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Fashion Nova App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fashion Nova app received 146 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fashion Nova? Can you share your negative thoughts about fashion nova?

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Fashion Nova for Negative User Reviews

It’s nice but it’s the favourites section isn’t.Can’t see my favourites on the app.. kept saying I have nun when on the website I have over 200.... needs to be fixed.Version: 8.4

Almost perfect app... HOWEVER....I love fashion nova. I love their clothes, the styles, the accessories, the shoes, everything!! And the app is absolutely amazing, easy to find things, and simple. I don’t have problems with glitching or anything like that. HOWEVER!!! It does not let me update my ‘wishlist’ and add items to my favorites! I have to add items I wish to save for later in my cart until I want them, or screenshot them so I remember what they are. This is very irritating for me. I keep getting the error message “Updating Wishlist failed. Please try again soon.” when I try to add an item to my favorites. Please fix!!!! This app should be 5 stars with this problem fixed. I also think that model size should be included, for a reference. Like the model’s height, size, and maybe measurements. Lastly, it would be great if it would list the whole outfit! For example, I see a really cute top online paired with a nice pair of jeans, and if I wanted to get the whole outfit, the jeans aren’t listed there so I don’t even know what the item is. And it keeps logging me out. My review went from 4 stars to 2 and now to 1..Version: 10

Ok needs improvementsThe app is alright, easy to use however filter options are crap .. you can only select the colour and not the size etc , limited options selection for different types of tops for example ...Version: 5.7

YikesI really likes fashion nova to begin with but its just too much inconvenience at this point. Some items are basically a hit or miss. Then at one point they refused to let me return my item since I guess they count the 30 days from when I ordered it & not when I received it. Then I had to pay shipping even though they advertised free shipping. When I asked if I could get a refund because I basically paid for shipping for no reason, they said I couldn't because its already been done even though I was supposed to get free shipping. Then 2 day shipping is at least a week in which I also complained about in an email because again, I paid for faster shipping which I skill didn't get. Another inconvenient time was when i order two by mistake and i could not cancel or return the item. Then most recently, my two day shipping came 10 days after the "two day shipping" with missing items & when i reached out to them, no one answers their emails or phone. I was on hold for over 20 minutes and finally a little after it hit 5, they said they were closed and couldn't help even though i called before 5. After this last order, i can no longer go through this struggle again. I think I’ll stick with somewhere more reliable..Version: 5.0

Delivery is badUpdate: 4 weeks and 4 days later, still no clothes no refund. I got an email stating my request has been escalated 3 weeks ago 🤦🏽‍♀️ $250 and no clothes. Order is 2 days late, no way to contact customer service. When you call it directs you to the website then hangs up. The website doesn’t give much updates on your package. I call LSO the shipping company they use and they didn’t receive the package just a ticket for my order. Later on I checked the website again an it finally updates to my package arriving 4 days later than it originally stated. Not a store you can order from on short notice, give two weeks time to receive anything. They should add 5 days to their shipping delivery dates. First and last time buying from them. Final update: never received not one item or refund, or store credit. No customer service to contact. They will never get another penny from me. Oh and I purchased it through PayPal and they would not let me reverse the transaction. This is a joke of a company..Version: 13.9.33

Worrrrrst Costumer ServiceFirst time user here and most definitely my last. I ordered a couple pairs of pants back on Dec 20 and given that it was around the holidays I understood/expected the full 12 business day shipping maximum (shipping policy) without any problem. After 12 business days go by I start to question where my package is. Also note that my app keeps pushing out my “estimated delivery date” every time I checked but this would happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. So finally after no costumer service number to find on their website I send them an email. Which keep in mind also takes a couple days to get a response. After a week of going back and forth the representative tells me my package was delivered on Dec 21 and to check with my neighbors. LOL what a joke, there is no way in hell that was the truth, the site clearly states it takes up to two days to process the order EXCLUDING weekends. My order was placed on a Friday at 12pm. So let’s be reasonable here please. The very least Fashion Nova could have done would be to own up to their mistake and get me my order ASAP. I would of been happy. But what did they do?? The representative asked me to file a claim for my package! And once received it will take an 10 business days to be sorted out. Still no guarantee that I am getting my order ANY time soon. Sooooo with that said, if you really think it’s worth the risk/headache go for it. I will definitely be taking my money elsewhere in the future. ✌️.Version: 10

The amount of notifications this app gives you….Someone please tell the Fashion Nova marketing Director to stop annoying us all 50,000 times a day with your stupid ads.Version: 13.9.33

Pricing/payment glitchShowed me clothes price in cad then when I checked out it converted it to USD. I couldn’t cancel Oder. I emailed them immediately and they responded saying they had already shipped the order and there is nothing more they could do. I uninstalled and installed the app many times but the error is still there So it shows you cad prices but checks you out in usd currency and charge duties.Version: 13.9.35

HorribleI ordered a dress 19 days ago for my birthday. Overnight shipping too. I ordered it at the beginning of the week to get it by that Saturday. I checked the next day and they said it would be shipped by the next day... okay awesome. It never came so I checked again and the shipping date changed to that Friday. The day before my birthday party. Okay. Thennn later the shipping date changed to MONDAY. So I never got the dress on time for my birthday. Didn’t even get it for Christmas... or New Years. The date keeps getting pushed further and further along. Keep in mind that I paid for ONE DAY SHIPPING. Now I’m supposed to get the dress sometime next week but seeing how the trend is, I doubt I’ll even get it then. I’ve tried contacting fashionnova only to be completely ignored by them, and my friend who got me my gift card for my birthday also contacted them a while back but they had the worst possible customer service with her and I almost didn’t even get the gift card for my birthday. You would think a huge brand like this would be better about treating their customers like humans but no. They’re just as fake and plastic as the models they use. Thanks for partially ruining my birthday.Version: 9.9

Terrible quality clothing no RETURNSVery thin transparent clothing! Loved the styles but not worth anything if it can be worn once only due to the terrible quality. To ad insult to this….they expect customers from CANADA pay for the own returns. Even for bad quality?? Wow do better Fashonova shame on you!.Version: 13.9.29

Not impressed. Wish quality with a big price tagSpent 49$ on an outfit after shipping. Then had to pay 16.75$ when it arrived to my door extra. Opened the package and it was not what it’s supposed to be at all, and it’s literally the same quality as some of the items I’ve bought off wish for under 10$. They don’t do refunds and you have to pay return shipping anyway. The extra star is simply because my package came quickly which is the only positive part of my experience. I had really high hopes for this site but now I don’t trust it at all..Version: 1.86

App dont workThe app fails to launch with every try. immediately crashes.Version: 13.9.23

High hopesMy first experience with company. My package got lost during handling!!! Lol i never received and never came out to be delivered. Called delivery company they told me to call Nova… but guess what not accepting calling only emails. Said they will get back to you with three to twenty-four hours lol they do but not with a answer with a email saying they will look into. So i have missing items and on after/pay called them to explain they told me i still have to pay unless fashion nova step in. Going on three weeks they haven’t respond or answered my email to completion. I will never order from here again. No number to call directly no customer chat smh just no personality like the company dont care about customers satisfaction. I will continue leaving reviews and calling numbers because this is the saddest experience i ever had dealings with. Such a popular company had higher hopes! Then a company who dont even care to set up a phone line or a chat line… but email it’s laughable..Version: 13.4.18

AverageHad to try about six times to buy what I wanted, wasn’t taking my address, was so sensitive. But I got there in the end lol.Version: 5.5

ReviewsAsked my for my review after a purchase. And because it’s not a 5 star review, they don’t publish it lol what a joke. That and the sizes are way off on certain items. I’m not shopping on this site again, I should have listened to all of my friends and reviews with people with bad experiences. Most company’s now offer free return shipping- not Fashion Nova. Pathetic company..Version: 6.9

Average appNeeds drop down bars for different categories & collections, also lacking filters on spotlight searches.Version: 1.76

DisappointedI’m having the same shipping problem as pretty much everyone else here. Too bad I didn’t look at the reviews before ordering. It has taken 8 days just for them to RECOGNIZE that I bought something. I emailed them a couple days ago because the option I chose said “two-day shipping.” This was their bs response: please allow the current processing time of 7-10 business days before a tracking number is issued. In-transit time is typically 2-3 business days after the order has been shipped. In addition, it may take up to 48-72 business hours for your tracking information to show up on the carrier website. I just want to know why the hell they would advertise “two-day shipping” when it is very far from that. Literally no other business has done this. They say what they mean and do what they say. Overall, just really disappointed as that is the most ridiculous email I’ve ever received. Kudos, though. They responded to my email within a day..Version: 5.3

ShippingTake too long.Version: 1.86

Stuff keep deleting from my cartThis app is trash, I tried to order many times but I would get kicked off and then my cart would empty I had a bunch of stuff in there I can no longer find!! It’s trash. It doesn’t come with what size the model is wearing and it never lets me get what I want, order somewhere else, you can find things to better prices..Version: 13.9.28

FavouritesI can’t see and add my favourites anymore they really should take care of this problem.Version: 8.6

App for what?!Came to complain and noticed that many are having the same problem. At this point I feel like FN is beyond customer service! Who cares about the little people that made this company now?! 1st., The app is a complete waste of space and time! Biggest complaint is that I can’t save favorites! What an inconvenience to go to spend your money and have to search through 100,000 items and you either can’t find it or now that you have it’s sold out! Or how about actually ordering an item or 4 in my case only to find out through email that not only do they not have what you were able to put in your cart and pay for but now your stuck with a store credit! That’s ludicrous!! Why let me check out with items if you know it’s out of stock?! I’ve learned to read the reviews more bc sometimes people say in the review section “this items out of stock, don’t purchase!” Smh I’ve erased and downloaded the multiple times to the point of erasing and just saving the actual website page to my home screen! It’s basically a hit or miss with FN! You either have really good luck or it’s terrible!.Version: 6.3

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITEI ordered an item worth of 120 pounds from this site and when my item gets to the uk am being asked to pay 70 pounds to get it. That’s more than the worth of the whole item I bought and all efforts to reach out to fashion nova is abortive both on Instagram and through emails no single reply from them. Up till now have not received my money back..Version: 13.4.9

Need updateLove everything that I buy from Fashion Nova! I wanna buy more but my favourites just wont load, and it’s been doing it for ages now!.Version: 7

Expectations not meantI order my clothes on Black Friday and inly revived them on December the 30th, which is ridiculous because it said it takes 5-10 business days for international shipping. The clothing are decent. In fact regretting getting them cause I could of got them in stores and not have to pay around 20$ for shipping..Version: 5.4

Horrible Customer ServiceI was very happy after I placed and order for the 1st time in the app, they said I will get an email confirmation with my order number and I never received such email. On the app the order never showed so I contacted Fashion Nova for them to help me with this issue. It took them 3 days to replay to my request and another 2 days to let me know the status of the order. After I finally received it, everything was perfect except for a dress that I need to return, since I never had any confirmation of this order in the first place I can’t return it on my own so I contact again Fashion Nova Customer Support, they took another 2 days to respond and the lady replay that I needed to do the return online, this is after I explain why I couldn’t do it that way, so basically she didn’t not read my email so I explained her again. This happed 4 days ago and I have not received anything from them. Definitely this will be my last purchase from them. The cloth has good quality but dealing with them is a hassle. Horrible, Horrible!!!!!!.Version: 8.9

TerribleAbsolutely a terrible experience. I ordered three items for $104 and tried them all on for them all to be the wrong size. I want each item for a total of 60 seconds before placing them back in the bag and returning them the next day. Once they finally received theItems, they only refunded me half the amount. I had emailed them questioning the amount and their response was that the items were “damaged”. Once again I only wore them each for about 60 seconds so there’s no possible way that I could’ve damaged all three things that I’ve ordered within the 60 seconds I tried them each on. I continuously asked to speak to someone in charge or for proof of this damage and they just continued to send me the same email stating that the items were damaged and that they stood by that. I asked on many occasions to speak to someone and they had ignored it many times. They are a terrible company and they do not care about their customers. They will take any chance they can to scam you..Version: 13.4.9

AwlfulPlease avoid at all costs. They take too long to ship and refunds are a nightmare. Please make sure you pay through paypal otherwise you wont get your money back. Awlful overrated company with the worst customer service..Version: 4.9

SCAMMERSDO NOT BUY FROM FASHION NOVA IF YOU'RE NOT FROM THE US!! I absolutely loved the clothes they had to offer so very willingly spent a lot of money on my first order a couple of weeks ago. 5 days after shipping which I’d already paid €8.99 for, I got an email from a company called global freight systems who said if I didn't pay £20 tax and processing to them I wouldn’t receive my package. Naturally I was rather annoyed because I was not told there would be additional fees so told the company to return the package to sender as I would not pay. I got in contact with FashionNova explaining the situation and asked for a refund. Long story short, 2 weeks down the line they’re refusing to issue my money back, won’t give me a UK phone number so speak to customer services on and the only response I’m getting are generic most likely automated computer responses by email!! I’m appalled that this is the way they treat customers and even after reaching out on Twitter I’ve received no proper help or explanation! Can not urge people enough to stay away from them!.Version: 6.9

.Customer service is terrible they barely respond. If you have a problem they’re not helpful at all. It’s very hard to track your order. The app is not so bad.Version: 13.2.2

Will not refund youI ordered from fashion nova several times. Clothes are hit or miss w quality. They takes weeks to ship. They only do store credit, not an issue, but you pay for shipping return. Also if ever you need to return anything or are missing an item or get a defective item, they are impossible to get in contact with. My last order was missing a pair of jeans I obviously paid for, and another pair came missing stitching. So I’m out about 40-50$. I’ve emailed several times as that is the only way to contact them, & I got a response that seemed like they were going to help. I respond with the information they asked for & the next email I received was that they haven’t heard from me so they assume my issue is resolved? I emailed back several times since then, it’s been almost 2 weeks & I am getting no response! They basically just stole from me, not sure why cause they must make millions. I don’t know what to do other than sue & I think that’s what I’m going to do. It seems pretty illegal for them to do this..Version: 13.3.5

It needs sorting...I really like this brand because there are some nice clothes that I can’t get from anywhere else that also fit my figure however, very recently, I have not been able to view my saved items. I have tested this by clicking the red heart on random pieces of clothing to only find when I go back on it that the heart has been unhighlighted. This app and this brand has always been good to me and all I would like to do is view my saved items..Version: 6.9

App FailureI love the App and I love Fashion Nova. The app is easy to use and user friendly, however the app closes down and crashes whenever I try to save an item by clicking the heart. This is frustrating because I cannot save the item for future buyings. I have to screenshot and keep in my photos which is slightly annoying. Other than this, I am very happy Fashion Nova finally released an App it has been long awaited. ❤️.Version: 4.8

NOT HAPPY.Very disappointed I tried to order from you using PayPal on your official website yet it will not let me process the payment. Ivan go onto your official website and for some reason it would not let me apply their black Friday discount code. I’ve had to use Apple PayAt least three times not satisfied..Version: 5.0

DO NOT PURCHASE ON THIS SIDE WEDI had always had successful purchases with this site wed; but 2 weeks ago I made 2 purchase orders and for some reason they were sent to my billing address and not to my regular shipping address, then I lost these two packages since I sent many emails trying to contact someone to notify me of the error and that was fixed before the shipment was made but I was never answered back , the same instant I realized the error I tried to cancel it (we talked about I made the order and the minute I tried to fix the error ) but they do not give you option to cancel. I've also been trying to communicate to your customer service line and it's never working, I was in the chat they offer as support but it didn't work next to the 6 emails you send. The last email I received is that my order was delivered; which wasn't so because my billing address is my sister's house and she never received any package. And now I'm waiting for my second package to be lost too. DO NOT PURCHASE ON THIS SITE WED THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE RULES OF ONLINE PURCHASES INVESTED ON GOOGLE AND WILL AE WILL NOTICE THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE INA DEMANDAN FOR HAVING NO CANCELLATION POLICY AND MORE. NO COMPREN EN ESTA PÁGINA ANTERIORMENTE YA HA TENIDO MILLONARIAS DEMANDAS POR NO SEGUIR POLÍTICAS DE ENVÍO ( como darte un tracking number ) O DEVOLUCION DE DINERO..Version: 13.4.1

Horrible costumer service!!!!!!!I been waiting for my refund for 4 months and never receive it. There’s no communication coming back from fashion nova to help with my order issue that never get deliver. I try each out so many times for the past 4 months and it looks like they just ignore it and have my money without giving out the goods. I’m very angry and still trying to reach out to this horrible costumer service..Version: 13.9.30

Update issueCan’t seem to open this app after updates ??.Version: 8.3

All goodTo the two reviewers that made claims this is a scam need to freshen up on import/export duties! If you purchase any items from abroad there is a good chance you WILL HAVE TO PAY DUTIES on them. It is NORMAL, it is NOT A SCAM. I regularly purchase items from the US (shipped to the UK) and have to pay duties if I want them, or risk losing money having the items sent back. READ ALL INFORMATION REGARDING INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING BEFORE BUYING IT CLEARLY STATES THE BUYEE WILL PAY IMPORT TAXES & DUTIES. This is NORMAL when buying from abroad. The app itself I think needs an update, as it keeps crashing sort this out and it’s a pretty good app. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 READ THE SHIPPING INFO IF BUYING OUTSIDE OF THE US! You WILL NEED to pay import duties to receive your items if you live in the UK!.Version: 13.4.4

Bad qualityThe prices are “cheap” ( expensive for the quality u receive) . Of course the use models with the perfect body and a lot of photoshop cuz the clothes are super BAD quality.Version: 13.2.2

Unbearable Glitches!!Okay so I love love love Fashion Nova, my wardrobe consists of 99.9% of Fashion Nova and then that .1% is BooHoo. My issue is the app. At first it was love at first sight. After hearting items (save for later) and adding things to my cart and purchasing them, the app custom made selections in the suggestions of what I might like and to my surprise it was extremely accurate. However one day my “save for later” disappeared. I forced closed and opened it again and they popped back up. I was like okay no problem and continued shopping and adding items to my save for later when I realized the hearted items would disappear as I would continue to scroll meaning for the last hour everything I saved for later didn’t even get saved. I went to my save for later and everything was gone. Once again I said no problem and would just text myself the outfits I wanted to buy as my save for later. However, just yesterday I went to my cart to purchase my items 50% of my cart was empty. Not because it was out of stock because it lets me know when I go to check out what’s out of stock. My items just glitched out of my cart. It made me mad because I spent days picking and choosing outfits to put together just for them to get disappear again. I had enough and deleted the app. I then went onto the website and started over completely with a whole new set of items. Please fix the app I honestly prefer maneuvering on that than going online because the app is more simple..Version: 7

——NEEDS BASIC FEATURES——It’s fine. Love FashionNova, but it’s missing basic features that other shopping apps have. It needs to describe the model (height, size she’s wearing, etc.) The other items featured in a picture should be tagged somewhere. When I don’t like the shirt but love the pants or hat or earrings, I’d like an easy way to find it. H&M has the Match With This feature and so does Zara, so I would think FN would have it too. It’s also annoying when the app restarts even when I visit it within the same minute. I don’t want to worry about not being able to reply to a friend because I’m deep in the New Arrivals and don’t want to lose my spot. Also there’s a new glitch! Every time i click on an item it won’t let me interact with the page or scroll for a minute. I don’t know why this new lag is here..Version: 8.8

Slow and cheap. Don’t waste your timeI’ve only bought from the app twice, both times shipping times are inaccurate and not updated. While the tracking service is not necessarily what made me rate the app so low, it’s that it has been a number of years since their release and as much as the app needs to update, there are no real updates: you can only create a wishlist so long, items sell out faster than you can get to them (and no restock updates), there is no customer service, and returns/exchanges are almost nonexistent. Sizing is inconsistent, but I wish there was a way to exchange for a different size, or return without having to pay for the return. They want to keep every penny out of your purchase, and in the end, it’s not even worth it. If you want fast fashion, don’t waste your time on a company that only wants your money—too cheap to use dye that doesn’t smell like chemicals, and too greedy to provide any sort of customer service..Version: 13.9.24

Very buggy - app freezes and shuts down every 5 minsThe app crashes every 5 minutes and doesn’t let you reopen the app unless you turn your phone on and off again. Very frustrating!!! It took me 2 hours to find what I wanted because it kept freezing halfway through my shop!!!! Great clothes though and good prices. Shipping a little bit expensive..Version: 5.5

HmmnnnApp won’t let me see the clothes that I’ve favourited. Also I brought a jacket that was out of stock before They could send it. I never received a refund or store credit. Clothes aren’t great quality... some things are pretty see through. But otherwise not too bad..Version: 5.2

AppAny time I favourite something or I’m waiting for the app to load it was boots me out of the app any time I go on my favourites it always take me out of the app I’ve installed it and uninstalled it so many times and the app always fails on me it’s real annoying.Version: 8.9

Worst C/S in the worldOrdered from here to try out after seeing ads for this company on 21 buttons. I thought I’ll try one shirt, ordered it a month ago and it’s still not arrived, I’ve contacted their C/S team and had no response, though I did get an email asking me to rate the response. If you’re in the UK don’t order with this company, they’re not helpful, stick with companies like ASOS that have a reliable service..Version: 13.3.5

No goodHonestly, both the app and the website are not good for browsing through their collections. There is no way to sort or refine my shirt everything that I click ends up being sold out in my size, which is infuriating!.Version: 1.76

Problems with using the appPlease fix your problems in the app!!! Can’t use it properly! My favourites list is empty, whenever I want to look at a dress closer the picture freezes!!.Version: 8.8

$$?Some nice collections/ clothing. Unfortunately the only currency available/ visible on the app is dollars, as I’m not from the US having to try convert an items price in to my country’s currency before I decide if it’s worth the price is irritating and not worth the hassle..Version: 5.4

ShippingExtremely terrible shipping. They say they will give you updates. They don’t for days on end. You pay for faster shipping you will not receive it. I have been waiting two months now for my order that they said would take 7 days. Have gone through this twice now. Will no longer shop with fashion nova. Plus you can find way better quality clothes for actually cheaper lol..Version: 13.2.1

AppPlease fix........ I can’t save anything to my favourites on the app!!! I’ll tap the heart and it “saves” but when I go to my favourites list there is nothing there!! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing. I even made a different account which still didn’t fix the issue. Until fixed I won’t be using the app!.Version: 8.4

Bad customer service and no refundsCustomer service is trash ! You sent me a broken glasses and refuse to refund me !.Version: 13.9.30

HorribleOk, my closet consists of 50% FashionNova and the other half, Forver21. I clearly love their styles or used to love this company with so many purchases I’ve made. However I’ve come to the realization that they don’t care about their customers. The customer service is CRAP! They give a number to call that will never have a representative to reach and the only way to communicate effectively is through email. So why even have a number?! They only give store credit which I hate because their items are like hit or miss. I had these shades from them that broke in literally one week and the most itchy dress that looked nothing like the material advertised on the app. Or I’ll have a dress from them that won’t stop spilling glitter in my room or these visors that lasted way longer than I thought would and really keep the sun away. You just really never know what you’re going to get. It’s like opening up a birthday surprise each time and just wishing you’ll like it. I end up having to keep shopping in order to not waste my store credit. On the other hand, dont get me started on their social media. You can spend so much money on that store and post each item and because you lack likes they won’t add you to their online pages. Even when they’re tagged in your post. It just proves to show lack of appreciation for customers with social media, store credit and limited ways of contact..Version: 8.4

App not responding with updateGenerally good app, although it isn’t launching with the new update..Version: 13.9.23

SCAM NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER DELIVERS STEALS MONEYSeems suspicious that my reviews never go through and the app has an overwhelming 5 star review even though all of the most recent ones are 1 stars. Doesn’t deliver packages, I’ve made 3 orders on the same gift card that they won’t refund you for. Order “says” delivered but never is, never receive a call or knock or nothing. They say they can’t do anything about it. They’ve ruined my Halloween, Christmas, and my Birthday because of this. I’ve told EVERYONE I know to NEVER shop with them, and probably saved my friends a lot of money because of it. They never deliver and they DONT HAVE A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They always give you the same script, no names of who you’re dealing with, and never get back to you. It’s taken weeks for them to follow up unless I send multiple emails. Garbage company. Don’t expect your money back..Version: 13.9.29

Where is my deliveryThe app is alright. However it’s been over 14 days and I’m still waiting for my 5-7 business days delivery. The event I needed the clothes for had already passed. I’m very disgusted. Everyday I check to see when it will arrived the go up a day🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️. And I can’t even track it because it hasn’t reached facilites. What is this. Please fix this!!.Version: 8.8

Was in love but now I feel very disappointedI really love fashion nova, but this last purchase experience has been a nightmare. I’ve been going back and forth with customer service trying to find out why only half of my items were sent and no refund or any notification email or explanation has been sent to me as to why I only received half of my order. Additionally, the customer care rep keeps referring to another order # that isn’t the one I’m talking about and she keeps responding with “copy and paste” customer care responses and not actually helping me find out why I’m not receiving my refund. Like I said, I’ve got a closet full of FN but this whole experience has really put a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t know if I’ll continue to shop with you guys if you can’t get your “system” under control. The whole “our system is unable to recognize when things are over-purchased and go out of stock” crap is complete bogus and looks really bad on your part. we shouldn’t even be able to add things let alone purchase them to our cart if it is out of stock. “overselling” an item is not a way to keep business either. I hope this issue gets resolved but I am very weary and honestly unmotivated to buy anything else right now. I missed out on all the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals because of this mess..Version: 5.1

Love FN but the app is a disgraceI absolutely LOVE the clothes from here. There is a store credit only return policy which is unusual but it’s not an issue for me because I don’t mind getting something else if I don’t like one thing or another. I gave this 1 stars because the app is an absolute joke. 1) The only filter you can use is the color of the clothes 2) whenever you type something into the search bar it only takes the first two words into consideration and doesn’t refresh even after you type in the whole thing. For example I wanted to look up the these jeans called “Pop Champagne Jeans”. After you type in “pop champagne” it searches for something completely random and sometimes no jeans appear at all in the options. 3) When you fill your cart and then try to make a purchase, but one thing is out of stock, instead of informing you of which item is out of stock it just doesn’t allow you to proceed with the payment. Therefore, you have to go through each and every item to see if it’s still in stock. 4) The only thing the shipping updates inform you of is “in transit to next facility” doesn’t specify which facility, how far away it is, or what time it will arrive to you. When you first make the purchase it states that it will be there by a certain day, but if it’s going to be late you get a little message saying “your item will not be arriving on time but it will arrive” Which isn’t reassuring. The app is a complete nightmare and not worth shopping..Version: 5.5

THEY ARENT SHIPPING UR STUFFFashionnova isn’t shipping my clothes ive been waiting for , like 15 days !!!.Version: 5.3

FavoritesI « heart » many products and it does not show in my favorite list..Version: 8.4

Never got refunded but I’ve sent the items back to themI’ve ordered for more than $ 250, I received a message 3 weeks later saying that my order would arrive late and that if I wanted a refund I had to click on a link. I have never been reimbursed. 2 weeks later, I received the goods and one pair was damaged and 3 items too small. I returned the items to have a credit, gift card or a refund. I paid $ 18 for delivery fees, sent a dozen emails and messages via Instagram. I did not have any follow-ups. Two months later. Still no refund or credit note. Never again!!!.Version: 4.9

I love Fashion nova butttttt....Y’all have amazing clothes okurrrr my boyfriend loves everything I buy but back in March I ordered 200 yup that’s right 200 dollars worth of clothes never received them !!! I contacted and they said they couldn’t locate my package. I’ve bought from them after that and it’s been amazing but shawty when i tell you the way they make these clothes is insane. They’re always put together really nicely but the waistbands are always super tiny no matter how much I size up. I have a curvy body with some thick legs and a small waist and they still don’t fit sometimes. Bad costumer service af !!!! And I don’t like how there’s a limit of 300 items on your wishlist girl I like to shoppppp periooodd. Y’all gotta stop making these waistbands like this and update reviews to where people can add pictures because I have a website and I know you can add fake reviews to your website/ app with names and all !!!!! Point is y’all got fire clothes with some eh decent prices but gotta update these sizes, reviews & sold out status when in cart. If you add a item to your cart and it sells out if your size it won’t tell you it’s sold out so make sure you check before buying !!!.Version: 13.3.2

FrustratingClothes are okay but the app itself is terrible. The ‘heart’ button doesn’t work. Everyone I press it to add something to my wish list the app shuts down and I have to go back and find the item again. It’s frustrating and I can’t be bothered with it anymore. Deleting..Version: 4.8

PLEASE READ‼️‼️‼️So angry!! i placed an order for my birthday, a blue dress and was so excited. i did everything correctly filled out everything the same and used all the same emails i use for all my other clothes apps. i ordered the dress and it CHARGED ME DOUBLE!!, i emailed and messaged and got no reply. i am still waiting on the dresses now and it’s been two weeks when it said 5/7 business was days. then tonight i went to order something again and used a whole different account and used my mums email and number and it CHARGED ME DOUBLE AGAIN!! this time it was a couple more hundred then the last time. i emailed again and still got no reply. i’m so frustrated and so is my family because it is such a waist of money and a scam..Version: 13.9.35

⚠️DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ORDERING⚠️I’ve ordered from here and have been waiting on a package for a while now even though I paid for express shipping (2-5days) contacted customer support multiple times and get the same reply. If you order from here and you want a refund you only get part of your refund and you have to pay out of your pocket to ship it back. This is a scam, for such a well known business I’ve had the worst experience online shopping in my life with Fashion Nova. I wish I had listened to the reviews before ordering from here. This is an absolutely scam and they over charge you like crazy. I recommend shopping else where, you can find the similar items on other sites..Version: 13.9.33

Not worth itMight save some money with this low quality fast fashion but customer service is a joke. An order from China via freight got here before my FashionNova order (which is still sitting in a warehouse) and customer service has the audacity to blame Covid shipping delays and “local customs” that it hasn’t even reached lol, and I’m in Canada for reference. They don’t even let you contact customer service until it’s over a month late. Worst worst worst company and practices..Version: 13.9.28

Doesn’t workApp doesn’t work won’t open most of the time and when it does it either won’t let you sign in or it just freezes and won’t take you to your favourites.Version: 5.0

First and Last time shopping with Fashion Nova!!!I had ordered two items for my graduation, unfortunately there was a problem with the building number at which I ordered the items to. I called to change the address and I was informed it would be resent. Once again there was a problem for the delivery. I called again and they had never even changed the address to resend the item even though they said they would. They said they would send me a gift card to reimburse for my items because they don’t do refunds. I asked if they would cover the shipping costs as well at least 5 times to make sure and the agent said yes every time. I got my gift cards without the covering of the shipping costs. I called again today and another agent said they don’t cover shipping. This is the first and last time I order from this stupid website. One of my worst experiences with online shopping. This has been a month process full of disappointments!! I literally have to pay $30 bucks just to get the exact same outfit I bought in the first place (including the e-gift cards)..Version: 5.9

Everything was great until it wasn’t.I have ordered from fashion nova multiple times and everything was always great, but recently an order was said to be delivered but it actually wasn’t. I have been at home everyday and can confidently say it wasn’t stolen, it was just never delivered at all. When I reported it to fashion nova they basically said: “we sent it so it is no longer our problem, good luck finding it!” We then reached out to the company they used to deliver it to us and saw that the company itself is a 1 star overall delivery service. I have reached out to them as well but have failed to receive a response. It is upsetting to see the lack of care they have for their customers. I understand that they sent the order so there might not be much that they can do to find it, but they should at least resort to sending their packages with better delivery services. Needless to say I don’t feel comfortable ordering from this app anymore..Version: 13.9.34

Needs an updateMy app keeps crashing and logging me out non stop. it also keeps deleting all my favourites and won’t allow me to add to favourites..Version: 8.8

MAD 😡I loved this app until they completely ripped me off. Firstly, i paid quite a lot of money to get a pair of jeans i really liked and to get it shipped to Australia. I waited for a long time for it to arrive to find that it did not fit me whatsoever! I even went out of my way to check all sizing charts available AND ordered a size larger than i would to make sure it would fit. I then had to pay >$30 just to get it shipped back. Secondly, when i finally got the on-app credit to purchase something else i decided i would use it to try to order the same pair of jeans in hopes they would fit me. So i put the order in and luckily it was on sale after that because i would have had to pay more money just to reorder it even with credit on my account. THEN i thought i would check on my order and how far away it is to arriving and the app has completely wiped everything on my account. No favourited items, no orders listed and no recall of the credit that i had left over. So basically i wont be receiving my product because the order doesn’t even exist. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM BECAUSE I WANT MY MONEY BACK.Version: 4.7

UnethicalI know this is a US company but common! Their returns and refund policy is very questionable and I’d dare to say unethical. Sure thing they have cute clothes but its normal for customers to purchase couple of items due to size variations, style differences, fit etc but with this company you dont get to return things that didnt fit, in the best scenario you will get stuck with a store credit. I never had a company charge me for return label in my life, small business sure, but a multimillion retailer? Nuhu, I do not subscribe to this nonsense. Just a massive scam really..Version: 13.9.25

Never got the packageI ordered 2 things off of fashion nova and paid for expedited shipping. I never got the items and emailed fashion nova about it numerous times. They replied and said there was nothing they could do about it because their site said “it had been delivered” but when I checked it said it was sitting waiting at the warehouse next to where I live and had not been delivered. They didn’t just not arrive on time (as I had paid for them to come a lot earlier) they did not arrive at all, and I still haven’t gotten them. This was about 2 months ago, since then I have moved and will not be getting them at all. Fashion Nova’s response to my queries was no refund at all, but a 25% off voucher for my next purchase. Which I will mot be making since I have moved out of the country. I understand that they can’t refund me for the shipping, but I did not get the items at all so I was expecting a refund on them as I never received them and never will..Version: 13.4.13

The CompanyMy rating is more for the company policies than the app. It’s absurd they charge you for returns or exchanges. Absolutely absurd. On the plus side, this is the only company I’ve bought pants from that I don’t need to get altered or wear a belt with. For girls with big butts or anterior pelvic tilts, the pants are tailored to your body type. The quality is medium-low, so I don’t understand the prices most of the time. The clothes don’t last long, and I cycle mine with many other pieces so I don’t feel like you get good cost per wear before they begin to pill, tear, or fall apart. But they often have decent sales so that’s a plus. Then there’s the actual app. It’s clean and works, except the search function is really dumb. When you search for something you can’t really filter your search. You just have to be specific about what you’re looking for and even then not everything comes up like when using a computer. So over all I try to avoid making purchases from this company. I’d go here for a pair of pants in a bright color or something trendy like that which I don’t want to get altered and won’t be upset about only wearing for a short time. But for core basics, you can get better quality for the same cost from other companies who gladly cover your returns and exchanges..Version: 13.9.35

ShippingI payed extra money so I can get my shipping easily but it turn out I need to pay more money so I can receive my order and wait for more days.Version: 8.8

Glitching app & 20 daysIt’s my first time shopping with fashion nova but my order hasn’t even been shipped it is still in the processed . It’s been 16 days and it’s is STILL PROCESSING . I understand that they were moving locations but honestly my order confirmation said it would take 7-10 days to process my order . It’s ridicules. Not only that but the app keeps freezing while I’m trying to use it and just takes me out of it . I’m just very disappointed . I was so hyped up when I found out about Cardi B collection but the fact that I still have yet to receive my first order really turned me off from taking part of that experience. I was so ready to buy many of her items. Between the app glitching and my order not even being fulfilled , let alone packaged or sent, I’m having a terrible experience. This is my first review , that’s how upset I am . Edit: my sister just ordered from them and they processed her order before mine and I’ve been waiting almost a month . What’s going on ? This is crazy ..Version: 5.0

Horrible serviceI’ve been buying clothes from here for some time now. But the past few orders it’s been ridiculous! My orders are not coming on the day that it says it should be and my clothes are coming damaged and they won’t give you no refund. Don’t buy from here they are very untrustworthy and unreliable..Version: 13.9.5

😩Every-time I add items to my favourites they aren’t ever there.... I use to order from here all the time and now the app is just trash..Version: 8.1

Awful communicationI ordered some clouts over a month ago and I still haven’t received my cloths and I not gotten any email giving me any more information and the company is not transfer y when it comes to international shipping why do I need to pay more money to get my packages when i already bought it and paid for shipping and now I have to pay for shipping again which doesn’t make sense I would recommend you not to buy from this company awful communication and customer service.Version: 13.2.5

App problems.~I’ve been shopping from fashionnova regularly, adding items to my favorites made shopping easier because l wouldn’t have to look for the item all over again, apparently every time l add something to my favorites and go back to find it, it’s not there anymore, my favorite list is always the same and it doesn’t add up the new items that I’ve liked and it is really annoying to that point that l don’t even wanna shop anymore. I like adding things to my favorites so when l decide to buy stuff l just look through my favorites. I don’t know if I’m the only one having this problem but hopefully y’all fix this issue because l will no longer shop here as much as l like it cuz it’s just so irritating. Online websites are supposed to make shopping easier not more complicated. ~Another problem l had was paying for an item l didn’t even receive because it was out of stock, first off why let me buy it if it’s out of stock? ~ l suggest calling them for anything rather than just emailing them, it takes forever for them to respond, sometimes they don’t even respond at all. ~ l don’t see why do l have to pay for shipping when l return them, technically l don’t even get the full refund of the item just because l had to pay shipping to return it..Version: 5.4

I love the brand of fashion nova but I am disappointedI love the brand but I ordered the first item I receive it the second item and third items I didn’t see them yet so I’ve been more than a week and then they didn’t send me a refund and they didn’t tell me anything or emails or anything and there is so many customers they all they talk about they take the money and they didn’t give them their items even you can’t talk with the customer service I tried to reach them five times they put you in the answer machine so you have to leave a message nobody call you of course I think that’s they let you make purchase the first purchase and then they sent you the first item until you get the big purchase and after that they will take the money and that they will not send you any items so I am not going to use this app anymore.. ما انصح بالشراء منهم لان يبعثولك فقط اول قطعه الى ان تشتري كثير قطع ومايبعثوها الك بياخذو لفلوس فقط ومايبعثو القطعه الدافع فلوسها وكنما خدعه يخلوك تثق فيهم في اول اودر والبقيه بياخذو لفلوس وماتقدر توصل للخدمة العملاء كلها حاطين المتحدث الالي وماتوصل لنتيجه معاهم انا حبيت اوضع تجربتي معاهم علشان الناس ما تتورط زي.Version: 5.2

Very dissatisfied.The clothes that you get from this site are very cute and they usually fit depending on your size. But my issue is with shipment of the orders. When you go to buy your clothing you get an estimate arrival time, and you can even choose to pay more if you want your shipment to be ordered faster. I ordered and just had regular shipping,which was estimated as 4 to 7. Once I paid for the clothes and receive the tracking number, the weight is longer than 4 to 7 days even though that’s what I was told before I paid. After receiving the tracking number I was told my order would arrive on 28 June. The order has still not arrived and the worst part about this is that they do not have a customer service number to where you can speak to an actual person so you’re left to deal with the help center which is not very helpful. I would think with fashion nova being such a big brand they would have better shipping, you have better shipping experiences from smaller brands that have just started, they are disappointing..Version: 13.4.13

Awful loginTried to create an account and would not let me login or activate my account. First time using the app and a frustrating experience. Do not recommend..Version: 8.2

My orderI ordered last year for my birthday in march , and my order hasn’t arrived even now it’s been a year i got an email for my order that it has been confirmed but now nothing , i live in the uk This brand it’s a scam 😡😡.Version: 13.9.28

Wish I wouldn’tEvery time the app opens it crashes.Version: 13.9.26

If ur from 🇨🇦 don’t waste your timeIf u want to order clothes into Canada, not only are u.s. prices only displayed but they love to put in the fine lines that there will be duties and taxes owed on ur package that you’re only informed of the day your package is arriving and you’ll have to pay an additional $60 on top of the $50 you spend a tank top and $15 for shipping. NEVER WASTING MY MONEY ON THIS SITE AGAIN!!!!! You can find everything for cheaper on better websites that dont hold your package hostage until fees are paid..Version: 13.2.1

CrashesI’ve had the app for a while and had no problems but recently when I try to go into my bag it crashes. Fix this!!.Version: 4.9

Never had any issues up until my last order…I’ve shopping with FN for a while now and I’ve never really had any real complaints until I recently ordered about 14 items and I didn’t receive an email from FN saying that one of my items was out of stock. I got a message from SHOP saying that I was refunded for the set but when I looked on my FN account, I didn’t see a credit. The item was “Wrong way sweater pants set in green”; Everything else in my order is “on its way” except for that set. Never received a “cancellation or out of stock” email and when I tried to submit an email saying something was wrong to your support team it said that my email and order number were wrong. I logged out of my account and logged back in the email is correct. Used my order number to track my package and that’s also correct. Soo what’s going on?!?!? Tired to send different emails and I’m still receiving the same message every time “We couldn’t find any orders with that order number and email. The order number must match the email you used at checkout. Please check your entries and try again” Never had this happen before and honestly thinking about taking my business somewhere else form now on if this doesn’t get fixed..Version: 13.9.29

ScamA piece of trash i bought my item it said delivered and guess what it delivered in the US and am in Canada i tried writing them an email they said they can not refund me anything,i also once put something in my cart and it stole the $36 and i don't remember even checking out when i went to my bank account the money was taken tried contacting them they have no contacts number and sometimes they ignore the email this is a scam🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️.Version: 13.9.41

Needs a sort tab!!Please add a sort tab in the catalogues section that have a lowest price to highest price choice. Nearly every shopping app has this, surprised Fashion Nova doesn’t..Version: 1.83

CurrencyIm from the UK so it would be better if you could change the currency.Version: 1.86

Nothing fits and no refundSo I did an order to Fashion Nova for the first time. I checked all the size and all to be sure everything will fit me, but hey barely nothing fits! I send them a message and explain it to them, but they just want to refund me with a gift card. I’m mad because I spend a lot of money and I will not use a gift card to a shop I’m really disapointed in and now i’m really disapointed in the costumer service! Oh and they don’t want to cancel the order I did yesterday because I had faith in their clothes and because they had a sale... So yeah i’m really sad, I just want my money back because I need it and I don’t want any problems :(.Version: 13.2.4

Don’t shop thereAttention Canadian shoppers! ⚠️ They lie about the price, you’d think it’s in CAD but just when your order is placed it shows you that it is in fact USD and you CANNOT CANCEL the order. I am extremely irritated by this because not only they false advertise but they will make you pay full expenses to ship the items back to them..Version: 13.2.3

Model heightIt would make the app & website much more efficient if they had given each models height on bottoms, jeans etc. As you never know the length of the trousers, which can be frustrating, especially that I’m from the UK so would have to wait for the package to come through.Version: 7

Won’t let me payEverything is in stock and I have money but it said card declined but it doesn’t say why. I just wanted to buy things for my friends birthday but I can’t. Please tell me why.Version: 8.4

Awful customer serviceI use to love shopping here but when I didn’t receive my last package through no fault of my own, their policy is that the consumer just takes the loss. Too much competition these days to treat your customers that way ✌🏼.Version: 13.9.35

Package missing?Order in November didn’t get the tracking number until beginning of December. It’s been a month and haven’t received my clothing; ordered before and it came fast but usually it doesn’t take over a month to ship to Canada?.Version: 5.3

Can’t save to my favourites!!!!!I click on the heart button and it goes red then white again😡😡😡.Version: 8.4

It’s not bad but it’s not greatFashion nova is like you win some you lose some ... I bought a bunch of jeans from fashion nova and I fell in love. The quality is great and it’s not like legging material they are actually jeans from real companies. I then went to purchasing shoes. All their heels and slides and sandals that I purchased was true to their description and fit perfectly.I then went on to purchasing tops and they were all awful. I was shocked and surprised that the shirts came out that way!! The quality to all the shirts was cheap and kind of thin .. I then bought about 2 more shirts and the quality was the same. I went back to see if it said the material would be thin and it didn’t say. I would still be shopping here but I just really only need shirts. Also their return policy is very crappy. The policy isn’t like this because of covid it’s been like this for since I been shopping here for a year 1/2. They would only really give you a refund in store credit which is bad because I really need shirts and I don’t wanna keep guess and waiting and hoping my shirt would come in a good quality!.Version: 13.2.4

SCAMMMScam company they take your money and don’t answer emails when you ask for refunds or send claim forms.Version: 5.5

Over rated.The clothes are okay. Some real nice ones, some really not nice ones but my issue with this app is there is nowhere I can add my location, just tells me I have no location even with my gps on and nowhere to change it. You can only see the prices in US dollars which is frustrating having to google Australian prices for each item you’re interested in. The location price is the simplest of things to have on an international clothing store app. Why isn’t this utilised? A majority of the time the heart (favourite button) does not register so after scrolling through hundreds of items you realise only a small fraction of them have actually saved. Also everyone raves on about their jeans but all of their jeans, even their skinny jeans look completely bunched up at the ankles. Like they’re all made far too long or to be rolled (ew). None of them fit properly. A skinny jean is supposed to also hug the ankle which their line of jeans clearly do not. Will be deleting this as soon as my review goes through. So over rated. Cardi and the kardashians just want the $$ obviously..Version: 1.82

Always a problem with my “favorites”I have called FN... I have deleted and reinstalled the app. Nothing seems to work in bringing my “favorites” back in the app for viewing. Reading these reviews I realize that it’s a common problem. Please fix right away..Version: 8.4

THIS IS A ALL A SCAM STEALING PEOPLES MONEYI HAVE PLACED AN ORDER AND HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR OVER A MONTH NEVER GOT MY TRACKING DETAILS NORE ANY REPLIES TO MY EMAILS I HAVE BEEN EMAILING AND HONESTLY I WILL NEVER FASHIONOVA 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮.Version: 13.9.27

Men’s sectionWould be nice if the men’s section was actually separated into different styles (pants, shoes, accessories, shirts, etc.) instead of having us scroll through the entire men’s catalogue to find one thing lol.Version: 1.76

⚠️ WarningFashion Nova doesn’t do anything if you email them after three days when they send you defective goods. They do not post negative reviews. So just be cautious when shopping with fashions nova..Version: 1.76

WARNINGReally annoying that the prices are in US dollars only and I have to look up what each item would be in Australians dollars, even though a lot of Australians models promote it. I would shop more if you could set your location and it converted the dollars over. Ordered cloths before I knew this and messaged the page and didn’t get my money back..Version: 5.7

What a waste of money!! No refundsI had just ordered a few times & expected it to cost it me $64, they had not mentioned it is in Canadian or usd dollars. At the checkout I received a final amount for the discount code and it mentions the total 74 ( including pay for shipping) but beforehand it said I’m qualified for free shipping... anyways I check my bank account and see 110 has been taken, I email them to request for a refund but find out that there is a long process of not being able to cancel the order and that I must wait to receive it to only SEND IT BACk to receive a fashion nova gift card.... ( talk about waste of time & money).Version: 13.2

HelpI got scammed i still havent received a confirmation email for my order. How long does it take for them to send it?.Version: 12.2

Terrible tracking serviceI never had any issues with my fashion nova arriving on time, mind you I’m over seas stationed in japan so i understand that shipping can be up to 3 weeks. I placed an order on November 2nd, it was an outfit for my baby shower and it was said to deliver december 2nd, my baby shower is on december 4th. When the time came, my package STILL didn’t arrive so I contacted support asking for a refund and they told me I can’t get one until my package is delivered etc and my package is on the way. So i had to buy another outfit for my baby shower and I noticed the delivery date went from december 3rd to 10th to 15th to the 23rd. On december 12th I contacted support AGAIN and cussed them out in an email saying I want my money back because it’s been OVER A MONTH since i ordered my package, the next day they responded saying they can either replace the product or give me a full refund and OF COURSE i demanded to get my money back because it’s ridiculous that my package has not arrived after 6 WEEKS OF WAITING. Overall i got my money back so if anyone is having the same issue keep emailing support..Version: 13.9.24

Terrible customer service!! And shippingSo I ordered 6 items 3 days before the Black Friday sale. In the “shipping and processing” sections it states that it’ll take 3-7 days for your items to be processed then put into transit and 3-7 days for your items to be shipped to u it took a total of 10 days ( Black Friday, cyber monday, and cardi b collection ) had all happened AFTER I PLACED MY ORDER!! and they blamed tht they were flooded with orders from those sales as to why my clothes were out of stock and my order had to be refunded not because they wanted to by the way but because I wanted to cancel my order. So I gave them benefit of the doubt because i really like fashion nova and this was the first time this had happened to me as I’ve order from them previously and it went great I got my clothes in less than 5 days. So I ordered 8 more items Dec 1 and here it is dec 8 and I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN ANYTHING BUT THE SAME EMAIL I GOT THE FIRST ABOUT HOLIDAY CARE!! So this will surely be my absolute LAST TIME ORDERING ANYTHING FROM FASHION NOVA! I feel they should not taking ANY OF YOUR MONEY UNTIL YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN PROCESSED!!!.Version: 5.2

The good outweighs the badI love their clothing. As a plus size girl, it’s sometimes hard to shop online. But with FN, I’m usually happy with everything I buy. I think maybe twice I wasn’t happy, and both times it was a bodysuit. They have great selection, too. So much you honestly could never get through every single thing they have. I love their cute sets, dresses, jeans, and jackets. Every time I wear something from here I get complimented. I haven’t bought any shoes or accessories yet though. The bad- their freaking return policy. First off, I don’t understand how a huge company like that that makes millions a year can’t afford to exchanges, but it blows my mind. You have to return the stuff and buy it again in the size you *might* need. They don’t do refunds in the sense of you return it and get your money get store credit and store credit only. And the list of things you can’t return is long. So just be aware of all of that before you hit purchase. You’re pretty much stuck with whatever you buy. I don’t really like that and I don’t think that’s a good or fair way to run a business but it’s literally and figuratively not my business lol. Also, read the reviews before you buy anything. FN customers are extremely good at leaving reviews, so if something ain’t it or it runs big or small..they’ll tell you!.Version: 13.9.28

Fraud“Ultra fast fashion “ more like ultra slow fraud. I use to love them but it seems like once they started getting really popular and these celebrities started wearing the brand and they increased the prices seems like they decreased the quality. What a shame.Version: 1.83

Be aware!!This app fails to tell you that everything is in USD until you pay and receive the confirmation email. So when I thought I was spending $242AUD, I checked my bank account and was actually charged $347AUD. Pretty tricky on them and no option on the app to show and pick what currency you want to view the products in. Not happy and also much poorer this pay cycle..Version: 5.3

Weak app interfaceSuper weak sauce interface holyyy, can’t navigate through men’s section properly and use there tools, Shein has cheaper clothes and a way better interface all fact, App developers y’all movin waste on this app big time get it together I’m tryna cop some gear.Version: 13.9.27

App issueThis app needs to be fix,😡😡I can’t see my favorite list on the app,also I can’t seem to put an item on the cart in order for me to buy 😤😡..this trash.Version: 8.4

Unable to log in or open appI can’t log in or open the app. I’ve deleted it twice and it still keeps happening unable to shop.Version: 8.4

Awful return policy!!They give you gift card but not for the full price which you spend and also you have to pay for the shopping yourself! In my area I had to pay more than 60$ for shipping them back! Personally I am not gonna buy from them anymore, I prefer buy from websites which have better return policy even if I am paying more..Version: 13.9.29

Could be better!I love fashion nova! I hate experiencing issues with the app though, I’m starting to notice that sometimes it runs slow & it gets frozen. Not only that, but when I try to filter what I’m looking for by color, it will say “No Products Found” but let’s say I’m scrolling without the filter, I will see the color of the items that I was looking for. The developers definitely need to work on the consistency of that. I usually don’t have issues with the clothing but sometimes the material is thin, or the pants are too short for me. I hate dealing with the inconvenience of returning items. I do love fact that there is almost new arrivals every single day, which is such a great way to keep customers coming back. I do wish fashion nova would display a better variety of models who are ALL races, shapes, and sizes. Customers need to see short, tall, skinny, slim thick, chubby etc models. It would also be a great idea for fashion nova to include what SIZE the model is wearing, as well as the HEIGHT!!! Including the size of the clothing & the height would make a HUGE difference, & it would be way easier for customers to picture how items would look before purchasing. It has been a hassle when purchasing pants/jeans because I’m tall, & majority of the models look short. So if the model’s height & size of the clothes she’s wearing is included in the product description, it would help so much. Please take this into consideration..Version: 13.2.5

Sneaky appIt shows the price in CAD but then charges me in USD everything i bought was more expensive than they said.Version: 13.9.33

Could be so much betterThe site itself and app I find horrible to navigate through and could be a lot better. I like to open multiple windows so I can look at the product after I’ve scrolled through a selection of clothes to save me flicking back and forth non stop. The site doesn’t allow you to open pages, forced to hit back and has constant page loading each time. Thought they just broke the site to force you to use the app... app isn’t much better. (Want to look at a different colour option? Let’s load up a completely new page just to look at a different colour, rather than just flicking a different colour option picture on the same page.) Really needs an option to filter SIZES, I waste so much time looking at things that aren’t available in my size, the only option to filter on the app is by colour. Favourited items do not save a lot of the time. Even things added to cart just don’t appear. App is very bugged all over. Makes whole shopping experience just irritating you just give up. Until they update things I don’t think I’ll shop again from Fashion Nova, so disappointing. (Also some clothes are very hit and miss, like the quality and make of the items. I’ve had dresses sewn up clumpy at the seams, playsuits cut wrong where I feels like 2 different sizes have been sewn together, and straps broken off some lingerie/swimwear type items. Some clothes in general can look and feel like very cheap ‘China clothes’. You have to pay your own money to send it back to them even though the clothes were faulty to begin with. I feel faulty or already damaged clothing, we should not have to pay a return shipping fee. $25+ out of our pocket for returning your dodgey items back to you.).Version: 4.9

Sort the Bugs out!!I love fashion nova clothes and resisted the app until just recently. It’s easy to use but there are bugs and glitches that make it annoying - such as not being able remove the last item in your cart - the favourites list and checkout button cover it and you either have to buy it or delete all other items and start again..Version: 13.2.1

What the heck is going on with your shippingI have been so excited to try Fashion Nova, I finally got together a shopping cart of 7 items and purchased them AFTER I purchased the items I got a notice at the bottom of my confirmation saying that “because of your transition to a new warehouse there may be 8-10 day delays in shipping your order.” My order has gone ELEVEN days with no change. No shipment, no processing. And today I got an email disclaiming that if I’d like to cancel Fashion Nova would happily give me a refund because they had “no idea when my items would ship.” I LIKED the items in my bag, and many of them have sold out now. How is this a way to treat your customers, especially new ones like myself. I am disappointed that you spend so much money and time on social media advertising, and you make your company seem so impressive and catering to women and when people actually ORDER you almost try to get them to refund so you don’t have to worry about their order. New warehouse or not, you should be able to process and ship orders correctly during your transition or you should not operate at all..Version: 4.9

Can’t see my favouritesI absolutely love Fashion Nova! The clothes are so flattering, and there’s plenty of styles to choose from. However lately I am unable to favourite items, or view my favourited. It kind of takes away the point of the app.Version: 8.6

??Where are my favourites????? There was an update two weeks ago and nothing has changed this is ridiculous.Version: 8.4

Using Google is better than appOn google i could change the colour of the clothing without having to select into each outfit. Why isn’t that so for the app? Also i can’t change my currency on the app! Even though i log in via google and change it there?!.Version: 13.3.3

Tweak the App a bit moreI am not one to submit reviews but I love your clothing and I would like to continue shopping but I mostly use my phone and so I thought I’d ask about tweaking the app to our liking. I’m sure I am not the only one to have suggested this. Anyways, when you select collections then the collection you want let’s say jeans and then while you’re viewing the jeans it doesn’t let you just go back to the list of collections. When I slide from the left side of my iPhone. Just the menu comes up. It’s very irritating and a waste of time. Also please provide filter options. I should be allowed to view from most popular or price. It’s ridiculous that I have to keep scrolling until I find something I both like and that has good reviews and is within my price range. Lastly but not most importantly, it would be wonderful to see customers photos as well. The models used are extremely thin around the waist and they’re so unrealistic. Seriously continue using the models. Whatever but allow us to see real pics of people actually wearing the clothes as well. Thank you..Version: 1.86

Custom duties trapFashion Nova is big trap for Canadian order. Canadian orders paid 13% tax while place an order and then after courier service send Email to pay another 25% custom duties to deliver parcel. This is so annoying.Version: 13.4.9

Bad siteFirst, why I can not cancel my order?? Second, why do you return my money to a gift card? Why you do not answers us when we email you needing a help? It is the worst site ever. This is my first and last time shopping from this site. Hope you change your policy. Because customers do not like these policies. As a customer it is my right to cancel my order before you ship it, sometimes we do make a mistake selecting stuff. Also, we need our money back to our bank account , we do not need a gift card, that we can not use it anywhere. Please make changes to your policy, so customers will like to shop from site much more than now!!!!.Version: 13.9.33

More workYou need a a sorting tab of some sort cause I give up after page 10. and I miss out on all the other clothes. Also, need more details about the clothes in description..Version: 1.86

DeliveryI’ve only ordered from Fashionova twice and both times I paid extra for express payment. The first time around my clothes came in exactly 3 days and I’m ordering to Aus, Syd. The second time I got express again and it came LITERALLY 2 weeks late which was frustrating since I needed my dress on an exact date for a special event. Other than that the sizing was great and I had no problems with the quality of the clothing..Version: 13.2.1

The y dont even respondI sended an e-mail to the client services its been 3 weeks since i contacted them for the second Time and i still havent have a respond. One of my item was missing and i cant even get a answer!!!! Im réalité sad because i loved Their website.Version: 5.1

Finally Fashion Nova has an app!Only thing I’m not happy about is the filter section is blank and not working. It makes it hard to sort through all the clothes and find specifically what I want..Version: 8.4

Cant see my FavoritrI have deleted and reinstalled the app, but im unable to see my favorites. And now i’m not even able to add in my favorite, when i click on the heart i receive and error message saying that it has failed to add in my favorite to try again ughh so annoying i used to love the app now i barely use it because of all the problems with jt.Version: 8.5

CurrencyWhen I shop on the web I cannot change the currency from usd to cad. When I try to shop on the app the order never goes through!!! It’s Frustrating.Version: 5.7

Problem with sharing itemsThere is a problem whenever I press on something to share it. I can’t press on the ‘share’ button on the top right of the screen because it is off the screen. When I swipe up to see it, it doesn’t stay, and goes off the screen again. The top part of the model’s head is also off the screen. I am assuming this is because the app is designed for the bigger screen of the iPhone X. I am still very happy with the rest of the app though. I used to hate it how I had to sign in on the website every time to view my Wishlist but with the app I don’t have to sign in every time..Version: 1.82

Worst functioning website everAbsolutely none of the short cuts work and the account creating is just the worst the only thing it does is sign you up to their news letter. Literally that’s it..Version: 4.7

HorribleI’m not a “write a review” type of person but trust me I could not refrain from this. I’ve only ever ordered from here once and that will be my last time, why? Because I never got my order. I ordered 2 dresses on July 8th, when I go back to to check in my tracking, July 14th. It said my package had been delivered. I never received and updates on tracking, which I signed up for notifications. Then when I try to contact support multiple times to try to get it fixed they first tell me to ask my neighbors and give it 48 hours to see if it would show up. I did and it never came and not to mention I have a freaking ring doorbell camera at my front door as well and 2 of my neighbors and NO ONE has any footage of LSO (loan star overnight shipping company) coming to my home! And when I send in that information nothing, absolutely no response when they had been responding with in hours telling me there is nothing they can do and now that I have proof that no one ever came to my door, radio silence. I can not even put into words how upset I am with Fashion nova..Version: 13.9.33

Slight problemsThis app really needs a way to clear your favourites, like every other clothing app does, because minds change. Also the “refine” should include clothing sizes, because it’s just disappointing finding something you like, then clicking it and seeing that it isn’t in your size... Other than that, the app is great..Version: 5.5

I hate it!Do not buy from fashion nova? The clothes are awful, the app is always crashing and the people who make the clothing are paid less that 5 US dollars a day. A lot less..Version: 8.3

GREAT CLOTHES, ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICEThe clothes are AWESOME. You can tell that whoever sews for them knows exactly how to accentuate a woman’s figure. Some of the things are cheaply made so be careful of things that may look flimsy; they WILL be flimsy. If you’re not one for your chest hanging out, just take a little time and keep browsing through the site, you will find decent and beautiful things. The clothes deserve 5 stars!! However, their customer service is ZERO, ZIP, NADA. You better hope and pray to God that you never encounter any customer service issues with them or you will shed tears of blood. They let you purchase items that are sold out, then they mail you what they have available and try to issue a store credit for what they don’t have. How dare you?!! Store credit! I had to fight to get my actual funds back. I had to initiate a disputed with my bank because they didn’t want to give me my refund. They got salty and refused to issue a prior pending store credit for an item that was returned months before. They finally refunded my money after almost 8 months and then issued the prior pending credit ONE YEAR LATER!! I kid you not. Nobody answers the phones, email is not helpful. Their customer practices border on fraudulent, especially for a company in California. GREAT CLOTHES though..Version: 5.5

FavoritesMy favourites never show up on the app! Very frustrating they always disappear immediately after and then I can not find the items I was planning on purchasing! Please fix this.Version: 6.0

LengthsThey really need to put the inseam for every single trouser because it’s quite annoying since I’m tall and I can’t risk buying a trouser if idk the inseam..Version: 13.2.4

Mixed feelingsI feel like the styles are very nice and priced well but sizing is key which is difficult to navigate when shopping online! The measurements for the clothing I s sometimes hard to calibrate! Women, especially, have different body types so the size charts seem kind of generic! It kinda just configures for the hour glass shape, but doesn’t tell us much about the material’s flexibility! I would love a feature where customers could post reviews along with pictures and the the size they purchased! It would make the process more transparent as we could see how well the items fit others with our body type! It very much helps to have a visual and though it may turn away some sales it would increase customer satisfaction in the long run, prompting them to buy more items as they can be more confident in the sizing! Also I had an order 2 years ago that was never delivered totaling about $150 and never received correspondence or credits after reporting! There need to be a customer service line! It only happened once but I would have appreciated communication to make this right! I haven’t ordered from here since and though I love the styles I am often strayed at the lack of a realistic view of the garments, the inconsistent customer service and the mandated credit only refunds that sometimes are never acknowledged or refunded!.Version: 13.9.33

First and Last time buying from this companyI don’t normally write reviews but I am livid at this point. I ordered 3 pairs of pants once it arrives I notice one of the pants is missing it’s button, I contact customer support by email because there is NO phone number to speak to someone. On top of getting defective items I started a return and I had to pay for the return myself $7.99 to ship it back, I get an email saying they received my return but cannot issues me a refund to my original payment and they will be giving me an e-gift card that I can ONLY use at their store, I was told prior that I would receive my refund to the original payment and I’ve contacted them twice about it only to be sent a copy paste from the first email that they DO NOT issue refunds but only store credit.. like? What? I’ve never seen a company that is legitimate not offer the option to refund to the original payment. Mind you these purchases were gifts as Christmas is around the corner and they were defective so now I have no products and no refund, and now I have it set in my mind I’m never buying from fashion nova ever again. But now I have store credit to a store I don’t wanna support any longer. So if you buy from them make sure you absolutely love what you’re buying and that it’s going to fit cause the refund process is a nightmare. They do not care about customer satisfaction at all..Version: 13.9.41

Been 19 days haven’t received my ordersI made my first order through this app and its been 19 days, I haven’t got any updates and idk if i would be able to receive or not. I tried to call 24/7 hrs customer service and contact them but it doesn’t work. Be careful before ordering from here unless you dont care about your money..Version: 13.4.1

Lacking basic app featuresThere is no sorting, filtering or category selection bars or tabs. Has some cool features but makes it useless without ease of access to the main parts of the app. Not up to standard compared to the website or other apps similar..Version: 1.85

THEY NEED TO GIVE CUSTOMERS A CANCELLATION OPTIONMy order was accidentally placed to the wrong address (don’t know how because i have it set to my current address automatically) and i can’t get a refund or cancel the order until it is delivered….Version: 13.9.41

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