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Screen Mirroring+ App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Screen Mirroring+ App app received 197 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Screen Mirroring+ App? Can you share your negative thoughts about screen mirroring+ app?

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Screen Mirroring+ App for Negative User Reviews

No soundsGets films up but no sound only off phone.Version: 1.0

Horrible streaming on LGDisappointing mirror as the image is blurred and choppy. Not worth using. You’re better off throwing away the LG tv and buying a cheaper model that has more features. This is more a review of the overpriced LG product that requires multiple software add-ons to do what less expensive TVs do flawlessly..Version: 2.6

Try before you buy neededI was unable to determine if I could mirror AppleTV from my iPhone to a Sony TV so I had to purchase the Screen Mirror App. It didn’t work. Not the most ethical business model.Version: 2.3

Didn’t do what it saidWill not cast Apple TV - not happy that I paid money for this and it doesn’t work.Version: 2.4

DisappointedThought I was paying for tv cast, no. Only for screen mirroring which doesn’t allow to watch movies.Version: 2.1

DO NOT BUY THISThe App does not work! Waste of money 🤬.Version: 2.6

It is a big big scamI thought it would be good and bought it then after buying it the app was very laggy no clarity it was just the worst.Version: 1.5

I beg you, PLEASE DONT PURCHASE!This may literally be the cheapest and most despicable app in the entire store. I will pay you not to buy it, honestly. It connects you to a website and plays a highly pixelated, slow version of whatever you have on your screen. You’re better off getting a cord and connecting it to your device. It really makes me sick how these people can put this garbage on here, charge $2.99 for it, and Apple just sits back and lets it happen..Version: 1.2

Too cumbersomeI downloaded screen mirroring and TV cast to try to mirror to an LG TV from my iPhone. Way too many steps were involved. I got it to work once and then had to go through all the steps to get it to work a second time. It just isn’t worth the effort..Version: 2.6

Really bad! It just keeps freezing. Will not work properly. Definitely want my money back!!Want my money back!!.Version: 2.6

Waste of money and doesn’t workDon’t waste your money!.Version: 2.4

Not what it saysFails on all counts! All I can get it to do is copy my phone’s screen. Even after it’s done that it refuses to play on my LG tv. Maybe this app is a uni experiment- that’s the kindest thing I can say about it! Why is it on the App Store ?.Version: 1.0

Waste of moneyWish I would have read reviews before purchasing this app. Doesn’t work..Version: 2.5

Dont downloadThis is laggy as i wouldnt bother wasting money.Version: 2.6

Very badVery bad.Version: 2.6

Piece of garbageDon’t buy it. Just don’t..Version: 2.6

Does not work with my smart tv another scam appVery disappointed.Version: 2.1

ReviewCould you make it tougher to use. This is absolutely terrible click this buy that click this click that go here do this pair that allow this. The one who came up with probably can’t color inside the lines, needs to fired and work flipping burgers..Version: 2.6

Doesn’t workThis app is cumbersome, chrome cast much easier to use, I finally got it to cast but had a blank screen showing only play button and no picture. A disappointment that LG does not have a comparable way to cast like Google chrome cast. I’m regretting my purchase..Version: 2.5

Money wasting appTotally money wasting app don’t pay for it unable to ply anything via mirror casting if it’s play after a long wait quality is too Low and both sound and picture . Save your money and buy good one check ratings before purchase any app thanxs.Version: 2.0

AwfulIt’s completely blurred. Bottom half of the screen doesn’t even work. Really laggy. Completely not worth it..Version: 1.2

DisappointedThis app is terrible. There is a time lag between phone and tv and the picture quality translation is terrible. Definitely not worth paying for.Version: 1.2

I want a refundI have never experienced so much lag and lack of performance from a single app. Screen mirroring is useless because it takes anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds for the TV to catch up with the mirroring of my iPad when I scroll. Don’t waste your time and money, it’s very poor quality..Version: 2.6

Troublesome appImpractical and troublesome app. Delay in video and then Stops broadcasting and accuses me of illegal operation... trying to view apps fullscreen. No audio broadcast either. I paid for pro version with no difference at all. I fee scammed..Version: 1.5

Do not download!I downloaded this app 2 days ago and it didn’t work. Now it will not uninstall off my iPhone. I have googled and tried all I know. It keeps popping up messages on my screen continuously and I can not get it to stop! If I could leave zero stars I would..Version: 2.3

Keeps coming up with scan when broadcastingSame as title.Version: 2.3

Dreadful appPurchased the pro version, installed on iPhone 11. It worked once and never since. One of the most useless apps I’ve ever come across. Waste of money..Version: 2.5

Possibly Worst Rip Off EverI Experienced about 10 second delay with Kind this app, It is possibly the worst app ever. The lag and frames were absolutely BS. DO NOT BUY.Version: 2.5

Don’t buyYou can’t unsubscribe.Version: 2.6

ScamThis app is actually just a scam. It is so awful and terrbile plus it makes you pay for a premium app but the performance so terrible. It is like 4 seconds of lag between tv and phone. AVOID.Version: 2.6

TerribleWaste of money. Would like a refund. You should really get what you pay for.Version: 1.2

Not nice to sell a under development appIt requires web browser to do the screen mirroring. Screen quality is poor and the sound is not supported due to the nature of the app. It’s not nice to sell a not ready product to people, and it should be announced in your app to let people know this is a beta version..Version: 2.3

UnhappyOnly can see video not sound on tv.Version: 1.2

It works but quality need a lot improvementI am trying to mirror from my phone to Nintendo switch. It works, but FPS is very low. Trying using Nintendo switch as web browser video player with my monitor..Version: 2.5

Doesn’t workI tried to mirror this on my smart tv and all that happened is that the programme I tried to watch didn’t show up on my phone or my tv. Not very helpful..Version: 1.0

Not happyIt’s delayed and the quality of the picture is very poor, I don’t recommend this app as it’s a waste of $4.99.Version: 1.3

App doesn’t even workWaste of money.Version: 1.0

Not worth itIt’s really bad you can’t even cast it without it sending you to another app that you need to pay for. this is just stupid at this point the screen broadcasting is really bad quality and is really laggy. it’s a waste of money and time the sound doesn’t even come out of the tv it comes from your phone. SORT OUT YOUR APP MAKE IT BETTER AND DONT MAKE ME SPEND MORE MONEY ON OTHER APPS🥰 love shannon.Version: 2.6

GarbageRefund please, what a joke.Version: 1.0

It doesn’t workI purchased it, it doesn’t work. No tech support, no refund. I contacted support but they just had an autobot on chat that offered no help..Version: 2.3

Does not work with iPhoneI cannot get it to work from my iPhone to my Sony device, I tried everything and it would not cast from an app so this was pointless because that was the only reason I bought it. Super disappointed..Version: 2.6

Doesn’t workTv never connects, and just freezes telling you to wait. The one time it did mirror, it immediately froze. Don’t buy. Waste of money..Version: 2.6

Extremely laggyI give this app 3 stars for viewing pics but not streaming movies, it is really laggy with only 20 fps if you want to use this for movies I wouldn’t recommend.Version: 1.0

Not a good appDoesn’t explain what to paid for nothing.Version: 2.5

JokeHow do I get a refund? I have just spend over £8 and this app barely works and dreadful quality..Version: 2.6

RubbishI was lured to buy this “Pro” version when I tried to launch a free app And guess what happened? I didn’t work I am asking for refund.Version: 1.2

Poor and intermitantUnfortunately and regrettably a poor choice. I have tried for several hours to connect to my Phillips TV successfully in the end to be then disconnected consistently whilst watching a film along with sound transmitting from phone rather than TV. Maybe my mistake and something I didn’t see but was not expecting the sound through the phone. The quality of the picture also is really transmitted poorly from my IPhone to the TV. Really disappointing..Version: 1.2

Did you get rid of my reviewHad a developer response to my 2 responses and now I can’t find my review. Funny because I asked for my money back and said it’s was a scam and judging from the other recent reviews I’m right. It is a SCAM !!!!!!.Version: 2.6

It doesn’t work on tv without browserGot this app through the link from TV cast for Sony but it was waste of money. It doesn’t work on tv without browser, which was not mentioned in the description. It should have been clearly displayed or mentioned that TV without browser doesn’t support the app..Version: 1.1

Need clear and better instructions or tutorialI’m pre-ordered it with hopes of being able to use it in there’s no clear way of how to use it or instructions you start broadcasting and then look like it’s just recording but where do you go on the TV to be able to broadcast on the TV.Version: 1.0

Does not work with I phoneNo good.Version: 2.3

This app is a scamThis app is a complete scam. It won’t play sound and won’t show full screen videos, only a vertical view of your phone screen that freezes if a video is playing. This app wouldn’t be worth downloading if it was free, and it’s criminal to charge for it..Version: 2.0

GLITCHY Zero stars DO NOT BUYUgh another failed movie night thx. I am actually so disappointed w every app I’ve bought from this company. Definitely not doing that again. Do your research find a better app from a different company. These apps don’t work. Very disappointed bc I’m broke.Version: 2.6

Too erraticWhen you’re tutoring online you need something consistent. I have a good signal and a brand new Huawei laptop and the program still crashes regularly. Look for something else..Version: 2.1

Slow, glitchy, no sounds.Don’t waste your money. Slow, glitchy no sound..Version: 2.6

LG Screen MirrowingEarly days using the App but first impressions are very disappointing. Will give it a bit longer to try and see how it goes but it feels as though this app will have a short shelf life..Version: 1.2

Sucks stay awayJust a money grab. Save your money..Version: 2.6

AwfulWaste of money. Sound only plays through phone and very glitchy. Would not recommend!.Version: 1.0

Worth it but needs updatingThe frames can get extremely low and sometimes it will flicker back to the app page on the tv for no reason.Version: 1.0

Bad appWish I had thought to read reviews first. The app is crap. Does not work the way it’s intended. I downloaded it to play music videos from my phone and I get no picture or sound from the video only get what the screen looks like from around the picture..Version: 2.2

Waste of MoneyThis application is completely pointless and I can’t believe I’ve been charged £2.99 to use it. On a 100mb download speed it stutters and is useless. My Apple TV does the job perfectly though I thought it would be nice to do so via my LG tv. Don’t bother wasting your money! Deleted!.Version: 1.0

Very confusingTerrible and very confusing to use..Version: 2.2

I want my money back !!This app is a waste of time and money $4 nzd is not worth a penny . I don’t know how even has Apple let this people market this app shocking !.Version: 1.0

BogusI have tried and tried but cannot get my phone to screen cast to my tv. I hit the screen cast button and it says it is recording but I do not want to record, just want my tv to mirror from my phone. Does not work!!.Version: 1.6

Does not work, don’t waste your moneyDoesn’t play sound or video on the tv. Doesn’t work with iPhone 11.Version: 2.6

Not worth itDoesn’t work with Disney+ or netflix Laggy and glitchy Connect randomly Just did not work.Version: 2.3

Sound... when? PleaseHi, I bought the app is not like is free for me but I cant share the sound just the screen is really frustrating just to see the screen working perfectly but without sound. When would costumers like me who paid for this would be able to hear my videos and movies?.Version: 1.0

DOES NOT WORK! SCAMDo not pay for this app, it doesn’t work. Force closes and does not cast.Version: 2.6

No soundNo sound on mirrored screen.Version: 2.6

To hard to follow and doesn’t workTo hard to install.Version: 2.6

DO NOT BUY THIS APPThis app does not work with an app like yahoo sports. Says it works with apps but I guess not that one. Waisted $3. Update—Just got an email asking what app didn’t work (pretty sure that is clear above). To be specific when I opened the website in safari it did mirror on the tv but when I switched to the app I wanted to watch, it was no longer mirroring on the tv. Did this multiple times, enough trying different ways I gave up. Sound does not work with the tv either. I was willing to sacrifice that just to get the ballgame I was wanting to watch..Version: 1.1

ShitmAppWhen you delete this app that doesn’t work you will find it has a pop up screen that doesn’t delete..Version: 2.3

Terrible qualityIf you can follow the directions, you still end up with terrible quality video on your TV- also, I got this to show people pictures from my phone by putting them up on the TV... but it doesn’t recognize photos that are on my phone, and it calls the videos “photo’s”, and says I have no “videos”... not happy at all..Version: 2.1

Hate it!Only mirrors the image doesn’t play sound .. Apple TV is definitely better.Version: 1.0

Doesn’t worth the moneyIt so bad, it doesn’t rotate the screen and the streaming braking all the time. I’m not sure if there’s a refund policy on this. I’ll suggest to offering to customer some trial period, so they do not waste money..Version: 1.0

DO NOT BUY, EXTREMELY AWFUL!I have fast 350mbp fibre broadband. I have my router wired by Ethernet to my nearly new Samsung TV. My router is in the same room as my phone This app is just awful at what it does. It connects through the TV’s web browser and is so extremely choppy and laggy that dial up internet would act faster. Do not waste your money on this and avoid at all costs. I have tried all the developers hints and comments and none work..Version: 1.0

Not goodThere is allot of lag and the sound is not not sent through. There is not a seamless connection. Not worth paying for..Version: 1.0

Absolutely crapThis app doesn’t work at all and I’ve wasted £3.99 for absolutely nothing. I want my money back as this app does not work and I’ll never be using it again.Version: 2.3

Lg promoted this appLg tv promoted this app but it doesn’t work with my tv. It synced to the home google. Stupid waste of money would rather my money back for this waste of time app..Version: 1.6

This is a waste of moneyIt only let youWatch things on certain apps from iPhone will not let me watch movies from Paramount plus waste of 6$.Version: 2.6

Does not work!Wasted money on this app for it to not connect to my Samsung tv, if I could give it 0 stars I would.Version: 1.3

AwfulThis app does not work to mirror with the LG smart TV like it says it supposed to. How do I get a refund??.Version: 1.6

Don’t workI have there first casting app and that does what it’s meant to, looked at this new mirror app and can’t even get it to connect to the tv, it thinks it is but nothing on my screen very frustrating.Version: 1.0

Dose not do what I wantDose not play iTunes movies or any movie I want to. Tried lots of different platforms but got an error every time.Version: 1.0

TrashI want a refund it doesn’t work.Version: 2.3

Would give zero stars if possible.Screen mirroring will not show videos that play from my phone. Tried to use with fitness app and it worked all the way up until the actual video started. Wasted my $4 🤬.Version: 2.6

Waste of money.Absolute waste of money, ridiculously slow even connected to a very fast internet connection..Version: 1.0

Waste of moneyCan’t believe I paid for this! Glitches constantly and I can’t get any sound through it so completely pointless app!.Version: 1.0

Rip-off buyer bewareThis app plays no sound imagine watching a movie but you have to listen to it through your phone because it doesn’t work through your tv this app costs 2.99 and no sound I would really Ike a refund on this app.....don’t download it it’s TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.1

Don’t download!!!Screens your phone from a web browser that plays no sound. Plus you are charged $2.99, for a screen muring app that you need to access on a website on your phone - that won’t go into full screen mode with no sound!? Biggest ripe off ever, this should be a free app, I should be refunded for a scam of an app! Thank you developer for the feed back below. If this is the case your app should not be $2.99. If you truly want people in the future to utilize/spend money on this application. Advertise this as a free application (since it clearly doesn’t hold up to standard) or better yet refund all of the customers that have wasted their time on this purchase!.Version: 1.0

Very poorVery poor performance. Whenever I am trying to toggle to another application to watch a movie, I am being kicked out. I paid for this app and don’t expect this..Version: 1.3

“This web page is not available”I don’t know if anyone is having the same issue, but when I go to click on the website, it comes up with “this web page is not available”.. I’ve disconnected and reconnected my browser and the internet is working fine on all other devices, I hope this can be fixed. I have a smart LG tv.Version: 1.0

Kept freezingCan’t use it for more than a couple of minutes without freezing on our TV. Upset that I paid £2.99 for it. Really not worth it..Version: 2.1

Rip offThis app makes no sense. It can’t stream video without lagging and there’s no sound! How dare you charge for a streaming app that doesn’t accomodate for sound!.Version: 2.6

It’s a trapI tried using this app to display a a video from my phone but the audio would not cast. I struggled for 30 minutes thing to navigate settings however no guide was there. Instead any help was directed to additional paid features such as no pop-ups for $2.99 and a range of others that are not included with the initial purchase. Don’t buy it..Version: 2.4

Doesn’t workCan’t get it to cast to tv.Version: 2.6

Ugh111-9Doesn’t work.Version: 2.3

What a pile of crap!I downloaded this as I wanted to cast my iPhone to my tv. Paid £3.99! And this is not worth it. All you can do it broadcast. Which isn’t anything at all. Then you have to spend even more money to then get other apps to possibly cast to your tv. Not worth it! I WANT MY MONEY BACK.Version: 2.2

Rip-offI downloaded this app because the LG casting app doesn’t let you cast from other apps like all 4 which isn’t available as an app on the LG tv, £3 for an app that just shows a black screen when I want to watch something or the screen before the video. Save your money don’t use this scam.Version: 1.0

Rembourser moiSv.Version: 2.2

Not for videosCan’t watch movies or video Lag time is poor Asking for money back.Version: 1.0

DisappointingUsing IOS 14, iPhone 8s - vertical position only. No ability to change. Will try on my iPad Pro and revise if my experience is different. Yes- it streams with no apparent lag what is on my phone, but I was hoping to play a movie from my phone - (horizontal) and enjoy on my TV. So far- only good for showing pictures etc..Version: 2.2

Do not installDo not install it does not work . After 5 seconds of broadcasting, it stops and a notification saying " the request times out " appears . And then it does not work at all. Furthermore for the few seconds it worked, it was extremely blurry..Version: 2.2

Does not workJust goes around and around in circles. waste of money!.Version: 2.6

Useless!!!Do not waste your money, stay away from this vendor!.Version: 2.0

Would give negative stars if possibleWorst app I’ve ever bought. I wish I read the reviews first. It has the worst quality so whatever you screen share will lag behind like 10 seconds and you still can’t see it. Also IT PLAYS NO SOUND and you can barely hear the sound on your phone once connected to the tv. Waste of money!!!!.Version: 2.4

Crap - do not buyDoes not work - do not buy.Version: 2.0

Not connecting to screen after following all the instructions verbatim and several timesWaste of money.Version: 2.6

Doesn’t work with LG TV’sNot functional with LG TV’s. Also had to pay another app to get this one. It was odd. Looking for a refund.Version: 2.6

Don’t botherTerrible app. Doesn’t load nearly every time, but when it does it’s pathetic and freezes at the start or just drops out. Really should not be sold as it’s not fit for purpose and possible breach of Australian ConsUmer Law. Consumer regulators need to start looking at these types of apps that don’t actually work to stop consumers being ripped off!.Version: 2.6

WasteDo not buy cannot even mirror my reflection waste of money.Version: 2.5

HorribleVideo lags so audio from phone as no audio woth tv doesn’t match and picture all fizzy quality crap waist of money.Version: 2.2

Refund pleaseNot work refund please I want my money back.Version: 2.1

Scam scam scamGarbage app waste of money doesn’t work scammed.Version: 2.4

It’s okay? I guessI got it so I could play games on my tv or computer quality is mid and very slow and buggy and pause at times when I’m trying to watch or play things, work is very much needed.Version: 2.6

GarbageUseless, waste of money. Sound doesn't cast with it. Doesn’t cast to full screen..Version: 2.6

Didn’t work uselessDidn’t work useless.Version: 1.6

Absolute rip offHopeless application, only works via a browser link and is horrible quality. Don’t waste your money!.Version: 1.0

Poor quality image and no soundPaid £5.99 to get screen cast and then told I need to spend another £3.49 to mirror my iPhone to a 4K LGTV. I imagined it would work like my AppleTV with 4K content, but picture quality is awful and sound doesn’t go to TV!.Version: 2.6

Poor app!Using an iPhone means i can’t get some programs on my LG tv, in an attempt to watch via phone I downloaded this app, what a load of crap, laggy, delayed, poor quality. 1/10 don’t waste your money..Version: 1.0

Doesn’t work for LGBought for mirroring channel 4 in the Safari app on an iPhone to a LG TV - just get a blank screen (mirrors the browser ok though). Checked some other TV viewers and also doesn’t work..Version: 1.0

Laggggggg on personal videoSo I really got this for the app foxtel go. Turns out that doesn’t work. Yes yes the app developer of foxtel go doesn’t allow it. But your sales pitch is that shares in real time and HD. I get 20 mbps and I have pixelation when just watching vid on my iPhone...so Second, the foxtel app doesn’t share other than blank screen. And does your app share video? Keep your money and buy yourself a coffee. I just hope no one else is paying you coffee for something that in this day and age is quite Lame to say the least..Version: 1.0

Very hard to useI thought this would be similar to google chrome cast. I was very wrong. Very complicated system that keeps asking you to buy more expensive apps.Version: 2.4

DisappointedBought this as I wanted to watch a show I had on my phone to my LG tv, I connected it successfully but the video is extremely laggy and the sound comes out my phone not the tv so was pointless. I’ve removed the app and would very much like my money refunded..Version: 2.6

It won’t even work for my tv I want my money back plsPls.Version: 2.4

Waste of moneyShare your screen in HD it says…….it was worse than 480p.Version: 2.6

Poor QuailtyBought this as I can’t air play on my LG tv and the photo quality is terrible, as it runs through the TVs browser the picture is small and grainy and very very slow and laggy. Wouldn’t of been happy if this was a free app but expect better from a paid app. I’ll never use this again so a total waste of money..Version: 1.0

Not happy times out every few minutesThis is really pointless. It times out every few minutes and you can’t get on with your task..Version: 2.5

HorribleDoesn’t work no matter what I do. 5.49$ down the drain.Version: 2.3

DisappointedPaid and it never worked.Version: 1.6

Poor quality and no soundHard to connect.. no sound and poor picture quality. Do not download.Version: 2.2

GlitchyGlitches back and forward. Connection is 100%, no slow speeds. I’d also be weary of what you type/show as who knows if the connection is secure ? Who has access to the data?.Version: 1.0

Do not waste your money.Does not work. Should have paid attention and listened to other reviews and not wasted my money purchasing this app..Version: 2.6

Absolutely a waste of moneyPaid 5.99 for nothing.Version: 2.2

Does not workI couldn’t get past the poor setup instructions because there is no setup button on the screen. Very poorly tested. Save your money.Version: 2.2

I want a refundThis doesn’t mirror at all. It is at best showing every 20 frames at the lowest resolution. I have over 100mbs internet so it’s definitely the app. Do not pay for this app! It does not work. Also it does not send sound so if you’re trying to watch a video it only shows the image. Mirroring means it shows what the phone shows. This doesn’t do that. It’s way too slow. I wouldn’t have paid $0.10 for this app had I known it would do what it does. It should be made to be free because it’s at most an experiment. At best a very slow image viewer with terrible quality..Version: 1.0

Not very consistentOften stops broadcasting for no reason, sometimes wont reset, stop or do anything, no app for thr tv you have to go to the browser every time and set it up as if it’s new! Not what I expected from the advert and especially as it’s a pay for app..Version: 1.1

Waste of timeWaste of time if you want to broadcast your phone to TV.Version: 2.2

Screen shareDid not work ...Version: 2.3

Confusing AppI bought this as recommended by LG but damned if I can work out the very complex and somewhat convoluted “easy to use” instructions. Waste of time and money..Version: 2.2

Not workingTv showing blur screen. Audio is playing from original device. Not a good application..Version: 2.3

Doesn’t workMirroring for the phone screen was great but didn’t work for my sports streaming app.Version: 1.0

There are no Zero Star options.What a rip. The only way to cast to my TV is for my TV browser to go to a specific website, which bypasses the companion app that is already in the TV. The shared screen is then reduces in size as the browser address bar remains in place over the top. Stay away..Version: 2.5

Major yikesFirst and foremost the app runs really slow and requires way more than just a simple click to cast something. For some reason my HBO max app will NOT cast to the tv which was the main reason I wanted this. I rarely write reviews so I just hope someone sees this and decides not to o they the hassle and figure something else out.Version: 2.3

Absolutely redundantFor still images this is ok but still bad quality. Do not get this. I’ll be trying to get my 2.99 back 🙁.Version: 1.2

Problems don’t buyWhen trying to connect and start broadcasting it will do it and then when you leave the app it disconnects.Version: 2.6

Not working with videoMirrors iPhone screen at a slow pace and does t do video at all.Version: 2.6

No sound and lagging video streamingIt’s exactly what I want to connect my fone to the samsung tv as one device. The problem is there is no sound, and the video I tried to stream on TV was lagging and it was not smooth like we watched it on Phone or Ipad. Please fix it..Version: 1.0

RubbishHad to buy and download the. Buy more and download and still cant get it to work after doing mirrorcast purchase telling me to lh smart tv purchase £10 for nothing!.Version: 2.6

Are you kidding me!!I want a refund as well!! This is not what I was expecting. What exactly are you recording anyway, information on my phone?.Version: 1.6

Bad QualityDon’t waist your money.Version: 2.3

Atrocious lagThe app was unusable. The lag meant that many frames were missed and the exercise videos we were trying to mirror were pointless. Wi-Fi signal was strong in the house with minimal London network. Sadly the advice is to avoid. Waste of money..Version: 2.6

Do not buy!My dad has a LG smart TV. Paid for the download. Does not work. Support does not work. Tried their suggestions. If you want to throw you’re money away do it!.Version: 2.3

Do not download!! What is it casting?No idea what it is broadcasting and where. Tried for my iphone and non idea what it started broadcasting and to which device. Forgot to go through the reviews before I purchased..Version: 2.6

Ripped offCall me ASAP… you just stole 15$ from me.Version: 2.6

It works, barelyI have to give them credit for making this free and without ads/limiting features, but right now it’s practically unusable. Frame rate drops to 1 FPS and lags behind to no end, hopefully future updates will improve the functionality.Version: 1.0

No soundThis up does not synchronize sound, and was not emphasized up front..Version: 1.3

GarbagePicture was horrible on my tv trying to stream from my phone, waste of money.Version: 2.6

Never buyA complete waste of time. Completely unusable. I’d be better off smashing my phone and tv and lightning myself on fire. I’m so annoyed I’m going to waste as much time as it takes to get a refund on the $3.99 because though they’ll rob me of my time they don’t deserve to rob me of my money. Do not buy..Version: 2.6

What a ripoffBought TV cast and then found I had to buy this to screen cast and then found videos totally unwatchable jumpy and constantly buffering.Version: 2.6

I have a hard time connecting itCan you tell me how to get my Hisense Roku Smart Tv to stream on screen mirroring Ultimate..Version: 2.0

DON’T TAKE IT !!!This is so so disgusting, I pay for this sh**t and they don’t have any audio the quality of screen mirroring it’s horrible really slow not hd NOTHING!! Mam just close this app don’t take a joke about that , we pay for a quality and you don’t have that!!!!!!!.Version: 2.6

Doesn’t workI paid money and it doesn’t work.Version: 2.6

Too difficultI was looking for a simple way to share an iPad screen with a Samsung TV and this is not it..Version: 2.6

No sound and low qualityI am currently only using this to mirror my to my ps4 but it really is not good since there is a huge delay, but i will keep on using it for the next few days as it might be my internet but my internet is around 70mbs so i don’t think that’s the problem or i will just refund the app.Version: 1.3

UnacceptableApp doesn’t work. No sound and I don’t want to have to Pratt around with work arounds. Develop a fully functional app before charging people..Version: 2.6

App doesn’t workI downloaded this app, watched the tutorial, and followed the instructions. The mirroring doesn’t actually work. I just get a frozen internet screen on my TV and my phone never actually broadcasts. Their “chat support” is an absolute joke. It’s just automated messages that don’t allow you to actually say what’s wrong..Version: 2.2

ReviewAbsolutely useless app wouldn’t allow me to do anything and kept crashing. Won’t even allow me to refund it so now I’m stuck with it. Fuming..Version: 1.0

Not trueIts so laggy and it doesn’t even carry the sound from your phone so if you play a video or music it plays out of your phone not your tv. Also you have the web browser bar along the top of your tv because you have to have your tv browser open to use it. Waste of money..Version: 1.0

Rip offWhat a rip off, you don’t need this app and it’s useless $5.99 wasted.Version: 2.5

Poor qualityAlso if you’re using this to stream Apple TV don’t it doesn’t link up.Version: 2.3

I bought the plus versionI have no idea how it’s possible that I paid for the plus version and it does not work at all. The free one was much better but after downloading the new app the old one doesn’t work. Thanks a lot guys, I missed my game..Version: 2.1

HorrendousGood if you want to mirror what was on your phone screen 5 minutes before hand.Version: 2.1

Just another wasted money on a chrome cast appBeen trying to use the chrome cast built into my LG Smart TV. All I keep doing is buying addition app per chrome cast suggestions and still can’t cast programs or MLB broadcast onto my TV. Over three additional app purchases and nothing but a waste of money..Version: 2.3

Slow and laggyVery glitchy, slow user interface, very slow and very low frame rate playback, would not recommend even on my 300mv down and 50mb up connection..Version: 1.0

Wouldn't work.Downloaded to mirror from iPhone to new TV. Wouldn't work. Very disappointed..Version: 2.6

This app doesn’t workIt’s doesn’t mirror at all. I request a refund as it doesn’t do what it claims. Cannot mirror an iPhone to Lg Smart Tv.Version: 1.2

Char1010The app does not work. Tried to cast from one TV and it keeps casting on another. I chose mirror for another $3.99 it Still won’t work. No chat to help, no info anywhere on how to fix it myself. Everything is about unplugging chrome cast. That doesn’t work if it’s installed on the TV. No option anywhere in settings on phone in app to shut it off or change tvs. No way to shut it off from auto connect in the tv. Should be easy, buts it’s more irritating than anything. Every time I try and use this app at a hotel or anywhere else, it’s continuously irritating and doesn’t work..Version: 2.6

Waist moneyDoes not stream audio and does not show full screen 👎🏻.Version: 2.6

Doesn’t workPaying for service that doesn’t work. Really. If I cannot stream what I need to see on tv with bigger screen then tablet it’s not worth the purchase. I have been trying for over a week and it is only audio no picture, now what? I keep asking for your assistance but I am not getting it? Did everything per direction but to no avail. Either fix your end or refund my payment..Version: 1.2

Connects and disconnectsI purchased this app today and I’m having problems with it. When I’m screen recording the app disconnects and connects from the tv, and it does it repeatedly. I can’t watch something , whiteout it being interrupted, because it logs off for a few seconds then connects again..Version: 1.0

CrapIt does not work properly and asks for more money. Have already downloaded and paid but cannot screen mirror. Confusing and a rip off..Version: 2.6

Complete garbageSave your money. Such a scam. Does not work what so ever..Version: 2.6

Terrible appThey make you pay for it and the mirroring is laggier than a cod lobby in East Asia..Version: 2.6

Worked for about a minute then stoppedStarted working then stopped. In that minute it was slow and jumpy. Waste of money.Version: 2.2

It’s bad.The quality is awful and laggy. Although it does mirror my phone, it’s very slow and doesn’t allow websites to be watched.. :\.Version: 1.0

Freezes when playing moviesWill mirror as I move through apps but freezes when I play movies which is the only reason I bought it..Version: 2.6

Does not work!Should’ve read the reviews before purchasing... can’t connect my switch to the phone or computer to stream it. How does one push for a refund? I had to buy two versions just to sit here and fail..Version: 2.0

Don’t waste your money.This app simply streams through the web browser at a very low frame rate making it impossible to watch anything streaming..Version: 1.0

Not everything can be mirroredGot this to mirror a workout app onto my tv - but as this app records everything, the workout app wouldn’t play until I stopped the broadcast, leaving this app useless.Version: 2.6

TrashWebsite you need to mirror from the app doesn’t work. complete waste of money don’t bother!.Version: 2.3

Refund expectedPurchased this as an add on within the tv cast app, which it turns out I cannot even use in my country. Very disappointed..Version: 2.2

Works, unlike 99% of the others I have triedI was wanting to look into purchasing pro but didn’t want to scan the barcode on my tv screen without being able to find out cost and features first. I cannot find ANYTHING about the pro version anywhere so you need to include info about how much pro costs in your info about this app and how people download it. Once that’s done I will give more stars..Version: 1.6

Do not downloadFirst i had Cast TV which worked when i first downloaded and paid for and then stopped working and staff were no help. Then they have this mirroring app which i also just paid for and i still cant watch my show! Wasted so much money on these people..Version: 1.0

Dont botherVery blurry on the tv, lagged way behind and was basically jumping frame to frame not playing a video. No sound cast either..Version: 1.6

Rip offVideo was hopelessly lagging and audio didn’t happen. Waste of money.Version: 1.1

UnimpressedSound didn’t come through, won’t work on most streaming apps. Complete waste of time and data.Version: 1.1

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Screen Mirroring+ App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Screen Mirroring+ App.

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