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Great app!!About 2 years ago, one of my friends desperately wanted me to get discord, basically to the point of him downloading it on my laptop. At the time I thought it was unnecessary as I could just use Skype to connect. I have to say, I was wrong. Discord is a great app, you can tell it has been made with gamers and the meme community in mind. It looks great aesthetically and runs well. I can’t imagine the amount of time I’ve been on call playing games like Counter Strike and having a lot fun. Additionally, the inbuilt bots like Pokémon and slotbot (just to name a few) add another aspect to the platform and make servers much better. Truly the gamers platform. I really think playing games with friends make games 10 times better. Discord makes connecting with friends easy to use, efficient and all-round amazing!.Version: 3.1.9

Improved call feature?I love discord, I think it’s great that there is an app focused to the needs of gamers and it’s the only app I need to communicate with my friends. However, in the recent update for iOS I found the new call features when putting your phone to sleep prevents me from getting discord notifications (and maybe others, I haven’t tested). It’s cool that you can integrate the call feature with iPhones but I’m looking for an option to turn it off. So far I’ve found a way to prevent the app from creating the call that is recognised by the iPhone; simply close the app completely while in the call, then reopen the app. It should connect you to the call automatically, but if you press the home button before the call has finished authenticating, it will go back to being a normal discord call, the same as before the update..Version: 3.0.2

Please fix this bug discord :(So at first, I was calling my friends on this amazing app as usual but then suddenly I couldn’t hear anything and I went to check what had happened to the call. For some reason, the app made me leave the call for no reason! It was probably a bug so I just rejoined the call.. but then after a day or few it got even worse! Every time I call and play games at once the call just stops and I would have to leave the game and rejoin it. I got so annoyed one day so I decided to try to find out what’s going on and how to fix it. But nothing worked.. I tried deleting the app and download it back but that did work, so I tried to restart my discord and that didn’t work. Please! Discord please! Fix this bug it is very annoying and if this doesn’t get fixed then I might have to use another messaging app. Other than that, discord is amazing..Version: 19.0

GlitchAs I try to open a message it wasn’t loading properly and it didn’t load the others messages on the other accounts that I talk to can u Guyra fix this and I really enjoy this app.Version: 117

Notifications haven’t been working with the latest updateOne of my friends and i have both noticed that the notifications haven’t been working since saturday. considering the fact he (and many of my other friends) live in the US and i live in the UK, it means i’m not being notified when they are messaging back- and it’s making to harder to talk to each other during the small amount of time we have to talk to each other in the day (considering we are both busy, and he won’t come online until about 10am GMT, and i usually log off around 10/11pm GMT- though that varies depending on the day of the week and how tuckered i am) discord is a great service beyond that- i’m just mildly inconvenienced by this. would love for it to be fixed! :)) thanks :)).Version: 73.0

CompatibilityMake it compatible with apple watch? It would be much more convenient rather than just getting the notification but cannot reply from apple watch. This would help a lot and I would definitely recommend using discord..Version: 126.0

Please helpDiscord is a great alternative to other apps, I got it because I was in a group and that group required you having Discord, and at first it was really complicated but then I got a hang of things. The problem started randomly, what would happen is whenever I open Discord it goes completely black, like the first time this happened I literally thought my IPad died, but nope. I closed the application, and on the screen, it showed “discord” but the app screen was almost empty discord was going very faint, and I can’t do anything on discord, I deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times. Still, nothing changed, idk what to do now, because when my clan is hosting a training or a patrol to get promoted, we NEED to be in Voice Chat. This has been limiting my ability to be a active member in my clan, the only way I can use Voice Chat or chat or other servers is by using my phone. But using a iPad to play games, and a phone to communicate is really hard. Other than this I have had no problems whatsoever. This would have been a five star but this issue has made things VERY difficult. Please Help..Version: 3.0.4

Amazing!Great app! few bugs here and there, but they get sorted within the week. However, one thing I would change is the support, rather than the staff members just copying and pasting a large text, Atleast have them actually look into the issue aswell, also it would be nice to be able to have a live support chat rather than having to constantly waiting for an email. Also it would be nice to have the ability for server owners to allow stereo voice audio for us musicians on discord. What I mean is the Owner or any staff member of amy server cam check a box saying the person or role is allowed to use stereo audio, like what Bots have. Rather than us using a third party software like Ripcord. Trust me, if stereo audio was a thing in discord, no one would use a third party software..Version: 3.1.9

I have a problemI’ve been using discord for a year now and it has been working perfectly fine but then one time I went into discord and it crashed and took me back to the home screen. I’ve tried going on to discord multiple times and it always takes me back to the home screen. I searched up why it happens and it tells me that I need the latest update which I have, and it also says that I need to free up storage which I have also done. I tried going on discord but it still doesn’t let me. Can you please fix it? I really enjoy using discord and want to keep using it..Version: 155.0

Remove Call KitIt hurts me to write this review b/c I love discord but call kit is annoying af PLEASE LET US DISABLE IT.Version: 3.0.4

DiscordI have loved using this app for the past two years, but why have you made it 17+?.Version: 82.0

Really good app! Could use some improvementsDiscord is a really fun and friendly app! In my experience, Everyone respected my choice of speaking or not :) Everyone was fun and friendly and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve made some amazing friends that I hope will continue for a long time to come! At first I was really nervous about is this appropriate for my age? Will they discuss things that concern me? But everyone was friendly and understanding and aware the use of inappropriate language would not be tolerated. If you were concerned about your child using this app I would recommend your child should be above age 10 and trust they will be responsible online. The only thing is sometimes discord has some connection issues causing glitching and audio issues. Thank you.Version: 24.0

Spoiler Alert: There are No Spoilers...I love the app, great to talk to my friends and everything, service is improving with each update and I’m able to find different chats easily enough. When it comes to discussing subjects like books or movies, though, I want to make sure that I’d have a spoiler tag to hide the words or image so people who don’t want to be spoiled stay spoiler-free. Problem is, through research when I couldn’t find it, there is no way to make a picture or sentence “spoiler hidden”, which ends up having me to avoid any postings or talk about movies and such. Having a way to turn a picture or post onto a spoiler post would be something fine since it exists on every other device known. Also setting a custom status is also a slight pain, once you make one it either disappears after a small time or stays forever, but what about having the option to save a custom status? So that way you could have up to three you can switch between or turn off on the fly without having to delete it and go through the process of making the same custom status all over again. I want to let my friends know when I’m at work, if I’m still asleep and other such so they don’t have to guess why I’m idle. I know Discord can’t make everything happen, but some quality of life improvements and features that actually match all the other versions would be nice after all this time. But it’s a great app, still..Version: 23.0

Discord Review! (Used at for over 1 year)Amazing app, I have been using discord for 1 and a half years now and it has been great. I’ve been able to meet new people and stay in contact with other people as well as find jobs that revolve around discord! It’s helped me a lot and was a life saver in lockdown. Discord has a discord nitro perk which you can pay for that truly does enhance your experience on discord so I suggest purchasing discord nitro for either £5 per month or £10 per month dependant on which discord nitro you would like however you can find out more about that on the app. One thing I would say needs to be improved is the upload limit for videos which truly has frustrated me however a perk of discord nitro is having a higher limit so you can upload large file sizes. Overall a great app with constant updates and fixes as well as easy help and support when needed!.Version: 85.0

Great, just one thing to add.Discord is a great app, but there are 2 things I hope you add ^^ First is, I’m in a lot of voice acting projects. I always have to download files (me being an animator) and they’re always wav, mp3, or mp4 files. I have to go on pc to download them, since you can’t save them on iOS. Second, I hope in a different update we’ll be able to set profile pictures or server icons to transparent, instead of having to go on pc or google chrome to do that. On iOS, it just has a black screen where the transparent part is meant to be. BUT; it’s an amazing app with that aside. I love how you can pin messages so you can look at something when you need to remember a note or something, I find it really helpful when I need lines for voice acting. I also love the feature where you can edit and save permissions on a server’s channel, so you can make it where only special members can send pictures, and muted people can’t talk. But I do wish for groupchats to have more features, like audit logs. It’s a little unnecessary but someone in my groupchat keeps unpinning important messages and it’s getting annoying. I want to find out who did it..Version: 47.1

I love this app but somethings not rightNow this app is amazing, but theres some things that really annoy me. When I want to send photos or videos, it says it takes up too much storage and I think the storage worth should be extended. There’s also something wrong with my friends’ discord. They tried writing a review but discord wouldn’t let them. What is also happening is that randomly they are just using discord, but many verifications come up. Here’s the thing, they already verified like one million times but discord is still telling them to verify. I made this review for them because they weren’t able to. They have tried downloading then re downloading the app and made multiple accounts but the same thing happens to all accounts. We both have no idea why this is happening. They have made over 5 accounts but nothing has worked. Please do something if you can! If you need this, they have a iPhone 6+ and a big apple ipad. Im not sure if you need that information but just in case you do! - their bestfriend..Version: 106.0

Nitro glitchesDiscord is great, but they have been scamming a lot of its users with nitro. not the prices, the prices are fine, but with not actually giving us nitro after paying. it just happened to me and i found more people having the same problem over the last year or two on their feedback site. some even said that discord would blame it on the users payment process or just not helping them at all. take what you will from that, its great to use if you arent going to purchase nitro. (this is usually a problem on mobile only, i think).Version: 106.0

A serious lack of settings.Hey! Great app. Thoroughly enjoy using discord, the view is quite pretty and I usually get all my notifications. I just have one issue. The settings leaves much to be desired. Unlike the desktop application, which has everything you need, there are a lot of settings missing from the mobile version! Want to turn off automatic emoji conversion? You’re gonna have to go find your laptop for that one, buddy. It’s annoying and time consuming. I also have an issue with uploading photos. I’m not sure what it is, but sometimes I try to send an image in a chat and it comes up with an error message saying ‘under 8mb, please’ or something of the like. It’s been like this for multiple different things (screenshots, photography, etc.) but for some reason the same thing doesn’t happen upon taking a screenshot of the error message and sending that? Weird. Please fix both of these. Much appreciated..Version: 2.3.9

A suggestion:I’ve noticed that Discord has made an update where: You can change your avatar banner (If you have Nitro). And I wanted to come up with another suggestion, that i’ve been thinking about. I think there should be a feature (this is about the avatar/profile pictures) where you can click on your pfp, when changing it. And have a feature where you will see two tabs, the first one that says: "Files" (meaning you can go into your photos from your device and change you pfp, into any picture). And the second tab that says: "Photos" (where it shows, what photos you had set as your pfp before, and can scroll through them and find the one that you want to change into again). This makes it easier to find what photos I had as my pfp. Because It’s hard trying to find the photo that I want, when I already had set it as my pfp before. This feature is similar to Googles. As the banner feature seems to be a bit similar to Youtubes. I hope this does become a feature, because I feel like it’ll be very helpful!.Version: 80.0

Why I used to love Discord but still use it.When my best friend first introduced me to discord I was very sceptical, I was using messenger at the time and didn’t see a need to have a second messaging app. After a while of pestering, my friend eventually convinced me to download it. It was to my surprise that Discord was very different to messenger, it had the core features of a messaging app but soo much more. It was the fact that you could own and manage your own personal channel that I really fell in love with. Immediately I felt a great sense of community and social acceptance. I met a bunch of new friends and saw a bunch of great memes, all was good for a long time. Then Discord added the news tab, and started to become more like a game store than a social platform. And that’s what really annoys me about it, I still continue to use it because I have soo much invested in Discord, but every time I launch the app I have to look at promotions for games and ads everywhere, I don’t want that, I have enough applications that do that already. I don’t want my the social hub that I use to relax and talk to friends to also be a market place for games and other stuff. ~Ockley.Version: 3.0.4

Read before downloadingI love this app i would give it a divendres star rating because of all of the amanint features it has but...if you are under the age of 13 this may not be the right app for you. There are mostly no blocks which can be good and bad. But if you are 13 or younger its not the best. Things can get Inapropiat really fast and yes there are blocks and limits but you have to activate most of them and the ones you do not have to activate are for if you PUT in that you are younger that 18 and most young users lie about their age so they have no limits. That may not be a problem for most but for some it can go down hill fast. One more reason i do not give this app five stars is because any one can get it and that is ok with most people but again if you are under 13 that is a big problem because you could be talking to a high school student when you are in elementry school. Or you could even be talking to a 60 year old man/women at the age of 8. Now again this app is a amazing but it could be dangerus for children and has no limits. And i do not want to give a bad revew because this app is great but it is dangrus for children and a play ground for Child predators. But again amazing app.Version: 47.0

DISCORD IS GREAT, but a recommendation:Discord is an amazing app, letting me talk to my friends, see my favourite youtuber’s streams, and so on. When I was first introduced to this app, I had to use it by the browser. It worked but I never chatted to any of my friends, so I gave up. Soon about a year later after that, a new friend asks me to get discord. Of course, I got it, as how I had some experience, and soon I got to chat to all of my friends at home! It worked better than messenger, which was useful. RECOMMENDATION: I would personally recommend letting younger ages use this app, like 12+. Some parents play by the rules, so some kids at maybe 13 can’t get discord, for example, me. I wanted discord when I found out about it, but I had to wait for a year or so to get it. Some kids do already use it, but strict parents wouldn’t allow their kids, so I think it would please children if you had lowered the age restriction. I also recommend that if you download on an iPad, you can see the compass. I am currently using discord on an iPad, since it has a bigger screen, and I don’t wanna talk to my friends on a PC. I first used iPad for discord, and I’m not seeing the compass that the instructions tell me about. So I have had to use the browser for discord to join special servers. Anyways I hope you enjoyed my rating! Of course Discord most likely won’t see it or do it, but it’s just a recommendation!.Version: 117.1

Amazing!Firstly, I just want to say I love this app! It’s so handy and unlike Apple text messages, it uses less storage. But since I’m on mobile I have a few problems that I’d like to address. 1. How come there’s no screen share on mobile? It’s okay if you can’t, but I’m quite curious as to why you can’t do this. Are phones and tablets just not fast enough and it might crash? 2. Again, mobile is missing something PC has. Why is there no noise suppression on iPad? I saw on phone they added some cool stuff like a phone symbol next to the avatar and background noise suppression. But iPad is yet to have these. Is it you or have I not updated it? 3. This one is for laptops instead but it’s still worth mentioning. When I was using a laptop, I noticed that there’s lots of scroll sliders on the side (thanks for that). But There’s none for the server list. It was quite annoying when I’d try to scroll and I’d have to use the scroll click and be careful not to click the server. Please add one if you can. I get if it’s too tight but it’s wonderful! That’s all! Please keep working on your beautiful app!.Version: 32.0

Great, just a few problems.This app is very very good but has some bugs... One is if you tap on a msg to dm someone then go to user settings it bugs out and the message typing thing will be at the bottom of the user settings preventing me to access and leave the user settings and forces me to restart the app. Another bug I have with this app is that I’ve noticed whenever I join a call the app constantly makes my phones screen black as if it keeps constantly putting my phone to sleep. And my last problem is that I’m a nitro user and I constantly change my profile every now and then, and when I select the animated profile I want to use it displays it as if it were a normal profile picture and when I go to save it my profile picture won’t update.... I deleted the app and tried again and then it changed so it seems like I have to deleted and reinstall the app just to change my profile picture. Nonetheless it’s a pretty nice app if you ignore the problems that it has as they are easy to ignore. The only problem that really bugs me is the blackout screen thing when I’m in a call with my friends my other friends have that problem too and we have no idea if there is a fix for it..Version: 53.0

Best app so far.As for all of the reviews claiming for this app to be bug filled and laggy, it’s not an issue as of discord itself. It’s a personal user mistake and wifi connectivity problem. I have been using discord for years, about six now, and I have never had an issue with lag or bugs. Even with all of the new updates. Only once has the calling been unavailable but that was because discord put it on hold to fix a connectivity issue, since discord calls aren’t the clearest out there. I would definitely recommend this app to friends and family to keep in contact. I’ve created a whole community on discord and brought many people together, even saved lives. And I’m not being dramatic. This app gives people a way to vent and learn new things, meet new people, make connections. I met the love of my life on this app and now we live together in person, in our own apartment! I’ve never been more happy. And before you call me some old nerd with a joy for gaming, I’m actually not a gamer, and I’m only 18 years old. (: I recommend discord! It’s helped me through so much!.Version: 80.0

It's a great app but...I really enjoy using discord! I've made many friends and overall has made me more sociable, although, recently my friend bought me nitro! I was very happy, the plan that he bought was the 1 month worth of nitro + 2 server boosts, almost a month later I told him that it would run out soon. Him being the kind person that he is, he bought me another months worth, but when I claimed the nitro, it went into my account credit. I emailed discord support and asked them about this, the solution is simple; just subscribe for another month's worth and it'll automatically use the nitro in your account credit, but the issue is, my phone doesn't have any credit card details that I can put in, of course, I could use mine. Since I'm only 15, my mother needs to know about my transactions, this is an issue because she doesn't allow me to have any online friends, and discord is literally where all my online friends are. Is there anything that you can do to change this feature and make it so you can just press "Use account credit" ??? Overall, I've had no problems with discord except this. I love the app and you should definitely get it!!!.Version: 94.0

Best texting app in the worldEven tho almost everyone on discord is kinda weird, it still is really really fun. you can just join random voice chats and have fun and you get to meet new people. I really feel like that this app is one of the reasons I met a bunch of my friends. and how I found like app, my brother found it (dunno how) and I kept seeing him using it, he eventually asked me to get discord and I’m happy I did. I’ve been on discord for about 3 years now and I’ve met so much new people and had so much fun, the communities are amazing (some weird tho) and I definitely recommend this for chatting with friends. and if you get discord, who knows maybe you can have as much as me.Version: 47.1

Issues/maybe add-insI love using discord, great to talk to friends on here, but i have one problem is that whenever I’m on call with my friends and I’m away from my phone either they wanna call a group chat or someone calls me I don’t hear it saying that this person or group chat name is calling me and I never know until I go to my phone and notice it later that someone call me or I have to manually go back to my phone and join the call, I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s been happening for a while and when I’m not in a call and off of discord and someone calls me I hear it saying that this person is calling me, just not when I’m already in a call, which it did before. Also I think maybe they could add in where we can record our private or group chat calls to like record for memories or something cause you’d always want to remember those moments and I know you can in servers but not in private calls, which I think it should, to record the funny moments going on and not just audio but maybe record when we turn our cams to cause we all be doing funny things and also for security too if someone calls someone in private chat and keep harassing a lot of people and need to record the audio or camera too incase if they do have their camera on and doing something wrong..Version: 93.0

Help.Oky so discord is a great app and all but something keeps happening to me. On my server, I have this channel named ‘Roblox’ with one message. When I went into it, my screen froze. I asked my friend to text me then it fixed. Just now I was trying to make a new server and I created a category and channel but when I went into it my screen froze. I deleted discord then re-downloaded it and it fixed so I tried going in there again but my screen froze and discord crashed. I decided to delete it AGAIN and I went back into it and discord froze and crashed for the 3rd time. Please help, I really wanna do this server! Thanks!.Version: 53.0

Go back to the old style then having large words in your face.In short, it's ugly af, and feels incredibly intrusive. The previous ui design was much nicer to look at, and much less in the way and in your face. Please remove this asap, or change it to something more akin to the previous design. I'm seeing a lot of other people expressing dislike of it, so I hope that will help convince you to change it back. On a side note: I'm someone who really needs empty space when using things. Not too long ago, Twitter completely updated their website, and in doing so removed a significant amount of empty space which was previously present. Until a plugin was developed to set it back to the previous design, I actually could not use the website. Something similar happened recently with Discord to a lesser extent, specifically with the friends tab. The recent addition of the "active now" section removed a lot of the empty space which was previously present, and as a result I can rarely use that tab without needing to look away or click something else immediately. This new update again takes away more empty space with the new ui changes, albeit to a notably lesser extent, but it's enough for it to instill at least some discomfort for me while using Discord..Version: 3.1.10

Im a bit sad with this one thingTo the Discord devs when will you create a screen share option for mobile users, *MOBILE* users so i was in a call with my friend and she was screen sharing her drawing on her *PC* and i wanted to share my screen i was on *MOBILE* so she could teach me how to draw floof i wish i could give five stars but im just disappointed that i cant screen share on *MOBILE* so she could see what i am doingggg please read this Discord devs :(.Version: 21.0

Discord please rewrite back.I’ve been having trouble logging back into my account, I made a Authenticator on my previous device but it had broken. So now I can’t get my account back. Please help me get it back I have been working so hard on making my groups and having my online friends on there. 😭🖐🏽.Version: 85.0

It could’ve been better..It’s actually a really good app but once I accidentally Unfriended someone and couldn’t send them request again cause I did not know their tag number , I wish we could see our Unfriended people list but I can’t even when I got the discord data package I even tried emailing the support team but they did not even reply to emails, and still I try to contact that person who is very important to me but I don’t get any response because I know that person always uses discord but yea.... Or instead of showing the unfriended people list I wish we could just search the user or a feel letters of a user and then there could be a lot of users with tag numbers instead of user name and tags number to send that person a friend request but when you search some person up any user with the similar name it still doesn’t show up , and you can’t even have your own profile so others can see who you are and if they want to send a friend request. Id anyone knows anything about the user Superskillz or I think superskills please let me know send me a friend request in discord UnicornLady#0248 thanks bye.Version: 34.0

Ignore the app rating of 17+Ignore the app rating of 17+ you control who you talk to so just be smart..Version: 89.0

Amazing 👍I'm truely inlove w discord it's become a place where I can socialize and everything and it's an amazing app. The only thing I would request is I have a cousin who accidentally unadded on my discord friends and I would request if y'all could make a list of everyone we have added through out the time we have had discord just so it makes it easier to find ppl and it helps when u unadd someone and want to add them again but everything else is amazing and I love discord the best app so far and defo the app I use the absolute most. I find it fascinating how you have created such a social safe space for ppl to get together and chill!! 😄.Version: 143.0

It’s cool.Discord is an amazing app but I have a few struggles with it. 1.It keeps on crashing on me each time I click on a channel or server. 2.I seemed to notice that some of my messages take longer to load in then usual.(Not bcz or bad wifi-) 3.The raiders and the racist peeps. 4.Hackers going around trying to steal my account on my journey. That’s basically all my complains about it but really- It’s an amazing app..Version: 33.0

Great, exceptSo discord was 12+ when I got it, which was good. Now it’s 17+ and I can’t talk to any of my friends anymore and my parents forgot the restrictions password. I’m 18 btw.Version: 80.0

Easy, smooth and reliable.Having used discord as a very frequent user on both mobile and pc platforms, I strongly recommend it. With mobile data discord has used less than 10MB in all my time using it, and takes a mere 29MB of storage on my phone. The inquisitive interface leads to easy navigation and usage while the messages in group chats sync instantly across all platforms. Easily run a free server on discord’s servers and set it up in a breeze. Not an ad, just a positive review..Version: 2.1.2

EpiccAn epic place to piss off mods with memes posted in general.Version: 72.0

Love the app, issue with latest updateI love this app but after the latest couple updates it doesn’t seem to be refreshing in the background very often. As in I will open the app and it won’t show any new posts in channels until I close the app and reopen it. Can’t even find an option to turn background refresh on or off in my settings. Would love to also be able to get Nitro but it is way too expensive when the only parts of it I want it for is for being able to post bigger files. Would be awesome if there was a lower tier that just had that as an option with a cheaper more affordable price. Especially considering exchange rates at the moment AUD pricing is ridiculous..Version: 26.0

Pretty GoodAll in all, it's a great app. In fact, I'd say it's nearly perfect on PC. However, there are some features on PC that you can just not access on mobile. For example, you can't change privacy settings to turn off DMs on a certain server, which can be a struggle for people with, uh, fans. Another thing is that you can't change somebody's role on mobile, which is very aggravating. I'm a moderator on a server and we have a specific role to give to misbehaving people which prevents them from sending messages. But, I can only do my job as moderator if I'm on my PC, because mobile won't let me change roles. In addition, for whatever reason, certain pictures refuse to upload, and it’s not the channel settings because it’s only with certain pictures (only on mobile). The last thing I recommend, which is currently neither on mobile or PC, is having some version of read receipts for DMs. I know that's probably gonna be controversial, but I personally know that some of my friends are big YouTubers, so they get caught up, and forget. However, if I was able to tell if they'd read my message, I'd be able to yell at — er, uh, talk to them about it..Version: 1.9.2

AmazingI have Ben using discord since 2017 and have loved it ever since the app is very convenient and so easy to use, I love the fact that you can mute people as well aha!! But over all it’s really good I definitely recommend it, There’s just one thing I think the discord team could add that would make the chat a whole load better and it would be very good if you guys added a feature where you can see the first message of a group chat or a private message..I have a group that’s been active for 4 years now and it takes ALOT of scrolling to get to our first messages, My friends and I would probably love to see what we were up to those days,But over all very good app so grateful I have it.Version: 3.2.0

Discord 2Discord is ⏃ great app, ⟟ know it may take some time to get use to but ⟟ love it, it’s a nice way to communicate and connect with people you know or don’t, but some times you just have to be careful,There are hackers and bad people, but other then that ⟟ recommended downloading discord!.Version: 89.0

You Need This appDiscord is a free chatting app all you need is a gmail most people have that you can video call message each other and the website is not confusing to navigate you can make servers play music and build community’s it has endless possibility’s please ditch google hangouts and other old apps and use this.Version: 30.0

All well to fall downI had discord for 5 years, best social app for me as a gamer, artist and introvert, met my now best friends and other amazing people, I have updated it recently but it’s causing discord to crash on me every time I open it, I uninstalled the app and its still going, restarted my phone, still crashing, please fix this, it’s irritating..Version: 155.0

Emoji update?I have used this app for a while and i definitely recommend it to you, you can talk with friends and much more but i think there’s something you can add. I think you should add something where you can edit the emojis you already made. For example changing the scale. Instead of making a new emoji you can edit it so you won’t have to restart things all over again. Like i have a welcome message in my channel and the emojis are too small and i’d like to make them bigger but to change them i have to make a new emoji and then i have to restart the whole embed/welcome message again. This would be very helpful to a lot of people who have community servers with embeds..Version: 122.0

Rose!!#7428They have called somebody many rude things anybody could go beyond, they even told them to kill themselves and said “I hope your dad d*es. Please ban them or warn them. Thank you very much!! I also like the app a lot <33.Version: 95.0

Sooo goodThis app is sooo good, it does sometimes glitch but then p it goes back to normal, I love to talk and call friends and it is so child friendly, for me it never has any adds but if I could fix one thing about it, it would be for it not to glitch but altogether I recommend this app if you want to talk to friends with the feeling of safety that you will not be hacked. I say you should for sure download this app bc I have made new friends that are extremely nice, also it is so good for people who live in Melbourne bc you get to talk to people in servers and meet new people and you can become really good friends with them Download this app it is soo good ( and I know I have said this aloud already but still) it is sooo good and fun to talk and call people on. 😊✌️❤️🍀.Version: 39.0

Best socialising app I’ve hadThis is easily one the best app for socialising I’ve come across because it’s simple to use to begin with but can be also quite advanced if the user wants better a experience. As well as the previous point, many other small features make it great e.g deleting a message deletes from both the sender and receiver and a filter to make it easy to find older or specific messages. Occasionally you’ll meet a not-so-child-friendly person except in general the community is great. Almost everyone I know uses it and is my primary online socialising and messaging app. I strongly recommend Discord to pretty much anyone..Version: 94.0

One issuse...Thanks for fixing the audio share and call notifications!!!! 😄 You’re doing so well with fixing all of these new problems and fast. I’m very satisfied. Just a new problem though... the speaker volume seems to be very quite which is so weird and only been happening recently. My phone is on full volume and on speaker and it’s still so quite! The other person says they haven’t touch their settings or mic volume 🤷‍♀️.Version: 3.1.9

This app changed my internet life for the better!!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️To start off my journey of discord, my friends really wanted me to get it, so I eventually listened to them, and I’m really glad I did. I friended my friends and started chatting to them and eventually made my first server. I have now made three and I am in 6 (including my own). I have met amazing people in this, including people I don’t know in real life. I don’t friend those people, but I still talk to them in other servers. As soon as I got the hang of discord I gave up messages/messenger completely, apart from one part. Sometimes, I have to use messenger/messages to send videos to my friends because the “file is too big.” I really want this to get fixed because it means I can’t send these videos to people that I am friends with in discord but aren’t in my contacts, and it’s also a hassle. Apart from this one small flaw, this app has changed my internet life for the better, and everyone should download it, rate it five stars and tell their friends to go and download it, because this app deserves more glory than it gets..Version: 35.1

Excellent social and gaming communications platform.The following is my opinion based on personal use and gaming community management. This platform is rock solid for keeping in touch with friends enabling excellent control across the board; direct calls and individual server management. Individual servers can have set rules and rolls for both text and voice. All for the amazing price of “free”. If you have cash, it is worth throwing some dollars at the developers to say thank you. For community, the ease at which members can freely create their own servers results in community splintering. The benefit of community and meeting like minded individuals across a large range of games is hindered. I would love to see better community tools similar to a town square with shops all around. Meet new people before heading of to play. The developers are responsive with new features regularly coming online. In my opinion, this is the best communication tool at this time. I look forward to watching how this develops in the future. Thanks developers. Highly recommended..Version: 2.2.9

The app keeps crashingDiscord is actually a very good app and it’s cool how it can work in many different ways, and how I can meet new ppl and make new friends but the one problem I have with the app is the fact it keeps crashing. I could load on to the app and I would wait a few seconds and then it would crash,I would usually fix this issue by deleting and downloading the app again but for some reason I am unable to do that. It won’t let me down load the app at all I’ve tried powering the phone off but nothing works. I’m not sure if this is a bug or something to do with my phone but if it’s a bug please fix it and if it’s not please notify me as soon as possible.Version: 106.0

Great Website!Discord has been incredible for me, I have been able to talk to and call friends, connect with new people, and it all has been very private and secure. At first, I was a little bit superstitious when it came to discord. It did seem like a very open messaging service, leading to incidents with cyber bullies/child predators. Since getting discord, all of these worries have basically vanished. It is a high quality messaging and calling service (especially for large groups), and it can also serve as a way to meet new people. In my experience, I have stayed on private servers and direct messages with my friends, but I have still gotten a ton of usage out of the app. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a nice voice calling or messaging service. I would also like to mention to any parents who are nervous to allow their kids to use this to at least give it a chance. If your child stays in groups with just his friends, they will be absolutely safe, and if they do go into a public server, I have found that people are generally very nice. Plus, if you do get into a situation that is uncomfortable, you can simply leave the group or block the caller. I hope this helps!.Version: 113.0

Read iconI’ve only used this app for a few months now, and it has become one of my favourite apps. One thing I’d really love if added is a read icon, so that you know whether people have read your text. I’ll love this app even more if it was added..Version: 155.0

It’s perfect except for max file sizeThis app is so good for talking with your friends and joining communities through servers. It has voice chats and different chats to ease sorting that other apps lack. I mainly use discord to talk to my friends because it’s just so convenient, it has dms, group chats and servers. The only downside to discord is the maximum file size of 8mb! yeah you heard that right, 8mb! Unless you have discord nitro which you have to pay for. This isn’t a problem for sending photos but for videos, oh my lord. Sometimes a 5 second video is too big! I would have given this a 4.5 but the App Store only allows to go up and down 1 stars (which is a bit dumb) so I decided to go 4 because there is still a major fault, the max upload size. Other than that the app is flawless in my eyes..Version: 29.0

Read please✨YES. i love discord its amazing. But i have a request. Can you please make a feature for talking to people. Can you please add a setting so when you type one mesage they dont receive it in notifacations. I mean for example, you want to text your friend a important notice about school, its 2am and they are sleeping. You can hold the mesage bar thing and a feature called ’deliver without notifacations’. Another thing you can add is a time of when they receive the notifacations. For example ’deliver at 7:am’ or something and then you send a mesage and they receive it in the morning. Thank you for reading this✌️✌️.Version: 65.0

Comedy is an effective tool.If you haven't been living in Skype for the past several years. You'll have heard of Discord. It's shares a few basic functions with Teamspeak, but is so much better visually, and in terms of its approach to dealing with issue. Take a read of any patch note and you'll understand. The developers feel 'human.' Instead of simply putting patches out there, ignoring the user base. They interact with them frequently, often requesting 'loading lines,' (Which, in this context, are comedic sentences that are displayed during loading screens). This comes together nicely, and has you appreciate the App so much better. Their are bugs no and then, but the community will quickly inform the devs, and then they patch it. Overall, if you're a gamer on PC, get it. If you'd prefer to talk to people when console gaming, without the need of setting up mics and utilising the console, then get it. One of the easiest 5* I've ever given..Version: 1.9.3

Wonderful app from a member of the Discord Role-play Community!Honestly, this app is what gets me through a lot of boredom in my day. It’s great, and even on the occasions there’s a problem, the devs tend to fix it rapidly with surprising speed. I use Discord to Role-play a lot, in fact it’s become my favorite pass time for the last year or so. The only thing I kind of wish was a bit better, is the character limit. As a member of a few role-play servers I find myself often constricted by the 2000 character limit, especially considering I tend to write out 10K+ messages in google docs that I then post for characters that I role-play. As I’m sure is obvious, when I do several of these posts an hour the process of copying and pasting fragments of the messages becomes tedious. Not something that I generally hate, because with how wonderful discord servers are, allowing for many channels to be set up in ways that allow role-play servers to set up several settings, the limited characters per message is far outweighed in my preference. But, in a future update, if at all possible, I’m sure I, and the large amount of Novella Role-play members would certainly enjoy and appreciate an extended or unlimited message character limit..Version: 44.0

Its great but it freezes when i try to press accountI’ve had discord for a while but it was only until the latest update where if i tried to press ‘account’ it would freeze. i couldn’t press any other options and i couldn’t close the settings page but i could still scroll up and down. i had to refresh the app if i wanted to get back to the main page to text. I have tried to find how to fix this online but i still haven’t found how to since all the solutions were for laptops/computers (and im on mobile). even if there was a website to help fix it, i didn’t have the options in the “accessibility” or “appearance” or whatever. Other than this problem, the app is still really good!.Version: 89.0

HiCan Yall change the age back to 12+ I dont want my parents getting the wrong idea..Version: 87.0

SuggestionI like this app but if you could,could you change the emojis to use your emojis instead of ios emojis?.Version: 3.1.8

Best app I’ve ever downloadedDiscord is such an amazing app and I absolutely love how basic but easy it is to use! This app is one of the best apps I’ve ever had and it’s a social media without actually being a social media which is amazing, I love all the updates that Discord does to improve the app and although there are bugs the team are always working hard to squish em! They also have the best customer service and respond quickly which is another good thing about the app and it’s developers! Everyday I am on the edge of my chair to see what Discord will have in store for us next! Keep up the great work! ❤️💪👑.Version: 117.1

Newest update is brokenI’ve reported this bug to support but on further testing I’ve discovered more bugs that affects the app’s ability to show channels & text channels after updating. For me it will only show one text channel, the one you are in. It will not list any other so you can’t switch. You can make them reappear by logging out & then logging back in but that’s when further bugs appear, you then can’t collapse channels, that only hides muted channels or random channels & once again the moment you pick another channel & say close the app, you’re locked to that channel again as when you open the app & go to change text channel, they’ve all disappeared again..Version: 86.0

Almost perfect!For my day to day use of discord, it’s almost perfect, but 1 thing that it doesn’t have for mobile is to rank a user! It’s part of my job of the community I’m in, and on mobile well I’m out, it just can’t happen, I have to ask others. This is my one issue with the app! Please that’s all I ask for! :D.Version: 2.1.2

Amazing but…Definitely writing this to grab the developers attention but also to give you all an honest review. I have been using this platform for upcoming five years and have had little to no problems. This app is a good way to communicate with people across the globe in different server genres of your choosing. My latest, and one of the only, problems I have had is the iOS screen-share bug. You go to share your screen, it works for a single second, then a box appears and tells you that the application has stopped working. All round amazing app. Definitely recommended to gamers or long distance individuals; there really is a place for everything within this tiny virtual platform..Version: 113.0

Suggestion: Please Read.Hello there ‘Discord’, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Now, this app has always been amazing. I’ve never really had a problem and to do this day no complaints. Complaints and suggestions, two things often misunderstood. But I am here to say I am not making a complaint. All i suggest is that we have the same options as computer users. I’d like to change my game status on my mobile phone because obviously i’m not able to take my computer just anywhere with me. The games mode isn’t available in the app or web login unless it’s on the computer. It slightly bums me out but since discoed has always been such a great app i overlook it. I think everyone would be happy if the game status option would be on mobile as well. Playing on the go IS a thing. Why not add it for us too? All in all that is my suggestion, the ability to change my game status on mobile just like in my computer. Yes, I understand that this may take time. But it is worth waiting for and I know you and your team can accomplish it. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day. (If you would like to speak 1 on 1 for any particular reason or questions, my discord is iisabxla#2993).Version: 3.0.2

Overall great service, decent appI've been using Discord for years, and I've always loved it. It's a good free chat service that still has many features. Some small features are locked behind a subscription called Discord Nitro, like increased file size limit, animated emoji usage, extended profile customisation, and a few other small things. Now whilst the service itself is great, the mobile app is not the best. It can be buggy at times, and is missing MANY features that the desktop and web apps have, which is a bit of a shame, but not too bad. I give it.a 4/5 overall. Great service with many free features, but a mobile app that doesn't amaze..Version: 83.0

Awful platformThis is not so much about the app , but discord in general, it's about as complicated and as user unfriendly as a platform can get.. I work in IT and I can't fathom it out... Login is hidden, you get silly messages telling you to claim an account, then says the account aleady exists... Yes it does so why not just let me bloody login then instead to claim my account .. geeze .. trying to join a channel should not be this hard... I don't want to install the app, I've got discord in my browser , but when trying to join a new channel, why oh why are you forcing me to download the app.. to join ??? Seriously I've never ever come across an app so complicated .. arrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!.Version: 63.0

Brilliant, been using for 3 years nowAfter using this for 3 years i felt like i had to give a review lol brilliant app, so much easier and smoother than other social media that tries to accomplish the same thing. the way servers exist with channels for different topics as well as private messages and group chats makes this absolutely supreme for chatting with friends, and establishing communities. looks super smart, doesn’t take up space and is wayyy faster to load than skype or similar alternatives. brilliant for messaging through phone or pc, and looks/performs just as good either way. AND doesn’t take up much mobile data!! my only problem is with the battery consumption, but that’s the case with most social media- it’s probably more to do with the technical side of sending and receiving messages at such a rapid rate, but it would be nice all the same if it didn’t take down my battery quite as fast. overall, fab app, it’s amazing how the devs seem to just continue improving such an already incredible app :).Version: 3.1.5

Best app but..I really like the app but it is missing a lot of features from the desktop version. One of the feature i would love to see is the ability to actually jump to a chat from search bar. I don’t know why the search bar is there if it doesn't jump to the actual message that you can edit/delete/react to. Also the ability to mark a channel or the whole server as read so you don’t have to go through every channel to remove those white unread dots. These small things will really make the mobile version a lot better. And ability to jump to pinned message and being able to edit. Lastly, if we get a little tweaked version of discord for iPad which looks alot more like desktop version, i think that would be a game changer. Thanks!.Version: 3.0.1

The linksFor example, if someone sends a game link from roblox, to the discord, when a mobile player taps on the link it send them to the roblox on safari, instead of the roblox app, then they can’t join the game link cause we can’t join when it sends it to the roblox on safari.Version: 88.2

WowAll together it’s a good app, everything is fine and stable and it works fine. So after nearly 4 years of using discord I’ve decided to give it a review. But if that was all it would have got a 5 star review but there are a few bugs in the system. Every time when I log on from a new device or log in then log in the next few days it will say ‘New location detected’ and I need to go to my email to verify, and I get it, for security reasons if on a different device, but when it’s on the same device I don’t understand. That means that discord account get hacked and attacked a lot. Discord is a great app. But there are a few bugs in the system. So 5 stars for discord being a good app but -1 star for all the bugs. So that’s why I give discord a 4 star rating. And this is just my opinion..Version: 71.0

Go discordI really enjoy using discord it is great but I wish they add co ownership this app is great for talking to friends making friends and a nice base tool for using roblox which can get hash tag out which can be annoying now it doesn’t which is great for minecraft and fortnite also many other games I enjoy discord as I have made lots of friends and most people are kind and it is in a controlled environment for younger users which I find safe and great having control but being allowed no hash tags is one of the nicest features of this app I have also found updates quite recent meaning the game is fresh and cleaned from bugs stopping your phone/iPad etc. As I use discord almost every day I feel this app is very good and I haven’t had any problems except when I was getting started the buttons can be a little confusing not that much though but after a while it’s just second nature the download for this app is really easy and it is a full on 5 starts for me I couldn’t fault this app.Version: 3.1.1

Nice!~Pretty good for chatting with friends and keeping up to date with your favorite games~! ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ Warning: if you are underage then I recommend you to only chat with you REAL life friends or family, as well as only being in servers made by them. If you are really desperate and you want to join a public server, then only join servers that are based on games that you play, these servers has to be official..Version: 26.0

Amazing on so many levelsI have been only using Discord for about 6 months and have loved it too much! I keep it open 24/7 to see what friends are playing and love chatting with them while we play games! I have loved all the fun features that Discord has to offer! You can create a massively public server or a small little server for your gaming peeps! Also, it is so easy to manage the server! Everything is so clear and easy to navigate when you own a server! I love it how you can customize the roles and have other people have higher roles and being in the group of people which everyone is! I love the things that you can do when you don’t even own a server like try and earn respect and climb up the ranks! It is like a little civilization that you are in with a bunch of other people! The settings and security of Discord is great! I love the fact that you can completely secure yourself and only allow messages from people you know or having the freedom to meet people! Plus what I have researched Discord is like unhackable! You can do so many things with Discord that it’s mind blowing! Anyone who is uncertain of getting Discord read above and just get it!.Version: 3.1.7

Just...WOW!!!!When i downloaded this, i just expected a nice app where you can chat with friends. but there was plenty more, i didn’t expect to be able to create servers or anything. i dont think i can ask for anything more!!.Version: 31.0

One glitch that I have nowI RLLY love this app so much however, now I have a glitch I can’t get rid of on mobile. It all started a few hours ago when everytime I was in a priv call, it would disconnect me from the call entirely after 5 seconds (as in it makes me leave the call but everything else is fine). It’s been happening and I don’t know how to fix it. It’s so annoying too so now I have to use my computer for it. Can u guys pls fix this glitch? Cause it’s annoying getting yourself removed from the call every 5 seconds. I don’t know whether it affects public voice chats tho but I think it does too. Just please fix this for mobile. On pc my disc is fine.Version: 3.1.1

No horizontal features on older modelsI love discord, I have for a while, but it’s been tough to use because people with slightly older model phones, like mine, can’t use horizontal mode, it’s very annoying as I also use this on an iPad and can’t turn it sideways. This causes many issues for me but apart from that, it’s an amazing app you should use to talk to friends and family!.Version: 2.4.4

Dear discordThis is a really fun app to text my friends and that I always talk to my friends on here(jem&kio)they are the best,we always call on this app.I love how this is though it’s just the best app to call on.😅I’m sorry if It doesn’t make sense..Version: 149.0

TL;DR Too Many UpdatesI love Discord, it has helped me in so many ways, gaming, interpersonally, working, I have used it with so many aspects in my life and I probably will continue to use it until my friends and I move on to a different service. I enjoy being able to send an instant message and edit it if I need to add or correct something, I like that it can be personalized with an emoji or the like and servers bring communities together. My only complaint is now with so many updates, gone is the simplicity, gone is the uniqueness of the service and in comes being like everything else. Every update it seems less to do about giving to the users and becoming more about business. And every year incompatibility issues arrise. What’s messed up now? Notifications, Voice Calls disconnecting when trying to multitask or random disconnects, Streaming requiring more and more resources, even Discord itself becoming more of a social media platform than an instant messaging/gaming integrated app. Maybe it’s just me but, personally I don’t exactly like where Discord is headed, and I’ll probably see everyone in the next platform, whatever it may be. The next “Myspace/Facebook”..Version: 73.0

There’s this one thing....Discord devs, I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for you to add custom avatars per server. So have the hundreds, nay, thousands of people that have posted to your forums. I’m one of them and I get 3-5 emails a day of people upvoting the post for this feature to be implemented. Make it happen and the other 4 stars are yours. —- If you’re a Discord user and want this feature, mark this review as helpful. Get the developer’s attention..Version: 29.0

Problems with getting notifications.This is more of a personal issue, the app works great by itself. It's the notifications that I'm bothered with. I've made sure that I have my notifications on, that I haven't muted my friends or that my status isn't on ’Do not disturb.’ (sometimes I still get notifications when its on anyways.) I was never that bothered by the fact that sometimes it didn't notify me but recently my friend was going through something and she tried reaching out to me, but of course I didn't get notified. I only went on discord to check something out and saw her messages after 2 days and immediately I felt very guilty and upset. I don't know the issue, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling..Version: 20.0

New update reminds me of iMessage...Don’t get me wrong, I love Discord, but ever since the update that made the text box cluttered with so many buttons, I feel like the app lost some of its uniqueness (and gained more glitches, at least with my phone). It feels like iMessages and the text box feels so small when I write because I can only get five or six words to a line when I used to get the entire width of my phone screen besides where the “send” button was (the one that didn’t used to be so obnoxious). I guess you could say I miss the simplicity of the chat box. Also, the movement of the it when you click into the text box versus when you click out glitches on me and makes the whole app slow when switching between chats, channels, or servers. Everything lags behind and it gets to be pretty annoying. One thing I absolutely love, though, is that when you type something, but let’s say your phone dies (like mine did twice), Discord saves what you wrote in the chat box! I have been saved so many times by that feature. Discord is a great app and I use it for so many things, but I also write a lot on it, so what I wrote affects me the way it might not affect others. The 2,000 character limit can get a bit irritating, too, so I wish there was a way you could switch the limit off, but I’ve found ways to work around it so it’s not an immediate issue. Overall, I love Discord, but I miss some things from its “Dark Ages,” as they called it..Version: 24.0

Fun app, Dangerous for my kids?I’ve been using discord for over two years now and I have found very few faults in texting and reviving texts. I love how you have added stages as a new thing and I also love how you can organise your chats into folders. (Although the folders can get a bit hectic sometimes!) I have also found a few things that don’t work as well.. Voice call sometimes lags out even when your both on three bars of WiFi. Video call, is no better as it freezes from time and time again. Adults. Kids are on this app a lot in the holidays, and are being targeted. One of the reasons I rate this app a three is because when a child reports an adult for bullying them or harassing them. It never gets dealt with. Why? Please deal with this issue as it is spreading very quickly…..Version: 89.0

It’s a cool appWhat can I say... the app is great and looks cool 😎, the bugs get fixed (probably by fixing them, good job coding peeps) the improvements to the app make it better and that’s not a given, and the update logs are a source of puns and funny comments. The app is great to be apart of a community, have a group chat with friends (over some games) or to talk with distant relatives because teleportation isn’t available yet in this patch of Life. Now if only light theme could disappear, that would be great. I recommend gradually changing the white theme to dark theme, going through a few shades of grey (more than fifty tho) they won’t notice a thing if the transition is done smoothly :^) But yeah, discord is a solid 5/5, the Discord team did (and is still doing) a great job with this app. Buy it (for free) to be cool today (I mean you can also pay to be extra cool but you don’t have to (you’d be extra cool tho, which is cool)).Version: 2.3.8

Good on PC but on mobile...Perfect on PC, well... the camera mode on PC nearly broke my PC and broke my discord, so I had to delete it. So I used the online version and it does work and so when it was broke on my PC I was trying to fix it but I gave up after a while, so I downloaded it on mobile to be able to talk to my friend because he can’t call or text. So I go on the mobile version of discord and I like to talk to him and the sound is broke. I can hardly hear him, so I turn up the volume, doesn’t work, turn up the discord volume, doesn’t work, and finally I turn up his volume so I can hear him better, (and you wouldn’t guess this) IT DOES NOT WORK. Only then do I find the online, but I do want to play with him when I’m not at my house and I hope it works this time. The only reason I gave it 5 ⭐️’s because it helps me reach my friends that I can’t call or text and it works well when I don’t use the camera, and I could get in contact with online friends that I don’t know irl without giving to much information but I get to talk with them. I hope to get a developer response explaining why I had problems..Version: 18.0

It’s really goodI’ve been using discord for over a month now it’s awesome everyone should try it great app.Version: 80.0

Pretty much amazing. But...This app/service is incredible. It’s aloud me to communicate with people without pumping up the phone bill. It lets me communicate with groups of people and meet new people that I never would have. I love this app. The servers, the (majority of) people, the bots, all of it. Now here’s the but (This is just a single bug though so don’t be scared out of getting this app because of what your about to read, it’s truly worth the (free) buy.) Recently, I’ve been having a particularly annoying issue with discord on iPhone. I don’t know if it’s on any other devices or types of devices but it’s at the very least happening to me. When in calls, the screen on my phone will shut off for a time between 2 and 30 seconds. This happens at random intervals and seems to happen less (though still) the further I get into a call. Even when outside of the discord app with the call going in the background, the screen can still shut off. This is my *sole* issue with this app however. If you don’t have discord, get it. Can’t recommend it enough!.Version: 63.0

DiscordDiscord is amazing, and much as I would love to give it five stars, a few things are holding me back 1. Text faces When I use discord, if I use a face like ‘:D’, ‘:)’ or ‘:(‘ when I send the message, it turns into an emoji. This is my biggest problem with the app, as I have to edit the message and retype the face, but put a space in it. The cute but silly ‘:D’ looks weird when you make it look like ‘: D’ You don’t have to remove this feature, but please make a way to turn it off 2. Notifications Even when I tap on a notification, when I look back on them, it is still there?? I understand if you can’t change it, and it doesn’t affect anything, really, it just confuses me Another issue with notifications I have is sometimes, and this very rarely happens, I get a notification from a chat I have on mute 3. Message glitches When I open a notification, sometimes the app won’t show the message sent for a long time. This is usually 1-5 minutes, which I think is completely ridiculous. I mean, why send the notification if you won’t show me? Asides from all this, Discord is amazing, and these are the only things stopping it from getting 5 stars.Version: 3.1.0

Great appDiscord is a very intuitive app and is useful for communicating, No complaints..Version: 2.3.7

It’s Fantastically Fabulous⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Discord is a great way to interact and socialize with your friends online. You have great privacy and don’t have to use a phone number to call each other. You can share your screen and even turn on your camera! Discord is an amazing app and we should be grateful that it’s free..Version: 60.0

It works but updates are less than satisfactoryI’ve had Discord for about three years now, and it does what it’s supposed to, but there are many features that are annoying to say the least. My main issue with Discord is that it seems like they don’t care about the mobile app as much as they should. There are many features that don’t work on mobile but should such as: editing the About Me (it doesn’t save on my mobile app), attaching files to messages, marking images with spoilers, managing purchases, and using certain owner/administrator features. Also, Discord does not offer a desktop app for iPads, which are more than capable of running a Mac version of the app. And they don’t offer an easy way to access the browser version on mobile devices. The only way to access the browser site on a mobile device is by copying and pasting a link from your computer into your device and signing in from there, which is very inconvenient. But I would say my biggest complaint is that instead of addressing these issues with the mobile app, Discord pushes features that are seemingly unnecessary, when there are more pressing matters that should be addressed. But other than that it fulfills its purpose well, and if the mobile app issues were addressed, I would be more than happy to give this app five stars. But because of this seeming disinterest in fixing some of the features in the mobile app, I can’t in good conscience give them a perfect rating..Version: 89.0

Ok appBefore the app could open perfectly fine but then since the update I can’t open the app anymore and I’ve been getting a lot of messages only to realize that I can’t open the app which is really frustrating cause it glitches out when I open it!.Version: 157.0

Great! Except for one thing…This app is great! I gave the app a 5 star only so this could be seen, but I truly rate this a 3 But I give it that rating over one thing… THE PHONE NUMBER! Discord randomly asked me to put in my phone number in order to proceed so I did, when I finished that process I went right back over to delete the number because I did not want my number in my account. However when I did press “Remove Phone Number” It took me right back and said “Something’s fishy here, we need your Phone Number” So I realized I had no choice but to keep my Phone Number in my account. So, I put it in once again and then it said “This number can’t be used because it was used recently in another account” I was furious! Discord Devs, you’re not slick, this was basically you guys just saying “We don’t want you to remove your Phone Number, so yeah lol” That’s honestly not cool, you’re forcing people to put in their information they aren’t comfortable putting in! Others have been having this same problem, and some different reason why they don’t want their phone number in their account. This is not cool Discord Devs! Please remove this! Other than that… I love the app!.Version: 106.0

😮‍💨😮‍💨Don’t make it 17+.Version: 85.0

THE BEST APP OF ALL TIMEDiscord has been probably one of the best internet experiences I have had. At first l, I had gotten it because many other people were getting it and it was getting trendy. But after actually spending some time and using it, it became a great way to talk to my friends and family. After a few months on it I decided to create a server, the idea of this server was to connect people all around the world to be friends or have a nice chat. Eventually it became popular and plus with the new timeout feature and community guidelines help it was very easy to professionally make it. There is one issue with hackers in discord, but I’m sure that discord is doing the best they can to prevent hacking situations. Another issue is that sending videos or even images it can say it is too big and it requires you to purchase the monthly subscription Discord nitro. Which is very nagging and hard to handle. By overall discord is a great app!! Five out of five for me :).Version: 120.0

Future ImprovementsThe platform is one of the best platforms currently in this generations and quite possibly future generations too, but that will require more improvements, which is why the 4 stars. A recommendation would be to add like a favourite list for dms or a grouping system like the one for servers and I strongly believe this will help the platform to become better as we can favourite the people and/or GDM we interact with more and can find them easily instead spending time scrolling through to find them. Having the favourite list category at the top with all the people and/or GDM we favourited or the same sort of system with the servers. And maybe a sorting system, like “Recents”, “A-Z”, “Z-A”, “DM > GDM”, “GDM > DM”, just to name some at the top of my head. Thank you for reading this and hope to see some more future improvements in the future by the Discord Team and the Discord Community!~.Version: 29.0

DiscordDiscord, by far, is probably the most unique and amazing messaging app out there in my opinion. For me, discord works really well and I find no issues or flaws with it! I love how they are interactive with their users too. Giving out houses, gifts, games, etc. I recommend that everyone should give this app a go! It’s really fun, especially when you get to talk with your friends on there and make servers and groups with them. I hope discord keeps on adding on new enjoyable things and improvements! :) 🥳.Version: 2.4.1

It’s super good with one tiny problem-So I’ve been using discord for a really long time now, and I’ve never had any previous trouble with other then like update issues. But the other day while I was talking to someone my messages would suddenly stop sending, and when I checked their profile it said that I unfriended then when I hadn’t? And another one of our friends said that I had blocked them when I know that I most definitely didn’t? So, I tried seeing if discord would fix itself overnight but it didn’t. So I’m trying to un-install it and then install it again and see if that work but if it does that means I have to make a whole new account, this meaning I’d lose all my friends and servers..Version: 104.0

Where is the customer serviceThe app itself is a 10/10, the mechanics are great, i’m able to chat with my friends for hours on end, it was overall an incredible time, UNTIL out of the blue “ your account has been suspended for violations against the discord terms and service”,OK what exactly did I do, “we will be investigating your account”. I emailed them, A bot responds “ The reason your account was disabled was because you violated the discord terms in service” OK, BUT WHAT DID I DO?????? “ you violated the terms and service”. Needless to say I lost about 20 friends because I can’t speak to them anymore. In their eyes they see someone who’s completely ignoring their messages, it just won’t let me get in. I tried to log back in, and I had to take the robot verification test eight times before it stopped letting me take the test for “Rate Violations” which basically means you tried getting your password in too many times and now we’re not gonna let you do it anymore. The app itself is great, But be warned, your account might get disabled for no reason what so ever. Discord if you’re reading this (a real person that is) WHY IS MY ACCOUNT DISABLED??????????.Version: 53.0

Great app but very annoying when it comes to files...I love this app, I couldn’t get enough of it when I got it. I would spend practically all my day on it. But the one really annoying thing is that I use discord for projects and stuff that involve video’s and photo’s. I used up my files space within this first few days of having the app so it practically made it impossible for me to do these projects. Most of these projects involves art and animating and, of course, I couldn’t send and photo’s or animations to anyone. The only other salutation was to buy nitro and as everyone know that is very expensive and as a 13 year old I didn’t have the expenses to pay for it. I tried to delete some photo’s that I had sent to try and get some of my file space back but nothing worked. Maybe make it so that nitro is less expensive or make it so that people have more file space. Thank you for listening to my concern!.Version: 37.0

Great so far, but add updates for mobile.It’s an amazing app! There’s just some things that I hate, like add some mobile updates? The updates you guys add to pc should also head to mobile too. After all, it’s an amazing app I recommend you guys to download it. I have just saw that you guys just made the app 17+, coming from a 15 year old I think you guys should make it back too like to 13+ because people older then 13 have already downloaded it (like me). Also think you should allow us to type more then the limit of 2000 it gets very annoying, for example your gonna write a paragraph for someone and it’s very important and it’s about 5000 word long. Even though it has some issues, very amazing app and I’m always on there for like 8 hours a day to talk with friends and stuff! I’m always making servers In discord, but I think you should really do something about those hyphens and get rid of it so we can have our own fonts to add and watch out for what you do to your app, because people underage are now faking there age and when they were born, I once saw my 8 year old sister in discord! Please watch out..Version: 80.0

Pretty good, but..Custom themes!! please! like how theres light and dark themes, maybe custom themes! i want a pink discord sometimes. like, backgrounds, texts, maybe even fonts, etc! or atleast more themes!.Version: 104.0

Mic and Imagine problemsIve been using this app for 4 almost 5 years now but recently it has told me my privacy settings have changed meaning it dosent allow access to my mic or images when i never changed them and now i cant change them back.Version: 113.0

Fantastic on Mobile/Desktop, Needs to Be Ported to Other PlatformsLet me get one thing straight. I love using Discord as a platform for chatting with friends, playing games together, etc. There are a few minor bugs I could do without (the first one that pops into my mind is how if a message is sent almost exactly as I switch to another channel, flipping back to the first channel won’t get rid of the notification unless I switch off it and switch back), but overall, it works fantastically. I especially love being able to search up GIFs on mobile. That was definitely needed. The only thing I’d request is that the team would bring the Discord app to other platforms; namely, console platforms. Currently, I can’t stream my console gameplay to Voice Channels because I can’t easily access Discord on console. While typing on a console keyboard would be a nightmare and a half, I imagine streaming and voice channels would work beautifully, as that’s exactly how party chats tend to work. I’d be willing to put up with getting out my phone to type quickly in a channel if I could join a Voice Channel and stream to it from my console..Version: 65.0

Why 17+Why is it 17+ I’m younger then that and I don’t see a problem?.Version: 83.0

HuawiaahhI love to use discord on a daily basis, whether it be on my phone, iPad or computer. But i think you should increase the max file limit for free users. 8MB isn’t a lot and i want to send funny or cool videos to my friends, such as tiktoks that are 1min+ or cool clips i hit in a game or i have. While it is tempting to get nitro i feel it isn’t worth it. Me and my friends chat on here all the time, real life and online. It’s changed everything. Ive had discord for almost 3 years and it’s only gotten better. (Apart from the 9-11 year olds that make “your mom” jokes and act tough) But all is fun, especially when they’re trying to threaten you and they misspell their whole sentence 🤣. But keep up the good work guys!.Version: 97.0

MicMy mics not working on mobile I’ve tried literally everything you could think of,and it lags from the other person phone..Version: 148.0

THE comms appGaming or not, this is the app for group communications being voice, chat or both. Easy to use, create a server, send a link to the participants and from their browser without having to install anything you are good to go..Version: 2.1.0

I love it sm!This is an amazing app to text on with your friends! 5 stars ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ.Version: 80.0

Good App, but..Discord is good and easy to use, and I recommend it. There’s just one thing that I would like to be added to it, which is being able to screen share on mobile. It would be much more easier to do things, as currently you cannot screen share on mobile. I would appreciate it if you added this feature. Other than this, discord is amazing and I totally recommend it. Thanks!.Version: 35.1

Discord made my lifeOk I know that sounds sad but when I first downloaded discord i didn’t have a phone and it was the only way I could communicate with my friends and my long distance partner. It was the way I fell in love with one of my friends by seeing the other side of them. It was the way I met and lost friends. I am homeschooled and I basically had a whole life’s worth of school drama in 8 months- discord changed me and ruined my life but also made my life better. I lost friends and 2 girlfriends but I met my current girlfriend on there and I really love her. Yes we are being safe and not sharing too personal information or anything, we just talk about things & are there for each other and I’m so glad I found her and my other friends..Version: 24.0

Hate to love relationship.I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t really like it at first, it was just not for me for a while at the start- all those pingy sounds and the overly sleek background - I deleted it multiple times because of this and even after deletion could still hear the distant echoes of pings (hallucinations or a system fault, who knows?), like shrieks in the night - but I like to think that I’ve slowly moved into a state of silent admiration at the efficient notification system, the pings that give a rush of dopamine rather than dread and the very intricate details in the servers, etc. It is a sleek and efficient messenger. The only lag could be the one that causes as ‘could not load’ message to something you reply to that may be too far back into the past but other than that, it’s a decent app. 10/10 recommend to my bros and sisters out there..Version: 122.0

Amazing!Discord is the most coolest app I've ever witnessed. Making a game out of all the other games that you can chat with your friends and do the same stuff as all those other communications apps, but being the most popular? WOW.Version: 114.0

It's Great, But...Nitro. No, no, before you 'ugh' at me, call me 'cheap' and say the creator is trying to make money, wait. Nitro is fine, I don't care about it except the fact that it limits video sizes. Me and my friend have no other way of communicating, which I know isn't the creators fault, but since its meant for gaming... it ties in with our GAMING channel (which, sub to...jk lol) . We try to send videos and stuff to each other to do collaborations and such, such, which we usually can't and eventually have to download a whole other app, post it, view it, download the part, delete the app,... when it could be done a lot easier just by using Discord. Every other part of the app is fantastic, and I love how it's a social media app, yet there are no followers and it feels like normal message apps such as iMessage. Regards, Rosewell <3.Version: 3.1.8

Great appDiscord is a great app to interact with your friends and I’d loved to give this app 4 stars but I’m giving it 4 due to the voice chat issue the voice chat needs works you have to leave call and come back because something happens and you can’t hear the others or they can’t you. So leaving and coming back is only A temporary fix to the problem but happens multiple times through the call it gets to be annoying. other issues is it at times call cuts out when ppl are talking and you can’t hear what they are saying and they have to repeat their self sometimes to understand what they are saying. seem to have connection issues so if you improve the voice chat that would be awesome being you talk to ppl all over the world be nice to be able to have a conversation without it cutting out and being able to understand what everyone is saying but when it is actually working it’s so wonderful to get to have a nice Conversation with all your friends. this goes for voice chat and also discord private calling. so if you could please look into this and fix the problem that would wonderful! thank you 😊.Version: 26.0

Better than other messaging appsFirst off I have to say. Discord is the only messaging app I use these days. I am a gamer and I play with people from different parts of the country. One is from Asia and one is from America and I am currently in Africa. There is no lag at all between calls and it doesn’t take longer that 4 seconds to join a voice channel in a server. It is just too smooth. The use of bots in discord is what I say makes the app itself. You can program certain bots yourself or you can add ones people have already made into a server. I play pubg myself and one time there were microphone issues going on in the game and we simply, without no hassle, we went into a discord call and it was in much better quality anyways. I have been using this app for so long and I do recommend that you shall get it and try it yourself! 5 stars for me😆.Version: 37.0

BEST APP EVER HAS COOL THINGS OTHERS DO NOTI love using discord for everything with my friends. This app has so many cool features such as screen sharing on calls and I do know that zoom has this too except discord’s calls or video chats don’t randomly end. Unlike a few other apps this app does not make you do any subscription unless there is something you want to do and the subscriptions or in app purchases don’t cost a crazy amount of money, they are just right. I would totally recommend this app to others and if you don’t want to be seen by random people that okay you don’t have to but if you want to you can and that’s why I love this app!.Version: 88.2

I love it but..Can I just say, I absolutely love this app and have been using it for over 2 years. I’m in many many servers and hold many roles as moderator. While I do love the app, the thing I find missing the most is coloured text for the mobile version. For whatever reason, you can’t read coloured text in the mobile version nor do the codes work correctly and show you colour. This is a disappointment as I love coloured text but don’t always have access to my laptop. If you could please take this under consideration and maybe create an update in the future to accommodate coloured text. It would be the highlight of my year..Version: 72.0

The perfect opportunity!Discord is definitely something you won’t regret downloading. It’s a community for you to express your ideas to likeminded people. I currently study a course through discord and iv managed to gain so much knowledge thanks to the community inside the discord 😊.Version: 149.0

Amazing but a recent glitchSo I’ve had discord for a couple of months and it’s been great so far, however the reason I’m writing this review is because I’ve recently changed the WiFi password to my WiFi and what happens is if I’m on discord for a long time it will start saying that the WiFi password is incorrect and neither is the old WiFi password. I know it has something to do with discord because I uninstalled discord for a couple of hours and all was fine, I installed it and the problem happened again after 20 minutes. As I said before tho it’s perfect apart from this recent error. Update: I tried installing it again and now it’s telling me to show I’m not a robot, and tells me to click verify once I’ve clicked all the pages that have a fire hydrant in them but what happens is that a second after I click the images of a fire hydrant it resets to a new picture and eventually I run out of fire hydrants to click on and I just pressed verify and it says that both my email and password was incorrect even though it’s correct and idk what to do. Please help.Version: 53.0

Definitely worth your timeDiscord is a great app. If you’re bored in quarantine, or whenever, it’s really fun to hang out with your friends without the mics cutting out, the audio is really good, and the camera during video calls is really nice. Servers really connect people and i think it’s one of the best things about discord. And if you don’t know what discord is, definitely get the app, it’s really nice and, well, addicting. This is not your ordinary social media platform. This is much better. Even if you aren’t a gamer, it’s so fun to just be with your friends, i definitely recommend this over Skype, teamspeak, facetime, or whatever you use, i guarantee discord will make you regret using those apps all those years..Version: 16.0

Great app! Needs some improvements.I’ve been using Discord every day now for 3 years and it’s great how it’s progressed from its earlier stages to the amazing thing it is now. There are some improvements that can be made. For starters, I always get in VC’s (voice chats) with my friends in Group DM’s usually on my computer but whilst I’m in that VC, I’m also doing other things on my computer so when I’m looking through Discord whilst in the VC, I use my phone. But if I go into the Group DM to send a message, I sometimes accidentally press the join button at the bottom of the screen so then I disconnect from my computer and join on my mobile. The button is so close to where I need to press to bring up the chat bar. Secondly, I use Apple Pay to pay for my Nitro subscription and I can’t boost servers because it’s not supported with iOS purchases, which I don’t understand why it’s not, which then gets frustrating because one of the reasons I have nitro is to boost servers..Version: 16.0

This is goodI am not a big fan of this game because of a good idea to use it for the rest of the day but it has to do with the app itself I love the game it keeps crashing and it crashes every time I’m on the phone and I have a few minutes of my progress on the iPad version of this app it keeps me entertained for hours to play and it is awesome I have a few things to do and it keeps me entertained for hours and I love it. The first one is a great game for the game to be played for a few days and the game will play it for a little bit more time to get the rest of it and then play it again for free.Version: 53.0

About the call thing…Discord is super awesome and all but sadly that’s not why I’m writing this. Usually when I’m on call with my friends, I can either hear them but they cant hear me OR I can’t hear them but they can hear me and that’s been VERY annoying😕. Can please fix this bug. thanks for your time 🙂.Version: 145.0

Amazing, with several missing opportunitiesDiscord is a great app, as I myself have been using it since 2018, and it hasn't given me any problems. However, there are some things I wish Discord had that it currently doesn't. Here's some I could think of: -In servers it would be great if you could mention a role without the person(s) that have that role being notified (maybe a different prefix, like $). -If, for example, I want to ping people with a certain assortment of roles, such as Moderators that are online at the moment, or Friends that are also Server Boosters. Some way to combine role pings to capture the attention of a more precise bracket of people would be nice. -I'm in so many servers that it's extremely difficult to navigate through each of them, even with folders. I really think there should be an option to lower the size of server icons, and a new folder functionality, instead of appearing on the same row as others, servers in open folders would travel to the right of other servers, giving space to be able to see every server and navigate with ease -Slightly similar to the previous point, but there should be an option to make channel tabs smaller. Same reason..Version: 20.0

It’s amazing but one issueSo I was amusing discord and I’m not sure if it was just the screen recording app i was using or discord but I screen recorded a call between me and my friends and I couldn’t hear any of it when I stopped the screen recording like the video I saved didn’t let me hear the other peoples voices other then that it’s amazing and there were some toxic people I came across but it was fine because I blocked them also if u don’t want someone to swear in a server u made u can make a bot that doesn’t let it and yeah also it’s an amazing app I recommend buying it for ur kids parents but u can also put keep me on the safe side so no one random can message u, unless u accept their friend request.Version: 33.0

The is app is greatI got this app two teases ago (I know, not that old) and I already found how easy it was to use both on mobile and on desktop. You can friend people easily, create a profile (and it’s not even real usernames!), and most importantly, talking to people! Discord is great for socialising with others online, and you can do so by going into different servers! The text channels are easy to use, the bots are easy to install and play around with, and the server sizes are MASSIVE! Even if you don’t plan on using this to go into servers and explore what else discord has to offer; mainly just using this to talk to your friends, it’s still great! A plus I can say is that you can add so SO many people compared to other platforms, and you can have so much fun playing around in a friend server/gc dm.I don’t really know what to say about this app, other than it’s amazing! Looking forward to what else has to come!!!.Version: 115.0

Good but needs some tweakingThis app is really good but has a problem. when you are calling somebody, the call quality is terrible and though it may be my connection, compared to Skype, the quality pales in comparison. And also, can you make on option so that you can clear chats because just deleting dms isnt enough because you can easily talk to the person who you where talking to before and still have all the chat history. It will be very helpful if you added this. Thanks. I may even completely switch from Skype to discord if this happens as I use discord for chatting and Skype for calling. Doing this, will be more convenient for me and also for you as it may attract even more people to use this app due to this update. Thanks again..Version: 2.2.9

Best but 1 thingThis app is amazing. You can chat with friends, game together and chill. Everything is perfect in this app. Except 1 thing. Nitro. Nitro offers many extra features. Yes it’s good. But in my opinion. It’s not that worth it. One feature that makes me doesn’t like nitro, is animating profile pictures. Say like an animated GIF. It moves, right? I mean that’s what it’s supposed to do. But to put it at your profile picture is just ridiculous how you need a subscription. Yes it’s very cool and it’s tempting. But at the end of the day, it’s just a profile picture. Soon we will change it. So what’s the point of subscribing if we users are going to change it back to something else. Please just make that feature free. It’ll be lot better for me and maybe other people..Version: 59.0

Suggestions for an already great appI love the features, I often rescue kids from the Amino Communities and show them the quality differences for communication. There’s a lot of secret quirks you find out from other users and I think it’s a good way of differentiating newbs to the OGs. However with all of the cool things I’d like to be able to have a few features that I’ve seen in other apps added one day. For instance backgrounds for the channels ((could be nitro feature)) make it easier to submit transparent stickers on Apple mobile. I have to get on the PC site and it’s such a hardship when I have to mess around on the site that isn’t meant to be seen on mobile. And for the censors || || maybe keep people from screenshotting the message after you uncensor it. I’ve seen photo editing apps do it so I’m sure we could squeeze the feature into Discord. ALSO:: can we get rid of the emoji conversion? I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to send an actual emoji they would. Otherwise everyone probs want to stick to the keyboard aesthetic. Over all a sturdy and nice app once you get accustomed to it. As a newb things seem very cluttered and you just have to figure it out on your own :/.Version: 51.0

Amazing AppOkay so I generally really like this app and use it a lot but that’s not really why I’m writing a review right now it’s because I think there could be some decent updates on Discord, for example, on mobile devices when going to the channels to move things around get an option to select a few at a time since it takes a while if I need to move a lot of channels another decent update could be when you do space it isn't a - it's really annoying and hard to make fancy servers with, just small updates like that would be great thank you for reading :).Version: 28.0

IOS Widget pleaseWhen will the discord dev team finally give us iOS widgets?.Version: 50.0

Still has a few bugs.New user to discord, moved over after having enough of Skype's pathetic update - and I'm glad i did! Really enjoying the simplicity of this app, feels like there's still a few things that need to be worked on (every time i minimize the app on my iPhone, it takes a few seconds to reboot and open up again when i go back into it, and group chats aren't conveniently on the dashboard when you open the app, meaning you have to click on the sidebar before accessing them - only takes a few seconds, but just frustrating if you put your phone down for a moment and everything has to set back up) Aside from that, very happy I've moved over, and I've had to hesitation recommending the app..Version: 2.1.2

Depends on the issue?Discord itself I have no issue with; it’s mostly stable, it’s a good and intuitive platform for discussing games, or even other topics and it’s helped me stave of numerous unpleasant mental states during the pandemic. It’s pretty fabulous for whatever you want or need in a platform, and it’s designed in a way that keeps it simple and easy to get to grips with. Though I would note the mobile app doesn’t have some of the more useful features, and often (if not always) applies a white background to PNGs you upload, meaning if you want some custom emotes or pfp with no background, you need to go ahead and use the browser platform anyway. However, I would note that I personally have a problem with at least someone in the help team. I switched to a new account, and I was unable to apply my apple ID to my discord account; I contacted the discord team, who told me it was an apple issue, and the apple team told me it was a problem with discord. Basically both groups pointed at each other, and ultimately told me I needed to wait 180 days at least. I waited, and after the time period it still didn’t work; so keep in mind that if you want to switch account, you will need to use a non-apple form of payment if you want any sort of Nitro. Though if you want to try anyway, I suggest having the refund apple page open in your browser, because you’re going to need it, since they’ll still take the money anyway..Version: 65.0

Amazing app, one suggestion though. Please read.I absolutely love this app. Finding a gaming partner is way easier using this! I’ve actually found a group of people that I frequently game with and talk to that I honestly really love. My experience this past year has been really amazing, and without trouble. However, only one thing really annoyed me in my time using discord. When you want to leave a server you’ve created, you have the option to pass ownership to someone you trust or someone that’s qualified. It isn’t the same for group chats, though. If I had created a group chat, and had to leave, I would also want to pass the ability of owner to someone trusted, but it randomly picks a member to make the new owner. As the owner, I think I should be the one making that choice. Because even though I absolutely love my discord friends, some of them tend to abuse the power of owner chaotically, and I don’t want to be added back into that kind of environment. Leaving a group chat you and wanting to be added back soon just leads to you crossing your fingers and hoping someone worthy got the crown..Version: 3.1.0

A bug???This app is normally amazing but i accidentally logged out and can’t seem to log back in. I have tried using a non-apple device and that seems to work kinda but I have to make a new account for it to let me use discord. it’s frozen with a loading kind of sign and it goes on for hours. I have tried turning off completely my device but nothing I have deleted discord and got it back this app is the only way I can talk to my little cousin she dose not have a phone I would like a dev to respond to this and tell me how to fix this or tell me that there is a bug.Version: 97.0

But whyIts a great app, and I love chatting, but I uninstalled accidentally and now it says I have to put my card info in. When I do, it loops. Huh? Is this a problem with the app or a problem with my phone (I doubt its a problem with the app cos its amazing but putting this here anyway).Version: 140.0

Loving it but ! [ Small Bug ]I’m absolutely loving the app, I use it almost everyday to talk to my friends world wide. It’s probably never going to be deleted from my phone anytime soon! But, lately I’ve noticed that my reactions no longer work. I’ve clicked on the text I want to react to but, it’ll only show who has reacted with no emoji buttons for me to react with. I really want it fixed as I can’t access servers sometimes if I don’t react to certain texts which is pretty saddening, ( some sort of verification for some servers ) or just wanting to react to something in general. It’s the same situation on laptop too, not only on phone. Is there any sort of button or switch in settings to fix it or?.Version: 109.0

New Xbox integration is greatI play Halo w a friend of mine once a week, and now being able to transfer the discord voice chat from my iPhone over to xbox is fantastic - I only need use my Xbox headphones now. Plus, audio quality is excellent and Xbox integration very slick. Well done, app dev..Version: 148.0

Everything is alrightIt’s a wonderful app. No complaints but why did the age change to 17+? I’m 14 and I would like to use discord while I’m gaming but I have restrictions on my devices so I’m requesting if it could go back to being 12+ instead..Version: 82.0

This discord talent show should be shut downSo these people were making a discord talent show and when my sister was up she was in the middle of talking and they stopped her. They said “alright have a nice day thank you for coming!” And my sister was so sad. We actually arranged at this certain time to go to a talent show together and I was there to support them so they were gonna tell dad jokes together. So like they’re here calling me just upset and embarrassed sad, and I already reported the discord server. I’m livi#5618 reporting the server and can u please shut it down. Me and my friends weren’t the only one experiencing this bad disrespectful behavior, this guy was complaining about how they kicked his friend out and I heard them kick a lot of people out while they were talking. I’m just thinking: give them some time to talk! I reported livi#5618 that’s me, so I hope u the server I reported as well. I was super mad about it and right now I think they’re kicking out more people. Please shut it down and give them a warning because this behavior is not respectful and for the first time I hate one of these talent shows. I think a lot of people are upset about this to and honestly I’m not gonna accept this. I don’t know if they’re gonna make another one just shut it down please. Thank you!.Version: 91.0

Discord is great but newest update comes with problemsI’ve been using Discord for 3 nearly 4 years (since I was 12). I used the app on iOS but there was a recent update where they made the app 17+. I am currently 15 and now I can’t use Discord on my phone. This is pretty annoying as I use my phone to text my friends now. Everything else is great, but the age rating isn’t..Version: 106.0

I LOVE DISCORD!!!I really like discord, I can talk to my friends all the time and call them while I play my games, but there ARE a few bugs, like sometimes when I get onto discord it will only show chat above like 4 lines of text so I’m unable to speak, meaning I will have to close the app and then open it again, it’s infuriating but I won’t really mind it a lot. I have a suggestion, maybe a few mini games in discord because your friends don’t have the same games as you, mini games like that dinosaur on google or maybe a short game of Pac-Man, I understand that we can use bots like the akinator bot to play akinator but in personal DMs we can’t add bots, or not that I know of, but besides that it’s a great app I like to use and I can make so many new friends! Thanks discord! -love ThatOneHollGurl(I forgot my tag).Version: 3.2.0

Discord - a flexible toolI have used discord for a few years now and it has its limits but has overall been a good experience. Honestly, If I could I would have given it 4.5 stars instead of 5 but discord has been such a great tool for me I’ll round up instead of down. Discord has served me for many purposes and has the potential to be utilised in so many ways. I have used it to meet new friends, keep in touch with family, play computer games with others, create my own role play servers, host D&D sessions, work with others on team projects, manage game clans, share my ideas and art, get help and more..Version: 63.0

Great, but these notifications omgThe app is wonderful and full of features that other chats don’t have, but one thing that’s really on my nerve as of late is the in app notification banner. It used to be amazing and slid away when I opened the server list... but now, when I swipe right to open the server/dms list, if there’s a notification for another server I’m not engaged with at the time, it blocks access to the dm or first server on the list and I have to swipe upwards to remove it. What makes it worse is that it backs up, so if there’s multiple notifications, when one is swiped away, another immediately replaces it’s space. Please, revert the banner to how it worked before; a thing that moved across out of the way when you opened the server list so it didn’t interfere with opening dms and servers.Version: 12.0

Switch accountsI first started using discord because I wanted to text my friend. We did try other platforms but discord suited us the best. First I was just using it to text my friend but then when I got used to it, I created my own server which allowed me to get many friends. I love how we can control the servers, make roles and stuff. This app is absolutely amazing. However there’s one thing. It does get quiet annoying when I have to log out and log in since I have two accounts, one for school and other for just gaming. If there was a feature of like switching accounts, it would make my life much easier. Yes I can save my password and stuff but switch accounts is more convenient. Please consider this, thank you!.Version: 71.0

Pretty goodAs a gamer, I’ve always had problems connecting with other gamers as I don’t want to give my phone number to them. Discord is an easy way for me to do that without my phone number being exposed. The app works smoothly on phone and laptop. But there is a problem that I know the developers can’t fix. The amount of pedo men on that app is unbelievable. I had a 22 year old being inappropriate to me a few months ago that seriously creeped me out. This is just a warning for people who want to download this app. Be careful with who you share your info with. Please, report anyone who tries to be inappropriate with you or as you personal questions. That’s all, thank you..Version: 20.0

PerfectèDiscord is a reliable source where I can create or join multiple different servers, ranging from different varieties in genre, theme and people! I usually use it for the purpose of speaking with my friends, and sometimes joining casual roleplay groups to do what I do best. You can upload pictures, write pretty big paragraphs and design your profile and own servers! There’s only one reason why I should rate it a 4, but since it isn’t the apps fault, I won’t! Sometimes the community can get a bit wild. By this I mean that it can range from sending random DMs trying to convince somebody who might be 12 to have, well, the adult naughtys, all the way to simple bullying. I have, of course, never gone to any servers that involve this, but I warn anybody who wants to download Discord, or has it; Do not enter any servers involving things like racism, general rudeness, online dating (can get super serious) or anything that just seems unnaturally strange to you. Also random DMs. Avoid those. Discord is the perfect app to download to chat with people you know or people you feel safe with, but be careful of the community.. some people are lurking...Version: 106.0

Great AppIt’s a really useful tool for communicating with your friends as it has video calls and voice calls, though it is a little laggy on IOS 12 and under. But other then that it is really easy to use. One more thing you may need to use a computer to set up an account unless they have fixed that since I joined..Version: 109.0

Most amazing communication app I’ve ever usedDiscord is by far one of the best and most flexible apps I have ever used. Its customization options and the amount of control you can administer over your own servers, group chats, and calls is amazing. Better yet, you can perfectly use the app to almost no inconveniences at all without upgrading to Nitro..Version: 26.0

Major Accessibility bugBeen using discord both on desktop and iOS for almost 2 years now and honestly its fantastic. Ive made some great friends and incredible memories. However with the most recent update of the iOS app there seems to be an extremely odd bug when i try to load discord up while the iOS voice over function is active the app tells me that discord has crashed, but when i load it without voice over it works fine. I need the voice over to use the app as i am blind. On that note, i would strongly recommend taking a look at the element mapping in the discord app and the elements labels. A lot of apps label their elements really obscure and it makes it very difficult to understand what certain buttons are on the app. Granted discord isnt anywhere near as bad as other apps but its worth knowing. Other then that the app is perfect and im glad to be a nitro user..Version: 3.1.8

Simply the bestI started to use discord around a year ago, with that said I use it for everything, I own a few gaming teams and it is so nice to communicate with other team members, other teams, etc etc, I also use discord to communicate with friends, teammates ( especially in games where a mic is not supported ) discord does not affect my frames which is something I enjoy, I can still play my favorite games with discord open without sacrificing graphics or frame, I also have a few servers which I moderate and using bot support I can easily put up chat filters to prevent people from using certain words that may be deemed inappropriate, setting discord up was surprisingly easy and I had no trouble what so ever, I have never been let down by discord either, there servers have never been down allowing me to always communicate the quality is purely amazing, for any game devs out there I would use this as this app allowed my favorite developers to host polls, show updates, and even do giveaways, simply put this is the best way of communication for any devs, gamers, or fans, and even friends and would highly suggest that you get this app.Version: 2.4.1

The app is nice and polished but there’s just one problemThat problem is I now can’t seem to get onto the app, it just crashes whenever I open it on my IPhone 6. I’ve tried deleting the app then installing it again, I’ve tried shutting down my phone, I’ve tried restarting my phone, and I even tried uninstalling it then either restarting or shutting down my phone and then installing it but nothing works! As one reviewer said, it could be because of the older model I’m using but I have mixed feelings about that thought. Discord works fine on my tablet keyboard thing but not my IPhone. Please fix this issue, I just wanna use this app again as I truly love it and all!.Version: 155.0

A grand memoryI started using discord when i was in a really low point in my life, just to have something to do, and ended up meeting a lot of wonderful people :) i met my twin flame through discord, and shared many great memories. they recently passed away, but i couldnt be more thankful for everything thats saved in our chats. my life would be a lot different if i hadnt met them, so thanks discord for existing. LLM 💛.Version: 80.0

Why I chose discord!From human to human I’ll be deadly honest with you discord has changed and shaped my life in a mystical way in a way it’s like the parents I never had growing up it showed me that even though the real world is unfair in discord you can make things fair change your perspective no change the reality in discord you become a part of a wonderful community in discord you become real so real that it impact your social life ima positive way as you’re able to speak to many different people from different cultures and regions which you would have never spoken to in real life so come become of a part of discord so come become a part of the future of social media so come become a discordain..Version: 151.0

My loading screen freezes and I’m upset😡Discord is a really good app! But 2 days ago it won’t let me in it would stay to loading screen and won’t go INTO DISCORD, and it’s really upsetting me because I had move schools and that is the only app I can talk to my friends from my old school, discord plsssss fix this! I miss my friends already and I want to talk to them!😰😡💔.Version: 145.0

Good but complicatedI love the app but halfway through playing my games I have no idea what goes wrong but I just lose any sort of audio output and it frustrates me cause I have tried everything to fix it. Makes me feel like the app is buggy.Version: 143.0

My Favorite Social App, But...I’ve been using Discord for about a year and half now, the app for maybe a year. They’re been a lot of improvements since then that I was happy to see. The CallKit was definitely not one of them. I wish there was an option to at least disable it. I don’t like my Discord calls showing up in my history. I don’t like Discord calls ringing on my phone like a normal call. Also, I’ve had a lot of audio problems since it was added. My alarm goes off? Can’t hear or talk anymore, have to leave and rejoin the call. Someone calls my phone? I can’t just mute my mic and answer anymore. I have to hang up. And even if I decline the call? Audio problems. Can’t hear. I also hardly ever get proper notifications anymore. People send me messages, but I don’t realize I get them because the sound doesn’t go off while I’m in a call. A few times I just never got a notification at all. And I’ve missed a lot of calls because Discord never rang. I actually like the new update that lets you choose whether or not to use speaker. I was sad to see the option go, so I’m glad it’s back. Wish speaker was default though. Still, it’s nice to have the option..Version: 3.0.4

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