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Mindustry App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Mindustry app received 24 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mindustry? Can you share your negative thoughts about mindustry?

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Mindustry for Negative User Reviews

Great game- but appears to be no longer compatible with 6sI love the game- but for whatever reason it crashes the second I launch it after a recent iOS update. Really hope this gets resolved soon!.Version: 5.5.2

AwesomeThis game is amazing though I’m going to have to give it a meh review as the game does not fit on the screen this is an easy fix and the game was updated 3 months before posting this review showing they are still updating it and I personally believe this is one of the first things you should fix on a phone things are impossibly small and hard to move around would be better if the resolution was the right size.Version: 5.5.2

Not for touch screenThis is exactly the type of game I like, and I would probably get a lot of hours out of it with a mouse and keyboard, but it is extraordinarily difficult to control on an iPad..Version: 6.126.3

UI not usableUI doesn’t fit on screen, at least for an iPhone 12 Pro. Shouldn’t be available for sale on these devices until this is changed, as it seems unplayable..Version: 6.121.4

Great Game but it keeps freezing!It is a really great game but It starts to freeze once you go on a map and it’s annoying! Hopefully you can fix it asap when you have the time. UPDATE! I went to options to check the frame rate and it shows 2 FPS.Version: 1.0

Latest update broke the gameCan’t interact with anything at all, deleted and reinstalled and problem persisted. 5 star review once fixed..Version: 6.122.1

IPhone X support?Playing in a very small window.Version: 5.5.2

Framerate problemI am playing on an ipad air 2, which the developer says is compatible with the app. However, about 30 seconds in the frame-rate drops from 60 to 2. The game looks amazing, like it would be a lot of fun... but in this state it is unplayable... soooo painfully laggy.Version: 1.0

Waste of timeI downloaded this thinking it would be great to play but after about 2 minutes of play it’s crashed, I tried reinstalling it and that didn’t work so now I’m stuck with a game that either goes to 2 FPS for the rest of that save or it would freeze and I would have to restart the app with my save being corrupted so would not recommend.Version: 1.0

Addictive game, but not fun…frustratingly hardThe game has good graphics, but is poorly play balanced. The dev wanted to challenge a few, but at a cost of frustrating the many. My time is more valuable to waste it on something that isn’t fun. Players will spend hours micro managing their resource collection and defense system, which will be destroyed by an overly powered guardian that can attack from the limits of your attack and quickly destroy your defenses. After countless hours and many attempts, you will eventually struggle and defeat the guardian and capture the sector. You would feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will be short lived. While playing the next sector, you will receive a message that the hard win you spent hours to obtain was lost without your attention, despite adding formidable defenses (impact reactors, cryo fueled meltdowns) after your win. No fun! Sectors with few resources (easy sectors) are attacked after you leave the sector and require resources from other sectors to even try to regain. The enemy difficulty needs to be lowered, and/or a mid-play save option. Attacks on sectors without your attention should be put on hold until you enter the sector…losing without fighting is not fun. 5 cryo fuel meltdowns hitting an air guardian still fails. At the same time, 5 tractor beams won' pull the same air guardian to your row of cryo enhanced thorium tornados. If these defenses don’t work, why try?.Version: 6.126.3

Such an amazing game!This game is amazing! The idea of building a base for a tower defence in the way of this game is amazing! This is getting a 3 because it freezes a bit too much and it doesn’t let me save... at least add an auto save that will delete if you start a new game.Version: 1.0

Update UI for iPhone X era and Fix conveyorsThe UI doesn’t fit on my iPhone XS due to the notch, I can’t see the research button unless I change to portrait. Conveyor belts are hard to assign directions, could we have a better system and be able to zoom in closer?.Version: 6.0.120

Its good but has issuesWhen i try to modify one of your maps and make a new one the app crashes and wont let me back in.Version: 4.2

Not working on ipad mini1This is a great game. Unfortunately no longer loads up after latest update. Shows initial loading screen thens crashes and closes. Hope this gets fixed soon as the game is great..Version: 6.126.3

Fun game with lots of depth, but the UI suuuuuucksThe click targets are too small, and while UI scaling SHOULD be a good fix, the notch on most new phones hides important buttons in EVERY ORIENTATION. LAME..Version: 6.0.120

Not updatingSo I’m on a ipod 6 and my game won’t update.Version: 5.5.2

Great game, if it worked 😑It’s an awesome game, I played it loads on my old huawei, but on my this iPhone it keeps freezing just after wave one=| why I gave it 3 stars (I realise this isn’t a very useful review, I’ll update it when it’s fixed.).Version: 1.0

Great idea mediocre executionSaw this game and was super excited. Cool concept, cool design. 2 hrs through and really underwhelmed. -The Bad “Tutorial” was just lazy developers going “well, just shoot the things coming at your base”. Didn’t really touch on anything that wasn’t the glaringly obvious part of the map. No fast forward or next wave option. And the conveyor belts... the most unintuitive touch controls I’ve ever seen. iPhone XS Max zoomed all the way in and it still doesn’t place on the correct tile. Trying to snake the belts around rocks or anything? Good luck with the corners. Belts ends snap about 20% of the time and just becomes tiresome. I’m sure if you entire plan is to use the belts to run in a straight line only between two buildings they are fine but I found placing them anyway but in a straight line too tedious and time consuming. -The Good Game looks great and runs smooth on XS max. No crashes or lags the entire play session. Also didn’t seem to eat battery but you won’t be able to play all day without a charger handy. I would still recommend giving it a try, just be ready to spend some time trying to get the hang of it..Version: 6.125.0

Extremely unstableConstantly crashes and loses game save, very frustrating.Version: 1.0

Can’t place anything or mine anythingNot sure if I’m doing something wrong but the tutorial says to select the drill and click the check mark to place it. I select the drill and there’s no option to place it. A friend of mine also downloaded it and is having the same problem. Not sure if this is an iOS bug or what the problem is, but currently I can’t do anything in the game. Hopefully I can find a fix because the game looks cool, just can’t do anything..Version: 6.122.3

Great game but....Love this game but I find it so difficult to play. The controls are a nightmares. If you have fat fingers like me then there is no way you’ll be able to play this game..Version: 4.2

Does not completely fit my iPad 11 pro screenPlease make it fit.Version: 5.3

Touch IssuesBasically unplayable due to control issues. Not optimized for touch at all..Version: 5.5.2

Seems fun?I get about 30 seconds into a game and it bogs down to 2fps for no reason... I’ll change rating when it’s fixed.Version: 1.0

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