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What is Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later? Description of Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later

Zip gives savvy shoppers more freedom and flexibility with our buy now, pay later platform. It’s a smarter way to stretch your funds.


Shop your favorite brands and pay with your linked account in 4 installments over 6 weeks¹.. Get approved instantly, with no application forms or hassle.


Install our app and use Zip pretty much anywhere², you shop—whether online or in-store. Add Zip to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay for easy access.


No hard credit checks, and no impact on your credit score—ever. We’ll let you know when installments are due so you’re on top of every payment.


1. Install the app and sign up to start shopping.

2. Search for anything you wish to purchase
3. Enter the amount you’d like to spend (including any taxes or shipping costs!).

4. Your purchase will be split into 4 easy installments over 6 weeks¹. Easily track your spending, view transaction history, and manage open payments in the app.

5. Update or change your account details, including payment method, any time.

6. Get answers to frequently asked questions and contact our support team directly from the app.


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¹For a $200 purchase, you’d make four $51.50 payments every two weeks starting today for a 52.18% annual percentage rate and a total of payments of $206. A $6 installment fee is charged at commencement - you pay $1.50 of this fee as a prepaid finance charge when you make your initial payment today. The remaining $4.50 is included in your future payments. Minimum purchase of $35 required. Estimation of installment payment and annual percentage rate excludes potential tax and shipping costs. Installment fees are $4 for purchases from $35 to $99.99, $5 for purchases from $100 to $199.99, and $6 for purchases $200 and above. Zip Pay Anywhere financing through Zip issued by WebBank, except for Zip originated loans in CO, NV, MA, and MD. All loans subject to credit approval.

²Zip can only be used for US purchases. Certain merchant, product, goods, and service restrictions apply

Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later App User Reviews

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Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later Pros

Absolutely AWESOME!!Quad pay is absolutely AWESOME!! They have literally been such a blessing to my family and I and have allowed us to have a bit of financial freedom to pay for EVERYTHING! My budget is super stressed being in nursing school, a mom of three teenagers and with what’s going on in the US right now. I have been so stressed trying to figure out how to pay for bills, food and Christmas coming up. I accidentally came across Quadpay one night while I was in tears searching on Google on places that were like “buy now pay later”. I read the reviews, read what Quadpay was all about and gave it a chance. I signed up and was instantly approved for an extremely generous credit! Seriously, it was so easy to sign up, get verified and start using my Quadpay card! Y’all, I can’t stress enough how easy their entire process is and you can use it every store known to man. Because of Quadpay, I have been able to give my kids an amazing Christmas, buy things for my home I need and all on all with minimum payments. I know a lot of us are struggling right now and need a little help and a little hope. Quadpay is it and they sure are a blessing in a time of need. I am forever greatful and will always be a Quadpay lover 💗.HoolioNashtyVersion: 1.85.2

Pretty neat appQuadPay is actually the second app I’ve used to make split payments on purchases. I have found that there are actually a number of these that I’d never heard of until now. Anyway, I do like this one better than the other one I had used because of the card you can use. Most of these programs have certain businesses they’re affiliated with that you can purchase from which can be limiting if the place you want to shop from isn’t on the list. I’m assuming that you need to make a purchase through an affiliated company and pay it off before they give you a card balance but once they do, you can request a certain amount (up to the amount they’ll allow. Right now I have 200 I can spend) that you want to use for a purchase and they will create temporary credit card information that you can use anywhere that takes Visa or Amex. They charge a few dollars fee and then you just pay off your balance over the next six weeks like normal. I like to shop from some less mainstream shops so this is great. I was able to buy from YesStyle using my quadpay balance and now I’m super excited just thinking about the different places I want to buy from..13_Akane_13Version: 1.71.1

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Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later Cons

DO NOT DOWNLOADPlease read this and spend your money elsewhere!!! This app offered Geico in their split payment services. I had a bill with Geico of $165. So I said why not. I went to Geico and used quadpay as my payment option. It went through, it was successful, and I received text confirmation of this. About a day later, I received a message saying that my order was not successful. I went to the QuadPay app and checked to see what was going on. They had double charged me literally! It went from $165 to $331. My payments went from $42 to $97! I was confused, and highly upset! This is where things get messy. I reached out to them over 3 times during their business hours and got no response! (To make thing sooo much better, they don’t have a phone number but only a chat bot until a real person can chat with you). So I tried again, and again, and again. Still no response. Till this very day, I still am out of $165 that has been stolen from me and now they are blatantly ignoring me. This is not the first time I’ve been ignored by them involving an important matter. The last time I had to be very rude, and threaten to get the local new involved for someone to help me. And it looks like this is what I will have to do again. PLEASE SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSE WHERE , SOMEWHERE WHERE YOU DONT HAVE TO HARASS AND BEG THE COMPANY TO DO THEIR JOB!.Yaya203355Version: 1.110.0

Poor serviceThis app would be great if it worked the way it was intended to. I initially use QuadPay for a purchase with primitive and everything went great. I downloaded the app signed up for the card and was on the waiting list. While on the list I used QuadPay through primitive again with no issues. I was able to pay both off no problems. Once I was approved for the QuadPay card I had issues tried to make a purchase at Under Armour and the payment only processed for part of the purchase amount. I couldn’t get the QuadPay app to work so I called Under Armour and canceled the order. They said they will issue the refund. The 3 days Under Armour said it would take for the refund to issue passed and I got an email saying it was issued successfully. QuadPay hasn’t issued my refund for the initial payment, my card was taken away and I was put back on the waiting list. I tried to use the automated messaging system to solve the issue but that didn’t happen. I was prompted to send an email for further support, so I did. It has been almost a week with no response, or refund. Also the QuadPay app now says I’m denied the card and must try again In 30 days. This is unbelievable 4 payed off purchases through this company and one currently open, but they take the card and say I’m denied? I don’t get it. I really did like this company and the app the ability to use it anywhere is great, but now I don’t know if I will even try to use it again..C. saathoffVersion: 1.25.12

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Is Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later legit?

Yes. Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 424,873 Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later is 97.2/100.

Is Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later safe?

Yes. Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 424,873 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later is 97.7/100.

Should I download Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later?

There have been no security reports that makes Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later

App Name:
Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later
Zip Co US, Inc.
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
App Size:
113.14 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
03 March 2019, Sunday
Last Update:
04 May 2023, Thursday - 18:24
IOS 13.0 or later

Zip - Buy Now, Pay Later 1.182.6 Update Note
✱ Version History

Bug fixes.

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