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Videoleap: AI Video Editor App User Positive Comments 2023

Videoleap: AI Video Editor app received 97 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about videoleap: ai video editor?

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Videoleap: AI Video Editor for Positive User Reviews

Some problems...I really like the app but just ONE thing... when I add pictures and stuff and I add a certain amount, the app get very laggy and it gets quite annoying. And it’s also very annoying when you play the video on the editing page and it doesn’t show up properly so I don’t know how to time it right. Sometimes even if I try to watch it through the full screen mode it goes off timing then what it actually is and I have to export it in order to see if the ACTUAL time is right. Please, if you can fix these two problems....Version: 1.7.1

AmazingSo I was looking for a video editor for my phone and I had tried stuff like Picsart and they were all so hard to use because of ads and premium, so they were basically unusable then I had previously tried quickshot and I thought that was good so I tried this and, yes they do have a premium and stuff but there aren’t any ads and it’s actually USABLE without getting premium. So I would consider getting premium but I’m too broke lol😞.Version: 1.18.0

This is a great appI love this app, it’s everything you need, it’s got lots of features you need, and the pro version just makes it better, I’m not a HUGE fan of the new update, as it does remove a lot of features from the free version such as chroma (green screen) and audio overlapping, but I’ll still keep using this forever, thanks for the awesome editing app!.Version: 1.19.10

The undisputed best video app on the marketWorth every cent. I can make a professional looking video in minutes. I usually use filmora, premier pro and after effects so this app is a god send. Please make available more filters and effects also there are a few bugs like when you have multiple layers and effects the video stops responding and you need to restart the app. Fix these things and you will have a customer for life ✌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾.Version: 1.4.2

Must read!💕I think this app is amazing! i have a fan page on instagram, and i love making edits! i’ve tried almost every editing app i could find! This app has so many FREE transitions, stickers, layers, texts and many cool fonts, and so much more! On many apps like this one, you need to pay monthly for cool things like that, but you don’t with this one! It’s also watermark free! Overall, I rate this app 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.14.4

Highly RecommendI pay for a subscription but it is 100% worth the money. I’ve been using this app to edit promotional material for my church and it has been the best. I love all the features, the music that comes with it, the freedom to edit exactly how I want. The only think I’d like to see is an auto sync to the music. Would be helpful sometimes. Overall, as far as a phone editing app goes, it is very efficient..Version: 1.18.6

Best app dudeHighly recommend good app for editing and what not.Version: 1.9.1

:)It’s very cool make videos of it.Version: 1.14.2

Amazing!Overall it’s an outstanding app; you can do a lot of cool edits without paying. I’m not sure how VLPro goes as far as advantages because I haven’t subscribed myself. Some things I would suggest is to fix the extremely choppy speed. Speeding up is rather fine, but slowing a clip down makes it super choppy. Another thing I would fix is the crashing. Hasn’t happened in awhile again but if there are too many fine details, it kicks you out, and with personal experience, heats up your phone from overloading (might just be me). Without pro, you can no longer work on your edit after you have downloaded it and closed the app. But if you don’t download it and wish to work it later, it will still be able to be worked on even with closing the app. So speaking for myself, the only issues are speed/choppy clips once slowed down, and potentially bug fixes. Guaranteed if the tool to speed down is fixed to be SUPER smooth, tons of people would get/pay for the app because velocity edits is arguably the biggest trend currently. Otherwise it’s great. I may buy the pro version..Version: 1.17.8

Good but needs helpIt is a good app I just wished that it was a little bit easier because I am new to this type of stuff and making a movie with my siblings and this helped a lot but it was hard to manage I would recommend this app for people who have at least a year of experience or people who have a lot of experience this app was really good once I got used to making and editing movie's..Version: 1.12.6

Great app for valueIt’s a great app for the value, but it would be better if you can lock layers, and access music in an easier way.Version: 2.3.4

Projects don’t loadThere are some really good features in this app but frustratingly projects don’t load first time every time. This morning alone I’ve attempted to load a project at least a dizen times, waited, reset, shutdown phone, refreshed RAM and still no joy. This has happened almost every day since I purchased the app..Version: 1.7.1

Absolutely AMAZING but, needs a few changesI absolutely LOOOOVE THIS APP. It’s very easy to use. The app gives you lots, and LOTS of freedom too. And it’s perfect for YT. But, a few changes need to be made. First change should be the time limit thing. Pretty much the “time limit thing” is where if the video is over like two minutes long, you need to buy the deluxe version. Buying deluxe wouldn’t be a problem but.... I’m super broke. Also, the masking tool could be upgraded, like you can make custom masking. You may be thinking, “Well how I supposed to make money from this??” well... you could have the deluxe version auto mask, like people, faces, animals, etc.. My last change is for the background, instead of just having blurred backgrounds, and colored backgrounds. You could have the same video next to the video, sorta like a grid of videos. The videos for the grid would be the same size as the original video, and would be fixed right next to the video. For the money making part of the grid, you would be able to make the grid videos blurry, or something like that..Version: 1.17.4

Video clips not playing?I have been using the app for about 2 weeks and it is great! it’s really easy to use as a beginner video editing app but for some reason I finished editing a video and all of the clips came up with a triangle with and exclamation mark in the middle. The clip would just be a black screen when the video was playing, but the text and music would play? I also went on to the other 2 videos i edited before and the same thing happened. Before i had edited the one that might of cause the corruption, this had never happened. So basically all my videos are corrupted or something. Is there any way this can be fixed?.Version: 1.12.10

My ReviewI’m a profession television producer and editor from Detroit Michigan I have worked for both local and nationally syndicated network broadcast now for over 30 years and produced shows for the NFL, BET,ABC,and CBS to name a few. I must say that I’m throughly impressed with the editing engine made simple and right at your fingertips through the Videoleaf app. My wife and I recently went to Jamaica to celebrate my birthday and I decided to capture our entire vacation with my smartphone and some other handy tool #Gimble #Getit that would lend them selves to my creativity and when I got done I had some 700+ pics and videos on my phone so I decided to put videoleaf through some paces. After working all night on my cellphone I still can’t say that this platform has had enough. So I just wanted to share my testimony and experience with you. It’s Awesome amazing simple to use and very user friendly. I’m sure that from the beginner to the pros they will all agree with me. That Videoleap is a must have for any and all who desire to produce broadcast quality productions right from your handheld device while sitting in the airport waiting on a flight or on the couch. Your production will take a serious uptic and I believe Videoleap is the wave of the future. Bravo Brovo Videoleap 5👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 up If anyone would like to see my Birthday 🎁 video I’m happy to share upon request. 🎬🎥🎞 Thanks again P.A.Brooks 🎨.Version: 1.4.1

Great but…This is a great app, but there are playback issues where the video plays when you don’t want it to (i.e. when you’re scrolling through a video). Could you also add an option to ‘nest’ certain parts of a video? I find it very annoying when you have a text animation on top of a video, and the text does not stay with the video (if you shorten the clip or move it elsewhere on the time line). Otherwise perfect app. Recommended..Version: 1.4.2

BEST APP of its genus. BEST APP COMPANY period.After using this app, I deleted all other IOS video editing apps taking up space on my device hard drives. This single app resources the collective functions & features previously provided by a collection of pricey apps. The interface is easy to learn. The outcomes are pleasing. The service is exemplary. On the heels of my Videoleap conversion, I downloaded every Lightricks app. I guess I “saw the light”. [ Yes, I see the low-hanging fruit…it’s too easy to harvest. I would be sinning to type, “I saw the Lightrick”! 😂 ] Each app was a revelation. As I can afford it, I’m purchasing every available lifetime membership. I fully trust high-praise is offered in countless other user reviews regarding the app’s technical execution. There has to be tons of valuable feedback providing specific function assurances for those seeking such. Instead of doing a lesser job at such conveying such information, I simply add a hearty “YES!” I rarely do app reviews. After owning at least every other model sold by Apple since my first 4 GB iPhone in 2007, I’ve submitted less than a dozen app reviews. Lastly…when an app company substantially impacts the efficiency & effectiveness of one’s daily media function, it’s smart to seek out additional products/services offered by that company, integrate them into your worflow, and say “thank you” to the people who do/did the work to make all that good stuff happen..Version: 1.19

User Friendly And A Great AppSo, I’ve never written a review for apps like this as none have ever stood out to me - Until now! I have used this app for just over a year now and I haven’t run into any problems. I started and still use it without the subscription and it does anything and everything I could ever want it to do! I really enjoy using it and overall a great app to start and progress with your editing skills. If I had to make a request it would be to add more transitions and animations. But after the recent additions and new layout, I’m sure there are other things to prioritise. All in all, I would greatly recommend this app for anyone who is just starting to edit their first videos and I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I have and continue to do!.Version: 1.17.2

Very Good but.......I had the iphone 7 plus and i has been using iMovie previously however i found it limited and not as good as the desktop So i found this app by using it compatriot using photo editing app photofox (which is brilliant) and i must say it is now my photo editing app of choice as it has the most features i ive seen so far on a mobile similar to a typical mid range desktop software and a very easy user interface The the only thing i that need to improve is the stability when making longer videos. If your making a 5 min video it very good but if you try and do a 10 min video or longer then it starts having problems it slows down considerably or it crashes. It might be because i had an older iphone However now that i have the latest iphone pro max I will be trying this app and ill give another review to see if i get the same problem but over i like the features i hope to make longer videos Keep added new features!!.Version: 1.12.5

Bro it’s so goodI’m a pretty budget person and use many different apps to make a video or even edit a photo, but this app is so amazing it has almost everything and it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEE Though I do still use imovie but that’s mainly for just flipping the video around actually... I love it so much, really recommend it •v•.Version: 1.7.1

Magic can happen with this app!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Yes. Very well established application which is forever teaching me new skills and techniques always learning something new with this. I had the unlimited 1 year subscription and couldn’t complain at all. But it would be good to have a tuition course on ALL it can do. It may be endless. I still look for new ways from private sources, but I’ve seen this app break the laws of physics 😂 again and again. 🥰D🦊🎩.Version: 2.5.1

IncredibleThis app is undoubtedly the best editing app I’ve ever used. It can reverse clips, change the opacity of clips, it has professional animations and transitions which you can change the speed of, and you can even make it so that it zooms in or out slowly or quickly to a certain part of the screen. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t glitch unlike other editing apps. If you want to do professional editing for videos without a watermark and for free, Videoleap is what you need..Version: 1.14

NOT HAPPY - BEWARENOT HAPPY - BEWARE I was paying a monthly subscription, which I was more than happy to as it’s a good app, I missed my last monthly payment (May 2021) and today I noticed they have taken a full years subscription from my account. ( I can only assume there is something in the small print allowing them to do this if you miss a monthly payment, as I never knowing authorised a yearly subscription to be taken) I will be looking into this further..Version: 1.17.9

A* Mobile EditorI’ve downloaded about 5 apps and this is 10x better, more capable and so much more professional than any I have tried. If you’re editing for Insta etc and want to style out your stuff you really need this app, no joke! £5.49p/m that I really won’t resent spending. It does EVERYTHING you need, even rotating, special stylistic effects such as lens flare, blurring, and’s crazy that you can do this on a tiny iPhone! Usability and interface is excellent and easily manipulated. As you can see...highly recommended..Version: 1.10.1

Great. But massive problemI’m a big fan of Videoleap and use it on for everything I ever need to edit but most of the time I export something the ends result is missing half of the sound effects and if I fix it with another editor the quality ends up being really bad. Great editor aside from that issue 4/5.Version: 1.25.2

Great but one problem...Hey I have been using the free version of the app and it's great but there is a problem. I was editing a video, but after using like 3 transitions, I wasn't able to use any more. I thought it might just be a limit on the video because I didn't have pro, so I saved the video and tried to add transitions on another one. However, the transitions themselves were still greyed out and not I can't use them at all. Great if you could fix that, or just explain why they aren't working :). That is all, other than that the app is great! Thanks!.Version: 1.13.1

Bugs!This is a really great app, & I honestly couldn’t find an app like this the settings and options are great BUT, when I want to make a long video there are quite a lot of bugs ex: it freezes then automatically erases my whole video that I’ve spent allot of time on and then takes me back to the home screen please fix!!.Version: 1.10.8

Impossible to use without premium.I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now. And for all those 3 years, I’ve never written a review. But I feel that now I should write this in an attempt to walk back this company / app’s plans. For about 2 years, I’ve used the app without premium. And I thought it was fine. However, last year, I was forced into premium because of the new 1 minute 30 second video limit. This also at the time wasn’t a big issue for most things however. I usually work with short form content anyways. I was fine with this for a while. But over the past week, I’ve given up this app and switched to Premiere Pro. Why, you may ask? Becuase of one feature. The watermark. This one feature makes it impossible for many, many creators to make videos on your website. People like me who do not have enough wealth to afford a 24/7 subscription like this are left in the shadows. So please, Videoleap developers, fix your app, and respect your consumers..Version: 1.25.8

Excellent, but...Let me start by saying that Videoleap a fantastic tool for any beginning editor: the capabilities of this app go above and beyond anything I’ve seen on the App Store, with far more features such as overlaying videos & adding effects and filters for free that make it far more useful than the likes of, for lack of a better example, iMovie. These features where what I was looking for when I downloaded it and certainly have not disappointed, with my editing quality soaring since. However, this comes at the cost of the app’s durability; I have found in recent weeks my projects crashing more and more as new media is added to the point where some become completely unsalvageable. This crashing is persistent enough to prevent Videoleap from earning a perfect 5/5 for me - a brilliant tool that has bitten off more than it can chew..Version: 1.9.1

AMAZING!This is absolutely amazing! Every video editing app I have used would be on a 5 right now, and this would be on an 11! It works so well, and runs so smoothly! The only thing I would like to see in the future is video crop, for free? It’s a wonderful and exquisite app, but I generally feel as if video crop should be free. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing, but sometimes I’m in the need of cropping a video without a watermark, and so must other people, but I have to pay. That’s the only downside. But overall, AMAZING!.Version: 1.14.4

Works great!Quick and easy to use and learn and there are no watermarks! Recommended for sure..Version: 2.3.3

I make videos on youtube ButttI recently moved to pc And now i cant download it please make it for pc computer laptop.Version: 1.15

The app (which I purchased) keeps freezing and crashingInitially, this app was such a great alternative to iMovie, which had so many issues I gave up on it. I felt secure about Videoleap to the point I decided to purchase it. It worked perfectly for several months and then, of course Murphy’s Law, it began behaving exactly like iMovie. The app constantly freezes and crashes mid edit and I keep having to restart my phone to get it to work…which it will for 20 min before freezing and crashing again. Yes, I did update iOS to the newest versions (before you try asking)! It seems Videoleap is unable to keep up with the updates. I love this app for many reasons (effects, stickers, huge selection of music for my vlogs, great editing tricks, awesome transitions, clearer image, and it’s tremendous precision-iMovie only offered perhaps 20% of what this app offers). But, it’s getting more and more frustrating as I’m now shopping around once again and trying other alternatives, especially if Videoleap continues behaving this way. Please, fix this! I purchased the app and don’t want to regret this purchase. Thank you..Version: 1.22.3

Free trial endHi there I used this app once on the free trial and due to travelling abroad, my trial ended and I have been charged the full year subscription while i was in the air. My problem is i wasn’t able to connect to any internet during my 38 hr trip across the globe. Now I that i have arrived to my destination i realise i have been charged the full year subscription. May i get some help with this issue please. Thanks in advance..Version: 1.23.16

Wonderful!Tbh, when you use this as a free user, you’re really limited, so you can barely do much at all. Not very proficient for video making. However, the full version is honestly worth it! Ever since I paid, I could do all sorts of things! Specifically, add subtitles with more effects I couldn’t do with other subtitle apps I use (other than MojiMov, which doesn’t actually autosave so :p) & add pictures to create videos like croppy animations or color-coded videos! Videoleap DOES get laggy, though, if you add too many layers of stuff (which I wish wasn’t the case...). And all that for just $32 for one year of subscription? I think that’s plenty worth it! Other than the lagging-due-to-too-many-layers problem, I don’t have any other problem with this app. I mean, it COULD do a bit better with a few new things, like text transitions, but overall I’m pretty content with this app. Just, I do hope the developers somehow find a way to make Videoleap not as laggy with excessive layers eventually, if possible 😖.Version: 1.4.2

Insanely Good!!I’ve had this app for years which I paid in full for at the time and when it started out, it was always a very good editor. Now, with all the recent updates and changes, I didn’t like the templates so much, however, since they’ve introduced the scenes feature and incorporated A.I for both photo and video, this app is off the scale brilliant and I highly recommend it!! Pay for the full version, I promise you, you won’t regret it one bit. It’s insanely good. Brilliant work and all credit to those working hard at Lightricks for this incredible app! Thank you..Version: 2.3.3

Easy to use and great editing features butThis is a great app to edit your videos on plus you don’t have a water mark in the corner of your screen which is even more of a bonus. Also the ability to render out your video in 60fps and 4K is amazing. However I have 1 problem when I edit a video and come back to it the next day to finish editing it’s a gamble as 50% of the time the video has in some way corrupted for no reason. And it has triangles on the clips at the bottom and I play it the clips are black and only sound plays. This isn’t a problem when I edit in one go but sometimes I like to do it in intervals so I don’t get bored and try to rush the video. Great app but would love for this to be changed or have a button that saves the video On The App so I can go back to it the next day without having to worry about it being corrupted:).Version: 1.12.11

Enlight suite subscriberThere are two features which would make animation a whole lot better using key frames. First, make it possible to rotate objects to any angle without changing the size. The only way to currently do this is hitting rotate which does 90 degree increments . If you rotate by hand it’s literally impossible to do without changing the size of the object. Second, for those of us who like to do seamless infinite animations, this currently requires setting an animation point at the beginning and end, so the object ends in the exact same place, same size, etc. however, this means that any future points you set, the object Will always be in motion to that last point. It would be so nice if you could have the option to toggle off moving to the next key frame, just for editing purposes, because this makes it impossible to keep any object in any other spot for a set period of time.Version: 1.18.3

It is great but can be improvedI used to worked with bunch of video editing apps but when I used this app I left all of them and stuck to it, it is fast, powerful, handy and enjoyable, Two things need to be fixed and add 1- cropping the video frame to desire size( now the frames are fixed) 2- when a segment deleted it goes forward rather to back to the end of last segment I really appreciate the video leap team for their great job !.Version: 1.13.10

Great app, but...I think Videoleap is a great app because I do all my video edits in there, but I think it’s kind of sad that we have to pay now so we can do videos longer than 40 seconds. I understand paying to get the full mode like filters, more overlays, more transitions, sound effects etc. but now the length on how long our videos can be!? I think that’s ridiculous. (Only for that matter) I will continue to use the app but I guess I’ll have to shorten videos now :(.Version: 1.17.5

Very good editing app but one major issueThis app is probably the best free editing app out there except for one major problem. For some unknown reason, some of my recent videos have kind of deleted parts of themselves. When i go into them to edit them, some of the clips and things have a yellow exclamation mark symbol on it and when you watch the video it is just black. This is a very big problem as i’ll have to start again and these videos took ages to edit and i am uploading them very soon. It would be awesome if this problem was fixed as it would make editing videos so much less time consuming and less frustrating. Thanks.Version: 1.17.6

Changes to free and paid membershipsThis is an amazing app, one of the best video editing apps without any stuttering footage and no technical problems from me. So i would definitely recommend! The only problem i have is the more limited this app is becoming to people who use it for free. Ive downloaded this a month or two ago, and i could edit videos freely, however i wasn't allowed to use any of the subscription based perks (understandable) However I’ve came back to it a day or 2 ago and there is now a limit for free users on how long your video can be? Apparently whenever my video is over 1.30 minutes long it says i need premium to export. Im not sure why they are restricting even more users. If so i think the app should be paid to be able to use. This is only a slight problem i just wanted to say. Everything else about the app is practically amazing. I will definitely get the premium version of this app later on once available..Version: 1.17.9

So close to perfectThis app has replaced Adobe Premiere Pro for me. It does everything I used to do on desktop with Premiere. The only thing stopping this app being perfect for me as a Social Media Manager for a nationally-recognised brand is that it doesn't do auto captions. I still have to use CapCut for that. Are there plans to add auto captions? Another nice to have feature I'd like to see is the ability to add speed ramps when clicking the 'speed' setting. At the moment the only way to do speed ramps that I can see is with key frames but I think it makes more sense to build that functionality into the speed setting (the way CapCut does). Anyway, great video editing app that's the closest to being perfect out of all the ones I've tried..Version: 1.23.14

Great app, Premium is a messUpdate: So basically what it’s doing is that it’s switching from back to forth in the changes if the app. Now it’s doing the same thing and I think it’s a glitch but my videos aren’t able to go pass 50 seconds anymore. Please fix this, the app is really great and doing this kind or sort of update is making it worse. (Real post)I’m not gonna waste anybody’s time because this is straight off the bat. Video leap is one of the best editors I have ever used and I would give this a 5 star. Video leap has great transitions, quality, and everything you would need for a YouTube/Movie. But you have a time limit of 2 minutes and can’t really do anything but make shorts with low edits because apparently adding more than 1 text would need to buy premium. Please videoleap, if you can respond it would be great for me and every other user who cannot buy the premium version. Before it used to be premium if more than two texts, tried a premium setting, and had a unlimited time limit. Please change it back to its originality. Thank you!.Version: 1.17.6

WatermarkI have been using this app for almost a year. Everything is easy to use and I could make really good edits with it which rivalled PC editing. All that aside one of the great features about the app was exporting without it having a watermark. After a little break (A couple of months) from editing I come back to it and realised they had added the watermark feature. I understand it’s to influence people buying the premium version as a market strategy to raise funds and budget, it’s just made me disappointed that I can no longer use it without paying money or putting up with the watermark. I’m sure some people can live with it but as a personal preference I can’t. I don’t expect you to change nor am I forcing you to. Thank you for progressing my editing skills and my videos..Version: 1.17.4

Nothing But ❤️Been using this app for the last three years, pro user last two years(worth going pro). People often ask me how I get my edits done and when I tell them it's mobile editing, I get shocked reactions! That's how good this app is. Hands down so easy to use and yet, this app has constantly updated and looked for ways to make it easier for people to use its features, including consistently introducing new features to this app. There's a number of things I feel would enhance some people's, if not, ALL people's experience. For example: -when resizing the video, show the dimensions of the video(aka the numbers for width and height), or manually adjust the size of the video via digit input. I aim for precision when editing and this isn't a computer where you are able to alter the size of the video. It would really shave some time off of editing. -a grid layout for more precise placement of videos. -love the new trim button, but I find myself deleting clips out just as constantly as I find myself trimming, a delete button beside the trim button would A1! -the ability to copy the attributes of a video on your main timeline(ex. adjust) and paste to another clip. I hope you guys manage to read this! Pls consider adding some of the following features. Thank you for the amazing work and wonderful updates!.Version: 1.16.3

Very awesome app! Top notch!This app is very good! Couldn’t be happier with it. Although loads of fonts would be a bonus..Version: 1.10.8

Great app but still room to improveLove a lot of the features this app provides, but still only in its early stages to what it could potentially become. The Photofox integration is a brilliant feature and I like how it has a chromakey tool, but frustrating that it needs more work as I seem to still use other apps to do my green screen work due to its performance. Also would like to see the option to import through iOS files, as adding music and effects I still find myself having to use other apps to import my own music. Apart from that, plenty to love about this app. Hope to see some more updates and useful stock content to keep me subscribing. Huge supporter of Enlight and Photofox. Photofox is the best thing since sliced bread and fingers crossed we see much more future development in this one!.Version: 1.4.1

Great! but there’s some problems.......Hi, this app is great! It has a lot of effects and stock to work with and is easy to pick up and learn. Not only is it capable of editing great stuff for people who are more familiar with editing but also really easy to use for people who are still learning and who are beginning. Of course it still had its flaws or things I want out of it. Like a better keyframe system, so not everything gets effecting by keyframes. Like a switch which enables any edit to turn into a keyframe. And also issues with the timeline, it’s hard to see when all the layers are all mashed together. Sure it’s unique I guess but it’s hard to see or switch to something else in order to edit. Lastly, playing and reviewing footage is super SUPER buggy. Maybe it’s just my device or an issue with me but everytime I press play it either teleports to another location or takes forever to play or plays but doesn’t play music for a bit which makes it EXTREMELY hard to make cuts and time things. Overall, the app is great but these problems I feel like need to be fixed as it has effected my editing projects the most..Version: 1.17.5

So Incredible This App Brings Me JoyThis app is incredible and when I saw the new motion tracking update I nearly blew up. I love every app in the app bundle but this is the first one I installed and is the OG of my editing journey. Thank you so much for making this so I can get good quality videos and incredible graphics, thank you so much..Version: 1.18.0

It’s a great app butHi guys, the app is amazing, it’s got almost all the functions i need! I hope in future updates we can have change pitch option. The only problem now is that every time I open the app now it doesn’t take me automatically to the editing screen, it brings me straight to the super loud Home Screen of tutorials of pre-made videos. It makes me jump, especially when i left my phone on high volume. It’s rage-inducing now, after putting up with this issue for quite a long time with no solution.. I’ve contacted customer support and apparently there’s no option to mute or open the app without entering Home Screen.. it’s really inconvenient when i have to use the app in a relatively quiet environment and just explodes with loud noises and scare my cat and everyone around me.. i paid a lot of money for membership and still have to put up with an issue that shouldn’t even be a problem the first place.. 2023 update: today's home screen sample template was extremely flashy, it hurt my eyes! it could potentially cause serious health problems in people suffering from PTSD or epilepsy!! please turn it off or give us the option to open the app without jumping straight into loud noises and flashy lights!!.Version: 1.23.6

Great but…I love this app. I’ve been using it for a while and then I updated and it’s basically turned into cap cut. If I want to pixelate something I can no longer just click fx then pixelate. I don’t know how to do anything much now. I mean all the fx have been shuffled. Now I can’t pixelate a face without it fading at the end. What if I was pixelateing for a reason..Version: 1.24.1

It’s an awesome app for editing, but…I usually use this app to edit together my medium length vlogs, and it was my favorite because it had a lot of features that most video editing apps do not! It has a really cool layer feature that comes in handy when wanting to insert a song of your choice, or even just to layer a video! Though, now that they have limited the length on how long your videos can be, I basically no longer have use for the app. I’m broke, so I don’t really have the option of buying the monthly subscription, especially because I don’t always have vlogs to edit every single week, so I wouldn’t really be getting my money’s worth. This feature used to be available for everyone and I don’t think it’s fair to basically force people to buy an unlimited length when they’re just trying to edit a video for their own personal use. I’m currently on the hunt for a good app that I could use instead to edit, but so far it’s been really hard to top this one. If the length limit was gone, I would definitely redownload this app and give it a full five star!.Version: 1.18.2

As someone who’s been using Videoleap for almost 2 yearsBeing one of the easiest ways to edit a video, Videoleap has always been my first choice in editing short clips. I love the app, how simple it is, and what you can do with it. But after a few months of using it, they started charging for things, and I understand that, but things kept getting more and more pricey. All of a sudden, the video lengths were shortened to a minute and 30 seconds, I think it was originally a minute and 25… Though I don’t pay much mind, since, well, I make short clips, Videoleap being my only mobile editing software makes it to where I would need to split videos in half and upload them separately. I’d considered buying the one-time purchase around this time, where it was around 30-40 bucks… and I didn’t actually have the time to think about it until I came back to it a couple months later thinking I should buy it now… but holy moly, 200 bucks??? Videoleap, don’t get me wrong. You are my favorite mobile editing app, but I believe playing the price game might not work out if you charge that high. I have never had to make a review on an app before, but I want it to be known: I love this app, but it is charging too much..Version: 1.21.8

This just make’s it easy. User friendly AFWorks for exactly what i need it for. Its going to be awkward to do this level of editing on a phone but this really makes it that much easier to do and can be really handy on the go. I have now been using it for 3+ months religiously & i must say it has really taken me by surprise how much editing i can actually do now on my phone. It will take longer then a computer and maybe match a tablet in speed depending on screen size for you to edit a video. Im using it on an IPhone X a little bit of extra sensitivity when editing the actual video’s is the only real difference. the features are amazing you can actually edit SO MUCH i am really amazed how much i have been using it and only use a bigger device for really complicated projects. The software is fast, the only slow part will be you. The price for all this convenience is 👌🏻.Version: 1.5

Great app but just some suggestionsThis is a great app and has the best features available for ios. You've got a very simply built interface with many effects and stuff and could easily beat many PC video editors built for the same purpose. One of my biggest troubles is deleting bits of the video when i have lots of little audio clips wich are placed in time with the video. When the video is edited, i need to move each audio clip forwards or backwards to match the video one by one. Other than this suggestion, you have a perfect app..Version: 1.10.7

Amazing App! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love the LightTricks Suite. VideoLeap just keeps getting better and better especially. My favourite new feature is the template and beats feature for music. It makes making short clips easy and fun especially with gifs. I do have a couple of requests to improve the app: 1. The new Highlight feature would be really useful for animated media (gifs) as well, so you could scrub through exactly which bit you wanted to use. This is my biggest request. 2. Imported media (photos, animated, and videos) could stay saved within the project even if removed from the device. Keep up the amazing work!.Version: 1.20.3

My opinionI think that VideoLeap is a great editing tool, but it’s slowly becoming more of an app for TikTok. I think that you should not need pro to make videos over 90 seconds long, and I think we should at least have 2 layers. I feel more limited in the past few months and it’s become harder to make videos. Maybe raise the limits a bit, I feel like limiting non-pro users more will cause LESS buyers to purchase pro. Just a suggestion. I hope you consider this, have a nice day! :).Version: 1.18.6

Almost perfect!I’ve been using the paid version for content creation and it does 90% of what I need it to do. That 90% it does flawlessly, but it would be great to not have to use multiple apps for those few extra features. Two, in particular, I’d love to see added in. One, the background selection tool works great, but I’d love to be able to adjust the background’s brightness, saturation, etc - without it adjusting the foreground. Two, and this one is my biggest one, I’d love to have a blur option under the glitch menu, not just pixelate. Pixelate and tracking work great together, but for some items a pixelated censor is a bit distracting where a blur would still get the job done without drawing your focus to the censored part. Not big complaints, but those options would keep me from using multiple apps. Hopefully the right folks see this and take it as a suggestion for future updates!.Version: 1.23.15

Simply wowThis app is literally the after effects for mobile! It does exactly as it says it can do. when I first downloaded this app, I thought it was like all other mobile video editing apps. You could add transitions and basic stuff. But when you dive more into it you’ll be amazed with what you can do.I wanted to download the pc version of it on my computer but I was a bit disappointed to discover there was no pc version of it (or even if there was, I couldn’t find it). Because imagine, if you could do so much just on mobile, what could you create on computer! It would be better than after effects or any other software! The premium purchase brings it more controls. However, I really want the chroma key feature to improve and to add a ‘lasso’ tool to the masking panel along with radial and linear etc. These were the things I had to say and yes, I AM AMAZED WITH WHAT I CAN CREATE!.Version: 1.17.3

Beautifully well done app...SuggestionsFirst off all, this app has to be the most incredible, simple, easy editing app there is. It’s really easy to figure anything out, first day I got it it was so good I edited videos for 3-4 hours just on the first day of installation. However what I really would like for you to do is to update the animations for mixers, such as custom animations I see this as a way to do what you want when it comes to adding animations. Another thing I really want to see is, an option to stretch something like stretching an image out and being able to see an image progressively get longer and being able to make an animation like that. I know other apps can do this, but however I would love to see this happen for this app because if I switched editors (which I’ve tried) I would just come back here but with less animations. So please update the animations for the mixers! Another thing that I wish that you would add, literally all the features for Pixaloop into video style that’s what I honestly really really want and would be so helpful!.Version: 1.12.5

Almost perfect!I've been using Videoleap for years now and I absolutely love it. I do all my video editing and creating using it. I recommend it to everyone I speak to about video editing. There is one thing that would make it even better. Please, please, PLEASE add an option to disable the automatic snap/align feature where it snaps a video into place where it thinks it should line up. This is a very handy feature to have but sometimes it drives me crazy when I'm trying to move it just a little bit and it keeps snapping into place. This small but extremely helpful update would truly make Videoleap the perfect one-stop-shop for all your video editing needs!! Thank you!.Version: 1.18.1

Awesome appJust downloaded this app and I’m super impressed, definitely wasn’t expecting it to be this good! Please don’t change anything (like adding non stop ads🙄) or ruin the app like many other creators did with theirs. I think the only thing I’d think about adding would be transitions for texts & videos. Still such a great app! Possibly a 7 day free trail for the Pro version could be useful as I would not want to spend such a brave amount without knowing what I’d get.😄.Version: 1.3.2

Very nice there is 1 question I need to askSorry I have to ask again. I’m my friends editor for YouTube and I want to get like full screen without those black edges in the screen I always change canvas and I watch it in YouTube and it always shows them is there a way to fix this?.Version: 1.14.1

Bugs and LagsI have been using this app for 2 years now and i love it, the features in it are amazing, but there are bugs and my most recent edit. I’m editing a video for my workout routine, and i’m doing voiceovers. I picked up where i left off yesterday and whenever i tried to make a new voiceover, it kicks me off the app. And also, whenever i move the video back and play it again, it either the audio or the video itself that slowed down. Please fix this developers.Version: 1.13.4

This is a really cool app.Although I don’t do a lot of editing I still find this app is a good easy to use free app and it’s basically the best free editing app I know of so keep up the good work and please don’t remove the app also keep updating it because every now and then i find I’m just repeating the same thing over and over again but overall I think this app is really cool..Version: 1.17.15

OutstandingAs a designer for 15 years who’s familiar with animation and video editing, I’m always on the lookout for new tools. Videoleap has completely transformed my approach to video editing. It’s tools, whilst simple, become extremely powerful when part of a workflow which incorporates other mobile apps such as Glitché, desktop apps such as Photoshop and Airdrop (to quickly move files back and forth). When it comes to editing for social media posts, video now takes half the time - in large part due to the simpler gesture-based UX - leading to an increase in my earning power. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store next. Videoleap - you’re ahead of Adobe’s mobile apps, so long as you keep a focus on a simple UX as your features increase..Version: 1.6.6

It’s pretty good...Yes, it’s awesome, and it’s got amazing features but... it keeps on lagging if I put a lot of pictures or videos in. And then I actually have to restart my project ALL OVER AGAIN! I don’t actually have to restart it all over again, but honestly, doesn’t having to rearrange everything and put every single attachment back on again count as starting from scratch? I really like the app, and I don’t want to stop using it. But if it keeps on doing this, I think I will have to go back to KineMaster..Version: 1.8.2

Wonderful AppThis is a wonderful app. I love it. I’ve been a paid subscriber for 2 years. It seems the prices have been jacked up. Now, I might be wrong, but it seems like it. I’m torn. I love the app, but don’t want to pay so much. The other thing is, what guarantees do I have with purchasing a life time access? What if the developer gets bore and describes to create a new app, leaving this one on the scrap heap? I’m out of subscription, but… waiting for a sale price. Love the app..Version: 1.17.10

What evens is iMovieSo I seldom go out of my way to review an app. For years I’ve used iMovie on my phone when I haven’t been able to edit on my laptop with Sony Vegas. I downloaded this app on a whim as I love their photo editing app. I’m impressed. I immediately deleted iMovie and will only being using this from now. Yes it lags a touch from time to time when you really challenge it, but only for a moment. As a whole the features are far beyond standard for mobile video editing apps, and I’m only using the free version! All in all well done! This is just what I needed with IGTV on the up and up, get this working as some powerful desktop software and I may even consider replacing Sony Vegas..Version: 1.4.2

AwesomeIt’s a great app. Totally a game changer, the Ai stuff is great fun to muck around with. I would highly recommend it for it’s fun aspect alone. It has a pro side to it to, able to output to the different resolutions to comply with various site requirements, like tik tok, instagram, etc. If you are at all into experimental stuff, wow, If only it was available when i was twenty years younger. Do yourself a favour and get this app! Peace out..Version: 2.2

AI for iPad?Great app, having fun with it, but how come the iPad version doesn’t have the video ai option?.Version: 2.3

Time limitBack before the recent update I could make 25 minute videos, this has helped me with uploading content, but now it’s 2 minutes Can you make this limit 30 minutes or an 5 hours please, you don’t need to go ea sports mode just for some money, I don’t hate this app, I just hate the result of it now.Version: 1.17.8

Best video editing app everThis is the best app on the app store for video editing. i’ve tried a lot of apps, i’ve used imovie for a long time but this one is the best. at first it’s a little bit difficult to use but u get used to it. i have an iphone 7 and i edit a lot of videos, A LOT, because i do music videos and i can’t afford a laptop that costs $1000 and premiere pro, so i use this and a bunch of other apps to get the stuff done. i really love this app, it has helped me a lot but i’m noticing now that if i add too much in just one video (a lot of videos, 40+ min the whole project, effects, glitch, etc) it gets very slowly like iMovie. i know i have the iphone 7 and it’s 3 years old, but developers of the app please if you can fix this or make the app optimized for older devices for people that makes big projects like me would be amazing. thank you for developing this app, again, it has helped me a lot!.Version: 1.6.1

Hi video leapI loved your app it is very useful for my videos however some of it maybe a bit complicated so maybe if u made more features but less complicated more users will love it.Version: 1.23.14

DeletingThis app is amazing! I would give it 5 star rating, but the problem is that I deleted it the other day to free up space. After that, it returned onto my phone, but instead of having the app icon, it had a white icon with gray lines across it with circles. I do not know if it’s my device that’s the problem, but i there is a way to stop it, please let me know ;).Version: 1.13.8

Best video editor but perhaps not for everyoneI really appreciate finally someone is able to make such an extensive app that can possibly substitute for desktop video editing apps on phone to some extent. I think asking price is very fair considering the professionalism and features in this app, for all people who think it’s expensive take a look at the price tag of apps with similar functions (you can probably find em on pc only) and then compare how affordable the asking price is (referring to one time purchase). I purchased Enlight as well and I’m going to purchase this soon, working with Enlight has proven to me that despite of the high price tags developers are constantly supporting and adding lots of features and I am sure Videoleap will be in good places in coming month. So far I used this app to make my own creative videos and the results were amazing considering I’m working on iPhone 7, perhaps many of features aren’t meant for daily use but the free version already provides an array of useful tools which you need for typical editing. If you looking to go beyond and use your imagination I’m sure you will find your purchase worth every cent. *****Also please add landscape mode !!!!!! Overall good app and thanks..Version: 1.2.4

The best VIDEO EDITER EVER but one thingThis was the best video editor then they made you buy it it only last about 1 minute it’s not fair why don’t they set it back to as long as you want, they have everything accept the video player It is so not fair cause like it use to be the best cause it would last forever now people are giving it the thumbs down.Version: 1.17.5

Almost PerfectThe app overall is great - lots of options, great for editing (even for beginners)! I’ve had the app crash a few times when the video gets about 5 minutes long, but I’ve learnt that it usually won’t if I wait a while between each change I make. The main reason I wrote this review is actually quite small: when you add something (for example, a picture or video) on top as another layer, it’d be better if you could extend or make it bigger individually, instead of it doing both. Same size, different length. Different size, same length. I hope I explained that well enough for you to understand - apologies if you can’t!.Version: 1.16.4

WOWThis app used to be incredible. now, though, it’s even more incredible. the ai video update is insanely impressive. this app being a one time purchase is such a blessing. i sound like a praise bot or someone that gets paid to write positive reviews. i am neither of those. this app is, somehow, on par with fcpx. well, it definitely is when you consider the convenience of having it on your tablet or phone. it’s wild that this team is still adding so many new, and quality, tools. wild because it’s already paid for, they could just leave it as is and it’d be worth the price. in a way, with every added option (or tool), this application keeps getting cheaper. keep it up y’all! you’re an amazing team. honestly, i thank you. using this app is a joy. (maybe turn down the volume of the template suggestions when the app opens).Version: 2.3.3

MaskingEverything about this app is amazing! I haven’t ran into any problems yet but I was just writing this hoping someone would see this. Masking is a powerful tool that I use when I edit my videos, and if we were able to draw a mask frame by frame instead of being limited to a preset mask (linear, circle, etc.) this app would be ALOT more powerful. Just a suggestion that would make this app an 11/10, but other than that, 10/10!.Version: 1.11.4

Free VersionI love this app and have been using it for well over an Year now but it has been really hard to make better videos because of the very limited free version. For example, the free version doesn’t get to overlap text which is a feature I would love to see for the free version. I’m normally not a payer but I would pay for the features if I could. I really love this app and it’s honestly so close to being perfect with the easy to learn interface and features but PLEASE focus a bit more on giving the non payers a better experience with some decent features.Version: 1.12.11

Super good, problems though…Edit: They removed the duplicate button. I don’t understand why they would do this I’ve written a review before, and I said that this app is super great and simple to use, because it is!! I have enjoyed my experience using it. But with the one setback of not being able to export 1.5 minute long videos in the free version, I stopped using this as much. But I know why this has been put in place (and I don’t have enough to buy Pro anyway). However, the issue I’ve encountered recently is, as I believe, a glitch. When I export a project, some sounds don’t show up in the exported video. They are in the video editor and the preview has them playing, but you can’t hear them in the exported one. I’ve tried brainstorming to figure out what is going on, and I’ve tried exporting the video under different conditions. No luck. I’m not sure if this is a problem on my end or the client I’m using, but I’m pretty sure this is not intentional..Version: 1.19.3

Please fix audio bugsI pay for the annual membership which is worth it if you use it as much as I do for work. But the audio is really frustrating. I like that you can extract audio and change the sound but on the whole it’s regularly glitchy. Which is annoying BECAUSE it’s ALL the time. I have to close and re start the app to troubleshoot, and still I can only hear parts of my audio. Really frustrating for an app that is reaching top tier for editing on mobile devices..Version: 1.23.4

It’s my video editor of choice, though I have nitpicksEver since i found this app and it’s counterparts (Motionleap/beatleap and the like, I’ve loved experimenting with what it has to offer. The special effects are fun to fiddle with. It’s got a solid amount of editing options to offer, and it’s relatively simple. The biggest things I DISLIKE and still have to work around is the layering. It’s not difficult—rather, it’s a little tedious. I find myself wishing there were separate slots aside from audio/video to put different clips or images in. It’s nice to be able to tap the tabs to navigate the different things I insert, but if I want to add a new video over the top (unless I’m missing something), I find myself having to put said video on the same slot as another video and dragging it above just to fix it. Again, I can get around it, It’s just annoying. Another aspect about Videoleap I have to pick at is that if you want to export a video with special effects added in, it costs money… However I can *sort of* see a benefit to using VL for effects since it claims that the stock SFX is worth hundreds of $$$ unless you’re a premium user. If I’m to make something as minuscule as a TikTok video, even as a premium user, paying seems more than it’s worth. Overall, if you’re wanting a simple yet EXTREMELY effective editing software for your phone or tablet, VideoLeap is something I highly recommend for those looking to experiment..Version: 2.0

Immense potential I see in the VideoleapAs an AI future specialist, I’m impressed by the immense potential I see in the Videoleap AI app! 🌟 Videoleap AI combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive features, revolutionizing the way we edit videos. 🎥✨ Its advanced AI capabilities enable seamless video enhancements, making every frame come to life with stunning visual effects. The app’s user-friendly interface empowers both professionals and amateurs to create captivating videos effortlessly. From simple edits to intricate animations, Videoleap AI offers a wide range of tools and effects that unlock your creativity and transform your videos into masterpieces. 🎬🎨 With the power of AI at your fingertips, you can easily remove unwanted objects, enhance colors, apply artistic filters, and even create mesmerizing motion graphics. The possibilities are endless! I wholeheartedly recommend Videoleap AI to anyone seeking to elevate their video editing skills. It’s an essential tool for content creators, social media enthusiasts, and anyone passionate about visual storytelling. 🙌💫 Embrace the future of video editing with Videoleap AI and unleash your imagination like never before! 🚀📲✨.Version: 1.25.7

Love the App but have a questionI pay yearly for this app because it is simply amazing and in my line of work, it is a game changer. However, with paying $40 a year for the app, why do I now have to pay an additional fee for nearly every template I want to use? Be it $.99 or $9.99. I don’t understand. Why pay a yearly subscription, if it does not benefit the purchaser, and instead cause them to pay more to use? I’m at a loss. Again, the app is wonderful and worth the yearly subscription but in the past two months, I’ve paid over $55, which is more than the subscription cost, to use templates that are not covered with the subscription. Why is this? Can’t you have ONE subscription price for all ? My subscription ends in July of 2024, I’ve had it for over a year now , as I just renewed this July. Thank you in advance for your courtesies and time. Again, I know I’m repeating myself, the app is amazing but the increasing cost to use templates on top of paying for a subscription, will have to revisited to see if it will still be worth it. Hoping for a positive reaponse. 💜.Version: 2.3.1

A amazing first Editing Software.... ButVideoleap is hands down the best editing Software I ever used on mobile. It gives you everything right from the get go. It teaches you how to edit better and overall it’s a good app.....Until they release their newest update as of this review. Why did you make a video length requirement for people who don’t pay for the membership? I used to be able to make a 15 minute video with no problem. Now you can only make a 1:30 video. Now I understand that some people don’t care about that but that just ruins my and everyone’s videos because now we have a watermark in the bottom of our videos and also y’all also reduce the number of videos that we can overlay. It use to be 2 now it’s 1. Y’all made it harder for people to make meme videos or anything else. Y’all use to understand that some people weren’t able to pay for membership now Y’all are just money hungry..Version: 1.17.5

Needs MoreThis app is amazing to use, and very simple to understand. I’ve made multiple really cool special effect videos for my TikTok account, and it’s all because of this app. The only things that I can think of at the moment about what this app needs is a bigger resistance against crashing, something it does a lot of when handling too many tiny details at once, like zooming in on a clip with multiple editing points, as well as a custom masking feature. I often get annoyed by my limitations with the masking feature because I’ve used After Effects and Premier Pro before, but they’re just too expensive, but their masking feature is unbeatable. I would like to be able to work with a more flexible masking tool rather than having to figure out how I can get the line, or the mirror, or rectangle, or circle mask to work for me. If I could bend the line tool, I could definitely pull off SOOO many cooler effects. I don’t have all the (physical) recording space in the world, or the best recording equipment (An iPhone 8’s camera and microphone) and I can work with what I have. If I had better lighting tools, a dolly, an actual tripod, external microphones for secondary audio, and more space to record my videos, I could make some higher level videos, but I don’t have that and I’m still making some good videos. But that masking tool can be a real nightmare, but it’s also the only option I got. Also, if we could stretch/warp video shapes and sizes, that could be pretty cool..Version: 1.12.5

1 and a half minutes???!!!This app is really good for video editing and it’s really easy to pick up. Just recently, the devs made it so you can only have 1:30 of video without purchasing premium. Beforehand you could use as much as you want. I would have rated it 5 stars but bruh.Version: 1.17.9

Honestly love this app!Out of all my video editing apps, I also come back on you! You’re my #1 video editing app now. I don’t care how long it takes to save the video quality of the quantity all the way!.Version: 1.3

Liking it more and moreThe more I play with it, the more I like this app and its features. You have to learn how to get it to do what you want since it doesn’t always have the exact same features of some other programs I’m used to using, but once you figure it out, it can do a lot. When you do struggle with something, the support specialist are really great in getting back in touch quickly and helping out with specific instructions, which I found very encouraging and helpful. I use PhotoFox a ton to first edit my images, and then import those into my video projects. Using these apps have really upped the final version of the school book talks that I been doing with my students. After seeing what can be done, the students are becoming more creative with how they approach their presentations, which is ultimately getting more students interested in reading. How cool is that!!.Version: 1.7

An absolute standoutThe level of control in Videoleap is by far the most pro-level seen in a video editing app on an iPhone. Not only packed with features typically seen in Final Cut or Premiere on desktop, the UX is so fluid and easy to use. Leagues above the competition!.Version: 1.4

AmazingGreat app,amazing developers my mind is blown with your software. Thanks…..Version: 2.2

J aimeParfait comme application.Version: 1.8.2

Brilliant But There’s A Little ProblemI sometimes encounter a problem that states that I have exceeded the Pro limit. The message doesn’t disappear when I completely delete everything in the project. I tend to only use text with standard fonts for my editing, but somehow this triggers the app. I must be doing something wrong, but I would appreciate if it could be explained, since I use it for school as well as in my free time, and I wouldn’t want it to make me pay if I had a project due, since I’m only using text and free fonts (not passing the actual limit for text before it stops me from exporting the video without Pro)..Version: 1.13.12

Absolutely outstanding app if your creative videosI wasn’t brought up in the tech world. We still had chalkboard chalk when I was at junior school and then secondary school ink pen and writing paper over the years. I’ve learnt to use a computer and iPhone and an iPad and in my line of work as an agent, representing some fine and tennis you have to showcase them and this app is is absolutely first class, easy to use for any age, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice like me or Wizkid.Version: 1.25.1

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