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Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV app received 152 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about screen mirroring+ for fire tv?

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Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t work- it’s pointless- don’t botherGreat idea but it doesn’t work. Wasted my time downloading it and now wasting my time reviewing it!!!.Version: 1.0

Awful AppI installed the free version and then I bought this one because the other one didn’t work but neither worked. I followed all the steps and even watched the video a few times and even when it has already connected to my phone, it’s says it can’t find it. Very annoyed.Version: 2.11

Problems updatingWas giving a presentation using keynote but it did not move to the next slide. I had to return to the desktop then go to the slide but it seemed to miss some of the slide..Version: 1.0

TerribleThis app is slow, doesn’t transmit sound when mirroring a web based video and the quality is appalling. It also won’t let me request a refund. Don’t bother wasting your money, it’s a rip off..Version: 2.9

Terrible appOnce bought then need to buy another within to get screen mirroring. Doesn’t work waste of money.Version: 2.8

Good initially....Frequent dropouts makes this a little bit useless.Version: 2.3

Totally useless App that doesn’t workDo not buy, doesn’t work.Version: 1.4

I don’t understand itTo confusing.Version: 2.9

Does not workHuge delays and then it wont go full screen. this app screws up my phone so bad that at first no characters appeared as I type the review. I had to fight with my phone to quit the app and look at what I had typed earlier when the characters were invisible. I know this sounds crazy, and it’s one of the worst apps I’ve ever tried to use. Awful on every way.Version: 2.10

Rubbish.Absolutely disappointing it always freezes and I’ve spent my money on this..Version: 2.6

Doesn’t work at allComplete waste of money, does not work at all, just lags and does not go any further. I’ve waited an hour and nothing happened..Version: 2.3

Doesn’t work with My Fire TVDid not work on my Fire TV. I start the cast to it, the screen goes blank and a error appears stating the fire tv needs to be updated. After checking several times there is no update. So I restarted the fire tv a few times and still the same message..Version: 2.10

TerribleApp froze not even 5 minutes after trying to mirror. Turned off and reset everything and it was stick froze. Trying to watch a live performance of my daughter with the family. Very disappointing. I want my money back and I will be deleting as it wasn’t useful at all.Version: 2.10

It doesn’t workThe worst.Version: 2.11

Needs workI wanted to love this. I am streaming a few yoga classes an my studio is mandating a booster shot? I got the stream to work, but it froze after another 2-3 minutes. I stopped the recording and started it over 4-5 times. Same result as it froze each time. I then closed the app and started again. Still froze? The app is going to need some work and updates to be functional. I hope they can figure it out as soon as possible. Good luck.Version: 2.11

Just doesn’t workEvery time I try to connect to my tv everything just crashes..Version: 2.0

UnstableWhy does it only work some of the times when I am trying to project a Zoom class? It’s really frustrating that it also drops off during a class sometimes and I have to restart..Version: 2.3

On screen mirroringMaybe I’m not using it right but it’s fiddly to use and set up and poor quality when it finally mirrors onto the tv. I was hoping for something much better..Version: 2.3

RubbishWaste of $2.99, just does not work at all, please give me my money back!.Version: 1.4

Beware: Streaming image only - not sound!!!Ridiculous.Version: 2.0

Does not seem to work with AppleTV+ showsPurchased the app to be able to throw shows from AppleTV+ on my iPad, up on the Fire TV. I can get other things to work, but not that. This is something that should be called out. The TV/app simply says it is starting in 30 seconds (forever) and the iPad registers an error..Version: 2.11

It works, just not wellCouldn’t get it to connect initially. Then realized that my fire tv needed to be connected to WiFi. Was able to mirror the screen. However, the reason it doesn’t work with 3rd party apps is because when broadcasting, it displays as if it’s screen recording. Makes it useless for apps like Apple TV, Netflix,etc that assumes you’re trying to pirate the movie. Hope there’s a fix soon. I’d give it more stars..Version: 2.3

Doesn’t work. AwfulI just paid for this app and it does not do the one thing it’s supposed to. Just freezes up every time. I only got it to even show my phone once for a split second before it froze. All the other times it was just loading for several minutes..Version: 2.10

Audio not supported.. pls fix it.. also streaming has lagsHas video lags and no audio casted to tv. Enable tv speaker for audio stream.Version: 1.1

Does not workDoes not work.Version: 2.11

Don’t waste your moneyIt doesn’t work.Version: 2.11

Rubbish laggy and not hd waste of 2 quidIt sort of does what it should if you don’t mind it recording everything to get it up on the screen , but the picture will not keep up with the game I’m playing on phone - my connection speed is good - anyway used a different app no probs at all - don’t throw y hard earned cash away on this guys.Version: 1.4

Doesn’t work properlyNo sound.. try playing videos to the tv but there’s no sound. Only sound is from my phone. Please fix this. Paying that much for viewing only isn’t very good..Version: 2.11

Honest REVIEWApp does not lag if you change the resolution to the lowest setting. Keep in mind by doing this you cannot read any text and everything is blurry. If you put the resolution on full the image is crystal clear but there is a 2-3 second delay from the device to the tv. Extremely laggy. If you don’t mind the lag then it’s a good app. I unfortunately mind the lag as it does not work for what I need. Not to mention I had to pay $4 for the app. Which is why I rated 1 star..Version: 2.9

DisapointedThe image is blurry and the sound doesnt fit whats on the screen.Version: 2.9

Doesn’t workPurchased this to screen mirror the NBA App from my phone to Firestick. Does not work, will only show the app on my television doesn’t show the video being played. Do not recommend..Version: 1.6

Not connecting againAt first when I downloaded the app it was working great on my tv, after a couple minutes my tv does not show up as an option to connect. I’ve tried to delete the app and reinstall it but it won’t work..Version: 2.3

Such a mission to useI just wasted money on an app that doesn’t do anything.....impossible to set up and doesn’t connect with the newest fire stick Acid.Version: 1.4

Not goodVideo hangs after a short while, resolution poor and no sound on tv.Version: 2.4

Do not buySo many thing you have to have and a waste of money.Version: 2.10

Should have listened to the reviews.I read the reviews but still wanted to give it a try. Had bought the app for a specific reason and wanted to stream an event. It worked for the first 5 minutes and then froze. I restarted and it froze again. Several times of doing that and I gave up. Not worth it. Too bad cause would have been nice..Version: 2.10

HahahaIts a joke! Not working properly, no sound, image freeze alouette.Version: 2.9

Used to work!Before the last iPhone software update the app worked fine. Now I just get an error message. I’ve tried re-installing but to no avail. Annoyed since I paid for the pro version.Version: 1.4

Don’t do itWorked once and once only with no sound. Wish I could get my money back..Version: 2.10

Doesn’t workThis app doesn’t work. Paid $3 for it not to work - can I please get a refund?.Version: 1.4

Rubbish!!!Don’t waste your money absolutely pants!.Version: 2.3

Awful, waste of time. Doesn’t workAwful, waste of time. Doesn’t work..Version: 1.0

No soundSound was only on my phone But screen mirrored iPhone to TV via Firestick and worked easily..Version: 1.0

Screen freezeKeeps Freezing within a minute of screening. Every time I disconnect and reconnect it does the same thing again. Freezes and that’s that. Yes I know how to use the app and don’t need help on how to use or troubleshoot it. not worth the hassle. Should be a free app knowing it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money on it spend a minute to read reviews to see Im not the only one who it freezes for. Developer knew of issues yet never resolved them bc as of last week they’re “updates” obviously were not done. Hence why NEW CUSTOMERS who buy this junk app wasted more time and money for garbage..Version: 2.11

Piece of crapDoesn’t work..Version: 2.9

Does not work!The played for all of 10secs and then got stock. My video continued to play on my phone, whilst the mirroring was stuck on the Tv. Even worse, the sound was coming from my phone, not the TV. I hope I can get a refund.Version: 2.3

DO NOT USEHad this app for 5 minutes after paying £1.99 as it advertises smooth video screening and doesn’t do any of that so laggy and doesn’t even play sound! Beware!.Version: 1.3

Sucks.Too slow.Version: 2.10

PointlessDoes not work for casting videos from apps onto fire stick because it works by recording your phone screen, some videos (eg catch up TV) don't allow screen recording..Version: 1.0

A Shockingly waste of moneyTotally a waste of money shame you can’t get a refund does not work just a big con.Version: 2.3

DONT GET THIS APPNo sound and blurry screen and records what you mirror. What a waist of money 0 stars.Version: 2.10

IPhone mirroring / AirplayThis app won’t allow you to mirror your films from your apple device to your TV.Version: 2.3

Not working correctly!I purchased with the purpose of using. I doesn’t project all my app as it said it would. It is not working for the main purpose that I purchased the app. I would like a refund. You can check it and see that I have not used it again. It now serves me no purpose. I pray you fix these issues before other people buy it. I believe this can be a great app if you can work out the kinks!.Version: 2.9

There is no sound coming from the TV!Horrible app! Paid four dollars after already paying seven dollars for the pro TV cast appJust to find out that my sound won’t screen cast from my phone to myFire stick. Not to mention the movie quality on my phone is waaaaay better than on my tv. I rather just watch it on my phone this app is despicable wish I could get all my money back.!!.Version: 2.10

Waste of money.This is a complete waste of money and I strongly recommend not paying for this. Will connect through the QR code but will not let you actually do anything. Will not mirror your phone at all..Version: 2.11

Doesn’t mirror at allScan the QR and nothing happens. Waste of money.Version: 2.11

It freezes immediately after openingI paid and installed the Pro version app on my iphone and firetv . The instructions are VERY simple, but it freezes after 2 seconds. My wifi is good, and nothing else is connected but it literally doesn’t do anything. Wouldn’t have paid if I known it was this bad..Version: 2.10

Won’t ConnectCrap waste of $5.00 don’t waste your money….Version: 2.11

NO SOUND on the TV!This should have been stated in the description. Reading reviews after I bought the app is how I found out. I thought there was an error on my part. The Developer stated the app was still in development that was almost 2 years ago! If you’re not ready for Prime Time DON’T dupe the buyer! DO NOT BUY this app,.Version: 2.10

Absolutely awful. Loads of lag and it doesn’t stream soundAbsolutely awful. Loads of lag and no sound. Total waste of money.Version: 1.4

DO NOT USE THIS APPDO NOT USE THIS APP - Simply doesn’t work and like all these things they don’t let you get your money back.Version: 2.3

HorribleAudio didn’t transfer to TV and it is extremely slow..Version: 2.10

Poor development/money appWorst user friendly app ever. UI Development for this product could be WAY better! And they want you to pay for additional in app purchases that should included. Don’t waste your money. By the way, I am typing this review blind because this app review is another development error which has the text not visible. SMH for this product could be WAY better! And they want you to pay for additional in app purchases that should.Version: 1.4

PoorPoor performance creating severe lag between live feed and mirror Caused audio clipping.Version: 1.3

No soundIt’s not apparent when you pay the £2.99 for the app, you won’t be getting sound. If I’d known this I would have chosen a different app..Version: 2.4

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work.Version: 2.3

Crapp AppPiece of crap app. Doesn’t work. Took my money tho! Crooks.Version: 2.11

Doesn’t workAt all.Version: 2.11

Absolutely Terrible.PAID for this app that supposedly records everything? Why would I want that when it’s a mirroring app? Not to mention it’s terrible, it’s delayed, pixelated and whenever I try and play a video on ANY platform it wont work. Why’s the point? So I can text in front of a room full of people and they can read along my conversation? That’s literally all I can do, and it’s not even in good quality. What a waste..Version: 1.4

App is a rip offThis app is a waste of money, does not work as advertised.Version: 2.11

CompliquéPas beaucoup d’options.Version: 2.11

No sound.No sound..Version: 2.10

No Audio!!!I didn’t read any review before downloading and it only does ‘lag’ mirroring without sound!! Doesn’t help.Version: 2.11

Poor functionality and waste of moneyEven the purchased version literally only does screen mirroring but does not play any sound with it. You are constantly re-directed to their other apps for purchase but then their other apps have the longest optimization processes so the video will not play at all or takes at least 30 minutes to optimize for broadcast. Their screen mirror pro that is $6.99 does the same thing. Skip this programmers and save your money..Version: 2.11

Poor value for moneyI believe you can get this for free from other developers. Also it only seems to deliver lowest quality video. Waste of time.....Version: 2.9

Total waste of money.I purchased this app to cast workouts to my fire stick TV. When I try to cast to the tv the screen it just continues to attempt load without ever actually casting. This after I purchased another app that was supposed to allow me to cast only to be directed to this app. So it was a double waste of money..Version: 2.10

Sadly NOOOOO SOUND!!!!!!My Mom is 94 & I bought her a Insignia Fire TV and downloaded this “Mirroring” app so she could watch the Grandkids in their plays,sports AND Church services. It does take a few times, but eventually i can load it thru the QR. I didn’t realize that there was no sound, so now I have to keep my phone on the pillow by my Mom’s ear so she can hear it. She’s losing her hearing so it would’ve been better to be able to turn it up on the TV. I saw where it said that they were going to fix the problem and allow sound but apparently that was well over a year ago and they haven’t done anything yet. Very disappointing!!!! Come on App Developers….if you can develop the app, I’m sure you could put sound to it!.Version: 2.11

Bought the Bundle and can’t use itI first bought the bundle to use Fire TV screen mirror but App does not work, it ask to download a receiver on Fire TV stick and open a app called “Screen Mirroring” on Amazon store but I can’t purchase the app as it says UNAVAILABLE. I wish to request a refund how to I do it? Or make it work... btw I am in Australia.Version: 2.3

I CANT HEAR SOUND WHILE MIRRORINGI can’t hear any sound when i mirror my phone screen.Version: 2.11

Doesn’t workThis doesn’t stream any videos from apps. I totally wasted my money..Version: 2.1

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYThis is without a doubt the worst 6 dollars I’ve ever spent in my life. I can confirm, that after two hours of playing around with this abomination of an app, this is a nothing but a scam. How can you advertise HD resolution and a fast running mirror screening service on an app that doesn’t even support Netflix and other household streaming services? I’m probably not getting my money back as that would defeat the purpose of this scam, so make the right decision and DO NOT BUY THIS..Version: 2.10

Really, I paid for this?App needs improvement Needs to be able to stream from different WiFi networks. Unable to do full screen unless in an app and only if app does full screen. Option to send audio also would be nice. I want to be able to see my friends and family though face app or duo or zoom full screen I want their audio through the tv and the microphone through my phone. That would have made it 5 stars in my book. Loss of stars because I had to buy it because I tried it and it was not what I expected..Version: 2.1

Can I get a refund?Downloaded the app and connect quickly and easily. But within 5 minutes of using it, it freezes. I have to stop and start the recording/broadcast just to unfreeze it. I’d like a refund, but if not enjoy my money..Version: 2.10

RubbishNo sound, terrible picture mirroring. Thank goodness it was free as it’s useless.Version: 1.0

BAD!Bad quality, can’t even hear what’s playing on my phone on the tv, and not only that, it’s very low on my phone, just bad in general, a regular smart tv is way more simple to screen mirror, and the resolution is way better and you hear whatever is playing on your phone on the tv louder, I just wasted 3 dollars on what i could’ve did on a different tv for free and way better, I want a refund 🤬.Version: 2.4

Doesn’t work with Fitness +Maybe a long shot on my part but got the pro version hoping I could mirror my Apple fitness + from iphone to tv. Doesn’t work. Works fine up to the point of the instructional video starting, then goes dark. Other than that though it does what it says..Version: 2.3

GarbageDon’t’ waste your money, it’s a scam, it doesn’t work at all.Version: 2.4

Huge delay with poor qualityIt runs maybe 15 FPS max. Good for photos but video doesn’t work properly..Version: 2.10

Hassle...Just a hassle to install and connect iPad to TV; gave up after an hour of trying. App not worked through, I guess. Suggest you avoid this one..Version: 2.9

Meh...where’s the sound??It does it’s job mirroring the iPhone screen, but there’s no sound, you use your TV screen to watch and your phone to hear. I read other reviews complaining as well about sound and the developer’s answer was the the app is still under development. My opinion is, you don’t sell your product, until it’s complete. I even paid money for an incomplete product. Lame!.Version: 2.1

It’s not all thatSo it’s kind of funny to me how when I looked up this app and it’s telling me that I have to pay for it so I paid for it and it was mirroring to TV and my TV show and everything and I appreciate that but the only thing that I didn’t like about this is that the audio was coming from myPhone and it wasn’t coming from the TV where that you would think that you could just turn up the volume that’s the only thing what got me aggravated I don’t know if there’s anyway to fix it because if not I want my money back.Version: 2.11

It works for about 30 seconds then freezesAs title.Version: 2.3

Couldn’t play videosI paid 1.5$ and can’t play videos on my screen cast..Version: 1.0

Does not workI have two older Samsung TVs and this app does not work to get your Apple TV to play on your tv. I bought the paid version and have spent hours trying to get it to work ! Don’t waste your time or money. All you will get is your video playing in the background on your iPad and the QR screen on your tv. Ridiculous!.Version: 2.10

Why does it not cover entire screen when projected on TV?I use this for 3 mins. Not impressed with the the sound not projecting to TV also does not cover entire screen. If you have a solution, I would love to hear it. Either way I will update my review based on your response and action to correct. thank you.Version: 1.3

No audio and blurry imageThe image quality is very bad and the audio is not broadcasted. In summary, useless..Version: 2.0

Frozen Screen then will no longer connect/mirrorReally disappointed. I’ve use the free version a few times and decided to go ahead and purchase to remove the ads. Haven’t been able to use it since. It froze after 30 seconds, and then you can’t get it to connect again..Version: 2.11

ShockingGot PictionaryAir for the kids and the app does not work what so ever. Bloody stupid, waste of money..Version: 2.1

More trouble than it was worthSetup was easy and simple. The quality of the steam itself is poor. I thought it would stream sound as well, it does not. I spent more time trying to fix connection issues than actually streaming. We got to stream for about 10 minutes, the screen froze and after fooling with it for 30 minutes we gave up. I wish it worked as intended because we would use it frequently. For the company as I saw their response on another customer. We tried all of your recommendations to correct the error, even went as far as turning off other devices not being used to minimize internet usage. The issue is the app’s connection..Version: 2.11

JitteryFirst time using this app, the image is a little jittery and seems to be a little blurry. The image sometimes doesn’t match the words being spoken!.Version: 1.6

DisasterThis app is a DISASTER! The app does not work! It took me at least 20 min to finally get it to connect to the TV and when it did, I could not hear the audio and the video sputtered. Just a DISASTER! I ended up putting my video onto a thumb-drive and connecting that to the tv. A very unfortunate and timely process. I don't even want to give this app one star but I have to choose a rating in order to submit this comment. This company is an embarrassment and is only there to collect $4 from dumb suckers like me..Version: 2.10

Pick between sound or video - not bothDidn’t seem to be able to do both sound and video. When I went to the FAQ, it said audio wasn’t supported at this time and to use a Bluetooth speaker because audio will come from your phone/tablet. Tried to use for HBO Max but ended up getting it on my fire stick via downloader. Will be requesting a refund for this app purchase since it’s not able to do both sound and video..Version: 1.4

Strong time lapse and stutteringEasy enough you use and sync but quality is extremely poor.Version: 1.4

Absolute garbageDon’t bother does not work it is pixelated and pauses and freezes.Version: 2.11

Really unfriendlyNot intuitive..Version: 2.11

Sorely disappointed with failed features.With our internet being down due to a serious local issue, finding this app should’ve been a functional way to spend our time watching our favorite shows on a large screen via our iPhones. Sadly, many of the popular streaming apps will NOT work once it’s expected to view in full screen. Along with that, there was no disclaimer via the developers stating that the audio would not be played from the tv as well. recommending that folks don’t waste their money or time with this one and keep searching..Version: 1.4

Don’t spend your moneyWon’t play a movie to the fire stick. And want more money each step of the way..Version: 2.11

If it had sound I’d give it five starsWorks good, no sound.Version: 2.11

Does not work don’t waste your moneyStill does work after “bug fixes” and apologies from developer….. refund my purchase please!.Version: 2.11

Doesn’t work with skygoThat’s all I bought it for. Waste of money.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t work with now TVI had to by 2 apps to get this and guess what it doesn’t work because of the broadcast record thing.. I downloaded tv and video app for fire stick which then told me to download screen mirroring. Total cost £12 nine of it works. Waste of money.Version: 1.5

Give me my money backNo sound on tv as other people have said. I am trying to watch MotoGP.......ever time the program started the tv would just freeze. App not fit for prepose,take it off the market till you fix the bugs and give me my money back..Version: 1.4

Fire TV Mirroring.Does not work properly! Things finally started to work, it was about 30 minutes later, when I tried again. Working fine now, my guess is that my internet connection was being flaky again and the acknowledgment of payment, had not yet been received..Version: 2.11

Freezes after a few minutesWas able to share pictures with my mom. Had to restart the program multiple times. The app needs some work!.Version: 2.10

Want my money backLaggy, randomly disconnects then reconnects, no sound, barely any controls, no way to get money back as its not in my subscriptions in purchases on my iphone. overall DONT recommend this app AT ALL. completely disappointed and a waste of money. seems i shouldve checked the reviews beforehand because many are saying the same, lost $4 so i hope yall can avoid my mistake and trust me on this..Version: 2.10

I want my money back!!!Sucks. Please credit my account for the amount you charged for this ... whatever it is. Thx.Version: 2.10

Doesn’t work at allComplete waste of money. Why are you charging for something that doesn’t work?.Version: 2.10

JunkWhat a junk app. Complete waste of time..Version: 2.10

No sound available!Complete waste of money...no sound..Version: 2.11

Did not work!I tried all available instructions and this app did not work. Refund please.Version: 2.11

RubbishRip off, does not work.Version: 2.9

Doesn’t workPlease can I have my money back?.Version: 2.1

Refund my moneyIt’s doesn’t work at all !! Refund my money!!.Version: 2.11

Be warned - Audio not cast in Pro versionWaste of money! I purchased the pro version, and it does not cast the audio! What a con! Hidden in the faq’s it tells you to connect your phone via Bluetooth to a separate speaker to be able to listen to the audio! What absolute rubbish, and a dishonest developer. This should be made clear when purchasing. If I could get my money back I would. What a waste of my time and money. AVOID - there are other options that work just not from this developer..Version: 2.2

Lost functionality after 15 minutesI paid for this app specifically to be able to watch a two hour live event and for the first 15 minutes it was great, but then it froze. I followed the troubleshooting directions and it came back on, but it only worked for about 10 minutes and froze again. I was able to get it restarted again, but it froze multiple times, causing me to miss out on so much of the event that I ended up just giving up..Version: 2.0

Do not buy doesn’t workMoney back please hasn’t connected once!.Version: 2.9

Does not connect to audio$5 ?? And doesn’t work properly. Go get airscreen, much better than this app..Version: 2.11

Very slow screen monitoringNot happy I paid for this.Version: 2.1

No SoundI saw only after the comment NO SOUND not worth paying for that, plus the resolution is not even full screen on my 65inch !.Version: 2.10

FrustratingIt won’t work.Version: 2.10

Hangs all the timeWorks great for a couple of mins then image freezes and I have to restart the app and then reconnect to tv. Might as well use free version.Version: 2.0

HORRIBLELoss of money.Version: 2.10

Doesn’t work and charged 57.04????This app not only doesn’t work but charged me 57.04 even though the cost was 5.00….Version: 2.10

Not goodTried to play video and it doesn’t play on the tv it’s just paused and no audio through the tv.Version: 2.11

SoundThe sound still playing through my phone like I want to play it through my tv.Version: 1.3

Not what it said it wasWaste of money- not what it said it was and a pain to use.Version: 1.0

RubbishDoesn’t work keeps crashing.Version: 1.0

Won’t stay connectedI installed the app on both FireTV and iPad. Pretty easy process. Once “broadcasting” the app keeps did not continue to work as I switched apps. For instance trying to view Subway Surfer on the screen. The app showed it was still broadcasting but the tv was not mirroring the iPad. Tried several times🤔.Version: 2.3

SoundHi I’ve just got this app and my fire stick is connecting to the iPhone but sound is coming from the phone not the tv? How can I I get sound to come from my tv? If not I would like a refund. Thank you.Version: 1.2

App with issuesApp is clunky and hard to setup and get working. Once I figured out the setting that needed to be enabled it kind of worked for what I wanted (Peacock streaming). Some content streamed OK but others only had audio with black acrylic video. I bought Mirroring for Samsung TV instead which worked right out of the box and even told me on setup which setting in “screen Time” that was causing the issue for this app. I am using the Samsung mirroring app and this one is one of those chances you take when you buy and it doesn’t work out for what you wanted it to do. Sometimes you gamble and lose..Version: 1.4

ErrorsShow notification on screen “ERROR-connection-refused”. On TV looks like phone shape screen, quality of picture is blurry..Version: 2.0

The worstFirst of all, this app is the worst. You can’t project sound from the tv, the screen only projects your phone screen and doesn’t fill properly, and it doesn’t even sync properly for the videos, there’s an ENORMOUS lag, so none of your videos flow smoothly. Within literally two minutes of playing the video the screen dropped the connection. I downloaded it by accident because I thought it was free. I wouldn’t give this app to someone I hated..Version: 2.3

Without sound the time lag makes this app uselessReally not working at all, should not be this hard.Version: 2.4

Does not workDoes not work.Version: 2.11

No soundDisappointed that unless you read deep into reviews there is no declaration to warn purchaser that audio is not currently supported. After searching FAQ I discovered this shortcoming which would have influenced my decision to purchase. A lame workaround is suggested. Fortunately, the $1.99 is not a big deal and a small price to pay to relearn a lesson that is as true today as when I first heard it. “Buyer beware”..Version: 1.4

Not worth anythingThis app is complete trash I waited my money on this don’t buy it will mirror your screen but it’s extremely laggy and I have a decent I fermer that not the problem it’s the app itself that is garbage.Version: 2.8

Waste of MoneyWaste of money, it loads the initial screen from my phone but won’t play anything and is very blurry..Version: 2.10

Horrible app purchase this, does not work!Title says it all.Version: 2.10

Sound?Any time frame when this app which works well will have the ability to play sound through the TV? I purchased the upgraded version months ago based on the reviews and the developer stating a fix is on its way, but I still cannot hear sound through the TV? I’m playing videos of my daughters concerts from my iPhone gallery. I get it that I can connect to a blue tooth device but that’s an additional drain on my battery. Please let me know a fix is on its way soon? Thank You 🙏.Version: 1.2

Wasted $Simply won’t connect. Wasted my $$ as my phone already casts perfectly to my appletv.Version: 2.10

CrapDon’t buy.Version: 2.11

Sound and Overall ExperienceNot only did I have to pay $3 for an app that doesn’t fully work, but I also had to contact the app support because it didn’t connect to my phone after I already paid for the app. Then, I was on the phone with support for about 2 hours only for the screen mirroring to not connect with the sound. Overall I had a terrible experience with this app and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone..Version: 2.3

🙂 Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV Positive Reviews
Is Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV not working?

Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Screen Mirroring+ for Fire TV.

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