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What is Pro Camera by Moment? Description of Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment is the manual camera app that gives you pro level controls at an affordable price. It brings us closer to what we love about our DSLR and mirrorless cameras – lighting controls, smoother video, longer exposures, better focus, and richer sounds.

If you are looking for a powerful and easy to use camera app, Pro Camera is for you. We make it fast and intuitive to switch between controls, dial in your shot, and keep shooting. Our video controls rival what you’d find in expensive apps, while our photo controls offer the simplicity of changing and locking in the settings you like.

For filmmakers – the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates.

For photographers – easier than shooting on your DSLR. Shoot in RAW (even in bursts), split focus / exposure, and manually control everything (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance, and focus).

For everyone else – inspired by the pros we made the interface simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide getting started tips, video tutorials, and full time customer service to get you set up.

We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @moment.

+ Full manual: control shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus, and white balance with easy-to-use sliders and double taps to reset
+ Focus peaking: manually dial in your focus using highlighted in-focus regions
+ Zebra stripes: quickly determine over- and under-exposed areas in the viewfinder
+ Split focus and exposure: take control of tricky lighting scenarios
+ Viewfinder grid: choose from thirds, square, and golden ratio
+ Gyroscope: ensure your shot is level with an on-screen gyroscope and haptic feedback

+ RAW and TIFF: shoot photos in RAW/ProRAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing
+ RAW+JPG option: simultaneously get the best of both worlds
+ Burst mode: capture burst shots in RAW format – capture action while maintaining the uncompressed quality pros want with RAW
+ Bracketing: capture multiple exposures to stack later in your favorite editing apps

+ Import, organize, and use your favorite LUTs
+ Color spaces: choose between Rec.709, Rec.2020 HDR, Display P3, and Apple Log (on compatible devices)
+ Codecs: shoot in HEVC, H.264, or any of the 422 ProRes variants
+ Video bitrates: get precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrate options
+ RGB histogram: dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram
+ Waveform monitor: evaluate video brightness and exposure across your shot in real time
+ Audio meters: get just the right sound levels with real-time, precise, dual-channel (when available) audio levels
+ Video stabilization: make your videos buttery smooth
+ Video formats: change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu
+ Anamorphic: use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos, with a de-squeeze option built in

+ Timelapse mode: capture stunning time-lapse videos
+ Slow Shutter mode: long exposure shots with motion blur or light trails

+ Lens control: manually control which of the triple/dual lenses you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one
+ Moment lenses: access options like anamorphic de-squeeze and distortion correction
+ Moment battery case: works with the DSLR-like shutter button on our photography cases for half-press and full-press capture. Take better photos, faster.
+ Apple Watch: use your watch as a remote to shoot photos or record videos
+ Siri Shortcuts: quick access to capture a photo or start a video

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Pro Camera by Moment App User Reviews

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Pro Camera by Moment Pros

Just needs a Lock Screen widgetI have this app on an iPhone 13 Pro Max and have been using it for awhile now, mostly for video. The app works great and the manual controls (especially manual focus) come in handy. I would like to see a future update where we get a widget for the Lock Screen. That widget would cut out unlocking the phone and navigating to the app, allowing for quicker access. If the app was available via lock screen I would make it my default video app. An option to record black and white video would be pretty awesome too..JdkikerVersion: 5.0.4

New UpdateI love the new update to the Moment App. I used the original app the whole time I was in Europe, I loved being able to switch between the tele and the wide lens. I love how everything is now manual and you can change the shutter speed and ISO. I used Filmic Pro for videos but I did not have anything manual for photography and now I can use this singular app for both video and photography at an amazing price. I would have love to have had this update while in Europe. I showed this update to my Dad because he uses manual exclusively and would rather just use a camera rather than a phone and this has changed how he thought about manual photography. I can’t wait to get some moment lenses to use along with this app to make my pictures amazing. #MulletforCaleb.MakwuiVersion: 3.0.4

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Pro Camera by Moment Cons

Good, but disappointing.Photography side of things are really good when you go into video not so much, shooting in 4K on iPhone, 12 promax at shutter speeds above one 30th of the second the image that you see on your screen legs behind what the camera is capturing very annoying and distracting, Also does the 1080p in 120 Hopefully you guys can fix this as it’s most likely software related because the native camera app doesn’t have this problem..PhotostoneVersion: 4.3.20

Case firmware won’t updateI have a iPhone se (2020) bought the battery case from Moment. Case firmware is on version 1.0.0 the update in question is firmware version 2.0.0 Every time I try to update it I get an error message and says please tap and retry. I tried all the troubleshooting guide including resetting the case and I’m still unable to update the case firmware. I’m updating my review to 3 stars from 1. After contacting the wonderful support team I was able to get the battery case firmware to update with there help. Why just 3 stars? Because to update the battery case, you have to pay for the app. The fact that it’s behind a paywall and the instruction that come in the package as well as the website does not mention this is a disappointment. So heads up everyone you have to pay them just to update the battery case firmware..Arkadium315Version: 4.0.5

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Is Pro Camera by Moment legit?

Yes. Pro Camera by Moment is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,480 Pro Camera by Moment user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Pro Camera by Moment is 82.4/100.

Is Pro Camera by Moment safe?

Yes. Pro Camera by Moment is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 8,480 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Pro Camera by Moment is 86.9/100.

Should I download Pro Camera by Moment?

There have been no security reports that makes Pro Camera by Moment a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

Pro Camera by Moment Screenshots

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Product details of Pro Camera by Moment

App Name:
Pro Camera by Moment
App Version:
Moment Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Photo & Video, Travel
App Size:
113.50 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
18 November 2014, Tuesday
Last Update:
30 April 2024, Tuesday - 12:00
IOS 15.0 or later

Pro Camera by Moment 5.4 Update Note
✱ Version History

Pro Camera now supports LUTs in video mode! You can import any .cube file and apply it to your videos while shooting, either as a display LUT or baked into your footage directly. The new LUT browser allows you to preview LUTs, organize them, and mana....

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