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AmIGoingDown? - Fear of Flying App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

AmIGoingDown? - Fear of Flying app received 28 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using AmIGoingDown? - Fear of Flying? Can you share your negative thoughts about amigoingdown? - fear of flying?

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AmIGoingDown? - Fear of Flying for Negative User Reviews

Missing lots of airlinesWell so far it doesn't have Frontier airlines, Allegiant or Spirit. I gave up looking after that. Also still has Continental and Northwest which don't exist. Guess I wasted .99$..Version: 1.0.1

A bit macabreThe idea behind it is actually quite interesting. Statistics-wise you should be safe, but you never really know. It's a bit macabre, especially if you're planning on taking a plane to somewhere. Probably best if you don't check the app, if you're a tad squeamish..Version: 1.0.1

Not completeNo Swiss Air and other airlines missing. Flew to Hong Kong on a SAAB prop machine. Says it all really can't rely on the info. Oh yes, that flight was with Alaska air from ZH. Not accurate. Good idea and can be a good App but needs a revamp and quite some work done to it..Version: 1.0.1

Really? Ads in a £1.49 application?App itself is fine, but for what it is, I don't think it's good of them to put ads in a paid app. Note that they don't show the ad banner (permanently at the bottom of the screen, and covering some app functionality like "share" etc) in the images in the app store..Version: 2.5

What a waste of moneyThis app is ridiculous, the reviews have to be fake lol it doesn’t even have Jet Blue as an airline option! And when you put in all the info, al it does is give you the statistics of you going down. Mine was 1 in 5,000,000. I could’ve googled that..Version: 3.2

Is that isI’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but it seems like this app only tells you one stat, how many times you would have to fly on that flight until statistically you would go down. Is that it? I thought it was a selection of calming facts about flying..Version: 3.0

OverpricedFor what I paid I expected more. I could get the info from Google and not pay anything.Version: 2.5

Not comforting!This app is supposed to comfort me, but instead it has made me more scared. I put the details of a flight that recently crashed and details of a flight I’m due to take and it said I have more probability in crashing on the flight I am due to take!!!! I asked for an immediate refund after seeing the results..Version: 3.2

Why isn't Thomas Cook on?!?!I love how every airline but Thomas Cook is on. Would have given this 5 stars , however considering I've just spent 79p merely for this airline to find out its not on. It only gets a 1. Sorry..Version: 1.7

JohnNot useful at all, since it should be involved the weather of the certain day and the pilot of the air bus.not only departure and destination and air company ,air bus. what are u trying to do?calm PPP down by according to the company historical statistics ?.Version: 1.0.1

Extremely limited app for the priceThis app has good information, but it was poorly executed. Once you enter the trip information there is no way to go back and change it. You have to exit from the app and try again. Hardly worth the 3 bucks..Version: 3.2

Not usefulA refund would be nice....Version: 1.0.1

Missing informationNo listing for Boeing 717, appears to be missing several types and places. I also seem to get exact info on each search. Maybe the odds are EXACTLY the same?.Version: 1.6

UnrealisticFirst, I cannot input certain airline companies or fairly common aircraft. Second, the app does not give accurate statistics. Try entering a Canadair from Seattle to New Zealand (the odds are 100% crash for lack of fuel capacity) but the app still gives you a 1 in 1,900,000 roughly. Obviously it doesn't take into account major factors like fuel and payload in its calculations. Waste of 99 cents. Needs to be more comprehensive. Until then, charging for this app is a joke..Version: 1.0.1

OkThis app is neat but for someone truly fearful it can make you more scared. It also doesn’t take ETOPS ratings into consideration. Not sure why the risk for some models of aircraft are designated yellow when they have an excellent safety record such as Boeing 767..Version: 3.0

Good...Functionality is limited. Price is high. But it definitely works.Version: 3.2

Get more dataCouldn't find my airline (Porter) or plane type (Bombardier). Good concept, great simplicity but get more data!!!.Version: 1.7

Not finishedUI is incomplete. If you get an estimate, there is no indicated way to go back. (It is possible, just not visually indicated).Version: 3.2

Insanely overpricedFor an app that effectively says 'no, it's very unlikely that you are' this has an insanely high price point..Version: 2.7

Back buttons missingBack buttons are missing after you see the result or when seeing plane details, etc. You have to quit the app to get back to the previous screen. Development on this app might have been abandoned..Version: 3.2

Contains advertsPaid for this but has adverts! WTF!!!!.Version: 1.0.1

I can't found the airportI'm was looking for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Airport in China (CAN) But I can't found it.Version: 1.0.1

AppBought this app thinking it would help me with my fear of flying. Only shows flight vs crash statistics. Nothing else. Can find this info on Google. Not worth the money/download..Version: 2.5

Crashes on launchCan't open on ipad mini.Version: 2.4

The stats don't make any senseThe odds calculated don't make any sense. The app allowed me to calculate odds for flights and routes that don't exist (STN to NYC on Ryanair) so how it's working out its odds I don't know. Considering this is an app marked for nervous flyers, made up stats don't help, and neither does the icon of a crashing plane. The whole app is an advert for a therapist..Version: 2.4

Mr DisgruntledDoesn't have EVA Air in data base. Want my money back.Version: 1.0.1

Useless and inaccurateThis application does not recognise that if I went from london to Denmark, I won't be flying with Air China on Boeing 777..Version: 1.5

AnnaThere’s no my local airport (Doncaster) on the list.Version: 3.2

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