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Daily Blends Recipes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Daily Blends Recipes app received 17 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Daily Blends Recipes? Can you share your negative thoughts about daily blends recipes?

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Daily Blends Recipes for Negative User Reviews

Missing recipesThe app interface is nice and user friendly. However, there are some recipes on the website that are not in the app. I also received the protein powder with a recipe card that doesn’t appear in the app. Why did I pay for an app that only has some of the recipes?.Version: 1.6.0

Needs more developmentI found this app when I was trying to find an app that can quickly tell me what I need to blend to make a delicious smoothie. I like the recipes but it still needs some work. All recipes are 2 servings. I’m not eating for 2 and don’t want to leave a smoothie for later since it turns gross hours later, I want it fresh. The app still needs some work. I would like to see more simple recipes. 4 ingredients or less. The Ingredient bar doesn’t work! I tell it what I have but yet it gives me recipes I cannot make! Very frustrating. This app has a lot of potential, the app developer just needs to work out the kinks and make it better. Putting a price on an app that doesn’t work properly is a joke! Should be free to let more people try it out and see how they like it and improve it..Version: 1.4

DisappointedI found the website and recipes that I was able to pull for free. I decided to try the app and was a little leery of having to purchase it but thought I would since there are tons of recipes on the website. Much to my surprise I’m forced to give my email address to get the 7 day challenge recipes . Then I was being forced to give a review on social media to access other recipes . And finally I am required to be nickled and dimed an extra $.99 per recipe for others. After forking over the $3.99 for the app to begin with I’m totally disenchanted. I understand that time and effort went into the recipes and I understand needing to make a living. But seriously, be transparent with all of this so consumers can make an informed purchase..Version: 1.5

Great but needs developmentLooks great, nice recipes but the feature of selecting ingredients doesn't work as it shows recipes I cannot make. Might as well just google smoothie recipes without any features..Version: 1.1.1

Good visuals but not much essenceThe ingredient function that is supposed to create a smoothie with what one has on hand is useless. You can choose from a very limited list of ingredients that you are “allowed” to have on hand. Eg. Only 5 veggie options and only 2 of the options are commonly available veggies (spinach and kale). The pictures are colorful but other than that you are better off just googling a smoothie or two..Version: 1.5.2

Great ideaLove the idea for this app! I especially appreciate the Ingredient search function as it allows me to make the best use of my produce. The functionality does have some quirks, such as the Ingredient search failing to actually limit to selected options. A search for avocado smoothies only found three recipes that included avocados even through twelve recipes were listed. There doesn't seem to be a way to report these kinds of issues. I frequently end up just going back to my actual book of recipes. Hoping these bugs are fixed in updates!.Version: 1.4

Love the Recipes, App Not So MuchI love the recipes, but the app takes for ever to load them. It’s visually appealing, but after checking my wifi connection and trying other apps, I’m confident this is an app issue and it’s not convenient at all over the website (which is less mobile-friendly). So disappointing after having paid for this app..Version: 1.6.0

Beautiful pics and great info but..Love love love this program and the app is beautiful! However, we’ve been unable to use Family Sharing - wants me to pay 3.99 for installs on other devices. Also suggesting a way to show which bundles we’ve already purchased when looking through the sections. Thanks for all the additions made to date!!.Version: 1.4

Disappointing: Grocery list not cumulative/categorizedI was really excited to see a feature that adds a recipe's ingredients to a shopping list, HOWEVER, after choosing several recipes and activating the shopping cart feature, I noticed that all this does is keep the ingredients from the recipe(s) in a long, unsorted running list -- that is, if 3 of my recipes call for "spinach" the app does NOT calculate the total spinach I should shop for -- just lists the quantity from each recipe, then I have to hunt the entire shopping list for recurring ingredients and tally them myself. Please consider a function that -- at the very least -- allows users to sort the list by ingredients so I can see all my "spinach" (or ginger, or banana, etc.) needs together and do the math for all the recipes I'm shopping without having to scan and rescan to make sure I didn't miss one. Thank you..Version: 1.7.1

Great...when I can access itI bought pretty much all the bundles, and that adds up- but it’s worse when you pay for them and cannot access them! It continuously asks for me to purchase and restore does nothing! I’ve emailed and I’ve gotten that there will be an update, which should fix the issues but still nothing. It’s disappointing.Version: 1.5

Ingredient Bar Feature Does Not WorkWell, after doing the Simple 7, I was really excited about getting this app. I’m 5 minutes in and already disappointed. The feature that sold me in the app description does not work! The ‘ingredient bar’ claims that you can simply enter ingredients you have in your kitchen and it will spit out smoothie recipes you can make. What could be easier than that?! Except it doesn’t work as advertised. It generated about 100 recipes for the items I entered, most of which include ingredients I didn’t select. Your app doesn’t do what you say it does. Can you provide an update when this will be fixed?.Version: 1.5

Missing a few good featuresWhen swiping to a substitution in a recipe and then adding to shopping list, the original item is added to the shopping list instead of the substitution. Also, it’d be nice to be able to change the serving size to 1 person and alter the ingredients (and therefore shopping amounts) to match..Version: 1.3

Terrible services and unfair practicesFor an app this expensive I’m not sure why I had to pay extra for certain smoothies and then...for others you are made to write a “review saying why you love the app” on a social media platform to even open the recipe. I’ll be writing to the place that recommended this app to explain how inappropriate I find that practice. I will happily pay for an app I find useful, but to make people like it on social media is just poor business. I emailed the app contact...and so far no response..Version: 1.5

Cannot access bundlesThe intention behind the app is good and I’ve enjoyed the few recipes I’ve been able to make. The problem, however, is that many recipes require a fee. I do not any issues with paying a modest amount for more recipes, but after purchasing the Autumn Challenge bundle, I’m not able to view the recipes. Instead, every time I try, I’m told I need to purchase them. Attempting to restore the purchase does nothing. If this one bug was fixed, it’d be a great app!.Version: 1.5

Great content, faulty appI just downloaded this app for juice and smoothie ideas but none of the pictures for the smoothies work. All I see is the downloading wheel over each picture. So I have no idea what recipe I’m clicking on. Also, some of the links in the “DIY” section link to nonexistent articles. Otherwise, the recipes look great and I can’t wait to start using them!.Version: 1.7.1

Crashes on HomepageI love Simple Green Smoothies and this is not a review on the smoothies themselves but solely on the app performance. I just downloaded the app and whenever I try to touch the home screen upon opening the app, it crashes and shuts down immediately. This is something that should probably get fixed. Not worth the $4.99 to have an app that cannot stay open..Version: 1.5.2

No iPhone X support!A paid for app should at least support the latest hardware. Extremely disappointed!.Version: 1.4

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