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Instawork: Work Local Shifts App User Positive Comments 2023

Instawork: Work Local Shifts app received 69 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about instawork: work local shifts?

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Instawork: Work Local Shifts for Positive User Reviews

HustleIf you like to hustle & earn extra income this is the app for you. I’ve personally been working non stop through this app. Since January 24th 2022. That was my first gig. For the next 8 months I was working in a different place almost every single day, I would be going to a new location to utilize my skill set. Now every gig is different and nothing is perfect but all in all this app via the gig economy marketplace has enabled me to fully focus on an upcoming career change. My point is instawork is legit & if you are passionate, professional & humble about your work. This app will take you to the next level. I am now writing a review because I am taking a bit of a break from the non stop gig economy. If you’re a good worker, Instawork will notice & will reward you with more incentivized gigs. It’s hard work & paying attention to detail goes a long way. Cooking, serving, bartending, warehouse, dishwashing, even driving. Setting up for events, most likely a wedding or corporate display. The platinum bonus is nice & the developers seem to care about the user experience. As the app is constantly being updated. While keeping a good head on your shoulders this app will help you down the road. Just remain professional & consistent. This will not go unnoticed. Thank you for reading this review. This comes from my Heart. -Jim.Version: 2.189.2

AppGreat app. Loved it.Version: 2.190.0

Easy to useBest app for shifts. Easy to navigate and payout never fails. I love the flexibility of the app, you can pick shifts that fits into your schedule..Version: 2.189.3

Good app not enough gigsThe app looks really nice and has a nice description of all jobs. I live in Miami and almost all the gigs that are available to me are at least an hour away and the pay isn’t enough for me to drive an hour plus to and back. The idea is very cool and for the people that are able to get gigs I can see why they would love it. I would say there aren’t enough gigs in my area and if there are I’ve clicked notification as soon as it pops up on my screen to book and even me going my fastest to confirm everything by the time I’m done it says the shift is already booked and that it’s not available anymore. I’ve the app the a couple months now I believe, and I have yet to be able to book one shift. I don’t hate the app I think it’s great there’s just a lack of availability in my area and when there is it’s near impossible to get one booked because they’re filled up in a matter of seconds. I don’t discourage anyone from downloading it this is just my experience..Version: 2.185.0

Very Cool!!!The Instawork app is simply user-friendly in just about all aspects that there really could be in regards to finding satisfaction in a product/service, far beyond what you would ever initially anticipate an app to be, simply configuring itself from what you never knew you were ever missing out on in life before so suddenly making impact on being exactly what your life was in true need of, andddd ESPECIALLYYYY SOO in being an app that’s conveniently providing assistance, pioneering more-easible accessibility to resources within the market that specifically pertains crucial to continuing structural rebuild and continuing growth within our economy! The masters at Instawork have made it so simple for their consumers that in the matter of time it took me to roll out of bed and finish a quick small to medium-size bowl of cereal, not only was I still on usual pace with my regular daily routine but, I next made my way into my morning shower with my personal Instawork profile filled out, all on-boarding documents authorized, and even found myself off to have “completed” a handful of applications “ already. I don’t see how finding work could really get any much more easier and convenient than this, and do feel like this is a company/app that will own that stance well into the foreseeable future!.Version: 2.151.0

Excellent appGood app, I work according to schedule.Version: 2.189.3

Insta WorkI am just starting to use this program, but at the registration stage, a very simple and understandable use will already be waiting for you. Respect!👍👍👍.Version: 2.189.3

Great!!Amazing app for shifts and make your own schedule.Version: 2.187.3

Forget the five stars.Literally good until it’s not. I actually give 1 star. Gig work for me is about flexibility. They have very strict rules that are ultimately more strict than just working a regular job. All rights are revoked when working for this agency. Of course you can call out or cancel a shift but you only have 5 minutes to do so before cancelling will trigger a consequence. Consequences include being removed from any future shifts you have booked and not being able to book any shift for an extended period of time. This is something unprecedented in my history as a regular work. So any sense of “freedom” or “flexibility” is ultimately undermined by their unrealistic policies. If you can work around that it might work for you. If you really want the freedom to work when you want and have the flexibility to back out when you need don’t sign up for instawork. There are other more flexible, higher paying options..Version: 2.185.0

Instawork Rocks!Working in hospitality has never been so convenient!.Version: 2.185.0

Great experienceEnjoy working at Instawork. It offers flexibility and freedom to choose the locations and times you want to work. I love the variety of venues that are offered. Based on your skill level, you’re able to choose jobs that make a great fit for you. I love the high energy and professionalism of everyone I’ve worked with. It’s a fun place to work and there are many pros! My only complaint is that there are not enough gigs offered in the app. Most of them are out of state, which are way too far to travel, even after I’ve limited the distance that I’ll travel. I want to work more but get tired of refreshing the app, only to see gigs that are completely out of my range (two and three states away!). Maybe it’s because I’m a new employee and haven’t worked enough to get more local offers. Other than that, I highly recommend working at Instawork..Version: 2.180.0

Love this appThis has helped me to pay my bills and survive a fulfilling life..Version: 2.185.0

Great appNice app for one shifts and it’s flexible. Just needs work to get job offers as beginner.Version: 2.187.3

Amazing but not perfect.I was unemployed for a while when I came into a new country and well I downloaded Instawork and suddenly work was there. It was amazing. But most of the time I faced this issue where I would get a notification and when I open it within a second literally, I can’t book it. It’s so weird. Please fix this. And I have also not received referral rewards for so many of my friends. Please check out this bug as well..Version: 2.185.0

InstaworkThe Best Application To Find Work ....Version: 2.185.0

Love this appGreat app! Always recommend to my friends! Amazing way to make extra money and they are very reliable..Version: 2.185.0

Highly recommendSuper easy to setup and many shifts available. Super flexible.Version: 2.190.0

Awesome IdeaVery interesting app! It makes sure you have a clean slate, gives you a variety of jobs and shifts, and is very flexible in terms of contracts..Version: 2.190.0

Love Love LoveInstawork is honestly life savor. I really need some extra cash to pay for these certifications so I could get a salary job and I was able to do just that. I'm also saving up to pay for festivals and even pay off credit cards. Such a great app. And I really love the other Insta-workers on here too. All so helpful and down to earth. At least here in Chicago :) Also the flexibility is amazing. I only pick shifts that I want to work and if anything comes up I can ask someone in my network to take my shift no problem. The only thing I wish they had was more job availability in the city. And also the ability to swap shifts with people who are working the same day but a different time. Things will get better over time but so far I really love the app. Been telling all of my friends about it..Version: 2.160.0

InstaworkA very great app and reliable 👍👍.Version: 2.190.0

Would recommend!Super easy and accurate. Tons on trust. Very excited!.Version: 2.154.1

Great appThis app gives you many opportunities to either get some quick cash through 1-day jobs or even get long term/permanent job opportunities. I like that the app doesn’t just display jobs but also has leaderboards and and a couple of other small incentives. Gives you a sense of fun healthy competition and encourages you to give your best. The best thing about the app though is that along with us getting reviews from the company, we also get to review the company. Usually that is not possible and people have to resort to yelp or Reddit reviews. But in this app you can directly see tons of feedback for the company or the job or even advice on where to park and stuff. That feature and the user interface in general is pretty nice..Version: 2.187.3

A Dream come trueI started instawork with an invite through a friend. I was very skeptical in joining, however, my friend insisted that it was a great opportunity to join. I went ahead and did my first gig and I have never stopped. I feel free from a 9-5 job. I have an opportunity to engage in other commitments in my life like school and family. It is so much fun and very adventurous while making money. I also love the fact that they have batches like Gold, Top pro etc which encourages and rewards you for an outstanding performance. This is my job and everyday I am loving it. I am no longer stressed out or burned out like a 9-5. Thé pay too is amazing. If you don’t take a step into witnessing the dream/ opportunity you are definitely missing out! Do you wanna pay your bills on time? Do you want to make some extra cash? Do you want real flexibility? Do you want to be rewarded for your performance/ reliability? Do you want to spend more time with family? Are you a student trying to pay tuition with work or need extra time to study? Join instawork and you won’t regret it :) I did and I am glad I did!.Version: 2.188.1

Best app to find jobsBest.Version: 2.189.3

Changed my life!! Recommend 100%I was having a really hard time trying to figure out what kind of job I should get knowing none of them, that I have access to, are really spectacular. It was really hard for me to do interviews and things like that because of anxiety but then I found the wonderful world of gig apps!Where are you can be just about anything you want to be! No pressure to be perfect for a job interview. Just make sure you’re presentable, clean, have the attire that they require (ha),Do the best you can like you would any other job, show up on time etc, and you’ve got work!! No awkward employee interactions if you don’t get along with someone you don’t have to see them again.I think my favorite part is it takes the monotony out of full-time work (or part time if you so wish). I also like that you make your own schedule completely 100% make your own schedule just can’t no call no show which is horrible to do to people anyway!.Version: 2.188.1

Life Saver!I absolutely love this app! I do not remember how I came across it but thank goodness I did. I recently lost one of my jobs and man did I get scared, I got bills to pay and what not. I am still a part time public school teacher during the week however I get paid once a month. So I was feeling hopeless until I came across this app and it is honestly a life saver. There are always plenty of jobs and yes as you start off the pay rate is mildly decent on some but you just got to keep going til they see you’re serious about the work. It’s worth in my opinion. The employees for all these jobs are very nice, professional and are always on the lookout to help you out if needed. Also with some jobs you get paid instantly which is awesome and others you just wait a few days which isn’t bad either. Another plus is that Instawork always has opportunities for you to make a small bonus which is pretty cool. 10/10..Version: 2.144.0

So far so goodEasy to install and configure..Version: 2.188.2

GoodGood for side job.Version: 2.185.0

Super easyInstawork gives you access to so many jobs. All based on your own schedule and expertise. And amazing way to make extra income..Version: 2.187.2

Good RecommendationA genuine app.Version: 2.189.3

Great Experience!Best gigs app to work at your own schedule..Version: 2.189.2

ReviewThe idea behind the creation of this app is mind blowing. So far it’s been helping, you get to do different gigs reducing how monotonous a work can become! This is definitely an A+ rating for me.Version: 2.187.2

Geesh!You know I’m SHOCKED at all the poor ratings Instawork has gotten! I have experienced the complete opposite with this app! Let me tell you, it is AMAZING! Once I started my first gig, I just kept continuing accepting gigs. Of coarse you start from the bottom and work your way up the pay rate. That’s just how life is! You might get paid $17-$25 for the first couple gigs, then you’ll start to see the $25-$49 per hour gigs once they seen you worked for it. That’s in any job! And if your not serious of coarse they will not take you serious! Everyone has to be accountable for there actions here! It seems like everyone that’s writing a review about the deactivation is just blaming the app! Look we are all adults here! Be accountable and your deactivate wouldn’t even happen geesh! Anyways I love this app, yes there are a few things they can change about it but doesn’t everyone start from somewhere? ALL AROUND GREAT APP! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, GREAT EMPLOYERS, & GREAT JOB! SPECIALLY GREAT PAY! Your buggin if you think differently!.Version: 2.66.0

Easy jobs searchSuper easy way of looking for jobs. Highly recommended, its easy to use this app.Version: 2.190.0

JobGreat platform to earn and learn more.Version: 2.187.2

GreatTruly great 👍🏾.Version: 2.189.3

Great appI really do enjoy working with Instawork. i'm unsure why so many people wrote bad reviews and the people who have wrote that they have not got paid I always get paid. with any job that you work it's never perfect but I will say that instawork and their customer care they really really work with us and they do their very best to continue to keep us happy and paid and making good money I've had personal issues where l've had to miss my shift unexpectedly which would be considered a no-show or l've had to cancel last minute and l've never had an issue I submit to them a note or whatever that they need and again no issue I would highly highly recommend instawork to anyone as I have already but I will continue to do so. What other job can you pick your hours, what other job can you make endless amounts of money, and what other job offers all of the amazing incentives that instawork offers especially now with the holidays approaching. as I already stated I truly in my heart believe that instawork works there very hardest to make us as much money as possible and to keep us all happy and I think they do a very very very good job at that therefore I would give them nothing under a five star rating and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you instawork for everything that you've done and the opportunities, the endless amounts of opportunities that you have given me I love instawork and I will continue to pick up shifts probably for a long time!.Version: 2.187.2

My experienceThis far Instawork in my personal opinion is a genius company and the app is also designed user friendly for our not so tech savvy individuals like myself. It has various opportunities depending on what it is you are looking for. U can travel and work or if you are looking for something permanent they have those avenues you are able to explore as well. It’s also a give give type of company if you are a good worker they reward you for your achievements as well ex: becoming a gold member makes it to where you can get paid hours after each gig worked. I can go on and on about the numerous opportunities that they offer but I will leave it here that I would highly recommend this to everybody whether you have a full time career or not you can always use the extra money to help. I am new to Instawork but I am excited about my experience this far and can’t wait to see what is to come for me..Version: 2.138.0

Great appI m so excied by working with this app and already suggested my aquitances to use it and earn money.having great experience with it..Version: 2.189.3

FlexibleReally nice App. You can easily get flexible shifts depending on your availability. You should try it out!.Version: 2.187.3

Don’t get sickI enjoyed this application until I got COVID. This application gives you the ability to cancel a shift ahead of time which I did and had no issues. Then went to work on 27 May got Covid probably at the arena that I was working at, submitted my test results and was not able to work the following two days I have now lost the ability to work about two weeks going back-and-forth trying to get my Covid related missed shift taken care of because the app will suspend you and not allow you to inform on other shifts that you are suspended so then you end up with another no-show in another suspension and when you try to reach out you’ll spend days going back-and-forth emailing trying to explain the situation in which again you end up missing more days. I love this application until I got sick you’re probably better off with DoorDash!.Version: 2.180.0

Can’t get a human/ keep your head downIt’s taking them longer and longer to process pay. The actual employers are finding loopholes to the rules. Many employers do not put the actual job description. When you get there surprise! Your taking out garbage or moving loads of furniture. Not getting tipped for bartender work. It goes on and on. This app is not for the weak. If you are ok with loads of work and crumbs for pay. Congratulations! Many of the employers are working employees and not giving breaks during 8, 10, and 12 hour work shifts. You really can not give a complaint to Instawork about the situation. 1)There is no human to answer or talk to. 2)every issue has a cookie cutter response. 3)If an incident arises and you can not report they will suspend days. It already takes more than a week to get paid. It’s a never ending cycle. Of course they don’t care about the workers. Instawork doesn’t check in on the employers, they take their word for it. As long as they have a contract right? Just remember it’s temporary..Version: 2.185.0

Instawork is greatIt’s a great app to get/find good jobs.Version: 2.190.0

Love this app!Great way to make extra money!.Version: 2.187.2

This app changed the way I work!Super easy and User-friendly way to find a job..Version: 2.188.1

Great user experienceGreat user experience.Version: 2.189.3

Instawork is revolutionizing employmentI cannot fully booked express in words how truly amazing it is to earn top pay with complete freedom and flexibility and have a great time doing it. Being able to choose what types of jobs I would enjoy most and sometimes even booking them just hours before… I can plan my work around my life and not vice versa. I average around 19 an hour and that doesn’t include my tips. The app is really easy to use. It keeps track of my upcoming shifts and even adds it to my calendar on my phone. It informs me immediately when I will get paid and most of my shifts are deposited into my account instantly after my shift. I love that it also keeps track of all my earning and gives me access to my w-2s as well. I couldn’t be happier with this company and would recommend it to anyone. :).Version: 2.144.0

Good app but minor issues that cud be fixedThis app is basically based off you mainly if your a good worker and u do what u gotta do and follow instructions/rules you won’t have a problem it’s a hustling app there are many great opportunities on this app you also get rewarded when u continue to be a great worker However there are things that can be fixed to make everything smoother for all of us live for example the tracker. Some locations there’s no service and it says they cannot track us which is not our fault and sometimes the location tracker don’t even pick you up while you’re there and makes u clock in late and we cannot change our clock in time plus phones die so I think that shud be something y’all fix if the job pays attention to the workers there then they would know if anyone leaves the job earlier than they shud.Version: 2.190.0

Greatest app EVERChanged my life …thank you Instawork!!!.Version: 2.185.0

Instawork is a lifesaverFor starters, Instawork has provided me with a great opportunity to work when I can and has helped me since finding a job hasn’t been the quickest. What I enjoy the most in instapay. Getting paid literally right after your shift makes you feel so much better instead of waiting 2 weeks for a paycheck. I never had anything go bad on a shift to where I had to leave or complain. Instawork always pays me and provide me shifts. As far as the rules, I can understand. I can see why insta doesn’t want us canceling less than 24 hours and how bad it would be for the business. This has actually helped me because I went to work on time early today without canceling for fear that my other shifts would be canceled. I do wish their was a way where you can cancel under 24 hours without your other shifts getting canceled. My biggest recommendation is come ready to work. Their might be cleaning and warehouses gigs that aren’t easy but this isn’t a free money gig it’s a working gig. I’m going to continue to use instawork when and if I need to even after I find a job..Version: 2.188.1

I love this app !My brother had recommended this app to me for a while and I really regret not taking his advice when he first told me. It’s just great he had been recommended it and I had the app for a long time but never finished completing my profile and geez I regret it. You can apply to many jobs, accept gigs.!And fill up your schedule weeks ahead and the pay is as afford no more or less maybe more but never less. Of course you start low as many other life processes city minimum $16-25/hr than work your way up $26-45 and can even get lucky or if you’re clever to get up early and be paying attention to your notifications there are last minute looking for gigs meaning the place really needs workers so the pay is high $45-75/hr imagine multiplying that by 8= 3X week I mean it doesn’t get better than that.Version: 2.141.0

Give it a go. It works.This is a totally legit app. I like it a lot. It’s really helped to pay the bills. When you’re a silver, gold, platinum pro, you get paid the next business day which is amazing. That’s the best part. The IT department has been helpful and has helped me to fix problems. Thank you! It would be even better if the chats were left open longer. Sometimes the IT person doesn’t understand the issue and gives us an answer and closes the conversation too fast. That doesn’t help. It would be helpful if there was another tab at the bottom of our screen app beside the other message tab with only our IT conversations. It can be too difficult to find the current IT messages on the app and if the IT person has closed their chat, we need to start another, thus increasing frustration & time lost. If we lose our 4.0 rating, it can be hard to get it back up again, which sucks, because there is no mention WHY EXACTLY our rating has been lowered. It would be helpful if we knew why our own mark dropped — not guessing, via posts written on the Instawork FAQ saying that maybe it was this—. (And is that rating 4 out of 4, or 4 out of 5 or 4 out of 10? I haven’t seen it printed anywhere…) Communication makes a difference. Do employers just mark us lower because there can always be room for improvement? Do they understand that we are paid less if our rating drops and we don’t get gold pro pay? Is this a way for the employer to not pay as much for the employee?? Not fair to the employee. I worked for one employer who had a lot of gold/silver pros. By the end of the summer, we had all lost our gold and were silvers or lower. How does that happen to a whole team of people?? Instawork: it would be nice if you protected us from employers who mark us lower so they can save money by paying us less than our value. Some shifts are also very short. In the instance where you book a shift but are done in 1.5 hours, it would be better to have a paid four hour minimum call. It’s not fair for people who are booked as paid backup to get paid four hours for potential work & get sent home if not needed and the others who actually worked, get paid for only one and a half hours. No one wants to book a shift for two hours when they really need an eight hour shift to pay the bills. With transportation costs and time spent travelling both ways, it’s not worth it unless you live next door and can walk to the location. When there are shifts & it’s busy, this gig rocks! When it’s slower & no shifts are popping up, it’s a drag. The more you work, the more you see. Hopefully more and more companies will come on board to use the app & everyone will win. More employers = more work for all. Overall, it’s been a good experience. It would be even better if Instawork takes our notes into consideration & implements our suggestions..Version: 2.187.3

Best app everTo be honest this is 100% of my experiences with Instawork. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Instawork it helps me alot not only financially but it gives me a flexible schedule… I really do enjoy working for Instawork and planning to work on for them, I wish I knew about Instawork years ago cause this is what I been missing my whole life, Instawork allow me to make my own schedule which I love, been a single mom and trying to work was so hard for me till I found out about Instawork, and look at me now work 6 days a week without worrying about who gonna watch my child because me and my mom can both work and yet we have our own schedule so one of us can watch my daughter when the other is going to work Instawork makes my life so easy for me and I really appreciate that. I’m so proud of myself for working with Instawork thank you once again. Sincerely Najma.Version: 2.189.2

Great appEasly make good money in free time.Version: 2.187.2

Amazing app, it is very helpful for everyone.Instawork application is amazing..Version: 2.187.2

InstaworkGreat place to easily find shifts. Convenient app..Version: 2.185.0

Great appAlots of shifts according to preference.Version: 2.188.1

Awesome AppGreat App if you are looking to work at your pace & time. Prompt payment and great online support team.Version: 2.187.2

InstaworkInstawork is a great app when you need extra money, change of scenery or meet new people. Onboarding is simple process and you can choose if you want to pick up a shift that’s available last minute or a month out. I gave 4 instead of 5 stars for the fact that sometimes the shifts are booked up so quickly, you kind of have to be available to be flexible to work. If you take extra time to look up your schedule and it’s a good opportunity it won’t last more than a few minutes. Few tips, don’t lie about exp. Or uniform, don’t be late, don’t not show, don’t double up on jobs the same day, don’t expect the exact hours posted and don’t cancel within 1 hour of work. Otherwise great app…oh and eat before work, bring water, comfy shoes and a willingness to make a positive contribution..Version: 2.190.0

Great AppI have recommended Instawork to a few of my friends . I like the flexibility and how easy it is to access the app. Great for professionals who need a side job but at their own convenience..Version: 2.189.2

Excellent conceptIt's been an overall great experience working with Instawork. I've been able to work at many different companies! The pay has been great! You can work when and where you want!! My only complaint would be, your pay and access is determined by a rating system that you are not able to see. I got knocked down recently, and it's cost me a lot of $, and I know how hard I've worked. It's not fun putting so much effort into your work, and then being told you are not a good worker. The rating system needs plenty of changes in my opinion, and I've had employers that wish to give me good rating, unable to rate me as it only allows ratings on some shifts. Considering pay is so closely tied to this mysterious system, it would be much better if it was either A) a whole new system. B) transparent, so you could have faith that it's accurate, and that you knew what to improve if bad reviews occur.Version: 2.188.1

Ratings5/5 for sure.Version: 2.189.3

WorkBest people. I just love to work at this place.Version: 2.190.0

Definitely recommendI love how the app is built it’s easy to get shifts :).Version: 2.189.3

Wonderful appThis is best app to get open shifts.Version: 2.189.2

Great for extra cash, but strict!I’ve used a few different gig apps and have found that Instawork offers the most opportunities in my area - that being said, I only book shifts ~a week or less in advance in order to make sure my schedule fits with the strict worker requirements. A cancellation after 5 mins of booking will negatively effect your profile/the amount of gigs you see. Also, part of the rewards system is based upon the reviews a company gives, and giving a review in the first place is up to their discretion. I would recommend similarly incentivizing employers to rate their workers in the ways that workers are incentivized to show up for every shift/get good ratings. I feel like there are a couple buggy technical issues (eg being >1 mile from the clock out location and unable to clock out still) but overall I’m grateful for the extra work I’ve been able to do!.Version: 2.187.3

Great way to make funds connections and try new thingsSo I haven’t worked since my brain injury and related brain surgery and two joint replacements… so I was very nervous and unsure if Instawork would be a good match for me in my new /current physical situation… I don’t think that I would’ve normally chosen a dishwasher position before my injury and illness … but the simplicity of the position appealed to me… plus I wanted to just see if I could do it and how I felt during and after … after putting my pre-shift anxiety to rest … and adjusting to my role… I found that I enjoyed both the work and the way it made me feel… I like that I am able to pick jobs that I feel like I can do well at and work shifts with the correct length and duties that match my physical limits … alll with no obligation to return if I don’t want to….Version: 2.173.1

InstaworkThey provide with a lot of shift to meet needs..Version: 2.190.0

Good appVery cool app for a short time earning money. If you don’t have a job right now, go ahead and download it..Version: 2.185.0

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