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CurrenciesThe app is lovely but there’s only one currencies I can only give it 4 stars till thats fixes lotta love still 🥰xx.Version: 4.9

LoveSuper easy to navigate, so nice to be able to stay signed into my account. I do wish though that you still had the option to, “Shop the look” rather than searching the categories for something you liked in a different items picture. That is my only complaint.Version: 1.76

AmazingAmazing love the jeans 🙌🏼.Version: 1.82

Love, love, love.I’m from Australia and sometimes I can’t find my size in store that cater to my figure but Fashion Nova comes through with the goods. With the app it’s that made ordering my clothes that much easier. I’ve Never had a problem with the store of the App. It’s fast and reliable..Version: 4.9

Great serviceGreat service , first time shopping online for clothes and I haven’t been disappointed..Version: 5.7

Lost my businessI lived for fashion nova. I love there sales and I love the clothes and shoes, however I made an order and i never received it. I reached out to them and they told me they were not responsible for me not receiving my thing because the shipper said it was delivered. That was just the beginning this order was over $200 and again I’m not new to them I shop so much I can be an ambassador for the company. I explained to them I checked my cameras and never received my order. I then ask for this shippers info In which they did provide. I contacted the shipper and the shipper did there investigation and stated the lost the package that they would contact fashion nova and let them no my passage was not delivered and provide me a copy of the letter and for me to follow up with FN. I did everything on my end because I never wanted a refund just my merchandise I was so looking forward to. Fashion nova told me pretty much I will not receive another shipment nor my refund. I’m so angry they really lost a loyal customer. Watch out !!!.Version: 13.4.9

FashionNovaBeautiful and suitable dresses, great! discount codes. Fast delivery great quality clothes and styles to chose from. Packages arrived with high effort and safe..Version: 5.5

Fashion novaaaaaaI always wanted to buy off here and now I finally have. I hear the sizing is good for thick girls. And the app is waaaaayyyyyy better than the online website..Version: 1.76

I love Fashion Nova!I’m from the UK, and they are just amazing. Clothing and delivery wise. I noticed someone said “don’t order from here if you’re not from the US” I’m sorry, but I’m guessing that person genuinely got unlucky. Also, sometimes you can get lucky to not have to pay a fee. But even so, it’s shipping from America so what’s the problem even paying £20. It is from another country and usually that can happen and it is normal for it to happen. Fashion Nova are amazing. Truly. I’ve never ever had a problem with them. Apart from I had to pay a fee myself, and I paid, received my package, and was happy as ever. Not a big deal to have to pay a fee. SOMETIMES you don’t. It all depends on luck. So please don’t let that put you off. Fashion Nova is a great clothing app, and the clothes are amazing quality and always so unique and beautiful! Personally I’d recommend them highly!.Version: 7

Amazing merchandise and app quality!!They have a huge selection in merchandise and great quality and prices! I’ve ordered jeans, dresses, shoes and matching sets from them, and I have been 100% satisfied with the overall shipping, merchandise quality and customer service! Although I did have to return one of my first orders due to a pair of jeans not fitting correctly and an incorrect item was sent, the return shipping and customer service was a breeze. You do have to pay for the return shipping itself and you do not get a full refund to your original payment method, but in store credit instead. But it is still an amazing app and they’re customer service team is always on top of everything. I received the e-gift card almost immediately! Overall 5 stars across all aspects of this company!!.Version: 1.76

One of my favorite stores!I enjoy this app. I have been using it for about 3 years. I love the quality of their clothes. Their graphic tshirts are my favorite. I love the shipping options. I love that overnight shipping is only $15 where as other stores may charge $30 or more. Their return policy is easy and the fees are fair. I have a major complaint about this company using lasership as a shipping partner. Lasership is not a reliable shipping service. They lose packages, deliver to wrong addresses, leave packages on your doorstep without knocking or ringing the bell, and the delivery men are unprofessional. I wish they replied back to inquiries sooner and that they offered the ability to cancer orders. Other than that, I have no other complaints. I will continue to shop here!.Version: 13.9.36

User FriendlyMy first ever Fashionnova purchase and I was pleased with the functionality of the app. I started off with the link from Instagram, within that link, it prompted me to download the decision. Sifting thru the pages and going back and forth was a breeze AND QUICK. Maybe the best shopping app I’ve experienced. However, everything I liked, I added to my bag. I didn’t need to save anything so I don’t know how that works. I love when you can easily add and delete from your favs/saved list. Checkout was also pretty simple and most of all creating your login. Usually sites make you go thru so much. I’m hoping this won’t result in a security concern later on. I heard about the long delivery times, I’m hoping that won’t be the case for me. Overall, I’m happy with my experience thus far...will update once received packages..Version: 5.0

Love this app BUT needs some workI love the fact that I have a fashion nova app at the tip of my passcode... I enjoy being able to see all my options and placing everything in a cart.. something about doing it all on an app that satisfies me... However, this app needs some tweaks here and there... for example, I wish I can see other buyers reviews on all the items (that’s certainly helpful) also, filtering the options on categories (filtering price, color, size, etc) that’s also very helpful and all this is on the site so I don’t see why it isn’t on the app... I also feel as if the app doesn’t have ALL of the clothes on there. When I used to search on the website it would take me hours to go through MOST of the products but on the app I’m done in minutes. Am I missing something? Haha. Other than all my critics, the app is great and I am glad fashion nova has one ;).Version: 1.76

Wish there were some quality of life improvementsOverall a good app, they have cute clothes (although I tend to be a cheap person so I wish more of it was cheaper but that’s just a personal problem haha) that are usually good quality. Something I’d love (and I’m sure would be really helpful to others) is for them to have the option to include a picture when writing a review - obviously the clothes are going to look great on the models because they chose people who’s bodies fit societal standards the most but it’d be nice to be able to see what their clothes look like on the average person before you purchase because the body does not come with the clothes, haha. I’d definitely buy more clothes from them if that was a feature of the app but I’m usually hesitant to because I don’t want to waste my money on something that’s cute but I have no way to tell if it’ll look good on me. It would also be nice if for every product they listed what size the model was wearing. There is text that says what their non plus size models are wearing (“tops & dresses are a size small and jeans/bottoms are size 1-5) but no information for what their plus size models are wearing. These features are things that many other clothing apps and would help your customers buy things they like with more confidence. Shouldn’t be that difficult to do. :).Version: 13.3.6

Great app but...I love this app, good layout thanks for the improvements but my favourites still won’t fully load. Before it was only show one item but after the update it shows more but only half the list. So I think the favourites could be better..Version: 1.5

Need currency exchange for 5 starsIt’s a nice app but would be good if you could select £ rather than dollars like on the website.Version: 1.82

Fashion nova review and feedbackI’ve ordered from fashion nova many times and I’m in love with everything on there especially the jeans. I just love the styles and different rips on each one and they have such a comfortable material. The tops I’ve orderd have been a less high quality material and have broken on a few occasions but you definitely get your money’s worth, especially on how cheap it is coming all the way to England! I’ve also recommended it to friends and they have love it too!😍.Version: 5.3

Mobile appVery easy to use i love it.Version: 1.76

Number 1I love the app. This whole time I’ve been shopping on safari and omg the app is so much faster! Im going to tell my sisters right now haha :).Version: 1.86

CARDI BI only downloaded this app because of Cardi B. I didn’t even thought what fashion nova was, but thanks to her I fell in love because I LIVE for thrift store or any cheap shopping and these prices are pretty great. I love that most of the clothing is simple and classic, an great place to start for anyone wishing to revamp their style, building a foundation of simple wardrobe staples is tough but this is the best place to start. I have no complaints with the brand in general but I have a few issues with the app. Although I love to user interface I feel like it’s a bit difficult to navigate if you are looking for something specific. Because of the clientele fashion nova attracts with its low prices I think a better sort method would help so much. I just want to sort items from $<$$ I want to see the cheapest item first. I like the outfit creator though. It’s much like polyvore but better in my opinion..Version: 1.76

FashionovaLove itttt.Version: 5.2

NiceNice and easy.Version: 1.86

My favourite clothing brand🔥Only took one week to deliver to Scotland, UK! The quality of the jeans is amazing and tops are so comfy and flattering. Recommend to everyone any size they’re just the best!😈💜.Version: 8.3

CurrencyI really like the app, it’s easy to use and have great fashion items but I can’t change the currency from US dollar to uk pounds. Can this please be addressed?.Version: 6.6

#NovaBabeFinalllllly FashionNova has made an app! Have been using it for the past month or so and has been great! In love with the clothes especially the plus size range!! So affordable as well! I rave about FashionNova to everyone! I wish shipping were faster to New Zealand! You are a real one FashionNova 💓.Version: 1.76

CurrencyWish there was a way I could change the currency to AUD because everything just seems cheaper until I have to pay for it..Version: 1.86

Wish list issuesI’ve just downloaded the app and I can’t add anything to the wish list. It won’t let me.Version: 8.6

Thank you!Loved my first purchase and now I can’t stop!.Version: 1.82

Good but not that goodFashion nova charges u 2 day shipping no matter what. There is no option for u not to pay 2 day shipping but what really pisses me off is that they make u pay 2 day shipping and then they take forever to deliver EVEN IF U PAID. So where I’m getting at is no matter if u get something under I guess $75 then u most likely gonna pay 2 day shipping even if ur items don’t come in 2 days. Another downside is that the clothes will always look good on those models, might not look the same on u cuz the different body types. Not everyone is slim thick. BUTTTTTTTT the only reason why I will continue buying for fashion nova is cuz there clothes are cute and the prices is cheap but most of there Quality is good. The only thing is the jewelry. Mine turn greenish and had that medal smell after a couple months but never really had a problem with there clothes.Version: 5.2

App , versus EmailI have had a bit if a problem within my phn & wife’s phn we both hv Fashion Nova app/online account, we hv separate incomes live in our own homes and share most everything . Even the perks like sharing links to friends to get discount its Legale as we are separate households yet the keep merging our different accounts . And now Im having a different time finding my purchase yet the money was taken off my Bank account card not a debit card but my cash card account payment. I font this this is a fair to kay on fashion nova alone I believe it is the phn company service We use We are working on this And please font think for one minute that i will be shopping on here for all the men in my lufe ‘ amd tgats a lit considering we hv mostly male babies. And buying as much Lady women’s and teens stuff for girls their are enough because they require more stuff .or love more stuff So do men like choices to finally a store thats heard what we’ve all been yelling for years Men like choices to.Version: 13.4.4

Thank youI can always count on Fashion Nova and their beautiful clothes!! ❤️.Version: 8.9

Great appThis app is really easy to use, I usually shop on the computer, so this app was a bit of a change for me. Personally, I found the app really easy to get the hang of! I love the clothes, they compliment my body perfectly! I would recommend this to anyone with any body shape, I promise you you’ll find something attractive that shows off all the best parts of you! 10/10.Version: 5.3

Incredible & Realistic AppAlthough I’m living in Australia and this is an American Store. I’d like to mention how incredibly awesome this store is. I’ve purchase so much clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, jewellery and etc and has never disappointed me! “WHY”??? Because obviously I look so fashionable just like their label name! And BTW there is no errors or issues while using the app. The things you buy within this online fashion store is realistic comparison/ comparing to the models on here with their clothing. It looks exact and is just right with fabric materials and product appearances! Their online customer service members is really reliable, lovely and helpful and deserves recognition with such a huge fashion store supported by high class celebs! Thank you Fashion Nova 💕😎.Version: 13.2.2

Love love loveSo many choices 😍.Version: 5.2

Delivery serviceHaven’t got my package in three months But apart from that clothing is brilliant I do use it regularly and I do recommend it.Version: 13.2.2

ExcellentIm 5’9 and finding jeans is really hard for the only place i can shop is fashion nova ✌🏾🔥☺️.Version: 1.86

Love and hate!!!I just hate to love FashionNova!!! There clothes are amazing, amazing prices and amazing discounts hehe Thank you FashionNova for having my back ☺️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.81

Ay OkaiLove fashionova it’s just a shame the app doesn’t have filters to allow you to search in the different collections for items you don’t know the name of..Version: 1.86

Top QualityYou’re wasting your time anywhere else..Version: 4.9

FIX THE APPSo I like fashion nova never had problems with ordering or the clothes. What I DO have a problem with is there app and the way you can move around it. The search engine needs work, the list of items is sooo small the layout should really be icons side to side so I can actually see what it is I’m searching for. There’s just so much clothes on here that I feel like I can never find something because I got to filter thru all the junk to find something worth wearing. LESS IS MORE. When I have things in my hearted section it never lets me look thru the pics I have to add it to my cart first then I can look thru the photos. It would also be SUPER HELPFUL, if you guys put the sizes of what the models are wearing and if you put more realistic slim bodies on here then the ones that obviously had a lot of work done but are still considered slim..Version: 13.2

ThanuzaCan’t wait to receive my jeans, hopefully will fit me ;).Version: 5.1

Best clothes 💕But my app keeps closing within 5 seconds of opening it. And I’m so frustrated. Please help! Thanks.Version: 5.3

Shopping is goodGood are lovely and fit perfectly I will definitely order from them every thing Are good love the look.Version: 5.5

Shop InstagramShop Instagram feature needs to come back!!! Otherwise still love the app.Version: 1.86

WebsiteEasy to use thanks x.Version: 4.9

I love this websiteI absolutely love fashion nova They have the best cloths and sizes are great for us bigger girls In love ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.76

Best online store ever!!!Best online store I found so far.. Its just amazing how the fit-ons are perfect!!! Love their service too! Thank you Fashion Nova!! Love youuuu ❤️.Version: 4.9

My opinionWould be nice if I could change the currency because it’s weird shopping in dollars for me but it’s a great site with great shipping and amazing products..Version: 1.6

Please fix the favorites issue!I love fashion nova so much. I have such a difficult time getting off the app. I want to buy almost everything lol. The clothes are cute and the shipping is pretty fast. Everything seems to process swiftly and accurately. The are two issues for me though. There was a dress and when I clicked on it to see it enlarged it was a completely different dress. I had to scroll down further to see the dress I was actually interested in. My second issue and the biggest one is how my favorites do not save. One day I had at least 100 things in my favorites and I went back when I was ready to buy some and every single one was gone. My sister has had the same problem as well. Please fix this issue. I always have to pull things back up when I would like to purchase them or I lose them altogether. I’ve realized I can favorite something then scroll down just a little bit and the favorite disappears..Version: 8.2

DecentI waited 1 month 5 days for my order to arrive but other than that the clothes are great.Version: 13.4.9

Fashion novaThis app is really good, I order some things off of here a week ago & it arrived to Nz on time. This is the first time I tried buying things from fashion nova & I am pleased with the outcome. Due to Covid-19 some of y’all may get a delay but it’s worth it..Version: 13.2.1

I need more!!!It’s awesome to have fashionnova on app form! But I wish they would incorporate filters and sorting choices! It would make the experience so much better.Version: 1.76

International -AusLove Fashion Nova! Comes within 2 weeks 🙌🏼.Version: 4.9

How do you change currency?Wondering how I change the currency to English pounds?.Version: 5.5

Great app, love the clothesGreat app and I love the clothes but please help me out by making my app function again. The loading screen won’t finish loading ever and I can’t access the app at all. I know it’s not anything to do with my wifi because all my other apps work fine. Please fix this for me, I want to buy your clothes 😂 thank you..Version: 1.86

Currency!!I love fashion nova, it’s my favourite shop so I was very excited to see you have launched an app! I love everything but the only problem is that because I’m from the UK, it is a bit frustrating seeing everything in dollars😖. On the website, I can change the currency into pounds so it would be nice to have this feature on the app too..Version: 1.76

CurrencyWould be nice if you could add an option for the UK as it says worldwide shipping.Version: 1.82

Read this carefully....Fashion NovaOkay, so where do I even start? Fashion Nova has never disappointed me before. I ordered all these outfits to have my bf and I matching for my birthday, which passed on July 22nd..... I didn’t get another part of my order. I’m missing one item, so I wrote FN and I was told that I was supposed to say something 2 days after. Okay if you send me an update saying that you are still preparing to send my last item out, why tf would you tell me there’s nothing you can do? There is something you can do! I’ll tell you right now since y’all don’t have good customer service skills: Give me my money back, and there will be no complaints! If I call, I bet you will communicate better. Okay I’m done snapping. Fashion Nova please get it together, because I really like your clothes and I don’t want your company to go anywhere. All I want is my money back if you’re not going to send my last item. That’s it..Version: 7

Best clothing ever!The prices are amazing and the clothes are even better! I love love love loveeeee Fashion Nova!!!.Version: 1.83

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