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MoneyLion: Go-to Money App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MoneyLion: Go-to Money App app received 30 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MoneyLion: Go-to Money App? Can you share your negative thoughts about moneylion: go-to money app?

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MoneyLion: Go-to Money App for Negative User Reviews

Super excited thus far...I downloaded the app and although there are issues like DL not scanning and the #growyourstack option doesn’t pan a flat surface, I was able to get everything else going. I was super skeptical, ESPECIALLY after reading all the reviews about high interests, unexpected “surprises”, and scams but if you, as a consumer, do you part and actually read a document, you will see exactly what are signing up for. I was approved for the loan at the 5.99%; they don’t even check your credit for it and their requirements for approval are clearly stipulated. I opened up the contract to make sure and I was happy to see that I was set up for payments according to my pay period and at a 5.99% APR. Had I seen something different, I wouldn’t have accepted the loan. I would recommend that you open docs and read them before agreeing to anything. I am looking forward to having the issues worked out so I can take 100% advantage of all MoneyLion’s functionality. Financial stability is very important to me. It is clear to me that MoneyLion knows that there is an enormous gap between basic financial knowledge and healthy finances and they are invested in bridging that gap to help those of us that haven’t made the best “financial” decisions. I will come back and update my review as time passes. I’m hoping to bump it to 5 stars and 2 big thumbs up!!.Version: 3.13.0

Horrible Customer ServiceI’ve been using this app for about a year and a half now. I’ve been happy with it and I’ve been frustrated as hell with it. The worse aspect is their non-existent customer service. If you manage to actually wait through the hold time you get an individual that has absolutely no authority or in some instances no idea what you are talking about. Expect to be asked to have an “expert” call you back. Don’t get me started on Instacash. If you are approved for 120 dollars you can only take 50 at at time so you pay transaction fees, tips, same day deposit fees for each one. So if you want the 120 dollars in your account ASAP you have to pay 3.99 transaction fee for each transaction. One for 50, transaction fee. Another for 50, a transaction fee. The remaining 20, a transaction fee. So that’s 12 dollars in fees plus the tips they try to shame you into giving. Those tips come out immediately and are not included in what you are told you pay back on your next payday. BEWARE: If you choose to give say a 2 dollar tip on their begging screen it defaults to a 5 dollar tip on the confirmation screen. Ridiculous. The 500 loan part is legit but buyer beware on servicing it and being fee’d to death..Version: 7.10.0

Can’t Even Create An AccountI have been trying all day. Read all the terms and conditions dotted all of my i’s and crossed every T however I keep getting the same message every single time. “ Oops Sorry we can not create a Money Lion account at this time. Try again later. “ There is no formal customer service for your customers to contact for help with that said I really don’t feel completely comfortable moving forward with opening the account. When I researched the error I am getting I stumbled upon a discussion forum of recent conversations from your current customers that are very dissatisfied for various reasons. Money not received or paid, can’t access their money, app not functioning, debit cards rejected and no customer support. These are much unlike the reviews I had read prior to the attempt at opening an account.. I think in my situation I am just going to be thankful that for whatever reason this app didn’t download and I’m thankful that I stumbled into the discussion forum that I did. I would encourage people that are considering the thought of downloading this app to search out reviews from true customers not reviews that can be purchased. I would also say to the developers that to have a financial app of this type without no support at all is irresponsible on your part as the company..Version: 7.18.0

Will not help credit run away!!!!I got this app and account as it says if you log in each day you don’t have to pay for the services. I also got the $500 loan to help with increase my credit. This bank only works with a few of the major banks so only my one account that I used for online transactions would work. The major pain is they take 6-7 day’s to process a transaction. It takes 2-3 days before it is taken out of your bank and then some times another 5-7 days to show up on your account as having the loan payment made. I had it set up for automatic payment but even that took 5-7 days and would show that my payment was late due to the lag in the processing of the payment. I contacted there non existent customer service and was sent to there team and services page with zero help. So basically you pay $19 a month to have access to a $500 loan. The loan was easy but the issues with the account and no ability to make payments through bank accounts that do not link through there site such as a ACH or direct withdrawal you can not use checks or anything to make payments and they take so long to clear this app has now actually hurt my credit. 2 of the months they took longer due to the payment coming out over a weekend they had already reported the payment as late before they processed it. This is a scam please do you fall for this like I did. I have paid back the loan and plan to cancel my membership as soon as possible. Also they will not give you back your money in any way..Version: 6.7.0

Run AwayI have no idea how they have so many 5 star reviews... other than they must be somehow paying people to generate them. This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve called them over a dozen times to address issues with my account after countless emails fail to resolve anything. First of all, your emails will be replied to from a generic account so you literally can’t follow up with the same person. Also, no one has ever responded to my replies to a request for more info on an issue. So I will email about something, get a reply, then respond and literally no response thereafter. Every time. Also, calls to sales reps always seem to go well, but when they escalate you may or may not hear back from a manager. I was told that there was clearly no direct deposit pattern even though I have a direct deposit of $4200 every month on the last day of the month happen. How that isn’t clear I do not know. And that was a managers response. The poor people at the call center, good luck if you can find that phone number, are genuinely good people but given no power by a company that screws its customers. Their app is also an atrocious excuse to upsell you on their add partners. You can’t check your balance until you’ve clicked through a bunch of 3rd party offers. Again, run..Version: 5.20.0

So angry with them!I had no problems with these people for a few months. Then when I decided to pay off my loan in full. I get hell for it! I called multiple times and three different people told me 3 different things! And none helped me! I paid my loan off and now it says I have past due payments and I can’t use the instacash or get another loan! My app says I have past due payments but I don’t have anything showing that tells me I can pay any remaining balance or what I’m behind! So how the hell am I suppose to fix the problem if no one is helping me pay off any remaining balance or fix any of my issues. I’m literally stuck! And your still taking monthly membership payments out of my bank account and I can’t even use any of the offering things on the app anymore! My instacash is frozen and my loan is saying it’s paid off but I’m behind apparently? You guys have done nothing to help me in this situation. You took the money from my bank account and there’s proof! But the website/app doesn’t work properly to show anything the right way! I also put in a complaint with the BBB just now as well. I’m done letting this situation go. I want all my money back or I wnat my membership working properly giving me all my access back and my loan showing it’s paid off fully!.Version: 6.8.0

Hassles Upon HasslesI liked the app at first, and I enjoy saving money and being able to request a loan when needed. However, the customer service for this company is pathetic, and so is the system the billing is under as well. The first time I called the person I was speaking to didn't even sound like he wanted to be there, gave me the wrong information that, had I NOT requested to speak to a supervisor (who also sounded bored and condescending) it could have been a choice that damaged my credit. Today I call, because I'm willing to pay off my loan. Using a bank account takes way too long and at this point, I'm ready to pay off and cancel due to the hold time and the wait customer service has. I finally get through to someone after a whopping 15 minutes (and fake clicking links on the website to contact support) for them to tell me my card is not supported to pay my loan off in full. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the BANK ACCOUNT is literally attached to that card & vice versa, how can one be supported and the other isn't ? The bank account takes too long to clear and it completely ruins the plan I had since I'm on vacation. I don't even want the membership anymore, cause there's way too many aspects to this membership and it seems that not everyone is skilled or knowledgeable on it which makes it even MORE confusing, to then have this issue with my billing I'm completely turned off. Once paid off I'm finished..Version: 5.13.0

App use to have a clear directiveI downloaded and took the loan before the update. The app use to force you to save and invest money by your pay period and also give your money back with daily logins. Now the app has transitioned over to a flat monthly fee. I feel scammed as now the app no longer invests the money. Zero fee checking doesn’t exist since I now have to pay a weekly fee? None of my money is invested anymore, and the 5.99% apr loan isn’t realistically 5.99 percent. At $20 a month that loan transitions to a ridiculous 60% apr loan. I used the app to slowly invest money and don’t appreciate the mid transition as I agreed to the loan on different terms. I don’t understand the point of the app anymore. The app doesn’t make it a priority to invest anymore. Now im paying a monthly fee to hold on to a credit building loan with a ridiculous payout from my pocket that I never agreed to when I first took the loan. I’ll end up paying a ridiculous amount of money for the rest of my loan because of this change with no benefit. I wish they’d bring back the forced auto save and get rid of the new membership fee. Why charge a membership fee to hold a loan and checking account that’s ‘fee free’ when in reality that $20 membership fee means a ridiculous $240 a year!!!!!.Version: 5.20.0

Left me with no money 3 days before ChristmasI have had moneylion for years and been very happy with it. My instacash had increased to $780 which I always paid off early when used. All of a sudden 3 days before Christmas my instacash eligible amount decreased to $180! I had been depending of using a good portion of that for bills due to Christmas expenses. After three different calls and being told three different things I was finally told this morning it was because I had an EXTRA (yes extra) $100 deposited into my account December 1st. Even though my direct deposit was the same amount there is a glitch in the system it thinks your deposits are inconsistent..that makes you ineligible for full amount till the next payday January 28th in my case😭 The worst part is that apparently they have been aware of this glitch because it happened when some ppl received an extra govt payment and no one thought to warn customers! I can’t even begin to explain the financial hardship this has created for me. And the fact that there is nothing that can be done to fix it is unbelievable to me. Unless some miracle happens and the system “unglitches” itself I will be closing my account and moving my direct deposit before my next payday. I hate it when I have loved this account so much but I cannot risk another $600 system problem that takes over a month to fix.Version: 7.40.0

FRAUDS! STAY AWAY FROM MONEYLION!MoneyLion fraudulently opened two separate accounts in my name with two different social security numbers. They opened a $500 Credit builder PLUS loan in my name without my knowledge, authorization, consent or approval. They forced me to pay that loan off even after I filed a police report which backed my identity theft claim, complaints with the CFPB, BBB, The NY State Attorney General’s office, and the FTC. They reported this to the credit report which is how I found out about it. The bank they had on file is not a bank I have ever done business with. They are SCAM artists and they are frauds. DO NOT do any business with them. They are nearly impossible to talk to on the phone, they don’t care that they have fraudulent accounts, and refuse to follow the laws on the United States to correct this. They owe me a lot of money and they said that they already paid it. That’s a lie. Then they said their “engineers” had to review and release the $375 escrow funds (that I never opened in the first place but was required to pay off) within 5 days, yet the haven’t. I want a refund of all monies paid to protect my credit because they are full of crap. This company is a bunch of scam artists and their call center is based out of Malaysia. They have no regard for identity theft victims or their customers. STAY AWAY FROM MONEYLION! You will regret this! They need to be SHUT DOWN by the government!.Version: 7.4.0

Account Closed they have thousands of my $$$I do not recommend this company. Currently it has been 8 business days - almost 2 weeks that my account has been closed by their error due to my direct deposit from my job triggering the account to be closed. I have over $3000 frozen in the account, have been able to pay rent and was unable to pay for our thanksgiving meal. My experience with them has been awful. I’ve called 5 times and emailed 3 providing all information they have asked for with no new information. I was my account would be open in 1-2 business days after sending in verification information. Ive heard no updates. Their retention team is not responsive and you will be left vulnerable. Their direct deposit does not enable you to get your check 2 days early. That’s a lie and it’s never happened. Please save yourself and do not use their direct deposit and do not use this as your main debit card. You could get stuck like me. They are good for getting you out of a bind with the roar money loans but not have me in a terrible bind financially. I’m posting this everywhere hoping I will finally get an update. For those in the same boat, I encourage you do the same..Version: 7.38.0

Worth it if you really need the loanDid the credit builder plus loan twice after paying. Off the $500 loan it took two weeks to get funds from the reserve account. Everytime after once Being on hold for 30-40 minutes. Told the same thing that it was just process on that day. Recently just paid off $1000 credit plus loan now shows i owe two missed payments made two weeks ago from my account and by card. Errors all i get when i try to submit payment using my cards on file. Saying to contact my bank. What they dont tell is the loan isnt the full amount. Lucky to get at $175 then you paying them payments. Once paid the full loan amount you get reserve funds credit to your account. Basically I apply for $1000 and get $175 and the $825 will get once the full $1000 is paid plus APR fees and membership fees. Contact support takes for every by phone. And thru emails after a day your ticket request is canceled or closed. Only report on my credit shows every time they didnt take a payment from the account on file. Shows as missed payments on credit reports. Leaving more negative feed back and yet to see anything showing i paid them off..Version: 7.0.0

Worst Loan EVER !!They approve you for credit builder plus, but give you only a portion of that money and keep the rest in “reserve”. Once you pay the WHOLE $1000 plus interest THEN you can get what they’re holding from you. What they dont tell you is it takes 5 business days to get that money transferred after you pay off your loan which takes 5-7 business days to clear might i add before the loan is paid off. They hold your money for 2 weeks after paying off a loan. You email them and no one can give you a good answer. Then they charge the membership fee of $4.6 weekly if you have a loan out with them (its required). Ive never had such difficulties with a loan company actually giving me my money. I paid off my loan going on 2 weeks and i have yet to get the money i had in reserves myself. If you need a loan. Go somewhere else. Anywhere else. They couldnt possibly hit you with this many problems and fees. Update - Called to ask why i STILL dont have my money from my reserve that i paid my loan off 2 weeks ago. Their response was that cancelling my MoneyLion Plus ($4.60 weekly) slowed down the process and now its going to take ANOTHER 2-4 business days to trasnfer funds. Ive NEVER heard of a company coming up with so many excuses to hold on to your money. Once again DONT GET A LOAN FROM THEM!!!.Version: 6.15.0

THIEVES! STAY AWAYThis company is absolute garbage. I took out the 500 dollar loan and paid it off early. I called to cancel my membership and ask to liquidate my investment account. The guy said I will have my money in 7-10 business days. I call them 7 business days later to check up on my money. They say that no liquidation request was made (I made sure when talking to the guy originally that it would be liquidated and in my account in 7-10 business days). So I asked to speak to a supervisor who said he personally submitted the liquidation request and I would receive my money in 7-10 business days. I call them 7 business days later to check on the status and they tell me that the liquidation is in process and the money should be in my account in 3-5 business days. So I wait 5 business days and call today. The guy said that the liquidation is still in process and doesn’t know what is going on but he will send a message to the higher ups to see what is going on. It has now been a month since I originally canceled my account and still haven’t gotten my money. They’re just giving me the run-around like the other reviews I have read stated. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this trash company. I am going to report them to the correct agencies and I am going to take legal action. This is theft. Plain and simple. Stay away..Version: 5.5.1

Buggy and disappointingThere is consistently lots of bugs in this app and I’ve had it for over a year now. I pay for a MoneyLion premium membership and the credit advice feature has never worked for me. It freezes up the app after answering the security questions. The flow of the app is not logical. Making the smallest changes like an address change is even a difficult process. All MoneyLion users were recently forced to switch from MoneyLion checking to a Roar Money account. In doing so, we had to let our MoneyLion accounts close after opening the Roar Money account. We now pay a monthly fee as well. I used to schedule money transfers from my Wells Fargo account to MoneyLion twice a month, and I tried to link my WF account to this new Roar Money account and it shows that it does not qualify for transfers with WF. I’m super disappointed. I really liked my MoneyLion account and now I’m paying for an account I can’t even make transfers to or find an ATM for. It’s a hassle. I’m trying to close the RoarMoney account I just opened and I can’t find where to do that, just like everything else in the app. There is not a phone number to call or a chat to get help. You have to fill out a stupid help form on their website for every little thing..Version: 7.5.0

Great but the tip portion is ridiculous and needs more infoI can honestly say I love this app. Hands down really great at looking at all your money at once. There’s an option to invest, but it doesn’t explain anything about the investing. You have no idea what your invested in and what’s happening with that money. Also, you don’t have the option to take that money back if you no longer want to invest, which is a little ridiculous. The credit building is great, it reports to the credit bureau appropriately and you see the impact quickly. However, the instacash option is ridiculous. When you take out an instacash it constantly asks for a tip. I don’t mind leaving a tip for the help but if you don’t leave a tip your amount of instacash lessens, like a punishment for not paying more. Finally the last complaint would be the cashback shake that they offer. It’s a fun little option and it doesn’t give much back which isn’t an issue. The issue is that you can’t choose where that cashback goes. It immediately goes to the investment, which again you know nothing about. There should be an option of putting the cashback in the checking or in the investment. Overall a good app and great tool for improving credit and having some extra cash here and there but it needs some improvement..Version: 6.13.0

Investigations, Apparently, Never End! Big Money, Lost/Stolen!!!The people at Lincoln Savings Bank will know who this is, if they look in their records, but this is Mel, from Anchorage, Alaska, and there is more than $30,000 locked up by an investigation that begin many months ago, and yet, as Roar Money nears, and my account is closing on September 1, they have refused to tell me when I will have this money released to me, or, where it will go back to, if but to anyone but themselves at Money Lion! Who are these people? Nothing but a pack of thieves? Why don’t they tell me how I can get this money, or even if it’s going back to where it came from? And are they going to try and bill me for the $9000 plus that was used before they did so? It was a total mistake to ever have an account at this bank and Money Lion! I certainly will never do so again! This is to let all of you out there know, what a pack of thieves this bunch is, and they will do nothing to rectify any situation, no matter how many times you asked their support for any answers! Whether by phone, or the support site and getting a ticket, they do still refuse to give me an answer! I would say that some or more of you, can expect the same, and I would suggest finding a safer place to do business with!!!.Version: 7.6.0

Scam predatory company.So they market as a credit repaid loan company. But what your credit sees is a major risk account. So it won’t help. But forget that. In order to use the so called loans. They not Only charge you for the withdraw. Then they charge a fee. Then they want you to tip. Then even though you make arrangements to pay a loan back. They will continue to hit your account every day. Changing the amounts to reflect what’s in your account or not. Causing more fees from the bank. Then want to know why you can’t pay it back. Well let’s see. You already charged me nearly 100 bucks for the money. Then 10 times trying to get it out of my bank when I said it wouldn’t be there until a certain date. Costing me an additional 350. I get what kind of company this is. But doesn’t change the fact that you guys screw over your customers and just keep doing it. I’m glad it’s paid back now. 250 bucks only cost me 800 to get. Do yourself a favor and use a company like self. That doesn’t purposely try to screw you or fee you to death. I hope after covid. Companies like this feel the fall out the most. Not their employees but the scam artist making the decisions. I only hope they revive the same amount of stress they have dished out over the years. Run it’s not worth it!.Version: 7.31.0

Honest reviewI think most people who rate this app 4 stars or more are only referring to the Loan they just received and how quickly they got the money, which I would say is understandable. But after months of being a member with MONEYLION, I have experienced a troubling amount of bad customer service. On top of that, it’s not easy to reach them if you have any issues. For some reason they can’t even call my actual phone number and I have to use a Google Number for verification that I set up. When you finally can reach them, it’s never an American, which is cool. The only problem is that while I can understand every they say, they can’t under me. It’s super frustrating. But most importantly, I’m still getting charged after I’m no longer a member. Guys, customer service is PRICELESS. The most trusted companies have that part taken care of. But not MONEYLION. If they happen to double charge you or claim that the bank won’t let them take the money out even though money is clearly there, good luck with having that issue resolved. UPDATE: They posted a link to schedule a phone call from their customer service team. Tried that twice. No call from them. And their still attempting to charge my card for a debt that’s paid off already. Smh...Version: 6.19.0

Great informational App, LITERAL TRASH as a bank. Using Dave or anything else here on out.Image being told by a “top tier” banking application that had your social, phone number, email, AND banking information that you are in fact not the person you claim to be. MoneyLion displays itself as the go-to app for all of your banking needs, but increasingly falls short of expectations. After being denied the “Instacash” offer, I was told I would have to wait 7 days to even be approved for cash advances, but it failed to tell me where I went wrong. Was it my lack of information, or did something go wrong with the bank it already approved? I’ll never know, and with my bills coming up in 5 days, it’ll be too little, too late. Image facing punitive measures for a failure on your banks part. If this were any other bank, I would withdraw my money, and take it somewhere else, so that’s what intend to do. If you can’t help when you’re needed like you said you could, what is your point of being on my phone? Oh AND you have to pay 10 dollars, on top of getting only 50 for the first advance, so you basically only get 40 dollars. You’ve got your policies OUT OF ORDER. I can’t wait for something better to come along and destroy you because this is false advertising / A lie by omission at its finest. You’re useless..Version: 6.5.0

Garbage app, customer service is trash and clueless on there own productsEver since I’ve been upgraded to the Roar Money account it’s been a nightmare. There’s been issues with MoneyLion in the past but this about does it. I upgraded to this new account and was encouraged to switch all of my direct deposits to it. A few problems with this. One it would not give me the option to make this my account to make my membership payments so last month it caused a missed payment which I fixed by transferring some money over from my MoneyLion Roar account to my old MoneyLion account and did a manual payment to my MoneyLion membership. This month same thing happened except this time even though my old MoneyLion account does expire for over a week the option to transfer from my Roar MoneyLion account to the old MoneyLion account so I could pay off the missed membership payment. So I had to call in and a representative switched the payments over for me to my MoneyLion Roar account and I paid the missed membership payment. I even paid the remaining balance in full for my MoneyLion loan. I was told the freeze on my account was gonna be lifted and than the call dropped. No call back so I called in again and this time I’m being told my account even though paid off is still suspended for 3-5 business days so I’m unable withdraw my investments or apply for a new loan. A lousy experience..Version: 7.6.0

Fake it till you make itAt first a lot of the options provided to you seem really attractive at first and they offer cool things such as points for having a simple checking account. once you actually have the app and accounts with moneylion it feels like you're being neglected as if there's no one there to assist or help you when the app doesn't work as intended (which is a majority of the time) i've tried doing simple things such as withdrawing a simple $50 from my investment account. It always denies the request and says try again later, and i've been trying for weeks now while they've been syphoning money out of my bank account for plus membership. when you call support you'll be on hold for a good 45 minutes until you get a human if the automated system doesn't hang up on you for selecting certain options as it did when i called in 5 times. Live chat seems to be hidden on the website as if they don't want you to find it. Whilst also having multiple customer service numbers to almost seem it's more of a labyrinth of hoops to jump through opposed to actually helping you. Save yourself and don't fall for the intriguing offers and rewards because once they snag you as a client they'll ignore you as if they don't value you using their services..Version: 5.19.0

Horrible Service and No CommunicationI had my account for 3yrs and I am closing it because I was told I no longer have access to instacash. Apparently, my old MoneyLion account was closed due to a negative balance, but the company was switching over from MoneyLion to roar money which is the reason I believed it was closed. I never received any notification of this negative balance of $12 until a year later when I called to inquire why my instacash limit stayed at $0 after I paid back the previous one. I offered to pay the $12 and was told I don’t have to worry about paying it because I’m no longer eligible for instacash. I received no notice of any negative balance for an entire year, and no communication was made regarding the new decision to base instacash payments on prior MoneyLion account activity. Had I know any of this, I could have paid the $12. I’m not sure how a charge was even made on an account that should have been closed due to the switch over. Had I received notice I would have never used the instacash last week, and I would have received a full paycheck now I’m faced with a possible repossession of my car because I used this feature thinking I could re-use it this week. So this is how customers of 3yrs get treated!.Version: 7.16.0

What a wasteI have been using money lion for pretty close to a year. Never had any issues until lately. I contact customer service to let them know that they are drafting my membership fees and loan payments on opposite weeks that I get paid and to please correct it. That was back in October. Never got done. After being charged multiple nsf fees from my bank I called them again, yet they have no record of me calling. I try to look past it cause everyone makes mistakes. I get my direct deposit sent here and that is when al the real issues start. There as too many bugs. I log in ever single day. I never miss. Yet since they had to change my payment dates which they finally did the customer service rep that I spoke to assured me that I would still get my 50 dollars back into my account. Not true. Even though they still took the payment out of my direct deposit the following day ( my direct deposit is set is with them) so they can see my deposits they paused my membership so that they could keep my 50 dollars. As soon as my taxes get here I will be paying off my loan and direct deposit. Too many bugs. Customer service supervisors just lie to get you off the phone. It says that I need to finish setting up my account with direct deposit all the time even though it is set up already. Today it says that it can’t verify my bank information even though they are my bank. Don’t waste your time..Version: 5.10.3

Poor customer serviceHad Money Lion for two years, always made my payments on time, I had changed banks. Updated all my Information through the Money Lion website. Then the payments stopped going through my new bank account, my membership payments and my loan payments, when I tried to pay through the phone I was on hold for more than an hour on multiple occasions, when I try to pay through the app it says pending for about a week and never processes I’ve tried to reach out to money lion for months and can never get in touch with anyone to resolve the issue. Now my credit took a major hit because money lion is reporting that I’m not making payments, when in all reality they are not excepting any of my payments, through the app I’m not neglecting the terms of my loan nor my membership fees, it simply does not process. Now when I go to the app there aren’t any options to pay off the rest of my loan, it says payments was fulfilled in July when I was supposed to complete the payments in December. I want Money Lion to resolve this issue I don’t think I deserve the major credit hit because of money lions app not processing my payments and that there is no customer service rep to help me resolve this issue. They need to do something to fix this..Version: 6.4.0

My personal experienceMy personal experience If there were an option to give money lion 0 stars..I would. I had no problems with money lion up until someone tried to open an account with my social security number. Instead of Money lion making this person verify their identity, they closed my account with all monies I had tied into the account. I sent them a copy of my ssn and drivers license and still nothing. My issue is they do not secure your identity. I can open a Money Lion account right now and type in any ssn, this ssn could be YOUR SSN and just like Money lion will close your account. Anyone can claim to be you. Money Lions Algorithms are unsecured. I am extremely disappointed in the way their “care specialist” are handling the theft of my Identity. This is a weak and fraudulent company. I can open a money lion account and claim your phone number and just like that your phone number is removed form your account. They will not try to reach out to you to verify any one’s information, they just allow anyone to make these changes. I would love to read the response from the company so I can shut them down. I can and will back up any statement made in this post. Money Lion are MONEY LIERS!!! And THIEVES. Don’t trust them with your personal information. It is too easy to become a victim of identity theft with this company..Version: 7.35.0

If it was legitimate....So everything was totally great, then my monthly payments weren’t coming out each week. I called numerous times the first time they didn’t go through and couldn’t get through. When I finally did they tell me I was in “default collection” just 2 days past my due date because my bank account number to take the payments out were wrong (but not wrong to put the money in my account mind you) so they make up a “new payment plan” and instead of 52 weeks pay off I have now a 12 week pay off as “punishment”. I negotiated to 16 telling him I put the right account number in (he even read off the right number to me) and begrudgingly accepted. Then I wait the next week for the payments to come out and they don’t. Instead I get an email this time (the first time I had to track them down) and it says “broken promises” as the headline and that my account number was incorrect and they couldn’t take the payment out. This was after 56 minutes on the phone (a recorded line) with a rep to fix my “issue” the first time. I knew the terms and agreements I read it I knew I’d have to pay that wasn’t the issue, but this company is literally pushing people into paying more and lying about how they’re doing it. It’s a shame because if they’d done it on the up and up they could make a ton of money with good reviews and a great business model..Version: 5.8.0

Waste of time Waste of money.This app is ridiculous. Membership is $20 a month and you get access to what? A $500 Loan that you pay off in a year and cash advances that they expect you to tip on even though you already paying monthly? Let’s say a payment doesn’t go through on your loan (oh btw those come out every two weeks) then when they take it out again that payment doesn’t go back to the missed payment that gets counted for the next payment so you can make on time payments every two weeks for 20 weeks, miss that 11th payment for whatever reason then make another 5 on time payments, they are going to say oh you are 2 months late. Not enough benefits for what they charge. Fees for absolutely everything (need that $50 advance? Well that’s going to cost an additional $5 to have it transferred to your bank account immediately plus that $5 tip they suggest, you get $50 and then you pay back $60.) oh and customer service..... more like read this FAQ cause if you call us that’s what we’re going to reread to you. The free checking.... that are far better free checking account (Chime will give you $50 for your first direct deposit of $250+). The investing......Joke, plus it’s nearly impossibly to withdraw.... get Robinhood or acorns for that. Get anything besides this app..Version: 6.16.0

Moneylion fraudI have 2 fraud cases with Moneylion at the present time. The cases originated from a breach in moneylion . Someone was able to steal my instacash and withdraw money from my external bank to make an instacash payment in order to obtain more instacash. I’m unable to speak to the fraud department directly the phone # provided just hangs up . I’ve only received emails with no specific information about my case. Iam very frustrated at this point with the handling of this matter. It’s clear to me that if my phone number could be changed through moneylion and my account breached that there should be a quick response and support given to clear up this matter quickly. This is no way to support members. Please beware!! I am more dissatisfied with Moneylion now than when this review was written. There rules appear to change often. I have used moneylion for over 3 years. My income and deposits have never changed. My instacash amounts have changed several changed monthly. Available instacash amounts have appeared available to me and have disappeared with in minutes. When I questioned what happened I was told I was mistaken that it never happened and I was mistaken. Next I was told that I wasn’t eligible for instacash which I have been using for over 3 yrs. MoneyLion is a fraudulent company !!.Version: 7.47.0

Subpar in comparisonUpdate: I wasn’t impressed with MoneyLion at all. A complete rip off. The latest annoyance with this app is it won’t let you remove any bank account/card information even without a membership. I’ve called you can’t get through and I’ve emailed and of course no response. I would think twice before downloading the app!!!!! Compared to other cash advance apps (Brigit & Earnin) MoneyLion is a joke. With Brigit you pay $10 a month and I can borrow 250 biweekly. It’s not instant but within a day or two I get the money. Earnin there isn’t a membership fee you just tip what you feel is right ... I can get it into my account instantly and borrow upto 1000 a month. MoneyLion has you pay a membership fee to borrow... 10 dollars ok cool. Then it takes 3-5 days for the money to hit your account. Ok that’s not the quick help you’re possibly hoping for but if you pay another 5 dollars per amount you borrow it can be instant. Ok fine but you’re already losing to the other two apps now. Then right before you get the cash advance they want you to tip. I’m sorry I’m lost what the heck am I tipping for???? I’ve already paid a membership fee and a fee so I can see it before 5 days. Then if you chose not to tip you get multiple other messages about how you need to. If you are looking for cash advances I wouldn’t go with MoneyLion go for the other two..Version: 6.12.0

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