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EWA English Language Learning Positive Reviews

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EWA English Language Learning App User Positive Comments 2024

EWA English Language Learning app received 164 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about ewa english language learning?

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EWA English Language Learning for Positive User Reviews

AmazingA love this app.. it’s the best.Version: 5.6.9

Still needs improvementI’ve just started using this app. I really like the idea but there’s still a lot work for you, guys! The translations in books or other sections aren’t always correct or there’s no translation at all. Learning with this app can lead to mistakes. Be careful when using it and double check translation with an external translator whenever you doubt. But, there’s a lot of potential, the support does a great job and they indeed want to improve! I keep using it for now to see where it goes. Keep it up!.Version: 5.0.2

What a cool app!I think sometimes the translation is a little off especially when it comes to he/she pronouns and things like that but I seriously enjoyed this app and how cool is it to read a book..much less in another language while easily being able to see the translation after you challenged yourself to translate and while simultaneously learning! I wish I could afford a year membership but sadly…that’ll come at another point.Version: 6.9.21

Good for youIt is a good for you learn, very practical.Version: 6.4.6

IntéressantDifférent et varié. Un peu cher quand même..Version: 7.2.7

I love itHonestly the best language app I’ve used. Really fun methods and the games are great. I think the heavy use of short video clips from film and tv, as well as being entertaining, is really helping with my listening..Version: 7.1.7

The bestThe best App ever :).Version: 5.5.2

SuperDrôle ludique et instructif 💕.Version: 7.2.1

I demand a refund.I have cancelled my subscription. Why is my money still deducted? I ask for a refund..Version: 7.2.5

很好学得挺起劲儿,所以给好评.Version: 5.2.0

3 points to improve the siteIt's good that there are games with real people! It is good that I have access to my previously learned words so I can see it and repeat! It is bad that: 1. There is no proper work with new learned words - there are no examples with them : phrases and sentences with them. Therefore, after a few days, the learned words are easily forgotten 2. The indicator of learned words (there are also another two indicates: the lessons learned, pages read), does not work correctly. -always I see "0" , although I learned a lot of new words. 3. Crossword puzzles often use the same words, their set is really small; it is necessary to add more different words in crossword puzzles, because interest is lost. Thank you for Good work!.Version: 7.1.14

The best oneI’m learning English and this app made me improve my English very well I love it.Version: 5.3.4

Library is fantasticI really enjoy the use of movie and television clips to provide example pronunciations, but my favourite part of this app is the library of reading materials..Version: 7.2.10

MykolaВсе добре.Version: 7.2.2

EWAI like EWA because it starts off easy. I look forward for more great lessons.Version: 7.1.2

What an app!Reading my first book in Spanish! 1984! I’m loving the translation feature for areas of ambiguity during my translation and the range of methods used to engage in learning new vocabulary!.Version: 6.5.6

Great app, but some initial confusionGood app, I’ve been looking for bilingual books and this is exactly what I need with the bonus of the reading as well. However I did have to experiment a bit in the start. My phone language is set to Czech and so the app automatically communicated to me in Czech and the only language option it gave me was English, which I am fluent in. I was only able to choose French when I switched my phone language to English, so it might be good to add an option for multilingual people at the start to make it less confusing as I nearly did not use the app at all. Also, the name is a bit misleading if you want to study any other language than English..Version: 6.5.6

CongratulationsNice app for learning English thank a lot..Version: 7.1.4

A compliment messageI would really appreciate EWA and all of the people who designed this outstanding application. It’s a really wonderful app which helps you to boost you English knowledge. Thank a zillion EWA ☺️🙌🏼.Version: 7.2.5

Excellent app for studying English!Although I am a busy person, I always want to read some English books some time in order to gain more knowledge. But every time when I grab a book I feel distract because it’s not my first language. Now I feel satisfy with this app because not only it can translate to my language(Vietnamese), I can listening to it while I am on the way. So I can take advantage of it listening to the book without boring at all. Thank you so much for creating this app. I really enjoy it..Version: 6.5.6

Very goodOk good so good very good.Version: 5.1.3

ExcellentThis app is just what I was looking for, I’ve improved my English level in the last two years.Version: 6.9.21

Только сегодня начал пользоваться приложениемПока что всё окей надеюсь не зря потраченные деньги.Version: 7.2.2

MissExcellent app for learning and improved English language skills for better life . Thanks.Version: 6.9.18

FeedbackApp so good.Version: 6.7.0

Awesome and useful appThis app is amazing and I am really learning thanks to all the context (seeing the language used in action in movies). The concept is great and unlike many other apps that are robotic and too repetitive, this one works and is fun!.Version: 6.4.3

5/5Great app!.Version: 7.2.10

VERY PROUD CUSTOMERI have found this app really useful in its ability to help me expand my Spanish vocabulary. The option to highlight a word Im unfamiliar with simply by tapping it to reveal its list of that word in english is so simple and efficient. All i have to do is tap the screen and im back to listening and or reading again. If your stuggling with a majority of the paragraph, simply tap the G icon to the top right of the paragraph, and the entire paragraph is translated to english. I find this very usefull for the more difficult reads. The only reason its not a 5 star is its lack of definitions for the words. But no big deal, i can always have my ipad open to look for definitons. I’m grateful for this app and will recommend to friends who are looking to learn to speak and read j. Another language..Version: 6.5.6

GoodIt is good enough to learn English.Version: 6.5.6

多次联系,加强记忆不错呦!提供反复练习的机会!.Version: 5.1.1

GoodEvery day great job.Version: 7.2.2

AmazingIt is an amazing languages learning app..Version: 7.2.0

A necessityWhile I have a decent understanding of Spanish that is spoken to me, I have difficulties communicating back. This app has absolutely everything you need to refresh and become fluent in any language. You can read books and click on any words you don’t understand. Then you can check your accuracy with the English version paragrah by paragraph. I am amazed. This gives me the confidence to continue my language learning journey..Version: 7.1.2

Good appGood app to learn English easily specially with sentences.Version: 5.7.1

Good appBefore i think i pay for app but i can use free so grat best app learn for free <3 that app help everyone learn English perfect <3.Version: 5.6.5

Very wellAwesome app to study English.Version: 5.7.3

Not worth the moneyHave to constantly click on things to go through lesson, not able to leave a lesson ‘playing’ while driving or cleaning cause there’s no hand free options to learn. Annoying and slow..Version: 6.6.3

EWAВсе хорошо, начинаю потихоньку читать.Version: 7.2.10

تجربه بعد از خرید چند اپلیکیشنواقعا این اپ عالیه و اعتیاد اور، بعد از خرید چندین اپ به بهترینش رسیدم🙏🏻🙏🏻🌺.Version: 7.2.1

일상용어 아는 데 👍사전에 없는 구어문장을 연습할 수 있어 어휘력 올리는 데 짱임.Version: 5.6.9

My first couple days with the app…I have used a good bit of language learning apps to continue learning Spanish. I speak Spanish pretty well, but there’s always more to learn! This app…within days…has been a game changer. The games are fun. The lessons are actually really in depth and informative despite only sharing a small amount of content at a time. And the catalogue of books available is just insane. I’ve been looking far and wide for a language learning app that can really help improve my reading, and this one answers all my prayers lol Use it! Pay for it! It’s worth it!.Version: 7.1.3

I like this appThe best English learning app I am using, the cost is very economical..Version: 5.0.3

AmazingAmazing.Version: 7.2.0

Great experience!Extremely helpful! It’s a fun way to study and improve your English. Truly recommend!.Version: 5.9.7

ExcelenteLa verdad la descargue con recelo pero esta muy buena, vale la pena..Version: 5.8.1

Good to learn with ewa.Good design to learning from ewa, is very delightful. So subscribe it, and you will get the best results from ewa..Version: 7.0.10

RetiredI am using this app because i find it useful but still i expect more.Version: 7.2.9

The reading section.I love this App because there i can do translate immediately just click on the words which is i don’t know. That’s very helpful. But one thing i need to comment that There is a lots of easy words that the app provide for translating ( ex: he,she, in, but,out, eles) which is we not need. but for a lot of difficult words are not get provide the translator. If the App can improve this then it will be more helpful. Thank you..Version: 6.2.8

Great siteI’m loving this app Just discovered I can read books in Spanish too My only negative is that you can’t have conversations to solidify learning.Version: 7.1.25

It awesomeIt really well for reading.Version: 6.9.14

AmazingThis app is truly amazing, first of all they have summaries of famous self help books for FREE, on top of that they have quite a large selection of books that can be read for free as well, they are also translated in your language of choice so it allows people to read without interruption! No need to go and Google the word you want to learn everything is there!.Version: 6.7.6

Excellent english learn appI really love this app, just downloaded it for about 1 week, I wish I can have money to buy it, I will save money for that, many thanks to a wonderful team create this.Version: 6.9.18

UpgradeApp is great however I missing here more movies, or whole books Reading just a few sentences from books and small articles is boring after long time. Games more advanced or for longer time for gaming could be upgraded too. 😉.Version: 7.1.3

Nice appHighly recommend.Version: 6.9.14

Tamil language is not in the listMy native language is Tamil, world oldest language, doubt??? Google it. I’m very disappointed because I downloaded the app & can’t go to the next step without selecting native language, how Tamil people can use this app ?? Thank for your reply by email,.Version: 6.5.6

ShiroNice.Version: 7.2.4

Loving it!Great app, easy to use, fun to learn and very enjoyable overall!.Version: 6.4.9

Great appReally interactive so far! Funny and engaging. Can’t wait to learn more!!.Version: 6.5.4

ThankfullyI am very happy for this application so that can improve my Lessing and dictionary words. Many thanks.Version: 6.9.21

It is a good app to spend time and would guide you in a smooth wayThanks.Version: 5.8.2

가격만 비싸지않으면아주 유용한 앱인듯해요.Version: 5.6.7

Excellent appYou can learn Bengal easy and with fun..Version: 6.9.5

Application superPourquoi pas proposer des vidéos.Version: 7.2.9

😍I like this app It is very easy for learning.Version: 5.8.1

Fun and interesting app.Appreciate this app more now that I’ve seen more of the features. Lots of different ways to learn/test learning (Vocab test is great + finding out your level). Just subscribed after using the free option for a while and hoping it’s enough to get me to the next level..Version: 6.9.21

SatisfiedHi I just want say thank you for this app At the moment it is very easy way for learning English for me even have not same it Appreciate it.Version: 6.9.21

BooksOption: Read the books is great!.Version: 7.1.0

Thank uThank u so much Really like this program Make my English better..Version: 6.4.9

Thorough learning softwareI like how this program is set up. You can listen to the narrator and slow down the speed making it easier to understand. You can also check the meaning of one word or a whole phrase. It is very helpful..Version: 7.2.11

Easy!Repetitive, variety of learning styles to make sure it sinks in and fun!.Version: 6.9.19

Almost thereThe app is cool because it allows you to read stories in different languages while being able to tap on different words that you don’t know to get their meanings. One of the issues I have with the app, however, is that the flashcards feature which allows you to save words from your reading that you would like to learn. The saving words part works fine. The problem lies in the fact when you open the card it pronounces the word using text-to-speech. The problem is that the app didn’t pronounce the words correctly for me. (I tried this using French)..Version: 7.0.17

So niceI like it.Version: 7.2.1

Good app.This app is really addicting, which is really good for people who want to learn English language! Thank you for this app.Version: 4.0.4

A good start, but lacks many definitions.This app is potentially wonderful, especially because as I read a story I can immediately look up the definition of a word I don’t remember or know. However, this app does not have a complete dictionary. Most of the words I don’t know are not available with an easy definition. That’s the main reason I bought the app. Nonetheless, it’s very helpful. Still requires dedication to bring yourself to it every day. One thing I have found useful is to play the audio of the story when I go to bed and as I thought asleep I’m surrounded by the Spanish language I’m learning. After a few nights of this I seem to be hearing the language better..Version: 6.5.9

Good appThank you.Version: 5.7.0

A great tool!It’s super great for learning and it’s for free! You do need to watch an ad before each lesson but they are short and in my opinion well worth the trade off. They have book at all different levels of fluency though I do wish to see in the near future some books with an easier fluency, for people just started out. If you are advanced or fluent there are also books for your levels. You can also press on words you don’t know to get their definition and you can also add them to your vocabulary of list of learning. But they also have vocab lessons and fun games to practice. You should check it out if you are looking for something free and to learn or even just improve your Spanish ..Version: 5.8.1

So far so goodIm excited to use this app. i wish there were more movie scenes than just one chapter, and some translations of words aren’t exactly accurate, but overall it’s got so much content and when you are bored of learning one way, there’s a bunch of other options to switch over to. you can play games and compete, use flash cards, but most importantly, you can LISTEN and practice that way, which i feel is missing when you buy a textbook. it’s easier to feel comfortable speaking after using this!.Version: 6.5.6

Amazing appThe best app to learn English EVER!!!!!! I love it, So complete, you can also read books, articles and even listen to them, it's fantastic!.Version: 5.5.3

Good app from the first sightI can't say too much because started using the app a few days ago. But it feels like a useful app. Let's see, because I purchased a discount annual subscription..Version: 7.0.18

A fun way to learnA great app that has been steadily helping me improve my Spanish. The coursework videos are fun, disguises the repetition. The games are also good, just more repetitions but more fun. I’m adding the reading/audiobooks if you’re interested in chipping away at literature (Don Quixote). I wasn’t sure at first, but having bought this, I’ve found myself using it more often and I’ve found it to be a good value. If I continually practice with this app, it is worth more than I’ve paid..Version: 6.7.6

Extremely EffectiveAs an Special Education, ESL, and English Teacher, I am always seeking more education. I’ve used a few apps to try to learn new languages and brush up on the ones I already know. This is, hands-down, the most effective. It allows users to choose their learning style and this is a technique that is rarely seen in Education apps; but is extremely important. Every learner applies new information in a different way and when that information is available in fun, unique formats, it adds so much more value to the content. This is an A+ from me!.Version: 5.9.0

Pronunciation of Spanish words is awful.The pronunciation is terrible, not because it is a robotic voice but because it is just plain wrong. You do not pronounce ‘Yo’ as ‘Vo’, the verb ‘tener’ does not mean ‘desire, wish’. Zero confidence in this app!.Version: 5.6.3

Refreshing and fun way to learn languages.I’ve tried various other apps and although the price is more than most, the content is great. It’s probably best for those learning English rather than having dubbed videos learning Spanish, but I still enjoy the clips because they help to associate context. The books are also great. Well done to the devs, you have a new subscriber..Version: 6.3.2

Nice app to read books in other languageI love the ability to read books in another language. However, the pronunciation of the words is incorrect. The learn words option is impossible to do because the pronunciation is completely incorrect. I’m trying to read along with the French but the learn feature playback is in English and therefore pronunciation is wrong. The voice that reads the audio books however pronounced correctly.Version: 6.9.2

Great graphics and easy to useThis app is very easy to use and the repetitive nature of each lesson does help. This is a simplified way to reach your goals.Version: 7.2.9

Nice oneI think the whole idea is awesome. For people like me who are in prohibited countries such as Iran, it’s not possible to use the app in full version. And I can get benefit of the app just for 3 limited days.😔 I think there should a solution to the problem. As an instance, accessing the basic features of the app can be the answer. Or recommending the app through invite link and giving access to those who invite for example 10 people can be useful for all. Thank you very much.🍀.Version: 5.7.1

სასწაულიააააი ძაააან მომწონს და ყველაზე მაგარი აპლიკაციააა ენის სასწავლებლდ, ყველას გირჩევთ..Version: 5.8.2

GreatJust started learning, great so far.Version: 6.8.0

Love this appI hope to see more books added to this app that include more diverse genres but I know apps grow everyday and I will happily wait for updates. I used to pay for Duolingo and it was alright but I have learned so much more in this app. I think they take a different approach as to how they introduce words and at least for the way my brain thinks it works much better. If you have trouble with other learning apps give this one a try. I love it so much I pay the subscription since I am actively trying to learn another language to go out of the country..Version: 6.3.5

I like itGreat reading app. It shows every word’s meaning and punctuation help you improve lots including words and listening. Highly recommended!.Version: 7.0.17

Ok, but not sure about paying subscriptionIt has kept my attention, but the books are a bit flaky re translation and I have not seen any film options yet..Version: 6.5.6

SpanishMy Spanish is picking up since I started using the app, I just started and I could say an sentence.. my fiancée who lives in Mexico is really proud of me and soon we can speak Spanish with each other.. it would be cool as I can talk to my mother in law and other members of his family as they can not talk English.. so I give the app 5 stairs...Version: 6.4.3

جميل جدااحسنتم.Version: 5.6.7

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼очень понравился.Version: 5.5.1

❤️The best of all❤️.Version: 7.2.9

Word database covers all aspectsJust wanna say this app improves a lot for a Spanish learner..Version: 7.2.5

Better than LingQEWA does what LingQ does and more for free. You only have to pay to get rid of ads if you want to, but the free version is already an amazing resource to learn how to read. You can click on a word to translate and save a notecard of a word. You can also drag your finger over an entire sentence to get the whole translation. You should definitely get this app if you want to learn or improve your reading comprehension.Version: 6.5.5

One of the best language learning appsThis is one of the best apps to learn language, it has not just lessons but stories, and lots of useful features. In my opinion well worth the subscription..Version: 7.0.12

Pretty goodI wish we had access to a bit more energy before we run out and have to buy some. The lack of languages to choose from is probably something alot of people will be upset about. Other than that I’m enjoying it and I love the little movie clips as it help me to hear what the words sound like in real life..Version: 7.0.8

برنامج تعليمي رائع متكاملبرنامج تعليمي رائع متكامل.Version: 5.8.2

So much potential!When I first downloaded this app, I was so excited because I think this is a really cool way to learn Spanish and I think it will actually help me. For the past two days, I've been learning vocabulary and exploring the app and there are a lot of concerns I have. I know there is maintenance going on with some features in the app, but I still wanted to bring up issues just in case they were overlooked. For one, some of the translations on the example sentences for new words don't match up. 2, I wish that the vocab words were pronounced with every translation question instead of every other question (or maybe add a button to hear the word's pronunciation). 3, when I clicked on a book to read and pressed to learn the vocabulary that I will see, every Spanish word is butchered with an English reading and I thought this was important to mention. I haven't clicked and experienced everything but these are some of the issues I had so far. I really love this app and it has a lot of potential. I think if done right, this app can help SOO many people and get great reviews. The yearly payment will have been worth it..Version: 5.5.1

Best app for learning englishI’ve been looking for a learning english app for a long time. I’ve been living in UK for 10 years but I’m still not confident about my english skills so when I found a new learning english app I downloaded it but I’ve never sticked to it but I feel this app had a lot of useful words for a real situation so I use this everyday now and feel my english is improving for sure..Version: 7.0.1

Better than Rosetta Stone!!!!I love it!!!! I have had Rosetta Stone for years as a matter of a fact since the first came out. I have learned and retained more new words in a few days than I have since I have Rosetta Stone. I love how they take movies that we all have seen and love in which makes it so easy to relate to actins and tones. I can’t say enough about it. The conversation are real conversation. They teach the variations of Spanish it just great all together. I love how when you read the books you can select the word and find out it’s meaning. When you go to the book section it well organized you can select from beginners or immediate, gene. The games the have are so much fun it helps you with spelling and you even have a game where you play with people all over. Again I can go on and on about this app!!!! I definitely found it well worth the money!!!.Version: 7.0.1

Great on mobile and PCI’ve downloaded EWA on my PC and originally on my Mobile both experiences are beneficial in their own way so be sure to install on both platforms if able! Don’t not get the widget for your most active page on Mobile it will prompt you to study to keep your learning streak alive!.Version: 7.2.4

Cool ludiqueC’est ludique et agréable. Seulement l’activation du micro qui me te donne pas de choix et impose que ta voix sera utilisée afin d’améliorer les outils de reconnaissance vocale… j’aime pas ça!.Version: 7.2.1

App is good, learning every day will improve vocabularyThank you.Version: 7.1.21

Interesting and interactive appLove the movie learning. Fun to learn!.Version: 6.5.7

The bestIt was the best app I recommend this app there is 4 languages u can choose.Version: 7.2.5

THE BEST APP FOR LANGUAGESHonestly, hand on heart, the best app for learning languages. Games, books, movie/tv show snippets to learn the REAL language, chats that replicate real conversation. It’s honestly fantastic! I bought the yearly subscription and have 0 regrets.Version: 7.1.24

FilmsI learn the conversation from Films. Have more fun. I’m willing to practise more because it happens in different scenes..Version: 5.3.4

Fantastic appThis app is very nice I'm learning a lot I recommend it to everyone.Version: 5.3.4

Great AppI like this app, this is good software to learn English easily with the lowest cost..Version: 5.0.3

Laugh out loud funThis is what I’ve always needed to learn. Humour and engagement..Version: 6.5.6

Really goodAwesome. The method helps me to learn English and remember vocabulary better than other ones. Thank you so much..Version: 6.4.8

The best thanksThe best thanks.Version: 7.2.2

AppGreat app for different levels.Version: 7.2.9

Learning Spanish.I am 69, I never had the opportunity to learn a language when I was younger, and now… I am desperate to learn and this app is amazing. I can go over and over the lessons to drive them home in an old and failing memory, I’m learning to read and write Spanish words, I am practicing speaking Spanish sadly, to my iPhone and not another person. The app is easy to use, dynamic, and fun. 10/10.Version: 6.6.6

GoodGood.Version: 7.2.6

Please help solve the problemPlease help me. I have a subscription for another 6 months, I changed my phone. I installed the application and it asks me to subscribe..Version: 7.2.1

AwesomeBest app ever..Version: 6.7.1

Meilleure application.Excellente stratégie pédagogique ! Je recommande vivement..Version: 7.2.5

Escritura y pronunciaciónRealmente es muy bueno con esta app é aprendido a pronunciar y al mismo tiempo a escribir y recomendadíssimo.Version: 7.2.6

I like to read with EWA.I like reading with EWA. It’s not boring.Version: 7.2.0

Wooo woooGood app.Version: 7.2.1

ImpressedWow this makes learning interesting. They have lessons where u learn the vocabulary word, how to spell it and use it in a movie clip. The movie clips are from series, movies and tv shows( Marvel, Fríe es, Velvet, Disney). It makes it fun and easy to remember. They also have games. You can read a book and have it read to you. Audio and visual learning makes it more understandable. The best way to learn another language with out it seeming like hard work! Get this app Trust me!.Version: 6.2.0

Very good,It's good to learn English with movies, because is more easy to learned that form..Version: 5.0.3

Good app.A very good app indeed. Lets you learn at your own pace, strengthen your lessons and is surely an amazing platform to learn a new language..Version: 5.0.3

Ema reviewYou teach English very well, I benefited a lot from your tutorial, Thank you, Zhila.Version: 7.2.10

就是得看广告不过不用花钱,只是没做完一关看一个广告,广告频率低,每次也只有一个,可接受。.Version: 6.3.5

Learn spanish in terms of Japanese?! I learn 10x faster with two languages.Learning a new language in terms of another foreign language that you need to improve is a secret to accelerating your acquisition of the new language. It forces your brain to work much harder because there is no info on screen (like subtitles) that allow your brain to “short-circuit the translation” to save energy. Your brain has no easy way out: it must consistently reinforce new pathways. This interlinks the two new languages, but at a deeper level than when learning one new language from English. Definitely worth the $99 per year..Version: 5.6.7

PerfectVery easy to use..Version: 7.1.4

ReviewIt doesn’t let me use it until I’ve left a review despite having paid for a subscription..Version: 6.6.9

Great App!I really like the app! As anything it can get better with more and more books (I‘m learning German), but for the rest - I really like the feature of saving new words and the app interface!.Version: 7.1.9

Very usefulMy reading in Spanish is quite poor. I have tried magazines and books but it’s difficult to find good content which is graded for ability. Plenty here along with useful translation tools for when you get lost..Version: 7.1.1

Like Like Like!!This application is very professional, I am very pleased to learn English effectively.Version: 5.0.3

LearningMe gusta aprender escuchando frases y su significado, es mucho más práctico que estudiar la gramática o estar sentado en una sala de clases. Gran app.Version: 7.0.5

Will you have Portuguese and Arabic books soon?Undoubtedly, this is an amazing app. I am searching for books that are in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic to improve my languages. Will you have Portuguese and Arabic books and perhaps teachings any time soon?.Version: 7.1.7

Awesome AppReally easy to use for users great job.Version: 6.7.9

Fun and functionalI have tried a lot of apps, to avoid taking more Spanish classes, but this one is my favorite. I already have foundational Spanish skills from hs and college but rarely use them. In my new job, I will need to, so I needed to brush up on it. I love that this app lets me skip over things I already know and pick and choose where to start. Most other apps make you follow a path THEY set, and it’s never worked for me. The only thing is the price. It’s a little high, but I’m sure I will get my money’s worth if I continue using it daily..Version: 6.2.8

Excellent way to learnLove this app.Version: 7.2.7

Very broad app!This app has reading and lessons from recognisable movie skits ! Perfect all rounder.Version: 6.3.0

MyronДуже хороша програма.Version: 7.2.1

Very interestingI’m doing intermediate English from German, but I’m actually learning German. It’s harder but I’m enjoying it and persevering. Will let you know later how it goes!.Version: 6.9.18

Great app to learn EnglishI only had a trial week but I would like to phase this app when I would have free time..Version: 5.3.6

Such a great learning English appThey teach really English! It pretty impacted me! I love it!!.Version: 5.7.3

English lessonsI’m so happy having you..Version: 7.0.0

Fun & effectiveHelps me to remember words better than other language programs because of the movie video clips that show hope tut vocabulary sounds in real life. The spelling activities also help me to memorise the words very quickly..Version: 6.4.2

Funny and FamiliarI’ve been using this less than a week so I’ll let you know about the results later. But so far it’s great! I feel like my friend is telling me about different ways to use the words and phrases using popular shows. It’s funny to learn how to learn basic words like Hola come from shows like Breaking Bad. I also like that it’s familiar material. All my favorite shows are helping me learn Spanish. I would definitely try it. And I’ll give you an update as I go on..Version: 6.2.5

Well done! Super efficient!First I thought it will be more infantile for me, but I have to admit I really like it, even the avatars are really really good, not to mention the algorithm what simultaneously follows every step of your learnings.Version: 6.5.6

Great potentialThis app has great potential. I think the vocabulary lessons are very effective. The books would be better if you could slow the narrator down. I have been reading by myself first and then repeating with the narrator. The thing I find the most frustrating is that many of the words are not underlined, and therefore you cannot get a definition. In my case these were usually the words I didn’t know. And I it would be great if, once defined, you could ask for the declination (not sure that’s the right term) of the verbs to see all the tenses. And one more thing: it’s most important to translate entire phrases that have a different meaning than the individual literal translation of the words. For example, in English, “get off my back” rarely means someone is on your back; it means “stop bothering me.”.Version: 5.9.10

Number oneVery good.Version: 4.4.3

It’s a really good app but I don’t wanna payI really enjoyed the video lessons it was very good to learn the pronunciation by watching various videos they are funny videos too! This is a great app to start with if you want to learn Spanish or get better at it like me thank you very much! Buenas dias.Version: 6.2.3

Good app / sometimes issuesThis app is pretty good, especially the reading aspect of it. Whenever I have any issues, they were addressed through email correspondence. I would like a bit more functionality in terms of grammar and vocabulary though.Version: 7.0.4

Incredible and educationalI’ve been using Duolingo intermittently for quite a few years now, don’t get me wrong it’s helped with the baby steps of Spanish. Since trialling out EWA, I’ve noticed that I’m picking up the language and a more proactive pace and it’s fun to learn with this app😍 Would recommend to anyone!.Version: 7.1.8

Perfect app!!! A++++I recon this app . Reading and memorizing excercises are awesome. But they have some translation mistakes. It needs update..Version: 6.9.15

ReviewThis application is very good, I can learn English anytime anywhere whenever I have free time....Version: 5.0.3

Fun program!I like this app a lot. I waited and got a year subscription for Black Friday and have not looked back! The only thing I wish was different is that they would incorporate what you learned from the last milestone into the next, so that you can keep it fresh in your memory and add to each thing you learn. Otherwise, I feel like I’m restarting each time, and have to go back and review info I already covered over and over..Version: 6.5.5

GoodGoooood.Version: 7.2.0

Review so farLimited. the flashcards bought up words i had not covered yet and the female voice translating had obviously never heard the french language spoken before. A serious flaw.Version: 7.0.16

Great but slowThis is a great app with a lot of potential, but regardless of my internet connection it’s very slow to load everything. Choosing a book takes forever to load. Highlighting a phrase for translation takes 5 to 10 seconds; which doesn’t seem like a lot but becomes arduous when you just want a quick one word definition. Also, it seems someone changed the definition of the word ‘se’ to ‘commits suicide’ lol Otherwise, I really like the app!.Version: 6.2.3

PratikHizli ve pratik olmasi zaman dan kazandiriyor olmasi harika.Version: 7.2.7

I love this app very much but I don’t see my languageI love this app but I am South Indian and I was searching for Tamil or Telugu as a native language to select but it is hard for me since there is very limited option and I am forced to choose some other language just to get inside the app to see all the features and it’s hard for me to read. It would be better to have an option to select English so that it will help people who knows English but also wanted to improve their vocabulary and so on. Hope you get that option for fellow people like us. Thank you.Version: 5.6.7

ExcellentGood App,use it for a long time.Version: 7.2.2

EntertainingEasy and enjoyable. Just wish it actually had the movie and tv clip learning options as it leads you to believe. At the intro, before you pay, it quite literally promised this but haven’t found a single one. Other than that, it does give you book options which is great, and within the lesson the vocabulary usage examples it gives seem to be colloquial and are often funny..Version: 7.0.11

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