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EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion app received 74 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ea sports fc™ 24 companion?

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EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion for Positive User Reviews

Review:I think this app is very useful for those who takes journeys often or regularly find themselves bored without any other option. This app has been helpful, it has a lot of similar features to the game itself and is plausibly good. The other reason this doesn’t earn “the perfect score” is due to the transfer market. When you place a bid or purchase a player it is considerably slower, thus making you lose out. There also issues when you sell a player which makes the coins non-existent making you re-start the app. Good for the most part from a 14-year-old’s point of view..Version: 22.2.0

JUST A MESSAGE FOR THOSE WITH PROBLEMSFor all those people getting the message "early start has ended you need to create a fut club with a security question etc" it is probably one of these problems, as I have just got this problem fixed recently. 1. You are using a child fifa acc, and therefore it won't let you get the web app or companion app. There is an email you can send official age details to if you need to update a child acc to an adult acc 2. You are using the wrong acc. I went through alot of phone calls with EA about updating my age details, then to realise that I was just using the wrong email address. Check your EA acc details, check your original and details, check your gamertag/psn details and check your emails details, as I spent quite a bit of time trying to line up the right origin acc with the correct EA etc..Version: 17.0.3

Login doesn’t workWhen you login it says password unavailable. When you do forgot my password and you put it says password unavailable even if you do it many times you get mad at a moment.Version: 24.4.0

Nintendo switch compatibilityPlease make this app Switch compatible!!!!.Version: 19.0.3

Minor bugs but consistent applicationThe FUT companion app is an app that helps manage your FIFA account, useable with the most recent FIFA downloaded on your console or PC. The Application is consistent with its bugs, usually the same ones, minor though and with a restart of the app, the bug is usually fixed fairly quickly. The features of the companion app are fantastic, allowing players to access lots of features from the console or PC game, but not including all to make sure we still play the game. The app actually makes some features like “SBC’s”, a system where you exchange players for rewards, a lot easier than on the console/PC, having more features than the Console/PC in that sense. Overall, I find the companion app a successful and under appreciated application. The app that rarely uses updates and consistently is up to date with features, is a brilliant idea by EA and they have executed it excellently..Version: 23.6.0

Give Lachlan_410 access to the transfer marketIt’s amazing on the go but I’ve played a few matches a day I should have transfer market on there you’d think so if your reading this ea please can I have the transfer market on the Lachlan_410 account.Version: 22.4.0

Would give 5* BUT.Hey, I really think this is a great app. Think it’s works well has basically everything you want on there and is really handy especially if you like trading and doing SBC. However the only reason why I haven’t given it a 5* is because some of the times when I am bidding for items/players the game doesn’t accept my bid. I don’t mind it when the bid goes up and you then need to adjust it but sometimes even when I do that the app doesn’t register normally happens when I’m bidding on multiple items at once. This forces me to log off the app and reload it. This doesn’t take long I admit however when this happens on the last 25 seconds on a bidding war when your desperate to get that low price everyone wants and you can’t place that bid and you lose it. It’s very frustrating. Like I say, only a small fault in what is a perfect app in my opinion if this gets fixed then I’d be happy to change my review to a great big 5 STARS..Version: 20.1.0

More statsI like the app find it blows to be able to use the transfer market when not on my ps4. Be cool if you could access your player stats to be able to compare with friends on the app!.Version: 19.0.1

Great App, but lots of bugsThis is such a great app, you can do almost anything apart from play. But you should be able to see your Div Rivals, Squad Battles and Weekend League Progress and possible rewards you can gain. You should be able to qualify for WL if you have enough qualification points right here on the app. But this app is soooo buggy now. It used to be alright, but looking at Objectives is just super slow, you have to goto Milestones then to Season Objectives just to see them. Adding players to squads is clunky and slow, which is disappointing because alot of people use the Web App/Companion App to do SBCs and the like. Apart from this, this is such a great app and I use it all the time..Version: 20.4.0

Fantastic appThis app works great. It helps me keep up to date with special giveaways and allows me to purchase and sell players without being on my console. While I do wish there was a way to be able to like sim matches and stuff the app does what it needs to do. I have a little bit of a problem with the transfer market sometimes with my coins not being returned directly until I close the app after someone outbids me on an item. Other than that, works wonders. I’ve made many squads because I’m bored and have been able to keep track of stuff that I normally wouldn’t be able to..Version: 18.0.5

Really good and efficient appAs a FIFA player I find this app really good and reliable as if you are on the go and not able to play FIFA for days on end when things such as daily logins come out this app really comes in so I recommend this deeply to any FIFA players and should give this app a try. Also when wanting to do sbcs such as gold upgrades or easy marquee matchups this app once again really comes in as it is so much more quicker then console. But overall really good app only slight fault is the fact that it some times freezes but granted that could be due to bad wifi so not sure if it is the app or i just the Wi-Fi.Version: 24.0.0

Future update?Wicked app - runs smoothly and is easy to use. Just wondering if you could maybe make a reward system for logging in each day? Like a Premium gold pack for 10 days, Mega pack 20 days... something like that?.Version: 17.0.2

Helpful and convenientI've been playing the app since the start of FIFA 18 and I love, I like a lot of people don't have access to FIFA round the clock but I do for my iPad! It allows me to buy players for cheap I wouldn't have got otherwise, for example I woke up at 2am last night and loaded up the game searched the market and saw to bailly' listed up for 18k bought both absolute so thank ea, you've done something good for once.Version: 18.0.0

Works greatI love this app makes my experience much better.Version: 22.0.0

Best game ever user:wking555One aspect that has truly set EA FC apart for me is the sense of community it fosters. Through their online platforms, I have been able to connect with fellow gamers from all around the world, sharing strategies, competing head-to-head, and learning from one another. This vibrant and supportive community has contributed immensely to my growth as a gamer. Now, let's talk about my Xbox name, Wking555. As a gamer, it's important to have an identity that represents who you are and what you stand for. I chose the name Wking555 as it reflects my aspirations to become the king of gaming. The number 555 holds personal significance to me, representing balance and harmony in various aspects of life, including gaming. I often find myself engaging in conversations about my Xbox name, as it sparks curiosity and prompts discussions about gaming prowess and achievements. It's an excellent icebreaker that leads to deeper conversations about my journey towards becoming the greatest gamer of all time. In conclusion, EA FC has been the catalyst for my pursuit of gaming greatness. Through their outstanding games and vibrant community, they have inspired me to push my limits, strive for excellence, and continuously improve. With the support of fellow gamers and my Xbox name, Wking555, I am determined to leave a lasting legacy as the greatest gamer of all time..Version: 24.3.2

Should addFun game but make in app purchases so we can get Fifa points by iTunes or something so we can buy points on the app.Version: 17.0.3

Very good.Very useful for checking and re listing items on the transfer market when you are away from your console..Version: 19.0.3

Login was very BadWhen I logged in the first time it worked than I didn’t use the app for around 10 days and then it just logged out and also whenever you log in and you have to go to your FIFA account on your console or pc I did than it still said But the app it self is good you can control your team wherever claim rewards and get packs..Version: 23.3.1

Does what it's supposed toWorks really well, just some bugs like not being able to back out of an options menu with selecting another, small little problems but after a few updates I'm sure it'll be 5 stars.Version: 18.0.0

Can u plz change a few thingsCan u plz change the notifications as in if a player is sold or there is a new sbc we can see it in our phone and can u put draft in the app as well. It will get more users and make the app a little bit more fun. Overall very helpful and clever app for those that can’t play on the weekdays or go some where occasionally (well not now cuz of the corana)It will be very much appreciated if u make these changes. Thank u and stay safe everyone..Version: 20.5.0

The gameI love the fact that you can use it everywhere, and you can change your squad and it I’ll be save on your console or whatever you use is so simple and so easy to use.Version: 24.3.2

Good app but many minor issues/bugsI cant play the game that often so i play my rivals games and collect the rewards on a thursday morning. Its been completely fine up to this moment, iva had this continuous problem where i cannot claim my rewards. It for some reason says to clain fut champions rewards. There are two problems with that. 1, i didnt play fut champs and 2, you no longer get your fut champs rewards on a thursday. Maybe this may have to do with the fact that theres a new seson started this week so that may have altered something but im not sure. Ea could you please fix this issue..Version: 22.4.0

Big problemYou can’t sign out from your console though the web app.Version: 19.0.1

For People That Find it buggyFor people that find it buggy it depends on your device and what device you have created your ultimate team on I give it 5 star because I literally have ultimate team in my pocket.Version: 24.5.0

Great appGreat app just when I close the app I have to log in again even though I have clicked remember me..Version: 23.1.0

Great most of the timeI mean the companion app is great for sue but… it could use some fixes, so many time have I had to delete the concept players from my squad over and over again and it gets annoying, and sure the SBC building system isn’t the best.. but once you get used to it, it’s a little easier. But other than that I love this app. ( btw if you log out and turn off your console you’ll still be log in so it’s better to log out while still on ultimate team).Version: 23.1.1

WowThis is my 4th year playing Fifa and I have never knew about the Companion app, It has helped with the transfer market when I want to improve my team and I think it is a nice touch that EA yeses to make there game better. But, it is annoying how you have to log out of FIFA in the first place to go in your team; it would be nice if you could buy Fifa points on the app as well. I gave is 4 stars because it can make some changes and I hope that on Fifa 23 Companion stuff will change like the things I said above. Thank You for listening. 🙂👏🏻👍🏻.Version: 22.6.1

Great App - Loving FIFA 22Very satisfied with the app. Great access to all aspects of FIFA 22. Extremely beneficial and efficient for SBC’s when unable to get on the console. Well done! Good luck everyone!.Version: 22.0.0

GlitchesFix the app i for the last week I have been trying to list my players on the transfer market or send them to the transfer list and it just says error please fix this glitch EA.Version: 22.3.1

Brilliant app just a couple of things though...I think this app is great when your away and you have stuff to do on your FUT, it is very useful and effective. I think the only problems however are first of all, the login process, I don’t know if this happened with others, but I put in all the right credentials for my EA account, however it just wouldn’t let me in. In the end I had to reset the whole password, and it was a right hoo har. Anyway, the last thing is I think the layout and comprehension of the app could be improved, I.e objectives, transfer market etc. However apart from that, a great app for on the go 👍👍.Version: 20.4.0

Great way way way better than FIFA 17 companion...However why can’t we use this app to log into our FIFA 17 account, think EA we still do stuff on that account so y’all need to rethink that decision. Also why is this so limited to only the features you have on this, why can’t we see our my club and the details, sometimes people leave their house for the country(vacation, business trips etc) and we don’t have our console with us so what we should do, play SBC and keep getting the sucking packs with nothing great? Nahhh atleast let us sim stuff come on guys just do more please..Version: 18.0.4

CoolI love it.Version: 20.6.1

Would rate 5* but…I’ve been playing FIFA ultimate team for quite a long time now, but a bug that affects me so often is that it randomly kicks you, so you have to reset app. This takes 30 seconds or so, which wouldn’t be a problem if you don’t get into bidding wars. Recently i have tried this, and it was reasonably successful, until i tried it with the mobile app and the bug really just ruins the experience and makes you lose a lot more bidding wars than usual. It really is a great, helpful app but there is so many different ways to improve it further through small things such as making features like the moments shop accessible and being able to see your stadium and player stats. This is just some feedback for EA, but to anyone reading this, it’s such a helpful app, thanks.Version: 23.8.0

Good App But…I love this app because it’s very helpful when your away from home to be old to do stuff. I love the confetti that pops out the pack and I think overall this app is good. But, there are somethings I would like to change. First of all, it’s very annoying that you can’t even play some game mode like moments when FIFA Mobile is out. It would be so cool to be able to play it while not near the console. Finally, there is a bug when you scroll through the transfer list it’s says there is an Error and then goes back to the Transfer Market options. Please fix that tiny bug, it’s very annoying. Thank you, A Loyal Player..Version: 23.8.0

Great app !I give this app 5 stars, now give my zizou.Version: 24.3.2

Great app just a really annoying bugCompanion is a really easy and organised app but there is one really annoying bug. When you search gold rare, silver rare or bronze rare players on the market, it shows all rare players. For example if I want to quickly buy a few low price gold rares, I have to just put the filter on gold and scroll through until I find a rare. It’s really annoying so it would be great if we could try to alert them to this issue so it can be fixed ASAP..Version: 21.7.0

Very easy to use and is great for mobile useI have found that it is really easy to do sbcs look at challenges buy players and other things on the app the menus are easy to use and it all loads quickly.Version: 23.6.0

AppGood app, maybe add sbc on the web app aswell but very good 5 star.Version: 17.0.2

I love itIt's great for non playing activities..Version: 1.0.0

4.5 starsThis app is really good and thanks to the new update it is easier to find specific cards you are looking in the transfer market but then sometimes the app freezes and I can’t do anything and I have to log back in. Also in the transfer market there are times were after a couple of bids you can’t bid any more so you have to log out and log back in. But overall it would be the best app if it weren’t so freeze most of the time and sometimes. Also this app sometimes doesn’t save my squad so when I play on console I have to make my squad all over again. Also I would like FIFA to help buy FIFA points through the mobile app so you can pay through an iPhone gift card. This app helps me make my team better without going on a console..Version: 20.6.1

Really nice appI use this when I am away from my PS4 and it helps tremendously. I earn coins when I play and buy when I am out or on holiday. But could be better, when I tap on my let’s say midfield it will come up with the striker or defender. Overall reeeaaaalllly helpful and nice..Version: 18.0.5

Mostly good, some glitches thoughUse regularly, usually works really well. 4 stars due to having issues with selling multiple players one by one, when one sells the other can’t be put on the transfer market. The other current glitch with this version is players can’t be put on the transfer market, an error message appears. I’ve tried two seperate days with no success. Waiting for an update to the current Apple version. Sort these two issues out and it should be a 5 star app..Version: 20.1.0

FIFA 17 Companion AppThis such an awesome little app for checking out new signings I want to make, play around with my squad. Lately, I have been getting very frustrated as I do the SBC's and as I add players they don't add up to 11 players. So, I find myself continually repeating SBC's 6 or 7 times. Please fix this glitch as it gets very frustrating..Version: 17.0.3

Good but glitchy and difficultGreat app it’s really helpful when out and about however if I want to buy someone for and sbc and I mess up with the max or min price I end up having to click through everything again. It also takes forever to load and if I didn’t leave before I turn off my console I can’t check ultimate team for the next 6+ hours. Other than that it’s pleasing to the eye easy to use and helpful at 6pm when ea release the most idiotic sbc’s and objectives due to their lack of brain cells..Version: 22.10.0

Fit 21 companionI know no one will probably read this but I think this is an Amazing app, I love doing sbc’s and opening packs on this the only problem is you can’t purchase FIFA points in the app, this would be very useful and make the app a lot better. I really would like this to be added because sometimes people don’t have access to their console and might want to open packs, another reason is that you would be able to use an apple gift card on them as well. I haven’t experienced any bugs with the app and love the way it works. Thank you EA - A FIFA player.Version: 21.4.1

Please fixIt is a great app when it works properly, but I get a lot of glitches where I’m randomly logged out, or I’ve just completed an SBC and it kicks me off the app, I log back in and the squad has been wiped and I have to restart. I also wish you were able to buy FIFA points through the app so you can open packs, really don’t know why this isn’t an option as sole people are unable to make it to their console for lightning rounds etc. Hopefully these get fixed but when I have no issues with the app and it runs perfectly it’s a great app and certainly helps me buy and sell with the market much easier.Version: 22.4.0

Great app for the serial traderI really enjoy using this app. I love that I have control over my fut while I’m at work or anywhere else. Very easy to use. I love the addition of completing sbc challenges. I have one suggestion, please look into providing player detailed attributes. Such as acceleration, free kick accuracy, tackling etc. I think it would be very nice and convenient also maybe a feature to compare multiple players on the market at the same time. Thanks..Version: 19.1.0

Good but a few bugsI love how the companion app is a version of the game but you can’t play or get void unless you were to sell a player or consumables. What I get frustrated about sometimes is when I add a concept squad to a Squad Building Challenge and when I buy the player the chemistry goes down by 1. For example, my team is 96 chemistry and I but a player (any player) and the player is automatically added to the squad and the chemistry goes down. First he was 10 chem, now he’s at 9. It is quite annoying that happens when I’m trying to do an SBC..Version: 20.5.0

Sudden App CrashI have been using the app on my iPhone 7+ for 1 year now and the app is really good. Thanks a lot to EA for making such a wonderful app. However for the last 3 months I have been having a problem with app crash. When I use the app for about 5 minutes, after sometimes the app suddenly crashes and I have to restart the app again which takes a lot of time. So I would like EA to respond to this review and hopefully they will fix this bug in the next update. Thank You EA again for making this app..Version: 20.5.0

Fut Web AppThis app is amazing. It is very useful in terms of helping me with my ultimate teams as you can pretty much do anything on this app apart from playing the games which you can on your console/pc. It is free and you can make your money on there, by selling players or buying them. Also, you can collect your rewards when your not allowed to play on your console and pretty much allows you to control your fifa team on the go. I highly recommend getting this app!.Version: 21.7.0

MehI’d say this app is pretty decent, it says what it does and does it but there’s one problem where if you login to the app before using it on your console, say for instance you want to play fifa on holiday so you download it on holiday, you can’t use some of the players in your club. Now this might be due to it not being in sync or something but it could get really annoying when there’s an sbc that you want to do but you can’t because the players that are in your club aren’t able to go into it. Some people might not have this issue but it’s just a bit annoying cuz I missed a great sbc that I could’ve done but I didn’t because I wasn’t able to but oh well. Other than that I would say there’s other small issues but haven’t really affected me. It works if you just want to do an sbc when your out or look at 6 pm content..Version: 21.10.0

PerfectPerfect for any ultimate team fans.Version: 24.3.2

Great appDon’t get me wrong. I love this app and it’s fantastic for what I need it for. However, there are a few cons... First of all, they could do with an in sbc transfer market like they do in ultimate team on console. Secondly, they could make the opening packs look nicer. For example, when it’s a walkout, do what they do on UT and show it’s a walkout. And the same with boards. Finally, they could do with having a more user friendly transfer market. By this I mean make sure that you don’t have to continuously scroll and scroll as I’m sure this is a problem for many people. Overall. Just a few changes need to happen but such a fantastic and useful app!!!.Version: 19.1.0

It’s good but not greatFifa is honestly the best game I’ve ever played. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And it’s football which I love. It’s a good app and I love how I can play fifa on the go. I’ve literally got most the game on my phone. The only thing I’d improve is how buggy it is. The game freezes from time to time. And sometimes when I’m trying to snipe players it’s freezes and doesn’t let me bid which is really annoying. Sometimes when I am trying to submit an SBC it says I can’t for no reason. And even when I refresh the app it doesn’t work..Version: 22.9.1

Good appUltimate Team app, can’t play. You can make sbc’s buy packs,etc. Has some bugs like after using fifa on console you have to wait a little for you to be considered offline on your console and sometimes it doesn’t let you complete sbc’s. Recommend this app if you want to play ultimate team and your outside without your console and want to play. And also recommend to get the Futbin app..Version: 24.3.2

Good AppI read the reviews and people are just bunch of whiners, this app is working just fine. Some things you can’t do on the app that you can do on PS4 or XBOX and I’m sure that EA are aware of that but overall it’s a nice app that you can use on the go. There is one thing that is annoying and it’s not about the app it’s about the SBC, some squads that players tried to build are not working for example in the BASIC category “the correct position” I put 3 players , 3 different leagues and 3 different nationalities and I didn’t get to chemistry 12 and I saw that others didn’t get it too..Version: 19.1.0

Innovative appAs far as the game went horrible with multiple scripts and laggy servers, I kinda gave up on fifa 19. But this mobile app is far fetched from its native game and is able to provide me fun. It is ‘fun’ as in less monetisation and fewer pay to win situations. Although fifa 19’s horrendous performance and laggy servers has made me want to put off the console version, this app somehow made me return to the game. As such, EA should take pride in this excellent work, which was not even their expertise or main target way to sell. I praise the hard work by the team, and at the same time, EA should be ashamed of themselves for making horrible game. Fork off idiots!.Version: 19.0.3

Great but doesn’t take advantage of new in game featuresThe app is so smooth and easy to use as always, but there are so many features that could be added to further improve the app. For example, if the app allowed access to the new feature of custom tactics and the ability to view things such as FUT champions weekend league progress and division rivals progress and possible rewards it would be so much more immersive and all round better app..Version: 19.0.2

GoodBien et pratique 👌🏾.Version: 24.5.0

AWESOME!!!!!!BEST COMPANION EVER!!!!!!!!! plz can I have free Fifa points?.Version: 18.0.0

There has to be a way to buy fifa pointsMy friend has recently bought me an iTunes gift card and I would like to spend it on fifa points but sadly can’t because we can’t purchase fifa points through the app. Is there a way I can buy them with apple credit Please respond ASAP.Version: 20.2.1

Great Game!!This is a good game most of the time because of how convenient it is to almost have a fifa 17 on the go the only bad side was logging in otherwise Great job 👍🏻.Version: 17.0.3

GoodSbcs from bathtub🥸.Version: 23.6.0

Awesome app but…Awesome app, serves the purpose it was made for! The only thing is I would like to be able to see the in-game stats of my players. The reason being is some players are “off-chem” and I’d like to know what their in-game stats would be because of this..Version: 22.4.0

Review?Yeah EA Sports raided my house so yeah. Definitely five stars pretty solid there are no bugs. *Cough* A few. But yeah. 5/5..Version: 20.0.0

Great app but...I’ve had this app for a year now and it’s great. What I’m about to say is that the game it’s self has a lot of problems. You might not be able to change anything but scripting is for sure a thing and you can’t deny it. You just can’t. Many people will agree with me too. The referees are also shocking. Sometimes I don’t even press square for a side tackle and I end up getting sent off. One time the goalkeeper made a save with his hands outside the box and the ref “didn’t see”. Once again I know you can’t changes anything but try to.Version: 21.4.0

JuhuVery good for showing your Team and more.Version: 1.0.0

Very good but….This app is very good u can edit ur team but players open pack do sbcs and more and I like it a lot. The only thing that is anoyying is every time I have a duplicate and I use it in a sbc I can not get my duplicate until I restart my app which is very anoyying other than that this app is very good and I recommend it to everyone who plays fifa..Version: 22.10.0

Quality App!The Companion app is so good, been using it since FIFA 18 and it’s been so helpful having this. I can use it on the go waiting for the bus, complete Sbc’s check objectives and sort out my team. Overall it’s amazing, however it would be nice if there was a feature where you could check to see your friends teams instead of having to go on the console and opening fifa, then friendlies to check my friends teams, other than that amazing app!.Version: 21.2.0

I really love itI found almost nothing wrong with it I like that I can jump on trade offers when I need to without waiting for my Xbox to turn on the only thing that I would like to see added if you can is that you can be able to be on both the app and on the game at the same time I don't know if that is possible that would be a great addition to this app but other than that it is awesome.Version: 18.0.5

Best compatible app for a gameRuns smoothly great app 10/10 When I'm out this helps me so much.Version: 17.0.2

Great appLove this app, it is perfect for building your team and using the tanager market on the go. But what happened to the guy draft.Version: 1.0.0

The App does its jobAs much as people complain about the transfer market bug which does become annoying, there is a simple way around this and that is backing out of the transfer market and going to your transfer targets. It’s super quick to do and is less than 30 secs to do. If it bugs again, back out and return, it’s no hard to do. People are really dumb if they haven’t figured out how to get around this. Even the platform version does that sometimes. SOMETIMES. Not all the time. Beyond that bug, everything works really great and you can literally do everyone in this app as far as FUT is concerned, other than not being able to play the game. Love everything about it! Thank you EA :).Version: 20.3.1

Ideas for the futureIn my opinion, although it’s very bugged, the companion app is a great way to complete sbcs and edit your team while you are away. As someone who can only play 50% of the time it can get challenging to do what I want to do and I miss out on a lot. In the future it would be nice to see more game modes available on the companion app as if would be call to have access to career mode. Also you should be able to sim the matches in career mode on mobile aswell. I know it’s something that would take a while but it would get me more invested into the game again. Overall the companion app has flaws but is very useful and needs to be expanded upon next fifa and in many more fifas to come..Version: 23.3.1

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