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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs? Can you share your negative thoughts about likewise: movie, tv, book recs?

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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs for Negative User Reviews

Could be great but….This needs a lot of work. In addition to all the comments about UI, too few recs, not being able to turn off tv or podcast sections etc etc, I would specifically like to be able to hide whole genres (I will NEVER want a YA book, so it’s a total waste of my time to weed through questions or discussions about YA). I went to the genre groups and selected “turn off group notifications” but that seems to have done absolutely nothing. I also tried blocking individuals to see if their discussions would stop showing up but that did nothing either, i still see all their posts. There also needs to be a better (or any??) way to find people to follow. For example, the app could suggest people to you who have liked a lot of the same things you have. I actually can’t figure how to find anyone to follow. There is just a giant list of all the users with zero info about what they like. Not helpful..Version: 14.9

Bad interface and recommendationsFirst, the user interface was confusing. When I first opened the app, there were various categories like Books, TV Shows, etc. that you were supposed to populate with your preferences. I did this for the TV Shows category, but after that, I was never able to navigate back to the other categories again. I could have tried harder to locate that part of the app, but I shouldn’t have to try hard. Second, there were useless and irritating features like a pop-up window that came out if nowhere and said something like “Great job making recommendations! Keep up the good work!” (something I hadn’t actually done). I had to make it go away by clicking a button that said “Awesome!” Finally, and most disappointingly, the algorithm for making recommendations wasn’t that effective. It spit out the name of a fairly pedestrian American police procedural based on the fact that I liked the stylistically very different “Sherlock” and “Killing Eve.” Then it recommended a random new David Spade show based on...nothing, apparently. Bleh..Version: 8.4

Hit or MissSome of the features on this app are pretty good. I especially like the option to ask specific questions and get recommendations from other users. But when it comes to the “today” page, it’s a complete hit or miss. Some days they’ll only show me 3 or 4 movies, and none of them will be even close to things I like (which is super frustrating because you have to wait a full 24 hours for new ones.) But other days I’ll get 6 or 7 that are great. It’s also annoying that they ask me to choose from podcasts every day, even though I clearly don’t like podcasts, as I haven’t saved a single one. Yet they will show me literally zero books, even though I have multiple lists full of novels. Basically, the user recommendation feature is great, but the algorithm is mediocre at best. Beyond that, this app also just has a bunch of little problems that altogether make it annoying to use. The biggest one is that if your post exceeds a certain character limit, it just shows a “...” but there’s no way to view the full thing. You also can’t comment on a move or book unless you’ve liked it, and it sometimes crashes. It’s also pretty stupid that they mark it as 12+ but if you aren’t at least 13 you can’t even make an account, this didn’t effect me but it did effect my brother and that’s just dumb. Among other smaller problems. Just needs some updating for sure. EDIT: Absolutely hate the new update. Layout is so annoying and confusing. Probably will stop using the app now.Version: 12.9

Fun for a whileI really like the idea of this app a lot. It’s cool to be able to get recommendations for stuff like this. I also love spreading the word of my favorite shows and books. But after a while, you begin to realize that you’re recommending the same things over and over again. Pretty much everyone on the app asks the same question over and over again, leading to a very repetitive experience. If you’re looking for recommendations, don’t even ask a question because you can scroll through the most recent asks and get all the same answers that you would have gotten on your own unless you asked for something super specific. I wish you got more daily recommendation type stuff since you can blow through those in a minute or two. Also, the notification system is awful. It needs to be completely redone in a more efficient way. It would also be great if there was a video game section. That seems like a natural inclusion for this sort of app. It was fun for a little bit, but there needs to be more substance to keep you interested long term..Version: 8.4

Can’t get past the set upAfter selecting all the books that I like in the set up section, I click on next and it forces me to invite people to a group. I can’t move on from the set up without inviting people. I don’t want to invite people from my contacts to some group, I just want some recommendations..Version: 17.4

New ReaderI’m new to reading recreationally and I’ve read only a few books, but it was making me select 10 before I could move on I’m not gonna pick a bunch of random books to move to the next step. Doesn’t that ruin the purpose of personalized recommendations?.Version: 17.8

Frustratingly UselessI downloaded the app because I kept being bombarded with ads for it and I’ve been looking to expand my reading tastes for a while. Specifically there were a handful of books I read recently that I want to read more like so I thought this app could help. It’s very frustrating to use and I don’t like that I can’t tell the algorithm to stop recommending me certain books (it seems convinced I want to read superhero books when literally nothing in my reading history on the app would suggest it.) I think being able to tell the app what I dislike is just as important as what I like to help it stop recommending bad suggestions. The UI is easy enough to use but why is it missing what should be incredibly basic features?.Version: 16.3

Unless My Little Pony is your favorite movieThere’s a ton of trolls making this app completely useless. I thought the community feature was interesting, “what’s your favorite movie of all time?” Queue a flurry of recommendations from children who recommend Balto, Barbie, Spirit, My Little Pony, etc. It’s utter trash and the recommendations are useless. One person will add 100 recommendations to a single post, highjacking that initial request. Great concept but very poorly executed. I’d say it’d be great for children to use but it isn’t, since it has free form text communication, that’s dangerous for young kids, who are apparently the only ones using this app anyways. I also only wanted to use the tv/movie feature and the app makes that very difficult. Also asks nonstop to invite your contacts to the app. Trash!.Version: 16.3

Great idea, awful excecutionIn order to sign up you *have* to invite people from your contacts?? No way around it on sign up? Why on earth would I give you my friends’ contact info at all, let alone before I even get to see the app? This feels sketchy and is an immediate red flag for me. I understand you want to grow, but getting me to spam my friends is not the way to do it. Deleting the app. Hope you figure out this is a bad strategy and fix it so you don’t turn off a bunch of other potential users from the start. Update after developer responded that a system prompt should appear asking if you want to allow access to contacts, which can be denied: there was no prompt. Just no option to continue without inviting contacts. Maybe it’s some sort of glitch, but I’m not interested in trying again..Version: 16.3

Kinda okay. Keeps recommending romanceI downloaded this hoping to find good book recommendations, as it is advertised as such. It’s been somewhat helpful in finding books for me, but most of the time I feel like it’s not that intuitive as I’ve never added any romance books to my “liked/preferences” and yet I keep getting those suggested to me. I wish there was a way to mute some categories/lists as I really don’t care about Cosmo’s “Best Enemies to Lovers” or “Michelle Obama’s favorites” list but DO care about lists such as NYT’s “Top 15 books of 2021”. Seems geared towards young females who like romance fiction imo 🤷🏻‍♀️ also wish there was a way to turn off getting recommendations for Film/Tv and Podcasts as I only want book recommendations..Version: 16.3

No non fiction selectionNo non fiction selection.Version: 17.1

Meaningless Personal Data GrabAside from the other issues typically talked about (poor UI, few recommendations per day, etc.), the biggest thing for me is the transience of user interaction/conversation. I commented on a thread about a book disagreeing with some others and explaining my own opinion (not at all a heated convo, just usual discourse). Next day original comment stood starting the convo, but all subsequent comments (including my own) were deleted and replaced with new ones from other users). Either the app can’t save or the developer is hugely over-moderating user comments. Whatever the explanation, I now see why there are so few comments on the app. Half the point for me is to know what others think about books, films, etc. Getting rid of those conversations on developer whims makes the app pretty meaningless to me. Unfortunately, that only leaves the app’s purpose to be collecting your data and selling it with no meaningful benefit to you, the user. I will be deleting the app shortly..Version: 14.4

Bad, repetitive recommendationsI’ve found a couple gems through this app, but overall the recommendations are pretty bad. I am constantly getting recommended books I’ve passed up 5+ times, and most of the recommendations I get don’t seem fall in line with the books I’ve favorited what so ever. For example, for a couple days most of the recommendations they gave me were westerns. I have never favorited or shown interest in a single western. Almost all my saves are thrillers, horror, or sci-fi but for whatever reason the app seems to rarely give me recommendations in those genres. I thought using the app for a longer period of time would improve this but it only seems to have gotten worse. I hope they improve the algorithm because I really like the idea of this app, but the execution is poor..Version: 16.5

Not goodI don’t really think it’s very good I from onlyjayus.Version: 8.5

Bug that makes app unusableI just spent two hours adding all my favourite tv shows/movies/anime and so on and it got to the end and asked me to share with my friends but the key board is in the way of the button to do that with no skip option or anything. There’s no way for me to progress past that point so I can’t even use the app. Good concept if it worked though..Version: 17.8

StuckI got stuck at the “Add Your Friends” screen. There was nothing for me to press. When I restarted the app it reset my progress, I attempted it again but the same thing happened. I don’t know what to do..Version: 17.2

Not great for CanadaWhy are they advertising here?.Version: 9.8

Doesn't work in CanadaI spent the time making sure my address was set to Canada and it still only gives me US Netflix and Hulu options. Doesn't work in Canada..Version: 7.1

No iPad app and doesn’t sync with NetflixI am not sure how this app serves a purpose - if you like something you can’t add it to Netflix so you need to have both the Netflix app and this app. I guess the only point of this is to give you recs of what to watch and then you have to go log into your stream8 service and manually add it to your list. Seems kind of pointless. Also, they don’t even have an iPad app. If you download this just shows a miniature version of an iPhone LOL. Come on the iPad has been out form11 years now! Imagine if I could click a suggested movie on likewise and then have it automatically open Netflix and I can start watching? Why doesn’t this app do that??.Version: 16.3

Notification SpamI unchecked all the types of notifications from within the app and I still get notifications daily. I guess I’ll have to turn it off system-wide..Version: 17.7

Redundant and UnintuitiveThis app is a great idea, however it was executed very poorly. Most of the recommendations are from people spamming their favorite books/movies over and over again. There is no way to filter this out and furthermore people can and will just recommend anything and everything on your asks without actually reading what you’re asking for. When searching for a book, you need to type in the exact name or you will not find what you’re looking for. If you do, you’re also likely to find about 10 versions of it. I put in that I liked Harry Potter and because of that Likewise recommended every single version of everu single Harry Potter book there is and nothing else. The app is so unintuitive and needs some serious fixing to make it worthwhile..Version: 13.7

Cool idea...It’s a really great idea but their are two major problems I’ve seen on only having the app for two days. The first problem is that I don’t see an option to say that I disliked a movie or tv show which makes zero sense to me. The second problem is kinda similar in that with all the reviews for various movies and shows, I have not seen one negative review which confused me so I purposely looked up really bad movies to test this so I looked up Secret Obsession which is a terrible movie and what do you know, all the reviews said how great the movie was and how you need to watch it. There is something really weird with this app showing everything as great. I’d like an app where people’s honest opinions were showcased as well because how it is, it just isn’t worth using because the reviews are clearly fixed..Version: 10.7

Needs improvementGreat concept but unfortunately it’s an incredibly disorganized app. Filtering searches and major errors listing streaming platforms. No way to sort between tv shows or movies. 2/5.Version: 18.2

Not My TasteIs there a way to recalibrate my preferences on this app? I’m disappointed on a daily basis, receiving book recommendations based on genres I have absolutely no interest in. A choice to block specific genre books from being recommended would be helpful..Version: 17.1

EhIt’s good but the recommendations don’t really interest me.Version: 17.1

Couldn’t even use itMy contacts are all on Instagram and Discord, I don’t have any contacts in the “Apple Contacts” app, so I cannot choose anyone to create a group, because I have legit NO ONE in that contact app!.Version: 17.1

It’s okayIt’s okay. I like the idea of this app but it gives me stuff that I didn’t like really . It gives you suggestions so it does what it says. Over all it’s fine.Version: 8.5

Seems like it’s paid product placement instead of legit recommendationsAfter briefly using this app, I’m very suspicious that it is just showing me paid product placement from little known authors instead of books that are actually a good fit for my interests. For example, I entered in 10 of my favorite books for it to base recommendations off of. I expected some of the recommendations would be other books I’d read but not entered in, or at least books on my reading list. But instead, it showed me almost exclusively book after book from just a few different authors that I’ve never heard of and aren’t well known in the genre I input. I’m all for learning about unpopular authors… but this reeked of the featured authors paying for promotion. Seems like a scam, I deleted the app pretty quickly..Version: 17.8

Great site! Needs an iPad app though.I love this site but I hate that I can only use the app in my phone. I’d much rather access it from my iPad. An IPad app would make it much more user friendly IMO..Version: 17.6

Great Idea, poor algorithmUnless you like super mainstream stuff (nothing wrong with that) the algorithm doesn’t show you anything near what you’re looking for, unless it’s just the same author you liked again. Also a bunch of books are missing their covers or entirely non existent on the app I think a genre tag system would greatly improve the app both for searching and the algorithm.Version: 17.1

What’s the point?As much as I love the idea of this app, it fails utterly in the execution. After I spent time thoughtfully selecting quite a few more than five favourite books (thinking it would yield greater accuracy the more data I provided) the list of books that was recommended for me contained titles at least a quarter of which were written by authors of the books I had just selected. That’s not exactly a genius algorithm—I’m already capable, without an app, of going through the back catalogues of author’s I like. And of the books I wasn’t already familiar with, none were even remotely ones I’d be interested in after reading the descriptions. Not even sure why I’m giving it two stars, tbh..Version: 6.3

LikewisePretty good does the job but not that popular so not many options when searching for specifics.Version: 17.0

New Update Has Caused the App to Stop LoadingEven though the new update gives me just a white screen, I have enjoyed using this app when it is working. It has suggested some books and movies that seem right up my alley, as well as many that aren't. I enjoy that you are able to tell them why a recommendation is off base. My biggest complaint, aside from it not currently loading, is that many of the review skew towards newer material. While I like finding out about new releases, they often suggest movies and tv shows that haven't even been released yet, so how am I supposed to review them? The algorithm could use a bit of tweaking, but overall this is a pretty solid app, when it works..Version: 16.9

App doesn’t workI can’t get past the “share with friends” screen during the setup process. The keyboard is stuck over the screen and can’t click on any options to move forward. Unfortunately rendering the app useless..Version: 17.9

Minor problem has just started with 13.4Hello. I have been a Likewise user for some time now. I like the app, and the idea behind it. Anyways, I have spotted a bug which I believe had just started with the iOS 13.4 update that was released. If you have Likewise on your device, it will appear under “Suggestions” in the Apps area of the share sheet. Previously - as in like a week ago, if you selected this option Likewise would either display an error message or a sharing option. As of this moment, it does neither. It just seems to freeze the app. I’ve had it freeze Woot, Pinterest and other apps. It should work, and it really shouldn’t freeze an iOS app. Please fix if possible!.Version: 7.8

Things that will improve the appHi! I come from the software background myself (I sold my company to a giant Corp in 2010) and the most important thing these days is to be user- friendly and easy to use. This is an excellent app and the idea is fantastic. However, the user interface still needs work. In my opinion it shouldn’t open in your own page by default. When I log in- I don’t care if my profile complete if not and how I scored, etc. I’m looking for something. So, help me find it please. The lists are useful but there is no way to prioritize them based on critics review or members. This is critical! Give us starts so we can see if other people liked this or not. Grouping people with similar tastes is useful, but one needs a freedom to join such group or start his/her own. So, different ways to prioritize lists of movies or books are extremely useful and should be implemented. Thank you!.Version: 14.5

The Recommendations Make No SenseWhat does me watching a bunch of Asian BL dramas have to do with some Ecchi Anime called O maidens in your savage season. Like I only added BL dramas like Sotus, 2moons, Love By Chance, Dark Blue Kiss, and 16 more BL dramas so I dont know how that turned into some pervert anime. Like what?.Version: 8.6

Doesn’t save books you tell itI haven’t had a book save in the last couple days, keeps telling me to try again later.Version: 17.9

Nope.It forces you to add your contacts or u can’t use the app… it’s almost like some of us value privacy. Idk if this is just a bug or not. Either way I deleted the app almost immediately after getting it. Good concept tho but not the best execution..Version: 17.1

Forced personal info from startI swore years ago in another review that I would never keep an app that demanded I give it my name, email or other personal information before it even allowed me to look at the app. I almost forgot that because I haven't seen one in so long that didn't allow the user to skip that and enter the app anyway. I started to type in my email and went, "Whoa Nelly!" Any app that bullies/forces you into giving personal information and creating an online account to use it is not for me. I could understand it if the app itself purely existed to facilitate use of a social media program that exists only on the web, like Twitter or something. Creating an account should never be a forced requirement to use an app. That would be like Apple forcing you to use their Game Center. That would be like Microsoft requiring you to sign in when you just want to play a private game on your Xbox. Oh, wait, they do... Deleted..Version: 8.5

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