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FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino App User Positive Comments 2023

FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino app received 24 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fanduel sportsbook & casino?

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FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino for Positive User Reviews

One star for nowI am having an issue as I got a new bank account. I reached out as the system kept saying it could not connect my new account. When I reached out to support I was told that it was my banks fault. Which I told them is not the case and the support agent disconnected. The second agent I got was telling me how he can see my deposits for this bank had failed and I kept telling him this is a new account and I have never made a deposit with it and he continued to say the same thing on repeat like a robot and not listening AT ALL. So now my money is being held hostage and this could have been as simple as having the option to enter my account and routing number manually since their system is terrible. Also not the first technical issue with this app.Version: 1.43.0

Feature requestDear FanDuel team, I am writing to suggest a new feature for your betting app that I believe would greatly improve the user experience for many of your customers. I am proposing the addition of an "Auto Mimic Generate" feature, which would allow users to share their bets with friends for example and have the app automatically select the same plays for the recipient within the app. Currently, if someone wants to mimic a friends bet, they have to manually search for each individual play and select it. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if someone has placed a large number of bets. The Auto Mimic Generate feature would streamline this process by allowing users to simply share their bets with a single click, and have the app automatically select the same plays for the recipient. I believe this feature would be extremely useful for users who want to share their betting strategies and picks with others, as it would make it much easier for them to do so. It would also foster a sense of community within the app, as users could more easily share their bets and discuss their strategies with each other. I hope you will consider adding the Auto Mimic Generate feature to your app in a future update. It would be a valuable addition that I believe would be well-received by many of your customers. Thank you for your attention to this suggestion. Sincerely, Dominik.Version: 1.62.0

BettingCustomer service is horrible. No live chat and still waiting for a response. Also still waiting to be paid on a bet. Didn’t get paid for the entire game on a 1st quarter bet. Switching to DraftKings. Hopefully they’re better. We’ll see. And I called FanDuel’s customer service number and the number didn’t even ring. I called DraftKings and got through immediately. That says a lot. I regret choosing FanDuel over Draftkings. Adding to this review. A woman named Kelly sent back an email. She told me that my bet was made from 2018. I just joined the site a few weeks ago. How could I make a bet from 2 years ago. My bet slip literally has the date and the game on the bet slip. I even sent her a picture. Don’t join this site!.Version: 1.11

FanDuel SportsbookI just would like to share my opinion about the app. FanDuel is my favorite betting app when it comes to sports. You have the option to make bets on just about every aspect of any sports game. Also, If you are like me and love betting on sports, this app will let you know if it thinks you’ve been gambling a tad too much. So it looks out for you, as well as offers Promos and Boosts daily. With all that being said, I pick FanDuel Sportsbook as my main source of gambling. Great App/Easy to Use. Of course, just like anything it has room for progress.. but out of all the other apps I’ve tried this one offers wagers on every detail possible. I live in TN so I can only access the Sportsbook part. I would love it if FanDuel would try to get the casino available for Tennessee..Version: 1.62.0

Double deposits taken??I never ever leave reviews for anything but I’m very frustrated with FanDuel rn. I deposited a total of $105 through 6 deposits and when I checked my bank account from which i was funding my account deposits, my account was double charged. The charges that were accurate said FanDuel betfair. However, there were also charges for FanDuel jersey for additional deposits that I did not make and I don’t even live in jersey. I am a college student in bloomsburg pa, I set up the account in pa, and never have I been on the app in jersey so why is FanDuel jersey stealing my money?? I contacted support SEVERAL times and still have not heard back. If I never hear back and do not get my money back I will be telling everyone I know to not get this app which is a shame because up until this point I really liked FanDuel. If the issue is resolved I will delete this review but for the time being it stays up until support actually responds to me and gets me my money that was wrongfully stolen back..Version: 1.11.1

SuggestionsOverall, easiest betting app to use and to navigate in my opinion. Love the boosts, the promos, and how quick it updates/follows the game. One feature I wish this had (and wish most betting sites had) is that on the bets it would show the competing bets and the game score at the time it was placed. This would be beneficial since some sports can be so volatile. (Example: You Bet the Over 30 at -115. When expanded, it would show the alternative Under 30 odds and game score at the time the bet was placed to note what your odds were). Lastly, I have a bad habit of accidentally placing bets when messing with the odds and payouts, and I know I’m not alone (particularly on parlays). It would be a nice feature if when submitting a bet there was a settings option that would offer a required 4-digit code/password before any bet could be submitted. Extra security options is always a good thing when talking about money..Version: 1.13.1

You win some you lose someBut that’s playing smart, it took a long time to learn it’s all odds based on what you put in, wagered and all that it’s not like going to a casino at all it’s way more risky. I have had money come out of my account recently and I didn’t make any transaction for two weeks and the last one was me withdrawing money so I don’t understand what happened but I took the risk and that’s what you would be doing too🤷🏻‍♂️ but I have won alot off the slots! My advice is stay away from table games, make sports bets small and cover a wide spread for a better chance to keep the money flowing back in. With the slots start small and go up with bonuses and no when to walk away, all games have different odds depending on the money earned so always switch up instead of losing it all then putting more in to try that next game anyways😂 been there alot! Good luck!.Version: 1.28.2

OpportunityAs a better I like to follow the games on my phone on the app. It would be a better experience if you followed the entire Basketball game to the end. Right now you stop the live scoring with about 60 seconds to go. It makes me go to ESPN TO follow the last minute and I’d rather be in the app so I can possibly make another bet on a different game. This is win win for everyone. I can watch the game to the end and I may place a bet during that last 50-60 seconds on another game because I already have your app up on my phone. This is a great idea and it will eventually give you more opportunities at increased bets. A simple $10 credit to my account would be greatly appreciated. 😊.Version: 1.20.2

App won’t openI was initially drawn in for the risk free bet back in February. I don’t wager often but when I do I would like to know that I can easily login and place a bet. Since my initial bet all I’ve had is problems with the app and logging in. It’s almost like if I am not placing regular weekly bets my account is suspended. I’ve called and had the password reset several times. I deleted and downloaded the app again hoping it would help but doesn’t. When it’s working I have no issues but I can’t spend 45 mins trying to get into an app. I logged into the website with no issues but I can’t place wagers on the website only through the app. I’ve seen several similar reviews. You are losing the casual sports betting fan and it’s a shame because I love the DFS app and I think I will have to turn to a competitor for my bets..Version: 1.5.4

Their site crashed and I lost money because of it.Ive never wrote a review in my life but this I couldn’t let go by without saying something. I’ve been using FanDuel Sportsbook for 2 weeks now. Twice I tried to place live bets and they kept timing out until after what I thought would happen, happened. Then I placed a bet and the second I went to cash out my bet while the game was still going on they had an unplanned maintenance and I couldn’t cash out let alone log in. Then what I thought would happen, happened and I wound up loosing $1000, $300 of which was my bet because their site crashed and I was told they don’t offer credit when there is an unplanned maintenance. I had to call back twice and they offered me $25 for the inconvenience of me having to call them..Version: 1.6

Great app!!Downloaded this app a little while ago due to the casinos being shut down. Basically only play the slots not really into the sports betting events even though that’s the main for this app. Haven’t had any issues while playing if I ever got kicked out of the game when I logged back in the game I had previously played loaded right back to where I was when it kicked me out if I was in the middle of a bonus round spin or not. Withdraw was a lot faster then I suspected as well! Chose to receive a check and received it in the mail less then 7 days later!! Only issue I ever have with it is while playing for a decent amount of time I just have to log back in but other then that i have no issues and would recommend this site to anyone who misses the slots! Maybe could have a few more selections Of slot games as well 🤪 also customer service gets back to you ASAP, have always answered my questions to where I am no longer confused or wondering, and it doesn’t Matter what time of day someone has always been available.Version: 1.8.3

Draft Kings vs. Fan DuelAs someone who has not been able to drive to Iowa to sign up and has been forced to use draft kings for the past year, let me say now that Fan duel was such a breathe of fresh air. The app is quick, easy and the best part of all you can actually watch the games. On the other hand, dk doesn’t allow you to watch games, sets horrible cash out prices, and is painful to use. On DK for same game Parlay’s if you add the bet to your bet slip and try to change one play. You will be forced to delete the entire parlay and plug in all the same info just to change one part of it. Draft kings is buggy, slow, and honestly just not set up for customer ease. The only thing DK has going for it is the helpful and quick customer service. Besides that, there is no reason one should be on dk and not on fan duel. Thank you fan duel for making an app that is customer friendly..Version: 1.42.0

2Tommee2 - Pittsburgh PAI’m huge sports fan - being from Pittsburgh and all - and since I’ve been home so much over the last year due to the current events, I needed an outlet to put my bets in. Since it’s become legal in Pennsylvania, all of the competitors have been advertising non-stop on the radio.. billboards.. etc. After trying all of the other competitors.. I’ve stuck with FanDuel since last September. You got Same Game Parlays that allow you to win large amounts with minimum bets.. good live betting.. constant odds boosts in all of the sports and nice blackjack action in the casino. Overall it’s fun - easy with deposits and withdrawals- and since your at home with the kids all the time it gives you a little escape when you click on a game and want to try to make a few extra bucks..Version: 1.21.0

Absolutely unacceptableI deposited funds into the app in order to bet on upcoming weekend games. After the weekend and all bets had went through my account it showed an available balance. Mind you I didn’t get any promotional offers or free play money all my own deposits and earnings and I have submitted multiple tries to withdraw my money and it keeps coming back declined l. I have messaged the company with them only to say it only show this much for withdrawal available a very small amount of the amount I deposited and the rest is bonus funds which is a load. I can’t even speak to someone because the land line isn’t available. Once this issue is resolved I will never use this app again . Simple to deposit money but horrible at returning it..Version: 1.15.0

2 starsSo Sunday around 12:30 I tried to places wager on a teaser like a do every Sunday just so happed I couldn’t login after several tries when I did get logged in my funds were not appearing then after several more tries they did appear! problem every time I would try to place my wager it would log me out or would not let my wager go through after several tries again. so the games finally started I couldn’t place my wager on my teaser which would have hit instead I had to settle for a loosing live parlay after the site finally started to work correctly for me! It ended up being a 5k swing super salty about it but I never dealt with anything like this with this site before it’s always been good to me it! I think it might be time to switch to DraftKings.Version: 1.11

They are not all the sameI have tried a few of the new Michigan Sports betting websites over the last month or so. While they all have offers for new members, FanDuel has set itself apart for me. It all comes down to the customer service. As I had moved in the last 6 months, verifying my information while setting up a new account apparently baffles everyone except FanDuel. Simply providing a picture of my drivers license allowed them to figure out the problem and identify it for me. Every other new sports betting site has not been able to help me. One competitor even suggested I wait 6 months and try to verify with them again. I instead believe I will just take my money elsewhere. FanDuel has been enjoyable for me since the first day I joined..Version: 1.20.0

Better than the restMy experience on this app, so far, has been enjoyable, fun, and somewhat successful. Fan Duel clearly has a focus on giving players, rollers, and spinners a good amount of options, and it makes your time spent here more exciting, and doesn’t have to be repetitive at any one game, especially with having the Sportsbook on the same app. It’s been pretty cool with changing up on the norm, of what teams, in other countries, we’ve been following and betting on, but nothing can ever replace the major sports here in the US. Good to see all the leagues coming to agreements on getting back to competing on the field/court/ice. I have no doubt that Fan Duel will be on top of their game, when each league begins their games. Very well done all around, Fan Duel..Version: 1.9

Great serviceGoing to start with kinda confusing using the app at time, ok all the time but incredibly Customer service really couldn’t believe how much effort to help me figure out what was going on and most of all keep me happy and kept me in joying using the app and not just me but my friends and family and helped me understand and what happened but even with that I still love the look and feel and how clean it looks and the first time promo are some of the best and many of the bonuses for sportbeting and casino have been amazing but really make you feel appreciate for putting money in them plus all the odd boosters add many more fun way to add to a incredible list of micro bet thanks it good to know you’ll look out for your customers motorcity casino&fanduel!.Version: 1.19.0

SportsbookI have found that fanduel is not a very good sports book. First they take extremely too long to credit your account once a bet has won. They take the money right away when a bet is placed it should be within a few minutes that your account is credited not half an hour or usually even longer. Second they dont offer same game teasers. Third they limit you to only a 2-game parlay no reason not to be able to do more than a 2- way parlay. Fourth it takes way too long to receive tour withdrawal. Fifth they NEVER respond to you when you send in a ticket concern or give you any response what ao ever. I am looking for a better book now I give fanduel a 2 out of 5 stars and a 2 only because they most of the times have .5 to 1 point better odds.Version: 1.12

Most options and best customer serviceBy far best Sportsbook out there. The customer service is what truly sets FanDuel miles ahead of the competition. When servers are down or run slow, no need to complain about it because they already know. On top of that, they do you one better and own up to the issue and credit your account for the mishap. Who else does that? No one! That’s who because I know personally after dealing and fighting with many others over the same issue. If FanDuel isn't available in your state, just stand by because you’re in for a treat as soon as it is. Aside from customer service which should be the main objective of every company/business, most sports and options available. I also enjoy the boosts or sport specials. Hands down, best sports book!.Version: 1.15.0

Fix the logout issue!!Overall this app is pretty solid and easy to use. The one thing that has consistently driven me crazy is how it will tell you your session has “timed out” anywhere within 1 min to 5 mins after you just logged in. I have had plenty of times where I was in the app and put several bets into my bet slip, but didn’t confirm just so I could quickly look at my action app. Then I’d go back to FDsportsbork and lo and behold, my session timed out and I have to go back in and find those picks I would’ve made. Even though I logged in no more than maybe 1 or 2 minutes prior. But other times it’ll keep you logged in for seemingly 15 mins. It’s very inconsistent and I wish you could change the log out time in the settings. It becomes very annoying when you’re live betting as well because it’ll look like you’re logged in when you’re making the bet, then as soon as you hit place, it’ll tell you you’re logged out.Version: 1.7.0

Great for parlays but live betting is lackingYou can make the most creative parlays on this app because of all the options and combinations from different games and sports that no other app can give you. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 is because the live betting is trash at times. The amount of times the odds changes in literally 10 seconds sometimes make it impossible to bet at the odds you just saw. And if I want to cash out live sometimes it wouldn’t allow me to because it changes so much and it takes a good 10+ seconds to approve it which has cost me a good amount of money sometimes and at one point a few thousand. Until the live betting becomes as good as DraftKings it won’t get 5 stars and I will hardly ever use that feature.Version: 1.55.1

It Took Connecticut To mess with a perfectly good app!I love Fanduel Sportsbook, I’ve been using the app since it’s debut in New Jersey, Never had any issues easy of access was amazing still a good app but Being a Connecticut Resident I am required to have two factor enabled and let me tell you it’s only been a day and it’s miserable. The second I exit the app I have login and authenticate again even if it’s only to reply to a text or anything. I know there is nothing Fanduel can do about CT laws but please please do something about how frequent the authentication has to be done. It’s not like I live in a public space with a bunch of strangers i don’t need to be authenticated every time I login. Please address this if it is possible.Version: 1.36.0

Sports betting is FanDuelThis is the most put together sports book app. I wanted to only bet in-person so I would not claim winnings. But the long lines (and the first-ever bettors asking questions) took forever and I’d watch the odds change as I was waiting my turn. I was missing out of money and wasting my time. Fortunately, fanduel became available in my state. I don’t care about claiming my winnings because I can sit at home watching the game and make a bet in an instant. No more listening to the people in front of me wondering how parlays work and why the odds changed from this morning. With the app, I’m in front of the line every time. And the live chat customer service is as instant as the bets. 24/7 customer service. They take care of me right away. This is MY sportsbook. FanDuel is THE sportsbook app. And sports betting IS FanDuel..Version: 1.11

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