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Build Master: Bridge Race App User Positive Comments 2024

Build Master: Bridge Race app received 34 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about build master: bridge race?

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Build Master: Bridge Race for Positive User Reviews

Great game BUTGreat game but absolutely nothing to do with building bridges past introduction levels. Definitely a Pay to Play game. Very mentally and time absorbing. 1 star for misleading players. 5 stars for fun with an active alliance..Version: 1.250.525

No ads :)FarmVille meets Lords Mobile. It is pretty fun, and a lot of stuff to do. Don’t have to wait around for energy as you get it back so fast. F2P great casual game..Version: 1.250.208

Controller supportI would love to have controller support on this game.Version: 1.250.224

How to cultivate cropHow to cultivate crop.Version: 1.250.519

Great gameReally good.Version: 1.250.546

5 Star game needs workWow, what a great concept for a game! A new and revolutionised version of the well known game ROK. Great ideas, but missing clarity. The app name and logo needs changing, it does have some similarities to the points but nether less, the whole concept of the game should be focusing on the more enjoyable and much more in depth version! New logo, New name, New adds! A very enjoyable game that needs more active members to create the community it very much needs..Version: 1.250.519

Fun game but...It's a fun game and very addictive. Just unfortunately at some point it's becoming a pay to win. /!\ Dev bug alert: When the phone language is in French, there is no vehicules around the headquarters. It's happening only if the phone is in English. Can you fix that please?.Version: 1.250.526

Good gameNot what the add depicted but still a good game overall.Version: 1.250.529

Overall good gameLike many others, I downloaded this game because it was advertised as bridge building. However, I’ve now played for 5/6 months, I’m on season 2 and still playing. I haven’t spent anywhere near as much as others and tho my progress is slower than others, it’s still enjoyable. I’m still strong enough to compete against others. The social side is second to none. Once the servers newness dies down, players generally come together. I have two characters on different planets and both have a great social aspect. Great for people with ADHD!.Version: 1.250.539

Keep up the good workKeep it up I’m waiting for more games to come.Version: 1.250.530

Needs to be added to Twitch for StreamingThe game is awesome. It takes creativity to a whole new level. Its a multiplayer game where you join an alliance and help your neighbors. The building is very rewarding. Players get to create their own economy. Exploration is an actual thing so you dont feel like your rooted to your base. There is so many tasks, you will find yourself busy for hours. You can use alliance neighbors to speed up your productions. You can play F2p and be just fine. The devs need to do an update to allow 360 view and when your rallying, the shots make no sound..Version: 1.250.209

Good as mobile games goNot too bad, quite enjoying it..Version: 1.250.544

Love this game!I absolutely love this game, and spend a lot of time on it… first game in a long time you haven’t got to watch a million ads to get anywhere!! Not an ad in sight this is a massive bonus for me. I do have a few gripes one is I recommend friends option would be much appreciated, I’ve recommended people to the game but we can’t play together because I presume (im not techy) a different server, and option to be able to add your friend to the alliance would be amazing for me and my small alliance, before we get eaten by the big guys of the game. Also orange hero’s, almost impossible unless your spending cash… although this new update is helping more would be appreciated every week. A help guide would be fantastic too! Lol Love the game, and massive respect for the upkeep you guys do reguarding glitches and any issues, so thank you!! 🏆🏆.Version: 1.250.216

Good game, shame about the script languageHaving downloaded this game, marked a 9+ for my son, and it’s a great little game I may add, I just wish the developers didn’t need to resort to using bad language in a game script for kids. It would have been the same game without the use of bad words, let kids be kids!.Version: 1.250.205

Auto train not workingOn the experience auto train not working. Also need to make more interesting you get so far and it’s getting stale for to wait 50 level ups for something to happen..Version: 1.250.550

Not a game about bridge buildingWhilst it’s not a game a game you can play alone that has much of anything to do with bridge building puzzles, it is a good game. It’s another game where you have to join a team to battle for control. Like all games of this type, it purely set to encourage you to spend real world money… and lots of it too. The issue with all these games is one of fairness. It works out that the more money you spend, the better alliance you can be in. Those guys and gals at the top, they’re professionals at these games types. When you realise this, the only way to have any opportunity to be safe from attack or move forward is to spend real world money; massively. That said, I liked the look of the game and the basic mechanics. Just no where near enough opportunity to buy longer term bubbles (shields) to protect your effort ms from attack. I would offer to the developers: to offer the option of a peace mode: for players who just want to farm and never attack. That said.. this is a game for attacking and if you don’t have real world money, for being destroyed. Find an alliance that is chatty and helpful..Version: 1.250.521

All fixed.Had issues with my game chat for a period but received assistance and it’s all back up and running. Game is great to fill up your spare time. Fun and you get to meet and chat with some good people..Version: 1.250.505

Great gameSaw the ads for a long time and eventually downloaded the game and now I’m addicted..Version: 1.250.529

Fun game with right teamGame is fun. Nothing like ads. If you don’t have a good alliance you won’t progress very quickly. If you come across bugs it becomes impossible to get them fixed. Most of my alliance hasn’t been able to use the exploration feature in the game for weeks now, which would really help with game play..Version: 1.250.526

Brilliant game but help requiredI have this one task that I really don’t know how to achieve. I have asked customer services and the world chat but I got nothing from the customer service and a very rude message from a player in the world chat. I’m on chapter 13 Allies and Enemies and the task states “ Acceleration reaches 10m” please can somebody explain what I need to do..Version: 1.250.221

YupAlot to the game and has heaps of mini games good game.Version: 1.250.538

GreatWhat can I say great game not too Grindy fun to play on breaks during work and let me just say they knew what they were doing when they made the female character skins lol anyway five stars because it deserves it the game play is very addicting and fun and no buggyness or crashes lots of fun stages worth of game play so all together a well rounded game definitely worth the money I spend in game especially on the heros.Version: 1.250.232

Not a bridge building gameThe screenshots here are not of this game. On PC this game is called Marseille and this is actually a build a city and multiplayer war / battle / FarmVille game. I enjoy it, but while the graphics are appealing to children, it’s not really for children. There is no moderation of chat and there are some very unsavoury characters that the devs won’t or can’t remove from the game..Version: 1.250.545

Build masterHi there , I am having trouble with my account. I have been playing a while now and up till now I’ve had no issues. I can not upgrade half of my buildings as well as problems with my amethyst gems . It shows I have -7k plus and because of it I can not purchase anything or claim the free items either. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times with no luck. Can you please help or advise me on how to fix these problems. Thank you.Version: 1.250.529

Worth itI’m actually very impressed with the graphics. Also the lack of ads I have greatly appreciate. This is the first game I downloaded in a long time that wasn’t Clickbait they didn’t fill my screen with ads also they never try to bait you into purchasing anything. I’m actually very shocked great job 👏🏾.Version: 1.250.518

So addictive!!!Since I download this game, I have literally been glued to it. There are so many options to pay money for certain things BUT unlike any other game, you can actually get the item yourself in other ways!! I am definitely someone who will spend money on games but I haven’t spent anything yet. It’s absolutely awesome! You gotta try this!!.Version: 1.250.544

Missing PurchasesAbsolutely loving the game, great to play at work. However, my love has been halted by the fact I’ve made a purchase, which I’ve been billed for and the items I bought never showed up in my storage. I spent £9.99 and received nothing, not even the amethyst’s. I’ve tried to reach out to the in-game tech support and it won’t receive my messages!.Version: 1.250.518

Can’t stop playingBest game ever.Version: 1.250.225

Trouble with getting inSo it’s a great game but it’s not letting me in and I had to delete the game and download again and start from the beginning but it still not letting me in can you please fix it!!! Oh and I lost all my stuff I had..Version: 1.250.233

AwesomeSo much fun.Version: 1.250.532

Feel good with, do not forget to dig well draught, top!Easy to use, recommended.Version: 1.250.524

AmazingJust wish they gave more love to the characters. Give them more skins to customize each card, make those star points more valuable. Other than that I am happy with the games evolving aspects and the competitive PvP..Version: 1.250.224

Designed to be addictiveDon’t get it twisted, this is a game designed to profit from the player, just about everything is behind a paywall. But that’s doesn’t make the game any less enjoyable. I could spend hours doing task after task. I do wish there were more guides though. Everything is clear enough, but I still don’t really know why I’m trying to achieve certain things, or explain better what upgrading certain things do..Version: 1.250.211

Glitch?I’ve reached the point where I need to defuse bombs to be able to upgrade the trade center. I click on level one of the bomb game and it just takes me back to the main map. Don’t know what to do..Version: 1.250.523

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