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Review after over a month of useI love this app for a few reasons. Firstly, in a world which seems to always demand a subscription, this app doesn’t. Simply pay once and it’s yours. Secondly, the week-by-week, month-by-month and year-by-year graphs are truly game changing in the way they help visualise your progress and are worth the cost of the app on their own. If you’re the kind of person who is only trying to match/beat what you have previously achieved, trust me, these will keep you motivated. Thirdly, whilst I consider Apple to do a reasonable job of breaking down the key details following a workout, in this app all workouts are broken down further. If your goal is weight loss and/or strengthening your heart, then the breakdown of how often your heart was performing at different intensities is a very useful insight. It feels unfair of me not to highlight the other numerous features this app offers, but needless to say I would highly recommend the one-off cost. If you plan to take your health seriously, this offers complex and sophisticated insights in an easy to digest way. The export options also enable further methods for you to explore your health. TO THE DEVELOPER: Please add the option in a future update to allow tips to be sent as an optional in app purchase. If current times have taught me anything, it is to support those who are genuinely trying to make the world a better place than they found it! Thank you.Version: 7.4

Works as advertised!With a new Apple Watch and wanting to get my workout data to all the same places I stored them with a Garmin, this app did the trick. I have been able to regularly sync to Stava and Smashrun. I’ve also used the Apple activity app and Workout++ and regardless of what I’ve used, the data gets sync. Lasky, if auto sync doesn’t work, you can manually send the data through the app..Version: 6.1

Perfect for what I neededNeeded an app as strava wasn’t working properly on my Apple Watch. This app converts my runs from the workout app on Apple Watch to strava as soon as my watch links with my phone again. The data available is really good, to be honest I will often review stats and pace on this app rather then strava now as so much easier to see with the colour coding. Great app, and bargain price!.Version: 4.3.8

Several month’s of use and this app is still perfectDon’t even bother considering other apps. HealthFit works perfectly with Apple Watch every time, data makes it to Strava in a “just works” kind of way. If you are privacy conscious then HealthFit can be used as your own mini offline Strava with more stats than apple health.Version: 8.8.1

What Apple Health Should BeA beautiful repository of data and information that plays well with loads of apps and services. It looks like a native app built by Apple and is great to use. I use it to automatically push workouts to Strava and Google Sheets, which lets me share my workouts with others and analyze them myself - seriously, the auto-upload to Google Drive is amazing. It uploads every single workout into 1 sheet in 1 spreadsheet, and then individual sheets for different workout types to aggregate them logically. Not only does it upload workouts, it uploads Health Metrics broken up by Weight, Sleep, and Daily Metrics like calories, resting heart rate, HRV, steps, and VO2 max. That way you can own your own data and do anything you want with it. I’m excited to be able to do data analysis on all of my data. Other perks? One-time charge rather than a monthly charge like competing apps. Responsive dev who responded to my email within a day to help me resolve an issue I had. Wishlist? 1. Include dietary info in the Health Metrics like calories, sugars, etc. 2. Allow for the editing of workouts. 3. Include cadence info..Version: 4.1.7

Let’s me try other running apps, and......still sync to Strava. The fact is, Strava is very important to me, but it’s no secret that Strava completely ignores their Apple Watch users, making the experience beyond subpar. Even Apple’s default “workout” app does a far better job at tracking live runs with average, rolling, and live paces, pace alerts, stride length/cadence. But I digress since this review is about HealthFit, a great tool to help you try any workout tool, and have it sync, and export to others - geez what a simple concept, and it works! Thanks everyone who continues to work on this..Version: 4.3.6

FantasticWorks exactly as described! I’m loving being able to use the native workout app on my watch and having them sync to Strava automatically 👍🏻👌🏻.Version: 3.3.5

Great App for Apple Health data exportThis is a great app for getting info out of Apple Health. I use the export to Google Sheets for both workout data and health metrics and it’s seamless. Also great that it exports GPX data to Dropbox. There’s a lot here for a lot of uses. Also, the developer is very responsive, which is always great to see. Highly recommended!.Version: 4.1.7

Great appGreat app - syncing is perfect and the new views are a perfect summary. Nearly don’t need apps like SportsTracks anymore. Love it!.Version: 5.0.2

Awesome problem solverIf you are looking to get your activities from Apple Watch activities to Strava, this is what you want. Automatically syncs everything across, including route maps, pace, heart rate, everything. Highly recommend to solve a problem that Strava/Apple should fix themselves.Version: 4.3.6

An essential app for anyone interested in their exercise performance.Wouldn’t be without it now. This is everything that I expected the native app to do and so much more. I got it for automatic uploads but the app itself is brilliant for giving much more insight into each activity. Easily the best value for money app. For Strava I now get ALL the data that the Apple watch records uploaded against each activity, and it does it automatically. The ability to automatically export to other tools, such as runalyze, has opened up a new world of analysis..Version: 7.3

Easy hassle freeVery nice worth and paying for. Syncs Apple Watch workouts to strava instantly, very quick. Easy to use. No hassle. The app has all your workouts in one place and if there’s an error and sync doesn’t work you can manually sync a past work out from the HealthFit app easily with one click. The developer seems to be keen to fix any issues. Nice app. Thanks for strava sync solution..Version: 3.4.5

Awesome app and great support!Works perfectly for me for the intended purpose of getting Apple Watch data into Strava. I had one question and received a response within seconds via chat. A++.Version: 4.1.5

ExcellentI had one simple problem I wanted to solve. When using third-party apps, the data of workouts from health do not get exported to Strava or other. This app will export these workout and works like a charm. In under 3 minutes I was set. On top of that, I contacted the developer and was replied to in seconds. This app is totally worth the price..Version: 8.6

Love this appI absolutely love this app.Version: 4.0.1

Best customer service everThis is a great app; I workout using multiple devices (Peloton, Tonal, Apple Watch & Apple Fitness, Oculus 2) and the app can upload and analyze all the data. The few issues I have had with things not working properly were responded to within 24 hours and fixes provided. For anyone that works out using multiple devices, I highly recommend the app..Version: 9.5

Really useful app!Perfect app for automatically uploading all types of workout to Strava. I also like the way it lays out health and performance data from workouts..Version: 8.1

Stats and metrics! So useful!I love this app, and the statistics and information that it shows at a glance. All of my workouts on the platforms I use, my Apple Watch metrics over time, graphs and trends. I like that you can export the data and I may find that useful in the future, but haven’t yet tried. A few things I wish for are an iPad version, and a Internet/cloud platform to view the same information on a computer. This is a very useful app for anyone interested in looking at their health and exercise in a statistical manner..Version: 8.11

Perfect for exporting Apple Watch activities to StravaTook me a while to find this app but does exactly what I need.Version: 5.0.9

Works as it promised.I use this app to export runs from the "workout" app to Strava. Seamless. No silly subscription model..Version: 4.3.5

BrilliantGreat app to sync your Apple Watch activities to Strava and other 3rd party apps. Be careful in set up or you may end up syncing same workout more than once if you use multiple platforms. Love the latest update which makes user interface resemble apple health 👍.Version: 6.1

Does exactly what I need it to do.I needed an app to transfer my Apple Workout data to Strava. This app does that perfectly, including the map of the route I’ve taken. Initially I couldn’t see the route map in Strava, however a quick conversation with the developer resolved the issue (I had recorded the workout within a Strava privacy zone which means the map isn’t dislocated). I’m really pleased with the app..Version: 4.3.3

Can’t recommend enough!This app is a total godsend to solve that annoying problem of transferring data from an Apple Watch into Strava PROPERLY! No more messing around, just log your workout and watch it appear in Strava moments later! For anyone who is ummm-ing and ahhh-ing... stop! Just buy it, it’s the price of a Coffee for goodness sake... so give it a go! And if you do have any issues, the developer is absolutely brilliant, helpful and friendly to help get things sorted out and fully working for you (I know... I had a daft moment and she still helped me to sort it out!). The best app I have bought and I think it will likely continues to be for the foreseeable 👍👍👍.Version: 4.3.6

10x better than the default Health appDoes everything you could want with a beautiful interface. Originally got this to sync my Apple Watch workouts to Strava but I’m enjoying just using the app for tracking exercise on its own!.Version: 7.0.2

Simply the best for any athleteI don't normally write app reviews, but I'm making an exception here! I've recommended this app to everyone I know who loves to exercise, telling them I’d happily pay 10 times the price. After years of being locked into Strava's world, it was awesome to find an app where I could use the normal workout function on my Apple Watch, and have the data sync across to Strava, and be backed up on iCloud. I've pretty much stopped using Strava now and check all my important metrics in HealthFit. I've only had one issue in 3 years, and the developer responded within an hour with a solution. Brilliant!.Version: 6.8

Best Workout App 🤩🤩This has hands down become the best workout tracking app! I originally purchased to upload to Strava, but this has more and better features! The last few updates have been unbelievable, can’t wait to see the future updates (Some sort of TRIMP tracker I hope 🤞🏼) Great work, keep it up! 😍😍.Version: 8.6

Perfect for Apple Workouts -> Strava!Got an Apple Watch but found the native Strava integration to be a bit lacking. With this, I’m able to record my rides with Apple Workouts and upload the entire ride, including HR data, to Strava! My only suggestion would be able to filter what gets automatically submitted to Strava. I occasionally use my watch to record walks, but don’t care to upload those to Strava. Would love to be able to blacklist walks from being uploaded..Version: 3.5.2

Great appI’ve been using this app for a long time now to sync all my data from my Watch to Strava but you can use it for much more. The wife started using it too and it’s really worth it. You can choose what you want to sync or just sync everything. This can be done manually or automatically..Version: 5.2.5

Finally unlocks Apple Watch for multiple platformsI use the app to sync all my workouts (swim/bike/run) recorded on my Apple Watch using the native Workout app with Strava and TrainingPeaks. Very nice easy to use. Wish Apple would just allow easy access for third-parties but until they do, this fixes a real issue for me. Good value!.Version: 2.0.1

👍Automatic export to Strava from Apple Watch workouts are flawless..Version: 4.2.1

Fixes Apple’s Glaring OmissionTHE ONLY APP that does what Apple somehow fails to do with Apple Health/Activities/Workouts. I have years of activities recorded in Garmin Connect since I used to use Garmin watched and devices to track my workouts. Imagine my surprise when I switched to an Apple Watch and discovered that Apple doesn’t provide a way for me to export my workouts to another service. I tried a number of other apps and platform syncing services to solve this riddle. HealthFit meets the bill, and does it splendidly..Version: 5.1.1

ExcellentI bought this app to export training data from my Watch to TrainingPeaks. I’m not a very knowledgeable athlete, but I wanted better data visualization than iOS offers. However, the way this app shows effort and recovery is more than enough for me—I’ll not bother sending it across to TP, as it’s all here to my satisfaction. This is a big step up from the iOS default apps, and well worth your purchase. Thank you, Stéphane!.Version: 5.6

The best app for feeding Apple Health and Workout dataThis is a neat, snappy app, faster, smoother and more reliable than any of its competitors at feeding Apple data automatically to your favourite apps for recording and analysing that data. It works perfectly for a wide range (I use several - some just for the social sharing), including Runalyze, which I find by far the best for running data. At present Runalyze doesn’t offer an API for the health data (workouts only), but hopefully that will change soon. Integrates perfectly not only with Runalyze but money others. I can vouch for perfect operation with SportTracks, SmashRun and TrainingPeaks as well as Strava. Lastly, the developer Stephane also provides very helpful, lightning-fast support. Highly recommended..Version: 6.8

Beautiful Health UtilityThere are so many great features built into Health Fit and it’s constantly being updated. Really glad I made the purchase. Keep up the good work!.Version: 7.1

Great App, great supportSince having the Apple Watch I’ve used 3rd party apps to track runs and bike rides, because I didn’t think there was a way to export activities from Apple Workout app to places like Strava. Stumbled across this app and think it is brilliant. Also, I had a question which was answered very quickly and efficiently. Great app and well worth the one off payment..Version: 4.0.1

Superb fitness dashboard and full geek export optionsBought to sync data from Apple Fitness/Health to Strava, works perfectly and provides many more options. Dev was super responsive when I asked about the possibility of RunKeeper integration. Completely understand her reasons for not “hacking” the api to accomplish this. (Incidentally, it can still be achieved manually by exporting from HealthFit to FIT format or similar then importing to RK via their desktop web page dashboard.) I do understand the pressure on devs to introduce subscription model to support their ongoing development, but I welcome this one-time purchase model. Personally I would not pay yet another sub in order to sync fitness data a la RunGap. Would happily purchase an updated version down the line to support the dev however..Version: 7.3

Great appI use Apple Watch and Garmin for runs, workouts, etc. With this app I’m able to add my runs from my Apple device to Garmin connect easily. So I can continue to track my personal goals using the two devices and yet have all data in one place. The developer was super rapid in responding to questions and was really helpful and even gave me step by step instructions. Will use this app daily..Version: 3.4.5

Great for statistics!Awesome app for viewing my runs. Lots of stats and beautiful presentation! Thanks for the great app and continued updates!.Version: 7.4

An amazing appI got this app at first to synchronize workouts with other applications although over time it has introduced a great lot of features for viewing and analyzing your workouts. It was great at start and gets better with every release. Keep up the great work! Love the new analysis graphs..Version: 6.0

Pleasure to useGreat interface, continual updates and new features..Version: 3.0.0

Accessible developer, great appSo many apps promise the world abd leave a user disappointed, but not HealthFit. It does what it says it does, abd does do nearly flawlessly. It doesn’t track anything but it makes the apps that do the tracking communicate with each other much better. For me, it takes my Apple Watch metrics abd shares then with training peaks . It also allows me to take workouts tracked from almost any of my apps and seamlessly link it to the others. Abd when I’ve had questions or a suggestion, the developer has gotten back to me in no time. This is someone who saw a need, programmed a solution, and cares about their business . A user can’t ask for more..Version: 4.2.0

Works perfectly. Apple should take noteLove this app, simple and does exactly what you want without any bloat. Should really be brought by Apple and integrated into iOS..Version: 4.1.1

Fantastic summary of all my workoutsI really like the way this app summarised all of my workout data. It lets me see trends in my running per month and per year, how much energy I’ve burned running/swimming/weights etc. And it also does all the syncing with Strava. Really glad I bought it..Version: 6.4.1

Thumbs up!Highly recommended app for your fitness data. I use to sync to other platforms but it displays everything great too! Great job devs..Version: 6.6.1

This app surpasses all othersIf you care about your health data and want an incredible way to export it to basically every services you can think of, THIS is the app. On top of that, the visualizations are fantastic, the app itself is incredibly smooth and clearly expertly-designed, and it works flawlessly 100% of the time, which is not something you can say about most apps these days made by a single developer! I seriously recommend giving it a download if you are looking for automatic, background exports of your HealthKit data. No other app comes close..Version: 8.6

User friendly and awesome supportDownloaded this app to export my Apple Workouts to Strava after trying others and found this to be the easiest one. It imports all of my metrics and makes it super easy to do. The support for the app is incredible. Had emailed the developer a question on the app and received a response within minutes. Highly recommend!.Version: 5.0.2

PerfectDoes exactly what it says it does Data goes from Apple Watch to Strava right after you finish the workout. It usually takes us longer to take our shoes off than it takes to transfer! Well done.Version: 4.3.2

Best app to share runs with StravaI found the Strava app not very accurate for runs compared to the apple workout watch app. This app was a lifesaver allowing me to share the data to Strava but record it with the Apple workout app. Highly recommended.Version: 5.0

Simple way to exfiltrate Apple Health dataI wanted a straightforward way to pull ALL my historical workout data out of Apple Health for my own purposes, and HealthFit made it super easy. Now I’ve got 2,400 FIT and GPX files sitting in iCloud Drive I can play with! 🤓👏🏼.Version: 8.6

Does what it says on the tin and moreThis app simply works. I bought it to overcome the dysfunctional relationship between Apple Health and Strava. It does a perfect job of getting runs, rides, and walks recorded on my Apple Watch into Strava (I prefer not to use the Strava app on my watch as I sometimes use other tracking apps to record my progress). The great thing about HealthFit is that it is gaining more and more functionality, so much so that the metrics compare favourably to much more expensive subscription apps, such as Strava. You may find that the metrics are excellent for your needs, especially if you are not bothered about the social side of things. Best of all, the app is an absolute bargain and support from the developer is superb. Highly recommended!.Version: 6.4

Fantastic and Simple!Easiest setup and true integration. Did exactly what I needed within seconds. Fantastic and simple!.Version: 5.2.5

This app solves a lot of problems.I prob have a silly system, but I wear the Apple Watch all day, record ultimate frisbee and running workouts with the watch (or Strava app, but moving 100% to the watch), I cycle with an Elemnt Bolt and indoor cycle with my iPad and FulGaz. I use Strava for social sharing. In the past I’ve used garmin so have some history there as well as Runmeter, polar and Nike + (back in the pre gps days!). This app helps get my workouts recorded in the Apple Watch to Strava and workouts recorded elsewhere completed documented in the Activity App with its useful import feature (with complete HR and GPS data!) Anyways best $3 I’ve spent in a very long time..Version: 3.5.0

Great companion app for Apple Health and WorkoutThis app was exactly what I was looking for to deeply analyse the workout data from my Apple Watch. This has given me great insight, it’s easy to use, looks great and good value for money. Had a small query and the developer got back to me in an hour. Highly recommend HealthFit..Version: 7.2.1

A Must Have for Apple Watch UsersI bought this app with the intent of using it to import my Apple health workouts from the past two years into Strava, and then never looking at it again - just using the manual setting to import future workouts to Strava. When I opened the app I saw that actually, it is much more than just an import tool. It shows me lots of data about my activities which I wouldn’t find in the Apple Health app or on Strava, and so for this reason I think this is a must have for anyone who uses their Apple Watch to track fitness. It also has a feature to automatically add my future Apple health workouts to Strava, eliminating the need for me to manually do this in the future. I look forward to seeing how this app grows with new features in the future, because right now it is amazing!.Version: 7.1

Nearly prefectLike other reviewers it’s nice not to have to subscribe. What would make this app perfect would be better search capacity for comparison of same run over time for example through the use of tags as the location search doesn’t really help that much. Other than that a perfect place to collate information especially from multiple sources.Version: 8.7

Exactly what I was looking for... gets my Apple Watch data in to Strava easilyDoes exactly what it says on the tin! Super easy to use, gets my all the workout data (including HR) from Apple workouts in to Strava without any fuss. The app transfers all the data available, if your GPS track comes up short in Strava that’s down to the way Strava manipulates the data. Developer is super responsive, helpful and friendly, replied to my last email instantly. Constantly updating and improving the app..Version: 1.0.20

Been using a long timeThis started out as a simple useful little app, long ago I set it to do a few things automatically for me, then I put it away in a little folder and forgot about it until a recent update. All this time it’s been happily churning along faithfully doing it’s tasks. Much to my surprise the developers have turned this thing into a really good app. I’m most impressed bu the elevation and speed charts. Heck it’s now doing a lot of what two other apps have been doing..Version: 5.0.2

My Garmin killer!I’ve been really struggling with Apple Health’s ability to present my work out data in a way that can help drive insights for improvement (which has always been a staple of my Garmin watch/Garmin Connect). I’m happy to say that HealthFit solves all of this! Who knew all of this great workout data was “trapped” in Apple Health?? Also to call out is the GREAT support that I have received from Stephane and the HealthFit team! They really stand behind their product!.Version: 8.6

Heart Rate Data for Swims in StravaI gotta say that this app is excellent for migrating data from apples resident fitness app out to Strava. Now HealthFit has the heart rate data from my swim transfering over to Strava which eliminate the need to buy Garmins swim strap(if you use multiple watches for tracking fitness). Update: app just keeps getting better.. I’d give it 6 stars Update: this app give so much useful data for training. Such as fatigue and form. Your cardio scoring. Thank you HealthFit.Version: 9.5

User-friendly app and responsive supportThe app was very easy to set up: A couple minutes after download to configure what data I wanted sync’d, and I was off and swimming/running. I actually spent most of my time remembering my logins for the data syncs like Strava, SmashRun, and Dropbox. :-) For me, the key feature this app enabled was pulling activity data off my AppleWatch+iPhone into a storage sync of my choice. Without it, I had to get multiple activity apps for the variety of workouts I do (e.g., Strava doesn’t track swimming). HealthFit simplifies things for me in the background, with very prompt synchronizations (feels like seconds between when I wake up my phone, to when I get notified of sync completion). When the start time of my activities uploaded to Strava didn’t look right, and I reached out to support, Stèphane was very responsive and helpful in chasing down the cause, which turned to be Strava not using time zone information. Stèphane even went out of her way to share potential solutions Strava-side. This demonstrated the developer’s dedication and passion for the success of this app!.Version: 3.4.4

Great Resource for TrainingPeaks AthletesThe Apple Watch is great, but can’t integrate properly with TrainingPeaks. If you like your data stored there and just got an Apple Watch, get this app!.Version: 9.3

Great app to use Apple Watch with Final SurgeMy running coach had assigned run workouts as well as other strength training sessions. This app works great to collate all workouts and synchronise them to Final Surge platform - saves having to input manual entries. App developer is also very responsive to queries. Highly recommend..Version: 6.1

Great For Fitness DataThis app does an excellent job of syncing your health and workout data (automatically, if desired) to a wide variety of services. It has also become a great tool to inspect the health data associated with your workouts as well!.Version: 5.6.3

The best activity sync tool!If you’re struggling to get all the data from your iPhone or Watch into Strava, Runkeeper (or other fitness apps), HealthFit solves these problems. Record your activity in Apple’s native Workout app, and let HealthFit sync the activity into Strava etc. No more missing starts, segments, lost GPS or missing data (heart rate, temp, etc) in Strava. I’ve had a few questions and I had an immediate (an intelligent) response from the App developer. Unbelievably fast! I would highly recommend this App if, like me, you were getting fed up of the inconsistent results from Strava. Ten stars!.Version: 7.4

Excellent development and supportGreat features, regular updates, and excellent support and customer service. HealthFit is a mission critical component of my exercise regime..Version: 5.0.4

I never do ratings. But this is worth itI have a Garmin watch and cycling computer. If you push your data to Apple health, this app will provide great stats on your ctl, atl and form. Data is graphed to show your overall fitness and it helped me understand when I was improving my fitness or not. It also shows analysis of all your exercises not just focused on running or cycle with power. It u r looking for better fitness stats and are willing to pay the one off fee. Do it..Version: 9.3.3

Makes workouts on the Apple Watch usableExcellent app for making use of your workout data. I use it primarily for syncing with Strava but I have also used it to export to gpx, especially where you want to combine workouts. Support was incredibly response when I had an issue syncing data which was an apple issue..Version: 7.2.1

This app is exactly what I needMany thanks to the developer for a quick response to my issue. I found that a hard reboot of the phone fixed the crash on launch problem. This app does exactly what I need. Simple to use and great UI..Version: 3.3

Easy to use and responsive customer serviceI’ve enjoyed working out utilizing a couple of Garmin devices for about 4 years. My wife got me an Apple Watch 3 recently, which I’ve enjoyed, but was disappointed that I couldn’t see my workout data on Garmin Connect (GC) as it would not sync over automatically from my AW3 to GC. So I found myself using the Garmin devices for working out and the AW3 for the rest of my day.....not really utilizing the AW3 as much as I’d like. I read a review of HealthFit online and how it can aid in transferring files to GC in an easy manner. I reached out to the developer of HealthFit as to how I would move AW3 workouts to GC. First, she responded back soooo quickly, even though I told her in my initial message that would not be necessary. Second, she provided step-by-step, easy to follow instructions, going so far as to include some pictures to help with the instructions! So helpful! I’m a fan! This app now has me using my AW3 to its fullest potential (or at least as I want to fully use it)..Version: 1.0.23

Best sports data app on iPhoneTotally brilliant for viewing your workouts and statistics. The graphics that allow comparisons over years are great, route maps and all-time heat maps by sport too. Beautiful clean and intuitive interface. Integration with photos is brill so you can see what you took during a particular workout. It basically offers Strava-beating visualisations for a few pounds, offline directly on your device. I’ve downloaded and tried almost every iPhone app with sport or fitness in the title, and this one is the best by a margin. I’m a Garmin user and I use RunGap to bring across my data into Apple Health then view everything using this app. It’s far superior to Garmin Connect for viewing general info and trends. (Note though that it majors on the distance, hours, calories ‘mainstream’ fitness data, not some of the performance data like vo2 max or FTP, some of which can’t even be recorded in Apple Health)..Version: 8.4

Great app, wish I had it years agoThank you, this app solves all of my problems with Strava on my Apple Watch. Multi sport training can be quite solitary and being able to share, comment and give and receive feedback about workout sessions is what Strava does well. But Strava on Apple Watch is rubbish and I prefer Apple workout. This great App Healthfit transfers information and metrics seamlessly. Brilliant!.Version: 4.1.5

HappyI haven’t had one negative issue with this app. I love it.Version: 5.2.0

Works Great with Apple WatchAfter 3.5 years with Polar M400 and then M430, I've started using my Apple Watch Series 4 and the native workout app for workouts (I'll probably still use Polar for races because it has more data fields and a good race time predictor), but I missed the ability to export workout data to the Polar Flow site and to Strava. So I was happy to see the HealthFit recommendation from DC Rainmaker. HealthFit was easy to set up and it seamlessly exports workout data to Strava..Version: 3.5.1

This app just gets better and better.I don’t even know where to start, it does everything I *personally* need and it does it consistently and without fail. Anytime I have had a question, I get an email back from the developer Stéphane with an answer, suggestion or fix. The price of this app is well worth the support and lack of hassle..Version: 6.2

Seriously PerfectI’ve been struggling with various apps and methods for a long time to simply be able to use Apple Watch workout and also have the data imported/exported where it want it to go. This app accomplishes it’s goal by simply working. It just works—that’s all we need. To be able to run and automatically sync the workout to where I want finally giving me the freedom I’ve been looking for. If you want to use Apple’s Health kit and export/sync to other services as well this app will achieve that perfectly. As a bonus, the statistics that this app shows for a run are phenomenal itself, actually gives you more data than Strava does on a per-run basis..Version: 5.0.11

WowGreat app, works perfectly so glad I stumbled across it. It definitely needs more advertising..Version: 3.5.0

Love it ❤️I have been using this application for 2 years now. It solved the problems of syncing my workout data from Apple Watch Health app to Strava. Thanks. I need to give compliment to the support team. They replied my message promptly and resolved my problem in seconds. Well done!.Version: 5.0.5

10/10Been struggling to record interval training sessions on my Apple Watch whilst still being able to see all my run data in strava. Read a forum which suggested tracking with the Apple Watch native run app and using HealthFit to push it to strava so thought I’d give that a go but was sceptical it would work how I wanted. It’s worked absolutely seamlessly, I couldn’t be happier. And I’m an absolute buffoon with tech usually!.Version: 4.1.4

Excellent App!An absolutely excellent app. I use it as a conduit from my Apple Watch to Tracking Apps (that are more social media)…and I retain full control. HealthFit also had many extra features such as GPS signal and METs. All this and keeping the users notified of what’s going on, updates and features. An excellent app!.Version: 7.2.1

ReviewI bought this app thinking it would stop me having to manually enter my data into Strava. I tried this and it seemed not to have worked so tried it again, and again nothing worked well. At this point I saw a pop up for this app on face book and wrote what I thought of the app a waste of money etc. At this point Stéphane contacted me and was so helpful and understanding about the issues, we went through some data analysis and the way Strava imports data etc. The out come is I was doing a few things wrong and the app works perfectly and behind the scenes. So lesson learnt don’t make to many rash assumptions before contacting the developer first!!!! . Thank you Stéphane for all your help and let’s hope this app gets more users!! I’ve only given this a four star as I always think there’s room to improve! Let’s get moving. Paul.Version: 3.4.4

Amazing App, that gets better and betterRare positive app review from me, because when apps are good we take it for granted, but when bad we tell the world. I have been using the app for several years and each update adds more functionality that is comparable / better than paid for apps. I am an Apple Watch user (running and swimming) and originally needed a way to export to Strava, so ‘tried’ the app and have never looked back. It works seamlessly, but the reason for writing a review - EVERY TIME I have an issue (user error / Strava bugs), the developer solves the problem very quickly. For AW users who want an awesome app, which seamlessly syncs with most workout apps, this is the one you need. Thank you Stephane.Version: 7.1

No gps dataUPDATE: very quick and responsive! Solved my problem in 5 minutes. I downloaded this app with high hopes! I have an iPhone XS and Apple Watch s4 (gps, not cellular). When I open the app after an activity (wall, bike ride, etc) there’s no gps data! If I open the activity app on my iPhone the map/gps is there, but NOT in HealthFit! 5 stars if this would transfer my gps too. Any help would be great!.Version: 4.3.2

Fantastic Tech Support!Experienced the random IOS bug recently which stopped any transfer from the Apple Health App into HealthFit. Stephane responded Almost immediately referring me to the App’s FAQ’s where this fault is documented. Followed the resolution steps to turn off all permissions and turn them on again, re-launch HealthFit and bingo! All working again. Works extremely well and gets all my workouts into Strava seamlessly..Version: 5.2.4

Truly IndispensableThis app does such a good job parsing FIT files and exporting to Apple Health that I do not just use it for apps that don’t support Apple Health but I turn off native integration in others, manually exporting FIT files and importing with HealthFit. So many other apps always fail to export some aspect of the workout, most often heart rate with makes that app’s integration near useless. HealthFit gets around other apps’ terribleness, making Apple Health valuable. Without HealthFit I would have no use for Apple Health because it would hold nothing close to accurate data..Version: 7.1

Awesome customer serviceResponsive, helpful, and kind customer service on a Sunday..Version: 5.6.3

AmazingGreat app that works good. The developer does a great job with the updates. Good work!.Version: 5.2.5

Fantastic appGreat for using built-in Apple Watch workout app and automatically exporting the data into Strava.Version: 5.6.1

BrilliantExcellent app that causes few to no issues. Developer is very responsive to help too. Highly recommended..Version: 5.2.5

Essential for Apple Watch fitnessSimply brilliant. This functionality should be standard within Apple’s fitness suite, but it isn’t. For the longest time, this kept me away from using Apple as the data was stranded on their ‘island’ with no real way of getting it onto other platforms (most notably, Strava). This app changes the situation, it auto syncs immediately and reliably to any number of services of your choosing. More than that, you can be very granular about what specific activities you share (for example, I don’t want walks shared to Strava, but I do want runs synced - I can do this now). I also like the way it lays out all of your information from a run too. Just brilliant and utterly indispensable - the best solution I’ve found and it makes the Apple Watch a much better fitness companion than it would otherwise be. Highly recommended!.Version: 8.2

WowI started with this app because of its ability to export activity to a great variety of platforms but it is the best tool I've seen for exploring activity over time! Without a doubt the best Apple Health related app I've ever seen!.Version: 6.1

Favorite AppThis is probably the best couple bucks you could spend on an app if you exercise using an Apple Watch. I was having tons of issues with Strava working and syncing. This app fixed all of that instantly. It initially didn’t work with the automatic syncing back in December and that wasn’t a huge deal. But I was surprised when all of a sudden that started working perfectly! Thanks so much for such a great app..Version: 5.6.1

Fantastic customer serviceI’d read in the reviews that it was possible to autosynch, but couldn’t get this to work properly. Manual syncing works fantastically well and is almost instant! I emailed the developer to ask about manual syncing and I had a fantastic explanation of why this isn’t possible in iOS13. So 5 stars as it works perfectly. Shame there is no autosynch, but no fault of developer and brilliant response to query..Version: 5.0.3

Useful app, helpful developerThis app makes the data from my Apple Watch useful and accessible. I’ve really got into getting fitter and my Watch is the constant piece of kit. Using it to keep a record, share with friends and see how things are improving is all part of the journey. HealthFit has made that so much easier. When I discovered that the app couldn’t do something, the developer had a fix in beta the same day and let me test it. How cool was that!!??.Version: 5.6.2

Excellent app. Excellent support.I’ve been using the app for a few months. It seamlessly does the job I got it to do: integrates Apple fitness data with Strava. Beyond that the app itself gives me access to more usable data than Apple Fitness. Finally, the one time I did have a problem Stephane responded in minutes to help me out..Version: 8.12

Great Support!When my app quit syncing with FinalSurge, I contacted the developer. They were quick to respond. When the problem was with the FinalSurge app, they contacted them for me and had the problem resolved right away. Since Apple Watch won’t link directly to Final Surge, I need this app to get my run data to my coach. I love this app so I can continue to use my Apple Watch. Thanks to HealthFit for creating a bridge and being so helpful!!.Version: 4.1.1

FINALLY the app we have all been waiting forThis app does everything that I have wanted from my other apps. It allows integration of metrics into training peaks; it uploads to Strava; it does literally everything that any person who has ever wished for more integration between fitness apps would do. It is, in my opinion, because of my lifestyle, the best app to ever exist and I mean that sincerely. Thank you so much to the developer. You have made life so much better for me..Version: 5.1.0

Works well except for one important thing (now fixed)It shorts runs that are exported to strava by about 200 m consistently. In other words, in the Workout app the run is 7 km. When exported to strava using this app it gets logged as 6.8 km (hence you get a slower pace—ugh!). Other apps (like RunGap) don’t do this. Please fix!!!! (Thanks for fixing it!!!).Version: 2.0.9

By far the best iOS app for the data obsessedBeen looking a long time for an app that pulls everything together from all of the various trackers and apps that I use. This app has it all and doesn’t just pull it together but presents it so clearly to be able to definitively track progress over time..Version: 9.3.3

Apple Watch Activity to Strava - works wellI use this to auto synch data from Apple watch workout app to Strava. So far it's been flawless and saves alot of hassle typing status manually into Strava. A couple of feature requests 1: I would like to be able to select specific, multiple activities to synch. Currently you can either toggle 'all activities' or select just ONE. For example I only want to synch running and cycling, and not have walking synch to Strava. 2: it would be great if the Apple Watch Activity naming conventions could be better mapped to Strava taxonomy. For example I do 'strength training' in Apple Watch Activity but this is just named as 'Activity' when it shows up in Strava, even though there is weight lifting in Strava..Version: 4.0.0

Excellent app, great support!This app makes it super easy to do what Strava should already be capable of, which is moving my Apple Watch recorded workouts to Strava. Unfortunately Strava ignores some things like calories burned and comes up with its own crazy number, but the developer of this app took only minutes to respond to my question about this and explain why it isn't working how I expected. Great app!.Version: 3.1.2

The perfect Apple health and Strava appThis is the solution I’d been looking for. Ditch the Strava watch app and use the Apple Watch run app - and collect more data, no more duplicate workouts, and no missing heart rates etc. HealthFit then copies it over to Strava so your friends can see. Bonus: one off payment - no subscriptions. Hint: turn off the ability for Strava to write to health data and allow HealthFit full read and write access..Version: 5.2.4

Thank you!What a great product!.Version: 4.3.3

Great for converting Apple Watch workoutsI have Garmin devices for biking and riding, but for swimming (and other types of workouts), I use my Apple Watch. Since I got the HealthFit app, I’ve been able to share these workouts to Strava and TrainingPeaks and it’s very easy. I had one glitch, and reached out to their support. They responded so quickly and resolved my problem in a few short hours. I’d definitely recommend!.Version: 3.1.3

Superbe application!Si vous aimez analyser vos données Santé et que vous y perdez avec ce qu’Apple vous offre, cette application est pour vous! Le développeur est très réactif... donc n’hésitez pas à le contacter si vous avez un soucis avec l’application!.Version: 5.0.3

How Apple Watch Should BeThis app will make your Apple Watch how it should be. With the ability to sync from Apple Workouts to a plethora of other fitness apps, you don't have to worry about sending your workout or doing your run in a million different apps. Just do it in the Apple Watch Workout app and it will automatically sync with Strava, TrainAsOne, etc. Would recommend this to every runner who runs with their Apple Watch!.Version: 4.3.5

Amazing app!This app has a lot of statistics for your workouts. If you cycle, you can easily pull up your total distance for a day, month or a year. It can show your heat map and pull up the photos taken during a ride. There’s a lot of other statistics like in bed/ wake up time (if you use a sleep tracking app) resting heart rate etc. All easily accessible. This app is a must buy if you use your Apple Watch as fitness tracker..Version: 8.7

Just what I was afterThis is a great app. Really clear and informative layout and easy to export to Garmin connect. To make it absolutely perfect I wish you could connect Garmin directly instead of exporting. But exporting is so easy it no issue. Lastly in a world of endless subscriptions this is a small one off cost! Brilliant..Version: 8.1

UnderstatedI bought this a few years ago because of the Strava/Applewatch swimming issues. I gradually began consult this app more and more, for it’s clear and comprehensive presentation of data. Eventually it occurred to me, it is much more than a middle man between Applewatch and Strava (who have now resolved their issues I believe. I’m glad I got it!.Version: 7.2.1

Great app - a new feature would be nice...This app does what it promises and does it well. I have had it crash out a few times when loading the maps. But apart from that, it is nice and simple. The new feature I would like to see is to be able to use my phone as a simple instrument display. Current speed, current direction, maybe a timer (manually started when I start a workout) and averages based off the timer. None of the above would need to be coupled to the workout - for I’m sure Apple has locked that down. I’ll note also that these features are mostly available in other apps, but to have an app that gives useful information, and then push the completed workout would be awesome. Fitness apps are currently in a race to the bottom. Having this app provide simple information while the phone is doing what it is doing, would be such an improvement..Version: 4.1.7

Latest version fixed the crashingUpdated review, very quick turnaround to fix the constant crashing upon opening. Good work!!.Version: 3.4.2

Worth every single pennyThe title says it all. This is the most useful app I own. And they constantly make it better..Version: 8.6

Finally an app that gives you detailed health dataThis app is great for detailed metrics of your workout. Apple needs to take a lesson from this app creator..Version: 9.3.3

Great for exporting to GPX!I use the app to export sessions to gpx for openstreetmap mapping and it works great and is super simple to use. i had a problem with the app and the dev responded in under 24 hours with help. turns out it was a user error but it was refreshing to get an email back so quickly! would definitely recommend.Version: 7.1

Great Fitness Aggregator / ExporterI am a big fan of the HealthFit app. I was looking for an effective and user-friendly way to record and log my health metrics and workouts. I also needed a solution for converting and syncing my Apple watch activities with Strava. HealthFit “fits” the bill. I am able to view all my health data and activities from my Apple watch, smart scale, sleep app and other sources using HealthFit. I can selectively sync my workouts to my Strava account with ease. To top it off, the online support is excellent. I submitted a question to support at 10:00 pm PST and received a response that addressed my problem within two minutes. Now, that’s customer service!.Version: 5.0.11

Great Health InsightsReally like the ease and functionality of the app. A few things that would be great additions. - being able to sort your workouts/runs by distance/time/pace. - have more descriptions for the scientific measurements (CTL, ATL, TSB, strain, training load, etc) within the app. Not sure what the effects of these are or how to improve them, or what a healthy range is. - ability to delete a workout. I have a duplicate workout because two apps were running. -select multiple workout types at once in the filter section - the search functionality is a bit slow. Also, it appears it only works by location search. I’d like to be able to search by distance and date as well. - not able to add my shoe type anywhere..Version: 9.0

Amazing AppThis app makes all the data from my Apple Watch so much more accessible and the detail available on a workout is immense compared to the built in app. Everything just works as it should! When I had a small issue Stephane had this resolved in 30 mins.. amazing service!!.Version: 7.0

Well designed app.Great app. Comprehensive data and easy to understand layout with the ability to customize data view. I like that I can get just an overview or dive deeper into the data if I want to. Good communication with other apps and data sources..Version: 7.1

Couldn't be easierThis app is great. My Apple Watch workouts transfer to Strava less than a minute after I finish my workout..Version: 4.0.1

Great App for coaches and athletesThis makes it simple to see training sessions on your phone, click the cloud upload button and off It goes to iCloud, Strava or a host of other choices. If you use Garmin Connect just import the .fit file from your iCloud and it’s now part of your Garmin data. Great for Apple Watch users who don’t want to buy a Garmin device. Coach approved ;-).Version: 6.8

One of the most useful apps everThank you for creating this app. I never review apps but I felt compelled to write about this app because of its true usefulness. I hope Apple decides to buy your app for tons of money and you get rewarded for helping all of us make the most of information that our Apple Watches collected but was trapped and useless until your app came along. Sincere thank you..Version: 5.2.2

Strava eat your heart outFantastic app and gives great information and allows all watch workouts to transfer to your favourite activity tracking apps. If this had a community side like Strava and maybe segment tracking like Strava this app would be far better than Strava. I really can’t fault this app it’s amazing a must for all Apple Watch users 👍🏻.Version: 6.3.1

Great AppThis is a great app for transferring your data from Apple Health to Google sheets or any other fitness platform you’re using. The only thing I would like to see if the option to change the time that the data gets synced to google sheets. If we could make the time editable i would use this app for years to come !.Version: 6.3.1

Brilliant Health and workout appRecently come across this and absolutely love it. Great feature rich but simple presentation. Workouts detailed and exports to various platforms such as Strava. Is now on my home screen. Can’t wait for further updates with more metrics and a widget! Don’t hesitate to download this app.Version: 7.2

AmazingBrilliant app. When I go on a run I use the workout setting on my Apple Watch and then it automatically transfers all the data over to Strava. I have had no issues and it always works well. It means I don’t have to start several apps on my watch/phone when I go for a run which means it’s much easier to get all my running data. Thank you!.Version: 4.3.2

Great app that makes it easier to keep and manipulate workout dataDefinitely worth much more that the few bucks it costs, especially if you use multiple workout apps. Also when I had questions and couldn’t figure some things out, the developer replied quickly and answered my questions, even including step by step directions..Version: 8.7

Wanted simplicity - Here it isToo many apps to use when you stay active. This automatically syncs with most major common health fitness apps - keeps things simple so I can focus on working out, not my iPhone. I run, lift, bike, swim. Solid app for cross training..Version: 4.0.0

A dream come true!Finally someone invented an app so that the « Apple » can speak to the rest of the world for all these athletes that are already connected to Stava, I can finally put my Garmin for sale since I have my new Apple Watch series 4 that does it all except for the multi-sport function for triathlete !.Version: 4.1.7

Must have!!!I use so many data gathering apps/devices/workouts this is the ONE app that truly brings it all together. The week over week, month over month, year over year and historical records gives a true data/workout geek all the info they crave!! And it keeps getting better with new features..Version: 8.8.1

Perfect for copying workout data to StravaI bought this app because I’d wanted a way to track my runs using the Workout app on my Apple Watch, with all its extra features, while being able to continue to connect with friends on Strava. It works perfectly - simply select the workouts to post to Strava and a few moments later it’s in there, complete with GPS and the heart rate data. Just remember to turn off Strava’s ability to write its workouts to your Health data, otherwise runs show up twice in the Workout app..Version: 2.0.1

The best solution for Strava on Apple WatchIf you like Strava, but want your activities to be available completely in HealthKit, then you need this app. Instead of using the Strava Apple Watch app, which does not correctly log all data to HealthKit (think workout routes, complete HR data, just to name a few), record your activity with the Apple Workouts app, and use HealthFit to automatically export it to Strava. Then, you’ll still be eligible for all of the Achievements from Workouts, but still have your data appear on Strava..Version: 4.3.5

Brilliant middlewareThis is brilliant middleware that closes the loop between Apple watch data and third party apps like Strava etc Well done and keep the work up that Apple should be doing as a basic service..Version: 5.0.6

Works great for a lack development by Apple and StravaThis app is absolutely fantastic to bridge a gap from Apple Watch native workout app to Strava. Easy no hassle, once it’s set up properly by allowing Strava to read data. Simply link the Health Fit app to Strava. Be sure to allow it permission to pull data from apples native health app from your phone. Complete a workout using you Apple Watch native workout app and once complete data is automatically pushed to Strava with no additional work needed! *TIP- to prevent double workouts being recorded in the actual Apple Watch native apps simply be sure to allow Strava to read data but not write data. This will prevent double workout recordings and still allow Strava to be pushed the workout via the Health Fit App. Great work by this developer, flawless!.Version: 3.5.4

Great app for a closed Apple ecosystemQuestion: I only want to export workouts to TrainingPeaks from today moving forward. It keeps showing me old workouts from earlier this year. How can I filter those out?.Version: 3.4.5

Great app, really useful for syncing to StravaI paid the small fee for this app because it bridged a gap left by Strava’s buggy Apple Watch app at the time. Now I record my activities using the Apple Workouts app (which never fails me) and automatically use this app to sync activities to Strava. Has the added benefit that if Strava ever decides to remove activity history from the free version, I’ve still got all my data..Version: 6.2

Works greatI’ve been waiting for an app like this for a long time. All 3rd party running apps seem to crash at some point on my Apple Watch. Now, I can use the native (and stable) Workout app on my watch to record my run, then use this app to upload it to Strava later! It works great and I no longer have to wonder if the Strava app crashed on my Apple Watch and lost half my run..Version: 2.0.9

Does what it says on the tinI use it to sync my Apple Watch runs to Smashrun. Does so brilliantly.Version: 7.1

Necessary of you care to sync workouts to your favorite platformFor those who love data it’s critical that all sources are able to be analyzed on a single platform otherwise you’re looking at an incomplete picture of your overall fitness. Example: This app allows you to sync Apple Watch swim workouts (with HR) into Strava which flows into your fitness and freshness score. Great tool for those that love their workout data!!!.Version: 4.1.0

Great app - works brilliantlyWhen I got my Apple Watch I carelessly assumed that strava sync from Apple Workouts would “just work” out of the box. There was even a section in the Strava app that let me setup the Apple Watch to allow sync to Strava.. but it just didn’t do anything. This app solves the problem. One off purchase price, no add ons, within a minute of downloading the app I had it working and my runs sync’d to Strava. Amazing. Great job!.Version: 5.2.4

Wowsers chiefThis developer built an app that does what it’s suppose to do and gives informative support responses within minutes of asking questions. Seriously, someone give this developer a reward for crushing a home run on all fronts!.Version: 5.2.4

The one to rule them allFor me it works better than the Apple health app. I like how the workouts are listed, how statistics are aggregated over time by the workout type and most importantly, it provides relevant statistics per workout. I use it to centralise workouts from the official activity app and export only the runs to Strava. But it offers a long list of other apps and websites to export to. Initially I bought the app to have a better way of “saving” workouts and exporting to Strava but over time it became the main place where I check for overall stats. That’s because it got a lot of improvements and upgrades on how it shows data about workouts..Version: 7.1

Fantastic appI love HealthFit. It is easy to use and very good. I use it to connect my Apple Watch workouts to Strava. It has been flawless (when Apple and Strava are working).Version: 4.3.6

Fantastic app and even better supportUpdate in October 2021. The app goes from strength to strength, and the support from the developer is even better. I have tried various fitness tracker apps on my Watch but keep coming back to the built in Workout app as the most reliable. However, I like to see altitude data so I want to use a 3rd party app to export workouts to my chosen 3rd part platform. HealthFit allows me to do just this. I can export to a range of platforms and it just works so seamlessly and reliably. It really does just work. However, I did find an issue with the Data Sources screen and thought I’d contact Stéphane, the developer. He emailed back literally within minutes and has been amazing in getting this issue fixed. He’s created a beta version for me to test, he’s diagnosed the issue and the fix will be available soon. The support has been totally amazing for a £2.99 app. Can I give more than 5 stars?.Version: 8.9.2

Fantastic!This app fits exactly what I needed, to get me coach an easy feed of all my health data. Great layout, simple design, lots of great options to help bridge getting my Apple Health Data out of my phone and onto my other platforms! I did find one small issue integrating with TrainingPeaks so I sent a message for support. Was contacted in just a few hours on a Weekend night and shared logs and information, and they made a new test app version and am working through the issue - which appears to be o. trainingPeaks end, so they are working with them to resolve. Beyond a great app, the support exceeds expectations!.Version: 5.0.4

Amazing appThis App is on point, syncs to Strava with no issues. See max HR, elevation and the maps are using Apple Maps so looks good when looking at where you’ve been. Basically all the things you want to see on the “workout app” on the Apple Watch. Basically use the “workout” app on your Apple watch, save the work out at the end as per normal, open HealthFit push of a button and it’ll be in Strava. Amazing customer service, please keep this up as the app grows and becomes huge! I don’t normally write reviews, actually this is my first one but I feel this needed the kudos it deserves..Version: 5.2.4

Excellent AppThis app is perfect for getting my Apple Watch workouts uploaded to Strava. I’ve never had any issues with it and the frequent updates give me confidence that it will remain stable going into the future. I’d recommend this app to anyone if you’ve similar requrements..Version: 4.0.0

Perfect compliment for Apple Watch and Strava userI got my new Apple Watch and went on a bike ride. I like the Apple Workout, Activity, and Health applications. Then I discovered there was no way to have my workouts uploaded to Strava. That is until I found HealthFit. HealthFit perfectly syncs all my Apple Workouts! The bonus of this product is the customer service. I started asking questions on their message board at 10PM PST... and got complete answers to all my questions in real-time.... awesome to say the least. Highly Recommended App!.Version: 3.4.6

Brilliant app. A must have for Apple Watch users!!I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with not being able to upload from the workout app on my Apple Watch to Strava. Although you can do it, it’s so basic there’s hardly any point. Then I found this app and within 2 minutes I had full details of my workouts on Strava! I can honestly say this app is brilliant. I can’t understand why Apple can’t do what they have done???? My only slight comment would be that it can be hard to quickly see the different workouts. Perhaps something could be added to split these apart slightly?.Version: 4.1.7

Great sync app with a nice UILove this app. Syncs with Strava which is what I got it for. Can we have the ability to sync more frequently? And support for Siri shortcuts?.Version: 4.1.7

Love this, so usefulNo longer do I have to use Strava’s own Apple Watch app, I can use Apple’s far superior Workout App and have 5 metrics visible on my wrist at once! The rolling mile metric I find really useful as a runner wanting to see if I’m slowing down or speeding up during a run. Also I can sync my swims and gym activity to Strava now through this app as well, including GPS maps. Amazing app. Works great. Would love the option to sync to Nike Run Club as well..Version: 3.5.4

Great app for viewing detailed workout info, backup and syncingA huge range of metrics are put out for my workouts and general health. There is much more detail here than in the Activity app. I also use it to sync my Apple Watch runs to Strava and make another backup to the cloud..Version: 9.6.1

Better and betterBought for the ability to upload rides to Strava from the Apple Watch. However, since then it’s added in additional functionality, such as Explorer scores, Eddington numbers etc. Thanks for the hard work and development!.Version: 9.5

Fantastic appThis is a great and very stable app that helps me connect multiple devices/gadgets I have to multiple social networks and training tracking applications I use. It made my Apple Watch to be a useful training tool by connecting it to Trainingpeaks so that I can upload all of my workouts. Keep up the great work !.Version: 5.0.4

Great app and great supportThis app has provided exactly the function I need to export to Strava while keeping my Apple Health and Strava data from getting mixed up. I don’t use Strava for recording workouts, but I really enjoy their metrics and fitness level visualizations. HealthFit allows for this type of individualized data management by making it easy to both share but segregate the data… great solution for my scenario..Version: 9.3.3

App is constantly getting new featuresLove this app. Bought it years ago just to get be able to get Apple Watch info into Strava without using the Strava app for workouts. With the addition of TSB and TRIMP data, it is now my first stop for performance metrics. I would love to see some integration with Zwift. Zwift->apple fitness->HealthFit strips out the bulk of the data (hr, routes, TRIMP) and the only workaround I found is to download FIT files from Zwift and import them into HealthFit..Version: 9.3.3

Should be built into iPhoneI got this app to sync my runs and hikes to Strava and it does that well.Version: 5.2.4

Such a helpful app !I wanted something that could control what activities I wanted to export to Strava from what I did on Apple Watch. I found this app allowed me to choose just the cycling activities I wanted. I could choose so many more options , and the developer is also very helpful. Replying within minutes when I did have a question..Version: 6.8

Great app to sync your dataBeen using HealthFit for several months and have never had any issues with it. It does what it says, does it well, and now I can use native workout apps on my Apple Watch and sync to Strava. It is far more efficient to sync with than Strava’s native sync. HealthFit is a super great app, just works and I don’t even have to think about it! Set and forget. ❤️.Version: 6.3.1

Gets your workouts off the watch and into StravaApple Watch is happy to take data from lots of apps -but it doesn’t like sharing it. This app fixes that by exporting your workouts to your chosen fitness community-Strava, Garmin Connect, map my ride etc. I use it for pushing gym and indoor trainer workouts to Strava and am very happy Note: before iOS 13 this was all automatic -since the new OS it’s manual. Either that’s a compatibility issue or Apple have tightened privacy controls. No matter /manual export works for me..Version: 5.0.7

Awesome AppThis app is awesome. Now I only use the activity workout on my Apple Watch to record my workouts and my workouts get passed on to mapmyfitness and strava automatically with all the data that you would have if you actually used each app to record your workout. Support is great as well. I emailed support and got a quick responses. They helped me get setup really quick. This app is well worth the $$$.Version: 4.3.3

Such a great fitness tracking app!Initially, I started using this app to be able to sync my workouts to Strava. Eventually, when Strava increased their prices I stopped using Strava, and instead continued using this app to review and determine trends in my work out. I found that this app is really easy to navigate and has a lot of helpful information that's organized very well. I can see my trends year-over-year as well as week over week, and by different categories of workouts. It aggregates the information very nicely and presents it in nice graphs & charts. Highly recommend this app, I think it's great value for the money. The developers keep adding new features that are very nice..Version: 8.3

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