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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense app received 115 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lords mobile: tower defense?

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Lords Mobile: Tower Defense for Positive User Reviews

Good game 👍Personally I used an app called app nana this app gives rewards such as gift cards games and more but to do that you need points you earn from playing a game lord’s mobile was the one I chose, and although I played for the points I genuinely enjoyed the game and playing the game just for fun Great game.Version: 2.40

Amazing game!This game if given the right amount of attention is a great game overall. If you guys added like a practice arena where we can practice attacking with guild mates in order to teach them how to attack or defend against solo attacks and rallies, that would be a great feature to keep new players from leaving because they don’t know how to do these things. Like somewhere you can practice with guild mates and you don’t lose troops or anything sort of like dragon arena..Version: 2.26

The second best kingdom game ever!The reason why Im giving 5 stars is because it isn’t one of those rubbish kingdom games like clash of clans but this THIS IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT simalar to knighthood but better because it’s an adventure and you also need strategy for it light only upgrading your best stuff! The reason why I put it in second is because there is a game called monster legends by socialpoint and that is insane and if you like this game go check it out!.Version: 2.40

This game blew my mind!This is a very good game, I started playing this Today actually. But why is this game so good you may ask? Well it’s the idea of the game and the intuitive body it possess. When I first started playing this game, I thought it was one of those over advertised mobile games that at its core are just pieces of junk. As I started playing it though, in explored how in depth and how much effort was put into the charm and mechanics of the game. What I fond most charming about the game isn’t the amount of depth that you can go into, but rather the ease to play it. This isn’t your average gather, make, upgrade games like clash of clans or boom beach that requires countless hours soaked into playing it in order to get somewhere. This is very different to that. This isn’t as complicated as many other games and is very easy to pick up and play. The reason for this is because of how well it guides you through crucial development processes that you may miss in other games of this genre. All in all, this is an excellent and charming game that almost anyone can pickup, play, and enjoy. ;).Version: 2.12

I love itI do really like this game keep coming back. It gives a real sense of risk vs reward and there are real consequences for your actions. I play as mostly FTP but it definitely is Pay To Win however, there are heaps of other players who also FTP so there are always others you can fight. The big guys usually leave you alone but if you protect yourself and your smart you can typically survive no problems. If you want to be a top player and have billions of might you will have to spend thousands however good fun with a good guild and not having to spend much or any at all.Version: 1.76

This game is amazingIma be honest with you at first i wanted to get the 10K from lachlan’s event you know because the virus money’s tough. I thought uhh here we go again another bad rpg game i gave it a solid hour because you never judge a book by its cover and it ended up as my second favourite game fortnite is number one sorry. Over all if you are bored during quarantine i defiantly recommend it and so do thousands of other people:).Version: 2.22

Where’s my reward from the Mr Beast video?Hello Lords Mobile I’ve been playing your game a lot since that MR BEAST video and the promotion he did for your game. I decided to download the game through the link in his video. I have about 30 minutes on this game and I still HAVENT RECIEVED ANY SORT OF REWARD or $200 gift. When I try connecting my IGG ID it just says that the gift has already been sent but I don’t have any gift in my in-game inbox..Version: 2.1

Lots of potentialFirst off I will say I have since deleted the app. There is just too much going on for the laid back gamer who is just looking to waste a little bit of time between other activities or just relaxing. You have to appease your guild, which I was kicked out a number of times because I wasn’t growing fast enough, everyone wanted over 100k, in game would be called might, everyday. Then you have to research, construct, attack others, grow your leaders, and train an army. There is just too much to worry about and one attack from another person will set you back a weeks worth of time and effort. Then after like the first couple of constructs or research it takes days at a time to be able to have the other one available to you. It’s just a lot to worry about, too much, especially if you can’t get into a strong guild to help you. Oh and you have this coliseum thing to worry about, see almost forgot something, which involves your leaders you have to find time to train to be successful. This game will be too complicated for most to handle..Version: 1.52

Amazing game but in need of improvementsSo lords mobile is an amazing game that is just so addicting. However I have been noticing that my game keep on crashing. When I just open the game it loads but then it crashes. I try again and it does the same thing. Only on the third try does it finally work. Another recommendation is please have an open all button for the gifts. It frustrates me how I have to open each gift individually. Make it like opening chest, that you can stack it up. Hope you read this!.Version: 1.87

First Time playerSo I have been playing this game for about 6months+ now. Never ever had I even thought of myself playing games like this but i played lords for some free spins on another game and I reach my goal for the spins and I seemed to find myself going back to playing the game then I hot my partner into it a few hours later and to this day we both still play it on everyday multiple time... would be awesome if we coud purchase packs through Paysafe if it ain’t already available in there.... other than that really enjoy the game....Version: 1.76

Sucking away my battery real fast iPad 2, only last two daysWhy is the game sucking away my battery real fast the last couple of days? On my iPad 2 but not my iPhone 5? Apart from that I love the game :-) Figured that out in setting put on low Sent today by email Hi there good people :) So I am from Australia and I have a main and a alt castle "*******uler " Player ID ****40, I have spent a great deal of money on my castle but it has come to my attention that other country's are able to buy the packs so much cheaper as low 99cents, I would like to know if we as in Australia and other country's are going be given the same rates, $7.99 a pack is starting to get a bit old :( Kind regards B Queensland Brisbane Australia.Version: 1.49

The best gameAkstriker13 is completely out to lunch. This is the best game ever. Super hooked..Version: 2.79

This game has the potential to ruin your lifeLemme tell you the truth, lords mobile is addictive af. Do not play if you get addicted easily or have bad spending habits. You will dedicate a heap of time or money or both playing this game. I have literally lost 2 years and upward of 3k and I'm a low spender here! You play and stay for the people. I have met some of the best people ever and some of these people I might very well know forever. They become your best friends and your family. You will speak to them more than your friends and fam irl! You will hate IGG. Do not give them more money than you can afford. The game itself is not graphically or mechanically that good or exciting, but the psychology of it will pull you in and keep you spending. I hope not for your sake, but I've seen it too often. Take care and know if and when to pull the plug..Version: 2.19

AmazingFound this through pewdiepie wasn’t expecting much but this game is really fun and addictive you got a new player and my support love it 👍🏼 Edit Still playing this game absolutely love it havt not been off it since download definitely recommend !!.Version: 2.26

Best game everWow I love all of the features of this game I also love the hero’s they are so cool.Version: 2.78

🌟Prefer this to any other game! Thumbs up and definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!.Version: 1.100

Rise of the Wallet WarriorsThis is a great game and I have been playing for over a year now. Many of my friends play too. As with many apps these days, it is a progression based game whereby you develop your skills, troops and equipment over time by spending virtual gems, coins and boosts you gather as you move along. The longer you play, the stronger you become. There is the option to spend real money to buy stuff which will allow you to develop much more quickly but these are extremely expensive. Be prepared for progress to be petty slow unless you spend real money; and unless you are prepared to part with hundreds of £s you will might well be retired before you get the best in-game equipment such as the champion armour. However, if you understand this before you start I don’t see this being an issue, you don’t have to spend real money unless you want to but be prepared to battle with the many wallet warriors who obviously have little else to spend their money on! Overall, great game, addictive, good in-game communities, well put together so 4 stars..Version: 1.74

I have to make this review 5 star otherwise they won’t let me post it.The customer service is so bad but what makes it worse is it’s blatantly dishonest and racist toward anyone who isn’t of Asian descent. Chinese players *cough* EX John (374). They cheat regularly, got millions of gems and items by hacking labyrinth. Selling gems on the black market for half the price. Using bot farms for BILLIONS of resources. Yet IGG refuses to ban these players. Half of the kingdom of 374 have now reported this person (John) with screenshots to IGG’s help team. They refuse to ban or give anyone any form of compensation for this. Because let me tell you IGG 6 hours of training speed ups and 500 gems. Does not even remotely compare to what? 36 million gems? 1 billion of each resource? But hey it’s not like we spend equal amounts of money right? probably even more as you give them discounts just for being Asian. The customer service is terrible. If you’re not yellow don’t bother playing. Dishonest company. Dishonest customer service. No matter how many emails or how much evidence you send. It’s all irrelevant because you’re white..Version: 1.77

Great game!I was just on my phone when I discovered a game called Lords Mobile. When I saw an ad I didn’t know if I would like it because these games aren’t my thing but I was wrong. As soon as I got it I fell in love with it. I love how you can do so many things on there like playing with friends and joining guilds and then helping each other. I’ve been playing this game for over an hour and I am in love! I’ve never enjoyed playing a game so much as this one. I would definitely suggest this game if you are bored and don’t know what to do because this game is so fun and entertaining!.Version: 2.12

Very, very good although several problemsOverall, amazing. The only problems are that if you are offline for, say, a month, you sometimes lose all your progress and being away for anything above the longest shield means that you will get attacked and probably zeroed. I think that you should make a new feature in which, so this does not happen, you can set an offline time for a certain amount of days, as long as it is over the longest available shield. This should act like a shield, but you cannot log in while it is on until there is less than 1 day left on it. While it is on, an automated system should act as though you are online in a sense, so you do not get kicked from your guild, you send help to guild mates, and you send one troop to all darknest rallies that were originally for 1 hour or less. This troop has to be the same type as the troops others in it are sending. It should also open gifts, train pre-selected familiars, do pre-selected hero stages and hunt monsters, as well as being able to ask guild for rss and posting your co-ordinates to train a selected amount of a random type of troops.Version: 1.98

AwesomeGood game for sure.Version: 1.49

The truth about the gameTRUST ME ABOUT THIS! Don’t play IF you are ALWAYS busy... if you have a job and a wife and kids and you don’t get a lot of spare time... don’t play this game (try it out first) If you are looking to fight really big people at 100million might, make sure you make a lot of money and you can spend $$$, if you are a kid like me who has a lot of time on your hand THEN THIS GAME IS FOR YOU! This game is either spend money or spend time! This game is like a drug, once you play you can’t stop, if you are going to blow all your money on this game I will tell you not to play the game and do something better with that money, I have 120days straight on the game and came from kingdom 422 and only at 22mil might (once I heal my troops that I left out and got attacked and sheilded one second late😾) This game requires time! If you are board on the holidays like I was and was looking for something to do THEN PLAY THIS GAME! I have spent around $40 and I am only 14, if you are going to ignore what I said about spending money on this game (like money you don’t have) then go for buildings and Reaserch.... NOT TROOPS! YOU WILL BE ZEROD ONE DAY! Get to 100k T3 inf,range,cav and 50k T3 fire buckets and stay at the count of troops until c24 or c25... this makes you less of a target and makes sure you don’t have to hide 1.5million troops or spend money to sheild☺️.Version: 1.92

Amazing with some flawsOkay I love Lords Mobile. Been on it now for over 400 consecutive days! A lot of people complain about their live chat but I personally have gone to them multiple time wether it be about a bug in the game, missing items/gems, missing troops or even just an idea suggestion to improve the game and I have had nothing but help from them. They take on suggestions from their fans with open arms and have even taken on one of my suggestion! But, on the other hand this game is very much P2P (Pay to play). I have 3 accounts and only one is F2P (Free to play) and it is struggling the most, always low on rss, never has enough gems for shields. It’s difficult, BUT it is possible. I have a bunch of friends that are 60-90m that are F2P and they’ve been on almost as a year (I’m just reaching 100m now). Yes, you can get T4 troops and amazing Familiars a lot quicker by paying money but it’s still gonna take time, it’ll still take ages. I would highly advise playing Lords Mobile IF you have a lot of spare time on your hands as my girlfriend now hates me playing it 😂 -Y.Version: 1.55

So Much ProgressSo I got this game a while back, maybe 8 months ago and pretty much uninstalled it immediately. To many pop ups, quests and al round chaotic. The PvP seemed different to what was shown in the ads and I hated it. I recently came back to the game after watching the mr beast video(which was great) and decided to give it another go. Not just for the chance to win a free ps4 or switch but because I haven’t really played any good mobile games. Can I just say good on you development team. I personally haven’t read all the updates but the feel and atmosphere Around it is a lot better. It just seems a lot better. Marketing team good idea to partner with me beast because not only does want to win a switch or ps4 but the whole charity thing was another big reason I re-got the game. This is what partnerships and promotions should be, good on everyone at IGG you guys are doing amazing..Version: 2.1

Good gameGood game if your bord.Version: 2.78

Great game!So much to do and understand!.Version: 1.51

AddictingAs with all games of this type, if you are a non-paying player you can’t always be on the top. However this game is more to just being a strong player but involves tactics and strategies which allow players to have a sense of satisfaction beyond just having the most might. Players are able to win defences against players which have twice as much might for example. The game is more to just having the most might. Out of all games of this type, this is the game which has kept my utmost attention. This might be due to the graphics, colours and music of the game being very satisfying, the fact that these developers are not as money-hungry as most developers of these games are, the fact that I made such good friends whilst playing this game, the constant introduction of new and interesting features perhaps? All I know is that I was introduced to this game a few years ago through a friend and now I feel as though it’s the only single game on mobile that has ever held my attention for more than 2 years. Congrats to the developers for such an interesting, fun and addictive game! Continue to bring out great features and making it fun for both free players and pay players alike..Version: 1.72

Great gameI started 2 weeks ago and really enjoying the alternate modes of game play. I am concerned when I see people at 600m+ and even billion... you will need to manage that to not let them kill the game. Otherwise it’s all good.Version: 1.52

FantasticGreat long term strategy game. Been playing over a year as a free to play gamer and am hooked..Version: 1.62

Cool game!I'm hooked..Version: 1.49

Lord mobileJust started to play its interesting.Version: 1.64

HmmmmmI am 2 ways on this as I same as everyone else I am onboard that the game is great fun and needs to profit but being an f2p player it is hard to level up consistently and add value to their realm if there was some more bonuses or a splitting of the f2p and p2p worlds that once a f2p gets to a certain level that they are good enough to play with p2p players they can join on almost like a scholarship kind of deal that was handed out by the developers to say we think you are great and your development helps us. yes there would have to be some change of currency 💴 but when you are at this level you have entered another arena. This would also be seen by gamers and payers as incentive to make the game an investment I believe that this is a good chance at having not only individuals but teams in beta testing etc..Version: 2.66

Good luck competing with players that spend thousandsThe key here is you pay to win this game. Just like all the MMO war games, this one engages in microtransactions and special one off buys (in realm of over 100$) which create a wide gap between somebody who would pay a single 50$ for a similar console game and would work through getting all the perks. This creates a huge number of whales that spend big money (probably more than $1000 and by some estimates must be more than $5000) tns completely edge you out. Good luck having fun when your time and some money get completely wrecked by somebody who apparently has nothing better to do but spend $1000s of dollars. So totally unfair and not fun. **In response to developers: no you don’t take advice because if you did you wouldn’t have buyable heroes that give not enough medals to get to higher levels. I have to spend over two hundred dollars to get buy-only heroes over blue rating. Probably over 500 dollars to get to purple. And probably another thousand to get over yellow. This is insane. You are shamelessly making it fun only for people with massive bank accounts. AVOID THIS GAME IF YOU DONT MIND HAVING YOUR KINGDOM RAZED BY A BILLION PLUS PLAYER EVERY OTHER DAY. Yes. It’s that bad..Version: 1.52

It is a really great gameLords Mobile is the best way to challenge your friends to see who has the better army it has amazing graphics and is really easy to sign up and create an account you should play now.Version: 2.30

Great gameBro I’ve invested 5 hours in this game today and I’m literally addicted.Version: 2.26

HarassmentI like the game and have been playing for a few years. But I have a problem with the reporting aspect. The current guild I’m a member has been harassed by a small player with multiple accounts. We report him over and over various different ways and nothing. This is the only report in the reviews I’ve seen that I’m writing. Most members have him blocked and therefore not seeing some of the rants I’ve reported. I have no problem with trash talking or the fact it’s a war game but this guy takes it to a whole new level. He has been called out by some of the bigger players but again nothing. I believe he has multiple accounts (which nothing wrong with that) but harasses with one particular account. I know you guys are seeing whatever reporting we as a guild and what others may have done. Why hasn’t he been banned or deleted? Again, I like the game, but this guy has been doing this too long. FATSelenaia is the account name. Find him fast before he changes his name..Version: 2.78

Silly potatoEverything on the game is fine maybe a few adjustments to glitches but there is one thing I would like to add. Could you make it so that people who are in the same guild it does not matter which kingdom. If we could trade components such as relocated migration scrolls and guild coins. Mostly the things you buy with guild coins and gems. This would be greatly appreciated..Version: 1.100

Best game everI been playing this for a month and it is best game ever it’s so straight forwards only is I knew my ID to my other account because I didn’t use to like it and it seems even better then I last played it only problem is that you can’t really get a friend into your kingdom and NO YOU DONT HAVE TO SPEND MONEY I was playing it and I found something for 50p and hats all u kinda need to spend to get like 1m I’m all resources don’t hate this because you “have to spend money” you don’t u can choose to spend money for a lot of help but it’s fun either ways best game ever.Version: 2.22

AwesomeMany people will argue that this game is only for players willing to spend and to spend big. But it is designed as a team game and if you take the time to find the right guild even F2P players can grow and succeed. Remember these games cost money to develop & maintain and its the people willing to spend that keep the game running. I’ve been playing for 2 years, am in an awesome guild and spend little more than the price of a coffee a week but love every minute I spend in the game. Keep up your great work IGG..Version: 2.25

Love It #Jake PaulHey y’all at lords mobile I’m here cause of Jake Paul’s competition and to be honest I love the game I would love to win the prizes from jake. #JP #LordsMobile Thanks D.B.Version: 1.100

CoolSuperbe jeu.Version: 2.80

GoodGreat game, easy to play.Version: 2.40

Seems goodI use to play this game years back and I would always played it but as time came I deleted it cause school and I had been introduce to new games which I fell in love with But I fell out of those games and I’m coming back to my child hood and won’t go playing till I’m number 1 Side note I’m not someone they paid to say this just love the game and also I’m not gonna spend money cause that ruins the fun learnt that the hard way heh.Version: 2.22

Pretty funHighly addicting..Version: 2.26

AddictedIt is so great better than clash of clans lol.Version: 1.52

Best game everThis game is so cool I am addicted I can’t stop playing it. This game is so fun to play..Version: 1.99

So far so good!There’s a lot to take in, tutorials are great but time consuming.Version: 2.52

Not perfect but very enjoyableI’ve been playing this game for almost a year now and still find it very fun. If you’re thinking of getting this game, know this; 1. While it’s a great game, it constantly makes you want to buy stuff with real money. In fact, most players spend money and it is very rare to find a f2p (free to play, doesn’t buy stuff) that is as strong as most others. I said I was playing for almost a year and have 30 million might while most players have over 100 million already. 2. At the start of the game, you might not put it down for longer than 5 minutes. If you get to where I am, you only need to pick up the game twice everyday to protect your heroes and troops. It is the same with some other games, to progress further, you have to wait longer..Version: 2.29

This game :)This game is wonderful for masterminds if your a strategist then this is the game for you! Every 1-10 minutes you will get a mystery box that will contain free items as well!.Version: 2.28

Too good, never known any other game like this apart from the trash rise of kingdoms gameThis game is probably one of my favourites, there are not a lot of games like this but if you see this review your in luck because if you go to unspeakable’s channel and search last to leave 50 million orbees and go down to the description there is a link and if you put in your igg Id in it you can have a chance of winning a bag of cash ($1000) an iPhone 11 and AirPod pros so if I were you do that and you can thank me never because you need to thank the people of the game.Version: 2.19

It’s a really good gameI think this is a good game but I think it should let us shape and put down as many as we want but I really enjoy this game.Version: 2.66

Not all that badThere are thousands of reviews that say you have to pay hundreds of pounds regularly to complete it or become good. But this isn't true. You can play and enjoy the game without spending any money. Yes you won't be able to become as good as some of these plays with hundreds of million might. I have been playing for about a year now and have multiple accounts, the highest being 64 million might, all without spending any money. All you need is a good friendly guild and you can accomplish anything. (Almost). Side note avoid any guild with billions of might until you have 50+ millions otherwise you will not be respected and will not grow as they won't help. Just a warning. So after all this what I'm saying is try the game if you don't like it then uninstall it and forget about it as at the end of the day it is just a game..Version: 1.60

Great gameIt’s a great game to play for wasting a few minutes, recommend for people who is human lol.Version: 2.45

HelloCan you please provide an open all gifts at once button? it gets a bit boring when you have to open 250 gifts a day (one at a time). I think this would improve gameplay. Thankyou.Version: 2.28

Good gameHow do I boost my power.Version: 2.80

AddictiveFun.Version: 1.49

Love it but..This game is amazing but there is just something that I would personally change in my opinion, Lots of people make alternate accounts but at the start when you get guided I would add a whole entire skip button since they are probably experienced and the skip button only skips like 1 mission only and it annoys me sometimes. Also,whenever I hit monsters it sometimes doesn’t show the health it is now (etc. i hit the monster dealing 30% it still shows as 100%) but that does change after I go into my turf and come back out..Version: 2.6

Honest opinionThis game is quite possibly one of the best games out there especially as it’s not a pay to win game of course buying packages does help. Over all though you can play this game for years and not get board. I should know I’ve played it for 1.5 years now and am still finding new things to do. The reason why it doesn’t get 5 stars from me are because of the few issues/bugs that it has but all games have them. Also recently IGG have been moving to a more pay to win style but over all more play to win. I do recommend you play this game.Version: 1.81

Great gameWould be great to make it easier to find guilds. As a mid level player it’s quite hard to find guilds at your own level So much to do though. It’s awesome gameplay.Version: 1.60

CoolIt’s nice.Version: 1.50

GizmoThe game is good but when you reach level 20 people attack and your wall takes 14 days to repair so your constantly attacked and can never repair it unless you want to buy gems. There should be easy medium hard versions so the hardcore gamers play at the top it takes to long to train more troops to defend and then you start to loose interest.Version: 2.12

Amazing gameI have been playing this game for over 2 years now. It is a game which you can either spend over an hour on or just pop in and out of the game every so often. As you progress throughout the game and max out your heroes, and your turf, you can start to find the game a little bit boring. But with all of the events which Lords Mobile put into the game, it stays interesting and encourages you to play on. This game is really up there as I have played similar games like clash of clans and castle clash, which after a year I have given up on. But not this one and I hope it stays that way. It’s a great game..Version: 2.9

Best game (so far)I've only started yesterday and so far this game has turned out to be one of the best strategy games I've ever played. For one it's easier to gain resources and completing quests without being raided every 5 minutes by those who target lower lvls, I.e: lvl 100s go 4 lvl 40s. Another that when joining guilds you can help speed up research and all that, wht i like best about this is that u get paid to do it with a currency that u can use to buy stuff to benefit your profile as well as your turf. Still some things I need 2 learn about, but hey..Version: 1.60

Stop Moaning!I have been reading the reviews about this game, and I honestly don’t think the people writing them understand what the game is about. 1 person was actually moaning because his/her guild was getting attacked. THIS IS A WAR GAME!!! The idea of this game is to be smart tactically. I am f2p (free to play) and am at 50mill might (not high by any means). I have been zeroed twice (all troops lost) but it’s my own fault. You have a guild, so if you can’t afford shields, you can shelter, and any spare troops you have send to a guild mate that does have a shield. Shelters last for 12 hours, so if you can’t log on twice a day to renew the shelter then this game is not for you anyway, but don’t try and put other people off. It’s not perfect, but what in life is. Great game, as long as you find the right guild and connect with a few good guild members. If you keep getting attacked your doing something wrong, so ask for help. People are more than happy to help you grow, but at the same time, if you have troops out in the open, expect to get attacked, it is a war game after all. If you want to play a game where it’s stress free, and you only ever grow and never get knocked down, I would suggest to not bother with this and maybe try FarmVille. If you want a game that you have to be smart, tactical and patient (or throw money at it) then this is for you. But remember, you will get knocked down and lose troops, as it is a WAR GAME! Have fun and don’t get burned too often..Version: 1.84

Thoroughly Enjoyable GameThis is a great game once you have understood how to play it. There are many different ways to build your base, however, unless you join a helpful guild who will put in time to support you, you will spend real money getting nowhere. The support system isn’t very good. Twice I had cause to speak with the support team but they were not helpful at all. In fact I gave up asking for help. The game uses many different supplies to grow: Using gems, silver coins, gold, energy, ore, food, timber, stones etc, means you need to benefits the benefits of each. What I am saying is don’t expect to start playing and understand it within a few hours. It takes days or even weeks. You really do not need to spend real money, however if you want to ensure you buy a pack that fits what it is you are trying to do. The game offers way too many packs to buy which seems to be there to confuse the customer rather than to help. I personally go for gem packs because they speed the game up. I would definitely recommend this game however do not rush into spending your own money until you know the basics of the game!.Version: 2.28

Pretty easy to playApart from being bit confusing for me it's 5 stars easy.Version: 2.26

Mr.Beast please chose me to winI downloaded this mobile game because Mr.Beast said they will chose randomly who gets the ps4 pro’s and the top 10 people will get 3000 dollars I hope inshallah I win the ps4 and the 3000.Version: 2.26

Of all the apps out there, this game is definitely one of themHi! I’m the lead singer of the popular band “Bastille”. I saw your ad playing on my music video and thought I’d give your game a try. The actors in your ads are great by the way, where’d you find them, Craigslist? Anyway, once I downloaded the game, I was astounded by the breathtaking gameplay. It felt as though I had a huge impact on what was happening in game. Also, the menus and map were not cluttered at all, and very easy to navigate. It’s almost as if you took clash of clans and removed everything remotely fun about it. That’s what I love in a game. I love upgrading buildings just so they can give me the ability to upgrade more buildings. I can’t wait to get to the point in the game where I can pwn a total scrub. Also, the idea of having like 5 different types of currency in the game is genius. Anyway, greatest game out there, also check out my very new song “Pompeii” it’s pretty good..Version: 1.51

AwesomeLiterally the only bad thing about the game is how addicting it is. I’ve been playing for three hours straight it’s now currently 12:30 In the morning and I have school today/tomorrow haha seriously get the game it’s free I joined a clan and all the leader did was help he’s super nice and from the other part of the world he’s from Egypt and I’m from Australia he’s walked me through the game like the tutorial no bugs, runs smooth. really good game join our clan evL.Version: 1.81

BstI love This Game.Version: 2.80

Huge, great, but...The game is fantastic. The advanced system compared to other games of this type is a huge advantage. Constants events make you want to play the game constantly in order not to miss out. However, even by paying 1 pound you have an advantage over those who wish not to spend money on the game. Remember, you stand no chance against guild or players with higher might than yours, even though some players gained that might by spending money. Overall, i enjoy the game and i met a lot of new people. Great, constantly improved and advanced game..Version: 1.52

Good gameplayGenerally I'm not fond of games where it takes real time in order to do things, since going in for 30 seconds and then needing to wait an hour+ isn't really a game to me. However, this game provides other things you can do while you're waiting on the timers, making it much more enjoyable to me.Version: 1.49

Good, but need luckI’ve been playing since it opened. Kingdom 6 it was. The game has changed so much and it is a really good game. Yes it’s hard to compete with all the spenders but you can play it how you like. I have a lot of patience so I have got where I am over 4 years. It would great if the game gave some gratitude for its very long term members, I see people winning millions of gems in the laboratory and I have never won any at all. I have used millions of stars but the stupid thing won’t die. So lords needs to show a little appreciation when it comes to some of there longer term members. So let’s see :).Version: 2.25

Solid gameIt’s a solid game all round and there’s no adds, but I was going to say that it needs an update to allow us to share stuff in our bag like relocation tokens and shields and stuff like that, some people join clans and we want them all close by to help out but they’ve used or didn’t get one to be able to jump over to the “hive” (as it’s called). I was hoping you’d be able to fix it so that would be able to happen.Version: 1.84

P2P Game which needs more f2p options.Although I understand where many people are coming from, stating the game is only for P2P players, I don’t believe this is true. Although IGG entices people to make purchases as much as they can, I think that people like Brando F2P who haven’t spent a dime on the game and has 1.2 billion might can go to show you that all you need is patience. Putting money into the game isn’t bad either. The 1 thing that I personally think is bad about the game is the obvious skill gap, you could be a 80 million might player with 1 million troops and easily get zeroed if your shield is down for 1 hour or less. Buying shields costs gems, gems cost money. Although you can earn gems through the colosseum you barely get anything. For small spenders who need gems I recommend buying the breakthrough bonus which is a great deal for 200,000 gems, or for a smaller amount, the let’s celebrate pack. Giving you a small amount of chests, around 18,000 gems and 75 tomes needed for T5 Research..Version: 2.79

HookedNot gonna lie, I downloaded this game because of the free stuff they were giving away with lazarbeam, and yeah I really need a new phone, hope I win the iPhone 11. but I’m not kidding I’m kinda hooked now and a bit scared for my bank account, it is the first mobile game in about a year that I actually like, and that is interesting/addicting. Great job on the game and keep up the amazing advertising/free stuff.Version: 2.12

AMAZINGThis game is so amazing and addicting, when I first saw it I thought about how trash it would be, but now I take back everything I ever thought, a truly good game.Version: 2.12

Awesome CommunityGreat game, addictive, you meet a-lot of great people from around the world, even frenemies...Version: 2.70

GamesThis is a really cool game like the characters.Version: 2.52

FUNI love this game... i can play all day and relax.Version: 2.26

5 star for been dishonest and misleadingHi strongly recommend keeping away from the game and the brand. I enjoyed the game and was happy spending money on there services for over 5 months. I now can not login to the game anymore as there is no option for my ID to be added for verification, which is now needed in China to play. They have happily been taking my money, without any communications of this change. Customer service keeps changing person on every communication and i have to constantly repeat the story. I have asked the same question multiple times “ what should i do with my account “ In 1 day i will lose the army, castle and credits i have built up. Congratulations IGG you have made a quick $2000 out of me and wasted my time. I do not have this issues with other games in China..Version: 2.47

Like the gameMy only request is please update the diplomacy board. That fact that people can spam the diplomacy board and you have to delete all the messages 1 by 1. It’s rediculous.Version: 2.22

Best game from a fair developerI woukd highly recommend this game as a lot of developers are money hungry and change there game and limit the things you can do for free and constantly change it so you are hooked and have to pay more , but this game is truely awesome for those who have the time and patients the game can be advanced , I take my hat of to the developers as they have done a fantastic job of equalising pay and strategic time time strategies , thank you for a well developed and planed game..Version: 1.59

Addicting but goodI have only played for about 4 hours but I can’t stop it’s fun to play anybody could and would probably like this I came to this app from the YouTuber ZHC he was giving away free iPhones and at least $350 in gifts for starters and since I downloaded it I have played for as long as I have had it good game and should keep the work up and update the game more..Version: 2.12

GainzzzzxLit.Version: 1.49

Been happy since I started!Out of all the games I am currently active within that are similar to this game(Kiss of War, Puzzles & Survival, State of Survival, Guns of Glory, King of Avalon, Infinite Galaxy, and so on!) Lords Mobile never fails to keep me interested and challenging!! And now that Vergeway has come about with the game, It has struck a huge interest in gaming style that I hadn’t known I was into! Vergeway is super challenging and takes a thought in your next move with the right tower or hero you place! I am addicted to it BUT I am all done with Chapter 1-8 already and wanting more stages!! Plus, I wish and I assume their will be more added onto it as in extra challenges per chapter like trials 1-3? I sure hope so! Also, even though I have finished everything I wish that their was a way to go back and do stages over again just to get more experience with all the tower, hero, troop, and spells that you have! Hope this gets seen and others feel the same way as me! Thanks for reading! #270 [dwb]Volt.Version: 2.52

A genuinely engaging game!I installed Lords Mobile today because a friend of mine strongly recommended it, and have been loving my experience since. From the very start, it hooks you in and engages you straight into the action. One of the things I love most is that you never really get bored because there’s always something to do. I’m always looking for a game involving strategy and skill, and this would be right up their with the best games I’ve played. The extensive variety in the game just adds to it’s amazing player experience, with the player getting control over the gameplay. The tutorial was at the beginning was very useful as it explained Lords Mobile clearly and answered any questions I initially had. So far I’ve loved my experience, and would strongly recommend this to anyone who loves strategy games that involve skill, action and reward you for effort. If I have anything that I think can improve, I’ll be sure to add to this review, but so far so good!.Version: 2.26

Awesome game! But...This game is awesome but it’s just please make it so that we can Open all our gifts at once because it’s really annoying.Version: 2.43

Monster huntIt would be cool if you could select how many attacks you want to make on a monster at a time there’s only the option to use 1 attack at a time or use all your attacks at a time.Version: 1.75

Best game ever braI lllllooooovvvvveeeee this game I play it hard out.Version: 1.84

Great GameIt’s a great strategic game game, but be warned it’s very much favored to those with deep pockets. F2P can still achieve a lot in this game but the P2P players are much much more stronger than F2P there is a big gap. Overall a very enjoyable game to play even for the mid range spenders..Version: 1.68

AwesomeThis game this game THIS FEEFFIN GAME IS AWESOME you know what I love this game doesn't give you 5000 adds every time you want to play and reality I've never had a game that tells you tips for the person your battling and has you research thing that a king or merr would have to research you have to train troups it's also great because it doesn't tell you to rate in a sympathetic way like saying nah I hate fantasy one out of five I despise those games I really recommend this game.Version: 1.79

Enjoy the gameNeed to spend a lot to keep up. Should be a game for free to play and pay to play, otherwise it’s too unfair.Version: 2.76

Nice and funHi s-w.Version: 1.49

Best game everLords mobile to me and millions more has to be the most addicting, entertaining and fun game that is around today, it’s always evolving to keep the oldest players around, I’ve been playing on and off since k9 opened and it’s now part off my everyday to do thing, thanks IGG for giving a game like this because nothing comes close to been as good, awesome work!!.Version: 1.97

ProI am just addicted it's amazing and fun.Version: 2.26

Good game, but it is taking too long to upgrade somethingYes, I know that things will need a lot more time than before, so you use the speed-ups. When your speed-ups are gone, you use your gems. And when you run out of gems, you use your money. That is how you get money. But, those kind of things just make me very unhappy. I am not allowed to use money on games, so I do need something to do. Why are their kingdoms? Like me and my mum plays on Lords mobile but we are in different kingdoms. That is what makes me bored of this game and makes ma want to delete it. Add something that can change your kingdom to what you want it to be. But a random location in the kingdom, or it can be a you-choose. Just fix those two things, or just one of them. Please! Fix! This!.Version: 2.15

Honestly amazingYou know those mobile ads? That tease a game that looks really good but when you play the game it’s terrible? Well yeah, that amazing game add is this game, it’s soooo addicting honestly, I just started and the community is very welcoming! I have no idea what to recommend, keep up the work!.Version: 2.40

Need some gameplay changesI have been playing for a while and I really enjoy the aesthetics and the concept behind this game. However, there are two major issues I have run into while playing. Firstly, the game starts out pretty even with players that are the same rank and might as you, but as it progresses, you need more and more items that you have to spend gems on and the game quickly turns into a PayToWin scenario. Also a big flaw in the gameplay is that any base can attack any other unshielded bass, regardless of relative rank. This leads to top ranked (Castle 25) players attacking players that are Castle 10-20 which is no challenge at all and clear nuisance to the lower ranked players that are just trying to get better. I would like to see a ban on players attacking anyone more than 3 castle levels below their own, unless provoked by the lower player. And if the higher players do, they recieve significantly less loot attacking smaller players..Version: 2.37

Fun and engagingFun exciting game with lots of actions. I think I am hooked!.Version: 2.26

I love itIt’s a really run game! Definitely will keep playing!!!.Version: 2.12

Bon jeu !!Un bon jeu pour passer le temps :).Version: 1.51

Auto resourceThis latest feature is great. Saves so much time when researching, building, and healing troops. Only snag and a very minor one is it just takes what is needed it does not leave a bit extra, you have to top up the vault from your bag. Game is a great way to meet new friends and discover new cultures from the world over. It is aiming more at p2p players but f2p players can still have a great time its just takes a bit longer to get there. Very addictive too..Version: 2.24.1

Good game, fun but there’s always room for improvementThe game is addicting and fun! If you don’t know what to do it guides you through as a support to help you out which I really like. One thing I can suggest is to make the game a bit more challenging! I found that it was quite easy at the start and there wasn’t too much of a challenge, but apart from that it’s a great game..Version: 2.26

HIGHLY RECOMMENDThis game is the greatest game I’ve ever played and a year or two ago I had an account on her but a couple weeks ago I decided I’m just gonna start again that’s how fun it it while you do strategic upgrades you can chat to your guild the developers I’ve followed for ages having being into castle clash but they have made a pay 2 win game but when in the game it’s not easy to see its p2w it seems fine if you’re dedicated enough you could keep up. Good hero systems ect everything great but as some noobs are dumb I think a tutorial how to use guild chat and how to relocate to a hive should be displayed thank you IGG.Version: 1.84

Wow!!!Never thought I would be playing this game for long. From what was just a game to get free tokens has turned into something regular .. I unwind while playing this game 😊😊😊.Version: 1.84

Monster hunt fixThe games great that great iv made 3 accounts and invested in 2 of them I’m just hear with an idear that could benefit all player with monsters what I mean is when ever a monster dies from another player and at the same time you have your hunt on the way to that same monster you don’t lose you monster energy.Version: 1.92

Too much gems required to buy stuffOk so the game is nice but there is a major problem TOO MUCH GEMS NEEDED TO BUY STUFF IN THE SHOP. If you are the player that doesn’t spend money on the game than it is too much time to gather those gems because they are not very rare but they are given in small numbers. Please fix the gem price at the shop in gems trading store please. Because otherwise the game will be super unbalanced and one more thing: if you don’t want to wage war concentrate on hero stage and familiars. Upgrade your hero’s grade, your hero’s shield and most importantly research monster hunt damage and also concentrate on monsters. And now people who spent a lot of money on the game will say ‘that’s not true everything’s ok’. But really that’s because they just bought a lot of gems for money and people who do not spend their game just open guild chests and hope gems will fall out of it. So my recommendation for developers: If someones reports something deal with it, if someone reports a hacker BAN HIM IMMEDIATELY. I give this game 5 stars because nothing went wrong with me but I read reviews and see the game is getting worse so please don’t get too greedy.Version: 2.17

Good game but some faultsI have been playing this game for 6 months and have improved a lot I am not a ftp (free to play) player but I am not a ptp (pay to play) player I spend money but like once a month the game it self is good but their are some things that need to change about 3 days ago a lot of very high might 800 million players players have migrated in I am 54 million might and have a decent amount of troops but not comparable to the players that have millions and millions and so I think it is unfair for the people like me and other people that these big player just come and get to destroy us so I was thinking if there could be kingdoms made for these people that are ftp (free to play)and have the kingdoms be migration restricted and when the players reach 200 million might they get kicked and go to a random kingdom and also if the people want they can also migrate out of the kingdom. I really think this is a good idea so they can have fun and not be destroyed by people that spend thousands on this game and that have no life. IGG if your reading this please take this in consideration thank you..Version: 2.78

Bonza gameReally interesting and complex. The way that protected kingdoms are opened up to slaughter by whale players needs to be better managed. Otherwise it's great.Version: 1.49

Addictive, for a bitI got lords mobile 8 months ago and it was so fun and addicting. I played it every day with my brother and cousin. But no matter how high my level was, every thing still stayed the same as when I started just with different characters weapons and stuff like that. If you add something to the game that would make everything change and be a lot different from when you started the game as you level up..Version: 1.73

Only here because of PyroSo guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing the fact that we've reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I'm-I'm just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this channel and helping it grow. I-I love you guys... You guys are just awesome.Version: 1.84

This gameThis game gave me cancer but fixed my marriage with my gay lover Over all the cancer is nice but I love my husband more so good game overall apart from the ball cancer good game.Version: 2.26

Needs enhancementsI believe I played for 4 years , starting was great but ..now any member that starts can basically reach the (Might) all loyal gamers reached in a shorter period of time .. along with (gears) and much much more involved for the new coming gamers for lord’s mobile.. I was a gamin celebrity for (wegamers ) for more then half of the time gaming.. then they took broadcasting from us .. lowered event winnings along with redemption gifts ! Most members (family)we should say have (gifting) which here in Canada was 139.99$ to have the ability to gift smaller might (power)members, which is great I thought ,, the more we spend the lesss we ... what ooo yeah we pull from for example; hunting monsters... opening chests ... event redemption rewards from competition of desired (tier ) of guild (alliance) received working together! We all ask as loyal members to offer the gear that is offered to members beginning on the voyage .. also the drop rates are proven to me from a 4 year period of time ,,, on a paid to play account and a free to play account,,, I’ve received not double but x6 more items for gear upgrades and other quality items to be a step stronger Which money is always the key to grow ... But time and friend’s family and loyalty with activity is key Remember help one another grow Respect your guild as a family Grow together Stick together You will then see what I mean The game brings everyone together Without spending money or spending Win win la.Version: 2.45

Best game everHow you can make a clan and send help l love ir.Version: 2.15

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