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CapCut - Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

CapCut - Video Editor app received 64 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CapCut - Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about capcut - video editor?

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CapCut - Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

This NEEDS To Be AdressedI had just finished making a video around five minutes long that was mainly text based but somehow a glitch happened when I added a video in and now the entirety of the text was gone! And I closed the app to try and see if it would bring back the text but the app saved the video without the text and now it’s stuck like that forever! I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be using an app to edit videos I need to know that I can rely on the app not to delete my progress! I know that CapCut auto saves when you leave a project and with that feature I would like to be able to access my last saved version of the project that I was working on. For example, you can click on the project file that you want to access its last saved date to from the three dots and then pick the last saved. That way this issue is completely resolved and nobody has to worry about this huge problem again. Thank you for reading..Version: 5.1.0

New update is disappointingI loved using CapCut for my edits because it was free, easy to use and had really great effects to use. I took a break from editing for a few months and now I’ve gotten back into it, but when I went onto CapCut I was very disappointed and annoyed with the new update. They’ve removed a lot of the effects that I use to use and added a bunch of new ones that aren’t even that good and the effects that they haven’t removed are now in different categories and are hard to find. I personally feel like TikTok has absolutely destroyed this app because of the new template feature which was cool at first but now it’s just annoying and kind of cringe. I think CapCut should just make a separate app with the effects and templates for TikTok instead of ruining the app by removing effects, adding ridiculous new ones and adding a for you page TikTok area on there to watch videos. CapCut might as well just be TikTok now at this point..Version: 8.5.0

Now terrible..The update ruined and removed all the good effects and parts of capcut. Making capcut pro ruined the app. I had experience editing in capcut, and now I lost all of it because of this stupid update. Just terrible..Version: 7.7.2

Bugs and glitches that make editing annoyingHello! I’ve been using your app for a while. I think it’s a great editing app that doesn’t require payment unless you desire more features, but there’s a HUGE issue that is annoying me so much while I edit. For starters, just now I was editing Murder Drones when I clicked off my project because it was being glitchy and I went back on, and some of my text was removed? What the heck? And the text after the ones that were removed were moved automatically to fill in the space? What the frick is up with that? It was so annoying because I couldn’t undo it, I also had to put back the text that was removed. This has happened in other cases, and each time I KNOW it wasn’t me deleting them. There are other bugs, which is why I gave it a 3, but that’s the worst one for me..Version: 9.8.0

Great app, but some issuesThis app is pretty good. It’s not the best, but it’s decent for a free app. It has graphs, keyframes, effects, and more things that are really useful for editing! There’s a chroma key and a solid variety of transitions and animations. However, I have some issues, the main one being how laggy it gets. If you add enough overlays and effects, sooner or later the preview will get very laggy. Because of this, it’s hard to time things correctly. Every time I need to properly check of my editing is on time, I have to export it - which is very annoying. Another glitch I have come across have to do with audio. Sometimes, when I split a piece of audio into two, the second part is muted. No audio plays. My volume is up and the volume settings are perfectly fine. Even if I restart the app and restart my whole device, this glitch still occurs. And sometimes I don’t split it at all, but when I save the project and come back to it later, the audio is all muted again! This has happened to me several times, and I’m not sure if it’s only happening with me. The lag issues are definitely something that others experience, too. Overall, it’s pretty good. I’m thinking to get a better editing program, though. You probably know what I’m talking about. I don’t have much experience with editing programs in general (the only other one I’ve used is iMovie), so take my opinions with a grain of salt..Version: 5.3.0

This update ruined itThis update ruined the app by removing all the good parts and adding CapCut pro, just remove CapCut pro.Version: 7.7.2

What is this glitchThere are three glitches I hate. 1. Sometimes you lose your audio so you have to restart the app. 2. You sometimes lose your photo collection so you have to restart the app 3. When you select a speed curve and set to be smooth it sometimes just makes the video a picture smh..Version: 8.9.1

CapCut proI basically made a 1 min video that took me an hour to make and this CapCut pro shows up saying I gotta buy it for 9.99. I worked so hard on the video I made, this update sucks 100% please remove it!!.Version: 7.7.2

Camera Button Not WorkingI have been using Capcut for around a week, and when I first got it, it was really confusing. But since then i have figured out what most of the things are for. As soon as I got it, i wanted to film something in the Camera icon which you could film Multi clips, i wanted to use it to see if I could make a tiktok, because I don’t have the app, so I enabled the Camera in settings and I filmed something, then the app got a bit glitchy so then I had to delete and re download it. For some reason when I got into the app it didn’t come up with the option to allow or don’t allow the camera. So I went into settings and I couldn’t find the option on CapCut so I went back inside the app, to see then it said in a box “Would You Like To Allow CapCut To Use Your Camera” and I chose “Allow”. And it came up with the icon but before I could press it, i turned by device of by accident, so when I got back in it was GONE! And i can’t figure it out, in settings it says that the camera is enabled but it doesn’t SHOW ITTTT! I know you probably can’t fix this, but it is just so annoying and confusing, I think you should work on the arrangement and set up of the home screen page. The only reason I really downloaded this app, is so I could make multi videos, then add them together. But except for that, I have used it for other things which come in handy and have improved by technology skills. Thanks.Version: 7.2.2

Comes with problemsIt’s a great editing app, works very easy. However… if I create a 1gb video, it only gives me a portion of it back after deleting. Where is my memory going? Don’t tell me to empty my cache because that is not the answer. THIS APP EATS YOUR MEMORY. GONE. Every video you make gets you closer to zero as you delete apps and photos and empty caches. Consider yourself warned.Version: 9.7.0

Why did you add proThe amount of people who use both tiktok and capcut is so much that pro isn’t necessary, why try to make another quick buck, capcut it good though I guess, not as many features as other editing apps but capcut is good otherwise, but the overlay limit is annoying and why is it so confusing to upload a template, I personally love capcut because it’s simple to follow but otherwise it’s definitely got things it needs working on.Version: 8.6.1

Nice but needs workI use this app relatively frequently and would like to think I’ve become decently used to the platform. However, almost every time I save an edit after finishing, there is a problem. I go back to check the saved video and clips aren’t timed the same, have weird snippets of other clips that annoy transitions, and overall format of the videos sometimes change. On the latest edit I had to move around the picture so it didn’t always fit the screen and there were sometimes black bars. I just assumed that I could crop it afterwards off the app (since there is no simple crop tool, only format change). I exported my clip almost double digit times, each time going back to fix the little new mistake that was generated. Milliseconds of a previous clip will be in the next and it ruin the transitions. Then when I would fix it, another would go wrong making it extremely frustrating. It just seems like there’s literally too much for either the all of my phone to handle. I have an iPhone XR with plenty of storage so I doubt it’s that. Very disappointed because I don’t feel as excited or confident about my edit which preformed much better in the actual preview on the app then in my camera roll….Version: 6.9.0

AnnoyingAs someone whos used capcut as a beginner and still is now, the changes and difference between old capcut and new capcut is astonishing. comparing old mechanics to new, old was so much better. capcut is making the most useless updates, and more especially, more annoying. for example, stock ‘videos’. from old capcut, the black and white (and transparent if u want to include it) were PHOTOS. now, somebody tell me why they decided to make them VIDEOS? theyre a BLANK PHOTO. EMPHASIS ON PHOTO. small change, but annoying. now onto something ive noticed. the undo button. for some reason, when changing and/or doing whatever, pressing export but then going back into the project (the arrow symbol that leads you back into the project, not the exit button) the undo button completely restarts. this means all my progress was DELETED as ive deleted parts of clips i didnt want in my timecut video to be processed. there are SO MANY UPDATES which i know a few people are annoyed about, but these are just examples of a bigger problem. capcut, do better. do it for the editors. you’re failing us..Version: 10.3.0

Not loading my projectsIt says I have no projects yet I had over 60.Version: 10.2.0

CapCut proThis app used to be so good until they started to add CapCut pro. Sure they ended up adding all the new features but it is all so they can make a quick buck, which they don’t need to do with the huge amounts of editors and people who come from tiktok to use CapCut. But my real reason for not liking CapCut for adding CapCut pro, was the fact that they made some effects free and then turned around and make people pay for them, especially because a lot of people who use CapCut used it because it was free All in all do better CapCut.Version: 10.5.0

AnnoyingIt says I have not enough storage but I do have enough storage.Version: 4.6.0

Cool but one problemLook I love capcut but can you guys stop saying my storage is full literally that is not my fault and not any of your business because bro it’s tiktok, they are the ones doing that and it’s tiring so hopefully y’all understand I gave 1 star because that’s just not even my fault like I’m gonna start using another editing app for real cuz like I can’t even edit in peace without y’all bragging and saying my storage is full like none of the apps tell you that so put it together capcut and if you do I’ll delete this review and give you 5 stars and put a better review cuz I’m not trying to be a Karen but literally it’s so annoying and just irritating! I’m getting home from school to just edit and make a tiktok video but like I also need to screen record cuz y’all are literally also charging us if we wanna post it directly to our tiktok account so like come on do something like don’t say “I’m sorry hopefully you have a better experience next time” like that won’t help ok? I’m stressed from school and when I edit it makes me calmer and you guys wanna be difficult with me then let it stay that way and I’ll give 0 stars and delete this app immediately end of my sentence! Fix it and put the puzzles together. Ok I’ve had it with y’all! Freak this app and you guys ! Get better at your apps you piece of worms.Version: 8.1.1

Can't add audio?Can't add audio tracks from your computer! How totally useless for a musician trying to make videos! Have to create a video in another app with my audio and then extract the audio from the video???? Howwwwwwwbout ya skip a step and just enable adding a free audio track! Literally flabberghasted..Version: 1.0.1

Come onWon’t let me edit. Says my storage is full but I have deleted five apps, four notes and a bunch of photos and it still says unsciffied storage (or something like that).Version: 4.1.0

It’s okI’ve been using capcut for about 3 years, but the new updates are making it worse and more laggy. in theory, the updates are pretty good, adding new effects and the like, but when it’s starting to make capcut even more laggy and annoying, i’ve also started to notice that when you export your edit is off time which is a big put off for me because i need to export multiple times with the edits i like to do. capcut has always been very laggy, but now when i add effects it makes it very hard to edit because i literally can’t scroll along the time frame bar without it almost kicking me off the app. there’s also a problem with overlays where when you try to add an overlay it says ‘maximum amount of overlays reached’, this can happen even when u have no overlays on the app. there’s also ‘capcut pro’ now which is a feature you have to pay for, i have a problem with this for a few reasons: one of the reasons people would download capcut is because it was completely free, unlike video star which has a paid subscription to access most of the content, i also have a problem with pro because if i’m honest, i genuinely don’t see the point in buying it. capcut is more laggy then video star, has even less content and delays my videos when exported, so why should i buy capcut pro, when i can pay for video star pro and get more out of it?.Version: 7.7.2

Please remove the PRO featurePlease remove the PRO feature, because now content creators like me will only have a limited access to effects, fonts, animations ect. I got CapCut because I thought it was the only editing app on mobile that would let us mobile content creators have access to all the things we need to edit our videos for free. But hey, I guess not anymore. Thanks allot!.Version: 7.7.2

This made me extremely mad!So I was making videos on CapCut and editing them I was editing one that took me over an hour to make I know that because my sister was watching the movie frozen whilst I was doing it and it took me well over the end of that movie to do and once I had finished the app started glitching when I was trying to save it so I had to reset it and come back to the video but when I did I went back into my videos that I had edited and it wasn’t there and it did not save with any of my other projects this is so stupid I spent over an hours worth of work trying to make this video for TikTok and then as soon as I had to reset The app because it was being stupid I went back in and it was completely gone deleted out of existence now I have to do the whole thing all over again and start from scratch thanks a lot! You better fix this please!.Version: 9.0.1

I ❤️ capcutFirst of all, i just love how choppy and disgusting your transitions are !!! I could never make a more nasty edit on an app like video star🤢 Also let’s just appreciate the person whose idea it was to copy people’s edits 🥰 like forget remaking an edit, just use a terrible template!!! It’s not like people work hard on their edits just for it to not be stolen by capcut😄 Don’t keep up the ugly work! love, trisha.Version: 7.6.3

Oh my god!!!!!!I hate this app it’s so trashy every time when I want to make a new edit it’s says my storage is full I deleted like thousands of stuff when I went to make a tutorial on how to make an edit it said I did not enough storage this app sucks I hate it!!!!! Please fix the problem!!.Version: 3.0.1

Great but needs improvementsI think this app would be 5 stars if it made some improvements. First of all, I like how simple it is but I wish you could made custom transitions and more options for shakes. Overall the app is great, but it’s also very hard to make a pretty, slow, smooth shake with text so you have to save the video over and over again to make the shakes with the combos. Please add custom transitions, and more options for the animation of text! Overall, I LOVE the new 3D thing with pictures! But I also wish you could add transitions for photos. I’m mostly looking for an app with shakes, all of my edits are the same style and I just want something new you know? I’m trying to find other apps to do these really smooth shakes, like after affects for example, but that’s only available on a pc. CapCut is a very easy, and great app, but I wish there were more options, so I wouldn’t have to save, and re add the same video adding more and more transitions, to still not be able to get what I want. Anyways, please add this! Overall your app is great, I love it! Thank you for taking your time to read this..Version: 3.5.0

Slay but a few errorsI absolutely LOVE this app! You can make anything u want and post them so other people can see them. And try to gain followers. If ur thinking about getting this game make sure u read the reviews first though! When I got this game it was so fun just to create things for myself to watch and be proud of myself! Then I finally got to share my videos and I loved it I got a lot of likes and followers! Then I started to get some hate. I tried to deal with it but I was crying in my bedroom.I couldn’t deal with it so I took a break from capcut . And when I decided to post something after a while it told me I wasn’t even a creator anymore! I was so sad bc all I ever did was post and loved all the nice comments and likes I got. My followers were so high and I wanted to reach 1k like the big creators! But I was only at 600. And I really miss being a creator I still go on the app but I get sadder and sadder each time…..Version: 10.4.0

CapCut is pretty goodI love how it is good for editing and it has all theses cool effects and all but the bad things about is that when u try to say do a edit and u decide you want some music for the edit but the music Is not good at all like if you try type up any tick tock audios that would be a perfect for you edit nothing comes up like the songs are just really bad so if CapCut see this please try get more popular songs cause that would be great like today I tried to type up flowers by miley Cyrus if that how u spell it but nothing came up and like flowers is such a class song so now I don’t even do edits anymore cause there’s no good songs and I really like speed up songs but the only one that came up was snap and it’s not even that good so I don’t even do edits because of the sound so now I am thinking about deleting it idk but in my opinion there are better apps so all I am trying to say is CapCut plssssss more good songs cause that would be great but I gusse CapCut is good for editing so I would give CapCut a solid 3 star but everyone has there own options thank you for taking time to read my comment and goodbye.Version: 7.7.0

Keeps telling me I don’t have internetRead the title.Version: 4.1.0

I used to love..... But now?Capcut used to be amazing. Lots of great editors and it was great. I loved the app so much. But then about January of 2023, a bunch of stupid 12 year olds started lieing about their age to become capcut creators. And now it's October of 2023 and you can scroll for as long as you want and legit the only videos are stupid vent videos. I believe venting is healthy but it's not for capcut. When you make templates, it's supposed to be so other people can use them for great edits. Not to just brag about how much you do SH or just to legit tell people not to blow up your notifications for a couple minutes. I miss the old capcut. I'm sick of only seeing 12 year olds just talk about breaking up with their boyfriends or how their grandma died. Yes those things are sad but I'm sure people reading this understand. Please do something about it because you can't actually find a good simple edit anymore. I try to search something and all that comes up is vent videos. I will literally go into the effect category and it's just vent videos. Even the travel category is just vent videos. I'm sick of this. You can find any actual edits anymore. Sometimes I'll find a velocity edit but that's it. PS. Don't pay attention to my name. Im not 10 years old and I haven't been for a long time. I just don't know how to change my name.Version: 9.3.3

Used to be greatCapcut used to be an amazing app and I would make lots of cool edits for my friends and my dog but recently it has been deleting the photos once I add music to the edit. I have deleted it and re installed but it didn’t work this is really annoying as I can’t make edit’s anymore as it won’t work. However I do really like the app in general (before I I couldn’t make edits) it has lots of options and you can make a fun edit or a serious one! It’s very fun and I love how you can do shortcuts which just do the edit for you after you choose photos. It’s really easy to use if you have no glitches. I really want to keep making my edits so please read this review and fix the problem as Capcut really is an amazing app to use. I hope you read this review and fix the problem and if you are thinking about downloading this app I think you should as if you don’t get glitches then it is really great! Have a nice day :)))).Version: 6.8.0

WHAT!!! WHY CAPCUT PRO?!?This was a very good app until pro ruin it. I think that’s not usable anymore. At this price I think I will buy a real editing app seriously:( I’m so sad about this.Version: 7.7.2

IT DELETEDOk so it was amazing I made 20 edits (I counted) prob even more by now then it said storage was full so I deleted some things and it worked fine again BUT THE STUPID APP DELETED ALL OF MY EDITS and I worked so hard on them I cried so you guys better get my things back I had wedding thing and very important thing.Version: 4.1.0

Why did you add a cap cut proThis app was so perfect until you added “everything that makes editors life easier you have to pay for”.Version: 7.7.2

Hi! This is about your new updateThis editing app is probably the best one I’ve found so far, But there is some issues I’ve noticed. I’ve had this app since about 2021. I’ve loved all the lay out and I got used to it pretty quickly. (Even though for some people it may of been harder to wrap there head around how to edit and where to find everything such as the effects, filters etc.) Although since there new update, where they have moved all the effect round and changed somethings. It has been very difficult to edit : I had got a lot more used to how the effect and the other changes were like before. I understand It may be different for some people (like new users of this app.) But since I’ve been using this editing app since 2021, it has been very difficult and I am not to keen on this update. I understand that you probably can’t do much about this. I just want to make this more aware : as I’ve seen on the other popular app you have made (TikTok) people do not find this update any easier..Version: 7.7.2

I like editing once in a while but….I get that the app needs money to make more “products” (editing tools) but how about instead of being like the other “free” editing apps where you have to pay monthly for the whole premium you have your consumers pay for the editing tools they want on the app, and just choose what you want to charge and after they buy the one tool it’s theirs forever, cause I know that there are others who would like to edit but they might not have the time or patience but they don’t wanna pay for a monthly for something they will be using only once every few weeks or months. Just price your editing tools and you can make the Pro for others who want to take editing seriously by giving them “special” tools that only they see and can get. I don’t know if you guys will really think about this but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to voice my opinion.Version: 10.1.1

This is ridiculousI deleted CapCut 3 TIMES and it still says not enough storage. Well If I need space, I’m not gonna have anything to edit! FIX THIS PLEASE.Version: 9.4.0

StorageWhy does it meeds storage like just let it be normal bc some ppl dont have storage and this app need storage like what is this app 🥲.Version: 4.1.1

Good but lags a lotI just want to say that this app is like AMAZING. It’s free and like there are so many effects, it’s amazing. But when I edit it lags quite a bit and it wouldn’t play smoothly (but when exported its fine). It’s a little frustrating but it’s good. It’s a little tiring having to go back and forth because it just wouldn’t play properly. Please take a look!.Version: 1.8.1

Great app but some big issuesCapcut is a really great app for editing videos and has so many features going for it but I did have a couple issues along the way. Firstly it is literally impossible to sign in to a Capcut account unless you use TikTok which is annoying since you can apparently ‘sign in with google and your gmail.’ I also had a major problem with the “Capcut no internet” issue. I was unable to use less then half of Capcut because this issue restricted me. After updating it to the latest version Capcut was still not working and I was forced to delete the app and reload it losing all my videos. After doing that Capcut still refuses to work and this makes me really restricted with my editing. So overall it is an amazing app but fixing these issues is what needs to be done to take my rating up to five stars..Version: 8.5.1

CapCut proThis app used to be so good for editing but now it’s only priority is to make sure you pay their subscription as you can barley use anything without CapCut pro and everything good is in the subscription I understand completely that you have to make money somehow but you could of targeted more focused creators and not small creators that are just trying to make good content but are unable as you must pay the subscription fee what I think would be better is if they made some stuff free to use and for the CapCut pro to be used only for the major influencers as they can probably afford it and use it more than others whereas a small creator would use it 1 or 2 times a week and as for the templates you might say well not everyone wants to know that you used a template and you would want to make it yourself masseurs the music lines up maybe change the music sound or beats just hopefully make an update and make some stuff free to use please.Version: 10.2.0

MehNgl the new update really sucks.Version: 7.7.2

Clunky editing appLike any other editing app. Has a couple of features, you can make your pics appear to jump if you use one effect, turn pics sideways then turn it back when finished, the only reason I attempted to use this app. But when editing and you need a certain length for different pics there is nowhere to edit the length except by the slider. So if you need 0.2 or 0.3 you cannot see when you move the slider that far. Other apps have a separate button you can go into that makes it sooo easy. Hard to use if you want your pics to display in time to music. I was unable to do it with precision. So sloppy results..Version: 5.3.0

This apps not to bad it would be better if half the templates worked and were availableI been using capcut since xmas last year and its been amazing to use but recently half of the templates on this app is either unavailable or doesnt work at all and its such a let down because once they eventually become available its no longer popular anymore please fix this major issue so everyone can use all templates equally as I think its unfair that only some countries have certain templates where most countries don’t have.Version: 9.2.0

Good but something has happendI love this app but yesterday something happens to my CapCut and I couldn’t edit any of my videos nor could I import or try to make a new video. I’m not sure what happend but I couldn’t press anything after I clicked one of my edited videos. My screen was black other than the play button and editing tools at the bottom. Nothing could be pressed other than the home button. Today, it still didn’t work so I deleted the app ( and all of my videos) and installed it again. Nothing is working. When I try to make a new video and import a clip, it just says analyzing or loading and nothing happens. I deleted the app 4 times and installed it but nothing seems to be working. I emailed CapCut twice but I have had no reply yet. I really hope somebody can fix this problem as I am devastated and would like to make more videos.Version: 6.1.0

CAPCUT SUCKSSo I was editing one of my videos and it randomly DELETED it.Version: 9.5.0

Advertisements Advertisements worst thingI was just trying to edit something for fun but this happend. I once opened up the app and I saw an advertisement on the top of my screen. I clicked the X button. And it asked why do wanna remove advertisement? I said I’m not interested in this and it said it was shut down but another popped up at the bottom of my screen. I said no again came back. I was stuck with 2 advertisements one on the bottom one on the top. I was really mad about this because I didn’t wanna keep removing more advertisements at the bottom of my screen and top of my screen. I had plans to do so I left my device near a table. I got back and opened Capcut again. There were more advertisements more then before. I clicked on a advertisement and then went back to the app. I went to the help center and it said i had to pay a dollar. I had a dollar in my apple account so I used it. It said I had to do bank account stuff witch took me about a hour or two to do. I finally found out how to get the the help center and I chatted with someone or maybe a robot (most likely a robot) it said to me that they can’t remove the advertisements. I was really mad about it so I just got another editing app. One day this day I opened CapCut. Another advertisement popped up and it also said it crashed? “Good” app for beginners but to this day I’m using another app on my MacBook (used to use my phone to edit) I wouldn’t recommend this app..Version: 7.3.0

PROIt used to be good but then pro came and now I hate it.Version: 7.7.2

BugsThis app is really good for editing and making animations or whatever you want to do, but I was making an animation and the speech to text I used said the words earlier than where I put it, I moved the audio to come later in the animation but it still plays in the place it was before I moved it, I have checked multiple times and it is in the correct place for where I want it and I have deleted the tab and refreshed, I have also deleted the text and added it in again but it still isn’t working. It’s also glitching a lot and I haven’t put that much into it yet. Please fix this problem because it is making it very hard for me to create videos and edits. Another thing is that whenever I put my video on full screen it just glitches a lot and freezes, but when it’s not on the full screen it’s fine, although sometimes it does glitch a bit but not too bad..Version: 10.6.0

EVERYTHING GOT DELETEDThis app was so good until ALL of my edits got frickin deleted🤬🤬😡😡😡.Version: 4.3.0

Not workingUnable in Canada.Version: 5.8.2

Can you please do thisCan you give us an option to show us a version history’s to give us the old effects back or just put all of them back like what I mean is give an option to get back all back. And Who agrees with the old capcut? I like old better.Version: 8.9.1

It’s decentThis app makes me absolutely breathless at some points but I came to the realisation that pretty much all the cool effects, animations and transitions are capcut pro. So, of course I look at the price of it, and to my surprise it was £60 for a year of this capcut pro! I was so surprised as it’s only an editing app, i was expecting £10 or less, but it’s six times that! That’s not all however, because at some points it can get laggy, VERY laggy. To the points it kicks me out of the app. But to be honest it could just be my phone. Not to mention, I can’t save this one project for some odd reason. It gets up to 97% then stops. I’ve restarted the app, I’ve also just went and exit the project and went back in tried to save it. It still gets stuck at 97%! This is very peculiar as I’ve done projects with stuff like 5 effects 4 transitions 5 animations and hundreds of pictures but this project have only 3 pictures 1 video 3 transitions, 1 animation and 2 effects. Very odd...Version: 7.7.2

Good but needs some improvementsI think this app is a great app for editing, I’ve been using it to make my edits for the past 2 years! However the new updates are quite annoying! First of all, half of the things that were used to be free are now turned intro pro/ paid feature. I used to use things like vibration flash and bubble blur a lot but now they’ve turned into pro. I think CapCut should make the things that were free but turned to pro back to free to make it affordable for everyone. The second thing is removing the effects and adding templates for the texts. I preferred the effects more as it didn’t change your font, it just styled your text with the effect. The template text adds your effect but changes your font and I don’t like it as it’s not the font that I want and if I wanted to change it I would have to look for it in the list again. And lastly removing the AI live makeup filter, many people loved that filter but can’t use it now since it has been removed. Overall please make things back to the way they were before!.Version: 11.0.1

CapCut sucks so badIt does not let me save the video unless I buy CapCut pro and it’s so dumb it does not let me even delete the videos bad app don’t download stay safe out there.Version: 10.2.0

Good but It has bugs that makes me have issuesOk so CapCut is great and all but I had to delete it and I was making a video in camera and it took a long time but halfway through the video when I was watching it, it was all black and when I was making it, it was not black and it was facing me. All my hard work is gone because halfway the video it was black. Second issue is that in the middle of me in the CapCut when I was again using the camera thing it was glitching so I had to reset CapCut and when I did the video was saved but it was so glitchy..I pressed “continue recording” but instead it made me reset the whole video!so I had to do a unfinished video Third issue wich is that when I make a video and it’s pretty long that it..FREEZES! and I have to reset CapCut so when I pressed to go and finish my video it all just resets and I’m left with one clip. Fourth and last issue is that.. Well I know it’s not really CapCuts fault but I have a feeling that CapCut automatically just takes away storage but no storage taken away? It is really hard to explain and I know it’s not really CapCuts fault for any of the issues but this one is so annoying. In this issue my storage is fine nothing is taken away but when I want to make a video is says insufficient storage! Please fix these issues and sorry it’s confusing. Don’t worry CapCut it’s still a good app: !.Version: 8.0.0

AMAZINGGGI’ve had capcut for about 3-4 years now and I absolutely love love love it, its great for everyone beginners, mobile and computer users, personal use, projects etc. I’ve used capcut for many of my projects in school as well for fun and creative edits in my spare time and it has made my edits flawless this app is outstanding for mobile users it has many elements that are found on computer. So over all an amazing app but of course have some things that need improving. My first point is that in the recently added “template place” it is extremely laggy for me and is hard to zoom out in in on, but that’s only a little issue in that area but apart from that the template section is going well. My other issue is that it is very hard to access your account, I deleted to app on accident once and thought it was fine because I had logged in but no when I got in all my projects I had put time and effort into had disappeared. After a big cry I contacted capcut it took them a while to get back but unfortunately nothing could be done. (please fix this so it doesn’t happen to others) Anyway I love love love love this app and 100% recommend it!!.Version: 9.1.1

It’s great but why is there pro now?I liked it better when everything was free. Bye.Version: 10.0.1

Bleeding edge; NOT cutting edgeBe aware of the difference in UK versions. Capcut offer 3 versions. Mobile, Online, and download to your computer. So far I haven't been able to sync any of my accounts between any versions. Also, what's on offer across the platforms isn't the same. for example, inside the download version you don't get Templates. I'm sure Capcut will eventually make a coherent product but right now in the UK is a bit of a mess tbh. Also, even in the Pro version, even after removing the Capcut logo in some videos I found a Capcut link still appeared inside some Insta videos which seemed impossible to remove. when I viewed it on mobile it blocks the viewer from parts of my video, and I have paid for this too! Should be able to remove. Generally, this product could be so much better in the UK. It really does need to make the customer experience in transition across platforms a lot easier as it's a deal breaker for me..Version: 2.0.0

Pretty amazing… butThe app is great in all honesty and one of the better free editing softwares I’ve seen mainly for the reason that it’s free. However I have two issues, one being that they added CapCut-Pro which is a little off in my opinion, however it’s fine I understand that they need to make at least a bit of money off of it somehow. And the other issue was that they removed an absolutely groundbreaking feature that was incredible and super useful for audio, being the vocal isolation, it could remove all background sound effects, music and keep your voice in. Or, it could remove all vocal noises being anything that is a voice, which was super helpful and did it better than most apps that are specifically meant for that one ability. It was incredibly helpful and made making videos a lot easier for me on phone which I could’ve used for a future project I was looking to work on, however recently they have removed that feature, I don’t know why they decided to do this, not sure if it’s a legal matter or not, but waking up to see it disappear was incredibly disappointing to find out. I hope they bring it back in the future due to how useful it was, it may have been a CapCut-Pro feature, but I would’ve gladly paid for Pro if granted me access to that feature..Version: 9.8.1

🥀?💢?🥀Okay...straight up. THIS APP USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE APP UNTIL THIS THING KEEPS SAYING I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE OMG FIX THIS PLEASE, IM SO STRESSED I DELETED SO MUCH OF MY FAVOURITE APPS FOR THIS AND EVEN PICTURES THAT GIVE ME GOOD MEMORIES! Well...this USED to be my favourite editing app, not anymore until this gets fixed wow I’m so surprised how I used to adore this app and use it all day..I’m downloading a different editing app...I’ll miss you CapCut..Version: 4.0.1

Pro not needed.Why? why do you have to put “pro” ? are you that greedy? your app was good before pro and now you put pro? are you trying to be alight motion or something? the update is so stupid..Version: 7.7.2

Good for a free app ♥️I love how it’s free yet almost every good thing in the app cost money, I get how it needs to make money to keep the app going with no adds but it will be cool if we had some templates that didn’t have to buy. But if your looking for a free editing app this is the one you should go touch first to see what it is you need and what it looks cool to do with the feature that I just created in a simple video and it works fine with my camera 🎥 so I think 🤔 it’s just that it is really cool 😎 so if you’re not into the art 🖼️ of the genre I think 🤔 maybe 🤔 but if not it’s okay 👌 just don’t waste my money and I will do the work of you guys and I can get you some more work done andtrotting you guys can get your work out of your art 🖼️ of photography if you’re not busy or whatever but if wow wouie is a good 👍 you I know I am but I am not sure how you can do that and I know that I will be doing that and not I am a bit biased so I don’t care about about it so I am a good artist 👨‍🎨 so if you’re I don’t want to see you know you know I don’t know what you do but if you are you know what you snow I don’t tt eto see you know I don’t want it I it would-you just don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t like 👍 so if I you’re a bad guy you can.Version: 9.3.3

What was the FREAKING POINT OF REMOVING CAPCUT PRO??I SWEAR CapCut transitions are already crappy and all so they introduced CapCut Pro but IN THE NEW UPDATE, IT WAS REMOVED!.Version: 8.8.2

Better before updateJust updated to the most recent version, and I am now unable to import clips and audio through the app. I have to go into finder and drag the clips into my media library on the app. While this definitely isn't the biggest issue in the world, it is still pretty annoying sometimes. Would add an additional star if this is problem gets resolved! Overall, it's a pretty great app — I just wish it was a bit more efficient! :).Version: 2.3.0

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