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Pro Camera by Moment App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Pro Camera by Moment app received 111 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pro Camera by Moment? Can you share your negative thoughts about pro camera by moment?

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Pro Camera by Moment for Negative User Reviews

CrashingKeep crashing on my old iPhone 6 plus when open the new updated slow shutter moment :(.Version: 3.10.0

Seams to work well but battery!Was super excited for this app and all its updates but unfortunately on my iPhone 6s plus it drans the battery to the point of watching it drop 20% using the app for less then 2 minutes :( no other app does this in my phone,.Version: 3.2.3

Great app unless you have the iPhone X Battery Photo Case...I just spent $100 plus shipping for the Moment iPhone X Battery Case. I love the design and feel of the case and thought it was great until I noticed that the only way to turn the battery case off or on is through the Camera App. As of today when I go to turn the case battery off to save the backup battery for when my phone is low the battery case keeps turning back on. When I go back into the app it shows the case back on. I go to turn it off again and a few minutes later the case turns on again and I have to go back into the app to turn the battery case off again and again and again... Moment App Developers please for the love of all things Holy. Please fix the app at minimum and if you could patch the firmware on the case so that the shutter switch when long pressed for 3 or 5 seconds turns off or on the case regardless if the phone/app is installed. To me the Battery case is a hazard not knowing if it’s going to stay off or on when the App keeps messing up the battery case on/off status. We should be able to turn the case off/on without having to go through the App. $100 and this battery case is not safe with the only way to turn if off is through the Moment Camera app..Version: 3.5.2

DisappointedThere was no update for 3 Years on the App. Don’t waste your time and money. I took a feather and tried to take the photo with a blurred background but doss not have the feather details. Using the App to improve a premium phone camera such as 12 ‘Max Pro with ProRaw enabled in the settings. Tried both backgrounds. Holding the feather and then the second by placing it against the wall with a Beige background. Both photos were out of focus. I mean you can see the lines of the feather but with crispness. Same thing with a Samsung S10. I am ashamed that the Samsung put the iPhone to shame. Does not support 16.9 support. Does not work well when using the 12 Pro Max. The Auto focus doesn’t to work. Because the Samsung S10 can outwit Apple’s iPhone camera without Apps. So so dissatisfied , so disappointing. Can’t wait for the Tesla Phone..Version: 4.3.13

Buggy software to use with battery caseIts been a few months since I’ve used this with the battery case. The software remains buggy and will automatically charge my phone despite my efforts to manually turn off the charging. The case should not automatically continue to charge the phone everytime it is unplugged. I also have to restart the app often as it wouldn’t pull down the battery case option. Please update and debug these issues.Version: 3.12.1

Latest update crashes when you try to change shutter speedThis is usually my go to photography app but I just saw that it updated and it crashed on me 3 times in 2 minutes. It should probably go through the QA process before being released as this seems to be an extremely buggy update making the app unusable..Version: 3.9.0

Nice but crash a lot.App is nice. But crash every time after I stop to film. Every time. I’m on IPhone 11 Pro - iOs 14.3. Please fix this..Version: 4.3.1

Not workingSince IOS 14.5.1 update, the app does not even open. Not that great. Hope they can fix it sooner than later..Version: 4.3.8

No aspect ratio changeThis app has been great so far, except for the fact that you can’t change the aspect ratio. The normal camera app lets you choose between 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 which is very useful when you shoot scenic photos. I would really like an aspect ratio changer. It would help a lot..Version: 4.3.18

The one thing I needed it for, it was lameI wanted to shoot some long exposures of stars, so I was looking to set my shutter speed in the 8-10 second range. In stock form, the shutter speed bottoms out at 1 second. You have to purchase the “slow shutter” mode for an additional 4 bucks. Okay, no big deal. I did that. But the UX was lame. For a “pro” camera experience they force you into this “motion blur” and “light trails” noob mode. I just wanted it to function how an actual camera functions–dial the shutter speed longer and longer, not a second scale. But…alas it doesn’t work. The image doesn’t continue exposing. I’m not sure what they have going on under the hood. What am I missing? Blackmagic Camera is an excellent example of how a camera app should be. Shame it doesn’t do still photography..Version: 5.3.1

Case firmware won’t updateI have a iPhone se (2020) bought the battery case from Moment. Case firmware is on version 1.0.0 the update in question is firmware version 2.0.0 Every time I try to update it I get an error message and says please tap and retry. I tried all the troubleshooting guide including resetting the case and I’m still unable to update the case firmware. I’m updating my review to 3 stars from 1. After contacting the wonderful support team I was able to get the battery case firmware to update with there help. Why just 3 stars? Because to update the battery case, you have to pay for the app. The fact that it’s behind a paywall and the instruction that come in the package as well as the website does not mention this is a disappointment. So heads up everyone you have to pay them just to update the battery case firmware..Version: 4.0.5

ClunkyGreat on hardware team but the software is not it - it can’t properly save files and not intuitive/: it also went on a rebranding rather then improving its flaws /:.Version: 4.0.5

I’d Give It A 5 Star But Because Of Recent Updates I Changed My MindThe app was perfect till it’s recent updates. So now when you’re taking a photo in Raw mode, the preview in Raw camera mode is not how the actual final photo looks. It actually is darker than how the photo or frame was looking, when taking the shot. So when you open up the photo in an editor, it shows up darker & less exposed than how you thought it looked when you fixed the settings already when taking the photo. This also affects the white areas, highlights & more exposed areas now. Because now when I try to fix the exposure, brightness on one area of the photo; the white areas, bright areas & highlights gets blown off or over exposed. So its not balancing out & thus have to swithc to TIFF mode which I only used when using the anamorphic lens, but now will have to use it all the time. I mean one of the purposes of a camera app is to help me show how the framing & photo will be looking when my settings are locked down. Not show me a developed photo will taking the photograph & then show me the original, less exposed photograph in editing which now will need more work on editing since now I not only do have to edit it to get the looks I want but also fix & balance exposure, brightness & contrast first all over the image. Thus, from 5 star experience I am switching to 3 star..Version: 3.8.2

Video dark blurred sidesNot likely the issue that I got told it was on Instagram. I have the 58, the 18, and the anamorphic in the black with wood finish iPhone XS Max case. My issue is that both the wide and the anamorphic have a blurred black line on the side of where the camera is when you swing it in the opposite direction of the lens If my lens and camera is on the left side then when I swim to the right with both lenses it gives me these blurred black lines that creep in but when still, no blurs. If it’s on the right side then when I swing left the blurred lines are on the right side. I’ve tried with the anamorphic every possible angle and position, tried changing res thinking maybe it was the app or something, switched to other apps and got the same result. My assumption is the case I have is weak and when the weight of the lens moves with the case it’s lifting it just a little. That said this case and lenses are less than a year old and I haven’t been shooting with my phone that much so not sure how there would be a chance it to get worn out if that’s the case. All that said when it doesn't do all this everything is great and happy. Also does not do this in photo mode..Version: 3.10.0

Good camera app for iPhone butI love this app it better then most camera apps but wished it had face tracking when u tap on a face it will force that people and yours that u tap on and you have to pay to unlock the Manual feature wish it was for free for everything but it good.Version: 3.0.5

Don't BotherI should have looked at the customer reviews by date! Yes this app is the the top 20 photo apps and yes, it you look at the stars there is a awsome ranking, but when you order the reviews by date you get a very diffrent picture. Using this app on an iPhone 12 Pro Max saw a significant drop in quality compared to using the bundled Camera app. I've asked for a refund, but - having looked at the comments - I doubt I'll get anything back..Version: 4.2.3

Time lapse export completely brokenI love filming long time lapse videos with this app and my iPhone 11 Pro - there’s really nothing out there that offers the flexibility and the options for iPhone that the Moment professional bundle offers. It’s great. ....except when you try to export your finished time lapse. Every single time I’ve filmed a time lapse over 1000 frames, it just does not export a stitched video, no matter what the resolution, frame rate, or quality is set to. It gets to 25%-50% complete and then it just grinds to a halt on export. After inquiring about how they even let this hit the App Store with such an egregious bug, I was told by their customer service “we’re a small team, we can’t find every bug”. Well, I’m a QA engineer on a small team and that’s literally YOUR JOB to find bugs. It’s not like this is a small bug, it’s literally preventing me from exporting hours of footage, using the features I paid for. Moment, fix your bugs or hire more QA to debug or both!!.Version: 4.2.1

Serious issuesPurchased today, and used it only for about an hour. The clickable area of all adjustments seems to be tiny. I could not make any change of settings with my thumb. It usually takes 3 to 10 attempts with my index finger to hit a setting option on the display. Also the text of the buttons is super small and very hard to read. The next issue I’ve encountered is that as soon as you use the timer (countdown) option the camera will always take 3 shots instead of 1.. Not only if you use the 3s timer but also with the 10s one -always 3 photos taken when you only want one (no bracketing enabled). Next annoyance, when you start to shoot a time lapse the shutter sound will be on. There’s no option in the settings menu to keep the shutter sound off for time lapses. I mean who wants to hear thousands of shutters clicking? You’d have to think of manually turning your phone’s sound off before you start your time lapse recording..Version: 4.0.10

Again with the pro versionTo download is free. To use it as advertised is all to download the pro version which is paid. Free version... your phone camera has more features.Version: 3.5

Good but too many crashesWhen anamorphic lens enables and I try to change mode from video to photo 8 of 10 times it crashes. And to workaround I have to switch to no lens, change mode and switch lens on back that is pretty annoying..Version: 3.13.1

Waste of moneyI thought the app would be better but the control are not easy to use and useless Cant get a refund.Version: 4.4.3

No raw format in long exposure mode. Are you kidding me?!This app is almost perfect it looks to have everything you might need for photography. Why is there no raw format on the long exposure modes?! Especially when that feature is locked behind a further £3.99!?! Am I doing something wrong or is this app really that flawed.Version: 4.3.12

Stabilisation problemsStab isn't working. Lost a couple of videos because of that ..Version: 4.3.21

2x camera issueLooks to be a great app but what’s stopped me purchasing is the apps inability to focus on close up objects with the 2x camera of the iPhone X. With the default camera app if you focus on a close up object you can get an even closer macro shot with the 2x camera which keeps the focus. With this app you change to the 2x camera and the subject is out of focus and you have to move back twice the distance just to get focus. So for close up 2x macro shots you’re actually better off with the default camera app. Great otherwise but not for me..Version: 3.5.2

App doesn’t start past tutorialThis app used to be ok not it crashes after tutorial intro I’m running an ipad mini with the latest ios. totally unusable.Version: 4.3.21

Could be betterI love the app concept and overall the app is pretty good. But in the video part of the app, it needs quite a bit of tweaking. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.2.2 and when videoing in log, the playback always displays an annoying flash of light sometime during the video and I always have to try and edit that out but sometimes it happens a partakes if theses that I want to use- but I obviously can’t use a flash of light during a video. Also, there’s some instabilities when moving or panning the camera sometimes- it produces a weird sort glitchy effect in some of the details. I’ve not heard of theses problems in filmic pro. I’m sure these are things that can remedied fairly quickly. This isn’t a bash on the app but just my user experience with an app that I enjoy and would really love to use more often without having to try and work around all of theses glitches. The still camera part of the app, I’ve had no trouble with. Overall it’s a great app that just needs some slight adjustments..Version: 3.12.5

Something brokeEverytime I start the app the auto focus is off centre... on iPhone 7.Version: 3.2.3

Great camera app but not optimisedThis camera app is great, lots of options you would expect for controlling your shots (photo or video) the attachments are also awesome! This app only falls short in its layout design, just got the new SE and the bottom portion of the screen is all squished, I can’t actually access any of the manual settings unfortunately. Still takes good photos in ‘auto’ mode however that wasn’t my reason for purchasing.Version: 4.0.3

DisappointedAs an educator, I wanted to use the app bulb function on my IPad Pro to illustrate long shutter speeds in class. The app continually crashes and is definitely not worth the $15 i needed to shell out. Do yourself a favour and skip this one..Version: 4.3.12

Disappointed in videoPurchased this app to go with my DJI Osmo 3 as I wanted to record in log/flat which the DJI app cannot do. Using the Moment app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max at 4K 60hz I’m dropping A LOT of frames, making the footage unusable. I know that there’s a warning when you setup the resolution that this may happen, but it would have been nice to know before I purchased the app that in reality it doesn’t really support the latest iPhones. For now, I’ll stick with the iPhone native video app..Version: 3.13.1

Jolting FootageTo get greater control over my camera, I bought Moment. The features are all really useful, although the actual quality isn’t great, especially in comparison to the standard camera app. I’ve found the standard inbuilt camera app is so much smoother. The main reason I need an app like moment is for white balance control, but it’s really not worth it if the overall footage feels likes it’s jerking all over the place. I may have to purchase the more expensive competitor apps, in hope of finding a smooth movement like the standard app offers..Version: 4.0.5

Autofocus problems and freezesLove the look and style of the app, purchased the full version however when filming with higher frames yes, autofocus goes nuts and constantly tries to find focus even when the subject isn’t moving. This has made most of my slow mo footage useless even with manual focus settings. Also experienced a lot of freezing sometimes when opening the app and sometimes switching between cameras..Version: 3.0.4

Well designed app, but poor performance.This app looks good, and is easy to use with a pretty efficient UI and useful manual controls, but the performance on my iPhone 12 mini leaves much to be desired. There is quite a noticeable lag when tapping any of the controls and options on the main screen ( with the fortunate exception of the shutter button, that goes when I touch it!) and it is not uncommon to have to tap the more that once to get a response (though it usually works first try, albeit with the lag). Worse though, is the image quality, which is noticeably worse than what is captured with the stock camera app, particularly in low light. Even with night mode, scene detection and smart HDR all disabled in the stock app, captures in the Moment app with the same settings are extremely noisy and soft in comparison. Well lit shots are generally useable though. I don’t know if the software just needs a tweak for the newer phones, or this is just how it always has been, but it’s quite disappointing for an app that costs 12 dollarydoos..Version: 4.2.3

Not at par with the latest iPhone modelsHave an iPhone 14 Pro Max, but the latest update on this app seems to be in 2019, which will work well for iPhone 11 models and older. Nice to have manual control of the settings, though..Version: 4.3.20

Not what it claims to be(slow shutter speed)I was looking for an app which had manual controls over my camera phone and this app caught my attention, claiming it has slow shutter speed. There are images showing example of light trails and all that. While this is true that you can take such photos of light trails, but bare in mind that this app does not take slow shutter speed pictures, even though it has bulb mode. In fact the longest exposure time that you can set is 1/4 of a second. The light trails and motion blur functions in there are cool but gimmicky and not what I needed. I am pretty much disappointed of my purchase. Hope this review is helpful for those who are looking for a real long exposure and slow shutter speed. I give this app 3 stars because it is well designed, visually and functionally..Version: 3.10.1

Video is jumpyI’ve used the app a few times with a Moment 18mm wide lens. It’s well designed and easy to use. But when filming in 4K at 30fps the video is jumpy and skips at times. It basically means you can’t take advantage of the full camera specs..Version: 4.3.5

How to get a refund?Final pic has all the random settings. i.e. shutter/iso completely out of place. No point in using it if the app doesn’t listen to me.Version: 4.3.20

After upgrading to ios 15.4 raw photos are not savedSo annoying that sometimes you think that the camera app is working and after you leave the place the good memories was not captured. Hopefully they can fix the bug..Version: 4.3.18

Can't Recommend - Shortcut and Crash Issues1st time user and ran into many problems in 15 minutes of usage. Wanted to use shortcuts via the Watch to remote trigger the app to launch and record. While exploring this I found repeatable ways to crash the app while testing on the phone and will not work at all on the Watch to trigger shorctuts on the app. Also was testing Video recording on the phone and when stopping the recording it would not save it and it brought up a message to report it to support, which I did. Kudos to that catch intead of a crash but if there is one thing I have to trust a Camera app for and that is it will always record a video. If it can't be trusted for that then I risk missing key video footage. This current version mentioned it fixed a problem on this but apparently there are still issues. Filed all of these and a couple other shortcut bug scenarios to the support and they acknowledged them. Not sure why I dont requst a refund and move on but hoping to see some fixes for those shortcuts as it would stand alone in this area if it worked..Version: 4.2.2

Good but…Until they add RAW to their slow shutter, it’s just another regular camera app. There’s no reason they can’t. Get the “Even Longer” app for full RAW slow shutter pictures..Version: 4.3.12

Great for photos, average for videos.I’ve been using this app on my iPhone 7 and I’ve noticed that the frame rates for 240 at 720p are way under the selected target, I’m only getting around between 199fps and 226fps when recording, it isn’t a feature I use often but when I do I need it to actually work. The video bitrate is also another gripe of mine, I’ve selected 100mbps for my 4K 24/30 FPS video recording but the highest any of the clips have recorded at is anywhere from 20mbps to 70 ish on a good day in scenes with a high level of detail. For photography on the other hand this functions perfectly hence why I’ve given the 3 starts..Version: 3.13.1

Keeps CrashingThere is still a lot I have to learn about this app. In the standard camera mode I have achieved some great results, but the motion blur mode has issues. First, trying to set the time is quite a haphazard affair and it can take several attempts to get the desired exposure time. Second, the shutter button doesn’t always work. Sometimes it starts, sometimes it stops. Sometimes it doesn’t stop at the end of the pre-set exposure time. All very frustrating. The other major glitch is the app’s propensity for crashing on a regular basis and I’m getting feedback from one of my Facebook groups that others are experiencing the same issue with crashing..Version: 4.3.8

Nice app - could do with “ISO priority”This is a nicely designed app, with some features over Halide. But it works in only in either fully auto or fully manual mode. It could do with a way to set manual ISO, and for it to auto adjust the shutter speed to match the exposure. (For landscape photography I use a tripod and like to have the lowest ISO for the highest quality). I’ll switch back to Halide (as it has that feature), but will keep an eye on this app as it is nicely designed and has Moment lens profiles built in..Version: 3.13.1

Stuttering video on 3 different iPhones recording the 50-minute podcastTwo iPhone 13 pro and one iPhone 11. You don’t want to pay for the unreliable camera app that randomly ruins your videos.Version: 4.3.13

Réclamation de remboursementJe réclame mon remboursement Caméra de mon i phone est plus clair que votre application.Version: 4.4.7

CrashingApp is instantly crashing. Taking picture and final picture is overexposed..Version: 4.3.6

Great Pro Features, However…I thoroughly enjoy using Moment’s pro camera app for photography with my iPhone 13 mini and accompanying anamorphic, macro and telephoto lenses. The feature set is excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it for video (at least in my experience) because stabilisation never seems to work as promised. The video is always noticeably shaky (handheld) in contrast with footage from Apple’s Camera app. I have tried this with stabilisation toggled on and off, with and without lens attachments and across multiple versions of the app on more than one iPhone, and it’s still shaky even when I stay as still as possible. Tripods are naturally OK. It’s a shame, because I love the fact that I can use 1080p 50fps (living in Australia), which is a smoother option in PAL that Apple doesn’t provide natively. With smoother footage, this app would be perfect..Version: 4.4.3

A model that plays of lazy or forgetful people.Signing up for a 14 day free trial is the latest sales tactic with a lot of probably fantastic apps. They play off people’s laziness or forgetfulness in order to make a sale on a product that may not be right for them. Maybe I would have purchased this app but as I couldn’t try it I guess we’ll never know..Version: 3.8.2

Crashes on long exposureApp crashes whenever I want to take long exposure, which kind of defeats one of the main selling points of the app. If it matters, it’s installed on an iPhone 11 with the latest iOS update (14.5.1). 2 stars only because I’m still hopeful the issue can be fixed in a future update, and because I’ve been a fan of Moment for years. For a paid app, it really shouldn’t be like this..Version: 4.3.8

No image modesAs much as I liked this app I had to ask a refund after 1 day of using it. I wanted to undock the 14pro manual features. This app does this fine BUT how on earth someone designed a pro camera app and the aspect ratio is missing. You can only talk 4:3 photos this is useless for me I need 16:9 and 1:1. Once that is added I will buy this app again and give 5stars..Version: 5.2.5

FrustratingThis isn’t a poke at the app which looks incredible and I’m barely getting to grips with it but the link to the battery case just isn’t up to scratch. It took a while for the software to work with the new SE which makes sense but it’s never worked fully as it should. It crashes regularly and the “case” button isn’t usually there which negates the whole point of having a battery case and as a final frustration the snazzy capture button only turns the volume up and doesn’t take you to the app when using other apps or take a photo. Glitches perhaps but very frustrating and it renders it kinda pointless..Version: 4.0.5

What a scam of an appSo you pay $10 for the app and then discover there are packs inside the app to unlock all features… a basic one such as time lapse. Disappointed.Version: 4.3.11

Unfortunately this app is gimmickAs professional photographer I tested this app. Raw files are unusable. Controls are not easy and fast to adjust. Waist of money.Version: 3.10.2

Looks good, won’t always deliver…I don’t usually write reviews on the App Store, but this app really caught my attention. Everything from the layout to the features and attention to detail strewn throughout. The reason the app lost 2 stars from me is because and 60 FPS video I record using my iPhone 11 Pro Max + Moment Camera ends up in a choppy unusable piece of footage. I thought it was the bitrate, but no. I tried all the different bitrate options as well as frame rate and resolution. This happens always above 60 FPS..Version: 4.3.18

A couple of things...This app, in my tests, is decidedly inferior to Apple’s default camera; it’s images are noisier and, for lack of a better word, chunkier, i.e., there seem to be clumps of pixels that make the image look like it’s being viewed through textured glass. And, when I select a 3 second delay on the timer, the app always takes 3 pictures. Maybe this is just a bug? Second, the actual difference in image quality between jpegs (or HEICs) and the ProRaw images would be barely noticeable to most people and a lot of folks might very well prefer the snappier look of the jpegs or HEICs. And the thing one would most like to see with ProRaw would be a real improvement in highlight detail and in this regard ProRaw is a total disappointment. Put that together with the storage requirements for such large files, not to mention the editing time required with RAW, and I don’t imagine most people will find any of this to be of much use..Version: 4.3.0

Battery drainerI have the iPhone 7+ and it drains the battery like crazy. Use the app for 5 minutes and a full charge will have dropped to 40%. Aside from that the app is great-better for video than photo as you tend to miss good shots while fiddling with the settings.Version: 3.9.2

It isn’t log.I was excited to purchase the “The Log”. It’s a fake Grey layer to me. I want my money back. Very disappointed..Version: 3.5.8

Rather buggyI am new to this app and just started trying to learn and use it. It offers so much promising features but when I actually tried to start using it, I ran into issue after issue. My first real time lapse it never could export. I took about 2600 frames and when I try to export I tried every combination of formats other than raw and it would get somewhere between half and 3/4 the way and then stop. I never got an export. I then tried taking pictures with the camera with 3sec timer and for some reason it thinks I’m in bracketing mode even though I’m not. Every picture I tried to take it would take three at the same exposure and settings. I made sure bracketing was off but it still would do it so I tried turning bracketing on and then double tapping on the KT on the screen to make sure it was off there and now it takes nine photos three like before times three for the bracketing. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out why this isn’t working. The app also keeps locking up on me. It gets to a point where I can’t get anything I touch on the screen to work and I have to quit out of the app to get it unfrozen when I come back in. This feels like a very buggy app and I don’t understand why it gets such rave reviews. I will raise my star rating when I get a release that’s usable..Version: 4.3.3

Select More Photos NotificationsJust a suggestion that would be immensely helpful and make the app more pleasant. Because I only allow the photos I want on the app instead of allowing my entire photo library, every time I open the app I get a notification to select more photos or keep current selection. Only by clicking one of the two selections can I get rid of that message which adds a layer of friction each time I open the app and can also risk losing shots because I have to take the time each time to get rid of that message. I would suggest having it pop up once after installing the app and if the person doesn’t want to add more photos, lock that in for future reference. Or make the pop up happen less frequently, like check in with the person again maybe once every 15 or 20 times they open the app. Having it happen every time ruins the experience every time. Hopefully this change can be made, I really enjoy the app, and the Moment team content they put out. So here’s hoping that the team will help on this request! Thanks in advance.Version: 4.3.13

It’s great when it works which is about 20% of the timeI have had this app for over a year now and have never once been able to immediately export a Timelapse to my camera roll successfully. I have to quit the app and relaunch it and try again - sometimes it works the second launch however more often than not it takes a third try! It’s super frustrating but because I do like the results it produces when it works I have put up with it, however seriously why has no one else mentioned this and why has there been no fixes (there are always updates and each update I sit and hope this will be the time that this behaviour stops and each time I am disappointed).Version: 4.3.13

Good but has bugsHaving issues with the app freezing the camera (just get left with whatever it was looking at last). Also a bit slow. I like the concept and find the interface quite good but is too buggy to use (iPhone11 pro max). Fingers crossed for updates to come..Version: 3.12.1

Skipping frames!Video skips/drops frames with iPhone 14 Pro. Please update!! Tested against the native iPhone app, which is solid..Version: 4.4.1

Battery case just doesn’t work continuously!I wanted to give Moment 5Stars mostly because their lenses are excellent. Their customer service response is excellent. But this battery case just doesn’t work on a continuous basis. I have had it for more than a year and have had problems with it operating since the beginning. After several attempts at fixes (uploading the newest App. Shutting it off and rebooting. Removing the case completely and pressing the connection point as suggested in their help message) which will work for a short period of time and then reverts to the case not connecting and the shutter not working. I uploaded this current App version 3x and it still hasn’t worked. I now am resorting to the non-battery case so I can still use all of my Moment lenses..Version: 2.8.3

Problem with file size and detail of imagesBig file size when compared to standard camera. 24 MP camera capture on the IOS camera is the same as a 12 MP capture on this app. Tried another popular app and the 12 MP capture on the that app is similar to the file size of the IOS camera at 12 MP. Also the images captured with Moment app seem to be less detailed for some reason..Version: 5.2.5

You need to pay twice to actually use it…Seemed like a great app 6.99 great, but then once you logged in all you could do was take normal photos to use the slow capture and time lapse you had to pay 3.99 EACH so your paying another 8.00 pounds and then it had ads, just not a great app if I’m being honest. Don’t recommend.Version: 4.3.8

What happened Moment?? So janky now…Hate to write this review but this app has been acting up majorly since I started using it again a few weeks ago… it often refuses to export the videos I take on the app or it flips and inverts the clip or cuts out mid video capture.. just frankly unacceptable errors when you often have one shot to film something and it plugs it. I’ll remove or change this review if updates come and change my experience but so far very disappointed. In addition I ordered lenses and a bunch of things from Moment recently (that was my third or forth order with them over the last 3 years) and had a terrible experience with shipping delays and a marked decrease in quality compared to past orders.. please do better Moment!! Your a company I love and go out of my way to support and you’ve been dropping the ball recently and it just makes me ask if its worth it to keep supporting you?.Version: 4.3.15

Good app overall but performance issuesOverall the app is good, ergonomy is well thought and the lens choice is great. However, on iPhone 13 the app is abnormally laggy, performance with a physical shutter are not good at all, long delay between press and trigger. Performance and reactivity should be improved asap….Version: 4.3.20

Capable AppNice intuitive interface and sweet manual controls are let down by the lack of focus peaking and zebra highlights. HDR would be nice too. Has the potential to be THE number 1 camera app. Just not yet..Version: 3.5.2

Not working with iPhone SE 2020I have bought and used this app flawlessly in the past with my iPhone 7. Just today I upgraded to an iPhone SE 2020 with a Moment Battery Case, to quickly find that the app currently is not compatible with this new iPhone/I cannot make use of the shutter button (and other features) on my battery case. Hoping this can be patched quickly enough so I can get shooting soon, thanks!.Version: 4.0.3

Think of something frustrating then times it by a 1000…I chose this teleprompter for its usp of a voice activating text scroll. After a full afternoon trying I concede defeat on this unreliable piece of garbage. At first I made excuses for it such as maybe it was my internet connection causing the scroll to stop working consistently in mid video creation, maybe my script was too long, I was too far from the mic etc etc but after lots of adjustments lots of wasted time and a mountain of half completed videos all of which end with me cursing the teleprompter that had once again left me high and dry or suddenly jerking forward through a screen full of text leaving me struggling to find my place and completely defeating the purpose of a teleprompter in the first place..Version: 4.3.19

Most unstable app I’ve ever used…This app should be renamed “crash” because that’s all it does. It crashes if you have the iPhone camera running in the background, it crashes every time you switch between front and back facing cameras, it crashes after you export each video , it crashes when you press almost any button, it crashes if you breathe, it crashes if you blink, it crashes if you look at it funny. If I really wanted this experience I would have saved my money and just ran my car into a tree..Version: 4.3.21

Cool features and setting but doesn't really workI really love their hyperlapse/timelapse effects but if you shoot a video in 4k 60fps in either FLAT or LOG you only get around 49fps. So I contacted Moment team and their response was to turn off all the features (audiogram, histogram, stabilizer) which you kinda want to use. And that they're working hard on some updates.. so until then this app is basically unusable for shooting 60fps videos...Version: 4.3.13

Buggy on iOS 13.2I’m running the latest version and the app will not open most times, especially if I try to open it while in landscape mode..Version: 3.12.4

Good features, shame it crashes all the time.Crashes too often. It did it a year ago and it still does it now. I just recorded a 20 minute video only to see “Capture error” at the end and video was all lost. Features are good but needs a lot of work with stability. I love the lenses but I just don’t use this app often due to not being able to trust it..Version: 4.3.1

It isn’t free! Save you money.It is free to download. And download only!! All functions are locked in the free version. Yes, I mean ALL! Frankly, how do you expect to me to pay for it without even seeing if it will work on my device?.Version: 3.5

Export is brokenThe export function is very broken. It crashes, or hangs, or shows the wrong capture. Every export requires multiple attempts until I’m able to actually get my photos out of the app..Version: 4.3.18

Anamorphic?What happens to the anamorphic lens icon in the app?.Version: 4.4.1

Still Needs WorkThe app is great - tons of pro features with support for their lenses. It offers DSLR-like features in the palm of your hands and makes it convenient for creatives to capture content on the go. Couple that with Moment lenses and you’ve pretty much got a powerhouse camera in your pocket. With that being said, the app does have plenty of bugs that needs fixing. Two recurring problems that I have noticed are: 1. Audio goes out of sync with video. This is especially annoying when you’re filming a long video only to realise the audio is not in sync with the video, and now you have to spend more time in post to fix it. 2. The app constantly crashes when I try to switch between photo to video mode, and vice versa. This really creates a disconnect between the user and the interface, and worst of all, you run the risk of not being able to capture something on time. It kind of defeats the purpose of it being called “Moment”. Don’t get me wrong - when the app works, it works great and having manual controls for video and photo gives the user a lot more creative control. I hope they address these issues in the next update and give us a more stable app. Love the work from the Moment team, and hope you guys continue to share more exciting things with us!.Version: 4.0.5

Good, but disappointing.Photography side of things are really good when you go into video not so much, shooting in 4K on iPhone, 12 promax at shutter speeds above one 30th of the second the image that you see on your screen legs behind what the camera is capturing very annoying and distracting, Also does the 1080p in 120 Hopefully you guys can fix this as it’s most likely software related because the native camera app doesn’t have this problem..Version: 4.3.20

Frame rate inconsistencies?I only got this today for high speed photography use. And I’m have a tiny issue with 240fps at 1080p actually being something like 235-238fps according to the Apple photos app, but 240fps at 720p is properly 240fps according to the Apple photos app. Other than that, it seems to be very good app. It actually has shutter speed control! Unlike the included camera app from Apple. (I’m using an iPhone 11 BTW).Version: 5.1.1

Crashed when changing ShutterGreat Application, however the minute I changed to Manual mode for video the app would continue to crash. Not sure if it has some early bugs that need to be ironed out.Version: 3.0.2

Great App, but very buggyI love this app, which really works with my moment lenses. Even without them, it has most of the control of a DSLR and unlike many apps it’s easy and quick to work with. Unfortunately, it is also very buggy with my iPhone XS, crashing and hanging often when going through the image library or switching from the image library to the camera function. This require quitting and restarting the application often..Version: 3.8.2

Thanks for the update but still underwhelmingNice UI refresh, but still no ProRes two years since that was made available in the native app? Also getting very buggy results. A few clips have dropped frames and why can’t I manually set my audio levels like in Filmic Pro or Protake?.Version: 5.0.1

Not full controlI wish to control the shutter speed myself, but have the iso set to auto, it won’t let me do this? As far as I can tell it’s either full manual (both shutter speed and iso) or full auto?.Version: 4.3.17

Keeps crashing iPhone X Pro MaxWorks good for one use the crashes constantl on iOS16.Version: 4.3.21

Iphone 7+ always crashesHey team, are you working on a fix for iphone 7+? It always crashes whenever i try modifying images while zoomed. I edit raw pictures, havent tried with jpg. Thanks any help appreciated..Version: 3.12

Not optimised for iPhone?I’m sure this is an excellent app for photography/videography. But some of the controls are hidden under the notch on the iPhone Xs. Hoping this will be fixed soon so I can access them. I’m sure this won’t be an issue if you have an older iPhone..Version: 3.2.2

Tools still overlapping viewfinderWas hopeful but nope: viewfinder is still partially covered by the various tools when using anamorphic lens. Basically hard to use and concentrate on composing anything. It’s such a puzzling issue that I’d love to be the idiot and be shown the obvious to hide tools, as I really want to use my anamorphic lens!.Version: 4.3.21

Cant film for than 90sThe app is good and all for shorter clips but whenever I try and film content it goes all stuttery after around 90s. The amount of times I’ve had to refilm my entire content is why I’m rating it 2..Version: 4.3.20

Moment Pro Photo Case Doesn’t Work. Customer Support is Missing In Action.Got the Moment Pro Photo Case for Christmas! Much excitement has been replaced with anger and frustration as bugs in the case and no response from customer support are dragging my enthusiasm deep into Dave’s Jone’s locker. I watch all the “Get Started” videos. 1) There is no “Case” button in the app as described. 2) There is no “Turn Charging On or Off” button in the app as depicted in the videos. 3) My phone battery will not charge with the Moment Pro Photo Case attached. 4) Emailing customer support only generates an email telling you that they describe too many support requests and that their are too few people in the company to respond promptly. It’s been almost a week and I’ve had nothing but this automated “We are busy” response. 5) You can’t use wired ear buds with the Moment Pro Photo Case attached - this is universal for third-party battery cases but my 1More Quad Drivers are really good in ear monitors. I didn’t know this before purchase but I won’t be going Bluetooth as Moment suggests. This is just the opening findings and enough to cause me to start considering returning this expensive gadget. It’s not worth the opening frustrations. If Moment helped you in a timely manner I’d reconsider but right now I can’t see the Calvary arriving anytime soon..Version: 3.5.2

No Audio. iphone 11 proI was recording my video for the anamorphic lens turnouts every single video with no audio attached to it. I was confused and disappointed when im about to edit the videos. I ended up trying to record it again to check if its working and it does. Did i accidentally turn off the no audio feature? If yes where is it?.Version: 4.3.16

Lack EXIF for PhotosThe app is great but the lack of EXIF data resulted in photos not able to be sorted based on captured date (videos are fine somehow). Love the app but would be much better with EXIF for photos..Version: 3.5.7

Fix the freezesI use Adobe Lightroom manual camera and the native camera app primarily because of faults like this app has. I love your lenses and gear but I’m pretty disappointed in the money paid for this app that other applications offer for free (or for less). More often than not, when taking advantage of the slower shutter function or adjusting manual controls the viewfinder will freeze and I will have to restart the app entirely. All of the features are there, but the integrity and consistency is not. Nothing is more frustrating to me in photography then getting the composition and lighting all set and you hit the shutter button to have your app crash. Just my experience first hand and I will delete and reinstall again (again again). Definitely will check back in and hope for the bugs to be fixed..Version: 3.11.1

Bug with 120fps / 240fps on iPhone 14 pro max?Great app, much preferred to the filmic pro subscribers model but the 240fps has a bug I believe with the latest iPhone 14. Once you capture your footage and playback it’s unusable as it’s stuttering a couple of seconds in. 120fps seems to be fine. Will this be addressed?.Version: 4.4.3

Can’t open the moment after first useI can’t open the app when I closed it. Paid $9.99 for an app I can’t use.Version: 4.3.8

App crashMy app opens but the camera doesnt come up, just a grey screen is there an update to fix this??.Version: 4.3.18

Moment LensesThe idea of mobile photography is to be mobile. I saved my money and earnestly purchased the Tele, the Wide and the Macro Lens and phone case. While I may not be a professional photographer I consider myself fairly educated and practiced on using my iPhone for taking photos, having been doing since the introduction of the iPhone. I expected to pop each one on for its intended use and easily take photos - not the case. Having trouble connecting them to the case should have given me a clue this wasn’t going to be easy. So off I go in search of some videos or instructions - finding nothing that would help me overcome my obstacles but I continued on relentless in my pursuit to make use of the $600 (3 lenses, 3 back protectors, 3 caps - because there was no indication they came with the lens) only to write to Moment and find out I have to use their app. The lens obstruct the view when using the iPhone camera. A pill I would have swallowed better having known that ahead of time. Now I have to learn another app and I’m still struggling with unlocking the secret to what ‘mobile’ means because the setup with each lens certainly doesn’t support that. I highly recommend seeing a demo of these lenses before spending your hard earned money..Version: 5.3

Annoying audio issue!!!I’d give 5 star if this issue wasn’t happening :( every time when I open the app music stops playing. Why is this happening? Please fix this. I’d love to use the camera to take photos when listening to music. I’m on iphone 13 pro max..Version: 4.3.14

Free version is completely uselessDon’t bother downloading if you are not going to buy. Free version is completely useless.Version: 3.3.1

Crashing on iPhone SEFirst day this worked very well. Now, will not support autofocus or 4k, and constantly crashes..Version: 4.4.7

Please fixAfter updating, I cant open the app anymore.Version: 3.10.0

Please fixI accidentally bought this app and it is not what I wanted. I would like to have my money back please..Version: 4.3.8

UnstableApp is very unstable, crashes every time I change from photo to video mode. Not what I would expect from a paid app..Version: 3.3.1

Costing me a lot of time.Message for the developers, running on an iPhone 11 I’ve found the video capture has crashed two times on me. Is this a known issue and was it address in the most recent update? Please my my points here and don’t use a copy paste message redirecting me to a support page. If there’s a way I can generate log files for you then guide me on that also. Thank you..Version: 5.0.1

Don’t brag about, you are cheatingI had to write this review towards your Pro Camera APP, after writing to you 48 hours ago, for solution of connecting DJI Osmo 3 device, which you couldn’t solve as I understood now Firstly, there’s no connection detectable within your APP, when either Bluetooth turned on or resetting my OM3 Bluetooth. Secondly, your instructions of “DJI Osmo support” doesn’t do what it says on the tin, even your instruction doesn’t match any wordings on your APP setting. For the sake of no misunderstanding, you’d better try it yourself, with a new connection made using such a device, and you will find the problem there, instead of bragging about what your App should do, but actually couldn’t do, for a paid service. And this is cheating ! Also for your said response time, none at all so far, apart from automated one. Thank you !.Version: 4.3.16

Nice photo appIt’s a nice app with all the functions to adjust, but I still think a zoom slider would be better, also could have buttons, options on or off, for a date stamp, date format, time stamp, a copyright stamp, location is there but only when checking a picture. I have ProCam which works well, with all these and more in settings. Over all it works very well. I’m still trying to get it on a second iPad and won’t open..Version: 3.0.5

Big Flaw (External Mic)Overall this is a great app, with one MAJOR exception. It has to do with external microphones. Whenever I record with an external mic with this app, the exported file always comes out as MONO instead of STEREO. (Yes, I am aware of the mono/stereo adjustment in settings, but it doesn’t seem to work). I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a Comica shotgun mic and Final Cut Pro for editing. The reason I know it’s the app and not my hardware or software is because I tried FOUR of Moment’s competitors (StaCam, Beastcam, 4K HDR Video Recorder, and Cinema P3) and ALL of them export in stereo. The result of this flaw is that the mono audio is much more compressed sounding & muffled as compared to the stereo version. And, I can get about 3db of clean volume level out of the stereo version vs mono. In a world where creators are trying to produce the highest quality work from their tools, this is unacceptable. Moment team: I’ve sent you an email with more details. Please fix this issue!.Version: 4.3.20

Really good but... *REVISED*How is the video soooooo much better than the iPhone’s built in app, and now, I have to concede that it’s even better than video I take with Filmic pro, particularly when you compare both apps automatic settings.... Moment, to me, blows Filmic Pro out of the water. Very impressed with how good video looks, particularly 60 FPS video. Well done, you guys!! Blessings, -Ken ******UPDATE******** I still stand by the complementary view I wrote up there, but as an event videographer who needs to sometimes take up to hour long video clips, this app is giving me trouble with achieving that. It crashed on me once I got to the 45 minute mark one time, and then, after saying it recorded an hour, the clip ended up only being 15 minutes long. I haven’t yet taken the time to read other reviews, but I imagine this isn’t an isolated event. The video still looks cleaner than FiLMiC Pro, but I can shoot an hour long, 48 frames per second video with FiLMiC Pro and it not crash, so... hoping you guys can fix it soon. Thanks! -Ken.Version: 3.10.3

Constant app crashes on timelapse exportTitle says it all. I’ve tried everything to get these clips to export and it’ll get halfway through before crashing. They aren’t even long time lapses either… 50mb files and I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro with no other apps open. After reading other reviews, it looks like this isn’t a new issue either. Get your act together moment, this is ridiculous for a paid app..Version: 4.3.18

14 pro max black out restart when open moment app?What's going on? Is there an update I missed? Because it used to be working but now it unstable....Version: 4.3.20

Very jittery while shooting videoSaw a youtuber promoting this app. Came to app store and bought it. It doesn’t have any trial. Disappointed right away when I start shooting. So jittery that it is unusable. I did check my shutter speed and everything. Shooting 4k at 60fps and shutter speed 1/120. There is no reason for video to be jittery. Can I get my money back. Its been only an hour. Lol.Version: 4.3.20

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