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Solitaire Grand Harvest App User Positive Comments 2024

Solitaire Grand Harvest app received 142 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about solitaire grand harvest?

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Solitaire Grand Harvest for Positive User Reviews

Solitaire Grand HarvestGood fun but you have to wait out for harvest a bit too long for credits to play if you e used them up. Worth the wait though.Version: 1.72.0

Great game!Very enjoyable. Love the different styles of games and that you have different types to clock. Only downfall is how hard it is to get VIP points.Version: 1.64.0

Why so many changes???This is a great game….. but why do you keep making so many changes, work hard to get to build areas only to have them removed in a upgrade…. Then in other upgrades new games to replace already built areas…. What’s the point to that no sense of achievement for the player at all. Last time I checked there is only four sets to a deck of cards…. One game I played had 6 kings another had 8 sixes…. You say gamble responsibly…. How about your honesty?…. Please stop ruining the game. Small short burst of achievements I get but to remove what has been achieved and built that’s just unfair control!.Version: 2.341.1

SolitaireThis is so much fun that I can’t stop playing it. It engages your brain in ways you don’t normally notice. It’s not just your standard solitaire, it really makes you think about how you play the game. I highly encourage people to download and start playing this game..Version: 2.352.0

GoodMake the boost more cheaper maybe, those mini games to earn coins make them more playable( when you play the solitaire your earn things from the streak meter .e.g memory and dice) add more maybe. Overall all goods love it..Version: 1.102.0

Easily enjoyableQuick and enjoyable game to play that doesn’t get boring. Easily playable without putting money down I’d your patient. Worth a download for sure.Version: 1.61.0

It’s actually funHave been playing awhile now, and so far it’s been a balanced game. Not too easy, not too hard. Too easy and it would get boring, too hard it would get frustrating. Doesn’t force you to spend money to get further, but gives you the choice to buy extras if you want. The “ harvest” is a great idea, means you can build up your coins quite quickly, so you can carry on playing. Overall I personally think this is one of the best card games you can download 10/10 so far 😊.Version: 1.40.0

I guess it's okayYou should definitely play/buy this game. It gives you wonderful prizes if you get to certain levels and free coins/credits for harvesting crops. If you give a good review it gives coins! And level 10 is free with you not having to pay coins/credits. But one thing I hope that could change would be when you play the level again that it would be half the price than what you played the first time because if you play it again then it is the same price. But other than that you should definitely play this game if you are looking for a relaxing and fun game or if you are looking for a solitaire, then get this one! If you buy it I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!! I will write more about this game when I get further into it. (Ps. This is for the developer) Please could you change the price of when you play the level again. And I read in another review about petting the dog. How can you do that? Could you give me some feedback from what I said about the dog and about replaying the level?And thanks sooo much for making this game!! Soooo....... I have been playing this for a while and it is getting HORRIBLE!!!! I'm always running out of coins in the levels! It is sooooo annoying. Could you plz fix that????!!!!!!.Version: 1.92.2

It’s not bad but BEWAREThe game itself is great to play, it passes the time. The only problem is as you get further into the game you are not earning enough coins to use to finish off your game with one card remaining. You can collect coins every hour but who has time during the day to do that. Obviously when you run out of coins you have to buy them. I don’t like buying anything but it’s annoying when you have one card left to finish the level and you have no coins left to buy any extra moves. Other than that like I said it does pass the time..Version: 1.27.0

Simple and addictive!This is a well thought out game with generally decent rewards v. expenditure; it's perfectly possible, if sometimes frustrating, to be able to play without paying any real money. The only downside is that you have to clear each level completely, unlike, say, fairway solitaire, meaning that sometimes you get stuck on a particular level for quite a while unless you are willing to part with real cash. Some sort of partial reward system if you only have maybe one card left to remove at the end of a level would be perfect!.Version: 1.19.1

SolitaireA different game to the usual solitaire,but it is a really nice game So far.! These games usually start off good then they make it very difficult to get to the next levels. Will continue till then.😎.Version: 1.15.1

Getting past the fogNeed massive use of coins to get past the foggy cards. Not sure how this works. I can be on a level & I only the fog cards left & can’t get past. I’ve paid $ still can’t. Not paying anymore when this happens. Also when you harvest you don’t get any more doubles , so slower to build up you coins. This game used to be fun..Version: 2.332.0

Absolutely love this.Great game, beautiful graphics and one of few games that is not full of annoying ad’s after finishing levels. My only question I have, is once you are connected via Facebook. It doesn’t appear can not see anyone else’s scores? That does seem a little strange. Otherwise love this game!.Version: 1.6.5

Lots of funA great game to keep your solitaire skills useful..Version: 1.28.2

Been playing for years, love itGreat game to pass time, only wish there was more ways to earn coins as when you start getting into the higher levels the games cost more so most times if you don’t win you only can play once a hour.Version: 2.312.5

Princessgail54I enjoy this game but I find the cost of thing a little to expensive. I wish they would lower the everyday playing amounts to a more reasonable amount so you have a better chance to play a little longer!!!!!!.Version: 1.59.0

Fun with an FI have never played a game on my phone or tv or any other electronic gadget, I need the tactile experience of cards and board games. Dr Phil recommended Solitaire Grand Harvest and I got it. Today I played it for the first time when I was in a low mood. I didn't stop until I teached level 10 and my mood went from level 0 to level 10 ad well..Version: 1.101.1

Great GameDo like it a lot but feel the credits required to play each round and the credits for wild cards and extra cards are too much. This makes the games over too quickly and waiting for 60 minutes to harvest makes you lose interest in the game. Maybe a 20 minute harvest would be better. Understand that you are able to buy credits and that’s how you make the money back but it still makes you lose interest if you have to wait so long. Other than that I really enjoy playing..Version: 1.30.0

LoooovveI’m here for games like this that can stay on my phone for months on end, there’s always a different level. Even when I do neglect it I’m still getting money and coins so when I come back and play again I have lots of coins! :))))) u got a game player for life xoxo xoxo.Version: 1.37.1

Amazing but addictiveIt’s a really good game that does build gradually in difficulty ( besides from the odd out of the blu tough level) but if your someone who spends all there live ( or credits in this matter ) i wouldn’t recommend it because it does take an hour to receive more credits/lives and you can’t play without them and even then this hour could only be giving you enough credit/lives for one game . You do start out with a big chunk of credits/lives though so belongs you don’t use them all you should be fine. Overall though i thoroughly enjoy this game and so does my girlfriend who is now on level 1000 and something and i do highly recommend..Version: 1.53.0

Awesome GameAnother great exciting game love it.Version: 1.9.0

Great gameThis is a wonderful game, so bright and happy, it’s beautiful Love all the countryside, it make you use your mind, just love it, well done team, five stars.😀. I have been playing this game for years and my level was over 6,000 but the game frozen on me so l had to cancel it, now I downloaded it again and it started me back at the beginning,can you please fix this for me ..Version: 1.74.0

Très amusantSuper.Version: 1.8.1

Why I love and hate this gameGreat game that keeps your head busy, have played 3590 levels so far, very addictive. Problem with game is the following, it crashes and freezes often, like once or twice a month and you need to delete app and re install it, a lot of the levels are extremely tough and expensive to solve. It should not take multiple goes to solve a levels and deplete all of your credits, at the moment each level costs 9,360 credits to play, granted when solved you get that and a little bit more back..Version: 1.80.0

Addictive but not worth 5 starsThis app is a great and addicting game but it doesn’t deserve 5 full stars. It’s kind of annoying that your device has to be sideways for you to play and you have to spend game credits to play a level. Even though you earn about the same amount of credits once the level is complete, if you run out of cards you can either spend credits to reverse your moves or spend credits to buy more cards, so really you’re only losing credits each round. Now assuming you play a perfect round every single time, you won’t have this problem, but it’s very difficult to have a perfect round because most of the time you don’t have a choice as to which card to put out, which means it could be only one choice you make that turns the game, which just makes it more difficult. But it’s a very good game and worth the storage space. And it gets a full four stars because I haven’t yet run into any issues where u lost all my credits and it’s fun and there are few ads and no in-app purchases..Version: 1.20.0

Grand Harvest - CrashingWill I get an acknowledgement from the developers or are you still working on the problem Just updated the latest update, but I still have the same problem, doesn't seem to have addressed the issue. Love this game but since last update it keeps freezing and then drops back to the Menu. Not sure where to go for help. I have lots of credits and don't want to lose them, I am also over game 4500. Just updated the latest update, but I still have the same problem, doesn't seem to have addressed the issue..Version: 1.102.0

Loyalty should be rewardedThe game itself is stunningly beautiful. The graphics gorgeous. I have to admit that the design team and programmers are excellent. I’ve never had glitches or crashes. My only complaint is the model of making things play, add-ons, etc... more expensive in essence punishing loyalty by making it hard to purchase extra cards. I was overjoyed to see the pricing brought down to around 4000 coins for 5 extra cards which while still excessive made it possible to extend your play time. I truly hope you reconsider your pricing strategy and reward loyalty rather than overcharging it. You will notice I still gave five stars because I truly love the game..Version: 1.60.0

Love itGreat game. Could do with more bonuses to keep the interest of others coming along to join.😀👍💯.Version: 1.63.0

Love itHave had this game for a good couple of years now. Absolutely love it. Play it on and off. Sometimes don’t play it for a couple months and then play it and get instantly addicted again. Already up to level 4200. Love the little add ons to make extra coins. Have got my mum addicted to this game also. Highly recommend.Version: 2.319.0

ImpressedIt’s much better than I thought it would be, super addictive, got work early tomorrow and I’m still playing..Version: 1.31.1

Fun Game, Can be played for freeFun game that’s even better as you figure out the best strategies. They make it VERY easy to spend money. But if you are patient, I mean VERY patient, you can check in daily and hourly and after a week or so collect enough points, gems etc to play it for free. I have so far been playing for a month, maybe 5-6 hours total all for free. You need other games to occupy you time while collecting free points. HINT: Be Smart about using wild cards (they usually cost points). Also, if you start a game (costs points too), then do NOT quit the app until you finish that round. If you quit in middle, you lose those points and must use more points to start game over. It does not resume where you left off. I give it 4 stars because you have to work hard and take you time to collect enough free points to keep playing. Last Hint: early on, never start a game unless you have at least 50,000 points. I now don’t start unless I have over 200,000 points if you want to enjoy and play for free. Of course if you want to pay for your fun, you can do that and play without any delay. Good Luck & enjoy..Version: 2.320.0

Great game, but getting too expensiveI have played Grand Harvest almost daily for the past 4 months as my treat to myself to unwind after a long day. I have really enjoyed it. In addition to the challenge of the game itself, there are so many fun features. The music is relaxing, and harvesting the crops is satisfying. I have occasionally made purchases because I have so much fun playing the game, it hasn’t been a big deal to spend a few dollars here and there on the packages, particularly when there are deals being offered. In the past, the free rewards for progressing have been good enough that I really haven’t had to spend too much to keep playing and having fun. Alas, as I approach level 1000, the levels are getting too hard, and the rewards too few and far between. Building the mini-worlds has required an almost impossible number of gems. The new fairy card pack game seems much harder than the previous card pack game. Like I said, I play the Grand Harvest daily, anywhere between 3 and 15 hands, and I have only managed to complete one set of fairy cards. I love the game and will really miss it, but I don’t want to have to keep paying to play…the fun was in earning the coins through playing well, and supplementing occasionally with real money. I might give it until I reach 1000, but I only see it getting harder and more expensive…which isn’t fun, after all..Version: 2.331.0

Amazing gameAmazing and fun keeps you thinking about your next moves and how you grow veges at the same time.Version: 1.42.0

Best solitaire game out there!!!!If your a themed solitaire addict like me - let me explain the key difference with this great game. Unlike the others that get progressively harder unless you part with money, this one doesn’t!! Genius idea to let people win sometimes and keep earning, that’s far more addictive than constantly losing and waiting an hour for more credit only to lose once again. This game has been pitched perfectly. Never leave reviews but thought this was an exception. Thanks for occupying me during lockdown 😀.Version: 1.64.0

FabPlayed this game for a while now , I love the challenges and it’s such a good game to pass a bit of time , I enjoy the the whole aspect of it , play cards and build different areas by collecting gems, even when u don’t clear a level you collect some gems and coin. always something going on different events , oh and don’t forget ya little dog , when u find him on the map of levels click on him 10 times to collect coin , so yeah enjoy the game , I do !!.Version: 1.112.0

Great gameCompletely obsessed with this game ! I spend HOURS on it. There are times where it can become a little bit slow to progress but I’m at level 237 now and still going. The only downfall is it could be a little bit easier to get some more gems. Also love this game for the fact you do NOT have to pay to progress !! Finally (:.Version: 1.77.4

SolitaireIt was so fun and no ads really easy and doesn’t give you a very hard time and just is so calming in my opinion you guys should download it if your a beginner so that you can get used to it and it gets a bit harder as you guys 10/10 would recommend.Version: 2.334.0

Love it!!I like the game because you can play it while you’re offline too! The dog and I have become really good friends lol.Version: 1.39.0

Fun game but…….I have been playing this game for quite awhile. I am on 2089. I have never played a game where you win u lose. It cost so much coin to play. I find the only way to make sure I win is to use the extra power ups. Which cost double when you do play those cards. So I win but I see my coins going down. So I lose. My question why dose it cost so much to play a card game. I have purchased a lot of packages just to stay in the game. But that also cost a lot for what you get. The dice game is also fun but lately when I play I only been rolling 1 or 2s and I don’t get far on the board. So I guess I am complaining because I feel like the game shouldn’t be so expensive to play and my wins is like losing. I can only play for a little while then I have to quit cause I have to collect coins for a day or 2 just to play maybe 5 games or so. I will keep on playing but probably not so much sense it cost so much to play. Plus collecting more coins takes awhile. So the higher you are in the game the more it cost. Should be the opposite. If you win I should be able to more coin not less. Thanks for a fun game. But it is getting a little obnoxious..Version: 2.321.0

You’ll never be alone with this Solitaire!An accomplished game that never fails to entertain. This IS one of those “ Just one more go “ Games. Mind you the developers have skill fully incorporated a “ Harvest Bonus”that encourages you to go on and complete the round within a limited time. No harm there then, but just don’t start what you cannot finish within the time you have to spare. This game just looks great and is a real pleasure to play. I haven’t been playing long enough to know all the pitfalls such as spending real “Ching” but up to now I’m having fun and fun is the thing to have!.Version: 1.18

TOP GAME!I’ve got to say that when choosing which solitaire style game I was very surprised to come across this type of game & I’ve not been able to stop playing it since. Also out of all these type of games to choose from in my opinion this is the best as while playing the card game there are adjoining challenges plus all the while building your farm (you’ll understand what I mean if u download!) Overall very enjoyable & definitely time consuming! 👌🤪.Version: 1.91.0

KEEP THIS IN YOUR MOBILE PHONE!I have been playing this over 5 years and will never delete it. Knowing it is always on my mobile gives me something to look forward to on breaks and when it’s quiet. Ive noticed the last 18 months there are more ads that you can’t get away from which is slightly annoying, but I’ve also watched the content develop greatly. I wish there was an additional bonus for those players who have collected all 3 stars for all levels in each section though?! (Yes I’m THAT devoted to it!!!) Thank you to the developers and keep doing what you’re doing!.Version: 1.103.1

More bonus coins pls.Hi I’ve noticed the dog gives out 100 coins no matter what level u are on. Personally I think it should go up the higher level u are playing. Maybe go with 100 for the first couple thousand it cost to play a game and then when it gets to over 5000 make it like 300-500 coins. Plus maybe make a type of extra coin maker so u don’t have to wait an hour to play another game. I’ve put to much cash into this game and I’m just wanting to see a return thanks so much. Been playing this game for just about 2 years now and still not bored. Just need more coins to play..Version: 1.50.3

Harvest the funChallenging and fun!.Version: 1.10.3

Awesome gameI’ve always loved playing cards so I thought I’d check it out and I love this game. It’s colourful, you get lots of gifts and it’s challenging in a good way. 💜.Version: 1.109.0

Great game with lots of perks!!I really love this game! It does take awhile to rack up credits especially since I refuse to spend money on any of my games. I have well over 2 million credits. I like that you can get 100 credits just for petting the doggy. And I like the wheel of fortune thing too. The Golden Glades are nice in that you can increase your daily bonus. And the daily bonus plus the occasional free rounds is great too. Only thing is I wish the cost of credits didn’t go up. A lot of times, I lose more than I win but hey that’s just like real life! Thanks again for a wonderful game with pleasant music and graphics. Update: still loving this game. I love the new dice game and the option to watch ads to increase harvest or reduce the cost of a round. The crates are an awesome addition!! It challenges me to get 60 stars per group of levels to get 10 prizes!!! Love it!I don’t understand how people complain that they HAVE to spend money. I have not spent one dime and I’m almost to 9 MILLION credits! The only thing I dislike is that dumb Peggy Pig. Please make her optional. I am never going to spend money to get those credits and her animation is just annoying! Thanks..Version: 1.69.2

Fabulous gameI have played countless phone and computer games, generally getting bored with it or the game just gets too hard and it’s not fun anymore. I don’t remember when I started getting laying, but I’m on level 724. That’s astonishing for me. I spent a small amount of money, under $5, in this game once many months ago. I really wanted to win a tournament and got out of control. Other than that, it’s been free for me to play. Generally, your hourly harvest of coins is equal to one game. That doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually enough to keep you playing. You get a daily reward which increases in amount when your level increases. Some days, you get free rounds with your daily reward. Every ten or fifteen levels, you can spin a wheel and win coins, free rounds and such. You can also click on Sam, the dog, and get 100 free coins a few times a day. Every game is a different layout and there are interesting challenges thrown in from time to time. I highly recommend this game!!.Version: 1.40.0

Money for fun, not required!Love this game, it is one of my must plays games. Credits are collected via harvest of crops every hour. Each day you get a chest containing a bonus of credits up to 6,000 and usually free rounds. I read reviews when I first started playing and people were complaining that you had to spend money to advance, not so. Only beef I have, I broke my phone and as I didn't have my last game connected to facebook, I lost my hard earned credits and have had to start again. But no money has been spent. And you do not continually push it in my face, so thankyou very much..Version: 1.25.0

My feedbackI absolutely love this game ! But the wild card prices are way way to high , and there should be more opportunities to win coins to play for those who can’t afford to purchase.Version: 1.51.0

Good gameI’ve been playing this game for some time now and it’s one of the best games out there (in my opinion). I like the fact that there are many levels and they are all different. The only downfall that I have is that a couple of times I have started a new game, and as soon as it starts the app crashes. Once I restart the app I find that I have been charged for the game that didn’t happen. If that could be fixed the game would be a 5 star from me. Thanks!.Version: 2.318.1

Love this game. Grand Harvest SolitaireI do love thid game but lately i cannot enjoy the challenge as i have to wait to gather credits and i never can catch the winner and i haven’t got an account just to buy credits. Jjjjuuuusssstttt saying!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.44.0

Kinda addictedI downloaded this because someone on the gram rated it. I haven’t stopped playing it since..Version: 2.358.0

FunI really like this game, but it’s hard to earn coins and I have to stop playing for a little while before i can replay a level. Maybe you could give more coins per harvest/ have more easy way to earn money. another thing is that i would really like to be able to reset my progress easily..Version: 1.60.0

Solitaire - Grand HarvestMy husband and I had seperate games and now I am unable to play as we have share Apple account. After a Apple update my husband’s game He cannot get past the “Game Centre”message that is on the screen and when he clicked on it would not let him continue. He did a hard shutdown without success. I hope you can fix this problem..Version: 2.355.1

Thinking gameThis game starts off easy however you know it is going to get harder and harder as time goes on. It gives just enough incentive to encourage you to continue and knows when to step it up a beat. If you like a game that makes you think then this is the game for you..Version: 2.337.0

Best Solitaire Game!This is the best Solitaire game I’ve played....and I’ve played a lot of these games. If you love challenges, strategic games, and practice patience...this game is for you. If you just want to play a free mindless game, don’t play. I gave this 5 stars because unlike other solitary games, you will beat a level and move on without spending a ton of money you do not have. I’ve read a lot of reviews from people complaining about the cost of levels, and I’m thinking they are only playing half of the games. On the top are VIP levels and the Golden Glade. Playing those levels will increase your daily rewards. Yes, levels increase as you play, but unless you want to sit around all day doing nothing, you get money every hour. Something that not all games do. I do reward this game by spending a little bit real money when I have extra money to do so because the developers actually did build this game with people and the economy in mind. Thank you! Even someone hit hard financially can enjoy this game..Version: 1.18

Good gameBut I really wish since it takes 2000 coins to play a round that the coins won in the round when you win would be more then just a little more then you spent to play the round that makes no sense the coins won should be double then what it cost to play a game.. And really 6000 coins to buy a wild card that’s crazy it’s not worth it or even to spend coins on getting 5 extra cards 4000.. Please change this or I think I might just delete this game and find a different one to play because I love ❤️ solitaire. ya another thing the crops don’t pay enough at all either.. Hope you fix the coin amount.Version: 1.27.0

Love this but …Love this game, played it for years. But…It has a lot of side events that you play where you have to collect gems to progress, or crowns from packs of cards that you collect during the levels. You used to have a fair to good chance of completing the event, just in normal mode without having to make any purchases to play at a higher level. Not now tho. Now it’s impossible in normal play to collect enough gems to complete the farm. It used to cost 10’s of gems up to about 400. Now some of them require 1500 gems to purchase one part of the farm. Same for the packs of cards in the album event. It runs for over 3 months but you still can’t collect enough to complete it. At one stage during the event I collected 564 crowns, that’s roughly 96 packs of cards, and I got 8 “new” ones. Out of 564 I got 8 that contributed to collecting part of the series. I did used to make in app purchases to play at higher levels so that I can complete the events, not any more tho, bit now you have become so mean and made completing practically impossible..Version: 2.338.0

Love it!I love this game so much, almost on level 5,000! Have barely stopped playing, could not recommend more 🥰.Version: 1.65.0

JamarisI really enjoy this game , if you like card games and thinking this is the game for you.Version: 1.90.2

Lots of funThis is one of those games you can easily get hooked on. It's fun and sometimes frustrating but a good distraction..Version: 1.51.0

Love itI am addicted to this game! Not sure if this will get printed. First time I layer I quickly went from 20,000 to under 1,000 coins then I started taking advantage of what’s on the screen. Such as harvesting crops every hour. Watching videos for twice the harvest value or 25% discount on next level. Have you petted Sam? Take advantage of what they offer. Rack up the coins! The higher the levels the higher the cost for everything. You can easily use up 4-6,000 coins per hand. Sometimes you gotta know when to fold them. Cheaper to end game than to buy a wild card even when you only have one card to go. This game is a lot of fun if you play it right. I keep a 200,000 coins in reserve then just play solitaire. Don’t forget to get your daily prize even if you don’t play that day. Let your friends/contacts about this game. You get 250 coins for each one (can only do 1 or 2 per day) but it’s better than nothing. Hope I don’t get in trouble for telling you cheats. Just tired of bad comments cause people don’t get the cards they want. Really? Where’s the challenge in that?.Version: 1.74.1

Grand harvest solitaireI love grand harvest solitaire . The reason for this is because you get to play solitaire on your phone instead of cards and it is for kids over 12 . I also like this game because it really relaxes me on a morning and night , even though I have to use my credits which are coins and their are the daily bonuses where you go back everyday to get coins and free rounds with it . Some days you just get the coins with it but the other days you can get free rounds with it as well. There is this thing where you get to harvest every hour and the money goes up when you have completed a field. The reason I have gave this game five stars is because it really relaxes me and I get to experience solitaire on my phone even though it is not the proper one ..Version: 1.56.0

9 years and still playing:)I am so addicted to this game, my husband gets so angry... sometimes the levels get so frustrating but everyone needs a challenge huh. If I have ever needed tech support they are very quick in responding and even reward you with generous surprises which is a nice and professional edge compared to most other games. I totally urge you to give this game a try. Be warned: it’s hard to put down (even when your partner complains):).Version: 1.67.0

JillianLove this game even when you are distracted beyond belief cos you just can’t get past the level - some are really hard and my coins never seem to last long enough and.Version: 2.353.0

Fun and addictiveThis is very addictive. I found out that if you tap on the dog when he’s in the garden, you can extra coins. 10 coins each tap, and you get 10 taps. You can also slide side to side in the garden looking for the dog... he can be anywhere 😉.Version: 1.56.0

Good but getting more difficult to retain coins.I have been playing this game for several years now. It’s a really great game and once you start progressing through the levels it’s easy to start banking the extra coins. That being said I’m on around level 15k and it seems that you can go very quickly from 12-20 million coins down to nothing which has started to feel like you are forced to make a purchase. You can think your coins will go on forever then playing each level you can realise that the level was virtually impossible to complete with the deck of cards you have, which does seem a little suss given the time you can lose that many coins in a couple of days and be on a losing streak for so long..Version: 2.333.0

Latest update is disappointingI’ve had this game for years and it is my favourite game, however I must admit I am disappointed with the latest update. The game seems laggy since, and you have to press the same button multiple times for it to action. Also the album cards seem to be a bit of a scam. I play this game a lot and haven’t had a “new” card in days. Instead I’m collecting stars which just says “coming soon” but it isn’t even adding up how many stars I’m collecting, only “99+”.. just a bit disappointing, but I do still love the game. I think I’ll have to just stop putting money in until this things are resolved..Version: 2.316.1

Awesome AppVery addictive! I find myself counting #’s forwards and backwards after I’ve finished playing lol! No crashing. If a round starts difficult it doesn’t mean it will be impossible to pass, you could successfully complete it in the next round if you play your cards right haha!!.Version: 1.35.0

The best version of SolitaireI don’t normally write reviews but I’ve had this game for about a year now and it is honestly the most addictive game ever. No levels are the same, each one more challenging than the other. I love that the more you play the game the more you understand what moves to make to clear a level. You get credits every hour and a bonus at the end of the day everyday, not to mention endless levels i am currently on level 6400+ and still going so this game will never get boring. They have boosters to help you play levels and their credits packs are reasonably priced. They also have mini games inside the main game for a chance to win more credits, boosters and free plays. If you like solitaire and you want to download something that will be a challenge but still enjoyable this is definitely the game for you ... it’s so addictive I even catch myself playing it at parties 😂 seriously guys what you waiting for !.Version: 1.75.0

Keeps me playingI’m really enjoying this. I don’t feel pressure to buy,buy,buy, there aren’t ads every 10 seconds and I just love playing and the treasure chest event is really cool too.Version: 1.43.0

Great GameI have to agree with the other comments. I love the game but it costs way to much to play each level and you don’t win much back. Maybe you could drop the cost of playing each hand. I have bought extra cards and you still don’t finish your hand. Pity as this is a brilliant game..Version: 1.15.1

Great gameVery enjoyable. Easy to burn through your credits, prices are increased as you go and it gets harder to clear all cards on your first go. Unless you are prepared to spend real money on this game you will get to a point where you play less frequent which does make you start looking at other games to play. For the moment I am still playing but I am down to only being able to complete 1 game per day without buying more credits..Version: 1.41.0

Great game!I am addicted to Solitaire Grand Harvest! There are lots of great graphics and fun crops. Love Sam, the dog, but Peggy needs to go- she’s so annoying! I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the only way to really get ahead and have fun with this game is to play in the high modes and play with power ups, which can really eat up all your coins, especially when you first get started! Many of the games on here are impossible to win so it isn’t about skill at all. It’s about how many coins you spend on a game. I was very frustrated when I first started playing because the winnings were much lower than the investment. (Not real money mind you- just the coins that you earn and spend within the game!-I have never spent one penny of real money on this game!) But once I started playing in the high mode, the return was much greater. I won a tournament because I was able to accumulate winnings at a faster pace. Winning the tournament gave me more coins which I invested in power ups. Also, if I lost too many coins playing the game, I would just stop playing for awhile, but continue to harvest until I built a coin base up again. Playing in high mode also lets you earn gems faster so I was able to finish my farm for an extra 2 million in coins. I now have over 5 million coins!.Version: 1.89.0

Oh no! Something went wrongI’m on level 12,409, so to say I love this game is an understatement. Recently, all I’m receiving after big accomplishments or moments of rewards, I receive the “Oh, no! Something went wrong.,” message. It’s getting very frustrating, especially when you build up to a half a million coins and go back down to 21,000 in record time because of “Oh, no! Something went wrong.” Can we get this bug fixed asap on the asap or reimburse users any money they lose, whether real cash, or game tokens. I love this game. Don’t make me stop playing because of this one annoying glitch that’s easily fixable. C’mon Grand Harvest, step up your game!! I see nothing but complaining about how much money you have to spend on this game to win or what a rip off the game is. If you feel that way, don’t play it. I saw a review where the guy was at level 4200 and he said it was so hard to win now. Are you kidding me? There’s mostly a pattern laid out in many of the levels. A few, will burn you if you don’t select right. I have NEVER spent a single penny on this and I’m on level 12,409. It can be done if you focus. Stop whining and play the game..Version: 2.337.0

Fun Money PotThis is definitely a fun game to play but do not and I repeat do not fall into the trap of trying to achieve the goals they place before you by spending your own money. You will never reach the goal without spending a whole lot of money. Especially when they have those cute farms for you to develop. They make it rather impossible when you have to have 200 gyms to get the next development on the next level of your cute farm. For example. So it’s like fructose that is in foods to make you eat more and more food because it’s addictive. Well the challenge to reach the goal is an addictive feeling. DO NOT buy into it. Simply play the game and do what you can and do not buy coins because you can go through 200,000 coins very fast just playing a few times because of your desire to not lose a play. And then…. You are sad cause you have no coins. That PIG is a real trap!! You can easily spend $50 or more while she is around tempting you with the coins you earn BUT have to pay for. A bargain yes. But don’t spend your hard earned money on a game!!! Happy Farming!.Version: 1.91.0

Relaxing?😕I have completed level 5628. Yes, this has been my favorite game for quite some time! I try new ones & even have others I play, but nothing as enjoyable, relaxing, or fun as this! The thing is lately I’ve realized with all the stress I’m going through, this game has only been adding more stress. I’m trying so hard to save my coins, because the levels don’t earn much when completed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, but you’ve taken away all the little helps. Like, you can’t get an extra prize by watching an ad in the prize box. I’ve even been known to set my timer when I can harvest every 30min, so I don’t forget, because so little are earned from completing the level. Sometimes my phone gets turned down so I don’t hear notifications. See what I mean. That’s just not fun anymore. I mean I guess that’s ok, but not for me. I probably won’t delete it yet, but I’m definitely taking a break. It’s just not fun & relaxing anymore. Thank you for all the great graphics and challenges! It is definitely a fun and exciting twist to solitaire!!.Version: 2.330.2

Too many in game pop upsLove the game, but find it really annoying when first hop on the game there are so many pop ups wanting you to buy coins or stuff, when all I want to do I’d get on, collect my coins and play the game, not have to click on pop up to close them. Also find it a bit frustrating when you only get a small amount of cards to play with, yet quite a few times I have gotten a heap of the same cards in the deck and not been able to even remove a couple of cards off. Other than that I really love the game..Version: 1.111.1

Solitaire Grand HarvestA well designed game which provides challenge. Can be picked up and played for a few minutes or a pleasant extended time. One of its strong points is the regular ‘additions’ to the game which have all increased the enjoyment of game play..Version: 1.60.0

Great game but too priceyThis game is great. Could spend hours playing however items are too expensive. $2200 to buy in and you only win sometimes a few hundred. Wild cards and extra 5 cards when you run out is ridiculously expensive. Funds run out too quick. I usually delete it and download it again but one day I’ll delete it and not download it unless they do something about the coins..Version: 1.31.1

Best game!I enjoy playing this game so much even though I only get 20-30 after the kids go to sleep at night but it’s worth it 😊.Version: 1.57.1

Hate waiting for livesAll in all a good fun game but I hate waiting for lives and how much it costs to get a new deck of cards, my coins run out so quickly..Version: 1.53.0

Love this game butI have been playing for a long time now and have noticed in recent weeks a change. The program is slow to respond and unstable. The ability to earn progress gems and challenges have been removed from the pyramid play area. There are more game ads. All of this is changing the way I feel about the game..Version: 2.316.0

Love this gameI love this game. It has lots of mini games and challenges, fun worlds to set up and the main game is fun with excellent graphics and easy gameplay. I’m up to level 9800 and have only been playing a year or so, it’s easy to do if you let your coins build up a day or so then play. Great for any age also. My only criticism is I wish there was a way to make more coins so I could play more..Version: 2.336.1

So addictiveLol love this game have spent many hours playing and hope to spend many more.Version: 1.19.1

Fun, but expensiveI really like this game. The graphics are fantastic. Many others have noted that this is an expensive game to play and it’s true. I’d like to binge play, but I can’t. You’ll usually gain between 1,000 to 3,000 coins for every round you win. However, you lose A LOT more for every round you lose. Your coins can go quite quickly. That isn’t a good model for a game that is about 50% skill and 50% chance. Also, one of my boosts does not work at all and I’ve contacted them about and gotten no help. Boosts a very expensive, I might add. Every so often you win prizes, but they are small compared to what you spend. You will also earn coins every hour (or 30 minutes if you win that). I try to limit my playing to only playing when I’ve built up credits. At that rate, it’s hard to progress. I’m giving four stars because it is a nice game. I don’t mind spending money on a game. I know the developers have to make money too. I just wish I could play more without going broke..Version: 1.90.2

Harvest GameIt’s a fun game , lots of people are playing it ..Version: 1.8.1

5 stars all da wayNew user and I really love this game found it through inbox $$$$ and it really calms my ADHD thanks guys stress levels coming down . God bless all of my family and friends back on Maui praying for all da people get back on there feet and the help they need after loosing everything a lot of people have left us to soon but are now in a better place . Thank you everyone for prayers and for any help we can give da Maui Ohana !! It’s so sad these fires just devastated the island and alot of ohanas I can’t imagine the pain our friends and familys are going through. And the stuff I hear about not getting them the proper help and supplies shame on the people WHO SUPOST to be in charge on maui and from me to mr Biden you gotta help the people not just a little speach every time these things happen THIS world needs to take care of each other LOVE EVERYBODY !!!😄🇺🇸GOD BLESS EVERY ONE oh 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ALL DA WAY !!!! Wish I new how for make games like this or any apps that can bring people relaxation time or just a time to destress, ALOHA game makers!!!!.Version: 2.344.3

A really great addictive gameI’ve been playing this game for a little over 2 weeks now; I love it! You don’t have to wait long to get coins and the prizes you get at certain levels are actually random and decent (e.g a couple thousand coins to play a few levels with, having an early harvest (which is getting your hourly coins to play levels) and having a couple of free rounds (not having to pay for them) unlike a few games which always give you bad rewards and make you feel like you don’t want to play it anymore. The music, sound effects and little animations are so cute and not irritating like some can be. The game is really relaxing too. Game boosters before the level starts are priced reasonably for your level too. The only downfall I can think of would be the game boosters at the end of the level can be expensive but the game makes up for it by having sales every so often so really there’s nothing wrong with the game! Definitely worth downloading!.Version: 1.39.0

😮It’s a great game BUT too many points are required to either get a free card or use extra cards or just to play a game. You never seem to get too many points unless you win “harvest” on the wheel, that way you get to harvest ever 30 min. I think this game is out there to make as much money out of people as possible. Pity 🤨.Version: 1.22.0

I’m losing moneyMake the countdown lower because some of us are bad at the game it’s a bit hard to get money.Version: 1.102.0

Post recent updateGreat game - I’m obsessed. Only thing is, is that after updating recently, it seems to have made the game quite staggery/glitchy, and would love it to be fixed if possible please..Version: 2.315.2

It’s okThought it was going to have some better features like the ad showed but it’s fine.Version: 1.44.0

One of the best games around!So down for games like this! Not too hard, not too easy just lots of fun challenges and lots of rewards m, even if life gets too busy to play regularly.Version: 1.52.1

Great game..terrible rewardsThis game is really great but after a while you have to wait an hour to play between rounds. I'm still playing but I think the novelty will wear off soon. There needs to be better rewards and easier ways to gain money to continue. Otherwise this would be top of my list..Version: 1.20.0

Brilliant but piggy bank too frequentI absolutely love this game and have heavily invested time and money into it, but I am fed up of seeing how regularly the piggy bank turns up…. For example I waited 8 days for the last one to go which ended yesterday 15/02 and now it’s back 24 hours later for another 2 days…. It just really annoying as I now have to wait until Sunday to play it again…. Also the price to get your banked money out of the piggy bank is really stupidly high and is another reason why I don’t use it…. Sort it out please.Version: 2.357.0

A Vibrant Fusion: Solitaire Grand Harvest UnearthedSolitaire Grand Harvest isn’t just another card game; it’s a vibrant adventure wrapped in the comforting familiarity of solitaire. The game brilliantly combines traditional solitaire mechanics with a fresh, farm-themed twist that keeps you engaged for hours. What stands out immediately are the bright, colorful graphics that bring the farm to life. Each level is meticulously designed with eye-catching visuals that make the simple act of flipping and stacking cards feel like a delightful journey through a sunlit countryside. The gameplay is entertaining and cleverly integrates farming elements, where completing solitaire levels allows you to harvest crops and build up your farm. This adds a rewarding layer of progress and strategy, as you must decide which crops to plant and when to harvest them for the best benefits. The challenges gradually increase in complexity, ensuring that the game remains engaging without becoming overwhelmingly difficult. Solitaire Grand Harvest is perfect for players looking for a relaxing yet engaging experience. Its unique blend of solitaire and farming, combined with its stunning graphics, makes it a standout game that’s hard to put down. Whether you’re a solitaire aficionado or new to the genre, this game promises a fun and visually stunning experience that’s as refreshing as a gentle breeze through a verdant field..Version: 2.358.0

Coming soonSo when is the next lot coming, I’m at the end and I’m waiting for Solitaire Masters league.Version: 1.97.1

Great game.I’ve been playing this game for quite a few years now and it is my go-to game. I’ve just passed 6000 levels. I think in all that time I have only spent $4.99 on the game. I have amassed over 30,000,000 credits in the positive at the moment. I go weeks without playing and just amass lots of credits. It’s like, I just don’t want to lose any. I usually end up spending credits when Carrie is in play. I guess on my part it just a bit of patience involved between playing the game. I also always try and get maximum stars on each level so that I get 10 picks of fruit / vegetables at the end of each 25 levels. Great game though!!.Version: 2.324.3

Love it !!Absolutely love this game, you never know what’s next, it gets harder and more challenging which is fun..very happy player..Version: 1.96.1

Grand harvestThis is the best game I have played. So good just to be able to pick up and leave off whenever you want and each level has a great variety of challenges. Thank you..Version: 1.49.0

Good game.Challenging to get 3 stars all the time..Version: 1.69.2

Love itJust wish they wouldn’t do multiple pop-ups all the time. One sales pitch at a time is enough..Version: 1.56.0

Great gameI’ve been playing this game now for a while, I love it, it’s different to all other games I play, it’s a beautiful change, can’t wait to see what I’m going to grow next, keep up the awesome work. 👍👍😁 I just love the dog that jumps over when you get 3 stars, at the end of the level, he always brings a smile to my face, if he wasn’t there I’d miss him.😊.Version: 1.12

Love this game but...It costs a lot of credits to play each hand, then you don’t win a comparative amount. So, I just played the best hand ever... won 9,947 credits during the game, got the 3 stars with the dog jumping over, showing I did a great job, then for having cleared the round I got only 1500 credits! What?! I paid 4900 to play, and because I earned so many credits during the game I get squat for clearing the level. There have been times I’ve gotten 1 star and earned hardly anything during the game and then been given almost the entire amount I paid to play the game back for clearing the level. There is no rhyme or reason to the credits earned for clearing the game, BUT you absolutely get less the more you win during each hand. That being said there are no ads, so that is awesome and the game is fun. I have purchased credits, but I will not do it again because the value isn’t there. I’d rather watch ads, win a normal amount, and buy credits when I need them, but this game isn’t worth paying anything for..Version: 1.23.0

V’s reviewI enjoy playing this game. I think some levels are hard to pass. It takes longer to pass because you don't have the credits for each level almost every level is 2000 credits and your harvest once an hour but it's mostly only credits for 1 round. Love the colours and the little forth of July character..Version: 1.66.6

I love this game!This game is so addictive! And unlike other games the credit fillers are inexpensive and you don’t mind actually purchasing more credits because the games is so enjoyable. I’m not easily pleased with games but I have to say I’m in love with this game, there’s so many different events happening too so no need to keep waiting for the harvest time and even that you don’t have to wait too long especially if you get the half time booster. Really loved the dice steal, you can win some good deals and it’s not always unfair like other games I’ve found, sometimes you can win some amazing steals. Only been playing a week and can’t stop.Version: 1.76.4

Over a year.Been playing this game for over a year. I agree with the argument for the value of each hand u play. I will say I have made in-app purchases but I do hoard my credits. I play the game quite often. If the winnings could match the hand value , the game would be a lot better! I understand as an app developer , u need to make money. But as a person who loves classic solitaire. Sometimes I rather sit there and let a 30-60 second ad play through, then to worry about only playing one hand every hour. Even if u win. It’s not like your doubling credits. Also, petting the dog only gives u +10 credit. What exactly will that do for my next level?. Being on level 2000+ , it would be amazing to receive more for winning a hand. The daily log in at this point is only 14,000 and each hand cost me 6000. That’s 2 hands. 😩 Although, I do appreciate the free spins that MAY come in the daily credit. I’m torn between loving and hating this game. But I will give it a 5 star because it’s the only card game I can enjoy . Even with its downfalls.Version: 1.54.0

$$$ Costly $$$5 stars for how well the makers did at playing me :) It took me 7,800 levels to delete it. I’m ashamed at how much money I’ve spent on this game. The further you are the worst it gets. The rewards are minor so you keep spending more money. Even the wheel to spin for freebies always lands on the bare min items. I’ve actually never won the biggest item on the free spin! Another spin is $10. It should be a 1/10 chance for each freebie, why am I always getting the same things? The max coins to win in one game is 1/8 of what you pay to play. And believe me, you lose at least that many times in a row without using Wilds or extra cards, which also cost real money. Now they’ve added another mini game but guess what? Costs $4 to play after the free introduction. Stay away from this game if you’re not wanting to consistently put money into it in order to move forward. A bit of $ is ok, to support the game, but they’ve pushed it too far. It is not for a lack of patience or luck, it’s the way they’ve made the game. I’m going back to Soda Crush..Version: 2.315.2

Great, Enjoying & Addictive !!I absolutely LOVE this game it’s really fun & enjoyable but be warned it’s very addictive so pace yourselves. I only have a couple of issues with the game firstly is that it costs too much to play a round an those costs rise far too quickly & there should be more ways to earn & build up your money not every1 can afford to purchase packages to help them all the time it’s slightly unfair there should be an option/way available for those who can’t buy stuff to be able to make money regularly because it runs out so fast. Also the packages & special offers why are they so expensive it just feels like it’s all about the money sometimes an so many of us just can’t afford it an feel like we’re not allowed to enjoy they game as much as the people who pay for things are. Other than that it’s a brilliant game & I really do love it 😊 Edit : I have to say I still love the game very much but the card collections a few & far between & again it’s still all about the money you need to think of your players that are not able to throw money away on games all the time. If you want your game to be enjoyed by all you’ve got to be fair to everyone..Version: 2.357.0

Cost of itemsHey, great app eye popping colours and great game play, but I think some of the in game buys like extra five cards or wild cards are way to much it already costs over $2000 to play a level so unless like me you just keep collecting bonuses for a few days and then play a couple levels you would just give up. You don’t win much to start with so to buy one five extra cards is another $4000 so you don’t win anything you’ve lost. A few hundred would seem more realistic to keep people interested and feel like you are winning not just going through each level. Anyway great game could be better.Version: 1.29.2

Colin amboLove this game I’m playing it to get a $750 gift have to get though 10 harvest so will see. Every game I have played has never paid out. It will be interesting to see if this one is the same I’m on 629 level thought I had found a loophole when I press Facebook then cancel it took me back to daily coins I built up 5 million only to lose it in a few days. The dice disappeared the coins to get another small pack were very expensive I now have to wait for the harvest or pay. I will wait to see how it goes. It’s a shame as this is of the best games I have ever played in years let’s hope i will be able to carry on with it. F B Colin Ambo now costs have gone sky high impossible to get through anything without paying big money..Version: 2.318.1

Solitaire harvestLove the game just need a way to earn more coins to keep playing when you get up in the levels only get 1 turn and if you don’t clear it have to Waite an hour to recharge unless you want to buy credit not everyone is in a position to buy all the time every time you want to play.Version: 1.18

Customer supportThe game is very good great graphics great gameplay but now comes the bad side of this game their customer support are useless they never listen to you when you buy something & you get charged twice & never receive the item I bought a farmers pass but all I got from it was a farmers pass for 12 hours & five free games it should 7 days farmers pass then I bought Peggy maxed I eventually got the first one after contacting support but when I got second invoice i contacted them again now I will never buy anything from the game again absolutely crap customer support.Version: 2.332.0

Love this game!!!The rewards are awesome and it’s all about strategy. Which card to play next to win more rewards!! I like that you call the winnings credits and not $$$’s because it takes a whole new look on gaming..Version: 1.51.0

Very unhappyI have had this game for quite some time now I am on a very high level and all of a sudden it doesn’t let me in it does not need to be updated I e tried everything I do not want to delete the app otherwise I will lose all my progress! Every time I try get into it just glitches me out not very happy..Version: 1.81.2

I don’t know what to put here ?I like this game it gets a bit hard at times but ver fun.Version: 2.315.2

Awesome!!It truly is my favourite game!! Just finished my farm and love the extra challenges! Have been playing for years now, had to restart but it’s still exciting to play.Version: 1.92.2

SimpleCute little game.Version: 2.329.0

Fab but fixed!Great game, handy time-killer, fun, clever and much thought spent on making it enjoyable, well done to a great dev team! Only gripe is that, having played this game for over 21 months now, and having completed all possible levels (farm, VIP, Glade), I encountered the lucky wheel 76 (tots number of fields) times and hadn’t once won the top prize. Now, given there are 8 outcomes of the wheel each field, I had a 12.5% chance per field, meaning I should have won the top prize, on average, 9.5 times by now if the game had not been fixed. (The same for my girlfriend, by the way, so between us that makes 0 out of 19 EVEN outcomes!) Otherwise, I’ll keep playing of course, but come on Supertreat, give us a fair shot!.Version: 1.29.2

Fantastic game!I’ve been playing this for years (too much!) and love it. Their support team is fantastic - I had a problem earlier today and contacted them, and they rectified it well and extremely promptly! The loss of a star is only due to updates a few months ago that removed the mission/rewards from the pyramid section, making it nearly impossible to earn coins except hourly if you encounter a hard level..Version: 2.321.0

Frustration and deleteEvery day I play and it is so frustrating to try to finish one level, you lose 50000 coins and it gives you nothing but frustration and I put my finger on delete but I don’t, pretty’s a very fun game although I do love it but many times I want to delete..thx...Version: 1.43.0

Solitaire Grand HarvestWhat a delightfully bright happy wee game that makes you smile. Of course it will become more difficult as the levels increase but that’s the best bit to keep me interested.Version: 1.76.5

Top tier solitaire gameI originally downloaded this game to do a survey and receive a gift card, at the same time I was looking for a new game to play on my phone in general. This is by far the best spin on a solitaire game that I’ve played in years. I love the mini games within the game, and the challenge to get prizes at certain levels. It does stink at how you have to use more coins when you get to certain levels, which does make it difficult to play more than one game. If you follow their FB page, there’s daily prizes to snag. When I found that out, thankfully I was able to collect almost a months worth of free prizes which definitely helped. If you have patience in building your bank with the free coins provided, you end up playing for hours and wondering what time it is. This is definitely a game I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to playing. No other games at this moment is comparable to this one. Plus it’s nice getting to use my brain with playing strategically. Peace + grace 🫶🏾.Version: 2.347.0

Good gameIt’s a good cake but the rounds are too much, if the harvesting brought in more money then I’d be able play the game more than like four different times a day. Could be better.Version: 1.54.0

Great gamePlayed for a couple of years, it’s a game you keep on coming back to. Love there are no time limits and the different adventures as side prizes - keep up the good work !.Version: 1.105.2

Great version of solitaireThis game is great fun. It is good that you can earn credits throughout the levels even if you don't win the game itself. However, if the makers want to tempt players to play a wild card or play on with 5 more cards, they need to make the 'cost' more realistic. That way players are more likely to use these features and use real money to buy credits. After all, with no ads (which is fabulous) this is the only way the makers can make any money! Having to 'harvest' every hour to get credits is a bit annoying too when players can't access the game during working hours!.Version: 1.14

Good gameCan play for awhile without running out credits and lots of ways to get more without have to fund. Also no ads which is nice!!.Version: 2.339.0

Fun game!Really enjoy this game!! It’s a different challenge every time, never get bored. Great for all family members too.Version: 1.99.2

Great gameHave had this game for a few years now love it up to level 15,678 never get bored :-).Version: 2.331.0

Solitaire harvestI have started playing this game and I love it, it is easy to play but it also makes you think about what you are going to do with your cards and the best way to play the game. I would not hesitate to recommend this game to anyone from children to adults, and for older people it helps to keep your brain focused and improve your responses. Highly recommend this game and good luck 😉 enjoy Josephine 🦋💋🐶🐭🐷🐮🦊🐰🐹🐨🐻🦁🐯🐱🐥🐴 and the little animals are so cute too, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..Version: 2.343.0

Game is Fun but get ready to Spend MoneyI just downloaded the game today & am already addicted. I am playing rather well but you will still need financial support to play the game especially if you play it consistently. I downloaded around 4:00 pm & it’s a little after 7 pm now —I am on level 63 because I love this game. But the next time I run out of something I will delete it. It’s not worth the money I have put in. Also I am really confused at some of the things in this game. I don’t care to “farm” or harvest things or collect things. I would just rather play the card game with opportunities to watch a commercial/ad if you needed coins, wild cards or extra cards to play through. Yes you *don’t* have ads which is nice but then you financially have to add more to complete the game or play well. It’s too bad - I really love this game—it’s one of the best I played. Its addicting. But the additional money you have to add is ridiculous. If you run out of coins (& you will) you have to be able to add to it..Version: 2.352.0

AwesomeFor me it’s one of those games you don’t delete. When i run out of money it doesn’t take to long getting it back up I’ve always had fun and never had to spend my real money on it. Perfect kind of game..Version: 1.54.0

GreatAwesome.Version: 1.6.5

AddictiveMy friend introduced me to this game and I literally can’t stop playing it! It’s a game that if you do stop playing, you can pick up where you left off. AMAZING!.Version: 1.53.0

Grand Harvest SolitaireI really like this game and have played for a very long time. Recently, however, there have been numerous glitches - slow to load, starts to load then disappears, adverts are a big issue - they either don’t load leaving a black screen or they freeze, or they don’t complete meaning you have to start again. I have reported this a few times, to be asked to reset the iPad. This may work for a few days then all problems return. I do not have these issues with any other game I play as my iPad is not an old one. Getting really annoyed with this now..Version: 1.79.0

One of the good onesReally enjoying this game. Mixes the fun of mobile games with the traditional element of good old fashioned playing cards and how it can sometimes always just be the luck of the draw..Version: 2.357.0

Great graphicsGreat game, just wish the winning amounts were more and perhaps more special bonuses..Version: 1.51.0

Great game but not recentlyThis game is very addictive but recently it’s been hard to play the levels are easy but not winning like I used to the cards that are given each game don’t match revealed cards so costing more I’m on level 14,780 and another thing with collecting album cards I have nearly completed but I will win a pack but if I don’t complete the game I lose them when I am winning levels I’m not winning card packs and when I do I am not getting new cards that I need to complete the album so frustrating.Version: 2.338.0

Great game…butLoved this game until I was asked to log in via Facebook, then it all went downhill. Lost all my Hall of Farms previous builds that I had done, just kept my current build. Also lost all the special builds we get. Lost all the Grand Album Cards that I had collected, was close to getting full sets and had over +99 duplicates. At least I didn’t lose my level or my coins and gems. Won’t be spending anymore money on this game. Did email support but haven’t heard back..Version: 2.318.2

AddictiveI am addicted to this game it is sooo relaxing and keeps the brain going. Can’t leave it alone..Version: 1.57.1

Can’t stop playing!Great game and keeps my interest longer than others.Version: 1.35.0

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