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Amazing head phonesThese were a great gift I got for Christmas. I haven’t had an over ear set headphones in a very long time. These worked very well for me. The noise canceling works very well. I also believe the sound is very good. I feel the bass could be a little deeper and they could be a little louder but over all for this price point I believe these are an amazing set of headphones. I also enjoy the app very much it was easy to use and to understand. The EQ works well and you can fine tune the music to your liking. The batteries stay charged for a long time being able to check the charge of the batteries through the app is a nice touch. The batteries charge rather quickly so that great. Overall these are a an amazing set of headphones and I highly recommend them especially if you are on a budget..Version: 5.4.24

Jbl is amazingI’ll is the most advanced speaker / headphone company in my opinion being able to just listen to just the vocals or blasting the bass I couldn’t name another headphone that can do they also the talk through thing is amazing because when my mom is talking and I’m listening to music all I got to do is just pop that on and I can hear her.Version: 5.16.20

Wait till you try this hot garbageThis is quite possibly the worst buds you could buy, I’m sure I have never experienced less exciting, less useful and less inspiring product. The case doesn’t charge anything, it’s an LED light generator, the earbuds cut out and then just never pair again, you spend more time figuring out which setting you like less than experiencing the music. The interface app is possibly the worst designed app that offers no interaction and really doesn’t allow anything. Before you say you get what you pay for I will say that this is supposed to be mid range so I guess mid range must mean Hot garbage Enjoy your garbage people.Version: 5.16.20

ImpressedJust would like to say that I’m very impressed and satisfied with the performance of these little ear buds! The sound quality is second to none and they are also very comfortable and easy to use! I also love the app that goes with them with all of the options to tune it to your liking!!! They are definitely the best “ bang for your buck” and I will recommend them to anyone looking for a great quality and performing earbud!!! Thank you JBL!!!.Version: 5.9.16

Best ear buds for me and I would like to higher the volume moreTop quality best sound.Version: 5.17.8

Not good for meCan’t see my earbuds 200tws in the app so I can connect.Version: 5.17.8

IOS 16Used the app perfectly fine for quite a while, but since updating to iOS 16, the app no longer recognizes my headphones, and now it’s gotten to the point where they won’t even pair with the phone. Once things finally got paired after this last update, things seemed to start working better. 3 stars for the annoyance of getting it all set up (had to do manual pairing mode), but an extra star for actually getting an update out to fix the iOS 16 issue. Thanks..Version: 5.8.15

JBL Wow 😲 Sound qualityJBL LIVE NC460 headphones 🎧 are very good quality sounds and features. I love 💗 it and happy enjoying everyday at commuting, and off streets, at office too. I have the white colour set and gives me trendy look and people notice me just to grab from me. Funny 😁 Life is to enjoy 😉 so do have JBL headphones 🎧 to enjoy 😉 life at full potential..Version: 5.5.24

BrilliantGreat design and easy to use!.Version: 5.17.8

Mat WestI bought these ear buds because I wanted to try a cheaper pair instead of forking out a few hundred pounds like I normally do I’m so glad I did these buds should cost way more than there priced at and with there app downloaded on your phone it’s hard not to like it!!!.Version: 5.10.20

Best App to go with the head phones.The JBL app really lets you customize the headphones to you personal taste. You can raise the bass up even higher using the app. I like the classical sound because it’s flat. And while it. Rings up the highs, I’m able to go back and add bass to the classical setting. So I get highs and mids with bass. The only thing is I should’ve downloaded the app as soon as I bought the headset. I waited for about a month..Version: 5.4.24

Glitchy appKeep closing/chucking me out when trying to use the app..Version: 4.11.5

QualityI switched from Beats Buds to these, hands down no exaggeration this stay in my ear far more efficiently while also providing improved sound quality (with options in the app) and clarity. This may sound silly but I’m not sure if these have noise cancellation or not (Beats Buds did) but the quality I get from these far exceeds the previous!.Version: 5.16.20

Great app, changed the settings to make my music as loud as possible.Would be nice if they could add the TUNE 710bt though.Version: 5.10.5

A great app if you have JBL headphones.Without the app you can connect in settings, and that’s it. With this, you can learn gestures for the headphones, control sound quality and noise cancelling and so much more! If you have JBL’s definitely recommend this app..Version: 5.10.20

JBL Reflect Mini NC Ear BudsI bought these to use on holiday not realising they had noise cancellation at the time of purchase due to their price. They were able to block out background noise on the flight with ease. Sound quality is excellent as is battery life. They’re also waterproof so good when on the beach or by the pool or at the gym. I’d definitely recommend them..Version: 5.7.9

PleaseAdd tune510BT.Version: 5.14.5

Best headphones so farThese headphones are just about the best thing to happen to me.I use them almost everyday and they keep charge for a while and the sound is perfect..Version: 5.16.20

Too loud!I like my earbuds but the lowest volume setting is too loud so I use the custom EQ to decrease the volume, but that also decreases the quality a bit and only for so far (it’s also annoying to do). I wish there was a way besides this to decrease the volume to an appropriate level, cause the lowest setting shouldn’t sound like the midpoint.Version: 4.9.37

JBL proGreat high quality product. Love the adjustment EQ and long battery life. I don’t like the bulkiness and would prefer buds a bit smaller but bass will be probably compromised. Overall I couldn’t live without my JBLs.Version: 5.4.24

Good qualityJust had them for one day so far so comfortable in the ear sound quality good as well and well priced.Version: 5.8.17

High qualityOn of the best ear buds very high quality earbuds premium earbuds the best sound quality is perfect balance between using the equaliser control highly recommended..Version: 5.8.17

I’m absolutely amazed.. the quality is incredibleDon’t go elsewhere… buy these.!! Great price, incredible quality.Version: 5.16.20

Fabulous product!Great audio and I love the Noise Cancelling feature..Version: 5.13.5

Awesome appMy JBL earbuds are the best thing I’ve found since AirPods Pro. More bass and more volume. With the JBL app I can manage all my settings with even an equalizer at hand. ANC, ambient sound and talk through easy to manage. I give 5 stars to this because it deserves it!.Version: 5.14.5

GreatLovely sound and battery backup.Version: 5.16.5

Ditch the apple airpodsAlmost bought my THIRD pair of airpods cuz they started acting up as far as the battery and they weren’t loud anymore…these are Cheaper. Quality is AMAZING. Battery charge fast and last long. Using the app is awesome so u can customize how u hear…i LOVE them cant lie. If I was to add cons the ONLY thing I can say as of now is its kinda hard to get them out the case lol. The magnet so strong it makes me nervous to pull hard because i don’t want them to fall or fly somewhere but I think you just have to get use to it and figure out your finger placement technique..Version: 5.17.8

Cant operate on iOS16Jbl, please update your app so it can be compatible with iOS16 because it is saysing no device found. Thank you!.Version: 5.8.12

Better than mostWould be really cool if you could assign the functions of button presses to actually have custom interaction options and not just a preset group to choose from… if u dont use voice assist, you waste an extra interactive option on each ear Naming custom eqs seems a iffy too but it does give you more options then most headphone apps.Version: 5.14.20

GreatVery good to check my battery percentage on my JBL headphones. Really reliable and easy to look at.Version: 5.17.8

True Live TWSAfter some initial connectivity problems,(probably my fault), I was a little disappointed in the sound…then I found the EQ settings. What a difference! Now they sound like premium speakers should. I haven’t had them long enough to report on battery life but I do appreciate the wireless charging. I can’t wait to try out the ANC next spring when I mow the lawn. They are a great value for the price..Version: 5.9.21

AwesomeThis app is amazing, just amazing, i don’t know a other app that lets you change how you hear the song..Version: 5.17.8

Great Ear BudsLove the app that goes with these eat buds. Allows you to monitor battery life, change sound settings, button settings. Also love how you can choose how much sound you can here on a call. So far these are even better than the Bose that I had years back. Definitely better than the Raycons that I had to replace because they started having charging issues..Version: 5.11.4

👍works in Live 400Bt!!👍But need upgrade add more Features!.Version: 4.8.11

GlennHandy app love the equaliser just needs balance control..Version: 5.5.24

The epitome of user friendly headphonesI love these babies. The ability to creat your own sound design in the app is so amazing and so easy to use. These headphones are super easy to use, have with a great battery life, offer so many customizations and the sound quality is top notch. Could be louder though. Other than that they are perfectly..Version: 5.17.8

Simply the bestThe best I’ve ever used over 60 years. I’m deaf in certain frequencies and the editable eq sorts that out. Comfortable and the noise cancelling is awesome. Very pleased..Version: 5.16.20

HelloGood.Version: 5.16.5

JBL Tour Pro 2These earbuds are the best ever - great sound, don’t fall out of your ears, love the case display as use it all the time and for a reasonable price!.Version: 5.16.20

JBL650BTNC. Great Headphones For The MoneyI received these as a Christmas present and I have enjoyed them ever since. They satisfied my needs very well. A great value for the money. They are fairly comfortable to wear. The app has a built in equalizer so you can tune the sound to your liking. The volume buttons do not work once either Of the voice assistants are selected. Took a while to figure this out. Turning off solved the issue. I have noise cancelling Sony earbuds and the JBL650 does a better job of noise cancelling..Version: 4.8.11

👍Very good app.Version: 5.16.20

Live 300 TWSFor the money you WILL NOT find better sound. Id be willing to bet for another hundred or two you won’t find better sound. I paid almost 300 for my Solo Pros and the JBL are superior. These are truly what music is meant to sound like. I have JBL in my car and I will only buy Harman products from “hear” on out. To the engineers at Harman I applaud you. Keep up the good work. I highly recommend. I can’t wait to save up the scratch to get the Flash as I’m told they sound BETTER?! I don’t know how this is possible, but I wanna find out!.Version: 4.9.37

EQNeed more EQ presets..Version: 5.16.20

JBL flexI have had the JBL flex Ear buds for about 4 days now…& so far it’s been great user experience(i know it maybe a little too soon to judge, but still I feel that someone may find use in my feedback )One thing i am struggling with is that I still can’t figure out how to turn them on, when they get to sleep. since I have them on power saver mode they are set to shut down when 30min is reached with out use and waking them up has not been easy :). Also I am still trying to figure out the gestures on the buds them selfs, but I think the app really helps with figuring this out which I have downloaded already, but still didn’t get a chance to really use. But over.. all so far, am happy with the sound and battery life..Version: 5.14.5

Cool features + customizableAwsm interface and features.Version: 5.11.4

Bang for buckGreat headphones Easy too use Stay in my ears will MTBing Thanks to the little loops Ok sound staging Great case and battery life Recommend.Version: 5.16.20

LWondering why you can't sell nun while having apps like this 😐.Version: 5.17.8

GoodThey are a good pair I have had them for 4 months with no problems..Version: 5.17.8

Cool app but there are some small issues that are annoyingI have been very happy with these EarPods and the app has been a pretty cool bonus I wasn’t aware of. There’s some convenient and definitely nice to have features in it that have made me life the EarPods even better. That being said, there has been quite a few connectivity issues with the app 1. It strangely won’t ever connect to them when they’re in the case which is pretty dumb, especially if just one of them is in the case and I am using the other. 2. It just doesn’t connect to them at all way to often. So I have to put them in the case and take them out once or twice before it connects. Outside of those issues. I am a fan and it’s nice to have and adds to the value of the pods, especially for only being $80.Version: 5.8.15

Very niceI love my new JBL headphones. JBL has been around a long time and their products are still superior. I’m looking forward to good sounding music. They feel good, good sound, good base. They charge fast and last long. I just wish I can tell how much battery life remains. I can’t tell on the app. Maybe I need to research that more. But that’s my only complaint. I’m very happy with my purchase..Version: 5.16.20

Seems good but my pair aren’t compatible?The Tune 520bt and 525bt are compatible, so are the models above 520, but somehow the Tune 570BT aren’t compatible, do you know when you’ll be able to add them?.Version: 5.15.11

Crazy Good EarbudsI shopped for about a month before deciding on these ear buds. When I first put them in I was a little disappointed, but I uploaded the app, set the equalizer to my liking, and changed the little rubber things to a larger size and these things are insane. I can understand lyrics I never could hear clearly before. Even learned some new lyrics to Pearl Jam songs. I listened for about 6 hours the first day I had them, got a bunch of yard work done, then the next day went and bought two more pairs to give to my kids. Not making this up. Enjoy them!!.Version: 5.12.6

Add a widgetGreat app, really love how you can customise everything, but i think a good addition would be adding a widget so that people can change ambient noise settings quickly..Version: 5.17.8

Good app for headphonesI was impressed, the app asked for an update the day I got the headphones and app. I did the update, turned on my headphones (well, first I had to pair them first) and started jamming to music, I felt the vibe like I was at a concert in rl, I suggest you get this app, also if you turn the talk through setting to talk thro, you won’t be able to hear the music, I suggest you put the setting on the middle button, so it’s talk through, and listable at the same time. These headphones can also stop playing music once and a while, this is because they hear talking and they think someone is talking to you, there is a setting for that to, use this app. I was very impressed, but I saw a comment that said that it broke their headphones and I was like that’s weird that I didn’t do that to me, so am I happened to you? It didn’t happen to me, but it might happen to you, so be aware and be safe..Version: 5.16.20

Need moreNeed more equilizer options.Version: 5.16.20

Better than top priced competitorsI purchased these after my $400 Sony buds stopped charging. So I had a direct comparison between the two brands. These JBL’s have great endurance. I have actually had a solid 10 hours out of these things, whereas my Sonys were good for 70 minutes at the most. I thought I would miss the in-ear bud form-factor but these airbuds form-factor ones are just as steady while working out. The only down side is that the active noise cancelling is not quite as effective as the Sony. However, I would still choose these given a choice. Price wise: half the cost of my old ones!.Version: 5.11.4

Needs more custom taps and pause triggersMore things to trigger with touch like open player or chats voice call on messenger.Version: 5.15.11

Does what is says on the tinWorks well 99% of the time, sometimes a bit indecisive about connecting to the earphones but does the job..Version: 5.16.5

Mr E C AshLovely balanced sound with lots of options to enhance your listening experience. Small and lightweight, can be worn for hours without ear fatigue. Deep bass and mids are clear and bright. Forgot mine in my pockets and washed my jeans without being aware of it. Thought I’d lost them, only to find them about 3 weeks later and never expected they’d work again. Decided to give it a go and charged them, only to put them on and they were as good as when I first bought them. I was blown away by their durability and my wife couldn’t believe it and got one for herself. Truly one of my most impressive collection of earbuds/ headphones and I am talking a collection that includes the Bose Quiet Comfort 2, Bose Sports QC earbuds, Nuraphones, Nuratrue, the B&O H5 and the H9, and the Sony XM4. I will confidently recommend the JBL and ironically, it’s my first ever JBL product and it’s good. But of course we feel the need to own the high end brands more for prestige and class than actual performance. Not saying these are better than the ones I already have, but they get the job done..Version: 5.8.15

I can hear now music properly again 🙂Just purchased a pair of JBL Wave Flex in-earbuds for Argos and set the equaliser up using this app, I have hearing loss in the upper frequencies and I have to tell you that I can now once again hear cymbals and hi-hats in music, a 200% game changer in my opinion. Just fantastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 5.16.5

Bonne qualité généraleSon très correct ( assez équilibré, les aiguës sonnent assez artificiels cependant ), la voix en appel est très claire dans les deux sens. Le rapport qualité prix ( a 60$) est donc très bon. Seul bémol ( qui empêche de mettre 5 étoiles), les écouteurs ont tendance à tomber de mes oreilles lorsque je souris ce qui nest évidemment pas très pratique. Je vais jouer avec les embouts et voir si cela change qqch..Version: 5.14.20

I would buy againOverall this is a great option for the price. I got these on sale for 40 bucks. Noise cancellation is good enough and the battery life is solid. The app really adds a lot of value. JBL really did a great job making a budget set of ear buds feel premium. I have been using mine every day for about 8 months and no issues..Version: 5.13.5

YeahYeah it works. Thought I lost my earbud, found it using a feature on the app. My sister was sitting on it. Coolio. Can turn ambient aware on. I don’t understand it exactly. It’s cool though. I only use my earbuds. But it’s good ig..Version: 5.17.8

JBL 100%Bought my Tours and just bought a party Box 310, it’s fugly but the room sounds like a live gig, happy as!. I have been with Sonos since day one, so happy with JBL..Version: 5.16.5

Excellent in-ear phones. Just the job. Great sound and wireless charging.Excellent in-ear phones for the price. They fit very well straight out of the box with 3 different sizes of the outer ear piece to give a perfect fit so they don’t fall out of your ear. Noise cancelling is very good. Possibly not as good as other higher prices brands but I would prefer to hear a little of the ambient noise around me when I use these on the footpath. There are noise functions such as noise cancelling and ambient aware at a touch of the earphone or via the app. Touch controls can be changed via the app to control what each press of the earphone does. Such as noise cancelling or ambient aware. Or maybe either volume up or down and on the other ear music stop, next track or previous track etc. Think it should be made more aware that it has wireless charging. So the earphone can be charged in the car or at home on a wireless charging pad. That’s what sold me on the device and also price compared to other brands. Music sounds very good. App allows you change the music to add more Bass or treble. These go loud enough that you can’t hear anything around you especially when noise cancelling is on. Which is loud enough for me. No issues with the app and neither with connecting straight out of the holder..Version: 5.15.11

Very great app to bass up your musicNow I’ve been with JBL for 3 years now I have a JBL party box a flip 5 and 2 live500bt headphones and the product is still working I use the eqluizer to bass up my music a little bit and this is a great app for changing modes quickly for talkthru mode and any other modes 5 star review for products and app.Version: 5.15.11

Sensational!Finally after several years trying others an awesome set of ear buds Brilliant music sound with great meaty bass and crystal clear phone calls that don't go pear shaped. Battery life great too.. all day long calls / music etc Get these !.Version: 5.6.9

Best in gymThe app is awesome. I can control all of the things I wanted, yet can’t with my AirPods Pro (latest/best as of review). There actually used to be more settings for gestures, I in the latter. The TUNE130 TWSs are a better product too, sound quality, gestures, noise canceling and equalizer functions. If you’re like me and need two pairs, go straight to the sound specialist. If I never write another review, don’t send a search party. Apple had me killed..Version: 5.11.4

Amazing App for JBL Headphones!I have the JBL Live 500bt and recently found this app and can definitely say this really enhanced my music listening experience the sound quality is exquisitely pleasing to my ears! Also the bass is really nice and deep which I love. 5/5 stars would most definitely recommend if you want to get the most out of your JBL headphones!! Although I would like if there was more in-depth options for the EQ instead of just Bass, Jazz and vocal !.Version: 5.6.9

JBL budsGreat sound and volume. Good quality as you would expect for JBL. The loop locks them in place, makes for a good fit. Got them for on sale about 30% off good value..Version: 5.17.8

Worth every centMuch better than AirPods just simple, cheap and good quality..Version: 5.10.5

GREAT 5 STARAmazing controls,great noise cancelling and the app really lets you have 100% control over your headphones, GREAT.Version: 5.3.6

It’s a great app but I have one problemAs mentioned it’s a very good app with a lot of nice features for your JBLs but me and many other people have an issue. Please change the feature where if you put one bud in then it auto switches on Ambient Awareness. Please just have it off by default..Version: 5.11.4

Fantastic...exceptI am unable to access the earbud control in the app while I am actively using them. If I want to turn on ambient aware while music is playing, for example, I have to restart the earbuds, pause the music, turn on ambient aware, and then turn the earbuds back on. Extremely annoying. Otherwise though, they offer great sound control..Version: 5.16.5

100% useless, broken appNo amount of factory resetting, unpairing, or turning off/on will make this app work This is one of those rare apps that is so genuinely bad at doing the one thing it's meant to do, that I feel obligated to review it just to let others know this is terrible. Jesus Christ what an annoying thing to deal with. My earbuds are fine. My phone is fine. It's your app. How is it not able to detect the earbuds that I'm literally listening to music on thru my phone that runs the app..Version: 5.8.17

Top QualityAs soon as you pull them out of the box, you’ll notice the quality of the charging base. The ear buds lasted over 8 hours even with noise cancelling turned on. The app is quite useful for checking battery status in each individual ear bud & the charging base as well. Plus, it has an equalizer as to tweak any part of the audio spectrum you desire. All of this would be absolutely meaningless if they didn’t hit the high bar in sound quality. I listen to my home music on Old School Infinity RS3B speakers and I’m absolutely an audio snob. These JBL (LIVE FREE NC+TWS) ear buds checked every mark. VERY impressed. For me they had zero negatives. A+++.Version: 5.11.4

ANC, Sound Quality and BassThe JBL ear pods are a class apart. I really enjoy the ANC feature. It cuts off the unwanted background noise and gives an amazing feeling. The sound quality is excellent and I recommend it..Version: 5.6.9

Sound great.These have amazing sound and clarity, but they are quirky. Sometimes they hold a charge for several days. Other times, they are dead after one day. Sometimes they sync up with the phone automatically. Other times, you have to manually sync them. I’m still trying to figure out which earpieces fit my ears. They keep falling out at inconvenient times. Overall, I’m pleased, but they can be difficult..Version: 5.13.5

Live pro+Great set of headphones, quality is amazing and noise cancelling works great, easy no hassle connection. Deffo recommend.Version: 5.5.24

Satisfied CustomerOn my quest to find the right earbuds, I’ve had some highs and lows. However, these have been the highest of the high. Realistically, nothing is perfect, but they are perfect for me. The sound and clarity while listening to music or on phone calls is second to none that I’ve used. Thanks.Version: 5.16.20

Lit JBL Earbuds!Having played with hundreds of earphones from wired to a Bluetooth. This JBL Earbuds takes the kill👍. It’s got nearly everything you want as a fitness healthy headphones like clear cut 🎵 and noise cancellation etc. This one takes the cake and worthy the price👌 Buka Sokovagone, Sunshine Coast,Queensland. Australia 🇦🇺.Version: 5.16.20

Awesome! -> Please Add App Feature …These are amazing quality. I would like to suggest to add an option in the app to completely disable the voice assistant (via the left tap ear piece) could just be a trigger in the app. I’ve accidentally bumped it trying to adjust headphones and also just don’t want to use it, so a control to turn off altogether would be much appreciated! Thank you! PS -to reiterate the need-wore to the gym for the first time-same issue-was doing pull ups and my arm kept bumping the left ear causing the assistant to come on when I didn’t want it. Also when stretching. Please add the feature to turn off that assistant and these will be PERFECT. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!.Version: 5.15.11

Top tierTop tier sound control app jbl ate on this 💯❌🧢.Version: 5.17.8

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