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What is CameraPixels PRO? Description of CameraPixels PRO

CameraPixels is a unique manual photography app. The premium tools and intuitive UI make CameraPixels the best choice for professional mobile photographers. CameraPixels participated in Berkley Eclipse Megamovie 2017 thanks to its extensive raw bracketing.

CameraPixels is all-in-one capture solution, that supports multiple photo and video capture modes. Among them are Bracketing, Slow Shutter and Time-lapse modes. CameraPixels has the most advanced bracketing available on the iOS platform, which includes exposure and focus bracketing.

Best for macro photography
With CameraPixels you can capture the best macro shots, be it a single image or a series of images, called focus bracketing, which can later be combined into one all-in-focus photo (requires external app for focus stacking). If you have an external macro lens, let CameraPixels save its name to the EXIF data for you, so later you can always remember which lens was used. Currently CameraPixels supports Olloclip™, Loupe System™ and Moment™ lenses.

Best for professional HDR photography
CameraPixels has the most advanced exposure bracketing on iOS. With up to 15 images per bracket you can capture even the most difficult lighting situations. CameraPixels support auto-, iso and shutter-brackets, with an optional flash frame. The captured images can be used to create stunning HDR photos using your favorite professional HDR software.

Intuitive UI
CameraPixels has a simple and efficient UI. The most important information is always in front of your eyes, and this allows you to avoid surprises like an unexpected flash fire or the wrong output photo or video format. Stop being distracted by the uncertainty of the settings, concentrate on your capture!

ISO/Shutter priority modes
CameraPixels is among a few photography apps that support advanced exposure modes like ISO and Shutter priority. These modes are indispensable during dynamic photography when there is no time for adjusting manual exposure.

Histogram and clipping warnings
The histogram is a great tool to estimate your exposure. It can show you if the photo has under-exposed or over-exposed areas. Clipping warnings, on the other hand, can show you exactly where those under and over-exposed areas in your photo are.

Depth capture
On dual/triple-camera devices, CameraPixels can capture depth information alongside the colour photo. If the photo has depth information, in the preview window, two additional buttons appear (depth and portrait) that allow you to inspect the depth of the image and apply it to simulate an aperture.

CameraPixels was designed for professional photographers that value efficiency of their workflow. The unlimited presets, including the possibility to expose them to Widget make CameraPixels the ultimate photography tool.

Features overview
- UI optimized for manual capture
- RAW and ProRAW (on supported devices) photo capture
- Auto, manual and semi-automatic (ISO- and Shutter-priority) exposure modes
- Photo, Burst, Portrait, Slow Shutter, Exposure Bracket, Focus Bracket, Video and Time-lapse
- Clipping warnings to highlight under- and over-exposed areas in real time
- Focus peaking and loupe during the manual focus adjustments
- Single or series of Exposure Brackets with up to 15 images per bracket. AEB, ISO- and Shutter-brackets are available.
- Single or series of Focus Brackets with up to 100 images per bracket
- Adjustable photo and video resolution
- Adjustable photo and video quality
- Advanced photo processing (Smart HDR and Deep fusion on supported devices)
- Unlimited presets with the possibility of exposing them to the widget
- Advanced intervalometer
- Multiple framing options

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CameraPixels PRO App User Reviews

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CameraPixels PRO Pros

Perfect for pros doing image blending using images shot with a smartphone6/29/19 Addendum: Pros and serious hobbyists, you should really take a look at this app because it is virtually perfect for CAPTURING SOURCE IMAGES IN RAW FORMAT from the newer smart phones, which then can be exported into Photoshop on computer for maximum end-results using image blending. This app is NOT focused on editing images and that’s perfectly OK with me because there are many other apps whose strength is in that area. Here is an example of what I am saying. Just imagine what you would have to do to use another app that shoots raw format and allows for manual exposure control and then try to bracket 5, 7, 9, or up to 15 images 0.5EV apart from each other. The reason you cannot imagine doing that is because the other apps will not do that. CameraPixels will, and with only ONE TOUCH of the shutter button. Unlike images from a DSLR and other smartphone apps, there goes the hassle with having to align the images in post-processing, after they have been shot. This is one of those rare instances where a smartphone with this app will actually do something that none of the DSLR cameras can even do. I am shocked that more serious photographers have not discovered this app yet. I suspect that is because it has been given very little advertising compared to other apps. But those other apps cannot do what this app can do. Original Review from 11/2018: CameraPixels is one of my top three apps when I am after a shot that requires professional levels of image blending in Photoshop on my computer. The reason for this is that I can set this app to bracketing and I can choose the amount of EV difference from one shot to the next and determine the total number of shots taken, thereby giving myself more than ample range in tonality between the various images. The other thing that I especially like, and this is an advantage even over my best $3300 DSLR cameras, is that with a single touch of the shutter button, all of the bracketed images are taken at the exact same moment. And before I omit mentioning this, CameraPixels allows me to shoot the original images in DNG (RAW) format. This is a must have feature for me when I am after critical material that I intend to archive and edit in various ways. Once I have the images taken by CameraPixels imported into Photoshop, then I use luminosity masking techniques and blend the sky with the ground and always find that I have a nearly perfect original image with exactly the right tones to make the shot look its very best and most professional. There are two other apps that are my top choices for individual image processing and tweaking, but when I have luminosity masking in mind before I take a shot, I go straight to CameraPixels without hesitation. If you are an advanced amateur or pro photographer and intend to do image blending, look no further. This is your app..Cp77Version: 5.1.7

Great app for amazing picturesLove it.Ivelisse casertaVersion: 2020.2.2

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CameraPixels PRO Cons

Not saving raw/proraw after updateThis was working a few days ago but not after the update. Whether it wants to save a copy of the photo at all in any format is totally a coin toss. Sometimes the new picture shows up in the bottom left thumbnail but when you tap on it it’s not there you only see the most recent photo you had before you tried taking the new one..PsydrinVersion: 2021.5

No HDR or Photo stacking in appI purchased this hearing things like “all-in-one” and seeing a sample photo of focus stacking on the Apple store as well as a sample photo of HDR stacking on their website homepage shown inside the app. This is misleading people to think that the app can stack multiple photos into HDR or stack multiple focus photos with focus stacking. It’s not clearly stated which made it a waste of my time that this is a “capture only” app. The issue I have is if someone uses the app to capture multi focus photos and then is forced to buy third party software to stack those photos, then why would someone reload that final stacked photo into the app and take a screen shot to show on the App Store. It is misleading and not cool..TornadoNewbieVersion: 2021.5.3

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Is CameraPixels PRO legit?

Yes. CameraPixels PRO is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 129 CameraPixels PRO user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for CameraPixels PRO is 83.2/100.

Is CameraPixels PRO safe?

Yes. CameraPixels PRO is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 129 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5. AppSupports Safety Score for CameraPixels PRO is 83.7/100.

Should I download CameraPixels PRO?

There have been no security reports that makes CameraPixels PRO a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

CameraPixels PRO Screenshots

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Product details of CameraPixels PRO

App Name:
CameraPixels PRO
App Version:
Natalya Petrenko
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Photo & Video, Travel
App Size:
7.62 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
11 September 2016, Sunday
Last Update:
05 November 2023, Sunday - 14:44
IOS 15.0 or later

CameraPixels PRO 2023.1.0 Update Note
✱ Version History

A few bug fixes Added support for iPhone 15.

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