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Prepware Remote Pilot App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Prepware Remote Pilot app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Prepware Remote Pilot? Can you share your negative thoughts about prepware remote pilot?

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Prepware Remote Pilot for Negative User Reviews

Help! Something’s wrongI cant find an email or anything. Suddenly this trusty app isnt showing me just remote pilot questions but also i think actual pilot exam questions? It now has questions related to TSA, what runway signs mean what, etc. Please fix this!!!! I loved this app before this glitch..Version: 1.56

No Legends?The “Study” and “Test” questions have figures, but the legends are not included in the figures (at least, not as far as I can tell). Considering the information in the legend is critical to deciphering much of the contents in the Sectional Charts, it seems odd that the legends would not be included. I have not taken my official exam yet, and I’m using a number of resources to prep. Thus far, this seems to have accurate and current information. This is the only reason I’ve given it two stars..Version: 1.56

Needs to be "tweaked" a bit.For the most part, this app works well. The problem that I have experienced is that if you do a partial study and want to finish it later, and have marked the questions with the blue marker, the option to "exit and save" doesn't work at all! If that option is available on the screen then it should work. It doesn't work and one has to start all over and on a different set of questions when you reopen the App. Why doesn't it work? Seems like a easy fix for the developers..Version: 1.45

Needs workWhile being a decent practice module, they need to mix up the order of the possible answers from practice test to practice test. It would also be nice if they had several preinstalled questions asking the same thing in different ways. It is too easy to get lulled into thinking you know everything just because you can answer all their questions..Version: 1.45

Good But Questions Don't Mirror FAA ExamI used this app exclusively as my study guide and, while I did pass on my first attempt, my score was well below my 98% average within the app (l took my exam in January 2021 and was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover virtually none of the app's practice questions appear in the official test.) l do recommend the app, but only as a study supplement.Version: 1.53

Lots of manned aircraft questionsToo many manned aircraft questions it seems. And I'm pretty sure there's an answer and then explanation that are different..Version: 1.42

It's okThis app has many questions for airplane pilots that are mixed in with sUAS pilots. Not sure they are needed. It is a good quiz but not a good learning tool on its own..Version: 1.44

Needs updatingI used this app for prep prior to a test in 2017, at that time it was top notch for preparing, however, after letting my license expire I had to retest- and this time (2/22) the actual test was vastly different than what the app prepared me for. I still passed, but many of the topics were not adequately covered in the current version..Version: 1.55

Not reliableNo legends to use for the maps on the studies or tests. Some of the map figures are not matched with the correct maps in the questions..Version: 1.53

Good test, but doesn’t explain incorrect answersThis seems to be a pretty good app for practicing for the actual test. The biggest issue is, when you run in Test mode -once you get results, and you look at the explanation of why you missed some, it doesn’t tell you what the right answer is. It does have a small paragraph, but in many cases this still does not explain which answer was correct..Version: 1.55

Good but found a question with incorrect answersThe app seems to work well but I came across one question with no correct answers. The answer it said was correct only applies to manned aircraft and not a sUAS..Version: 1.48

Questions need to be updated!Do not count on this app to provide you with the full gamut of knowledge to pass the test! The mix of test questions needs to be much heavier on the sectional chart knowledge. There are MANY questions that appeared on the real test that never came up in this app. Although I passed, it had more to do with my prior experience as a commercial full scale pilot, not this app..Version: 1.49

Great App; However Needs Function To Save Results!!!Overall, this app is great; however, it is EXTREMELY frustrating completely the practice test, and not being able to save a record of that recent test, as well as any prior exams. I just completed one, received my score, accidentally closed out of the app, and the app proceeded to refresh back to the home screen before I could even check my work, thus losing the ability to learn from any incorrect answers, seeing what I got correct, etc. SUPER FRUSTRATING!.Version: 1.49

Not ready for prime timeSeems hastily put together with a lot of questions that are irrelevant to drone operations. The explanations are not very good, often just a simple sentence restating the question. Also, there is no way to see how you did on previous exams and nothing to help you learn the material. I understand that it's pretty cheap compared to other apps, but seems like a large compromise for what you get..Version: 1.42

Not Up to Date for 2021Don’t be fooled into thinking you can memorize these questions and pass the test. Lots of changes have happened that this App does not cover. Questions the FAA are currently asking are not in the question pool here. Also needs a Review Missed feature. If you miss a question, then select the right one, it counts it as a correct answer..Version: 1.54

Where’d the questions go?App was working great until a few days ago. Now some sections have limited study questions, while another has none at all. 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 1.51

Fine eccentric for one big problemUsing past Prepware Applications, I’ve had some pretty good results. One of the biggest benefits has been to be able to pick a topic and practice on a few questions chose randomly. The problem with particular app, however, is that it will not let you reduce the number of questions. This means that instead of a bite-size practice of five or 10 questions now and then, you would have to have a 96 question quiz on only one topic. Had I known that, I probably would have tried a different app other than this one. Also, there are no flashcards or study materials. but the biggest problem is that you either have to take a full simulated test, or a one topic test including all of the questions in the bank for that topic..Version: 1.56

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