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Georgia Lottery Official App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Georgia Lottery Official App app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Georgia Lottery Official App? Can you share your negative thoughts about georgia lottery official app?

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Georgia Lottery Official App for Negative User Reviews

Does anyone ever win Diggi games big prizes?I’ve been playing off and on for almost a year. When the pandemic set in and isolation became the norm, I found this app and the games to be entertaining. That said, I NEVER hear of big winners on any of these games. I’ve even Googled it and I think one person, some years ago, won 40K. Nothing since. They show top prizes on each game but the needle never moves. I plan to do an Open Records request to see just how many people have won top prizes. I’ll report what I find. In the interim, I still play and I’ll admit some of the games are quite fun. But at the end of the day, people who enjoy playing, also enjoy winning. If it never happens, you will lose players..Version: 4.4.9

August update is terribleSo much information is missing when you click on winning numbers now. For example there is no way to know whether Powerball or Megamillions had Georgia winners of the $1 million or $50k prizes, no way to know if the Fantasy 5 prize was split or won by a individual. I suspect this is a programming fail — because at first the August app update had some of this info but it was all jumbled up. Then a quick fix was made and now the info is missing. Please get an app developer or programmer who knows what they are doing!.Version: 5.0.1

Not a good appThis app is not good. When you purchase a ticket there is no tab to see purchased tickets. You have to go to account and the play history which only goes back 7 days. When you purchase a ticket you can have a receipt sent to your email-I have yet to receive a receipt after 4 purchases on this app. Idk know how it would even notify you if you won (that’s if it even does that). This app needs a severe redesign as the simplest of common sense features for a lottery app are nonexistent..Version: 3.2.0

Needs much improvementDoes not show winning numbers in anything close to real time...better off checking web site. Does not show if your ticket was winner or loser just shows your numbers in one area and winning numbers in a separate area no better than checking a paper ticket actually last convenient. This app has potential but needs a lot of work maybe some quality assurance by someone who actually plays he lottery..Version: 2.2.1

Just wondering…I’ve been using this app for about a year now and the most I’ve ever won is $10 ($4,$2,$2,$2). Needless to say I’m always checking to reviews to see if any winners comes from the app, so far IV not seen or heard of any digital winners. I too am skeptical if digital tickets have the same odds of winning a jackpot or at least any substantial amount in the thousands. Most of the reviews I’ve read are over a year old or that month that’s not clear how long they’ve been there. With that said, if and when I do win I will post another review to give hope to my digital hope and wishers. Aug 28,2021. Good luck!.Version: 5.0.1

What service?🤷🏼‍♂️The app works but I don’t know about customer service. I waited 4 weeks to get an answer ‘Your problem seems to be resolved.’ Of course it’s not, so I resent the issue restating the problem, with a little barb added. They replied ‘your issue will be attended to ASAP, likely within 2 weeks.’ Great, how long will I have to wait should I win a big prize? ‘You think CS will run off with the winnings while I continue to wait? Forget it, I’ll move to Florida!.Version: 4.4.1

Functionality IssuesThis app freezes on a regular basis. After loading funds & selecting done, I often get a white screen & have to delete & reload the app. Back functionality doesn’t work properly in some places. After purchasing tickets for one game, I selected to play another. I then selected to look at winning numbers before selecting mine. When I clicked to go back, it took me to the previous game’s number selection screen with the numbers selected that I had already purchased. I am a software product analyst, so I know this app could be much better..Version: 4.4.0

Show me my numbers and tell me if I win or notI only play Powerball and Mega Millions. Every time I buy a ticket through the app, it’s ridiculously complicated to check my numbers against the drawing. Would be much better if I got an alert or summary in the app of what my results were. At the. Ery least, don’t make my go into my transaction history, write down all my numbers and then manually compare to the drawn numbers..Version: 4.5.3

GalottobluesI would have at least gave it 4 stars. But since the last update it's does not work properly. It's constantly freezes. It logs you out way to often. And since I work night shift that's usually when I play. But again since the last update I can't play between midnight and 3am. I don't understand why??? Sometimes I can. But more often I can't. When it will let you log on you go to purchase a diggi game and it gives you error messages that you can't purchase that game at the moment. But trust me it's all games. This is my first ever review on anything. I wished it could have been a good one instead of this. Please GA LOTTERY fix the app. Getting frustrated and will delete it soon if not fixed..Version: 1.5.0

Few glitchesFor the most part it works well and is more than convenient. However I have had a few glitches keep me from being able to play on occasion. My biggest complaint is that you can’t play Cash 4 Life. Why not??? My favorite game and would be my first choice to win lol. Makes no sense to me why it wouldn’t be on the app..Version: 4.4.5

I am only able to play digi games . Not draw gamesI’ve had this app since May as well as the players club account. I have emailed to her three times a week and called Ga lottery support to work out issues not being able to play any of the games other than Digi games. Still I’m only able to play that it’s ridiculous. I’ve emailed them numerous times daily as well. They are quick to respond to email, just not quick to fix the issues. Is anyone else having these problems???.Version: 4.5.2

Tickets Purchased but Not Showing UpI have purchased multiple draw tickets and they never show up in the upcoming draws section. When I purchase tickets, I expect them to show up. If I could give this app zero stars, I would. This has happened over and over. I sent emails and no one bothered to email me back with support to help fix this. Ive spent over $100 bucks and I’ve got no help at all to fix this. Crappy app! I will purchase my tickets in stores from now on..Version: 5.0.5

Need a new appI like being able to purchase tickets online but this app is not user friendly. I would like to be able to keep the same numbers without reentering them every time my draws run out. Also the app is very slow. Right now when I am required to update the app, I am routed to the app and back to the site requiring an update. I tried to delete the app and re download but it continues to run me in circles. I would like to think that the pandemic is the reason for such a sloppy app but it has been like this from the first time I used it. As much money as the state makes on this, it seems like they could get a better product from somewhere.Version: 4.3.4

Decent. But needs improvement.The one thing this app is missing most is the ability to compare your numbers with the winning numbers. Why is that not a feature? It would be insanely easy to implement. As of right now, I have to go to my transaction history, take screenshots of my numbers, go to the home page of the app, scroll to the game I want to see the winning numbers for, then pull up my screenshots and open multiple windows to manually compare numbers. That’s just insanely stupid. For the love of God please update the app with this feature. It desperately needs it..Version: 4.5.0

Constant ErrorsI’ve been using this app on and off for quite a while. No matter how much time has passed, I continue to have the same issue with errors. Of all the apps I have and use regularly, this is by far the worst. After 3 or 4 games (the same game and the same wagers), I get an error message and have to sign out and log back in. It’s pretty ridiculous! AND don’t even try to change the amount you’re betting because that will definitely cause an issue…apparently the software can’t handle minor changes even though it’s an option. After years of this, I would’ve thought the issue would be addressed and fixed. I’m pretty sure they automatically log you out after winning $10 at this point 🙄. I would think an entity as big as this would be able to work out these types of bugs at this point..Version: 5.1.1

Won’t Let Me PlayI use a VPN, nothing crazy, pretty standard these days. The app told me my IP address was associated with a proxy so I couldn’t play any of the Diggi games. Ok, easy fix! Just disconnect my vpn—except even with it disconnected, the app won’t let me play any games. It let me put twenty dollars into my account just fine but I’m not allowed to use any of it so…that was a complete waste. I get that they don’t want people changing their IP address to play illegally in the Georgia lottery but a) I’m in Georgia b) my IP address through the VPN was set to Georgia but that shouldn’t matter with it turned off.Version: 4.5.2

I’d give it zero if I could.There’s always something wrong with the manage funds option. When I want to put money in it says my remaining vip preferred balance is $0.00. Then when I call I get sent to a bunch of different people, who tell me they’ve fixed it. And it works... for one transaction😑. Then it goes back to doing the 0 remaining balance thing. And when I tried to call again the lady at global payments was extremely rude and had an attitude. I apologize but I don’t think if you are working in customer service that you need to act like that. My problem still didn’t get fixed. I’m not asking you to be 100% nice but dude chill out a little..Version: 4.5.0

Money pitThe app makes it easy to play when you forget to stop and buy tickets. But I have been using the app off and on for two years now and have one only a couple bucks once. No free ticket ever! I win free tickets and few bucks here and there with paper tickets. Also the app doesnt let you save your favorite numbers in anyway. Seems pretty rigged..Version: 4.4.8

Covenant but LazyCovenant that I don’t have to go through change or go to the bank to buy tickets. But they need to add a feature that allows you to compare your tickets to the winning numbers, it’s 2021 how hard can that be. You have to go back to your recent transactions to see which numbers you picked. Make it similar to online and 3 stars can turn into 5..Version: 4.4.9

Waste of moneyDon’t waste your money it’s a scam, call me stupid but I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into their games and won nothing worthy of mention, you would think on occasion something would hit but no it doesn’t !!!! And lately it’s worse than normal at most I’ll get the equivalent of my money back or it just straight up loses every time they know what they are doing these are worse than real scratchers at least on those you have some chance these are set to just rob you so heed my advise and boycott their digi games.Version: 4.5.1

Disappointing & frustratingCan’t use to play draw games!! Don’t download with intentions to play draw games as advertised that feature doesn’t work. That was my reason for wanting the app. When trying to purchase draw tickets you get an error message stating you can’t purchase try again later. Contacted lottery through help number get the we have escalated your problem response been almost a month now. No resolution or contact back to me of fixing the issue..Version: 4.5.2

Crashes all the timeThis app crashes all the time. If I add money to my account it crashes. If I play a digigame it crashes. When it crashes I am forced to perform a force close, restart the app and hope that I am able to get logged in before it crashes again. I have tried everything I can, I insure I have no other apps open in background, I have tried on both WiFi and cellular but still the app crashes more often than actually working..Version: 4.4.8

Works when it wants toIt’s fine when it works but when it don’t you can lose money. I bought a ticket for keno right before the draw it somehow lost connection and my money and my ticket was no where to be found. So I just lost money because the app doesn’t work right. I feel like it does that when you are about to win big just my opinion though..Version: 5.0.7

You can’t win any money!!! It’s worse than a casinoThis is by far the worst app you can download if you want to win money. The DIGGI games are the worst, they play with you making you think you’re gonna win money but they slowly slowly drain all the money that you put in there. It’s a suckers app and it never let you win money. Stay out of this app and you might be able to keep some of your money..Version: 5.0.7

I loved it until...I loved this app until about a week ago. Now even though i have multiple funding sources (all with ample funds), it says I don’t have a register source. When I delete the accounts and re add them as funding sources, the app accepts them (and says so). So I can’t play at all now. I’ve spoken with customer service three times now. Although they’re very friendly, they haven’t been able to help. It was left with “I’m going turn your issue over to my manager and they’ll call you.” Still waiting..Version: 4.4.6

Favorite numbers and multiple ticket types (quick pick and select numbers)I play the same two sets of numbers each drawing but I have to type them in each time. Would be nice to just hit a play favorite button. Older versions allowed for select numbers and a quick pick now I have to go through the whole process twice. Not a great “feature”.Version: 4.1.1

Improve Ticket Verification and SLOW!The app is certainly convenient for purchasing tickets but I cannot find how to verify my online purchased ticket with the winning numbers. Although the lottery pays if you win, it would be nice if there was a visual way to show your matching numbers to the winning numbers. This app is also incredibly slow and frustrating. I was trying to play Keno and the app takes too long to sync with the lottery server. Incredibly frustrating and makes the app useless. The ability to scan physical tickets to see if you won works great..Version: 4.4.8

Stop removing functionality!This app used to have all sorta of neat functions. Most recently they removed the ability to see the payout on winning numbers. You used to be able to tap on the winning numbers to see the payout - jackpot, 4/5, 3/5, Etc. Why would you remove that? Used to also be able to download winning number history. Seems like the app is only there to sell you more tickets..Version: 5.0.1

Easy to use but wonder if folks are actually winning anything other that tickets or $2I have been using the app for quite sometime and find that it is extremely easy and convenient. There’s no need to drive to a ga lottery location to purchase tickets, you just select the game you want to play, select your numbers or quick pick and the remaining process and you’re done. However, I’m not sure of the number of folks using the app but I do find it interesting that I have not heard of more winners and winning substantial. I know it’s a chance to win but just wining a ticket or 2 and $2, wow, that is puzzling. To be honest it does make you wonder if you’re just wasting your dollars using the app and perhaps you should just drive to a location. 🤔 Maybe ONE DAY it could be ME! Woo Hoo!😁.Version: 4.4.4

Wish it workedRarely does a ticket purchase actually go through without an error message saying that my phone’s location services are disabled. Tells me to enable location services and try again. The thing is location services are enabled and enabled for this app. I even disable and then re-enable and still nothing. After I try many times (unless I forget or give up) the purchase will eventually go through. Also wish you could save sets of numbers to replay and a place that shows what tickets you currently have purchased would be nice..Version: 4.3.2

Convenient but sloppyI like that I can use this app to purchase lottery tickets from my phone with a debit card instead of getting cash out of an atm and buying them from the gas station but the app features are very lack luster and you can’t check to see if you’ve won because you have to go back and forth from the recent purchase page to the winning numbers page to check your numbers and I think that is just sloppy coding and design on the app designer. This app has a lot of potential but I doubt it will ever reach that potential unless they update it based on user reviews. Also the resolution on it is based off of older iPhone and not on the new XS.Version: 3.2.0

Does not alert you of winningThe app makes it easy to purchase a ticket but it does not tell you if you win or not. If you won 100 million dollar jackpot there would be no alert. You would receive an email if you stay up on your emails. And if you’re like me you purchase random tickets all the time and forget to go back and look at them. The app needs to signal if you win a prize especially if the prize is larger than 600$ since those have to be claimed at the lotto office..Version: 4.4.4

Fantasy 5 winning number statistics.No doubt, the app is super convenient compared to a retail ticket buying experience, and hopefully will get easier to use with each update. My request is for greater transparency in the “winning number” section of Fantasy 5 results. Up until a few months ago, the Fantasy 5 winning number stats would either divulge the location of the winning ticket, or state the ticket was purchased online. Ironically, this information was no longer available the day after someone won $1.7 million, the largest jackpot I have seen in some time in this particular game. Why the sudden change? As a matter of transparency, I would like to see that feature reinstated. It is reassuring to know someone,somewhere, won, and that you are not just throwing your money away. If a winning number hit in the same, or the next town or county nearby, you might be more likely to think there is a chance it could happen to you! Also, I would like the stat “Total number of tickets sold” added to the existing stats of winning numbers. This stat would give the player greater insight of the general public interest of the game during the various jackpot amounts. I realize that the odds of winning are furnished, but I imagine that is based on the total numeric possibilities of 42 numbers..Version: 4.5.0

Why does the app use Face ID?Every time I have to login I HAVE TO enter my password. I have to enable Face ID EVERY time I login then it does not function even if I go back to the app in a few hours. This has to be deliberate as some sort of attempt to make the app appear more secure. Pasting my password is not allowed either. I rarely use it anymore as it delivers a bad user experience just as most apps developed for or by the state of Georgia. It’s as if Georgia goes with the lowest bidder (usually lower quality) and gets a product that indicates that choice..Version: 4.4.2

This app doesn’t work!!I deposited $20 and I am not able to buy any tickets at all. I am getting a error showing that “purchased can not be made at this time please try again later time.” I been trying to buy ticket for the last couple days now. Same error message pop up and not allowing to buy for all games. Fix this or give people there money back!! Anyone reading this, do not download this app just buy ticket in person..Version: 4.5.2

The worst...I don’t think I’ve ever written an app review. I felt compelled to leave this review because I’ve absolutely had it with this app. First of all, there’s this random white bar at the top of my phone over the app. I know it’s the app that has the problem because no other app on my phone has this white bar at the top, and I’ve even tried to delete it and download it again but it’s still there. Second, if I try to scan tickets, half the time an error message comes up. I’ve had multiple other problems with this app and because of it, I don’t trust that it’s completely legit. Oh, and don’t forget, the fine print reads that if there’s any discrepancy resulting from the app , Georgia lottery wins...always. Come on Georgia Lottery! You have the money to hire experienced, competent people to fix your app! If it worked right, you might actually have people willing to play the lottery online🙄.Version: 4.5.0

Didn’t Get My MoneyI played Starship Keno with 1 and 5 dollar plays and won several times. I even got the emails notifications saying I won each. I averaged about $40 in winnings but I was noticing that the winnings were not being added to my account so I stopped playing. I reached out to support with no response. So one day I called and a representative said she couldn’t see where I won but after she kept looking she read to me each winning. She said she would make a note if it and pass it to the appropriate dept. Days later I received an email claiming that I did receive my winnings but I used money playing more games and that they couldn’t help me. These people scammed me out of my winnings. There’s no way I’m sitting here watching as I win an clearly seeing that the funds wasn’t being added to my account. Not putting anymore money into this app. I’d rather play at a retailer’s store..Version: 5.0.1

Long Time PlayerI remember back a few years ago when I started when there used to be a players card u can have your winnings transferred to when u win and use it at lottery places in around town for scratchers and also not having to transfer to bank account. Wish that was still available but it was removed from the options.. But my BIGGEST ISSUE is that the diggi games that was removed from us with no warning that there was going to be taken from the site. Example like the Monkey Drop game and the Lightning Keno and New games that are added are just games we all ready play now but just with new graphics and new game name...Version: 5.0.5

Pretty easy way to throw money awayI had hoped to save myself a trip to a lottery retailer with this app but that’s just not the case. Only 2 games I play are available in the app and winning even the barest minimum seems to happen far less often than wasting my time going to a retainer. I’ve researched multiple times looking for proof of anyone winning a larger amount through the app but have yet to find any which seems suspicious to me. As long as the app & website has had active purchasing, there should be some higher winners popping up. Best thing I can say for the app is the scan ticket feature is useful..Version: 4.3.4

Stops, unfinished games, locks upThe latest several updates have not done a thing to deal with problems I’m having. Very often in diggi games it pauses and I usually have to logoff and log on again. Will say game is not available, problem with payment ( when adequate funds are available) and lots of other issues. Very frustrating..Version: 4.5.2

HmmmMaybe it’s just me, but it feels like the odds are less playing on my phone. I know it’s up there anyway but scratch off never pays anymore than $2 and it’s hard to actually find out if my lottery tickets are winners. But to just buy tickets and scan seems to be best part. I wish today could be the day, but I’ll just start buying from store again....Version: 4.4.7

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