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CapCut - Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

CapCut - Video Editor app received 54 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CapCut - Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about capcut - video editor?

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CapCut - Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

Love the game but can’t get inI download this app with my friend told me that it was great editing out for my channel when I first download the app I loved it so much I started immediately working on the intro for my channel but I had started to have some problems and it was my bedtime so I went to bed in the next morning it wasn’t letting me go into it wasn’t letting me go into what I was editing so I deleted many of my apps so I could continue using this one app because it said not enough storage and I wasted so many apps for it to not even let me in so I think it’s like a bug or some thing I think you guys should make it so some people look at it can get in I don’t know if this is like for everyone it’s just me and I don’t know if it’s on my end or your end so if it’s on my end please let me know also when I deleted the app to see if I could re-open the app and I could use it again to continue to start over with the editing it wouldn’t let me download it I’m pretty sure that part is on my end but I just wanted to say it that game is really really good though it’s not a game it’s an editing app but I love it so much.Version: 5.6.0

It dosnt work wellSo I was going to make a normal tiktok like I do and I was going to edit it on capcut so I was about to import the photos but it said couldn’t import the photos I turned my iPad off and on I deleted most of my photos I tried and tried again and it would only let me put in 1 photo and it wouldn’t let me add an overlay so I don’t know if that a virus or something but it needs to get checked out😒⚠️😡.Version: 5.1.0

IdeasThe app is good but I have some ideas…Basically inwards to know if u can add a glossy effect cause usually capcut users look at after effect users use glossy effects for their roblox edit so people tried make custom a glossy effect on capcut but it didn’t seem to be working so they had some complaints about it…Also here is another thing….the auto velocity thing doesn’t really work so I thought if you can adjust it a little bit? And, can also add those smooth transform transitions cause this person called “Kitty Afnan channel” has a edit and it had a man in the tile photo and the smooth transition she uses is with those ghost children that are in her edit and I was wondering if it was in capcut but it wasn’t so I thought you could add to your app, it would be really helpful. But your wondering “wait don’t we already have that” you do but the white flash, when it transforms, I don’t like it and I’m not say you should delete but add that other transformation transition I’m talking about :) *One more thing* can add some better effects or transitions like the ones said and one where the background has color noise and yeah. Thank you!.Version: 6.2.0

Oh my god!!!!!!I hate this app it’s so trashy every time when I want to make a new edit it’s says my storage is full I deleted like thousands of stuff when I went to make a tutorial on how to make an edit it said I did not enough storage this app sucks I hate it!!!!! Please fix the problem!!.Version: 3.0.1

Not workingUnable in Canada.Version: 5.8.2

AnnoyingIt says I have not enough storage but I do have enough storage.Version: 4.6.0

PicturesI can’t have access to my pictures!! It’s just stupid, and it always have to add one pic then I can’t have another!! It’s annoying!!.Version: 4.7.1

Horrible experienceI use CapCut all the time to edit my videos of games, sports, or just life. It’s always been a simple easy app to use. At first this was fine but now I’m realizing how little you can actually do on it. CapCut gives you the basics, sticking clips together and adding a few fun effects. But it’s nowhere near professional or advanced. I wouldn’t even call it intermediate. Most of the effects are just made by CapCut itself, and it doesn’t allow you to be as creative as you would like to be. To add on, I had created an edit that had taken me a fair amount of time (were talking 1-3 hours) and while trying to duplicate this edit I mistakingly deleted the clip. There is no way to get a clip back after it is deleted, and all my effort went down the drain just because of that. To add on I turned to CapCut support for help and they refused to even give me a living human being unless I paid $1. I wanted a simple conversation that lasted a few minutes about something they should have made better and I have to pay $1 for all that and waste my time setting up payment information and other random stuff I’ll never use again? I think not. CapCut is great in that it’s good for beginners and there’s a good amount of stuff to do on it, but come on. There app clearly has problems and the people that made it are just cheep snobs looking to make quick money off an easy to make app..Version: 6.3.1

EVERYTHING GOT DELETEDThis app was so good until ALL of my edits got frickin deleted🤬🤬😡😡😡.Version: 4.3.0

Hate the new updateSince the new update came, my app keeps kicking me out and losing my progress. You say your updates are fixing bugs but they’re just making more bugs instead! As I was editing my video I kept getting kicked out and lost quite a bit of progress but kept going. Now when I’m trying to watch it back it’s kicking me out a lot I can’t even watch a quarter of the video. I just thought I’ll just save it then watch it and I can’t even do that. It gets to 50% saved then kicks me out. I’ve tried so many times, I’ve even reset my phone. I don’t want to have to delete the app as I’ll lose all my videos. FIX THIS RIGHT NOW PLEASE.Version: 6.6.1

Glitch?I have just recently installed this app and it is great, I stopped using it for around a week and then used it again but then something is different. My edits don’t immediately play after I press the play button, then the screen freezes, I can’t move or exit. After 10 seconds it works again, I would’ve dealt with it if it happened only a few times but this happens every time I try to play my video, like EVERY TIME. It keeps freezing when I press the play button and it is very annoying, I have updated, reinstalled three times and those did not fix the problem. Not sure what to do, please fix. (Other than this huge problem than this app is great).Version: 4.6.1

Nice app but quite a few problemsSo I used CapCut not for long because there are some problems that make me mad. First one was is if I make a video more than like 5-10 secs long then I need to delete apps and pics to be able to export it and I don’t have many apps or pics (sometimes it still doesn’t export it). My other problem is that when I play the vid in the app, it lags A LOT, and I can’t see if I made the timing right and stuff. Another thing that is weird is that some people on social media mix transitions e.g. swing from the ‘in’ on and ‘bounce 2’ from the altogether one, but I can’t do that. I can only apply 1 transition at a time. I gave it three stars because it’s a great app apart from the problems I just listed..Version: 3.3.0

Take the adviceIt used to be good but now the audio is delayed and it lags too much. Also it takes up too much space. Also they need to add a pinch squeeze option. Also they need to add motion blur and motion tile. Also they need to add presets from creators and YouTubers. Also they need to make it so you can choose how long the animation and transitions are no matter how short the clip is. They also need to make it so you don’t have to export to have multiple animations on one clip. Besides those it’s a pretty solid app💪.Version: 5.7.1

This app dosent work anymoreI’ve been using this app for a pretty long time now and it was really good to make edit when the latest update came every time i try to save and edit it says storage is that I have to many photos even tho I have 10.Version: 3.2.2

IT DELETEDOk so it was amazing I made 20 edits (I counted) prob even more by now then it said storage was full so I deleted some things and it worked fine again BUT THE STUPID APP DELETED ALL OF MY EDITS and I worked so hard on them I cried so you guys better get my things back I had wedding thing and very important thing.Version: 4.1.0

Come onWon’t let me edit. Says my storage is full but I have deleted five apps, four notes and a bunch of photos and it still says unsciffied storage (or something like that).Version: 4.1.0

Just no-Now first of all don’t get me wrong I loveee Capcut but- 😭I wanted to make a video as normal but then…IT SAiD MY STORRAGE WAS FULL I DELETED My VIDeos and lots of my photos just for it to still say I can’t make a video so I deleted it and I press re download but now it won’t let me download it sooo 😀yea fix it please or I’m just gonna go RaWrrrrrrr.Version: 7.0.0

🥀?💢?🥀Okay...straight up. THIS APP USED TO BE MY FAVOURITE APP UNTIL THIS THING KEEPS SAYING I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE OMG FIX THIS PLEASE, IM SO STRESSED I DELETED SO MUCH OF MY FAVOURITE APPS FOR THIS AND EVEN PICTURES THAT GIVE ME GOOD MEMORIES! Well...this USED to be my favourite editing app, not anymore until this gets fixed wow I’m so surprised how I used to adore this app and use it all day..I’m downloading a different editing app...I’ll miss you CapCut..Version: 4.0.1

CapCut free templates not available on canadaWhy I can’t use my free templates it’s supposed to be in the bottom but why I don’t have that please make it avail here in canada.Version: 5.7.0

Nice but needs workI use this app relatively frequently and would like to think I’ve become decently used to the platform. However, almost every time I save an edit after finishing, there is a problem. I go back to check the saved video and clips aren’t timed the same, have weird snippets of other clips that annoy transitions, and overall format of the videos sometimes change. On the latest edit I had to move around the picture so it didn’t always fit the screen and there were sometimes black bars. I just assumed that I could crop it afterwards off the app (since there is no simple crop tool, only format change). I exported my clip almost double digit times, each time going back to fix the little new mistake that was generated. Milliseconds of a previous clip will be in the next and it ruin the transitions. Then when I would fix it, another would go wrong making it extremely frustrating. It just seems like there’s literally too much for either the all of my phone to handle. I have an iPhone XR with plenty of storage so I doubt it’s that. Very disappointed because I don’t feel as excited or confident about my edit which preformed much better in the actual preview on the app then in my camera roll….Version: 6.9.0

StorageI struggle with space storage a lot and by even getting this app it takes tons and tons of storage,But when i finally get to edit and try to save it to my camera roll it says i do not have storage same thing when you open the app. Its a great and easy editing app though,Just wish that the “you do not have enough storage” when you open the app to make an edit,Clip or whatever and when you finish to save it. I know you can draft it but it still doesn’t work for me,Please fix this,I even tried other apps to save up storage and stuff like that,Still nothing. Tried to delete a lot of stuff constantly but still nothing. No hate or anything like that towards this app i just love it and wish the storage thing could be fixed so i can finally use it, Please and thank you..Version: 3.1.1

Advertisements Advertisements worst thingI was just trying to edit something for fun but this happend. I once opened up the app and I saw an advertisement on the top of my screen. I clicked the X button. And it asked why do wanna remove advertisement? I said I’m not interested in this and it said it was shut down but another popped up at the bottom of my screen. I said no again came back. I was stuck with 2 advertisements one on the bottom one on the top. I was really mad about this because I didn’t wanna keep removing more advertisements at the bottom of my screen and top of my screen. I had plans to do so I left my device near a table. I got back and opened Capcut again. There were more advertisements more then before. I clicked on a advertisement and then went back to the app. I went to the help center and it said i had to pay a dollar. I had a dollar in my apple account so I used it. It said I had to do bank account stuff witch took me about a hour or two to do. I finally found out how to get the the help center and I chatted with someone or maybe a robot (most likely a robot) it said to me that they can’t remove the advertisements. I was really mad about it so I just got another editing app. One day this day I opened CapCut. Another advertisement popped up and it also said it crashed? “Good” app for beginners but to this day I’m using another app on my MacBook (used to use my phone to edit) I wouldn’t recommend this app..Version: 7.3.0

This NEEDS To Be AdressedI had just finished making a video around five minutes long that was mainly text based but somehow a glitch happened when I added a video in and now the entirety of the text was gone! And I closed the app to try and see if it would bring back the text but the app saved the video without the text and now it’s stuck like that forever! I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be using an app to edit videos I need to know that I can rely on the app not to delete my progress! I know that CapCut auto saves when you leave a project and with that feature I would like to be able to access my last saved version of the project that I was working on. For example, you can click on the project file that you want to access its last saved date to from the three dots and then pick the last saved. That way this issue is completely resolved and nobody has to worry about this huge problem again. Thank you for reading..Version: 5.1.0

Great but needs improvementsI think this app would be 5 stars if it made some improvements. First of all, I like how simple it is but I wish you could made custom transitions and more options for shakes. Overall the app is great, but it’s also very hard to make a pretty, slow, smooth shake with text so you have to save the video over and over again to make the shakes with the combos. Please add custom transitions, and more options for the animation of text! Overall, I LOVE the new 3D thing with pictures! But I also wish you could add transitions for photos. I’m mostly looking for an app with shakes, all of my edits are the same style and I just want something new you know? I’m trying to find other apps to do these really smooth shakes, like after affects for example, but that’s only available on a pc. CapCut is a very easy, and great app, but I wish there were more options, so I wouldn’t have to save, and re add the same video adding more and more transitions, to still not be able to get what I want. Anyways, please add this! Overall your app is great, I love it! Thank you for taking your time to read this..Version: 3.5.0

Uh??This app is like so cool but it doesnt work anymore and now i cant download it back.Version: 3.9.0

ImproveIve been using this app vaguely, i hv discovered that theres really good transitions and effects but theres lots of stuff that can be improved in this app aswell, like the velocity or speed is not that good it makes the videos frames slower and more rough, when using effects theres no options to fade it away, having transition on the start and the of the clip, triming the video even when editing like on the bar, visually see the audio so we can see the beats not hiding when editing, the speed or velocity an option where the speed goes in the beat of the music. The animation combo needs fade or a better ending maybe an option that the person them selves can do. Please improve this app! It really has alot of potential if these stuff are improved or added.Version: 2.1.0

HmmmCapCut is the best and I have made so many videos and I only just got it last week. It is addictive in some ways, but there’s one thing that has been annoying me for quite a long’s clips and stuff. What I would, do is I would make a video but I want to trim it down a little bit...I would save it and add it to wouldn’t trim and it would just play the original video that I had made. If you are wondering why I don’t trim it in CapCut is because whenever I extract a sound and I would put it in I would want it to play at the very start of the video it wouldn’t play at the start of the matter how hard I try so I don’t know about this game....Version: 3.5.0

SucksThe app failed to export my video amd now i have to restart my video and the video is due in one minute.Version: 4.8.0

StorageWhy does it meeds storage like just let it be normal bc some ppl dont have storage and this app need storage like what is this app 🥲.Version: 4.1.1

Can't add audio?Can't add audio tracks from your computer! How totally useless for a musician trying to make videos! Have to create a video in another app with my audio and then extract the audio from the video???? Howwwwwwwbout ya skip a step and just enable adding a free audio track! Literally flabberghasted..Version: 1.0.1

TrashI can’t even upload videos because it doesn’t load ANYTHING after it Gets to 90% don’t use it.Version: 3.8.1

Clunky editing appLike any other editing app. Has a couple of features, you can make your pics appear to jump if you use one effect, turn pics sideways then turn it back when finished, the only reason I attempted to use this app. But when editing and you need a certain length for different pics there is nowhere to edit the length except by the slider. So if you need 0.2 or 0.3 you cannot see when you move the slider that far. Other apps have a separate button you can go into that makes it sooo easy. Hard to use if you want your pics to display in time to music. I was unable to do it with precision. So sloppy results..Version: 5.3.0

Good but something has happendI love this app but yesterday something happens to my CapCut and I couldn’t edit any of my videos nor could I import or try to make a new video. I’m not sure what happend but I couldn’t press anything after I clicked one of my edited videos. My screen was black other than the play button and editing tools at the bottom. Nothing could be pressed other than the home button. Today, it still didn’t work so I deleted the app ( and all of my videos) and installed it again. Nothing is working. When I try to make a new video and import a clip, it just says analyzing or loading and nothing happens. I deleted the app 4 times and installed it but nothing seems to be working. I emailed CapCut twice but I have had no reply yet. I really hope somebody can fix this problem as I am devastated and would like to make more videos.Version: 6.1.0

I hate this appWhy do i hate this app? I had to delete all my photos and half my apps so i can get 1 video to work AND IT KEEPS SAYING I HAVE LOW STORAGE WHEN I DONT AND IT KEEPS SAYING “something went wrong” FIX THIS NOW.Version: 5.0.0

Great app, but some issuesThis app is pretty good. It’s not the best, but it’s decent for a free app. It has graphs, keyframes, effects, and more things that are really useful for editing! There’s a chroma key and a solid variety of transitions and animations. However, I have some issues, the main one being how laggy it gets. If you add enough overlays and effects, sooner or later the preview will get very laggy. Because of this, it’s hard to time things correctly. Every time I need to properly check of my editing is on time, I have to export it - which is very annoying. Another glitch I have come across have to do with audio. Sometimes, when I split a piece of audio into two, the second part is muted. No audio plays. My volume is up and the volume settings are perfectly fine. Even if I restart the app and restart my whole device, this glitch still occurs. And sometimes I don’t split it at all, but when I save the project and come back to it later, the audio is all muted again! This has happened to me several times, and I’m not sure if it’s only happening with me. The lag issues are definitely something that others experience, too. Overall, it’s pretty good. I’m thinking to get a better editing program, though. You probably know what I’m talking about. I don’t have much experience with editing programs in general (the only other one I’ve used is iMovie), so take my opinions with a grain of salt..Version: 5.3.0

Lag crashingThis a good app but you should add affects like green flash yellow flash pink purple colours like them or cyan and whenever I press import it takes about 50 minutes just to get to 50% please try and fix this amazing app now let’s get to when I started playing this app i was frustrated because I didn’t understand at all so I was frustrated a lot try and make it more understandable for beginners because when I was a beginner it was annoying hard and I didn’t understand at all give a more detailed tutorial then just affects blue thing whatever altogether this app is amazing and my online friend introduced it to me I love this app so much because now I actually understand it -O.Version: 6.6.1

Straight up annoyingI am very annoyed with this app right now. It is a good editing app that can cook you up an edit in 10 minutes or less but, some tools are very difficult, confusing, and frustrating to use. For example, the drag option to move clips, text, overlays, effects, etc, is so annoying to use because they added a thing so it clips in to another clip or whatever you have and makes it super hard to make it the length that you actually want it to be, especially when you have a lot of them. I also want to talk about the custom speed and how it doesn’t let you do what you want to. This option is great and I use it very often but, it does not let you put it at the exact speed you want, instead, they make a random “max” every time you want to change the speed and you cant make it the right speed. For example, lets say you want the speed at 0.7 so you put it at 0.7 but instead, capcut has it’s own mind and decides to make you only be able to make it 0.5 and down. So in the end, you cant get the right speed you want. I hate when capcut does this and it needs to fix it immediately. Capcut is a good app but stuff like this made me not want to use this app ever again because it limits me from the things I want to do. I hope you don’t find this dumb and that capcut fixes this soon..Version: 6.6.1

It’s okayIt’s an OK app and for video editing it’s pretty reliable but if you try and use their templates they tend to get corrupted and turn black and stop working also if you try and select photos after you select one it will take you back to the top and if you’ve selected a certain folder it’ll take you out of that folder but it doesn’t do that with videos. So adding videos to edit is really easy but if you want to add photos it’s going to take a lot of time or you need to go into your Photos app and favorite all of them first and then try and open them one by one from the favorite album but it still sends you to the top after each selection so it’s very tedious and time-consuming. I originally used InShot for all my video editing and then switched over to CapCut after learning about it on Tiktok but I think I’ll switch back to InShot now. Essentially they feel like they do the same things but InShot never fails me or glitches while CapCut glitches often. Also I’ve never had an issue saving a large file from InShot but I have had several issues saving large files from CapCut..Version: 5.8.2

No internet VPN???I have used CapCut for a while and every things fine but now all of a sudden it’s saying no internet and things are telling me to install a VPN help-.Version: 4.1.0

I’m so annoyedI was making a glmm for my yt and I closed it for 2 seconds and went I open it up again everything was deleted all my videos everything 😐.Version: 3.9.0

Good, but a few bugsThis app is great! its just, with my experience so far, ive come across quite a few bugs. i’ll tell you about one as an example; i was trying to make an edit using a greenscreen overlay, and that worked perfectly fine, i knew how to use it so there was no problems there. but when i tried to size the image to fit into the green screen box, it would size itself? like i wouldn’t even be touching the screen at all and it would slowly make itself bigger/ smaller, even tho i hadn’t touched the screen yet. same thing happened whilst trying to move it left and right. Overall, very easy to use, great app— just needs a few bug fixes..Version: 5.4.2

Pretty helpful but needs a little update on the sizeThis app is amazing. But the actual app size changed my phone. Storage on my phone was so bad I had to delete it and now my storage is way better. Although this app is absolutely amazing and helps me edit my other things, I do think the sizing is a little bit too much. I’m not a good expert at knowing how to change things, but if it could be changed I would like the app size to be a little different. This is pretty cool but I never knew how to use the green screen also. I never saw it anywhere but I’ve seen so many people use the green screen effect on cap cut. If that could be changed everything would be awesome because I’ve been looking for the green screen button for so long. I’ve been using this app for months now and I do think that I’m getting the hang of it. It is a little confusing which I wish that could change but I mean, it’s an editing app it takes practice. Anyways overall the only reason why I think it’s a three is because it is a little confusing to do and the size is really bad. But I do think this app is very helpful..Version: 4.1.1

Keeps telling me I don’t have internetRead the title.Version: 4.1.0

IssuesThis app was good until I experienced some technical difficulties. I was editing my video that was 8 mins long and all of a sudden the app crashed on me. When I went to export it, it kept saying “failed to export” when I had storage for it. Then I went to go back to export my project, but I noticed the app was telling me I had no storage although I had enough for all my projects. When I went to delete my project as I was fed up, it didn’t let me, so I tried deleting the app expecting it to delete my projects like it did before when I deleted it previously, but ofcourse when I went to get it back after it wouldn’t let me download it as it kept loading instead of downloading but any other app that cost more storage I could download. Please fix this bug, and make sure longer videos can export!.Version: 5.1.0

Used to be greatCapcut used to be an amazing app and I would make lots of cool edits for my friends and my dog but recently it has been deleting the photos once I add music to the edit. I have deleted it and re installed but it didn’t work this is really annoying as I can’t make edit’s anymore as it won’t work. However I do really like the app in general (before I I couldn’t make edits) it has lots of options and you can make a fun edit or a serious one! It’s very fun and I love how you can do shortcuts which just do the edit for you after you choose photos. It’s really easy to use if you have no glitches. I really want to keep making my edits so please read this review and fix the problem as Capcut really is an amazing app to use. I hope you read this review and fix the problem and if you are thinking about downloading this app I think you should as if you don’t get glitches then it is really great! Have a nice day :)))).Version: 6.8.0

What the he//CapCut was working just fine but as soon as i left the app the went back in it deleted all the edits I’ve done 😭😡.Version: 4.0.1

Good but lags a lotI just want to say that this app is like AMAZING. It’s free and like there are so many effects, it’s amazing. But when I edit it lags quite a bit and it wouldn’t play smoothly (but when exported its fine). It’s a little frustrating but it’s good. It’s a little tiring having to go back and forth because it just wouldn’t play properly. Please take a look!.Version: 1.8.1

Close captionsHello. This app was recommended to me as great for generating closed captions But when I tried it, I couldn't find the “text” button! So weird! So I deleted it and I’m gonna give it another try. Could it be that I’m downloading an old version? Can you help please?.Version: 4.3.0

This is okayThis is very easy to use but there is one problem when I shorten a part of the video all the way and want to make it longer again it just comes up with this video is to short to do a transition when I’m not pressing on that (I’m on ipad).Version: 4.3.0

The no internet glitchCapCut was really good but a glitch that I had a problem was the no internet glitch. There was a long period of time were I didn’t have a internet connection but when I got it back it still showed that there was no internet. I tried everything but nothing seemed to work and I was really sad as I couldn’t add any special effects and I think it might have been a problem with the app. Other wise CapCut was really good and I had a fun experience with it before the glitch.Version: 7.4.0

Not workingI love this app and i use it all the time but now all it does when i try to import a video it says no internet connection but i have one of the best internet operators in my country i tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but it did not plz fix this.Version: 5.4.2

Could use some better transitionsOverall best editing app but I think you could spice it up by getting better transitions as the ones you have done are very boring take no offence to this as your transitions are actually pretty good for a free editing app with no watermarks but how can I get a watermark on my edit I don’t really know how reply if you can show me how.Version: 2.4.0

Needs a sign inI would really like to be able to sign up because due to low storage I had to delete the app, later realising it deleted my many edits and I cannot recover them. Hopefully in the future you can make it save all of our editing or let us make accounts.Version: 5.8.1

FreezesWhen I opened CapCut and I added some photos in it and some music, I pressed the button to play but it didn’t play so it freeze/lag. I restart it again and did the same thing and it froze , I can’t play the video anymore :/.Version: 3.4.0

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