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Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto app received 159 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto? Can you share your negative thoughts about binance: buy bitcoin & crypto?

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Binance: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto for Negative User Reviews

Shady business practicesHad no issue depositing GBP and withdrew a small amount to ensure it would be without issue. So far so good. Bought some coins with half my Fiat. Saw some media about Binance potentially being in trouble so went to withdraw the half of the Fiat I had on my account and surprise surprise - the option to withdraw (via faster payments or debit card) have been suspended. Raised a support ticket and their customer service is the worst I have ever encountered! Said they had suspended the ability to withdraw Fiat as I had not passed the screening! I have a fully verified account for months and passed all KYC without issue so this was a nonsense excuse. Have tweeted binance to see if there is anyone with any sense but I will be closing my account one way or another and advise you to stay away from this company. The forums are full of similar experiences..Version: 2.34.3

Crashes all the time !Would be nice if it did not crash so much. List of Coins being traded once “clicked on” should take u to the “trading page” directly and not to another meaningless page of coin value and coin holding etc. It seems this has has been done deliberately to slow down the execute of trading. The addition of “trailing stop loss” and “trailing take profit” has also not been added deliberately just to prevent more profit generation..Version: 1.0.2

Good interface but really poor customer support when your funds don’t appearThis is a good exchange as it offers a wide range of coins not available on one of the other platforms I use. It has a good newbie option and more detailed platform for more experienced users. Things generally went okay for a month until I fast-paid some funds from my bank account that did not arrive in my Binance account. Usually funds arrive within the hour. However this one deposit did not arrive. Over the following 5 days of following up with email and getting repeated automated email responses, I’ve had to join a queue with 700+ people on a list to chat with customer support after dealing with a rubbish chatbot. Wait time 2hrs 30 minutes. Problem not resolved, as they cant find my funds even though it has left my bank. So I was told to go to my bank which I’ve now done and awaiting for some sort of resolution. Seems ridiculous that they seem to be able to have a still flawed system for dealing with this (search on Reddit shows this is not an isolated incidence and other cases happens around the same time). A long way to go before achieving a higher score. Potential loss of customers as a result as well..Version: 2.25.2

Unable to use my account as unable to change my nameWhen I opened my account I used my spouse name as it is my what I use on a daily basis. Nevertheless my passeport and bank card also display my maiden name. When I submitted my passeport, the name allocated to my account was my maiden name and therefore I could Only use a bank card or bank account displaying only my maiden name which I don’t have. Yes they determine the name on the card and bank account you cannot change that! I contacted the support twice and explained the situation, they twice refused to sort it out. I then contacted the chat and despite sending again a copy of my passeport and explaining the situation, they asked me to send a video of me holding my passeport and reading some stupid stuff. I ended up deleting my account. Pure waste of time. If they cannot sort out such a basic issue, I’m not going to rely on them to deal with my bitcoins. Ciao ciao.Version: 2.38.2

WhyWon’t let me log in.Version: 2.39.1

Cash outCashing out seems confusing and potential to lose what you are cashing out.Version: 2.44.3

No cash out in canadaI paid and bought currency and now I can’t cash out because canada is banned.Version: 2.32.1

Appalling company to do husiness withUsed this app for several weeks with a few issues. Deposited cash via email $1000 ( as i have done previously). After 5 days the funds have not be credited to my account. Binance want detailed financial history to proof i didnt steal the funds or gained them by illegal means. This information required includes business registration documents, audited financial accounts, copies 3 months bank statements all via a insecure google form. No gurantee of maintaing privacy of my information. I dont have anything to hide just object to this level of intrusion into my finacial net worth. Many promises from Binance to credit my funds next day but after 5 days, Binance are demanding more information. Terrible service and levels of intrusion.Version: 2.31.2

Banned countriesDear Sir/Madam I tried to complete my registration to Binance site but at the end I found that My country (Iraq) is not listed and some kind of ban for Iraq and some countries,, With respect to your regulation but seems no sense to put few countries in like this list , because if there is a law or regulations or ban should applicate for any kind of illegal financial transection or political issues should be done for many and many other countries accepted already for registration in your site, that we know they are the way for illegal world money transfer and money laundry. plus all operations normally under control by you and the international government (if I understood your site policy well). So please review this point very well and under the rights of using internet and its applications I would like to ask you kindly to explain your reasons to put a ban on my country and other five or six countries. Wish my email will have your high consideration. Best Regards..Version: 2.35.1

Seriously do not get this app!!!So I had binance for a couple months now and I thought it was a pretty chill app. Around a month ago I decided I wanted to switch my Bitcoin to another app and I think I only had $20 worth of Bitcoin. It wouldn’t let me even consider taking it out until I had a certain amount which in my case was $50 worth. I’m not even mad mad at that part the part that’s making me mad is the fact that first I put the bitcoin into usd so I could take it out and put it in my bank. Everytime I try it even tho it literally has my number for verification it keeps saying they sent a link to my email. I check my email there is no link!!!! I check my junk everything no link is being sent. And I tried that around 5 times. I send a “ticket” out which is supposed to tell them the problem your having. Probably like 2 weeks later I’m like smh so I decide to put it back into Bitcoin and just deposit the bitcoin into my other crypto app and it pretty much does the same thing. It claims it’s sending an email with a link but I’m getting mo link. Long story short my 50$ is stuck in there and I have no way of getting it out. I sent multiple tickets no one has gotten back to me so I thought I’d make this review because this type of thing happens with this app I did look it up and saw it happened to a couple ppl. Some figured it out but some couldn’t..Version: 2.43.3

Advanced Verification Entirely To SlowI was excited about using this app but after waiting four weeks for advanced verification I ended up using a different app that was much faster with verification of my identity. I did everything I was asked to do regarding the verification process. I provided the correct documentation in a timely manner and it still took four weeks with my verification only pending. I then downloaded Coinbase and I was set to buy crypto the same day!!!!! I never had this issue with my brokerage account, IRA or Coinbase. I understand that crypto is growing in popularity but I don’t see it as a justification for four weeks. Hopefully they will straighten out whatever is delaying the process..Version: 2.28.1

Way overpriced to send btc out of binanceJust sent a .001 btc roughly 50$ and they charged me .0005 btc fee!! That’s a 25$ fee on a 50$ transaction! I’ve had many wallets before but never seen anything even close to this. Won’t be returning or sending any friends to binance, anyone with a brain knows binance is for rookies who don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️.Version: 2.25.1

P2P tradeI’m very unsatisfied with the support in handling appeals. It give no rooms or advantages for sellers in my country (Nigeria). How can payment not be made for about 2 hours and you still let trade go on. Did you even tried contacting the buyer and see what’s the reason for the delay. I’ve used other app but this is by far the worse I’ve seen in recent times. How can a support service be that dormant, no call rep, slow response to email. There has to be improvements because I like trading with Binance.Version: 2.37.2

You can’t cash your coins.Binance does not allow you to cash out your coins. Unless you can find a platform to transfer your currencies into they will be locked in binance (most platforms like coin base aren’t supported) so basically your money is stuck in Binance. Scam.Version: 2.25.1

ID verification doesn’t work at all..Been trying for about a week to try and verify my ID on this app and it keeps coming back declined. Tried emailing support to get more information about it but still no reply. Stay away....Version: 2.24.0

Awesome app, terrible updateThe review is for the developers, whom is easier to reach here, then through the app: Who and why would want to change sorting from grouped available assets, by default, into this weird list with random stuff. Now I have to type in each asset, one by one, manually, probably, remembering them from previous page, to check if there’s any available offer to stock the assets atm. Don’t want to believe it’s been made to prevent extra gain. Will change the rating when/if you fix this random stuff..Version: 2.44.3

Bad customer serviceI like everything, but the customer service is just the worst and ignorant, and incompetent neither do they understand what you ask for neither they can help you if they do and all the waiting in the chat for days for an ignorant answer is just too much! So if u ever encounter any issue then ur on ur own! They just refer you to the faq page where you can find general things, but not like what to do if you want to revert a payment made with your binance card because Revmotogp was still selling NFT's after they were all sold out and neither of both sides can help me! REV is saying that I should ask my bank, in this case, it's binance support and they say they can't help me... and yet I hear others got their money back!.Version: 2.28.1

No support system be carfulNeeded to change my account details because I lost my password. I went through all the necessary verification steps and the app kept trouble shooting and nothing was working. I shouldn’t simple received an email or text and got my account back. The live chat or contact number for support. Mind you this is an app I have heavily invested in and just like that your left dependant on the binance support team which is non existent. Think twice before putting money in.Version: 2.41.3

ShamblesThis is my first review ever. Normally nothing bothers me enough to write a review but congrats Binance. Your service was so overwhelmingly terrible you have the honour of being my first review. Not once in the T&C’s do they mention they will randomly shut down the withdrawal of YOUR OWN money. What I assumed would be a day or two has now gone over a month of me being unable to withdraw my money. Their solution? “Convert you cash into crypto and sell via P2P” what this does mean? Ah yes the conversion of my cash will mean that Binance earns more money in fees. Conversion that I shouldn’t have to undergo as their is no valid reason I shouldn’t be able to take money out (and no estimate when this will end). This company is a despicable money grab and has no value for how their prevention of withdrawing your own money may affect someone’s life. The only way for them to understand is to stop them receiving money to begin with and boycotting Binance. Trust me there are better crypto apps out there. AVOID BINANCE..Version: 2.33.3

Be carefulTells me I need to withdraw my funds in the next 7 days but also that I need to verify which takes 10 days I’m placed in a position in which Binance won’t let me get my assets back.Version: 2.39.3

Great app just as long as you don’t need any help bc you’re not getting anyI had to take a pic of my drivers license, at least 20 times. Tried to contact support for help and I got nothing but an email confirmation that said, they received my complaint. Never did hear back from them. Thank God, I finally got my pic ID to go through and was approved. But in all honesty, why would I want to put my money somewhere that has no customer support??? All my friends have had the same problem or extremely delayed getting verified, like weeks. God forbid if they got hacked again, we’d all be screwed!.Version: 2.31.1

Cannot deposit fundsUnfortunately I’m not able to use the app or the website as despite my card type being accepted, it will not accept the payment card when trying to set it up. When you sign up for an account, you’re asked for your name but it doesn’t tell you that this must match exactly the name you use on your payment card as you cannot change that name when you set your card up. I also cannot delete my account (I only have 1 card so this is pointless if I can’t use it to deposit with), I can only disable the account. I’d like my account deleted and my personal info removed as well..Version: 2.38.1

Be aware of your privacy!I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS APP THEY STEAL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!! You don’t have a way to delete your information after verification, they want pictures of you holding a sign, they can do with your information whatever they want, even sharing it: they get your name, address, phone, email, birthdate, picture, credit/debit card info, and you can’t delete it (just with a legal process, so go and pay an attorney!). By the way, I was 3 hours trying to upload proof of my residence and according to them I wasn’t able to uploaded because I have a very bad connection to upload 43kb..Version: 2.40.0

Verification doesn’t workWhat a stupid app, verification doesn’t work from mobile app and they have stopped option to verify from desktop, no straightforward way to contact the support.Version: 2.36.0

Everything is a headacheI don’t normally write reviews but this app is trash. Every time I try and verify my information they won’t accept it for whatever reason not known 2 me. First they wanted a picture Id so I uploaded my drivers license, then they wanted a bill with my name and address on it and I uploaded my Comcast internet bill that has all of that information on it but they never want 2 accept it and I haven’t a clue why. I have sent messages 2 customer service with no reply or if they do it is vague and doesn’t address my issue. I finally gave up and like other people have previously stated if you live in the United States save yourself from future headaches and go elsewhere.Version: 2.19.1

Very glitchy , hard to withdrawI deposited £250 on binance and everything was fine, when I tried to withdraw from my account My phone app and the website both started crashing. I was stuck verifying my account over and over for 2 hours straight. However they did finally send my money and I received it within an hour. This lead me to believe that binance was just having a network error so I went back on then tried to deposit more and I was met with the fact I am now temporarily suspended. I appealed and was approved to I deposited another £50 on binance. Now I’m met with another temporary suspension that I cannot appeal as it says I already have one out. I would say Avoid this app. For me it’s not much, I can only imagine how frustrating that would be if it did that with more money in the account.Version: 2.25.2

Binance SupportDon’t be fooled by the highly rated app. Binance tries to make things fancy with features that literally are a waste of space. Binance takes money instantly but don’t transfer crypto funds to the account instantly. Been waiting 3 days and still having received. Message support another 2 days still no reply. Tried verifying my address, says it’s wrong for gods sake even with given documents WITH THE ADDRESS. SEND ME I NEED MY FUNDS. God staff up a real support team for Binance..Version: 2.29.1

Can’t get into mobile app!!!I have been trying for months to figure out how to get passed the “Yubikey is used on browser” default message that keeps coming up! Yes I use Yubikey on the desktop a little bit of help explaining what to do about it would be helpful. I see others are having the same issue, yet Binance who needs to learn about customer service and UX/UI design need to get their act together! I gave up and went to Bitrue which is a much better experience on desktop and mobile. Unfortunately some altcoins don’t trade on Bitrue, and I trade mostly on my phone as I’m always on the go. So Binance...get your act together because sooner rather than later more traders will find other exchanges that have a good customer support and user interface than what you are offering now!!!.Version: 2.27.0

App and support is awfulI went through all the appropriate ID verification steps/security protocols. Etc. but after purchasing bitcoin, my account immediately became ‘suspended’ to protect my funds?? I then had to go through a appeal process to unlock my account through support. Several days later my account was unlocked again. I purchased more Bitcoin (one more transaction) and the same thing happened again. What the hell kind of app is this. I was then unable to WITHDRAW MY OWN MONEY. It was frozen. Once I finally completed the appeal process again, I just withdrew by funds, taking my business elsewhere. Thanks for the time waste, incompetent developers.Version: 2.25.2

Customer service is Awful!The app works fine as long as no errors occur.. however, if you ever encounter a problem its over. The customer support is so awful and nonexistent, you enter your claim via chat and tells you estimated wait time is 15 minutes but no one ever replies! Not to mention the hassle you have to go through to be able to submit a claim on their stupid chat. There is no email address or contact number! They deduct 1000$ from me without getting the relevant cryto currency. If you have an alternative, use it and don’t use This app!.Version: 2.28.1

Worst customer service, won’t let you get your money back!I have some money left in BTT, VET & DOGE and I was trying to sell them all to AUD. The app keep saying that I can’t sell them because there is a minimum limit so I contacted the Customer Support team. Long story short the agent can’t even understand basic english & now my money is stuck with them. Worst!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Just wait until they’re flooded with AFCA complaints!.Version: 2.29.3

Horrible customer supportI’ve been trying to buy crypto for a while now I created my account and sent personal verification and I’ve been waiting literally weeks for this to be verified. I had a few crypto stocks I wanted to add huge investments to but could not even buy them due to my account not being verified, I tried to contact customer support and they have an automatic set up you can’t contact them through email, and filing a ticket doesn’t even matter because they won’t get back to you. To top it off they do not have a phone number to talk to an actually person, if you use the app and have this same issue, I’d advise not to call any of the number google or the random websites say is Binance’s phone number they’re obvious scams. I deactivated my account and deleted the app and told my friends about my experience if I get a response back describing my situation to help me understand what happen along with a phone number or actually non-automatic email I’ll change the review..Version: 2.29.0

DisgracefulSo easy to take my money but it says nothing about how hard it is to get it out when you first deposit….. shame shame shame on you Binance.Version: 2.38.1

MehhhThe layout is weird I’m not a big fan of candles I wish you could choose how too see the graph/chart and I don’t like how they make you buy a certain amount of crypto vs Robinhood you can buy as little as 1$ or even Cashapp let’s you do that , I like the prices of the crypto and I like that they do not charge you to transfer money into Binance, the cash out speed is a bit slow I think it took me like 3 days to receive some money I had transferred from my Binance account to my bank account, this app has a lot of potential.Version: 2.29.3

Got locked out of my accountGot logged out of my account for no reason no big deal, reset my password then on to verification. Entered both phone and email verification codes with 40 seconds left and the app says code has expired. Can’t get into my account now thanks for locking me out and taking my money binance 👍🏻.Version: 2.31.2

Binance liteThe latest update is horrible. Why change what was working fine? Not user friendly. Please change back..Version: 2.41.3

FaceID is pointless when you auto logoutCan you fix the logged in state so that faceId is actually useful for fast login..Version: 2.36.1

Dont waste your time and energy on this APP.Literally the worst app Ive tried, theres no such a thing as instant transfer no matter if its the first or 10th transfer with the same bank, you will miss opportunities time and time again until the money lands in your account. They’ve made it in a way so they have absolutely no customer support at all. Very very minimal customer support, almost non existent. Theres so many other apps out there. Dont waste your time and energy on this..Version: 2.40.1

Binance is not fair enoughManipulating the price of currencies to liquidate the portfolios of small speculators.Version: 2.32.2

They trap your money, this is the worst appWhen you complete basic verification they tell you that you will have a withdrawal limit of 2 btc per day. Later on when you put all your money into the app they will decrease your withdrawal limit to 0 with no warning to take out your money. I spoke to multiple people in customer service and none of them helped me, they said I was warned by email but I didn’t receive any email. They then said that I made a account that accepted the terms and conditions, so I asked them to show me where in the terms and conditions it says they can randomly decrease my withdrawal limit to 0 with no reason or warning after I invest all my money into the app. So they sent me a line in the terms and conditions that basically said they can do what ever they want with my account. So now my money is trapped in this app. Don’t download, use Coinbase or some other app..Version: 2.30.3

Unable to withdraw XMRDespite doing the same sequence of events (deposit cash, by Btc, convert to XMR, withdraw XMR), Binance rejects 25% of withdrawal requests. They then often take days to resolve the problem even before this latest disaster with the change from support tickets to chat. Now the chat process takes at least 2 days for each step in the conversation and so far has only resulted in them asking for irrelevant pieces of information. I fear I am 'chatting' with new poorly trained support personnel who are just choosing randomly from a list of questions in the hope they can slow down the handing off of the problem to the team that actually do something about it. Absolute disaster!!!.Version: 2.26.2

Mistake in numbersThe percentage increase and decrease doesn’t tally with the increase and decrease in prices of coins ... I lost some money cause of this issue with numbers... I bought a coin at -30% it moved to -15% on the same day but I was losing cause the price of the coin was decreasing... note it was on the same day not a new day... I’m now using my TradingView cause of this issue cause I lost a lot... I’m updating the app I hope they fix this bot as soon as possible.Version: 2.29.1

Private informationI downloaded the app and ran through all of the verifications. When I tried to purchase crypto, I got an error message. I tried 2 more times, then got locked out. I went to the email link, where I was asked for mor ID and for copies of my bank statements. There’s no way in hell you should have to give your private banking information (especially balances) to a company that supposedly thinks fiat currency is passe!! This app reeks of a scam waiting to happen. DELETE!.Version: 2.29.2

Worse app in the worldThis is the worse app in the galaxy of apps ever. The useless thing is so hard to use. Go complex over the lite view and it doesn’t become complex, it becomes impossible... use bybit or FTX and it’s simple as hell to do a leverage or future trade... this app, you might as well fill your toilet with bleach and dunk your head in it because you will get further in life doing that then using this app... in fact I hope that apple reviews this app for being a scam for how terrible this app was created and they fine the creators of binance for being such terrible app creators and take them off the App Store and ban them forever with no room for improvement because this is criminal how bad this app and how hard it is to use. You go to make a future trade and your money literally disappears with no trace to be found, same with leverage trade.... any other app, you can just use the crypt currency you already have to make a trade, but nooooo this app you have to transfer to some fake account that loses its integrity or acknowledgement in the wallet feature of the app and you are left wondering where the hell your money went to because it’s literally disappeared. The app creators or developers of binance should be ashamed of themselves. You guys are literally disgusting and I hope you guys get shut down by some form of international police for your criminal app you disgusting animals..Version: 2.27.1

Could be betterReally not clear how your money is divided if you’ve purchased multiple crypto. It doesn’t show you the journey your purchase has taken. It logs me out randomly all the time. And now it’s telling me my password is wrong … and I tried the forget password button but it’s telling me systems busy?! Like what.Version: 2.38.1

Dont use this appThis app is ridiculous. It needs so much verification. They make it easy to deposit money but if you want to withdraw you u have to do a verification which takes days. They also hide the withdraw button on the app so you have to add it to the toolbar. Other apps are much better and require less verification. Also the stupid ui animation where it counts up when displaying your money. Also the face verification doesn't work if you have a beard ?.Version: 2.45.3

Hard to useApp is straight garbage, would give 0 stars if I could, so hard to transfer funds from one wallet to another, doesn’t even have a first world country currency (Canadian) literally one of the worse cryptocurrency exchanges.Version: 2.24.0

Used to love itUsed to love this platform, very user friendly and snappy quick but a lot of issues now. I did my KYC and was verified as well and is again asking me to re-verify after few weeks. I was able to deposit directly from my bank but now I cannot convert it into stable coins at all. Keeps asking me to re-verify but prompts with activation error. I’m unable to withdraw my own money as well. Never ever touching Binance again. One day it works perfectly and next day all these issues. Due to this, I missed a lot of opportunities as a day trader and completely unreliable. Using ByBit, FTx now and no issues since day one (especially with futures).Version: 2.43.4

Binance people are terribleBinance is just terrible and not respectable for leaving ontario. All of their supporters are just being done dirty and being left hanging to dry..Version: 2.31.2

Took my money when withdrawingI withdrew money 2.1k GBP and got a confirmation email saying it was out. There then appeared to be nothing in my account. I phoned my bank and they said they had received nothing and I would need a ARN number. I opened a case in chat with Binance and they said they sent it of which I asked them to look into it for me along with the ARN number and the person said he didn’t have it and put me onto another member of staff to avoid dealing with me. I am still waiting for a reply and it’s been well over 14hours. It’s been 2 days since I sent the money which I’ve checked it’s going to the correct card. They even got the date wrong in my withdrawal to a day which I wasn't even alive! Please do not use Binance they will steal from you. Be safe.Version: 2.30.0

New Zealand is bannedThis app doesn't allow New Zealand phone number to register!!.Version: 2.29.0

Horrible with false informationTerrible customer service and even worse the app isn’t user friendly what so ever.Version: 2.25.1

Be careful, you could loose your investmentWhen markets move in a favorable direction many users reported their accounts locked. Check Twitter for details of customers begging to get their accounts unlocked. I’ve been a Binance customer since 2017, already authenticated, and verified multiple times. My account was locked from February through May 2021 on both Binance and Binance US. Magically, my accounts were unlocked after market took a steep dive. Binance, virtually offers no customer support, no phone to call, no follow up email. You will only get an acknowledgment email to confirm that customer support received your complaints. I tried hundreds of times without a response. I moved to my accounts their main competitor. FTC needs to jump in and regulate. Check the reviews, too many users have similar experience. Binance uses our Crypto to trade for their own benefit, could explain locked accounts. Cheats. Doesn’t make sense this app received more than 2 stars review..Version: 2.30.3

TERRIBLEI used Binance to purchase crypto in 2017. It is no longer supported in my country and I was told I have 5 days to pull it out or it will be permanently locked. It won’t let me pull it out, won’t verify my account, and every time I try to work with customer service, they change the list of things they’re requiring of me (literally from minute to minute) and bumping me to the next person when I turn the next thing in. Now it bumped me again and it’s saying wait time 2+ hours! I’ve been dealing with this for 2 days! It feels like they’re just hoping I give up so they can keep my money 🤷🏻.Version: 2.38.0

Why is this on Canadian App Store?Why is this on the Canadian App Store if you cannot create an account and actually use the app? I’m at home, turned off WIFI and still doesn’t work. And I live in Ontario. “Your IP address indicates that you’re attempting to access our services from a restricted jurisdiction. As per our Terms of Use, we’re unable to provide services to users from restricted jurisdictions.” Please remove from App Store..Version: 2.39.2

Bought wallet not update and cant sellCant sell shiba inu coin at all.Version: 2.29.1

Useless in Canada as they do not allow depositsHow can you use a trading app if it does not allow deposits in your country? Completely useless..Version: 2.31.0

3-4 days verification waiting !!! Fiat suspended at the best moment to buy cryptoYou would think that company as big as Binance would invest their profits into customer services and to improve user experience but no this is one of the worst crypto trading companies!!! They verified my account, then when a good moment came to buy crypto at the bottom price after a single transaction they suspend my fiat account for further checks which apparently takes 3-4 days !!! It allows to transfer other crypto into account but then you end up paying fees for conversion, quite bitter taste from the start, losing future profits !!! Defined I won’t recommend this company to anyone, there are way better companies there for crypto trading!!!.Version: 2.29.2

UselessSigned up but was advised by another to go through the verification process before buying currency. Tried multiple times to verify, clearly following the instruction, inputting correct details and being in a well lit room. Every time it automatically failed with no comment. The last time I tried it took longer to process so I assume a human was actually reviewing it, the feedback I actually received that time was, “unable to read documents”, I’d suggest opening your eyes next time as it couldn’t have been any clearer. This process has no filled me with any confidence in the app so I definitely won’t be trusting it with my transactions..Version: 2.25.0

Blocking buyingWhen there is high traffic, they wont let you buy or sell. Scam.Version: 2.29.2

Withdrawal woesOverall the app is ok,I’ve been able to buy and sell crypto very easily. The problems start however when you try and withdraw your funds . Initially I was able to withdraw money albeit small amounts, but for the past 3 weeks I’ve not been able to withdraw anything and I’ve had no support from anyone at Binance despite asking for advice. All you get is a lame message saying the withdrawal has failed without stating why!!! It’s been very frustrating as I am following the steps for withdrawal of funds correctly. Is it because I’m UK based? Who knows, well I assume Binance do but they aren’t saying anything. Thanks for nothing ..Version: 2.37.2

Identity verificationCouldn’t verify my identification, even after thousand attempts. All of my identification documents were true. And still didn’t get any proper help for the the customer service either and asking to follow the same procedure again and again. Which I did, but still couldn’t verify the account. Hence, got response from customer service indicating my issue had been resolved, which in actual DIDN’T. Identity still hasn’t got verified at the time of writing this review..Version: 2.29.2

Great app but…I don’t know why all exchange cryto apps cant make a great app for Ipad… its must be fix so you can have it on a big screen the way you want it!.Version: 2.32.1

Insanely complicatedSmooth app. Some great features. Problem is too many features. They have thrown in so many different features to do so many different things. It is very unclear how to perform many basic tasks. There is a toggle to a simpler version but really it doesn’t make an awful lot of difference. It feels as though it was designed by engineers. Without usability in mind..Version: 2.32.2

One of the most useless crypto app everCryptocurrencies might be Binance’s game, they might actually be fairly good at it (have yet to get hacked to the point of shutting down; owner have not run off with investors crypto assets). But the entire registration and verification process is broken as F___! And from the family and friends that told me their personal experiences about Binance, I can keep trying (to infinity) or give up. Binance is that bad, at least with ID verification and proof of address, etc. the advice is to keep trying, uploading the same PDF document and with any luck, 6 months later, it will magically get approved. I supposed it could be a Robinhood app, and Binance will disrupt trading, force liquidate positions, just because they are undercapitalized and think they can do it without legal and civil ramifications. Oh, the Binance mobile app and their website can’t agree on my login credentials either. At first I thought I downloaded the wrong app and my login is actually being sent to the database of a phishing con artist. Luckily it is just horrible UI, flawed end user usability issue, that even a novice Software QA tester can identify and document for a high priority bug fix report. 1 star, because 0.5 star or lower is not an option..Version: 2.29.3

Super GlitchyThis app is terrible, there have been multiple times per day when I pick the perfect time to exit a trade and then Binance messes it up. 3 times today , many, many times on other days. To be honest, it’s probably about 70-80% of the time. I actually get excited when it doesn’t glitch. it always does the same thing when I try to trade “insufficient funds”. I have funds in there and I will try to sell 5-6 times and it keeps saying “insufficient funds” and then randomly it will work. Well, in that 2 minutes of me rapidly resetting the app, and trying, the price plummets , as I timed the exit perfect just to have them mess it up. Seriously , how can you have an app and be so consistent with this same error? Also, they just randomly got rid of the Profit and Loss? No warning, no announcement. I had to go to Reddit to see all the complaints and realize it wasn’t just me. Oh and also, I feel this disclaimer is relevant; I never write reviews but felt this was necessary as this is incredibly frustrating and I 100% would choose another app if you can see this scenario also frustrating you..Version: 2.25.1

Trash terribleI don’t understand how this company became one of the biggest crypto platforms this company is terrible the verification process is almost impossible face scan and ID don’t work customer service is nonexistent absolutely terrible I tried over 20 times to get verified and every time it says ID not supported which makes no sense and anytime you try to contact customer service you get no help they even penalized for trying to ask for help to many times i’m just trying to figure out how to delete my account from this garbage app so they don’t keep my information they also ask you for so much personal information more then any other crypto platforms in the United States so it makes no sense how it take this long for people to get verified garbage company don’t waste your time use coinbase or coinbase pro.Version: 2.29.1

Second time id SCAMI already put in my info yesterday and was waiting for a manual verification then i log in to day and hve to do it all over again! And everytime i go to pay it says failed with a big error x.Version: 2.25.0

A tad sus..They make it very easy to turn on reoccurring buy - it’s pre selected every time you make a purchase - but turning it off is another matter altogether! Try turning it off and they’ll ask you to jump through a bunch of verification hoops & loops..Version: 2.44.3

Doesn’t allow custom notificationsCan’t have own notifications sound for alert.Version: 2.33.3

Watch out !Their support just told me, i have screenshots. That they don’t “have binance price and they are” waay “higher than the real price”! Then you need to pay all the fees and taxes depending on their price And you can’t withdraw money to your bank account..Version: 2.31.0

Terrible customer serviceTakes them weeks to respond to emails and months to verify you account. Or you might get lucky and be verified immediately. Although I uploaded all the correct documents, I have not been verified for more than 6 weeks. There must be a chaos in their company other wise they could at least reach out and say what the problem is. Who ever is you customer service director need to be fired. I have been a customer for 5 years and never had to deal with their customer service but as soon as I needed someone to help me out, there is no body..Version: 2.25.2

BAD BAD BAD FRAUD.. full of spoof n BOTS! BewareI'm sure Binance is aware that there is blatant and obvious spoofing going on in your platform!I have witness & have recorded fraudulent users/bots manipulating the BNB/AUD market. A 'human' user cannot place an order then cancel that order & place another order at a different price instantly. Yet these bots are changing their orders instantaneously! I have video of this happening & because of this spoofing they are manipulating the price. You don’t even need to be playing, you can see this happening as a spectator in the order book. Check out the lowest sell or huggers buy order, if the the volume stays the same and the ask/sell price changes instantaneously, then that is the bot! I'm sure none of U care so i guess I'm wasting my time..Version: 2.27.2

ScamDon’t even use this. They scam people by asking for money. Beware.Version: 2.52.1

DO NOT TRUST BINANCEIf I could give them 0 I would. They lost one of my BNB, just lost it. They admitted they lost it and asked me to give them five days to work out the issue and get back to me. That was nearly two weeks ago. Worse I waited FIVE hours in a cue to get help and then they kept me nearly two hours while they tried to work out how they lost it! That’s seven hours of my precious time wasted because their system had an issue and they still didn’t give me my BnB back! What if it would have been a bitcoin!!! The worst customer service EVER! Don’t just take my word for it go online and read the stories of how many people have had the same thing happen also to be told they would find the issue and get back never to hear a thing from them again. Crypto trading is risky enough without an exchange that just loses your coins and take absolutely no responsibility for it at all, it is criminal!!! Do not go near this app or this company, the cheap fees are not worth the heartache and frustration..Version: 2.26.1

Overall is great but the verification process is frustratingI am having a hard time trying to finish the verification process. I have done everything that is required but there is a long holdup. When I contact support, I had to wait a day for a support member. They eventually told me that I need to retake the photo because the lightening was too much Appearantly??? I would put a 5 star rating if it wasn’t for the annoying verification process.Version: 2.28.2

Good but needs to be improvedLove the app but after a few purchases in the app I wasn’t able to buy coins/crypto anymore.Version: 2.21.2

Updated ReviewRecently attempted/paid £GBP via bank card for Ethereum. The transaction failed. This happened 3 times. Checked my bank and the money for one pending transaction had definitely gone. But not received in Binance. The rude customer service rep from Binance, was sharp and patronising saying there were only 2 attempts. But there were 3 and the money for one of them was 100% showing as pending. Basically they couldn’t really be bothered to do anything to help me get my Ethereum or even look to see where my funds had gone. They have asked to look into it now because of this review. So I’ve updated the review accordingly. The funds were returned back into my account from pending 4 days later. Amended from 1-3 Stars because the person on the chat wasn’t helpful and was very abrupt..Version: 2.29.2

What a scamIn 2018 I opened a Binance account, and to this day they will not let me withdraw money from it. Every time I complete some task to verify who I am, they come up with another one. Tell me the IP you first logged in from in 2018 and the date. Send us an ID pic. Oh not that one a different kind. Oh not that one it’s dirty. Now we are to the point they are asking me for multiple IDs, and recording a VIDEO of myself showing the date and IDs and myself logged into the page and they STILL are responding back saying things like “oh you didn’t say this right” and “you need to also video your withdrawal history” (which doesn’t exist because they won’t let me withdraw”. This site is not safe to use for people on the US, they are justifying keeping my withdrawal functions turned off because I’m in the US, but they were happy to let me deposit money. PLEASE save yourself the frustration and don’t put money into this site it’s possible you will never retrieve it..Version: 2.7.0

Terrible serviceSo I can’t speak on the app much since I cannot make an account. I am unable to receive the verification code for my account as the email does not show up. A quick google search confirms this has been a problem for people for years. Binance claims they have fixed this. Their support ticket staff seems to ignore the information I am giving them and not acknowledge the issue is on their side. If I had a time sensitive issue regarding actual financing and not something as simple as setting up an account I’d be worried about how long it takes them to respond..Version: 2.25.1

Aggressive bullying behaviourI was asked to provide some KYC information which I was happy to do. But they keep rejecting what I provide saying it’s not right. But they refuse to tell me what is right. All I get is the same automated response saying please provide information for the relevant transactions… but they will not tell me which transactions they are talking about. It’s incredibly stressful and upsetting but no one there cares. They just keep on pressuring me for info that I can’t give because they won’t tell me what they want. I am the customer for goodness sake, surely I deserve some kind of respect and not incessant abide by their staff? I’ve experienced poor customer service before, but never this kind of bullying..Version: 2.52.1

Used to be good, now strangled by restrictionsUsed to love this app but I have since moved to another platform because I can’t get access to my account. Most UK credit cards don’t work and will fail, all my debit cards I once used are now no longer supported, so I can’t buy crypto with cash. If you manage to overcome that, the anti money laundering checks require so much granularity it’s almost impossible to get through, and really time consuming. I used their automatic passport reader on my passport, instantly came back rejected. Selfie of me was rejected even though it’s clearly me. Next they want proof of address via a utility bill with name on it. But like most normal people in the 21st century I get my utilities through email so don’t have a letter to the house within the last three months. So I’m stuck out of my account. Cheers binance.Version: 2.45.0

Great app just some issuesI find that the charts are really bad and sometimes it’s hard to find what your looking for on the app, if you don’t know the buttons to follow you won’t always know how to buy or sell, trade or withdraw/deposit FIAT. But all is pretty well, maybe just some navigating interface and really bad charts..Version: 2.41.3

I don’t what to doI don’t know what to do because I’m stuck in registration of payment process for longer than expected.I am disappointed for most plat forms are not accessed by Canadian banks.I wish someone can help me..Version: 2.33.1

Scam AlertThis platform is total scam. It not only manipulates the market to liquidate, but also take money out of account without any reason. The money simply disappears in the middle of trades. Despite having close eye on my balance i figured out money less than expected amount. Upon questioning they simply answer that you need to read terms and conditions blah blah.. Those with huge amounts in their account cant even know that they are being robbed in the middle of trades. I clearly have noticed my money lesser than what it was supposed to be (with checking all trades)..Version: 2.32.2

Can’t withdraw NZDYou can buy crypto with NZD but can’t cash out in NZD. Why is it so hard to get my money back into my bank account?.Version: 2.28.1

Doesn’t work for CanadiansJust keep getting “for non-eea country cards cards please make sure you have enabled international transactions” and it looks like other people are getting the same problem and automated responses to their tickets that are later marked solved.Version: 2.25.0

Mixed feelingsAt the time of getting Binance it offered the best in terms of fees and available cryptos. However, both the lite and pro versions of the apps feel a little unstable - at least two times I’ve had a payment not go through and it looked like a glitch, then made another payment and ended up with two hours later. Trading crypto in app is fast, but getting money into your account is clunky, and for this reason I would dare to use the bank transfer feature for fear of money showing up. Yeah also don’t see an active customer service side of the company at all, making it precarious feeling. This and UK regulatory stuff at the moment makes me feel… eh! Other than that, the exchange is good and regularly updated. The pro side takes a bit of learning but the earn stuff is worth a look too!.Version: 2.33.4

App quality does not match expectationsYour service is great on the web - why is your UI on iPad so bad? I almost couldn’t complete the sign-in process because of it..Version: 2.24.0

What happened?Since the recent update which might have happen 3 weeks ago the scrolling and zooming in charts is terrible! Previously it was so smooth and now just lags and stutters. Zoom almost never works and charts are sometimes not being displayed and a restart is required to fix it..Version: 2.36.1

Fraud alertThis app is a fraudulent platform that needs more people to be made aware of their fraudulent act. They would intentionally suspend your withdrawal function when they know you’ve money in your account and when you try to appeal, they would ask you to provide different documents, they can ask you to bring proof of purchase from over 2-3yrs back(like they did in my case) and when they see that you are able to provide it, they would go deeper my asking you to provide more and more documents. No matter the verification video and proof of Identification you’re asked to do/bring, it never ends, they would keep asking and asking till they frustrate your life and make sure you’re no longer interested in taking your money out of their app. They are scammers, run from their app.Version: 2.40.1

New Zealand usersAnyone using this app in nz? I try it today. Everything going well until try to withdraw money, I can’t see where/how can I make a withdraw money? Many thanks.Version: 2.33.4

Improve the Facial IDFacial recognition is terrible..Version: 2.25.2

AVOID USING BINANCEThis would of been my 2nd brokerage after being active in crypto for a little over a year. It’s been 3 months since I’ve created the account and they cannot verify me. Come to find out they’ve removed the option to deactivate your account only leaving the disable(pause) option. When you reach out to customer service it’s a continuous loop redirecting you to “how to disable” instructions. The worst part about all this is that they claim the right to retain all of your private information for 6 years after deactivation. They’re robot email states that in their reply but yet they don’t help you deactivate. Avoid this platform at all cost..Version: 2.43.0

Not a friendly APPI’m a newbie to Crypto! I have been on and off this site for days! I have yet to figure out how to set up an account to transfer money in and out. I saw no place to load my bank info, debit or credit card. I have money to spend and purchase and you’d think an app would want to make it easy to take my money. Also, I couldn’t find any Customer Support lines or ways of communicating. To be the biggest doesn’t mean the best, very disappointed. This APP is not very friendly to new people wanting to invest in CRYPTOCURRENCY. Make it easier and your ranking will soar!.Version: 2.25.2

The worst appIt’s the worst app.Version: 2.29.3

Account withdrawal disabledI have my Binance account verified and suddenly I got a display message when trying to withdraw my coins that my withdrawal as been disabled and I should contact the customer service which I did and had a live chat with one of the support, I was surprise I have been on queue for 5 days and no specialist as attended to my issue. Please I need this to be solved as soon as possible, my coins are getting dip which there is nothing I could do about it, I can’t even swap. So sad right now.Version: 2.41.3

BE CAREFUL FOLKS!!!Ive just downloaded Binance as I usually use another app. In order to buy any crypto, I HAVE to consent to them sharing my biometric info, source of “wealth”, bank card info, address etc. I can understand them needing to confirm my identity for themselves but why do they need to share my biometric data & a whole list of personal info with God knows how many other companies??? Next they’ll be asking me when I last had a pee or what I had for dinner last night. Binance seems like it could be a decent little app (although it doesn’t have a lot of the crypto I’m looking for) but I may just delete my account before I even get a chance to use it. Just be careful folks - I’ve been scammed in the past & ever since I started using a similar well known app (which didn’t ask for as much detailed info as Binance does), I’ve been plagued by constant dodgy phone calls (8-10 calls daily) so I’m VERY apprehensive about allowing Binance to use & sell even more detailed info on me, when I HAVE to give them consent to do this in order to use the app..Version: 2.53.0

What?“Restricted access” from Canada. 🤔.Version: 2.37.5

Security issuesMy cripto currency got stolen from the app meaning the app is not secure at all to provide trust to their customers. Binance didn’t refund me the funds I lost as they said the funds already exited the platform therefore they couldn’t do anything about it. Very frustrating and a Terrible customer experience. No one joins a big investment company/ app like this to get their savings and money stolen without any compensation to the customer. The minimum requirement they should provide is a well secure app that assures no cripto is stolen and if that happens to compensate the client considering proves have been provided.Version: 2.43.4

FeesToo many fees😐.Version: 2.25.1

Takes long to approve account and accessTakes long to approve account and access.Version: 2.28.1

Stay away.This is the worst crypto app I have ever used. They only let you withdraw to a crypto wallet, but they’ll happily take your money. Their fees are way too high and to top it all off, even the process of withdrawing to another wallet is painful and bad. Worst crypto app/site I have ever used..Version: 2.25.0

Time wasting rubbishNot sure what planet these people are on but I’ve wasted about an hour of my time attempting to verify my ID and it constantly being rejected and showing as failed. Even after manual review they suggested that the photo was outdated on my drivers licence even though it is only 18 months old. If it’s good enough for our our authorities I’m pretty sure it’s good enough for you. Impossible to chat to a human to find a resolution, which ended up with me wasting more time navigating their ridiculous chat bots to get nowhere. I’ve now disabled my account and deleted the time wasting app. Avoid! Save your precious time and take your money else where..Version: 2.36.0

Don’t bother with Binance. Way better ones out there.I don’t have a clue what you’re emailing me about. Tried to get help with trading when I joined your platform and to my surprise I couldn’t get any apart from tutorials which is not useful to a beginner. I put Binance down as the worst platform for beginners and worst costumer support ever with anything! Your sincerely once upon a-time annoyed costumer! They keep sending me emails and sms messages to my phone about my account going to be liquidated but when I bother going into the app even though I know I’m wasting my time I go in anyway and don’t see anything. Then I try get support and yes….. complete waste of time. Can’t reply to email that the send or sms. Just like writing a review, people just listen too advertising and they follow. Good luck to all and hope Binance gets gone from the trading world..Version: 2.32.1

Alright..Buggy (face/touch id doesn’t actually do anything or work, keeps asking to enable it even if I enable everytime it prompts. Doesn’t tell you you’re logged out until you miss an entry, no scanner/scrren, no ipad version. For such a wealthy company, they could easily do much better. There is a lot of good, but the bad easily outweighs it..Version: 2.44.3

Low fees but bad liquidity & clunky interfaceBinance is known for very low fees which is great but they often don’t have any ‘asset available’ for leveraged trades which is incredibly frustrating. The interface is also very clunky and unless you’re an experienced trader you almost need someone to talk you though how to use it. There are tutorial videos and help pages but they’re very wordy and not really helpful unless you already know everything. Not saying the app should be gamified but it’s not really changed in the 4 years I’ve used it and it could definitely use an overhaul. Whoever designed it is obviously a highly experienced trader which means it’s lacking user friendly features. Also customer service are very slow and not very helpful..Version: 2.25.2

High yield is a trap.I tested liquid swaps a few times and took losses each time. However the user interface wrongly reported a positive PnL in each case..Version: 2.31.2

Worst customer serviceI made a $2500 purchase and haven’t been able to withdraw my crypto for over a month due to “security risk”. I used their FAQ and then submitted a support ticket asking for help. Over the next 7 days I received a few emails saying “we’re looking into it, sorry for the delay” and then they closed out my ticket without offering any explanation. I put in 2 more support tickets after. It’s been over a month and still no access to MY money and not one attempt at an answer from this inefficient company. Unforgivable, especially when there’s far superior competition out there for these guys..Version: 2.18.3

Non existent customer serviceSo the reviews from people saying it stole money or they lost money are bitter that they lost money. This is semi organised gambling. Unregulated volatile non-physical currency - gosh what could go wrong? I’m losing money- making money, and that has little to do with the app. As an app it’s ok - not intuitive as missing some key features. However - Binance team, please just remove the customer service option completely. Why promise something you clearly can’t be bothered to deliver. 6 hour wait for a reply? Not great but hey it’s not a real set up so you live with it. I’m now on 4 while days amd 7 ignored messages. It’s now insulting, seriously insulting..Version: 2.30.1

Stay away from this appIt’s possibly the worst app I have ever used. There is no track of how much money you are making or losing for each of the coins you invest in. When you look at Daily, weekly and yearly trends of a coin, the % increase or decrease are all messed up. They say there is 0% fees on a bank deposit, instead they charge you money without clarifying why. Customer care is basically in existing, the only solution is to deal with a Bot that doesn’t work Today I have even discovered that after a few weeks they start removing the History of your buy and sell for each coin, so not only they don’t provide you an understanding of your performance for a coin, they now also hide you the history of your investments if you try to keep track of it manually. The Binance pro version is so clunky and unusable that is basically useless. Stay away from this app. I’ll just try to get out of it ASAP and never let them manage my money again. Can you please just put back the history of all my purchase and sell events, so that I can at least manually keep track of the fact that I’m losing or making money on each coin? I mean how isn’t this just a standard feature on an app done for investing???!????!.Version: 2.30.2

Don’t bother if you’re in Ontario.They’re no longer allowed to operate in Ontario, what a shame too because I wanted to find a new app to buy crypto, I hope this changes soon..Version: 2.31.2

The application is not responding once you select the spot trading and different coins to buy/sellI updated this app recently and since last 3 days i am unable to do any buy/sell on spot trading.. also raised several tickets for the same .. No one responded me so far with the solution.. last 2 updates are not working in IOS .. before the updates, application was working fine .. I tried uninstall/install several times on multiple devices.. so I am sure this is the bug from your end .. hope you will respond on my request.. thanks !!.Version: 2.20.1

ShameTotally useless, they receive your money easily, but u need to send papers like passport/id to get your money back. You cant transfer your coins into money because theres is a limit for that so if u start with a small amount,for example u bought something worth 10€ and then it going down and u want to get out then u cant, because there is a limit for transfer/ or exchange to euro or dollar or gbp. So once if ur 10€ went down to 9 u cant be able to transfer or exchange because one of the coin pair will have a limit. Totally shame. And if u want to take out your money from any crypto first u have to exchange them for a a bigger well known coin like btc/eth so u can loose money during the exchange too.Version: 2.41.1

Worst Trading App Ever! Do not downloadI downloaded this trading app a few weeks ago and deposited money without any problems. Then I was asked to verify my account and it kept coming back as failed. After trying to do so for a number of times, I sent an appeal video. I was told I would hear back within 5 working days. It has now been well over 5 working days and I still haven’t received verification. I am not able to withdraw funds I have on the account until this is done. The customer service chat that is meant to be ‘24/7’, is just an automated bot that sends back generic responses. Speaking to an actual person is impossible! I have a message to say I am being transferred to an agent but after a few hours of waiting, I am still stuck in the same position. This is quite possibly the worst trading app around and I would not recommend anyone downloading it! I just want to withdraw my funds at this stage, so I can go elsewhere. Terrible app, terrible service and horrendous customer support! It’s all a pack of lies that they have 24 hour support service. Do not download and definitely don’t deposit any money into this joke of a company!.Version: 2.28.1

Terrible customer supportIn order to have your issue addressed you have to wait for a day, for an automated message to arrive. I decided to give a try buying crypto currency, but when I sold it can’t withdraw my money in Euro through SEPA. Commission for SEPA withdrawal keeps charging, but money do not move anywhere. No one I can address for help - only an automated chat, which works with significant delay, and gives me messages which do not answer my case. Definitely a dangerous way to play with your investments. Played with small amount of money and can’t take them back for more than a month..Version: 2.27.0

Not enough functionsLook it lets you withdraw to an Australian bank account which is excellent, but it’s impossible to work out the order history on the app and it refuses to show you how much profit/loss you have against a particular crypto, it also will only let you buy out of about four coin options and if it actually let you do others they need to change how easy it is to do because I can’t do it. My other crypto app is much more efficient and the only reason I still have this is because transferring to my other wallet is confusing as hell and I believe that’s on purpose..Version: 2.25.2

Keeps crashing entire iPhoneSo I’ll start by saying my iPhone isn’t an old model and is running latest iOS. Whilst using the Binance app and looking at charts it freezes, and I mean freezes my entire phone, the phone doesn’t respond to turning off or hard resets; after 3-5 minutes the phone eventually turns off and restarts. God knows what Binance could be doing to my phone if their app crashes it that easy, what other data are they scraping?? Plus it’s particularly annoying when you’re in a delicate futures trade and you suddenly lose the ability to control your trade. It’s like one of Binance scam futures liquidation wicks where the price of Bitcoin drops 25k on the 1 min wick and liquidates everyone.Version: 2.37.5

Transaction FEE IS CRAZY !!!!I really did think Binance was a good crypto app but it’s actually crazy how they make you buy more crypto just to transfer your crypto. they make it confusing when trying to send funds and when you have to pick what network when transferring crypto. you tend to pick the wrong one and then all the funds you try to withdraw will disappear. My other crypto apps are way more strait forward and less hassle. They pick your network automatically and you never seem to have problems when trying to withdraw and there fees are much lower then Binance. Don’t be fooled.Version: 2.34.2

PatheticThe worst app in the history of apps. This pathetic app does nothing but constantly glitch. When you try and upload your passport or driving licence it will act as if it’s uploading your document, glitch and then take you back to the document selection screen. Then, before you get the chance to press anything it will glitch again and take you back to the payment method options. Then, it will glitch yet again and take you to the account option page. This is a continuing process of back and forth. This is the first crypto app I have used, or rather attempted to use, and it was the first crypto app I’ve deleted. It’s a monumental waste of your time and energy..Version: 2.33.4

Stealing money ……I lost my previous phone, Now I don’t have access to my google Authenticator. I requested a rest for my security verification for 8 days now while my account is fully verified . And I massaged their support team every single day multiple times of the day , but I only recited same massage of wait and be patient every single time with no response at the end. I feel they stole my money . I’ll wait some more time and I’ll contact a legal entity to find a legal solution since I have a few thousands of dollars locked in the account and binance is not willing to let me have an access to my account..Version: 2.31.0

Will steal your moneyIt asks you to deposit money, without telling you that you have a minimum amount when purchasing. So then you have to deposit more and it takes a fee each time from you. After the deposit it has not let me use my balance to buy anything, it keeps telling me to buy them from my card directly. However, when I try to do so it the payment will not go through. Then it also cost me again to withdraw my money from the account, so I just ended up losing money. The support was not helpful and kept leading me around in circles of frequently asked questions without solving any issues. Nice interface and tracking but not good at controlling your money and no support to help you..Version: 2.29.1

Add chart on my walletWhat’s missing from this app is the ability to see a coins history either in my wallet, or other coins which I don’t hold. It shows current prices for now, but I want to see a chart of fluctuations AND to see how much I bought in at the coin and how much h money I’ve made since purchase.Version: 2.30.3

Stay Clear of this dumpster fireThe reviews advising of all the trouble receiving MFA codes, text, email, and Authenticator apps are spot on. It is an absolute nightmare trying to do anything but buy on this platform. Text never show, Authenticator app codes timeout pending no show emails and texts, resend options lock for a minute each time when nothing has been sent. It’s almost like it’s built into the platform to do this because the struggles are literally the same total timeframe each and every day tested. You can actually map it from day to day and the total time and “loop” it sends you in trying to withdraw funds is the same every day. This platform is very bad, and I’d recommend going somewhere else for crypto exchange..Version: 2.44.2

New ZealandWould really help if I could make direct deposit to my bank in New Zealand.Version: 2.39.3

StinkThis crypto platform does support New Zealand but they support Australia when both countries are close together.Version: 2.25.2

Fix widget plzApp itself is great but widget does not load..Version: 2.11.2

WITHDRAWAL SCAMI’ve been paying into Binance for over 6 months now, buying coins and holding. Along came the day I finally wanted to sell all my coins and withdraw my full profits. What Binance fails to tell you is that they only support withdrawal via VISA and only a select number of unknown banks, most mainstream banks are NOT supported and thus, you are physically unable to withdraw your own funds, after contacting support binance told me I had to re-purchase coins and sell them in the P2P trades in order for the money to be withdrawn to my chosen bank. How convenient, they won’t allow me to withdraw funds directly because my bank isn’t supported (Barclays UK), but instead, purchase MORE coins, then sell P2P and by miracle, my bank will then be supported. Their support chat was useless and the whole structure is a scam to keep your money in their system. Not to mention whenever Binance feels people are about to panic sell a coin, they remove the option to sell, this is not a joke - read some other reviews, Binance tries to manipulate the market by preventing users from cutting their losses. Binance, you’re a shambles of a company and the fact you’ve made it this far is beyond me. DO NOT USE THIS APP..Version: 2.34.3

RISKY!!Used to be ok until I finally realised it copied Ethereum first and then yearn+sushi+balancer+ so that it doesn’t stays behind in the copy ideas and show a better version but never come up with an idea. The team that used to reply within a min now the technical team can’t solve the most simple asking each time “sir what is the problem looks like you didn’t reply so we should close ticket!! When they are the ones who have to reply and answer” Take your Seeds they are misusing it adding proxies to miner addresses and taking loans on behalf of the wallet 0 while keeping things clean.Version: 2.20.2

Disappointed and disgustedHi everyone, I’m Moe, I’m a black doctor working in the UK, and let me share with you my racist experience with Binance. So I wanted to get into the Crypto world, I saw adds for this app and I was like I’m going to download it and start my journey. Everything was going smooth but then, last thing I expected happened! They wouldn’t verify my account because of my nationality? Can everyone believe that? Customer service said “Sanctions against Sudan” okay I am not Sudan, What do i have to do with it? I’m not even living in Sudan? But oh wel, let’s make everything more complicated for the black guy, let’s not give him equal rights! Very disgusting! I uploaded a legitimate ID from the United Kingdom, but no, they said because I’m Sudanese, Because of my race and nationality??! I’m absolutely going to spread this everywhere, I’m aware of Equality act 2010, and I will certainly do everything I can to stop this discrimination!.Version: 2.38.2

Takes forever to get verifiedI put this app in place almost two months ago and have yet to be verified. It is still “processing” my residential information. It seems a bit ridiculous I can purchase a house faster than I can place money into an account. Furthermore, their support states if the verification is processing then don’t submit a support claim as this could slow down the process. It is almost hard to believe there could be a slower process. Meanwhile, I am missing out on investing. The product might be great once you get verified, but until that happens, Binance is useless..Version: 2.25.2

HUGE WITHDRAW FEE!!I’m new to Bitcoin and purchased $20USD worth on the Binance app. After doing further research I realised there are far better apps and wallets that suit me better. I decided to transfer my newly bought Bitcoin over to a new app that I felt safer using, and found out while trying to transfer my BTC that the withdraw fee is more expensive than the amount of btc that I have ?!?!? Now it’s as if my btc is being held hostage and I cannot get it off Binance? This seems ridiculous. Maybe I’m just a beginner but I never saw anything saying there would be such a ginormous fee? How am I able to get my btc off this app?.Version: 2.25.2

AVOID AT ALL COST. NO SUPPORT FROM TEAM. ABSOLUTE JOKE TO TRADE WITHAVOID AT ALL COST. MONEY GRABBING SCAMMERS. I downloaded binance after reading some reviews online and thought I will give it a try. After passing all the verification it asked for, I decided to deposit my monies in to trade. They offer a FASTER PAYMENT option which enables traders to transfer monies to their designated account in Uk and supposedly start trading straight. After being confirmed through their hellishly long verification process and getting confirmation from their relevant team that the monies have hit their account and it’s in process. This all happened on 08 feb 2021. I could see on the portal that the money I sent is in process and to date it’s processing. In the process I tried buying crypto through 3 different bank cards and accounts which binance wouldn’t allow. Since that day I’ve been trying to reach their support team and there is no way one can get connected to a human there. Opened about 100 tickets and no reply to even one. I spoke about this atrocity and rubbish experience on Reddit and one of their team members blocked me from messaging them. On doing further research , a lot of people are talking of the same thing and a very similar experience. Please avoid at all cost..Version: 2.25.2

Deposit missing and no supportSent 12,000 EUR to my account 6 business days ago. Support wait is 57 in the queue ahead of me and hopeless when you get to the front..Version: 2.22.1

Binance staff stealerWarning i got stole 9k by a binance employee on live chat they enter im my account after they frooze my email confirmation and cashout all on my account and binance dont care about it be extremely careful and never be authorized Face id they use it against you to steal your money I Send binance to antifraud fbi department and interpol.Version: 2.21.1

They will steal your cryptoBinance has locked me out of my account and stolen my crypto. I live in the US, hadn’t checked my crypto in years. Figured it was safe, and didnt know binance couldn’t be used in the US anymore. They told me to withdraw my funds, but then when I tried to withdraw they actually blocked my transfer. Then told me I needed to verify, which I already did with my ID in order to get into my account. So now they are telling me in order to withdraw my funds I must verify, but won’t let me verify, because it asks for your country of origin and US isn’t even an option. So I can’t even do what they’re telling me I need to do in order to get my crypto out! Nobody replies back for the help chat or email. They’ll rob you if they get the chance. Do not use Binance!!.Version: 2.29.1

Moving money is almost impossibleI used Binance to transfer some Bitcoin in the hope of converting to cash and withdrawing. Moving Bitcoin in was strait forward. Converting to cash was difficult as it is not obvious how to do this. Withdrawing the cash is a nightmare. Verification process requires facial recognition that fails every time and on all devices (laptop and phone) so limited to £110 withdraw per day with a 1.5% fee. So far I have managed to do this once. I will be patient and continue to slowly withdraw my cash - but this is a poor system and makes money on you buying and selling - and taking out profit seems to be against it’s interests. I suggest Avoid..Version: 2.23.1

“0” communicationI was excited to use this app, the extensive security is great and glad it makes sure to eliminate the possibly of scam or theft. That being said, I have attempted to contact them multiple times by submitting a ticket because they banned my account. I created the account, just didn’t use it immediately as I was doing my own research before making a crypto purchase. Go to sign in, get a notification to contact support, account it banned. Nobody has responded to my emails, pretty sure they do not offer support. Really disappointed in the lack of communication so I can continue to use their app..Version: 2.28.1

New ZealandI was about to buy my first crypto but I saw that the New Zealand fiat has been suspended? Is that forever or temporary? I need help with this as I want to make my first purchase. Thanks.Version: 2.34.1

CriminalsI was one of Binance’s first customers in 2017 I’ve held BNB since it was less than $1 and still hold it. Well now that CZ is kicking us off after giving in to supporting all that goes against crypto, I no longer can use it even with a VPN. So I temporarily went over to Binance U.S. but they stole $50,000 from me the first month I was there a year ago and never gave it back because they messed up my KYC. They stole $96,000 from another friend that nearly bankrupt him right when he had his first child. They stole around $20k from another friend who attempted to self harm himself when he couldn’t get help to get his life savings back. It’s wrong. Then CZ allows Brian Brooks, a criminal, to run Binance U.S. like this with no customer service or care for people’s lives. The person on Twitter said they were fixing it this time and making special effort to get it right 47 times! And they never remembered me after each time. I never got my money back, but bad things are coming for the entire Binance name, so stay far away or you’ll likely end up like me and my friends..Version: 2.35.2

Expensive feeYou can buy cryptocurrency with credit and Visa card ( CAD) , charge 0.1%. But you can’t exchange back to CAD ... and cost another $25 CAD to withdraw to another wallet! Wow!.Version: 2.23.1

Simply doesn’t work - worried about personal dataI wrote a review a few days ago. Dunno why it doesn’t show up here. After failin miserably to verificate (uploading ID, my selfie) customer service consistently bothering me to complete the verification process which I was never able to complete (necessary buttons wouldn’t be activated) I started to worry about my passport photos I uploaded couple times. They are insisting me to use « another device « to complete the verification which sounds really strange and suspicious. I need serious explanations on this both from Apple and Binance..Version: 2.44.3

Fix freezing and glitchesBefore the last major update, the binance app never had a problem. The exchange window is extremely glitchy now, always freezes, will display BTC/USDT order book when I am trying to see another coin, will not refresh pages smoothly if it even refreshes at all, crashes often... it just isn’t as reliable anymore. The isolated margin actions such as borrow, repay, and transfer are glitchy as well. Non-executed orders don’t show up like they used to now, requires ~5 refresh attempts now. I used to rely on the app when the website slowed down, but now I can’t trust it. Please fix back to the way it was..Version: 2.15.0

You can buy can’t sell and get back your moneyI bought crypto in CAD. When I wanted to sell the only option I was given was to sell in Euros. After I sold none of debit or credit cards were acceptable to Binance. This is despite heavy fees collected at the time of purchase and then sale. Do not waste your money in this Chinese app. If you do consider that you just wasted your money..Version: 2.31.0

Lack of assistance .Actually created my binance wallet with an email from a service provider and drastically losing my funds on my wallet just because the company has absolutely scrapped my email and I can’t get access for withdrawals in receiving codes on that particular email I have tried multiple times clicking on security verification not available and submitted some reviews no assistance from binance. I tried as well to actually change my email but can’t because I can’t verify my previous email, my account is verified and that should be enough reason why it shouldn’t be so stressful in changing my email. I need your help binance so I don’t loose my funds in my wallet please..Version: 2.29.1

Crashing my iPadI’ve only had it a week and it constantly shuts down my iPad to the point where I have to enter my iPad PIN number each time. The few times I’ve been able to use it for up to a minute it seems like it would be OK if it just kept running. And yes my iPad system is up to date and I have tried restarting it, but that makes no difference..Version: 2.5.0

Can’t verify therefore i can’t access my moneyI have tried verifying about 10 times, tried with drivers license and passport but the same message always comes up, “Uploaded selfie has significant difference from previous one.”.Version: 2.41.2

Slowly being banned everywhereI left binance, due to lack of transparency and kyc their customers that had no purpose to begin with because they don’t even comply with anyone and or governments.Version: 2.31.2

Just a scam!! Hate this appI have bought some dogs coin, then decide to sell it to buy a other currency then the nightmare begin! Want to sell dogecoin for AUD ? Impossible so sell the for EURO. Then try to buy some SHIB but it won’t let me buy some with the EURO that I have on the app! Ask me to pay by card. So I try to transfer my EURO for AUD, impossible! End up trying to buy some other crypto to eventually swap them for SHIB. So I bought some ETC. BIG MISTAKE. Because now I own 0.18— ETC AND CAN ONLY WITHDRAW 0.1 because it doesn’t let me put my MAX amount which is 0.18etc !! So I can only sell 0,1 which is then not enough to buy some SHIB. Anyway to anyone who is looking to invest small amount I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP. Because every single "min amount" or "max amount" rules is here to make you lose your money. Oh and also forget about trying to get your money back the customer service is the worst!!.Version: 2.29.1

What just happened to this app???Ok edited review, finally found how to switch back to full version. New version defaults to LITE version, have to manually switch it but it is not clear and the first couple of times I tried using the Binance logo at the top, nothing happened. Wonder how many people will get caught by that. Anyway looks like I will still use it and will know what to do next time. Be nice if the app could remember your personal preferences when it updates itself. Just saying.Version: 2.39.3

DO NOT USEIve been using Binance for a while now, it was all smooth sailing at the start, until couple weeks ago when my account started locking me outside. We ended up fixing that issue, but it started happening again a week later. I spoke to them 2 days ago, and they informed me that they unlocked my account for 7 days and will be permanently locking my account after that. And they expect me to sell everything and cash out with a major loss, and without giving me any form of reasoning on why they are locking my account! They made their decision and I can’t do anything about it. So if you are looking into a trading platform that will actually help you make money instead of losing it, your better off using coin spot..Version: 2.42.1

Not supported account deletionOpened an account and the referral link didn’t go through. Binance couldn’t add it after the account was opened. Spoke with customer service but couldn’t really understand their English. Requested account deletion but it is impossible. Maybe this company/app belongs to Communist China although they claim to be western HQ. Collecting biometric data and documents for Chinese expansion? Not possible to delete account that was never used? Really commander Mao..Version: 2.38.0

Blocked my card, no responseI got the app and hoped to build a diverse portfolio and started buying crypto direct through Binance. Bit of a mistake on my part trying to buy multiple different coins for about £15 each, this set of fraud detection. Fair play, I submitted my appeal, gave them all my personal details required. 3 days expected reply time, great... except it’s not, because I submitted my appeal 12 days ago and haven’t had a reply. Don’t worry though, my payments cleared days ago, doesn’t matter to Binance, card still blocked. I try out live chat, but the queue is 350 long, okay fine, set my phone not to go to Lock Screen to stay connected. Oh no, they already thought about that, every 5 minutes or so they try to disconnect you while waiting. Cheeky, but fine, I’ll play your game, I keep an eye on my phone and keep pressing buttons to show I’m waiting. But no, that’s not good enough, the app glitches and kicks me out the queue. So I send an email to support, I’m now on my second email templated reply. My first reply received suggested I use a new bank card! Anyway, app is decent to use but make a large fiat deposit to your wallet to build a portfolio or enjoy watching yourself get locked out of using it while shouting into the void that is their customer support..Version: 2.25.2

Don’t waste your time.The only thing good about the app is it’s interface. If I didn’t have this one problem I would be obsessed with the app. The customer support is basically non existent. You have to submit a ticket if you have an issue, but don’t express a response. I’ve attempted over 300 times to purchase crypto directly and deposit money to my account, and only TWO times did I find success. I was allowed two times to purchase crypto directly from my linked bank account. I’ve deleted and add my bank 100 times, that doesn’t work. I’ve submitted multiple tickets. No response. I’m transferring the very little crypto I was allowed to purchase to a wallet and I’m switching over to another app. It’s very upsetting because the app offers a variety of crypto and low fees. The only thing I can’t do is purchase the crypto. It seems like a lot of people have this problem so I wonder how they even make money. My recommendation: get a better customer support, or fix the issue that everyone seems to be having.Version: 2.28.0

Weird app Swyftx is better than BinanceWhy there is no notification for filled orders??? Order confirmation notification is there, all the useless daily notification from Binance but if you bought or sold some crypto on a limit price you will never get a notification, very weird app, how can they miss notification for filled orders??????? Swyftx gives notification in app and also in email, Binance gives no notification..Version: 2.39.1

DifficultGreat platform to use, but I imagine difficult if you’re not too computer savvy. Converting to cash and banking could be made a lot easier. Some would struggle using this platform due to its lack of ease. A simpler conversion to currency would expand the platform’s demographic..Version: 2.38.2

Poor Customer SupportI give 2 star review because I have to admit that I like the app, it’s simple and quite easy to use. But their customer support is TERRIBLE! It’s devastating to reach them out to solve the problem, they NEVER reply and trying to work it out. You might want to CONSIDER some other platform as well if you are going to invest a lot of money, as if you had some issues, you might not get any much help from them... Just be AWARE..Version: 2.27.1

Absolutely slow responseI got my account verified but couldn’t deposit fiat so i had to do my kyc reset. I tried doing it and when i contacted the support team via chat they take hours to respond and are always telling me to wait few hours . After few hours there is a new agent and i have to explain everything again then they say they will transfer me to senior agent and i had to explain it to senior agent and the senior agent tells me that my kyc reset is put through urgent notice and to wait few days. They don’t even tell me what is wrong with the reset. After few days when the kyc is rejected again and i try to contact them i have to start again taking the same whole thing again. I have already told my problem to 15 different agents till date and my kyc is still not verified. This might be the best exchange but in terms of customer service it TERRIBLE..Version: 2.29.1

The worst App for cryptoThe app is the worst experience I ever had!!! All the time is better to operate on the web, but the app has zero UX/UI, specially, for iPad, it’s a cheap version of iPhone App. But the worst worst worst experience is, if you’re a traveler or business guy who travel, you need to pay a VPN service, because if you’re not in a validated country or your country, you can do nothing, for example, if you’re in USA (temporarily or traveling), you can’t do anything without a VPN. They want to do all so perfect for great “Binancers” that they became in the worst experience for the rest. Waste money, I’ll do my operations in other friendly apps..Version: 2.34.3

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