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Microsoft To Do for Positive User Reviews

Best To-Do List App I have FoundI would have to say that overall Microsoft To-Do is a fantastic app and definitely the best to-do list app I have used. They make it very easy for someone with an ever growing and changing list of things that need to be done to organize everything in their life. For example: I have my main tasks listed in the default list but I also have a list for each of the jobs I work, and a group with lists for all of my college classes and their assignments. And the best part is you can view everything that needs to be done today, tomorrow, next week, and later from all of those lists all on one page in the “Planned” tab. This app also works really well across multiple platforms by instantly syncing changes. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and Windows PC. A main feature I would really love to see added for the versions on iOS and iPadOS is the ability to add Microsoft To-Do to your widgets this way you can see and check things off your list all right from your home screen. My biggest complaint is that whenever you add a task from the “Planned” tab it defaults to being due yesterday??? But overall it’s a to-do list app and I think you would have a really difficult time finding a better one out there..Version: 2.2

Perfect!Does exactly what it says. My main reasons for installing this app was because it syncs across platforms and has a widget on mobile devices. Add a completion date and the widget will keep the reminders up to date. Sure there are hundreds of apps that do all of this but To-Do just nails it in a lightweight and efficient package. Great for syncing reminders for all family members!.Version: 1.23

Great app, thank you!If it could integrate with Apple Watch I think my life would be complete :).Version: 2.36

2000 % preferred the previous set up app !It worked much👍🏻. Much easier to use. When using with other Family members , this new app is frustrating & not as user friendly..Version: 2.17

Add items to more than one listI love the app but I wish I could add an item to more than one list..Version: 2.62.1

This is my daily compassEvery evening I add tasks into My Day by quickly scanning 3 of my main lists: Personal, Business, and Other. This app helps to add incredible organization and structure to our very busy life..Version: 2.47

Better than WunderlistIt took me a bit to adjust but I am loving this app. The best reminder app I have ever tried out of dozens through the years. The desktop version is excellent and sharing is well implemented. I only need longer snooze times and louder / more persistent notifications for the urgent stuff..Version: 2.26

Great App!I suffer with attention issues so I am always looking for a way to keep on top of organization that is as frictionless as possible. This app is the best one I’ve found so far. -Request- I do however wish that there was an easier way to move un sorted tasks into folders. Multiple (5) button presses to sort a task may not sound like a lot but if a user is inputting new tasks on the fly during the day (as I assume most do) then this time adds up. I suggest that this be added to the task editing view itself rather than just in the list editing view as it is now..Version: 2.55

Amazing app - To DoThe “TO DO” app is amazing. It’s helps to plan, stay organized, prioritize tasks and go paperless. This has improved my health in some ways..Version: 2.60

Such a Great App!A really nice app with great potential. Please add more themes & colours, the ability to add subtasks & attachments. Thanks Microsoft, this app really shines & will be my daily driver..Version: 1.22.1

OrganisedFinally a simple easy to use app that keeps my to-do list in one basket.Version: 2.67

List you can use for all your groups!I have been away with family & friends. My niece told me to download this app. I haven’t been so impressed by something for ages. Share the list with people and when shopping each person can identify what they are getting, pick up items, delete the item on the list and the other peoples app syncs! Shopping done quickly and no chasing your tail for ages going backwards and forwards looking for stuff!.Version: 2.15

1 STEP AWAY from being the best productivity app ever createdEvery feature of the app is great, there is all but one thing lacking: a CALENDAR VIEW for your “planned” tasks. if they could simply add a calendar view for the “planned” tasks, it can completely replace google calendar and everything else on the market, a calendar view helps me to get a good perspective of time and appreciate the relative timing between different tasks, while just having the date displayed in a text format is frustrating and quite unhelpful. One suggestion while implementing this feature would be to also add a “drag and drop” feature, so perhaps you can even drag existing tasks onto a day in the calendar, so that task would then be set to be either “due or reminded” at that particular time and day..Version: 2.11.1

FINALLY an To Do List that syncs seamlessly with O365I like a To Do List app. Tried them all. Wunderlist was great for its simplicity. ToDoist, okay. A bit too complex for simple stuff. There are many others. But you see, my problem is that I’m a staunch O365 fan. I run my whole business through it. Emails, Calendar, Contacts and of course, the Task Manager. I’ve tried CRMs, Evernote, OneNote, but again nothing works as well as Task Manager. The only bit it lacks, is the ability to create tasks from your phone AND put them under relevant sub tasks. So, after downloading To Do and logging in with my O365 Account. Within seconds, I can see my Tasks. Then I created a Task List and a Task on my Phone and BOOOOM. There it was, right there on the Task Manager on my Laptop with Outlook. You can not believe how happy I now am. Total Task Management on the go. Note; you can’t Print lists etc from To Do. HOWEVER, Open Outlook, Go to your Tasks and et Viola! A list of your tasks on paper, all in their relevant categories. Genius. Thank you Microsoft x.Version: 1.19

Absolutely adore it. Slight room for improvement.My most useful app. Only thing better is the version they are hopefully working on. I do wish I could set multiple reminders for the same task. For important events it’s good to have a reminder on wake up and one when the event is close approaching. It can also be confusing if trying to get through the main list but recurring tasks appear once done for the next day. I ticked the same one off for a week thinking my touch hadn’t registered. 😂 Designated calendar app soon? Would love to be able to have tasks not be on my list until a set date. I’m a stress head and love clearing that list..Version: 2.51

Not as good as wonderlistThis app is not as user friendly as wonderlist was. For now I’m still looking for a replacement..Version: 2.15

Great AppWe use it to assist in running our schedule at work. It plays a major role in delivering the service we provide..Version: 1.37

Great AppI’ve tried many ToDo Apps and this version of Microsoft’s To Do App is excellent..Version: 1.34

Leave it to Microsoft to Fix what wasn’t brokenI’m a longtime user of Wunderlist, with good reason. When I found out that Microsoft bought my favorite app, I was concerned, but decided to check it out. And I was pleasantly surprised that it seemed to work similarly to Wunderlist. The import was a bit spotty, but nothing too terrible. So after using the new app and filling numerous lists, I got complacent. Bad thing to do. I went in to check on my grocery list, and got sent to the day’s tasks. I tried to click on my Tuesday list, and got sent to the Day’s tasks. No matter what list I tried to click on, I got sent to the same list over and over. It appears I’ve lost all my information. Needless to say, I’ll be going back to Wunderlist until I can find an app that won’t screw things up royally..Version: 2.11.1

Thought it would be the same as wunderlist, was wrongI was forced to migrate from wunderlist which served our family well over the years. Aethestically the new Todo app looks nice. In moving across was painful with all the duplicate lists being created across shared devices where the sharing linkages were broken. Syncing was slow, and it literally took hrs to setup for a handful of shared lists. Almost endlessly syncing. Seems that the tick boxes are more vulnerable to be accidently clicked. I accidentally competed multiple tasks while shopping with one hand on the trolley. This was not a prob with wunderlist and you could show the deleted tasks which or ordered chronologically from when they were deleted. Now when deleted tasks are shown, they aren’t sorted, they are just strewn almost completely randomly throughout hundreds of active and competed tasks. I have no idea what I have accidently pressed to bring them back. That’s why I have a task list, so I can unload it from my mind..Version: 2.15

A unique way to get on top of thingsThe usefulness if this app will depend on whether you follow its methodology for managing your tasks. I find it helpful that you’re forced to plan your day, every day and decide what you will do. The suggestions are great. This is core to how the whole app works, it’s easy to miss - it’s the lightbulb icon on the My Day view. Once you get the hang of this, it’s an amazing app. This is a key standout compared to other todo apps, where you end up with an overflowing list of overdue tasks that becomes unmanageable and you end up ignoring things and missing the important stuff. The other unique feature is the ability to flag emails in Outlook and they’re converted to tasks in their own list. This integration is a killer feature; emails I need to action, I just flag and bam task created. Whilst you can create steps for a task, the only issue for me is you can’t create sub-tasks in a hierarchical way. Add this and it’s perfect..Version: 2.0.1

Why spend on Todoist when this is freeI’m actually pretty blown away by how feature rich this is and 100% free. You’ll find most the bad reviews are from years ago, and indeed it’s taken a long time for these guys to finally offer everything wunderlist had but I think it’s finally there. Although extremely doubtful I’m last little thing I would love to see is integration with google calendar and gmail because google task is horrible..Version: 2.13

Honestly the top ToDo AppHands down, this is the best ToDo app I’ve used, and i’ve tried and failed with many. This app is completely free and integrates with Outlook effortlessly. My only feedback would be with daily tasks. It seems counterintuitive to have to set a task ‘daily’ and then unset it when it stops being a task, there should be a way where you can set a task as daily, weekly, or monthly for a set period. The app also doesn’t let you set ToDo’s for tomorrows daily tasks the day before. That means during a ‘stressful’ night where you just want to pop in your tasks for the day after you can’t, instead you need you set it as an overall ToDo and then shift it into the My Day the following day. A part from that, I’d recommend this app over any other I’ve tried!.Version: 2.60

An Incredible Tool for EverythingMy list of lists goes on and on….This is the most helpful app that I own and the one that I refer to many times a day- I keep my grocery list shared with my partner on it which allows us to add things whenever we think of them even if the other person is at the store. I keep household upkeep lists on it, I keep work lists by department and small things that I need to follow up on it, I keep a list of gift ideas on it for when I hear a friend or family member mention or compliment something so I have ideas in mind at the holiday season, I use it to create lists of questions for when I visit the Dr. office so that I can be organized and not forget something important- and to take notes about their responses. I use it for lists of book recommendations and create lists to help me remember the names of neighbors who I may not see as often. etc etc etc.Version: 2.83

Lifechanging but they ruined the complete task actionThis app has done wonders for my life. The way I approach each day has fundamentally changed for the better and I cannot recommend Todo enough to anyone looking to motivate themselves to perform tasks both small and large. My only gripe with the app is that in the recent update a short animation was added to the complete task action (clicking the hollow circle next to a task to complete it) and this adds a short time delay to the completion of a task. This is mildly inconvenient in that it means that you cannot tick off multiple tasks in rapid succession anymore, but worse than this - it somehow manages to ruin the satisfaction of ticking a task off? Please revert this feature or keep the animation but at least remove the time delay somehow!.Version: 2.68

Almost perfect...!Very handy app! One thing I’ve been hoping for, well actually two depending on whether you use “To Do” on a phone or iPad. On the phone it won’t highlight clearly what date it actually is on the day when you are opening the option for a time and date reminder. That is a small thing... The other more important issue is being able to view a calendar arrangement so you don’t double book. Otherwise it’s awesome..Version: 2.28

Bring back WunderlistI had years of notes and photos in Wunderlist, and half the pics didn’t transfer over. Makes me wanna go back to paper and pen except that the photo storage was a key part of the app. Hours ahead of me digging up pics. Why you gotta mess with a good thing?.Version: 2.10.1

Very useful appI have been using this app for more than a couple of weeks. I find the “My Day” feature especially useful. I have tasks in a number of categories and just add the tasks from these categories that are the highest priorities to My Day. I don’t have to go from task list to list through out the day to determine what I will do next. I feel that is has helped me be more productive and organised.Version: 1.46

Great app - and I’m so disorganised!This app is ace so far! Really simple to use and it’s already distressing me!! I have a request, can you make it so I can copy a list with all task and rename it? I have similar tasks for for multiple clients and I’m having to manually add every single one which is a bit of a drag, it’s alright at the moment because it’s teaching me how to use it, however for speed and efficiency in the future that would be amazing. Also the tasks within a list, why can’t I assign individual tasks to people, looks like I can share a list but not just a specific task within a list? Unless I’m missing something? Genuinely impressed with this app!.Version: 1.62

Not loving itAs someone with attention deficit & limited energy I use a lot of lists to organise my day & pace myself. I plan out what I will do first thing, later in the morning etc through to evening. I need this to be sequential. I had a system in Wunderlist that allowed me to do this. It just doesn’t work in To Do List. Whatever I do my “planned list” is a complete jumble - useless. Spent 30 mins number coding thinking this would correctly order tasks...It did for 3 days then my planned list returned to a complete jumble again. I give up & am looking for an app that actually allows me to plan things!.Version: 2.15

LovelyLovely app to help me organise my work. Signed in very quickly, no issues there as I’ve seen some mention. lovely for organisation, tasks can easily be created and sub tasks created within and then these tasks can be placed into folders so I could have a folder with my shopping list in then a folder with my school work for example. The dark mode looks lovely and I can see the integration with other Microsoft services coming in handy. Way better than google or apple’s alternative apps (tasks and reminders respectively) and it actually has a proper desktop client unlike google tasks which is for some weird reason part of the calendar app..Version: 2.31

Love the app but…….I love the Microsoft To-Do app. I love the integration into Outlook Tasks. I love the seamless transfer from the desktop app to mobile and back. I love the availability of switching between accounts (easily) while using the desktop app on my windows 10 PC. That’s where the “But” comes in. I do not like the fact that you cannot switch between accounts on iOS devices without signing out then signing back in. I was hoping this would be fixed/changed with an app update but it’s been a while now (and several app updates) with no change. If the iOS version of the Microsoft To-Do app would allow for easy switching between accounts (like the desktop app allows) it would be perfect. I’m sure I’m not the only person who would like to see this feature hit iOS devices..Version: 2.54

Missing a few thingsOver all good app but there are a few things it’s missing that other apps have. I make a list of “todo” and if I don’t get to one task it sits there in past waiting for me to click it. I e seen other apps where it will move to current day if task isn’t complete which will continue my repeat task and I’m not having to go back to click off each thing I didn’t do from past days before it will show up in current to do’s. Also I make a list for groceries, though it will cross the grocery products off when I click them I have seen other apps that you have the option to see it crossed off or completely removed from the list. I like seeing the things removed and this app doesn’t have that feature. Over all I will use the app but I still have to use other apps with this one. I would like a “one app does all” so I can delete other apps.Version: 2.8.2

Great but could be betterTo-do is a great app. I use it almost daily to keep track of my daily tasks. It would be better if tasks for ‘My Day’ could be added the day/night before that day, as I often plan my days the night before. Other than that it is great..Version: 2.48

Not happyAnother former Wunderlist user for many years. I thought this would be the same, but alas no. On Wunderlist when you tick something off the list it disappears and you are left with only the tasks that need to be attended to. Simple. With a Microsoft To Do list when you tick them off a line is drawn through them. You need to go back and Edit by ticking all you want to delete. Time consuming and messy..Version: 2.15

Absolutely love the appI just wanted to write a review on how great this app is. I am in Yr 10 and this has absolutely changed my school life. I am so much more organised with tests and assessments and have recommended this to friends. I have completed so many tasks by putting them into different task lists to achieve my goals. If there was one thing I would add, it would be to have the ability to add tasks to the next day or the day after that instead of only being able to write tasks in ‘My Day’ for today..Version: 2.64

Via WunderlistSo I came to this after seeing the suggestion in Wunderlist, an app I’ve used for years. It was easy to connect the apps and import from Wunderlist. And as it seems to work exactly the same, it’s easy to use so I’ll continue to use it. While I’m on the subject, and as a long-time Apple user, I have to say I’m turning more and more to Microsoft apps. iCloud and the connected apps have become a pain to use and very temperamental. Not so with Microsoft, (to coin a phrase) it just works..Version: 2.5

Generally good. Notifications need improvementThis app is generally very good. I especially like the fact that you can login on the web via your Microsoft account and manage your tasks on a web browser. The UI is also very pleasant, and you can assign tasks to the Today list to plan your day. However, this app cannot match the iOS Reminders App when it comes to notifications and reminders. For example, I can set the iOS Reminders to alert me of a task at a preset time and date. I can also set for the reminder to repeat every day, weekly etc. The Microsoft ToDo app cannot seem to do this as well. You can set a reminder for a time and date. However, the reminder pops up on the screen and disappears thereafter. With the iOS Reminders, the tasks remain showing in your home & previews screen so that you’re constantly reminded about the task..Version: 1.45

Simple and effectiveI don’t normally leave reviews but hopefully this can help someone like me, who has trouble staying organized and planning things if they aren’t written down. I much prefer pen and paper, but in today’s digital age it’s not realistic to always have both on hand and easily accessible. First of all, I’ve tried so many different task apps over the years (both paid and free) and I’m so happy to have finally settled on this one. The interface is very simple; you just type and press enter and your task is set. Additionally, you may opt to set reminders and due dates, either at time of writing or later. My favorite feature is the Siri compatibility, so I can always add things even if I can’t type at that moment. Next, this app wins because I no longer have to browse through a bunch of different lists and categories to see what needs to be done urgently; I can see exactly what needs to be done today, next week, and next month. I can also see what doesn’t have a due date, and one can be assigned later. The ability to sort by lists and urgency simultaneously is phenomenal. Finally, I only use Apple products and this syncs flawlessly across my iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and MacBook. Overall, this app does wonders for my productivity. Keep it simple!.Version: 2.50

Good app, but could be improvedThis is a good app, but it needs improving. For instance, the "My Day" feature. This is a well-meaning feature, but the only thing I don't like about it is that if a task is not added to your day, no matter how important it is, the app never reminds you of it. If this is a necessary feature, can it please be a default one? Also, can there please be a Microsoft To-Do widget? I personally find it easier if I see the tasks I need to do in a day in more places than just in an app, and I can't be the only one who says that..Version: 1.41

This works great!Finally a To-do list app that works well for me. Tried heaps. Most are either too simple or too structured. This one is ideal for me. Key feature is “My Day” which is a special list populated from items in other lists (categories or topics). It’s the natural way I work. It’s great there is. Windows 10 app as well as iphone/ipad apps. Sync’ing between all these appears instant. So good to have both an effective to do list AND available on all these platforms. So pleased..Version: 2.48

Could be so much betterAllows groups of tasks, tasks and steps to be set up with due dates and reminders easily enough. Would be useful if reminders could be set to repeat, not just show once; if due soon view was available; if steps could be shared between tasks; a whole host of nice to haves… I hate the New List button, which I keep hitting, has no cancel function as part of the dialog. I have to delete the empty list that has been created. Small things….Version: 2.69

Game ChangerThis app is extremely useful and, unlike many apps that are merely fun and interesting, this one could literally change your life or business if applied thoughtfully. It has some features built in which seem to follow suggestions from mainstream best sellers on organization such as one of my personal favorites: Getting Things Done by David Allen. I know it is based off another program which I never owned. I use the app on my iPhone, iPad and two versions on my desktop—one in a web browser and an iOS app. All four versions have similar features but actually have some extra features you gave to search for almost like a treasure hunt! The browser version allows you to copy tasks and next steps which allows you to create templates for repeated tasks. You can share lists with friends/co-workers as well to delegate next-steps. I recommend you explore the program thoroughly before spending time making detailed lists—there are a few things it cannot do, and knowing what they are helps you to organize your lists properly. I am still exploring the program but have been using it with a lot of success. Good luck. I’m sure Microsoft will continue to improve the program over time..Version: 2.23

Great if you have memory problemsI have memory problems and this app works great to keep track of chores that I need to do..Version: 2.58

The switchWell I also had a difficult time after Wunderlist. But with the updates and my persistent efforts I got ToDo to work close to Wunderlist in fact with a little more options. I was very frustrated to begin with but very satisfied now in fact more so. Even got my daughter who used Wunderlist set up like mine and she to is satisfied with it now. It was a long haul to get it working. I don’t read instructions I play till it’s what I want. Now that I have had To Do since it was first introduction I love it. I have many stores with lists for shopping items on each. I also use it for reminders. Love the way it lists separately the stores and items for each I shopping at more than one store. When I complete each item at each store I just tap and it returns to my list for that store so don’t have to keep adding. You can also use it for appointments. Highly recommend..Version: 2.89

Suggested enhancement.App is generally bulletproof. Had a few excellent different apps over the years which sadly have vanished, presumably not keeping up with upgrades. One thing which would really make this app hum is the ability for tasks to appear on multiple lists. For example I need a pump filter for my boat. I have a task list for the boat and one for the chandlery where I buy parts for my boat. If the task “filter” could appear on the boat list amd the chandlery list at the same time, that would be awesome. Similarly, “detergent” that appears on my house list, farm list amd grocery list at the same time means I could be at the grocers and see I need to buy detergent for both the farm and home. Sounds petty but when your task list runs to over a hundred items, it makes it so much easier..Version: 2.37

It’s getting me to do things!I’ve tried reminders and such before, but they never seemed to work half as well as this one does. I use a Windows 10 PC for both work and personal stuff. My problem was many checklist apps didn’t have good windows versions. I don’t look at my phone a ton, so any reminder that needed me to look at my phone went missing until it was too late in the day. With the iOS app and the windows app combined, I’m able to add items from my phone, and complete things and see them updated on my desktop app. As well as vice versa. The list is always displayed on one of the other monitors so it’s always there to remind me. I know there are other apps that do that, but they were either too cumbersome or had a bad PC interface (if any at all) but this feels solid all around. My only recommendations: - the task complete sound hurts my ears it’s so bad. Please change it to something less painful. - (RESOLVED: thanks!) please allow us to add a widget to the iOS Home Screen so I don’t have to open the app to look at my lists.Version: 2.38

Clean app for organisingLove it! It’s simple and does everything you could hope for. Another similar app to consider is Microsoft Planner if you’re already in the ecosystem..Version: 1.35

Good but could be betterI like that our lists are shared between chosen people. Very handy for Christmas shopping, event planning and grocery shopping. I had wunderlist and was quite happy with it. This is good. A few things could make it great. Being able to drag and drop items right up down or wherever in you list would be good. The today list is helpful. But a tomorrow list would be great. One that automatically transfers to today after midnight..Version: 2.47

Flagged emailsPop up says flagged emails will appear in todo list. Tried it in apple mail, flagged emails, and nothing appears in todo app. Sigh..Version: 1.57

Serves its purposeMy husband and I have been looking for an app that accommodates to our meal-planning. This one is by far the best due to a simple user interface, convenient checklist, uncomplicated tools, and online account integration. Although what we use is very different than what this app is intended for, it’s exactly what we need. We are removing one star because we find it difficult to retype all the entries for other lists. Having a copy-and-paste feature would be wonderful. Another feature we would like to see is an option to set which page is defaulted when opening the app. Right now, it’s “My Day” and we would like to be able to see the entire list page when we open the app. Lastly, we would love to see an expanded collection of colors and themes. Heck, I would love for it to be completely customizable where we can select photos from our camera roll. Looking forward to what the future updates this app has to offer!.Version: 1.50

Add a widget!!I like the app I’d just like if there were a widget option so I could check my lists from the Lock Screen!!.Version: 2.27

Missing one thingThis app is great however it is missing the one thing I’d really love to see. Calendar integration. Please add it!!.Version: 1.62

Great AppI tried this when Microsoft bought Wunderlist and it was the worst list app I’d tried so stayed with Wunderlist. I was then forced to change as Wunderlist was being shut down and it had greatly improved but still a lot wrong. I’ve been using both and Todoist for a couple of months and now think that this App is back to where Wunderlist was in terms of functionality and getting better all the time. They have listened to what Wunderlist users wanted back and have been delivering. I now only use this App and wholeheartedly recommend it to others..Version: 2.17

Easy and User FriendlyThe best organizer I would say. You cam keep all your schedules and plans at one place. Email syncing is one of the best feature..Version: 2.60

It’s best organizer ever, period.No words enough to describe the utility of this free app Don’t create loose tasks, just build the habit of organizing your tasks in lists and groups all the time Also try to utilize the “steps” feature within the tasks Once I understood how this app work, within few hours, this app became my primary daily (personal and business) organizer..Version: 2.54

Sync speed improved. Drag/drop function needs improvementEdit: March 2021. Sync. speed greatly improved so I’ve added a star 😎! Remaining bugaboo is drag/drop function up and down a list - there is minimal control over this - the screen suddenly starts scrolling really fast and it’s virtually impossible not to overshoot or accidentally drop as a sub task. ———— As a forcibly converted Wunderlist user I am finding the sync feature very slow, if it works at all. I have to close the app on the device to allow it to sync with another. It is certainly NOT syncing every 5 seconds as stated. Overall though it is not bad, just still miss Wunderlist! Fix the sync speed and more stars await you... like that’s an incentive!.Version: 2.65

Vital app!!Everything I need and the only feature it’s missing is the ability to drag tasks into a specific order. Beyond that, it’s perfect!.Version: 2.29

Really Good!I really like this app, however, there is one thing that would be nice to have. First of all, I really like the image backgrounds, it makes me want to keep all my lists up to date, however it would be nice to have more options, such as choosing our own backgrounds from camera roll or something as well as the provided photos. Apart from that, this is a great app! I never used Wunderlist, so I don’t know how it compares with that but I think it’s really nice and satisfying to use. Well done and good job!.Version: 2.59

Wonderful app, highly effectiveThis app is wonderful. I recently switched from pen and paper to do lists, initially I was dubious as I like things written down, but the app is incredible. It is obvious a lot of thought has gone into the apps design and features to enable you to effectively manage your schedule. For example, you have the ability to add a note to a task/chore, your list will highlight the note, serving as a reminder. In addition, you have the ability to break related tasks/chores into separate components (bit like an umbrella) using steps. This is super helpful as it allows me to organise, prioritise and address my daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed..Version: 2.12

To doPhenomenal app for managing everything..Version: 2.87

Was a ConvertLike many others I was not happy when I lost my incredible Wunderlist to Microsoft, but I exported sent everything over and carried on with my Life of Lists. I became thrilled with the app gradually and ran both my businesses and my family life from it with ease. Until recently when To Do refuses to sync with my outlook browser, I’m told to use the app on my Mac I must pay a subscription-to fix an issue?! The worst part that is leaving me feeling let down is that recently the app is deleting all my sub tasks without notifying me. I feel I can’t trust this app with how much information I need to put down being deleted..Version: 2.66

Great appI love this app as it keeps me very organized however I wish two things were different! 1: I wish that on the “my day” tab I could change the order of an individual task. I like to lay them out in the order I want to complete them and sometimes I want to change the order of tasks but the app only allows you to change the entire list rather than one at a time. 2: I wish that there was another tab I could add to that had every hour of the day like a planner. I would love to be able to plan out my day by the hour and be allowed to add multiple tasks under each hour rather than just setting a due date at a specific time. The best way I have found to this is by making a list that has numbers listed 1,2,3… and then adding my tasks into the notes but it gets tedious to do this everyday..Version: 2.100.1

A motivational App!This Application is wonderful for any person who wants to break their day into manageable sizes. The breaking down of tasks or projects allows the mind to not be overwhelmed, furthermore the satisfaction of completing a task makes it rewarding. An important part to me is it’s integration with using widgets to quickly see the tasks you can do and allowing quick access to the app. As well as linking between your windows PC and or your IPad and iPhone. As a student it allows me to break my revision and home learning into small tasks that allows me to get though more topics and increase my productivity. Overall I think these factors allow the app to succeed in motivating you to get going with your day. With each task completed you get a shot of good dopamine and becomes a good routine to have. I thank Microsoft to have such a well thought out application..Version: 2.72

Great but needs more compatibility with SiriGreat app, I’ve used for ages. Transferred my old lists over from wunderlist, no problems and there’s been lots of little improvements since then. I hope these continue with allowing lists to be added to with voice commands, through Siri. My account is gmail account based and there is no way to use Siri to add to my lists. (The process doesn’t seem to easy with an outlook account tbh). This would have pushed me back into using my iPhone reminders if I didn’t share lists with other people..Version: 2.37

Cracker appThis is the app I have been looking for. It is a quick as wriiting a note on a slip of paper. Best feature - each day starts empty. It keeps track of your flagged emails. Love it.Version: 2.26

New user trying to understandI’m a new user snd i haven’t figure out when to use Tasks vs. To-Do’s..Version: 2.35

Saved me money, easy to useIn the short term this app has saved me a lot of hassle, use it for work to schedule work that needs to be done for different clients, works perfectly, you can add files and notes so as long as your good at managing your time you’ll never miss anything. Only thing that would make it perfect would be sharing tasks and lists with others (says they are working on this). Do have to have a Microsoft account but not really an issue..Version: 1.52

Love it but one addition would perfect it for me.I frcken love this app. One addition I’d love to see is a archive feature. Would be great to keep a list but it not be amongst everything else..Version: 2.73

Life saverI absolutely love this app. i’m a full time student and i love that i can assign due dates to specific tasks and add sub-tasks to items and stuff, it’s all so intricate and keeps me super organized. i am obsessed with it lol i have just one recommendation, i don’t know if staff reads these reviews looking for recommendations, but if so.. it would be a nice touch if we could toggle to a calendar view for planned tasks so that we can see them by month! the only reason i still have a physical calendar is that i like to add my major events (exams, lab dates, etc) to a month-view calendar. if this were built in to my to-do app, it would be super convenient because i wouldn’t have to take the time to write everything in! i’m imagining like a calendar view with little numbers on each day based on how many things are set to be due that day, maybe even a little star if one of the items is also in the “important” list, i dunno. i think it would make everything a bit more neat & digestible for people who like looking at stuff by month. anyway, that’s the only criticism i have! and it’s not really even criticism, just an idea i had a little while ago and then found myself fantasizing about 😂 that’s when you know you’re really insane, you fantasize about your favorite to-do list app having a calendar view….Version: 2.56

My favorite task app at the moment!I missed Wunderlist but ToDo is on par now. It’s my favorite way of organizing my todos. I don’t have a lot of “projects” that Todoist forces me into. Nor am I walled into Apple like I am with Things. ToDo is everywhere but it just deals in lists which is enough for me. If you need project management this is not the app for you. With ToDo each morning I get suggestions about what to do today and I pick the ones to do today and they go into My Day. Easy. Then I can star some of those to focus on and see them in my Important smart list. Easy again. That’s it. I like being able to focus on just one or two tasks at a time instead of always having to stare at a long list. The interface is lovely but…it’s missing a big + sign for quick entry. It also would benefit greatly from direct integration with OneNote notes. ToDo also needs a dedicated Apple Watch app..Version: 2.89

Latest “bug-squashing” release crashes before opening on iPhone XS!My second major issue with this App in 6 months😡 This latest release crashes the moment I try to open it on my iPhone XS using iOS 14.4.2. It may have squashed a few bugs for some users but it’s delivered a killer bug to me! As it's a Microsoft App, I would have expected so much better from them. Clearly platform testing is very limited so I am totally unimpressed and annoyed as I rely on this App for my personal & some work task management. Time to change I think 🤔.....Version: 2.41

Great!Great app, took a bit to get used too. The slide function which allows you to add/remove a task from the “My Day” list and move tasks from one list to another was a great find! Would be good if we could copy and paste a task that is repeated multiple times a day, so we only have to edit the times?? Thanks.Version: 1.46

SimpleEasy to use, organise, prioritise and share. Pretty simple features but all I need for a phone to-do app.Version: 2.75

Great app + ImprovementsI use Microsoft To Do regularly to track tasks. It has all the features you would expect for a task tracker - scheduled dates, reminders, recurring tasks, etc. You can also add tasks to “My Day” to make a list of what you want to do today, which is very helpful for me. The app will even give you suggestions what to add to My Day based on scheduled date, which is great. Plus the app syncs with the desktop version in Outlook! In the past I recommended an improvement to the app, to allow us to skip a recurring task if it was missed. Well, now that feature exists! When you open a task, you can skip to current task if there are past recurrences that you didn’t complete. In Outlook it was already possible to skip a recurring task, so not having that option in the app was a bummer. I’m happy to see that Microsoft is listening to feedback and making improvements to their apps! :).Version: 2.75

Sub-tasks are greatI really like that this app allows you to create sub tasks, breaking big tasks into steps that you can check off so you can see your progress. I also like that there is a list of suggestions in the morning for the My Day list (though there has been the occasional time it has not appeared, which then makes adding tasks to the list more difficult) I would like if the items themselves could be colour coded instead of all white, but overall I’m happy with this app..Version: 2.70

Pleasantly surprisedI was understandably sceptical when I heard the excellent Wunderlist was being deprecated in favour of Microsoft’s ToDo, but I’m happy to say that my experience so far had been nothing but positive. The export process from Wunderlist was quick and painless. It has a very slick and intuitive GUI and contains almost all the functions that were there in Wunderlist with, dare I say, a better presentation. The Windows app is also excellent. My only real gripe is the lack of widgets and Apple Watch support. With those two features, it’d be the perfect to do app..Version: 2.32

Hawi Winter, NZGreat continuation of the Wunderliste! 1) I would like to suggest a way of prioritising/group tasks. Like putting goods in the order as you find them in the supermarket, for faster shopping. 2) For the “done tasks” it would be good to have a search option; that would enable the user to quickly find and reactivate done tasks..Version: 2.47

Major bugs - loses tasks and historyThis would be a 5 star app but it has a major issue in that tasks just disappear randomly. If you can’t rely on keeping tasks then that is a disaster. Microsoft please address this issue ASAP. I have been using the app for well over 12 months and the issue is common! Update Jan 2021. App still loses tasks. Just lost all my tasks for the day and all other long term tasks. Very irritating! Now a one star as this issue has been around for years..Version: 2.36

New favouriteI’ve used Things for years but decided to try Microsoft To Do so I can have access to it through my Chromebook and found it to be really well designed. You do have to get used to how My Day works, as it doesn’t show you everything automatically, but this can be a positive because it can show everything you want to work on today, rather than everything you expect to complete as it resets to nothing the next day. The planned section can show you the classic ‘due today’ view, and for items you can’t miss the ‘important’ list is great as well. Only things I’d like to see added now would be an option for an app icon badge for items either due today or listed in my day, and some improvements to the repeating tasks frequencies. For instance I can repeat on the 28th every month, but other apps let me choose the last Friday of every month. Overall though this is an amazing app, definitely one to recommend..Version: 1.46

So close to perfect! Needs location awareness/geofencingThe way this functions and performs has the robustness, flexibility, dependability and platform-agnosticism to be a reliable personal task manager. It provides enough structure so one doesn’t need to think too much about where things go, yet isn’t too rigid where you feel like you need to work around limitations/restrictions. Works the same across all devices. Has rich-enough detail to use as a quick notes inbox w/ photo and file attachment included. Easy to add subtasks. Has alert and due dates as separate fields for fine tuned notifications. The only thing that needs to be added is geofence-based notifications so one can schedule alerts to be triggered when leaving or reaching a designated location. It would be great if this could also be combined with the alert times too, so you could schedule an notification for when you leave work only after 5:00pm. This feature is available in Apple reminders, and that comes really close to To Do minus the native app availability on other platforms. Microsoft, if you’re reading this, y’all have made the ultimate free task management app, and it has significantly improved my life. If you can add the geolocation features that would make this app perfect!.Version: 2.35

Microsoft TODOI use a todo list regularly and like simple, that is why I used Wunderlist. Have you considered adding a function that would copy a list. I keep all lists but some are recurring but not 100 as the original. The ability to copy a list or a task would be good Thank you.Version: 2.39

Amazing✨⭐️I’ve had the app for about a week, and it is Amazing, it’s really useful when I need to plan something ahead of time or just anything👍 The only part I find a little annoying is that I can’t CHOSE the time it reminds me. So would you be able to Chang that maybe? I think it will really help 🙂. Please respond back.Version: 2.34

Potential to be the bestFirstly, great app. Works really well and clearly has great back end support and features (especially like the appearance of flagged emails in my planned list). Few feature limitations that put it below GoTasks (my #1 to do app): - ability to drag tasks in the planned list to a new date (and have the due date update accordingly - same as GoTasks) - match the list sorting from Outlook with High & Low priority (sort by due date, then by priority, then default/alphabetical) - badge count to show number of tasks on ‘Today’ list.Version: 2.12

Beautiful SimplicityThis app is honestly really great. A big problem I have as a major procrastinator is convincing myself I’m working hard by spending tons of time adjusting all the millions of features Todoist and Clickup and other full-featured todo apps have. Microsoft Todo is simple, but not to the point of annoyance. The UI is great, it syncs across devices, it’s free, it has basically all the simple necessities like setting dates for assignments and notifications - and, like I said, it’s totally free, no waving around massive discounts and upgrade signs every time you open the freaking app. It just works. The one thing I wish would be added would be being able to set a time when the todo needs to be completed, being able to add multiple notifications, and maybe more themes/colors. Other than that, it’s great..Version: 2.53

Very useful planner and to do listThe seamless integration with outlook, Teams, Planner makes this the one place to coordinate all of your outstanding tasks to be done. Couple of suggestions to improve the functionality: - Diary entry for recording purposes that can be searched in future for reference to previous outcomes - the ability to assign a task to someone else within the To do app (not having to go to planned or outlook etc) - make it possible to pre-load future days, even just tomorrow & Monday (for when it’s the weekend and your planning the start of your coming week).Version: 2.87

CategoriesNeed to be able to sort tasks by categories like you can on the desktop outlook version. Please add this capability..Version: 1.36

Simple and freeSo far, everything is clear for me and pretty simple. No sophisticated actions or manipulations, just adding my “to do”s for desirable date. Design is nice and calm..Version: 2.8.2

Like shared grocery listMy sister recommended this app. I keep several private lists, but my favourite is the grocery list that is shared with the rest of the family. They can add items anytime. The items disappear when I tick them off at the store, which makes it so easy to see what I still need to get. My daughter showed me how to click on an item to see who added it, in case I need to ask questions (like “what TYPE of yoghurt do you want?) Because we live in the country, I also keep lists of what I want to get when I travel further afield. It is like a memory list, but without having to keep track of bits of paper..Version: 2.29

Regret moving from Wunderlist - To Do desktop is terribleI came across from Wunderlist & have found the app to be quite good. The desktop version however is unusable with it taking a very long time to load but then freezing constantly. Coming from Wunderlist where the desktop was fantastic, I am regretting my decision to switch to To Do. It is highly inconvenient to not be able to use a desktop version aswell as the app..Version: 2.8

Keeps getting betterThis app is so well supported, with constant interactions at it’s worth checking out - especially if you work within Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft ecosystem. That said, the more information it brings in, the more it needs to allow you to filter the info. That’s where it has some shortcomings. To make this a great app I’d like to see better filtering capabilities so I can filter the info I need to see across lists (even if the tasks are coming from Planner). I’d like to move planner tasks into various lists. I’d like a list of my tags so I don’t have to guess at what tags I’ve got out there. Saved items from Teams should also be brought into To-do in the same way planner tasks are brought in. And of course, there should be option to automatically populate My Day. I understand why this feature is missing but it needs to be an option if the user wants it. That would help take some of the manual work out of using My Day. Thanks again to the To Do team..Version: 2.14

Feature requests below! App’s only for sharpshooters andHey does your team still take feature requests? Get the product owner over here! 1. I’m no iOS dev but consider allowing us to snap items to the bottom of a list by letting go anywhere in the space below the last list item. My lists are short, 7-8 items, likely even more. But it’s really annoying to drag an item down and miss the invisible space that it’s meant to slot in. I prefer not requiring a license as an elite sharpshooter to append items at the bottom. An MVP feature may be a fading border effect. i.e. I’d like to scroll down quickly and fling the last item to the bottom with less precision. 2. Here’s another innovative idea you should user test. What if you make your todo items more like a diary? Give me a calendar to review the things I’ve done the days before. Don’t make users input a time. Just automatically save the time for them. Only sequence matters, from first day’s task to the last thing they do. Maybe an innovation lab might be good for these ideas to research and test..Version: 2.50

All data deletedToday it randomly forced a Microsoft sign in, and when I did that every single list was gone. Tried the browser app and it had all ‘synced’ so everything gone from there. Years of lists gone up in smoke. In researching online it seems this is a common problem. Seriously Microsoft?.Version: 2.65

Needs events syncWorks great on my iPad but needs to sync up better with Outlook. if we can have events from Outlook show up here and also have the option to create them here that would be the icing on the cake! It would be useful if all the tasks I have created in this app were also accessible in Outlook calendar but I can also see how it simplifies it to have them in separate apps. But events definitely need to sync, I have an event today but because I can’t see it in To Do i almost planned a task for the same time slot….Version: 2.72

Needs additional sub level to compete with WunderlistImported from Wunderlist. Lost a sub level which means now have a huge list of ‘jobs’ on the main page instead of the folder for each group. Unless this is resolved I will keep looking for something else. The one feature I do like is that when you complete a task at the sub level it doesn’t automatically ‘check’ all the steps as completed so you can actually see, if needed, what was actually completed on that occasion - Wunderlist assumes all subtasks were done and forces check marks so have had to keep a separate note for reference..Version: 1.29

More positive reviewMicrosoft fixed the problem about importing checked items from Wunderlist. Thank you! Microsoft corrected what Wunderlist never could: checked items stay in alphabetical order as the list itself. 5 stars! And what about an “uncheck all” option? I would prefered to check a square than a circle. Who checks circles? PLEASE add support for Apple Watch! I would like to check off my list at the supermarket without having to take out my phone..Version: 2.36

Organises my day, but needs extra featuresGreat at organising my day, but would be even better with a couple of more features, such as being able to put a task into more than one list, and being able to assign tasks into future My Day lists, or having tasks that I assign at date to then automatically going into the correct My Day list..Version: 2.45

Another disappointed Wunderlist userAs I flick through lists I continually accidentally mark them as done and they disappear. Often I dont know what I have accidentally removed and it is a mission to find the item buried in the completed items. Could completed items be presented in the order you complete them rather than what appears to be the order in which they were created. Or perhaps a view that shows completed in past 24 hours. It occurs most frequently when trying to shift items onto my day..Version: 2.17

Migration from WunderlistAs ToDo was previously missing a few things that Wunderlist had, I’ve waited until the last day to migrate across. Transfer of everything (on Mac app) was seamless, although I did have to leave it overnight to sync fully (3500 items though). Very happy that everything’s there on my iPhone app this morning. Bonus: looks like ToDo has added all the features my beloved Wunderlist had. Relieved! Looking forward to using ToDo to run my business and my life as Wunderlist has so brilliantly done for years. Well done developers and Thank You. 👏👏👏.Version: 2.17

Tasks and OutlookHello - I love tasks, however it doesn’t community to email as I would like. It doesn’t allow me to create a note/task tied directly to an email. Every email that comes in has action items tied to it. So if we had the ability to add a Note/task to that email, it would help us focus on the actionable items of importance. If we open 100 emails a day, that’s a lot of action items. And if we wanted to prioritize those actions of importance, we need an organized way to see those actions. So the tasks would appear in 2 locations exactly the same. Duplicate. One on the task bar as it is today, and the other would appear as a icon of some sort on the email itself. Could you add an icon on the email options for “tasks/notes” with time and date stamps on them so we can get even more strategic on what we are completing first. Also, if we do get the option to create an action task for email, can that option also be made available for the mobile app. I try and work on my phone as often as I can however it’s not as efficient as the desktop applications..Version: 2.23

A bit too limited, given its potentialAs a task list it is very good and, I know, that’s what it’s intended for. I like to put tasks directly in a calendar/diary, however, and I use the To Do app every day as a highly useful shopping list vehicle. It allows me to tick off items as I buy them and reinstate items when they need to be bought again. It effectively replaces my long lost Palm PDA. The only problem is that it sorts one dimensionally. That is, I would like to sort, say, in alpha order within date order. Alternatively it would be very useful if data could migrate between To Do and Excel. Another thing about sorting is that, while tasks can be sorted in date order, they can’t be sorted in date-and-time order. Update: I’ve stopped using it as a shopping list; “AnyList” is better for this..Version: 2.63.1

UI is phenomenal - but a couple huge complaintsThis redesign is nearly perfect. I love the design so much more than Wunderlist. But it is missing a few key features that make it hard to use for me. 1) There are no notification bubbles that appear when a task is overdue like on Wunderlist. I used this feature all the time for recurring tasks that I want out of my way but to be reminded of when it is time to do them. These overdue tasks should be automatically populated in My Day and you should be notified of them. Or at least have the option to. 2) When viewing tasks in My Day or Important, they are all lumped together. If you have multiple projects, it can get disorienting. I prefer the way Wunderlist did it where you can see tasks grouped by the project/list they came from. Helps to organize these lists that pull from multiple projects better..Version: 2.0

Almost five stars...This app is really nice for lots of reasons. One of these is, it's completely free! Which is super nice because I tried to find other planner apps however you HAD to get premium on all of them which made me really upset. Also, with this app, you can create a custom repeat unlike other apps where you can only repeat daily or weekly etc. I also really enjoy how organized it is. It's great for multiple things like, goal tracking, to do, school work, and much more! I didn't give it five stars because, 1. I was really hoping that I would be able to make the tasks diffrent colors or diffrent fonts not that this is totally important but I think it would make it more enjoyable for me. And 2. When you get into the app you have to long into your Microsoft account. Which isn't a big deal however, I did not have one before so it was a very long process to create one. 3. You cant use your personal photos as the theme background..Version: 2.19

Needs a lot of workI am a physician and a scientist who requires a good to-do app to keep everything straight on a daily basis. Wunderlist was really the perfect tool for this, allowing me to organize and share tasks with lab members and clinical colleagues. When I learned it would eventually replace wunderlist, I decided to give To-Do a solid try. I imported all my lists from wunderlist, familiarized myself with all of To-Do’s features, and used it in place of Wunderlist for a good week. Unfortunately, a year after it’s unveiling, To-Do still needs a lot of work. The lack of a way to group related lists and the inability to automatically place tasks that are due today into the “my day” folder are critical deficiencies. Sure you can click the lightbulb in the “my day” folder and select all the upcoming tasks with the help of “suggestions,” but many (like me) cant remember to do that on a daily basis. The point of a to-do app is to make remembering all of your daily tasks unnecessary. I had so many issues with missing things (I literally have a hundred tasks some days) that I had to switch back to Wunderlist within a week. I know that the Microsoft team is working hard on To-Do behind the scenes. I plan to keep checking in and switch to to-do once it truly integrates all the features of wunderlist..Version: 1.29

Crashes when printingWould be perfect if the print menus didn’t crash every time you try to print. Will definitely switch to 5 stars once this annoying bug is gone..Version: 2.78

LOVE LOVE LOVE. a couple ideas for future updates though!I use this almost everyday to cope with my ADHD & undiagnosed OCD! I do have some ideas for the app though. I wish I could make groups within lists as an organizing technique. Almost like a drop down menu I can create inside of a list. For example, I have a list for food places I want to try. I’d like to be able to organize the restaurants by type, expense, location, etc for easy picking. I know there is the “add a step” option once you create a task but I’d like a drop down menu type accessibility! Last idea, to be able to add to the list by asking Alexa! This would be a game changer especially if I can’t just stop what I’m doing and jot it down. Without this feature, I’m prone to easily forget what my idea or item was..Version: 2.71

To do:I love this app. It helps me stay organized and track my to do's.Version: 2.54

Like it but could be betterBeing able to organise tasks on any given day in order of priority would help ie not just what’s important or not that day but what do I do first, second, third of the priority tasks. Also the what’s today view could be better..Version: 2.84

Huge update - good changesMicrosoft are clearly trying to force users into To-Do as the default application for to-do lists. This is fair enough, as they haven’t put together a decent To-Do list in 40 years. Pros - can create new lists that are reflected in outlook; can create to-dos directly from outlook with email attached; nice design; sync is now working well (previously to-dos went missing). The suggested tasks function is okay. All in all, it’s a nice tool. If you don’t need the sync to Microsoft 360 though, Things 3 is still the gold standard and app of choice. Cons - No today widget for a quick look at today’s tasks. No categories (tags are using hashtags in the item). The desktop version looks pretty horrible on PC - but a lot better on. Mac :/.Version: 2.16

Great AppYes this is a very nice app that syncs very well to all devices, put a calendar in it please and you would have the number one app and I would use nothing else..Version: 2.23

Great AppGood for scheduling payments Regular and irregular / Shopping lists / Travel pack lists etc / work program / Extremely useful and versatile I use it for everything.Version: 2.68

Almost!Microsoft To Do is probably one of my favourite Microsoft apps at the moment. I’d rate this at 4.5 stars (If I could on here!) The one thing that I’d improve would have to be an Apple Watch app. This would just make it so much easier to manage notifications ect if you could just have them buzz on your watch rather than pinging your phone, as often people don’t have their phones on them all the time (At school, when you’re swimming, ect.) and this would just make it that much easier to use this app to it’s full extent. Otherwise, I’d recommend this app to anyone and everyone, as it is just so useful and easy to read, and can really get you organised!.Version: 2.13

LOVE ITOmg I love it how does no one like it like you can just make your own account or just do an example account it’s so easy I done all my stuff on there like brush my hair and stuff and yeh it’s really cool how are people saying its rubbish it’s so amazing you gotta download it trust me you haven’t done it download it then write down your stuff on to do to do your stuff then tap the things that you have done then ta da you’ve done its amazing please try it out.Version: 2.38

Calendar option would be niceI’d love to view my scheduled items in a calendar view at times. I think it’d be so helpful visually.Version: 2.46

Missing one featureThis is a great list organizer. Deserves all of the five stars. Having separate lists that can be time organized makes my job, volunteering, and personal life much easier to manage. Now that the planned tasks that fall on the current day automatically populate to the My Day list, it is even more easy to organize. I see that the engineers have the capability to create smart lists. The ONLY missing feature I see is the availability for users to organize their own smart lists. i.e. if I have the same word in multiple tasks and I created a keyword list that looked only for that word. I work in residential construction. I have my houses set as different lists. It would be great if I could create a smart/keyword list that looked across all the other lists for tasks that had the word plumber. Then I could have an organized list for everything I had to call the plumber for. Or if I set up inspection dates for separate houses, if some of them feel in the same day a keyword list for inspections would make it easier to organize to make just one call to schedule them..Version: 2.87

Please add a “plan for tomorrow” featureHi, Love this app it helps me keep track of what I have to do for different aspects of my life. Although your competitors have a feature where you can plan your day for tomorrow instead of planning your day when you wake up on that day. Please add this feature.Version: 2.53

Best To Do List EverI’ve used this for a few years now and it’s honestly amazing! So easy to use and also very lovely to look at. Great for all sorts of lists whether you’re making a to do list for your day or whether your making a birthday present list it works for everything ☺️ I also love that you can have it on your phone and laptop. I recommend this to all my friends and family!.Version: 2.40

Go to planning appUse this app everyday, love the functionality and the tie in with O365. Would love to see these features though: - ability to plan “Your day” for tomorrow (without having to schedule each task) - ability to comment on tasks, and if a shared list, tag people in the comments. - ability to change progress for tasks (I.e. 50% complete, similar to Planner) - new background pictures.Version: 2.44

To Do is brilliant, O365 integrated task managementThis app mirrors and updates your outlook tasks. It also integrates with the Microsoft Planner App, which has a Sharepoint portal. Teams can manage multiple projects through planner sites, and all assigned tasks flow into the MS ToDo. For personal use, you can have categories of tasks, personal, birthday, diy, along side work categories. You can then take any task from any section to flag in ‘My Day’- this then gives a great overview of your tasks for that day on one screen..Version: 2.65

PatheticWhy would you make us switch from Wunderlist to this. You would think it would be easier to use and have more features. Can’t get rid of the sound every time I check an item off my list and why do I have to not only check an item off my list but then delete it and then delete it again to be sure I wanted to delete it? So frustrating. Bring back Wunderlist. It worked perfectly fine. Now I’ll have to find another app to use. This doesn’t deserve even a one star rating. Grrrrr.Version: 2.16

Actually now an improvement on Wunderlist at lastI don’t need to say much more than the above really, Microsoft have put in all of the features of Wunderlist but made it clearer and faster and added a couple of useful features. I was worried at first when Wunderlist was going to be shut down and initially we were right to worry by they’ve done a lot of work on this app since then and have corrected all the faults to make it into a slightly slicker version of Wunderlist..Version: 2.27

Terrible Terrible TerribleHad previously been the biggest advocate of Wunderlist. Used to tell people it would change their lives. Got notified the was changing to To Do List. How hard can it be you say, what could possibly go wrong you say. LOTS. Terrible migrate, can’t join my wife to the lists. Keeps giving me a notification that we have to be in the same organization to share lists. It’s terrible. I eventually fixed it - I DELETED THE APP. Well done app developers. Took something great and stuffed it. Only gave 1star as it won’t let you give 0. Do not use this app..Version: 2.16

Note Section at bottomWhy the change to a perfectly working Note Section and the Bottom, used to be able to Copy and Paste Addresses and Phone Numbers there, and easily go to the Link created to Maps and for Calling the Phone number pasted? I was 5 Star, but this change?.Version: 2.60

Lovely, except for sorting optionsI switched to this app because my gTasks Pro app has become too slow at syncing (it syncs via Google tasks). I like the features and interface on Microsoft ToDo, and the syncing is lightning fast. A major problem, however, is the lack of flexibility in sorting. gTasks allows you to sort manually, which is highly effective. With Microsoft ToDo if I want to sort, for example, by “Importance”, and then have the tasks move to the bottom of the list when marked “Complete”, I’m out of luck. As a result, the list quickly becomes cluttered with completed tasks (if I sort by completed tasks the remaining uncompleted tasks have no sort order). I can manually drag a task anywhere I like, but it snaps back to it’s original location immediately. I’ve ended up going back to gTasks Pro for longer lists, and using this app for short lists only. It would be a 5 star app of the sorting option gets enhanced..Version: 2.7

NextAn excellent app as long as you make an entry when an event or job comes to mind before you move on. It’s also a good way of being constantly being nagged about painting that shed that you know has to be done, or to buy a particular thing that’s quite hard to find. Make sure you book that holiday, you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Be aware of it and it’s a useful tool ..Version: 2.76

Love this appThere are many options for To Do apps out there but this one does so much for no cost. It’s actually better than a lot of the paid apps I’ve tried. The function of having today’s todo list and having start over the next day with suggestions of the things you missed is amazing. Combine that with setting deadlines, reminders, notes and sub tasks are just some of the other amazing functions. I don’t know what this was like years ago with the bad reviews, but they must have put a lot of effort into it because it is amazing now..Version: 2.38

Awesome Task Tracking AppI’ve been using this app from the beginning and it is so robust. I like the “My Day” categorization that allows you to assign a number of your tasks to today’s view only which allows focus, a key requirement for accomplishment. Also allows multiple accounts so you can separate your tasks by account as well. The feed in from MS Planner is also a very useful functionality. All-in-all a very comprehensive and useful app in your accomplishment journey!!.Version: 2.66

Great App - Missing sort by CategoriesGood integration with OUtlook, but you lose the power of the task categories in the TO DO APP. As a MINIMUM we should be able to sort the task by categories. Having categories on the left panel would awesome..Version: 2.73

Fantastic AppI’ve been using this app for months now and it’s incredible. Many of the features included for free here you have to pay for with other to do list apps. Being able to set custom reminders is amazing — being able to set tasks to repeat at custom intervals is so helpful! I love that this is cross platform as well, so I can keep up with my tasks on my computer as well as my phone. I use this app to schedule my day to day life and it’s helped me manage my ADHD exponentially. I have some feature requests Ive wished for, but ultimately the positives outweigh what i wish it had. The repeating tasks combined with the overdue function is a bit odd, as if you miss a repeating task more then once it will duplicate the entire task. This makes using this app as a habit tracker very difficult, and I have to use a different one. Using the app for anything else is amazing though! Thanks for not messing this one up Microsoft 👍🏻.Version: 2.79

Great appI love this app. If you’re a to-do list type of person, but don’t want to carry around a book, this is perfect for that. Having everything on a phone including to-do lists which a lot of people use paper for, is perfect as there is no waste and you have it on hand where ever..Version: 2.50

Retired & ProductiveThe best I’ve ever used. Question to developers — it will be great if I can flag an item that allows me to add to my calendar. Similar way to My Day, but gets reflected to my Calendar on a specific day and time..Version: 2.64

Tried them AllI have used this app since it wasWunderlist it is the cleanest and the only one with upload file feature to the to do which I find handy to put spreadsheet lists against to dos . It is very clean I would love to see either a monthly list or better tied into a calendar but it is the best hope Microsoft keeps using it it’s very good.Version: 2.45

Great App, some suggestions for improvementI am using this App since many years (even before it was bought by Microsoft and was still the Wunderlist App). I use it EVERY day for work and in my private life. I honestly can‘t imagine organizing my stuff without it anymore. Really thankful to have it. It provides so many opportunities and syncing between different devices and people is a big plus. As a frequent user I have some items to report that could be improved. Please see list below. 1) There is no way to sort the sub-steps that are within the larger to does. A function for that would be most helpful (sorting options should be: alphabetically, most recently used, most recently added). 2) My partner and I never figured out under which circumstances the App shows only the unchecked sub-steps or all (i.e., checked and unchecked). We are both quite experienced in IT, so I am optimistic we did not miss a system setting. It would be really great if this function (show only unchecked and show all) would be added for the sub-steps. At the moment it appears randomly and we have no idea how to turn it on or off aside from removing the App from the cache and re-opening it. 3) There seems to be no easy way to copy/paste to does between lists or duplicate lists (and sub-lists). Thanks for considering.Version: 2.94

Essential for managing spendingI have used this since it began many years ago as “Wunderlist” and has kept me on track with spending as well as reminding me of all the things I need to buy. Lists include- supermarket shopping, gifts for family, Christmas shopping, caravan list, home improvements and loads more. Can’t live with out it !!!.Version: 2.54

Works well just needs a few tweaks!I used to write all my checklists on paper pads and cross things out and then throw away the papers when I was done, but this app is perfect! I can make organized categories of checklists so I can have multiple ongoing lists, and I like that items can be pinned to My Day for what I need to get done today specifically. And the checked off sound is great! My only complaints are that the UI could use some small adjustments. I like to check off items, but then after, I have to delete them. I personally don't think both are necessary but my main issue is that it takes a while to delete items! If I've completed a bunch of items then I have to spend several minutes deleting each one. Also, it's a little difficult to swipe the menu open, I frequently end up unintentionally moving the position of one list item so then they get scrambled, if I didn't accidentally combine two items and have to delete and re-add one. And of course when I want to rearrange the items, they don't want to insert to the bottom of the list either. I'm hoping these things will get fixed over time but so far I'm enjoying the app!.Version: 2.15

Great but no Watch App?Would love to see this made available in a simple format for the Apple Watch. Only down fall I have experienced so far. Without it I lean towards another app to use for things like a shopping list, easier to check the watch than juggle my phone. Love the my day feature. Would be good to be able to have an option of things reoccurring to appear in ‘my day’ whenever relevant rather than manually choosing it to show but like that it doesn’t force everything due that day on there as well. Manageable without but might be a nice little added option..Version: 2.20

ImprovementWanderlist would automatically list task in alphabetical order a standard feature. Star tasks would automatically move to the top of the category It would be good to have this feature again.Version: 2.17

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