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Audyssey MultEQ Editor app App User Positive Comments 2024

Audyssey MultEQ Editor app app received 36 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about audyssey multeq editor app?

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Audyssey MultEQ Editor app for Positive User Reviews

Booster appI own a Denon X4300h, preceded by the X3300w and never knew the power of these receivers until I purchased and ran this app. OMG, my speakers came alive. Now I can actually feel the presence of my front speakers and the center channel with effects of how movies are supposed to sound, lifelike and pure, my surrounds startling me during action movie scenes. I love how I can edit the parameters of the readings of my rooms that audyssey put out and gradually refine the sound. This app is a must if you want to get the most out of your HT. I should have purchased this longtime ago, but better late than never..Version: 1.5.2

Essential fine tuningI was sceptical about buying an app worth this much, but after dropping a few grand on Denon equipment I figured, why not? I’m happy I did, made some adjustments which improved my experience by quite a bit, Top Gun Maverick has never sounded so good..Version: 1.9.1

Worth it!I was able to get a better in room response with the app and using the curve editor than I was using the built in Audyssey setup on the AVR. I verified that with room measurements using REW. This app isn't perfect, but it's pretty good. I wish the curve editor was easier to work, but other than that they addressed my other complaints in updates. Totally worth the $20..Version: 1.1.3

Denon 4300H / Polk SpeakersI like this app, well worth the $20 IMHO. I improved my mid range clarity with a slight improvement of bass. I like that I can go back to the “saved curved file” after I play around with settings. I have a 9.2 system..Version: 1.4.3

Worth the money!I bought a Marantz SR8015 and new speakers and I was having a hell of a time with the in-amp Audyssey. The internal amp “app” stripped out my bass and was inconsistent. I read some reviews on forums on this app and decided to give it a go. Honestly, it fixed so many issues I was worried about. The sound is fuller and much more like what I expected. I’m very very happy even though I love had it for one night and not had time to play too much. Yes, it’s worth the money..Version: 1.7.2

Nice addition to audysseyI was overall happy with the setup done by my Denon AVR but I was sure it could be better, so bought the MultiEQ app as I had read good reviews, the app allows you to change everything, including changing the curves. My system now sounds like it should, £19.99 is expensive in app terms, but it’s worth it, just because of all the things you can tweak, that you can’t with the base Ausyssey. 4 stars just because it is an expense not everyone will want to pay.Version: 1.6.2

Solved my problemsMy setup is in a small room and getting the sound tuned to my liking has been a journey but this app helped me run the setup much better than without it and the sound improvements are very noticeable so no complaints..Version: 1.7.1

Phase Error: UpdatedPreviously I thought I wasted $20 since I get a FR speaker phase error every time and thought it couldn’t be bypassed in this app. If using a small screen (I have an iPhone XS) it is very difficult to see but you can scroll down to show the third button “Ignore.” Also, on a small screen most of the menus are almost unreadable so you have to open each on to see what it is, hence the 1-star deduction. Hopefully this will be fixed in the future but if you’re using a larger screen you probably won’t have these issues. This app is very powerful if you know what you’re looking at but it takes some homework to understand. Tip: After switching to speaker preset 2, I had to run Audyssey in the receiver first (at least positions 1-3) before the app could see the correct speaker config. I finally am homing in on the sound I’m looking for...close to bliss. Receiver: AVR-X6700H; Front: DefTech BP9040; Device: iPhone XS.Version: 1.6.0

Excellent flexibilityI’ve been using this app for a while now. Much better than calibration using the receiver. The flexibility to edit different things in copies and upload them is a great way to test different settings. Love it. No problems with my iPhone..Version: 1.7.2

Great improvementHad to watch 4 hours worth of Audioholics tips and tutorials but eventually using the app the experience is incredibly different and improved!!.Version: 1.8.0

Great app that gives you vast control over EQ perimeters.Love it. Works perfectly and provides increased customization of your EQ settings for your specific room/speaker configuration. Easy to use and can load different EQ setups in a few mins..Version: 1.6.3

Great Improvements, worth the priceFirst and foremost , this app doesn’t glitch on iPad Pro 2018 with AVR wired. It is a pain if you want to edit the curve, on screen but it is so just for the first 10 mins - Learning curve and you get then hang of it. I have followed the steps on AudioScienceReview and the results are really night and day. Bass is tight and fast , and sound is more open and detailed. Overall worth the £19.99, of course if it was free would it be better, as this is a must have for a Marantz or Denon AVR..Version: 1.4.8

An necessity to control and edit your AVR.I’m still very new to the use of Audyssey and owning this quality of Home Theater System my 1st system was a Bose lifestyle 16 and while I loved it then it was just plug and play not compatible with todays technology. So my recent upgrade to Denon and Klipsch 7.2.4 and getting the best possible sound has involved some learning. I must say I’m kinda enjoying the process now that I’m starting to understand it more. This app is a necessity if you want to use Audyssey that comes on your AVR. But this I know for sure since this app is owned and developed by Denon and Marantz. Not Audyssey itself they apparently only License it. But own this they certainly should offer it free to everyone who bought they’re products. I know it’s only $20 bucks but if it wasn’t necessary they wouldn’t have felt the need to buy the license and develop the app in fact Audyssey should be paying them back for improving they’re product’s so well that’s just my thought. Until they make it free though it’s a must so cough up the $20 bucks you’ll be glad you did..Version: 1.11.1

The ultimate addition to your home theatreThe app works perfect for me. Let’s you take out the bbc dip and put your own custom curve. I use the Harman curve which gives the bass a little boost and then a linear roll off to 20k. Love this app!!.Version: 1.7.2

Does exactly what it says.A lot of negative reviews almost scared me away from getting this app. But I did and it has functioned flawlessly, doing exactly what it said it would do. If you want to edit the Audyssey target curve to tweak the flavor of your sound, this app will do it..Version: 1.3.4

Re: Speaker Timing Off reviewI hesitated to spend $20 on an app, but this seems to provide a great deal of control. I haven’t a clue, yet, how to use it, so I’ll be looking for online tutorials. I expected to find an EQ or similar controls, as so many had suggested this app due to the lack of manual control while using Audyssey. I’m sure I can do this with the curves, but I’ll have to learn how. On Nov 19 (it doesn’t say what year) “TOJOHNSO” posted a reviews here about the value used by Audyssey to calculate speaker distances. I was skeptical, but I used his math (multiply Audessey values by 0.875) in this app to change the calculated distances… what a difference it made! I run Tidal through WiiM Pro Plus with fixed volume, mono off, at 100% volume into stereo output and the change was very noticeable - much more depth and volume. After hearing this improvement, I grabbed a tape measure and entered actual distances for nominal additional improvement. I’ve still got a lot to learn about adjusting curves, but I recommend starting with this adjustment… which can be done without the app..Version: 1.10.1

Having this extra control mattersIn years past, when amps had bass|midrange|high tone controls, one could dial up tone to suit. Now with Audyssey taking a profile of the room, it’s suppose to equalize better. But as many have noted, it does roll off the highs by default. And the overall results may not suit your tastes. This app allows you to customize those curves. That alone makes this app worth it! I thought I was missing the high end response I knew my speakers were capable of, and I was right. But if you wanted to use Audyssey to profile the room, you were more or less stuck with the results. This app gives you the ability to see the resulting curves and modify to suit. You can also decide to set an upper limit to each curve if you don’t want it messing with the high end. I’m satisfied with the results. Using tone controls on amps of old may have been easier, but this is more precise. Kudos to this app which allows one to adjust the results. In my case, I now have restored my high end frequencies without messing with the nice room EQ profile..Version: 1.3.3

Powerful editingThis app truly adds new possibilities to edit your set up as compared to the room correction built in your AVR. For those new to audyssey it is worth looking up some YouTube videos to understand how to get the most of this..Version: 1.7.1

Fantastic flexible room/speaker compensationThis app takes care of room acoustics for anything from stereo to surround sound. Flexible - a number of presets are available for midrange harshness compensation and level adjustments for individual speakers. Takes the receiver to a whole new level for clarity and imaging..Version: 1.7.1

Works beautifully and amazing control of the soundI was unsure if I should spend £20 on this app because of so many negative reviews, however I have to say it’s brilliant. Connecting to my Cinema 50 AV receiver was flawless and very quick. The guided microphone placement and measurement is very simple to do and again the results were excellent. It turned my boomy, echo riddled room into a recording studio environment giving an almost perfect flat response across the entire frequency range. The best feature of the app however is the target curve editor, you have full control to tailor the sound curve exactly to your liking giving you the power to control what you hear. The only limitation is going to be you in deciding what you want and understanding a bit about frequency ranges. My personal recommendation is to take the recommended curve and just add a little drop on all the speakers around 8K. Overall if you want the best from your new AV receiver this is a “no brainier” just buy it, and as an added bonus it saves spending £300+ on the Dirac add on which from personal experience of Dirac would not add anymore than you can achieve with this app..Version: 1.10.0

Good app platform which can be improvedEasy to use and the ability to tailor the sub curve to provide gentle right to left lift in lower frequencies, without simply increasing sub trim, justifies the App. Previous reported bugs have been fixed, like ability to ‘ignore’ phase error messages (in my case I have dipole surrounds which the App analyzer interprets as a phase issue, but I get the opportunity to ignore the error message and keep going). I would like to see an upgrade to allow follow up measurement with Eq in place and to allow minor tweaking thereafter. In order to confirm the actual Eq impact (apart from using your ears), it is still necessary to use an independent measuring tool which requires purchasing an additional calibrated mic..Version: 1.4.4

Overall very good resultsI used this app with the Marantz Cinema 40 as I was curious of what was on offer. It turns out some of this app feature’s essential settings, some which should have been included for free with the AVR. I say this because they are free on other AVR’s. That aside, there are some “advanced” features which are relatively simple, safe to use, and easy to experiment with. If you make a mistake you can always undo or default to the original calibration results. The app itself is smooth and responsive to use. You can easy save calibration files to your device as an additional back up. It’s hard to say if this is worth the asking price, but the end results can be similar to much more expensive alternatives such as Dirac which also works on my AVR. In that case I would lean towards it being worth it, but totally understand the disappointment for customers who just want to do the very basics. My request to Marantz would be for my AVR to be able to store more than two presets. That way I could have a bbc dip profile, no bbc dip profile, and one where only the low frequency is calibrated..Version: 1.9.1

Amazing results for my roomI don’t have my room set up in a typical configuration for optimal surround sound . The before and after using this app with my SR6014 is remarkable. I’m really really impressed at how much more vivid and complete the sound is. I was having some odd bass resonance from my center speaker that’s completely resolved and speech in movies is so much more clear than before.Version: 1.4.7

Great idea, but should be free in Beta mode.UPDATE: went from 2 stars up to 5 stars! The app works every time and loads every graph now. The FIR filters that Audessey uses sound fantastic. A little slow still, but it seems that they are invested in keeping this app around. I can’t imaging buying another receiver that doesn’t support this app! After updating the firmware on the receiver, it took several attempts to get all the way through the setup. It finally did and sounds nice, but editing a custom curve is very clunky; and it doesn't load the graphs for all speakers. Also, it doesn't take a measurement post-eq which means the "after" that it shows you is merely a prediction. The ENTIRE reason I bought this receiver was for the feature of this app, as I am an audio engineer and speaker designer. So, it worked…ish. I can't believe it costs $20 for how unfinished it feels, though. The interface looks nice and will be great once they get it to function. Lots of programming to do still, fellas..Version: 1.3.4

Worthy InvestmentThis editing app works as described with my Denon AVR S960H. Being able to see the “Before” room correction graphs allowed me to decide which speakers to keep or remove the midrange compensation by the speakers native dip around the 2khz range. I could also use the curve editor to give a slight bump in the dual subwoofer’s 25-50hz range to add just a little more punch to the deep frequencies. Being my living room isn’t the most optimum for speaker placement, I let the EQ Frequency Range setting edit the room correction at full 20-20,000hz range, rather than cutting it off near the 500hz range like many do. Using this app rather than the one built into the AVR has made a noticeable difference in sound quality, and was worth the reasonable cost. It was almost like removing a blanket off the speakers..Version: 1.8.0

A nice complement to any Denon or Marantz receiversI see people giving a low star for too much noise and other problems, but first thing. Turn off any eco mode on your Denon or Marantz before calibration. You’ll thank me later. This app is A nice complement to any Denon or Marantz receivers. If you can buy a 2k-3k receiver then this $20 app shouldn’t be an issue..Version: 1.7.2

Useful but...Useful app and the customization options of the receiver’s EQ are great. As previous reviewer noted, the app is overriding the front speaker crossover setting and you cannot reset it to the setting you want in the app. This is easily recreated so I too do not understand why the bug has not been fixed by now..Version: 1.4.2

Great appI was expecting the worst based on the other reviews but even though it wasn't able to find my receiver automatically, I was able to manually add the IP address to find it. Also the resultant crossovers were lower and more accurate than from the setup on the receiver. And the curve editing was good enough for my simple changes. Though there is no option to measure the resultant curve hopefully that will be added later..Version: 1.1.0

GreatThanks for update. All is good !.Version: 1.7.1

Just the app for my Denon AVR X3600HThe Denon has a myriad of settings that I needed as I was never happy with the Audyessy calibration from the amp. I tweaked settings over and over to achieve a sound that I was happy with. This app with a new calibration took the sound to another level , 2ch music and especially surround sound. Being able to manipulate the curves for different speakers is wonderful and I can take the sound to another level again. The Audyssey app clearly needs the processing power of the phone to work properly so if you have a compatible system you need this app. Awesome, get it , love it..Version: 1.6.0

Works wellA must have if you want to fine tune anything with Audyssey. I haven’t run into any issues yet and I’ve run the setup several times. I prefer this to the traditional remote. Highly recommend!.Version: 1.6.3

Worked great for me.Just got a brand new Denon 1700 AVR and despite running the original MultEQ setup the sound was muffled and lacked good sound. This is a system with Paradigm speakers, so I knew right away it was something in the setup of the AVR. Lots of research brought me to this app-well worth the 20 bucks and it worked flawlessly for me. Not sure why it’s buggy on other peoples phones but it worked right out of the gate for me. The better comment is WOW I had no idea that moving a few curves around and adjusting some settings in this app would make my system sound COMPLETELY different. It’s amazing how the clarity and spatial sound is back in my system. It works, period..Version: 1.7.1

100% ImprovementEssential and worth it (although why not build into the firmware in the first place?).Version: 1.11.0

Really makes a differenceJust awesome to be able to balance my setup, really enhance clarity and smooth out problems. $20 well spent, literally hours of fun. If you are wondering why spend the extra when the receiver has the same thing? From my pov you can make the most of your space and customize way beyond the one size fits all flat response. Even helps bridge the gap between home theater and music. Yes, the app is spartan in terms of educating if you are just staring out and the UX really needs some love. There could be an array of target curves to help become familiar with how a change impacts what you hear. Perhaps it could suggest solutions if you have a specific problem. Most of all it treats each speaker pair in isolation instead of treating them as a whole system, but you can still get to a happy place with a bit of trial and error. 5 stars because of what you can achieve, but I hope the developer understands that they haven’t done anyone any favors with the user experience. These is so much potential for a much better in app experience..Version: 1.10.1

Very UsefulOn my Denon, this app is the only way to adjust tone and still have Audyssey active, so if you want to adjust the frequency response curve and still have room correction, you want this app. Adjustments are done in batch, not real time: you adjust the curve, upload it to the receiver, listen, and repeat as necessary, which is not as cumbersome as it sounds. Thanks to this app, my system sounds great. A minor annoyance is that every time I upload a curve the dynamic EQ offset gets reset to its default value, so it loses one star..Version: 1.5.2

I found the app very goodFor best results lay out your speakers as per the instruction manual of your amp When running the set up don’t sit with the mic Stand away in the corner away from speakers Do all 8 steps of calibration.Version: 1.7.2

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