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Hear My Baby Heart Beat App Negative Reviews

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Hear My Baby Heart beat App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Hear My Baby Heart beat App app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hear My Baby Heart beat App? Can you share your negative thoughts about hear my baby heart beat app?

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Hear My Baby Heart beat App for Negative User Reviews

Fraudulent App! Don’t waste your money!!This app doesn’t work. I’ve tried many times since purchasing it yesterday. I followed all the directions. It’s sad that whoever is selling this app is preying on pregnant women who want to hear the heartbeat of their baby. I’m sure they’ve made a killing being frauds. The app won’t even allow me to go into settings to make a complaint/request a refund. I’d say it was worth the risk of it working, but considering how many women/families they have scammed to line their pockets it wasn’t worth the risk. They replied that I didn’t have the patience/time which is untrue. I have patience and made plenty of time to carefully follow the directions. Also, I was in my 3rd trimester(way past 16 weeks) so if the app worked it would have found my baby’s heartbeat. Their failure to respond on why you can’t report a problem/request a refund for the app within the app spells out loud and clear what kind of business/fraud this is..Version: 1.10

BEWARE!!! THIS APP IS MANIPULATING A BABY’S HEARTBEATWe were so excited to be pregnant but i couldn't be seen my my Dr till after the holidays so I bought this app for “REASSURANCE”! I found what I thought was a babys heartbeat and was happy and posted it! Hell even the BPM was at 156 ( typical baby heart rate) When i finally went into the Dr she discovered i did have a gestational sac but a baby never formed so I never had a forming baby! This app manipulates a babys heartbeat! I actually posted a recording of what ive been hearing for weeks on the facebook group, check it out!!! Sounds just like a babys heartbeat except there’s absolutely no baby, another mom used it when she wasn't even pregnant and she found a babys heartbeat another mom as taken tests, all are negative results but she also has found a babys heartbeat, its sad how we moms are getting false a manipulating sounds !!!Please MOMS do not use this app for peace of mind or for reassurance! If you are having an issue don’t hesitate for one second to see your provider or the nearest ER! DO NOT TRUST THIS APP OR ANY APP when it comes to your pregnancy or your health! Trust medical testing, see your provider! Be excited for your pregnancy and excited about your visits to see your baby on ultrasound and a medical doppler! Best of luck to all you mommys and your sweet babies!!!.Version: 1.3.2

Not recommendDont waste money. I bought it at 20 weeks could not hear any baby’s heart beat. thought that was too early to detect baby’s heart beat until now, 36 weeks still cannot hear the heart beat by using this app. My husband can hear the heart beat just use his ear on my tummy..Version: 1.7

RubbishAbsolute rubbish. Can hear nothing but static..Version: 1.4

Not worth buying! Wish I kept my moneyTotally not with paying for. Wish I used the money for pregnancy cravings instead!! Would not recommend.Version: 1.2.6

I want my money backI bought the app about 10 minutes ago every time I get to the end of the instructions and click let’s go the app completely shuts down I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU SCAMMERS.Version: 1.3

Waste of Money!It specifically says its better to use when you are 16 weeks+... I’m 17 weeks! Still haven’t found a heart beat! Either that or there is no heart beat. 🤷🏽‍♀️.Version: 1.4

Waste of money /scamApparently you can hear your heart beat anywhere, leg, arm, stomach. Also when I “Listened” to my own heart beat, and then actually checked mine heart rate with my fingers, it didn’t add up my heart rate was way slower. Want my money back..Version: 1.2.6

Doesn’t workHorrible doesn’t work just makes some stupid noise I want my money back as I’m deleting it as it’s not useful at all.Version: 1.6

Not bad, but could be betterThere are times I’ve started to hear a heartbeat with this app, even at 13 weeks but haven’t successfully recorded it yet. My issue is the record button is on the very bottom and my belly keeps bumping it so it goes from “listening” to “recording” without me knowing or seeing because my belly is in the way. The record button should really be at the top of the screen to easily access, especially since you are pushing your phone onto your belly where the microphone is on the bottom and you won’t have to wonder if you are recording or not. So once I’ve started to hear something, I don’t know if I’ve hit record and I don’t want to move and lose the heartbeat. Hoping to keep trying and capture it, but it would be better with access to record on top of the screen, rather than on the bottom..Version: 1.2.6

No wayI do not recommend this app at all. I have found a better one that is also free I prefer so much more! This app has so much static! Don’t waste your money ladies!.Version: 1.4

Hear my babyNot worth a cent I fort to try and doesn’t work at all waste of money.Version: 1.7

Waste of money!I downloaded this app when I was 24wks pregnant and have tried to use it every week since (now 34wks) and all it does is pick up the sounds on your movement when breathing. Don’t waste your money on this app!.Version: 1.7

Doesn’t workI don’t personally like the app. I’m 24 weeks and I haven’t ever been able to hear the heartbeat using this app. I’ve tried for weeks and followed all the instructions. Makes you panic and think there is something wrong with the baby. It’s a shame I really thought it was gonna work..Version: 1.10

Don’t purchaseThis app was a waste of money. 37 weeks and it didn’t pick up anything. (Baby is healthy and fine).Version: 1.7

Don’t spend the moneyI’m 34 weeks pregnant i get kicked on a regular basis haven’t heard the heartbeat once on this app. I can’t even find my own heartbeat. After saying i can’t hear my heartbeat or the babies, i got a run down of all the things i could be doing wrong like i didn’t check that first. I just asked for a refund if the app doesn’t work then why are you having people pay for it. Can’t get the refund however because the receipt somehow got deleted. It’s more frustrating that i took a chance spent the money for an app that doesn’t work and received a email that from my point of view sounded a little rude and had poor customer service. Instead of immediately blaming the people using your app why don’t you instead make the app actually work..Version: 1.3.2

Not worth a fiverI wasn’t really sure what to expect, I mean the app works. The sound is terrible though, it sounds like a static tv trying to find signal in a horror movie. The sound really is screechy and there’s so much background noise, even I can’t really tell where my babies heartbeat is. I’ve had one good video so far but the app is unpredictable. When I put the noise to my stomach my baby wriggles around like crazy, I am 24 weeks. I don’t think she likes the noise personally and makes her a bit distressed. These apps aren’t tested for safety on babies in the womb so I won’t be using it again as it’s unreliable, I wish you could refund apps. Remember, if you’re ever concerned, ring your maternity unit, don’t download one of these apps.Version: 1.2.6

Huge waste of moneyHow is this app still allowed to be sold! It’s a scam.Version: 1.4

Faultiest appApp will not let me open it. My phone is up to date and is compatible with the App however it will not work. I feel like I’ve wasted my money..Version: 1.4

Heart rate appDidn’t work at all.Version: 1.4

Static is the only thing I hearI waited a whole day before I wrote this review in hopes that someone would answer me on Facebook messenger but to no avail. Hoping to help other people out here. I purchased this app hesitantly. I have a fetal heart monitor but am on vacation so thought i would try this app. I went through the whole tutorial, I have used a heart monitor before and I am almost 30 weeks. It sounds like static- no heartbeat at all. Couldn’t even find mine. I thought it would be user error but my husband who develops apps for a living and is a software project manager couldn’t make it happen either. I usually don’t write reviews like this because I want to give the company a chance to respond- especially when they are relatively new, but the lack of customer service is dismal. $5 isn’t much but I wouldn’t waste your money or time. Just buy a fetal heart monitor..Version: 1.4

Hasn’t worked for me..I wouldn’t say it’s worth it, this is my 3rd baby I know what I’m listening for ect and I have a very active baby so I know all is ok I just fancied to try something new see if I could have a sneaky listen but over last 3/4 days I’ve had no luck. I followed all instructions to a T; if you are going to buy this I would definitely make sure you are 100% happy and feeling baby as this is not a quick reassurance app!.Version: 1.7

TerribleI’m 28 weeks today and this app is absolutely rubbish you can’t listen any baby’s heart beat . Waste of money.Version: 1.3.2

Save your moneyWaste of money!! Does not work at all..Version: 1.3.4

Waste of moneySo staticky It’s piercing on the ears. Wish I could get my money back.Version: 1.11

Utter waste of money!!Couldn't even get it to pick up my own heartbeat - and I know I'm alive!.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workDo not buy- a scam! This app doesn’t work at all & makes the same noise when held away from my stomach in a silent room as it did on my stomach..Version: 1.4

Didn’t workI tried 20 different places over a few days and a few hours, I got nothing....Version: 1.2.6

Charged For App I No Longer HaveI was charged for this app but I didn’t subscribe to anything. I thought the app was free, it didn’t say in app purchases. I actually deleted the app so I’m not sure how they were able to charge my card..Version: 1.13

Waste of moneyIt was defiantly a waste of money! Couldn’t hear anything in my belly, found it hard to find my own heartbeat as well. Don’t waste your time or money go to the doctors for free.Version: 1.2.6

Rubbish wouldn’t bother using itI’m 25 weeks and just had a midwife appointment so I know all is well but been told about this app so thought why not give it ago only £5 and had really good reviews it really screechy and has an awful ring sound couldn’t pick up my own heart beat even with a good couple of try’s and even my partner helping me out let alone trying to find my baby’s wish I would of kept that £5.Version: 1.10

Bad quality soundI would sometime hear baby’s heartbeat but it is so hard to hear because there is that much of a static sound,even if you breath!and I do have the volume down low!.Version: 1.13

Waste of moneyIt struggled to pick up my heartbeat let alone the babies. It made me worry more and more anxious I couldn’t find a heart beat had to call my gp and see him to double check.Version: 1.7

32 weeks on Saturday - still nothingWith a baby that is actively moving around in my tummy, an app like this is a novelty. So you would expect that at 28 weeks onwards it’d be easy to find their heartbeat. It isn’t. Save the £5. I tried all of the apps advice on finding the sound of my baby’s heartbeat and have been trying since week 28. It’s definitely just that these apps don’t work. My advice? Go to a private scan clinic and get the sound put into a stuffed animal or something. The app definitely doesn’t perform as advertised and I wish I saved my £5 on something else..Version: 1.11

DisappointedI spent £4.49 on this app and it doesn’t work for me at all. I have tried even picking up my own heart beat and can’t do it. Followed all the steps and tips and still nothing. Was honestly a waste. If you wanna find your babies heart beat i’d suggest just a regular doppler as I feel like i’ve wasted my money and can’t get a refund for it now either.Version: 1.10

CaitlinFound my heart beat, couldn’t find the babies..Version: 1.4

This app does not support for refundI clicked this app on instagram to see more details. However, it charged me over 7$ before I realized that I had to pay for it..Version: 1.3

Good App, Easy to use yet confusing resultsEasy App to navigate and very clear guidance and instructions. I've tried to use a few times yet I get a heartbeats sound if I place on my Bump of my inner thigh! So I'm not to sure if the heartbeat I'm hearing is actually real. I purchased this app for reassurance during scans but I'm not so sure it's very accurate..Version: 1.7

Waste of time and money!Doesn’t work at all have tried everything. Waste of money and time. Don’t recommend..Version: 1.6

Don’t waste your moneyComplete and utter waste of time and money, a fiver for nothing. And yes- I did follow the instructions but you can’t get a distinct enough sound from the baby’s heart as opposed to your own as it does not distinguish between heart beats and background noises in the abdomen. It does not give you a bpm and no phone has a good enough speaker to be able to hear the beats. A bit embarrassed actually that I bought it in the first place..Version: 1.4

Money backHow do I get a refund for this app. I downloaded and paid for it and it doesn’t even work 🤷🏼‍♀️ I press the icon on my screen and just goes back to my home screen on my phone. Waste of money.Version: 1.7

CrapWaste of money. Can barely hear a thing but white noise, even when checking your own heart beat, not at all like a doctors office. Pretty bummed..Version: 1.2.6

Heartbeat on everything!I tried using this app and I tested my arm like it said nothing but static sounds, so tested my belly like it said, static, I’m 18 weeks and am starting to hear it on my stethoscope but it’s not clear. So I tried it on my dog, static but a distinct heartbeat. Either the app works for animal not people or it’s a waste of money. Just be patient and don’t get suckered into buy buy baby..Version: 1.4

I’d like my money back!I have followed all rules, tips and tricks (various volumes, phone on airplane mode and normal, tried at various stages of later pregnancy) and can say this is completely useless. I managed to pick up my own heartbeat with a lot of screeching as a collateral (and that’s constantly checking own pulse to know it’s an actual heartbeat). As for a baby’s heartbeat- you really can not tell through the noise! Not sure what’s the point of the app! Awfully disappointed and would not under any circumstances recommend this at all..Version: 1.3.2

Waste of moneyDoes not work, would like a refund..Version: 1.2.6

I’d like a refund pleaseDid all of the instructions, different angles and nothing! I’d like my $8 back.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyWasted my money. Doesn’t work. I put my phone against my pillow and it made the sound like it had a heart beat 🙄.Version: 1.2.6

ScamThis is a scam, even my husband has a baby sound lmaoooo.Version: 1.12

Absolutely not worth to purchase!I’m 40 weeks pregnant today and still cannot hear my baby’s heartbeat through this app! Don’t waste you money on it!.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyCan’t hear a thing, I’ve tried different angles at different times and followed instructions meticulously. Wait for your ultrasound..Version: 1.3.4

Not happy at allSo I paid for this app what even stay on it opens up and within about 3 second closes and goes back to my home screen. I want my money back.Version: 1.4

Wish I hadn’t spent the money.Due to loosing my little girl last year, I was hoping this might help out my mind at ease between appointments this time. Now discovered both my microphone and speaker are located in the same place at the bottom of my phone! So can’t hear anything, if I attach headphones.. that’s also at the bottom of my phone, so obviously still won’t work! And I’m not buying Bluetooth ones on the off chance this works! If I turn it up, the feedback is awful. Definitely wish I hadn’t spent the money :( Things that happen when and advert comes up when you’re having a weak moment..Version: 1.12

Didn’t not work out for me but maybe for others.It definitely works finding my heart beat as well as others. As for finding my babies heart beat not so much, I had been patiently trying it several times since I was at 17 weeks. I’m now at 23 weeks and still nothing, but I’m sure that it due to having an anterior placenta. So I’m guessing it might work fine for ones who do not have have an anterior placenta. As for me maybe I’ll give it a few more tries later on in my pregnancy. I can now feeling him moving all the time since at about 21 weeks so not being able to hear his heartbeat,I’m fine with as long as I know he’s moving around in there, but it would be nice to hear the heartbeat just to have that special connection being that It feels so long in between dr visits to have to wait to hear his little heartbeating..Version: 1.2.6

Don’t waste your moneyI’ve tried all the lil tips and tricks this app is pointless!!! I can’t even hear my own heartbeat! How do I get my $8 back!!! Shame tricking people out of their money especially during covid when cash is tight.Version: 1.6

Zero successHad this app since I was 16 weeks pregnant, I am now 36 weeks and still nothing. I have tried over and over and nothing. If it wasn’t for regular scans and midwife appointments this app would make me paranoid something was wrong. I’ve followed the instructions exactly to the letter and only ever found my own heart beat. Read the negative reviews prior to purchase and figured “£4.99 is worth the gamble” I guess this is the mantra keeping this company in business. My advice, just be patience and wait for your midwife appointment..Version: 1.4

So disappointingI didn’t have the extra money to spend on the app but really really wanted to hear the baby. I’m in a completely quiet room, volume down, no case on my phone, airplane mode off.. everything it recommends. Now I wasted money I didn’t have and didn’t get to hear the baby..Version: 1.2.6

Didn’t even mean to purchase itI went to have a look at it, some how I downloaded it taken money out of the account. It’s the most useless app. They should make it a free trial and than purchase. I can’t even get a refund on it..Version: 1.12

Waste of moneyIt doesn’t work. I would like my money back please..Version: 1.6

Not worth itCould not even find my own heart beat with it.Version: 1.6

Waste of moneyDon’t bother it is a waste of money. Had it from 18weeks. 30 now end still nothing.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyI very sceptical about this; actual home dopplers are notoriously unreliable, let alone using a phone app. It was only a fiver, so thought we’d give it a shot. I wish I’d listened to my gut and the 1 star reviews, this is complete garbage. Having followed all the instructions, the thing couldn’t even find my wife’s or my own heartbeat. How on earth is it supposed to find a babies? There is so much background noise we found it impossible to tell what we were listening to. If NHS midwifes often struggle to find a heartbeat using professional dopplers, how people are claiming this app is finding one, is beyond me. Perhaps it may as a fluke. Do not waste your cash..Version: 1.4

Been trying for weeks and still nothingI’ve been using this for about 2 months and still have no idea if I’m hearing my little guys heartbeat. I feel like it was a waste of $5. Functionally, the app wouldn’t work with Bluetooth. It wants you to have volume on a low setting so a feedback loop doesn’t happen, so I put in Bluetooth headphones. As soon as I tried to listen with the headphones, my phone went back to external speaker mode. I wrote the devs asking if they could make the app Bluetooth compatible but never heard back. As I’ve gotten further along, the location of the listen and finish buttons are problematic because my belly skin will hit them. I’ll think I finally found the heartbeat only to hit the listen button, but actually be finishing a recording of nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’d say save your money..Version: 1.2.6

Waste of moneyWould have given a 0 star rating if allowed. App does not work AT ALL. Please do not waste your money. I followed all instructions and still did not work. I really wish I hadn’t wasted $4.99 on this silly app. I would like to update my review after I had a generic customer service response from this company as to my review. Like I had said previously I had followed all instructions clearly and carefully. The FAQ page was pretty much the exact same instructions so that was of no help. I could hear what somewhat sounded like my own heartbeat. I am well within the parameters and weeks of when I should be using this app. When I went to a follow up with my obgyn office the other day they also tried using this app. After using their fetal doppler and getting a clear as day heartbeat within seconds they laughed saying I wasted my money on an app and to just go ahead and buy a fetal Doppler for home use because it is much more accurate..Version: 1.2.6

Not worth itI can see your intentions as developers but this is way too hard to understand. Even when holding up it gives the same distorted sound as when it’s on your belly. All sounds are static and sound the same. This needs to be for free until you have developed it as it’s not worth the money. I bought this early in my pregnancy and before leaving a negative review I wanted to see if it made a difference in late pregnancy and it hasn’t. Waste of money. It should be for free..Version: 1.4

Doesn’t work at allWaste of my money. I can’t even hear my own heat beat. And I’m following all the instructions. I contacted them, they said Apple is the one to refund me since I bought it through the App Store. Since when? Well, Apple didn’t give me this option and said I should talk to the developer. Well, the developer is ignoring me and I’m just ping ponging between emails. So go ahead and do yourself a favor and save your $5 for a snack. Update: I was sure that after leaving a negative review here I’d be contacted by you guys. And no, nothing went to my spam inbox. I checked. You just didn’t respond my email. I only got one response from you saying Apple should fix it. So there was a thread you could have contacted me through and nothing would go to spam. Plus I followed the exact steps you gave me to try and fix it with Apple. But thanks for finally getting back to me. Let’s try this again then..Version: 1.3.1

Used it at my doctor aptsI read all the reviews and decided to give it a shot despite the warnings I read against downloading this app. It didn’t work the first few times I tried it, I assumed it was still too early or I wasn’t on the right areas. I followed all the directions....which contradicts each other. Some tips say to turn the volume on your phone down, while other tips suggest turning the phone volume all the way up. Weird, but I still thought “whatever. I can be patient.” I tried to find the baby’s heartbeat every couple days or so, each time just as unlucky as the last. Anyway, while at the clinic, once my doctor found the baby’s heartbeat, I tested the app in the same exact place and....dun-dun-duuun! A big fat nothing. It was kind of my doctor to take the time for me to try it, but she assured me I had been duped. Save your time, save your 5 dollars and don’t download this app. I wish I could get my money back!!!.Version: 1.2.6

I wasted my moneyFor $9.99 this was a disappointment. It comes up with a constant high pitched sound that is unchanged when pressing against your skin. It couldn’t even pick up my heart beat despite spending several minutes and following the instructions to a t…. Let alone trying to locate my babies heart beat. It feels as though this app preys on the genuine concerns and excitement of expectant mothers. I’ll be trying to get a refund the second my purchase is no longer pending. Profoundly disappointing..Version: 1.15

Waste of moneyWas a cute idea, but an absolute waste of money- brand new IPhone X and couldn’t pick up a very strong heartbeat in the exact same position my Doppler was picking up. Please don’t get your hopes up with this app, caused more stress than I needed..Version: 1.2.6

False!!!I was quite excited because I’ve found what supposed to be my baby’s heart, but my husband said let’s see if this is true and I’ve tried on him... what a surprise!!! After searching around his bellybutton we’ve found the baby’s heart beat 😱😱. I think that if there is a noise similar to a heart beat is because we have arteries in that area, hospitals have special machines to do that, we won’t get it with a phone!!!.Version: 1.2.6

Don’t buy itDon’t waist your money.Version: 1.4

Don’t buy!!!Waste of money and time! Doesn’t work!.Version: 1.10

Don’t waste your moneyBought this App a while ago. Thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt when I was earlier in my pregnancy. Tried it loads of times up until now at 38 weeks but haven’t been able to hear baby’s heart beat once. I could hear my own heart beat when I tested but it still comes through extremely faint so fat chance of hearing my tiny baby’s heart beat which is surrounded by fluid. Emailed app support to be told I couldn’t get a refund as I purchased through App Store instead of directly from them. Waste of time, money and probably does more harm than give reassurance!! If I could give this 0 stars, I would!.Version: 1.3.4

DO NOT WASTE UR MONEYWhat a stupid app! You can barely hear the heart rate. Dont waste ur money. What a joke of an app!!.Version: 1.2.6

Found the heartbeat!!I actually found my baby’s heartbeat even earlier than the app expected!! 13 weeks gestation, I couldn’t find it at night but tried again in the morning when my bladder was full so was pushing the baby right near the surface of my belly. I put the phone right on the bulgy area and there it was!! =).Version: 1.4

Not impressedWas looking forward to using this app and was pretty optimistic. Been trying this a few times daily, following the instruction closely but still nothing after around 10 weeks of trying. Quite dissatisfied just due to the cost of the app really. Understand it’s all about baby position and what not but disappointed and really unhappy i paid for such an app..Version: 1.7

Waste of time and moneyDoesn’t work. Have tried it throughout my pregnancy following all hints and tips provided and it just doesn’t pick up a thing. My midwife has never had a problem hearing the heartbeat and it has never taken longer than a few seconds to do so. Don’t waste your money..Version: 1.2.6

Ripped off!!Got nothing, tried everything and nothing at all. I would like a refund..Version: 1.4

UselessI downloaded this app at 15 weeks & didn’t expect to hear a heartbeat but thought it’d be interesting to purchase for the rest of my pregnancy. Not once was I able to pick up a heartbeat, even at 40 weeks! At every single appointment I’ve had (even at 16wks), a heartbeat has been picked up straight away with the Doppler machine. I took time with this app, tried several positions each time & absolutely nothing, can’t even be to do with the phone as I have the latest iPhone & have even tried it on my partners as well. Don’t bother wasting your money, especially as it’s only a novelty anyway..Version: 1.10

Not worth it.It’s a shame, i got all excited to hear my baby, all I hear is static and my own heart beat very very faintly. I followed all the tips. Volume 20% -30%, cover off, quiet room, try later baby might not be in correct position etc.... I tried multiple different times yesterday and again this morning. Not great. I know she is fine as she is kicking me all over the place. But a shame that that when you are excited for something, it’s not what it says on the tin. This app should be free as it doesn’t work for everyone..Version: 1.3.1

TerribleI decided to go the whole hog and spend the £5 for this app (would never usually spent money on apps) but thought the idea of being able to hear my baby whenever I wanted to was totally worth it. Well......after following the instructions carefully it didn’t even pick up my own heart beat! Let alone trying to find baby’s. I spend 40minutes trying & trying, obviously taking into consideration it may be something I’m doing wrong. Didn’t hear anything at all! Not even white noise which was what I thought I might hear whilst listening out for the heart beat of either myself or the baby..Version: 1.6

Kinda works16 weeks, Was able to find my own heartbeat but struggling to find baby, will try again in the morning.Version: 1.12

ShockingI was a little sceptical about this app and so I was right to be. I was sure an app like this couldn’t work but downloaded based on the great reviews. Me and my husband have finally managed to conceive after being told it would never happen naturally for us. I am so excited and wanted to hear our miracles heartbeat whenever I wanted but that is not the case. I have spent hours of trying to find a heart beat, in many different positions. I have followed every instruction carefully which are very simple and clear! I am so sad and disappointed with this app. I really wanted to love it! I would really like a refund as I think I will be deleting this awful waste of an app :(.Version: 1.2.6

MamaThis app doesn’t work waste of money.Version: 1.4

Be warned gives false hope!!I bought this app at 8 weeks pregnant. I recorded several times a very clear 160 bpm heartbeat. Always picked up at a similar place so believable. I bought it due to not having many symptoms, so it was piece of mind for me. Went for a scan at 9 weeks to be told I had a blighted ovum, which means it never even developed to have a heartbeat!!! It does say it’s better with microphone turned down, I had it up as couldn’t hear it properly. Turns out the reason to turn it down was due to feedback causing a perfect false baby heartbeat. This is a dangerous app 😢.Version: 1.4

Unfortunately does not workWe’re all eager to hear our baby, this app doesn’t work buy a Fetal Doppler. I tried using this app for months it never did find the heart, ended up getting a Doppler and listened to babies heart the first night!.Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyI could barely hear my own heart beat, could not hear my babies heartbeat.Version: 1.2.6

Bad bad badDo not get sucked into this - waste of money does not work..Version: 1.4

Waste of moneyI can’t hear anything 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 1.4

Awful background noiseIt is impossible to make a recording and listen out for the heartbeat. It is also unreliable. I have to restart the app several times for it to pick up any noise at all. I am yet to hear the heartbeat and even if it did pick it up, there would’ve no way to hear it unless I sat through an hour long recording of awful screeching noise on the off chance that at some point the position was correct to catch something. I will be leaving the listening to my midwife..Version: 1.4

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