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Router Keygen: WiFi Passwords Negative Reviews

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Router Keygen: WiFi Passwords App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Router Keygen: WiFi Passwords app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Router Keygen: WiFi Passwords? Can you share your negative thoughts about router keygen: wifi passwords?

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Router Keygen: WiFi Passwords for Negative User Reviews

No SirveNo compren esta aplicacion, es basura!.Version: 1.8

Waste of timeRubbish app.Version: 1.8

NOT WASTE YOUR MONEYIt does not work, in fact you invent the names of the reuters and it gives you keys, it's false do not waste your money.Version: 1.7

JunkDoes not work Do not buy, I repeat do not buy.Version: 1.7

It didn’t workIt just did not work Do not waste your time.Version: 1.8

No Help At AllIf I would’ve known this app did absolutely nothing when it comes to figuring out passwords I wouldn’t have wasted my time..Version: 1.8

Cheat!!This is most fraudulent app ever seen in life..., does not worry at all Do not make a mistake purchasing it!!.Version: 2.0

This doesn’t workDon’t pay !!!!.Version: 2.0

Save your money and just search the router on the web!!!Won’t generate near all makes. And only limited number of models for the makes that are supported. Also only generates factory passwords for routers that have never had a custom password set. You can do the same thing with a simple google search..Version: 1.7

It didn’t workIt didn’t work. I would like my money back, please ?.Version: 1.8

ScammmTotally scam Also say is free then tell you to pay $ 1.99 Doesn’t useful.Version: 1.8

Doesn’t workTitle says it all.Version: 2.0

SCAMRandomly generate passwords after you give them money, all for the quick buck!!.Version: 1.7

It’s a scamIt does not really work. None of the passwords go through. It’s just the prefect way to steal people’s money. Do not fall for it..Version: 1.7

Doesn’t workI’ve had this app for so long payed first the keys and it has never worked for me smh I feel lied to.Version: 1.8

Don’tTerrible waste of resources..Version: 1.7

FakeI wrote 5 in the it says we found 4 passwords in the app just purchase and u will get it.Version: 1.6

I want my money back!!!None of the “generated keys” work. I made up fake network names that weren’t even around and it still “magically” generated keys...hmmmm...kinda fishy. Please refund me, you’re crooks..Version: 1.7

BadWhy pay? Lets see if its workds.Version: 1.7

Didn’t work for meFrom the 4 password that it gave me none of them work and it did charge me $1.99 and it dose the work.Version: 1.7

Rip OffI paid $1.99 to the "Real Thing" it said and when I looked up the internet that I knew the password to, it didn't show the right password so this app took away $1.99. DON'T BUY THIS APP!.Version: 1.7

ThebossThey are stealing your money, its worthless, I want my money back or will present charges.Version: 1.5

Who buy thisI need to buy in the first used ? Why? How I know it’s possible get passwords ???.Version: 1.8

Con!Very well done guys. Perfect way to make some money out of bad people hahahaha.Version: 1.7

HuhU type in ur wifi and then u have to pay.Version: 1.8

RubbishRubbish.Version: 1.5

ShietYou have to pay 2.99$ to receive the passwords. It is a total shiet..Version: 1.5

Horrible appWorthless.Version: 1.7

Jaki bossJaki boss boss.Version: 1.7

Don't do itScam you will pay for nothing I made up anything and it gave me passwords lol scammmm.Version: 1.5

ScamIt does NOT work at all, they just took my money and it does not work..Version: 1.9

App does not workThis app does not work its a scam do not purchase.Version: 1.8

No useIt's very very bad experience. I don't like it.Version: 2.0

Waste of moneyDoesn’t nothing.Version: 1.8

DO NOT BUY PROIt doesn’t work! Just gives you random numbers! PUT A BAD REVIEW SO THEY CAN TAKE IT DOWN.Version: 1.8

Muy malaaaaa pague a lo menso porque ni funcionaMuy malaaaaaaaa.Version: 2.0

SCAMIt is a completely scam. The ask u for money to give u the passwords. And it is just a system generating passwords for what ever u want to used as a network, I even used the word F&#%€ you as a network and the app give me a password for it. It is a total scam. I want my money back.Version: 1.5

Doesn't work....Version: 1.5

.Don’t wast ur time.Version: 1.9

No!!Doesn’t work gives u virus I paid 2£ Still didn’t work.Version: 1.7

Makes you payI opened the app and the first thing I saw was a fee that you have to do to use the app..Version: 1.7

FakeVery bad experience. It tells wrong passwords. Fake app..Version: 1.8

Not worth the money.This will give you the current password. For example User admin Password password. If they change the password it will not give you that new password..Version: 1.5

Password finderDid work at all.Version: 1.7

Fake and scamDo not download it’s fake rob me of my money and did not get any of the right passwords.Version: 1.8

Router KeygenThis is a total waste of money. It has never generated a key that works!!! Don’t buy this!!!.Version: 1.7

Want my money backPlease refund my money, this is such a scam with fake passwords..Version: 1.7

UselessIt is not even from far useful app.... really a waste of money.Version: 1.7

FakeIt doesn't Work.Version: 1.7

Don’t payNot work it fake ,.Version: 1.8

BADon't waste your time with this.Version: 1.7

Refund me my moneyHorrible i want my refund back.Version: 1.7

Doesn’t work as promotionalNo matter what you do, this wii not generate any password. Don’t be the next victim in buying this scam..Version: 1.8

OhNot sure.Version: 1.7

I’m no rating this yetAfter you download the app it charges you for every network you choose to ask about.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t workHorrible. Paid 1.99 and still didn’t work.Version: 1.8

Not a good appThey made me pay to get the passwords and I did pay and the passwords don’t even work and they didn’t even return me my money.Version: 1.9

It’s [email protected]$-If your it’s throwing your money away this app it’s for u.Version: 1.7

IdkI don’t know how this works idk if u put the name of the WiFi in the little box but I tried and I put my WiFi’s name and it game me all wrong passwords what are u suppose to write on the little box.Version: 1.7

You have to pay to get anythingDon’t bother..Version: 1.7

RubbishDon't bother.Version: 1.7

😡😡😡😡Estafa! 😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.5

It don’t workRubish.Version: 1.9

BadDoes not work! Charge!.Version: 2.0

Dumb rip offHave to pay.Version: 2.0

Don’t BUYHorrible doesn’t work and you have to pay for it to get the passwords and it still didn’t work at all.Version: 2.0

My money backMy money back.Version: 1.8

HorribleWaste of time.Version: 1.8

MarioVery bad not working don’t buy it, rubbish 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡.Version: 2.0

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