely and then the ads popped up. Nothing I didn’t expect. However I would soon learn that after those five minutes I would only got to watch 45 -60 seconds at a time before another ad would show up. And then that ad for the SAME game would play for a minute to a minute and 15 seconds before I could go back to the show I was watching. The ads were LONGER than the movie clips. And if that’s not bad enough, you can only choose to watch the ads (so you can see the next “episode” of the show) 20 times and then you’re cut off for the day unless you want to PAY FOR COINS. After 3 days of dealing with the ads so I could watch the next episode, I then could not watch an ad to go any further. If I wanted to see the last 5 episodes, I had to PURCHASE COINS. Which is now a waste of money because I’m deleting the app. Don’t waist your time or money only to be aggravated!.Version: 1.1.07

Great content, but going downhill fastI love the stories they put out. Not all the acting is great but mostly passable, and it’s a great way to spend some free time. App was great at first but they cut the number of free episodes you could get per day from 20 to 5. Seriously?! Considering the eps are so short to begin with, 20 was a nice little chunk to watch at a time but 5? Forget it. Also, if patient you could download all the episodes for free but now, the newer ones are forcing you to use the coins to unlock so it takes even longer now to watch an entire show. Come on guys, I know you’ve upped the amount of content considerably but now you’re taking away any of the incentives we had to download in the first place. I’m not asking for anything more than it be put back to how it was before. Seriously considering deleting altogether. Don’t recommend at this point unless changes are made..Version: 1.2.00

This short story app has way too many bugMy first issue with this app it not story or how long or short they are it has to do with the free video option where if u watch 15 ads u get 15 episodes but tht is not even close to the truth, u will get a max of 10 episodes to watch, when u start watch the video make sure u count them, I watch the 1st one them it said I watch 2 free videos when I watch one it skips over number 2, 6, 9, 13, 15 too offer something and not follow threw or cheat people out of it is kinda on the f up side. My second issue is the auto play never turn off even when u turn it off, I don’t like auto play cuz I might not want to watch the next episode at tht point in time to have to turn it off between every episode is ridiculous My third issue is most of the video I watch only have sound but the following episodes have picture with the sound, it weird trying to assume wht going on without knowing wht going on, with some short story it hard it picture wht is going on without being able to see it.Version: 1.0.04

Off puttingIt’s actually very annoying that you have to watch a 30 second - minute long advertisement after EVERY SINGLE EPISODE which themselves are only 30 seconds - a minute long. That’s why I’m giving it 2 stars. It would be more understandable if you had to watch ads after every 5 episodes, but after every single one shows the consumers are not a priority. AND they put a 20 advertising watch limit. So if a series has 60 episodes, you can only watch 20 episodes if you watch the adds without using earned coins/ buying coins. Again, that’s not putting your consumer first. Like most games/ other apps, you can earn coins with daily logins, watching 6 ads to earn coins. That’s normal, but making viewers watch ads that are as long or longer than the episodes especially after every single episode is a little ridiculous..Version: 1.1.02

Don’t recommendIts interesting enough and majority of the chapters you can watch ads to continue but towards the end you have to use coins and can only earn a few by watching ads and the watching cost goes up to 90 and higher making it nearly impossible to watch the end of the story without paying actual money.Version: 1.1.04

Too many adds. Not enough coinsThe stories/movies are incredible. Shame you can’t even watch them with bonus coins. What is the point of watching ads and getting coins when you can’t spend it on scenes! You can only watch 20 ads per day and that’s not even for half the movie..Version: 1.1.05

Good idea poor execution, money making scheme.I wanted to watch more after seeing ads for it all over Facebook, but I’ve literally just downloaded it and having to either watch ads every 30secs-1 minute to just “unlock” the next VERY short clip or pay to unlock… no thanks, just another money grabbing scheme! Such a shame, very good idea - poor execution. Will delete..Version: 1.1.04

Way too many ADS!The app is ruined having too many ads. The story is broken up into shot sections about 1min each. Then you have to watch a 30sec advertisement before you can move on to the next section. You can’t even skip to the end. My first short film had 42 sections. I got to section two and will now leave. Not going to waste time watching so many ads. What a shame. The short stories are better than watching the reels on Facebook..Version: 1.1.05

Can’t watch addsI have had the app for a few weeks now and every time I try and watch a add I get a “ the add is not ready please try later” error. Annoying I’m not going to buy any more coins they are expensive. What is the point of having the app if you can’t watch the app to get credit..Version: 1.1.03

AdsThe stories are really engaging and i absolutely love! but I went through your feedback and replies and you said to go through and watch 20 ads than go back and watch the episodes. but i have a limit on how many ads i can watch in a day. i’m happy to watch the ads considering there are 30 seconds long (which is nearly the same as one episode) but having limits on how many ads you can watch is going to lose you viewers..Version: 1.2.02

ExpensiveGreat concept but badly executed. Will cost you hundreds $$$ to watch something completely. Episodes are about a minute long and you can spend around $5/episode or watch 30second ads every minute. Simply not worth it.Version: 1.2.01

You won’t be able to watch last few episodes without payingFirst of all I will give them 2 stars for the interesting shows and ads. But the in app ads are super annoying. You get to watch 30 seconds worth of content after unlocking with 30 second to 1 min ads. I was watching the show and was enjoying even with these unreasonable amount of ads. But I had last 3 episodes remaining it didn’t allow me to watch any more with ads I had to pay to watch the last few episodes… if you want to make a show paid make the show paid why you have to make the last episode paid! So annoying!!.Version: 1.1.08

Disappointing at BestPaid $129USD only to watch 2 films and have lots of credits left but it has stopped working. Tried to contact support via email address provided but no response. Will need to seek a refund through my credit card company if this is not resolved soon. Really disappointing as I would have watched more and bought more credits.Version: 1.1.04

ReviewNot that good watched about six ads just for a minute and 30 second video then it wants me to pay 24 bucks a month I don’t think it’s really worth it should be free but it’s not.Version: 1.7.00

MisleadingCan only watch 1min of short film at a time before they make you watch a 30-45sec ad. They say it’s 30sec but often is much longer. Tested how many ads you can watch before it caps your viewing and asks for payment. That’s 20 ads per day. Honestly not worth it. Super misleading!!.Version: 1.1.05

No sound?I had this app for a little while and i went off it for a few months and have only just come back on it to watch episodes again but there’s no sound at all. there’s static every now and then but no sound. i’ve tried redownloading the app multiple times but still nothing! please help! because i’d like to watch my episodes!!.Version: 1.2.00

Apps ChangedAds that you have to watch are now 80 seconds long instead of 30. The extra ads you can watch used to start from 10 and go up to an extra 30-40 coins per ad. Now they are all 15 coins each; and you have to wait 60 seconds between each ad before you can go to the next one. It used to be only 30, no idea why all the changes happened but it's not good at all..Version: 1.5.06

Too many ads!There are more ads than actual content. And the ads are cheap and redundant. It’s maddening..Version: 1.7.00

TOO MANY ADSI understand the videos have ads now but for a 90 sec ads for a 1 minute reel? That's too much. Also you can only watch 5ads per day. You have to come back for tomorrow to watch another 5 reel. And by the it's 60 reels. Imagine how time consuming that is. GREEDY ADS..Version: 1.7.00

Dragon kingI really enjoy watching this but it is too expensive.Version: 1.5.06

Too much !I absolutely love these stories; they are great and i dont even mind paying for them but the cost is way to high ! 25$ a week ? Thats insane , thats Over 100$ a month … netflix or disney plus or prime isnt even that high lol i think either the 25$ should be monthly which would have a better response for people to afford it or like even 12$ a week is better. But the price is unfair and i would much rather pay than watch a million ads , so its disappointing because these could be huge for us who love the drama ! Please consider a price change !.Version: 1.5.06

Not worth investing your time into watching theseThis app content is okay and hence the reason why I want to watch the content. Unfortunately, it is very time consuming and not worth the time spent or money to keep watching. Foremost I watched a clip of the series the double life of my billionaires husband on Instagram and I was intrigued so I decided to download the app. I signed in and immediately all episodes are locked so you cannot select where you left of but have to start from the beginning. Episodes are 1.30 minutes long so I said okay let me fast forward it to unlock the next episodes so I may start where I left off. Unfortunately, this app only allows you to watch 5 ads per day which are to unlock episodes by watching ad option. After you have watch the 5 ads it will prompt you to spend coins/bonuses to keep on watching the episodes. Per episode they charge you from 40-81 coins and I think even more as I only was able to unlock one with all the free bonuses add watching. My suggestions is that it should be a subscription based without ads however, they will not because adding 1-2 minute ads per video played generates more money than having a monthly subscription per person. Would not recommend this app to no one..Version: 1.2.01

Constantly asking to watch adds tht are far longer than the tiny piece of the story !Extremly annoying app. Story might be good but the tiny piece u watch b4 paying or watching a long add is ridiculous. Wldnt recommend.Version: 1.1.02

FIX YOUR COINSSSI have watched only 1 story completely on this app and I love the story. However I wanted to watch the entire story at once without having ad breaks after each episode. So I decided that every single day I would check in to get my coins and every day I would watch all 7 of my ads to earn coins. And I wanted to earn atleast 2000 coins so that I could watch the entire story in peace and all at once. Well one day I earned 50 coins from my daily checkin and on that same day I earned 85 coins by watching videos. And I also had 20 coins from before. So now I had a total of 155 coins. However the next day when I went to get my daily reward of coins, I only had 95 coins left. This has happened to me so much. I haven’t even been spending my coins and they all just disappear. I have opened the app today after 6 days and now I am at 10 coins when I specifically remember that the last time I opened the app I had 455 coins. And as proof I screenshotted the fact that I had 455 coins..Version: 1.2.00

Frustrating and expensive - Don’t be sucked in!Having watched with the ads every 20-30 seconds I was loosing my patience and decided to buy some coins … big mistake £4.99 gives you about another 5mins max!!! Paid another £4.99 and still didn’t make it to the end ! Such a shame because film was actually good but I will never see the end because I refuse to be scammed!! I tried to find out total coins needed for the whole story but nowhere to be seen. This is truly daylight robbery .. don’t be sucked in !.Version: 1.1.05

Don’t do itIt gives you enough free bits to watch to get you hooked then you have to pay to watching the rest but again paying only gives you a little bit more then you have to pay again and again I did the $7.99 twice and I still have not finished what I was watching so do yourself a favour don’t start it’s not worth it.Version: 1.1.05

Ads get you really frustratedI seen a story on TikTok was interested so went over to watch. It didn’t realise after a minutes of the story, I would have to watch an ad for 2 to 3 minutes got really frustrated so paid to watch the rest. Didn’t realise I’ve paid £5 to watch three parts of a story. I would never pay again. The ads are so frustrating I won’t watch another.Version: 1.2.00

Disappointed but intriguedThe app is okay and there are some fantastic looking shows but there are a few infuriating features of this app that I wish was changed. So I just downloaded it, I just started watching this series, and so far I like it but I can never get enough watch time in with how short they are.. nor do I have any coins to unlock the episodes freely, and it’s kind of sad that you limit your ads to five instead of them being infinite.. by the time tomorrow’s arrived I’m not even going to be interested anymore. And that’s upsetting bc I love omegaverse and pack dynamics mixed with human life..I’d really suggest at least taking the add limitation off, or maybe leave the ads but remove the locked episode feature or something.. but nine times out of ten you guys either won’t listen, or will come up with some excuse about the apps functions like other devs who’ve made stuff like this. It was nice making my review, hopefully it could be taken into consideration or something. 🤷🏻.Version: 1.2.00

Not worth time or moneyDownloaded as I seen clips on Facebook of story and looked so good! (Story is really good) you have to watch a advert and get one minute clip for each advert you watch. You can only watch 20 adverts a day which gets you no where in the story I paid £4.99 so I could watch more ended up watch about 4 minutes worth before I had run out of coins. No way to earn coin just pay lots of money the £4.99 is the lowest amount and get you nothing! I’ve finally after days reach the last five clips so was excited to finish by watching my free ads but they have taken that away and now if I want to finish I have to pay! Total waste of money and time! If I could give no stars I would.Version: 1.1.02

Too many adsI am enjoying the app but I would really like to get more for my time, I don’t mind watching an ad but when you watch an ad and only get about 30 seconds of the clip it becomes annoying, also why is there a limit on how many ads we can watch? If you’re going to make people watch ads, don’t put a limit on how many ads can be watched, I’m less likely to continue using the app after I finish the clip I’m watching if I have a limit on everything.Version: 1.1.07

30+ seconds of ads for every minute is exhausting and not sustainable.Enjoying the app, BUT the ar to cintent ratio is way too much. Most of the videos are books I've read, so it's no big deal to abandon them. Make the content longer and don't make the ads longer than 30 seconds. Prolonging the ad by licking he content and then having additional countdown is sneaky and rude. It just causes resentment..Version: 1.2.01

ArnaqueHistoires intéressantes, mais quelle arnaque de payer 25$ PAR SEMAINE pour voir les épisodes! Bien sûr, il y a les pubs à regarder pour avoir deux minutes de contenus gratuits, mais il s’agit d’un mensonge lorsque le développeur dit qu’elles durent de 5 à 30 secondes. J’en ai regardées 5 et le temps moyen est 75 secondes. (La plus courte durait 60 secondes et la plus longue, 90 secondes.).Version: 1.5.06

Good stories but..I downloaded this app because I found myself getting invested in the “Fated to My Forbidden Alpha” story that I was seeing on TikTok Ads. I downloaded the app and finished 22 episodes within a very short amount of time. The ‘episodes’ are only about a minute (or less) long and there is a 15-30 second ad after every episode. This makes it nearly impossible to enjoy the episodes and gain any satisfaction out of it. I don’t understand the point of having such short episodes with so many long ads. They say to use the bonuses, but the bonuses you can gain in a day is MAYBE enough to watch an extra episode. I understand the need to make money but maybe longer episodes and ads after every 5 episodes? There are much better ways to go about this that pleases your audience and your business. I will say, I am enjoying the show which makes this situation all the more aggravating. By how this is going, it will take me 3 days to watch a hour(ish) worth of show..Version: 1.1.02

Money grabbingAn app just made to swallow your money straight away. Not much option to watch for “free” like some other apps! Gives you 40 seconds on an episode they've already endorsed on other platforms (the way they entice you), but to continue the next part you have a minute of an advert, maybe even more than a minute. Get a few options to “watch adverts” for the next free part, but takes a lot of time for what they give you. It’s laughable. This app seems pointless, I guarantee you’ll download and within the day uninstall it too. Huge disappointment..Version: 1.1.03

Not worth itI downloaded this app because I love to read. Being a busy mom of 6, I do not have the time to sit and read a nice book so I thought “What the heck, why not?” You advertise that the app is free… To start off it is not. The app itself is free yes. But you all get paid double. So technically it is not. You have to watch ads in order to unlock new 1-2 minute video(you all get paid per person per ad) The reason they are 1-2 minute clips is because if you throw out a full episode, no one would really pay to get ads removed. They can just watch it and be done. Basically, promote the ad, every download pays the creator who then pays the promoter. (To my knowledge. I am not too familiar with how that works but money is being generated.) Now if you DO NOT want any ads, you have to PAY to remove the ads (Still getting paid). You’re breaking our pockets by filling yours. I get that bugs are being “fixed” but that’s really not the issue here. The issue is that for the amount of ads that we watch and the amount of time and money we spend on this “free app” we should be seeing WAY more than just 1-2 minutes. I refuse to watch anymore ads and as much as I want to see some of these amazing storylines, I cannot deal with these ads. Will definitely delete. I’ve had this app for a week. I gave it a shot. Not wasting anymore time..Version: 1.1.02

RatingIts good series but the only thing is that i have to watch ads and youe obly alowed to watch 5 a day thats stupid so i rate a two but everything elses is good.Version: 1.3.00

EXPENSIVEIt’s expensive. Simple as. You have to watch at 1-2 minute advert, for a 40-80 second clip. Not worth the hassle. I paid £4.99 for coins so I didn’t have to watch the adverts, and I got not even a quarter of the way through. It’s ridiculous and needs to be lowered otherwise I can’t imagine they’ll be much profit as so many people are just leaving it midway. If you get frustrated easily, don’t buy..Version: 1.1.02

Good but expensiveI love the short stories, you can capture so much emotion in such a short amount of time but the price is so high, or you can choose to watch a 30 second add every minute which is really annoying, you totally lose the flow of the short films. I get that advertisement is how you are making a lot of your profit but surely you can still make money and make the viewer experience better by reducing the time for adds and the overall cost..Version: 1.5.00

Needs updatesIt’s a great app but needs a big update because you can only watch 20 adds day to unlock episodes but there only 1 minute and 46 seconds long and you can’t even watch the whole series because when you get the the last four episodes you have to PAY. your coins also have an expiration date on them so if you don’t use them before that date they get taken away. i personally like the app but i want to finish the season i’m on and don’t want to pay..Version: 1.1.04

Horrible appI was sucked in by a commercial for one of the shows on this app. The episodes are about a minute each. The first 2 days you could watch 20 commercials and watch 20 episodes. Then day 3, you could no longer watch that many commercials you could only collect the daily bonus of coins (20 coins for the first few days) and watch 7 commercials totaling 175 coins. Sounds great right? Except each 1 minute episode runs anywhere from 59 to 117 coins (that I have seen so far). But if you’re impatient you can buy coins - depending on how many you buy it is basically 100 coins for $1. So the show I am watching is 49 one minute episodes and for ease of math we will call the episodes 100 coins each - $49 for a 49 minute show. But of course you can keep doing it for free except now for the last 2 days I can only collect the 20 free coins for logging in and none of the videos will load- tried multiple times throughout the day, so it is going to take days to finish the last 2 episodes. Not sure if I really care enough to hang on to see the resolution. Save yourself the hassle of downloading the app. The one positive I can say is the story is pretty interesting and the acting isn’t bad, but not worth this..Version: 1.1.04

Doesn’t Even WorkI downloaded and started watching. After first episode, the ad won’t even load to let me keep watching. Total waste of time!.Version: 1.7.00

Great reels but priceyI buy 500 coins for $7.99 and would only get through 8-10 reels of content and there are 50 reels for the series. Thats way more expensive than anything. It would be better to have an option, for example, if I could buy all reels of a short series for 10$ for example. The story line is pretty much out there, sure there is a suspense, but if I have to pay 30-40$ to watch 1 series, is just not worth it..Version: 1.2.00

Cost is crazy!I just paid £4.99 and all it gave me was 1 minute? This can’t be right surely? It costs a fortune!? The statement of a dime per episode is a ‘lie’ All I got was a few minutes for £4.99. There are 50 episodes in this show, so x that by 4.99…. If there is another way to watch let me know but right now your business model does not work…this is a way to make more money than you would have paid on a monthly prescription. Netflix and Apple subscriptions are circa £6.99 per month as opposed to this rip off. Shocking.Version: 1.1.07

Way too expensiveLove this idea of putting the equivalent of a Dreame werewolf story into a ‘film’ but c’mon-each episode is like 30 seconds & you have to pay for every episode by either buying coins or watching ads-but the number of ads per day is limited. Can’t think of many that would want to watch a minute or more ad for 30 seconds of story. Absolutely exorbitant in cost. So I’m deleting app after a few hours or downloading . Thumbs down for me.Version: 1.1.02

More stories with Black leads please.I like the format for sure. It’s so cool to see a lot of these short stories come to life. What’s even more refreshing is having stories with black leads do different than the typical tropes cast in popular media. We want more roles as Alphas of packs, shifters. Vampires of noble lineage, stoic billionaires, tech wizards, or apart of great family empires of mega corporations. So more of that storyline please. As you can see the one and only story like that on the site has more than 4 million views. We’re sick of these stereotypes that only limit us being from poverty, drug dealers, athletes or rappers. Most of us are not from that world. We want to see ourselves more apart of sci-fi, mystery stories, and heroes of epic tales who defend our family and are good to our women. Give us more of that and you will make more money. Just don’t make us look goofy and corny. :).Version: 1.2.02

Clips are too short for what you’re gettingBeen trying to watch a series now that captured my interest and no sooner do I watch literally no more than 2 mins I have to watch an advert that takes another 2-3 mins to go through?! It’s been annoying and frustrating to say the least it would be better if the clips were at least 5-7 mins if that’s the case and earn the coins through an advert or playing a game to earn the coins etc there’s no game to even get boost coins etc or something. It seems to be jus money? No other alternatives. Which is a real shame hopefully the daily reward either increases or the app designers can make changes to the app to help improve the overall experience..Version: 1.1.02

ScamFirstly too many ads and the prices they ask for their so called series are insane. I just paid $18 (advertised as $14 on the app) and on top of that they only give me $10 worth of “credit” on the app. And I can’t finished the 10 minutes serie that I’ve been trying to finish without putting another $50. How much do I have to pay to watch this joke? What a scam STAY AWAY FROM IT. Also the weekly subscription of nearly $25 is crazy, all other streaming platforms have way more things to offer and are half price! On top of that the actors don’t really know how to play it looks so fake! Really not a good experience.Version: 1.5.00

Absolute rip off!The mini series are great, I thought buying the 1000 credits for $15 was reasonable and get to watch a few series. I didn’t even get half way through an episode and was told I’d ran out of credits and have to buy more! That’d work out to over $40 to watch an hour long mini series I don’t know what world that is a reasonable price, this app is a complete rip off. It would be much more sustainable and would retain a more loyal following if your prices were much lower. Great concept but I would strongly recommended anyone looking at downloading this app to steer well clear and download Netflix or Stan and pay $15 a month for unlimited shows and viewing not $15 for half an episode! Extremely disappointed, I feel like I’ve been scammed..Version: 1.1.08

RipoffWorst app ever, 3 min free then 50sec ad for 30 sec video when they have 49 segment but u have 5 free a day..Version: 1.7.00

FrustratingWatch a long loud advert to rewatch 30 seconds of what you have already seen then give you a new 10-20 seconds. Pay to watch episodes to also get the same. Although I enjoy the storyline. Not worth paying for all the episodes. I would rather pay a set amount like $5 and get the whole lot unlocked and without it replaying itself. I think I am better off deleting the app so I don’t get hooked with another reel..Version: 1.5.00

Too many ads.The story lines themselves are great. Unfortunately you only get 40seconds - 1 or 2 mins average watching time, after that you must watch an ad which takes about 30sec to 1 min of time, to unlock the next chapter to watch. Spent $7 for it to be gone in 5 mins and not even half way through the story. (The coins are not worth buying, highly expensive and gone in a few mins you will easily put hundreds down the drain)The only way to get through your story is to watch ads over and over every 1-2 mins and there’s a limit of 20ads a day. About 10-15 mins of watching time. Will be deleting after my story is finished. Asking to much of my time and way to much money to watch the story. Please lengthen the chapters to maybe 3-4 mins per ad watched. Remove the waiting timer to earn additional 5 rewards. Bring your prices down. Then maybe people may be able to reload their coins which are affordable to the average person, and younger people, and further watch more stories and stay interactive with your app. Unfortunately this comes off as a money grab and waste of time with the amount of ad watching and money asking to be spent on coins for it to be gone so fast. I usually put a lot of time and money into apps like episode if they’re worth it. I will be staying over there as the story's are great and prices are good monthly pass with unlimited reading for $15..Version: 1.1.02

The endless adds every minuteI wanted to watch the program but I couldn’t stand the constant one minute long ads pops out every 1 minutes of videos! How can I watch the program?? Why not change the way to promote by given a 7days free trial then charge us every other online movie platform..Version: 1.1.08

Cool app but one short is a total rip off of another storyReally like the concept and format of this app however the short “fated to my forbidden alpha” is a total rip off of another story called “My miracle luna (blue lake series)” on the Dreame app. Whether intentional or not, it’s clear that the short’s story was either copied from or “inspired by” the book on Dreame app. Ironically I was rereading the book when I came across this app and was intrigued by a video adaptation of a werewolf romance which is what the book is as well. However, the plot is exactly the same. Both girls are slaves to a pack that attacked their home pack. Both find out their mate is the alpha of the attacking pack, with a slight difference being that in the book it is the son who is becoming the alpha, on the girls 18th birthday. Both girls get rescued from the attacking pack by being rejected by their original mate and getting a 2nd chance mate in a visiting alpha who are both the alpha of the largest pack in both versions. Some quotes are even verbatim from the book in the short’s version. And that’s just from watching the first few episodes..Version: 1.1.03

Waste of timeSome of the scenes are shorter than the ads you have to watch to unlock them. And you need to watch an ad to unlock each and every scene. After a while it starts to feel like a waste of time. Acting is ok, writing is mediocre. For the price of the coins, id rather go to the cinema. Obviously this is nothing more than a tool to milk your details to sell to some other party..Version: 1.1.03

I am obsessedLove this real movie story. However, clips are too short. And buying coins everytime is expensive 😩.Version: 1.5.06

Not adding upDownloaded the app not knowing that the story’s don’t last very long 1-2 minutes and then you can only watch 15 adds that will let you watch a free short story. I had 125 bonus and by watching a bunch of ads and I watched 1 short that was 44 and I have 20 left. The math isn’t matching for me. Isn’t 1+1=2 or did that change. Disappointed in this app. Not worth buying if the math isn’t matching. Btw ads are so dang long and so extra. You watch the ad and then you push the X and have to wait another 5 seconds. Just to do it all over a gain. Short story could be longer to make it worth the time and money. Please fix the matching issue. (Wrote this review Sunday) Today Tuesday To whom this may concern, Whoever you are have responding to consumers has an attitude and neither do you as a developer and employee responding to your customers, do not value us as customers. If you don’t like our feed back about your app then don’t respond, and just fix the ALL the issues that is wrong with your app. Your app is not great. There is WAY TO MANY flaws with the app. Treat your customers better…….. have a fantastic day!! Update I was interested in finishing the “BIG BAD HUSBAND PLEASE WAKE UP” just deal with watching all these ads. They stop letting you watch ads at video 51 out 55 forcing you to buy coins.Version: 1.0.04

Not worth itWay too many ads for 1-2 mins episodes. I deleted the app, I couldn’t even get through the episiodes. And to pay $25 plus tax weekly is not ideal..Version: 1.7.00

Episodes are too shortAlthough the episodes are enticing they are very short let’s say 32nd language one or less so I really don’t understand the point and watching it.Version: 1.1.02

So expensiveThis app is full of just a lot of ads that are longer than the reels. And the coins are super expensive. I would never want to pay that amount for coins. Content of the show is great. Just a shame that these money hungry apps are around..Version: 1.1.02

Decent content but expensiveAlthough ReelShort advertises content for as little as a dime per episode, my experience has been that the actual cost is closer to $2 per episode. Like WebToon and other services, you pay for a certain number of coins and then use coins to buy episodes. The coins make it easier to lose sight of how much you’ve spent, so it can add up quickly. There are also weird changes to the cost per episode so it’s not consistent. One episode will cost 76 coins, then another will cost 50, only to shoot back up to over 80 coins needed. This inconsistent pricing also makes it harder to understand how much you’re spending. While you do have the option to watch ads to unlock episodes, you have to watch them every two episodes, meaning you are watching ads every four to six minutes which gets frustrating. Also, there is a limit on how many ads you can watch in a day. The stories are interesting, but I recommend really taking time to calculate how many coins you need to watch a full season and compare it to how much the coin packages are. ReelShort should really get rid of the deceptive “dime per episode” statement..Version: 1.1.04

Has potentialI can see the potential in this app. The only thing I would say is that the videos as way too short, and part of the video time is taken up with a recap from the previous video……not the best use of time really. Also when I watch on 1 device, the progress doesn’t seem to track over to the others I use..Version: 1.1.03

Have to pay to watchBit of a stitch up, you get a few episodes for free, then you can get 5 for free a day from watching ads, but if you really want to watch something in its entirety you have to pay real money for app coins and they are expensive… imagine paying that much for a minute of watch time. Will be searching out episodes on other platforms.Version: 1.2.01

Nonsense1st yes the story are cheesy however they have potential and I really like the idea of watching stories instead of reading them since it’s easier while working. BUT this app it’s a joke. You have to watch an ad every episode and not just that it’s ridiculous how the amount of coins keeps increasing per episode, like why? I much rather pay a monthly subscription and be able to watch as to this nonsense. Or maybe if they did an add every 10 episodes it would be a bit more bearable. I have seen the responses other reviews get and they just keep going about the same thing “we have free ads blah blah” it’s dumb. I wish this was better because the stories are not bad but not good enough to watch 20 ads and only being able to watch 5mins of the story, like I said RIDICULOUS!! I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Admin should just make it a monthly subscription and I am sure they will get more viewers.Version: 1.2.00

I’m not fond of adsI really wish the story was longer instead of a whole minute maybe 2 depending on what your reading & I would mind ads if it the chapters or what ever you called it was maybe 4-5 min not every minute. I’m not going to download anything it shows me & the ads seem so long! I would rather read a storyline then watch it at this point. The stories are not really boring it’s the shortness of them then the stupid ads and not to mention they want you to buy coins just to watch it and I tried it like 3 times but $30 dollars later & it went by in less then 5-10 min. After this one I’m watch cuz I already paid for it I’m probably going to download a reading one. You get more from it and less ads. Maybe if you can figure out how to make them longer and less ads and another was to get coins I’ll probably keep it or keep checking back for updates..Version: 1.1.02

Way to expensive25$ a week is outrageous, more than any streaming service.Version: 1.5.06

It’s Alrighttt.I don’t usually leave reviews. The shows are great. If you watch for free you have to watch an Ad every minute or two to continue watching can get annoying but I get that the app has to profit somehow. After you run out of free watching Ads you have to pay. I tried the $4.99 coins thinking it would last for the remaining amount of the show but it didn’t. Maybe it was just the specific show that I was watching. Who knows. It only lasted through a quarter of what was remaining , so the app possibly eats away at your money using the tactics thats provoking me to leave 3 stars. At the start of every video it overlaps the end of the last clip, taking up watch time. The section of each video isn’t that long. I’d recommend making the video clips longer and to not overlapping the start and end of the video so that it doesn’t take up watch time. But I’m just a consumer. The app does all of that because they profit off of the consumer. So…..Version: 1.1.02

Waste of timeI downloaded the app as I was interested in the clips of a video I had seen. Start watching then after 1 minute it cuts and says I either have to purchase coins or watch an ad (another minute). After another minute of watching it cuts again and says the same thing. The video I was watching was 60 videos. That’s an hour of my time watching ads and another hour watching the videos. Don’t mind the video but it needs to be longer between the start of one video and the end also the ads are killer and time wasting..Version: 1.1.02

Now I have to pay????I been through 43 of 49 Episodes and now at the end of the series and suffering through 43 ads I have to pay to finish????? This is trash. Don’t get sucked in..Version: 1.1.08

The ads are longer than the episodes. Waste of time.Try to get the free coin to watch more but you only get a 1 minute episode for 50 + coins.Version: 1.5.01

Love the story hate the deliveryIt is expensive for what it is and given that you have to stop and watch an ad to get another tidbit of the story takes away from the enjoyment of the story You can also only watch 5 ads if you not paying for it and then have to wait 24 hours if you do not pay for it. The ads are also just about pokie machines..Version: 1.3.00

AvaPlease make everything free and so no buying bonuses for buying clients just everything you need to swipe up and everything is unlocked at the episode..Version: 1.5.06

Good but not goodThere are far too many ads on this. Each segment plays fir a minute then you have to watch ads to get to the next 1minute. But you can only do it 20times before you have to log into Facebook etc. Or you have to pay to have ad free. Some good story lines but too much ads is annoying.Version: 1.1.04

Don’t botherThe app has too many ads, the movies aren’t good and they have way to many none consensual sex scenes.Version: 1.1.04

ReelShort ReviewTo start off I want to say the story lines for certain stories are absolutely brilliant, and detailed for such short videos however with that being said, it is super annoying to have to continuously watch ads in the middle of a story line. The ads are so repetitive I feel like just deleting this app altogether. Make it to where your listeners are actually able to watch 2-3 videos without ads popping up every single time it switches to a new episode. Also, the coin portion is ridiculously expensive/impossible to get so many coins to watch just ONE video that’s no more than a minute long. Not only are they outrageously priced, when you go to earn free coins it makes you watch ads, not a big deal but once you use your 20 ads; you’re unable to get coins to watch and or use the ads to keep unlocking the episodes. I really want to keep this app but if this continues I’ll probably just delete it..Version: 1.1.02

Not worth it!Don’t waste your time downloading. You can’t skip the first videos youve already watched if you e seen on Insta and have to watch really long ads to unlock next video. Coins cost so much just to unlock 10 videos. I’m deleting !.Version: 1.1.02

Too many adsThe ads are too much. Once I only got 30 sec of a video before I had to watch 90 sec of ads. And I can only do 5 a day so I don’t get far into a video before I have to wait until the next day. Very annoying. What’s worse is the main ad I see is for Solitare Cash. The ads claim you get money just from playing which is false advertising. You can lose money too. It’s gambling..Version: 1.5.06

DeceivingWas ok watching a million ads to get through, only to find out you cannot watch the last 5 episodes that way, you have to use coins. Not cool. Uninstalled..Version: 1.1.04

Ridiculously expensiveIt cost me my$20 to watch about 10 minutes of video I can buy a 3hour long movie for less then $10 absolute ripoff.Version: 1.5.00

Books on film? Yes, please!For someone that reads a lot of books, watching these books come alive on screen is a great delight. The acting is a bit cheesy but, (“it ain’t easy being cheesy”) that’s part of the charm. I’ve enjoyed two Shorts so far. The same actors were used in both. I enjoyed watching these folks play different parts and seeing their acting range put to the test. As of right now there isn’t a tremendous amount of viewing material, but I suspect more will added down the line based on viewing demand. Thank you. Ps. Review won’t let me add a star rating- I give it four! Update: started a new reel yesterday and was nearly finished, just 10 chapters to go. Today when I continued, the reel started from the beginning. There was no option to fast forward to Pick up where I left off. What’s worse, I was charged coins again. I shouldn’t be forced to use my coins for chapters I’ve already viewed. Very disappointing. My star rating has now dropped down to a one..Version: 1.1.04

WAY TOO MANY ADSThe ads are actually longer than the video clips you get to watch. Such a frustrating experience unless you pay out of pocket. The ‘movie’ is interesting but not when you her to watch less than a minute of it but then have to watch 2 minutes of ads. Has potential but… it’s a waste of time right now..Version: 1.5.06

Interesting concept but needs helpSo i have been on this app for about 2-3 weeks my overall experience, i have seen 3 short films all great, out of the three the only story by partially disliked was the boss affair. The story lines are very interesting keeps u hooked the problem i have is the 45 seconds for each part plus 30 seconds for each ad up to 20 ads a day. Then each part isnt even the same coin amount i paid for 1500 coins and for my first time bonus i got an additional 1500 that was definitely great but as i said because all parts are the not the same amount it didnt last long made me feel like i was cheated out of my money. Because i have to wait until the 20 ads are restored i tend to forget about the story even though its on my main screen, which is sad because the plot was just getting interesting. I hope the creators or team sees my review and make necessary changes otherwise we might have to part ways.Version: 1.0.04

Subscription.Maybe offer a subscription option. I read a review regarding their subscription fee for Netflix, i would have to say I agree with that user. Coins are a tad expensive but understandable to retain the app going. But maybe offer a subscription fee may attract more users. Otherwise some of the reels i have watched have been good , just super super short😅. Some of the acting is great and others is a little extra on their execution but otherwise the stories are good!.Version: 1.1.04

Need to watch to many adsYou have to watch to many ads. The ads seem longer then the video you get to watch.Version: 1.1.02

Intriguing mini shows with bad acting and adsI am a sucker for short stories like this, so when I saw that they were being made into films, I was so excited! I read a lot of reviews about the ads. To be honest, I didn’t really mind the ads. You will watch about a minute and a half of the movie before you have to watch an ad that is longer than the clip you watched from the movie. Yes it’s annoying, yes it’s an incentive for you to buy coins, yes it’s the same over and over, yes you can only watch 20 of them a day and then you have to wait. But to be honest, I really didn’t mind that. I came to expect it and it was still worth it with the film I was watching. But then, after I continued on with it, I am almost at the tail end of my movie, and when I pulled it up, it now says I have to login using Facebook? I really don’t understand that, I’ve watched the majority of this movie and continued to watch their continual ads without having to log into my social media account. That’s when I deleted the app. I’m already watching thousands of ads and viewing them more and more then I’m even viewing the movie. You are getting all my viewing time, why do you want my social media?? 3 stars, because this stories are intriguing, but it comes with a very annoying price..Version: 1.1.07

Room for improvement.The story lines are good - but you need to watch ads to get to the next episode and the episodes only last a minute, which is very frustrating. You can watch 20 episodes for free( by watching ads) after the 20 you need to buy coins..Version: 1.1.07

Mediocre story, ridiculously long adsThe title pretty much says it all. The storyline had the potential to be great in a select few shows, but ultimately the lack of emotion in the actors really sucked all life out of it. And then the icing on the cake, in order to watch the next part of a story you are required to sit through a minute and a half of unskippable ad. The ad is almost longer than the actual show. If you’re going to produce a subpar app please do not also have the audacity to put advertisements the length of a short film in the already terrible mix. 30 seconds is already pushing it for an ad you can’t skip, but 95 seconds?!! Absolute sick day. Skipping my next life, even. Do better, seriously..Version: 1.5.06

DisgustedI downloaded this app because it said I could get free access for a limited time, which I never got, I’m expected to watch ad after as just to get a minute and a half of the “show”, I then paid 4.99 to buy coins to unlock the “show” again for a minute and a half to then be asked to pay more. Absolute rip off, I want a refund and the free access that I signed up for!!.Version: 1.1.08

Waste of TimeI’m not interested in watching a bunch of ads. I want to watch the stories. I don’t know if it is the case with all the stories but to only get through 6 sentences of dialogue between characters and then have to watch an ad to continue is a little ridiculous. I understand you need to make money to provide content and I don’t mind watching the ads, but you are calling yourself the next generation of streaming and comparing yourself to TV and other streaming services and it is just no comparison. I would rather pay a subscription fee to watch a full show than to have to watch an ad literally every 1-2 minutes. If the streaming industry had started out this way, it wouldn’t have lasted a week. Even free streaming services let you watch at least 15 minutes of a show before an ad. I can’t see this app being around for long unless you change your business model..Version: 1.1.02

Needs balanceI have enjoyed watching the programmes, but there need to be a better ratio of the programme to adverts. You get 1ish minute of programme then another advert and the price per episode goes up the further you go through a series. It’s not worth buying coins as it’s just not worth it, would love to give more stars, but I think it needs to be worked on first..Version: 1.1.03

AdsFor me i only got 5 ads a day for free and each ad is like 90 seconds. The ads are longer than the actual episode. I would be very happy if you made more free ads and shorten it too..Version: 1.5.06

AdsI get 90 seconds ads every time. It seriously sucks. Please make them way shorter, or you won’t have any viewers anymore..Version: 1.5.06

Good start but takes too longReally love the story lines. But that’s the problem it takes too long & hard to earn coins. I even paid £4.99 and didn’t get to watch many as they are 40+ coins for some episodes. Which then made me disengaged as I couldn’t just continue.. they should be like 10-20 coins per episode..Version: 1.1.02

…..Engaging videos, enjoyable stories but just make a subscription option. Shoving advertisements down our throats and expensive “coin” packages turns enoyable content into frustrating minigames..Version: 1.1.07

DisappointmentI seen more of the story on TikTok than when I downloaded the app. The ads are relentless and it feels like your spending more time watching the ads than you are watching the series. They say it’s an “episode” it’s actually 30 seconds and you have to watch another ad. The story itself is fairly good but the amount of ads completely ruins the interest. The amount of ads takes this fairly good app and ruins it. I would not recommend as you will need to purchase the series. The ads are also all about gambling which isn’t great..Version: 1.1.02

Nice short stories but is it worth itI downloaded this app a few days ago and really thought it was going to be a great cool app but it does have its flaws. In order to watch the short story for free it’s mandatory you have to watch an ad and then if you want to watch the next one with out having to watch an ad you have to pay with your coins an unnecessary amount. Then they give bonus coins but it’s not even enough to unlock the next episode and again in order to earn enough coins you have to watch a million ads and/or pay for the coins. The stories are good and interesting but it’s not worth going through all the hassle to earn coins and watching the content. 15-30 coins a day is not enough when unlocking an episode is 45 coins and higher. Make it make sense, how your going to promote your app saying it’s worth it but when you download it it’s not worth it.Version: 1.1.00

Don’t download this appVery frustrating thats there’s a max amount of ads you can watch per day. I can see the developer is responding be patient and watch all the ads before you start. But honestly that response is c**p. Because even watching all the ads before you start you only get to watch maybe 3 reels. You can buy packs but the cheapest is about $7.99 for 500 coins- which might get you 5 reels that go for about 45-60 seconds. The stories are engaging but I would recommend anyone thinking about downloading this app, to reconsider. If the developers really want to improve the app look at what Wattpad have done, they have a lot of ads now but you can continue to watch ads to read that next chapter.Version: 1.2.02

AdsSo far the app is amazing and I love the storyline and the plot of one of the videos that I’ve been watching but when I get close to nearing the end of the videos like the end of the whole series, it makes me want to unlock it, so I have to pay for coins just to watch the ad and on top of all of that when you’re near the end, you have to watch more ads to collect coins and you only get a certain amount of ads to watch and it cost a lot of coins like I’m on episode 47 and there’s 49 episodes total. I am so close to the end of the whole series but the only problem is I have to pay 130 coins to continue to episode 48 and that is really stupid that I have to watch more ads and I’ve already watched all of the ads for episode 47 to get coins to watch episode 47 so it’s not really fun when you have to watch all these ads just to watch more of the series that needs to be fixed..Version: 1.1.04

No Bonus coinsThought I would download the app to watch a few shows and after watching one for the last few days and all the ads attached it now says I have to use coins to open the next episode. I was given NO bonus coins for watching all those ads which were long and repetitive so unfortunately I’m not interested in continuing with this app. The only option given is to pay a minimum of $9.99 and up for coins. There isn’t enough incentive to keep people watching without forcing them to pay and that includes myself. With streaming TV today and so many other options to watch shows there should be a better way to keep people coming back without forcing them to watch a 2-3 minute ad for a 1-2 minutes video. If the app becomes more user friendly without the current ad setup I may come back..Version: 1.1.04

Not worth itI downloaded this app after all the ads (which are longer than the actual episodes on the app) about the story Fated to My Forbidden Alpha. At first I was annoyed because it is stop and go with a LONG ad between ever short episodes; but I found an annoying but helpful solution. It was going alright I would let all the ads run through then go back and watch all 20 episodes that got unlocked. UNTIL I got to a point near the end of the story where the option to watch an ad to unlock the chapter was no longer available. I then thought ok maybe it was just a glitch or something so I started watch a new story. then AGAIN I reached a point towards the end of the story where I couldn’t use ads to unlock the episodes. Therefore, IT IS NOT WORTH IT !!.Version: 1.1.03

Very long ads for every 40 second clipI don’t mind watching ads on a free app but very long ads in exchange for 40 seconds of a short film is too much. I can’t actually enjoy the content which is the whole point of an app. If it was two to three minutes or so of content then it wouldn’t feel as cut up and I’d happily keep watching the trashy wolf show for fun but this is just frustrating and annoying so im deleting the app..Version: 1.1.02

Too many adsGreat stories but hard to get into when the adverts are longer than the clips, possibly the irony being called “reel short” as in really short clips, understand money is to be made but more so if listened to lots of reviews saying the same thing, less adverts, people run out of patience less and spend more time on the app resulting in more adverts over a length of time, as stands now, less adverts are being viewed because patience is lost 🤷‍♀️.Version: 1.1.05

Wish it is more funThe stories are at least entertaining. I noticed that they profit from casting good looking actors. Tad expensive coins and limited ads (5/day). I wish that the ads aren’t limited to 5/day. A subscription offer..Version: 1.2.00

Biggest rip offDon’t even bother downloading! Streaming apps are a better option. This is the biggest money spinner for the app owner. Even with the adds, you can only watch a few a day and you are cut of, every clip starts seconds before the last one, so you have yo keep paying or watching adds. Tried checking in over a few days and couldn’t save checkin coins. This app is a rip off..Version: 1.3.00

Stops workingThe story lines are good and easy to watch. The ad to episode ratio is undesirable. I was up to episode 44 of 49 when it no longer allowed me to watch ads (even though I had not hit the daily quota). I was completing additional actives for coins, coins then didn’t show when wanting to use them for the next episode. That’s when the app started its loading symbol now won’t work at all. Disappointing.Version: 1.1.08

DisappointingI was excited to watch some of the ReelShort shows. After finding out (after downloading the app) I have to pay at minimum $50AUD in coins to watch just one episode I decided to give up. Each chapter goes for only seconds and the price goes up every episode. Could they not have just made it a monthly subscription. I would happily pay a $15 per month subscription however just to watch one show costs me 5 months of paying for Netflix. Makes no sense to charge such an amount..Version: 1.1.08

AdsI wish we could watch more than 5 ads a day. Even the bonus ads to watch isn’t enough.Version: 1.5.05

TerribleTerrible app…you have to watch adds that go for longer than the ‘episode’, you can only watch 20 adds a day and the shows have 40+ episodes and it doesn’t reset the next day so you can’t keep watching without paying and when you finally give in and buy ‘coins’ $15 only buys a couple of episodes. Absolute rip off and extremely frustrating, do yourself a favour and don’t get sucked in!.Version: 1.1.04

Only Good if You Pay for ItStories seem good, but this is just another over priced money grabbing app. I got hooked on a story that I saw on an ad on Instagram. So I downloaded the app to try and finish the story. I was able to watch the first part (out of 49) of the story which was only a fraction of what was shown in the ad. Then was immediately prompted to purchase some sort of tokens or passes in order to continue the story. The app would be a lot better if they offered a number of free tokens / passes to new users so that they can get a feel for how good the stories really are. Or least let the story that was advertised be free. But I guess I’ll never know because I’m not paying to watch a repeat of a story that was shown in an ad. I’d be more willing to pay to watch more stories, if I was able to finish that one. But the fact that I couldn’t without having to pay just frustrated me and I ended up immediately deleting the app..Version: 1.1.06

AdsToo many ads and you wach ads that are 80 seconds and more but the episodes are only 55 minutes.Version: 1.5.06

ADSI love watching the shorts BUT THE ADS you can only watch 5 a day which is definitely stupid but not just that you have to watch so many I personally think that after 5 ads you should earn coins and still be able to watch ads to watch the shorts it’s very annoying not being able to watch.Version: 1.2.00

Extremely shortThe chapters are about 1 minute long…I’m not kidding. You have to pay for every minute you watch lol….its insane. I got all the freebie bonus and watched all the ads I could for the day and it got me approximately 15 min worth of content….BUT it’s interrupted content. Part of the daily bonus is having to watch 2-3 min ads to watch 1 minute. It sucks….im glad I tested it out by getting all the daily bonus and watching ads before I spent money. You are going to get very little out of this app but will spend a fortune. Who wants to waste their time collecting all the daily bonus to watch only a few minutes a day of interrupted content to get through the story?? I rather just buy a good book or audio book for $20 and save myself the frustration and money. This app could make so much money if the chapters were 5 min longer and less expensive…. more people would stick around and willing to put money into this product but I don’t think the creators behind these apps are smart enough for that. I can tell by the responses to everyone’s reviews are just bots….they don’t care about anyone’s suggestions. Do yourself a favor and don’t get sucked in to these ridiculous apps..Version: 1.3.00

I got sucked in!I am so disappointed I watched one of the reels and was excited. The storyline sounded good, so I said why not the app is free. I got the app then I realized episodes were small clips, like a minute or two per clip. I also noticed that I had like 20 commercials for free which I thought would take me through the end of the show. I was going to have to watch them, which is no big deal to me because sometimes I like a good commercial, then I realized after getting completely sucked into the show I was watching that I was finished with the commercials and couldn’t watch anymore and I have no earthly idea how and when I’m going to get more commercials to watch so I can finish the story. I’m going to finish the story at some point, whenever I can figure out how to get more free commercials. Then when I’m finished with that, I am also finished with this app because I looked and I am not paying $29 to watch a show. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The idea was pretty good. The stories that I’ve seen so far look like they’re good, acting in so so, I would’ve been willing to pay a minimal fee to watch, but $29 for one show. Absolutely not! The best of luck with this. I’m sure this is for someone just not for me!.Version: 1.1.07

92 seconds addWay too long adds.Version: 1.5.06

Addictive but close to impracticalI absolutely love the different storylines, but the reels are way too short and the cost of watching an entire series is overpriced, in my opinion. Taking from a perspective of renting a movie, going to the cinema, or subscribing to a video streaming service to watch your favourite series, the cost doesn't measure up to the value. I spent 9.99 for 1150 coins and wasn't able to finish one series. That doesn't seem practical in comparison to the hundreds of streaming services available. That being said, if the acting was as good as the screen-write I would argue that I might be more enticed to pay the price. Cool concept, with a lot of potential to grow commercially with the right tweaks and enhancements. Like onboarding more affiliate partners or changing the model to fit the size (shorter reels vs longer reels, but at a reasonable cost) an entire series shouldn't cost more than a movie or streaming subscription. Again, this is only my opinion. Have fun watching !.Version: 1.2.00

Good idea but…The idea behind this is awesome. However, when it costs $30 to hear a story that takes you about 2 hours to hear WITHOUT all the ads, it’s a little ridiculous. Actually, it’s a lot ridiculous. I thought I would be able to buy the sale that was b1g1 and it actually last me some time. Not even close. And these chapters take about 30 seconds. Not even kidding. I was shocked. And I couldn’t get it to STOP taking my darn coins! I wanted to just watch ads but it kept just chewing through my coins. I couldn’t turn off the thing that lets it go straight into the next chapter. So, remember that if you go that route. You can’t just stop that carousel from turning. Of course, I was listening to this while I was working and kept having to “rewind” so that is probably why it took me 2 hours. Beware people. And be AWARE. This costs a lot more than you think. Time wise and money wise..Version: 1.1.06

Waste of timeI rather pay a monthly subscription than waste all my day with this app, basically you see literally 10 SECONDS of the episode and then have to watch half minute add to continue, you don’t get to watch even 1 min off the episode as I read in others review, LITERALLY 10 seconds. It is impossible to get into the serie like this, my honest opinion the developers, they should rethink the whole concept off this app if they want to keep people engaged. What a shame.Version: 1.1.04

Too expensiveI really love the content on here. The stories are short and to the point. You don’t have to struggle to find out what’s happening or keep up with filler information. The acting reminds me of cheesy movies but I love it. I have ADHD so it’s super nice to have fulfilling stories without having to sit still for hours before actually getting somewhere in the shows. I would give 5 stars but it’s just too expensive to keep up. You can watch ads to unlock episodes but the ads are longer than some of the episodes. To buy the coins is more expensive than getting a monthly streaming subscription with big name entertainment companies. I understand the developers need to make money but this is sort of ridiculous. I don’t have the extra time to watch full length tv series which is why I downloaded this but also can’t spare the crazy weekly amount that would actually viewing these shorts worth it..Version: 1.3.00

Coins keep disappearingThis morning I had 1045 coins (I’m saving them up so I can watch a lot of episodes in a row). I just went to do my daily check in and now I only have 850 coins. Do coins have an expiry limit? This is the second time it’s happened. I also haven’t been able to watch the “+20 Extra Bonuses” videos for a while now. It keeps saying to can’t download it and to try again later. Another thing is that the seven ads you can watch a day to earn more points sometimes stuff up and I have to watch each one twice (only being rewarded for one watch) before it activates the next one to watch. Just thought I’d let you guys know so you can pass it on to your dev team and hopefully get these bugs fixed in time for the next update..Version: 1.5.00

Storylines are interesting but trying to watch them is frustratingHaving to watch ads before every 1 minute long episode gets very tedious. If you decided to splurge out just to watch one series you would just be spending a fortune and it is not worth it. All the storylines are interesting and gripping don’t get me wrong but this is just another money grabbing scheme. I think to keep people interested and still watching - maybe consider bringing in a monthly subscription free - like with Netflix, and you can watch as much as you like but for a monthly fee. I think this is the only fair way to go about this, otherwise people will just eventually stop watching as people don’t have money to waste..Version: 1.2.00

Could do better but still needs improvementI can look past the bad acting with the showing wires in the bigger shoes and such like that however, when it comes to being able to look at other episodes, it’s a little different. It almost seems like I would need to watch an entire story before I can start the next one that way I don’t use all my coins, which is fine I can work with that. The only thing that can’t seem a little more of a damper for me is that there’s not that many stories that are to my liking not saying that the store is a bad just saying that they’re just not my type, which is OK to each their own I like the whole werewolf paranormal world, but I love story is a love story so yes, there could be some improvements but for the resources that are given to them I think it is an OK app.Version: 1.1.02

Rip offVideos are way to short only a few sentences much shorter than the other apps for chapters, the ⭐️‘s on the videos are automatically selected by the app once you finish watching the sentence I had to go back a scene to then be Able to unselect Then you watch the ads to win the next snip. It you waste time watching ads that are only for Americans and or fail to load properly so you have to watch 2 The concept is good just way way to expensive and too short for the snips.Version: 1.1.02

It’s not that greatI like the concept and the vids but i think it needs a diff format than having daily check ins or watching ads as if you miss a day it goes back to the start and the ad watches don’t give enough to watch all the episodes and I’m not prepared to pay money to get coins to watch it all. It’s just painstakingly long and that what makes me want to delete the app again..Version: 1.1.02

Can’t receive the last 4 episodesVery interesting episodes. Watched all ads and watched 56-60 episodes for free. I thank you. Now I can’t seem to watch the last four episodes. How sad..Version: 1.5.06

DramaloverI payed for my $10 ad free episodes and didn’t even open my free episodes just freezed ???? I’m very disappointed I want a refund your fake!!! App just wanted to steal and don’t want to open the free episodes and no ads very angry. And overall it has so many very 20 seconds ads comes up just have at least a full 3 minutes then the ads not every seconds got so bored and i f&& paid for $10 for nothing. Love all the dramas though but not the app and the ads!!so many.Version: 1.1.06

Changed too muchUsed to be allowed to watch 5 ads per series and now can only watch 5 a day. Gone the way of the rest of these apps. Soon you won’t be able to access the episodes through ads at all. Lost my trust..Version: 1.5.05

Great shorts but bad adsThe stories are great! The only bad thing is you have to watch all those ads to be able to watch 1 min of the story and you only get 20 free ads and a few bonus so you have to wait 1 day to finish watching the short. The great thing is that after you have finish you can go and watch it all from start without ads..Version: 1.1.04

Okay in theory but terrible realisticallyI downloaded this from Instagram because the story clips were so good and entertaining. And in the beginning it was fine. You get like a few eps free for new stories you start. However it just takes too long to gain coins to unlock stories. You can pay 100$ for 10,000 coins but each clip costs differently. I assume based off of popularity. I’d say the clips are 30-70 coins per clip per story. The auto purchase is automatically turned on so you spend coins without even knowing it. You can watch 7 ads per day for a total of 165 coins. In theory this is good. I actually wouldn’t mind paying a subscription for all free access instead of having to pay so much money to just enjoy one story. It’s about 20 bucks per story but again it differs due to length of each story. So overtime I just stopped using it and will be uninstalling just because it’s too much work and too much money to just watch episodes. Good thing though is the customer service is very quick to respond to inquiries. Practically within a few hours. Edit: I’m well aware of the check ins and watching ads but it over all not worth it. Way too much effort and dedication to get coins.Version: 1.2.02

Ads are crazyThe app runs beautifully it’s great reels but the ads are too much I have to watch minute and half of ads to get one episode that is 1 min long..Version: 1.5.06

AdsDon’t download not worth it have to watch so many ads to watch the episode I’m deleting it after 10 min.Version: 1.1.07

Over £30 for a full seriesIf you want to watch a full series fyi it’s over £30 worth of coins. Or you can watch ads but not that they’re at a ratio of 1:1 with content length. So if you think it’s worth 3 times the cost of Netflix for one series that equals perhaps less than 30 mins of content go nuts. Free bonuses etc will get you perhaps one or two 1 min episodes. And no you can’t skip ahead to later episodes if you’ve already seen earlier ones on TikTok….Version: 1.1.07

Too short episodes and expensiveThe story im watching is really good, but the episodes are too short. They feel like 20secs and end at the good part. You either have to unlock by watching an ad or purchasing to unlock, which is expensive..Version: 1.1.03

Waste of MoneyA series is 60 (yes SIXTY) ‘episodes’ long, and only lasts a minute or two an episode. I’m not going to pay $50+ to watch one series when I can go to a gold class movie with the works for $15 a ticket, and it’s an actual big budget movie - not a 6 cast member low budget series like this. It was compelling, but the ads and extreme cost put me off. I’d pay $10, but not $50! And the free version requires you to watch a minute of ads for about a minute of the episode..Version: 1.1.02

Absolutely awful - waste of time and moneyI spent $20 and used all my free ads for the day, (which meant I watched a 30 second ad after every minute) and I didn’t even get to finish ONE story ?!!!! That’s an absolute scam!!.Version: 1.2.00

Rip-Off!!!!!These people are clearly Shiesty you literally get like three lines worth of viewing and then you have to watch a 30 second or more advertisement they make it to where you can’t even take the crap. All they want is your money that’s why they do this it is a rip off these people clearly are really hurting for money and don’t care about this app. They try and say oh it’s user-friendly such good short stories. Yeah the stories are good too bad you can’t even watch a fourth of one a day. You have to watch 20 ads a day and then you have to wait a full 24 hours before you can finish and their packages are like $100 to pay for nobody’s gonna pay this these actors are so cheesy. It is ridiculous, it’s like trying to watch a soap opera in only getting to watch like maybe 15/22 worth a day because you have to watch more and ads than anything else. This frustrates me beyond belief I’m uninstalling this app because clearly these people are super poor if they’re trying to sit and take advantage of people in this way and then when you go to reviews if they don’t like what you posted when you tell the truth, they only post the good reviews so they don’t even care to listen to you and what people actually think why do you think and every single episode, they talk about gold diggers, because the people who make this app clearly are golddiggersI am infuriated. I’m uninstalling right now..Version: 1.2.00

Not as what the ad sayIt takes awhile before you get to do the ‘save the king’ puzzle. It’s always match games..Version: 1.2.02

What a freaking waste of time!They start off showing you this long version maybe 6 or so minutes, then you buy coins or watch ads for more of the show. You totally get hooked with the free beginning and you want to finish! So you end up buying a package. I went with the $4.99 package just to see what’s it’s like. You have to pay for each episode and some of the ones I watched were 45 seconds! I thought at first that something was wrong until it popped up each minute to a minute and a half wanting more tokens (money). I feel completely ripped off because you don’t realize the actual length of their ‘paid’ episodes until you’ve purchased a package. My 500 tokens got me approximately no more than 10 minutes. I have no problem with paying in an app, but what I do have a problem with is feeling totally used. You could pay for at least a couple months of Netflix for the amount it would cost you to get through one of their reel short films. Trust me buy Netflix for a month or heck take a date to the theater and you’ll still come out with more for your money..Version: 1.3.00

Bonus coins/adsSo far I’ve enjoyed, then as I exit an ad for getting my bonus coins, a box pops up saying bonus coins rewards only last five days. I find this a little scammy. Like why can’t I keep my coins pocketed in case I find a new series and want to spend them on that six days after earning them? Well now I can’t, and I can’t enjoy the profits of me spending my time watching the ads. I’d definitely fix that to where bonus coins don’t expire. We as consumers of your app shouldn’t have to waste time on ads for rewards if they expire that quick or at all. We don’t get that time back, however your app makes money off the ads you use. Some people don’t use there phone constantly what happens when they get back on the app after hiatus and all their coins are gone? They’re gonna be mad, and give a lower rating than this. I sincerely hope this gets updated and fixed. It would be worth it more to watch your ads if our rewards didn’t vanish..Version: 1.1.02

Lengthen the videosThe stories are good, but if they last at least hour long it then would consider paying or put a cost per whole film.Version: 1.1.03

HiWish didn’t have to pay to hear the stories.Version: 1.5.06

Only 5 ads for free episodes??I was using this before and it was 20 ads for free 20 episodes but when i got to using it again like a few weeks ago it was 15 then it became 5 ads for free 5 episodes only…… i was happily watching the miniseries but got a bit disappointed when the ads was shorten to only 5 free episodes..Version: 1.2.00

Too many adsYou have to watch an ad every 1-2 mins which is annoying but just about bearable to get to the end of the story but then this stops after a couple of days and you have to watch 5-6 ads to get 1 minute clips so spending more time watching ads. Acting is not worth the ads time and certainly not paying for such a short story as I could rent a full length movie for less.Version: 1.1.04

ExpensiveLove the episodes, but too expensive. I just spent $20 and ran out of coins in 15mins. My Netflix account is $18 a month. I’m not spending $20 for 15mins of 2min episodes. For that reason I will me deleting the app..Version: 1.1.02

Kind of not worth itI initially enjoyed using the app because it provided a few free stories, but over time, the excessive number of ads and the high cost to view a short story for just one minute became frustrating. Even the daily check-in rewards were not helpful, as the episode coins required were priced at 75 or more. In my opinion, this app could only be considered good if the ads we watch and the coins we earn actually made sense, which is not currently the case. Additionally, it would greatly improve the experience if the short stories were extended to at least two minutes or more, as the length of the ads we have to watch before playing the episode is almost as long as the episode itself. The repetitiveness of the ads, particularly those for scamming apps like Bingo Cash, is annoying and irritating. The app's pricing structure for episodes, which becomes more expensive as we watch more, feels like we are being coerced into making purchases. It's disheartening because there are people in the world who cannot afford to spend money but still support the app. Does the app not care about them? This is why the app's rating is currently low, around 2.9, as it seems like the app does not prioritize its customers..Version: 1.1.02

SweetladyYou would get more people if you did not put so much advertising in the stores I love the stores but to many advertisers for me..Version: 1.1.04

It’s alrightWay too many adds, and the same ads over and over agin. Good content, expensive if you don’t want to watch the ads..Version: 1.1.03

Way too priceyEach of the mini slips to the show I saw was about 1.39 minutes long they wanted 89 in app coins to unlock the next section out of 39 sections 500 coins was $10 so those 500 coins gets you 5 clips and at 1.39 each it literally costs you $10 for only 7 minutes that’s aboht $70 or so bucks for one mi I series that’s only gonna be under an hour long it’s a total ripoff.Version: 1.1.04

Many adds, costly and repetitiveOften the first 15-30 is a copy of the last 15-30 seconds of the last episode. If you want to get through a story quickly and have watched all your videos for free ‘coins’ it could get very costly. If you are watching the adds to get more ‘coins’ it’s one add every 2 minutes, which is a lot. It would be better if each segment was 3-5min with the same amount of adds to get free coins. Otherwise the stories are not too bad.Version: 1.1.02

The ads are always the same and longThe ad lengths are just insane. solitaire cash ad that’s 80 seconds long plus an additional 5 seconds and then another 3 seconds one after the other. And then a word one that’s also very long. I’ll watch the ads but please get new ones. The reels are good.Version: 1.5.06

Needs improving a lotVideos are way too short, adverts are way too long. Most of the adverts are for gambling sites which is poor. It doesn’t reset at midnight for you to carry on a story or earn more bonus coins. I’m three days in and still haven’t completed a full story yet. You can buy coins but these are way overpriced and the cheapest option £4.99 won’t give you enough coins to watch more than 3-4 clips. Oh and if your team needs more stars for an incentive then maybe they should improve the app to gain them?.Version: 1.1.04

I want to love this but I hate itI love the idea of bite sized episodic series of silly lil dramatic stories. The issue I have with this is the cost and the amount of time wasted on ads. You can buy a ticket to go see a blockbuster film in full for less money than it would cost to unlock every episode of a 60 episode series. If all 60 episodes only cost 30 coins to unlock, that’s still 1800 coins, which is more than 15 dollars! Each episode is 40 to 90 seconds long, let’s say the average is 70 seconds to be generous. Over 60 episodes, that’s only about 70 minutes of content total, less than the time a big Oscar-worthy movie should take to watch. And it costs more?? Why??? And don’t get me started with the ads, I saw on another review that the ads are anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds long, I didn’t get a single ad that was less than 30 seconds, and I watched over 20 ads. That means that at best, I was watching ads for 1/3 of the time that I was watching stuff on this app. And at worst? HALF OF THE TIME was spent watching ads! You can literally do better on cable television, at least the ads are only about a quarter of what you’re watching. Tldr: ad opportunities seem generous but massively waste time, and the cost of coins is exorbitant. Please do better!.Version: 1.1.02

I want to rate it higher butMy god do I want to rate this app higher because the stories are fantastic! But there are so many ads!! The episodes are only 1 minute 30 seconds at best & then you have to watch a 30 second ad to get to the next episode which wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t only 10 ads for you to watch a day. Not to mention the lack of ads to watch to build up points & how EXPENSIVE the token packs are…I brought the 500 tokens pack to only get like 5 minutes of viewing time..Version: 1.2.00

Bit disappointedHonestly I kept seeing clips of a story, I myself love episode and other apps like that!! However I was disappointed to find once you watch 20 ads you can no longer watch anymore which means you can’t actually continue the story you’re currently watching without paying for coins however I don’t think it’s worth paying money just to watch 1 minute clips-.Version: 1.1.08

Story is good but the timing is notUnderstand that we have to watch the ads and then watch the story but even then they are just few minutes long and it starts to kill the buzz to continue watching it. If only they were longer and then the ads it will make people wanna watch it and stay tuned..Version: 1.5.01

Very poorYou people just want us to be watching ads which give you people money. It’s boring to be watching one episode and one ads which is even longer than the episode. Too bad.Version: 1.1.04

Idk whyI don’t have the money to but more of thos coins so it’s annoying because when I watch ads and watch them again and again next minute there all gone and then when I use the coins on the thing called true Luna it lets me see it but I wish it was just a movie.Version: 1.2.01

20 ads!The story lines are great but each clip is 1:30 seconds long and every time you finish watching it you then need to watch 20 ads and I’m not exaggerating. The only way to watch the next clip is to then spend money and buy coins which I don’t want to spend money on. I don’t think you would either.Version: 1.1.04

Difficult to use but good contentYou can really tell they put tons and tons of effort into the high quality productions, but the acting couuulld use a little work. But hey, I’m not complaining about something free, what I AM complaining about is A. how the app doesn’t even allow me to watch the ads for the episodes half the times. It says “Video not ready” most of the time and you need to refresh or wait a couple hours and come back. It does the same with you don’t finish watching the previous episode, so you have to watch to the episode to the very last second. B. When you get to the end of the episodes you can ONLY use coins, meaning you either have to pay or watch 4-5 ads to unlock one of the last episodes. And C. the lack of variety in Ads. I really don’t mind watching them, but it gets extremely torturous after your 100th Royal Match ad that we all know is not an accurate representation of the actual game. I feel if the apps wasn’t as frustrating to navigate and use and an improvement in the acting could easily bump up the rating to 5 stars..Version: 1.1.02

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