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ReelShort App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

ReelShort app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using ReelShort? Can you share your negative thoughts about reelshort?

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ReelShort for Negative User Reviews

All about the moneyGood idea but it’s not very good when the “free ads” and bonus stop working after 2 days of trying to watch a series of short clips no way was I paying but couldn’t make it to the end due to the money grabbing app! Deleted and will not be re-downloading. Don’t waste your time or money.Version: 1.1.02

PaywallThis app is trash makes you wait an hour for episodes or pay to unlock next ones save your self the time.Version: 1.0.02

Continual adsI downloaded after seeing a clip on instagram. Their not wrong when they call it short reels. You watch about a minute and then have to watch an add. I stupidly paid thinking I could just watch the whole thing. Paying probably got me two minutes of watching. Pls don’t waste your money or time!! It’s so time consuming for nothing really..Version: 1.1.02

Waste of timeI downloaded the app as I was interested in the clips of a video I had seen. Start watching then after 1 minute it cuts and says I either have to purchase coins or watch an ad (another minute). After another minute of watching it cuts again and says the same thing. The video I was watching was 60 videos. That’s an hour of my time watching ads and another hour watching the videos. Don’t mind the video but it needs to be longer between the start of one video and the end also the ads are killer and time wasting..Version: 1.1.02

Don’t bother1 minutes 20 seconds per reel and only 20 free unlocks by watching ads!!! I spent more time watching ads than the reels. Should be at least 15 minutes per reel at least then you would stand a chance of watching the full story.Version: 1.1.02

Annoyingly disappointedWas intrigued by the storyline to download this app, but 30secs of short, then they force you to watch a minute of ads, if you want to watch the next episode. They repeat this short, then ad, then short etc over TWENTY times. Ridiculously annoying. Don’t waste your time, if I could have given it a minus, I would have..Version: 1.1.02

Good start but takes too longReally love the story lines. But that’s the problem it takes too long & hard to earn coins. I even paid £4.99 and didn’t get to watch many as they are 40+ coins for some episodes. Which then made me disengaged as I couldn’t just continue.. they should be like 10-20 coins per episode..Version: 1.1.02

The reel should be longer than the addsI get the point of the app and all, but It’s ridiculous that the adds are twice as long as the reels. As soon as I finish the story I’m watching, I’m deleting this FRUSTRATING app. Pity, it could be a great app..Version: 1.1.02

Money grabbingAn app just made to swallow your money straight away. Not much option to watch for “free” like some other apps! Gives you 40 seconds on an episode they've already endorsed on other platforms (the way they entice you), but to continue the next part you have a minute of an advert, maybe even more than a minute. Get a few options to “watch adverts” for the next free part, but takes a lot of time for what they give you. It’s laughable. This app seems pointless, I guarantee you’ll download and within the day uninstall it too. Huge disappointment..Version: 1.1.03

So many ads not worth itSo many ads to watch a little bit of a video you spend more time on ads than what you are trying to watch and coins are so expensive as cost so many to watch a 40 second part not worth it.Version: 1.1.03

The clips should be longerI refuse to pay for coins just so I can skip an ad. I’d prefer to watch the 20 minute ad so I can watch 20 mins of content. If there was an option to pay once to get rid of the ads I would prefer that instead..Version: 1.1.03

AddsGood app but unable to use without watching adds or paying, lame..Version: 1.1.02

Too many ads/ costStories are good but having to watch ads or pay to watch more episodes is a major bummer!.Version: 1.1.02

Too shortThe episodes are too short I know it says short but one minute is too short other than that it’s good.Version: 1.1.02

Episodes are too shortAlthough the episodes are enticing they are very short let’s say 32nd language one or less so I really don’t understand the point and watching it.Version: 1.1.02

Can’t skipI can’t even select other episodes I have to watch everything complete that’s not nice 👎.Version: 1.1.02

Interesting stories but coins are quite expensive.I paid £20 for a full story but it still wasn’t enough. I think an affordable monthly payment maybe better. Other than that, it’s actually a great app..Version: 1.1.03

Big bad husband please wake upGreat video but Paid $15 to finish watching it ridiculous. That’s after using the 20/20 free daily ad shouldn’t have to pay to watch reels. Throw the whole app away.Version: 1.0.04

Has potentialI can see the potential in this app. The only thing I would say is that the videos as way too short, and part of the video time is taken up with a recap from the previous video……not the best use of time really. Also when I watch on 1 device, the progress doesn’t seem to track over to the others I use..Version: 1.1.03

DisappointmentI seen more of the story on TikTok than when I downloaded the app. The ads are relentless and it feels like your spending more time watching the ads than you are watching the series. They say it’s an “episode” it’s actually 30 seconds and you have to watch another ad. The story itself is fairly good but the amount of ads completely ruins the interest. The amount of ads takes this fairly good app and ruins it. I would not recommend as you will need to purchase the series. The ads are also all about gambling which isn’t great..Version: 1.1.02

Reel shortI like this app only problem is there is no search option to search for more reel shorts or categories other than that it’s ok.Version: 1.1.02

Good butHave some good story lines but either need to be more than a couple minutes long and the app it to much money either be free or one time payment really need to pick.Version: 1.0.03

Expensive and full of adsExpensive if you don’t wish to sit through an ad every minute. Ads are longer than each clip lol.Version: 1.1.02

It’s not that greatI like the concept and the vids but i think it needs a diff format than having daily check ins or watching ads as if you miss a day it goes back to the start and the ad watches don’t give enough to watch all the episodes and I’m not prepared to pay money to get coins to watch it all. It’s just painstakingly long and that what makes me want to delete the app again..Version: 1.1.02

What a waste of time!You have to watch so many adverts to get to the next bit of the story, which is sometimes only 30 seconds long before another break, and only a certain amount of free content per day. I got all the way to the end of 55/60 ‘episodes’ and then you have to pay for it! Deleted!.Version: 1.1.02

So nearly awesome but trips upRidiculous amounts of ads. Literally non stop and then after a few days you can’t watch anything without watching 2-4 ads for one tiny clip. Utterly painful unless you can pay crazy amounts for credits..Version: 1.1.02

More ads than watch timeAds are about 30 seconds. It says that the clips are a little over a min, but half of that is a recap. So you have to watch an add to unlock next clip. The actual episode albeit short, are good. But not watch the time to money to get through ads or bypass them..Version: 1.0.04

Clips are too short for what you’re gettingBeen trying to watch a series now that captured my interest and no sooner do I watch literally no more than 2 mins I have to watch an advert that takes another 2-3 mins to go through?! It’s been annoying and frustrating to say the least it would be better if the clips were at least 5-7 mins if that’s the case and earn the coins through an advert or playing a game to earn the coins etc there’s no game to even get boost coins etc or something. It seems to be jus money? No other alternatives. Which is a real shame hopefully the daily reward either increases or the app designers can make changes to the app to help improve the overall experience..Version: 1.1.02

Don’t download unless you buyingIt doesn’t say about paying for things when reading summary. Once you watch shows you have to pay after awhile. No point in downloading..Version: 1.0.02

Kills some timeThe acting is mediocre at best but is fun enough to pass the time 20 adverts to watch just over 20 minutes is a bit over kill though when the films arnt good enough to warrant paying.Version: 1.1.02

Needs balanceI have enjoyed watching the programmes, but there need to be a better ratio of the programme to adverts. You get 1ish minute of programme then another advert and the price per episode goes up the further you go through a series. It’s not worth buying coins as it’s just not worth it, would love to give more stars, but I think it needs to be worked on first..Version: 1.1.03

Waste of timeSome of the scenes are shorter than the ads you have to watch to unlock them. And you need to watch an ad to unlock each and every scene. After a while it starts to feel like a waste of time. Acting is ok, writing is mediocre. For the price of the coins, id rather go to the cinema. Obviously this is nothing more than a tool to milk your details to sell to some other party..Version: 1.1.03

Not worth time or moneyDownloaded as I seen clips on Facebook of story and looked so good! (Story is really good) you have to watch a advert and get one minute clip for each advert you watch. You can only watch 20 adverts a day which gets you no where in the story I paid £4.99 so I could watch more ended up watch about 4 minutes worth before I had run out of coins. No way to earn coin just pay lots of money the £4.99 is the lowest amount and get you nothing! I’ve finally after days reach the last five clips so was excited to finish by watching my free ads but they have taken that away and now if I want to finish I have to pay! Total waste of money and time! If I could give no stars I would.Version: 1.1.02

Not impressedThe sections are very short if you opt for watching ads you only get 20 chapters and now it keeps saying I can’t watch because my network isn’t working when it is with everything else I’m very disappointed and won’t be using it again.Version: 1.1.02

Very expensive I do enjoy the storylines thoughPocket FM has one free episode every 24 hours, it should be like this. The ads are always freezing and it’s very frustrating so expensive for a short episode I really got interested in the stories but think you should give more coins out.Version: 1.1.02

Representation is everything!Not one of the stories on this app used black people. It was a lot like watching soap operas buy with bad actors. Then when I saw you had to pay to watch the bad acting I delete the app within 5 minutes after downloading. No thanks.Version: 1.0.03

Horrible.There’s no way to finish watching without paying and the acting is bad..Version: 1.0.02

Cost more then a movie or month worth of tv subscriptionsVideos are good with story line but too expensive to get through a story. Cheaper to go to a movie… with a date… with popcorn…. Throw in a sofa. 🤦‍♀️.Version: 1.1.02

EXPENSIVEIt’s expensive. Simple as. You have to watch at 1-2 minute advert, for a 40-80 second clip. Not worth the hassle. I paid £4.99 for coins so I didn’t have to watch the adverts, and I got not even a quarter of the way through. It’s ridiculous and needs to be lowered otherwise I can’t imagine they’ll be much profit as so many people are just leaving it midway. If you get frustrated easily, don’t buy..Version: 1.1.02

Disappointing and cannot finish storiesThe clips are too short followed by long ads and then when you get to final episodes you have to pay to finish them. Will be deleting this app its just awful and money grabbing..Version: 1.1.03

ExpensiveLove the episodes, but too expensive. I just spent $20 and ran out of coins in 15mins. My Netflix account is $18 a month. I’m not spending $20 for 15mins of 2min episodes. For that reason I will me deleting the app..Version: 1.1.02

Why not be freeI love the stories but I don’t understand why we have to wait for coins or buy coins, rather pay a monthly subscription.Version: 1.1.02

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