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Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about video & tv cast + lg smart tv?

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Money back pleaseMoney back please.Version: 2.1

LG TVMy tv struggles to use this app.Movies stop randomly not worth the hassle I use the chromecast version much better..Version: 1.8

Cast proFar to complex.Version: 2.1

PoorUnable to cast live video from utube. Additionally I’m disappointed that I was forced to purchase what was advertised as a free service only to learn it doesn’t work..Version: 2.1

Doesnt work.Rubbish app.Version: 2.1

HorribleSo frustrating! I’ve been trying to cast so that I could watch movies. I did everything that they explained on the tutorial. I got the ok that the connection was made but when I tried to watch a movie the connection ended! I haven’t had family around to help for obvious reasons. I’m at a loss..Version: 2.1

AppallingCannot connect mirror screen.Version: 1.12

Too hard to useNot user friendly, very frustrating..Version: 1.12

Freaking jokeIt just prompts you to purchase other apps that you think you need in order for it to work. $13 WASTED..Version: 2.1

Poor qualityWhen trying to play from an apple phone, the picture quality is horrible. It is zoomed in and you can’t see the whole video on the screen..Version: 1.12

ConfusingAll this app does is tell me to watch some video, when you follow the steps you don’t get any closer to syncing your phone and TV. This is garbage and i want my money back.Version: 1.11

Unable to Cast “PrimeVideo” movies to the app or LG TV from my iPad.Cast app is properly installed on both devices and connected. When I launch the prime time video movie fro the Prime Time URL it dies not cast to the TV.Version: 1.8

It's an ok appYou have to use the browser in the app to search for the video you want to watch. You can't pick any app on your phone and stream it to your tv. It's quite limited..Version: 1.5

Not working really breaking my heart, easy to operate my backside!!!!!!!So bloody frustrating to use Would recommend to no one.Version: 3.1

Hate itRegret buying. Expected something easy to use. It's not..Version: 1.3

Waste of moneyWanted to stream BT Sport from my iPhone to my LG smart TV. Bought the app, installed the software on TV and paired it but it won’t stream from the BT Sport app. For those hoping to do the same, try something else..Version: 3.2

Buffering - buffering - buffering ...Pure junk. There goes $6.99 in the dumper. Have been waiting 15 minutes for a 56 second video to cast - just says buffering. Turned everything off. Waited. Back on. Tried again. Same thing. Cleared cache and tried AGAIN. Same thing. Made certain that both iPhone and LG TV were on same network. They are. Tried again. Same thing..Version: 1.12

Doesn’t workI have tried and tried - ok I’m not the most knowledgeable about electronics but seriously, you need Jesus or a doctorate to use this app - I even paid $6.99 for the fire app and then $9.99 for the “bundle” still not working!!.Version: 1.9

Couldn’t get it to workAfter spending $10 for this app and 3 for the screen mirroring and going through too many steps I still couldn’t get them to work..Version: 2.1

Can’t streamCan only stream video from the browser in app, most video services require you to use their app to watch the video therefore this app doesn’t work..Version: 1.9

Doesn’t workI’ve tried everything & followed instructions step by step. It says this app will allow me to stream twitch from my iPad to my LG smart TVs, but it doesn’t work..Version: 3.1

RubbishDoes not work. Just buffered all the time. Really disappointing..Version: 1.10

So annoyingThis doesn’t even work and they have the nerve to advertise a screen mirroring app that promises to do exactly what I just paid this app to do!.Version: 2.1

Not connectingThis is a garbage app, I would like a refund..Version: 3.0

Good but could be betterThe app is great for streaming you tube video or movies I find on various internet sites. However could do with improvements: -1- To pause video there are no controls on full screen mode. Therefore if you have as an example have to answer a phone call while watching, you have to exit full screen mode, then click pause. Should have controls appear in full screen mode when mouse is clicked and then push pause (in my opinion) and a simple push play to resume - at the moment when stopping the video you have to exit full screen first then push pause. Then to restart the video you push play then enter full screen mode. (Ho hum) -2- For forwarding or reversing video, does it in about 5 minute “chunks” - there should be configuration to set the amount. You can use the phone app to go forward or backward but it is not good for say 30 seconds due to screen size of cell phone. -3- Would be great if the app was able to mirror the iPhone as well Apart from that I am pretty pleased. It has excellent control over pop up ads which plague you when trying to use computer to view them, but are no issue at all in this TV app. There is no lag because you are not really streaming from the phone to the TV What you are really doing is finding the content on your phone, then sending the TV the web address to view it. The TV browser does a good job of rendering the video/movie.Version: 2.2

DgI cannot cast a single video since downloading this App. I have wasted so much time watching videos and installing reinstalling this app and I still cannot cast anything at all..Version: 2.1

Missing FeatureThis is missing the ability to add captions to movies. The Chromecast version has captions.Version: 1.12

Unimpressed - blank screenConnects to TV, could not cast anything, definitely no mirroring, tries to sell another app for mirroring, not going to get fooled twice!.Version: 2.1

App connects but no video (Always Boufferring)Dear Video & TV Cast Developers i am an ip engineer and i bit the bullet and purchased the ultimate bundle so i could try several options. i have spent 2 days using this casting app. I followed the instructions several times and the casting app connects but no video worked . My LG TV connects but just shows buffering and the demo video did not work either. Note: The ultimate package shows ads (so its not ads free). Quick Start Guide 1) Tap on the blue cast icon in the top right corner. A popup appears showing your current iPhone/iPad ip address. 2) Open the LG App Store on your TV, search for "tv cast", install the receiver app and start it. 3) Use the LG hardware remote to enter your ip address into the 4 ip blocks at the top of the tv screen. If your remote does not have number keys, please use the up/down keys to select the correct ip numbers. 4) The tv screen changes to "connected". The cast icon on your iPhone/iPad will also change to a filled blue style. If the connection still does not work, please reboot your wifi router to obtain a different ip address for your iPhone/iPad and then retry. 5) Google your favorite video (e.g. on youtube) or enter the video url directly in the address bar. 6) Wait some seconds until the video link is shown below the browser. If "No videolink found to cast" stays, please play the video locally in the browser first. 7) After the link is detected tap on "Tap here to cast" below the browser and casting will start. If it does not work, please add some magic by tapping the "try again" button up to.Version: 1.4

RubbishAbsolute junk still cannot block ads.Version: 1.4

Pro ruined itI was able to use the app with the free version. Ever since I bought the pro version it doesn’t work at all. So frustrating.Version: 2.1

Ace when u can get it to connect!Ace when u can eventually get to stream!!.Version: 1.12

TrashTrash I wish I could get my money back :(.Version: 1.12

Casting videosIt rarely connects! My settings are the same and my internet is the same on my tv and phone. Very frustrating! Emailed support and never got an answer!.Version: 2.2

Gone down hillNone of the streaming sites allow you to cast onto the tv anymore don’t know what’s wrong with this software now.Version: 1.12

Waste of moneyWhat a piece of rubbish.Don't waste you hard earned money on this very poor product.Version: 1.2

RubbishNothing useful casts.Version: 3.0

RubbishRubbish.Version: 1.3

Don’t botherThere is nothing easy about using this app to cast. You have to constantly keep re-entering the IP address. Once you finally do get it connected, the buffering makes any it basically unusable. If you are trying to cast from another app it doesn’t work at all, and you have to go through this apps web browser. Just don’t bother..Version: 3.1

Very disappointingIt’s not a true casting app in that it doesn’t work with many of the apps such AMC and others. I tried a work around and logged in to some of the sites via the web browser and did get it to cast what I wanted to watch, but then there was no volume and it was extremely unstable. At this point the app is basically worthless if you want steam actual shows..Version: 3.0

Just rubbishWaste of money, paid the fee but didn’t work Load of rubbish.Version: 2.1

Want a refundCan’t get this app to work.Version: 3.0

Not user friendly.Horrible app that just tricks you into buying more apps. Poor choice for screen mirroring..Version: 3.0

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEYSpent $10.99 to get the full version. Has to ‘buffer’ ever minute making it not even worth anything! I paid the money after reading through reviews to fix this problem, long behold it still does it! Dont waste your money, time or energy! Its not worth it at all!!!.Version: 1.10

Don’t waste your timeThe app doesn’t work. I tried to get it to work for hours and it would not work without pausing and disconnecting. It will play their sample videos like a champ but not anything you would want to watch..Version: 2.0

Buffers all the timeUpdate: Developer sent a canned response with a list of things to try. Tried them. No change. Still doesn’t work. Original comments: Wanted to use this for beach body on demand videos onto my lg tv. I have version 1.07 on the tv and the app says 1.06 or later but it still buffers every 30 seconds or so. I tried all the different data rates. Doesn’t matter. Paid $6.99 for this app and I feel like I was ripped off..Version: 2.0

FuriousThis app is absolutely useless I want my money back please...Version: 1.12

Not user friendly!Very difficult to access what you want and confusing. You need directions for dummies. The IT illiterate.Version: 2.0

DisappointingDoes not work at all.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t work As described don’t pay for itDoesn’t work as described paid $10 for something that is normally free and the reason I paid for it won’t let me cast Apple TV plus videos.Version: 2.2

Do not buyGet into the app to screen cast from BTSport and more money needed. It only casts video content from web and stuff already on your device..Version: 1.12

NopeWay too complicated and anything I try to cast from Apple TV won’t play. That was the entire reason I downloaded this app and it doesn’t even work..Version: 2.1

It is a scam product. It only works with a browser.@#$&*())””.Version: 1.8

It will only frustrate you3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame..Version: 2.0

Tv castDon’t waste your money! This app is terrible. It’s slow cuts videos short..Version: 2.1

Horrible...Doesn’t do anything more than what my actual smart tv does. It’s not user friendly at all. It was kind of false advertising to say I can play any videos when I can’t. The concept is great, and I’d like to be able to play anything from my phone, but I can’t. It is NOT worth getting this app...let alone paying for it. Pro doesn’t do anything. I just purchased this and I have already emailed to somehow get a refund..Version: 1.12

Bookmark foldersAllowing bookmark folders or sub-folders would be great.Version: 2.1

Very misleading descriptionSo I guess I am out whatever I paid for this. I should have read the description and the reviews. To play your own videos it has to ‘optimize’ them. Takes about 1/3 of the video length time to do that. When it’s playing, it keeps stopping to catch up. Can’t display your photos (as far as I can see) unless you pay MORE for screen mirror, but this will not transmit sound per the reviews, so I did not throw good money after bad. Don’t waste your time. I’ll see if I can get my money back from Apple..Version: 2.1

UselessRubbish.Version: 2.1

Terrible. Does not workThe ONLY video this app will play on the TV is the tutorial. The free version forces a pop up in your face to upgrade to pro, then doesn’t give you any option to close the pop up just to try the app out. Desperate to find a casting solution and sick of getting stuck at the pop up, I stupidly paid for the pro version. I got rid of the pop up but every single attempt to cast shows “error” on the TV. Biggest wast of $10 on the App Store EVER. You people should be paying me for all of the hours I have wasted trying to make this thing do the simplistic task it is advertised to perform. This borders on fraud and if I didn’t already regret all the wasted time and energy, I would be inclined to pursue legal action. Seriously, it sickens me to think of the developers back slapping each other while swindling people $10 at a time..Version: 2.1

OK - but a bit cumbersomeSeems ok - but cumbersome- there is a pause / delay and if you are used to Apple Airplay you will notice this Seems to work though !.Version: 2.1

WorthlessBought the app for $9.99 and it’s been the worst money I’ve ever spent. Trying to get my money back. App is useless and does not work. Don’t spend you money on it. Harry.Version: 2.1

Not workingI bought this app for my LG smart TV. This app not connecting.Version: 1.6

Only sees videos on camera rollCasting from my iPhone and when I select photos, it just shows all video. No photos 👎🏻.Version: 3.0

ArggghhOne of the most convoluted app experiences I’ve ever had. Keeps sending me in circles, wanting me to pay for more add ons and doesn’t ever get to where I can easily mirror my screen. I don’t want to have to take multiple steps just to play content on my iPhone on my LG TV. If I could give it less than one star I would..Version: 2.2

Want my money backI downloaded this so I can watch nhl gamecenter through it on my lg tv and it doesn't work. Very disappointed, want my money back.Version: 1.10

Not working appIt doesn’t work don’t take it You will pay for nothing.Version: 1.12

No screen mirroringI should’ve read the details and previous reviews before purchasing. I know they’re working on another app for that (sound doesn’t work), but that’s just another purchase... I’ll stick to connecting my laptop to my tv the old fashioned way..Version: 2.0

BUFFERINGHave not been able to use this app since we upgraded to Pro. Waste of space on my iPhone and iPad!.Version: 2.1

This is ridiculous!Waste of my time and money!!!.Version: 1.4

RubbishTotal rubbish.Version: 2.2

Waste of money.I thought this would work on my lg tv the way it does for my chrome cast. I can run any app I want and cast movies to my tv. His thing as soon as you close the app it disconnects and you can only steam websites videos. Not in app videos like Netflix or showtime app. Wasted 7 bucks. Wouldn’t recommend this, the free version is better..Version: 1.8

Rubbish still get the ads waste of moneyRubbish still got the ads waste.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t do what I thought it wouldWant to mirror my iPad but this just plays videos etc and I need their other App for mirroring - just not clear at time of purchase.Version: 2.1

What a piece of rubbishCan only play YouTube videos. Cannot mirror the screen for videos lessons on subscribed websites. Has not delivered what was promised, the ability to mirror my iPad. Want my money back..Version: 2.1

No longer works on most occasions.Casting rarely works anymore. This app has been a waste of money..Version: 2.0

Total crapComplete rubbish absurdly overly complicated and hopeless to use.Version: 1.8

DisappointedAfter much deliberation I downloaded & paid for this app. As I have a Lg tv & iPhone I wanted to be able to cast my phone to tv ..seen a lot of apps but this particular one is recommended on LG tv so I downloaded it. It would not allow me to cast anything just kept buffering. I would like a full refund!!!! As this app isn’t fit for purpose & has been mis sold! How can you charge for a service that you are not able to provide!.Version: 2.1

BlahThis is not a solution to cast Disney plus to your old Samsung. Very disappointing.Version: 2.1

Tv castWasted money on this Very slow.Version: 1.12

Full screenUnable to play full screen for local videos..Version: 2.1

Please support subtitles!Streams great but really would like option of subtitles for work movies thanks.Version: 2.2

UselessWon’t stream from my Netflix app on my iPhone, which is why I purchased it..🤨😒 I don’t have cable but have a smart tv, however, the Netflix app on the TV is not user friendly...so thought this would help..useless.Version: 1.10

HorribleThis is absolutely horrible the tv doesn’t cast from my phone! I’ve done everything and no this is working..Version: 3.1

Not worth the aggravationTried using the free version to watch hockey playoffs on CBC webpage. Mixed luck so took a chance and purchased pro....every time the website goes to a commercial the screen just get the loading circle and never comes out of it without forcing everything closed. Save your money..Version: 1.11

Lg magic remote has no enter button....Wish I could put a pic of the remote which has no enter button for the app with no enter selection to confirm the iPhone address... thanks a lot for taking more money..Version: 2.2

Absolutely uselessAbsolutely useless.Version: 1.6

Poor appDon’t buy paid version. This app is very poor screen mirroring..Version: 2.1

Awful app. Nothing supportedThis app is awful. Nothing supported on it and doesn’t work.Version: 1.9

FinallyFinally figured out how to connect to my older smart Tv. Used to connect with only one button. But this works. Just kind of cumbersome with my model. I can’t figure out how to toggle full screen..Version: 2.1

Wonky appNot very well designed. I’m used to Apple products that are easy to use, so using this app was a disappointment. Sharing one video at a time, has to load, takes forever. Waste of money for this app..Version: 1.6

Very confusing instructionsHaven’t been able to get this to work. Waste of money for me..Version: 2.1

Rubbish app never worksKeep pressing the blue icon to cast and it mostly doesn't work. Big waste of money..Version: 2.0

Disapointed!!Hate this app!!!!.Version: 3.0

Video castingHi I've been trying to cast movies but I keep getting told there's no video link and won't play for me pls help 😔.Version: 1.4

AwfulTitle says it all, clunky, doesn’t work well at all, not worth paying for it..Version: 2.1

WorthlessDon’t buy this. You can not access other apps to connect. You can only use the app and the browsers it allows. I could not stream showtime to my tv..Version: 1.11

Doesn’t workInstalled app on my iPad. Installed app on my LG smart television. Made the necessary connection via IP address and started to play a video on my iPad. Clicked on the video link underneath the browser screen to start the cast and all I get is ‘buffering’. And that’s it, that’s all I get. I have reconnected several times, I have restarted each of the apps, I have tried with different shows ... nothing. All I ever get is ‘buffering’ until the app times out. This app is not worth the money because it doesn’t work..Version: 2.1

Connecting LGWon’t connect to my tv unless using app on Sony tv connects all the time from any app.Version: 1.11

Not goodNever plays on the tv, it use to work pretty good with the occasional crash, but now it just keeps buffering! Not worth the money!.Version: 1.10

Not workingWaste of time and unfortunately money..Version: 1.2

Update not workingEver since the update, I haven’t been able to cast from the websites I previously was able to.Version: 1.11

Wasted 10 bucks for trashSo much extra things you have to do and doesn’t work.Version: 2.1

Not goodOnly allows you to cast web videos even though it states support for local videos - this does not include those purchase on iTunes - only those you take yourself - probably should have read up on what local videos meant !.Version: 1.2

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV (Pro)Only got the app to cast 1 series out of 6 ended up watching my box set on BBC IPlayer on my IPAD. Needs a bit more work.Version: 1.12

SucksIt doesn't work, plain and simple..Version: 1.3

Too ComplicatedWould LOVE to issue ZERO Stars but not allowed. App disconnects too fast and often. Also, too hard to navigate..Version: 2.0

Waste of time and moneyNot just a waste of money, but 4.5 hours later my brand new LG tv still could not connect...very frustrating....please refund me.Version: 1.10

Regretful purchaseCan’t cast from other apps. The main reason I purchased this app. Disappointed to say the least..Version: 1.9

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV.

Is Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV not working?

Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Video & TV Cast + LG Smart TV.

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