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SP Camera App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

SP Camera app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using SP Camera? Can you share your negative thoughts about sp camera?

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SP Camera for Negative User Reviews

Good ButIt's a good application once you get used to it. However, I have noticed although I have selected 4k it does not save videos in 4k to the gallery..Version: 7.3

Hidden from meThe screen is completely black and I cant use it. I tried to tap around for hidden buttons and hold them down but nothing works. Where is the trouble shooting guide or a page for help? Up and down buttons are not working. Nothing is working. I paid 10 bucks for a blank screen and an app that doesn’t work..Version: 7.1.1

Garbage appYou exit out of the app, It stops recording. I was looking for an app which can record while you are browsing other apps on your phone or maybe lock the phone and it would still record and nobody would know. But this app is not like that. It works while you are on the app and it just makes the screen blank so that nobody would know that you actually recording and if you exit accidentally or hit the lock button accidentally. Video recording will stop..Version: 6.1.1

CRAP DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS APPVideo is not recording continuously. Stopped working every 1 to 3 mins..Version: 4.0.1

Screen fade?The option to make the button icons fade doesn't work anymore. Fix this!.Version: 3.2

MrI used the clear camera for about one month ago and now the left top bottom to switch the camera to the hidden mode ( black screen ) not working ....anyone to help Can I re install the program again with no charge.Version: 3.2.2

Tutorial? Stuck on black screen!How do u get to the main menu 😡 How do I get out of the black screen?! I tap it and different recording modes are written in the middle and there’s a glowing bar at the bottom middle but how can I figure out how to use this!? I paid the money months ago for a reason but haven’t been able to use it. I’ll rate this a one until I can b shown or helped using this bc rn it’s useless 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: 7.3

DEVELOPER PLEASE RESPOND!I wasn’t able to find your contact information (maybe I’ve overlooked it) and this is the only way I can get a hold of you. I’m having a transaction issue with your app, I’m not sure if it’s an issue on your part or on the AppStore. Not sure how these things work, but I’ve already check with my bank and it’s not them. I need this to be fixed because I cannot download any other apps if this doesn’t get resolved. PLEASE HELP!.Version: 6.2.5

Was okay at firstThe app was working just fine and now when I record video it doesn’t record audio only video. I’ve uninstalled the app and it works a couple of times then goes back to no audio recording on the video..Version: 7.3

Lock button needs a fixIf someone picks up the phone and locks it the camera stops recording, so if you’re recording a room and someone sees the phone and picks it up to check it they’ll accidentally stop your recording by pressing the lock button trying to unlock the phone.Version: 7.5

Something wrong with camera buttonEverything was working fine when I used it a few weeks ago. Now when I click on camera, it loads a Wikipedia browser portal. Now I can’t get any recordings and stuck on the browser . Please help..Version: 7.1.3

CrashesCrashes immediately upon recording in iOS8.1 on 32GB iPhone 5S rendering the app non-functional..Version: 3.0

New changeCan we remove that green dot when the camera is on or have something to camouflage it? This is from the new iOS. For the background clock why is there no option for the lock screen with the clock? You should be able to have the background look like the lock screen. The clock format that you have now is bad..Version: 7.4

The functions are falsely labeledOpposed as to the description of the application, as read in the store, it will not actually record videos while your device is locked and turned off. It will in fact dim your display at best and make it a black screen. The fact that this app is not able to be refunded is the worst outcome of finding this out so I’m writing this review to anyone doubting to buy this app. Don’t, because it’ll save you $10..Version: 6.2.5

Using AppSome recordings I canny hear voice just image?? Does that mean voice has not recorded or can I retrieve voice??.Version: 7.1.2

Cant take video and play video at the same timeIt used to be working fine but since last update it wont allow me to shoot video and play video in web background (like youtube) at the same time. Once I start playing youtube in web background video shooting stop. Why?!😞.Version: 7.3

No support for wide angle lens on newer iPads (iPad Mini 6)App works well, as advertised. Slight learning but over all great app! Only disappointment is that you can’t use the wide angle lens setting on the selfie camera like you can natively in the camera app.Version: 7.4

PasscodeHow do I reset my passcode?!.Version: 6.2.5

Unable to capture mediaHas been a good app, but recently it just comes up with a warning saying unable to capture media and won’t work anymore :-(.Version: 7.1.3

?User issue or app issue? When I enter easy mode and all my buttons disappear except the preview screen I can’t ever get the buttons to reappear. It’s beyond frustrating. I really like the many options this app offers, but this issue is enough to make me not want to use the app at all. Also when it’s giving you tips it would be easier while learning the actions if a note popped up letting you know you did select option properly. Trying to figure things out and not knowing if I properly did something it suggested leaves the learning ability unknown....Version: 7.0.4

Slow Motion option doesn’t workSlow motion video setting doesn’t work. Doesn’t save to app folder or camera role as slow mo, please fix. EDIT: Even after adjusting the FPS and recording under the slow motion camera and then sending to camera role, the video still isn’t in a slowmotion format. It won’t play in slowmo and when trying to edit it’s not able to be edited like a slowmo video..Version: 5.1.2

Autofocus issue?Is there a way to automatically lock the autofocus after it starts recording? I'm using this on an iPhone 5s and when I hold the camera and start recording, every small movement in my hand leads to the camera autofocusing and makes the video less smooth when playing back. Thanks..Version: 5.0

Videos not savingIt has worked for a while before but suddenly it just doesn’t save videos to the cameras storage thing and doesn’t stop recording after the first tap?Please help.Version: 7.4

Crashes with new iPadInstalled on the newest model 2020 iPad running latest IOS, but after initially working SPC crashed. Won't open since then with instant crash. Couldn't find any support email or contact details so a review is my only option to communicate. Hope this can be resolved..Version: 7.1.3

Audio doesn’t work with recordings!I’ve had this app for years and pay for it and the last couple of years the audio hasn’t been working with most of my recordings and I’ve tried to talk to the support team about it but they had no help or answers. Lame.Version: 7.3

Green light indicatorNot really perfect after updating the app. During recording, when using blank screen background. There is green light indicator in the top near camera. It is not really stealth mode. Its not really perfect blank, someone can still notice or wonder why there is green light in the top area..Version: 7.1.3

HelpI cant see any of the controls whenever I launch it. All I see are words “ video recording stopped” and everything else is black screen.Version: 6.2.5

Having problemI need assistant. The app screen goes completely black and I can’t get it back to norma. And seems can’t take video while your mobile in home page or sleep mode. I need help I’ve just paid today £8.99 thinking it’s easy app but seems not. I will decide if I get the prober help or not. And if I’m not happy where I can get back my refund..Version: 7.4

The app doesn’t work after IOS update to 13.1.3 .The app doesn’t work after IOS update to 13.1.3 ..Version: 6.2.5

Great but storage issuesDoesn’t seem to delete data. Deleted wall media and emptied trash but still showing 4.8gb.Version: 7.3

FreezesIt freezes all the time have to delete and reinstall, no volume, not wort the money.Version: 4.0.1

GarbageOld tech. Couldn’t fool a baby. Also won’t work when locked..Version: 7.0.3

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