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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang app received 140 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about mobile legends: bang bang?

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Stop resetting accounts with no way to sign inI love the game. But every single time the game updates I need to start from scratch on my iPad. with no way to get out of the f***ing tutorial set of missions. I have to play 4 games just to be able to connect to Facebook and get into my account. This is horse s*** game does not ask me what account I want to sign in. It does not even check even tho it’s connected.Version:

Big improvement needed.I loved playing Mobile legends and I haven’t played it in a while. So I decided to pick up the game and play it with my cousin. HOWEVER I am fairly disappointed with the changes and what have been added. I highly suggest that you remove the option to ban someone because of their “low skill”. I think that is just being mean. It also shows disgusting behaviour of other players from around the world saying very mean things. They banned my cousin for being bad. And my cousin was a new player. I feel like this is a feature you need to get rid of. Because it’s not making people happy. And certainly won’t make first timer people choose to play this game again. It’s through options to ban people because of low skill is what’s causing cyber bullying or so to happen. My suggestion is if you want people to enjoy your game. Remove that option. You basically copied league of legends and that’s why you got sued and lost money. League doesn’t do that, which is why they are successful. You need to give people a chance when they are still learning. And people with foul language in the chat should automatically be banned by the game developers. Please don’t be a disappointment for the future. I have high hopes for this game to improve..Version:

Can I give no star?Too many racist players! Worst match making logic, keeps penalizing me even though i didnt do anything! Just now wasnt allowed to play because I was “afk”? Go fire all your programmers! Useless game!.Version:

DeletingThere's soo many racist people on the game and it's incredibly dehumanizing as an asian who has to go through getting called slurs ("ching chong" "dog eaters" "bat eaters") in-game. the players who get rightfully reported and get their credit score deducted are extremely lucky. they deserve more consequences for their actions. 0/10, moonton does not consider taking serious consideration for verbal abuse..Version:

Hero power pointsIt seems unfair that every time you lose a game they deduct 19 hero power and for every win they just give you 1 or 2 hero power, its frustrating, you should investigate this..Version:

Account too easily lost... twice...Soo yeah, spent months playing the game unlocking heroes, spent about $50 or more too, my phone died and I bought a new one... even tho the account was linked to Game Center and Facebook it says the account information is stored on another device so I lost EVERYTHING... I started fresh again cause the game is worth it, only then to get back to max level and unlock 40 heroes then do an update and it’s lost all my account information again, even tho this time I did the mooton account link. Can never get help from support, they don’t care cause it means you’ll spend money to unlock heroes again. Pretty disgraceful customer service. Don’t invest money cause you’ll prob lose it ... ZZZZZZZZ..Version:

LAGMobile Legends is actually one of my favourite games, and I would really like to give it a five star rating. However, recently my game (and many others') has been lagging so much during gameplay and there are times where my game just completely closes, forcing me to reload the whole app. This not only disrupts me, but also affects my team members due to my player going 'afk'. Almost every game I play, I encounter teammates who are afk during the first few minutes of the game or they go afk in the middle of the game because their game shut down, turning the game into 4v5 or even 3v5 (no longer the 5v5 it's supposed to be). On top of this, the wifi connection is constantly disrupting matches, as it will keep jumping from like 20 to 300, which only adds to the lag, and I cannot play properly because I die for no reason. Overall, these problems are affecting players' credit scores, win rates, ranking in rank, and there is also the potential that teammates are badmouthing each other due to something the player is unable to control. Mobile legends PLEASE fix this bug ASAP. Thank you :)).Version:

Fix matchmaking 2021If you want a 5 star, fix matchmaking please. I’m in Legend-Mythic pool and still match with people in Warrior or Elite. That really ruins the game and doesn’t make the game challenging at all. It makes you just wanna delete the game because of bad teammates and drastic differences in skill..Version:

Can you allow me to join pleaseThe title says it all. But I have more. Moonton if you’re going to make a moba game at least make it original like smite or something but this is basically lol(league of legends)but the characters have different names. Also unpopular opinion but for someone who doesn’t really play on pc or mobile but more in console I would like the game to be installable on console....ik it’s literally called “mobile” but like I’m sure it would be better for me and possibly other players who want to play. Why are the characters so ridiculously expensive but you barely get any gold plz either 1.make the characters less expensive or 2.give us more gold or 3.both..... and that is why I gave you 3 stars but I’ll still keep the game on my phone incase you actually listen to your players fir once. Btw I’m pretty sure you lie about the rewards if you for example installed ml but the other game...I remember you saying that if we installed it we would get a skin spoiler alert I haven’t gotten the skin, and the tiktok account you said you have that was also a lie so I’ll change your railing from three all the way down to one. Oh yea there’s more I’ll wright it in Chinese so you understand 给我们更多他妈的是日常的奖励。我们从字面上只能得到50金。我们中的某些字体能使我们花大钱,所以我们不能漫不经心地花钱,所以我们不能他妈的买更多的钱。所以给我们更多的金!.Version:

Lag and crashingI have had this game for about a month now. Managed to get grandmaster despite constant lag and kicking out of game problems. Here's the real issue: lots of people complain about lag, yet this has not improved. All settings down to minimum with speed mode enabled, still lag and freezing issues. If you get these issues, you get penalised for being afk. I can no longer play ranked games due to penalties, not my fault but yours. This needs sorting out. I am unable to run IOS 11 a I have an iPad 4, and with this new update, playing is impossible. On top of that, each time you advise to reinstall the game, I have to reach level 8 before I can even start to recover my account. I used to play this game all the time, but now it is unplayable for me and it is money wasted.Version:

Used to be fun, until...Mobile legends was fun around season 3 and maybe before, but since then the whole game has gone down the drain. Game crashes constantly, afk's on every other game, every new hero added to an update is WAY too op, and constantly crashing! Within the last 3 months or so, there has never been an update strictly for nerfs and small buffs... Ever. Any hero that isn't a tank or a direct, short ranged fighter, is so overly powered. Mages and assassins seem to strip you of any armor and HP you ever had, yet impossibly durable, yet a squishy. The game IS NOT BALANCED AT ALL!!! Too many assassins, mages, and adc's. The game isn't fun if you can barely play without being killed every time your under turret. Not to even go into the actual apps bugs and problems!!! LIKE BAD CONNECTION 24/7, and always CRASHING! I have crashed on my very first match of the day, without fail, since the Christmas update. Even then, it crashes right before or immediately after a match ends! And constantly matching up with players who are not my equal rank, or equal win rate!! Nothing in this game is balanced!!! All in all: There needs to be serious nerfs and MAYBE, some buffs. Fix the constant crashes. Fix matching up by making other players more equal, and BALANCE THE GAME MORE!!!!!.Version:

MatchmakingThis game could be worth a 5-star but matchmaking in classic and rank is a joke. Im pretty sure a lobby of people will pair against another lobby. It’s pretty fair in that regard but solo queuing is impossible. I’ve reached mythic and after the season ended a couple days ago, I’ve been paired with people who aren’t aware of how to adjust or how to play their role or play as a team. Multiple times I’ve been left without a tank, sometimes too many many damage dealers, some do not even know what the buff is and who is more important to take the buff. These are all mythic players. Currently I am in a 7 loss streak and I have about a 37% win rate on less than 20 games or so. In most, if not all, of these losses, I’ve come out as MVP and showed significant difference in skill than those in my team. I try my hardest to win and not give up but it is almost impossible. I play on oceanic servers..Version:

Bad supportNo matter what I won’t put my stars higher than this. Why? Game never changes. I quit last time cause of same reason bad support (not game support but the one you talk to about bug and complaint). They responded soooooooooooo slow literally 1 day after Every message and in the end they didn’t even solve my problem. Also the game community is so toxic. If you have more death than kills they report you. They don’t even check the dmg dealt. I dealt most dmg yet cause I died 10 times they all report me. Every game you play and if you are at end selection 80% you will not get the hero you want. And if you don’t play that role everyone else wants you to play, the first thing you hear in all chat is “report this nob(nub)” or other And gets reported at end. If you play the role they ask you to play and don’t do so well... you know what happens next “report this nob(nub)” hell I don’t even get any choice. Whatever happens in game is they always blame someone else. If you play you will understand. I m gonna quit soon now. Became legend iv3 from grandmaster in like 10 days. It’s an easy game if you know how to play yet it doesent fix the balance. I remember chou, Lancelot, cyclops used to be banned every game now they are hardly played. They have so much heroes yet every game they banned that mage/fighter and mage/tank.Version:

Fix MatchmakingPeople keep asking why there’s so many bullies? Why people keep talking badly about new players? It’s obviously because of the matchmaking, not the person in general. I’ve played Classic so many times and the amount of games I’ve gotten where I have Elite, Grandmasters and Warriors on my side while the enemy team has Legends and Mythics. You guys need to fix the matchmaking, it’s not even fair for the new players. How are they suppose to learn how to play if all they can do is die considering you match good players with new players. You need to seperate Warriors - Master and Grandmasters - Mythics because it’s not fair at all whatsoever. I’ve been losing and I’ve not been enjoying the game because I keep getting unbalanced teammates, I understand it’s at random but the amount of times I’ve been paired up with new players against pro players. How is that fair? Even when I have pro teammates and we’re going up against rookies it’s sad because they can’t learn how to play. This might actually raise your stars up if everything is balanced out more because even after losing 7 games, I get one good game and that’s it, is this how the game runs? You lose 7 matches so you’re automatically paired up with rookie enemies? Please fix the matchmaking, it’s unfair on everyone that plays..Version:

Cyber-bullyI loved this game, no cap. The games is great I never had problems but honest don’t play this game because people in their is honestly toxic. A lot. No matter what u do or many reports you going to make they’re very toxic and they will continue playing no matter what. Ppl who play good get praise and people who like bad get say stuff like “u should kill yourself”, “get a new life”, “delete this game” not only that but they keep escalating it on if they’re have friends with them. I honestly had enough I love this game but I don’t think they should have comment section at all because that where everything happens and if the comment section was never there then it’s wouldn’t be much report bout negative player. This game had make me mentally unstable and lower my self-esteem even though they never saw me in real life, they’re called me “ugly and fat” and all of that. This game should do something instead of just lower their credit score....Version:

The worst game everI get teamed up with low skilled player and the other team is someone strong and toxic and they even cheat sometimes, broken controls and broken characters, nothing is balanced in this game, you get heroes who are super strong at the beginning of the game and they only need to hit you twice and you’re dead, it takes a while to get a new hero. Every time I get into a game I lag and it doesn’t go away unless I die. people are really toxic in the game and likes playing with your nerve and all the game does is keep sending warnings to them..Version:

The Report System is BADI played Data, Dota 2 and Lol for a long time about more than 5000 hours combined. This game is great with everything that’s included in the game although it’s very identical to the others but making it mobile friendly is good enough for me to playing it. However, This report system is crap! I only played this game for five days and love to play rank, because of the short amount of time I don’t have a lot of hero’s to play and I use Marksman most of the time. When there is a lot of marksman, I tent to choose a tank. In that game that I was playing, my tank was taking by other people, so I kept use Clint that I was ranked 85th in the state. This guy said “don’t pick Clint”, then he said” don’t take my JG”. So I stayed at top against a tank and a marksman by myself. And of cause I am not winning the lane. This guy cleared the JG farms, I was in the game trying to found my way to farm up at this point but we lost the game. My scores was the worst in the team. After I left the game, I was reported as poor performance?! And they took my credit score. This is BS. If I would just fought my way out and take all of the JG Farm, we prob still loose but I would not be the doing as bad with better performance? If this is how the game works and if letting other people get what they want end up getting reported. I’m just done this this game. To talk to some one about this report need to type in so much ID, battle ID, my ID, Server ID etc. just not worth my time..Version:

Matchmaking system and game overallPlease do not play this game! It affects your mental health. That’s what happened to me. You start to get addicted and then u neglect everything in your life for this game. It affects your mental health TRUST ME! The matchmaking system is pure trash. When you are in mythic rank u get matched up with legends and epics. Even though THERE ARE MANY MANY MYTHICS IN YOUR SERVER. Thirdly is the toxicity in this game. Even though they made a new system to identify swear words, IT DOES NOT HELP. You will still receive racist comments (a lot), Getting made fun of because of the country you come from and people calling you many many swear words. Moonton barely even tries to prevent this. They literally ignored your reports on people who intentionally feed, Use profanity and idling/ going offline. It is very frustrating for me. This is how it affects your mental health guys and girls. Please do not download this game!!! PLEASE..Version:

From a fan become a non-fan of Mobile LegendsI play Mobile Legends 3 years ago and i absolutely love the game but i didnt play them for 8 months and then now im finally back. I’m really really really disappointed about the game now. First, i play the game with my skills and strategies, the only way that we can win is using our playing skill to win the game. But when i come back and starting the first ranked game, the thing i saw is we don’t need skills to win the game anymore. The champion is not balanced AT ALL. I played kagura really really good i could bet you will lose if you fight me, but now they can beat me easily with the champions damage. Second, the time that we finish the game is around 25 minutes but now with all unbalanced champs we could finish the game IN 10 MINUTES. I can’t believe that the game could go that way. I guess Mobile Legends creators are changing it to a game that don’t take too much time of players like before but with me i will choose take the time longer to finish the game. Just with 3 minions that could destroy a half hp of a tower?? What kind of this game?? I’m still loving Mobile Legends of the past than this brand new Mobile Legends. I will detele it today. Thanks for having me a good game and happy memories. I’m not very good at English but hope you guys can see what im trying to say. I was loved this game really much for real!!!!!!!.Version:

Report system is very poorBeen playing for 2+ years and I’ve gotten dozens of unfair reports. The report system punishment in this game feels like i’m being sentenced 10 years to jail for jaywalking. I’ve made 8 types of accounts and I realised that if you have a profile picture of a pretty lady you get fewer reports, I even identified myself as male using the male in game logo and people still treat me nicely just because of the pretty profile picture, but I don’t recommend using this method as I got hit on by a few guys, TBH I would rather settle for the report than use this method..Version:

Something’s wrong with matchmakingPlease fix the matchmaking i honestly dont understand why i kept getting teamed with gm’s and epic’s. and then i also kept getting lose streaks for like 10 times consecutively. i also kept getting teamed up with low skilled players 🤷‍♂️ honestly the game is fun, it’s just so frustrating when you keep getting this result like what the heck? mentally im so drained about this. it’s just so hard for solo players..Version:

The gameI love this game, I am always on it. Tho your game has sound and video issues sometimes your system doesn’t catch and you take my score down multiple times for the same incident when it isn’t even my fault my screen isn’t matching with the battle, which is another reason I understand some times people have to put their phone down, they are adults can’t always be on their phone with that being said I like the afk score system but it has flaws such as being scored for the same incident multiple times taking your perfect 100 down to an 89 for ONE incident. It’s a bit ridiculous and some poor sport can even report you for something that didn’t even happen so your score system needs better development if you’re gonna take peoples privileges away from playing their game on their OWN phone for afk or bad behavior. Also you should only be allowed to report a certain amount a day or when someone goes afk in rank mode the first time it’s excused from your star score but any other time that a WHOLE ANOTHER person causes by going offline/idling I feel a star shouldn’t be taken period since the level of the game is very unfair it’s not like the bot you program is any good and runs around not helping the team. But if all these problems were fixed this game would be a 5/5.Version:

UnfairnessMobile legends would team you up with mythics and legendaries when your rank is an elite. This is unfair and they will call you out for your bad skills when you’re still trying to get better. Fix the match making to make it more fair for players for all ranks..Version:

Don’t ever bother to open this appFunny ethical company. When your teammate started yelling negative comments to your teammates. Report never works. Instead they banned good players. Give me a penalty for violation. What did I say? Tell your toxic teammate to shut up is violation of what? Really? I was upset and contacted the customer service but no response. The second day they give me a penalty again, for being afk? I’ve never ever been afk in any game. Perhaps this company likes toxic players. so be it. Delete the game..Version:

TrashDon’t download.Version:

New player can’t decide on my ratingBeen playing for about 5 days now. I’m not very good. I don’t really understand items. I don’t understand why there’s 100 different menu screens and events on. There’s like 100 different hero’s some you can play, some are trial some are pay for. I’ve been playing with 2 different hero’s so far and all I get is abuse from other players for not playing as good as them or yuck as people trying to hit on me. I also don’t get enough time to reply to in game messages because I get afkd. Tbh I’m just a bit lost and overwhelmed in it atm.Version:

Worst game everWhen moonton detects your win streak, they will give you a noob team. I don’t believe it at first because why would they rank you down. But it happened to me (not once but a lot of times). I couldn’t beat my highest rank(legend 5) because every-time i reach 4 stars, there goes the noob team. Then the cycle goes on. It’s really frustrating and a waste of time ranking up. Especially I am a solo player, I don’t know what kind of enemies I will be facing..Version:

Please help my account!!!My account is bugged! Hi mobile legends, I played a rank game with Kagura and when the game finished where it would load to the after game results something came up saying recconnect or cancel. I clicked reconnect many times but it wouldn’t connect so i clicked cancel and i restarted my game. I opened my game with it saying (error-9994) I looked through my history and the kagura ranked game wasn’t there but i could see it on the replay page. I cant play classis or any other game modes, everytime i click on “start game”. It wouldn’t do anything and i cant message any of my friends because it says “action too frequent”. I decided to reinstall the game and its still the same. Please help! I dont want to lose my account..Version:

Fix reporting issues!!!!!!!!This is my second review today! I’ve recently downloaded this game, so obviously I’m still learning how to play it and get used to it. However, I constantly get reported for low performance and “feeding” when I’m not intentionally doing that. Not to mention all the insults from other players, like what do they expect from someone who just started playing this game? Do they expect me to be an expert right off the bat?? It’s so frustrating and unfair how I am put against more experienced players, but yet I’m the one who loses credit points and gets insulted for being a “noob”. This is a bunch of bs! Don’t get me wrong the concept of the game is fun and addictive. They just need to fix all these false reportings and rude players. Also, do others find it weird how you get killed right away by one hit from another player? I barely get into a fight and I’m dead right away without even being able to get a hit! Also, the community is so toxic and so unwilling to even help! I get into the chat and I see nothing but desperate people looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend. This is not a dating site! I installed this because I wanted to play a game that looks fun, but I get rude and desperate people who falsely report others and a company that is unwilling to fix these issues. This just ruins the game!.Version:

Absolutely terribleI don’t understand why this game is so popular. From every other MOBA I’ve played, this game is by far the most unbalanced with irregular mechanics. It makes absolutely no sense why you should require every individual who wishes to play without paying a single cent, over 20-30 hours to accumulate enough coins to unlock a character as well. There’s simply too many features that are just screaming for you to pay upfront just so you can enjoy the overall experience. Poor character designs and gameplay only ravaged my experience as well. As it should be understood that every character has their strong suit, it’s just absolutely unbearable to be able to do anything against players who have yielded hundreds of hours into this game, causing for an unfair gameplay no matter where you go. This will by far be the most disappointing MOBA I will have ever played, especially for its stupendously huge community. I would have expected a better experience than fancy visuals and the array of characters to play from, that you can’t even play without investing hundreds of hours into. Not everybody has the tenacity or endurance to put into this game. It should be more flexible and enjoyable for players all around. It’s player base is toxic and unbearable, not to forget. Nothing about this game screams at me that it’s amazing, and I’m left with disappointment..Version:

New update is horribleI’ve been playing this game for a little over a year now on my iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve never had frame rate issues or connectivity issues until this most recent update. It is absolutely horrible. The frame rate spike is horrendous and making the game completely unplayable for me. I will be leaving this review at 1 star until this issue is fixed..Version:

“Error loading files”Fix this stupid error! It’s lost me so many points and most of the time I was in a party with friends so they lose points too! My connection is good, my storage is good, and then all of a sudden when I’m in the loading screen just before entering a match, I get a message “error loading files”. Then I get disconnected! And it takes 5 minutes for the game to load back and by the time I come back my team already surrendered! And I’m usually the mage/mm!! What the heck is “error loading files”? Can you just make a warning saying “you might get disconnected if you enter a match due to error loading files, are you sure you want to continue”?!! It will save everyone’s stars and time if you just explain what on earth is “error loading files”. Fix it, thank you, and good day!.Version:

RankingThey are trying to make a good game. It’s well designed, art is great. But they think that they can punish any small mistake. If you lag, the punish you for ‘exhibiting afk behavior’ which they then take control with an ai. Another issue is if you don’t do the best in brawl mode, which they provide two characters for you to choose from. When provided with two characters I never play, I chose one. I didn’t do spectacular, and I got punished by the system for ‘poor behavior’ when I tried my best with a free character I’m never going to use and against good characters and players, not to mention that I lost 3 credit points from the system and then lost 4 from players reporting me. I actually got kills and assists too, and it’s in BRAWL, which death is a necessary part of that mode. They also record and infraction on your account. If you leave, because yeah, life happens outside of the game, you get punished. This game has so much potential if they would fixtheir punishing system. I normally play causally, and I think they should have way less of these punishments on that mode, because, as I have already stated, life happens. Ranking mode I totally understand the harsh judgement, but causally is how most newer players get into a game, and this game doesn’t do a good job if you have an external life outside the game, perfect internet connection at all times, and endless hours..Version:

Good but could be betterThe app constantly crashes after a game and sometimes even during it. Please I seek some assistance in this all my other games are fine when I’m playing it’s just this one, it works then it freezes and crashes.Version:

Really disappointing gameBeen playing this game for a while now on and off and when I got back into this game I realized how unbalanced this game really is, like seriously if they get something as broken as valir it’s just game over because they can invade more much a 5 man invade cause apparently that’s a thing in this game. It’s just so unfair when you have 2 people or 3 forcing to defend a buff that’s 50/50 against a 5 man when it should be 100/0 for the team defending it. I don’t understand how these creators made this game. It’s just a money making machine, that’s not gonna be fixed anytime soon. What I’m saying is that fix your game or this game gonna be dead when wildrift comes out. And for any new people that want to install this game warning, this game is unfair and unbalanced. Trust me I’m a mythic 1000 stars I know what I’m talking about. I’ve experienced a lot of stuff. Even the matchmaking I get players that are mythic 5 when the opposing team all have 500 stars and above that’s how crazy this game is. If your trynna climb solo, trust me buddy you ain’t getting far. You either have to be in a team of 5 or else your gonna get players that go 0/8 like I did earlier on today and lost the game due to it. It doesn’t matter how much skill you have this game depends on your team more than yourself so if your really good at this game and have trash teammates it’s a loss. Moonton I’m really disappointed I loved this game back then now it’s just so unbalanced and unfair..Version:

Get punished for no reason update gets worseLiterally if you play safe and your team keeps charging than blames you for what you have done. Then the system automatically says your violating the rank match. Just because someone did some false report. Also teammates are really bad.... when I came back from updates the game gets worse. The hero that I like to play gets changed. The hero that doesn’t need a buff, buffed so much. New hero keep coming out and every time when it’s out it’s too op. After that gets nerfed again. Best tip: DON’T PLAY THE GAME. It’s not good for your health. Cause the stupid report and matchmaking causes me to rage so hard..Version:

Bad Matchmaking & CheatingCheating is becoming more and more prominent and the developers seem to be doing nothing about it! Groups of people will often rig a match by matching up at the same time and having one side forfeit the match around the 6 or 7 minute mark, or do nothing while the enemy destroys your towers and base. They do this because the system for global ranking heroes encourages players to have a high win rate and to cheat the system they rig matches to increase their heroes’ winrate. I’ve recently reached the highest ranked league in the game and enjoy playing this game a lot. The only thing I think that would help improve the quality of this game is matchmaking in classic mode. It’s unfair to those who have just started the game to go against top-level players. The players don’t get enjoyment or learn much because of the tremendous skill gap. It’s like trying to teach an elementary school kid advanced physics when they haven’t learnt the basics. If this could be improved it would make the game more enjoyable for more people..Version:

About to delete MLBB, cheaters everywhere, MLBB failed to manage itThere is a cheating method which is a trend now. I came across 5-8 times a day and I reported every-time, however it seems like MLBB can’t control it. The cheater plant four feeding robots in my team and another four robots in his team. As soon as the game start, my four bot teammates start feeding. When it come to be able to surrender, my four bot players vote to surrender. It is so disappointing and I report after game every-time to all nine players as their offensive cheating behavior. However MLBB only can “send a warning “ to them and deduct a few credit points....which is useless. I tried to complain this phenomenon to MLBB customer service and they told me to use report function after game, which I already did hundreds of times..... I am about to delete this game now, MLBB can’t manage and control this, why should I suffer? I may play something else and get a enjoyable experience, maybe lord of legends ? It’s on app now..Version:

Not bad, not good. Room for improvement.By all means this game is not bad. The game does have its perks but it also comes with its downsides. Personally, I find the app way too cluttered. Meaning that the moment I open the app, I get bombarded with awards, messages and a lot of offers. When I load the game I want to go straight into the game and not waste time through the main menu. I don’t even want to mention its similarities with League Of Legends because there are a lot. The maps layout is nearly identical and there is no new innovative designs, sadly. I mean I could go on but I’m sure the developers are very aware of this. This game does have its own unique mechanics but not enough of them to be truly noticeable. In concussion, it’s not a bad game. The developers have made clear attempts to make the game unique. The gameplay overall is good and smooth. I do question though if I am actually playing with real people or not because sometimes it feels like I am playing with and/or against bots. This app still has lots of improvements to be made however the gameplay is still good and the graphics is also pretty nice..Version:

Moontoon scamDont spend anu money on skin they will scam you..Version:

Credit ScoreThe game is really fun. I’m glad I can play a game like this on mobile now. The only thing that’s stopping me from being able to enjoy as much as I want to, is the credit score. There have been times where my wifi has cut out or my phones gone flat mid game and when I get back, the game’s telling me that my credit score has gone down by 5+ points and now I can’t play chess mode or ranked. I wasn’t intentionally trying to afk or make my team lose and feeling that it was unfair to lose credit score for that..Version:

It’s okay...The overall concept of the game is good, it’s just that a lot of the characters you can pick from are overpowered by a lot, especially if you destroy a lot of turrets or get exp an easier way than killing people as the level rises in gameplay by destroying things (basically) and even if you are the same class (like marksman) there are characters that are overpowered. Another thing is that the wait time for resplendent during a match is really long. Even if you die once, the time you have to wait is over 20 seconds. Sometimes it’s over 30. Maybe make the time shorter...? Last thing is that if someone goes afk during a match, if the team that has that player on loses, they should not lose a star in rank. It isn’t those players fault that the person left and they were outnumbered. Even if there is ‘auto-pilot’ or something like that, we still should not be punished for that. Keep the stars the same. I’m not trying to throw any shade on this game, just being honest..Version:

Fine Game, Worst MaintenanceI hate the lags most during a team fight and I have to loose star or get killed, not for my fault. Sometimes I had to leave the game due to lags and then I am penalised for AFK!! The players are so annoying at times, and the new heroes are usually made super OP (I guess for sales), which makes it unbalanced game start till end. The MVP is mostly determined by KDA and even when someone has higher hero and turret damage, he/she will be measured as silver. Developers need to figure out a way to see that many players are only going after kills which affects team play. It will be better if the MVP is given on the basis of hero damage, turret damage and turret defence. I love this game, I really do. Miya is my favourite as she is the weakest in the start but can kill anyone by the end. She was awesome with weaken and I wish weaken comes back..Version:

Good game with some awful flaws.Ok, overall this game is really good! It’s entertaining and is good for teamwork. But there’s a few things that bug me. First and foremost, why when you leave the game before a battle ends should you get a ban? Because your teammates are still working? You could really need to do something and hey ho then you can’t go on for another 10 minutes. Unnecessary. If you really are that concerned, do it so the computer fills that players spot and they will not get any rewards. Next, how sometimes I have been waiting endlessly for a match to begin because a person has not entered. Please fix this because it takes me a good 15 minutes sometimes to get into a game! Lastly, how some people have such an advantage over the whole other team. Maybe there should be an equal amount of op people on each team. Thanks and I hope all these can be fixed..Version:

Money is all they wantMobile legends has great characters but i'm really disappointed. First of all, the ping gets really high when playing with friends. My friend has perfect wifi but still has a far amount of ping. This needs to be fixed. She cannot enjoy the game at ALL because of this. The matchmaking is terrible. For some reason whenever i play a game, i'm always matched up with pros that are far more greater than me at playing the game. They won't fix this at ALL. People have been complaining about this for so long yet, they won't fix it. This shows they want money. They want us to buy boosts with real money and play the game a lot even though we can't win. I can't even get good at the game because of this. My team fails because of this. Because of that, cyberbulling is a big thing. People will report you for "feeding" and call you a noob and other insults. This is what i hate the most about this game. I need everything to be fixed. This ruins the whole game..Version:

LosingI lose and to much hacker no fun and ultra lag horable people in game and swearing the game not good I do not recomend.Version:

I love this app... butI play often and I love this game the format the gameplay the story everything. I admit I even spent money on this app and I never do that. My only problem is that every time I play I get kicked out, I’ve checked my game always has the most recent update my ping is at 22 and above I’m always in the green and I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Every time I start a rank, classic, brawl —the game doesn’t matter— I get kicked out which is unfair to my teammates and I. It’s like my team is always at a disadvantage not having me for the first 3 minutes or so to close out the app restart and get through 2 separate loading processes plus the opening screen ads. And I’ve tried to go to the help page but it froze my computer so I am at a loss. If the developer could fix my problem I’d give it 5 stars but if I can’t play how much fun is it? Update as this keeps happening my credit score keeps falling making it seem as if I leave the game and inconvenience others on purpose. As this is the systems fault I feel it’s absolutely unfair that the game penalized me for its own short comings. I have tried to contact support again with an error page occurring and when I try to click the link if this occurs the next page never loads or there is nothing there. I just want to play this game normally, and I hope it’s not my account that’s corrupted or something like that, because as mentioned before I have spent money on this..Version:

Unknowns errorEverytime it show up, nothing helps, because of that i lost my rank, what a hell wrong with this game.....Version:

CrashesI like the game I’ve been playing it for a while now but can you please fix the issue for a lot of iPhone 6 Plus users who constantly finds the game crashing. The game is smooth it’s just annoying that it crashes specially in mid game a lot and it keeps costing my matches especially in rank so please moonton if your reading this please fix it.Version:

Ok...It is copying other games like league of legends,arena of valor....Version:

Good but not enoughDear developers please find a way to put players in a game who match same abilities and not match making 1 game with good players and then 10 games with low skill players. It is not fair seeing that you invest money in this game and then you cannot grow in rank because of your matching system. I love the game but in this section needs to be improved. If somebody is AFK more then 5 min the game should stop automatically without asking anybody else. Like know last game i had one player went AFK and he returned after 10 min and he didn't approve with the surrender then another low skill player followed him so no surrounding. Its not fair for the others to lose the star because of two low skill players..Version:

Crashing and freezingThis game always crashes and the developers aren’t doing anything about it. The crashes started even before the “speedy” update. After every match i crash end even in game. Please do something about it it has been a huge burden for me and my friends who are also ios users. I had also encountered numerous times where my game suddenly freezes while my ping is very stable (6ms) in game. I have already reported about these numerous time to the mobile legends: bang bang facebook page but they either not reply or give a solution that doesn’t even relate to the problem. All these problems tend to be very annoying and reoccuring hence the one star. These are the very reasons why I decided to quit and discourage many of my friends to continue playing this game. With these problems playing really is just a waste of time..Version:

Astoundingly terribly developed piece of softwareThis game lacks the ability to store and/or watch replays... so you can’t even really improve your gameplay unless someone is watching you play, or you use a screen recorder (which increases CPU usage which can contribute to latency- which is a big issue). Additionally, there is a hero that can only be unlocked by purchasing diamonds. If you want to remain free to play, you will never unlock her. Additionally, when you are in a group, the exit button and minimise buttons are switched. The convenient button is to exit the group. I always end up leaving the group by mistake. Also you cant use bluetooth headsets to communicate in teamspeak. During matches you can’t see names of the heroes (only the players) which again makes it incredibly difficult to improve. All in all, im only playing this game to chill with my mates. If my mates didn’t play this game I would have literally no reason to play this as it’s riddled with terrible software design..Version:

Characters Stats, And Wifi Lag,Soo, I soon noticed that sun is very sufficient, he is able to summon 3+ of his kinds in a couple seconds, I never know if he’s the real sun, or a bot, please update adding a feature that will allow us to know he’s the main sun. Lag: I speed test my wifi, daily and notice nothing wrong, in other mobile games, just ML. I don’t understand why it lags in ML, so please fix, or make au servers..Version:

Lag lag and unfair matchingSuper lag in match, after every updates it seems getting worse. I was kicked out of game sometimes even in match then tried log in again but unavailable. After deleting and downloading again it was fine for a while. But even my ping so good it still terrible lag in match. And even it wasn’t your fault when u have been forced for log out you still got punishment from afk. Match game is such a joke. You must be super lucky player or be a GM if u want win all the time because Almost every 2 or 3 wins you will match with nobs and lost 2 or 3 times. This morning i was in a match and been forced log out again, then the game ask me for update. I updated it but can’t log in again. I know I will got punishment for afk again but I m so sick with this game. This game just make u more stressful. I decide delete it and never play again. Through my epic rank with plenty skins I purchased before it ruin my life..Version:

Very laggyEven with all the updates and my high speed internet connection, it still lags with hell and it's very unstable even with speed mode on or off. Disappointed 😡.Version:

WANWAN NERFED?Y’all really nerfed wanwan? She isn’t even good anymore, she does 0 to no damage. Oh and let’s not forget Lapu. Why did he get buffed? He’s areadky so FÛCKING OP and YALL DECIDED TO BUFF HIM AND NERF WANWAN? WANWAN WAS PERFECTLY FINE BEFORE BUT YALL JUST HAD TO MAKE THIS GAME WORST.Version:

Uninitialised ReportingSo far i have loved this game but the only thing that has ruined it for me is that certain players have been unintentionally reporting me for actions i have not done. I absolutely love this game but these types of players should just get out of the game i hate people who report me then my credit score drops then i have to fight againts stupid A.I opponents and that gets really annoying after awhile so if you can change this, thank you this is why i gave you a 1 star.Version:

Don’t use money for this gameIt’s good app but very disappointing platform. One character can defeat 3 in few single shots is just one of the reason this game is becoming not worthy to use money to buy skins because technically its just a waste of money if a normal character can defeat you in 3 fast attacks. A bullet that can kill you in 2-3 shots, a team of all assassins that will not make you move at all and a character that you paid for but very useless. Players that can play rank mode but they are LAG or AFK but then you will loose star. Because of this it is frustrating to loose due to not so enjoyable game play and players, so what is the point of playing? Lastly it is now getting so laggy and I’m playing in a slow motion that makes me useless when playing assassin or mm like claude. (Even if I got good internet connection).Version:

Please fix itIve been playing ML snss in season 2 but When I started to update it the game start lagging and exploring some bugs i think few of users having this problem specially for iphone users I hope u guys fix it because the game get annoyed when it happens always Thanks.......Version:

I hate the reporting system. Get it fixed.I love mobile legends more than the next person, however this reporting is thoroughly ridiculous. Before downloading, I suggest reading both my, and other’s feedback. Being reported for being AFK (Away from keyboard/device), Feeding (Not playing it safe) and Low skill is so nasty! I got reported for feeding and now I can’t play ranked! What is wrong with you!? It’s hurtful! Think of others! Stuff that should be reported should be swearing, hatefulness, scamming, all of that stuff! And what do you do? Exactly! You should know! Think of the new players, people who don’t know how to play that well, etc! If you’re afk, just tell your team and you should be fine! Please remove the current reporting system, and make it fair and reasonable! The bullying is so extreme! They call people terrible and horrendously names, report you for reasons that feel like bullying, and you should read other’s feedback too for more! If you don’t get this bullying fixed, fix that reporting system and become more strict, you’re game could possibly get shut down because of cyber bullying. What would happen to your company’s reputation!? I love mlbb, but I don’t want to play if this is what happens. I love your company, and I don’t want to see it destroyed because of this. - An angry player, IsLoves Puppies YT.Version:

Horrible reporting system and toxic communityThere is no investigation into reports, you just get banned if you get reported. Like for instance, you’re trying to learn a difficult hero and get reported by toxic kids because you are trying to learn, in a casual match. Really not a good system at all. Pretty much every other match someone is spouting racist, bigoted or just generally insulting comments. Obviously not all are that way but there are enough that it ruins the experience. But hey don’t worry they only ban people who don’t preform well. Update: 110 credit score, dominate most games not the best but better than most, try to discourage toxic players, spend money on the game... pretty much exactly the type of player the devs should want to play there game. Well again I get a ban for feeding. Why? Because we got decimated. The entire team. There was no intentional feeding, tried my best the entire match but there was nothing I could do. They just steam rolled us. Of course there was one player who blamed everyone else and reported me for feeding. Despite everything I stated in the beginning I got banned for this one match just because someone reported feeding. You know how many times I reported players for being racist or just insulting other players and you know what they get? A warning! Yep, that’s it. I love this game as far as gameplay but their reporting and banning system is complete bs. And my rating will remain what it is until they fix it..Version:

Still sucks just like 2020I thought the last update was worse turns out this is way over the board. You make good and non toxic players team up with very toxic and low skilled players, making them lose. I thought we could enjoy this game? Why does it seem like you just want our money with diamonds and skins? I’ll delete ml when Wild Rift comes out officially. This game sucks even more because you even let hackers/cheaters win and damn don’t get me started with the lag. One more thing if you’re gonna make a game don’t copy from others or at least ask permission if you could get some ideas on different games..Version:

Good game butGood game but, I have a problem with the update. I cant play rank because it says my network is not stable. I do the network test over and over and my ping is literally 40-50 ms....Version:

Bit unfair when match making but over all pretty goodIve been playing for a few months and I never grew bored and uninterested. It’s a great game though a noob like me gets scolded and gets called out for dying and not being able to contribute well for the team during matches. I would always get matched with people who are more skilled and has better skins and such which I think is pretty unfair as were(other people like me) unable to get better. It also makes me wanna just avoid playing ranks and matches cuz whats the point when your going to get told off and you’re also not leveling up. I’d be great if you guys could match players with other people who are on the same rank as them so they can improve and work their way up instead of going head on with pros without them having experience(?).Version:

Laging on NexusPls fix the Nexus Update I use phone 8 before the update it was perfectly fine but the update made my screen or FPS Lag plss fix.Version:

Great game butThis game is an easier version of League of Legends basically. I find it fun to play when I’m out on a long train or car ride and need some more action than Angry Birds. The champions are so much fun to play and the similarities between this and League of Legends has made learning really easy. I also love how you can just purchase items without having to recall back to base. My only concern is, I’ve never played negatively in my games, EVER. I don’t trash talk or even speak negatively of other players. If I do, it’s definitely not in the chat room and I would keep it to myself. I’m not one to harass another player for being bad. What I don’t understand is the game is telling me that I am severely violating the policy and I’m being threatened by the game that I will be banned. Don’t know how that happened. Could it be because I pub stomp and go at least 10 kills and no deaths each game? Am I being reported for being good at the game? I can’t know for sure other than the game is constantly telling me that I’ve done something wrong but I won’t tell me what that is. If this is a bug of some sort or if your reporting mechanism is working properly I would ask that you guys fix this promptly. I love this game but it’s a shame that this is a problem..Version:

Cancerous CommunityNow I’m being honest, it’s addictive as hell, but the community is a downfall. Whatever you do wrong results to you getting trash talked and being called a “noob”. The community doesn’t really bother helping those who start the game not knowing anything, and about all of them think that everyone can just join the game and know everything that is required in a certain rank. The developers don’t even really bother helping out the community as well. They did add a “mentor and apprentice” system, but that barely helps. Most people wouldn’t even bother accepting those who need help. Many have quitted for this reason and another reason is that it’s sorta a money pit. Example: the lucky spin for the Legendary skins like Modena Butterfly, you have to spend over 10,000 diamond which is about like probably $200 dollars. Is it really worth it? They also have another one which is for limited time, really cool skins, which you have to get everything in the spin and then get the skin, and it’s about 1-2k diamond which is a lot. It’s not worth it. And the developers are corrupted in my opinion. There’s this cheating system called 221 or 22 that was recently found (and most players that do it are in NA so be careful), and they support it. So to all new players, please be aware of the community you are gonna enter..Version:

Crap gameI was wondering why this was free at first but then I got into online and it hit me, nothing is fair! Why do we need to wait to report someone till the end of the game? Also why do we need to report low level players; couldn't you just not be lazy game developers and exclude theme from the mode entirely? It seems like you took no time at all when you were making a characters stats! Like what the hell is it with marksmen never missing? Marksmen and mages seem to also be the most powerful characters ever! You can never kill them. It also seems like if you use tank perks you still get two shot by a mage. You need to bird and buff some characters and classes so that people would have to think about who they choose instead of being able to customize there perks. By the way you shouldn’t be able to give a character perks from a different category, like marksmen shouldn’t be tanks! Everything is unfair for all players. If your looking for a fun none rage ensuing game do not play this. I always get stuck with bad low level players that eventually got me to a low level and all the good players are all placed on one side. Also it takes too long to upgrade and when you do upgrade it doesn’t seem or feel like anything happened! This game has become one of my most useless waists of time because of its poor performance and fairness of game..Version:

Bad App in a lot of different ways.To start with whoever writes copy for MLBB has the worst English grammar I have seen in a professional game. This game is enjoyable up until it thinks you have performed poorly in a match. At which point, whether it's fair or not will deduct credit score. Credit score is used to scare players into trying their best every single match. For a single bad game you can be deducted 3 points, (for seemingly no reason.) If your internet drops out for a match that could cost you 5 points. So if you drop below 90 you can't play ranked and to get full benefits you need to be at 110. Which is impossible to maintain. The only way to increase you credit score is by playing 7 matches for 1 point and you better hope you aren't perceived to be playing badly by the system or even reported by a pregrouped team of players who just don't like you..Version:

Match making is no go, same as updatesHow in Elite league you can have guys who don’t know what are they doing... it’s 5 out of 7 league(who don’t know), terrible matching system when people invite friends from lover rank and they destroy the game.... many lags due servers maintenance or someone is steaming the game. The most fun part when update comes out you go to App Store and instead of UPDATE button is OPEN, you one back to game and once again you are asked to update so they direct you back to App Store and same stuff over and over again, and then after like 2-3days it changes on the App Store, then you can update, where’s the logic.. don’t ask me. Btw I’m using ios11 on iPhone 6s.Version:

Video Chest Still doesn’t workGame is laggy even when i have a fast internet connection. They still never fixed the video chest months later..Version:

Terrible CSI have played this game for over two years. I have invested days worth of play time and quite a few dollars, as well. However, after reinstalling because of constant lag on multiple stable networks (which I had to do numerous times over the years), I was one day unable to access my account. I was not overly concerned, and hit up the CS robot (the only option), followed the steps, and submitted all forms, documents and proof of account ownership required. After several days, I did it again. And so on....for over a month now. All with the same result-empty air. Not even a cricket chirp. It is hard to put into words how let down...taken advantage of...robbed...I feel. I really don’t know what else to say except my last post to the “Customer Support Bot” of “Your CS is non existent and I REALLY didn’t want to have to be put in a position where I had to ask for my money back and write a bad review for this game. However, the lack of....anything....on your part in resolving my lost account issue leaves me with literally no other choice. Except just saying “oh well”, which I will not do. I literally don’t have the words to express how disappointed I am.” .....(Thanks copy/paste). I was going to post a few pictures here to demonstrate the process I repeated multiple times, but apparently that’s not possible. This is only the second time I have ever written a review of anything in my life. Good luck all..Version:

Imbalance game and has tons of AFK playersMatchmaking needs a serious balancing. Every matchmaking is like flip-a-coin, no matter how good you're, sometimes it's impossible to carry the game as you got a trash team while the opponents are impossible to defeat. Also, there are so many idling/going offline players. The in-game helpdesk/game master support also pretty useless, it's been 3 days from the initial contact and no response yet from them. Don't want to spend any more diamonds on this game..Version:

Unfair reporting, strange matchmaking, but great gameplay1. The reporting system is really unfair. Being able to report a player for ‘low skill’ or ‘feeding’. Most people wouldn’t enter this game with the intention of being the worst player in their team. I’ve been on the receiving end of bullying in game chat, as well as reports for having a lower KD ratio than other higher level players with top line heroes to play with. 2. My first two days playing this game I was rewarded with mvp on a number of occasions, against formidable opponents relative to my skill level. Now I’m constantly being matched against ‘Elites’ and the like, people who p2p, with top tier heroes, skins, the works. Which leaves a noob like me in a crappy position. I want to play the game, I want to get better and build my skill, but I’m finding that difficult when I’m constantly put down by my teammates and now regularly the worst player in the losing team. 3. Overall, the gameplay and concept is fantastic, the graphics are great, occasionally I get lag issues, but nothing too bad. Just the other points mentioned above that make it hard to want to keep playing. Nobody likes to lose, but nobody wants to be targetted by master players for being a noob..Version:

FactsThe game always restart not just one time per game but twice or sometime 3 and 4 times like seriously my server is perfect and nothing is wrong but still the game crashes every single time I love this game but if it continues to be like that then I’m done with it.Version:

Customer service center is terribleGame is awesome and it is getting better and better. But customer center is terrible and they just make me mad. Their customer service center is the most worst one I have ever had. I have reported some issues a couple of time as following poor experiences: 1. Take a couple of days for customer service center to give me for per response 2. No help and No response at the end. After touched a couple of times, customer service center doesn’t not give you any response at the end. It took me like a week, and not answer at all. It doesn’t provide any helps at all. 3. No any result at the end. I have reported issues a couple of time. I never got any result to tell what’s going on in my report.Version:

Pay2Win game with overpriced micro transactionsIn terms of game quality I’d say it’s pretty good given the decent graphics and overall gameplay. However you can clearly see the pay2win aspect where premium skins that cost around £10 in gems would give you +stats and you can pay real money to upgrade emblems which will give your character a direct buff. Also the events are a scam. Take the recent Jade path event. You are given 14 ish days to complete tasks to unlock a free hero, however they release the tasks later during the event period, effectively reducing the time the player has to complete tasks. And some of the tasks require you to pay money to recharge to complete it. Not an issue of the game itself, but be prepared to meet a very toxic and at times racist community. But as you make past the Epic rank there should be less of it..Version:

Pay to Win. Bad Ban System.I started playing this game, I enjoyed it. I got to Master 1 in ranked then just started playing norms just to try out new heroes. I played this one in particular umbrella chick I hated and went 0/11. Instead of the games system fixing up my MMR like normal MOBA’s, no I got banned for 5 minutes. Can’t enter queue and lost 12 credit points. I’m sorry Mobile legends that I play norms “flippin norms!” Not even ranked!! To try out my new heroes like a normal person, but no if I don’t do well with a hero I’ve never used I must be trying to lose?! Seriously fix your system. I’m legit quitting this game over this. I had one of the worst games in 3 months and at the end I get told I’m banned for intentionally feeding? Rub it in some more! If your system actually looked properly you would see I wasn’t just running in and dying, I had assists. Since writing this review I have read other reviews and noticed that a lot of people are annoyed with this as well, that you can be bad because someone reported you for low skill. I’ve also noticed that this game doesn’t care about you. It wants your money. Don’t buy anything. It looks like it will give you an edge but it really won’t. Better yet save yourself the trouble don’t download the game. 😊.Version:

Bad thingsU guys don’t really care about review!! It’s really retarded u all care about profit and money this game has bad matching making we should deserve a gift! Ok money profit that’s all wow u guys don’t care so improve the game and make People happy!!! Ok it’s So stupid The system of the game UPDATE! Money stupid profit don’t care u should care then why did u Make the game when u don’t care u Idiots! So Please CARE FOR US U only update for new skins hero and modes to make us happy but that is not enough so pls improve the game and I see u guys don’t Reply to FEEdback!!! That’s proves u don’t care!!!! About the review!!! This game says “FAIR MOBa!” Wow pls change that or make it that way broken system and matchmaking! So pls Legend vs legends MYTHIC VS MYTHICS it’s really unfair to all the people who love the Game! And looks like u don’t care so CARE I started loosing streaks I cry sometimes because it’s so annoying because of matching with toxic players and trolls ok FIx the game pls for all the PLAYERS I’m thinking about quitting or UNISTALLING.Version:

Frame dropIphone 12 pro max, but it overheats the phone then frame drops so low it’s unplayable.Version:

Please look into thisSo i have only just started playing this game a few days ago and i was hooked straight away. However, there are just too many downfall that i have decided to stop playing. First of all, there is absolutely no place for a newbie like me. For someone who know how to play and get it good for you. Me on the other hand, learning how to play for the first time of course i’ll get killed many times! but the problem is people will called you names and report you for feeding and i didn’t even play rank just classic to practice. I did play with AI before i tried classic but the difficulty of playing with computer and real person is not the same. How or where else am i going to practice? When people never give you a chance to do so even the system doesn’t even care and just take your credit points because someone reported it without even looking into detail like whattt? So done with this bully. Byeee.Version:

MehI used to love playing this game. I was addicted to it and it happened to be an easier rip off version of League of Legends. The diamonds weren’t as overpriced so I used to recharge as well to buy some skins. Now, the diamonds are bloody overpriced. I can go in to Pandora and buy myself something with the money I’d spent on diamonds now. The pricing is ridiculous. No more recharging for me. There is always that lag issue that never seems to get solved and the match ups are totally weird. How can a grandmaster be playing with an elite warrior? Pls sort it out. Finally, the issue with this game is that heroes are unbalanced. Also using custom to practice is also a waste because it’s way too easy. A real battle is obviously much harder. All you can do is know the skills of the hero. The new background for the battle hurts my eye because it’s yellow. Battle points are heavily capped, lagging all the time and diamonds overpriced to the moon and back just doesn’t seem worth it..Version:

Reporting system ruins the game.I tried a new character and got reported for "being bad"and got auto banned from the game, even though it wasn't that I played bad, but that I was playing a character that relies on support and had none. Like I would work my way up to grandmaster 4 to throw games and mess with other people's records. My record gets screwed when my team doesnt do well too. Banning isn't an appropriate way to deal with this. You don't ban people for not doing well. Everyone takes time to learn new characters. I give this game a one star rating because it perpetuates everything that was wrong with league of legends. And yes, I took the time while I was banned to write this review. Update, while writing this review (I wasn't even in a game - since I was already banned) I was reported again and had my score lowered even further. Really fighting the urge to just uninstall this game right now. I never spent money on this game, and I'm so glad I didn't. Any money I spent would have been a waste. In an attempt to contact them about their game I found that they don't have a way to contact them about this specific problem. They appear to not care as long as people are still dumping money, so obviously they won't care about this rating. It's gointo stay here anyways, but the best advice I can give you is just to not start playing it..Version:

Fun moba. Too expensiveI know other moba games also cost a lot to buy heroes and stuff with gems but i still think mobile legend is really expensive when purchasing stuff. Heroes cost about $17 NZD to buy and early all of the skins are only purchasable with real money. I know you have to make money but I can buy a banner saga full game for $17 NZD... $5 for a hero is all it’s worth. I shouldn’t have to grind the game just to unlock heroes..Version:

Mobile legendsThe game is a really good game but I think you shouldn’t make some players that have really good matches play with people that play really bad and at a low level, because it’s just making the good player lose matches because of the team he has, for example maybe if the player that gets more than 9.0 of rate in the losing team doesn’t lose a star that would be great as you are forcing yourself to get to legend and then the game makes you play with really bad players and sometimes you are in epic and you play with people who are in grand master which is not really great as most of the times this matches are lost just do something for good players please, because it’s just tiring to play with people at that low level a lot of times..Version:

Review for battle chess mode onlyCame from the Magic Chess server to MLBB, and have to say I’m so disappointed. It seems like developers tried too hard to make their auto chess battler look like LoL’s TFT + Autochess, which is so sad because the original version of your chess battler was the best one around! Your original chess battler was gorgeous! Good set up, layout, and the battlefield/interaction was big enough to allow the details of the pieces to be seen. The commanders were also beautiful and elegant. Now, the board is smaller, you can’t see the details as well, and the movements are off (just like in TFT). Don’t even know why you bother trying to make it similar to TFT, for what, $? TFT is still in beta version, they have so many things to polish before they’re even on par with all the auto battlers out there. Hell, their font is so small, you can hardly see any written description! If you switch up the chess battler and bring it back to it’s original beauty, I might return someday. Until then, I have since deleted the game. I’m now back to playing Drodo’s Autochess and Chess Rush. Chess Rush, in my opinion, currently has the best aesthetically beautiful pieces now that MLBB’s original Magic Chess is gone. 3 stars for the memories, sad day..Version:

Terrible Matchmaking, Gambling featuresThe matchmaking algorithm (like hearthstone) is designed to keep average players at around 50% win rate. Therefore teaming up with completely trash/noob players when soloing becomes more common the more you win, eventually leaving you completely unable to progress. You need to play with and against progressively more experienced players to improve your own skills, like any competitive game or sport. I actually hate with a passion that this sort of thing isn’t illegal. The game design is centred around a gamblers psychology which draws the player in to giving away their money with minimal, to no real reward. Therefore rigging anything within it’s features is actually directly or indirectly affecting how much a person may choose to spend. More often then not they do. Especially when as a new player you feel an edge can be gained from a purchase. There doing something even worse then P2P. Because nothing you buy gives you an edge. But your led to believe it will. Most good stuff is locked behind some gambling feature or another. A child can’t enter a casino but can DL ML:BB and begin to hone there gambling addictions. Why not just have a soul Moonton and do the right thing. No fixed matchmaking algorithm and more reasonable pricing on purchases with nothing resembling a gambling feature..Version:

TrashUr game trash. Kicked me out mid game and said there was an update lost the ranked game and cant play rank. Fix it. Ur game is already broken as it is.Version:

Problem with Chest-TDSo when you have a bad phone games crashes right? Well for me I was gonna play 1 round of Chest-TD and mid way through crashed, so I though oh well let me relog and when I did the game made rejoin the match of Chest-TD again which is what I expected it to do, but the problems is it crashed again so I keep trying to play the game loaded it, it rejoin Chest-TD again and crash again and again. This make the game unplayable because you go into a loop of rejoining and crashing. So I’m just asking maybe there’s a way for you to stop the loop like adding a feature where the game ask you if you want to rejoin the match or not when it detects that you crashed. It would be great! Everything else the game is still great :) I’m bad at English I’m sorry..Version:

This is not a criticism but I just think it’s unfairI honestly really like this game, but I was playing a round, and our team was losing really badly and the other team was really strong. We voted to surrender and in the comment section, a player from the other team said ‘what a bad team’ I said it was a bit unfair since you were way stronger than us with better characters. When I left that, I wanted to play another game. But a messages pops up saying, ‘ you have been suspended for a 6 min for being violent in the game. I honestly have no idea what I did wrong! The next day I wanted to play again and another message pops up. You’ve lost 15 points because of violence action and after 90 points is gone you can’t play rank. I’m really frustrated about this and can you at least tell me what I did wrong. I like and I’m not putting criticism but just I think it’s unfair..Version:

Great Game, No SupportThis is a great game, out of all games like this on mobile i rate this the best. But support for things like account being hacked is super unhelpful and stressful, even after following all steps my account is still in the process of being hacked. When you spend alot of money on s game it would be nice to know there is decent security of purchases and account access. Would love to put 5 stars, but game support is terrible. kind regards and enjoy the game.Version:

Horrible MatchmakingI have been playing this game for over 3 years, and I feel like quitting sometimes. Before, this game wasn’t as popular as it is now, and when you send a survey to the customer service, they actually reply to you. But now, as the game gets more players, they started to ignore what you submit. And that is a really big problem. Second, unbalanced hero power. Heroes like Yu Zhong, Khaleed, Barats and many more. Basically, the new heroes are all over powered. To prove it, the ban rate of these heroes are really high in ranked. So hero balance does not exist in this game. Third, unbalanced match making. You guys should really take off “5v5 fair MOBA game” from the title. The match making system is absolutely trash, you get teammates that are skill level equal to Elite. And I am Legend I. Almost never getting some high skilled teammates, so basically solo ranked is not a good idea because no matter how good you are, your teammates will either feed or AFK. If this happens one or two times I’m fine with it, but it seems to be happening every match I play, I am very disappointed in this game, buffing unnecessary heroes, nerfing unnecessary heroes. Overall, I am giving this game a 1 star until this problem is fixed. And I do not recommend playing this game, because people in this game tends to be very toxic and Moonton will do nothing about it..Version:

Just build an AUS/NZ server alreadyIf u want to release the game in this continent, make sure whoever downloading from Oceanic App Store is going to have normal gaming experience. By normal, I mean no ping spike when I’m playing with fastest NBN, I mean no sudden frame rate loss that results in mad sudden death in team fights. If u not ready to treat your clients with respect they deserve or u just don’t give fk about their feedbacks, just don’t release the game into the market. The most ridiculous thing is, when advertised as real ppl MOBA, now the game doesn’t allow me to join the matchup and suggested bot game. It has been like this and not even a single fix was released, how arrogant can u be, Tencent? I have seen lots of ppl complaining same thing s since long time ago, they just don’t care. This is just stupid. The game itself is actually of good quality, nice graphics and nice champions but this network work issue just simply killing it. BTW, release the switch version into AUS pls!!!!.Version:

Not fun no more.This game has been really fun. Until every time I go classic, the first 2 min, I get a two-swipe killed inside my own tower by an ADC! An average game is around 20 mins. Tanked up with armor and I still get kill in 2 hits. Not even tower can take me out that fast. Even my own team is wipe out inside a tower by one ADC for example Alucard with NO ARMOR! Customer support, don’t bother, because it’s an automatic bot answering system. No rewards for reporting hackers. I’m not a sore loser, but if they can survive at my spawn point and kill me. I’m sorry, that’s rigged. Fix the customer report, replace it with an option where we don’t beat around the bush to send a simple email. Stricter sentence for hackers. Instead of this 2 point system and can’t match play, ban completely if they breach rules and terms! What’s the point if you have hackers who can hack into your system and you punish them with 2 points for being good. Who would want to play that game fairly again. I’m getting tired of having 5 players throwing all their ults at a single player. Yet that single player’s life bar doesn’t move and we end up at spawn point just waiting for the game to end. If this game showed the statistic of how much damage I received. I would post the first minute of how an average min goes and how a hacker 1 shot me, but it doesn’t. Please put more effort into securing your system. Internet might be big, but you should know the difference in coding as soon as the game started..Version:

Credit systemThe new credit system is getting on my nerves I died a lot of times because I couldn’t farm and there were too many people in the jungle then it suddenly pops up that I feed like what the hell I always try my best during games and I think that there will be a lot of other cases like mine.Version:

WowNew update doesn’t allow u to by a jungle item unless u have the jungle spell called retribution. They can’t balance hero’s correctly so the take on the role of change the way u spend your coins in-game. Bad bad idea. The only reason they did that other than just balance hero’s is only because they wanted to make the people who new what to by weaker in-game. And there’s a certain hero this really messes with if you know how he works. This is the lowest this game has gotten and it really hasn’t been that great, yeah let’s take the fun of knowing how to play away from people but let totally forget about the higher ranks cheating for things like a maniac(4 kills in a row) or maniac(5 kills in a row). Let not worry about them at all take away my items bc I don’t need a spell just so I can’t achieve those “as easy”. This game has gone down hill so much tryin to be like League of Legends(LoL) and as long as it’s been out, it has never been on the same level. The creators get their dicks hard on a new hero making them OP (overpowered) then barely nerf them as they realize that hero is too strong. Good job moonton for letting your longest lasting fans down. Only way your getting a good rating anymore is from someone who just discovered this game after the update. Not that they care about the people who have been playing anyways..Version:

I wish i could give negative starsPathetic matchmaking for solo n duo groups, you get matched with litreally newbies and carried players against good opponents. Its a very unfair and unregulated gameplay. Seen games develop over the years massively but its been 5 or 6 odd years and i still have to face same problem and thats why I choose to quit this game and here’s my review after playing for almost 16 seasons.Version:

Good game until rank modeThe game is fun for the first few levels until it becomes obvious that it’s a crazy pay to win game and the minute one starts building a ranked profile expect the worst as it constantly matches you with complete beginners once you manage to win some. Then comes the better part once you think the idiots in the higher divisions are gone then come the pay to win kids and there isn’t anything to do about it. The grind process for the in game currency is pathetic and there is a weekly limit on the game coins you can get without paying. And final but not lest is the ridiculous hero’s one can play against which are extremely OP compared to the cheap/free/easy to grind one and there isn’t any balance of the heroes. The game needs some serious attention to these areas as it’s making it an unpleasant experience to continue playing without paying.Version:

Matchmaking is bustedSo I’ve been playing for a while now and each time I want to play ranked there’s a few issues. First half the games I play have trolls in them, people unwilling to switch characters,people who go afk just to then come back mid game and say some random excuse, people who will run down mid cause they didn’t get the character they wanted. I’m in epic 1 and can barely get back into legend but the problem is that match making isn’t good. I wish there was a way to exclude people in certain categories like say if you wanted to play against people in your region, like that would make it so much better and it would break the vocal and written language gap for people to play more tactical and team based. Most of my games are with people in other countries and I’m always in vc but I can’t understand anyone and it’s frustrating because I want to play the game but I can’t since the vc doesn’t have the same options as game chat. I really love the game but the matchmaking for ranked is just god awful. I wish it could be more user friendly since so many people in epic-mythic are acc buyers or trolls and it makes the game so unfun since I’m playing with people that have the skills of elites and masters..Version:

Needs a better community.As far as a MOBA game could go, it does need some improvements and more fine tuning with characters and overall gameplay. One thing for sure though is that what makes this game a hard time for people is the community and its player base, it is very toxic and no one ever seems to put any sort of attention to team sportsmanship and over all team communication. I could you not just got out of a ranked mythic game and got banned off of ranked for “afk activity” when i had been playing the entire game and set back due another player taking farm from me and not being able to catch up in gold and equipment for the rest of my team, it doesn't seem right and fair that people like this exist in this community where any sort of inconvenience to a player makes it so they HAVE to report and get me banned for dumb things like this. I get its a game but paying attention to these sort of things matter in the long run, and it is what separates this game from other titles both mobile and PC. SBMM on this game as been a noticeable issue for ranked where ill frag out of my mind one lucky game then get placed with newbie or bad players, that sort of system where i have babysit those sorta players handicaps me from progressing in ranks and the skill level i want to achieve. This game requires a lot of attention and fine tuning if it really wants to spread out to the world as a good MOBA game. For now that is all..Version:

Ruined gameIts a fun game, but the problem is the other players. If you dont do somethin what they want or when you have kids in the team, you get reported for afk and other things and your credit score its going down. The game its not cheking if its true the raport or not. They just punish you without reason. In my last game it was a 14 years old kid who was stealing all the jungle so i refused to help the team. And they reported me and now from 110 credit score i have 80. Just becouse they are leting the kids to download the game. Make a different version for them to play it like minecraft. They dont know what a team fight means. Im tired to spend time and money on a game without a bit of control on this raports made by kids who are ruining the game. Plase evryone, lets do aomething with this issue..Version:

Unbalanced charactersI love this game and it’s really fun to play when you’re bored. While playing this game I’ve noticed that some characters are overpowered, especially WanWan and her ultimate. I think it’s really unfair for the people who try to get good at the game but is consistently getting killed by overpowered characters. Please look into the characters and check out how much damage they do at a low level..Version:

Too toxicI’m mythic player. Reached it with quite a bit of difficulty. There are many better skilled players, high mythic, glory, pros etc. My only advise: stay away from the game. It’s too toxic. Will ruin your mood in the long run. And make you a toxic person to be with. It’s a common problem with gamers. This game makes it so much worse. Because it’s designed accidentally promoting toxic behavior. If you keep playing it. You will regret it. If I had a similar review, would have kept that in mind before spending time and money in the game. It’s terribly toxic to play at any elo up to mythic. The European server was better. Asian server is really something else, it will change the way you behave, not in a good way for sure..Version:

Needs WAY Stronger AFK PUNISHMENT!!!I love the game, but the AFK punishment is far to weak. People are taking advantage of it at their teams cost. We all suffer from AFK, and they only lose 5 points and a small time they can’t play. A player will literally go AFK if you take their preferred player, die to early in a game or is mad because someone on the team tried to give them some advice. I have never been AFK once besides having a network issue. I’m in Epic/Grandmaster area and it’s ruining the fun for me and a lot of my friends. It’s almost impossible to win when a player goes AFK, it’s not our fault but we are punished the hardest by losing the star. It waste about 1 hour each time you lose a star due to AFK because you need to win 2 games to catch back up. I understand we can’t always get star protection because that can be exploitable. However, can they please lose 2 stars if they go AFK in a loss? I would feel satisfied. That message saying my report was true and they lose -3 credit with small time not able to play doesn’t make me feel satisfied at all. Please consider having them lose way more credit or some extra stars. I can tell you this is a community prob in grandmaster and epic rank. I’m tired of it please help us. This is a potential 5 Star game..Version:

Trash gameThey rig their algorithm to make you lose so that you’ll buy starlight to get more emblems to help you win, their reporting system is a joke, they don’t do anything about cheaters or toxic players, while you’ll get banned for coaching players in your game or being away from a team fight while trying to clear turrets. Just wait for Wild Rift in your region, and if you can’t wait, play Arena of Valor. Don’t waste your time on this dollar store moba..Version:

Negative Gameplay. A LOT OF IT 😒I absolutely love this game. I love how it’s made. Yeah it has a few bugs here and there but all over it’s great. I’ve been playing for a while and finally just got to epic rank. And I knew more skilled people were gonna be playing. I must admit I didn’t play that match very well. But, instead what I encountered was, ‘Zhask, noob. Go kill yourself after this. Not worth living.’ And I know. Stupid right? Just a game. But this isn’t the first time I’ve encountered such negative gameplay. And I know it’s just a game and all and these are just dumb people that have a crack because they think they’re better and you’re “noob”. And it’s really kind of put me off playing it more cause you just get sick of it. Just a warning to anyone that wants to play, hope you have a thick skin because you’re no doubt gonna be abused..Version:

Excelling is based on purchasingDoing well in the game and getting far is based on spending money on diamonds.. they don’t give anything for free and even all their events are hard to finish unless you spend real money to buy their diamonds. No thank you! I don’t spend money on games. Deleted :).Version:

I am sadI got called a piece of garbage and it made me sad.Version:

The game needs to be fixedI won't lie that the game is a rip off of league of legends but it is worth the effort to download, it is generally fun and offers entertainment. However. The matchmaking is awful, bluntly, it is awful. You get paired with people who have no idea how to play the game when you are in master grandmaster and epic (the second third and fourth highest leagues). These people should be in warrior or maybe low elite at most but they still manage to get to higher leagues somehow. If this is fixed as well as the crashing and lag and etc it would be a good game. But it isn't. No matter how you look at it there is no fun in trying your hardest to win and then see that everyone on the enemy team is way ahead of you because your teammates have no idea how to walk straight..Version:

RIP CopycatToxic players boring game plus LOL Wild Rift is here so goodluck..Version:

WOULD NOT RECOMMENDMy account was hacked despite having multiple backups. I was told nobody could access my account if it was backed up to moontoon without having access to my email. My account was hacked and they managed to add their google play and VK account while my apple, Facebook and moonton accounts were connected. Support ignored my emails and wouldn’t help me even though they could clearly see I had been hacked. They took all the money I spent and have blocked my account. They keep telling me to login and create a ticket to contact them but I can’t. Nobody has even bothered to help and I’ve lost a lot of money that I spent on this game. Don’t purchase anything, all they want is your money and will do nothing to help you if something happens to your account.Version:

Need better connection stabilityIt lags so bad when you team up and play together with people from another far continents which doesn’t happen in most excellent games as PUBG or Fortnite. You definitely need to improve it if you want people to keep playing your game. And people are just disappointed of afk players. We want you to punish them harder like don’t let them play in rank for a week or so after they did one afk. We all know the credit score punishment is not even effective at all, they just don’t care which makes the good player very mad. And some of those skins look gross such as Layla starlight, Clint second and Eudora second skins! Eww. We’ve been waiting for so long to see them fixed and been disappointed after a mean time. Just don’t even make low quality skins from the very beginning if you want people to respect in your game and so that you wouldn’t even have to fix them again and again. It saves time and effort to make newer and better skins. But anyways good work, keep working harder. And try to copy less from other games..Version:

Good but not greatEverything is good except that when you are really good at this and keep winning. Then everything suddenly turn upside down, all my teammates are really bad, some off them has gone AFK or become feeders. I think it’s something to do with the system. I sometimes think that I play with no real people. Please fix this I won 11 games straight and then lost 5 games in a roll after that. Lol all because of the bad players or bad system..Version:

Has potential but it’s toxic!The game is fun, it’s fast paced and a lot of action. There’s lots of heroes to collect and it keeps you wanting to play more. But! The reason it gets 1 star is the “report” function. If you play competitive online, it’s fair to say you’ll win 50% of the time, 60%-70% if you’re really good. When you lose a game, there are many toxic people that report everyone on their team as a kind of revenge for them losing. The game will automatically put that on your record, and will automatically lower your player score. No questions asked. It only takes about 3 of these to stop you being able to play competitively online anymore. What’s the point?! I understand they want to have a community of dedicated players that take games seriously, but there’s no need in the reporting being so harsh! You play in constant fear of losing a game because your next game might be your last. Some people are pathetic as hell, and I don’t see why the game would encourage this type of behaviour. Change the system!!! Review games!!! And have help staff that help instead of giving nonsense pre writing robot answers!!!! You built a good game, but you also built a function that’s ruining it! Sort it out!.Version:

Reports bullying meI think this game is awesome and everything but one thing I hate is reports. I have just started the game and I was new to the game but ppl started telling everyone to report me for ‘low skill’ I have then discovered that u can report ppl for ‘low skill’ I think that is extremely unfair as most ppl don’t ‘try’ to be bad. Also most of the reports are inconvenient such as ‘feeding’ and again no one intentionally feeds. This is extremely annoying as reporting someone to be bad at the game is a type of bullying in my opinion and I hate that u can do it. If there was a report for ‘bullying’ I can understand but those reports were rude and I just started so I felt like everyone was just being mean to me. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I hope u understand that those reports were kinda bullying and inconvenient. Please fix this so I can play bully free and play without ending up feeling bad. I know this is a whole bunch of writing about the reports but I think it needs to be fixed as ppl like me that takes time to get better at games gets offended. This ONE change will make a huge difference for me. Sincerely yours, Sakura.Version:

Beware,with new updates only iOS 13 devices supported!Great game don’t get me wrong, been a loyal daily player for 3 or 4 years now. But latest updates causes constant game crashes for anyone with a 1GB ram device (iOS12 or older). Many have complained in forum and on Facebook but it seems you are forced to keep up and buy latest iPhone/iPad to keep playing. This games used to run fine on my iPad 3 when I started playing years ago, but now with settings on lowest quality and nothing else installed on my iPad Air 1 I can barely play a classic/ranked match with many crashes before and after every match and new chess mode is unplayable, just crashes app constantly. Also global ranking system is a farce, I am Scottish, but it seems most in game players in Scotland speak Asian?? And I can’t join them in battle as they play at 2am etc. So no point joining Scottish guilds as they don’t speak my country’s language and can’t get high into country rankings as I’m not actually competing against fellow Scotsman..Version:

Update crash twice nowI have been playing this game for about 3 months now, purchased a lot and just bought a starlight seasonal membership last night. i have done this because overall the games addicting, and i don't care about all the wrongs and negativity other people think it has, as i play just to talk and have fun with people. I have given this app a 1 star because after last nights update and i updating through my app store ... when logging on the system reads as though i wasn't able to update or haven't yet. when clearly i have if i go to the app store and its says that the app is up to dat. Now this isn't the first time this exact thing happened, i had the exact same problem and trued to go to customer support but its just so complicated their that i couldn’t right about the trouble i was having so after awhile i was able to email them, how? i forgot but i guess being on the support app helped that. i didn’t get a email back until 6 days later... in the meantime i was inpatient, (as i said the games addicting) and uninstalled the app. so therefore i had to make a new account hit level 8 and the switch accounts back. Now i figure i have to do the exact same thing, which i really don't want to, especially everytime there is a update. so until they can at least help me or create a better way to log back into your account then my review will remain a one star..Version:

Too much lagI’ve lagged too much it’s worse than before, now I remembered why I stopped playing it his game , the lag is way overboard!.Version:

Great but so much trashtalkingI’ve been playing Mobile legends since 2018 and i like every thing but only 2 things that i truly TRULY hate. The matchmaking is terrible, they would give you a winning streak, followed by losing streaks which is horrible if you are a rank player. And the people do so much trash talking even if they are the same rank. Higher ranks would call newbie idiots for doing so and so. They even do that if the victim has a lot of experience using that hero and if they die like 4 times, the trash talking starts. Its like they are the best when they aren’t at all. I hate that we can’t force people to stop trash talking and i would rather delete this game. The talking would go so harsh that it makes the player delete the game, out of rage or feeling guilty for being a newbie. I think the trash talking should have a harsher penalty because its becoming a big problem and it hurts my heart..Version:

Only 2 things y’all need to fixSo um there is only 2 prom lens I have with this game how people can be so rude and mean my cousin was playing this game and she was really sad because her team was calling her noob so she never played that game after that so can you take away the option to report people for low skill because that happened to me and I already have low self esteem I don’t need this too so yea and also take away the chat option what I have noticed during the few years I have been playing this game nobody uses this game unless they are hating on you for low skill or just using a starter character like Layla do maybe I will pick this game up again if you take away the “chat” option and the “ reporting low skill thing “ please I know people actually try to have low skill but think about the people who are actually new to this game and think how they feel about how many horrible people play this game is really disappointing seeing how good this game is but those are my only complaints otherwise this game would have been great thanks for reading oh and one more thing this game sometimes is the reason why I don’t play games like these - a random Korean person you don’t know irl.Version:

Reporting system and matching gameThe reporting system is so ridiculuos. For examples, i was a beginner (warrior) i played classic because i want to learn more before i play rank. I was learning estes hero and i die once in that game we were lost and surrender because our enemy team was too good and someone reported me for mild performance, my credit score get deducted 3 points. Which is where i do not understand why is happened. Everyone was mostly bronze only one silver. And why would they have to reporting because my performance is mild. I mean i am not afk, swearing trolling or anything. This make me so sad. This online game is good. But the systems need to get fix. Even in classic dont never ever hope to find an easy enemy cause i realised sometimes i have to fight against legend and mythic which is so unfair for me as a warrior and new in this game, how can i learn , i dont wanna lose start i dont wanna get reported what should i play? Vs A.I was not the best idea because this is online game, it should be versusing online people. I hope they can fix it and be fair to everyone especially new players. Thank you.Version:

LilGordIn the beginning I started playing this game just for killing time since than I started becoming addictive and find myself playing it non stop. I love gaming but this game has a little more to think about. There are no real benefits investing money in to heroes since they aren’t any real benefits on having a newer hero, other than a little more juiced up abilities. Some heroes are to juiced up! Creating a tilted balance between heroes and teams. Battle points are capped, where I think your earnings should go up with your account level. (Benefits of playing) why would I want to play more and more if my bp are capped? You need to focus the game play more on team play. Lagging is why I won’t be able to play this game as much as I want to. You need to workout a way on making this game more affordable since diamonds are worth as much as Swarovski..Version:

Literally what even!?I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and it’s always been my favourite but I played a game JUST NOW and every 5 minutes it would come up with an “UNKNOWN ERROR” and crash. I loaded the game back up, apologised to my team and kept playing.. but guess what? It did it again. So AGAIN, I went back on, loaded up the game and continued playing and apologised to my loosing team AGAIN. It then came up with an AFK warning and told me it would be reducing my credit score. ML... I get that this is necessary to stop normal AFK players... but YOUR game was kicking me out; not my fault. I have had perfect internet connection all day and played without a problem yesterday. So it’s definitely not me. I guess that both teams will probably report me and I won’t end up playing prank until my credit score’s back up. If this happens again, I’ll just go to League Of Legends because the rank system is better there anyways. Thankyou for taking the time to read this if you’ve bothered..Version:

TerribleTerrible game. Horrible match making. Terrible connection. There report system is terrible. It’ll pair you with terrible players whom will feed which allows the other team to become stronger! Then you’ll die a lot because the other team is a lot stronger. they’ll report you and you lose credit score. It doesn’t address the fact it gave you terrible team players. How it can call itself a “competitive game” is beyond a joke. I had 20 games in a row of ridiculously terrible players. You’ll never find a balanced game. The targeting is also terrible, it gives you an option to change your UI between either mobs and towers or mobs and players! You’ll pick the second option and it doesn’t switch unless you press it multiple times which will resort in your death. It favours mobs over players which gives you an unfair fight once you finally select the enemy player. They have no feedback system so you can’t directly tell Moonton that they need to fix the above issues. I fail to see how you can take every game seriously when your team is about as much use as a chocolate fireman..Version:

Worst Customer Service!Worst customer service ever, worst second to none... No clear response at all, just money maker! Don’t download this game! Lack of Punishment on Toxic players that ruins good sportsmanship..Version:

Worst game ever and worst matching systemI would rather give 0 star if i could because the Most stupid matching system ever, in solo game if any of your hero win rare above 50%, and u have a good KDA scoren, the system will always, always forever match your team mate new player or afker or feeders who can be kills average 1-2 times per minute. And in this kind of team, feeders who eagerly to die in team fight time by time will report you negative play because they think you didn’t joint a must die fight. And the most unacceptable fact is this kind of report will be considering as true and the system will block you to join the next game. This game company just take advantaged of expericlence player to give new player a great game experience which win for free and stimulate them to pay for the game instore purchase. They never care about the normal player who came just for moba experience..Version:

THEY DONT HELP WITH HACKED ACCOUNTSMobile Legends developers and customer service are useless. First, they lied and said that if you create an account with one OS (iOS or Google Play) that you won’t be able to log in from another OS. that’s a lie. I am an iOS user and My account was hacked over a month ago, from some guy in Indonesia, and the hacker bound fake accounts to 2 of the 4 binding options from the google play store. When I tried to unbind them, the game forces you to either log into the hacked accounts to unbind them, or to contact customer support. When I did, they took weeks to give me an adequate response to my problem. I finally got to answer a questionnaire by providing all of my account information, full with screenshots of ACTUAL purchase orders from my device, Along with the device name. Mobile legends proceeded to tell me that the device name that I provided them was not the device I regularly used to sign in. I had been signing into my iPhone 11 for going on about a year. I’ve sunk hundreds of dollars into Mobile legends, participating in rigged events designed to get you to spend the maximum amount of money for rewards and skins, and I regret ever downloading this game. If I knew that the developers didn’t care about their player base, I would have never played. The actual game is great and fun, but I can’t continue to support a company or developer who doesn’t help when their players have issues outside of their control..Version:

Mobile legend ChangesThis is a fun game with great potential, can easily be a 5 star game, however the whole match up system is terrible, they put you with people who don’t speak the same language and look like they’ve never played a video game like a bunch of cave men discovered fire. The game can’t really tell how good you are and if it did it should probably team you up with more comprehensive people, and yeah I understand the more games you win the better match ups you get, hah not! really I loose because I get cavemen on my team or straight up children probably who have gotten carried by goats and landed their way into a match they don’t deserve. What they need to do to change this game from a headache to a hand magnet is to stop the whole team cc bs, what I’m talking about is the ability to troll your own teammates because you don’t know how to play the game or are just mad that someone is better than you, ban jawhead, understand that there’s a potion for it but there is no need for one, waste of my time to worry about shitheads, oh and definitely change the matchup options like play with people in U.S only and team up against whoever, I swear the lack of communication and comprehension in this game makes you really want to bad mouth this game..Version:

No proper customer serviceNo proper customer service all automated like in email they will just send auto respond. Game customer service are also automated you cant ask questions the automated customer service will just give a suggestions..Version:

Brilliant game! Absolutely love it. However.You need to sort this rank system out! Why do we have players that DON’T KNOW HOW TO PLAY! It’s simple! Don’t be picking another mage if you have two already... same with any bloody class! I’m sick and tired of losing stars because players don’t have a clue! There needs to be more punishment for people that are just plain stupid. People that go AFK SHOULD NOT BE ALOUD TO PLAY FOR A DAY! That’s fair! I’m fed up of it. It takes the enjoyment out of this game! It makes my team lose and it’s unfair that we have to deal with it. Don’t play this game if you are just going to not learn how to play it. Leave the higher ranks to the people that want to play! For that reason I give the game 5 stars but because of the people and the system not doing anything to control it, it’s getting a three! And that’s pushing it!.Version:

Stupid gameFking stupid game, stupid cancer toxic players, idiots developer who created muted chat because reported by toxic cancer players. Never pay any cent for this game..Version:

Addictive but extremely annoyingI live in an area with very bad wifi (all I have to play network games is my dad’s phone). As a result, my ping spikes frequently and my character jumps in time or is a few seconds late with directions. Because of this, I have to wait for my game to catch up with where everything is and render it. This usually takes about 5-10 minutes and sometimes the reconnecting sign shows up. At that point I just give up, I stop reconnecting and refresh the app. When I hop back on, I’ve committed a “serious violation” by being afk, my credit score is lowered so I can’t play ranked anymore, and I’ve been banned for a minute. This happens every time (I know the reason why they have to lower my credit score) but hopefully u guys can make it easier for people with lower ping and slower wifi to play the game (custom is getting boring, since you can’t grind gold and get new heroes). Thanks for your time..Version:

Fix Classic Matchmaking SeveraIt’s not a big of a deal but I don’t know how I’m in grandmaster and my teamates are elite and grandmasters. Then, youre gonna match us agaisnt Mythic and higher ranks? How is that possible? It’s rigged.Version:

Amazing app but...I have been playing evolve normally, no problems with wifi nothing - phone IPhone XS Max and mid game I have been disconnected from the game due to unknown error? 3 times! Please fix this? I was lord before and played normally and now suddenly it crash due to unknown error... really? Also the album feature should allow you to delete photos, I understand that there should be a time interval, but you should be able to delete picture and just wait to upload again. The pictures are stretched/distorted and should be just normally viewed not some scroll up and down - just makes the pic bad. And the comments go newest at the top which should be at the bottom in my opinion as it just makes it confusing. Another problem that I have encountered is that there is no pretty skin for Karrie therefore I do not willingly play the hero even though it is very good? Please fix this as I am sure it deters many other players from using it. I had some more suggestions but I don’t remember right now. Oh yeah, work on the suggestion/help function as you cannot freely make up a suggestion with no hassle. It takes clicks and clicks and then takes you to a website that doesn’t load? - personal experience. Should be easier to find and surveys on how we like the new update should be a thing to maximise the gaming experience and fix issues faster. Hope you read this! OTHER THAN THAT IT IS A GREAT GAME I LOVE IT PLAYED IT FOR A FEW YEARS NOW, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!.Version:

Really fun but needs some fixesFirst of all I have to say this game is really fun and I have been playing for more than 2 years now. I like this game because it is not just pay to win. You need skill and determination to win matches which makes this a really interesting game. The gameplay is amazing and matches are mostly fair. I say mostly fair because I still get matched up with feeders and afk people even after the credit score update. However, this is still a great game and Moonton is doing a great job by constantly improving it. Sadly, every hero Moonton releases is OP and breaks the game. Literally every new hero they release is broken and Moonton doesn’t do much to balance them until months later. But until they are balanced, it is really frustrating to go against them. However, one thing makes matches more fair and that is draft pick because in draft pick you can ban heroes. But draft pick is only for epic rank and above and if you haven’t reached there yet, it will just be versing the same OP heroes every round and losing a lot. With all being said I still think this game is really good but needs a lot of improvement. Thank you for taking time to read this long review ;) P.S. I can’t update to mobile legends 2.0 on iOS 13.1.2 right now. Is there something I’m missing or is it not available on iOS 13.1.2 yet? Please reply..Version:

Cheat loyal playersI have been cheated on so many things and customer support is almost impossible to get a hold of. For a very long time I would not get anything for getting mvp or gold medals. I have signed up for starlight privelages and it does not last 30 days it makes you renew as soon as the new month starts. I just opened a chest that was supposed to give me a new skin and I got skin fragments instead. Nowhere did it list that fragments were a prize and I took a screenshot of the chest for reference. It says “open and obtain one of the following skins randomly: crystallized predator, royal muskateer, pale flame, steam researcher, dark gent, battle Buddha, dark rose, phantom blade. I clicked claim and got fragments. I also found that my friend that I told to start the game has different perks where she was able to partake in something called gratitude draw. Also her starlight membership is cheaper and I remember when I first signed up it was cheaper but I have already spent so much money to support this game and I feel you take advantage of customers like me. I am beyond frustrated because I can’t get a hold of anyone to help. Also as a starlight meme er I should have been able to collect 200 stars instead of 100 but it wants me to upgrade AGAIN. I am not going to do it anymore. I am very disappointed in the way you cheat your customers that try to support you..Version:

Change the matching systemI’m tired of being put in a team that clearly doesn’t even understand the basics of the game, or players that are bots from the very beginning. Every time I go on a losing streak I’m the not only the MVP, but I lead by gold and almost every other stat. While this is happening on the flip side, the other team is full experienced players, with the roles needed to participate in different kinds of combat that happen throughout a classic style match. If you can’t tell by reading I’ve been playing MOBAs for a very long time. With this particular game I’m very experienced, and I can kinda tell when the matching system seems to change in the players it chooses to build teams with. Now the game devos claim the game doesn't differentiate upon player status when drafting a team past level and credit score. But I’m growing more and more convinced that’s is not true and more is taken into calculating team builds. I’m sure I’ll be told I’m wrong. But why then, after achieving and maintaining an almost 60% win rate over almost three hundred matches, am I seeing a worsening quality in my team mates? I’m pretty sure I’m not getting worse and I understand that averages flatten out over time in certain circumstances, but not if my win rate is naturally high....Version:

1.Matchmaking is broken af 2.Ridiculously op heroes1.Seriously, I had so much lagging. why do you keep on matching us up from different areas where a lot of players would lag so much that they could not enjoy playing? Not to mention whenever we do rank games, we matched up against really high ranked players like mythic 120+stars while we are still on epic. How does that happen? We get matched up against mythic yet we can’t do mythic to team up on our side as epics when playing ranked. 2.Yes. I know team playing is crucial to win this game. But recently, there has been a lot released that unutterably overpowered heroes that could easily sneak in and out with dealing so much damage in a blink of an eye. This is too much. Team of these Assassins would make your team’s tank player feel very useless unable to protect their teammates. And now moonton is about to release this aulrad, that again. Will one shot everyone with literally one single hit..Version:

Cant even get inside the game?The title says it all...Version:

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