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I married a billionaireI love this because it has short episodes and as I don’t red books very often but seeing this u am still getting to see and read a book at the same time.Version: 1.1.07

FeedbackWhen we are watching adds to unlock atleast the whole episode should be unlocked its just that we are able to view for 1 or 2 mins so i am just not liking that please try to unlock the whole episode ..Version: 1.1.07

CoolCool short films interesting and catches short attention spans I definitely recommend downloading the app and watching the videos..Version: 1.2.02

We will love againVery inviting & curious to see but find your prices are over the top.Version: 1.5.06

Love itBeautiful and interesting stories.Version: 1.5.06

ReviewGood app just a feedback if possible can the videos be 4 to 5 minutes. It will make it much better viewing experience..Version: 1.2.01

Some are awesome storiesI have watched a couple of completed stories one I throughly enjoyed the other ones was decent am now on the third and throughly enjoying this one too. So overall it has some decent pass-the-time content and some some really enjoyable content..Version: 1.1.02

Fated to my forbidden AlphaHave just started reading but am liking what I’ve read so far..Version: 1.1.02

Secret life of my billionaire husbandOk love love loved this real, could wait for the following the day so paid for the entire thing outright to watch the end. The only issue I found that at times was the episode started to reply itself therefore using credits , I didn’t occur to me at the time until I finally had a light bulb moment that It wasn’t necessary for me to re watch and it was using credits . Oh well lesson learned . But 100% love it. And I will say it’s a little cheeky that once you do want to continue and do pay taht it does repeat what you have already seen just will a little more content but this comes down to making money I get that or just great marketing, and once of payment for all your content would be great also but again may not be as profitable for you.Version: 1.2.02

Love watching these clips so muchOnly down fall is the continuously having to watch adds and how fast it chews through the coin on the game as each episode is brief.. would love it if episodes were slightly longer. Other than that I love it. :).Version: 1.3.00

Millionaire baby bargainVery interesting.Version: 1.5.06

Great but expensiveI like watching the stories. Kind of reminds me of Wattpad books coming to life. I just don’t like how constantly have to spend money in order to watch the stories. There’s adds you can watch in order to unlock an episode at a time and to earn coins to also unlock. The videos range from 50 seconds to 2ish minutes. To me, it’s not worth it to buy coins to watch the episodes. And the episodes costs so many coins. It takes me a few days to finish one just because I don’t want to pay for the coins and I use ads to watch. Or the coins I earn from checking in daily and also watching ads. I wish the ads weren’t limited. I also wish the app was like other apps to where they have free stories and/or just run ads the entire time instead of making us having to pay. That’s only reason why I didn’t give it a 5 star rating..Version: 1.1.02

Good but expensiveI enjoy watching the films but to carry on watching you do need to pay. The idea of watching the ads is a good way of seeing the next episode although would be good if there were more ways of watching another episode not just an add..Version: 1.1.07

Reading without the readingThere’s been so many times I’ve read a story and wished they made it into shorts. This app is like my wish came true. The pay to watch thing was kind of a disappointment but it was expected. The actors did a good job..Version: 1.1.02

App so far.I’m really enjoying using the app. The stories have variety and they draw you into wanting more. I wish there were another way to earn credits rather than watching the same ads over and over. Not wanting to pay for credits can at times leave large time gaps so I loose interest in the story. The TikTok’s do keep reminding and drawing me back..Version: 1.1.02

Ads 😵‍💫The ads are very distracting and annoying. Is there anyway that we can subscribe and pay for it and not have to watch those ads.Version: 1.1.08

Any titlesIt’s really good that you can actually watching the action instead of reading the whole story. Congratulations for those who made this amazing video film and it’s good is only a short story but and good ending. I know you should earnings some money as well but every episode is expensive for those people who want to watch your content. Maybe you could lessen the amount of every episode. More people will follow & watch your videos. I’m sure of it. God Bless to all of you. Thanks.Version: 1.1.04

ChaBetter than reading!.Version: 1.2.01

TI’m really enjoying these shows.Version: 1.2.02

Never divorce a secret billionaire heiressI have seen the preview of this on Instagram/ tik tok. It caught my attention, I seen it a couple of times and decided to put the app on my phone and watch this show along with the alpha show. I just started with the app, I like the shows but not sure if I will keep using the app to continue to watch the shows it is very annoying for me. You watch one episode which is very short and then you have to watch an ad just to be able to see the next episode. It gives you the option to buy coins, but because I am not sure how much the coins cost I wouldn’t recommend purchasing them. So I have just been watching ads just to see the next episode. If the episode could be at least 2-3 minutes long it probably wouldn’t be so bad. But I don’t have the time or patience to keep watching ads just to be able to watch something, after every episode..Version: 1.1.03

Great appWish that the coins were cheaper.Version: 1.1.07

Reel shortAwesome books nice to see chapters book in real life and more.Version: 1.1.02

Could be betterAll the movies are very good but I feel it would be better if you didn’t have to watch ads to get to finish to episodes I also I like to express my concerns for how long the episodes are they are way too short and everything is so expensive if you want coins! If you are rich this is the perfect game for you..Version: 1.2.02

VideosWish you could click to watch any episodes from futher along so I don’t have t watch the same ones.Version: 1.1.07

IriGood selection of short films and you do have option to earn some coins to view and some watch videos for one episode. Overall I’m happy more affordable then other apps..Version: 1.1.02

ReelShortThey should take away the ads thing and the coins because there is show that are interesting I would to watch them so if you please do take them down.Version: 1.2.00

My billionaire husbandEverything perfect.Version: 1.1.07

REEL SHORTIt’s an amazing app but the only reason why I give it a 4/5 not 5/5 is because once I watch the show I can’t watch it again until the next day, with the shows I only can watch 5 episodes a day and there are adds but I love this app because on how amazing the shows are and it really brings up the hype if you have been wanting it for ages then get it.Version: 1.2.02

Secret life of a millionaire husbandIt seemed to jump chunks in time and then the next it’s just minutes. I was hooked though each episode, I just couldn’t wait for the next. Was a sweet ending. A few seconds longer to each episode would have been nice too. But really well done..Version: 1.1.07

More stories.Great concept (especially if you are a person who loves a complex story in a simple short segment) , lots of. young talented actor and actress (some of them may have a potential to be famous in Hollywood). The most common genre mostly Alpha and She-Wolf love story, CEO and employee love story. Potentially Mafia and vampire story and more. I would like to give this app 5 starts but for the moment, only 4 as some of the series didn’t put any credit about the cast and crew..Version: 1.3.00

Love it!I really love the story, fated to my forbidden alpha. It seems though that i only have a select few that I can watch (maybe 8-10) I would like more stories like the one I mentioned before but there don’t seem to be any. The only other ones they list for me are ones I don’t really want to watch. Not saying they are bad stories, they are just ones I’m not quite interested in. I just wish there was a way that I could watch more stories like Fated to my forbidden alpha. I really do love that story! I watch it everyday. It really is a great story, I mean it has it all! From love to revenge and everything in between! Absolutely amazing and I’m looking forward to more stories like this!! Thanks!!.Version: 1.1.02

Great appI love this app so I can watch a little bit a day and gives me something to watch when I’m going to sleep.Version: 1.2.02

Great stories but too many adsLove the stories but episodes are too short before you have to watch ads..Version: 1.1.02

Loving it!!!So hooked on these short films, i cant wait to watch each series. I really enjoy it, i think the graphics are amazing and the story lines are really interesting..Awesome short films for Me...Version: 1.5.00

Very amusingCame for the Selene & Alexander story, The acting and cast leaves a lot to be desired but if you’re into all the werewolf stories, it is amusing to watch it play out. The ads are a bit annoying and I did end up paying a little so that I could binge watch the rest. Thanks for the entertainment 🖤🖤🖤..Version: 1.1.02

To many adsWay to many adds you watch a minute then u haft to watch a ad to unlock the rest then it’s the same over and over again and the ads are way to long very frustrating.Version: 1.1.07

App was great but…The app was great and I love watching all these different series but im currently watching one and I have about 5 episodes left and if won’t let me watch any more ads, and the only way to watch another episode is to pay. Is there another way I’m able to finish the series without paying?? I don’t mind watching ads for a episode but it gets annoying when you have to pay. Please help!!.Version: 1.2.01

Good App- Nice Story’s and not JUST all about moneyGreat app- brilliant short stories/movies; acting better then I thought would be- some could be improved but overall very addictive series haha love the fact you can earn 20 free episodes every day by watching adverts 😲 which is amazing compared the 0 given by competitor apps. Plus you can check in daily and watch several adverts every day to earn coins which unlock episodes!! Definitely 100% would recommend this app. I’d your looking for short stories don’t look further 🥰😌❤️Only thing I would recommend is to shorten the adverts a little maybe just till it ends not then another 15-30 sec to get the “x” end it. But still love the app.Version: 1.1.04

Beautiful reelsLove the videos and the actors. Can we have 20 ads per film and not just a day. Could watch this all day but then no source of income to unlock with $$$.Version: 1.1.07

Awesome app better than booksI enjoyed every videos except it’s very expensive..Version: 1.5.00

Very feminine looking and sounding men except 1 storyGreat app and great potential. Best story: The only story NOT with a high pitched, girly looking guy is super hot which is called I got married without you. 10/10 I like that you can earn things for free and you can also pay if you want to see things out. While it is a bit more on the expensive side it’s definitely a guilty pleasure. If you’re into soap operas get this. The one complaint I have is can I get more masculine looking men and men with deeper voices because literally the guys will have higher voices than the girls. It’s just such a turn off if you’re trying to have guys that say they’re alpha or billionaires or dominant and their voice is higher than my baby sister. It’s just not good. And totally doesn’t work..Version: 1.2.00

Not a fan (Edit: ok starting to like it)So yes the episodes are about 1:30-2:00 mins. Some are mixed with previews and recaps. However, I’m wondering if they developers are reading reviews and fix as they go along. Yes there are ads! However, they are not as bad as before. You can watch up to 15-20 ads and receive coins or episodes (sometimes 2). Which can help watch the stories. The stories are cute, the acting no one is winning a Oscar anytime soon. However they do well for what they are given. If the developers continue to listen to reviews. This might just become a decent app to have :) Ads, everything comes with ads! Then you have to buy coins to watch the stores. I believe the “episodes” are maybe 1 min and half at best. Then you have the option to watch an ad or pay for coins. However, you are limited to 20 ads in a 24 hour period. How to earn coins, ads there’s a limit there too. Each episode varies in coins so in the 30s others near 50. Stories are your typical type booktok werewolf rejected or billionaire made to marry girl no one wants. The price isn’t worth it. Not by a long shot!.Version: 1.1.02

Amazing but way to many adds and there should be a cheaper coins to buyAmazing but way to many adds and there should be a cheaper coins to buy.Version: 1.3.00

Married at first sight.Awesome, love it so much but wish it could be longer.Version: 1.3.00

SuperTrès beau jeux.Version: 1.5.06

Double life of my billionaire husband is amazingI love the story line and even though the end was expected it very exciting to watch. Moreso, it a very beautiful story. Cons: the actors were too amateur except for Sebastian who has that aura of good acting, flaws in some part of the movie but he is a good actor.. I like the funny big of the taxi driver… it was funny..Version: 1.1.04

FunTakes a while to get through just watching limited clips each day. I did cave and ended up purchasing tickets. Fun story. Once you’ve unlocked all the chapters you can watch all the way through - about 60mins..Version: 1.2.01

Great!I just hate the commercial being the same one over and over. Bah solitaire cash….Version: 1.5.06

AwesomeLove watching but the short snippets are a little frustrating, other wise love it..Version: 1.5.00

More coinsMore coins to watch.Version: 1.5.00

TvVery nice short tv series.Version: 1.5.06

ReviewLovely story but can’t get any more chapters as bit expensive.Version: 1.3.00

LivreTrès intéressant, pas trop long à lire.Version: 1.5.06

Need free readNeed free books to read.Version: 1.1.07

Nice but annoying breaksI liked the idea of these mini stories, but unless you’re willing to be constantly paying for the short clips you get, you end up needing to watch multiple adverts each time. If the clips were longer I may consider making purchases for watching clips without ads. However clips are only a few minutes long so will cost too much to be of any interest, so will stick to watching ads instead.Version: 1.1.03

So addicted it’s dangerousI’m obsessed. These stories get you hooked!!.Version: 1.1.04

Not too badAdmittedly it can get pricey at around $50 per reel but on average you do spent that much on some hard cover books. With your first top up you spend around $25 for 1500 coins and get a bonus 1500 on top. That will be enough for one movie so choose wisely for your first pick. Over all I like the app, some scene are a bit cheesy but I suppose that’s comes with the territory 😅.Version: 1.1.02

Addictive content, in the best way.Stories are very captivating, and ads are short. Although you do need to watch a lot of adds, or pay for coins to watch each episode, it’s worth it..Version: 1.1.03

GoodGreat.Version: 1.5.06

Found the oneWhat a great show so happy they found each other again.Version: 1.5.06

Loved the mini movie HATED all the adsIt was a great story and I enjoyed it but having to go through all the ads almost made me give up. It was annoying and not something I enjoyed. Making me question if I want to watch another one. It was long and tedious. Cut back on the commercials or make the clips longer so it's worth it.Version: 1.1.04

I married without youThis short series was really quite interesting and I really enjoyed it..Version: 1.2.01

Amazing AppIt easy to use, high quality filming and the best thing is that it let you watch adds to unlock the reels if you run out of coins. Highly recommended, better than watching long series and wasting time..Version: 1.2.01

Good but why are the clips so short???Kept seeing the adverts for this on social media so thought I would download. The amount of coins it costs for each clip is a bit steep I wouldn’t mind if the clips were 2 minutes long but 67 coins for 1.5 minute clips is a bit steep glad it’s not costing real money as I don’t think it would be worth it. It the overall story portrayal is good and the clips are easy to get into, please make them a little bit longer.Version: 1.1.03

Love the stories…Love the stories but having to watch adds to watch the next eps a bit dumb, and the coins are expensive. But I understand that app has to make money somehow ❤️.Version: 1.1.02

I loved itI loved the story line but the credits are pricey.Version: 1.5.06

ExperienceVery tasking, need a lot of patience to see.Version: 1.5.06

Great ❤️I love reading these kinds of stories, I’m addicted … and watching these are great!!! I only wish they were longer and actual series and of course that I didn’t have to pay so much!… 🙃 but honestly this app is great if like me your a fan of these kind of stories, love it!.Version: 1.1.03

The double life of my billionaire husbandIt was amazing the girl deserve everything is got coming her way even though she married a man she didn’t know but she never treat him in anyway but stayed faithful even tho he was trying to buy her everything and she wanted him to save his money for his future that’s a good wife and for her family that’s good for all of them they wanted to treat her like the black sheep and marry her off to a man that was actually nice and rich that could of been the sister life but she wanted to be a little brat and marry off her half sister to the guy and regret it when she finds out who he really is and why her sister life was going up while hers her dad and moms own was going down so to say everyone got what they deserve and the story was amazing..Version: 1.2.02

Short filmsAm enjoying the short story kinda wish they were a little bit longer..Version: 1.1.05

We will love againSooo good i love watching them i wish i can watch them more each day.Version: 1.5.06

Fantastic short story video app!!!L've been using this video app for a while now, and I must say it's outstanding. The app offers a wide range of short video stories!! Gripping stories in English and foreign languages with English subtitles. Recommend this app to watch amazing short stories new and unique!.Version: 1.1.04

This is a great appAll the movies here were interesting and they have such good story behind.Version: 1.5.05

5 Star Rating For “”Married At First Sight””The videos are a lot shorter then pocket fm doesn’t really give much of a “”off the edge of your chair”” moment or a tease to what’s about to happen next but other then that it’s alright.Version: 1.3.00

New Update :(I have been loving this app. It will test your patience or teach you patience, it is up to you to decide. You get to watch a number of adds per day to unlock episodes. You can also watch ads to earn coins to use for the episodes. I understand business so I get why they have it done this way. I didn’t mind when I could watch 20 ads a day but now it’s FIVE! So I can see 5 minutes of a series that I’m basically addicted to per day. 😮‍💨💀 I don’t love that. The ads are way shorter but I think I would rather watch 20 different 30 second ads to get to see the show vs watching 5 different 5 second ads. Hope this makes sense! Will this be the new norm for this app? I’d love for it to go back to 20 ads/episodes per day..Version: 1.2.00

This app ate and left like 3 crumbs😌😂I didn’t expect to enjoy this app as much as I did. The stories are so intriguing and I was a little shocked to see K-dramas. I do wish that some of the K-dramas weren’t voiced by English actors though. I prefer just reading subtitles. It gets irritating when the mouth and words don’t match. I’m not the biggest fan of the ad situation, but I also don’t mind it either. I wish every episode was 2 minutes long and that there wasn’t a recap at the beginning. I noticed there aren’t many shows but I don’t know how long this app has been a thing so I hope more are to come. Overall I love the app. The acting is cringe at times but not as bad as some reviews make it seem. I can tell there’s a low budget so I wouldn’t expect too much anyway. Plus I feel like bad acting can make shows funnier. Still this app eats every show it puts out. I get so invested off of just a trailer. I feel like the use of adds and coins brings back what it felt like to watch shows on cable TV. Sometimes the anticipation made the show better. I also loved commercial bathroom breaks. At least I’m not waiting for a 1-2 minute clip everyday. I only have to watch an ad..Version: 1.1.02

Love ItSigned up because of incessant TikTok promos. Worth it. Pro’s: Addictive and awesome. Once you’ve finished a series you can rewatch the whole thing ad-free. Con’s: Can get $$$ if you pay for coins. I’m trying to save money with my current show by only using the coins I get from watching ad’s, but this can be annoying and time-consuming. I also don’t understand how the Bonus coins work, can’t find any info? I currently have 112 bonus coins but these don’t convert to coins I can use to watch episodes. So what are they for? All in all I’m loving it..Version: 1.1.02

FabLove the quick pick me ups I get from most of the stories! As a very unwell 42 year old with a possible grim future ahead of her , the excitement I get from watching these stories is a great replacement for the real thing! Just wish I could get more credits to keep watching more and more everyday but I can not afford to buy any as I can’t even pay my medical bills let alone my normal everyday living expenses!! Such a great app!.Version: 1.5.00

I got married without youLove the story’s but think we should just pay to watch the holes thing all together with out the breaks cause that’s what’s up me off.Version: 1.2.00

Love but here are my thoughtsI’m just gonna start by saying that I never review apps like this but after reading some I wanted to add my opinion. While I agree that the ads are a bit frustrating and the pay off of 1-2 min episodes may not be worth it to some, I think it’s a step in a direction I’m really excited for. I’ve read a lot of stories close to the ones this app offers but haven’t seen one where it’s acted out. I absolutely love this. I would say that I wish the episodes were a bit longer to combat the time I watch the ads for free episodes. However I appreciate that it offers 20 free a day which is a lot more than I’ve seen with other apps and you have the chance to earn some by watching more ads. I keep seeing responses to the reviews given are self reflecting and I hope they truly mean it. It may not be exactly what I’d wish it to be but it’s definitely awesome as a start up..Version: 1.1.02

Great mini-showsThis app is still very new so I understand the amount of ads. Im hoping very soon that the amount you need to watch in order to get further into the story will be less, but atm it is a lot. The videos are 1-2 minutes long before you have to watch a 30-45 second ad. They do give you quite a few bonuses in a day to be able to watch more than the 20 free (with the ads) that you get in a day. So if you commit to watching the ads & the bonus ads to earn coins, you can watch about 25-30 episodes which is quite a bit. They do offer a way to purchase the coins to watch more also. Looks like a great way for these actors to be seen & find supporters. I just wish there was a section to view who the actors are. Their acting is great for what I would assume are newer actors. Definitely hooked to Fated to my Forbidden Alpha. Worth the watch!.Version: 1.1.02

AddIt’s a good like reading app thing but I hate how the story video thing only last like 40 seconds and then your made to watch another video like if the story video thing was like I don’t a little longer it just seems like I’m watching more ads then the actual story itself but otherwise it’s still good.Version: 1.1.04

Can be addictiveI like watching these and some storylines can be addictive which becomes expensive. I think people that pay to unlock should get more episodes for the money they are paying..Version: 1.1.02

ExpensiveI was intrigued to watch these shorts after seeing an ad for one, right from the off I was frustrated with the 1 minute play then an ad 1 minute play the ad again and so on. I watched over 20 minutes of ads to watch 20 minutes of the story. There is no way to earn coins just buy them! I paid £4.99 to finish a story yet didn’t make it a third of the way through! Would be nice to get more time for your coins and ways to earn bonus coins etc.Version: 1.1.02

Genuine reviewHonestly, with all the mixed reviews I wasn’t even going to download this. But after a bunch of ads for it I decided to try. The stories themselves are actually pretty good and interesting enough to keep watching. The actors and acting isn’t bad but it can feel a little hard to watch at times because it isn’t the greatest. The ads issue is a little iffy. While I don’t mind watching the ads, they are annoying but it’s standard ads you get on any mobile game. What’s annoying is watching an ad and then only get 30-40 second videos before getting another ad. If the reels were all equally 1-2 minutes long I wouldn’t mind them nearly as much. It definitely encourages you to spend money on coins or to do things for coins. You only get 20 ads to watch a day. After that you need coins to keep watching. Which also wouldn’t be so bad but one single reel costs 50 coins. Other than that, if you like this kind of thing it’s definitely worth a try..Version: 1.1.02

Romatic Drama episodesBeautiful drama. I wish I could watch it all at once..Version: 1.2.02

AllCan’t wait for the next instalment on every story so far just wish there were other ways to earn coins.Version: 1.2.00

Shorts are great but the adds are notI got hooked by seeing a bit of a short on an instagram story. I downloaded the app watched 100s of adverts to then not be able to even watch the end unless i bought credits. I know this is how the money is made but its so annoying for a 20 min watch..Version: 1.1.07

Needs some improvement but love the appI’ve been watching reel shorts for a while since I first saw the ad and needless to say I love it. I love how different all the stories are and how different all the genres are. It’s so great seeing the creativity and seeing how well portrayed these stories are. Some improvement for I think all viewers is the amount of ads you have to watch. I think that most people would love for there to be a more modern version of approach to this; consider things such as giving watchers 5 free episodes one week and alternatively making it more enticing for each story to keep people watching. I think switching that depending on the streak they’re on for coins will allow people to be a little more interested instead of having to watch multiple ads over and over again. I also think that allowing watchers to get more coins in the streak from the first sign in streaks rather than as you accumulate the sign in streak would really allow the watchers to enjoy the app more. Overall, amazing app with different stories, has its own improvements which I hope to see.Version: 1.5.01

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