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Can be addictiveI like watching these and some storylines can be addictive which becomes expensive. I think people that pay to unlock should get more episodes for the money they are paying..Version: 1.1.02

Addictive content, in the best way.Stories are very captivating, and ads are short. Although you do need to watch a lot of adds, or pay for coins to watch each episode, it’s worth it..Version: 1.1.03

Good but why are the clips so short???Kept seeing the adverts for this on social media so thought I would download. The amount of coins it costs for each clip is a bit steep I wouldn’t mind if the clips were 2 minutes long but 67 coins for 1.5 minute clips is a bit steep glad it’s not costing real money as I don’t think it would be worth it. It the overall story portrayal is good and the clips are easy to get into, please make them a little bit longer.Version: 1.1.03

ExpensiveI was intrigued to watch these shorts after seeing an ad for one, right from the off I was frustrated with the 1 minute play then an ad 1 minute play the ad again and so on. I watched over 20 minutes of ads to watch 20 minutes of the story. There is no way to earn coins just buy them! I paid £4.99 to finish a story yet didn’t make it a third of the way through! Would be nice to get more time for your coins and ways to earn bonus coins etc.Version: 1.1.02

Fated to my forbidden AlphaHave just started reading but am liking what I’ve read so far..Version: 1.1.02

Different from othersHonestly, this app would be so much better if we can just watch it for free for the entire show. The content is really good and addicting but you can't use ads to unlock past a certain episode which means I have to pay. Please make it so that we can use ads to unlock all episodes for free pleaseeeeeeeeee. I'm begging you. I'm addicted to this app!!!!.Version: 1.0.03

Good ideaGood idea but takes to long to watch unless you pay to buy coins.Version: 1.1.02

GoodLike the shoes, fight scenes could do with a little work but otherwise fine. Would be great if you could watch it all in 1 sitting once u have unlocked it from the ads.Version: 1.1.02

Some are awesome storiesI have watched a couple of completed stories one I throughly enjoyed the other ones was decent am now on the third and throughly enjoying this one too. So overall it has some decent pass-the-time content and some some really enjoyable content..Version: 1.1.02

Good ContentsIt seems to be a new app. There is not a lot of content in it, but the video content is very interesting. Once you start watching it, you can’t stop. I hope to launch more interesting content as soon as possible. I can’t wait..Version: 1.0.03

Love themI love the reals there really good I just wish you didn’t need coins xxx.Version: 1.1.03

Alpha parkThe dramas are very interesting but very short and the price for a coin is just too expensive.Version: 1.1.03

Frustratingly Addictive!I didn’t expect to find myself so sucked into something that was fed to you in such small increments. It’s cheesy and predictable but I’m hooked and committed! Thanks a bunch!.Version: 1.1.02

Great stories but too many adsLove the stories but episodes are too short before you have to watch ads..Version: 1.1.02

Like !Like this app.Interesting!!!.Version: 1.0.03

Great ❤️I love reading these kinds of stories, I’m addicted … and watching these are great!!! I only wish they were longer and actual series and of course that I didn’t have to pay so much!… 🙃 but honestly this app is great if like me your a fan of these kind of stories, love it!.Version: 1.1.03

IriGood selection of short films and you do have option to earn some coins to view and some watch videos for one episode. Overall I’m happy more affordable then other apps..Version: 1.1.02

Love the stories…Love the stories but having to watch adds to watch the next eps a bit dumb, and the coins are expensive. But I understand that app has to make money somehow ❤️.Version: 1.1.02

Love itIt works OK I guess. I hate watching anything on my phone but some times it's all I have, and this helps to kill time. The drama is intense, but the acting should certainly be improved..Version: 1.0.03

To many adsGoing to take a life time to watch till the end lol.Version: 1.1.02

The app is amazing!Omg I just love the perpetual drama in those series. It’s so good that it pains cuz I can’t put the phone down 🫠.Version: 1.0.03

EnjoyI enjoy watching however clips are too short and needs more ways to earn coins to watch x.Version: 1.1.02

ThanksCould be better if the ads didn’t come ever like min.Version: 1.1.02

Interesting contentIt seems like the app is still new so there’s limited content to choose from. With that said, everything on there is SO ADDICTING! Can’t stop watching…hoping for more soon!.Version: 1.0.02

Recommend to anyone who likes shorts storiesReally great app for short story that catch your attention. Some acting isn’t the best but great app.Version: 1.1.02

Good appIt‘s a great story. i love this app.Version: 1.0.03

Nice moviesWell I finished watching big bag husband, and now watching contract wife , the 50 episodes. It’s attractive. Not bad. Support it!.Version: 1.0.04

Less ads more coinsLove this app but hate that there’s loads of ads and you have to pay for the coins to finish it..Version: 1.1.02

A secret Billionaires heiressLoved watching.. an amazing story, I was not expecting the end… so many changes, leaving me addicted to next episode oops an it gets a little pricey but worth it needs to be a movie!!!.Version: 1.1.03

Love this!!!I'm so happy I found this app via Chapters. I'm addicted already and I can't wait until there are new shows added. Thank you for this! I absolutely love it!.Version: 1.0.03

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